2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing

2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing

The School of
                Orange Coast College

2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing
Table of Contents

SAILING COURSES....................................................... 5-13
  Learn to Sail
                                                                                         School Location
  Family Sailing                                                                         1801 W. Coast Hwy.
  Intermediate/Advanced Keelboat Courses                                                 Newport Beach, CA 92663
  Basic Cruising                                                                         Ph. (949) 645-9412
  Coastal Cruising                                                                       Fax. (949) 645-1859
  Sailing Certifications
                                                                                         Email: customercare@occsailing.com
  After School Sailing
  Parent & Child Learn to Sail                                                           Office Hours
  Youth Sailing Camps                                                                    Mon-Fri: 9 am – 5 pm
  Youth Powerboat Training w/CA Boater Card                                              Sat-Sun: 9 am – 2:30 pm
POWERBOAT COURSES............................................. 16-19
  Introduction to Powerboat Operation                                                    Registration
  Cruising Powerboat Workshops                                                                  Online 24/7
  Powerboat Certifications                                                                      occsailing.augusoft.net
BOATING CERTIFICATIONS..................8, 10-13, 16-17, 19
  California Boater Card                                                                        In-person
  US Sailing Keelboat Certifications                                                            1801 W. Coast Hwy., Newport Beach, CA 92663
  US Powerboating Cruising Powerboat Certifications
  US Powerboating Safe Powerboat Handling Certification                                         Phone: (949) 645-9412
  US Sailing/US Powerboating Certification Challenge                                            Mon-Fri 9 am-5pm; Sat-Sun 9 am-2pm – except holidays
  International Proficiency Certificate
  OCC SA Lido 14 & Harbor 20 Rental Certification                                        We encourage early registration to avoid disappointment. Some
SEAMANSHIP COURSES............................................ 20-24                     classes fill early and sometimes excellent classes with super
  Cruising Seminars                                                                      instructors are cancelled if everyone waits until the last minute to
  Engine & Marine Maintenance                                                            register. An email confirmation will be sent upon registration if an email
  First Aid/CPR/AED                                                                      address is provided.
  Marine Radio Operator’s Course
  Marlinspike                                                                            Payment
  Navigation                                                                             Payment is required at the time of registration. Payment may be made
  USCG Approved Courses and Certifications                                               by cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, or Discover.
                                                                                         Refund Requests
LIVE ONLINE & BLENDED COURSES.................. 14-16, 20                                If you have registered, paid the course fee, and are unable to attend,
  Navigation                                                                             you must notify The School Office at (949) 645-9412, or email
  First Aid/CPR/AED                                                                      customercare@occsailing.com to cancel or transfer your registration.
  Marine Radio Operator’s Course                                                         Be sure to review your confirmation email for cancellation & transfer
  USCG Approved Courses and Certifications                                               policies for your class.
  US Powerboating Safe Powerboat Handling Certification
GENERAL INFORMATION AND POLICIES......................31                                 Processing Fee
                                                                                         A processing fee applies to all cancellations/transfers at any time.
REGISTRATION AND SCHOOL HOURS............................2
ABOUT US............................................................................4    About Orange Coast College
MEMBERSHIP......................................................................8        Orange Coast College, founded in 1947, is one of the nation’s top
                                                                                         transfer schools. With a student population of 25,000, OCC provides
RENTALS .............................................................................8
                                                                                         exemplary programs leading to Associate degrees and 130 career
COMMUNITY OUTREACH................................................30                     programs. The college’s 164-acre campus is located in the heart of
ORANGE COAST COLLEGE...............................................2                     Costa Mesa.​
OCC PROFESSIONAL MARINER PROGRAM..... 25-26, 32                                          www.orangecoastcollege.edu

 Dates and information are subject to change.                                                                             Online
 For the most up to date schedule of classes go to -                                                                      In-person

  2          2021 Schedule                                                         www.occsailing.com • (949) 645-9412
2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing

                                                                                          ORANGE COAST COLLEGE
                        Changing with the tides                                           Angélica L. Suarez, Ph.D., President

                                                                                          COAST COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                        I don’t know what will happen between me writing this letter      DISTRICT
                        and this brochure showing up in your mailbox, but I think it’s    John Weispfenning, Ph.D., Chancellor​
                        safe to say that 2020 has been an unexpected year with many
                        changes and challenges.
                                                                                          COAST COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                         COVID-19 blasted into 2020 like an unexpected squall line,       DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                         clearing us off the water and out of classrooms. When Coast      David A. Grant, Trustee, Area 5
                         Community College District moved to run classes virtually        Mary Hornbuckle, Trustee Area 4
                         through 2020 and into Spring ‘21, we were driven to think        Jim Moreno, Trustee Area​1
differently about our programs in order to continue to provide boating and on-the-water   Jerry Patterson, Trustee Area 2
access to our community.                                                                  Lorraine Prinsky, Trustee Area 3
Meanwhile, In June 2020 we saw the retirement of long-time Director of Marine             Angela Finkley, Student Trustee 2020-21
Programs, Brad Avery. Since 1978, Brad’s creative ideas and bold visions for new
programs and facilities growth have built the school to be one of the largest public      OCC FOUNDATION
sailing and powerboat schools in the nation. Even in his retirement, Brad remains         Bill Wood, Chairman
a pivotal part of the school as a consultant for the OCC Foundation boat donation         Derek Sabori, Vice Chairman
program. One of the many projects conceived and launched by Brad, the Mariner             Shana Jenkins, Secretary
Training Center and Skyway across PCH, is proceeding on schedule and we expect to         Julie Simer, Treasurer
gain occupancy of the building mid-June 2021 (learn more on the back cover).              A. Patrick Munoz, Chairman Marine Activities
                                                                                          Douglas Bennett, Executive Director
We began to re-open the School in June after a comprehensive risk assessment and
planning process. Summer programs included youth camps with over 240 students             COUNTY OF ORANGE –
enrolled overall. We also moved our navigation courses online, which have been a hit.     BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
Now, as I write this, we have returned to teaching most of our classes on-site. We are    Andrew Do, Supervisor First District
here to provide you with an exceptional experience on the water and in the (virtual or    Open, Supervisor Second District
otherwise) classroom!                                                                     Donald P. Wagner, Supervisor Third District
The 2021 catalogue you look at now includes old favorites, new topics, and refreshed      Doug Chaffee, Supervisor Fourth District
formats developed by our innovative staff and instructor team. For this publication,      Lisa A. Bartlett, Supervisor Fifth District
we’ve provided class dates for the first half of the year. Check www.occsailing.com or
call the office for updates to the schedule. We look forward to seeing your name on the
roster soon.

Sarah Hirsch
Director, Maritime Center

(949) 645-9412              • www.occsailing.com                                                            2021 Schedule           3
2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing
About Us

                                                                           classroom and on the water courses for youth and adults. The School
                                                                           operates more than three dozen sailing and power vessels, ranging
                                                                           from 14 to 92 feet. The School operates year-round, seven days a
                                                                           week, with the majority of courses held on evenings and weekends.
                                                                           Courses range from Beginning Sailing through Ocean Voyaging and
                                                                           powerboat training. The average yearly enrollment is 1,500 students.

                                                                           The Coast Guard Licensing program offers professional level
                                                                           classes in Coast Guard License Preparation, Radar Observer and
                                                                           Basic Safety Training.

                                                                           Nordic Star was donated to the OCC Foundation in 2010 and
                                                                           operates as a training vessel for students in the Professional Mariner
                                                                           Program as well as a private charter yacht on Newport Harbor and at
                                                                           Catalina Island.

                                                                           The Professional Mariner Program at Orange Coast College is a
                                                                           19 to 21 unit credit vocational program, designed for college students
                                                                           interested in careers in the maritime industry. Courses in this program
                                                                           are offered during Fall and Spring semesters.

                                                                           Credit Sailing Courses are offered during Fall and Spring semesters
                                                                           through the Kinesiology Department. Beginning and Intermediate
                                                                           classes are held on weekdays.


                                                                           The majority of vessels in the program are gifts from private
      he Marine Program at Orange Coast College is one of the              individuals. Maintenance of the program’s vessels and facilities are
      nation’s largest non-profit public boating education institutions.   almost exclusively funded through fees, grants, and private giving.
      Founded in 1960, this comprehensive program offers a wide
variety of nautical learning experiences in the classroom and on the       This unique community program is thankful to its partners including all
water. We are dedicated to providing all community members with            students, California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways,
access to high quality, low cost sailing and seamanship education.         the County of Orange, the Coast Community College District, Orange
                                                                           Coast College, many non-profit family foundations, and corporate and
The School of Sailing & Seamanship is a fee-based, self                    private donors.
supporting non-credit community program which offers dozens of

OCC School of Sailing & Seamanship                                         Evening Instructors & Seminar Leaders
Sarah Hirsch, Director, Maritime Center                                    Boatswains Locker       Debbie Dunne             Mark Templin
Janice Alfrey, Registration Services                                       Bruce Brown             John Jourdane
Sheri Crowe, Project Coordinator                                           Robert Dalrymple        Ron Mealey
Kara Houston, Professional Programs Assistant
Terry Essen, Office Assistant                                              Marine Maintenance
Victoria Hubbard, Registration Services
                                                                           Robert Dalrymple        Lauren Douglass          Robert Profeta
Karen Prioleau, Professional Mariner Program
                                                                           Steve Guentz            Kara Houston             Mark Templin
Mette Segerblom, Sailing Program Coordinator
                                                                           Fortune Abor            Heather Jamison

On-the-Water Instructors                                                   Nordic Star
Fortune Abor             Colleen Clay             Billy Miller
                                                                           Bob Armstrong, Vessel Captain
Thomas Aguna             Debbie Dunne             Karen Prioleau
Robert Bents             Marc Hughston            Paul Prioleau
Alex Boullon             Robert Jones             Deb Robinson
Jackie Cappellini        Steve Manns              Ted Thornton

  4        2021 Schedule                                             www.occsailing.com • (949) 645-9412
2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing
Adult Learn To Sail

Beginning Sailing – Lido 1
Prerequisite: Participants must be at least 14 years old and able to
swim 50 yards.
Lido 1 Beginning Sailing is one of two entry-level sailing classes we
offer. The other option for beginners is our Harbor 20 Level 1 (see
page 7).
If you have never sailed before or just have a little experience sailing
with others, this is the class for you. You will learn basic sailing
skills and gain confidence through dockside lectures and hands-on
experience in Lido 14 dinghies. Dinghy sailing is a physical activity
and participants should have physical stamina, good balance and
be capable of moving about safely in the boat. Topics will include
sailing theory, points of sail, basic terminology, tacking, gybing, safety,
knots and docking. Eighty percent of class time is spent enjoying the
outdoors and sailing the Lidos within Newport Bay. Two students per
boat. Students must be 14 years old to participate in this class. Bring
a friend!
Class size: Min 6 – Max 10
Text: Sails in the Sun
Fee: $175


Class ID    Day          Start-End      Time
8033        Sat          1/16/-2/6      9:30-am-1:30 pm                                                the
8038        Sun          1/17-2/7       9:30-am-1:30 pm
8034        Sat          2/20-3/13      9:30-am-1:30 pm
8039        Sun          2/21-3/14      9:30-am-1:30 pm
8035        Sat          3/20-4/17*     9:30-am-1:30 pm
8040        Sun          3/21-4/18*     9:30-am-1:30 pm
8036        Sat          5/1-5/22       9:30-am-1:30 pm
8041        Sun          5/2-5/23       9:30-am-1:30 pm
8037        Sat-Sun      6/5-6/13       9:30-am-1:30 pm


Class ID    Day             Start-End     Time
8196        Fri             1/15-2/5      12:30-4:30 pm
8197        Fri             3/12-4/2      12:30-4:30 pm
8198        Fri             5/7-5/28      12:30-4:30 pm
8242        Mon-Th          5/17-5/20     12:30-4:30 pm                       Visit the Lazarette for all your sailing needs.
8244        Tu-Th/M-Tu      6/1-6/8       5-8 pm
8243        M-Th            6/14-6/17     12:30-4:30 pm                       Books • Class Materials • Sailing Gear • Clothing
8245        M-W/Tu-W        6/28-7/7      5-8 pm                                        Mon–Fri         9 am – 5 pm
* No class 4/3, 4/4                                                                     Sat–Sun         9 am – 2:30 pm
                                                                              Evening hours may vary depending on the class schedule.
                                                                               Call the office at (949) 645-9412 for more information.

  (949) 645-9412                     • www.occsailing.com                                                      2021 Schedule        5
2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing
Adult Learn to Sail

Intermediate Lido (Lido 2)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Beginning Sailing (Lido 1) or
equivalent dinghy sailing experience.
Now that you know basic sailing concepts Intermediate Lido (Lido 2)
will focus on skill development so you can sail faster and smarter with
greater confidence. With an emphasis on improving boat-handling
skills as both skipper and crew, refining sail trim and problem solving
afloat, you will spend most of your class time on the water practicing,
and expanding on, the skills you learned in Beginning Sailing. The
importance of balance and teamwork will become evident as you
learn how to maneuver without a rudder using only the sails and the
crew weight. Single-handed sailing will be introduced time permitting.
Upon successful completion of Intermediate Lido you will be ready to
move on to Harbor 20 Level 2 or Shields 1.
Class size: Min 6 – Max 10
Text: Sails in the Sun                                                    Lido Fun Sail
Fee: $170                                                                 Prerequisite: Beginning Sailing – Lido 1 or equivalent experience, 14
                                                                          years of age or older.
4 SESSIONS                                                                You asked us for more ways to improve your sailing skills, and spend
                                                                          more time on the water - and we heard you!
Class ID Day             Start-End    Time
                                                                          Join us for an afternoon of sailing on Newport Harbor practicing all
8042     Sun             1/17-2/7     1:45-5:15 pm
                                                                          the skills you have learned in Beginning Sailing, Intermediate Lido
8043     Sat             2/20-3/31    1:45-5:15 pm                        and the Lido Racing Clinic. Our instructor will be on hand for a quick
8044     Sun             3/28-4/25*   1:45-5:15 pm                        shoreside briefing, collect waivers and provide support during rigging
80405    Sat             5/1-5/22     1:45-5:15 pm                        and docking, but this class is your chance to simply go for a sail.
                                                                          After you rig and launch you will head off on a course of your choice
8046     Sun             6/6-6/27     1:45-5:15 pm
                                                                          exploring the harbor.
                                                                          Class size: Min 8 – Max 16 students
                                                                          Fee: $45/pp
 Class ID Day            Start-End    Time
 8199      Fri           2/12-3/3     1-4:30 pm                           Class ID    Day        Start-End      Time
 8200      Fri           4/9-4/30     1-4:30 pm                           8058        Sun        2/21           1:45-5:30 pm
 8246      Mon-Thurs     5/24-5/27    1-4:30 pm                           8085        Sat        6/5            1:45-5:30 pm
 8201      Fri           6/4-6/25     1:00-4:30 pm
 8247      M-W/M-Tu      6/14-6/23    5:00-8:00 pm                        Lido Racing Clinic
 8248      Mon-Thurs     6/21-6/24    1:00-4:30 pm                        Prerequisite: Beginning Sailing or equivalent dinghy sailing
* No class 4/3, 4/4
                                                                          A fun class to further your sailing skills. You will learn how to sail the
                                                                          boat faster and more efficiently using sail trim and crew placement
                                                                          to maximize your boat speed. You will learn about racing tactics and
                                                                          strategies, how to start, round a mark, and the racing rules. Even if
                                                                          you don’t plan to continue to race you will appreciate the enhanced
                                                                          understanding of safe and efficient sailing gained in this class.
                                                                          Class size: Min 6 – Max 24 students
                                                                          Fee: $45
                                                                          Class ID    Day        Start-End      Time
                                                                          8084        Sat        4/24           1:45-5:30 pm
                                                                          8085        Sat        6/12           1:45-5:30 pm

  6         2021 Schedule                                          www.occsailing.com • (949) 645-9412
2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing
Adult Learn to Sail

Harbor 20 Level 1                                                        Harbor 20 – Level 2
Prerequisite: Participant must be at least 14 years old and able to      Prerequisite: Harbor 20 – Level 1, Intermediate Lido or equivalent
swim 50 yards.                                                           experience.
Harbor 20 Level 1 is one of two entry-level sailing classes we offer.    Harbor 20 Level 2 builds on the sailing fundamentals learned in
The other option for beginners is our Lido 1 Beginning Sailing Class     Harbor 20 Level 1 and provides a great transition for students
(see page 5). The novice sailor will learn the fundamentals of sailing   moving from intermediate lidos to small keelboats. You will practice
on a comfortable and stable Harbor 20 sailboat. With a maximum of        your sailing skills and gain experience and confidence rigging and
three students per class you will enjoy more personalized instruction    sailing the Harbor 20. Topics include docking procedures, crew
through a combination of classroom and on-the-water practice.            communication, roller furling operation, points of sail and sail trim,
You will learn basic sail theory, terminology, tacking, gybing, crew     crew overboard, reefing, safety equipment, rules and knots. By the
coordination, points of sail, safety, right of way, knots and docking.   end of this class you will be ready to move on to Shields 1, or if your
Eighty percent of class time is spent sailing the Harbor 20 within       goal is to take friends and family sailing on Newport Bay ask your
Newport Harbor.                                                          instructor if you are ready for the Harbor 20 Level 2 Extra to complete
Class size: Min 2 -Max 3 students                                        the practical test for Harbor 20 rental.
Text: US Sailing Basic Keelboat                                          Class size: Min 4/Max 8
Fee: $425                                                                Text: US Sailing Basic Keelboat
WEEKENDS                                                                 Fee: $250
4 TO 5 SESSIONS                                                          WEEKENDS
Class ID  Day        Start-End      Time                                 4 SESSIONS
8047      Sat        1/9-2/6        1:45-4:45 pm                         Class ID Day         Start-End     Time
8051      Sun        1/31-2/28*     9:15-1 pm                            8059     Sat         1/16-2/6      1:30-5 pm
8050      Sun        2/28-3/21      1:45-5:30 pm                         8060     Sun         2/21-3/14     1:30-5 pm
8052      Sat        3/20-4/17*     2-5:45 pm                            8061     Sat         4/24-5/15     2-5:30 pm
8053      Sat        4/24-5/15      9:45-1:30 pm                         8062     Sat-Sun     6/5-6/13      2-5:30 pm
8054      Sun        5/2-5/23       2-5:45 pm                            WEEKDAYS
8055      Sat-Sun    6/5-6/13       2-5:45 pm                            4 SESSIONS
8056      Sun        6/20-7/18*     9:45-1:30 pm                         Class ID Day         Start-End     Time
8057      Sun        6/20-7/18*     2-5:45 pm                            8205     Fri         3/12-4/2      1:30-5 pm
                                                                         8206     Fri         5/7-5/28      1:30-5 pm
                                                                         8253     M-Th        5/24-5/27     12:30-4 pm
                                                                         8254     M-Th        6/14-6/17     4:30-8 pm
Class ID Day         Start-End      Time
8202     Fri         2/5-2/26       1-4:45 pm
8203     Fri         4/9-4/30       1-4:45 pm
8204     Fri         6/4-6/25       1-4:45 pm
8249     Mon-Th      5/10-5/13      1-4:45 pm
8251     Mon-Th      5/24-5/27      4:30-8:15 pm
8250     Mon-Th      6/7-6/10       1-4:45 pm
8252     Mon-Th      6/21-6-24      4:30-8:15 pm

                                                                                 Summer Sailstice
                                                                                            Saturday, June 19, 2021
                                                                                               12 noon to 4 pm
                                                                            Admission: It’s like the wind ... absolutely FREE!
* No class 2/13, 2/14, 4/3, 4/4, 5/29, 5/30, 5/31                                             www.occsailing.com

 (949) 645-9412                   • www.occsailing.com                                                             2021 Schedule           7
2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing
Memberhip & Rentals

OCCSA- Orange Coast College                                                    Sail Boat Rental Privileges
Sailing Association                                                            Our sailboat rental fleet consists of Lido 14 dinghies and 20’ Harbor
                                                                               20 keelboats.
If you are committed to learning all about sailing from knots to
compass bearings, then you should consider becoming a member.                  To enjoy access to our rental fleet at great rates you must be a
Members range in age from 18 to 80 years and they are all enjoying             current member of the OCC Sailing Association, pass a boat specific
each other’s company on the water. The only prerequisite is a love of          written test, a rules test, and regardless of sailing experience and
sailing and volunteerism. Attend a monthly meeting to find out what            ability, you MUST complete an on-the-water skills assessment with
we are all about. Show up and see what sailing can do for you.                 one of our instructors for the practical test. A passing grade on the
                                                                               written test is required prior to scheduling the practical test.
Membership Benefits
                                                                               The rental fleet is available by reservation or on an “as available” basis
• Members receive a 10% discount on many on-the-water classes,                 with priority given to scheduled classes. We are a self-service rental
  private lessons and evening courses                                          facility and when you rent a sailboat you are required to launch, rig,
•       Rental privileges of Lidos and Harbor 20s (after passing written       de-rig and clean up your boat.
        and skills tests)                                                      An on-the-water review with an instructor is required for those who
•       Day sails, cruising and social events                                  have not sailed with us in the past 12 months. No exceptions.
•       Meeting announcements and information newsletters                      OCC SA Lido Skipper Certification      $165    2-hour practical*
•       Opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of kindred spirits           OCC SA Harbor 20 Skipper Certification $165    2-hour practical*
•       Placement on the OCC SA crew list for sailing opportunities            Re-Certification                       $65     1-hour review

•       More sailing opportunities, which translates into more sailing skill   Member Rental Fees
                                                                               Rental Period                        Lido 14   Harbor 20
Membership Commitment                                                          Up to 4 hours                        $55       $85
• A one-time initiation fee of $100. Future annual renewal                     4 to 8 hours                         $90       $110
  fee of $75                                                                   SUMMER WEEKDAY RENTAL
•       A cheerful and willing spirit to participate in voluntary              5 pm to Sunset                       $50       $65
        group activities                                                       (May 1-Aug 31 ONLY)
Monthly Meetings
General membership meetings featuring topics of interest to sailing
enthusiasts are normally held monthly at the School of Sailing and
Seamanship. Dates and times vary. Check the schedule on the
website for details. https://occsailing.com/community/

    8         2021 Schedule                                              www.occsailing.com • (949) 645-9412
2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing
Intermediate &
                                                                                                                Advanced Sailing

Shields 1                                                                  Shields 2
Prerequisite: Intermediate Lido, Harbor 20-Level 2 or equivalent           Prerequisite: Shields 1 or equivalent experience
experience.                                                                For intermediate sailors ready to take their skills to the next level, and
An Introduction to the Shields where the skills you acquired in your       eager for more sailing time in the afternoon breeze. Class begins
learn to sail classes, or through prior sailing experiences, will be       with a brief review of skills learned in Shields 1 before moving on to
applied and reinforced as you transition to the heavier, and more          a more in depth look at sail trim and shape, heel control, wind shifts,
powerful 30’ Shields sloop. You will learn how to rig the Shields,         helm control, apparent wind, crew over board, anchoring, jury rigging,
docking, reefing, general seamanship skills, skipper and crew              crew work and safety. Ocean sailing (weather conditions permitting).
responsibilities, right-of-way rules and safe handling of a larger boat.   Shields 2 will help you prepare for the US Sailing Basic Keelboat
This course will require you to be physically active while enjoying your   Certification Class.
time on the water.                                                         Class size: Min 6 – Max 12 students.
Class size: Min 6 – Max 12 students                                        Text: US Sailing Basic Keelboat
Text: US Sailing Basic Keelboat                                            Fee: $175
Fee: $190
                                                                           WEEKEND & WEEKDAY CLASSES
WEEKEND & WEEKDAY CLASSES                                                  4 SESSIONS
4 SESSIONS                                                                 Class   Day     Start-End Time
Class   Day     Start-End Time                                             8071    Sun     1/17-2/7 1:30-5:00 pm
8066    Sat     1/16-2/6 9 am-1pm                                          8072    Sat     2/20-3/13 1:30-5:00 pm
8067    Sun     2/21-3/14 9 am-1pm                                         8073    Sun     3/21-4/18* 2-5:30 pm
8068    Sat     3/20-4/17* 9:30 am-1:30 pm                                 8074    Sat     4/24-5/15 2-5:30 pm
8255    Fri     4/9-4/30 1-5 pm                                            8257    Fri     5/7-5/28 1-4:30 pm
8069    Sun     5/2-5/23 9:30 am-1:30 pm                                   8075    Sun     6/6-6/27 2-5:30 pm
8256    Tu-Fri  6/1/6/4    1-5 pm                                          8258    M-Th    6/7-6/10 1-4:30 pm
8083    Sun     6/6-6/27 9:30 am-1:30 pm

Shields Spinnaker Clinic
Prerequisite: Shields 2 or equivalent experience
Spinnakers are used by both racers and cruisers to gain extra speed
when sailing downwind, and while often perceived as intimidating
this class will show you how easy and fun flying a spinnaker can be.
You will learn how to set up the boat and rig the spinnaker pole, and
how to set, trim, gybe and drop a symmetrical spinnaker. At the end
of the class you will know how to fly the spinnaker safely in moderate
Class size: Min 3 - Max 9
Text: US Basic Keelboat, spinnaker handout
Fee: $135
Class   Day               Start-End Time
8077    Sat               4/10-4/17 2-6 pm

* No class 2/13, 2/14, 4/3, 4/4, 5/29, 5/30, 5/31

 (949) 645-9412                • www.occsailing.com                                                                    2021 Schedule            9
2021 SAILING & SEAMANSHIP - The School of - OCC Sailing
Intermediate &
Advanced Sailing

              Basic Keelboat Certification                                Harbor 20 Level 2 Extra
                                                                          Prerequisite: Current OCC SA membership, Shields 1, Harbor 20
                                                                          Level 2 with instructor recommendation, or equivalent experience. A
                                                                          passing grade on the written Harbor 20 rental exam.
Prerequisite: Shields 2 or equivalent experience
                                                                          An intensive course for students interested in renting the Harbor 20
For experienced sailors ready to pursue the US Sailing Basic              for day sailing. Class time will be 20% review and 80% evaluation of
Keelboat Certification. Each session starts with a brief review           student skills. Students in this class are able to rig and sail the Harbor
followed by an afternoon of sailing, on-the-water skill development       20 proficiently on all points of sail with proper sail trim, confidently
and skill evaluations. Course and evaluation topics for this extensive    leave and return to the dock, and have prior experience reefing and
sailing course includes sail theory, docking, tacking, jibing, crew       performing a erson-in-water rescue.
coordination, navigation rules and aids to navigation, anchoring,
reefing, heaving to, and crew overboard recovery.                         Active participation is essential for success. A passing grade on the
                                                                          written test prior to start of class and successful completion of all
To allow for more time on the water you will complete the written
                                                                          skills assessments are required for rental certification.
exam online. Prior to the first class you will receive access to the US
Sailing online test which must be completed prior to your third-class     Class size: Min 2 - Max 4 students
session. Your active participation at home, in the classroom and on       Text: US Sailing Basic Keelboat, ABCs of California Boating
the water is essential for success.                                       Fee: $225
Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive your US
SAILING Basic Keelboat Certification and be ready to move on to           WEEKENDS AND WEEKDAY
Basic Cruising 1.                                                         2 SESSIONS
Class size: Min 4 – Max 6 students                                        Class ID   Day                       Start-End          Time
Text: US Sailing Basic Keelboat. Course fee includes access to US         8063       Sat-Sun                   1/9-1/10           1-5 pm
Sailing Basic Keelboat Online exam and certification log book.            8064       Sat                       3/20-3/27          1:30-5:30 pm
Fee: $395                                                                 8065       Sat-Sun                   6/26-6/27          1:45-5:45 pm
Class ID   Day   Start-End                    Time
7511       Sat   1/16-2/6                     1:15-5:15 pm
8076       Sun   5/2-5/23                     2-6 pm
8259       M-Th  6/14-6/17                    1-5 pm

 10        2021 Schedule                                             www.occsailing.com • (949) 645-9412
Coastal Cruising

Basic Cruising 1                                                                          Basic Cruising
Prerequisite: Shields 2 or equivalent.                                                    Certification Course
With this class you move from sailing smaller keelboats to larger
cruising sailboats. This course is for students with intermediate sailing    Prerequisite: Basic Cruising 1 or equivalent, and US Sailing Basic
skills, but little or no experience running a mid-sized auxiliary cruising   Keelboat Certification.
boat. Basic systems will be examined including water, electrical
and engine systems. Course topics include practical skills such as           The next step in the US SAILING Keelboat Certification Series, this
docking, maneuvering under power and sail, managing heel, reefing            course is for students who have passed the US SAILING Basic
and person-in-water rescue. Completion of this course prepares you           Keelboat Certification and completed Basic Cruising 1. The Basic
for sail training trips to Catalina, and the Northern Channel Islands.       Cruising Certification Course will prepare you to skipper a cruising
Bring a lunch.                                                               sailboat in more challenging conditions and on longer day sails.
                                                                             Course topics include preparation to sail, leaving and returning to
Class size: Min 3-Max 5 students                                             the dock under power, crew operation and skills, crew overboard
Text: US Sailing Basic Cruising                                              recovery, reefing, heavy weather techniques, anchoring, sailing in
                                                                             close quarters, handling emergencies, some navigation and more.
Fee: $375                                                                    Completion of this course prepares you for sail training trips to
Class ID           Day               Start-End          Time                 Catalina, the Northern Channel Islands and the US SAILING Bareboat
8078               Sun               1/24-2/7           10 am-4 pm           Cruising Certification.
8099               Sat               3/6-3/20           10 am-4 pm           Class Size: Min 3-Max 5 students.
8109               Sat               3/27-4/17*         10 am-4 pm           Text: US Sailing Basic Cruising
8110               Sun               5/23-6/13          10 am-4 pm
                                                                             Fee: $535

Basic Cruising 2                                                             Class ID    Day         Start-End        Time
Prerequisite: Basic Cruising 1 or equivalent.                                8100        Sun         2/6-2/27*        10 am-5pm
                                                                             8101        Sun         4/11-4/25        10 am-5 pm
Basic Cruising 2 will introduce more advanced skills to prepare
the sailor for safe local cruising. Topics will include review of boat
systems, advanced sail theory, float plan, safety equipment,
emergency tiller, medical emergencies, sailing emergencies,
anchoring, marine weather, basic navigation and heavy weather
techniques. Completion of this course prepares you for sail training
trips to Catalina, and the Northern Channel Islands. Bring a lunch.
Class size: Min 3-Max 5 students
Text: US Sailing Basic Cruising
Fee: $375
Class ID           Day               Start-End          Time
8079               Sun               2/28-3/14          10 am-4 pm
8111               Sat               5/22-6/12*         10 am-4 pm

* No class 2/13, 2/14, 4/3, 4/4, 5/29, 5/30, 5/31

  (949) 645-9412                • www.occsailing.com                                                                  2021 Schedule          11
Coastal Cruising

All About Anchoring and Navigation on                                        Northern Channel Islands Cruising
a Weekend Catalina Cruise                                                    Prerequisite: Basic Cruising 1 or equivalent.
Prerequisite: Basic Cruising 1 or equivalent.                                A cruise to the Channel Islands aboard Betty is a great way to
                                                                             explore this incredible area for the first time. Known for their rugged
Discover the world of cruising aboard our Catalina 42 Betty. Your            and pristine beauty and their windy coastlines, the islands make for
weekend starts off with an overview of safety gear and procedures.           challenging and spectacular cruising. Weather permitting the cruise
You will then get underway and experience a full day of sailing. Along       will include visits to Anacapa, Santa Cruz and either Santa Rosa or
the way, this course answers the practical questions you have about          San Miguel Islands. Most nights are spent at anchor, with ample time
navigating your way to Catalina. After arriving at Catalina you will         for exploring ashore. Everyone rotates duties on board including sail
anchor near Emerald Bay for the evening. Saturday will be spend              handling, steering, anchoring, watch standing and cleanup.
setting bow and stern anchors at Little Fisherman before working
our way down east and anchoring in four or five coves underway for           The cruise is designed for sailors who’ve acquired intermediate skills,
a tour of the best north side anchorages. Sunday we will navigate            and is perfect for sailors seeking an overnight cruising experience.
our way home to Newport. Crew members participate in all aspects             The course fee includes all permits and meals.
of boat handling including steering, navigation, sail handling, log          Students who have earned a US SAILING Basic Cruising Certification
keeping, anchoring, and cleanup.                                             may complete their US SAILING Bareboat Cruising Certification on
Experience is the real teacher when it comes to navigation and               this cruise. An additional fee will apply. Please contact the office if you
anchoring. For many new cruisers the primary concern is having to            choose this option.
anchor once they arrive at Catalina if no moorings are available. This       Class size: Min 3 – Max 5 students
course will make solving that problem an interesting and satisfying
experience and serves as the gateway to self-reliance and an                 Text: US Sailing Bareboat Cruising
excellent preparation for US SAILING Bareboat Cruising Certification.        Fee: $1,105
Class size: Min 4 – Max 5 students                                           Class ID Day          Start-End           Time
Text: US SAILING Basic Cruising                                              8226     Wed-Sun      5/12-5/16           8 am Wednesday to 5 pm Sunday
Fee: $750                                                                    8227     Wed-Sun      10/13-10/17         8 am Wednesday to 5 pm Sunday

Class ID    Start-End    Time
8102        4/30-5/2     9 am Friday to 5 pm Sunday
8103        6/25-6/27    9 am Friday to 5 pm Sunday
8104        7/30-8/1     9 am Friday to 5 pm Sunday
8105        9/10-9/12    9 am Friday to 5 pm Sunday

               Bareboat Cruising
               Certification Course*
Prerequisite: US SAILING Basic Cruising Certification. Catalina Cruising experience recommended.
Enjoy the live aboard experience and offshore sailing while earning your US SAILING Bareboat Cruising Certification.
This course is for students who are seeking adventure and fun in the context of a demanding live aboard sail training adventure. Students will
participate in all aspects of an offshore cruise including provisioning, meal preparation, watch standing, steering, sail handling and cleanup. This
course gives students the hands-on experience necessary for building offshore confidence.
Students will be directly involved in route planning. The objective of any route is to challenge and instruct without taking unnecessary risks.
Routes and destinations may change due to weather/safety and seamanship reasons.
Class size: Min 3-Max 5 students
Text: US SAILING Bareboat Cruising
Fee: $1,155**
 Class ID Day       Start-End          Time
 *8228    Wed-Sun 5/12-5/16            8 am Wednesday to 5 pm Sunday
 *8229    Wed-Sun 10/13-10/17          8 am Wednesday to 5 pm Sunday
* Bareboat Cruising Certification combined with Northern Channel Islands Cruising
** Text & certification included

 12         2021 Schedule                                           www.occsailing.com • (949) 645-9412
Private Lessons &
                                                                                                       Certification Challenge

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available with a certified instructor for all skill                                      Certification Challenge
levels. A private lesson is a one-on-one experience that works well as
a confidence builder, as an introduction to sailing, or to allow focus    The US SAILING Keelboat Certification System and the US
on improving specific skills, or to make up a missed class. A private     Powerboating Cruising Powerboat Certification Series include a
lesson with an OCC instructor will take your ability to the next level    series of skill levels based on the natural progression of experience
with individual learning and feedback.                                    from operating a boat during the day to cruising and then extended
Private lessons are typically taught in 3-hour sessions (except for       passage making.
powerboat instruction), scheduled at a time that is convenient for you,   Sailors/Power-boaters with significant previous experience and
and based on instructor availability.                                     competency, may challenge the desired level of certification by
Rates are based on a 1:1 ratio. A fee applies for additional students.    successfully demonstrating the skill set we expect for the desired
                                                                          level of certification. A passing grade on the multiple choice exam
OCC SA Member’s receive a 10% discount on published rates
                                                                          for the desired certification and any/all lower level certifications is
 Boat                     3-hr Rate   Additional Student(s) Add’l hr      required for final certification. All challenges are pass/fail and the fee is
 Lido 14 or Harbor 20     $210        $25                   $70           nonrefundable.
 Shields                  $225        $25                   $65           Challenge*                                        Fee**    Duration
 Catalina 42*             $395                              $130
 Twin-screw Power         $205/hr     $25                                  US Sailing Basic Keelboat                        $340     3 hour practical
 Whaler                   $125/hr     $25                                  US Sailing Basic Cruising                        $575     4 hour practical
*Catalina 42: Minimum 2-students, completion of Basic Cruising 1 or        US Sailing Bareboat Cruising***                  $840     7 hour practical
equivalent experience. For students with less experience, or for less
than 2-students a fee will be charged to add additional crew.              US Powerboating Basic Powerboat Cruising         $900     6 hour practical
                                                                           US Powerboating Inshore Powerboat Cruising***    $1,050   8 hour practical

                                                                          *Please allow additional time for taking the written test(s) prior to
                                                                          scheduling the practical
                                                                          **Fee includes text book(s) and certification materials
                                                                          **After successfully completing the on-the-water skills evaluation and
                                                                          written exam, candidates can apply for the International Proficiency
                                                                          Certificate (IPC) directly on US SAILING’s website.
                                                                          Call The School at (949) 645-9412 to arrange a date.

                                                                          International Proficiency Certificate
                                                                                                               This passport style document is
                                                                                                               required for US citizens chartering
                                                                                                               in EU waters. Available only to US
                                                                                                               Citizens and current US Sailing

     Your life doesn’t fit                                                                                     members who have successfully
                                                                                                               completed the US Sailing Bareboat
                                                                                                               Cruising certification course,
     in to our schedule?                                                                                       or powerboaters who are US
                                                                                                               Powerboating certified through
                                                                                                               Inshore Powerboat Cruising. To

            We’ll fit into yours!                                                                              purchase your IPC please fill out the
                                                                                                               International Proficiency Certificate
                                                                                                               Form and return to US Sailing/US
                                                                                                               Powerboating with a check and a
         PRIVATE ON-THE-WATER SAILING &                                                                        passport size photo, or pay online at
         POWERBOAT LESSONS AVAILABLE                                                                           http://shop.ussailing.org/international
                                                                                                               proficiency certificate.html.

             Call (949) 645-9412

 (949) 645-9412                • www.occsailing.com                                                                        2021 Schedule          13

For Spring 2021 we will continue to offer our navigation classes online.
Classes will be synchronous learning – live on-line with the instructor
                                                                           Coastal Navigation 2
leading the class and students able to actively participate and ask        Instructor: Capt. Bree Bennett
questions in a Zoom environment. Registered students will receive          Prerequisite: Coastal Navigation 1, or equivalent experience using
more information with regards to accessing the course, materials etc.      paper charts for navigation.
prior to class start.                                                      In this course we will be covering new topics while using our basics
                                                                           from Coastal Navigation 1- Plotting Latitude & Longitude, Course
Coastal Navigation 1                                                       & Distance, DR, Compass Error, and more. Our new topics include
                                                                           Set & Drift, Tide/Current Calculations and Voyage Planning. The last
Instructor: Capt. Bree Bennett
                                                                           evening will focus on GPS, GPS chart plotters, creating waypoints and
A great course for boaters new to navigation, students planning a          routes.
first cruise to Catalina and students needing a refresher before taking
                                                                           Class size: Min 6/Max 24 students.
the USCG Licensing course. While the skills of coastal navigation
have evolved over the years, the basic goal is still to determine your     Text & Materials: “Basic Coastal Navigation” 2nd Edition, Chart 18746,
position and to find a safe route to a destination using landmarks,        Chart TR 1210 and plotting tools
both natural and manmade, as reference points. Class begins with an        Fee: $155 - Text and materials not included
introduction to charts and plotting tools. By the second week, you will
be finding direction. Other topics include plotting, time/speed/distance   4 SESSIONS - WEDNESDAY - 6:30-9:30 pm
calculations, compass and compass error, bearings, positioning and         Class ID        Start-End
running fixes. This course has a strong emphasis on practical skills
                                                                           8030            3/10-3/31
and students should expect one or two hours of homework per week.
Min 10 - Max 24 students. 7-weeks                                          8031            6/2-6/23
Text & Materials: “Basic Coastal Navigation” 2nd Edition, Chart 18746,
Chart TR1210 and plotting tools.                                           Celestial Navigation – Coming Summer 2021
Fee: $190 - OCC work book included. Text book, charts and plotting         Instructor: Capt. Bree Bennett
tools are not included                                                     A class devoted to the basics of celestial navigation and principal
7 SESSIONS - WEDNESDAY - 6:30-9:30 pm                                      trans-oceanic navigational skills. You will learn to navigate utilizing the
                                                                           sun, sextant, chronometer and tables.
Class ID     Start-End
                                                                           Check for Summer 2021 dates online - occsailing.augusoft.net
7957         1/20-3/3
7958         4/14/5/26

14         2021 Schedule                                            www.occsailing.com • (949) 645-9412

Navigation and Rules Workshops                                            Introduction to Marine Radar
A series of workshops created for students with varying degrees of        A fast but informative familiarization with Marine Radar. We will look
experience navigating using paper charts and applying the Rules of        at quick ways to assess risk of collision, tips on using the Radar to
the Nautical Road.                                                        Navigate in the fog, and basic fundamentals of how the radar works.
Join one or more workshops for an introduction to navigation and the      Correctly interpreting what is on the screen is essential to maximizing
rules of the road, or as a refresher course and be rewarded with new      our situational awareness and using all available tools on board.
skills that ensure you will be better prepared next time you go to sea.   Class size: Min 6 – Max 12
                                                                          Fee: $50
Introduction to Chart Navigation                                          1 SESSION - 10:00 AM-1:00 PM
An introduction to the basics of nautical navigation using charts,        Class ID     Day         Start-End
lateral aids, and more for all sailors and powerboaters.                  8095         Sat         6/26
Topics covered include basic chart reading, chart symbols and             8097         Sat         828
publications, how to plot a position and determine distance and
direction. An essential class for everyone who rely on GPS for
navigation.                                                               Rules of the Nautical Road
                                                                          Learn key rules of the road and where to find them. An essential class
Class Size: Min 6 - Max 12 students.
                                                                          for safe operation under power or sail in local waters. This course
Text and Materials: Chart TR1210 and plotting tools                       is designed to introduce boaters to legal and safe boating practice
Fee: $50                                                                  and applies to all who use a boat, whether as skipper or as someone
                                                                          simply along for the fun.
1 SESSION - 10:00 AM-1:00 PM
                                                                          Class Size: Min 6 - Max 12 students.
Class ID       Day            Start-End
                                                                          Text and Materials: USCG Navigation Rules & Regulations Handbook
8096           Sat            6/12
                                                                          recommended, but not required.
8207           Sat            8/14
                                                                          Fee: $50

Electronic Navigation                                                     1 SESSION - 10:00 AM-1:00 PM
Prerequisite: Coastal Navigation 1. Introduction to Twinscrew             Class ID       Day            Start-End
Powerboats, or equivalent experience recommended.                         8209           Sat            6/19
An essential hands-on safety and knowledge course for anyone using        8208           Sat            8/21
modern marine electronics. You will learn basic theory and operation
of Radar, GPS/chart plotter, auto pilot, and VHF radio through
classroom exercises and underway in Newport Harbor.
Using the electronics aboard Nordic Star (at the dock) you will gain
confidence entering waypoints and routes and learn how to interface
GPS/chart plotter and auto pilot. Your second class is underway
aboard OCC’s Tiara 31 “Mia Lucia” for an evening cruise through
Newport Harbor.
Both Nordic Star and Mia Lucia are fitted out with new Furuno
electronics, including touch screens. Nordic Star has three Radar
displays for student use, along with her big ship’s Radar. Basic time,
speed and distance calculation methods will be introduced.
Class size: Min 3 - Max 5 students
Text & Materials: Navigation Rules & Regulations Handbook Chapman
Piloting & Seamanship, Plotting tools, Chart 18754 (Newport Bay)
Fee: $270
2 SESSIONS – 6:30-9:30 PM
Class ID       Day            Start-End
                                                                           Navigation & Rules Series
8210           Tue            3/9-3/16                                                  1 workshop                  $50
8211           Tues           6/8-6/15                                                  2 workshops                 $95
                                                                                        3 workshops                 $135

 (949) 645-9412                • www.occsailing.com                                                                  2021 Schedule          15
Powerboat Training
& Certification

               Safe Powerboat Handling                                               SAFE POWERBOAT HANDLING PART 1 –
                                                                                     LIVE ONLINE
               Certification w/California                                  Part 1 is a great class for boaters of all skill levels. An in-depth class
               Boater Card                                                 covering essential boating and seamanship information from types
                                                                           of boats, boating laws, safety equipment, safe boating, navigation,
Prerequisite: Ability to swim 50 yards. Students must be 14 years of       safety and emergency procedures and more. Follow up with Safe
age or older.                                                              Powerboat Handling Part 2, Introduction to Twin-Screw Powerboats,
A two-part blended learning course combining classroom instruction         or any other on-the-water class.
with practical, hands-on experience for both the new boater and the        Class size: Min 8 – Max 18
more seasoned boater who wants to improve both knowledge and
skill.                                                                     Text: US Powerboating Start Powerboating Right
Part 1 (live online) and Part 2 (in-person) may be taken one without       Fee: $50 - includes text book, study questions, 6’ piece of line for
the other, but successful completion of Part 1 and Part 2, and a           knot tying.
passing grade on the written exams, is required to qualify for the         Material fees paid for Part 1 may be credited towards US
US Powerboating Safe Powerboat Handling Certification and the              Powerboating Safe Powerboating Handling - Part 2, or US
California Boater Card.                                                    Powerboating Basic Powerboat Cruising Certification. Material fees
No previous experience is required! The US Coast Guard and the             are not refundable after class materials have been distributed.
National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA)          PART 1 - 4 SESSIONS ONLINE – 7-9 PM
have approved this course and the course is recognized in California
                                                                           Class ID     Day       Start-End
as meeting the requirements for a California Boater Card.
                                                                           8017         Tues      1/12-2/2
The national and state approvals call for the course to include not less   8090         Tues      3/16-4/6
than six hours of classroom instruction covering required education
                                                                           8112         Tues      5/18-6/8
topics. By the end of the course, you will know about powerboats
and outboard motors, required equipment, boat preparation,
launching and trailering. You will be able to perform basic boat                      SAFE POWERBOAT HANDLING PART 2 –
handling skills including docking, turning, securing a boat, anchoring,               IN-PERSON
minimum control speed, and person in the water rescue. We will also        An 8-hour instructor led on-the-water boat handling skills session.
cover basic terminology and boat systems, knots, weather and tides,        You will learn how to perform safety checks, proper set-up, docking,
right of way rules, navigation, safety and emergency procedures,           use of spring lines, maneuvering at low and high speed, boat control
environmental regulations and CA boating laws.                             in confined waters, navigation, towing, anchoring, person-in-water
                                                                           rescue, knots and lots more.
Course Format: This course is offered as a Two-Part Blended learning
course.                                                                    Class size: Min 6 – Max 9
Text: US Powerboating Start Powerboating Right (included in course         Text*: US Powerboating Start Powerboating Right
fee for Part 1) )                                                          Fee: $225 – (may be lowered by CA DBW grant – see pricing online)
                                                                           *Text & Material fees paid for in Part 1 may be credited towards this
                                                                           class. Material fees are not refundable after class materials have been
                                                                           PART 2 - 1 SESSION IN-PERSON– 9 AM TO 5 PM
                                                                           Class ID     Day        Start-End
                                                                           8022         Sat        1/9
                                                                           8023         Sun        2/7
                                                                           8024         Sun        2/21
                                                                           8091         Sat        4/10
                                                                           8092         Sun        4/25
                                                                           8088         Sat        5/22
                                                                           8089         Sat        6/26

 16       2021 Schedule                                             www.occsailing.com • (949) 645-9412
Powerboat Training
                                                                                                               & Certification

Introduction to Twin-Screw Powerboats                                                     Basic Powerboat
Prerequisite: Ability to swim 50 yards. Students must be 16 years of
age or older.
                                                                                          Cruising Certification
This course is a practical introduction to boat handling and safe          With coaching from a powerboat expert, you will move through the
powerboat operation for the novice or moderately experienced               skills required for certification and build confidence operating a 26-40’
powerboat operator. The focus is on building confidence during             Twin-screw powerboat in light to moderate conditions.
in-harbor maneuvering to reduce tension and increase boat usage.           The course includes both hands-on instruction and theory to expand
Course topics include boat systems, twin engine operation and helm         your seamanship knowledge and practical boat handling skills. Course
controls, docking, line handling, piloting rules, and safety procedures.   topics include boat systems, engine and helm controls, docking and
Partners of boaters will acquire the skills necessary to handle the boat   close quarter maneuvering, boat control in open water, anchoring,
in an emergency. Min 2 - Max 4 students.                                   emergency procedures, VHF radio operation, charts and aids to
Text: US Powerboating Start Powerboating Right
                                                                           This course is approved by NASBLA and US Powerboating. Students
Fee: $375                                                                  who successfully pass the written test and successfully complete the
ONE SESSION - 10 AM TO 4 PM                                                knowledge and skill requirements (see Certification Standards book)
                                                                           will receive a US Powerboating Basic Powerboat Operation and
Class ID   Day         Start-End                                           Cruising Certification and be eligible to apply for the California Boater
8163       Sat         1/16                                                Card.
8164       Sun         2/7                                                 Course materials along with pre-course homework will be available
8165       Sun         3/7                                                 ahead of time to allow ample time to prepare for class. Bring a lunch,
8166       Fri         3/19                                                snack and water each day. Min 2 - Max 4 students.
8168       Sat         4/10                                                Course Format: This course is offered as a 2-day class, or a 3-day
8169       Sun         5/2                                                 class. Be sure to choose the right class based on the prerequisites for
8167       Fri         5/14                                                each course type.
8170       Sat         6/26                                                Text: US Powerboating Start Powerboating Right
                                                                           2 DAY COURSE - 9 AM TO 5 PM
                                                                           Prerequisite: Introduction to Twin-screw Powerboat handling or
                                                                           equivalent twin-screw experience. Students must be 16 years of age
                                                                           or older and able to swim 50 yards. US Powerboating Safe Powerboat
                                                                           Handling Part 1 is recommended.
                                                                           Fee: $950- includes fuel, course materials and certification.
                                                                           Class ID       Day             Start-End
                                                                           8171           Thurs-Fri       1/28-1/29
                                                                           8172           Sat-Sun         3/20-3/21
                                                                           8173           Sat-Sun         5/15-5/16
                                                                           8174           Mon-Tues        6/14-6/15
                                                                           3 DAY COURSE
                                                                           DAY 1 - 10AM TO 4PM; DAY 2 AND 3 - 9 AM TO 5 PM
                                                                           Prerequisite: Students must be 16 years of age or older and able to
                                                                           swim 50 yards. US Powerboating Safe Powerboat Handling Part 1 is
                                                                           Fee: 1,325 - includes fuel, course materials and certification.
                                                                           Class ID       Day             Start-End
                                                                           8175           Fri-Sun         1/22-1/24
                                                                           8176           Wed-Fri         2/24-2/26
                                                                           8177           Tues-Thurs      3/16-3/18
                                                                           8178           Wed-Fri         4/21-4/23
                                                                           8179           Wed-Fri         6/16-6/18

 (949) 645-9412                • www.occsailing.com                                                                   2021 Schedule           17
Powerboat Training
& Certification

Cruising Powerboat Work Shops                                            Underway Navigation and
Hands-on workshops for powerboaters looking for more time working
on practical boat handling skills with the guidance of an experienced
                                                                         Anchoring at Sea
instructor.                                                              Prerequisite: Basic Powerboat Cruising Certification, or prior
                                                                         experience maneuvering twin screw

Close Quarter Maneuvers &                                                Power Vessels. Coastal Navigation 1 or prior experience plotting
                                                                         Longitude and Latitude on a chart.
Person In the Water                                                      A hands-on powerboat workshop for students looking for
Prerequisite: Introduction to Twinscrew Powerboats, or similar           practical application of navigation while underway, and enhanced
experience. Students must be 16 years of age or older and able to        understanding of onboard navigation systems. Practice how to
swim 50 yards. US Powerboating Safe Powerboat Handling Part 1 is         determine your position and a safe route to your destination using
recommended.                                                             landmarks, both natural and manmade, as reference points. Other
The perfect workshop for power boaters who desire more time              topics include selecting an anchorage and anchoring with one and
practicing docking and close quarter maneuvering with twin engines.      two anchors, handling waves and highspeed maneuvers. Min 2 -
Other topics include general boat operation, safety, line handling,      Max 4 students.
spring line departures, backing the boat, stopping, rules of the road    Text & Materials: US Powerboating Start Powerboating Right.
and person in the water rescue. Min 2 - Max 4 students.                  Hand bearing compass, and binoculars recommended.
Text & Materials: US Powerboating Start Powerboating Right               Fee: $495
Fee: $495                                                                1 SESSION – 9 AM TO 5 PM
1 SESSION – 9 AM TO 5 PM                                                 Class ID    Day         Start-End
Class ID    Day         Start-End                                        8180        Wed         1/20
7728        Thurs       1/21                                             8181        Tues        3/23
8183        Tues        2/23                                             8182        Mon         5/17
8184        Mon         3/22
8185        Tues        4/20
8186        Fri         5/21

                                                                                     Marine Gear
                                                                                     & Boat Sales
                                                                        In-water yachts and boats stored in our boatyard
                                                                           will be listed for sale here and available for
                                                                                  in-person viewing year-round.
                                                                           Marine gear is listed regularly in the
                                                                            Boatyard section of the webpage
                                                                              Great Deals! • All Sales Final
                                                                        The OCC Sailing Marine Gear & Boat Auction has
                                                                          been suspended for 2021 due to COVID-19

 18       2021 Schedule                                           www.occsailing.com • (949) 645-9412
Powerboat Training
                                                                                                                & Certification

                 Night Operation                                                             Inshore Powerboat
                 Endorsement                                                                 Cruising Certification
Prerequisite: US Powerboating Basic Powerboat Cruising                       Prerequisite: US Powerboating Basic Powerboat Cruising
Certification                                                                Certification and three or more days underway on a 30’ or longer
Operating at night reinforces the value of standard procedures, the          powerboat. Completion of pre-course navigation homework.
stowage of equipment and lines in a specific manner and place,               This course is for experienced powerboaters seeking an overnight
and the ability to tie knots or cleat lines in the dark. All basic boating   cruising and live aboard experience, and an Inshore Powerboat
procedures should require a minimum of artificial light. In addition         Cruising Certification.
to your regular pre-departure checks, you will learn how to properly         The course will focus on the skills, knowledge and equipment needed
check navigation and search lights. Charts, light list and your boats        to safely operate a cruising powerboat on a multiday, near coastal
copy of Navigation Rules will be discussed. You will prepare a               passage by day and night in unfamiliar waters. Course topics include
navigation plan and conduct a crew briefing on night operations,             boat preparation, boat handling, close quarter maneuvers, navigation,
safety and other important procedures such as night vision,                  provisioning, cruise planning and float plans, docking, anchoring,
maintaining a proper lookout, safe speed, navigation lights of other         windlass use, picking up a mooring and person-in-the-water rescue.
vessels, steering a course, night navigation, safety, and person in the
water rescue at night. Min 2 - Max 4 students.                               Your class begins on Friday afternoon with an introduction to vessel
                                                                             systems and equipment aboard prior to a short evening shake-down
Text: US Powerboating Start Powerboating Right                               cruise. Over the next two days you will gain valuable experience in
Fee: $250                                                                    planning voyages, explore various anchoring, mooring and docking
1 SESSION- 6-10 PM                                                           techniques, and dealing with situations arising underway. The course
                                                                             will revolve around destinations on either side of the San Pedro
Class ID    Day                 Start-End                                    Channel such as LA/Long Beach Harbor, Dana Point, Newport
8187        Fri                 1/22                                         Beach, Santa Catalina Island and Huntington Harbor.
8188        Tues                2/23
                                                                             A passing grade on both the written and practical test is required for
8189        Fri                 3/19                                         certification. Tests will be administered underway. Course materials
8190        Tues                6/15                                         and pre-course homework will be available ahead of time to allow you
                                                                             ample time to prepare for your class.
                                                                             Class size: Min 2-Max 4 students
                                                                             Text: US Powerboating Start Powerboating Right
                                                                             Fee: $1,475 – includes fuel, most study materials and certification.
                                                                             Navigation tools and charts are not included. Transportation, hotel
                                                                             and meals ashore not included.
                                                                             1 SESSION - 3 DAY COURSE –
                                                                             12 PM ON DAY 1 TO 12 PM ON DAY 3 (Schedule to be arranged
                                                                             on day 1 based on passage plan & weather conditions)
                                                                             Class ID       Day            Start-End
                                                                             8191           Mon-Wed        1/25-1/27
                                                                             8192           Wed-Fri        3/24-3/26
                                                                             8193           Tues-Thurs     5/18-5/20

  (949) 645-9412                • www.occsailing.com                                                                   2021 Schedule           19
USCG License

US Coast Guard Masters &                                                  ONLINE – USCG License Exam Prep
Six Pack (OUPV) Explained                                                 The OCC School of Sailing and Seamanship, in collaboration with US
                                                                          Captain’s Training (USCT) is pleased to offer USCG exam proctoring
Presented by: Capt. Sarah Hirsch, Director – OCC Maritime Center          at our location for online courses taken with USCT. For students
If you’ve thought about getting a Coast Guard License but don’t           interested in preparing for their exams online, USCT offers Coast
know what it entails, how to go about getting one, or whether you         Guard approved classes for each subject listed below.
actually need one at all, this class will walk you through the basics.    USCT has two options for OUPV and two for Masters - online and
How to prepare your sea time for Coast Guard review, training and         virtual. Online is self-paced, while the virtual course includes time with
coursework, exam topics, and the medical form, application, and           an instructor via online classroom. Call The School at 949-645-9412
drug test process will all be explained. We recommend you take this       for information on license upgrades and renewals.
class before signing up for any Coast Guard License Prep classes.
                                                                          Register for your exam proctor date with The OCC School of Sailing
Class size: Min 6                                                         & Seamanship to receive a coupon code for your online training with
Fee: Free Webinar                                                         USCT. Exam days are scheduled from 8am to 5pm on the third Friday
1 SESSION                                                                 of every month.
Class ID    Day         Start-End         Time                            Learn more about US Captain’s Training at
8266        Tues        1/12              7-8:30 pm                       www.USCaptainstraining.com
8267        Sat         2/6               10-11:30 am                                                                                Course
                                                                                                                          Proctoring               Total
                                                                          LICENSE COURSES & ENDORSEMENTS                             Fee
                                                                                                                          Fee to OCC               Cost
Adult First Aid/CPR/AED                                                   OUPV (6-Pack)- Self-paced online                $200
                                                                                                                                     To USCT
                                                                                                                                     $410          $610
Prerequisite: Completion of online course prior to instructor-led skill
session. Bring proof of completion to class.                              OUPV (6-Pack)- Virtual w/instructor online      $200       $710          $910
                                                                          Masters License- Self-paced online              $250       $560          $810
The Adult First Aid/CPR/AED incorporates the latest science
                                                                          Masters License - Virtual w/instructor online   $250       $860          $1,100
and teach students to recognize and care for a variety of first
aid emergencies and how to respond to breathing and cardiac               Towing Endorsement                              $50        $75           $125
emergencies involving adults. This course meets OSHA/ workplace           Sailing Endorsement                             $50        $75           $125
requirements.                                                             Able Seaman (AB)                                $150       $245          $395
This is a blended learning course including an online portion and         1 SESSION - FRIDAY - 8 am-5 pm
an instructor-led classroom skill session. The online portion must        Class ID     Day                                             Start-End
be completed prior to attending the in-class portion and must be
                                                                          7978         Master's License                                1/22
taken on a PC or tablet with a high speed internet connection. Allow
                                                                          8217         OUPV (Six Pack)
approximately 2 hours to complete the online portion, but may take
longer depending on computer/internet speed.                              8212         Master's License                                2/19
                                                                          8218         OUPV (Six Pack)
Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a digital      8213         Master's License                                3/19
certificate for Adult First Aid/CPR/AED valid for two years.              8219         OUPV (Six Pack)
Class Size: Min 2-Max 10 students                                         8214         Master's License                                4/16
Fee: $75                                                                  8220         OUPV (Six Pack)
                                                                          8215         Master's License                                5/21
                                                                          8221         OUPV (Six Pack)
Class ID      Day       Start-End         Time                            8216         Master's License                                6/18
8263          Sat       1/9               9-10 am                         8222         OUPV (Six Pack)
8261          Tues      2/15              6-7 pm
                                                                          1 SESSION - FRIDAY - 8 am-5 pm
8264          Sat       4/17              9-10 am
8262          Mon       5/17              6-7 pm                          Class ID     Day                                 Start-End
8265          Sat       6/19              9-10 am                                      Towing Endorsement Sailing          Call The School to schedule an
                                                                                       Endorsement Able Seaman             exam date.

20         2021 Schedule                                            www.occsailing.com • (949) 645-9412
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