2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

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2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School
Boarding House Contacts
Head of Boarding		 Lesa Fowler                                                                        Phone: +61 7 3862 0811
					                                                                                                 Mobile: +61 438 570 013
					                                                                                                 Email: lfowler@stmargarets.qld.edu.au

Head of Senior House Gracemere Mataia Phone: +61 7 3862 0711
					                                 Mobile: +61 404 738 101
					                                 Email: gmataia@stmargarets.qld.edu.au

Head of Junior House                 Fiona Spooner                                                    Phone: +61 7 3862 0711
					                                                                                                 Mobile: +61 423 857 233
					                                                                                                 Email: fspooner@stmargarets.qld.edu.au

Pastoral Care Coordinator (Boarding) Sandra Johnson                                                   Phone: +61 7 3862 0806
					                                                                                                 Mobile: +61 420 920 127
					                                                                                                 Email: sjohnson@stmargarets.qld.edu.au

Boarding Reception				                                                                                Phone:         +61 7 3862 0800
					                                                                                                 Fax:           +61 7 3862 0747
					                                                                                                 Email:         boarders@stmargarets.qld.edu.au

International Pastoral Care Coordinator Tom McCormick                                                 Phone          +61 7 3862 0703
					                                                                                                 Email          tmccormick@stmargarets.qld.edu.au

Global Exchange Coordinator Angelin Achari                                                            Phone +61 7 3862 0861
					                                                                                                 Mobile +61 423 451 876
					                                                                                                 Email aachari@stmargarets.qld.edu.au

Health Centre		 Bridget Buchanan Phone: +61 7 3862 0778
					                            Fax:    +61 7 3862 0872
					                            Mobile: +61 438 797 737

Welcome...............................................................................01       Pastoral Care........................................................................21
Boarding staff.......................................................................03        St Margaret’s Safe School Policy......................................22
St Margaret’s philosophy...................................................04                  Safety and security in the Boarding House....................24
Rights and responsibilities................................................05                  Communication..................................................................25
Key rules for boarding........................................................05               Boarders Parents’ Support Group....................................26
Facilities................................................................................06   Student leadership in the Boarding House....................27
Year Level Privileges...........................................................07             Appendix I – Code of Behaviour.....................................28
Leave procedures................................................................08             Appendix II – Discipline Policy.......................................29
Academic expectations......................................................11                  Appendix III – Student IT Acceptable Use Policy.......30
Life in the Boarding House...............................................12                    Appendix IV – School uniform list.................................31
Health....................................................................................14   St Margaret’s location map................................................32
Additional information......................................................17                 Term dates............................................................................33
2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

     From the Principal
     Welcome to the St Margaret’s Boarding House!
     St Margaret’s is a true boarding school; with almost a third of our school secondary
     student population made up of boarders. Our boarders live in the middle of our
     secondary campus; they are very visible, living, dining, socialising in the sight of all
     members of the school community.
     Boarding also adds to the culture of school – it is hard to define how it does this.
     It is likely that many variables make this contribution, including boarders’ high
     participation rates in the sport, music and community service programs; their close
     bonds with each other; and their structured homework preparation programs.
     Our boarding house staff are focused on providing a very positive experience for
     your daughters and understand the importance of working in partnership with all
     boarding parents.
     Our leadership team includes the Head of Boarding, Lesa Fowler, supported by the
     Heads of Junior and Senior House and a Pastoral Care Coordinator. Together the
     boarding leadership team works with the housemothers to care for your daughters
     while they are on their learning journey at St Margaret’s.
     The focus of our trained and committed staff is to provide a nurturing and enriching
     environment where students’ academic, extra-curricular and pastoral needs are
     carefully monitored and catered for.
     The School is committed to the high quality care of each student and the boarding
     experience at St Margaret’s endeavours to maximise students’ educational
     opportunities in academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical areas.
     I wish you and your daughter a very fulfilling boarding experience in 2021, one which
     she will cherish well beyond her years at school.

     Ros Curtis
     MEd(Leadership&Mgt), MLitSt, BA(Hons), DipEd,

The boarding experience at
St Margaret’s endeavours to
maximise students’ educational
opportunities in academic,
spiritual, social, emotional
and physical areas.
2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

                        From the Head of Boarding
                        We warmly welcome your daughter to St Margaret’s and we look forward to a long and
                        happy association with her and your family. Boarding at St Margaret’s is a rewarding,
                        fulfilling and happy time for all. The students come from many geographical areas,
                        both within Australia and from overseas. This exposure to other cultures is an
                        enriching experience which gives each of our boarders a chance to develop a wider
                        understanding about others and the world in which we live.
                        Boarding House life provides, within a Christian environment, an opportunity for
                        development of character, self-discipline and leadership whilst nurturing lifelong
                        friendships. The Boarding House runs smoothly and efficiently when all members
                        act responsibly, and consciously work toward creating an atmosphere of care and
                        consideration for others. Harmony exists when everybody understands that they are
                        obliged to respect the rights of others, fulfil their responsibilities to both the Boarding
                        House and the School. We aim to instil within the boarders the values of respect,
                        consideration, trust and honesty which complement the Core Values of the School –
                        Spirit, Faith, Integrity, Courage, Respect and Passion.
                        Professional, well-trained staff are always available to offer a caring and encouraging
                        environment whilst everyone in this large family is learning to cope with success
                        and/or challenges in her school life. It is important that parents and girls establish
                        meaningful communication between school and home. Parents and staff are partners
                        in caring for the girls while they are at St Margaret’s.
                        Our Boarding House staff members also aim to create a friendly and supportive
                        atmosphere in which the girls can live happily and develop the necessary social and
                        community skills to be a successful member of society. As in any community, certain
                        agreed guidelines are essential and the viewpoints of others must be considered. We
                        do expect a high degree of self-discipline and respect for others in the Boarding House
                        community. To achieve this, the girls must have respect for the school traditions and
                        values, for staff and fellow boarders.
                        Lesa Fowler
                        Head of Boarding

          Our Boarding House staff members
          aim to create a friendly and supportive
          atmosphere in which the girls can live
          happily and develop the necessary
          social and community skills to be a
          successful member of society.
2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

                                                                                                                                  Boarding staff
Boarding House staff aim to:                                   Head of Senior House (Years 10 – 12)
•   Promote positive and professional behaviour in all         and Head of Junior House (Years 5 to 9)
    situations                                                 •   Recognise the worth of each student as an individual and
•   Inspire and instruct boarders using resources both             create a sense of belonging for every girl in Boarding.
    human and material to nurture the whole child within       •   Encourage a cooperative team approach, through sound
    the boarding environment                                       and regular communication.
•   Provide a rich environment for learning                    •   Establish and maintain a good working relationship with,
•   Understand each behavioural issue, its source and              and knowledge of, boarding families
    contributing factors                                       •   Develop and champion administrative procedures in the
•   Generate and implement solutions to behaviour                  boarding house.
    problems                                                   •   Oversee all leave requests in senior/junior house
•   Maintain a safe and caring environment for the whole       •   Oversee the coordination of end of term leave in
    Boarding community                                             senior/junior house.
                                                               •   Oversee all student records are up to date in
                                                                   senior/junior house.
Staff Roles
                                                               •   Enforce all boarding house policies and procedures to
Head of Boarding                                                   ensure all boarding standards are maintained to the
•   Provide effective overall leadership and management of         highest level.
    students and staff                                         •   Remain accessible to boarder parents and providing a high
•   Formulate, implement and review all key policies and           level of service to them.
    processes in relation to the Boarding House                •   Ensure regular parent communication including a weekly
•   Strategic leadership in the financial, resource and            newsletter to parents.
    facilities-related operations of the Boarding House        •   Communicate with individual parents about their
•   Ensure day-to-day Boarding House operations are                children’s progress, where appropriate.
    consistent with, and integrated within whole school        •   Respond promptly to all communication and requests
    operations                                                     from boarding parents.
•   Develop, organise and oversee an effective pastoral care   •   Write for All Aboard and the school’s eNews, as required.
    program for all boarding students                          •   Promote an open door policy for students to gain assistance.
•   Actively promote the School and Boarding House             •   Meet Heads of Year as directed by the Head of Boarding,
    within the current and prospective School community            regarding boarding student’s academic progress and day
•   Oversee the academic needs and performance of                  school activities.
    boarders through regular meetings with the Dean of         •   Monitor academic progress of each of the boarders.
    Students and Heads of Year
                                                               •   Ensure all phone calls to parents with regards to the
•   Effectively communicate with parents on a regular basis        student’s progress are made early in the term.
                                                               •   Attend and actively participate in weekly meetings with the
                                                                   Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care Coordinator.
                                                               •   Inform the day school of relevant information on boarders,
                                                                   as necessary.
2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School
St Margaret’s philosophy

                           Pastoral Care Coordinator                                        House Supervisor
                           •   Oversee the pastoral care of boarding students in            •   Foster quality relationships with boarders while
                               Years 6 - 10                                                     supervising and monitoring their general routines
                           •   Monitor students’ Leave and weekend movements                •   Develop rapport with boarders as individuals
                           •   Oversee the Indigenous Student Program                       •   Follow-up minor disciplinary matters and referring
                           •   Coordinate the Beginning-of-Year Orientation Program             all serious matters to the Head of Boarding or Deputy
                                                                                                Head of Boarding
                           •   Contact all new boarder parents and discuss their
                               daughter(s) wellbeing since entry into the Boarding          •   Create and maintain a safe environment and ensure the
                               House                                                            highest standards are maintained with respect of legal
                                                                                                obligations and Duty of Care
                           •   Follow-up with all new boarders on a regular basis and
                               ensure that their needs are being met                        •   Interact in a manner that is reflective of students’
                                                                                                developmental stage in relation to their level of
                           •   Liaise with the Health Centre in relation to boarders
                                                                                                autonomy, decision making, academic excellence and
                               and appointments required
                                                                                                time management
                           •   Encourage students to strive for personal and
                                                                                            •   Ensure the security of the Boarding House is
                               professional goals as well as the development of self-
                                                                                                maintained and closely monitored at all times
                               esteem and life skills
                                                                                            •   Liaise with school staff regarding boarders’ day school
                           •   Support students requiring counselling by being
                                                                                                activities and commitments
                               available to listen, offering suggestions for dealing with
                               situations, directing to a professional counsellor if        •   Ensure that boarders sign in and out when they leave or
                               required and facilitating this where appropriate                 enter the Boarding House
                           •   Develop supportive processes between the Boarding            •   Ensure all visitors sign in the Visitor Register
                               House and other departments within the School                •   Consistently and accurately administer the written
                                                                                                policies and procedures on all aspects of the Boarding
                                                                                            •   Encourage cooperative parent contact and foster
                                                                                                positive community attitudes towards the School
                                                                                            •   Ensure all parent and prospective parent contact is
                                                                                                followed up at all times
                                                                                            •   Ensure that a fortnightly communication is issued to all
                                                                                                parents by email

                                Contacting the Boarding House – Student Issues
                                                                               House Mother

                                             Head of Junior                   Head of Senior                  Pastoral Care
                                             House (5 - 9)                    House (10 - 12)                 Co-ordinator

                                                                            Head of Boarding
2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

                                                                                                                                       Rights and responsibilities
All members of the Boarding community acknowledge and
agree that they have certain rights and responsibilities:
Rights                                                               Responsibilities
•   To feel secure and to be safe in a caring and supportive         •   To treat each other with kindness, courtesy and respect at
    environment                                                          all times
•   To expect that Boarding House rules are fair and                 •   To support and uphold the Boarding House rules and
    consistently implemented                                             routines
•   To be valued for their uniqueness and individuality              •   To listen to the views of others and accept differences
•   To be treated with fairness, courtesy and respect at all times   •   To build and maintain positive relationships with all other
•   To expect that others respect private space and personal             boarders and staff
    belongings                                                       •   To develop self-responsibility
•   To undertake academic studies without disruption                 •   To respect the private space and belongings of Boarding
•   To express personal opinions with sensitivity to others              House staff and students
•   To treat each other with kindness, courtesy and respect at       •   To contribute to ensuring the boarding environment is
    all times                                                            clean and harmonious
•   To support and uphold the Boarding House rules and routines      •   Use respectful and appropriate language
•   To listen to the views of others and accept differences          •   Participate in Boarding House events
•   To build and maintain positive relationships with all other      •   Follow the Boarding House routines
    boarders and staff                                               •   Observe study schedules
•   To develop self-responsibility                                   •   Abide by the Boarding House Mobile Phone Policy
•   To respect the private space and belongings of Boarding          •   Abide by the boarders’ leave policy
    House staff and students                                         •   Respect Boarding House property and the property
•   To contribute to ensuring the boarding environment is                of others
    clean and harmonious

                                                                                Key rules for boarding
                                                                                Standards expected in the Boarding House
                                                                                •   Nothing to be left on the floor
                                                                                •   Beds made
                                                                                •   Clothes and personal belongings placed in wardrobes
                                                                                    and drawers provided
                                                                                •   Shoes in cupboard or under beds
                                                                                •   Desks and bedside tables left in an orderly fashion
                                                                                •   Lights, heaters and fans turned off
                                                                                Common Areas
                                                                                •   No personal possessions to be left in the common
                                                                                •   Wet towels and swimming costumes to be placed in
                                                                                    appropriate areas
                                                                                •   No shoes or sporting equipment to be left in corridors
                                                                                •   All common room kitchens clean and tidy
                                                                                •   Supper duties completed as scheduled
                                                                                •   No bags are to be left in front of fire doors.
2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

             Dormitories                                                        Eunice Science and Resource Centre
             Each dormitory has been named after a significant woman            Boarders have access to the Library in the evening from
             from Australia’s short but colourful history. Boarders in Years    Monday to Thursday. Additionally, Year 12 students can also
             7 to 10 are accommodated in Longman, Macarthur, McKillop           request access on weekends. Years 11 and 12 students have
             and Sutherland. These boarders mostly sleep in cubicles of         access to the Independent Learning Centre in the evening from
             four. Students in Years 11 and 12 are accommodated in O’Neil,      Monday to Thursday and on weekends.
             Durack 1 and 2, Chisholm and Kenny. They sleep in single or
             double cubicles.                                                   Prep classrooms
             The Boarding House Supervisor oversees the allocation of           Students in Years 7 to 10 complete their prep in the Library
             beds. In all year levels the bed allocations are changed each      and classrooms in Toorak from Monday to Thursday,
             term, so that every boarder has the opportunity to make new        supervised by teachers.
             friends. Bed allocations are non-negotiable.                       Eton Kitchen
             Girls may decorate their areas using the pinboards provided or     Boarders have access to Eton Kitchen every afternoon and
             photo frames. To maintain the paintwork, boarders are not to       on the weekends. Students are required to sign in to use the
             attach anything on the walls of these areas.                       kitchen and must ensure it is clean and tidy when they have
             All boarders are asked to play their part in the Boarding          finished. The kitchen is fully stocked at the beginning of
             House to prevent the wasting of resources and unnecessary          term and then restocked as requested. All basic ingredients
             damage or wear and tear leading to extra maintenance costs.        are supplied but students will need to purchase any special
             Any deliberate damage caused by a boarder will be seen as a        ingredients they wish to use. There are two work stations in
             disciplinary issue, reported to parents and all costs incurred     the kitchen – one for Junior House and one for Senior House.
             charged to parents’ accounts. This includes deliberately setting   Boarders are required to complete a questionnaire about
             off smoke detectors and fire alarms.                               Health and Hygiene to ensure they understand about food
                                                                                handling procedures.
             Lounge/Leisure areas
             All year levels have their own common areas. These consist of      Sports amenities
             lounges, TV, DVD player, fridge and microwave.                     On weekends, boarders have access to the pool and
                                                                                gymnasium under the supervision of Boarding Supervisors.
                                                                                All activities require a supervisor to attend and are therefore
                                                                                dependant upon numbers. The girls may also use the tennis
                                                                                courts but must sign out.
2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

                                                                                                                                       Year Level Privileges
Terraces are out of bounds for ALL year levels unless
accompanied by a Staff member
Bartley’s Hill is OUT OF BOUNDS
UBER is NOT Permitted. Sheba is allowed for Year 10, 11 & 12

Year 7
•   Year 7 may go to Boarders Backyard in pairs/ return by          Year 11
    4:30pm                                                          •   May walk to Siriani’s/ Oriel Park in pairs return by 4:30pm
•   They may play in Barley Sugar Gardens, Mini Golf,               •   May walk to McDonalds in pairs return by 4:30pm
    Eton Courtyard & Toorak Garden near M’s Café/ return                Weekend only
    by 4:30pm
                                                                    •   A walk/run to Siriani’s is the only walking track outside of
•   They may play in the Primary Playground near the                    school campus
    tuckshop in pairs/ return by 4:30pm
                                                                    •   They may go to Figtree’s/My Mistress, return by
•   They are strictly only to go to Siriani’s with a Staff member       4:30pm Mon – Sun
•   They may go to McDonalds as a whole group with Staff            •   Year 11 boarders may take leave for the purpose of
    Member (weekend only)                                               shopping, lunch and visiting libraries in Brisbane City in
                                                                        groups of three to five, between 10.00am and 4.30pm on
                                                                        either a Saturday or Sunday.
Year 8
                                                                    •   Year 11’s will get the year 12 privileges in term 4 once the
• May walk to Siriani’s/ Oriel Park in a group of 4 on their
                                                                        current year 12’s have graduated. This is also based on the
  own in full school uniform during a school day/ return
                                                                        year 11 cohort’s behaviour and is approved by Lesa Fowler
  by 4:30pm
                                                                        Head of Boarding
•   May walk to Siriani’s/ Oriel Park in a group of 4 on their
    own on the weekend/ return by 4:30pm
•   McDonald’s Trip must in a group of 4 or more and                Year 12
    accompanied by a Staff Member or Senior Students/               •   May walk to Siriani’s/ Oriel Park in pairs return by 4:30pm
    return by 4:30pm Weekend Only                                   •   May walk to McDonalds in pairs return by 4:30pm
                                                                        Weekend only
Year 9                                                              •   A walk/run to Siriani’s is the only walking track outside of
                                                                        school campus
•   May walk to Siriani’s/ Oriel Park in 3’s return by 4:30pm
                                                                    •   They may go to Figtrees/My Mistress, return by 4:30pm
•   McDonald’s must be in a group of 3 and must return by
                                                                        Mon – Sun
    4:30pm Weekend only
                                                                    •   Year 12 boarders may take leave for the purpose of
•   A walk/run to Siriani’s is the only walking track outside of
                                                                        shopping, lunch and visiting libraries in Brisbane City in
    school campus
                                                                        groups of two or more between 10.00am and 4.30pm on
                                                                        either a Saturday or Sunday. An adult does not accompany
                                                                        boarders on this leave.
Year 10                                                             •   The girls may go to Racecourse Rd in pairs, must return
                                                                        before dinner, they still must attend dinner sittings
•   May walk to Siriani’s/ Oriel Park in pairs return by 4:30pm
                                                                    •   Year 12 MOVIE Leave to Portside, Chermside or Toombul
•   May walk to McDonald’s in pairs/ return by 4:30pm                   is allowed. Return by 10pm Weekend Only
    Weekend only
•   A walk/run to Siriani’s is the only walking track outside of
    school campus
•   The Chermside/DFO/Toombul on the weekend in a group
    of 4 - Leave form in by Wednesday, approved by parents,
    taxi only and must return by 4pm. Public transport is
    allowed only to Chermside and Toombul. This leave is only
    to be used once per weekend.
Southbank, Valley and City are still not
accepted after 4pm
Students are not to catch a taxi on their own
unless approved by Parent
2021 St Margaret's Anglican Girls School
Leave procedures

                   The Boarding House has a responsibility to ensure the safety
                   and security of all boarders in our care. All leave requests
                   must be in writing from a parent or guardian, and it is the
                   responsibility of a parent or guardian to confirm all leave
                   arrangements with the host and the Boarding House.

                      Conditions of Leave
                       1. All leave from the Boarding House is permitted by          4. It should be understood that boarders who are
                          the Head of Boarding in the context of trust - that           involved in any school activity must give priority to
                          boarders go to the places and hosts who have been             their school commitment. Furthermore, students
                          approved by their parent or guardian. It is impossible        will not be permitted to leave the School unless their
                          for boarding staff to follow every boarder and                conduct and application to study are satisfactory.
                          telephone every host family to check that boarders
                          are behaving in an appropriate manner. However, as         5. For all weekend leave, girls may depart and return in
                          part of our duty of care, spot checks are conducted on        good casual clothes. All hosts are to collect boarders
                          a regular basis to ensure boarders are on leave with          from the Boarding House. However, boarders
                          the host/friend confirmed by a parent or guardian.            travelling to hosts outside the greater Brisbane area
                          If a boarder stays with a host who has not been               may travel by taxi to the Transit Centre only for
                          approved by a parent or guardian or signs out to go           connecting buses or trains or by taxi to the airport or
                          to one place and goes somewhere else, this is seen            to meet parents.
                          as a severe breach of this trust and is treated as a
                          serious disciplinary situation. This includes returning
                          to the Boarding House with someone other than her          6. In accordance with school policy, boarders are not
                          approved host or by public transport which has not            permitted to travel in a car driven by another student.
                          already been pre-arranged.                                    Boarders are also not permitted to travel in a car at any
                                                                                        time, including to or from sporting activities, with a
                                                                                        parent of a day girl unless prior permission in writing
                      2. It is understood that parents/guardians will allow             is received by the Boarding House.
                         their daughter to take leave only under the care of
                         people with similar standards of responsibility and
                         behaviour to their own. It is important that you            7. It is essential that a parent or guardian complete
                         discuss your expectations and the expectations of              a leave form on REACH by the following deadlines:
                         the Boarding House with such people. Apart from                 •   Weekend Leave – no later than 7.00pm on the
                         brothers and sisters, all nominated people must be                  Wednesday prior to the weekend
                         over 21 years of age.                                           •   Week Day Leave – no later than 7.00pm on the day
                                                                                             prior to Leave
                      3. No boarder may stay overnight at a university                   •   Special / Movie / Shopping Leave – no later than
                         college unless their host is their sister and a parent or           7.00pm on the day prior to Leave.
                         guardian has given written approval on the Parent/
                         Guardian Leave Request Form. Boarders may only
                         travel in a car with a sibling if he or she is over 18
                         years of age. If a sibling is under 21 years of age,
                         approval in writing is required from a parent or
                         guardian. Parents or guardians will need to complete
                         the Sibling Drivers section of the Leave Agreement.

                                 TELEPHONE CONFIRMATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
                    No boarder will be allowed on Leave unless their host signs them out in the Garden Room.
                      The host must also return the boarder to the Boarding House and sign them back in.

                                                                                                                                          Leave procedures
Types of leave
Weekend Leave – full weekend                                         Weekend Leave - parents-only
Boarders may take Weekend Leave on their choice of four              Boarders may take Parents-only Weekend leave from 3.00pm
weekends per term, from 3.00pm on Friday to either 7.00pm            on Friday to either 7.00pm on Sunday or 7.30am on Monday.
on Sunday or 7.30am on Monday. If Monday is a Public                 This form of leave is at the request of a parent/guardian only,
Holiday, boarders may return on Monday by 7.00pm or                  and may be submitted at the last minute and outside the terms
Tuesday by 7.30am.                                                   that currently apply.
                                                                     Week Day Leave

The first weekend of every                                           Boarders may take one week day afternoon leave per week, on:
                                                                     • Monday to Thursday between 3.30pm and 8.30pm. We do
semester is a Closed Weekend                                           not advise returning during the allocated Prep time of
                                                                       6.30pm – 8.30pm
and all boarders must remain in                                      • Friday between 3.00pm and 10.00pm
the Boarding House. Only under                                       Leave may be spent under the care of a parent/guardian or a host
                                                                     approved by parent/guardian. It is the responsibility of a parent/
exceptional circumstances                                            guardian to confirm all leave arrangements with the host.
will girls be granted leave on                                       Leave
                                                                     Girls are only permitted five weekends per term. The fifth
this weekend and a letter in                                         one is with parents only. Weekend leave includes Friday
writing must be made to the                                          and/ or Saturday and/ or Sunday nights. Anything outside
                                                                     of this must be in consultation with the Head of Boarding.
Principal, Ros Curtis.                                               Special Leave – Years 11 and 12
                                                                     Year 11 and 12 boarders may take Special Leave for the
                                                                     purpose of having dinner or seeing a movie at Chermside or
Closed Weekends for 2021                                             Portside on a Saturday or Sunday in groups of a minimum
Semester 1 Friday 29 January – Sunday 31 January                     of three (Year 11) and minimum of two (Year 12), and must
Semester 2 Friday 16 July – Sunday 18 July                           return to the Boarding House no later than 10pm. (Sunday no
                                                                     later than 7pm)
                                                                     Special Leave is available to boarders in Years 11 and 12 only,
Weekend Leave – single day                                           and not on Closed Weekends. An adult does not accompany
Boarders may go out on Day Leave on Saturday between                 boarders on this leave.
6.30am and 10.00pm and Sunday between 6.30am and 7.00pm.
                                                                     City Leave – Year 11
Leave may be spent under the care of a parent/guardian or a host
approved by parent/guardian. It is the responsibility of a parent/   Year 11 boarders may take leave for the purpose of shopping,
guardian to confirm all leave arrangements with the host.            lunch and visiting libraries in Brisbane City in groups of three
                                                                     to five, between 10.00am and 4.30pm on either a Saturday or
                                                                     Sunday. An adult does not accompany boarders
                                                                     on this leave.
                                                                     City Leave– Year 12
                                                                     Year 12 boarders may take leave for the purpose of shopping,
                                                                     lunch and visiting libraries in Brisbane City in groups of two
                                                                     or more between 10.00am and 4.30pm on either a Saturday or
                                                                     Sunday. An adult does not accompany boarders on this leave.
Leave procedures

                        Leave requests
                        A boarder’s parent/guardian must complete a Parent/Guardian Leave Request Form on our automated
                        leave system, REACH, by the following deadlines:
                        • Weekend Leave – no later than 7.00pm on the Wednesday prior to the weekend
                        • Week Day Leave – no later than 7.00pm on the day prior to Leave
                        • Special / Movie / Shopping Leave – no later than 7.00pm on the day prior to Leave
                        Boarders risk having their leave rejected if they fail to comply by these deadlines.

                   Sighting Hosts                                                        Taxis
                   All boarders going out must have their parent/host sighted            It is expected that boarders will pay for their taxis themselves.
                   by staff on duty. All boarders returning must have their              Should parents request a taxi voucher, one will be given to the
                   parent/host sighted on return.                                        Boarder. The cost for this taxi trip will be added to parents’
                   For legal reasons and the added protection of boarders,               accounts. Taxi vouchers will only be issued to boarders once
                   parents/hosts must accompany boarders to the Boarding                 permission is given by parents on the leave form.
                   House Reception when collecting and returning the students            Time missed from School commitments
                   and make contact with the senior staff on duty.
                                                                                         Permission must be obtained from the Dean of Students
                   All visitors, including family members, are requested                 for any leave or travel which involves boarders missing class
                   not to enter any dormitory without permission from the                time. These requests must be made in writing to the Dean of
                   Senior Supervisor on duty. Fathers and male guardians will            Students (studentleave@stmargarets.qld.edu.au), giving as
                   understand that most times it is not possible for them to enter       much notice as possible.
                   the dormitory except on the first and last days of terms.
                   Boarders may receive visitors at the Boarding House between
                   3.45pm and 5.00pm from Monday to Friday, and between
                   1.00pm and 5.:00pm on Saturday and Sunday, with parent
                   permission in writing.
                   Visitors should enter and leave the School by the Towers Street
                   gate by the red letterbox. They must go immediately to the
                   Boarding House Reception and ask for the boarder they wish
                   to see. Girls must sign in visitors in the Visitors’ Book, and sign
                   them out when they depart. Visitors are entertained in the
                   courtyard area immediately adjacent to the Boarding House.
                   They do not have permission to be in any other area of the
                   school grounds. Failure to comply with these rules will result in
                   visiting privileges being forfeited.
                   St Margaret’s is very happy to extend these visiting hours for
                   parents at any time when they come to Brisbane. In the event
                   of an unexpected trip to Brisbane by parents, the School aims
                   to be as flexible as possible.
                   Rideshare Services
                   Students are not permitted to use Uber unless they are over
                   18 years of age. Students may use the ridesharing service
                   provided by Shebah. This is a service that provides only women
                   drivers who have a working with children check. Shebah is the
                   only legal ride share for children to ride in alone.

                                                                                                                                    Academic expectations
The Boarding experience at St Margaret’s endeavours to maximise
students’ educational opportunities in academic, spiritual, social,
emotional and physical spheres. The School recognises that all
girls have different academic abilities, strengths, weaknesses and
approaches to learning. Just as students are encouraged to take
sport and music seriously, and practise hard, it is expected that
boarders approach academic life with similar determination.
Boarding staff are fundamentally interested in effort, rather
than simply results. Boarders’ academic progress is monitored
by the Boarding House Supervisors and they are in constant
communication with teachers and Heads of Year.
Prep                                                               Support services
An effective student is one who manages a good balance             Boarders have access to the School Counsellor and Pastoral
between her study time and leisure time. In the Boarding           Care Coordinator (Boarding) for support with personal issues.
House there are specific, supervised study times to enable         In some cases, students and their parent/guardians
everyone to work without interruption for a certain time each      will be referred to an external qualified professional for
evening. Many boarders will need to spend some extra time          further assistance.
on homework as well. On the weekends, girls are expected to
keep dormitory areas reasonably quiet in order to allow girls to   Tutors
study if they wish. It is important that minimal interruptions     Boarders desiring additional academic assistance may have
occur during supervised prep time; regular study routines are      external qualified tutors come to the School to help them with
most helpful for good results.                                     their academic work. This can occur at any suitable time, even
Boarders have scheduled daily prep time in the afternoons.         during prep. All tutors must hold a Blue Card and sign in at
Students in Years 7 to 10 complete their prep in the Library       Boarding House Reception before commencing the tutoring
and classrooms in Toorak from Monday to Thursday,                  session. All tutoring must take place within the designated
supervised by teachers. Students in Years 11 and 12 can            areas provided. No tutoring can occur during scheduled
complete their prep in either the Library, Independent             Chapel services
Learning Centre or Boarding House. Girls in all year levels
have access to teachers for help with any academic issues they
may have.
                                                                      Year 12 Boarding
Any students who do not present for or complete a prep
session will be tracked by the supervising teacher and reported       Under the ATAR system, the Year 12 program in
to Boarding House Supervisors. Absence from prep is viewed            boarding will run as follows.
with concern and may affect the student’s privileges. Repeat          During the first week of the September holidays the
instances will be subject to a range of consequences including        boarding house will remain open for Year 12 boarders
loss of leave privileges.                                             who wish to partake in extra tutorials and mock
If a student demonstrates a lack of effort concerning prep,           exams. While this is not compulsory, attendance is
parents will be contacted and an interview arranged between           strongly advised.
the teacher/s, student, parents, and Boarding House staff.            All students must leave the boarding house at the end
                                                                      of the week.
Classroom behaviour                                                   Year 12 students are not required to attend school
Behaviour exhibited by students such as repeated rudeness,            after their final QCAA External Assessment. Year 12
lack of effort or other misbehaviour during day lessons, is           boarding students must leave the boarding house
unacceptable and of great concern to Boarding House staff.            24 hours following the final external assessment.
Should this situation arise, parents will be contacted and
                                                                      The three weeks of Term 4 leading up to external
interviews arranged with teachers if the circumstances warrant
                                                                      exams is normal school business of classes and
such intervention.
                                                                      tutorial with compulsory attendance.
Life in the Boarding House

                             Monday to Friday Routine
                             Junior House - Years 6 - 10                                    Senior House - Years 11 - 12

                              Time            Routine                                        Time              Routine
                                              Breakfast                                                        Breakfast
                                              Between 6.00am and 7.00am, students may        6.00-8.10am       Between 6.00am and 7.00am, students may
                                              wear sports uniform in the Dining Room                           wear sports uniform in the Dining Room
                                              Between 7.00am and 8.10am, students                              Between 7.00am and 8.10am, students
                                              may only wear school uniform in                                  may only wear school uniform in
                                              Dining Room                                                      Dining Room
                              7.00am          Wake up                                        7.00 am           Wake up
                                              Make bed and tidy room                                           Make bed and tidy room
                                              Dress for school day in full school uniform                      Dress for school day in full school uniform
                              7.30am          (only students with a Health and Physical      7.30am            (only students with a Health and Physical
                                              Education lesson in Period 1 may wear                            Education lesson in Period 1 may wear the
                                              sports uniform)                                                  sports uniform)
                              7.15-7.45am     Laundry open                                   7.15 and 7.45am Laundry open
                                              Boarding House closed/Dining Room                                Boarding House closed/Dining Room
                              8.10am                                                         8:10am
                                              closed                                                           closed
                              8.20am          School day starts                              8.20am            School day starts

                              10.25am         Morning Tea served in the Dining Hall                            School day ends
                                                                                                               Change out of uniform
                              12.45/1.05pm    Lunch served in the Dining Hall                3.20pm
                                                                                                               Shower before dinner
                                              School day ends                                                  Start homework
                                              Afternoon Tea served in Dining Hall
                                                                                             3.30- 4.30pm      Walks permitted (conditions apply)
                              3.20pm          Change out of uniform
                                                                                                               Dinner according to dinner sitting list
                                              Shower before dinner
                                                                                                               Good casual clothes or full school uniform
                                              Start homework                                 5.15-6.15pm
                                                                                                               and closed in shoes
                              3.30- 4.30pm    Walks permitted (conditions apply)                               Laundry openings
                                              Dinner according to dinner sitting list        5.00-6.15pm       Sports girls change and shower
                                              Good casual clothes or full school uniform
                              5.15-6.15pm                                                    6.30-8.30pm       Prep (Monday-Thursday)
                                              and closed in shoes
                                              Laundry openings                                                 Mobiles off
                                                                                                               (No showers permitted)
                              5.00-6.15pm     Sports girls change and shower
                                                                                                               Supper and preparation for bed
                              6.30-8.30pm     Prep (Monday-Thursday)                                           Showers permitted
                                                                                                               Second prep session (Monday-Thursday)
                                              Mobiles off and handed in                      9.00-10.00pm
                                                                                                               No mobile phones
                                              (No showers permitted during this time)
                                                                                             10.00-10.30pm     Preparation for bed
                              8.30-9.00pm     Supper and preparation for bed
                                                                                             11.00pm           All lights out
                              8.45pm          Mobile phones handed in (Years 6, 7, 8, 9)

                              8.50pm          Mobile phones handed in (Year 10)
                                                                                            Weekday Tea Leave
                              9.00pm          All lights out                                If a girl goes on Weekday Tea Leave, her return time must be
                                                                                            at 6:30pm or 8:30pm. We do not advise returning during the
                                                                                            allocated Prep time.
                                                                                            Special conditions
                                                                                            On special occasions, girls may seek permission from their
                                                                                            Boarding House Supervisor to work until 10.30pm.
                                                                                            Music is permitted in the mornings from 7.30am.

                                                                                                          Life in the Boarding House
Weekend Routine

Time           Saturday                              Time           Sunday
               Breakfast served in the Dining Hall                  Breakfast served in the Dining Hall
6.00-8.30am                                          7.30-10.00am
               (no pyjamas)                                         (no pyjamas)

9.00-11.00am   Walks permitted (Years 9 to 12)       9.00-11.00am   Walks permitted (Years 9 to 12)

12.00-1.00pm   Lunch served in the Dining Hall       12.00-1.00pm   Lunch served in the Dining Hall

2.00-4.30pm    Walks permitted (Years 9 to 12)       2.00-4.30pm    Walks permitted (Years 9 to 12)

               Dinner smorgasbord served in the                     Dinner smorgasbord served in the
5.00-6.00pm                                          5.00-6.00pm
               Dining Hall                                          Dining Hall
                                                     7.00-8.00pm    Prep

                                                     8.00-8.30pm    Supper and clean up

                                                     9.00pm         Lights out (whole Boarding House)

         The St Margaret’s Health Centre is staffed by Registered Nurses and
         is available to students, staff and visitors seven days a week during
         term time.
         Nurse                        Monday – Friday     6.30am – 9.00pm + on-call
                                      Saturday and Sunday 4.00 – 8.00pm + on-call
         School Counsellor            +61 7 3862 0709 Monday – Friday by appointment
         Health Centre                +61 7 3862 0778
         Health Centre mobile         +61 438 797 737
         Email                        healthcentre@stmargarets.qld.edu.au

           The mission of the Health Centre is to:
           • Provide a professional, supportive and safe environment for students, staff and
             visitors at St Margaret’s to receive treatment and care.
           • Promote happy, healthy and positive behaviour towards social, emotional,
             physical, holistic health and wellbeing.
           • Work in partnership with girls and their families nurturing an open and honest
             relationship, while also maintaining confidentiality.
           • Recognise the importance of continually updating and ensuring parents are
             always aware of their daughters’ wellbeing.

                                                                                Lisa Tomczak
                                                                                Registered Nurse
                                                                                Saturday and Sunday
                                                                                4.00 – 8.00pm (shared)

                                                                                Kellie Bamford
                                                                                Registered Nurse
                                                                                Saturday and Sunday
                                                                                4.00 – 8.00pm (shared)

                        Bridget Buchanan                Mary Jo Sutton
                        Supervisor – Registered Nurse   Registered Nurse
                        Monday - Friday                 Monday - Friday
                        6.30am - 2.30pm                 1.00 - 9.00pm
                                                        + on-call week nights

Medication                                                           Medical Information Form
In accordance with school policy all medication including pain       Every year parents will be sent a new Medical Information
relief, antibiotics, cough mixture and prescription drugs should     Form for completion.
be clearly labelled and handed into nursing staff at the Health      This form contains critical information required by staff to
Centre. Medication is not to be kept in the Boarding House.          ensure the safety and welfare of students. It is vital that this
Reasonable exceptions to this may include asthma medication,         form be completed by a parent/guardian for each student
emergency allergy medication (such as an EPI-pen, diabetic           attending St Margaret’s and returned within the first two
medication), and any boarder’s medication that may be                weeks of Term One to the School Support Office. Students
required overnight at the discretion of the evening nurse.           whose forms have not been submitted will not be able to
Boarding Staff have access to a medicine box stocked with basic      participate in school excursions/camps or be administered
analgesia and medications if required overnight. This remains        medications as required.
in a Boarding House Supervisor’s locked room. Boarders               The staff members at the Health Centre are happy to answer
are encouraged to seek assistance from the Boarding House            questions or assist completion of any sections of this form if
Supervisor should medication be required outside Health              required. Please contact School Support on +61 7 3862 0794 if
Centre hours. If deemed appropriate by Boarding Staff, the           you do not receive a form.
Registered Nurse on duty will be called in to attend to a student.   Students diagnosed with anaphylaxis, asthma or diabetes
These guidelines and policies are in place to ensure                 must also have an Action Plan completed by her General
medications are stored safely and cannot be accessible to            Pratitioner/Specialist submitted to the Health Centre within
others. It also ensures that the correct student receives the        the first two weeks of the school year.
appropriate medication as prescribed, and the safety of all
other students.                                                      Multi-disciplinary services
The Health Centre has a basic supply of pain relief medication       Working alongside staff at the St Margaret’s Health Centre,
(for example Panadol, Nurofen). If a boarder requires any other      other services available to Boarding students include:
medications, or pain relief is sought on a regular basis, this       • General Practitioner
will be purchased from the pharmacy and charged to their             • Physiotherapist
parent’s account.                                                    • Podiatrist
On occasion there can be cases of headlice amongst the day           • Orthodontist
and boarding students. Please check your daughter’s hair
regularly and treat with a headlice treatment available at           • Dietician
pharmacies. Ensure you complete the treatment as per the             • Naturopath
guidelines on the bottle. If required, headlice treatment for        • Dentist
boarders will be purchased and charged to parents’ accounts.
                                                                     • Counselling/Psychiatry/Psychology services
Illness                                                              • Child and Youth Mental Health Service
Boarders who become unwell will be cared for in the Health           These services are provided by external qualified professionals.
Centre by a Registered Nurse.                                        Students seeking medical attention should first attend the
Staff in the Health Centre stay in regular contact with the          Health Centre for discussion and assessment of their needs.
parents of any admitted students to update them on the               Should Health Centre staff recommend additional services
progress of their daughter.                                          from an external qualified professional, this will be discussed
If the nurse on duty deems a student too unwell to return            with a parent/guardian, before an appointment is made via the
to the Boarding House, the evening nurse will remain in the          Boarding House.
Health Centre overnight.                                             It is expected that, wherever possible, any major work or
If it becomes apparent that a student will require an extended       hospitalisation will be carried out during school holidays.
period out of School or the Boarding House, arrangements             Appointments during term time should be made outside of
may need to be made for her to be collected by parents/              school hours if possible, so that interruptions to study are kept
guardians or an authorised carer in Brisbane.                        to a minimum.
A medical appointment may be made for a student if clinically        Students with a specialist medical appointment may be
indicated. In an emergency, an ambulance will be called for          accompanied by a senior boarding student upon request
transportation to a hospital.                                        (outside of school hours), a family member or approved carer,
                                                                     or a boarding staff member (for a fee of $15 for the first two
                                                                     hours, and $10 for each hour following, charged to the parent/
                                                                     guardian’s account).
                                                                     Transportation to an appointment can be made via foot, taxi,
                                                                     or school vehicle – each requiring written permission from the
                                                                     student’s parent/guardian.

         General Practitioner
         Ascot Family Practice
         Address: 153a Racecourse Road, Ascot
         Ph: 3268 2318
         Email: reception@ascotfamilypractice.com.au
         When multiple Boarders need to be seen by a GP, Dr Sharmani Singh of Ascot Family Practice attends one day
         a week to see the Boarders on campus.

         A regular triage service provided by Twelve9teen is offered to students via appointments made at the Health
         Physiotherapy appointments can also be made after consultation with the Health Centre and a parent/guardian at
         the Twelve9teen studio.
         Address:    336 Sandgate Road, Albion
         Telephone: +61 7 3256 1219
         Website:    www.twelve9teensportsphysiotherapy.com
         For information on costs please contact Twelve9teen or access their website. Prices are subject to change and
         additional costs may apply depending on taxi required, or use of stock such as tapes.

         Dental Care
         The School uses the services of a nearby dentist. Orthodontic treatment may require visits to the city or to
         other suburbs.

         Personal Counsellor
         All boarders and their families may access the services of the School’s Counsellor, Sharon Stone who is a
         helpful and supportive resource for students and families in times of need.
         The Counsellor can offer guidance/advice to assist parents in supporting their daughter’s emotional, social
         and psychological wellbeing.
         Boarders may make appointments to access the Counsellor, Monday to Friday.

                                              Additional information
All meals are catered for in the Dining
Room, and boarders are provided with a
selection of healthy choices.
Menus are emailed to parents at the
beginning of each term. Dinner is a
formal arrangement with Year 12 students
at the head of each table, a dress code,
expected behaviour, and a roll taken to
ensure all boarders attend. At all other
meals, students are able to take their food
anywhere within school grounds..
Additional information

                         Activities/Leisure                                                  Parents should ensure that boarders understand the difference
                                                                                             between ‘whites’ and ‘coloured’ clothes. Hanging rails are
                         The Boarding House has a unique culture and identity of its
                                                                                             situated in all dormitory bathrooms, and dryers are situated in
                         own, which is very valuable in boarders’ overall development.
                                                                                             some dormitory bathrooms. There are also washing machines
                         The Boarding Activities Coordinator ensures that there is a
                                                                                             available to boarders, however they are encouraged to have
                         variety of activities on the weekends and afternoons available
                                                                                             most of their clothing, particularly the school uniform,
                         for all boarders. These activities can range from beach trips,
                                                                                             laundered by the School Laundry.
                         shopping, events with other schools, ice skating, swimming,
                         gym and others.                                                     Requirements
                         Social activities are planned for relaxation, to learn about the    The complete St Margaret’s school uniform list is appended to
                         city environment and to enhance friendships. However, parents       this handbook. All boarders’ additional clothing items must be
                         and staff care about boarders’ safety and security, and are         durable enough to be washed in the School Laundry.
                         concerned that students balance their social life to allow enough   It is recommended that boarders bring the items listed below
                         time for sport, extra activities, school outings, rest and study.   for use during each school term.
                         In order to cater for the number of attendees, bookings for         After-school wear
                         each activity are confirmed 24 hours prior and boarders are
                                                                                             •   Neat outfits for casual wear, dinner meals, and informal
                         therefore required to sign up for each weekend activity by
                         4.00pm the Friday prior. Students whose names are on the list
                         at that time are required to attend the activity and will only be   •   Dresses, skirts, formal trousers and blouses for wearing
                         allowed to forgo this activity under exceptional circumstances.         to the evening meal
                         A schedule of activities is emailed to Boarding families at the     •   One outfit suitable for an evening theatre visit
                         start of each term.                                                 •   Night attire – two pairs of pyjamas or nightdresses
                         Shopping                                                            •   Underclothes (sufficient for eight days and durable
                                                                                                 enough to be washed in the School Laundry)
                         A supervised St Margaret’s bus departs St Margaret’s at
                         3.40pm each Friday for Toombul Shopping Centre and returns          •   Footwear, including formal and informal shoes (at least
                         by 5.30pm.                                                              two pairs must be enclosed), plus something to wear
                                                                                                 to the bathroom. Closed-in shoes are required for the
                         All girls must be in full St Margaret’s school uniform. No
                                                                                                 dining room.
                         student will be permitted on the shopping centre trip without
                         wearing her panama hat. Students are only permitted to eat or       •   Swimsuit for weekend use (optional)
                         drink in a designated food area.                                    •   A hat or suitable headwear
                         Clothing and laundry                                                •   A container for cosmetics and toiletries
                         Boarders are not required to bring their own linen, doonas          Non-uniform clothes
                         or pillows to the Boarding House, as these are supplied and         These should be selected according to taste, season, luggage
                         laundered onsite. However, all boarders may bring their own         room and suitability for garment maintenance (for example,
                         doona cover and matching pillowcase, which must be taken            colourfast and durable materials for washing).
                         home at the end of each term.
                                                                                             Crop tops and other clothing items of a revealing nature are
                         All uniform items, casual clothes, underwear, night attire,         not permitted.
                         bedding and towels are laundered by the School Laundry.
                         Each boarder is allocated a laundry number, which remains her       Miscellaneous items
                         number for the duration of her stay in the Boarding                 •   Sleeping bag for school camps
                         House. It is essential that all clothing is named and numbered.     •   Doona cover, pillowcase(s) (optional)
                         Please do not use iron-on labels as they cannot withstand           •   Coat hangers
                         commercial laundering. It is recommended that boarders bring        •   Shoe cleaner
                         additional name tags so that new items purchased during the
                                                                                             •   Battery-operated alarm clock (mobile phones cannot
                         term can be named.
                                                                                                 be used)
                         Boarders are permitted to take washing to the laundry at any        • Small quantity of washing powder/soap/pegs (for
                         time, and laundered items are available for collection within           hand washing)
                         two days. There is no limitation to the amount of clothing
                                                                                             • Swimming towel
                         that students may send to the School Laundry. However, it is
                         advised that only clothing that is made of both colourfast and      • Small sewing kit including extra name tags and
                         durable material be brought to the Boarding House.                      marking pens
                                                                                             • Weekend travel bag
                         The Boarding House provides each boarder with laundry bags
                         to store and protect all clothing requiring laundering. Two         • Small container/tin with fitted lid for food snacks
                         mesh bags for underwear and socks and a bra-bag are provided        • Coffee mug
                         for each student. Any lost bags can be replaced at a cost of $20,   • Ream of A4 paper
                         debited to the parent/guardian’s account.                           • Heat pack
                                                                                             A lock is available for each student to purchase from the
                                                                                             Boarding House Reception at the beginning of the school year.
                                                                                             Girls need to take responsibility for items left in storage and
                                                                                             regularly take their items home.
Additional information

             The Boarding House operates on a system of trust, but from
             time to time there are problems with missing personal items.
             Although belongings reported missing have usually been
             misplaced or left lying about, unfortunately, theft does
             sometimes occur.
             To minimise this temptation, the following should be observed:       suitcases (during term time and term holidays, but all
             •   Amounts of money greater than $30 should be handed              items must be cleared at the end of the school year). No
                 in at the Boarding House Reception for safekeeping.             responsibility is taken for items stored in the Port Room during
                                                                                 the vacation. The School does not store personal computers or
             •   As a general rule, valuable jewellery should not be
                                                                                 other valuable electronic equipment.
                 brought to the Boarding House. If it is brought for a
                 special occasion, it should be handed in at the Boarding        Only international students and boarders flying home may
                 House Reception for safekeeping.                                store two bags in the Port Room over the Christmas period.
             •   Items such as airline tickets, passports and other              All other areas of the Boarding House are totally cleared for
                 valuable documents should be kept in the Boarding               airing and cleaning each holiday period. Occasionally, other
                 House office.                                                   groups may use the Boarding House for holiday/sporting camps.
             •   Girls have a lockable drawer provided for the                   Pocket money
                 safekeeping of small amounts of money and other                 Pocket money should be submitted to Boarding House.
                 valuable possessions. This should be kept locked at             Students are discouraged from keeping large sums of money
                 all times.                                                      on their person or in their rooms.
             •   All belongings should be clearly and permanently
                 named as soon as purchased. Boarding House                      Flexi Schools
                 Supervisors have a laundry marker pen.                          Please link your Flexi Schools account with your daughter’s
                                                                                 school ID. If for any reason a boarder needs to hold a large
                                                                                 amount of money, she must visit the Garden Room where the
             Parents may also wish to investigate an insurance policy which      money can be kept for safe keeping.
             covers loss of belongings anywhere in private or public places
             or during the course of travel.                                     Boarders may access their key card accounts on Friday
                                                                                 afternoons at Toombul Shopping Centre. Any items under $10
             Storage and removal of belongings                                   from the School Supplies Shop must be paid for in cash.
             It is essential that boarders pack appropriate items to suit the    Information has been provided by the school about linking
             season and the school term’s planned activities. Many students      your flexischools account with your daughter’s School ID. This
             bring too much each term, and the end-of-term clean/pack-up         will give your daughter the ability to withdraw small amounts
             is often fraught with unnecessary angst. Please discuss your        of pocket money up to $10 and also to pay for boarding house
             daughter’s needs with her to alleviate some of this stress.         activities directly with the Garden Room.
             Suitcases must be clearly named on the outside. There is
             some storage under each student’s bed for overnight bags and
             other items, and the Port Room is available for storage of larger

                                                                                                                                        Pastoral Care
The emotional health and wellbeing of students, staff and
families is a priority at St Margaret’s. Through a holistic
approach to personal development, the School aims to develop
the spiritual, social and emotional competencies of individuals
in addition to enhancing the relationships of students.
Chapel                                                             Homesickness
A variety of worship expressions and liturgical traditions are     Homesickness is perfectly normal for all boarders, who live in a
offered throughout the school year to enable students and their    new environment, perhaps having to share a room with others
families the opportunity to experience Church in its many          for the first time, getting used to new routines, and being
forms, and to explore their relationship and understanding of      supervised during almost everything they do in the Boarding
God. Baptism, Admission to Communion, and Confirmation             House.
are available to all members of the                                Both students and families experience a degree of emotional
School community.                                                  upset during this time, which results when students feel the
A list of Services scheduled for each term is available at the     loss of security, comfort and emotional support that home life
beginning of that term from Boarding House Reception.              represents, and families strongly feel the absence of their child.
The School Chaplain welcomes questions and enquiries:              In the early stages of settling in to Boarding House life, we
The Reverend Susan Crothers-Robertson                              strongly encourage boarders to focus on involving themselves
SCrothers-Robertson@stmargarets.qld.edu.au                         in getting to know their peers, signing up for school sport
+61 7 3862 0716                                                    and cultural pursuits, and becoming a part of all Boarding
                                                                   activities. Boarders are often comforted by discussing their
No tutoring or Afternoon Tea Leave is to be taken during
                                                                   feelings with staff, both Boarding and support staff such as the
scheduled Chapel services. Application to be on leave during a
                                                                   Personal Counsellor and the nurse, as well as their peers and
Chapel service must be made directly to the Head of Boarding.
                                                                   older boarders.
                                                                   To assist students with the adjustment, parents are asked to
Big Sister Program/Buddy Program                                   limit contact, as daily contact can actually make the transition
The Big Sister Program in Boarding at St Margaret’s is a very      more difficult. Naturally, students need to be reassured of
powerful way to enhance the lives of all new boarders at           family love and support, however excessive contact with home
St Margaret’s. The characteristics of a Big Sister is that they    can be counterproductive.
would be honest, dependable, caring and empathetic. Girls          Boarding families are encouraged to:
in Year 11 Boarding become the Big Sisters for new girls in        •   Understand that homesickness is a passing phase of
boarding and they are required to fulfil their commitment              adjusting to boarding school life
to their buddy for two years. The role of the Big Sister is to     •   Limit contact to that which will be the normal pattern of
encourage their buddies in a positive way, establish positive          communication during the School term
self-worth, self-efficacy and identity with their buddies and
to help their buddies establish positive bonds with others, the    •   Encourage the student’s participation in the life of the
boarding house, peers, family and community.                           School and Boarding activities
The Eight Principles of being and effective “Big Sister”           •   Understand that the settling-in process may be an
underpin this program:                                                 emotional rollercoaster, as often parents will receive
                                                                       distressing phone calls when the student is feeling at her
1. Be a friend – you are a role model and can provide support          lowest
   and gentle guidance.
                                                                   •   Discuss with Boarding House staff the student’s feelings
2. Have realistic goals and expectations                               and activities, as well as the care and support she is
3. Have fun together                                                   receiving through this time
4. Be positive                                                     •   Remember that homesickness is quite common after the
5. Let your little sister have most of the control over what the       first few weekends out on Leave and at the beginning
   two of you talk about.                                              of each school term; continue contact with Boarding
6. Listen                                                              House staff and discuss the student’s involvement in
                                                                       both day school and the Boarding House
7. Respect the trust your little sister places in you.
                                                                   •   Contact the Head of Boarding at any time regarding
8. Remember that you are responsible for building                      any concerns
   the relationship.
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