New Parent Guide 2020 - St Clare's College, Waverley - St Clare's College Waverley

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New Parent Guide 2020 - St Clare's College, Waverley - St Clare's College Waverley
St Clare’s College, Waverley

New Parent Guide

New Parent Guide 2020 - St Clare's College, Waverley - St Clare's College Waverley
St Clare’s College, Waverley

Welcome to St Clare’s College
College Leadership Team & Deans
Student Leadership Team
Mission and Vision
College Expectations
     1. Rights & Responsibilities
     2. Punctuality
     3. Attendance
College Procedures
House System
Bell Times
Illness/ Medical Appointments
Uniform and Grooming
Assessment Tasks & Examinations
     1. Illness & misadventure process
     2. Referencing and plagiarism
     1. Learning support
     2. School and examination support
     3. Milo Club & Study Hub
Learning Hub
Co-Curricular Activities
Stationary Lists & Textbooks
Excursions, Events and Camps
Finances and Fees
Bring Your Own Device Program (BYOD)
General Information
     1. Canteen
     2. Change of address and phone number
     3. Change of schools
     4. Chewing gum
     5. Lockers
     6. Lost property
     7. Mufti days and non school uniform events
     8. Out of bounds areas
Who to Call

New Parent Guide 2020 - St Clare's College, Waverley - St Clare's College Waverley
St Clare’s College, Waverley

Welcome to St Clare’s
Welcome to St Clare’s College. This booklet is intended to make the transition for you and your
daughter easier. While we do not consider this booklet to be comprehensive, we do hope it is
informative and answers some of your biggest questions.

Of course, you are always welcome, at any time, to seek out information about the school, events and
general topics by accessing our website at ​​. We encourage you to explore the site
and become familiar with the information located there. Please contact the College at (02) 8305 7100 or
email ​​ for all enquiries.

Once again, welcome to St Clare’s.

College Leadership Team
 College Principal       Mrs Antoinette McGahan        

 Deputy Principal        Mrs Kerrie McDiarmid          

 Director of Religious   Mr Mark McCoy                 

 Director of Teaching    Mr Christopher Maoudis        
 and Learning

 Director of Wellbeing   Mrs Belinda Dixon             

 Administration          Ms Courtney McNally           

 Newman Coordinator Ms Annette Emms                    
 / Head of English

 Claverie                Mrs Karen King               

 Deakin                  Mr Andrew d’Archy            

 Keady                   Ms Monica Ribeiro (Acting 2020)

 Reid                    Mrs Louise Armstrong         

New Parent Guide 2020 - St Clare's College, Waverley - St Clare's College Waverley
St Clare’s College, Waverley

                                   College Captain: ​Georgia Tomasiello

                                              Ortolana Team
The Ortolana group of leaders are named after Ortolana, the mother of St Clare. The Ortolana Vice-Captain and
Prefects work closely with the Director of Religious Education in the promotion of the Poor Clare / Franciscan
ethos of the College.

Ortolana Vice Captain​: Natasha Slepica         ​ Prefects:​ Maggie Carr & Tomika Close-Brown

                                            Bonaventure Team
The Bonaventure group of leaders are named after St Bonaventure, a Franciscan and a Doctor of the Church.
The Bonaventure Vice-Captain and Prefects work closely with the Director of Learning and Teaching in the
promotion of the Academic life of the College.

Vice Captain:​ Ella Schrijvers​               Prefects:​ Janice Nyoto & Jessica Valenzuela

                                               Aneska Team
The Aneska group of leaders are named after St Agnes of Prague, a Bohemian Princess who renounced her
worldly wealth to become a follower of St Clare. The Aneska Vice-captain and Prefects work closely with the
Deputy Principal to build community within the College.

Vice Captain:​ Aoibhinn Henderson             ​Prefects:​ Charlotte Whitaker & Tia Hughes

St Clare’s College, Waverley

GENERAL ENQUIRIES:                Phone 8305 7100 or email ​
ENROLMENT ENQUIRIES:              Phone 8305 7100 or email ​
STUDENT ABSENCES:                 Phone 8305 7100 or email ​
ENROLMENT ENQUIRIES:              Phone 8305 7100 or email ​
UNIFORM SHOP:                     Phone 8305 7194 or email​ ​
CANTEEN:                          Phone 8305 7129 or email​ ​
EX-STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION:         President - ​Adrienne Prazauskas​ (nee Kadwell)
PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION:             President - ​Jack Simos


Religious Education              Mr Mark McCoy       

Creative Arts                    Ms Maree-Louise Smith

English                          Ms Annette Emms     

Human Society & Its              Ms Kirstie Mason    

Mathematics                      Mr Christopher Pocock

Science                          Ms Anne Murphy      

PDHPE & Sporting and Physical    Mr Paul Arundel     

Technology & Applied Science /   Ms Taryn Smith      

Performing Arts                  Ms Verity Cash      

Leader of Innovation &           Mr Michael Burden   
Information Literacy             Ms Nicola Steele (Acting
                                 Term 1)

Leader of Diverse Learning       Mrs Cassandra Saklaoui
                                 (Commencing Term 2, Wk 5)
                                 Mr Jarod Kingston-Brown
                                 (Learning Support Teacher -
                                 Term1 and Term 2, Wks 1-4)

Teacher in Charge - Languages    Ms Margaret Gray-Weale

St Clare’s College, Waverley


HSIE                    Louise Armstrong

PDHPE                   Paul Arundel 

Mathematics             Michael Burden

CAPA                    Verity Cash  

Mathematics, PDHPE      Chris Conway 

HSIE                    Thomas Cooper

Science, PDHPE          Andrew d’Archy

Disability Provisions   Melanie Davies

RE                      Phil Davis   

Science                 Rachel Dennett

HSIE                    Belinda Dixon

Visual Arts             Amy Dunlop   

English                 Annette Emms 

TAS                     Claire Follent

English, Languages      Margaret Gray-Weale

Mathematics             Julie Hill   

Science, PDHPE          Di Hunter    

CAPA                    Vanessa Hurley

HSIE                    Karen King   

Diverse Learning        Jarod Kingston-Brown

English, RE             Chris Maoudis

HSIE                    Kristie Mason

RE                      Mark McCoy   

English, HSIE           Kerrie McDiarmid

TAS, English            Courtney McNally

St Clare’s College, Waverley

HSIE, Italian        Danielle Mercuri

English, RE          Sinead Morgan 

English              Claire Mulcahy

Science              Anne Murphy   

HSIE                 Keira Nightingale

Mathematics, RE      Paula Oliveria

TAS, CAPA            Georgina Papayianakis

PDHPE, Mathematics   Brian Peakall 

Mathematics          Chris Pocock  

English              Mary Prince   

RE, HSIE             Monica Riberio

Science              Jessica Ruan  

CAPA, English        Lisa Shipley  

CAPA                 Maree-Louise Smith

TAS                  Taryn Smith   

Mathematics          Nicola Steele 

PDHPE                Louise Winchester

TAS                  Suzie Zeiz    

St Clare’s College, Waverley


College Counsellor                 Natalie Green
                                   Giulia Wiederman

Careers / TVET Advisor             Ms Keira Nightingale
Co-Curricular Convenor

CGSSA Convenor                     Ms Louise Winchester

Indigenous Support                 Ms Sarah Collins

Youth Ministry Coordinator         Ms Monica Ribeiro


Administrative Office              Mrs Judith Cowper

Administrative Office              Ms Colleen Daly

Administrative Office              Mrs Julie Dilger

Administrative Office              Mrs Kimberley Freed

Administrative Office              Mrs Jennifer Lintott

College Bursar                     Mrs Kim Parente

College Business Manager           Ms Michele O’Shea

Executive Assistant to Principal   Mrs Virginia Black

Lab Assistant Science              Ms Sarwat Jawaid

IT Support                         Ms Ben Johnson

Learning Support Officer           Mrs Sarah Collins

Learning Support Officer           Ms Amelia Griffith

Library Assistant                  Ms Paula McNamara

Canteen / Uniform Shop             Ms Lynda Furka

Canteen                            Mrs Michelle Bishop

Hospitality Assistant              Mrs Joanne McNally

St Clare’s College, Waverley

A Living Franciscan Community
Founded in 1884 by the Poor Clare Sisters, St Clare’s College provides a Catholic Education for young
women in the Franciscan tradition.

Embracing the spirit of St Clare and St Francis of Assisi, the College is committed to:

   ●   Educating young woman
   ●   Promoting personal excellence
   ●   Serving all people
   ●   Recognising God in all creation

Inspired by the values and teachings of St Clare and St Francis we treasure:

   ●   The integrity and gifts of each person
   ●   A compassionate and reconciling heart
   ●   Reverence for creation

College Crest and Motto
The distinguishing heraldic mark symbolising the spirit of the Franciscan Order is found worldwide in all
Franciscan buildings. It is the Franciscan Coat of Arms that forms the crest for St Clare’s College

The Franciscan Coat of Arms, which has its origin around the middle of the 15th Century and which
shows two arms crossed over the Greek letter tau, signifies the mystical bond between Francis and
Christ. Francis wanted to live the Gospel, to be like Christ. So we see his arms crossed by that of Christ.
The wound mark in the hand of Christ recalls his crucifixion; the wound mark mark in the hand of Francis
recalls his receiving the stigmata two years before his death.

Deus Meus Et Omnia - My God in All Things
This is the motto which completes the Franciscan Coat of Arms. It invites the College Community to
embrace those Franciscan qualities as lived by Saints Francis and Clare by being people of vision and
having open loving hearts towards God and all people.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

As a parent at St Clare’s it is expected that parents understand the following expectations:

● Parents understand that St Clare's College is a catholic community with attitudes and practices that
  reflect the beliefs of the Catholic Church. Parents will support their daughter's participation in retreats,
  camps and reflection days and other events that develop catholic spirituality at St Clare's College.
● Parents understand that they have responded to St Clare's College invitation to enrol their daughter
  and they desire to have her enrolled. They understand that students at St Clare's College are
  educated in groups and that individual tutoring of students is limited. Parents will assist their
  daughter to respond positively to the needs and rights of the teachers and students who are learning
  with her.
● Parents understand that St Clare's College is a school which achieves harmony through adherence
  to a code of conduct that is grounded in what is regarded as polite, decent and respectful behaviour.
  Parents will assist their daughter to comply with St Clare's College conduct and dress codes.
● Parents understand that the main form of communication from St Clare's College is the school
  newsletter and other digital forms. Changes to school rules and other items about the administration
  and welfare of the school will be communicated through the school newsletter and other digital
● Parents understand that St Clare's College will hold meetings for parents that will be advertised in
  the school newsletter and will endeavour to attend these meetings.
● Parents understand that it is their responsibility to ensure that personal details held at St Clare's
  College are always correct so that they can be contacted by the school as a need arises.
● At the time of enrolment parents have informed the school of any of their daughter's cultural,
  intellectual or physical needs that may impact on her ability to comply with St Clare's College
  conduct and dress code.
● Parents understand that St Clare's College is a fee paying school and are fully aware of the fees that
  they need to pay for their daughter to retain her status as a student at St Clare's College. At the time
  of enrolment there are no impediments to their ability to pay the St Clare's College fees. Should their
  financial circumstances change and they are unable to pay the St Clare's College fees parents will
  immediately make an appointment to discuss this with the Principal or the Business Manager.
● Should fees become overdue parents understand that the school will transfer their fees to the Fee
  support Unit at Sydney Catholic Schools for collection.
● Parents understand that the Principal has responsibility for the administration and the welfare of the
  St Clare's College community. Should they have concerns about their daughter's progress at St
  Clare's College they will communicate these to the relevant members of the teaching staff. While
  they continue to choose St Clare's College for their daughter's education they will comply with the
  Principal's decisions in regard to the administration and welfare of the St Clare's College community.
● Parents will provide the necessary items of clothing so that their daughter is able to comply with the
  uniform code as directed by the Principal.
● Parents understand that when attending the College grounds during school hours they must sign in
  at the Office.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

The Community of St Clare’s College strives to achieve its vision through serving others and through the
spiritual, moral, cultural and intellectual development of each person. In achieving this, each member of
the community has rights and responsibilities.

 The Rights of each St Clare’s student.               The Responsibilities of each St Clare’s student.

 To be educated in a Christ-centred environment       To participate in all aspects of the religious and
 with St Clare as a role model.                       spiritual life of the College.
 To share and celebrate as a faith community.

 To be provided with a rigorous, dynamic and          To participate actively in her own learning. To respect
 student centred curriculum.                          the right of all students to learn.

 To be part of a community that respects and cares To respect and value herself.
 for her as an individual.                         To respect and value others.
                                                   To promote and enhance a positive image of the

 To be educated in peaceful, harmonious and safe      To act individually and with others to maintain an
 surroundings.                                        environment that is peaceful, harmonious and safe.

         All matters regarding student behaviour are subject to the Principal’s discretion.

                 Ways in which each student can meet her responsibilities include:

To participate in all aspects of the spiritual life of the College
   ● Being involved in Home Room prayer
   ● Taking an active role in liturgies
   ● Taking an active role in Religious Education
   ● Praying in the College Chapel
   ● Getting to know St Clare and St Francis
   ● Learning more about the Gospel and Church traditions
   ● Being involved in Social Justice activities

To participate actively in her own learning
   ● Being prepared for lessons
   ● Bringing all books and equipment to class
   ● Being on time for lessons
   ● Being attentive in class
   ● Following teachers’ instructions
   ● Completing all set tasks and homework

To respect the right of all students to learn
   ● Encouraging others to learn
   ● Cooperating with others when working on group tasks
   ● Not disturbing other when doing individual tasks

St Clare’s College, Waverley

To respect and value herself
   ● Acknowledging her own qualities
   ● Taking pride in her appearance
   ● Being honest & self disciplined
   ● Taking pride in doing her best

To respect and value others
   ● Being tolerant, just and fair
   ● Speaking and acting in an appropriate and respectful manner
   ● Listening to others with respect
   ● Acknowledging the qualities and work of others

To promote and enhance a positive image of the College
   ● Welcoming and greeting visitors & thanking visitors
   ● Acting in a manner that brings credit to the college
   ● Being actively involved in the wider community
   ● Taking pride in her appearance
   ● Following the college’s uniform and grooming requirements
   ● Greeting and farewelling others in an appropriate manner

To act individually and with others to maintain an environment that is peaceful, harmonious and
   ● Treating visitors to the college, staff and students courteously
   ● Being friendly
   ● Welcoming and greeting & thanking staff and students
   ● Using technology in a safe and respectful manner
   ● Behaving in a safe and calm manner
   ● Reporting any bullying or any incident that could cause damage or arm
   ● Reporting any damage
   ● Not bringing any harmful material to the college
   ● Caring for her own and for others property
   ● Caring for college property
   ● Keeping the college clean
   ● Being environmentally aware and caring for the environment
   ● Accepting graciously the consequences of not meeting responsibilities

Failure to meet responsibilities results in the breakdown of relationships. Students who fail to
meet their responsibilities will be required to take action to restore relationships.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

Students are expected to be at the College, ready to begin school at 8:40am. A warning bell will ring at
8:40am. No student will be permitted into Homeroom after 8:45am. They will need to proceed to the
Student Office and sign in late. A late slip will be issued and this must be handed to the Homeroom
teacher or Class teacher who will record the late incident in the student’s diary.
Students must travel to school via the most direct route and are not permitted to gather in public areas
such as Charing Cross or Bondi Junction.

Parents are asked to arrange appointments outside of school times where possible. If students are
unavoidably late to school they must present to the Student office to sign in. A note must be supplied by
a parent the following day explaining the lateness. These notes are located in the back of the College
diary. On the third occasion of unexplained lateness a student will be issued with a Tuesday Detention.
Another detention may be issued for each further occurrence of lateness. The student and parents may
be required to attend an interview should the student’s punctuality not improve.

Students are required to attend school every day. It is expected that all students meet a minimum of
85% attendance. On the day of any absence parents must contact the College on 8305 7100 or via​ prior to 9am. If no call or email is received from parents then the College
will send an SMS message to the recorded parent phone number. All absences must be followed up
with a note to the student office within 7 days. These notes are located at the back of the College diary.
After this time the absence is recorded as ‘unexplained’.

Students whose attendance does not meet the College’s expectation may be prevented from attending
College events such as excursions and camps. Students may be required to attend an interview with
their parents to discuss their commitment to the College should their attendance not meet the College’s

Parents are required to apply for an ​‘Exemption from Attendance at School​’ to the Principal for a
                                                                                                  ​ ny
period of extended absence ​(other than sick leave) from the College.

Attending an appointment during school hours
Parents are asked to make appointments outside of school hours where possible to ensure the
protection of learning time. We do understand that at times this is unavoidable. If this is the case parents
must send in a note with their daughter ​on the day of the appointment​. This note must then be signed
by their House Dean during homeroom. Before leaving the College, the note must be shown to their
class teacher and the student must report to the College office to sign out.

Please do not ring the office or attend the office at the time of collection and ask that your daughter be
removed from class to attend an appointment. Not only does this disrupt lessons but it is important we
teach students to be responsible and organised and bring in a note in advance.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

If an emergency situation arises (such as a fire) then the Front Office must be notified immediately.
A continuous signal from the electronic bell or the EWIS indicates that there is an emergency situation
and all staff, students and visitors need to evacuate the buildings immediately.

Evacuation Procedures
   1. Listen to, and obey your teacher’s instructions.
   2. Leave all personal belongings behind. Under ​NO​ circumstances are students permitted to go to
      their lockers.
   3. Exit the classroom by closing the door and leave the building by the safest route.
   4. When moving down stairs always keep to the left.
   5. Walk quickly in a single line to the Church Street Assembly Point (outside the War Memorial
      Hospital) – ​DO NOT RUN​.
   6. NEVER re-enter a building.
   7. Under ​NO​ circumstances are staff or students allowed to use the elevator.

On rare occasions it may become necessary to seal off the College buildings so that they cannot be
entered from the outside.

This is called a ‘​lock-down’​ and may become necessary in the following circumstances: hazardous
material is present on the College grounds, police event, external bomb threat, injury on the school
grounds, gunfire, dangerous animal on the College grounds, violent and unauthorised visitor on the
College grounds and severe storm is approaching.

As all Lock-downs are considered as ​‘Code Red’​ they will be identified over the PA system as per
Lock-down procedure.

If students are in the courtyard, garden, basketball court or corridors, they need to move calmly and
quickly to the nearest classroom. Staff will assist. Students remain there until notified to do otherwise.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

St Clare’s College has vertical homerooms based on a House system. There are four College Houses:
Claverie, Deakin, Keady and Reid. Each House is named after significant individuals or places linked to
our Franciscan tradition and heritage. Students participate in a range of activities and competitions that
promote a strong sense of school spirit and belonging to their House. Students are actively encouraged
to be involved in House based activities.

             Claverie House proudly bears its name remembering Mother M Gabriel Claverie, Principal
             of St Clare’s College from 1936 - 1963. During her years of Principalship, a significant
             growth of new buildings could be seen at the College. Changes in educational systems
             occurred, which were met with foresight and courage. Under her leadership the College
             Choir was formed and performed successfully for many years along with the College
             musicals which were known for their high quality. Likewise, the debating teams became
             more prominent in the competition and debating circles.

            KEADY (GREEN AND GOLD)
            In 1883 six Poor Clare Sisters arrived from Keady and Newry, Northern Ireland to educate
            the growing number of children in the Franciscan District of Waverley. Archbishop Vaughan
            had appealed for religious teachers for the Sydney Diocese after the withdrawal of
            government monies to Church schools in the early 1880s. As the Poor Clares from Keady
            responded first to the Archbishop’s appeal, one of the four Houses in the College has been
            named in honour of Keady.

             The Deakin Family are important in the story of St Clare’s College. State registration was
             dependent upon results gained in two successive years by students sitting the Leaving
             Certificate examination. Nell Deakin offered to sit for the Leaving Certificate examination
             during the second year to make up the number of students for the College to be awarded
             its registration. Nell Deakin in turn, was rewarded for her generosity and obtained a
             University Exhibition and Teacher’s College scholarship. Nell’s constant loyalty was seen in
             her family attending the College in later years.

             REID (YELLOW AND BROWN)
             Sr M Leontia Reid a noteworthy early educator at the College names Reid House. Sr
             Leontia Reid had been a teacher before her entrance into the Convent and was Principal
             of St Clare’s College from 1921 - 1935. It was during her first year as Principal that the
             College gained its registration because it was now fully equipped for every level of public
             examination. She was a creative educator and dearly loved by all her students. Sr
             Leontia’s family was politically minded with a close relative George Houston Reid
             becoming Prime Minister of Australia, Premier of New South Wales and first Australian
             High Commissioner in London and eventually becoming a member of the House of
             Commons London.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

                 2019/2020 HOUSE LEADERSHIP TEAMS
                                   Claverie Team
 House Captain:​ Lily Simos              ​House Vice-Captain:​ Hannah Simos

                                   Deakin Team
House Captain:​ Natalia Rey ​             House Vice-Captain: ​Elysia Lemura

                                   Keady Team
House Captain:​ Baylee Hill                ​ House Vice-Captain:​ Elsie Seaburn

                                    Reid Team
House Captain:​ Claudia Van Dam            ​House Vice-Captain:​Lily Whitaker

St Clare’s College, Waverley

College Website

College Email

College Phone
(02) 8305 7100

The parent portal is available to view attendance, any incidents and academic reports - ​parents will
receive an email from the school containing login information for Sentral during the first few weeks of
Term 1.

College Newsletter
The Clarion - emailed to parents fortnightly

College Social Media
St Clare’s College Waverley - Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Accounts

College Apps
   ● Alert and Absence advice system
   ● Download from Apple or Android App Store
   ● Search for ‘St Clare’s College Waverley’

   ● Information regarding College GCSSSA Sport & Co-Curricular Sport
   ● Visit: ​

The College Diary​ is the main form of communication between the College and parents/guardians.
Parents/guardians are required to read and sign the diary on a weekly basis. Parents can use the diary
to communicate with classroom teachers and the Homeroom teacher. Parents can use the ‘Attendance
forms’ at the back of the diary to communicate attendance information.

Communication with the College and Staff
We believe that communication between home and school is absolutely essential as we work together in
partnership. For this to be effective, we ask that parents and carers be mindful that school life is very
busy. However, there are things that will assist in ensuring that communication is always clear,
transparent and reasonable.

Consequently, to ensure clarity around communication whether it is face to face meetings, phone or
email; families and students are reminded that teachers are not on call 24/7. Any communication with
teachers should be done between 8.00am and 5.00pm. Communication outside these times is done at
the generosity and discretion of the staff, and is not an expectation.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

As such we ask you to be understanding and patient when contacting staff especially during school
hours. When phoning and emailing individual staff, we ask that you are aware that a teacher’s first call
of duty is teaching and attending to the students in their care. This may mean at times staff are teaching
all day, assisting students or in meetings. Hence, there should be no expectation to receive an
immediate response. Teachers will endeavour to respond to you between between 8.00am and 5.00pm
and within 3 days.

Face-to-Face Meetings
Parents are encouraged to chat to school staff and get to know them. Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS)
are warm and welcoming local communities. However, if you wish to discuss anything specific in relation
to your child, it is important to make an appointment and have this conversation confidentially.

Teachers are available to meet with parents and guardians at scheduled parent/teacher afternoons or
evenings to discuss your child's progress. Your child's teacher or school leader may also contact you to
arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss a particular issue regarding your child. If you wish to speak to
your child's teacher or a school leader outside of those occasions about a particular issue, please
contact the school office to arrange a meeting time with reasonable notice.

Due to obligations for teaching, supervision, meetings and extra-curricular activities, it will be rarely
possible for a staff member to meet with you immediately if you attend the school site without notice. If
there is an urgent matter you need to discuss with a member of staff, please contact the school
office directly.

Phone Calls
All phone calls to school staff should be via the school main reception line. The office is open for phone
calls between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm. Teachers will ordinarily be teaching or meeting during that
time and will rarely be available to speak with you immediately, but the office will take a message and
alert the class teacher as soon as practical.

If a matter is urgent, please alert the office staff accordingly. Urgent matters include urgent health issues
impacting students (eg. forgotten medication), police issues or serious issues impacting student

For non-urgent matters, school staff, including teachers, will return your call or enquiry within three days.

Emails are a helpful way to communicate with your child's school. For non-urgent matters school staff
including teachers will return your email or enquiry within three working days during school term time.
School staff are not required to return emails at night or on weekends and ordinarily will not be checking
emails during those hours. We would encourage parents and carers to phone the school directly
regarding any urgent matters as there may be a delay in receiving emails.

Social Media
School staff are not able to connect with students, parents or guardians via social media for child
protection reasons. Please do not attempt to contact school staff via social media.
The name of a school is a private trademarked entity. Parents/guardians are not to set up groups in the
school name on social media without consultation with and consent from the Principal.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

Written notes
Parents/guardians should feel free to send their child to school with a note or communicate with school
staff via the student diary. Any messages from your child's teacher will also be communicated via the
student diary, so please ensure that you check and sign your child's diary at least once a week to show
you have read these messages.

                       Day 1 - 7 & 9 - 10            Day 8 & 0 (Assembly Days)

 Warning bell          8.40am                        8.40am

 HR                    8.45am - 9.00am               8.45am - 9.00am

 Lesson 1              9.00am - 10.00am              9.00am - 9.50am

 Lesson 2              10.00am - 11.00am             9.50am - 10.40am

 Recess                11.00am - 11.20am             10.40am - 11.00am

 Lesson 3              11.20am - 12.20pm             11.00am - 11.50pm

 Lesson 4              12.20pm - 1.20pm              11.50pm - 12.40pm

 Lunch                 1.20pm - 2.00pm               12.40pm - 1.20pm

 Lesson 5              2.00pm - 3.00pm               1.20pm - 2.10pm

 Assembly                                            2.10pm - 3.00pm

Central to the pastoral system is the Homeroom structure. The Homeroom structure in the College is
designed to create an environment where students can have a sense of belonging. This time allows
students to meet on a regular basis with the teacher who is able to take a more personal interest in them
and is able to monitor the students’ overall progress and well being. The Homeroom assists the
integration of students from the various feeder schools and various years so that they can more easily
become part of the St Clare’s College community.

The Homeroom Teacher’s role is a combination of pastoral and administrative. In terms of the
day-to-day administration of the school, the Homeroom Teacher is responsible for maintaining accurate
attendance records and updating students on daily activities and events.

Please note that Permission to Leave School early needs to be signed by the Homeroom Teacher and
the student sent to the Dean ​during the Morning Homeroom.​ It is initialed by the Dean and sent to the
office to be processed.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

  ● Each Homeroom Teacher is issued with a folder. Marking the roll will be done electronically via
     SENTRAL. This folder contains important material and the Roll Book is the College’s official
     record of attendance. Marking the roll is a legal requirement.
  ● Absence notes must be collected and placed in the folder provided for electronic entry. The
     teacher completes the absentee slip noting any absences on the front of the sheet and any notes
     supplied on the back.
  ● The Homeroom Captain is to collect Class folder, etc from pigeonholes in the office (this should
     be done on the way to the Homeroom Period) at the end of homeroom period, this student
     returns these to the pigeonholes together with the absentee slip.

The wellbeing of every St Clare’s girl is our highest priority. Pastoral care lessons take place once a
fortnight and are delivered by members of staff from across the College. Specific issues (including cyber
bullying and study skills) are addressed regularly to meet the student needs. Student voice is highly
valued at St Clare’s.

Staff will give first aid treatment if it is deemed necessary. Ambulance or medical treatment will be
sought when needed.

Sick bay can be accessed when a student feels unwell at school. Students are to first gain permission
from their teacher to attend sick bay. Students will not be permitted to stay in sick bay for more than one
lesson. If a student requires to go home sick, staff will contact parents directly as students are not
permitted to contact parents.

Permission from a House Dean must be given for a student to go home. Parents are asked to collect
their daughter from sick bay if they are not well enough to return to class. It is an expectation that
parents of students from years 7 to 10 make arrangements for their daughter to be picked up from the
College. No student from years 7 to 10 will be given permission to leave the College on their own if they
are sick.

Parents are discouraged from providing students with medication at school unless under Doctor’s
advice. All medication (prescription and nonprescription) must be kept in the Student Office. Medication
must be in the original packaging, clearly labelled with student name and dosage instructions and
storage instructions. College staff cannot provide any medication to students.

Student requests to leave early must be accompanied by a note, stating clearly the time and reason for
the absence, signed by a parent/guardian. Students must have this note signed by their Dean during
Homeroom on the day of early leave. At the time that the student is to leave school, she is to show her
signed note to her teacher and report to the Student Office with her note before she signs out and
leaves the school. An early leave slip will be printed and must be kept by the student for the duration of
her absence from school on that day.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

The College Uniform identifies the student with the College. It is worn to the College daily and must also
be worn to College functions out of school hours, when required. All uniform articles other than school
shoes and sports shoes ​must​ be purchased from the College Uniform Shop.

 ITEM                         REQUIREMENT

 Junior Uniform Years 7-10    Term 1 and 4 - Summer dress
                              Term 2 and 3 - Winter tunic, white College blouse, College Blazer

 Senior Uniform Years 11-12   Terms 1 to 4 - College Senior skirt, white College blouse.
                              Blazer to be worn in Terms 2 and 3

 Blazer                       To be worn to and from school in Terms 2 and 3
                              To be worn at all College formal occasions such as College Mass and academic
                              Optional in Terms 1 and 4

 Vest and Cardigan            Vests and cardigans are optional
                              Vests and cardigan cannot be worn outside of the College unless under the College

 Spray Jacket                 The College spray jacket is a compulsory uniform item

 Socks and Stockings          Summer Uniform - Navy ankle length school socks
                              Winter Uniform - Navy ankle length socks or Navy opaque stockings
                              Sports Uniform - White ankle length school socks

 Winter Coat                  Optional in Terms 2 and 3. Only the College Winter Coat is permitted

 Scarf                        Optional in Terms 2 and 3. Only the College scarf is permitted

 Backpack and Excursion Bag Only the College backpack is permitted as the school bag.
                            The College excursion bag is compulsory for PDHPE activities and excursions. No
                            other bag is permitted for these events

 Shoes                        Summer and Winter Dress uniform - plain black low heeled lace up school shoes. No
                              ballet flats, shoes with buckles or mid heeled shoes
                              Sports uniform - Appropriate sport shoes. No slip on, Converse-style, Vans, Volleys
                              or similar. No black soled shoes.

 Sports Uniform               House sports shirt, sport shorts, sport hat, sports tracksuit pants, sports jumper.
                              The Sports jumper is not to be worn with the regular College uniform. Appropriate
                              sport shoes. No slip on, Converse-style, Vans, Volleys or similar. No black soled
                              shoes. Sports uniform can only be worn on days when students have timetabled PE
                              practical classes.
                              The Sports uniform is to be worn when the student is representing the school at any
                              co-curricular or representative sport.

 Undergarments                Undergarments must be flesh or white coloured under the Senior Blouses and must
                              not be visible.

 Hat                          The College PE hat must be worn to all PE classes. Students are advised to wear
                              their PE hat when in the sun at recess and lunch.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

 Uniform Length               College dresses, tunics and skirts must be KNEE LENGTH

 Hair                         Hair must be clean, neat, tidy and of your natural colour. Hair longer than the uniform
                              collar must be tied back and off the face. Only black, brown or navy hair ties can be
                              used. Ribbons can be navy, maroon or white.

 Jewellery                    Students are permitted to wear a small single stud or small hoop earring in the
                              bottom lobe of each ear. No other piercings in the ear or face are permitted. Plastic
                              piercing covers are not permitted.
                              Students are permitted to wear a simple, discrete chain with a religious symbol of
                              personal significance. The chain must not be visible.
                              A watch is allowed.
                              No other jewellery or piercings are permitted at any time.

 Tattoos                      Visible tattoos are not permitted

 Make-Up                      Students are not permitted to wear make-up of any type at any time. Fake eyelashes
                              are also not permitted.

 Nails                        Acrylic nails, nail polish of any colour, including white are not permitted.

No alternate items of clothing are permitted at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, black sports
tights, coloured hooded jumpers, non College scarves and non College backpacks or bags. All matters
regarding uniform and grooming expectations are subject to the Principal’s discretion.

The Uniform Shop is located opposite the Student Services Office.           ​Current price list.

Commencing Term 1, 2020, Uniform Shop hours are:
Tuesdays 2.45pm - 4.00pm
Wednesdays 7.30am - 9.45am
Thursdays 2.45pm - 4.00pm

Please contact the Uniform Shop via Email: ​

St Clare’s College, Waverley

When an assessment task has been missed due to illness or misadventure, the student must be
prepared to complete/submit the task on her return to school. It is the responsibility of the student to
contact the Head of Department for the relevant subject on her first day back at school. Students are
required to submit supporting documentation for any claims of illness or misadventure. Further
information regarding this process is in the Assessment handbook supplied to each student at the start
of the year.

Written application for leave during the term is to be submitted by the parent to the Principal. If the
Principal approves the leave, she will advise the Director of Studies who will notify the relevant Heads of
Department. The Heads of Department may arrange an alternate task.
Students will not be permitted to do assessment tasks early under normal circumstances.

In the case of illness or other misadventure, students are to make phone contact with the College
through the Director of Studies on the morning of the assessment task.
For an illness, a valid Doctor’s Certificate should be handed to the Director of Studies. This certificate
MUST be brought on the first day back at school after the student’s absence.

Misadventure is a situation that is unforeseen and prevents the student from completing the assessment
task on the assigned date. For a misadventure, a note from the student’s parent or guardian explaining
the student’s reason for not completing the task should be handed to the Director of Studies. The
Principal has the right to deny any student a misadventure claim.
If a student is absent from school, she is also required to give copies of any documentation to her Home
Room Teacher.

It is essential that all students follow the principles and practices of good scholarship. As outlined by the
NSW Education Standards Authority in the All My Own Work program, good scholarship involves –
     ● Being honest and ethical about where you get information from
     ● Acknowledging all sources of information by referencing them correctly
     ● Using your own words when completing tasks set by your teachers. This means summarising
         information and/or using your own ideas, not cutting and pasting.

At St Clare’s College we use the Harvard Referencing System to acknowledge all sources used when
completing an assessment task. To help guide you in completing your list of References, the College
subscribes to an online automatic referencing generator which will create your references in the correct
format. Students should refer to the Students@STCC site for further details.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

Independent learning and the skills and attitudes which ensure a commitment to lifelong learning are an
integral part of the educational philosophy of St. Clare’s College. Homework is seen as an important
element in the establishment and development of these skills.
The purposes of homework vary and can include:
    ● Reinforcement and consolidation of the learning/concepts of the day’s lessons
    ● Enrichment activities
    ● Extension activities
    ● Opportunities for students to focus on their individual learning needs
    ● Study and preparation for tests and exams
    ● Extended projects or research
    ● Wide reading

An important skill that is developed through regular homework is that of effective time management. We
recognise and appreciate that students have commitments outside College. Students need to develop
skills of time management, self discipline and negotiation in order to achieve their best and to develop
their self esteem through achievement.

If a student is unable to complete homework or to hand in assigned work by a specified date, an
explanation written and signed by the parent/guardian should be handed to the Subject Teacher at the
commencement of the lesson.
It is the student’s responsibility to write all the details of homework or assigned work in this diary.
If a student is absent from College it is her responsibility to find out either from the Subject Teacher or
other students what homework or assigned work was set during the missed classes.

The Subject Teacher will refer any student who consistently fails to complete homework or assigned
work to the Head of Department.
All students are reminded to refer to the Assessment Handbook for specific details regarding
non-completion or lateness of Assessment Tasks.

The Learning Support Team, incorporating School Counselling, Learning Support, English as an
Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) and Careers aims to cater for the needs of all students, both
inside and outside the classroom. Personal development is offered to all students and specialist
assistance is provided when identified.

Some students may require some extra assistance and planning to reach their full potential. Families for
whom this may be the case are invited to contact the school for more detailed information. Members of
the Learning Support Services team are involved in assisting classroom teachers in planning
appropriately for students and, where required, applying for Funded Support and Special Examination

Milo Club is a wonderful opportunity for students to ask for help with their homework tasks or get more
understanding of concepts they may not have fully grasped in class. Students will be offered a Milo and
fruit at 3pm on Tuesday and Thursday and then provided support with work and assessments from
3.15-4.45. Study Hub is offered every second Wednesday from 2.15-3, it is student driven initiative.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

The Library Hub is the knowledge centre of the College. It provides opportunities for learning, research
and assessment beyond the classroom. The ability to find, evaluate and use information effectively is an
essential skill in providing a positive impact on learning achievement.
The Library Hub, designed with connectivity and the rapidly developing technology of 21st century
learning at the forefront, encourages students to broaden their exposure to a wide range of digital and
print information resources and to apply higher order thinking skills in choosing the most relevant

The Library Hub is staffed by a professional team who support student learning across all subject areas,
providing access to the tools and information students need to support their learning. The Oliver Library
website is a ready access to the digital world of academic online databases including EBSCOhost,
Britannica School, the ACEN digital library, Clickview, the library catalogue and research guides, all of
which can be accessed from anywhere 24/7.

Fiction, non-fiction, HSC resources and current, high-interest literature support the development of
thinking, life-long learning and a love of reading in general. Magazines and career resources are widely
available for both personal development and career education.

Student borrowing is promoted and encouraged, as is the use of the Library Hub before and after
school. Our hours are Monday to Thursday 7.45am - 4.00pm and Friday 7.45am - 3.30pm. Students can
borrow up to 10 items at a time for 2 weeks. Items may be renewed however they should be returned by
the due date via the book chute. Students have access to printing and photocopying facilities where
each student is given a $20 credit at the beginning of the year. Credit can be added to the account by
asking the staff in the Library Hub. All students must abide by copyright guidelines.

If a book is not returned the student will be emailed and asked to return the book. If the book has been
lost the student will be charged the cost of the replacement of the book on their College fees.

Students must travel to and from school via the most direct route and are not permitted to gather in
public areas such as parks, Charing Cross or Bondi Junction. Students must cross roads using
designated pedestrian crossings. The College expects students to behave in an appropriate manner at
all times when using public transport or when in public areas such as bus stops and train stations.
Inappropriate behaviour such as rudeness, swearing, spitting or offensive behaviour will not be
tolerated. Students are expected to vacate their seats for members of the public when on public

Bus travel
The College is situated 15 minutes from Sydney’s CBD, 10 minutes from Centennial Park and 15
minutes from the UNSW campus. St Clare’s is well located for public transport, being a 10 minute walk
from Bondi Junction train station and bus depot. The following website has timetables and routes:

You can apply for your Student Opal card online at:

St Clare’s College, Waverley

While at St Clare’s, there are a wide range of musical experiences in which the students can choose to
become involved. In addition to regular music classes we offer Private Music Tuition as well as
Co-curricular Music however these incur an additional cost to students.
For more information please visit the ​College Music website

In addition to regular PDHPE and Sport classes there are two types of sport girls can take part in at St

CGSSSA Sport​: Students of high ability in sport are encouraged to sign up and try out for CGSSSA
sport. Selected students participate in a one day event against other Catholic schools. Students have
the opportunity to progress to higher levels of competition through this pathway. There is no additional
cost for CGSSSA sport.

Co-Curricular Sport:​ Selected sports are run each term. Unless otherwise stated all students are
encouraged to sign up and play. This is subject to their commitment to the training and game schedule
usually for 1 term. These ​incur an additional cost to students.
For more information please visit the ​College ​Sport Website

Note with all co-curricular activities the payment of school fees take priority. Students with
outstanding fees will be unable to participate until such time the fees are brought up to date.

Textbook lists and Stationery List for Year 7 are found on the ​College website
Please note there is no specific stationery list for Years 8 - 12. Students should have either A4
notebooks or binders for each subject and appropriate writing equipment.
Textbooks can be ordered through T’s Textbooks (Bourke Rd, Alexandria). The College provides T’s
with a list of all texts required for Year 7-11. Please visit ​College website​ for Textbook lists.

Students are expected to wear full school uniform to official school events and functions. Students must
meet the College’s expectations in regards to behaviour when attending public and community events.

During the year there are a number of significant whole school events that are COMPULSORY for all
students. If students are unable to attend they are required to bring a Doctor’s Certificate or other
external documentation of a significant event preventing attendance. An Extraordinary Detention will be
issued to any student failing to attend these days. Failure to attend may also result in students being
excluded from camps, formals and other year based events.

St Clare’s College, Waverley

Compulsory school events are:
   ●   Opening Mass
   ●   Year based Spirituality Days and Retreats
   ●   Ash Wednesday Mass
   ●   Easter Liturgy
   ●   Academic Awards Ceremonies
   ●   St Clare’s Day
   ●   Poor Clare Day
   ●   Year based Curriculum and Assessment Information Evenings
   ●   Swimming and Athletics Carnivals
   ●   Gratitude & Picnic Day
   ●   Presentation Evening

A range of excursions, including camps/retreats will take place throughout the year. These events are
linked to the educational and/or pastoral outcomes. Parents/guardians will receive a permission note
and details prior to each excursion or camp/retreat. Students must maintain an acceptable punctuality,
attendance and behaviour record in order to attend excursions, events and camps.

At times students are required to visit the local area as part of their learning and to attend College
events at Mary Immaculate Church. Parents are asked to sign the ‘General Permission Form’ giving
their permission for their daughter to access the local areas at various times of the year. Students will
not be permitted to attend Off Campus PE lessons or leave the school grounds unless this note has
been signed.

The General Permission Form needs to be signed by the parent annually.

During the year there are a number of occasions where students are required to leave campus to attend
venues as part of your daughter's studies and College events. These include:

   ●   Waverley College: Carrington Road Waverley
   ●   Waverley Public School: Bronte Rd Waverley (Catechists)
   ●   Mary Immaculate Catholic Church: Victoria Street Waverley
   ●   Waverley Park: Birrell Street Waverley
   ●   Queens Park and Centennial Park
   ●   Charing Cross shopping strip during school hours (Year 12 students at lunch, 7-12 for incursion
       events or PDHPE)
   ●   St Charles Primary School: Carrington Road Waverley
   ●   Bronte Beach (Sport/PDHPE)
   ●   Bondi Beach (Sport/PDHPE)
   ●   Bondi Junction shopping precinct
   ●   Maroubra Beach (Sport/PDHPE)
   ●   Matraville Indoor Sports Centre (Sport/PDHPE)
   ●   Tamarama Beach (Sport/PDHPE)
   ●   University of NSW (Sport/PDHPE)
   ●   Local Nursing Homes in the Waverley area

St Clare’s College, Waverley

When enrolling your child at St Clare’s College, parents/guardians undertake a responsibility to meet
financial commitments. Fee accounts are issued early in Term 1 with no further excursion, Incursions,
electives or sport charged.

Fees are payable in full before the due date. A detailed statement of your account will be issued at the
start of Term 1​ with a reminder issued each term 2 and 3. Fees may be paid by cash, cheque, B-pay or
credit card. Only Mastercard and Visa are accepted. Fees can be paid annually, by term (3), monthly or
fortnightly. All fees are automatically issued by term payment. Please contact the accounts office if you
wish to change to monthly or fortnightly instalments​. ​Any fees overdue for more than 6 weeks will be
referred to the Fee Support Unit at Sydney Catholic Schools for collection.

There will be additional charges for all ​optional events​ such as Vocational Education, Immersions and
Overseas trips, Year 12 Jerseys, Duke of Edinburgh and Co-curricular activities. These must be paid up
front. The Year 12 Graduation Dinner will be billed to the Year 12 fees in Term 1 and both school fees
and Graduation tickets must be paid by 15 August.

COLLEGE FEES​ (see current Fee Schedule on website) however a breakdown is as follows:
● Tuition fees - Set and collected by Sydney Catholic Schools.
● Building Levy - Set and collected by Sydney Catholic Schools.
School Based Charges include:
● General Resource Fee - Covers The College Year Book, The College Diary, Library Research
   Programs, copyright licenses and photocopying rights. Library running costs (including a library
   management system, provision of the Smart Card (Year 7) and audiovisual materials. Provision of
   consumables eg, the printing of student handbooks, school reports and letters to the College
   Community. The cost of general utilities (electricity, water, gas) rubbish removal, building Insurance
   and cleaning & maintenance.
● ICT Levy-Contributes towards software licensing, Internet charges, provision of hardware and
   audio visual needs across the College.
● Year Group Charge-Camps and Retreats, Reflection days, All excursions & Incursions, Guest
   speakers and seminars, Provision of weekly Physical Activity Program and the transportation to
   sporting venues, Electives and Sports events including NSW CCC and CGSSSA

There is a reduction rate set by the SACS Board for 2​nd​ and 3​rd​ family members educated in a Catholic
systemic school, with no tuition fees being charged for the 4​th​ or subsequent children. ​This reduction
does not apply to siblings attending private congregational schools.
There is no discount on the School Based Charges.

What if I am experiencing difficulty paying my fees in full?
No Catholic child will be denied a Catholic education through ​genuine inability to pay in full.
However, such inability needs to be ​substantiated ​and the College does not have an infinite capacity
to accommodate all those who would wish to seek fee relief.
Parents who are experiencing genuine financial hardship are asked to contact the College Bursar.

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