INFOFOR PARENTS CURRENT AS OF SUMMER 2021 - More information at - Southern Adventist University

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INFOFOR PARENTS CURRENT AS OF SUMMER 2021 - More information at - Southern Adventist University
INFO                            FOR PARENTS
                                           A N S W E R S T O F R E Q U E N T LY A S K E D Q U E S T I O N S

More information at
INFOFOR PARENTS CURRENT AS OF SUMMER 2021 - More information at - Southern Adventist University
Welcome to the
    Southern Adventist University family!
    As a parent, you probably have as many questions as your
    student (if not more) about what to expect. That’s why we’ve
    created this information booklet just for you.

    Southern remains dedicated to providing a meaningful, life-
    changing on-campus experience as safely as possible.
    Updates continue to be posted at,
    including answers to frequently asked questions.

    If you have a question that’s not answered in this booklet,
    we invite you to get in touch with us. There are many helpful
    numbers located at the back. Or if you’re not sure whom to
    contact, call 1.800.SOUTHERN so we can connect you with
    the person best able to help.

    Thanks so much for entrusting us with your student. We hope
    you treasure the experience of watching your young person
    grow in service to God and humanity.

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INFOFOR PARENTS CURRENT AS OF SUMMER 2021 - More information at - Southern Adventist University
                                                                                          PARENT INVOLVEMENT
Contents                                                                                  How will Southern communicate with me?
Parent Involvement................................................................. 3
                                                                                          Parent Website                                 Parent Newsletter and Emails
Academic Programs and Services........................................... 7                  By visiting,              To help bridge the information gap
                                                                                          you can find online parent orientation         between parents and the university,
Student Support.................................................................... 16    sessions along with pertinent information      Southern produces a printed parent
                                                                                          regarding student jobs, parking permits,       newsletter, Panorama. It offers parents
Spiritual Environment............................................................ 24      campus events, a link to the digital student   a glimpse of what life on campus is like
                                                                                          handbook, final exam schedules, where to       for students through employee profiles,
Residence Hall Life............................................................... 27     stay when visiting, and more.                  student life articles, a special question-
                                                                                             On the parent webpage, you’ll find the      and-answer column, and more. The
Affordability and Finances..................................................... 30        Parent Portal button. By clicking on this      publication is mailed to parents once
                                                                                          link and logging in, you will be able to       a semester and supplemented by an
Campus Life......................................................................... 38   view information about your student’s          electronic newsletter delivered between
                                                                                          major, class list, GPA, and financial          print issues. You can sign up for the
Contact Information.............................................................. 40      statements, as well as contact information     e-newsletter at
                                                                                          for his or her enrollment adviser, financial
                                                                                          aid adviser, and residence hall dean.          Columns Magazine
                                                                                             This feature is available to all parents        Parents will automatically receive issues
                                                                                          who have students listed as dependents         of the university magazine, Columns, each
                                                                                          on their tax forms; however, your student      fall and spring. You can also view issues
                                                                                          must first send you an electronic invitation   online at
                                                                                          to create an online account in order for
                                                                                          you to access the Parent Portal and view       University Calendar
                                                                                          information.                                     The dates of Southern events, activities,
                                                                                             If you don’t find what you’re looking       and deadlines, among other details, are
                                                                                          for on the parent page, call Records and       online at
                                                                                          Advisement at 423.236.2899.

2                                                                                                                QUESTIONS ABOUT PARENT INVOLVEMENT                                   3
INFOFOR PARENTS CURRENT AS OF SUMMER 2021 - More information at - Southern Adventist University
Where do I send mail and packages?                                                               Where can I order flowers or a gift basket?
   All addressing on mail and packages to students should include first and last name               The Village Market on campus can help you celebrate birthdays or other special
of the recipient as well as the appropriate room number. Please do not send mail or              occasions for your student. Say “Get well,” “We are proud of you,” “Hang in there,”
packages until your student is on campus. To avoid redirection and delays, do not                or “We love you” with a special balloon or gift basket. Gift baskets can include fruit,
send student mail or packages to P.O. Box 370 or 4881 Taylor Circle as these addresses           cookies, nuts, and crackers, among other items. Prices start at $25.
are intended for employees and departments only.                                                    Additionally, the Village Market hosts a gift shop and offers potted plants, succulents,
                                                                                                 and flowers designed by Grafe Studio. Call 423.236.2300 for more information.
    When sending packages through the           When sending packages through UPS,                  A few other local options for flowers and gift baskets include:
    U.S. Postal Service (USPS), please use:     FedEx, DHL, or other carriers, please use:        » Bate’s Raintree Florist (423.892.6112,
                                                                                                  » Blluum (423.541.6767,
      FOR THATCHER HALL                           FOR THATCHER HALL
    			 Name of Resident                        			 Name of Resident                              » Chattanooga Flower Market (423.899.2440,
    			Room #                                   			Room #                                         » Edible Arrangements (423.622.8884,
    			 P.O. Box 529                            			 4871 Taylor Circle                               4513-brainerd-rd-chattanooga-tn-37411)
    			 Collegedale, TN 37315-0529              			 Collegedale, TN 37315
                                                                                                  » Grafe Studio (423.468.4172,
                                                                                                  » Piece-a-Cake Bakery (423.396.3334,
      FOR TALGE HALL                              FOR TALGE HALL                                  » Ruth’s Florist and Gifts (423.238.5994,
    			 Name of Resident                        			 Name of Resident                              » Valley Flowers (423.521.1509,
    			Room #                                   			Room #
    			 P.O. Box 569                            			 4891 Taylor Circle
    			 Collegedale, TN 37315-0569              			 Collegedale, TN 37315

      FOR THATCHER SOUTH and                      FOR THATCHER SOUTH and
                                                                                                 When should I visit and where can I stay?
    			 Name of Resident                        			 Name of Resident                                Parents are always welcome on campus. Southern hosts Parents Weekend on odd
    			 Room or Apartment #                     			 Room or Apartment #                          years, and this special event is a great time for you to attend class with your student,
    			 P.O. Box 2218                           			 4841 University Drive                        participate in your student’s weekend activities, and see some of his or her favorite
    			 Collegedale, TN 37315-2218              			 Collegedale, TN 37315
                                                                                                 places on campus. To learn more, log in to the Parent Portal at
                                                                                                 and click on “Plan a Visit” in the list of topics under the portal and orientation buttons.
   If websites don’t recognize the street addresses listed above, some sites will still accept
them if you simply click the submit button a second time or if you add the address to your       Campus Accommodations
address book first.                                                                                 Guest rooms are available in Guest Lodging on the south end of campus. Private
   For more information, contact Talge Hall at 423.236.2990 or Mail Services at                  baths, kitchens, and dining areas complement two-bedroom suites, each with free Wi-Fi.
423.236.2335.                                                                                    Information about apartment types and rates can be found at
                                                                                                 Please call 423.236.7000 for booking and reservation availability or feel free to email
                                                                                        with any questions.

                                                                                                 Hotel Accommodations
                                                                                                   If you are planning a trip to the area, these hotels offer a discount to those visiting
                                                                                                 Southern and aren’t far from campus:
                                                                                                  » Hampton Inn—Ooltewah (423.305.6800)
                                                                                                  » Holiday Inn Express—Ooltewah (423.591.8500 or 888.465.4329)
                                                                                                  » Springhill Suites—Ooltewah (423.301.5669)

4                      QUESTIONS ABOUT PARENT INVOLVEMENT                                                                QUESTIONS ABOUT PARENT INVOLVEMENT                                    5
Can I help my student purchase textbooks?                                                  QUESTIONS ABOUT
   Southern partners with BNC Services (formerly MBS Direct) to provide a customized
online bookstore offering new, used, rental, and e-book options. Textbooks are no longer
                                                                                           ACADEMIC PROGRAMS
sold on campus, except for a few select self-published titles.
   Your student may charge books to his or her Southern account (referred to as “using     AND SERVICES
a voucher” by BNC) or pay using a credit/debit card or PayPal. The online store also
provides access to a marketplace of third-party sellers, although students cannot charge
these purchases to their accounts. Please note that neither BNC nor the Campus Shop
can control when marketplace orders ship or help with customer service for these           How much should my student plan to study?
   Order dates and details are communicated to students via their Southern emails             On average, your student needs to study two hours for every one hour in class. When
once they have registered for courses. BNC’s fall online book store opens August 2.        making a schedule, your student should pay special attention to the total number of credit
Companies continue to report delays and suspended shipping guarantees due to the           hours for which he or she has registered. Each credit hour represents an hour of class
pandemic, so please encourage your student to place his or her order soon.                 time per week.
   Your student’s books will be delivered to the Campus Shop to be picked up upon
arrival on campus, and ID will be required. Please note that if orders placed with BNC
Services are charged to your student’s Southern account, the charges show up on            Who can advise my student on courses and
statements as Campus Shop charges. The customer service number for BNC is
800.325.3252. If you need additional help, call the Campus Shop at 423.236.2152.
                                                                                           changes in major?
                                                                                              A summer advising program is in place          “List: Advisers,” contact Records and
Steps for Ordering Textbooks and Class Materials                                           from the time fall registration opens in April    Advisement at 423.236.2897.
 » Register for classes and then wait 24-48 hours for your student’s book list to load
                                                                                           through the first day of class. During this         Each semester before registration,
   into the system. The list will show materials needed for classes along with any
                                                                                           time, advisers are standing by to assist          students are encouraged to schedule
   special instructions.
                                                                                           new students.                                     meetings with their advisers to go over
 » Go to and click on the Southern logo.
                                                                                              This support team is available year-           class options and discuss the credits and
 » Click on the “Let’s Get Started” button.
                                                                                           round to answer both registration and             courses needed to graduate on time.
 » Enter your student’s ID number, including the leading zero.
                                                                                           general questions and help new students             Whenever your student has questions
 » When course information appears, read all information and instructions carefully,
                                                                                           set up their Southern accounts. Call              about what he or she should be doing
   and then make selections.
                                                                                           423.236.3100 or email           academically, encourage a visit with the
 » To pay using your student’s ID card, you will need the Access Code that was sent to
                                                                                           Find additional details on page 20 of this        adviser. Students can make an appoint-
   the student’s university email account.
                                                                                           booklet or at                   ment by emailing, calling, or stopping by
   A more detailed list of instructions can be found at by clicking      		 When your student enrolls at Southern,         the adviser’s office.
                                                                                            he or she is assigned an academic adviser       		 If the adviser is not available within a
on the “Textbooks” tab.
                                                                                            based on the major selected on the               reasonable period of time, consult the
   All communication regarding your student’s order will be from BNC Services via his or
                                                                                            application. Your student can log in to          program director, dean, or chair of the
her university email account, so please encourage your student to check for messages
                                                                                  , choose the                  school or department.
                                                                                            “Academics” tab and then “Academic                 A student can request a different adviser
   Courses accessed through e-Class (Inclusive Access) will not be billed from BNC
                                                                                            Profile” in the center dropdown. If an          by filling out the “Change Adviser” form
Services until after Southern’s drop/add date as listed at
                                                                                            adviser’s name is not listed under              online at
NOTE: The Campus Shop is in the process of being renamed the Hub and moving from
Fleming Plaza into the newly completed Bietz Center for Student Life on the campus
promenade. The transition will be complete before the Fall 2021 semester.

6                     QUESTIONS ABOUT PARENT INVOLVEMENT                                                   QUESTIONS ABOUT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES                             7
Are there group study rooms on campus?                                                       What important dates should I know?
   McKee Library offers eight private study      Talge Hall, Thatcher Hall, and Thatcher      Here’s a schedule to help you plan for your student’s next few years of college.
rooms and a presentation lab that students    South each have multiple study areas.
can reserve online at    Most are open lobbies that are used                     Academic Year         2021-2022        2022-2023         2023-2024

or in the library using their campus cards.   almost exclusively for individual or group                New student
                                                                                                                           August 18-20     August 17-19      August 16-18
All study rooms have a white board and        study—first come, first served.
                                                                                                       First semester
some have media capabilities.                                                                          classes begin
                                                                                                                            August 23        August 22          August 21

                                                                                                       Midterm break      October 14-17    October 13-16      October 12-15

                                                                                                       Midterm grades

Is extra academic help available for my student?
                                                                                                                            October 20       October 19        October 18

                                                                                                                          November 22-28   November 21-27    November 20-26

Tutoring Center                               Language, and issues of clarity and style,               Semester exams     December 13-16   December 12-15    December 11-14

   Located on the third floor of McKee        to name a few. For more information,                    Winter graduation    December 16      December 15       December 14
Library, the Tutoring Center offers free      visit,
                                                                                                        Final grades
individual and group tutoring to any          email, or call                        viewable
                                                                                                                           December 21      December 20       December 19

Southern student. The center provides         423.236.2384.                                                                December 17-     December 16-      December 15-
                                                                                                       Christmas break
                                                                                                                             January 9        January 8         January 7
tutoring for more than 70 upper and
lower division courses, as well as tutoring   Research Coaching                                       Second semester
                                                                                                       classes begin
                                                                                                                            January 10       January 9          January 8

to help students with academic success           McKee Library’s reference librarians
                                                                                                       MLK Community
skills and ACT preparation. All tutors are    offer free research coaching sessions to                  Service Day
                                                                                                                            January 17       January 16        January 15

students who have demonstrated mastery        assist students in locating, understanding,              Midterm grades
                                                                                                                             March 9          March 8            March 6
in the courses and are recommended by         and using high quality research materials.                  viewable

their departments. For more information,      To schedule an appointment, visit                         Spring break       March 11-20      March 10-19        March 8-17

visit, email   and click
                                                                                                       Semester exams        May 2-5          May 1-4         April 29-May 2, or call                “Research Coaching.”
                                                                                                      Spring graduation       May 8            May 7              May 5
                                              Student Support Team                                      Final grades
                                                                                                                             May 11           May 10              May 8

Writing Center                                   The Student Support Team offers
   The Writing Center, housed on the          appropriate resources to all Southern
                                                                                                         Summer               2022             2023               2024
main floor of McKee Library, provides         students who strive to make the most
free writing support to any member of         of their college experience. Key staff                   Summer begins          May 9            May 8              May 6

the Southern community. The center            members and graduate students are                         First session
                                                                                                                              May 9            May 8              May 6
is staffed by a full-time director and        designated to focus on the success of                     classes begin

experienced undergraduate tutors from         each and every enrolled student, with                     Classes end           June 3           June 2            May 31

a variety of academic disciplines. Writing    special emphasis on those who may be                     Second session
                                                                                                                              June 6           June 5            June 3
tutors are trained to respond to writing      at risk for withdrawal from the university.               classes begin

assignments from across the university’s      Anyone—faculty, staff, deans, advisers,                   Classes end           July 22          July 21           July 26

curriculum and can help writers with          students, and parents, among others—can                  Third session/
                                                                                                        SmartStart            July 25          July 24           July 29
brainstorming, paragraph development,         refer a student for this tailored support by             classes begin

organization, grammar, citation, academic     calling Retention Services at 423.236.2838                Classes end         August 18        August 17          August 22
writing conventions, English as a Second      or emailing
                                                                                                        Summer ends         August 18        August 17          August 22

8              QUESTIONS ABOUT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES                                              QUESTIONS ABOUT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES                        9
What is the final exam schedule?                                                       Can my student study abroad?
   You are encouraged to check the exam schedule on the university website—
                                                                                       Adventist Colleges Abroad                     Summer—before making plans or booking airline tickets for your                                                     » Chinese: Taiwan Adventist College
                                                                                          While enrolled at Southern, students can
student to return home for Christmas or summer break to avoid overlapping a vacation                                                    (Yuchi Township, Taiwan)
                                                                                       study around the world through Adventist
and a test.                                                                                                                           » French: Campus Adventiste
                                                                                       Colleges Abroad (ACA). If your student is
   For more information about exam schedules, call Records and Advisement at                                                            du Saléve (Collonges-sous-
                                                                                       interested in the ACA program and wants
423.236.2899.                                                                                                                           Saléve, France)
                                                                                       to discuss yearlong and summer program
                                                                                       options and course requirements, he or         » German: Seminar Schloss
                                                                                       she should make an appointment with              Bogenhofen (bei Braunau
                                                                                       the Modern Languages Department by               am Inn, Austria)
                                                                                       calling 423.236.2221 or emailing               » Hebrew: Jerusalem Study Center
                                                                              Students are                 (Jerusalem, Israel)
                                                                                       strongly encouraged to study abroad            » Italian: Istituto Avventista Villa
                                                                                       during their sophomore year of college.          Aurora (Florence, Italy)
                                                                                          Expenses for a student’s year abroad        » Spanish: Escuela Superior
                                                                                       are processed through Southern’s Student         de Español (Sagunto, Spain)
                                                                                       Finance office. For financial information
                                                                                       and other specifics about ACA schools,
                                                                                       visit Students are        Study Tours Abroad
                                                                                       responsible for all expenses not included        Some departments on campus offer
                                                                                       in the ACA package price, such as airfare     three- to six-week-long study tours during
                                                                                       and visa processing fees.                     the summer. Not every tour occurs each
                                                                                                                                     year; most are biennial.
                                                                                        Academic Year                                   Common tours include but are not
                                                                                        » Arabic: Middle East University             limited to:
                                                                                          (Beirut, Lebanon)                            » Africa Study Tour
                                                                                        » English: Newbold College*                       (School of Business)
                                                                                          (Binfield, United Kingdom)                   » Archaeology Excavation Tour
                                                                                        » French: Campus Adventiste                       (School of Religion)
                                                                                          du Saléve (Collonges-sous-                   » China Study Tour
                                                                                          Saléve, France)                                 (School of Business)
                                                                                        » German: Seminar Schloss                      » Europe Study Tours
                                                                                          Bogenhofen (bei Braunau                         (History and Political Studies
                                                                                          am Inn, Austria) and Theologische               Department or School of Social Work)
                                                                                          Hochschule Friedensau
                                                                                          (Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany)
                                                                                        » Italian: Istituto Avventista                  *Students interested in Newbold College
                                                                                          Villa Aurora (Florence, Italy)                 should contact Southern’s School of
                                                                                                                                         Business (423.236.2527), the English
                                                                                        » Spanish: Escuela Superior
                                                                                                                                         Department (423.236.2381), or the
                                                                                          de Español (Sagunto, Spain) and                History and Political Studies Department
                                                                                          Universidad Adventista del Plata               (423.236.2319).
                                                                                          (Entre Rios, Argentina)

10            QUESTIONS ABOUT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES                                         QUESTIONS ABOUT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES                           11
How can I view grades?                                                                      What are the options for student worships,
   Even though parents of college students   account in order for you to be able to view
                                                                                            convocations, and vespers?
aren’t sent report cards the same way that   grades online.
they are for elementary or high school          If your student is a legal dependent, you       Spiritual growth is dependent on both personal and corporate worship. While
students, you can still be in the loop.      have the right to view grades whether or       all students are encouraged to cultivate their own devotional lives, they also need
   During registration, students are given   not he or she grants permission. Fax proof     opportunities to come together for spiritual fellowship.
the option of allowing parents to view       of student dependency (such as a tax               Additionally, Southern encourages student participation in cultural and educational
their grades and other information. If       return) to Records and Advisement at           programming outside the classroom to ensure a well-rounded experience. The
your student neglected to do this during     423.236.1899 as an alternate way to            university’s Spiritual and Cultural Enrichment Program fills these needs through a credit
registration, he or she can update           receive your student’s grades.                 system (see detailed requirements on next two pages).
privacy settings at any time by going to        Once you have authorization to view,            You can read further details about Southern’s spiritual environment and programs not Your student       visit and select the       found in this section beginning on page 24.
must send you an invitation to create an     Parent Portal login to begin.
                                                                                               Following are some of the scheduled         Students also can earn enrichment
                                                                                            worship options that students can            credits by attending convocations, the
                                                                                            choose to attend throughout each week        Performing Arts Series, and more.
                                                                                            to earn enrichment credit:
                                                                                            Morning Meditation Schedule                     Convocation is held each Thursday
                                                                                              Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m. 		        at 11 a.m. Although many convocations
                                                                                              (Talge Hall Chapel, co-ed)                 have spiritual content, others celebrate
                                                                                                                                         and honor academic achievement with
                                                                                            Evening Chapel Schedule                      programs that enrich the classroom
                                                                                              Sunday: 9:30 p.m.                          experience.
                                                                                                 (hall worships in Talge)                   In addition to regularly scheduled
                                                                                              Sunday: 10 p.m.                            convocations, evening convocations are
                                                                                                 (hall worships in Thatcher/             offered throughout the year.
                                                                                                  Thatcher South)
                                                                                              Tuesday: 8 p.m.                            Performing Arts Series
                                                                                                  (Thatcher Hall Chapel, co-ed)            Southern’s Performing Arts Series brings
                                                                                              Saturday: Evensong, time varies            musical and cultural performers from
                                                                                                  (Collegedale Church)                   around the world to campus.

                                                                                            Friday Night Vespers                            Details about convocations and
                                                                                              Vespers begins at 7:30 p.m. in the         performing arts will be available soon online
                                                                                            Collegedale Church of Seventh-day            at
                                                                                            Adventists. You can watch live online at        Additionally, performances by the
                                                                                                          university’s own musical groups are listed

12            QUESTIONS ABOUT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES                                               QUESTIONS ABOUT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES                           13
Requirements                                   » 1 Credit: morning meditations,              Detailed below are the number of total     Reductions
   Both residential and community                evening worships, Evensong, and          enrichment credits per semester that each        Reductions are rare and only for
students are required to attend a set            convocations sponsored by official       class standing is required to earn:           exceptional situations, such as:
number of events during each semester as         student organizations, classes, or                                                      » Commuter students with no Thursday
determined by class standing. Part-time          academic departments or schools.         Residential Students                               classes
students (those taking 6-11 credit hours)      » 2 Credits: LifeGroups, vespers,            Freshmen = 60 credits (15 cultural)          » Nursing students with clinicals during
must still follow the applicable residence       week of prayer meetings, Thursday          Sophomores = 55 credits (14 cultural)            the Convocation hour
hall or community requirements for their         convocations, and Performing Arts          Juniors = 50 credits (13 cultural)           » Nurses with regular shifts on Thursday
class standing.                                  Series programs.                           Seniors = 45 credits (11 cultural)               mornings or Friday evenings
   Exempt students include married              Additionally, credits can be earned by      Graduating seniors (bachelor’s) = 		         » Students with campus positions that
students, students with children,            attending a large number of other events     		 20 credits (5 cultural) for semester            cannot close during Convocation or
veterans, students age 23 or older at        that are not listed here. Posters and        		 in which graduation occurs                      Vespers, such as Food Services staff
start of semester, students who have         announcements of these events across                                                            and department desk jobs that require
already earned 124 hours, and students       campus inform students if attendance can     Community Students                                 full-time staffing.
completing student teaching, as well as      earn credits.                                  Freshmen = 40 credits (10 cultural)		          If one or more reductions apply to
consortium and 100%-online students.            Students are required to earn at least      Sophomores = 36 credits (9 cultural)        a student’s situation, he or she should
                                             25% of their credits from programming          Juniors = 32 credits (8 cultural)           complete the petition form at
Enrichment Credits                           with primarily a cultural emphasis.            Seniors = 30 credits (8 cultural) 
   Students earn enrichment credits in the      Students can easily track how many          Graduating seniors (bachelor’s) =
following increments:                        total requirements have been completed       		 20 credits (5 cultural) for semester          If you have questions or need more
                                             and the percentage of each type by           		 in which graduation occurs                 information, contact Student Development
                                             logging into their Southern accounts,                                                      at 423.236.2814 or visit
                                             clicking “Residence Life” in the Bookmarks   Penalties                                     studentdevelopment.
                                             section and then “Worship.”                    Missed requirements are assessed at
                                                                                          the end of each semester as follows:
                                                                                           » Fewer than 10 credits missed
                                                                                             First offense = probation
                                                                                             Second =        probation
                                                                                                             $5 fee per missed credit
                                                                                             Third =         probation
                                                                                                             meet with vice president
                                                                                                             $5 fee per missed credit
                                                                                             Fourth =        semester suspension

                                                                                           » 10 or more credits missed
                                                                                             First offense = probation
                                                                                                             $5 fee per missed credit
                                                                                             Second =        probation
                                                                                                             meet with vice president
                                                                                                             $5 fee per missed credit
                                                                                             Third =         semester suspension

14             QUESTIONS ABOUT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES                                           QUESTIONS ABOUT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS AND SERVICES                          15
QUESTIONS ABOUT                                                                                Is my student required to purchase an
STUDENT SUPPORT                                                                                insurance plan offered through the university?
                                                                                                  The university requires all students      session) or living in university housing are
                                                                                               to have adequate accident and health         automatically enrolled in the healthcare
What happens if my student gets sick?                                                          insurance that complies with the             plan offered through the university
                                                                                               Affordable Care Act, covering both           if adequate insurance has not been
                                                                                               inpatient and outpatient services. Each      indicated. Students will continue to be
   The University Health Center provides       available in the women’s residence hall
                                                                                               student’s insurance plan should be valid     enrolled each successive semester unless
medical services for primary and acute/        for students with medical questions or
                                                                                               in Tennessee for emergency and non-          a waiver is completed. Students who have
subacute conditions, illnesses, and            concerns. The deans in all residence
                                                                                               emergency care. The same coverage is         signed a waiver form and later decide to
injuries, as well as makes referrals to area   halls are prepared to refer students with
                                                                                               encouraged for spouses and dependents        enroll in the insurance plan may do so, but
healthcare providers and hospitals for         medical emergencies to local outpatient
                                                                                               of students.                                 the premium is not prorated. A refund of
students and employees.                        clinics as well as hospitals in Chattanooga.
                                                                                                  All students must submit the Health       the premium is allowed only upon entry
   Under the supervision of a physician           Charges incurred at the University
                                                                                               Insurance Enrollment and Verification        into the military services.
(who is available to see students at pre-      Health Center are applied to the student’s
                                                                                               form prior to the start of each semester.        For more information about the
arranged times), nurse practitioners and       account. For students enrolled in United
                                                                                               This form is located within the Enrollment   healthcare plan offered by United
registered nurses work regular office hours,   Healthcare Student Resources through
                                                                                               Checklist in the MyAccess student portal.    Healthcare Student Resources, log in at
which are normally 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and       Southern, claims are submitted. For
                                                                                                  Students taking 6 or more credit hours
1-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and           students using private insurance, walk-out
                                                                                               (3 or more credit hours during any summer
8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday.                   statements can be provided.
   Whenever possible, visitors should make        Students who enroll at Southern
an appointment.
   In addition to testing for COVID-19
                                               before they turn 18 must have a medical
                                               consent form on file at the University          What if my student is injured on campus?
as needed, the University Health Center        Health Center signed by a parent or
handles quarantine and isolation (for more                                                        Injury Only insurance is included           The limit for this plan is $2,500 per
details, visit                                                      in the school general fees for each          occurrence and will cover eligible medical
                                                  Medical information is strictly
   Other available services include:                                                           respective semester and is afforded to       expenses. For policy information, such
                                               confidential and may be released only with
  » acute care                                                                                 students taking 6 or more credit hours.      as benefits, exclusions, terms and limits,
                                               the written permission of the student.
  » minor illnesses and injuries                                                               This coverage is for students who are        and to access the insurance ID card, visit
                                               Medical records are not accessible to
  » immunizations                                                                              accidentally injured on campus or  
                                               anyone other than professional staff at the
  » physicals and gynecological exams                                                          during a school-sponsored trip.
                                               University Health Center.
  » lab tests                                                                                     Students are welcome and encouraged,
                                                  The health center retains medical
  » worker’s compensation                                                                      but not required, to be seen at the
                                               records for 10 years after a student has left
  » screening and treatment for                                                                University Health Center for injuries.
                                               the university, and immunization records
     depression and anxiety                                                                    For any life-threatening injuries,
                                               are kept indefinitely. To request copies of
  » allergy injections                                                                         students should go to a local
                                               medical and immunization records, please
                                                                                               emergency room and advise medical
                                               submit a Medical Information Release
                                                                                               facilities to bill the Injury Only policy
                                               Authorization form, which is available at
                                                                                               as primary insurance.
                                               by calling 423.263.2713.

  Additionally, a registered nurse is

16                       QUESTIONS ABOUT STUDENT SUPPORT                                                              QUESTIONS ABOUT STUDENT SUPPORT                                17
What if my student is depressed                                                               How will Southern protect my student
or needs counseling?                                                                          on campus?
                                                                                                 As part of Southern’s commitment to           » emergency medical assistance
   College is a time of transition, and           Because these conditions often go
                                                                                              taking care of students, Campus Safety           » training in fire safety, personal safety,
with the new demands your student is           undiagnosed or are misunderstood,
                                                                                              is on patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a          and self-defense
facing, he or she may need some extra          Southern participates in National
                                                                                              week, and is always available to students,       » on-campus safety escorts after dark
help coping. Counseling Services provides      Depression Screening Day, which takes
                                                                                              faculty, and staff at 423.236.2100.              » emergency preparedness safety and
a variety of services at no additional cost,   place at university campuses across the
                                                                                                 Visit to              security checks
designed to help when situations arise that    country each fall. If you are concerned
                                                                                              find safety information, policy statements,      » incident response, investigation, and
might interfere with the college experience.   about your student’s mental well-being,
                                                                                              and Clery Act crime statistics in the Annual       reporting
   Individual and group counseling             this is a good time to suggest he or she
                                                                                              Security and Fire Safety Report.                 » lost and found
services offer opportunities to increase       participate in the nonthreatening and
                                                                                                 Other services offered to the campus          » safety equipment inspection
knowledge in areas such as: relationships,     confidential assessment.
                                                                                              community by Campus Safety include:              » crosswalk safety control
conflict resolution, career interests and         For more information about services
                                                                                                » on-campus accident response                  » emergency access requests
abilities, stress and time management,         provided through Counseling Services or
                                                                                                » security alarm monitoring and                » assistance for motorists who need
test anxiety, learning differences, personal   to make an appointment with a counselor,
                                                                                                  response                                       a jump-start, air in their tires, or
crisis, depression, selecting a major, value   visit or call
                                                                                                » severe weather monitoring                      emergency gas
exploration, substance abuse, self-esteem,     423.236.2782.
loss and grief, spiritual concerns, family
issues, social concerns, adjustment
to college, and referrals for additional
                                               Psychiatrist Appointments                      How is sexual misconduct addressed?
                                                  Additionally, a psychiatrist is available
                                               at the University Health Center for a             Under Title IX, any Southern student,        also includes the process of investigation
   A staff of professionally trained
                                               fee. Students may be referred to the           employee, or third party participating in any   and adjudication of alleged misconduct;
counselors is available to provide students
                                               psychiatrist either by their counselor or      university program or activity who wishes       the rights of the complainants and the
with short-term counseling in a supportive,
                                               by a provider at the health center and         to report a complaint of sexual misconduct      respondents; and a list of sanctions from
caring, and confidential environment.
                                               should call 423.236.2713 to make an            against a Southern student or employee          which the Student Sexual Misconduct
   Students may make an appointment
                                               appointment.                                   may do so at any time. The procedures           Review Panel may choose should a
with a counselor in Counseling Services
                                                                                              for reporting a complaint are found in          person be found guilty of misconduct. Visit
to take an assessment to determine if
                                                                                              the unabridged version of Southern’s  
depression or other mental health issues
                                                                                              Sexual Misconduct policy. The policy            to view additional policy details.
are present.

NOTE: If you have an urgent concern about your student’s state of mental health, please       How will my student be notified in the event of a
contact one of the residence hall deans immediately (see page 41 at the back of this          campus emergency?
book for names and contact numbers).
                                                                                                 Southern has an emergency notification          Other ways students may be notified
                                                                                              system that students may sign up for at         include email, outdoor sirens, and indoor
                                                                                     to receive text and/        voice alarms in most buildings. Students
                                                                                              or voicemail notification in the event of a     are encouraged to listen to the voice
                                                                                              campus-wide emergency. Phone numbers            alarms, which announce fire, tornado,
                                                                                              are used for these situations only and are      lockdown, or other emergencies along
                                                                                              not shared.                                     with instructions to follow for the situation.

18                      QUESTIONS ABOUT STUDENT SUPPORT                                                                QUESTIONS ABOUT STUDENT SUPPORT                                       19
How will Southern help my student make the                                                     Can my student get career counseling?
transition from high school to college?
                                                                                                  Career Services offers career counseling       Students seeking to learn about possible
First Year Experience                              meet various faculty members while          as well as assistance with résumés, cover      career paths can schedule an appointment
   The freshman year can be exhilarating           getting to know their peers as well.        letters, and interviewing skills. Career       for career counseling by calling
as well as challenging. Southern’s First           By the time students head to their          counseling helps students discuss their        423.236.2078 or visiting Career Services
Year Experience (FYE) program is designed          first class, they’re already feeling more   expectations for college and beyond            on the third floor of Lynn Wood Hall. For
to help new students be successful and             comfortable on campus.                      while exploring the realities of the working   students who are currently enrolled, there
productive while exploring academic and          » Southern Connections (NOND101)              world. Students are offered a private and      are no fees for these services.
career goals. The components of the                is a required, one-credit class during      comfortable environment for discussions.          Students also can learn more about
program are detailed below:                        a student’s first semester on campus.          A career counselor can help determine       career options at
 » Advising Support often begins                   The class is designed to give first-        what assessments and activities will best      Online resources include tips for writing a
    remotely, sometimes months before              year students the best tools for            help students identify their strengths,        résumé and a cover letter as well as links
    an enrolled student arrives on                 their college journey. Students are         interests, and values. Many tools are          to the What Can I Do With This Major?
    campus. Knowledgeable and friendly             empowered to be active, responsible         available for this process, and career         website and PathwayU, an online career
    advisers are available year-round to           learners who can cope with academic         counseling helps ensure accurate               counseling companion to guide users
    assist students who are deciding               demands while developing strong             interpretation of the assessment results.      toward discovering purpose and meaning.
    what classes to take. These front-             relationships with peers, faculty, and
    line support members also connect              staff. Participants discuss and research
    students with academic advisers in             topics of interest in a core subject        What if my student has a disability or a
    their chosen areas of study to answer
    questions about degree requirements
                                                   area. Seminar participation facilitates
                                                   social adaptation to the university         learning difference?
    and other specifics related to their           environment and connections with
    major. Call 423.236.3100 or email your         professors within the student’s major.         Students with documented or                 the unique needs of university students on
    questions to                 Best of all, students are reminded to       suspected disabilities should contact          the autism spectrum disorder or students
 » Parent Orientation sessions are                 rely on God for strength and guidance       Disability Support Services (DSS) as soon      facing challenges from other forms of
    offered virtually in July and August with      throughout their learning experience.       as possible. Students are responsible to       learning disabilities.
    one-hour recorded segments housed            » Student Mentors are assigned to             self-identify and to provide DSS with             Once a student turns 18, he or she is
    at Learn                 all new students so students have a         documentation of their disability.             protected by the Family Education Rights
    about academic and support services,           person they can turn to throughout             DSS offers testing to determine or rule     and Privacy Act. This means that DSS staff
    residence life, student activities, the        the year for advice and direction.          out disorders. Accommodations are              cannot talk to parents about their child’s
    enrichment program, health and safety,         These positive peer role models are         individualized and flexible, based upon a      confidential information without written
    finances, student employment, and              established, successful students who        student’s request, the nature of the           consent from the student. Students have
    spiritual fellowships and ministries on        build community with their groups           disability, and the academic environment.      a right to refuse to request or use services.
    campus.                                        through one-on-one visits, monthly          Accommodations are determined through          DSS records do not become part of a
 » New Student Orientation is                      worships with the entire group, and         a review of documentation and                  student’s academic record.
    required for all freshmen and transfer         social activities. Mentors also attend      recommendation of the DSS Committee.               For more information, call DSS at
    students. Before classes begin, this           the Southern Connections class with            For students needing added assistance,      423.236.2544, email,
    is an opportunity for students to              their mentees.                              DSS has developed a fee-based program,         or visit
    receive an introduction to university         For additional details about the FYE         known as the Transition and Support
    life and to experience the social,          program, visit or             Program (TSP). This program helps meet
    spiritual, and academic programs            contact the program coordinator at
    that Southern offers. New students          423.236.2575 or

20                       QUESTIONS ABOUT STUDENT SUPPORT                                                                QUESTIONS ABOUT STUDENT SUPPORT                                 21
What technical support does Southern offer                                                      How can students get rides to the airport
to students?                                                                                    and elsewhere?
   Students experiencing computer                Internet Filters                                  During breaks, Southern offers              Students needing local transportation
problems can call the Information                   Southern’s policy is to block access to
Technology (IT) Help Desk. IT provides                                                          students free local transportation to       to scheduled medical appointments
                                                 internet sites with content pertaining to
technical assistance for student                                                                and from Chattanooga Airport, the local     (such as dentist, eye doctor, etc.) or the
                                                 criminal skills, drugs, obscenity, gambling,
computers for most support issues free of                                                       Greyhound Bus station, and Groome           Social Security office should complete the
                                                 hate speech, and sexual misconduct.
charge. However, students are charged                                                           Transportation.                             Special Request form online under Student
                                                 However, if a professor or student feels
a reasonable fee for time-intensive                                                                These rides are coordinated              Transport. Requests must be made at least
                                                 that a site has been unnecessarily blocked,
procedures, such as installing an operating                                                     through Transportation Services. Your       24 hours in advance and are approved
                                                 he or she may request that the URL be
system. Typically if a computer is dropped                                                      student can sign up at        based on availability. Services are offered
                                                 unblocked by visiting
off in the morning, it should be available for                                                  studenttransport by choosing one of         Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to
                                                                                                the scheduled dates and times that          5 p.m. Please note: Southern is unable to
pickup before 5 p.m. the same day.               Computer Labs                                  coordinates best with his or her travel     transport students to work, internships, or
                                                    Because not all students come to
Computer Software                                                                               plans. (Multiple stops could be made,       job shadowing appointments.
                                                 college with personal computers,
   Microsoft Office 365 (for Windows and                                                        so students should plan for travel time        When students have other local
                                                 Southern has 250 computers available
Mac) and Windows products are available                                                         of at least 45 minutes to reach their       transportation needs, they may call East
                                                 in labs across campus. The library alone
to students free of charge as part of                                                           destinations.) Reservations are required,   Ridge Cab Company at 423.629.7304.
                                                 provides 50 computers for general student
Southern’s campus license agreement                                                             and arrangements should be made at          Other options are available through the
                                                 use and offers students a chance to
with Microsoft. Current students taking at                                                      least 48 hours in advance or by 11 a.m.     Uber and Lyft mobile apps.
                                                 borrow a laptop or tablet from the
least one class at Southern are eligible to                                                     on Friday for Sunday transports.
                                                 circulation desk for in-library use.
download Microsoft Office 365 at                                                                   For shuttle service to and from the
                                                                                                Atlanta or Nashville airports, students, while Windows                 Cell Phone Coverage                            should contact Groome Transportation
products can be downloaded at                       Cell phone coverage is adequate in                                                                          directly by calling 423.954.1400.
                                                 most areas on campus. Additionally, in
                                                 order to boost the signal in the residence
Bandwidth                                        halls, Southern has installed repeaters for
   To make sure that everyone is able            Sprint and Verizon. Alternatively, because
to have equal access to the internet,            of robust Wi-Fi coverage, students can use
Southern regulates its network data              their smart phones’ Wi-Fi calling feature.
transfer. High consumers of internet
bandwidth will occasionally be slowed               For more information or to contact the
down in order for the campus to maintain         IT support team, call 423.236.2712.
a certain level of performance and quality
of service. Southern also detects the
various types of internet traffic and gives
priority to academic usage.

22                        QUESTIONS ABOUT STUDENT SUPPORT                                                                QUESTIONS ABOUT STUDENT SUPPORT                            23
SPIRITUAL ENVIRONMENT                                                                            Belong in a Faith Community
                                                                                                  » Residence Hall Student Chaplains
                                                                                                                                                       Connect is a contemporary, multi-
                                                                                                                                                       generational worship service held in
                                                                                                  are assigned to Thatcher and Talge halls             the auditorium of the Collegedale
                                                                                                  to visit residents and support the initiatives       Academy elementary school at 9 a.m.
How does Southern create an environment                                                           of the deans, including weekly worships              Renewal is the 11:45 a.m. sanctuary

that supports spiritual growth?                                                                   (see page 13 for more details).
                                                                                                  » LifeGroups are student-led small
                                                                                                                                                       worship service, planned and led by
                                                                                                                                                       students. Watch it online at
                                                                                                  groups where students are encouraged       
   Spiritual activities make Southern’s          Find Identity and Value in Jesus                 to join others to experience belonging              More than two dozen Adventist
campus special. The university desires that
                                                  » Vespers is held every Friday night at         through spiritual community. Students can        churches in the surrounding communities
students take advantage of opportunities
                                                  7:30 p.m. on campus where speakers              choose from five different kinds of groups:      provide students with a wide variety of
to mature their faith in Christ. Here’s a
                                                  powerfully share the Gospel each week           activity-based, Bible study, book-based,         choices on Sabbath mornings. Languages
look at some of the components that help
                                                  with student-led music and prayer.              support groups, and topical groups. All          and worship styles vary. One example is
make your student’s college experience a
                                                  To view live streaming, visit                   aim to inspire students to behold God            SuCasa, the Collegedale Spanish American
time of spiritual growth.
                                                                   personally and intimately. Any student           Church on Southern’s campus, which hosts
   The Office of Ministry and Missions
                                                  » Afterglow is held every Friday at             interested in joining or leading a LifeGroup     weekly services that are also streamed live
oversees the spiritual life of the campus,
                                                  8:30 p.m. after the vespers service,            can visit               at
and our mission is to ignite every student
                                                  providing space for students to build           » The Office of Ministry and Missions is
to be a missional leader by providing an
exceptional spiritual environment that
                                                  meaningful friendships, ask questions,          also partnering with student-focused             Embrace A Vocational Calling
                                                  share testimonies, and engage in music.         Adventist churches and facilitating              We empower students by identifying their
empowers each to:
                                                  » Fall Week of Prayer provides                  a connection between the local faith             unique talents and gifts to further God’s
 »   find identity and value in Jesus                                                                                                              calling in their lives. At Southern, students
                                                  students the opportunity to hear from           community and our students during
 »   belong to Jesus                                                                                                                               can take advantage of distinct resources
                                                  guest speakers to deepen their personal,        their time at Southern and beyond.
 »   embrace a vocational calling                                                                                                                  made available to them, including:
                                                  growing relationship with Jesus Christ.         We desire our students to experience a
 »   go where He leads
                                                  » Student Week of Prayer is held                vibrant faith through intergenerational faith     » PathwayU, a program offered by
   We serve students in a variety of ways         every spring semester and serves as an          communities and meaningful relationships.           Career Services that guides students
through the vice president for Spiritual Life,    opportunity for students to share with             Collegedale Church of Seventh-day                toward discovering purpose and
associate chaplain, assistant chaplain,           the campus community how God has                Adventists offers four Sabbath services             meaning while exploring majors and
director for Student Missions, and director       changed their lives.                            on the university’s campus. Times                   occupations that align with their
for Humanitarian Engagement. Together             » Any student can apply to be part of           and locations may change due to the                 interests, personality, values, and
with employees and departments across             the team of student leaders who minister        pandemic; details listed here represent             workplace preferences (see page 21
the campus, we provide opportunities for          to the student body through a variety of        normal circumstances:                               for more information).
every student to grow closer to Jesus.            spiritual initiatives, LifeGroups, and media      Adoration is a traditional worship              » CliftonStrengths, coordinated
   Located in the newly opened Bietz              ministries. Students may apply for open           service held in the main sanctuary                through Southern’s Center for Teaching
Center for Student Life on the campus             positions upon returning to campus after          at 9 a.m. You can view it online at               Excellence and Biblical Foundations of
promenade, we are committed to                    Christmas break by visiting                                        Faith and Learning, helps students to
journeying alongside our students.                                  Merge is a gospel-centered worship                assess and develop their greatest God-
Feel free to call us at 423.236.2787,                                                               service, planned and led by students,             given talents. For additional details,
                                                  » Individual spiritual counseling, Bible
email, or visit                                                               that meets at 11:45 a.m. in Lynn Wood             email or phone
                                                  studies, preparation for baptism, prayer,                                                                              Chapel.                                           423.236.2085.
                                                  and premarital counseling are also
                                                  available for all students.

24                    QUESTIONS ABOUT SPIRITUAL ENVIRONMENT                                                            QUESTIONS ABOUT SPIRITUAL ENVIRONMENT                                 25
Go Wherever God Leads                            » Humanitarian Engagement                      QUESTIONS ABOUT
                                                                                                RESIDENCE HALL LIFE
   Service changes people. Whether you             There are a variety of weekly
spend a few hours at a nursing home in             opportunities for students to serve
Chattanooga or teach Buddhist kids for             people in Southern’s local community.
10 months in Thailand, life gets better when       Student-led ministries seek to follow
you minister to humanity as the hands and          Christ’s method of meeting people’s
feet of Jesus.                                     needs, nurturing friendships, and            What are the residence hall policies?
   Southern encourages students to live            inviting them to experience the joy of
a countercultural faith through serving            a personal relationship with Jesus.             Southern is a residential university, and   Curfew
others. There are exciting opportunities           Some ministries and partnerships             single students under the age of 23 (who           Curfew in the residence halls is 11 p.m.,
for students in all areas of study to serve        include: Homeless Ministry, Feed My          are enrolled for more than three credit        Sunday through Friday, and 12 a.m. on
locally, domestically, and internationally for     Sheep Food Pantry, Caring for the            hours and do not live with parents or legal    Saturday, with grace periods (see page
a day, a week, or a year.                          Sick and Shut-ins, Refugee Support,          guardians) must live in the residence halls.   29). After those hours, the residence halls
                                                   and ministering to vulnerable women          Research confirms that students who            remain closed until 6 a.m. All outside
 » Soul-winning And Leadership Training
                                                   and children. Find more information at       reside on campus perform significantly         doors are locked during closed hours.
   Southern’s SALT program, offered
                                                                   better, with higher GPAs and graduation        Night check is conducted at closing time
   through a partnership with It Is Written,
                                                     Students also have the opportunity to      rates, enhanced social lives, and enriched     each evening. Students should have all
   provides students with hands-on
                                                   create, co-lead, and participate in short-   spiritual journeys.                            off-campus business concluded and cars
   experience giving Bible studies and
                                                   term mission trips globally. These Vision       Students living in campus housing,          parked prior to night check. It is each
   sharing their faith with others. Classes
                                                   Trips intentionally provide students         including residence halls and apartments,      student’s responsibility to get on check.
   are taken as a semester-long program
                                                   with a vision for how to integrate a         are strongly encouraged to purchase                If students can’t be in their residence
   (with academic credit available).
                                                   commitment to missions in their future       property insurance. This type of insurance     hall by closing time due to work, they
   For more information, visit
                                                   careers. The trips are typically during      covers student’s personal property—            must submit a petition form to the dean
                                                   Spring Break and early in the summer         electronics, clothing, textbooks, and          in charge of night check. Only with an
 » Evangelist Resource Center
                                                   months. Find more information at             furniture, among other items—in the event      approved petition are students exempt
   The ERC provides opportunities for
                                                                  of accidental damage or other unforseen        from night check violations.
   students to be involved in community
                                                 » Student Missions                             emergencies. For more information about            Once in the residence halls for curfew,
   service activities and preaching the
                                                   Since this program began in 1967,            property insurance, contact a residence        students must receive a dean’s permission
   gospel, regardless of academic major.
                                                   nearly 3,000 students have followed          hall dean.                                     if they need to leave before 6 a.m. This
   The ERC typically coordinates domestic
                                                   God’s calling and served around the             Moving into residence halls was by          permission must be obtained before the
   and international mission trips during
                                                   world. The Student Missions team             appointment-only last year, due to the         dean leaves for the night. Sign-outs are an
   March and May, including travel and
                                                   is eager to assist students through          pandemic. We are continuing this practice      exception, not a rule.
   lodging arrangements. The team also
                                                   the application, fundraising, and            after learning how the appointment
   assists with mentoring, training, and
                                                   training processes. While students are       method eliminated long waiting lines.
   fundraising for these trips. For more
                                                   serving in the field, they can expect           Students who plan to return to campus
   information, visit
                                                   to be supported through regular              for second semester will not need to
                                                   communications and care packages.            empty their rooms before leaving campus
                                                   A special task force is responsible          for Christmas break.
                                                   for reviewing and monitoring specific
                                                   opportunities for service as we continue
                                                   to navigate the pandemic. For more
                                                   information, visit

  26                    QUESTIONS ABOUT SPIRITUAL ENVIRONMENT                                                          QUESTIONS ABOUT RESIDENCE HALL LIFE                               27
Minor Curfew Violations                         Overnight Leaves                                 Night Check Summary
   Coming in after the grace period has             Any time students leave campus
                                                                                                     Student            Day         Curfew        Grace           Minor             Major
expired, but within an hour of curfew, is       overnight (even for a university-sponsored
                                                                                                     Under 21
considered a minor violation of the night       trip), an overnight leave is required.             and non-GPA      Sunday-Friday   11 p.m.     11:15 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                               11:16 p.m.-
                                                                                                                                                                               12:01 to 6 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                                 12 a.m.
check policy. Students are allowed five         Overnight leaves are now available to                privilege
minor violations without consequences.          students online through residencelife.            21 and over or
   Other night check irregularities, such Requests must be                    non-freshman        Sunday-
                                                                                                                                    12 a.m.       1 a.m.       1:01-2 a.m.      2:01 to 6 a.m.
                                                                                                    with 3.25+        Thursday
as an illegible sign-in, may be considered      approved before students leave campus.                 GPA
minor violations as well. A dean will inform    Parental approval may be required for any           Four-year
students of these situations.                   leave. Residents are expected to remain off         graduating
                                                                                                      seniors                       1 a.m.        none         1:01-2 a.m.      2:01 to 6 a.m.
                                                campus at all times during the dates listed                           Thursday
                                                                                                   (94+ hours)
Major Curfew Violations                         on the leave request. Violation of this policy       and 23+

  Major violations include:                     will result in the cancellation of the leave.       All residents
                                                                                                                                                               11:16 p.m.-
                                                                                                  (except seniors      Friday       11 p.m.     11:15 p.m.                     12:01 to 6 a.m.
 » coming in more than an hour late             If a leave must be canceled or the resident          and 23+)
                                                                                                                                                                 12 a.m.
 » being unaccounted for at night check         returns early from a leave, a dean should
 » signing out of the residence hall            be informed and the resident should be in          (94+ hours)         Friday       11 p.m.      12 a.m.       12:01-1 a.m.     1:01 to 6 a.m.
    without permission                          the residence hall by curfew.                        and 23+
 » six minor violations
                                                                                                   All residents      Saturday      12 a.m.       1 a.m.       1:01-2 a.m.      2:01 to 6 a.m.
  Major violations will result in the student   Standards of Behavior
being placed on restriction for one month          Students are expected to maintain a           NOTE: Students under 18 have even more specific regulations as minors. Contact a
and could result in a fine. If the student      Christian lifestyle that fosters maximum         residence hall dean for more information.
receives any additional major violations        spiritual, mental, physical, and social
during the same semester, he or she will        growth. Encouraged choices include:
be placed on probation for one month.            » engaging in prayer, Bible study, and          Do the residence halls have storage rooms?
                                                    Christian-service activities
                                                                                                    A storage room is located in the              in the storage room.
Late Leaves                                      » practicing good study habits
                                                 » selecting a balanced, nutritious diet         basement of each residence hall. During             All stored items must fit into a reserved
   Late leaves may be requested for the
                                                 » scheduling adequate periods of rest           the academic year, there is no charge for        bin and be labeled for shipping. Items
following reasons:
                                                 » participating in wholesome recreational       use of this facility, but during the summer      must be stored 18 inches below the
  » emergencies
                                                    and leisure activities                       there is a $45 charge, which may be              sprinkler pipes and ceiling.
  » special occasions
                                                 » relating responsibly and respectfully to      paid in cash or charged to the student’s            Residents who do not return at the end
  » out-of-town travel
                                                    others                                       account.                                         of the summer must make arrangements
   One late leave may be requested per
                                                   Behaviors that do not promote                    The residence halls do not assume             for their stored items to be sent to them
week for any night except Friday and
                                                Southern’s lifestyle and are expressly           responsibility for any articles placed in        within a 30-day period.
Saturday. Under normal circumstances,
                                                forbidden include: the use of alcoholic          the storage room. It is recommended                 Items left in the storage room for more
a late leave gives the resident one hour
                                                beverages, tobacco, and illicit drugs (visit     that students take out personal property         than 30 days beyond the arranged pick-
beyond curfew to be out of the residence
                                      ;              insurance for these items.                       up date or termination of residence hall
hall. Request forms are available at the
                                                gambling; dancing; attendance at                    Furniture, bicycles, empty cartons, and       status will be disposed of by residence hall
front desk and must be approved in
                                                entertainments that are spiritually or           auto parts (including tires) may not be held     personnel.
person by a dean; they may not be left
at the front desk for a dean.                   morally destructive; and improper sexual
   Should a student have an emergency           conduct. It is inappropriate for unmarried
                                                students to engage in sexual activities or
                                                                                                 Additional Questions
that keeps him or her from returning to
the residence hall by curfew, the student       sleep together.                                    For more information about residence hall life, view the complete Residential Life
should call and speak to the dean on duty.                                                       Handbook by visiting

28                      QUESTIONS ABOUT RESIDENCE HALL LIFE                                                                QUESTIONS ABOUT RESIDENCE HALL LIFE                               29
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