2021 Study Guide whitley.edu.au - Whitley College

2021 Study Guide whitley.edu.au - Whitley College

                           2021 Study Guide

  a college of the
universit y of divinit y
2021 Study Guide whitley.edu.au - Whitley College
From the Principal

Here it is: our 2021 Study Guide.             In Greek mythology the hope left in
Whether you are new to Whitley or are         Pandora’s box – the only thing remaining
a returning student, I believe you will       for human kind – did not symbolize
find a variety of high-quality units and      something positive. And yet, a lack of
programs that will prepare you for an         hope deregulates and creates anxiety
ever-wider variety of ministry, work and      and fear. It is not an easy call to live from
research. Check out individual units that     what has yet to come. Hope is in many
are of interest to you, or (in consultation   ways grounded beyond ourselves in the
with our Academic Dean) consider              source of all hope: God.
pursuing one of the available pathways
                                              I am confident that our 2021 offerings
that we offer.
                                              in theological education and formation
But if I may offer a word of advice:          begin from a broad global perspective.
make sure, whatever you choose, it            Reflecting on Matthew 12:21, it is
shapes your own narrative of hope or          absolutely clear to me that our focus
contributes to hopeful action around          must be that people, communities and
you. Because if there is one thing we         even nations put their hope in the name
need today, it is hope. We need to            of Jesus Christ. Our hope is not based
be able to stretch our arms out to            on fatalism. We will actively support you          May the God of hope fill you with
something or someone. That is what            in all our classes, lectures, writing and          all joy and peace as you trust in
makes us human. In our times of fires,        research, to help you shape this horizon           him, so that you may overflow
floods, COVID-19, abuses of power,            of hope for those in your contexts, as             with hope by the power of the
BLM protests, loneliness and the              you grow yourself in faith, hope and               Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13)
fragmentation of life, we need hope.          love.
Hope for better circumstances. Hope
                                              Therefore, I am thrilled to offer you this
for a future. Hope for better lives and
                                              2021 Study Guide! Choose well! And as
relationships. Hope anticipates a reality
                                              we learn and grow together, may the
that does not yet exist and so it might
                                              words of the Apostle Paul be our guide:         Rev Professor René Erwich
seem a risky enterprise to hope at all.

2 | 2021 Study Guide
2021 Study Guide whitley.edu.au - Whitley College

About       5   Welcome to Whitley College      Discover   24 Student Directed Options
Whitley     6   Why choose Whitley?             more       25 Course Planning

            7   Where to Begin …                           26 Specialist Programs

                                                           27 Partner Programs

                                                           28 Vocational Pathways
Units       8   Biblical Languages
                                                           30 Course Map
available   9   Old Testament
                                                           33 Undergraduate Diplomas
in 2021
            10 New Testament                               34 Postgraduate Coursework
            11 Biblical Studies
                                                           36 Postgraduate Higher Degrees
            12 Christian Thought                              by Research

            13 Church History                              38 Overseas Students

            14 Pastoral Theology and Ministry              39 Fees

            16 Pastoral and Spiritual Care                 40 How to Apply

            17 Reflective Practice Units

            18 Intercultural Studies

            20 Spirituality

            22 Spiritual Direction

            23 The Arts and Theology

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2021 Study Guide whitley.edu.au - Whitley College
Grounded in the story of Jesus Christ
     and committed to faithful living
   and practical expressions of God’s
  activity in the world, Whitley College
    is a culturally diverse community
         of learners in theology.

  Shaped by the Bible, and informed by
  our Baptist heritage, we engage with
contemporary challenges of churches and
 the world by equipping people through
    theological studies and research
     for various contexts of service.
2021 Study Guide whitley.edu.au - Whitley College
Welcome to Whitley College

Our Vision                                      Forming Christian disciples in faith,         Who studies at Whitley?
For more than 130 years Whitley College         hope and love                                 People study at Whitley for a variety of
has been forming men and women for              From diploma to doctoral level, our           reasons—preparing for pastoral or other
Christian life and service. Through rigorous    courses serve to equip leaders who will       Christian leadership, exploring questions
engagement with the biblical narrative and      change the world through the church’s         of faith or vocation, integrating their
its application to local and global contexts,   mission and ministry.                         faith and daily life, developing a fresh
Whitley College has created an adaptive                                                       approach to mission, returning to study
                                                Some of Whitley’s emphases are:
learning environment that is relevant for,                                                    while in Christian service and engaging in
and consistent with, Christian living, both      	An open evangelical stance.                scholarly theological research. Whitley’s
within churches and faith communities and        	Reading the Bible responsibly.             commitment is to enable every person
beyond.                                          	Exploring the radical gospel demands       to move forward in response to God’s
                                                   of Christian discipleship.                 unique call upon their life.
Drawing from this foundation, Whitley
continues to shape responsible theological       	Commitment to the church, within           We strongly encourage every student
learning and reflection, focused on the            a Baptist tradition.                       to see their study as the reflective part
complex interaction between culture,             	Reflecting on action as a central          of a life of action and commitment.
church and faithful living. The experience of      learning method.                           Integration of faith and life is the key.
studying theology at Whitley integrates our:
                                                 	Situating theology in our personal story   We trust that your time at Whitley will
•	Knowing – authentic theological                 and social context.                        be a period of challenge and growth in
   understanding                                                                              which you sense God’s leading into
                                                 	Furthering the full participation
•	Being – personal formation and growth           of women and men in Christian              mission and ministry.
•	Doing – responsible living.                     leadership.

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2021 Study Guide whitley.edu.au - Whitley College
Why choose Whitley?

We believe theological                        >	Find a level appropriate to your           >	O verseas students are welcome
                                                 own stage of life: Diploma, Bachelor,         Study with Whitley from anywhere in
formation involves all of life,
                                                 Graduate Diploma, Masters, Doctorate          the world with our selection of online
demanding both academic                          or take a single class not-for-credit.        classes, or apply to study full-time at
rigour and a commitment                                                                        Whitley under an overseas student visa.
                                              >	Strong research culture, with Whitley
to discipleship.                                 being a leading research College in
                                                                                               Note early application dates and specific
                                                                                               entry requirements apply, including
                                                 the University of Divinity. Research
                                                                                               those related to English language.
We offer programs that integrate practice        graduates are applying their learning
and theory across a range of theological         in diverse settings – inside the church    >	Pathways tailored to suit particular
disciplines.                                     and in the wider community – in               groups:
                                                 Australia and overseas                       •	TransFormation for non-English
There are many good reasons to study
at Whitley:                                   >	Flexible study options: day, weekend            speaking background students
                                                 or evening classes, online or via live       •	NEXT for 18–25 year-old emerging
  Accredited diplomas and degrees
                                                 streaming, part-time or full-time, whole        adults
  awarded by the University of Divinity
                                                 semester units or intensive modules.         •	BaseCamp internship at Camp
  are highly respected within Australia and
                                              >	Diverse student body: women and                 Wilkin, Anglesea, combining outdoor
  overseas. Many graduates have gone on
                                                 men, lay students and ordinands,                education and ministry
  to further studies within Australia and
  around the world.                              students from all denominations,             •	NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning
                                                 Australian and international students,          Community exploring theology
  A complete range of theological
                                                 young and mature students, and from             from an Indigenous perspective.
  studies: biblical languages, biblical
                                                 diverse cultural backgrounds.
  studies, church history, systematic                                                         •	WellSpring for those seeking to be
  theology, pastoral care, mission            >	A Baptist College in an ecumenical              formed as Spiritual Directors.
  and evangelism, spirituality, worship,         context: study selected units at other
  ethics, Christian education and                Colleges of the University of Divinity
  supervised field education.                    and include them in your degree.

  Highly qualified and respected faculty:     > A
                                                 ffordable: Australian citizens and
  who contribute to the theological             holders of a permanent humanitarian
  conversation through publications and         visa may defer the payment of fees
  research, as well as quality teaching and     through the FEE-HELP loan scheme.
  practical ministry engagement.                Eligible students can also receive
                                                Austudy (student living allowance).

6 | 2021 Study Guide
2021 Study Guide whitley.edu.au - Whitley College
find       Contact Dorothy Morgan
Where to begin …
                                                                                                                  (03) 9340 8100

If you are unsure where to                    1.	Identify your interests. Begin your        3.	Submit an application. Download and
                                                 journey by identifying your interests,         complete the relevant admission form,
begin, we would love to meet
                                                 motivations and goals. Looking through         following the instructions carefully.
you, learn about your areas of                   this Study Guide is a great first step!        Submit the completed form(s), together
interest and together identify a                 Consider how many units you can                with supporting documentation (either

possible starting point for your                 manage, whether you would prefer to            originals or certified copies) to the
                                                 study in-person or online, and whether         registrar before the relevant closing
studies.                                         you wish to work towards an award.             date.

                                              2. Talk to us. We’d love to hear what
                                                 you’re thinking and help you determine
                                                 the best path forward. To set up an
                                                 appointment, contact our office on (03)
                                                 9340 8100 or email whitley@whitley.

Foundation units provide an accessible entry point into each of the following areas of study. Foundation units are identified with a
star in the pages that follow.

Sources                                       Beliefs                                        Practices

 Biblical Languages                             Christian Thought                              Pastoral and Spiritual Care

 Old Testament                                  Church History                                 Pastoral Theology and Ministry

 New Testament                                                                                 Intercultural Studies

 Biblical Studies                                                                              Spirituality / Spiritual Direction

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2021 Study Guide whitley.edu.au - Whitley College
find           Contact Dorothy Morgan
  Biblical Languages
                                                                                                                                          (03) 9340 8100

 English for Theological Studies                   Introduction to Biblical Hebrew                          New Testament Greek A
  Joyce Choi, Lynne Dyer                              Megan Turton                                             Stephen Field
  A good way for students for whom                    Delve into the Old Testament narrative                   Delve into the basic grammar and
  English is a second language to learn the           and experience the richness of the text                  vocabulary of the language in which
  language of theology.                               by learning the basics of the original                   the New Testament was first written.
                                                      language it was written in.

  UG AL1003W    INT   or   SEM 1                       UG AL1011W     PG AL8011W        SEM 1    DAY           UG AL1002W         PG AL8002W        SEM 1   DAY

                                                                                                               + ONLINE

 Introduction to Biblical                            New Testament Greek B                                    Ruth (Biblical Hebrew Part 2)
                                                      Stephen Field                                            Megan Turton
  Megan Turton, Stephen Field                         Develop your Greek translation skills                    Continue to develop your Hebrew
  Learn basic skills in biblical Hebrew and           further in this advanced unit, which                     language skills through a focused
  New Testament Greek, which will enable              builds on the skills acquired in New                     study of the book of Ruth. Reading the
  you to utilise language tools within                Testament Greek A.                                       narrative through the original language
  commentaries and other resources.                                                                            will enrich your understanding.

  UG AL1005W    PG AL8005W         SEM 2   NIGHT       UG AL1012W      PG AL9012W        SEM 2   DAY           UG BA2010W         PG BA8010W       SEM 2    DAY
                                                       + ONLINE

  8 | 2021 Study Guide             KE Y DIP Diploma level UG Undergraduate level   PG   Postgraduate level   SEM 1   Semester 1   SEM 2    Semester 2 INT Intensive
Old Testament

 Introducing the Hebrew Bible                       Land and Place                                           Jeremiah
  Mark Brett                                         Mark Brett                                               Merryl Blair
  Consider the history and diversity of              Explore two of the most central themes                   Critically examine the book of Jeremiah,
  the Old Testament, particularly in                 in Old Testament theology, and relate                    paying particular attention to theological
  relation to key themes like creation,              these to contemporary struggles today.                   themes within the book (such as justice
  covenant, government, suffering,                                                                            and righteousness, loyal love, knowledge
  ethnicity, and hope.                                                                                        of God, divine suffering) and ecological
                                                                                                              themes, and consider the relevance of
                                                                                                              these themes within current ‘prophetic
                                                     * Unit previously called Promised Land and Exile         voices’.

  UG BA1001W      PG BA8001W      SEM 2   NIGHT       UG BA3004W       PG BA9004W        SEM 1     NIGHT       UG BA2007W          UG BA3007W   PG BA9007W
   + ONLINE                                            + ONLINE                                                SEM 2

  The Psalms and their Theologies
  Christaan Erwich
  Examines the book of Psalms within
  Israel’s historical, social and cultic
  environment and the broader Ancient
  Near East context. Examine how the
  Psalms have been woven into the fabric
  of Christian worship, and consider
  their continued influence in our
  contemporary world.

  UG BA2030W      UG BA3030W      PG BA9030W


  KE Y DAY Day Class NIGHT Night Class SAT Saturday Class    Location WS WellSpring     + ONLINE   Available Online    Foundation Unit   whitley.edu.au | 9
find     Contact Dorothy Morgan
 New Testament
                                                                                                             (03) 9340 8100

 Interpreting the New Testament            The Spirit and the Church                    Revelation
 David Janssen                              Siu Fung Wu                                  Keith Dyer
 Experience the insights and limitations    Develop an understanding of the work         Explore the first-century context of this
 of different ways of reading and           and roles of the Holy Spirit as expressed    remarkable text as a basis for reading
 analysing selected New Testament texts,    in the New Testament, and discuss the        Revelation responsibly and ask how it
 with a focus on doing interpretation.      implications of that work for the life of    still might challenge and transform our
                                            the church today.                            lives today.

  UG BN1001W     UG BN2001W   PG BN8001W    DIP     UG BN0120W     SEM 1   NIGHT         UG BN3042W     PG BN9042W    SEM 1   NIGHT

  SEM 1   DAY   + ONLINE                                                                 + ONLINE

 Mark: Narratives of the Cross              Romans: Suffering & Justice
 Marco Rotman                               Siu Fung Wu

 Experience the challenges of a thorough    Explore Romans from the perspective
 study of Mark’s Gospel. This is the        of the poor and enslaved in Rome in the
 Gospel of following Jesus ‘on the way’     first century.
 to the ‘other side’, containing the most
 vivid and instructive story of the joys
 and failures of discipleship in the New

  UG BN3001W     PG BN9001W   INT           UG BN2033W        UG BN3033W    PG BN9033W

                                            SEM 2     NIGHT    + ONLINE

 10 | 2021 Study Guide
Biblical Studies

Use of the Bible in Ethics
Mark Brett, Keith Dyer
How does the Bible inform our ethical
lives and struggles today? Consider,
including through case studies, the
diversity of biblical material related
to particular ethical topics and
examine similarities and differences
between biblical cultures and our own
multicultural context.

 UG BS3020W    PG BS9020W    SEM 2   DAY

                                           whitley.edu.au | 11
Christian Thought

 Beginning Theological Studies             Suffering, Faith and Theodicy                 Conversations: Interdisciplinary
                                                                                           Theological Perspectives on
 Jason Goroncy                              Jason Goroncy
                                                                                           Contemporary Issues
 What is theology? What is theology for?    History is haunted by questions of evil
 How is theology even possible? How do      and suffering, such as ‘Why?’ and ‘How        Darrell Jackson, John Flett
 we do theology? You are invited to begin   long?’. Responses to such questions           Delve into hot-button cultural, social and
 to think more responsibly, deeply and      typically take the form of theodicy.          political issues, and observe how various
 constructively about God and the world.    Critically examine some of these              frameworks (including hermeneutical,
                                            questions and responses, and explore          systematic and philosophical methods)
                                            what faith can and must say in the face       shape the way these topics are
                                            of suffering.                                 contested in the public sphere.

  UG CT1001W      UG CT2001W   PG CT8001W   UG CT3029W      PG CT9029W   SEM 1    DAY      UG AR1000P   PG AR8000P      INT

 Lives of Faith: Biography as               Creation
                                            Jason Goroncy, Darrell Jackson
 Frank Rees                                 What do we mean when we talk
 Study the lives, actions and theological   about creation? Discover the various
 work of a number of scholars and           theological, biblical, pastoral, and
 leaders, and consider what insights        missiological understandings of creation
 we might derive for understanding our      and consider how these might inform
 own lives and faith.                       the way we understand and interact
                                            with the natural world.

  UG CT2033W      UG CT3033W   PG CT9033W    UG CT3039W     PG CT9039W    SEM 2    DAY

 12 | 2021 Study Guide
find       Contact Dorothy Morgan
Church History
                                                                                                             (03) 9340 8100

 Baptist Identity                           The Story of Christianity (Part 1)  The Story of Christianity (Part 2)
 Marita Munro                                Marita Munro                               Marita Munro
 Explore the origins of what Baptists        Explore the events, personalities, ideas   Explore the personalities, ideas
 believe and how this affects what they      and discoveries that shaped the church     and revolutions that have shaped
 do and how they do it.                      from the time of Jesus through to the      the church since the Reformation.
                                             Middle Ages.

 UG CH3004W     PG CH9004W   SEM 1   DAY     UG CH1011W     UG CH2011W   PG CH8011W     UG CH1012W     UG CH2012W     PG CH8012W

  + ONLINE                                   SEM 1   DAY   + ONLINE                     SEM 2   DAY   + ONLINE

                                                                                                                 whitley.edu.au | 13

Foundations in Pastoral                Writing Well                                Practical Leadership for Pastoral
Supervision                                                                         Ministry
                                        Paul Mitchell, Jason Goroncy
Anne Mallaby                            Explore techniques and practices that       Lynn Moresi
Develop your skills as a supervisor     will help you reach a wide range of         Engage with the practical aspects of
to students preparing for ordination    audiences through the written word,         day-to-day ministry, paying particular
and those in pastoral ministry.         and pick up practical tips and tricks for   attention to communication skills,
                                        writing high-quality essays, sermons,       leading teams, identifying and
                                        opinion pieces, event promotions and        encouraging gifts, intergenerational and
                                        much more.                                  intercultural ministry, strategic planning/
                                                                                    time management and self-care.

PG DP9077W     INT                       UG AL1020W   PG AL8020W     SEM 1   DAY    UG DP2046W      UG DP3046W    PG DP9046W
                                         + ONLINE                                   SEM 1   NIGHT

14 | 2021 Study Guide
find      Contact Dorothy Morgan
                                                                                                 out       (03) 9340 8100

Rural Ministry                                Living the Faith                         Worship 3.0
Geoff Leslie                                   Lynn Moresi                              René Erwich
Interact with and observe agricultural         Make the connection between your         Consider the various theological
life as a basis for theological reflection     story and your theology, between who     foundations and lived practices of
the land, social and family life, the          you are and what you believe.            worship and liturgy in a changing
environment and economics in a rural                                                    cultural context. Look at recent and
setting. Explore needs, opportunities                                                   broader developments in liturgical
and appropriate models for ministry                                                     theology and relate them to current
in rural Australia, including in times of                                               worship practices in Baptist and
natural disaster.                                                                       evangelical churches.

UG DM3710W      PG DM9710W     + ONLINE        UG DA1001W    PG DA8001W   SEM 2   DAY   UG DL3040W    PG DL9040W    SEM 2   DAY
SEM 1                                          + ONLINE

A Toolbox for Ethical Pastoral
Lynn Moresi
Critically examine the responsibilities of
pastoral leaders with a view to forming
practices which are healthy, life-giving
and ethical.

UG DP3014W     PG DP9014W     SEM 2   DAY

                                                                                                              whitley.edu.au | 15
Pastoral and
  Spiritual Care

Dementia, Palliative Care,                  Wellbeing @ Home
End-of-Life Care: Integration,
                                            Francesca Nuzzolese
Reflection and Advanced
Practice                                    Consider the practice of ministry within
                                            households and communal contexts,
Lynn Moresi                                 drawing on recent theological and
Explore the nature and practice of          social literature, and discover the social
pastoral care in the context of dementia,   and spiritual aspects of the life cycle,
pallative care and end-of-life care.        particularly children, adolescence,
                                            marriage and singleness.

                                            * Requires use of Zoom

PG DP9029W     SEM 1   DAY                  UG DP3037W      PG DP9037W   SEM 2   NIGHT

  16 | 2021 Study Guide
find          Contact Dorothy Morgan
Reflective Practice Units
                                                                                                                             (03) 9340 8100

Supervised Theological                            Supervised Theological                            Supervised Theological
Field Education Foundations                       Field Education Advanced                          Field Education Capstone
Asher Kirby                                       Asher Kirby                                       Anne Mallaby
Reflect with a group of peers and                 Continue reflecting with a group of               Complete the unit Supervised
work on the way your personality                  peers on your ministry experience and             Theological Field Education Advanced
and strengths impact your ministry.               develop greater awareness of how your             as the integrative Capstone
This unit requires an approved ministry           personality and strengths impact your             requirement in your Masters degree.
placement of at least 16 hours per week.          ministry.

UG DP3067W       PG DP9067W         SEM 1   DAY   UG DP3069W         PG DP9069W       SEM 1   DAY   PG XP9069W       SEM 1     DAY   or   SEM 2   DAY
                                                  or   SEM 2   DAY                                  As arranged

Clinical Pastoral Education                       Clinical Pastoral Education                       Clinical Pastoral Education
Level 1                                           Level 2                                           (Specialist)
Context supervisor                                Context supervisor                                Context supervisor
Using an action-reflection model of               This advanced level of CPE extends                Building on previous CPE studies, this
learning, CPE involves the provision              the skills introduced in CPE Level 1              unit allows the student to extend their
of pastoral care within a particular              and assures candidates of competency              skills into specialized contexts, such as
context and alongside various levels of           in all four phases of the experiential            aged care, mental health, palliative care
supervision for personal and theological          cycle of learning. This unit requires             and rehabilitation, community-based
formation. This unit requires a formal            a formal clinical placement.                      care, criminal justice, schools or the
clinical placement.                                                                                 military. This unit requires a formal clinical
UG DP9100S       PG DP9100S                       UG DP9273S         PG DP9273S                     UG DP9170S      PG DP9170S

As arranged in clinical placement                 As arranged in clinical placement                 As arranged in clinical placement

                                                                                                                                whitley.edu.au | 17
Intercultural Studies

 Culture and Language for                          Introduction to Strategic                    Global Experience: An Extended
  Cross-cultural Engagement                          Mission                                      Culture and Language Exercise
 Ian Dicks                                          Ian Dicks                                     Ian Dicks
 Develop the necessary skills for learning          Explore what is involved in sharing           A six-week hands-on program in which
 another language and understanding                 the gospel with different socio-cultural-     you begin to learn another language,
 another culture. This unit will assist             religious communities in ways that            engage with people of another culture
 anyone wanting to engage in cross-                 are culturally appropriate and effective      and participate in cross-cultural
 cultural work or foster relationships with         in leading to the establishment of            ministry. Requires prior completion of
 new migrants in the Australian context             Indigenous communities of faith.              Culture and Language for Cross-cultural
 and help them settle and grow their                                                              Engagement.
 English skills.

  UG DM1005W      UG DM2005W          PG DM8005W     UG DM1019W      UG DM2019W      PG DM8019W   UG DM3008W       PG DM9008W      INT
  INT   As arranged with supervisor                  INT     Dates and location negotiated by       Dates and location negotiated by
                                                           arrangement with Global Interaction    arrangement with Global Interaction

 18 | 2021 Study Guide
find      Contact Dorothy Morgan
                                                                                               out       (03) 9340 8100

Cultural Intelligence:                      Mission in the Australian                 Christian Leadership in a
Competence for Life, Work and               Context                                   Culturally and Linguistically
Ministry in a Multicultural World                                                     Diverse Context
                                            Ian Dicks
Ian Dicks                                   How does our presentation of the          Meewon Yang, Marc Chan

Learn and explore the complex factors       gospel reflect our Australian context?    Explore what it means to minister in
associated with cultural intelligence,      Examine the relationship of gospel and    culturally and linguistically diverse
which are necessary for appropriate         culture, mission theory and practice      modern-day Australia and uncover a
and effective ministry in culturally        by exploring dimensions of Christian      multicultural vision for the Kingdom
diverse contexts.                           mission in Australian contexts.           of God.

UG DM3060W    PG DM9060W    SEM 1   NIGHT   UG DM2051W      UG DM3051W   PG DM9051W   UG DM2007W    UG DM3007W     PG DM9007W

                                            SEM 2   NIGHT                             SEM 2   DAY

                                                                                                             whitley.edu.au | 19

Mapping the Soul with the               Art of Contemplative Practice 1                   Engaging Groups in Creative
Enneagram                                                                                  Contemplation
                                         Peter Bentley, Ann Lock
Peter Bentley, Ann Lock                  Study the foundational principles                 Christopher Page
This unit explores the relationship      of contemplation and its relevance                Focussing on the principles and
between a person’s identity and their    to our life, work and ministry contexts.          practices that lead to spiritual growth
spirituality through the Enneagram       The formation program will draw on                and authentic action, this unit will
personal mapping system.                 the various contemplative elements of             critique both the work of Parker J.
                                         inner silence, solitude, Sabbath, prayer,         Palmer and the contemplative group
                                         listening, discernment and the human              approach to spiritual development.
                                         experience of God.

 PG DS9208W    SEM 1    INT               PG DS9201W       WS   SEM 1   INT                 PG DS9207W       WS   SEM 1   INT

                                            WellSpring Centre, Ashburton and residential     WellSpring Centre, Ashburton and residential
                                         retreat offsite                                   retreat offsite

20 | 2021 Study Guide
find       Contact Dorothy Morgan
                                                                                                          out        (03) 9340 8100

Spiritual Formation: Shaping                   Art of Contemplative Practice 2                   Spirituality Transforming Life
the Teachers and Leaders of
                                               Peter Bentley, Ann Lock                           Roslyn Wright
                                               Building on the foundation of Art                 Who are you? How can you grow to
Peter Bentley, Ann Lock                        of Contemplative Practice 1, explore              become the person God is calling you
Investigate how the concepts of spirituality   the various forms or stages of                    to be? What will help you to discern
and spiritual formation impacts the            contemplation relating to the shifts              God’s will?
practice of ministry. Explore themes of        in awareness of a person’s relationship
formational learning as applied within         with God.
a range of learning contexts and the
implications for practitioners.

PG DS9030W      WS   SEM 2   INT                PG DS9202W       WS   SEM 2   INT                UG DS3008W      PG DS9008W   SEM 2   NIGHT

  WellSpring Centre, Ashburton                    WellSpring Centre, Ashburton and residential
                                               retreat offsite

                                                                                                                        whitley.edu.au | 21
find        Contact Dorothy Morgan
  Spiritual Direction
                                                                                                               (03) 9340 8100

 Art of Spiritual Direction 1               Art of Spiritual Direction 2                Art of Spiritual Direction 3
  Peter Bentley and team                     Peter Bentley and team                      Peter Bentley and team
  Introduces the ministry of spiritual       Builds on the learning done in Art of       Explores significant theological and
  direction in theory and in practice, and   Spiritual Direction 1. Practical work and   psychological issues in spiritual direction
  provides a context in which to test a      supervision continue at a deeper level.     as well as the student’s developing
  sense of call to this ministry.                                                        sense of call to this ministry.

  PG DD8202W      WS    INT                  PG DD8203W      WS   INT                    PG DD9204W       WS   INT

    WellSpring Centre, Ashburton.              WellSpring Centre, Ashburton.               WellSpring Centre, Ashburton.
  Unit extends across Semester 1 & 2         Unit extends across Semester 1 & 2          Unit extends across Semester 1 & 2

  22 | 2021 Study Guide
The Arts
and Theology

Film as Reflective Practice                  The God of Fiction
Mia Kafieris                                 Paul Mitchell, Jason Goroncy
Consider what it means to be human           Explore Christian themes and content
and to be in relationship with others,       through critical and theological
the Divine, creation, culture and society,   engagement with novels, short stories
through film.Cinema reflects societal        and poetry.
conceptions of what it means to be
human, the problems we are facing, the
solutions that are being proposed and
the dissonance between them.

UG DP3018W        SEM1   SAT                 UG CT3038W     PG CT9038W      INT

Available to Postgraduate students as a
Supervised Reading Unit

                                                                                     whitley.edu.au | 23
Student Directed

Capstone                                    Supervised Reading Unit                    Minor Thesis
A Capstone Unit draws together the          Students select a question to consider     Students can engage in a major research
student’s learning throughout their         and draw together readings and             essay as part of their postgraduate
award. Working under supervision, the       resources that discover a response in      award. The Minor Thesis is a 16,000
student reads, researches and reflects      an 8,000 word essay at Postgraduate        word research paper supervised by
on the theological resources that have      level and a 5,000 word essay at            a faculty member and is a pathway to
informed their study. A Capstone Unit is    Undergraduate level. This unit is          higher degree by research awards.
completed in the final year of a Bachelor   supervised by a faculty member
or Masters award.                           appropriate to the field of exploration.

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find       Contact Dorothy Morgan
Course Planning
                                                                                                                   (03) 9340 8100

Students who study at Whitley                    Pathways are mapped out for each             NEXT is designed for young adults who
                                                 individual student, choosing units and       have finished secondary school, and can
have opportunities to continue
                                                 degrees which reflect your own goals for     become the first step on a pathway towards
their studies through to the                     study. A wide range of degrees, diplomas     a Bachelor Degree.
highest level.                                   and single subjects is available. Almost
                                                                                              Direct entry into Bachelor level programs
                                                 all of these pathways intersect, so you
                                                                                              is also available to those who have
The decision about which study option            can begin in one area and articulate your
                                                                                              successfully completed their Victorian
is right for you is in part a matter of          studies towards another.
                                                                                              Certificate of Education, or equivalent.
discernment. Together, we will consider          Diploma-level programs provide a good        For those with a previous degree, a wide
what is best for you to be doing, in light       entry point for those entering tertiary      range of postgraduate courses is available.
of your gifts, calling and interests, together   study for the first time.
with possible future areas of service or                                                      Whitley has successfully supported many
leadership.                                      The TransFormation program is a good         students to work their way through to
                                                 starting point for Church leaders from all   higher level qualifications, including Masters
                                                 denominations of non-English speaking        research awards and PhDs.

                                                                                                                       whitley.edu.au | 25
Specialist Programs

We offer a number of specialised
options where cohorts of                                                             TransFormation
students journey together
through their studies. These
communities of learning
are embedded in the larger
community of Whitley.

                                   Your future is not a destination, it’s a      The TransFormation program provides
                                   direction. Where are you going NEXT?          training for church leaders who serve
                                                                                 in all denominations and whose first
                                   NEXT is a unique experience of spiritual
                                                                                 language is not English.
                                   formation and personal development
                                   tailor-made for emerging and young adults.    It combines study, spiritual growth,
                                                                                 worship and community experience
                                   NEXT is designed for post-high school
                                                                                 which are essential in the formation of
                                   students (18–25 years old) in transition
                                                                                 Christian leaders. It is designed to help
                                   between whatever is now to whatever
                                                                                 people overcome the obstacles of time,
                                   is… well… next. NEXT develops faith
                                                                                 money and language that have previously
                                   through carefully structured experiences
                                                                                 prevented them from attending existing
                                   of spirituality, academic study, cultural
                                                                                 courses of college study.
                                   discernment, purposeful living and justice-
                                   seeking opportunities.                        Lectures and tutorial groups are offered
                                                                                 around a community lunch, encompassing
                                                                                 theology, evangelism and mission, worship
                                                                                 and preaching, pastoral care, biblical
                                                                                 studies and church leadership
                                                                                 and administration.

26 | 2021 Study Guide
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Partner Programs
                                                                                                                       (03) 9340 8100

BaseCamp is a 12 month live-in program          Whitley works in partnership with                A unique opportunity to study the
with a focus on equipping young people          WellSpring, an ecumenical spirituality           Bible, theology and ministry from an
with leadership qualities, life skills and      centre, to provide accredited units in           Indigenous perspective, taught by
tertiary qualifications.                        spirituality and spiritual direction.            Indigenous scholars.

Develop a clear picture about your future       WellSpring’s focus is on fostering a             In these units, you are invited to:
God-given calling, all while living, working,   contemplative awareness of the presence          >	Learn about the Bible when reading
studying, and having a bunch of fun at          of God and encouraging people to explore            it using the insights of an Indigenous
Camp Wilkin in Anglesea.                        what this means for them in all of life.            perspective
The internship is a partnership between         Our spirituality and spiritual direction units   >	Discover perspectives on history and
Baptist Camping Victoria, Go Tafe, and          invite you towards a deeper awareness of            church history from the experience and
Whitley College. Over the course of the         God’s presence in everyday life, provide            perspective of Indigenous peoples
year the Interns will study and attain a        pathways for spiritual discernment and           >	Engage in the process of doing theology
Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation, as well   formation, and encourage reflective                 led by Indigenous Scholars
as complete five of eight units towards a       engagement with issues such as justice,
                                                                                                 >	Reflect on the implications for ministry
Diploma in Theology. The interns will also      peace, interfaith understanding,
                                                                                                   practice, not only amongst Indigenous
be presented with opportunities for gaining     reconciliation and care for creation.
                                                                                                   communities but in all of our church
additional certificates and qualifications in
                                                                                                   and ministry contexts
Wilderness First Aid, and Surf Lifesaving
Bronze Medallion.

                                                                                                                          whitley.edu.au | 27
Vocational Pathways

Studying theology creates                          At Whitley, we offer these pathways that               and awards. These examples are offered
                                                   support your formational and educational               in Masters awards, but study can be done
pathways into further
                                                   journey to serve in various ways. The                  at Undergraduate levels, including
service and ministry                               following pathways are possible study                  Diploma and Bachelor awards.
                                                   pathways, with optional selections

church-based minis tr y                      Sample pathway structure

     Intro to a Biblical Language         Advanced Biblical Language
                                                                                Introducing the Hebrew Bible          Interpreting the New Testament
          (Greek or Hebrew)                   (Greek or Hebrew)

       Biblical Studies Elective            Biblical Studies Elective               Biblical Studies Elective          Beginning Theological Studies

                                            Church: The Quest for                     Story of Christianity
            Who is Jesus?                                                                                                      Baptist Identity
                                            Christian Community                           (Part 1 or 2)

      Foundations of Spiritual                                                       A Toolbox for Ethical              The Multicultural Church, or
        and Pastoral Care                                                            Pastoral Leadership                    Cultural Intelligence

       Supervised Theological               Supervised Theological
          Field Education                  Field Education Capstone

spiritual direc tor                  Sample pathway structure

  Introducing the Hebrew Bible**                               Art of Spiritual Direction 1                            Art of Contemplative Practice 1

                                            Foundations of Spiritual
  Beginning Theological Studies**                                                                     Art of Spiritual Direction 2
                                              and Pastoral Care

   Art of Contemplative Practice 2                             Art of Spiritual Direction 3                                          Capstone

** With a spirituality subgroup

28 | 2021 Study Guide
find         Contact Dorothy Morgan
                                                                                                                           out          (03) 9340 8100

intercultural worker                       Sample pathway structure

    Introducing the Hebrew Bible           Interpreting the New Testament           Reading Scripture Interculturally         Beginning Theological Studies

      Introduction to Strategic                                                     Culture and Language for Cross-              Understanding Different
                                                  Cultural Intelligence
              Mission                                                                       cultural Ministry                       World Religions

                                                                                      Supervised Theological Field            Supervised Theological Field
                              Global Experience
                                                                                              Education                          Education Capstone

Other units available that can fit this award include: Mission in the Australian Context, Global Mission Today, Baptist Identity, and Biblical and Pastoral units

pas toral and spiritual carer                              Sample pathway structure

                                                                                                                                 Foundations of Spiritual
  Introducing the Hebrew Bible **          Interpreting the New Testament            Beginning Theological Studies
                                                                                                                                   and Pastoral Care

                                                                                     Sociology and Environment in
    Pastoral and Spiritual Care in                 Foundations in                                                               Advanced Listening Skills
                                                                                      the Practice of Spiritual Care
      Suffering, Grief and Loss                  Pastoral Supervision                                                                 (or similar)
                                                                                               (or similar)

  ** With a spirituality subgroup

  Option 1

    Leadership, Supervision and
                                               Dementia, Palliative Care              Supervised Theological Field            Supervised Theological Field
    Management in Pastoral and
                                                and End-of-Life Care                          Education                          Education Capstone
      Spiritual Care (or similar)

  Option 2

     Clinical Pastoral Education              Clinical Pastoral Education                                   Research – Minor Thesis

                                                                                                                                            whitley.edu.au | 29
Course Map

                                        undergraduate diplomas & degrees

                                 Successful completion of Victorian Certificate of Education, or equivalent

                                                                                                         Bachelor of Theology
                                                                                                       24 units • 3 years full time
            Diploma in Theology                       Advanced Diploma in Theology
          8 units • 1 year full time                    16 units • 2 years full time
                                                                                                          Bachelor of Ministry
                                                                                                       24 units • 3 years full time

                                                     specialis t programs

                                 Successful completion of Victorian Certificate of Education, or equivalent*

             TransFormation                                       NEX T                                     Baptist Camping
           10 Saturday sessions                         3 days per week for 1 year                         Victoria Internship
           per year over 3 years                                                                         1 year live-in program
                                                         Open to 18–25 year olds
        Open to mature-age people                          (post-high school)                            Open to 18–23 year olds
         from a LOT E background.                                                                          (post-high school)
                                                       Complete all 8 units to achieve
            *Special entry option
                                                         a Diploma in Theology                          Study contributes towards
        Study can contribute towards                                                                     a Diploma in Theology
           a Diploma in Theology

30 | 2021 Study Guide
pos t graduate coursework

                                                            Bachelor Degree
                                         (Any discipline from a recognised University or College)

                     Graduate Certificate in Theology                          Graduate Certificate in Divinity
                       3 units • 1 semester full time                           3 units • 1 semester full time

                      Graduate Diploma in Theology                              Graduate Diploma in Divinity
                         6 units • 1 year full time                                6 units • 1 year full time

                                          Eligible to apply for admission to a Masters Degree

Master of Theology (Coursework)                     Master of Theological Studies                        Master of Divinity
   10 units • 2 years full time                      12 units • 2 years full time                    18 units • 3 years full time

* Note: candidates must hold a BTheol,
      BMin, BD or MDiv degree,
                                                        Master of Pastoral Care
   or equivalent qualifications from
                                                       12 units • 2 years full time
       accredited institutions.


                                                     Master of Spiritual Direction
                                                      12 units • 2 years full time


                                                         Master of Spirituality
                                                       12 units • 2 years full time

                                                                                                                     whitley.edu.au | 31
Course Map

                                                   pos t graduate research

                                              Completion of a research essay or minor thesis
                                              of at least 12,000 words graded at 75% or above

                 Master of Theology (Research)                                              Master of Philosophy
                      1.5 years full time                                                    1.5 years full time

                        Suitable research thesis                                           Suitable research thesis
                          up to 40,000 words                                                 up to 40,000 words

                                     Doctor of Theology                         Doctor of Philosophy
                                      3 years full time                           3 years full time

                                   Suitable research thesis                     Suitable research thesis
                                    up to 100,000 words                          up to 100,000 words

32 | 2021 Study Guide
find     Contact Dorothy Morgan
Undergraduate Diplomas
                                                                                                       (03) 9340 8100

                                   8 UNITS                                    16 UNITS
Diploma in Theology                          Advanced Diploma in
                                             Theology and Ministry
This entry-level award introduces
students to formal and formational           This award builds on the Diploma in
theological study. There are options         Theology by offering students the
to explore biblical studies, Christian       opportunity to develop their theological
thought and history, as well as spiritual    and biblical understanding. It prompts
and pastoral formation and practice.         students to extend their thought into
                                             their life and practice.

                                                                                         Whitley’s coursework awards
                                                                                         are aimed at meeting the

Undergraduate Degrees                                                                    personal, pastoral and ministry
                                                                                         needs of our students. Our
                                                                                         course advice is based on
                                                                                         your areas of study and your
                                                                                         long-term goals. Our lecturers’
                                                                                         and administrative team’s
                                  24 UNITS                                    24 UNITS
Bachelor of Ministry                         Bachelor of Theology                        goal is to help students with
                                                                                         their formation, not only
This award prepares students for the         The Bachelor of Theology critically         through academic study, but
practice of ministry in various settings.    examines life and faith through
                                                                                         in the context of whole-of-life
This award is for people who are             the study of scriptures, theological
                                                                                         learning, interest and calling.
intending to be involved in ministry         traditions and historical contexts.
contexts. It establishes foundations for     It aims to broaden self-understanding       Dr David Janssen
ministry through the study of scriptures,    and prompt engagement in the world.         Dean
theological traditions, historical and       This award certainly prompts research
contemporary contexts. There is an           and communication skills and can be
emphasis on formation through                part of a ministry formation process.
ministry practice.

                                                                                                            whitley.edu.au | 33
Postgraduate Coursework

                                    3 UNITS                                       3 UNITS                                        3 UNITS
Graduate Certificate                          Graduate Certificate                          Graduate Certificate
in Divinity                                   in Research Methodology                       in Spirituality*
The Graduate Certificate in Divinity          This award equips students to                 This award allows students to
introduces students to theological study      do further research by rigorous               understand personal spiritual
building from any undergraduate award.        examination of research methodologies         experience through introductory study
In just three units students can follow       and completing a research project.            of themes and approaches in Christian
their theological questions.                                                                spirituality. It serves as a foundation for
                                                                                            further study in spirituality or spiritual

                                    3 UNITS                                       6 UNITS                                        6 UNITS
Graduate Certificate                          Graduate Diploma                              Graduate Diploma
in Theology                                   in Divinity                                   in Pastoral Care
This awards builds on any                     This award offers flexibility for students    This award provides students with the
undergraduate award and introduces            to explore areas of interest in theology      opportunity and skills for reflective and
students to three foundational                or to focus in-depth on one particular        critical engagement in the conversation
theological areas of study.                   area. It serves as a foundation               between the texts of human experience,
                                              for theology, philosophy, or other            contemporary culture, ministry or
                                              theological disciplines.                      service or wider societal context, and
                                                                                            Christian scriptures and tradition.

                                    6 UNITS                                       6 UNITS                                        6 UNITS
Graduate Diploma                              Graduate Diploma                              Graduate Diploma
in Spirituality*                              in Spiritual Direction*                       in Theology
This award allows students to explore         This award provides formation for the         This award allows students to explore
their own spiritual experience in light       ministry of spiritual direction. Students     areas of interest in theology. It provides
of theological scholarship in spirituality.   explore the dynamics of Christian             a substantial foundation for further
Graduates are able to articulate insights     spirituality through reflection on their      study and a means of engaging Christian
for Christian practice and identity. The      personal experience and integration           thought and traditions. Graduates are
program is delivered in partnership with      of this with insights from the literature.    able to articulate insights for Christian
the WellSpring Centre, Ashburton.             Students are equipped for the ministry        practice and identity.
                                              of spiritual direction in their particular
                                              faith tradition.

34 | 2021 Study Guide
find      Contact Dorothy Morgan
                                                                                                        out       (03) 9340 8100

                                   18 UNITS                                        12 UNITS                                      12 UNITS
Master of Divinity                             Master of Pastoral Care                        Master of Spirituality*
This award is offered to students with         This award enables students to apply an        This award enables students to
an undergraduate degree in another             advanced body of knowledge and skills          develop an advanced understanding
area. It is a foundational Masters             in relation to their practice of pastoral      of the theological foundations for their
program equipping people to study the          care. Building on an undergraduate             spirituality, practice and growth, and to
scriptures, the traditions, the historical     degree in any area, this award brings          apply this knowledge personally
as well as contemporary contexts. It           the practices and traditions of Christian      and communally.
enables students to integrate their            theology to bear on spiritual and
Christian identity and practice.               pastoral care.

                                   12 UNITS                                        12 UNITS                                      10 UNITS
Master of Spiritual                            Master of Theological                          Master of Theology
Direction*                                     Studies                                        (Coursework)
This award enables students to acquire         This award enables students to apply           The Master of Theology (Coursework)
and apply an advanced knowledge of the         an advanced body of knowledge in               allows students who have an
theological and scriptural foundations         theology and its associated disciplines.       undergraduate award in theology to
for spiritual direction in the Christian       Students broaden their knowledge and           extend their knowledge in theology
tradition. This awards offers a pathway        skills and deepen their engagement with        and its associated disciplines.
to the professional practice of spiritual      select areas of study to prepare them
direction.                                     for professional practice and further

* These programs are delivered in partnership with the WellSpring Centre, Ashburton.                                 whitley.edu.au | 35
Postgraduate Higher Degrees
by Research

The Whitley research                           Research partnerships and                     Research Scholarship
community is a stimulating                                                                   As the Whitley research community grows
                                               The Whitley research community currently      and develops, a key to its success is the
and inspiring mix of students,
                                               collaborates with three research partners     provision of scholarships for postgraduate
faculty and practitioners from                 in the provision of postgraduate research     research students. Whitley has already
around the world, and we’re                    scholarships, annual lecture programmes,      initiated several of these scholarships

committed to understanding                     industry partnerships, and the cutting-       with it research partners.
                                               edge integration of academic research
and engaging with what God                     and ministry workplace as the location for
                                                                                             The spiritual care and ageing ‘Mary
                                                                                             Pope scholarship’ is supported through
is doing in the world.                         truly 21st-century theological research.
                                                                                             our partnership with BaptCare.
                                               Our current research partnerships are
Whitley research students and faculty                                                        The Baptist Union of Victoria and Whitley
                                               focused in three areas: the future of the
are working on a range of postgraduate                                                       College are partnering to offer a Future
                                               church, spiritual-care and ageing, and
programmes exploring biblical and                                                            Church scholarship for a postgraduate
                                               indigenous theology. These involve new
theological approaches to the Christian                                                      research student with an interest in the
                                               and innovative research partnerships with
life, ministry, mission, the church, as well                                                 future of the church in the West.
                                               the Baptist Union of Victoria’s Mission
as the wider issues that confront society
                                               Catalyst team, BaptCare, and the NAIITS       Whitley College is also offering a
and the global community.
                                               Indigenous Learning Community.                scholarship for an Indigenous theologian
                                                                                             studying towards one of our HDR awards.
Interdisciplinary theological research         The Whitley research community believes
                                               that postgraduate research should not
Whitley College has a long tradition and
                                               only benefit the student and result in
commitment to maintaining a highly expert
                                                a printed dissertation, but that effective
faculty able to supervise biblical and
                                               research will also equip and prepare
theological research dissertations.
                                               others to engage more effectively
Whitley’s world-class faculty also             through innovative, information-led
makes a distinct contribution to               practices of ministry and mission.
the University research community
through its commitment to supervising
interdisciplinary, qualitative, and other
empirical studies of practical theology.

36 | 2021 Study Guide
find      Contact Dorothy Morgan
                                                                                          out       (03) 9340 8100

Master of Philosophy                       Master of Theology (Research)
This award offers people the               This award allows students to research
opportunity to develop and apply an        and apply an advanced body of
advanced body                              knowledge in theology and provides a
of knowledge in theology as a pathway      pathway for possible further learning.
to further learning and research. Visit    Visit divinity.edu.au/courses/master-
divinity.edu.au/courses/master-of-         of-theology-research for further
philosophy for further details.            details.

Doctor of Philosophy                       Doctor of Theology
                                                                                     All our higher degree by research
This research award in divinity requires   This is a research award in theology
students to apply a substantial body       where students apply a substantial body   (HDR) programmes are accredited
of knowledge to research and the           of knowledge to research, investigate     through the University of Divinity,
development of new knowledge,              and contribute to new knowledge and       with a growing number offered
contributing to contemporary               scholarship or professional practice.     in partnership with Christian
scholarship and professional practice.     Visit divinity.edu.au/courses/doctor-     agencies. If you enrol with the
Visit divinity.edu.au/courses/doctor-      of-theology for further details.          University through Whitley
of-philosophy for further details.                                                   College, you’ll discover that our
                                                                                     research active faculty are a key
                                                                                     resource in supporting you at
 Entrance Requirements
                                                                                     every level of your postgraduate
 Entry to these research programmes                                                  research programme, through
 requires completion of a Minor                                                      regular supervision, research
 Thesis or other research essay                                                      seminars, and research training.
 of at least 12,000 words, graded
 at 75% or above. For detailed entry                                                 Associate Professor Darrell Jackson
 requirements please visit divinity.                                                 Director of Research

                                                                                                        whitley.edu.au | 37
Overseas Students

We welcome overseas                      Accredited diplomas and degrees awarded          English Language Requirements
                                         by the University of Divinity are highly
students and provide a safe,                                                              The minimum English language proficiency
                                         respected within Australia and overseas.         requirement for admission
enjoyable and rewarding
                                         Detailed information about particular            to the University of Divinity is:
place to study. Our college                                                               1	Undergraduate and postgraduate
                                         requirements for overseas students
community includes students              (including the University’s English language        coursework study: IELTS Academic
and staff from many countries,           requirements and details of how to apply            score of at least 6.5 with no individual
                                         for a student visa) is available at                 band under 6.0.
including Korea, China,
                                         divinity.edu.au/study/overseas-                  2	Higher degrees by research: IELTS
Myanmar, the Philippines,                student-resources/.                                 Academic score of at least 7.0 with
Samoa, India and Indonesia.                                                                  no individual band under 6.5.
                                         In addition to studying onshore in
                                         Australia, Whitley offers a selection of fully   Alternatives to an IELTS score are detailed
                                         online courses that can be undertaken by         in the University of Divinity’s Admissions
                                         students living and studying overseas.           Policy. Please check the university website
                                                                                          or contact us to discuss.
                                         Closing Dates for Overseas
                                         Student Applications
                                                                                           Application Fee Overseas Students
                                         Applying for and obtaining a student
    whitley college is a college         visa can take considerable time and               AU$300
    of the uni versit y of di v init y
      cricos prov ider 01037a            may vary depending on the country of
                                         citizenship. Special closing dates therefore
                                         apply to applications for admission from
                                         overseas students.

                                         Applications for overseas coursework
                                         students close on 15 November 2020
                                         for Semester 1 2021 and 15 April 2021
                                         for Semester 2 2021 Earlier closing dates
                                         apply to overseas higher degree
                                         by research students.

38 | 2021 Study Guide
find      Contact Dorothy Morgan
                                                                                                            (03) 9340 8100

Tuition fees are set each year                  Undergraduate (Degree/Diploma)           Audit
by the University of Divinity
                                                $1,704 per standard unit (18 points)     $500 per unit, payable directly
and are uniform across all                                                               to Whitley College.
the teaching colleges.                          Postgraduate
                                                                                        This allows you to participate in classes
                                                $2,640 per standard unit (24 points)    and access learning resources, but not
Fees are charged on the basis of a ‘unit
                                                                                        undertake assessment for credit. Audit
fee’, which covers the teaching for one unit   Australian citizens and holders of a     students are expected to prepare for and
of study for one semester. This fee is all     permanent humanitarian visa may defer    participate in class in the same way as
inclusive: it covers tuition, library usage,   the payment of University of Divinity    students completing the unit for credit.
and student facilities.                        fees through the FEE-HELP loan scheme.
                                               Please visit www.studyassist.gov.au
                                               for more information.

   Support Whitley and Invest in
   the Formation of Future Leaders
                    Whitley College is
                    registered as a charity
                    with the Australian
                    Charities and Not-for-
                    profits Commission and
   endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient
   (DGR). Gifts of $2 or more are received
   by Whitley College (ABN 24 526 782 466)
   and are tax deductible.

                                                                                                               whitley.edu.au | 39
find       Contact Dorothy Morgan
How to Apply
                                                                                                               (03) 9340 8100

  1       Identify your interests                                  2       Talk to us

  What are your areas of interest? Are you aiming to complete      We would love to meet you in person but, if that’s not practical,
  a particular academic qualification? Do you intend to study      the conversation can take place via telephone or video
  full-time or part-time, in the classroom or online, during the   link. To set up an appointment, contact our office on (03)
  day, in the evenings or at weekends? Use this guide, the         9340 8100 or email whitley@whitley.edu.au. You will
  timetable and our website to identify a possible starting        be connected with our Registrar, Dorothy, or our Dean,
  point for your studies.                                          David, to chat about your study options and determine
                                                                   together a suitable starting point and pathway tailored
                                                                   to your circumstances and imagination. Please have your
                                                                   supporting documentation available for this meeting, to
                                                                   assist us in providing appropriate enrolment advice.

  3       Submit an application                                    4       Get started!

  >	Complete an Application for Admission                         >	Application for Admission approved by the Dean
  >	Nominate to fund your fees through FEE-HELP or                   and processed by Registrar
     authorise upfront payment of fees                             >	Receive Whitley welcome email and orientation
  Provide necessary supporting documents:
                                                                   >	Receive admission letter from the University of Divinity
  >	Proof of citizenship in your current name
     (Birth Certificate, Passport or Citizenship Certificate)      >	Receive access to online Learning Management
                                                                      System (ARK )
  > Academic/VCE transcripts
                                                                   >	Start the learning journey!
  >	IELTS results (Overseas students only)

40 | 2021 Study Guide
2021 Key Dates

Semester 1                           Semester 2
Monday 22 February – Friday 28 May   Monday 26 July – Friday 29 October                           Enrolment Dates

Semester 1 Census Date               Semester 2 Census Date
                                                                                                  Semester 1
Tuesday 16 March                     Tuesday 17 August
                                                                                                  >	Please enrol no later than
Non-teaching Period (Easter)         Non-teaching Period                                             Friday 12 February 2021

Monday 29 March – Friday 9 April     Monday 20 September – Friday 1                               > Overseas coursework
                                     October                                                        student applications close
Graduation (Melbourne)                                                                              15 November 2020
Friday 19 March                      Study Week
                                     Monday 1 November – Friday 5                                 Semester 2
Research Day (Staff and HDR          November
                                                                                                  >	Please enrol no later than
                                                                                                     Friday 16 July 2021
Wednesday 2 June                     Examination Week
                                     Monday 8 November – Friday 12                                > Overseas coursework
Study Week                           November                                                       student applications close
Monday 31 May – Friday 4 June                                                                       15 April 2021
                                     Graduation (Adelaide)
Examination Week                     Friday 3 December
Monday 7 June – Friday 11 June
                                     Results Published
Results Published                    Friday 10 December
                                                                                                  Acknowledgment of Country
Friday 9 July                                                                                              Whitley College acknowledges
                                                                                                           the Wurundjeri people as the
                                                                                                  traditional custodians of the land on which
                                                                                                  the College stands and is committed to
                                                                                                  work for reconciliation and justice.

                                     Whitley College                                                  Connect with us @WhitleyCollege
                                     50 The Avenue, Parkville VIC 3052
                                     PO Box 134, Parkville VIC 3052

                                                                                                                                                                           WHT 567 – 10/2019
                                                                         A College of the University of Divinity | CR ICOS Provider 01037A
                                     T (+61 3) 9340 8100                 Whitley College has made every effort to ensure the information contained in this publication
                                                                         is accurate at the date of printing (Oct 2020). However, sections may be amended without notice
                                                                         by the College in response to changing circumstances or for any other reason. Please check with
                                     whitley.edu.au                      the College at the time of your application/enrolment for any updated information.
You can also read