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ComparED (QILT) Graduate Outcomes
Survey 2018-20 – Full-time Employment
Indicator (Undergraduate). Public
SA-founded universities only.

ComparED (QILT) Course Experience
Questionnaire 2019-20 – Overall
Satisfaction Indicator (Undergraduate).
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2021 Good Universities Guide
Welcome to UniSA College
At UniSA College, we offer a range of pathway programs to help you gain
alternative entry into university. If you don’t have the qualifications to gain
direct entry into your preferred bachelor’s degree, then we are here to help.
Our programs will prepare you for university study by building your academic
skills and prerequisite knowledge. You'll experience life as a UniSA student,
learn from UniSA staff and have access to a full range of support services.
Once you have successfully completed your program, you'll be able to
seamlessly transfer into one of UniSA’s undergraduate degrees.
We also offer pathway options specifically for Aboriginal students through
the Aboriginal Pathway Program, which is delivered in Adelaide, Ceduna,
Mount Gambier, Port Lincoln and Whyalla.
At UniSA College, we want to help you reach your potential and fulfill
your study and career goals. This guide can help you get started and
explore your options.

Your program options / 2
Discover our diplomas / 6
Explore Foundation Studies / 11
Our Aboriginal Pathway Program / 12
Study online / 14
Your learning experience / 17
Getting started / 18
Your next steps / 20

       10 YEARS

    Our range of academic programs can
    be used as a pathway into a degree with
    UniSA or UniSA Online. They can also       How to apply
    be listed as a preference within your
                                               Apply through the SATAC website using the codes below.
    SATAC application as a back-up option
    if you don’t receive an offer into your    Foundation Studies                      Diploma in Health
    preferred degree.                          SATAC code: 427021                      (Mount Gambier)
                                                                                       SATAC code: 476001
    Programs include:                          Foundation Studies
                                               (Mount Gambier)                         Diploma in Information
    • Diplomas (two years)
                                               SATAC code: 477011                      Technology
    • Foundation Studies (one year)                                                    SATAC code: 426060
                                               Foundation Studies (Whyalla)
    • Aboriginal Pathway Program               SATAC code: 467011                      Diploma in Science
      (18 months)                                                                      and the Environment
                                               Diploma in Arts
                                                                                       SATAC code: 426065
    Our diplomas are linked to more than       SATAC code: 426011
    100 UniSA and UniSA Online degrees
    and will help you directly transfer with
                                               Diploma in Business                        satac.edu.au
                                               SATAC code: 426031
    study credit for courses completed.
                                                                                       For the Aboriginal Pathway
    Alternatively, the Foundation Studies      Diploma in Construction
                                                                                       Program, apply directly at:
    or the Aboriginal Pathway Program          SATAC code: 426069
    will give you a Grade Point Average
                                               Diploma in Engineering                     unisa.edu.au/app
    (GPA) that you can then use to
                                               SATAC code: 426067
    competitively apply for any UniSA
    or UniSA Online degree.                    Diploma in Health
                                               SATAC code: 426041

                                           Two years full-time study or equivalent.

                                                         Diploma Year 1
                                 Study core courses that will prepare you for university study.

                                   Diploma Year 2/First Year Bachelor's Degree
                          Study the first year courses of your linked* UniSA bachelor's degree with
                                            additional support from UniSA College.
                                                   *Linked degrees are listed on page 4.

                                            Second Year Bachelor's Degree
                            After successfully completing Year 1 and Year 2, you'll graduate with a
                           diploma qualification and continue with the second year of your linked
                                                  UniSA bachelor's degree.

           Foundation Studies                                                              Aboriginal Pathway Program
 One year full-time study or equivalent, available at                              18 months full-time study, or equivalent, available in
 Adelaide, Mount Gambier and Whyalla campuses.                                           both Adelaide and regional locations.

  Study eight foundation courses that will prepare                             Study foundation courses and participate in intensives and
               you for university study.                                        weekly tutorials that will prepare you for university study.

  Use your competitive Grade Point Average (GPA) to                                  Use your competitive Grade Point Average (GPA) to
transition into a UniSA bachelor's degree with support                             transition into a UniSA bachelor's degree with support
                   from UniSA College.                                                                from UniSA College.

 Start the first year of your UniSA bachelor's degree                                Start the first year of your UniSA bachelor's degree
           (competitive entry criteria apply).                                                 (competitive entry criteria apply).

Trying to find the right pathway program for you?
    Start by looking at areas that interest you most…

     Interested in…                   Interested in…                      Interested in…
     • Architectural Studies          • Business                          • Construction Management
     • Arts                           • Commerce (Accounting)
     • Communication and Media        • Criminal Justice
     • Contemporary Art               • Design and Marketing              Diploma in Construction
     • Creative Industries            • Economics, Finance and Trade      then
     • Criminal Justice               • Finance                           Foundation Studies
     • Design                         • Financial Planning                in your SATAC application
     • Digital Media                  • Human Resource Management
     • Education                      • Information Strategy
     • Film and Television              and Management
     • Interior Architecture          • Innovation and Entrepreneurship   Interested in…
     • Journalism and                 • International Business
                                                                          • Advanced Manufacturing
       Professional Writing           • Legal Studies
                                                                          • Civil Engineering
     • Marketing and Communications   • Logistics and Supply
                                                                          • Electrical Engineering
     • Psychology                       Chain Management
                                                                          • Electronic Engineering
     • Social Science                 • Management
                                                                          • Mechanical Engineering
     • Social Work                    • Marketing
                                                                          • Mechatronic Engineering
                                      • Property
                                                                          • Structural Engineering
                                      • Real Estate
     Preference                                                           • Surveying
                                      • Sport and Recreation
     Diploma in Arts
                                      • Tourism and Event Management      Preference
     Foundation Studies
                                                                          Diploma in Engineering
     in your SATAC application
                                      Preference                          then
                                      Diploma in Business                 Foundation Studies
                                      then                                in your SATAC application
                                      Foundation Studies
     Interested in…
                                      in your SATAC application
     • Biomedical Science
     • Community Health                                                   Interested in…
     • Exercise and Sport Science
                                                                          • Data Analytics
     • Human Movement                 Interested in…                      • Games and
     • Laboratory Medicine                                                  Entertainment Design
                                      • Environmental Science
     • Nursing                                                            • Information Technology
                                      • Outdoor and Environmental
     • Nutrition and Exercise           Leadership                        • Mobile App Development
     • Nutrition and Food Sciences    • Science                           • Networking and Cybersecurity
     • Outdoor and Environmental                                          • Software Development
                                                                          • Software Engineering
     • Pharmaceutical Science         Preference
                                      Diploma in Science and
     • Psychology (Cognitive
       Neuroscience)                  the Environment                     Preference
     • Public Health                  then                                Diploma in Information
                                      Foundation Studies                  Technology
                                      in your SATAC application           then
     Preference                                                           Foundation Studies
     Diploma in Health
                                                                          in your SATAC application
     Foundation Studies
     in your SATAC application

Want to guarantee your place?
We offer a range of packaged programs that will guarantee your place into select UniSA degrees.
You'll need to apply for the packaged options through the SATAC website using the unique codes below.

Diploma in Arts/Bachelor of Arts                                     Diploma in Health/
SATAC code: 424621                                                   Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine (Honours)
                                                                     SATAC code: 426066
Diploma in Arts/
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours)                      Diploma in Health/
SATAC code: 426070                                                   Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences
                                                                     SATAC code: 426063
Diploma in Arts/
Bachelor of Primary Education (Honours)                              Diploma in Information Technology/
SATAC code: 426071                                                   Bachelor of Information Technology
                                                                     SATAC code: 426061
Diploma in Arts/
Bachelor of Secondary Education (Honours)                            Diploma in Science and the Environment/
SATAC Code: 426073                                                   Bachelor of Science
                                                                     SATAC code: 426064
Diploma in Business/
Bachelor of Business                                                 Diploma in Science and the Environment/
SATAC code: 424631                                                   Bachelor of Environmental Science
                                                                     SATAC code: 426062
Diploma in Construction/
Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)                        UniSA Foundation Studies/
SATAC code: 426072                                                   Bachelor of Aviation (Management)*
                                                                     SATAC code: 427041
Diploma in Engineering/
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Flexible Entry)                   UniSA Foundation Studies/
SATAC code: 426068                                                   Bachelor of Aviation (Pilot)*
                                                                     SATAC code: 427031
Diploma in Health/
Bachelor of Health Science (Public Health)                           *The GPA requirements to transfer from UniSA Foundation Studies to the bachelor programs will
                                                                     be monitored and enforced by the Transition Officer.
SATAC code: 426051

    Our range of two-year diplomas provide a direct pathway into        Entry requirements
    more than 100 linked UniSA and UniSA Online degrees. After
                                                                        Applicants may be eligible if they have one of the following:
    successfully completing your diploma, you'll transfer into
    your preferred bachelor’s degree with study credit for courses      • A guaranteed Selection Rank of 50 or above (ATAR including
    completed. There are entry requirements for UniSA College             Adjustment Factors). A competitive Selection Rank will
    diplomas, but they are set lower than a bachelor’s degree.            also be considered.
    In first year, you'll complete introductory courses in your         • A STAT score of approximately 139 or higher.
    disciplinary area of focus (depending on the diploma you
                                                                        • An interstate or overseas qualification considered by the
    choose) as well as core courses that will develop your critical
                                                                          University as an equivalent to SACE.
    writing, communication, numeracy and research skills. In second
    year, you'll start studying first-year courses from your linked     • A recognised Certificate III or Certificate IV from TAFE or a
    UniSA or UniSA Online degree. You'll access the same lectures         registered training organisation.
    and tutorials as other first-year bachelor students, but you can
    rely on UniSA College for extra support.                            In addition, applicants must:

    Your home campus will be City West, and depending on your           • Be an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen or the holder of
    linked degree, you might also study some courses at City East,        an Australian permanent visa; and
    Magill or Mawson Lakes campuses.
                                                                        • Meet the relevant citizenship and residency requirements for a
                                                                          Commonwealth Supported Place.

                                                                        Please note: Applicants who have completed a TAFE/VET award at a diploma level or above, or
                                                                        who have studied at the higher education level for more than two years, will not be considered
                                                                        for admission into the diploma programs.

                         REGIONAL STUDY
                         Did you know that UniSA College diplomas are also available to regional students? You'll enrol in a mixture
                         of on-campus and online courses with access to study and support services through our Whyalla or Mount
                         Gambier campuses. After completing your diploma, you can choose to stay local and study one of the degrees
                         offered at our regional campuses, relocate to study in Adelaide or study a degree through UniSA Online.

Diploma in Arts
Thinking about becoming a teacher, graphic designer, social worker or journalist? Then the Diploma in Arts is the right program for you.
It’s an alternative pathway that will guarantee you entry into UniSA and UniSA Online’s most popular arts-related degrees, including:

UniSA degrees
• Architectural Studies                         • Contemporary Art                              • Psychology (Counselling and
• Arts                                          • Creative Industries                             Interpersonal Skills)
• Arts (Aboriginal Cultures and                 • Design (Communication Design)                 • Social Science (Ageing and Disability)
  Australian Society)                           • Design (Illustration and Animation)           • Social Science (Human Services)
• Arts (Applied Linguistics)                    • Design (Illustration and Animation)           • Social Science (Human Services)/
• Arts (Creative Writing and Literature)          (Game Art)                                      Psychology
• Arts (Cultural Studies)                       • Design (Product Design)                       • Social Work
• Arts (English Language)                       • Education (Early Childhood) (Honours)
                                                                                                UniSA Online degrees
• Arts (History and Global Politics)            • Education (Primary) (Honours)
                                                                                                • Communication
• Arts (Languages)                              • Education (Secondary) (Honours)
                                                                                                • Criminal Justice
• Arts (Law, Policy and Politics)               • Film and Television
                                                                                                • Digital Media
• Arts (Performing Arts)                        • Interior Architecture
                                                                                                • Marketing and Communication
• Arts (Psychology)                             • Journalism and Professional Writing
                                                                                                • Psychological Science and Sociology
• Arts (Screen Studies)                         • Journalism and Professional Writing/
                                                                                                • Psychology
• Arts (Social Media)                             Arts (Creative Writing and Literature)
• Arts (Sociology)                              • Marketing and Communication
• Communication and Media                       • Psychology

"UniSA College prepared me for future study, and
my time there ensured that I was more comfortable
talking to my tutors during my degree. Language was
also a big barrier for me, but my communication and
confidence has really improved."
Anifay Kayumba
Diploma in Arts
Bachelor of Arts

                 UniSA College diplomas offer guaranteed entry into 100+ UniSA and UniSA Online degrees

Diploma in Business
    Are you interested in a career in accounting, property, management or marketing? A Diploma in Business will help get you there.
    It’s an alternative pathway that will guarantee you entry into UniSA and UniSA Online’s most popular business-related degrees, including:

    UniSA degrees                                  • Business (Logistics and Supply                UniSA Online degrees
    • Business                                       Chain Management)                             • Business (Human Resource
    • Business (Design and Marketing)              • Business (Management)                           Management)
    • Business (Economics, Finance                 • Business (Marketing)                          • Business (Management)
      and Trade)                                   • Business (Property)                           • Business (Marketing)
    • Business (Finance)                           • Business (Real Estate Practice)               • Commerce (Accounting)
    • Business (Financial Planning)                • Business (Sport and Recreation                • Criminal Justice
    • Business (Human Resource                       Management)                                   • Financial Planning
      Management)                                  • Business (Tourism and Event                   • Marketing and Communication
    • Business (Information Strategy                 Management)
      and Management)                              • Commerce (Accounting)
    • Business (Innovation and                     • Commerce (Accounting)/
      Entrepreneurship)                              Business (Finance)
    • Business (International Business)            • Marketing and Communication
    • Business (Legal Studies)

                                                                                                  “Having four kids at home doesn’t mean
                                                                                 you can’t go to uni. It just means you have to structure
                                                                                your life a bit better. UniSA College has definitely helped
                                                                                             with my goal of studying a business degree."
                                                                                                                            Kallen Todd
                                                                                                                      Foundation Studies
                                                                                   Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management)

“I never thought that I would have the
opportunity to learn, grow and do something
that’s going to make so much of a difference in
the world. UniSA College changed my life and I
don’t know where I would be without it.”
Lana McCreight
Foundation Studies
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

Diploma in Health
Have you always wanted a career in health working in nursing, public health or nutrition? A Diploma in Health will give you that
opportunity. It is an alternative pathway that will guarantee you entry into UniSA and UniSA Online’s most popular health-related
degrees, including:

UniSA degrees                                  • Nursing (Mount Gambier)                       UniSA Online degrees
• Biomedical Science                           • Nutrition and Food Sciences                   • Community Health
• Exercise and Sport Science                   • Outdoor and Environmental                     • Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise)
• Health Science (Public Health)                 Leadership                                    • Public Health
• Human Movement                               • Pharmaceutical Science
• Laboratory Medicine (Honours)                • Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience)
• Nursing

"I was nervous during my first presentation, but my
 lecturers gave me great advice, which I’ve since applied
 to future assignments. I was also surprised at how
 friendly everybody was, which made me feel really
 comfortable. I was able to make a lot of good friends."
 Brandon Turner
 Diploma in Science and Technology
 Bachelor of Environmental Science
 Bachelor of Science (Honours)

 Diploma in Construction, Engineering, Information Technology
 or Science and the Environment
 Does working in areas like project management, robotics, software development or making scientific discoveries interest you? Then
 choose either a Diploma in Construction, Engineering, Information Technology or Science and the Environment. These diplomas provide
 an alternative pathway that will guarantee you entry into UniSA and UniSA Online’s most popular STEM-related degrees, including:

 UniSA degrees (construction)                 • Engineering (Honours)                       • Information Technology
 • Construction Management                      (Electrical and Mechatronic)                  (Networking and Cybersecurity)
 • Construction Management (Honours)          • Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)          • Information Technology
                                              • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)             (Software Development)
 UniSA degrees (engineering)                    (Mechanical)/Bachelor of Business           • Software Engineering (Honours)
 • Engineering (Honours) (Flexible Entry)     • Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical
                                                and Advanced Manufacturing)                 UniSA degrees (science)
 • Engineering (Honours) (Civil)
                                              • Engineering (Honours)                       • Environmental Science
 • Bachelor of Engineering(Honours)
   (Civil)/Bachelor of Business                 (Mechanical and Mechatronic)                • Outdoor and Environmental
                                              • Engineering (Honours) (Surveying)             Leadership
 • Engineering (Honours) (Civil
   and Construction Management)                                                             • Science
                                              UniSA degrees (IT)
 • Engineering (Honours)
                                              • Information Technology                      UniSA Online degrees
   (Civil and Structural)
                                              • Information Technology (Games               • Construction Management
 • Engineering (Honours)
   (Electrical and Electronic)                  and Entertainment Design)                   • Construction Management (Honours)
 • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)          • Information Technology                      • Data Analytics
   (Electrical and Electronic)/                 (Mobile Application Development)            • Information Technology
   Bachelor of Business

Foundation Studies is the gateway to your preferred UniSA             REGIONAL STUDY
or UniSA Online degree. After you successfully complete the
                                                                      Did you know that the Foundation Studies program is also
12-month program, you can use your Grade Point Average (GPA)
                                                                      offered at our regional campuses in Whyalla and Mount
to competitively apply for the degree of your choice.
                                                                      Gambier? You can enrol in a mixture of on-campus and online
You'll study core courses that will develop your critical writing,    courses focusing on the knowledge and skills required for a
communication, research and study skills. You can also choose         smooth transition into university study. After completing the
elective courses as an introduction to a specific area of interest,   program, you can choose to stay local and study one of the
such as health or business.                                           degrees offered at our regional campuses, relocate to study in
                                                                      Adelaide or study a degree through UniSA Online.
Foundation Studies is a great introduction to university life,
preparing you for further studies in the discipline you’re
interested in.                                                        ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

After completing Foundation Studies, you can explore a wide           No formal minimum entry requirements apply.
range of UniSA and UniSA Online degrees in areas like:                Applicants who have not completed SACE or a Certificate III must
                                                                      be 18 years old at the commencement of their study (February
• Arts                              • Law
                                                                      1st for Study Period 2 and July 1st Study Period 5).
• Aviation                          • Medical Radiation Science
                                                                      In addition, applicants must:
• Business                          • Midwifery
• Communication and Media           • Occupational Therapy            • Be an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen or the holder of
                                                                        an Australian permanent visa; and
• Construction                      • Physiotherapy
• Data Science                      • Podiatry                        • Meet the relevant citizenship and residency requirements for a
                                                                        Commonwealth Supported Place.
• Education                         • Psychology and Social
                                                                      Please note: Applicants who have completed a TAFE/VET award at Certificate IV or above,
• Engineering                         Sciences                        or who have studied at the higher education level will not be considered for admission into
                                                                      this program.
• Industrial and Applied            • Public Health
  Mathematics                       • Science
• Information Technology            • Social Work

“UniSA College provided me with foundational skills,
like how to reference in assignments. Understanding
concepts and finding my feet has given me an
advantage during my degree and will help me reach
my goal of becoming an accredited exercise scientist.”
Sebastian Webb
Foundation Studies
Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and want to   Accommodation and travel support may be available for
study at university? Our 18-month Aboriginal Pathway Program          students who live at a distance and this is arranged directly
supports students with no previous qualifications, giving you an      through UniSA College. You may also be eligible for a range of
alternative entry pathway into UniSA.                                 scholarships if you continue your studies at UniSA.
The program builds the skills you'll need to study successfully       At UniSA, we are committed to creating an environment where
at a tertiary level. You'll take courses to develop your tertiary     Aboriginal students can learn, grow and define their future in a
learning, computing and academic literacy skills, preparing you       place that respects and learns from Aboriginal knowledge. In
for future university studies.                                        fact, we have the largest group of Aboriginal students that are
                                                                      studying at university in South Australia.
You'll get all the support you need along the way, including
local tutoring, one-on-one support from teaching staff and peer       The Aboriginal Pathway Program is open to all people who
mentoring, along with networking opportunities.                       identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and is offered in
                                                                      Adelaide at our City West Campus, and in the regional areas of
After completing the program, you can apply for your preferred
                                                                      Ceduna, Port Lincoln, Mount Gambier and Whyalla with support
UniSA bachelor’s degree using your competitive Grade Point
                                                                      of our regional campus network.
Average (GPA).


                         "I have made some great friends                                       “The Aboriginal Pathway Program
                             during my time in the Aboriginal                                    provided me with solid academic
                               Pathway Program, plus the staff                                     foundations, like formatting and
                                really support you to achieve                                       referencing skills, which are useful
                                your goals. I’m hoping to become                                    when completing assessments.
                                a physiotherapist for an AFL                                        It has given me the confidence to
                               team. After being a sports trainer                                   experiment with different styles of
                              for 17 years, it is something I am                                  writing to find one that suits me, as I
                           extremely passionate about.”                                         progress through my law degree.”

Stella Garlett                                                        Rhys Peden
Aboriginal Pathway Program student                                    Aboriginal Pathway Program graduate

                                                                            92% OF ABORIGINAL PATHWAY
                                                                            PROGRAM STUDENTS ARE STUDYING
                                                                            FROM REGIONAL OR REMOTE AREAS

     Study On Demand
     Do you want the ultimate flexibility? Then explore our range                       Degrees specifically
     of 100% online degrees delivered through UniSA Online.                             designed for
                                                                                        online learning
     You can study any time and on any device.

     • Associate Degree in Engineering            • Bachelor of Criminal Justice
                                                                                        All assessments
     • Bachelor of Business                       • Bachelor of Data Analytics
                                                                                        are 100% online
       (Financial Planning)
                                                  • Bachelor of Digital Media
     • Bachelor of Business
                                                  • Bachelor of Information
       (Human Resource Management)
     • Bachelor of Business                                                             Four start dates per year
                                                  • Bachelor of Health Science          (Jan, Apr, Jun, Sep)
                                                    (Nutrition and Exercise)
     • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
                                                  • Bachelor of Marketing
     • Bachelor of Commerce                         and Communication
                                                  • Bachelor of Psychological           Learn in 10-week blocks
     • Bachelor of Communication                    Science and Sociology
     • Bachelor of Community Health               • Bachelor of Psychology
     • Bachelor of Construction                   • Bachelor of Public Health
       Management                                                                       24/7 access to
                                                                                        learning resources
     • Bachelor of Construction
       Management (Honours)

     SUPPORT SERVICES                                                                   Flexible around your life
     UniSA Online provides personalised support services over extended hours –
     including on weekends – so you can get help when you need it.
     Whether it’s for assignments, referencing, administrative or technical supports,
     you'll have access to a team ready to assist you every step of the way.            Credit for previous
                                                                                        study and relevant
     → A
        ccess online academic support seven days a week                                work experience

     → C
        onnect with a dedicated student adviser

     → A
        ccess tech support 24/7                                                        Scholarships and
                                                                                        grants available

          Learn more unisaonline.edu.au

     As a UniSA Online student you still have full access
     to the facilities, resources, events and support
     services available across all of our campuses.

UniSA's award-winning Jeffrey Smart Building
     located at City West Campus, featuring over
     $8 million in new technologies.

                                                    The Student Lounge at City West
                                                    Campus, where students can study,
                                                    relax or hang out with friends.

STRONG LEARNING                               FLEXIBLE STUDY OPTIONS
FOUNDATIONS                                   We know that not all students can
At UniSA College, we will prepare you         study full-time, so there are flexible
to study successfully at university.          study options available. You can choose
You'll complete core courses that             between full-time or part-time study,
develop the writing, communication,           with most courses also available online.
numeracy, research and study skills           Your study schedule will be divided into
that you need at the tertiary level.          contact hours – the time you spend in
You'll also start exploring courses in the    lectures and tutorials – and independent
areas that interest you most, giving you      study, including your personal research
an introduction into what your bachelor’s     and assignment work. Study hours
degree will be like. For example, you         depend on the program you choose
might study core business subjects if         and the amount of additional work
you’re interested in a career in marketing,   you put in. Generally, full-time study is
tourism or management. Your learning          equivalent to 40 hours per week through
will be supported by highly experienced       a combination of on-campus and online
academics and industry professionals,         classes, along with independent study.
who are there to support you every
step of the way.                              VIBRANT CAMPUS CULTURE
                                              UniSA College programs are offered at
WE’RE HERE TO HELP                            City West Campus, but you may also
As a UniSA College student, you'll have       find yourself studying at City East, Magill
access to the full range of UniSA student     or Mawson Lakes depending on your
support services. This includes study         course selections. Regional students
support, personal counselling, library        will also have access to our Whyalla and
services, access and inclusion services,      Mount Gambier campuses, along with
regional student services, Aboriginal         our Port Lincoln Study Centre. All of our
student services and access to our            campuses have modern, purpose-built
community health clinics.                     facilities fitted with the latest tools and
                                              technologies to support your learning.
                                              You can also get involved with the full
                                              UniSA student experience through
                                              events, sport, social clubs, volunteering
                                              opportunities, overseas study and more.

     Application                                    AFTER YOU'VE APPLIED                         Scholarships
     information                                    Make sure you’re aware of the
                                                                                                 Every year, more than 2,500 students
                                                    important key dates regarding your
                                                    application, which can be found on the       benefit from our scholarships and grants.
                                                    SATAC website. We recommend you              Find what you might be eligible for
     Make sure you meet the entry                   apply before the early closing date          through our online scholarships
     requirements for your preferred program.       in September. You may still submit           search engine.
     See page 6 (diplomas) and page 11              an application up until the equal
     (Foundation Studies).                          consideration closing date, in December         unisa.edu.au/scholarships
                                                    however a late fee may apply. If you’re
     HOW TO APPLY                                   applying after the deadline, please          How much will
                                                    contact our Future Student Enquiries
     Applications for UniSA College diplomas
                                                    team. Once you have submitted your           it cost?
     and the Foundation Studies program
                                                    application, remember to pay your SATAC
     need to be completed through the                                                            The Foundation Studies program has no
                                                    application fee, otherwise you'll not
     SATAC website.                                                                              tuition fee, although a Student Services
                                                    receive an offer. The main SATAC offer
     Through the SATAC application process,         round is typically in January and students   and Amenities Fee applies. The diplomas
     you can choose up to six preferences.          are contacted via email.                     have Commonwealth Supported fees
     This can be a mixture of both UniSA                                                         that are determined by the Australian
                                                                                                 Government. Students are charged
     College programs and UniSA degrees.
     The UniSA College programs can be
                                                    Adjustment                                   per semester based on the courses
     listed as a back-up option if you don't        Factors                                      (‘bands’) they are enrolled in. The student
     receive an offer to your preferred                                                          contribution amounts for 2021 are shown
     bachelor's degree. Or you might like           If you’re a high school student applying     in the table to the right.
     to put us as your top preference if you        for university, did you know that you
     prefer a year to build your confidence.        could be eligible for Adjustment Factors        unisa.edu.au/fees
                                                    (bonus points)? These are based on set
     You have up until the change of
                                                    equity factors and/or subject choices.
     preference deadline to finalise your
     preference list. Before this date, you'll be
     able to add and remove preferences,
     as well as change the order.


     Applications for the Aboriginal Pathway
     Program can be submitted directly to
     UniSA College.


     Contact our Future Student Enquiries team.
     08 8302 2376

STUDENT                    STUDENT
                                                                                                                        CONTRIBUTION               CONTRIBUTION
                                                                                                                        For one year of            For each subject
   BAND               FIELD OF EDUCATION                                                                                full-time load (1 EFTSL)   (0.125 EFTSL)

                      Agriculture, english, mathematics, teaching, clinical psychology⁴,
   1                                                                                                                    $3,950                     $493
                      languages and nursing.

                      Architecture, IT, other health, allied health, creative arts, engineering,
                      science, environmental studies, professional pathway psychology⁴,                                 $7,950                     $993
                      professional pathway social work⁴ and clinical psychology⁴.

   3                  Dentistry, medicine and veterinary science.                                                       $11,300                    $1,412

   4                  Law, accounting, administration, economics, commerce,
   (4A,4C,4P,         communications, society and culture, professional pathway psychology⁴,                            $14,500                    $1,812
   4S&4Y)             professional pathway social work⁴ and clinical psychology⁴.

This table should be used as a guide only. Total costs can vary depending on the courses you study and the band they fall into.
⁴ Band determined by program/plan..

 CHOOSE                          APPLY                           CHECK AND                          RESPOND
 Now is the time to decide.      Armed with your list of         Year 12 results are finalised in   Offers to Year 12 students
 Gather all the information      preferences, you can now        mid-December. Check to see if      will begin in December.
 you need by exploring our       apply to study at UniSA         you're eligible for Adjustment     If you don't receive an offer
 website, reading our study      through the SATAC website.      Factors (bonus points) and         in this round, remember
 and career guides, and          If you need help with your      confirm your Selection Rank        offers will continue to be
 connecting with us through      application, check out          (ATAR, including Adjustment        made until late February.
 our online events. You can      our self-help resources.        Factors), by visiting SATAC’s      If you do receive an offer,
 also consider a guided                                          self-service portal. Then, give    read your SATAC email
 campus tour.                                                    our Future Students Enquiries      carefully for important
 Choose what degrees you're                                      team a call to talk through        information about responding
                                 TIP                             your study options.
 most interested in, check                                                                          to your offer and the program
 you have the prerequisite       Remember to list your           You could be eligible for          enrolment process.
 subjects and make sure          preferences in order of what    UniSA’s Guaranteed Entry into
                                 you're most passionate                                             For non-school applicants,
 you understand the entry                                        your preferred degree by using
                                 about, not based on your                                           offers will start in October.
 requirements.                                                   either your Year 12 subject
                                 ATAR. How you preference        grades or by achieving the            satac.edu.au
     unisa.edu.au/study          is how SATAC will provide       guaranteed Selection Rank
                                 offers (by working down         score.                             Not the result you expected?
 TIP                             the list). In your SATAC                                           You can also explore our
                                                                 It's also important to confirm
 If you have questions about     application, make sure                                             wide range of alternative
                                                                 your preferences by the change
 your study options, connect     you use your own mobile                                            entry options, including UniSA
                                                                 of preference deadline to be
 with our Future Student         number and a personal                                              College pathway programs.
                                                                 considered for an offer.
 Enquiries team or attend an     email address – one you
 event to learn more about       can access after high school.      unisa.edu.au/Year-12                nisa.edu.au/
 studying with UniSA.                                                                                  pathways
                                 KEY DATES                       TIP
 KEY DATES                                                       Remember to pay your SATAC         TIP
                                 2 August 2021
 Live from 2 August 2021                                         application fee. If you don’t,     Didn’t get an offer? Contact
                                 SATAC applications open
                                                                 you won’t be eligible to           our Future Student Enquiries
 Get involved in our Open Days   30 September 2021               receive an offer.                  team to discuss your options
 either online or on-campus.     Early application deadline                                         on 08 8302 2376 or at
 You can access on demand
                                 1 December 2021                 KEY DATES                          unisa.edu.au/enquire
 presentations and information
 booths – anytime, anywhere.     Equal consideration deadline    Keep an eye out for events and
                                                                 campus tours later in the year     KEY DATES
 You can also step on campus
 and take a guided tour,                                         where you can connect with         21 December 2021
 explore your future learning                                    our staff to have your questions   Main December offer round
 facilities and connect with                                     answered.                          (all preferences)
 staff and current students.                                         nisa.edu.au/
                                                                    u                               14 January 2022
     unisa.edu.au/                                                 infosessions                    Main January offer round
      opendays                                                                                      (all preferences)
                                                                 13 December 2021
                                                                 Year 12 results release
                                                                 15 December 2021
                                                                 Change of preference deadline


Your university adventure
starts here. Visit your student
portal for next steps, including
our video on how to enrol and
our enrolment checklist.
You should also plan to attend
Orientation, which will give       YOUR STUDY AND CAREER GUIDES
you the opportunity to explore     Not sure what degree to study or career you want? Then explore our
your campus, find lecture          range of study and career guides for all the information you need.
rooms, navigate through your
online student portal and
make new friends.
                                              WHAT'S NEW IN 2022?
TIP                                           Keep up to date with the latest degrees on offer
Make it a priority to attend                  and what's new at UniSA.
Orientation. It's the best time                   unisa.edu.au/new
to sign up to UniSA Sport,
connect with your student
association and explore
different clubs and societies.
                                              GUARANTEED ENTRY CALCULATOR
KEY DATES                                     Go online and check out our Guaranteed Entry Calculator
                                              to explore the degrees you may be eligible for using your
21–25 February 2022
                                              Selection Rank or Year 12 subject grades.
Orientation at UniSA
28 February 2022
UniSA classes commence

                                              HOW TO APPLY
                                              We know the university application
                                              process can be confusing, so go online
                                              and check out our video on how to apply.

                                              NEED HELP?
                                              Call Future Student Enquiries on 08 8302 2376
                                              Visit   unisa.edu.au/enquire

Australia's University of Enterprise

Telephone: (08) 8302 2376
Make an enquiry: unisa.edu.au/enquire

The information provided in this publication is for general information only,
and the University of South Australia makes no representation about the
content, suitability, accuracy or completeness of this information for any
purpose. It is provided “as is” without express or implied warranty.
Information correct at time of printing (June 2021)
CRICOS provider number 00121B
For information specific to international students,
please visit unisa.edu.au/international

                          Acknowledgement of Country
                          UniSA respects the Kaurna, Boandik and Barngarla
                          peoples spiritual relationship with their country.
                          Artist: Ngupulya Pumani
                          Find out more about the University’s commitment
                          to reconciliation at unisa.edu.au/RAP
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