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2024 UQ Guide Domestic Postgraduate Coursework - The University of Queensland
UQ Guide
Domestic Postgraduate
2024 UQ Guide Domestic Postgraduate Coursework - The University of Queensland
Welcome to
     The University
     of Queensland
     Starting university is the beginning
     of a transformational experience.
     You’ll make lifelong friends, exchange
     ideas with other bright minds,
     and learn from Australia’s most
     awarded teachers.

     You’ll gain knowledge and skills to help you excel, no
     matter where your life and career take you in this rapidly
     changing world. You’ll join a community of students
     from all over Australia and around the globe – each with
     their own unique worldview, but united by the curiosity,
     creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that make UQ
     graduates so attractive to employers.
     As a global top 50 university, UQ has championed
     creative thinking for more than 100 years to solve
     problems facing humanity. Our teaching is not only
     informed by the most up-to-date research, but our
     researchers are discovering the latest breakthroughs
     and having a positive impact on people’s lives around
     the world.
     We’re also passionate about enriching the
     entrepreneurial ecosystem and creating the leaders
     of the future. We support entrepreneurs at every stage
     of their journey, by providing opportunities to work
     alongside staff and alumni, and connecting them with
     a wide range of global experts.
     You’ll learn in a way that suits you at one of our
     beautiful campuses in South-East Queensland –
     whether in seminars, small tutorials, laboratories,
     online, or by partnering with our passionate
     educators to change how courses are taught.
     University isn’t just about study though – you’ll also
     have fun here. We are renowned for our vibrant campus
     culture, clubs, societies, and world-class sporting
     facilities, where you’ll enjoy your recreation time while
     making friends for life.
     No matter what your reason for being here, I am sure
     that you will enjoy UQ’s long-standing traditions, while
     creating some new ones of your own.
     At UQ, we aim to equip you for any challenge and
     every journey. I look forward to hearing about the
     positive impact that you will create in your time with
     us and beyond.

     Professor Deborah Terry AO
ii   Vice-Chancellor and President
2024 UQ Guide Domestic Postgraduate Coursework - The University of Queensland
Contents                                                                          in Queensland for
                                                                                  graduate employability
                                                                                  QS Graduate Employability
                                                                                  Rankings 2022

Welcome to UQ                      Inside front cover
                                                                                  university in Australia
OUR COMMUNITY                                      2                              in the prestigious
A place to belong                                  4                              Nature index

LIFE AT UQ                                         6
Arts and culture                                   7
                                                                                  More national teaching
Sport                                              8                              awards than any other
Giving back                                        9                              Australian university

Entrepreneurship                                  10
Health and wellbeing                              12
Support services                                  13                              State-of-the-art
LEARNING AT UQ                                    14
Our facilities                                    15
                                                                                  for student demand
Ready for any future                              16                              and staff qualifications
Postgraduate programs                             18                              Good Universities Guide, 2022
APPLYING TO UQ                                    20
Admission information                             22
Apply for a scholarship                           23              The information in this Guide is accurate at June 2023.
                                                                  However, the University has many programs and
Plan your finances                                24              courses, and refreshes and updates its programs and
                                                                  course offerings from time to time and without notice.
Our campuses                                      25              It is your responsibility to visit study.uq.edu.au
                                                                  for up-to-date information. All costs and fees quoted
UQ Open Day                                       26              in this publication are in Australian dollars (A$)
                                                                  except where otherwise indicated.
Find out more                                     27
                                                                  ESOS compliance
Important dates 2023                              27              The provision of education services to international
                                                                  students by Australian education institutions is
                                                                  governed by the Education Services for Overseas
PROGRAMS                                                          Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code
                                                                  of Practice for Providers of Education and Training
                                                                  to Overseas Students 2018.
Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Environment      28              The ESOS Act and related legislation is designed to
                                                                  protect the interests of students coming to Australia
Architecture, Design and Urban Planning           30              on Student visas. The legislation aims to protect and
                                                                  enhance Australia’s reputation for quality education,
Arts, Communication, Humanities and               32              provide tuition protection, and support the integrity of
                                                                  the Student visa program.
Social Sciences                                                   The University of Queensland, in providing education
                                                                  services to overseas students, complies with the
Business, Economics and Law                       36              National Code of Practice of the Department of
                                                                  Education and the Universities Australia code of
                                                                  ethical practice.
Education                                         42
Engineering, Computer Science and IT              44              CRICOS Provider 00025B
                                                                  ESOS Act
Health, Behavioural Sciences and Medicine         50              education.gov.au/esos-framework
                                                                  TEQSA PRV12080
Science and Mathematics                           58
                                                                  The University complies with Australian and
                                                                  Queensland privacy laws and guidelines.
Program reference guide                           64              uq.edu.au/terms-of-use
                                                                  This publication was produced in June 2023 by
                                                                  The University of Queensland.

                                                                  UQ acknowledges the Traditional Owners and their
                                                                  custodianship of the lands on which UQ is situated.
                                                                  — Reconciliation at UQ

                                                                  Front Cover
                                                                  Mirza Mobashwerul Haque

                                                        UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK                       1
2024 UQ Guide Domestic Postgraduate Coursework - The University of Queensland
    Welcome to UQ. Welcome to a community where you
    can truly belong.
    Our community is the university’s pulse – it’s what keeps
    us going. And the diversity of UQ’s people is what brings
    life to the spaces we gather in.
    We want our students to not only feel a deep sense
    of belonging at UQ, but to thrive. So, we’re constantly
    striving to ensure every person in our community feels
    seen, heard and celebrated.
    Through equity, diversity and inclusion, we’re creating vibrant
    and inclusive environments that allow ideas to flourish and
    people to feel empowered. People just like you.
    Here’s how we’re doing it.

2024 UQ Guide Domestic Postgraduate Coursework - The University of Queensland
Celebrating LGBTIAQ+ people                    Encouraging niche interests                   Ensuring accessibility
LGBTIAQ+ people are welcomed, included         There are clubs, societies and initiatives    At UQ, we strive to ensure physical,
and celebrated at UQ. From our student-run     for students with niche interests too.        technological and academic accessibility
Queer Collective to our Ally Network, we       From K-pop to stargazing, UQ students         for all students experiencing disability,
aim to create a safe community that values     are encouraged to pursue their passions and   neurodiversity, mental illness and chronic
and takes pride in its diversity of gender,    connect with others, creating the perfect     illness. We provide services that focus on
sex and sex characteristics, and sexuality.    setting to make lifelong friendships.         creating an inclusive environment where
                                                                                             all students have the same opportunity
Embracing all cultures                         Providing constant support                    to succeed.
The UQ community embraces and respects         We know university life can get tough
people from different backgrounds,             sometimes. That’s why we provide our          Championing equity
lifestyles and cultures. Culturally and        students with a comprehensive suite           Everyone arrives at UQ from a different
linguistically diverse peoples are essential   of support services. From mental health       background and situation. What’s important
to UQ’s vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.         to study support and everything in            is that each student is encouraged to thrive
We have many student-led clubs and             between, we’re here if you need us.           and provided with the specific support
societies for students from a huge variety                                                   needed to do so. We aim to remove
of cultures, faiths and walks of life.                                                       personal, financial and geographical
                                                                                             barriers to study, so all students can
                                                                                             achieve their goals.

                                                                                     UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK         3
2024 UQ Guide Domestic Postgraduate Coursework - The University of Queensland
A place
    to belong
    Realise your dreams. Remain true to who you are.
    This is how UQ aims to inspire and support
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

    A culturally safe and                           Celebrate who you are
    inclusive community                             At UQ, we know a big part of the
    Making the transition to university can be      university experience is what happens
    hard, especially if you have to leave your      outside the lecture hall. We have a
    family, friends and Country. UQ is a place      huge array of social, cultural and
    not just to study, but to belong. You’re part   professional development events for
    of not just a cohort, but a community.          Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
    From pre-enrolment through to graduation,       students. These include the pre-
    you’re supported by the Aboriginal and          orientation welcome and information
    Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit (ATSISU),   sessions, workshops with guest speakers,
    the Goorie Berrimpa Indigenous student          NAIDOC Week and the NAIDOC Ball,
    collective, and a large Indigenous student      Reconciliation Week and the Indigenous
    peer group from all different nations.          Uni Games. We want you to be able to
    At UQ, you’re always connected to mob           celebrate and acknowledge who you are,
    and culture, so you can stay true to            and your culture with the UQ community.
    yourself and your community, even if
    you’re away from home.

    Everything you need to succeed
    UQ has a strong and growing network of
    more than 1,000 Aboriginal and Torres
    Strait Islander alumni who are doing
    extraordinary work in our communities
    and around the globe. We want to inspire
    you to also achieve extraordinary things,
    whatever that may mean to you.
    We aim to offer everything you need to
    help you succeed, from pathways into
    study and professional development
    opportunities such as study abroad
    programs, to help with accommodation
    and support tailored to your needs
    through the ATSISU.
    We’re here to support you through
    every step of your studies and to help
    you learn how to lead the way in your
    community, your field and your life.


2024 UQ Guide Domestic Postgraduate Coursework - The University of Queensland
Aboriginal and Torres Strait
        Islander Studies Unit

        Your community on campus.
        Need help, advice or just a yarn? UQ’s
        ATSISU is your place to seek guidance, find
        support, and connect with other Aboriginal
        and Torres Strait Islander students through
        dedicated social and study spaces.
        At UQ, we believe there’s no barrier to
        study you can’t overcome with the right
        support. Our ATSISU helps all Aboriginal
        and Torres Strait Islander prospective and
        current students access:

                 world-class learning facilities

                  elpful advice and support on
                 UQ admission pathways to help
                 you find the best program

                  rientation for new students
                 to assist with the transition to
                 university life and study

                  fun and engaging program
                 of social and cultural activities

                 professional development,
                  work experience and career

                 learning support, pastoral
                  care and tutoring

                  ccess to financial support
                 and a wide range of UQ and
                 community scholarships

                 a range of accommodation

                 student services tailored to
                 your needs.

        At UQ, we see you, welcome you, and
        celebrate you.
        We embrace you for who you are and who
        you aspire to become.

2024 UQ Guide Domestic Postgraduate Coursework - The University of Queensland
Life at UQ

    Experience the electricity of a live concert,
    get your heart racing on the footy field,
    relax under gently swaying palm trees,
    watch the jacaranda flowers fall in little
    bursts of purple…
    Life at UQ can be exhilarating one
    moment, then quiet and calm the next.
    It’s full of excitement, new experiences
    and adventures, but there are also those
    pockets of stillness between classes,
    exams and events where you can stop
    and take a deep breath.
    Your life at UQ can be as busy or as still
    as you make it. One thing is for certain,
    though: there are plenty of ways to make
    it about more than just study.

6    UQ GUIDE 2024
2024 UQ Guide Domestic Postgraduate Coursework - The University of Queensland
Arts and culture
Socialise, share, create, connect. Remember, university is
also about having fun and meeting new people. And some
of the best ways to do this are through entertainment, art,
culture and music.
Visit life.uq.edu.au to discover what’s on at UQ.

Join clubs and societies                        Immerse yourself in art,
UQ Union has more than 220 clubs and            history and theatre
societies to cater for everyone, from Harry     UQ has 5 museums with a large and
Potter fans to robotics experimentalists.       fascinating collection of art and artefacts,
Find your crew, pursue your hobbies or          and rotating exhibitions. Delve into history,
try something new.                              interact with installations and support
                                                student artists. UQ campuses also host
Visit uqu.com.au/clubs-societies to
                                                live theatre performances during the year,
explore your options.
                                                where you can catch a student play or
                                                other professional productions as part
Attend festivals
                                                of various festivals.
UQ’s campuses hold festivals throughout
the year to celebrate the changing              Connect over food
seasons and major cultural events.
                                                Whether it’s meeting friends for a coffee,
See the grounds awash in purple during
                                                heading to the bar for a snack and trivia,
the hugely anticipated BLOOM festival,
                                                or exchanging dishes that remind you
join the liveliness of Diwali celebrations,
                                                of home, there are plenty of places on
and get amongst captivating conversations
                                                campus to connect with other students
and demonstrations during NAIDOC week.
                                                over a shared love of food. Join other
                                                green thumbs in the community garden,
Experience live music
                                                participate in a baking competition or
From indie to orchestral, music can be          take a cooking class.
a big part of your time at UQ. Soak up
some live entertainment at the Redroom          Find spaces to chill
at St Lucia, or attend an all-ages concert
                                                UQ has plenty of beautiful indoor and
organised by UQ Union throughout the
                                                outdoor spaces designed for relaxing
year. From touring acts to local musicians,
                                                with friends. Enjoy a picnic by the
student bands and classical concerts, there’s
                                                picturesque UQ Lakes, find a quiet nook
something to suit everyone’s musical tastes.
                                                in one of the many libraries, or grab your
You can also join UQ music ensembles.
                                                bike for a morning ride around campus.

                                                                                         UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK   7
2024 UQ Guide Domestic Postgraduate Coursework - The University of Queensland

    There’s nothing quite like                Facilities                                     Fitness
    the solitude of a morning                 UQ Sport is home to some of Queensland’s       UQ offers plenty of fitness classes and
                                              finest sport and recreation facilities. Here   equipment for you to utilise in both group
    swim, the camaraderie of
                                              you’ll find athletics, aquatic, tennis and     and solo settings. Join a regular yoga,
    training through rough                    fitness centres, as well as a selection of     Zumba or HIIT class, or head to the gym
    weather, or the exhilaration              grass and synthetic playing fields and         and make use of three levels of top-notch
    of scoring that final goal just           indoor and outdoor courts.                     equipment for cardio and strength training.
                                                                                             Prefer the water? We also offer a range of
    before the buzzer sounds.
                                              Competitive sport                              aquatics classes, with options available for
    When it comes to keeping fit,             There’s a huge array of sporting               all levels of experience.

    healthy and happy while you               competitions for you to get involved in
                                                                                             Elite athletes
                                              at UQ. With leagues and tournaments in
    study, UQ has you covered.                tennis, AFL, netball, hockey, soccer, rugby    UQ supports more than 200 student-athletes,
    Achieve your personal best                union and more, you can participate in a       including Olympians, Paralympians, and
    with a wide range of sports               range of competitions, going head to           Commonwealth Games and professional
    and activities to choose from             head with fellow UQ students, residential      athletes. UQ’s Elite Athlete Program aims
                                              colleges or other universities.                to equip student-athletes for success
    and more than 35 sporting                                                                now and in the future by delivering a
    clubs across the St Lucia and             Social sport                                   holistic approach to athlete support and
    Gatton campuses.                          Prefer a more casual approach to sport?        providing access to a range of personal
                                              Social sport is a great way to meet new        and professional development opportunities
    Whether you’re a social                   people and stay active. With netball,          and resources.
    player or a top athlete,                  touch football, soccer and basketball
    we’ve got something to                    to choose from, you’ll find your new
    keep you moving.                          teammates in no time.

                                                                                             There are also a number of UQ Sporting
                                                                                             Scholarships awarded to exceptional
                                                                                             student-athletes each year.
                                                                                             These scholarships support athletes from
                                                                                             a range of sports in balancing their studies
                                                                                             with the demands of elite-level sport.
              to discover how you
              can get active at UQ.

Giving back

Make meaningful use of           Volunteering                                   Student representation
                                 Build your skills and extend your              Are you a strong communicator and
your time outside of study
                                 professional and personal network              problem solver? Amplify the student voice
by giving back to the UQ         while contributing to a worthy cause.          through active engagement on committees,
and broader community.           UQ can help you find local volunteering        boards and advisory groups at UQ.
Motivate others to pursue        opportunities and link you with external       Student representatives work closely with
                                 organisations both within Australia and        staff members in a positive and mutually
their dreams by sharing          worldwide. Whether you want to help out        respectful way to proactively shape and
your own experiences as a        around campus with events or volunteer         impact decision-making to enhance the
mentor, volunteer for a          in humanitarian aid overseas, we can get       student experience.
worthy cause, or use your        you connected.
                                                                                Student-staff partnerships
voice to represent your fellow   Mentoring                                      Create change in the UQ community by
students. Empower others,        Share your lived experiences for the           working with staff to achieve mutually
make an impact and embrace       benefit of others to help create a             beneficial outcomes. Student-staff
university life.                 supportive UQ community.                       partnerships aim to create a cultural
                                 With one-on-one and group mentoring            transformation at UQ, allowing students
                                 opportunities available on an ongoing          and staff to connect as equal partners and
                                 or short-term basis, your mentoring can        collaborators on projects that enhance
                                 be flexible to work around your study.         the UQ community. In the past, staff and
                                                                                students have worked together to improve
                                 Help high-school students pursue their
                                                                                course structures and content, transform
                                 career aspirations, assist UQ’s diverse
                                                                                online learning experiences, and enhance
                                 community to practise their English
                                                                                accessibility to health and wellbeing
                                 language skills, or guide fellow students
                                                                                resources and services.
                                 to improve the quality of their assignments
                                 and develop their academic writing skills.

                                                                                               to see how you can
                                                                                               create change.

                                                                        UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK       9
     Imagine launching your own company before you even
     graduate. For many UQ undergrads, this is their reality.
     Here at UQ, we pride ourselves on the entrepreneurial
     spirit of our community. We encourage our students to
     be bold and adventurous. Supporting young people’s
     startup ideas might seem risky, but we believe it’s
     the first step towards creating meaningful change.
     Our students are the leaders of the future.

     UQ students have created:

     A propulsion system that         A subscription                Headphones for people
     will help small satellites       diabetes service to           with hearing loss
     move in space.                   ensure people living          by using a combination of
                                      with diabetes never run       advanced audio technology.
                                      out of medical supplies.

     And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you have ideas, we want to hear them.
     If you’ve got ambition, we want you to pursue it.

Ventures                                        Intermediate
We encourage every student to get               Put your knowledge into practice
involved with the Ventures entrepreneurship     by solving real industry problems.
community. All programs are free for UQ         Challenge your ideas and make them
students across all disciplines and study       a reality by applying your new-found
levels. By taking part, you’ll get to develop   entrepreneurship capabilities to our
your entrepreneurial mindset, connect with      intermediate program offerings.
like-minded students and create your own        Test and validate the fit between
path. Programs are complemented by a            your ideas and market needs while
wide range of events and competitions           developing a sustainable business
throughout the year, including hackathons,      model for your product or service.
industry events, alumni get-togethers,
workshops and pitch nights.
                                                Gain global connections and support to
Curious about where Ventures                    launch your own startup. Become a global
can take you?                                   thinker and learn from the world’s most
You’ll find the people, tools and               innovative startup hubs. Ventures Startup
opportunities to help bring your ideas          AdVentures are 4-week intensive global
to life. There’s support at every stage of      learning experiences (virtual and in person)
your Ventures journey – from flexing your       in Cairns, Vietnam, San Francisco, China,
creative muscles to launching a startup.        or Singapore.

Introductory                                    Scaling your impact
Gain the capabilities and mindset               Once you’re ready to launch your startup,
to innovate like an entrepreneur.               we can help you get it off the ground.
Our introductory programs will help             The ilab Accelerator supports students,
you get inspired, learn core entrepreneurial    researchers and alumni through the early
capabilities, immerse yourself in UQ’s          stages of business development by providing
community of entrepreneurs, and gain            seed funding and mentoring so they can
the confidence to take your first steps         scale their business or social enterprise.
in your Ventures journey.
                                                UniQuest, UQ’s commercialisation company,
                                                has created more than 100 startups while
                                                licensed UQ technologies have generated
                                                more than US$47 billion in gross product sales.

                                                                ventures.uq.edu.au to see
                                                                how you can get involved.

                                       UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK             11
Health and

     Health and wellbeing are
     essential to the UQ student
     experience. With a healthy
     mind and body, you’re
     prepared to tackle any
     challenge and conquer
     any obstacle.

     During your time at university, you may
     find yourself needing sound advice,
     practical strategies for coping, physical and
     emotional support, or just a friendly face
     to talk to. UQ’s comprehensive health and
     wellbeing services cover physical, sexual,
     spiritual and mental health. You can seek
     them out for everything from managing
     stress and anxiety to filling out a routine
     medical prescription.
     We also have a range of one-on-one and
     group programs, activities, events and
     initiatives to encourage positive
     behaviours and habits that will set you
     up for success in your studies.
     We’re here to support you in all aspects
     of your new-found student life.

                    our full range of health
                    and wellbeing services.

Healthcare                                     Safety on campus
UQ Health Care is a general practice           We are proactive about safety across all
specialising in the physical and mental        our campuses. Students can use the
wellbeing of students and staff.               free after-hours safety bus at St Lucia
Additional services include sexual             or contact security to request a safety
health, travel medicine, immunisations         escort to their car or public transport.
and skin checks. Find UQ Health Care           Our campuses also have emergency call
at the UQ St Lucia Medical Centre, the         points, and security personnel regularly
Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence        patrol the area to ensure the safety and
and the UQ Gatton Medical Centre, or visit     security of everyone on campus.
uqhealthcare.org.au to discover all their
available services.                            Learning Advisers
                                               Whether you want to build on your existing
Counselling                                    performance or focus on a particular
UQ provides counselling services for           area of challenge, Learning Advisers are
students, including 10 free counselling        a crucial resource for undergraduate and
sessions each year. Appointments can be        postgraduate students on their journey
arranged face to face, via phone or video      to greater success. Our Learning Advisers
call, or by joining a group session. We also   work one-on-one with students to ensure
offer specialist sexual misconduct support.    they have access to the materials and
                                               resources they need for academic success.
Resources                                      They run a multitude of workshops and
We provide a wide range of self-help health    drop-in sessions, and their resources are
and wellbeing resources for our students.      available on Blackboard and on their study
From recognising the signs of anxiety, to      skills webpage.
managing sleeplessness and stress, there
are helpful tips and strategies students can   SafeZone app
implement daily to improve their overall       UQ SafeZone is a free smartphone app
wellbeing. We also provide a full suite of     that connects staff and students with
information on sexual health, including        Security and emergency services during                          Spiritual practice
facts, referrals and advice.                   a first-aid or emergency situation on
                                                                                                                 We appreciate that for
                                               UQ campuses and sites.
                                                                                                                 many of our students,
Workshops and events                                                                                             wellness of mind, body
From mindfulness meditation and yoga,                                                             and spirit is strongly connected to
to promoting wellbeing through art,                                                               faith. The UQ Multi-Faith Chaplaincy
UQ hosts a variety of workshops                                                                   is an inclusive and welcoming space
throughout the year to help students                                                              for students, staff and the community
improve their wellbeing. We participate in a                                                      to share faith, traditions and spiritual
range of health awareness weeks and days,                                                         practices. We have several chaplains
including Mental Health Week, Women’s                                                             who provide pastoral care, support,
Health Week and R U OK? Day. During exam                                                          spiritual conversations, learning
time, we engage with local animal charities                                                       and events.
to bring puppies to campus for cuddles to
                                                                                                  Find out more
help ease stress and anxiety.

                                                                                     UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK          13
     at UQ
     Our teachers have a real passion for helping
     their students reach their full potential.
     They also happen to be the most awarded
     university educators in the country, recognised
     for transforming the way students learn.

     It’s not just about what you learn, but         Courses for the future
     how you learn. You’re going to need             We design our courses in consultation
     problem-solving skills, a growth mindset,       with learning design teams to maximise
     creativity and adaptability in your future.     your employability when you graduate.
     That’s why our teachers embed these skills
     into your everyday studies.
                                                     Our teachers also consult students in         UQ has received
                                                     their decision-making and planning            more awards for
     You’ll graduate with the knowledge and          processes to ensure course material is
     know-how for your industry of choice, as        exciting, fresh and transformative.           university teaching
     well as the capabilities and mental prowess     This means you can personally play a          than any other
     that will help you thrive in any environment.   role co-designing coursework alongside        Australian university.
                                                     the best educators in Australia.
     Our teachers are experts
     Our teachers write the texts that are used      Practical learning
     for teaching. They produce research papers      Our world-class facilities provide the
     every year, contribute to international         perfect place to develop your skills and      “One of the things that’s
     conversations in their fields, and their        expand your knowledge, but so much            special about UQ is how
     work appears in the media and influences        of your learning at UQ will happen
     government policy. This knowledge is
                                                                                                   ambitious and collaborative
                                                     outside the classroom. From work
     brought into the classroom so you can           placements and projects to industry           this community is. There’s a
     address the latest issues, ideas and            workshops, fieldwork, studio time and         huge contingent of academics
     challenges with their guidance and support.     global exchanges, you’ll have access to       who are absolute experts in
                                                     many opportunities during your studies        their field who know a huge
     Academic support                                to apply what you learn in a range of
                                                                                                   amount about a whole range
     Set yourself up for academic success            practical settings.
                                                                                                   of specific things. It leads to
     with guidance and support from our              We also offer dedicated healthcare support.
                                                                                                   this culture where students
     academic support team, covering
     topics such as:                                                                               have this great collaboration
     • academic writing
                                                                                                   with academics and other
                                                                                                   powerhouses of innovation
     • time management
                                                                                                   at the University.”
     • learning and exam preparation
     • appointments with Learning Advisers.                                                        Tom Bizzell
                                                                                                   Bachelor of Commerce /
                                                                                                   Bachelor of Laws (Honours) student

      UQ is famous for its beautiful
      campuses, and these are home
      to the kind of cutting-edge
      resources and facilities that
      draw the best and brightest
      from around the world.
      We continually evolve and
      transform our spaces, so we’re
      always at the forefront of
      technology and best practice.

      We have everything you would
      expect from a prestigious university —
      libraries, study nooks, industry-relevant
      equipment, makerspaces, studios
      and labs. But we also have all the
      facilities of a world-class city — museums,
      parklands, lakes, community gardens,
      greenhouses, solar farms, retail and
      medical facilities, farms and harvest
      facilities, vet hospitals, gyms, sports
      facilities, kindergartens, and homes.
      UQ is more than a place to study.
      It’s a thriving community bursting at
      the seams with ambition and possibility.
      See page 12 for details.

Ready for
     any future
     Some universities prepare you for your first job.
     At UQ, we want to ensure you’re ready for any
     possible future. That’s why we focus on empowering
     you with the techniques and capabilities to help you
     navigate the world with certainty and confidence.

     Employability                               Mentoring
     Our approach to employability goes          With one-on-one, small group and
     beyond simply getting a job. We focus       peer community options available,
     on how you can develop abilities and        our mentoring programs give you
     mindsets to perform effectively in the      valuable leadership and guidance
     workplace, create new opportunities,        through all stages of uni and beyond.
     make an impact, and succeed in whatever     Whether you’re getting advice about
     path you choose. We have dedicated          how to settle into uni life, developing
     employability teams across UQ who can       professional connections or creating
     empower you to graduate with a full         work opportunities, connecting with
     suite of career capabilities.               a mentor — or becoming one yourself —
                                                 will help you build impactful relationships.
     Workplace learning
     Internships, placements and networking      Volunteering
     will be part of your study experience       Build your skills and extend your
     at UQ. Learning in real workplaces          professional and personal network
     gives you the opportunity to put your       while contributing to a worthy cause.
     learnings into practice while discovering   UQ can help you find local volunteering
     what it’s like to work day-to-day in your   opportunities and link you with external
     industry. It’s also the perfect way to      organisations both within Australia
     grow professional connections before        and worldwide.
     you graduate.

                                                                                                UQ is #1 in Queensland
                                                                                                for graduate employability
                                                                                                QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022

                 employability.uq.edu.au                                                        Employability
                 to see how we can help
                 prepare you for your future.
                                                                                                grants available

Careers Service                                    Employer events and expos
Our award-winning Careers Service                  With multiple employability events
can help you plan your career, develop             throughout the year, you can speak
your capabilities and gain that                    with employers from a diverse range
competitive edge. We offer workshops               of industries and backgrounds to find
in finding work, networking, writing               the right job for you. Most employers
résumés, applying for jobs, interviewing           offer roles in graduate recruitment
skills and presentation techniques.                programs, and some offer vacation
                                                   work, internships, work experience,
Career portals                                     scholarships and co-op programs.
UQ offers an exclusive online job board for
students and graduates featuring vacation          Employability Award
work, volunteer work, internships and              The Employability Award gives you the
graduate employment opportunities from             chance to build capabilities that future
more than 3,000 employers. Our Global              employers value, such as leadership,
Grad careers search portal is just for             teamwork, communication, problem solving
international students, with Australian            and cultural awareness. To qualify for the
and international companies posting                award, you must complete 100 hours of
work opportunities regularly.                      work experience, 100 hours of volunteering
                                                   and 5 supplementary activities, then
                                                   communicate your potential through an
                                                   application process. It’s free to join and you
                                                   can register at any stage of your studies.

                                                                  Our free online course
                                                                  EMPLOY101x will help you unlock
                                                                  your career potential and market
                                                                  yourself to employers.
                                                       to find out more.

                                           UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK           17
Postgraduate programs
     Set yourself on the path to               Postgraduate coursework programs                Undergraduate Diplomas
     success with a postgraduate               Postgraduate coursework programs are            If you need to meet entry requirements
                                               available in durations of between 6 months      for a Masters program, you could
     degree from one of the
                                               and 4 years of full-time study. Most of them    consider undertaking a Diploma in
     world’s most highly regarded              will contain core courses that you must         Science or Diploma in Arts at UQ. These
     universities. When employers              complete, and elective options. You may         16-unit programs give you an opportunity
     see a UQ degree on your                   even have the opportunity to conduct a          to broaden your knowledge or undertake
                                               research project or thesis. Some programs       required study before applying for your
     resume, they know you’ve got              also allow you to select a field of study and   Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma,
     what it takes to deliver value            specialise further within your postgraduate     or Masters.
     and hit the ground running.               studies. Each course at UQ is generally
                                               worth 2 units and to be awarded your            Research Extensive Programs
                                               postgraduate degree, you will need to           Some postgraduate programs at UQ offer
                                               complete the specified total number of units    Research Extensive options where you will
                                               for your program. This number can vary          be able to undertake an advanced research
                                               depending on the program but generally          project as part of your coursework Masters
                                               stick to the following guidelines:              program. These programs have a focus
                                               •	Graduate Certificates — 8 units              on developing your research and industry
                                                                                               skills and can form a good pathway
                                               •	Graduate Diplomas — 16 units
                                                                                               towards higher degrees by research.
                                               •	Masters — 16 to 32 units                     You may also find smaller research
                                               •	Doctorate (by coursework) — 64 units         projects offered throughout many of our
                                                                                               postgraduate programs.

               study.uq.edu.au for                        SCHOLARSHIPS
               detailed information on                    AVAILABLE
               all of our postgraduate
               coursework programs.

Full-time study                                   Course choice                                                 Master your future
An academic full-time load is 8 units per         Course selection varies depending on your                        UQ’s postgraduate
semester in most programs. A student              faculty and program. Some programs have                          coursework programs
completing 75 per cent or more of standard        compulsory (core) courses only; others may                       equip you with
academic workload for a program (i.e.             allow a restricted choice within categories.        specialist knowledge, upgrade
enrolled in at least 6 units per semester, or 3   Others may offer an extended range of               your qualifications, help you get
to 4 courses for most programs) will also be      courses (electives) and/or you may have             promoted faster, or pave the
eligible for full-time study benefits, such as    to undertake research projects. Check the           way for a research career in a
reduced pricing on public transport.              requirements of your program.                       variety of industries or academia.
                                                                                                      Postgraduate coursework programs
Study load                                        Delivery mode                                       are similar to undergraduate
                                                                                                      programs in that you will attend
A standard study load is 8 units per              Some postgraduate programs at UQ
                                                                                                      classes, do assessments, and
semester, which is usually 4 courses.             are available online. These programs are
                                                                                                      complete a required number of
Most postgraduate programs allow you to           referred to as “External”. Within some
                                                                                                      units to graduate.
determine your own study load. You may            programs there may be individual courses
choose to undertake anywhere from one to          that are available in an External delivery
4 courses per semester, depending on your         mode, however, this does not mean that
schedule. In some programs you will need          the entire program can be completed                            Higher degrees
to seek approval from your school staff to        online. If you are in need of virtual study                    by research
alter your study load. This will be made          options, keep an eye out for the “External”
                                                                                                                  Doing a higher degree
clear in your program rules.                      descriptor on the program itself.
                                                                                                                  by research will allow
                                                  Other programs are delivered in “Intensive”         you to explore your passions in
Courses (subjects)                                blocks. These are usually full weeks of             depth while you contribute to the
A course is a distinct unit of study within       class in which all content and most of the          global knowledge base. The format
a program. Each course is identified by           assessment for the course are completed.            of your research degree will be
a code, title and unit value. Courses are         This leaves the rest of your semester time          determined by you and your
usually completed in one or 2 semesters           free and can minimise the impact of classes         supervisors in consultation with
and most are worth 2 units; however, some         on your weekly schedule.                            the UQ Graduate School.
have higher workloads and may be worth 4
or 8 units.

                                                                                         UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK    19
     to UQ
     Follow these steps to apply to UQ
     and start on the path to your future.

                      STEP                                     STEP                                           STEP


     Choose your program                       Find your admissions centre                  Accept your offer
     • Read your program options               •	Some programs offer direct admissions     •	Log in to the relevant application portal
       (see pages 64–inside back cover).          via apply.uq.edu.au.                         for your program.
     • Visit study.uq.edu.au.                  •	Some programs will require you to apply   •	Accept your offer.
                                                  via the Queensland Tertiary Admissions
     TIP: Check that you meet eligibility,        Centre (QTAC). The QTAC website will      •	Activate your UQ student account.
     merit and other entry requirements and       explain how to apply.                     •	Got to my.uq.edu.au/starting-at-uq and
     meet any specific program deadlines.                                                      follow the instructions.
     To apply for the Doctor of Medicine,                                                   •	Get excited about starting at UQ!
     follow the Doctor of Medicine
     application process.

                                                                                       CONTENT FOR THIS SPREAD

                 STEP                                           STEP                                          STEP

                                                                                                             Let’s go!

Enrol in courses                               Prepare for Week 1                            Get ready for the ultimate
1. Access your program rules and course list   •	Complete the steps at                      university experience
   at my.uq.edu.au/starting-at-uq.                my.uq.edu.au/starting-at-uq.               • Orientation Week – get your first taste
2. Choose your courses at                      • Attend a Getting Started session.             of #uqlife with fun-filled events.
   my.uq.edu.au/programs-courses.              • Check if you need to attend any program     • Connect Week – join the social scene,
3. Enrol online at sinet.uq.edu.au.              sessions before Orientation Week.             make new friends and link in with your
                                                                                               academic circle.
4. Select preferred class times via            • Pick up your student ID card.
   My Timetable (in my.UQ portal).                                                           • Instagram (@Uniofqld) or Snapchat
                                               • Get answers to your questions by
                                                                                               (Uniofqld) your UQ experience to
5. Pay fees (see page 24).                       emailing starting@uq.edu.au.
                                                                                               your friends.

                                                                                     UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK      21
     What you need for admission to UQ
     Depending on the postgraduate program you may
     be able to gain admission based on your academic
     background, work experience, or a mixture of both.

     This is a snapshot of common admission information;
     however, it is not exhaustive. For further information,
     visit bit.ly/uq-admission-information.

     Applying based on prior study
     For most programs, you’ll need to have completed
     an approved degree equivalent to an Australian
     bachelor’s degree. Where prior study in specific
     fields is required, the UQ postgraduate program
     you are applying to will contain content with an
     assumed level of knowledge in those fields. If no
     specific fields of study are required, the program
     entry requirements will ask for “a bachelor degree
     in any field”. These programs are open to graduates
     of any bachelor degree and will not contain
     assumed field-specific knowledge.
     When you are applying for a postgraduate program
     based on your undergraduate study, you will need
     to supply copies of your transcript and award from
     your previous study.
     If your transcript or qualifications are not printed
     in English, you will need to get them professionally
     translated prior to submission.

     Applying based on work experience
     Some postgraduate programs will allow you
     to apply based on your work experience in an
     industry related to the program. When you
     apply based on work experience you will need to
     provide documentation confirming the duration
     of your employment in relevant roles, and the
     duties you performed.
     Documents normally submitted include, but
     are not limited to; a resúme or CV, references
     from supervisors or employers, or statements
     of employment.

Apply for a
Make your UQ experience more affordable with
the support of a scholarship. You may think
you’re not eligible, but you might be surprised.                                                    “Getting the scholarship
                                                                                                    definitely eased the
                                                                                                    financial stress of moving
University-wide scholarships                   Study area scholarships                              to Brisbane to begin my
UQ has a range of scholarships designed        Many scholarships are offered for certain            tertiary studies. I felt
to attract, reward and support students        academic disciplines. These scholarships             like a huge weight
from all walks of life. Our scholarships       might be for students enrolled in a
                                                                                                    was lifted from my
develop and encourage tomorrow’s               specific degree, school or faculty, or for
                                               students who are researching or studying             shoulders. I’m able
leaders and offer support to students
who might not otherwise be able to             a particular topic.                                  to concentrate on my
attend university.                             scholarships.uq.edu.au                               studies a bit more and
                                                                                                    put that extra effort
Equity scholarships                            Employability
                                                                                                    into getting the
UQ strongly believes all students              UQ offers a variety of grants and loans to           results I want.”
deserve equal access to education.             help you participate in a range of enriching
Equity scholarships are designed to            international and domestic experiences
support students from low socio-               that will enhance your employability.
economic, disadvantaged or under-              employability.uq.edu.au/financial-support
represented backgrounds.

Residential scholarships
The UQ Residential Scholarship scheme          Elite athlete support
supports students from low socio-              UQ is an elite athlete-friendly university,
economic or disadvantaged backgrounds,         supporting more than 200 elite-level
and those from regional and rural areas, to    student-athletes to manage their sport
secure student accommodation while they        and studies. Dedicated UQ Sport staff,
study at UQ.                                   in partnership with UQ, provide academic
                                               liaison support to negotiate flexible
Indigenous scholarships                        options for enrolment, assessment and
At UQ, we don’t want anything to stand in      course-related needs.
the way of Indigenous students pursuing        uqsport.com.au/scholarships
university education. The Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander Education Scholarship                                                         Nathan Sagigi
scheme offers a range of scholarships to                                                             Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology
support your studies and help you thrive.                                                            student and Geoffrey Huey Sattler
                                                                                                     Indigenous Scholarship recipient

                                                                                                     Get in early
                                                                                                     Scholarship applications close at
                                                                                                     different times throughout the year –
                                                                                                     plan your applications and apply early
                                                                                                     so you don’t miss out.


                                                                                          UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK        23
Plan your finances
     University is a valuable investment in your future.
     Knowing what it costs will help you manage your money.

     Fees and costs                                   If you’re an Australian or eligible New         Student Services and Amenities Fee
     Course fees and student contributions            Zealand citizen, or an Australian permanent     The Student Services and Amenities Fee
                                                      humanitarian visa holder, you may also          (SSAF) is a compulsory fee that provides
     Some postgraduate places for domestic            qualify for the Higher Education Loan
     students at UQ are funded partly by the                                                          non-academic services for students, such
                                                      Program (HELP) to defer payment of your         as support services, advocacy, study skills,
     Australian Government (Commonwealth              student contribution and Student Services
     support) and partly by you (student                                                              career development and employability.
                                                      an Amenities Fee (SSAF).
     contribution). Commonwealth Supported                                                            The SSAF was capped at a maximum of
     Places are finalised later in the year than      Eligible UQ students can access HELP            $326 for 2023 and is calculated based on
     our full fees. We suggest you check              loans depending on the availability of          your mode of attendance and study load.
     back to our website to confirm at study.         Commonwealth support for their place.           The fee is indexed annually.
     uq.edu.au. Some programs may not have            Learn more about eligibility for CSPs.
     Commonwealth support available and will          studyassist.gov.au/help-loans
     need to be funded entirely by your student       International students pay full tuition fees.   Keeping your costs down
     contribution. Learn more about eligibility       If you have a Commonwealth supported            • Investigate the financial support and
     for CSPs at study.uq.edu.au/CSP.                 place, your student contribution amount           fee payment options offered by
     From 2024. fees will be charged on a per         depends on the fee band level of the              Centrelink.
     unit rate based on the program you are           courses you choose.
     enrolled in. Indicative annual fees are listed
     with each program on our Study website to                                                        • Explore the scholarships on offer
     help you plan your expenses.                                                                       (see page 23).
                                                                                                      • Enjoy UQ Union’s free and low-cost
                                                                                                        entertainment and activities,
                                                                                                        such as Morning Marmalade and
                                                                                                        Kampus Kitchen.
                                                                                                      • Get concessions and student
                                                                                                        discounts at participating retailers
                                                                                                        and institutions with your UQ
                                                                                                        student card.

If you want the full university student
experience, you can’t go past UQ’s beautiful,
spacious campuses. Our campuses are
lovingly and cleverly designed, have strong
connections to Queensland’s history, and
they’re built just for you — our future
students and future change makers.

UQ has 3 campuses in and around
Brisbane focused on teaching and
learning, as well as an impressive array of
research facilities across Queensland.
• St Lucia is our largest and main campus
  in Brisbane, where most of our programs
  are taught.
• Gatton is our rural campus, located
  about an hour from Brisbane, where
  our agriculture, plant and veterinary
  sciences students learn.
• Herston, located just 5km from
  Brisbane’s CBD, is our specialist
  campus for health and medical
  teaching and research.
Our campuses are certainly built for
convenience and sustainability, but
they’re also built to encourage excellence
and inspire greatness. They’re more than
a bunch of buildings fit to serve practical
purposes. There’s a little bit of magic
when you walk through the sandstone
cloisters in the afternoon light, when you
breathe in the smell of hay and horses
and dewy grass in the morning, or when
you stand still in the bustling, light-filled   Travel options to UQ campuses
corridors and take in the atmosphere of
something bigger than yourself.                          UQ ST LUCIA                UQ GATTON                UQ HERSTON

We want you to experience that little                                               5km from Gatton CBD
                                                                                                             5km from the CBD
bit of magic every day.                                  7km from the CBD           1 hour from Brisbane
                                                                                    30 mins from Toowoomba

                                                         10+ direct bus routes                               2 mins to Inner
                                                                                    4+ free inter-campus
                                                         One arrives every 2 mins                            Northern busway
                                                                                    buses daily
                                                         at the UQ Lakes bus stop                            from the CBD

              Visit:                                     5+ train stations
                                                                                    Rail–bus service runs
                                                                                                             3+ train stations
              campuses.uq.edu.au                                                    between Brisbane
                                                         within 4km                                          within 2km
                                                                                    and Gatton
              to learn more about
              our campuses.                              15 mins between
                                                         each ferry

                                                                                       UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK   25
UQ Open Day
     St Lucia         6 August 2023
     Gatton           20 August 2023

     Open Day is the perfect opportunity to experience UQ.
     Find out about programs and courses, explore the
     campus and facilities, meet staff and current students,
     and enjoy the range of fun activities at this free event.

                Visit the website

Find out more
Important dates 2023
 JULY   15–16 July     Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO)

        6 August       St Lucia Open Day
        20 August      Gatton Open Day

Experience life at UQ
UQ offers students many opportunities
throughout the year to learn more
and experience life at UQ.

  To find an event of interest
  Visit study.uq.edu.au/events
  or scan the QR code.

Contact us
If you have questions or you’re seeking advice,
the friendly team at our Contact Centre can help.

07 3346 9872

     Animal Sciences
     and Environment

                                               Agriculture, animal and food sciences
                                               Agricultural experts are needed to help sustainably feed, fuel and clothe our growing global
                                               population. Join the next generation of farm, fibre and food entrepreneurs by studying
     Agriculture                               with a global leader in agriculture. We offer first class programs in agriculture, agribusiness,
     1st in Australia                          food, plant, soil and animal sciences. Learn from world-leading academics who are closely
                                               connected to industry and government, and enjoy access to our extensive specialist research
     12th in the World                         facilities. Our hands-on learning approach offers practical experiences such as field visits,
     NTU Performance Ranking of Scientific
                                               laboratory practicals, industry placements, and independent research projects.
     Papers for World Universities 2023

                                               Environmental management
                                               Learn from Australia's leading environmental experts in programs that combine your
     Environment and Ecology                   scientific knowledge with the legal, political and social aspects of conservation and
                                               environmental management. Gain practical skills to understand and manage our changing
     1st in Australia                          planet through industry placements and extensive fieldwork experiences in a diversity of
     4th in the world                          ecosystems, including World Heritage rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef, island research
     NTU Performance Ranking of Scientific     stations and outback Australia.
     Papers for World Universities 2023

                                               Our programs can lead to careers in:
                                               • Agribusiness                                    • Herd management
                                               • Agronomy and horticulture                       • Land management
     Agriculture and Forestry                  • Animal production                               • Livestock management
     1st in Australia                          • Animal health and welfare                       • Marine management
     19th in the world for                     • Business and government                         • Natural resource management
     agriculture and forestry                  • Crop and pasture production                     • Parks and recreation facility management
     QS World University Rankings
                                               • Ecotourism                                      • Sustainability management
     by Subject 2023
                                               • Environmental management                        • Veterinary practice

                                               • Environmental science                           • Wildlife and nature conservation
                                               • Farm management

     locations                                 • Food and fibre production

     include the Great Barrier
     Reef, islands along the
     Queensland coast, Hong                                TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR                               Visit study.uq.edu.au/
                                                           of our agricultural                               study-options or scan QR
     Kong (SAR), Vietnam                                   learning facilities at                            code and type in your chosen
     and Indonesia                                         UQ’s Gatton campus                                program code in the search bar


Develop yourself to be a future leader with courses on modern agribusiness management and electives in entrepreneurship, corporate law, and stakeholder engagement.
                                               GPA            YOUR CURRENT QUALIFICATION                                          RELEVANT DISCIPLINES
 2 years         1 (19 Feb)     Gatton,        4.5 on a      Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in any discipline                  Business and marketing
 (32 units)      2 (22 July)    online         7-point scale Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness

                                                              Successful completion of at least 3 years of study towards an
                                                              approved qualification at a partner institution with a formal
                                                              pathway to this program
 1.5 years (24   1 (19 Feb)     Gatton,        4.5 on a      Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline
 units)          2 (22 July)    online         7-point scale
- Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma also available.                                                                                                    PROGRAM CODE 5562

Gain highly valued leadership, research and problem solving skills and set yourself up for career success in the broad field of agriculture and environment.
                                               GPA            YOUR CURRENT QUALIFICATION
 2 years         1 (19 Feb)     Gatton         4.5 on a      Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in any discipline
 (32 units)      2 (22 July)                   7-point scale Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Science

                                                              Successful completion of at least 3 years of study towards an approved qualification at a partner institution with a
                                                              formal pathway to this program
 1.5 years (24   1 (19 Feb)     Gatton         4.5 on a      Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in agricultural science, animal science, biological science, plant science, botany,
 units)          2 (22 July)                   7-point scale horticulture or agronomy, veterinary science, wildlife biology or zoology
- Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma also available.                                                                                                    PROGRAM CODE 5564

Develop core skills in animal science with the flexibility to select business electives that hone your management and leadership skills to further your career.
                                               GPA            YOUR CURRENT QUALIFICATION                                          RELEVANT DISCIPLINES
 2 years         1 (19 Feb)     Gatton         4.5 on a      Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in any discipline                  Agricultural science, biological science, plant
 (32 units)      2 (22 July)                   7-point scale                                                                      science (botany, horticulture or agronomy),
                                                             Graduate Certificate in Animal Science                               equine science, animal science (behaviour,
                                                                                                                                  production or technology), wildlife science,
                                                              Successful completion of at least 3 years of study towards          wildlife management, veterinary science,
                                                              an approved qualification at a partner institution with a formal    veterinary technology and zoology
                                                              pathway to this program
 1.5 years       1 (19 Feb)     Gatton         4.5 on a      Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline
 (24 units)      2 (22 July)                   7-point scale
- Graduate Certificate also available.                                                                                                                         PROGRAM CODE 5571

Master the science of conservation, ecology and biodiversity to find effective solutions in securing the world's biological diversity.
                                               GPA            YOUR CURRENT QUALIFICATION                      RELEVANT DISCIPLINES                                  APPLICATION
                                                                                                                                                                    CLOSING DATE
 1 year          2 (27 June)    St Lucia       5.0 on a      Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a           Botany, conservation, ecology, environmental          1 Apr (year of
 (24 units,                                    7-point scale relevant discipline                              studies, evolution, mathematics or statistics,        commencement)
 intensive)                                                                                                   marine science, or zoology
                                                              Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology

- Graduate Certificate also available.                                                                                                                         PROGRAM CODE 5551

Master the scientific methods used to analyse, quantify and make decisions about conservation.

                                               GPA            YOUR CURRENT QUALIFICATION                      RELEVANT DISCIPLINES                                  APPLICATION
                                                                                                                                                                    CLOSING DATE
 1.5 years       2 (27 June)    St Lucia       5.0 on a      Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a           Botany, conservation, ecology, environmental          1 Apr (year of
 (32 units,                                    7-point scale relevant discipline                              studies, evolution, mathematics or statistics,        commencement)
 intensive)                                                   Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology    marine science, or zoology

                                                                                                                                                               PROGRAM CODE 5597
Develop the analytical and strategic skills to tackle today's most vital and challenging global issues, such as climate change, pollution and land clearing.
                                               GPA            YOUR CURRENT QUALIFICATION                                                      RELEVANT DISCIPLINES
 2 years         1 (19 Feb)     St Lucia,      4.5 on a      Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in any discipline                              Environmental studies, geography,
 (32 units)      2 (22 July)    online         7-point scale Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management             natural resources, biology,
                                                                                                                                              ecology, conservation, sustainable
                                                              Successful completion of at least 3 years of study towards an approved          development, environmental
                                                              qualification at a partner institution with a formal pathway to this program    engineering, or marine science
 1.5 years       1 (19 Feb)     St Lucia,      4.5 on a      Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline
 (24 units)      2 (22 July)    online         7-point scale
- Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma available.                                                                                                         PROGRAM CODE 5609

                                                                                                                UQ GUIDE 2024 DOMESTIC POSTGRADUATE COURSEWORK                       29
You can also read