2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education

2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education
2018 International
Course Guide
Undergraduate & Postgraduate
2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education
At Edith Cowan University (ECU), we understand that deciding
to study overseas is both exciting and challenging.
Located in Western Australia, ECU’s industry-relevant teaching and
research, supportive study environment and award‑winning facilities
have been recognised with five-star ratings for teaching quality eight
years in a row in the Good Universities Guide (2010-2017).
Our courses are developed in consultation with industry, and our
teaching staff have extensive industry experience and networks.
It is through our connections with industry groups and professional
bodies that ECU students can experience work placements, fieldwork,
practicums, networking events and volunteering opportunities as part
of their studies.
ECU has been ranked in the world’s top 150 universities under 50 years
old in the 2017 Young Universities Rankings (formerly known as the
Times Higher Education 150 under 50).
In addition to developing important academic and professional skills, at
ECU you will have the opportunity to make new, lifelong friends, whilst
also enjoying our welcoming culture and friendly study environment.
                 So be the graduate the changing world needs,
                 and get ready at ECU.
                 Professor Steve Chapman

                              Who was Edith Cowan?
                              Born in 1861 in Glengarry, Western Australia,
                              Edith Dircksey Cowan believed education was the
                              key to growth, change and improvement. Edith’s
                              contribution to the development of Western
                              Australian education was significant. She strove
                              to achieve social justice and campaigned for
                              the rights of women, children and families, for
                              the poor, the poorly educated and the elderly.
                              So it’s fitting that the State’s oldest education
                              institution and newest public university,
                              Edith Cowan University, bears her name.
2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education
Our world is more dynamic than ever before, creating new
ideas and new possibilities.
So how do you engage with this ever-changing environment?
You learn. And the best way to learn is from experience.
ECU is a university for our times, where students learn in hands-on
environments and in industry relevant courses. Our lecturers have extensive
experience in their fields and place the needs of students above all else.
We’re a university where you can learn the combination of theory and practical
skills needed to take advantage of every opportunity. Skills that will allow you
to understand and meet new challenges, and to thrive in an evolving world.
Are you ready?
Apply to ECU for 2018.

4 ......... Why get ready at ECU?                                           28 ....... Science
4 ......... Rankings                                                        30 ....... Teacher Education
5 ......... ECU Fast Facts                                                  32 ....... Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts
6 ......... About Perth                                                     34 ....... Research
8 ......... Our Campuses                                                    36 ....... Undergraduate Minimum Requirements
10 ....... Facilities, Services & Support                                   37 ....... Postgraduate Minimum Requirements
12 ....... Accommodation                                                    38 ....... Academic Journey
14 ....... Access & Support for Everyone                                    39 ....... Academic & English Pathways
16 ....... Fees                                                             40 ....... Edith Cowan College (ECC)
17 ....... Scholarships                                                     42 ....... Country Specific Entry Requirements (A-N)
18 ....... Arts & Humanities                                                44 ....... Country Specific Entry Requirements (O-Z)
20 ....... Business & Law                                                   46 ....... Application Process
22 ....... Engineering & Technology                                         48 ....... Research Application Process
24 ....... Medical & Health Sciences                                        50 ....... Course Listing and Fees
26 ....... Nursing & Midwifery

2018 Academic Calendar
Semester 1, 2018                                                             Semester 2, 2018
Orientation                          12-23 February                          Orientation                       16-27 July
Semester Commences                   26 February                             Semester Commences                30 July
Mid Semester Break                   16-20 April                             Mid Semester Break                24-28 September
Study Week                           4-8 June                                Study Week                        5-9 November

Exams                                11-22 June                              Review and Examination            12-23 November

     ECU is committed to reconciliation and recognises and respects the significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
     Islander peoples’ communities, cultures and histories. ECU acknowledges and respects the Aboriginal and Torres
     Strait Islander peoples, as the traditional custodians of the land. ECU acknowledges and respects its continuing
     association with Nyoongar people, the traditional custodians of the land upon which its campuses stand.
2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education
Why get ready at ECU?
    At ECU, we equip you with the confidence and practical skills to deal with
    whatever challenges may come your way, no matter where you are in the world.
    But if that isn’t enough, here are a few more reasons why you should choose ECU.
    Visit international.ecu.edu.au for more information.

            Industry Links                                                 Practical Learning

     1                                                              3
            Many of our courses offer direct links with                    We offer learning that extends beyond the
            industry and organisations, which means our                    classroom via practicum, work integrated
            students get hands-on experience while they                    learning, and internships.
            are studying.
                                                                           Internationally Recognised
            Learn from the Best
     2      Our high calibre staff have extensive experience
            as researchers, teachers, advisers or consultants
                                                                    4      ECU qualifications are recognised worldwide,
                                                                           with many graduates gaining employment in
                                                                           varying capacities in Australia and overseas.
            and have significant professional experience in
            their field.

    Here is a snapshot of recent university rankings, both nationally and internationally.

    Most Satisfied Students                                      Five-Star Teaching Quality
    ECU has been ranked the top public university in Australia   ECU graduates have given us a 5-star rating for teaching
    for most satisfied students in the 2017 QILT (Quality        quality for the eighth year in a row (2010 to 2017) in the
    Indicators for Learning and Teaching) survey. Results        2017 Good Universities Guide. No other public university
    showed 86.1% were satisfied with their educational           in Western Australia – and very few across Australia –
    experience at ECU. We were also the top Western              have achieved such a consistently high endorsement
    Australia public university for teaching quality, support,   for teaching quality.
    resources and skills development.
                                                                 The 2017 edition of the Guide also shows ECU graduates
                                                                 continue to enjoy a five-star rating for starting salaries,
    Times Higher Education                                       for the third year in a row.
    ECU has been named in the Times Higher Education
    (THE) Young University Rankings for 2017.                    2017 U-Multirank
    Recognising the world’s 200 best universities less than      In the latest university rankings, ECU received the highest
    50 years of age, the rankings are a global showcase of       rating of ‘very good’ for Bachelor and Masters graduates
    a new breed of university. They focus on performance         finding work locally, as well as ‘very good’ ratings for its
    indicators such as research, teaching excellence,            close links with local communities.
    international outlook and innovation, and highlight
    universities that are developing at an exceptional rate.

2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education
Flexibility                                                    Outstanding Facilities
5                                                               8
      Through a variety of academic and English                      We are known for our award-winning facilities
      entry pathways, we enable people from all                      and are at the forefront of providing innovative
      backgrounds to enrich their lives and their                    education and training solutions.
      communities through education.
                                                                     Supportive Learning
      Choices                                                        Environment
6                                                               9
      We offer a diverse range of courses, majors,
                                                                     We offer a supportive study environment
      minors and electives. In addition, we offer a
                                                                     with approachable teaching staff and a range
      variety of double degrees, which enable you to
                                                                     of support staff. This includes counsellors and
      consider a diverse range of careers, in just four
                                                                     academic skills advisers, to help you get the
      to six years of full‑time study (depending on the
                                                                     most out of your education.
      double degree combination you choose).

      Safe Campuses                                                  Top Rated Research School

7                                                           10
                                                                     According to the 2016 International Student
      • Security service (24/7)
                                                                     Barometer, ECU’s Graduate Research School has
      • Well-lit pathways                                            been ranked among the top three in Australia
      • Emergency phones                                             each year since 2011 with satisfaction of
      • Night security escort                                        95% or higher.

ECU Fast Facts
68,000                          29,000                      5,200                        1,700
More than 68,000 people         ECU has over 29,000         Including on-shore and       ECU has over 1,700 staff
have graduated from ECU         students                    off-shore students, ECU
since 1991                                                  has some 5,200
                                                            International students

300                             100                         8                            3
ECU offers more than 300        ECU has International       ECU has 8 schools            ECU has 3 campuses
courses                         students originating from
                                more than 100 countries

2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education
About Perth
    Perth is the capital city of Western Australia (commonly referred
    to as WA), which is the largest state in Australia.
     he Economist Intelligence Unit has rated Perth one of the top
    10 most liveable cities in the world for the past 13 years (2004-16).
    Perth has a vibrant restaurant and food scene, with more than
    100 new restaurants and pubs opening in the past few years.

    Getting Around Perth                                           Population
    Perth has modern and safe public transport network             Perth: 2 million
    that is convenient and accessible for students.                Western Australia: 2.58 million
                                                                   Australia: 24 million
    • F
       ree bus service: Perth, Fremantle and Joondalup
      city zones have a free bus service
    • Discount: Full-time students receive between
      40% and 45% discount on all public transport
    Visit the Transperth website transperth.wa.gov.au
    for more information.

    Beaches                                                             WESTERN
    Western Australia is home to some of the best beaches              AUSTRALIA
    in the world (TripAdvisor 2017). Indeed, Perth has
    19 beautiful white sand beaches, so there is sure to be
    one to suit your needs.                                                 Perth

    Perth Fast Facts
    • Multicultural: Perth is ranked #1 in Australia      • Higher Wages: On average, Western Australians
      for best student diversity (Austrade online           earn $88,852 compared to an Australian
      international student data, Canberra,                 Average of $78,026 (Australian Bureau of
      March 2016)                                           Statistics, May 2016)
    • More affordable: Perth is the cheapest major        • Free Wifi: The City of Perth as well as the
      city in Australia (Worldwide Cost of Living           City of Joondalup offer free public Wi-Fi
      Report 2017, The Economist Intelligence Unit)         around the Central Business District
    • Strong Economy: Western Australia has 11%           • Great city to study: Perth was also rated
      of Australia’s population but produces 41%            in the top 35 best student cities in the
      of Australia’s exports (Australian Bureau of          world for the past six years (QS, Best
      Statistics, May 2016)                                 Student Cities 2016)

2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education
Perth: a city full of sunshine!
Perth has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild wet winters. However, even in winter,
Perth still enjoys plenty of warm sunshine, so it is no wonder Western Australians love the outdoors.

                                       Average               Average              Average days         Average hours
 Season           Month                maximum               minimum              of rainfall per      of sunshine
                                       temperature           temperature          month                per day

 Summer           Dec/Jan/Feb          29°C                  17°C                 4                    11

 Autumn           Mar/Apr/May          24°C                  14°C                 9                    7

 Winter           Jun/Jul/Aug          18°C                  10°C                 18                   5

 Spring           Sep/Oct/Nov          21°C                  12°C                 11                   9

What’s happening in Perth?
One of the most exciting projects happening in Perth           Over the last few years, there have been many urban
is the development of Elizabeth Quay, a waterfront             developments in and around Perth, with some still to
destination in the Perth Central Business District,            come very soon:
offering a range of activities to attract people of all
                                                               • The new Perth Stadium, on track for completion in
ages, at all times of the year.
                                                                 time for the start of the 2018 AFL season, will be a
One and a half hectares of promenade space link a                multi‑purpose venue capable of hosting AFL, rugby,
series of public parks and spaces around the new inlet           football (soccer), cricket and entertainment events
to the island - a more relaxed space with views back to          that will have an initial 60,000 seat capacity.
the city. The promenade and public domain are free and         • The New Museum for Western Australia, set to be
people-friendly and will be complemented by new shops,           completed by 2020, is one of the most significant
restaurants and entertainment.                                   museum redevelopments in the world today.
While not finalised, new data shows more than 6.6 million      • The new Perth Children’s Hospital will open in the
people have visited the quay since opening in January 2016       near future, just a few years after the Fiona Stanley
and several successful businesses have emerged, offering         Hospital opened, in 2015.
new experiences for locals and visitors.

2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education
Our Campuses
    We pride ourselves on our industry‑relevant, world-class facilities that
    allow you to experience modern equipment in real-world environments.
    ECU has two metropolitan campuses in Joondalup and Mount Lawley
    and one regional campus in Bunbury.
    All of our campuses can be accessed conveniently via public transport.

    ECU Joondalup                                                 ECU Mount Lawley
    Our Joondalup Campus is set within beautiful surroundings     Located in the trendy suburb of Mount Lawley and close
    and its spacious grounds provide a great place for students   to the Perth Central Business District, you can’t help but be
    to study and relax.                                           inspired by the artistic vibe at our Mount Lawley Campus.

    Courses are offered in arts, commerce, communications,        Courses are offered in arts, communications, design
    engineering, law, medical and health sciences, natural        and teacher education.
    sciences, nursing, computing and security, sports science,
    psychology, social science and teacher education.
                                                                  World-Class Facilities
                                                                  ECU recently invested $5 million in the infrastructure
    ECU Joondalup Pines Outdoor Cinema                            and equipment for a new communications and arts hub
    During the summer months, we host the Lotterywest             on our Mount Lawley Campus. The hub contains facilities
    Festival Films at the ECU Joondalup Pines Outdoor             for design, visual arts, fashion, broadcasting, animation,
    Cinema, where moviegoers can enjoy watching a diverse         photomedia, motion capture and film.
    line-up of international films.
                                                                  Mount Lawley City Highlights
    Joondalup City Highlights                                     • Festivals – Comedy Festival / International Film Festival
    • Located in the heart of the northern suburbs                • Vibrant night life
    • 26km from the Perth Central Business District               • Local and international cuisine
    • Relaxed and casual atmosphere                               • Located only 3km from the Perth Central Business District
    • Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City is the largest
      shopping centre in Western Australia
    • Free bus service

2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education

                                                                                   ● Butler
                                                                                    ● Clarkson
                                                              mins                       ●
                                                              ECU Joondalup
                                                              Campus from Perth
                                                              city by train
                                                                                                       ● Midland
                                                                           City Centre ●
ECU South West (Bunbury)
Located less than 200km south of Perth, our South West
                                                               mins                      ● Fremantle
Campus in Bunbury is the largest university campus in
regional Western Australia. This campus is perfect for         ECU Mount Lawley
students looking for a regional experience.                    Campus from Perth
                                                               city by bus
Courses are offered in arts, commerce, health sciences,                                                 Armadale
nursing, social work and teacher education.                                                                ●
                                                                                       ● Rockingham
The campus features a café, mini-gym, multi-purpose
sports courts, two nursing demonstration wards, science
laboratories and a library with 24-hour access to a
computer lab.
                                                                                       ● Mandurah
The Bunbury Campus is co-located with the South West
Regional College of TAFE, Manea Senior College and
two hospitals.

Bunbury City Highlights
• Third largest city in Western Australia
• Only 100km from the beautiful country town of
  Margaret River (known for its wine, good food, surfing
  spots and spectacular scenery)

                                                           mins                    ●
                                                           ECU South West
                                                           Campus from Perth
                                                           city by car

                                                           ● Busselton

2018 International Course Guide - Undergraduate & Postgraduate - Times Higher Education
Facilities, Services & Support
     At ECU, we provide a supportive learning environment through our excellent
     range of facilities, services and support programs.

                   Student Central                                Facilities
                   On each campus, Student Central is             • Fully-equipped modern libraries
                   your point of reference for all enquiries      • E-labs available
                   regarding academic progress and                   24-hour/7days/52 weeks
                   enrolment assistance, as well as for
                                                                  • Free Wi-Fi
                   a range of support services.
                                                                  • Over 5,100 parking bays across
                                                                    all campuses
                   Academic Support                               • On-campus accommodation
                   Our Learning Advisers are always on            • Ngoolark at Joondalup:
                   hand to assist you with a range of               one-stop-shop for students
                   study skills and advice on preparing
                   assignments. They conduct workshops,
                   prepare academic skill resources,
                                                                  Health and Wellbeing
                   support other academic staff in                • Medical Centres (Joondalup and
                   promotion of tertiary literacy skills            Mount Lawley campuses)
                   and see students one-on-one and in             • Free Counselling service
                   group consultations.
                                                                  • Multi‑faith Chaplaincy service
                                                                  • Fully-equipped sports, recreation
                                                                    and fitness centres (Joondalup and
                                                                    Mount Lawley campuses)
                                                                  • Mini-gym and playing courts
                                                                    (Bunbury Campus)

Security                                    Food and Retail
• Security service 24/7                    • Cafés and other food outlets
• Well-lit pathways                        • Hairdresser (Joondalup Campus)
• Emergency phones                         • Optometrist (Joondalup Campus)
• Night security escort                    • Co-op Bookshops
                                            • ATMs
Careers and
Leadership Services                         Recreational and
Careers and Leadership Services             Social Opportunities
provide free career counselling and         • Student Guild
job search support to all current
                                            • Clubs and societies
students and alumni.
                                            • Intervarsity sports
Resources and services include:
                                            • Taverns (Joondalup and
• T
   ools to plan and manage your              Mount Lawley campuses)
  career pathway
• Careers workshops                         Family Support
• Job application skills including
                                            • Childcare
  résumé and cover letter writing,
  selection criteria and interviews         • Crèche
• A
   ccess to part-time, casual, full-time   • Parenting rooms
  and graduate employment (if visa          • ECU Kids Holiday Program
  conditions allow)                           (Joondalup and
• On-campus employer presentations            Mount Lawley campuses)
• Career fairs
• Volunteering opportunities

Visit ecu.edu.au/careers
for more information.

     At ECU, we have excellent on-campus accommodation on all three of our
     campuses. Our multi-million dollar development at the Joondalup Campus
     offers modern apartments over seven floors of accommodation and a range
     of enjoyable facilities, including a recreation room, barbeques and a
     swimming pool. Our recently constructed student accommodation at our
     Mount Lawley Campus features state‑of‑the‑art facilities such as a pool,
     café, student lounges with Wi-Fi, e-library and more.

     On-Campus Accommodation
     Campus Living Villages (CLV) manages our accommodation          Features
     on the Joondalup, Mount Lawley and Bunbury campuses.
                                                                     • Student lounge with pool table and table tennis
     No matter which campus you are on, you will enjoy an exciting
     residential life program and a vibrant student community,       • Outdoor pool
     all located minutes from the University’s main facilities.      • Wireless e-library
     Apartments are fully furnished with private bedrooms,           • Sporting equipment
     large kitchens and spacious lounge areas, so you will have      • Swipe card-operated laundries
     plenty of space to hang out with friends and flatmates.         • Communal kitchen
     Due to the high demand for on-campus accommodation, we          • High speed internet access
     recommend that you visit mystudentvillage.com/au/ecuvillage     • TV room
     and make your online application early. Please note that a
                                                                     • BBQ
     minimum stay applies.
                                                                     • Parking

     More than just a room…
     Right from the time you check in, you’ll find fantastic
                                                                     The cost includes fully furnished apartments and access
     opportunities to make friends and experience all that
                                                                     to amenities; plus proximity to ECU’s campus saves you
     university life has to offer. Our Residential Life program
                                                                     money on transportation and internet fees.
     is our pride and joy, with events designed to help students
     live, learn and grow.                                           Single room                                 from: $229 / week*
     ‣‣ Live: With themed parties, movie nights and
                                                                     Multi bed apartment
        sporting competitions.                                                                                   from: $185 / week*
                                                                     (six bedrooms)
     ‣‣ Learn: With group and individual study spaces, lessons       *Prices are in Australian Dollars, vary depending on campus, and are
        on exam techniques and essay writing.                          subject to change.

     ‣‣ Grow: With multicultural food festivals, cooking classes
        and résumé writing workshops.

Off-Campus Accommodation
Rental Accommodation                                         Off-Campus Support
Some students choose to rent an apartment, townhouse         If you want to live off-campus, CLV will still be there to
or house on their own or with fellow students. Houses are    help you! Indeed, CLV hosts an online list of off-campus
usually more expensive than apartments and the cost varies   accommodation options close to each campus.
depending on the size, condition and location. Private
                                                             For a list of available listings, visit:
accommodation is either rented furnished or unfurnished.
                                                             Joondalup Campus

Homestay                                                     mystudentvillage.com/au/ecuvillage/joondalup/
You can also choose to live in a private home with an
Australian family. The chance to be involved in daily        Mount Lawley Campus
life, the learning of our culture and customs, plus the      mystudentvillage.com/au/ecuvillage/mt-lawley/
added advantage of having the company of other people        off-campus-accommodation
are just some of the reasons Homestay is popular.

Visit homestaynetwork.org/edith-cowan-university
for more information.

ECU Village Mount Lawley Campus                                              ECU Village Joondalup Campus

Access & Support for Everyone
     We celebrate diversity at ECU and strive to create an environment that enables students
     to achieve their goals regardless of age, family responsibility or family status, impairment,
     gender, marital status, political convictions, pregnancy, race, religion or sexual orientation.

     Equity, Diversity & Disability                                  Volunteering at ECU
     ECU’s Equity, Diversity and Disability (EDD) services           ECU students are invited to sign up and take part in the
     support students whose studies may be affected by a             exciting Volunteering at ECU Program. Volunteering as
     medical condition or disability, either their own or that of    a student is a great way to get involved in the local
     a family member. EDD staff can assist with arranging            community, meet people from diverse walks of life and
     alternative assessment conditions, access to some aids          make new friends.
     and equipment, note taking, AUSLAN interpreting and
                                                                     Additionally, volunteering is a great way to grow and
     transcription services. Every campus has a specially designed
                                                                     develop your professional skills, improving your chances in
     Accessible Technologies Room that provides students with
                                                                     the labour market when you start applying for paid jobs.
     access to adjustable chairs and desks, specialised software,
     computer, scanner and other adaptive technology. All ECU
     locations have access for people with disabilities.             Peer Mentoring at ECU
     Visit ecu.edu.au/campus-maps for details and to view            A successful peer mentoring program runs across most
     ECU’s access and mobility maps.                                 schools at ECU. The program links new students in their
                                                                     first year with a mentor (a current student) in the same
                                                                     course or study area.
     Respect for Diversity
                                                                     Peer mentors provide students with support and guidance,
     ECU provides a safe and supportive learning environment.
                                                                     and can help answer questions or concerns about their
     There is a rich cultural diversity on-campus, with events
                                                                     transition to university life at ECU. Mentors know from
     such as Harmony Week, that run through the year.
                                                                     their own personal experience what it’s like to start out
     There is also a multi-faith prayer-room on the Joondalup
                                                                     at ECU, so they can give others all the inside information
     and Mount Lawley campuses.
                                                                     needed to succeed.
     ECU students and staff are guided by the values of integrity,
     respect, rational inquiry and personal excellence. Racism in
     any form is not tolerated.

     Through classes and the on-campus events, students have
     the chance to study the rich history and modern perspectives
     of Australia’s first people.

     Dependents of ECU Students
     Schooling                                                       English as a Second Language
     If you intend to bring dependent children to Australia,         If your dependent children are enrolled in a public or
     you will need to consider specific arrangements for their       private school and require either English as a Second
     visas and schooling. In Australia, it is compulsory for         Language or learning difficulty/disability support, you
     school aged children (6-16 years of age) to attend school.      will need to pay for these additional expenses.

     You must enrol your dependent children in either                These costs will vary and may involve your dependent
     government or private schools on a fee-paying basis.            children moving to a school specifically designed to provide
     You are required to pay the school fees directly to the         the required support. We recommend that your dependent
     school prior to enrolment.                                      children commence English language training prior to
                                                                     arriving in Perth.
     However, if you are a Masters or PhD student, then you
     are able to enrol your dependent children into public           Visit education.wa.edu.au for more information from
     primary and secondary schools at no cost.                       the Department of Education in Western Australia

     Visit tafeinternational.wa.edu.au/your-study-options/
     for more details.

Visa Conditions                                             Independent International
As an international student studying in Australia on        Students Conciliator
a student visa, or other visa types, there are a number     The Department of Education Services (Western Australia)
of conditions attached to the granting of your visa.        offers a free mediation/conciliation service through the
Visit www.border.gov.au/trav/stud to obtain                 International Student Conciliator. The Conciliator attempts
more information.                                           to resolve disputes between international students and
                                                            institutions, as part of the institution’s internal complaints
                                                            and appeals procedure.
Education Services for Overseas
                                                            Visit des.wa.gov.au/internationaleducation/ieconciliation/
Students (ESOS)
                                                            Pages/default.aspx for more information.
The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS)
Act 2000 provides important safeguards for overseas
students in Australia. The ESOS Act regulates the
activities of education providers, like ECU, who deliver
education and training to international students by
setting standards and providing for tuition and financial
assurance. ECU’s teaching and support of international
students are guided and monitored by the Department
of Education under the ESOS Framework.

Visit internationaleducation.gov.au/Regulatory-
for more information.

     As a new student, you will need to consider how much your university
     studies will cost and what forms of assistance are available to you.
     Tuition fees are the main expense you will incur while you study;
     however, there are other costs as well, some of which are listed below.

     Tuition Fees                                                               If you bring your spouse/children with you to Australia,
                                                                                you will need to allocate a significantly larger sum of
     The tuition fees you pay are based on the course and                       money per week and you should consider additional
     units you elect to study. Once you commence a course                       expenses such as school fees and childcare costs
     with ECU, as long as you remain in your course with                        (if applicable).
     academic and financial good standing, you will be
     protected against any significant jump in fees. Your
     fees will only increase by a marginal amount each year.                    Upfront Payment Flexibility
     Refer to the Course Listings and Fees at the end of                        Students and their sponsors can now choose to pay more
     this brochure or visit international.ecu.edu.au/fees                       than 50 per cent of tuition fees up-front if they wish to do so.
     to use our online Fees Calculator for more information.
                                                                                This allows students and those paying fees on their behalf,
                                                                                such as their parents or a scholarship sponsor, to pay any
     Other Expenses                                                             amount greater than 50 per cent of the tuition fees to
     You will be responsible for purchasing textbooks and any                   take advantage of favourable exchange rates or have
     equipment required for your course. The cost of these                      the convenience of only paying once.
     items varies widely depending on the course. Other                         Visit international.ecu.edu.au/fees for more details.
     expenses you are likely to incur include food, parking,
     consumables such as stationery and photocopying,
     as well as transport costs to and from university,                         ECU’s International Student Tuition
     including any work placements or off‑campus activities.                    Fee Refund Policy
                                                                                ECU’s International Student Tuition Fee Refund Policy
     Living Costs                                                               applies to international students who cease or do not
                                                                                begin studying at ECU. The purpose of the policy is to
     Whether you live on-campus or off-campus, you should
                                                                                clarify your entitlement to refund of fees and relevant
     budget about $380 per week for your living costs. Please
                                                                                processes, as required under government regulation.
     note that this does not include tuition fees, textbooks,
     running a car or holiday travel.                                           Visit ecu.edu.au/GPPS/policies to view ECU’s
                                                                                International Student Tuition Refund Policy.

     Overseas Student Health Cover
     If you are applying for a Student Visa, you are required to arrange Overseas Student Health Cover
     (OSHC) before your arrival in Australia, and maintain cover for the full length of your visa.

     OSHC is a basic health insurance product designed to be equivalent to Medicare (for Australian citizens).
     It covers emergency medical conditions, public hospitals and most of the costs of visiting a doctor.
     Please note that pre‑existing illnesses may not be covered. Additional cover for private hospitals
     and supplementary services such as dental, optical and physiotherapy is available at additional cost.
     ECU can assist you in arranging cover on your behalf.

     Single                                     $612 Per Year
     Couple                                     $2,078 Per Year**

     Family                                     $3,069 Per Year

     *All amounts are in Australian Dollars and prices are subject to change.
     **Couple membership covers the students and their spouse/partner as listed on the student’s visa.

Going to university can be a very rewarding experience, but also a costly one.
One way to assist you with your expenses is to apply for a scholarship.
Scholarships are not loans, they provide funds that can be used to cover fees,
cost of books, travel and a wide range of other expenses, and they are not
required to be repaid.

ECU Funded Scholarships                                        External Funding
At ECU, we have a number of scholarships that can              There are several opportunities for you to fund your
help ease your financial pressure and help make                studies externally.
your studies more affordable.
                                                               To be eligible, you must apply for your course at ECU
To be eligible for any of these scholarships, you must         before applying for the external funding.
first apply for the scholarship before you apply for your
                                                               Visit international.ecu.edu.au/scholarships
course at ECU.
                                                               for more details.

Merit International Scholarship                                Australian Awards Scholarships
The Merit International Scholarship is offered to
                                                               Australian Awards Scholarships are long-term development
international students who have demonstrated high levels
                                                               awards administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs
of academic achievement and English competency in their
                                                               and Trade. They aim to contribute to the long-term
previous studies. The scholarship offers a 10% reduction
                                                               development needs of Australia’s partner countries in line
in your tuition fees for the duration of your course at ECU.
                                                               with bilateral and regional agreements. Scholarships are
                                                               mainly at postgraduate level, however there is a limited
Family and Alumni International Scholarship                    number of undergraduate scholarships (country specific).
The Family and Alumni International Scholarship                Visit dfat.gov.au/people-to-people/australia-awards/
recognises the commitment and loyalty of international         Pages/how-to-apply-for-an-australia-awards-scholarship.
students who are ECU alumni, or have immediate family          aspx for more information.
members who are ECU students or alumni. The scholarship
offers a 10% reduction in tuition fees for the duration of
your course at ECU.
                                                               Australia Endeavour Awards
                                                               The Endeavour Awards are the Australian
                                                               Government’s internationally competitive, merit-based
South West Campus
                                                               scholarship programs.
International Scholarship
                                                               Visit internationaleducation.gov.au/Endeavour program/
South West Campus International Scholarship is offered         Scholarships-and-Fellowships/Pages/default.aspx
to eligible international students who apply to study at       for more information.
ECU’s South West Campus in Bunbury, Western Australia.
The scholarship acknowledges the value ECU places on
international perspectives. The scholarship provides a         Financial Aid
10% reduction in your tuition fees for the duration of your    We are a recognised provider of Higher Education
course at ECU.                                                 with many countries around the world.

                                                               Visit your country’s financial aid representative/body
More Scholarships                                              to obtain additional information.
We update our scholarship website throughout
the year, so visit international.ecu.edu.au/scholarships
for the latest details.

Arts & Humanities
     Explore the complexities of the human mind, immerse yourself in a creative and engaging
     environment and make a contribution to improving people’s quality of life. ECU’s School of
     Arts and Humanities offers over sixty programs across all three ECU campuses, including
     specialist and interdisciplinary courses in the arts, design, media and communications,
     psychology and criminology, and the social sciences. Our flexible course structures allow
     open access to electives in all areas of the School to encourage multi-skilling, improve
     employment prospects and to promote a broader understanding of how the arts and
     humanities play a central role in the social and cultural fabric of our society.

     • 2D & 3D Animator        • Community Adviser     • Gallery Curator           • Scene-of-Crime
     • Artist                  • Counsellor            • Government Policy Adviser   Technician
     • Author                  • Digital Media         • Graphic Designer          • Scriptwriter
     • Child Protection          Manager               • Interior Designer          • Sound Mixer
       Worker                  • Director              • Journalist                 • Therapist
     • Children Services       • Fashion Designer      • Photographer               • Web Designer
       Coordinator             • Film Critic           • Producer                   • Youth Justice Officer
     • Cinematographer         • Film Director         • Public Relations           • Youth Welfare Worker
     • Clinical Psychologist                             Consultant

World-Class Facilities                                            Accreditations & Alliances
ECU has made a major commitment to the arts through               We offer courses that are accredited, approved,
a $5 million investment in Arts and Humanities facilities.        or recognised by professional bodies:
The re‑housing of the design, photography and media               • Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)
studios, along with the refurbishment of the visual art
                                                                  • Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)
and fashion areas, provides world-class facilities for staff,
students and researchers.                                         • Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA)
                                                                  • Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality
We’re All About Balance                                             Authority (ACECQA)
The accessibility of our courses continues to grow with the       • CILECT International Association of Film and
offering of more undergraduate degrees across our three             Television Schools
campuses in Joondalup, Mount Lawley and Bunbury. Our              • Design Institute of Australia
expansion across all three campuses, new state‑of‑the-art
                                                                  • International Advertising Association (IAA)
facilities, contemporary teaching and research practices,
all with an emphasis on a sustainable work/life balance,          • Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation
ensures an exciting and creative environment for students.          of Australia (PACFA)
                                                                  • Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA)
Emerging Perth Designer Wins Top Industry Award
                                                                  Industry Partners
Fashion graduate Danielle Marklew has received the
inaugural STYLEAID Brand New Designer Award for the               Many of our courses offer direct links with industry and
development of her new label STASERA. The name of her             organisations; here are some examples of where our students
label, which translates to ‘tonight’ in Italian, is inspired by   have undertaken work projects or professional experience:
her desire to create a line of night-time wear that is            Broadcasting: Seven Network, Channel 10, Nova 93.7,
accessible with a quirky and individual edge. Danielle, who       ABC Television
was also the national finalist of the 2012 Apex Teenage
Fashion Awards, was selected from a high profile line up of       Counselling: Headspace, Anglicare WA, Cyrenian House,
local Perth designers for her promising and business-savvy        Australian Psychoanalytical Society (APAS)
approach to fashion design. This significant industry nod         Criminology: Western Australia Police, Australian Federal
will set Danielle up to develop her label under the               Police, Department of Corrective Services WA, Corruption
mentorship of top local designers and stylists as well as         and Crime Commission
receive guidance from marketing and production experts
for the launch of her 2017 collection.                            Journalism: The West Australian, The Sunday Times,
                                                                  Community Scoop Magazine, ECU Guild Magazine
Unique Courses in Australia                                       Psychology: Department of Health, Ngala, Department
• Graduate Certificate in Broadcasting (Radio)                    for Child Protection and Family Support
• Graduate Diploma of Broadcasting                                Screen Academy: ARRI Australia, Jackman Furness
                                                                  Foundation for the Performing Arts (JFFPA)
Unique Courses in Western Australia
                                                                  Social Science/Social Work: Headspace, WA Country
• Master of Screen Studies
                                                                  Health Service, Department of Education, South Regional
                                                                  TAFE, Central Institute of Technology

                                                                  Youth Work: Youth Futures WA, North Metropolitan TAFE,
                                                                  Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (YACWA),
                                                                  Youth Work WA, MercyCare

   “My life is all about art and creativity. It’s what I live for.”

   I had always been interested in both fashion and photography, and had heard great
   things about ECU’s arts and communications programs from my friends and teachers.
   ECU’s reputation and flexibility of being able to study both passions at the same time
   is what made me choose to study here. Studying at ECU has totally changed my
   perspective on what design is, techniques we use to communicate, and the practical
   applications of our work. I’ve learned a range of methods that helped me explore
   different ways to approach my collection, my research and my interaction with other
   designers and artists. The facilities and staff are fantastic. The equipment is constantly
   upgraded and has everything that you need in fashion studio. The lecturers and
   technicians are helpful, supportive and passionate. It’s a great space for me to explore my
   creativity. And as an international student, the people at ECU made me feel so welcome.

   Wenbin Wang
   ECU Fashion student

Business & Law
     At ECU’s School of Business and Law, you’ll receive up-to-date theoretical knowledge, practical
     experience and essential employability skills to help you succeed in a variety of complex, competitive
     and dynamic global business environments. The school offers an exciting mix of courses that are
     developed in consultation with industry groups and combine the latest theory with practical
     experiences, leading to a diverse choice of careers.
     Our accredited and established law courses will allow you to achieve your dreams. So if you want to be
     a first-class lawyer, fight for justice in the courtroom, or branch out into government, business or the
     community sector, study law at ECU. All of our courses aim to equip you with the skills that employers
     seek through hands-on learning opportunities. Our graduates have found employment in a variety of
     fields across the country and the world. So get set for a rewarding and successful career with a degree
     from ECU Business and Law.

     • Accountant                • Hotel Manager          • Management Consultant       • Sport Development
     • Bank Manager              • Human Resource         • Marketing Manager             Manager
     • Brand Manager               Manager                • Organisational              • Sport Manager
     • Environmental Planner     • In-House Counsel         Psychologist                • Strategic Planner
     • Event Manager             • Investment Adviser     • Project Manager             • Trade Manager
     • Financial Analyst         • Lawyer                 • Resort Manager

Brand New State-of-the-Art Facilities                          Accreditations & Alliances
ECU’s School of Business and Law has a number of brand         We offer courses that are accredited, approved,
new, state-of-the-art facilities available to help students    or recognised by professional bodies:
gain the practical skills which employers seek.
                                                               • Australian Computer Society (ACS)
Business students can access real-time, global financial       • Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
market data using Bloomberg software in the SMART Lab,
                                                               • Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)
or tap into the latest communication directions like virtual
reality or social media channels in the Digital Hub.           • Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS)
                                                               • Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)
Law students have the opportunity to develop their skills
in an environment resembling a real‑world law court in our     • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
high tech on‑campus Moot Court.                                  (CAANZ)
                                                               • Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) Australia
Choice                                                         • Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Our new Bachelor of Commerce offers 14 different majors        • Institute of Internal Auditors ((IIA)
and our new Master of Business Administration offers
                                                               • Institute of Public Accountants (IPA)
10 different specialisations while our Master of Business
Administration International offers 8 specialisations.         • Legal Practice Board of Western Australia (LPBWA)

                                                               Industry Partners
Business Internship
                                                               Many of our courses offer direct links with industry and
Through our Business Internship Program, depending on
                                                               organisations; here are some examples of where our students
their chosen course, students can apply to gain valuable
                                                               have undertaken work projects or professional experience:
real-world experience in a public, private or not‑for-profit
organisation. It enables students to gain a minimum            • Bristow Group
of 16 weeks (600 hours) of full‑time work experience,          • CCIWA
allowing them to develop professional networks, skills and
                                                               • Corporate Sports Australia
capabilities required to succeed in their chosen profession.
                                                               • Fortuna Accountants
Hands-On Experience                                            • IHG
Law students may have the opportunity to work on real          • Pitcher Partners
cases, under the supervision of legal practitioners, at the    • PriceWaterhouseCoopers
on‑campus Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre.
                                                               • Ramsay Health
The Centre provides legal information and advice to the
community in a number of areas. This partnership provides      • Satterley
vital experience for our law students.                         • Telethon Speech and Hearing
                                                               • UniBank
Unique Courses in Western Australia
                                                               • West Coast Eagles
• Bachelor of International Hotel and Resort Management
• Master of International Hospitality Management
• Bachelor of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
• Master of Marketing and Innovation Management

   “Thanks to the insights gained from my business practicum,
    I was able to increase my employability skills, gain work
    experience and demonstrate my potential in the HR field.”

   My course was focused on practical learning involving a lot of research in Australian
   organisations, which was extremely relevant to my professional development. My
   practicum experience was a golden opportunity to discover new abilities, reinforce my
   personal growth skills, build new networks and demonstrate that I was the right fit for
   a paid position in my study field. This is an amazing achievement that makes me feel
   so proud of being ECU graduate. After graduating, I secured a HR position in the same
   company where I completed my business practicum.

   Marcela Carvajal
   ECU Human Resource Management graduate

Engineering & Technology
     ECU‘s School of Engineering is one of the best-equipped engineering schools in Australia
     and we are setting benchmarks for excellence in engineering education. You will study with
     some of the brightest minds, in multi-million dollar laboratories. With a wide choice of
     disciplines from which to choose and industry‑experienced lecturers, this could be the start
     of an incredible journey. ECU’s engineering courses are accredited by Engineers Australia and
     recognised under the Washington Accord, so with an ECU engineering degree you can work
     anywhere in the world.

     • Aeronautical            • Communications        • Electrical Power Engineer    • Mechanical Engineer
       Technologist              Engineer              • Electronics Engineer         • Mechatronics
     • Automotive Engineer     • Computer Systems      • Embedded Systems               Engineer
     • Aviation Operations       Engineer                Engineer                     • Pipeline Engineer
       Controller              • Computer Systems      • Environmental Engineer       • Process Control
     • Chemical Engineer         Technologist                                           Engineer
                                                       • Flight Planner
     • Civil Engineer          • Design Engineer                                      • Software Engineer
                                                       • Instrumentation Engineer

Technologically Advanced Labs                                   Accreditations & Alliances
At ECU, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve        ECU’s engineering courses are accredited by Engineers
when it comes to engineering education. Our labs are            Australia, so our students are eligible for Graduate
designed with a focus on students and equipped with             Professional Membership when they complete their course.
the latest technology – from robots and robotic systems         Best of all, as these courses are recognised under the
to virtual reality gear. Many of our labs have been set up      Washington Accord, you’ll graduate ready to design, test,
in collaboration with industry, like our automation and         build and solve real world challenges all over the world.
control laboratory developed in conjunction with Schneider
Electric. We constantly make multi-million dollar               Flexibility
investments to add to our amazing facilities and keep on        The School offers both standard 4-year Bachelor of
track with ongoing technological advances. At our modern        Engineering courses and a 3+2 model, comprising a 3-year
labs, students can leverage cutting edge technology to          Bachelor of Engineering Science program followed by a
develop their own great innovations.                            2-year Master of Engineering.

Employability                                                   Industry Partners
Our collaboration with industry offers students the             Many of our courses offer direct links with industry and
opportunity to develop valuable contacts while completing       organisations; here are some examples of where our students
their degree and our focus on practical learning gives          have undertaken work projects or professional experience:
students the confidence they need to succeed when
heading into the workforce. All students enrolled in our        • Alcoa Australia
engineering courses are required to undertake 12 weeks          • BHP
of practical work experience as part of their course. Our       • Chevron
students graduate as versatile engineers, well‑equipped
                                                                • CSE Transtel
to meet the challenges of the future.
                                                                • Downer Edi Mining
Choice                                                          • Emirates Group Security
With a common set of first year units across all Bachelor       • Fjords Processing Australia
of Engineering courses, you will have the flexibility to        • NRW Civil & Mining
change disciplines as you progress in your studies, ensuring
                                                                • OSE Riggers
you can find the course that suits you best.
                                                                • Public Transport Authority of Western Australia
Unique Courses in Australia                                     • Rio Tinto
• Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports)                          • Saudi Electricity Company
                                                                • Saudi SABIC
Unique Courses in Western Australia
                                                                • Schneider Electric
• Bachelor of Aviation
                                                                • Woodside
• Bachelor of Engineering
  (Civil & Environmental Engineering) Honours

   “ECU Engineering caught my eye as they are one of
    the fastest growing engineering schools in Australia.”

   I have always had an interest in engineering as quite a few of my family members are
   active in STEM related fields. While researching various engineering schools in Australia,
   ECU caught my eye due to the 5-star rankings they’ve received consistently from the
   Good Universities Guide, as well as the fact that they are one of the fastest growing
   engineering schools in Australia. There are an interesting range of disciplines to choose
   from, and the study load while challenging, is definitely manageable, which allows you to
   put in your best possible effort. The lecturers are super approachable and are always
   there to help. I also really appreciated the international student presence - it has allowed
   me a sense of understanding and belonging, and I have enjoyed making friends from
   different countries and cultures.

   Nicole Makawa-Mbewe
   ECU Engineering (Electrical Power) Honours student
   South Africa

Medical & Health Sciences
     ECU’s School of Medical and Health Sciences encompasses a number of exciting and diverse
     areas of study. Courses include biomedical science, health science, exercise and sports science,
     exercise science and rehabilitation, medical science, occupational therapy, paramedical science,
     speech pathology, and sports science and football. Students have access to state‑of-the-art
     facilities and specialised laboratories – all of which allow them to put theory into practice. Our
     courses also provide a basis for honours and postgraduate studies, laying the groundwork for
     future careers in health and medicine.

     • Accredited Exercise     • Government                 • Neuromuscular            • Paramedic
       Physiologist              Health Worker                Therapist                • Speech Therapist
     • Clinical Scientist      • Health Education Officer • Nutritionist               • Sports Medicine Trainer
     • Environmental           • Health Officer             • Occupational             • Sport Physiologist
       Health Officer          • Laboratory Manager           Rehabilitation Officer
                                                                                       • Strength &
     • Exercise Scientist      • Medical Scientist          • Occupational Safety        Conditioning Coach
     • Football Performance                                   and Health Manager
                               • Microbiology Technician

Exercise & Sports Science at ECU                                 Unique courses in Western Australia
ECU’s Exercise and Sports Science course is fully accredited     • Bachelor of Science (Sports Science and Football)
by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). Students          • Bachelor of Health Science (Environmental Health Major)
can choose to complete an additional year of study via our
Exercise Science and Rehabilitation course which enables         Accreditations & Alliances
graduates to gain accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist      We offer courses that are accredited, approved,
through ESSA.                                                    or recognised by professional bodies:
Our Sports Science and Football course prepares students         • Australian Occupational Therapy Association
to train, condition and support players of football, with the
                                                                 • Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA)
opportunity to specialise in either Soccer or Australian Rules
Football. ECU offers a range of specialised health and           • Environmental Health Australia
sporting facilities and purpose‑built laboratories to cater      • Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA)
to the different roles in exercise and sports science, such      • Paramedics Australasia (PA)
as biomechanics, strength and conditioning, performance
                                                                 • Speech Pathology Australia (SPA)
analysis and skill acquisition.
                                                                 Industry Partners
Medical and Biomedical Science State‑of‑the‑Art Facilities
                                                                 Many of our courses offer direct links with industry and
ECU’s science laboratories are equipped to train medical         organisations; here are some examples of where our students
science and biomedical science students in microbiology,         have undertaken work projects or professional experience:
genetics, haematology and biochemistry. Students have
access to microbiology equipment for working with                • Australian Institute of Sport
microbiological organisms and DNA. ECU also houses               • Genesis Cancer Care
state‑of‑the‑art equipment for cell, DNA, RNA and                • Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food
protein isolation and characterisation, electrophoresis,
                                                                 • Local and State Government Departments
automated microscopy and digital imaging, in addition
to a fully‑equipped histology laboratory.                        • Nutrition Australia WA
                                                                 • Perth Glory Football Club
ECU’s Sports Science Department Rated Best                       • Private and Public Hospitals
in Western Australia
                                                                 • Prostate Cancer Foundation
Shanghai Ranking’s 2016 Academic Ranking of World
                                                                 • St John Ambulance Northern Territory
Universities (ARWU) has ranked ECU’s Sport Science
department as the best in Western Australia, third in            • Surf Lifesaving WA
Australia, and fourteenth in the world. The rankings             • WA AIDS Council
compared 361 universities across the world and are               • WA Cricket Association
based on several indicators of academic or research
                                                                 • WA Football Commission
                                                                 • West Coast Eagles
                                                                 • Western Australian Centre for Rural Health

   “Having the opportunity to undertake practicum
    placements from the first-year has given me a real
    insight into working in the real world.”

   I chose ECU not only because it offered a great Speech Pathology course, but also
   because it has high student satisfaction ratings and a high student employment rate
   after graduation. Throughout my journey so far as an ECU student, all of my lecturers and
   tutors have been very approachable and willing to clarify lecture notes and study materials
   whenever I had questions. I was also very grateful for the mentor program available for
   first year students, which gave me many helpful tips to excel in my studies. What I find
   valuable is the Speech Pathology course at ECU definitely covers all required knowledge
   and prepares students to be a competent speech pathologist. A unique part of my course
   is that we have practicum starting from the first year, which has given me a real insight
   into working in the real world. Receiving a Silver Scholarship from ECU has also been such
   a blessing, as not only it has reduced my financial burden of studying in a foreign country,
   but it has encouraged me to work harder and continue to excel academically.

   Shi Jing Kong
   ECU Speech Pathology student

Nursing & Midwifery
     ECU offers a range of unique specialist undergraduate and postgraduate Nursing courses,
     providing students with access to state-of-the-art facilities, online learning technologies
     and dynamic practicum placements. Our courses are developed with extensive industry
     involvement so our teaching is current, responsive to changes in practice and informed
     by world-leading research.

     • Aged Care Nurse               • Mental Health Nurse           • Registered Nurse
     • Critical Care Nurse           • Research Midwife              • Research Nurse

Our Nursing course                                             Accreditations & Alliances
ECU’s Bachelor of Science (Nursing) course includes            We offer courses that are accredited by the Australian
a strong focus on changing health needs and provides           Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC).
a high level of practical education, commencing in the
first semester of the course. This accredited course focuses   Industry Partners
on the practice and science of nursing across the health       Nursing students have the opportunity to undertake
spectrum, preparing graduates for a range of nursing roles.    all their practical units in the one hospital setting,
                                                               allowing them access to helpful resources, as well
International Community Placement                              as networking opportunities.
Our undergraduate programs offer nursing students
                                                               These unique partnership programs are available
the opportunity to undertake a community placement
                                                               at a range of healthcare facilities:
overseas, where they are able to work in a different
healthcare system and experience health from a diverse         • Joondalup Health Campus
cultural background. Currently, community placement            • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
opportunities are available in Cambodia, India, Philippines,
                                                               • St John of God Hospitals
Tanzania, South Africa, Nepal, Vietnam and Thailand.
                                                                 (Subiaco, Mount Lawley and Midland)
Outstanding Health and Wellness Facilities                     • Osborne Park Hospital

Our purpose-built Health and Wellness Building                 • Health Centres
incorporates demonstration wards and simulated practice        • Aged Care Facilities
areas that provide a safe, authentic environment for
                                                               High Quality Research
clinical skills development, and are designed to increase
the competence and confidence of students. The                 Our research programs focus on improving health and
demonstration wards contain 52 beds that meet                  well-being across the lifespan as well as improving the
Australian healthcare standards. Additionally, students        quality and safety of healthcare. They are recognised as
have the opportunity for experiential hands-on practice        being ‘well above world standard’ and have consistently
to learn nursing skills in a variety of simulated scenarios.   received the maximum rating (5) for quality through the
                                                               Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) framework.
New Nursing Course Leading to Registration                     Our Field-Weighted Citation Impact, which takes into
ECU’s Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry) enables               account the differences in research behaviour across
graduates to become registered nurses in Australia.            disciplines, is 2.1 for nursing and 1.04 for Midwifery.
This course is designed for people who have completed          This means we are cited twice the world average for nursing
a Bachelor degree in a discipline other than Nursing,          and 4% more than the world average for midwifery. Our
but who want to become registered nurses, without              research in the fields of chronic disease management, child
having to complete another Bachelor degree.                    and family health, safety and quality of healthcare are
                                                               recognised as innovative and relevant to national and
                                                               international audiences. We collaborate with world-class
                                                               researchers, industry leaders and clinical experts in the
                                                               development, conduct and application of our research in our
                                                               drive to conduct high quality research with real world impact.

   “The flexibility, support and friendly vibe at ECU
    has made for a remarkable experience so far.”

   ECU was my first choice for studying nursing because of the flexibility the university
   provides – I wanted to study somewhere that I could manage my family, work and
   home commitments, alongside my study commitments. My experience at ECU so
   far has been remarkable, the staff always strive to provide the best education and
   support to students. There is a really friendly vibe among all of the students, and the
   cultural diversity gives you an opportunity to understand people from a wide range
   of nationalities. My studies have helped me gain vital skills and knowledge and I look
   forward to completing my nursing degree and pursue my dream career in clinical
   research and trials.

   Vinita Pillai
   ECU Nursing student

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