ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

01 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019 THE SPECIALISTS IN SUPPORTED HOLIDAYS 2018-2019 travel brochure

ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

2018-2019 travel brochure CLUBMATES ” Jimmy Dean I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

The ClubMates Travel Commitment PAGE 08 Letter from Peter Negri PAGE 06 Our Values PAGE 10 Let’s Make Your Booking Easier PAGE 16 Travel Tips PAGE 12 Frequently Asked Questions PAGE 18 Victorian Tours PAGE 22 Personalised Holidays PAGE 20 New South Wales Tours PAGE 32 Welcome South Australian Tours PAGE 42 Queensland Tours PAGE 48 Northern Territory Tours PAGE 58 Tasmania Tours PAGE 62 Western Australia Tours PAGE 66 International Tours PAGE 70 Cruises PAGE 76 Tour Prices & Listings PAGE 82 Terms & Conditions PAGE 98

ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

Let me say a big thankyou to the passengers that travelled with us over the past 12 months and welcome to the new passengers that we will meet in the next 12 months, it is the most rewarding feeling giving our passengers the holiday of a lifetime! Another year and some great memories along with very happy passengers that have had the holiday of a lifetime, within the supported holiday sector it is always important to be able to offer more holidays with good variety when on route or at our final destinations.

NDIS I didnt think anyone can deny that the introduction has been a very turbulent time and has made some very significant changes to how the sector operates.

At ClubMates we are constantly learning and developing with the many changes the NDIS brings and each of our booking agents has had training in the basics of what can be offered via the NDIS funding. To date we have seen supported holidays claimed in part and we expect that the NDIA will keep tight controls of the costs. The main areas of NDIS funding that can be claimed is the supports when passengers are enjoying their holiday. Website Our website has seen some good growth and passengers and their support staff are using it more frequently, it is still a challenge to book a supported holiday effectively on line but with the advancement in technology I can see it is not too far from being a reality, of course we are always happy to speak to our passengers and staff, and in fact we enjoy the calls!!

Social Media We are improving our interaction on all social media channels all the time and love the engagement from our passengers and their support staff, social media is an ever-evolving way of communicating and all of us at ClubMates enjoy the challenge of its development. Peter Negri I would like to say a big Thankyou to all of our passengers and their support networks for making ClubMates holidays so enjoyable and making each day a unique and rewarding experience for me and my team! 06 07 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

Travel Commitment The ClubMates The ClubMates Travel Commitment forms the core of our business, and it exists for a number of crucial reasons: it guides our staff on a daily basis; it instils confidence in our passengers, their families and friends; and it ensures that we deliver a consistent, high-quality service which endures from the first phone call to the last leg of the holiday.

The following list represents the promises that ranked ClubMates Travel the best in the business within the supported holidays sector within Travel and Tours. These promises have built the successful framework which has kept passengers coming back to us year after year. BOOKING } } Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable booking agents will answer all telephone calls and enquiries during business hours. } } Travel agents will do their very best to answer and explain all questions posed to them. } } Agents will always speak to potential passengers with respect and inform them truthfully about ClubMates Travel holidays.

Booking staff will make suggestions when appropriate – taking into account the passenger’s interests, wishes and disability − in order to book each passenger on the best possible holiday. } } The ClubMates Travel website will always be kept up-to-date. } } Holidays will be added to the site, with correct dates and pricing information as soon as they are finalized. } } Any changes or special offers will be published on the website as soon as possible. During the holiday } } The ClubMates Travel Crew will try to keep each holiday as flexible as possible.

If there’s something the group wants to do, every effort will be made to facilitate that activity.

All medication and spending money will be administered and distributed by qualified members of the crew, as arranged before the holiday. } } Appropriate measures and precautions will be implemented to make every holiday as safe as it possibly can be. } } Each passenger will be treated with respect and dignity. } } Passengers will receive the support they require, and privacy and dignity will be respected. } } Every activity on the itinerary will be completed, barring exceptional circumstances.

Accommodation will always be comfortable, safe and well located. } } Meals will be professionally prepared and contribute to a balanced diet during the holiday. } } Any allergies or preferences will always be taken into account. After the holiday } } Passengers will be informed of the ClubMates Travel points they have accumulated which can be used for discounts on future vacations. } } Staff will respond to any complaints within seven working days, and a resolution will be sought in every case. } } All feedback will be reviewed to identify the best parts of our vacations, and to see where improvement is needed.

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ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

Over the last 30 years ClubMates Travel has been successfully operating, a healthy set of values that have emerged from within the company – a set of core values that we like to call ‘The ClubMates Travel Code.’ Our code governs the way we operate on a daily basis. It ensures that whatever size the company reaches, and whichever direction it takes, the ClubMates Travel team will always exude the qualities that have made ClubMates Travel the leading name in supported travel. Our core values: } } Never be too proud to learn – If we can learn from our mistakes as well as our successes, we will always be better than yesterday.

We will always listen to our employees, and to our valued passengers, to ensure we are the best possible company we can be.

Believe in equality and strive for it – This important belief is one that has filtered down the organisation from Peter Negri at the top. We believe that if we can treat everyone - employees and passengers alike - with the respect we seek for ourselves, then great things can happen. No matter what level an employee is at within our company, no matter the ability of our passengers, we will always treat people with the respect they deserve. } } Work hard so others can play harder – We realise that incredible, memorable holidays don’t just happen. At ClubMates Travel we work hard, and we don’t mind doing it, because we know that the harder we work for our passengers, the more fun they are going to have on their holidays.

Dream big – We encourage it in our staff and in our passengers. The possibilities for ClubMates Travel and everyone connected to our company are endless if we can continue to dream. } } No matter what happens enjoy the journey – Life is not a dress rehearsal.

VALUES COMPANY Our ClubMates Travel was founded in 1988, its former name was Ozmates Travel Pty Ltd. We humbly started as a small but focused business specialising in mild to moderate intellectual disability designed holidays who required supported holidays within Australia. In 2006 Peter Negri acquired the company and was asked by passengers if we could do more adventurous holidays both in Australia and overseas that can cater for people who require support when on holidays or facilities that can assist in the accessible tourism, with no preconceived ideas Peter went to work to develop a market leading travel booking company and tour operator, catering for a much wider range of supported holidays.

ClubMates is now a well-established global company, proud to assists anyone with disabilities in the creation and enjoyment of fulfilling a perfect supported or unsupported holiday.

One truly great thing about ClubMates Travel is, we can facilitate almost any kind of holiday, whether you want to travel in your home country or abroad as an individual or as part of a group (4-40 passengers). ClubMates Travel offers tailor-made holidays with specialized support structures, depending on the needs of the passengers and their destinations. This level of customization means that each and every holiday is uniquely arranged for you and/or your family. All the staff at ClubMates truly understand the importance of a good quality care and support and how a lack of it can potentially ruin a holiday.

We understand that all passengers want to visit the destination of their dreams, but it will never be a great holiday unless the right care and support is provided.

As a small but focused business its original aim was to provide supported holidays to passengers with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities who wanted to travel within Australia. Clubmates crew member’s presence is to ensure passengers will have fun on their holidays and provide safety and comfort for the duration of their holiday. Clubmates staff are trained to administer medication, assist with budgeting, and if required provide more personalized care. Whatever is needed, everyone at ClubMates Travel ensures it is taken care of with dignity and skill.

From the moment you call ClubMates to the last kilometre of the passenger’s supported holiday, the company’s 50-strong team of friendly travel agents and experienced support staff are there for you and your family.

Our loyal customers that frequently use ClubMates to arrange and provide the support on holidays are testament to the incredibly thorough job done by our staff. So if you are ready for the holiday of a lifetime, fulfil your holiday dream now! Call us today, inquire through our online form, or fill in an online application. 11 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019 10

ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

TRAVEL TIPS Coach Travel When travelling with ClubMates Travel via coach, you will be travelling in 5 star luxury. The coaches are licensed to carry between 36-60 passengers and each vehicle is fitted with seatbelts, air-conditioning, heating, individual lights, sun shade blinds, comfortable large seats with plenty of leg room, and DVD/stereo. There is always a selection of movies to enjoy while cruising along the highway or simply sightseeing around town. Most ClubMates Travel vehicles are wheelchair friendly with trained staff using the hoist, strapping the wheelchair into position or transferring the passenger to a standard seat.

If the passenger is required to travel unassisted ClubMates Travel needs to be notified upon departure of the passenger from there home station and a ClubMates Travel support person will be at the arrival bus bay. Once the passenger has arrived we then will contact the family/carer to confirm safe arrival. When the passenger is returning home from their support holiday ClubMates support crew will call to confirm the passenger is on the train/ Aircraft. Safety is paramount, in our vehicles and for safety reasons the vehicles receive safety checks every 10,000kms or three months, whichever comes sooner. We are then independently audited at regular intervals by the relevant government authority.

All of the drivers are licensed to drive the vehicles and follow strict guidelines with vehicle safety checks completed daily. The in-depth maintenance/fault reporting system in place averts any possible issues that may impact on the smooth operation of the holiday/vacation.

Sea Travel When travelling on one of our ships, boats or sea faring vessels we endeavour to choose the safest and most economical service. When choosing a ship or boat to travel either for short or extended cruising ClubMates Travel assess all the companies and then choose the companies with a good safety record and have the facilities required for the ultimate enjoyment when on vacation/ holiday. When embarking or dis-embarking a cruise ship ClubMates Travel advises the cruise company and then with support from the Cruise Company and ClubMates staff the process is handled with professionalism, care and dignity.

If a wheelchair user or someone with limited mobility has booked, we contact the cruise company involved informing them of the passenger’s requirements and how we will assist with the person’s transfers and what we require from the cruise company.

Air Travel We choose to fly reputable airlines so that all safety procedures are followed and if there is a safety issue it will be addressed with minimal disruption to the holiday/vacation. Once the passenger has booked the holiday, if extra attention is required due to poor mobility or possibly the passenger uses a wheelchair for mobility, Clubmates will organise all parts of the flight including transfers, waiver to travel with a motorised wheelchair/scooter and its battery, and assistance to the assigned seat as required. This may be simply showing the passenger to the correct seat, assisting with slide boards, or organising a for embarking or disembarking the aircraft.

If the passenger is required to fly unassisted ClubMates Travel needs to be notified at the time of booking so we can have a ClubMates Travel support person at the gate waiting upon arrival. Once the passenger has arrived we then contact the family/carer to confirm safe arrival. When the passenger is returning home ClubMates Travel once again calls to confirm the passenger is on the flight Train Travel Train networks are a useful mode of travel and most passengers enjoy this type of transport. When using trains each route is chosen to suit the individual holiday/vacation. As time is important train travel is organised with the appropriate transport body so that there will be time for each passenger to relax and enjoy the journey.

When booking a train holiday/vacation and requiring mobility assistance Clubmates allows time for embarking and disembarking and transfers and this is to ensure safety standards are kept to a high standard. If the passenger is required to travel unassisted for any part of the holiday ClubMates Travel needs to be notified upon departure from the local airport/train station and Clubmates support person will be at the arrival airport/platform. Once the passenger has arrived we then will contact the family/carer to confirm safe arrival. When the passenger is returning home ClubMates Travel once again calls to confirm the passenger is on the train.

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ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

At ClubMates Travel we supported the idea of a diverse and inclusive world and enjoy working with many diverse cultures. Over the years we have strived to create a workforce that is representative of the places we visit, and the communities we support. We believe it is of paramount importance that our company is represented by people of different genders, disabilities, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and belief systems. However, we are adamant that it’s not just a case of ticking boxes, we believe that diversity is also achieved at a more grass roots level.

Clubmates is always looking for people with different communication styles, problem solving skills, personal interests, and backgrounds to join our company. We realise the importance of strong recruitment policies to ensure diversity is achieved. After the recruitment process, that all our employees feel valued and provide an offering to enhance the business and people we support. Clubmates wants its staff to feel like they belong, and have a career path set out in front of them with the chance of progression within the company and the disability sector. Company Managing Director, Peter Negri, stresses that ‘everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.’ It’s a simple principle, but one that has been vital in acting as a foundation for Clubmates successfully integrated workforce.

Peter also believes that all work should be enjoyable and fulfilling for the staff, and that everyone should feel like an important part of the team. ClubMates Travel is currently undergoing major expansion, it’s an exciting time for the business, staff and people we support on holidays. We are taking significant steps into new territories and, as a result of globalisation and various other expansions into new areas, we realise that we will face new challenges in the coming months and years − therefore we will need to find new and innovative solutions. We believe that these solutions will come as a result of having a diverse workforce who work as a team and knows how to utilize each other’s strengths and skills.

Our aim is to always have a team of people that are as diverse as the passengers we support. Our diversity and inclusive atmosphere allows us to provide a level of service that is unrivalled in the supported disability travel industry. Our team have strong problem solving abilities greater and more meaningful customer connections along with motivation and engagement with their roles.

At ClubMates Travel we are extremely conscious about the footprints we leave behind as a global company, being aware and careful about how we impact the communities that we work within is something that we believe is important. With each person we take on holidays and many destinations we explore we strive to leave it a better place and in better condition than it was before we visited. We value Eco Tourism and work towards being a good corporate citizen. Citizenship Global So, you love the idea of travelling with flexibility, and really enjoy having the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it, why not let ClubMates design and assist you on your perfect individualised holiday.

The destinations have been many and varied from local destinations 1-2 hours from passenger’s homes to long haul holidays such as South Africa viewing the amazing wildlife in Kruger National Park, England with all the well-known tourist attractions such as the tower of London, Buckingham palace, Portugal that is renowned for its cultural diversity and then the all-time favourite a Polynesian island lying on the beach with beautiful blue water.

The skill and dedication in developing these holidays by the ClubMates team is second to none, we endeavour to make all the parts of your holiday as smooth and easy as possible. We also offer a service which assists travellers to book flights accommodation and attractions themselves. We simply assist in researching the parts of the puzzle that may be time consuming or difficult and then you can go and book them yourself. If you have dream holiday in mind that sounds just amazing then contact us at or give us a call!! Let the Fun Begin!

ClubMates Travel is a tough campaigner for enhancing travel opportunities for people with ANY level of ability or illness.

The major part of our inspiration revolves around educating people that anything at all is possible, as long as the correct planning and professional arrangements have been thoroughly organised. We speak to support groups, national and international health care organisations, at conferences, industry expos and to members and executives of various non-profit organizations about serving the needs of people with a disability or people who may be in aged care and in need of some additional assistance to travel. We would be pleased to speak to your group or organisation to assist and to educate your members and their families about how rich and rewarding the travel experience will be when accompanied with a professional support team.

If you are interested in Clubmates Travel speaking to your group, please email Peter Negri at or call 1300 158 003.

and Small Group Tours AND PUBLIC SPEAKING Individual Presentations 15 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019 14

ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

booking easier Let’ s make your How do I make a booking with ClubMates Travel? Call the ClubMates Travel office and speak to one of our consultants to ascertain availability and then complete our application form with one of our consultants, or choose a holiday through the website and submit the form on the holidays individual page, then one of our consultants will contact you to confirm the booking. Where do ClubMates Travel go to? ClubMates has successfully taken passengers all over the globe with some of the destinations including locally within Australia, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Europe and many Asian countries just to name a few.

We are very experienced in offering cruises to all parts of the globe offering 3 days – 4 weeks.

What type of supported Travel can I expect? When booking your holiday speak with your consultant to ensure the level of support is appropriate. All group holidays offer support unless otherwise noted. ClubMates support crew are available to assist with personal care, budgeting, and administration of medication. If a higher level of care is required speak to your consultant about the options. Can I meet with the support person before the holiday/ vacation departs? We have many passengers wanting to meet with one of the support crew before departure. If you contact the ClubMates office we can arrange a suitable time and place.

This is an additional cost but in many cases a worthwhile investment before departure.

Once I have made the booking what happens? Once the booking is confirmed the ClubMates Travel office will send a booking package with a full set of booking forms. These forms include: tax invoice, itinerary for your chosen holiday/vacation, welcome letter, travel insurance and booking form (medical details). The booking cannot be fully confirmed until a deposit has been paid. Do I need Travel Insurance? No, but it is strongly advised to take it. Clubmates Travel will organise this. Our invoices include the cost of travel insurance. If you determine that you need to have a higher level or have a pre-existing condition this may cost more and therefore ClubMates Travel should be notified.

How do I change or cancel a booking?

Yes, that’s fine, but contact the ClubMates office to discuss any changes or cancellations. Refer to the terms and conditions for any cancellation fees. How do I pay for the holiday/vacation? Payment can be made either via direct deposit, cheque, credit card, bank cheques or it can be paid off over several months to assist with budgeting. Can I make periodical payments? Yes, if you would like to pay for your holiday periodically, we will provide you with a receipt each time a payment is made. This way, you will have an accurate way of tracking your outstanding amount.

When do you need to make the final payment? Final payment needs to be received by the due date on the invoice.

It can be 60, 90, 120 or 150 days before departure depending on the holiday/vacation Do I receive any information between receiving the booking package and departure? Yes, definitely. 1-3 weeks before departure you will receive a clothing list, meeting time and an updated itinerary along with the contact details of the tour leader. If I don’t want to go on a group holiday/vacation can I choose another type of holiday/vacation Yes, you can have your own holiday/vacation either supported or unsupported to any destination around the globe.

Do I need a passport? Iftravellingwithinyourowncountryapassportisnotrequired,butifyouaretravellin gonacruise ship or internationally yes you will need a passport with at least 6 months before expiration. Who organises visas for international holidays? ClubMates organise all visas for supported travel with a ClubMates staff member. It is advised you check with your consultant to ensure who is organising the visas. Do I need vaccinations? It depends on the destination, and we always suggest that you contact us for accurate information well in advance of the departure date.

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ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

Is ClubMates a registered NDIS Provider? Yes,wearearegisteredProviderinallstatesofAustralia Can I use my NDIS package for holidays? TheNDIAallowsfairandreasonablesupports,soweuseSocialand Communityengagementformostpassengers What do I need to out in my NDIS plan to get a Supported Holiday? Theeasiestwaytoallowsomeextramoneyinyourplanistomakeholidaysa goal,whichinturndevelopspersonalskillsoutsideyouhomeenvironment.But remembereachplanisdifferentandeveryonegetsassesseddifferently,sothere arenoguarantees. How many passengers can ClubMates Travel take on holiday?


Who does ClubMates Travel cater for? Will I be able to join a holiday with my disability? Yes,wetryourverybesttocaterforeveryone,whatevertheirdisability. ThequalifiedandexperiencedmembersoftheClubMatessupportcrew areabletosupportpassengersinanywaytheyrequire.Giveusacall todiscussthelevelofsupportthatyourequire. Do I need a certain level of health and fitness to participate? Allpassengersshouldbehealthyenoughtoparticipateintheholiday’splanned activities.Ifyouareunsurewhetherornotyoureachthelevelofhealthrequired, pleasecallus.Westrivetoaccommodateeveryoneonourholidays. I need individual one-toone support throughout my holiday.

Is this possible? Yes.Wecanarrangeanythingfrom1:1to1:6(onecarertoone/sixpassengers) carer-to-passengerratios.

I have my heart set on a holiday, but it isn’t listed on the ClubMates Travel website. Can you still help me? Certainly.Ontopoftheholidayswehavelisted,wealsooffertailoredholidaystosuit you.Ifyoucalluswithadreamholidayinmind,wecanmakeithappen. I like the sound of one particular holiday, but I know some of the activities won’t be for me. What can I do instead? Wealwaysaimtomakeourholidaysasflexibleaspossible.Wealwayshaveapreestablisheditineraryforeachholiday,butifyoucantellusinadvancethatyouwantto dosomethingthatisn’tintheplan,wewilldoourbesttomakethathappen. Frequently AskeD Questions I don’t live anywhere near where the holiday leaves from.

What can I do?

ClubMatesTravelcanarrangeflightsandovernightaccommodationforafee.Wecan eitherlinkyoutotheholidayafterithasstarted,orwecanmakesureyoudon’tmissa thingbygettingyoutothelocationofdeparture.It’salluptoyou. Where will we be staying? Usually,weuse3or4starmotel-styleaccommodationduringtheholiday.Webelieve thiskindofaccommodationisthebestoption,asitmeansthatallholidaysare comfortable,goodfun,andaffordable. How will I be travelling? Thisalldependsonwhichholidayyouchooseandwhereyouwillbetravellingto. ClubMatesTravelholidaysusedifferentmodesoftransport:planes,cruiseships, coaches,and4WDsarejustsomeofthemodesoftransportused.Ifyouwouldliketo travelinanotherway,contactustofindoutyouroptions.

My circumstances have changed and I have to cancel my holiday. How do I do this? AllcancellationsmustbenotifiedtoClubMatesTravelinwriting.Thecancellation isnotvaliduntilwereceivethisnotice.Seetermsandconditionsforinformationon cancellationfees.

What is included in the price of the holiday? Allmainmeals,accommodationforthedurationoftheholiday,listedactivities,suppo rt crewandotherstaff,areallincludedintheholidayfare. What do I have to take care of? Allpassengersshouldhavetravelinsurance,spendingmoneyfortheholiday,passports andvisas,andanypersonalitemsthattheywishtotakee.g.electronicdevices, toiletries,enoughclothingandfootwearetc. How much luggage can I take with me on holiday? Passengersareallowedtotaketwobagsonholidaywiththem:onesuitcasethat shouldnotexceed20kg,andrucksackorsmallerwithmaximumweightof7kg. I need assistance with my medication during my holiday.

Can you help me?

Yes,ofcourse.Oursupportcrewarealltrainedtoadministermedicationandlookafter itduringtheholidayifrequested. 18 19 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

Do you have a holiday in mind but require more assistance than the average travel agent can offer? We understand that you may need a ClubMates Travel Support Team Member to accompany you on your holiday and you may have other requirements such as equipment hire, or assistance in arranging activities. ClubMates Travel can do it all for you!!! We can organise your holiday from the time you leave your front door until the time we drop you back home.

Just leave it to ClubMates Travel! HOLIDAYS Personalised 20 21 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

2018-2019 tours VICTORIA 22 23 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

COMPLETE PRICE LIST CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 82 victoria COMPLETE PRICE LIST CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 82 The best Melbourne sojourn ever! Be engulfed with all things exciting, delightful and memorable in this sports-centric holiday that’s dappled with fun activities! Watch some heart-stopping games of AFL and cheer on your favourite team! Take a mesmerizing Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the phenomenal MCG, and feel the thrilling vibe of the old footy grounds. After a gripping game, make your tummy happy by sampling the delicious meals at Essendon’s Windy Hill as you enjoy the restaurant’s pleasant atmosphere.

Then be one with the clouds, sun and stars at the Melbourne’s world-famous skyscraper, the Eureka Tower, as you gaze across the Melbourne landscape!

AFL Games & Stadiums PACE MEDIUM TOUR CODE CM18023 Nourish your senses in this Horsham getaway that will surely fill your mind and body with pure joy! Be smitten by the charming town of Horsham. And no Horsham trip is complete without experiencing the genuine country music at its finest at its very own Country Music Festival! With your “Access All Areas” pass, you’ll feel like a VIP! Express your singing abilities and show your dance moves as the great country music artists serenade you. Have an exciting moment at a busking competition and go on some retail therapy at one of the amazing specialty stores at the Plaza.

Enjoy the fantastic gifts and chow down on the yummy food offerings at the venue. Then relax and be charmed by the captivating acoustics at the local Soundshell. The endless musical activities are not only music to the ears, but the lovely experiences in this fascinating trip create a melodious tune to the soul!

Horsham Country Music 2018 PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM18015 Music, cars, wildlife, history, fashion... Wow, the heat is on! What’s not to love with this holiday that’s packed with all the goodness of entertainment, topped with lots of wonderful experiences, and laced with amazing escapades that will give you a blend of excitement and delight? Meet the exotic reptiles, watch the roaming kangaroos and cuddle a koala at the interactive Ballarat Wildlife Park. Have a tuneful time at the Rock n Roll Festival while you enjoy music, dance to the beat of the 50’s and 60’s rock ‘n’ roll music, enjoy the colorful costumes at a fashion show, and be prepared to be in awe with the classic cars and hot rods! Experience a sensational moment as you watch drag racing.

Then pan for gold at Sovereign Hill for a spectacular moment reliving the gold rush days. Swoon away in this spirited holiday!

Ararat Rock ‘n’ Roll PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM18014 From $2,647 DEPARTS MARCH 2018 From $1,981 DEPARTS MARCH 2018 From $2,719 DEPARTS MAY 2018 Pack your bags, tap a tune and move your feet as you dive into a pool of music, dancing, singing, shopping and so much more! Enjoy a musical revelry that offers harmonious experiences that are sure to give you rich and resonant holiday memories! Become a part of the annual Mildura Country Music Festival with more than 130 Australian country music artists, guaranteed to make you sing and sway! Delight in the energizing music of the talented musicians. Show your dancing moves, jive and prance as you enjoy boot scooting, line dancing and singing.

Groove to the sweet-sounding music on the Mundoo Paddle Steamer. Oh, and shopping for trinkets and gems is also fun at Woodsies Gem shop! Then make your holiday even more vibrant and colorful with a visit to the expansive 50-acre citrus orchard, Orange World. Savor the citrus scent of the blossoming citrus fruits and grapevines, and the crispy aroma of the lush trees around you. Ahh... This is going to be a dream music-filled holiday!

Mildura Music Festival 2018 PACE FAST TOUR CODE CM18044 July is the most wonderful time of the year! Feel the magic of the yuletide season, and get ready for a glowing Christmas in July on the Murray! Experience a multifaceted Christmas holiday like no other, packed full of activities that are set to impress. Realize the beauty of the Australian fauna at the 140-acre Kyabram Wildlife Park. Visit the Port of Echuca — known as the home to the largest collection of Paddle Steamers in the World — and discover its rustic charm. Treat yourself to some chocolate indulgence at The Chocolate Company before a rejuvenating time at Hair & Nails.

Then be all set for a delightful Christmas dinner and strike a pose with Santa! Add a dash of history to your holiday with a visit to the Historical Society and the National Holden Motor Museum. The crazy machines, old engines, steam locomotives, puzzles and confectionary at the Confectionary Capers will surely fulfill your whimsical childhood Christmas fantasies! Go shopping for some Kris Kringle presents and get some charming mementos for yourself, which will remind you of this holiday in the years to come!

Xmas in July on the Murray PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM18032 Dreaming for a sweet escape to the countryside? Craving for a laid-back holiday where you will be immersed in beauty, history and tranquility? Then you will find the bliss that you’ve been longing for in this harmonious holiday! Smell the aroma of nature around you as the blossoming flowers act as giant bouquets while you explore the unadulterated beauty of Churchill Island. Get to experience farming life as you milk a cow and pat the friendly farm animals. Cuddling a koala, talking to a parrot or hand-feeding an albino kangaroo at the award-winning Maru Koala and Animal Park is unforgettable! Unwind on a calming cruise as you explore the enthralling history of Phillip Island.

Then relax in an indulgent massage that will either lull you into a deep trance or take you to a soothing feeling that’ll make you smile. So pack your bags now and prepare yourself to have a succulent taste of paradise in this awe-inspiring getaway!

Penguins & Pampering PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM18024 From $1,854 DEPARTS MAY 2018 From $2,712 DEPARTS JULY 2018 From $3,712 DEPARTS SEPTEMBER 2018 24 25 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

COMPLETE PRICE LIST CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 82 COMPLETE PRICE LIST CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 82 victoria Come and join us in this wildlife-centered holiday, interlaced with gastronomic delights, and infused visually-pleasing sights! Witness the country’s truly diverse wildlife amid the verdant nature reserves at Australia’s bushland paradise, Healesville Sanctuary. Take a peaceful walk at Bruno’s Art & Sculpture Garden, and let Bruno Torfs’ sculptures whisk you away into his marvelous world.

A time aboard the steam train ‘Puffing Billy’ will also define what pure enjoyment is all about! Satisfy your sweet tooth as you take a bite out of the delectable chocolates at the Yarra Valley Chocolatery. Mouthwatering! Pose for a cherish-worthy moment with your first catch during a truly exceptional trout and salmon fishing experience at the Marysville Trout & Salmon Farm. The fun is nonstop in this flavorful and dazzling holiday!

Valley Animals, Fishing & Trains PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM18051 Have a rip-roaring escape in Melbourne! This holiday may be centered on a thrilling race, zestful adventures and adrenaline-pumping escapades but there are also plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, relaxation and... shopping! Shop for an outfit for the races then watch the Cup Parade where you’ll see the jockeys, celebrity guests and the horses. Known as the ‘race that stops a nation’, the Melbourne Cup will give you an exhilarating experience. Shout, cheer and be totally gripped by the mind-blowing race! Also known as ‘Ladies Day’, Oaks day allows you to enjoy the electrifying races and timeless fashion.

Then feel like the ‘King of the World’ at the Eureka Tower, with its amazing 360deg views of Melbourne. Melbourne Cup PACE MEDIUM TOUR CODE CM18050 Listen to the melodious notes play in unison with the harmonious sights of Wangaratta! The vibrant Wangaratta Jazz Festival may be this holiday’s focal point, but it is blended with wonderful sightseeing escapades and is mixed with exquisite dining experiences, sure to make your holiday in Wangaratta an unforgettable one.

Feel the freshness of the air as you tour around the local town and discover the alluring attractions. Sing along with the talented Jazz & Blues performers and enjoy the ravishing musical festivities. An interactive and entertaining moment while watching the fantastic shows and animations at the Ned Kelly Tourist Centre are also something to be excited about! Then achieve a pleasurable gastronomic treat by trying the delectable offerings at one of the many food stalls. Enjoy a savory pie or a slice of a scrumptious cake at the iconic Beechworth Bakery to re-energize yourself before visiting the historic Gaol.

Make sure to follow the chant of your heart and have a truly amazing holiday! Wangaratta Jazz Festival 2018 PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM18049 From $2,480 DEPARTS NOVEMBER 2018 From $2,850 DEPARTS NOVEMBER 2018 From $1,970 DEPARTS NOVEMBER 2018 Visit the most captivating lakes in Australia! But before heading to your dreamy escapades through the stunning lakes, we enjoy the fun at Gumbuya World — Victoria’s newest theme park! Step inside at the Footbridge mini golf, ice cream and Lolly Shop. Yum! Tour around the Apex Park for a wonderful BBQ lunch then go to the picturesque foreshore to enjoy a paddle boat or catamaran ride around the lake.

Visit the Post Office Jetty and experience a delightful cruise on Lake King, then around the shores of Metung Hotel to enjoy a delectable lunch. Head back to the astounding Lakes Entrance as you try and spot the dolphins and view the wildlife on assorted islands. You can even try your hand at prawn fishing at Lake Tyers! Fish around the Gippsland Lakes before the lovely evening meals at the Bowling Club, the RSL, and eating a yummy, freshly-caught fish. You can even enjoy an appetizing fish and chip dinner on the beach. To cap off your wonderful getaway, head up to Jemmy’s Point to get the best view to see the radiant beauty of Lakes Entrance.

Lovely Lakes PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM18054 From $2,908 DEPARTS DECEMBER 2018 Melbourne NYE Fireworks PACE MEDIUM TOUR CODE CM19003 An unforgettable New Year experience is in store for you on this marvelous Melbourne NYE celebration! Make your way to Docklands, climb aboard the Melbourne Star observation wheel and be prepared to be captivated by the city’s urban beauty! Go on a fun shopping trip to the popular DFO and pick a lovely outfit for your night in the park. Make your way to Yarra Park to enjoy all the entertainment, films and spectacular fireworks. Then... Happy New Year! Begin 2019 on a truly happy note with a visit to the Eureka Tower - a 297-metre gold plated skyscraper - to see Melbourne and surrounds.

For an adrenaline-pumping experience, take a step out into the ‘Edge’ which is a glass cube which projects out from the tower. Explore the impressive Melbourne Aquarium which takes you on an interactive ocean adventure filled with amazing discovery! Spot Nemo at the Coral Caves, find the octopus in the Mangroves and Rock pools, see the fascinating huge sharks at Shipwreck Explorer, and the playful penguins at Penguin Playground. Then go on a charming dinner opposite the Crown Casino restaurants and watch the large fireballs shoot in to the sky. The delightful mix of dazzling activities is definitely the best way to welcome the New Year!

From $3,341 DEPARTS DECEMBER 2018 26 27 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

COMPLETE PRICE LIST CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 82 COMPLETE PRICE LIST CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 82 victoria Enchanted Dolphins PACE MEDIUM TOUR CODE CN19007 Immerse yourself in a special kind of enchantment in this delightful getaway! Smell the flowers as you walk through the magical gardens, get lost inside the maze, discover a world of giant wood sculptures and simply let the awe-inspiring views at the Enchanted Adventure Garden take your breath away! Sit back and soothe your aches and pains away at the Peninsula Hot Springs.

Make your tummy happy as you sample the local produce from the Peninsula at Main Ridge Diary cheese tasting. Fill your baskets at the Sunnyridge Strawberry Farm while strawberry picking. Enjoy the calming views while crossing Port Phillip Bay on the ferry as we make our way from charming Sorrento to the refreshing sights of Queenscliff. Cruise around Port Phillip and appreciate its beauty, try searching for playful dolphins and for those who are more adventurous, why not enjoy a swim with them? Oozing with fun, indeed! Hop aboard the Heritage Train in Queenscliff. Then explore the Savannah grassland on a thrilling safari adventure and meet the cheeky meerkats at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

From $2,370 DEPARTS FEBRUARY 2019 Make your dream holiday come true at Geelong! Tour around enjoy the marvelous city and sights of Geelong, and get to see the Geelong Cats home ground, National Wool Museum and Botanic Gardens for a picnic lunch. So refreshing! Hug a cuddly koala and visit the wildlife at Jirrahlinga Koala Sanctuary and also enjoy a Wildlife Walk at the wonderfully-conserved Serendip Sanctuary, home to many Grey Kangaroos. Marvel as the RAAF Fast Jet’s fly overhead, and watch the mind-blowing maneuvers and exhibitions at The Air Show. Add a touch of history to your holiday with a visit to the Geelong jail - home to some notorious prisoners! Spend the afternoon at the mesmerizing Geelong Waterfront where you ride a horse at the Carousel, ride the Big Wheel and enjoy swimming in the sparkling waters of Eastern Beach.

Then... brace yourself for an experience of a lifetime as you spend the day at the Air Show! See the latest jetfighters, attack helicopters, exhibitions and look to the skies and watch the Hornets with their mind-blowing maneuvers. Finally, cap off your Geelong jaunt at Werribee Zoo, where you could watch the cheeky meerkats, enjoy breakfast and see some of the world’s most iconic grassland animals on Safari.

Avalon Airshow PACE MEDIUM TOUR CODE CM19009 From $3,125 DEPARTS FEBRUARY 2019 Horsham Music Festival PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM19013 Jam packed with plenty of activities, you will never have a shortage of +-adventures in this ultimate Horsham music revelry! Start your Horsham holiday sitting on the banks of the Wimmera River, enjoying the idyllic sceneries and a sumptuous lunch whilst listening to great music. Enjoy the benefits of an ‘All Inclusive’ pass and visit all the venues and listen to the buskers. Belt out a tune and show your dancing moves at the Horsham Sound Shell! Then be enthralled by the colour of the world-famous Pink Lake in Dimboola and enjoy a delightful morning tea.

Climb the steps of the iconic J539 steam train and see the refreshing surroundings of Apex Park.

From $2,044 DEPARTS MARCH 2019 Witness the heavenly sights and experience the magic in Melbourne! Bursting with beauty and entertainment options, prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey. Enjoy a guided tour of Federation Square and learn about the history and world-class architecture. Sit back as you enjoy the attractive cityscapes on a city tram tour where you can hop on and off at the manty city sites. Make your way to the Aquarium and soak up the breathtaking views as the huge stingrays, sharks and thousands of multi-coloured marine animals swim by in this magical underwater world.

Surely impressive! Tour the Museum which showcases Australian history, indigenous cultures and visit one of Melbourne’s oldest surviving buildings — the Melbourne jail. Go shopping at two of the best shopping venues in Melbourne — DFO & the iconic Queen Victoria Market. Have a thrilling moment as you watch two fantastic games of AFL footy! Then, take a breather as you see the sights of Melbourne and its beautiful gardens on a city tour.

City, Shopping & Footy PACE MEDIUM TOUR CODE CM19016 From $2,748 DEPARTS APRIL 2019 28 29 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019

COMPLETE PRICE LIST CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 82 COMPLETE PRICE LIST CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 82 victoria Have a sparkling Christmas in July! Who says you can’t have two Christmas celebrations? Be prepared to experience a dreamy journey that’s infused with so many delightful activities, all while enjoying the wintry atmosphere! Have a wonderful Christmas Dinner, exchange ‘Kris Kringle’ presents, and say ‘Cheese!’ as you have your photo taken with Santa! Stop and see the koalas and other native Australian animals at Maru Animal Park, and enjoy mini-golf and a delicious picnic lunch.

Explore the picturesque Phillip Island and take in all the wonderful sights. Visit Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm as the guide shows your group how to Fish for our Dish! Let the historic Churchill Island take you away as you enjoy the sculptured views, learn how to milk a cow and watch the sheep shearing. Proudly stand on the winner’s podium at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Watch the cute little penguins waddle up the beach to their homes at Penguin Parade. Then, visit Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate for a totally “Yum!” moment! Indeed, this Christmas holiday will be hard to forget! Xmas in July on the Island PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM19031 Fulfill your dream of a truly divine and blissful holiday! Experience country life and enjoy the rustic charm of Chesterfield Farm as you milk a cow, hand feed the kangaroos and watch a sheepdog demonstration...

before you enjoy a soothing massage. Then, take part in the Tulip Festival and be mesmerized by the wonderful array of tulips that burst into colour each spring! Discover the secret areasattheSkyHighMazeandObservatory.HaveatrulyengagingmomentattheGeppetto’s Workshop with puppets, dolls & Marionettes, then enjoy your Devonshire tea at Grant’s on Sherbrooke. Head to the majestic Dandenong Ranges, and enjoy the peace and tranquility in the sweet-smelling mountain air, and the lush green forest on an exciting Puffing Billy ride. After all the fun, spend the morning shopping at the Caribbean Markets and make sure to pick up some great bargains.

Tranquil Tulips PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM19041 Within the fruit bowl of Victoria is the Mildura Music festival offering marvelous musical experiences, this holiday is a sure hit! Music-lovers will be entertained by a plethora of country music and delightful sounds, guaranteed to provide great memories. Spend your days and nights listening to the Country Rock, Ballads, Walk Ups and enjoy Line Dancing at the Festival. There are amusing days with over 130 artists and musicians, you are definitely in the right place for some toe tapping! Explore the RAAF Museum which commemorates Mildura’s link to the Royal Australian Air Force.

Be whisked off on a music cruise as you chugg down the Mighty Murray River, whilst enjoying a wonderful meal and country music. Then, pick up some great country music memorabilia at the many stores located throughout the festival. Prepare yourself for this fun and fabulous music-filled holiday! Mildura Music Festival 2019 PACE FAST TOUR CODE CM19042 From $2,821 DEPARTS JULY 2019 From $3,170 DEPARTS SEPTEMBER From $3,849 DEPARTS SEPTEMBER 2019 Bendigo Blues & Ballarat PACE MEDIUM TOUR CODE CM19048 Pack your bags and let’s go to Bendigo! You won’t feel blue in this holiday filled with music as you enjoy the beautiful sights of Bendigo and Ballarat, with all the exciting activities! Travelling to Bendigo today we arrive in time to enjoy a lovely picnic lunch at the gardens.

We then make our way to the Central Deborah Mine to take a tour underground. Enjoy the Blues & Roots Festival with live performances and workshops throughout the region with over 100 artists, tour the Art Gallery, Sacred Heart Cathedral, the Golden Dragon Museum and Lake Weeroona. Discover Ballarat’s medieval adventure park – Kryal Castle which recreates a legendary land of myths and medieval adventures, and do some market shopping.

From $2,821 DEPARTS NOVEMBER 2019 Calling all jazz music lovers out there. Get ready for some fantastic days full of wonderful Jazz music and escapades at Wangaratta! Dive into a pool of singing and dancing, delightful food stalls and amazing souvenir galore. Enjoy a pleasurable dinner topped with the stunning views at the Blues Marquee. Visit the lovely Holy Trinity Cathedral with simply amazing acoustics as the Jazz rings out on Sunday morning, the historical landmarks, old buildings and lush parks scattered all over Wangaratta. Sprinkle some wildlife adventure to your holiday with a visit to the 30-acre Mansfield Zoo, see the fascinating albino kangaroos, guinea pigs, monkeys, and get to watch the white lions being fed! Then, satisfy your senses as you indulge in the serenity of Bonnie Doon, as you enjoy a morning walk down by the peaceful lake and its tranquil surrounds.

Wangaratta Jazz & Blues 19 PACE SLOW TOUR CODE CM19047 From $2,516 DEPARTS OCTOBER 2019 30 31 ClubMates Travel Brochure 2018-2019