A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...

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A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...
A Guide for International Students

            our world

            China 2021
A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...
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A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...
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Why University of Nottingham Ningbo China?				   04
Why China and Ningbo?					                       06
What our students say					                       08
Our courses					10
English language requirements					               12
Entry requirements					14
How to apply					                                17
Tuition fees and scholarships					               18
Exchange opportunities 					                     19
Accommodation					22
How will I study? 					26
Careers and employability					28
Student experience					30
International campuses					32
Contact us					34

A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...
Why Nottingham Ningbo?

    Unlock your potential with
    a quality British education
    Opened in 2004 and located
    in the city of Ningbo on the                                     The University of Nottingham

    east coast of China,                                             is ranked as a

    University of Nottingham Ningbo China,                           world top 100
    the first Sino-Foreign university, is a leading
    international University.
                                                                     by QS World University
                                                                     Ranking 2021

                                                                      Full range of sports
                                                                      facilities on campus
                                                                      open to all students
                                                                      for free

     Choose from over

                                All students at the University of
                                Nottingham UK, China or Malaysia

                                will graduate with
     clubs and
                                the same degree certificate.
     societies                  For more information about our university, please visit:

A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...
The University secured
    a double award as                  GOOD                  GOOD
                                       UNIVERSITY            UNIVERSITY
    University                         GUIDE

    of the year                        SPORTS
                                       OF THE YEAR
                                                             OF THE YEAR
    for both International and
                                       The Times and
    Sports in the 2019 Guide.          The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019

                         44%                                Our city was
                                                            ranked in
                          of our academic
 All our degree           papers were
 programmes               published in world
 are taught in            top 10% journals                  list of the top
 English                                                    cities for business
                                                            in China

Staff and students
from over
                          More than 96%
70      countries
        & regions
                          of our graduates are
                          employed or in further
                          study six months after
                          graduation (2019)

                           Our academic staff
                           are either seconded
                                                          Partnerships with
                                                          over 100 universities
                                                          to provide study
                           from Nottingham
satisfaction                                              abroad and exchange
                           UK or appointed                opportunities
score in 2018
                           to the University
                           of Nottingham’s
                           standards                                                 5
A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...
Why China and Ningbo?

        Such experiences,
        combined with a highly
        ranked UK degree, allow
                                                                                  Why Ningbo?
        our students to obtain                                                    Ningbo is located in
        impressive and sought after                                               Zhejiang province
        CVs. Knowledge of China                                                   on the south shore of
        is increasingly desired                                                   Hangzhou Bay, just
        by employers in today’s                                                   under two hours away
        globalised world. University                                              from Shanghai. It is
        of Nottingham Ningbo                                                      recognised as one
        China offers students the                                                 of the best cities for
        opportunity to gain this                                                  safety, affordability and
        first-hand experience                                                     job growth in China.
        from a world-class British                                                *The Business of Cities 2013 by
                                                                                  Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc.
                                                                                  *Chinese Cities of Opportunities
                                                                                  2016 by PwC China

         Facts                                                                    Easy gateway
         Nearly 7,000 years old,
                                                                                  The city’s excellent
         populated with over 7.6
                                                                                  transport links by bus,
         million people and covering
                                                                                  train and air means
         around 1,033sq km, Ningbo is
                                                                                  that Ningbo is easy to
         a rapidly growing city. It was
                                                                                  explore and an ideal
         ranked in Forbes’ list as one
                                                                                  base from which to
         of the top cities for business
                                                                                  visit China and the rest
         in China and is a thriving
                                                                                  of Asia.
         blend of enterprise, culture,
         education, tradition and

                                          Ningbo offers the opportunity to feel at home among an array of
                                          international shopping outlets, restaurants, clubs and bars, while
                                          hosting international sports and music events. It also provides the
                                          chance to embrace culture and tradition – temples and intricate streets
                                          house markets selling a variety of antiques, textiles and delicious Ningbo
                                          cuisine. National and local festivities show the delights of Chinese culture
                                          while a number of museums and exhibitions represent the city’s historic
                                          past and innovative future.

A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...
Gain first-hand
experience in China
Studying in China offers you the chance to embrace a new
culture, study a new language and learn about a country which
possesses one of the largest economies in the world.

   As Ningbo houses an international community, it is
   well stocked with restaurants from all corners of the
   globe. Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Turkish, Japanese,
   Korean, Thai and Mexican are just a few of the cuisines
   available in Ningbo.
   There is also a wide variety of food and drink options
   available on campus. Ranging from Chinese staples and
   specialities to Subway, Starbucks, Japanese and Korean
   food, there is something to suit every taste and wallet.
   China’s extensive online shopping market also allows
   easy access to imported goods, so to have a taste of

                                                             To see more about
                                                             Ningbo, visit


A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...
Student Quotes

    What our
    students say
    Hear what our international students say about study
    in China. Use link:

    Coming to UNNC helped discover my true potential
    and allowed me to share and combine knowledge with
    fellow students from every corner of the world. In my
    master in International Business we are all students
    from different Bachelor’s degrees, so an architect, a
    translator or a chemist can be discussing about the
    merger and acquisition of a company, each giving
    a unique point of view. Our professors, Chinese or
    international, work directly in the field of their lectures,
    improving the quality of our classes and make our
    learning a complete cycle. The perspective I have
    developed here is one of a kind, as I now have bird’s eye
    on a truly international environment, and I can now say
    that I couldn’t have chosen a better option.

        Sara Ferreira, Spain
        MSc International Business

A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...
There are opportunities for us to be exchanged to
another Nottingham campus or other universities which
allow us to explore the world and help us stand on our
feet, meeting a lot of international students. There
are also a lot of opportunities to find internships in or
outside of the university which will allow us to use our
knowledge to practical applications.

   Poornima Ramesh Iyer, Thailand
   BEng Chemical Engineering

                                    I’ve really enjoyed
                                    the opportunity to learn about higher education from an
                                    international perspective at UNNC. As an MA student in
                                    the International Higher Education program, I have taken an
                                    internship on campus each semester to learn more about
                                    university management. My course has organized trips to
                                    nearby universities so that we can learn more about other
                                    unique global partnerships. I get insight into the British
                                    education system at UNNC and the Chinese systems at
                                    other universities in the area. My education here has opened
                                    my mind to new systems of university management while
                                    also focusing my interests. I’ve also really enjoyed all of the
                                    free field trips and activities that the university offers, it has
                                    helped me get to know Chinese history and culture better.

                                         Julia AUGHENBAUGH, America
                                         MA International Higher Education

A Guide for International Students Discover our world - China 2021 - University of Nottingham ...
Study with us

     Bachelors                                Chemical and Environmental
                                                                                Mathematical Sciences
                                                                                BSc Mathematics with Applied
     Bachelor courses at UNNC are             BEng Chemical Engineering*        Mathematics*
     three or four-year programmes,
     with the four-year programme             BEng Environmental Engineering*   BSc Statistics*
     including a preliminary year, which
     gives students who would like to         Chemistry
                                                                                Mechanical, Materials and
     advance their academic and English       BSc Chemistry*                    Manufacturing Engineering
     proficiency to be qualified for
     traditional (Qualifying year) entry to                                     BEng Mechanical Engineering*
     study with us. Courses marked with       Civil Engineering
                                                                                BEng Product Design and
     a * offer the option to spend the last   BEng Civil Engineering*           Manufacture*
     two years of your course at our UK
                                              Computer Science                  Geographical Sciences
     Aerospace                                BSc Computer Science*             BSc Environmental Sciences*
     BEng Aerospace Engineering*              BSc Computer Science with
                                              Artificial Intelligence*          International
     Architecture and Built                                                     Communications
                                              Economics                         BA International Communications
     BEng Architecture                                                          Studies
                                              BSc International Economics
     BEng Architectural Environment           and Trade                         BA International Communications
     Engineering*                                                               Studies with Chinese
                                              BSc Economics
                                                                                International Studies
                                              Education and English
     BSc Finance, Accounting and
     Management                                                                 BA International Studies
                                              BA English Language and Applied
                                              Linguistics*                      BA International Studies with
     BA International Business with
     Communication Studies                                                      Chinese/French/German/
                                              BA English with International
     BSc International Business
     Economics                                                                  For further information about our
                                              BA English Language and
                                                                                courses visit:
     BA International Business with
     Chinese/French/German/Spanish/                                             www.nottingham.edu.cn/en/study-
     Japanese                                                                   with-us/undergraduate/courses/
                                              Electrical and Electronic         atoz.aspx
     BSc International Business               Engineering
                                              BEng Electrical and Electronic

Masters                                          MA International Higher
                                                                                                    MRes in Material Science and
  Our masters are normally offered
  as one-year programmes. Course                   MA Teaching English to Speakers                  MRes in Mechanical Engineering
  marked with a * is offered as two                of Other Languages (TESOL)
  year programme. For information on
  entry requirements, see page 12.
                                                                                                    PhD programmes
  Business                                         MSc Geospatial Engineering with                  We offer full and part-time PhD
                                                   Building Information Modelling                   programmes across our three
  MSc Entrepreneurship and                                                                          faculties, including Faculty of
  Innovation Management                            (BIM)
                                                                                                    Business, Faculty of Humanities
                                                                                                    and Social Sciences, and Faculty of
  MSc Finance and Investment
                                                                                                    Science and Engineering.
  MSc Finance and                                  Communications                                   The PhD degree is generally a three
  Investment(Professional                                                                           to four-year full-time programme,
                                                   MA International
  Accounting)*                                     Communications Studies                           tailor-made to meet your specific
                                                                                                    research interests. It normally takes
  MSc International Business                                                                        four to six years to complete on a
                                                   International Studies                            part-time basis.
  MSc International Management
                                                   MA International Relations and                   Depending on your research, you
  MSc International Management                     World History                                    may be required to spend part of
  (Business Analytics)                                                                              your studies at the UK Campus, as a
                                                   MA International Relations and                   registered student at the University
  MSc International                                International Business                           of Nottingham Ningbo China.

                                                                                                    For further information about our
                                                   Master of Research                               courses visit:
  MSc Finance and Investment
                                                   (MRes)                                           www.nottingham.edu.cn/en/study-
  (Economics, Money and Finance)                                                                    with-us/postgraduate-taught/
                                                   MRes in Sustainable Energy and                   postgraduate-taught.aspx
                                                   Building Technologies
  Education and English                            MRes in Chemical Engineering and
  MA Applied Linguistics                           Technology
                                                   MRes in Environmental Science
  MA Interpreting and Translation,                 and Engineering
  Mandarin and English

Note: For students who need degree verifications from the Chinese Ministry of Education, please note the verification document only states the
degree titles without the specialisation in brackets.                                                                                            11
Qualifications & Requirements

     Preliminary year (year one entry)
     GCSE/IGCSE/O levels
     Normally a minimum of five B grades
     including Bs in relevant subjects.

     Qualifying year (year two entry)
     A levels
     Typical A level requirements are ABB/BBB for the majority of
     programmes. Relevant subjects vary for each programme.
     International Baccalaureate                                    Master’s entry
     (IB) Diploma
     Typical requirements are 30-34 points, with Higher Level       The entry requirements for
     subjects and grades required for particular programmes.        our Master’s degree may vary
                                                                    depending on the courses, as a
     Advanced Placements (APs)                                      general rule, you are expected
     Typical requirements range from 4,4,4–5,5,4.                   to hold an honours degree at 2.
                                                                    1 level or above (or international
     SATII (subject specific tests)                                 equivalent) in an appropriate
     Typical requirements are 650,650,650–700,700,650.              subject.
     SATr (SAT Reasoning Test)
     Typical requirements are

English language
In addition to academic
qualifications, if your first
language is not English or your
entry qualification was not
obtained in the English medium
(from an approved institution),
you are expected to provide
evidence of your proficiency in

The minimum requirements for
our courses are listed below:
                                                             English requirements for
                                                             specific courses

                                                             The minimum English language requirements
                                                             BA English Language and Applied
                                                             Linguistics, BA English Language and
Bachelors courses                                            Literature and BA English with International
Preliminary year                                             Business are:
 IELTS 5.5 (no less than 5.0 in writing)                     IELTS 7.0 (no less than 6.0 in writing)
 PTE Academic 55 (minimum 51)                                PTE Academic 67 (minimum 55)
  OEFL iBT 79 (minimum 17 in writing and Listening, 18 in
 T                                                             OEFL iBT 100 (minimum 20 in Speaking
 Reading and 20 in speaking)                                  and 19 in all other elements)
                                                             The minimum English language requirements
Qualifying year                                              for BEng Aerospace Engineering are:
 IELTS 6.5 (no less than 6.0 in writing)                     IELTS 6.0 with at least 5.5 in each element.
 PTE Academic 62 (minimum 55)                               Alternative test scores may also be
  OEFL iBT 87 (minimum 20 in Speaking and 19 in all other
 T                                                           considered.

                                                             The minimum English language requirements
Masters courses                                              for MSc Geospatial Engineering with
                                                             Building Information Modelling (BIM) is:
 IELTS 6.5 (no less than 6.0 in any elements)
                                                              IELTS 6.0 (no less than 5.5 in any element
 PTE Academic 62 (minimum 55)
                                                              PTE Academic 55 (minimum 51)
                                                             Alternative test scores may also be
Research programmes                                          considered.
Please check www.nottingham.edu.cn/en/graduateschool

Country Guide

     Minimum entry
     The table below presents a country-specific guide for entry requirements to
     our courses – please feel free to check the detailed course requirements by
     visiting www.nottingham.edu.cn/en/Study-with-us/Home.aspx
     For a full range of country specific qualifications, please visit us at

     For students who are graduating from a domestic universities in China,
     please refer to the entry requirement for mainland China students.
     Meeting the minimum entry requirement doesn’t guarantee your admission into our university.

     Qualifying year                                              English language requirements
     If you are applying to the qualifying year and you are       In addition to the academic requirements,
     taking A levels, the International Baccalaureate (IB)        you will also need to meet our English
     Diploma, Advanced Placements (APs) or SATII (subject         language requirements – see page 13.
     specific tests) you should refer to our international
     qualification section on page 12.

     Austria                                 Denmark                                  France
         Preliminary year (1st year entry)       Preliminary year (1st year entry)        Preliminary year (1st year entry)

        Applicants from Austria are              Minimum average grade of 6/12 in         Applicants from France are
        normally not require a Foundation        Bevis Studentereksamen                   normally not require a Foundation
        Programme                                                                         Programme

         Qualifying year (2nd year entry)        Qualifying year (2nd year entry)         Qualifying year (2nd year entry)

         2.0 – 2.2 in Reifeprüfungzeugnis        7 in Studentereksamen/HF/HHX/            12 in Baccalauréat (OIB) or 13 in
         or Matura/Maturazeugnis                 HTX/Gymnasialt Miðnámsprógv              Baccalauréat

         Masters                                 Masters                                  Masters

         Gut in Bachelor’s degree/               7 in Bachelor degree / Candidatus        13 in Licence Professionnelle or
         Diplomstudium / Magister or             Philosophiae / Diplomingenior            Diplôme d’Ingénieur or Architecte
         Fachhochschuldiplom/Diplom              /Professionsbachelor or
                                                 equivalency                              Diplômé d’État or Diplôme from an
         (from a Fachhochschule)
                                                                                          École Supérieure de Commerce/
                                                                                          Gestion/Politique or Maîtrise

Germany                                        Ghana                                        Indonesia
    Preliminary year (1st year entry)             Preliminary year (1st year entry)             Preliminary year (1st year entry)

        Applicants from Germany are                Average 5 Bs in West African                 We will consider applicants with
        normally not required to complete          Senior School Certificate                    STTB – SMA (or equivalent) with
        a foundation course. We offer              Examination (WASSCE) or IGCSE,               an overall average grade of 7
        preliminary courses for students           with Bs in relevant subjects.                or above (out of 10), including a
        who are not qualified for direct                                                        minimum of grade 7 or equivalent
        undergraduate entry.                                                                    in relevant subjects.

    Qualifying year (2nd year entry)              Qualifying year (2nd year entry)              Qualifying year (2nd year entry)

        2.2 in Abitur / Reifezeugnis               3.00 in Higher National Diploma              Normally applicants from Indonesia
        / Zeugnis der Allgemeinen                  (since 1992)                                 are required to successfully
        Hochschulreife                                                                          complete a recognised Foundation
                                                                                                Programme, A Levels, IB or

    Masters                                       Masters                                       Masters

        Gut in Bachelor Degree (180 ECTS)          A Bachelor’s degree from a                   A Bachelor’s degree from a
        / Diplom (3-4 years)                       recognized institution at 2.1 level or       recognized institution at 2.1 level or
                                                   equivalency.                                 equivalency. Typical minimum GPA
                                                                                                requirement is 3 out of 4.

Italy                                          Malaysia                                     Russia

    Preliminary year (1st year entry)             Preliminary year (1st year entry)             Preliminary year (1st year entry)

        Applicants from Italy are normally        Students who have completed                   An average of 4 overall in Attestat
        not require a Foundation                  their SPM can be considered for               with 4s in relevant subjects for
        Programme                                 entry into our foundation courses             Business, Engineering and Science
                                                  with a minimum of 6 Bs.                       Foundation courses

    Qualifying year (2nd year entry)              Qualifying year (2nd year entry)              Qualifying year (2nd year entry)

        75% in Diploma di Esame di Stato          B+B+B+ in STPM or GPA3.5                      Normally applicants from Russia
        (formerly Diploma di Maturita)            in Ministry of Education                      are required to successfully
                                                  Matriculation Certificate or                  complete a recognised Foundation
                                                  86 in SAM or 75% in MUFY or                   Programme, A Levels, IB or
                                                  equivalent                                    equivalent.

    Masters                                       Masters                                       Masters

        102 in Diploma di Laurea (Triennale,      CGPA 3.0 in Malaysian Bachelor’s              Average 4.0 out of 5 in Bakalavr or
        Nuovo Ordinamento, Vecchio                degree or 2.1 equivalenies                    Specialist Diploma or ‘Red’ or ‘Blue’
        Ordinamento) or Licenza or                                                              Diploma
        Licenza di Accademia di Belle Arti
        or Corsi di Specializzazione di
        Primo Livello

South Korea                              Spain                                   Sweden
        Preliminary year (1st year entry)         Preliminary year (1st year entry)      Preliminary year (1st year entry)

        Average 80%, or grade B with 80%          Applicants from Spain are              Applicants from Sweden are
        in relevant subjects in High School       normally not required to complete      normally not required to complete
        Diploma from Specialised High             a foundation course. We offer          a foundation course. We offer
        Schools / GED 80 or above / 3.5           foundation courses for students        foundation courses for students
        in CSAT                                   who are not qualified for direct       who are not qualified for direct
                                                  undergraduate entry.                   undergraduate entry.

        Qualifying year (2nd year entry)          Qualifying year (2nd year entry)       Qualifying year (2nd year entry)

        Normally applicants from South            7.0 - 7.4 out of 10 in Titulo          VG/B-C/4 in Bachelor degree/
        Korea are required to successfully        de Bachillerato (or Curso de           Kandidatexamen/Yrkesexamen
        complete a Foundation Programme           Orientacion Universitaria
        or one year of study at University.       (COU))/75%-76% in European
                                                  Baccelaureate or equivalent

        Masters                                   Masters                                Masters

        A bachelor’s degree from a                Mark of notable or 2 out of 4          A bachelor’s degree from a
                                                                                         recoganised university. Typical
        recognised university will be             (or 7 out of 10) in Licenciado or      minimum GPA requirements are:
        considered for master’s entry.            equivalent                             B-C or VG or 4 out of 5.
        Typical minimum GPA
        requirements are between:
        - 2.9 or 3.3 out of 4.0
        - 3.1 or 3.5 out of 4.3
        - 3.3 or 3.7 out of 4.5

     Tanzania                                 Thailand                                Turkey
        Preliminary year (1st year entry)        Preliminary year (1st year entry)       Preliminary year (1st year entry)

         5Bs in IGCSE equivalencies, eg.          Minimum GPA of 3.0 in Matayom 6        Devlet Lise Diplomasi - we require
         National Form IV Examination/            with 3.0 in relevant subjects          an overall average grade of 65%-
         CSE/COSC/EACE                                                                   70%. This must include 60%-65%
                                                                                         in specific subjects, depending on
                                                                                         course applied for.
        Qualifying year (2nd year entry)         Qualifying year (2nd year entry)        Qualifying year (2nd year entry)

         BBB in Cambridge Overseas                Normally applicants from Thailand      Applicants shall hold the Turkish
         Higher School Certificate                are required to successfully           Lise Diploma with 70% in the final
         (COHSC) / East African Advanced          complete a recognized Foundation       year.
         Certificate of Education                 Programme, A Levels, IB or
         (EAACE) or 3.2 in National Form          equivalent.
         VI Examination / Advanced
         Certificate of Secondary Education
         (ACSE). Advanced Diploma.

        Masters                                  Masters                                 Masters

         A bachelors degree from a                GPA3.0/4.0 or 60-69% in Thai           GPA 3.0 out of 4 or 70% in Turkish
         recognised university at 2.1 level                                              Lisans Diplomasi or equivalent
                                                  Bachelors Degree or equivalent

Application Process

How to apply
To submit your application, please visit:

                          Check your application deadline
                          The closing date for applications is 31 May 2021.
                          *For General scholastic ability test (GSAT) students, the closing date for
                          application is 31 May 2021.

       Prepare your application :
          ne recommendation letter on
         O                                                    Personal Statement
         headed paper, signed and/or
         stamped                                               ne photocopy of the main pages
                                                              from your passport
          ranscript of school exam results
         (completed or results so far)            ne 2*2 inch color bareheaded photo
                                                 with white background (Note: the
         High School Certificate                head occupies two thirds of the size
                                                 of the photo; no less than 320 × 240
          English language test score report if pixels, the aspect ratio is 4: 3; the size
           already received (e.g. IELTS or PTE) is 100-500kb; jpg format)

    Further enquiries on application, please contact the Global Recruitment Office:

Tuition & Scholarships

     Tuition fees
     and scholarships
                                             Entry scholarships                               % of first year tuition fee
        How much
        will my                              Nottingham Global Full Scholarship			                       100%

        fees be?                             Nottingham Global Half Scholarship			                       50%

                                             Nottingham Global A Quarter Scholarship		                   25%

                                             Ningbo Government Scholarship for Bachelor		                22%
     Tuition fee for both
     Bachelors and Masters                   Zhejiang Government Scholarship for Bachelor                22%
                                             Ningbo Government Scholarship for Master		                  30%
     110,000 RMB per year (2021 Entry )
                                             Zhejiang Government Scholarship for Master                  30%
     These include library membership,
     IT services and examinations. Part-     Central & Eastern European Countries Scholarship		          22%
     time students pay on a per-semester
     basis at the fee level upon entry.      Alumni Scholarship (for maximum 3 years)		                  15%

     Students who choose to spend two        Family Scholarship (for maximum 4 years)		                  10%
     years studying at the University
     of Nottingham, UK will pay the          Please note that the scholarships will be subject to change and for updated
     overseas fee (or EU fee where           information visit:
     appropriate) applicable at the UK       www.nottingham.edu.cn/en/global
     Campus at the time of starting
     their course at the University of
     Nottingham Ningbo China.

     Please note that the tuition fee
                                             Other costs
     will be subject to change and for       Text books for undergraduates: flat fee of 2,500 RMB per year. If your books
     updated information visit:              do not total 2,500 RMB at the end of each academic year, you will be refunded
     www.nottingham.edu.cn/en/Study-         the difference.
                                             Text books for postgraduates: flat fee of 1,000 RMB. If your books do not total
                                             1,000 RMB at the end of the academic year, you will be refunded the difference.
     Estimated annual cost
     The estimated annual cost to cover      Accommodation costs for undergraduates: Approximately 5,000 – 16,000
     everything would be around 160,000      RMB per year for oversea students, depending on the type of accommodation.
     RMB (approx. 22,900 USD*).
                                             Living costs for postgraduates: 16,200 RMB-31,500 RMB per year for living
     *Currency exchange rate is based on
     1 USD=7 RMB                             Compulsory insurance: 800 RMB per year for undergraduates and 1,000 RMB
                                             for postgraduates.
     For up-to-date conversion rates visit
     www.xe.com/ucc                          Please note that other costs will be subject to change and for updated
                                             information visit:

Study abroad

See the world
Study abroad and exchange
Do you want to enhance your employability and global
outlook whilst seeing the world? If yes, then studying abroad
can transform your university experience.

We are proud of our international reach               Study abroad
and want as many of our students as
                                                      For an additional fee, we offer the opportunity to
possible to experience living and studying            study at our UK Campus or at one of the approved
in a different country.                               study abroad partners elsewhere in the world. Like
                                                      exchange opportunities, you take modules for credits
We have various study abroad programmes with
                                                      that count towards your final degree.
more than 100 partners in around 40 countries and
regions, as well as our campuses in the UK and
Malaysia.                                             Summer schools
                                                      Taking part in a summer school can provide you with
Exchange opportunities                                a unique opportunity to study abroad during the
                                                      summer break without having to take time out of
Exchange is a competitive programme that offers
                                                      your degree programme. Summer schools help you to
our undergraduate students the opportunity to study
                                                      achieve a global perspective that many employers are
at one of our partner universities for one semester
                                                      now looking for with experience of communications
or one academic year, as part of your Nottingham
                                                      in an international arena demonstrating your cultural
degree programme. You continue to pay your tuition
                                                      awareness, flexibility and the ability to easily adapt to
fees to UNNC and pay no tuition fees to the partner
                                                      a new environment.

UNNC Partner Universities
    The list will be subject to change and for the most up-to-date information please visit: www.nottingham.edu.cn/en/global

    Australia                                 France                                    Italy
    University of Melbourne                   Neoma Business School                     Universita commerciale Luigi
    University of Queensland                  Institut D'etudes Politiques De
                                              Toulouse                                  University of Parma
    University of Technology Sydney
                                              Paris Business School (ESG school         Department of Engineering,
    University of Sydney
                                              of management)                            University of Modena and Reggio
    University of New South Wales                                                       Emilia
                                              KEDGE Business School
    Monash University                                                                   LUISS Libera Universita
                                              Germany                                   Internazionale degli Studi Sociali
    SP Jain School of Global                                                            Guido Carli
    Management                                Kuhne Logistics University
                                              Hamburg School of Business                Japan
    Vesalius College                                                                    Kanazawa Seiryo University
                                              TUM School of Management,
                                              Technical University of Munich            Toyo University
                                              Jacobs University                         Waseda University
    University of British Columbia
                                              University of Applied Sciences
    Concordia University                      Bremen                                    Korea

    McGill University                         Technische Hochschule Nurnberg            Chung-Ang University
                                              Georg Simon Ohm                           Ewha Womans University
    Chile                                     University of Hohenheim - Faculty         Hanyang University
                                              of Business,Economics and Social
    Universidad del Desarroll                                                           Kyung Hee University
                                              European Business School                  Korea University
                                                                                        Sungkyunkwan University
    Bohai University                          Hong Kong, China
    University of International               Ability R&D Energy Research Cen-          Kazakhstan
    Business and Economics                    tre, City University of Hong Kong
                                                                                        Nazarbayev University
    Chong Qing University                     Technological and Higher Educa-
                                              tion Institute of Hong Kong               Macau, China
    Colombia                                  Lingnan University                        University of Macau
    Universidad de la Sabana                  HKU School of Professional and            Malaysia
                                              Continuing Education
    Czech                                                                               Sunway University
                                              City University of Hong Kong
    Czech Technical University in Prague                                                University of Nottingham Malaysia
                                              Hong Kong City University
                                                                                        Tunku Abdul Rahman University
    Denmark                                   Indonesia                                 College
    Copenhagen Business School                BINUS University                          University Sains Malaysia
    Technical University of Denmark           Diponegoro University                     Mexico
    Aarhus University                         University of Gadjah Mada
                                                                                        Tecnologico de Monterrey
    University of Copenhagen
    Egypt                                     Chitkara University
    The American University in Cairo          Chandigarh University

    Finland                                   Ireland
    University of Eastern Finland             University College Dublin
                                              Trinity College Dublin
Study abroad

New Zealand                         Taiwan, China                        USA
University of Auckland              Tunghai University                   College of Liberal Arts,Texas A&M
University of Canterbury            Yuan Ze University
                                                                         College of Engineering,Texas A&M
                                    National Taiwan University
Norway                                                                   University
                                    Ming Chuan University
Norwegian University of Science                                          Tufts University
and Technology                      National Taiwan University of
                                                                         Lehigh University-Energy
                                    Science and Technology
BI Norwegian Business School                                             Research Center
                                    Tamkang University
                                                                         University of California, Los
Philippines                         Chihlee Science and Tech             Angeles
University of Philippines Diliman   Taipei Medical University            The University of Texas at Dallas
                                    Wenzao Ursuline University of        The College of Charleston
                                                                         The University of South Florida
Poznan University of Economics
                                    I-Shou University
and Business                                                             University of Connecticut
                                    National Tsing Hua University
Cracow University of Economics                                           University of Tennessee
Warsaw School of Economics          Thailand                             Bucknell University
                                    Chiang Mai University                University of Florida
                                    Srinakharinwirot University          Purdue University
University of Ljubljana
                                    Thammasat University                 Butler University
Spain                               Chulalongkorn University             University of Idaho
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
                                    The Netherlands                      Vietnam
Universidad de Deusto
                                    University of Amsterdam              University Social Science and
Universidad de Cantabria
University of Navarra               The University of Groningen

ESIC Business and Marketing         Radboud University Nijmegen
Universidad Catolica San Antonio
de Murcia (UCAM)                    Sehir University

Universidad de Castilla La Mancha   UK
                                    Aberystwyth University
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
                                    Loughborough University School
                                    of Business and Economics
                                    University of Birmingham
Lulea University of Technology
                                    University of Edinburgh
Switzerland                         University of Essex
Zurich University of Applied        University of Nottingham
                                    University of Glasgow
                                    St Antony’s College, University of
                                    Brunell Univeresity, London
                                    The University of Warwick


     your perfect home
     Your accommodation halls are the perfect base to explore your new
     life in Ningbo.
                                          International Residence Building 11
              Fee                 Accommodation type                Distance                        Internet

         16,000 RMB             Self-catered single room        Five minutes’ walk     Available in room? Yes - China
        per year + 1,000         with private toilet and         to main teaching        Telecom (additional cost)
          RMB deposit           shower room. Each room               building
                                  has a small balcony


      Shared facilities: Launderette (coin-operated washing and drying machines)
      Cooking facilities: Shared kitchen on each floor with fridges, microwave oven, bread baker, induction stove, rice
      Bathroom facilities: Private shower room
      Toilet facilities: Private toilet
      Bedroom facilities: Desk, wardrobe, desk lamp, single bed and mattress, bedding, TV set, air conditioning unit
      and kettle

                                       International Residence Building 18 & 20
              Fee                 Accommodation type                Distance                        Internet

         11,000 RMB            Self-catered four-bedroom        Five minutes’ walk     Available in room? Yes - China
        per year + 1,000            flat with balcony            to main teaching        Telecom (additional cost)
          RMB deposit                                                building.


      Shared facilities: Launderette (coin-operated washing and drying machines); Lounge/common room (shared with
      three other students); Wash room (shared with three other students)
      Cooking facilities: A few cooking appliances in the lounge/common room including fridge, bread baker,
      induction stove, rice cooker, TV set and kettle
      Bathroom facilities: One shower room per flat (shared with three other students)
      Toilet facilities: Two toilets per flat (shared with three other students)
      Bedroom facilities: Desk, small wardrobe, desk lamp, single bed and mattress, bedding, and air conditioning unit

     *Room cleaning: Twice a month free of charge

All international students are guaranteed a
room in one of our accommodation halls once
you have gained and accepted a place.

You can also choose to live in the local
student accommodations. Whichever option
you choose, all our accommodation buildings
offer fully furnished private single bedrooms,   Residence Building 11

equipped with internet points.

The accommodation information was based
on 2020 entry. For the most up-to-date
information about accommodation please

                                                 Residence Building 18

                                                 Residence Building 20


      Your base @UNNC
  Department of
  Campus Life
  Department of Campus Life provides
  an extensive range of administrative
  and support services to all students.
  It encompasses quality services
  in the areas of wellbeing support,
  extracurricular engagement and
  initiatives for diversity and social

 Peace of mind                                                                       A strong sense of
 Living away from home for the
 first time can be daunting but our                                                  Each University of Nottingham campus
 accommodation offers a secure and                                                   has a distinct style and personality.
 supportive environment. Our halls                                                   Common to all is a strong sense of
 of residence have a warden, deputy                                                  community, created by approachable
 warden and tutors for support – they                                                staff, a welcoming student body,
 will all get to know you and make sure                                              excellent support services and a wide
 you feel safe. There is also 24-hour                                                range of activities to help meet new
 security for added peace of mind.                                                   people and feel at home.

                                          Convenient and
                                          effective spaces
                                          A vibrant UK-style high street is a
                                          popular gathering point on campus for
                                          staff and students. Facilities include
                                          a cinema, bookstore, post office,
                                          dry-cleaner, supermarket, hair salon,
                                          bank ATMs and several restaurants.
                                          Shopping malls, entertainment facilities
                                          and other amenities are all within
22                                        walking distance or a short bus or taxi
                                          ride from the campus.
A compact, vibrant and cosmopolitan
city, Ningbo is a mix of modern and
historic, quirky and mainstream,
with a thriving cultural scene.

                                                        Student support
                                                        Our student support teams offer
                                                        ongoing support throughout your time
                                                        at University. If you have accessibility
                                                        requirements, get in touch to let us
                                                        know what you need.

                     24-hour access to
                     medical care
                     The campus has a clinic with
                     dedicated doctors and nurses
                     on 24-hour call. There is also a
                     private hospital nearby which
                     is equipped with an emergency

How will I study?

     Engaging study,
     incredible results

     The teaching approach                           Generally, you will be taught partly in large lecture groups
                                                     and in smaller seminar groups of about 15-20 people. These
     at the University of                            small seminars allow you take part in discussions, interact
     Nottingham Ningbo                               with other students from all over the world and develop your
                                                     communication skills.
     China (UNNC) follows                            Away from the classroom, you will be encouraged to read widely on
     the same standard                               your subject and to structure your own learning. You will also take
                                                     part in group work and presentations and, on certain courses, field
     as the University of                            and laboratory work.

     Nottingham in the UK.                           This mix of learning approaches will equip you with skills in group
                                                     working and collaboration, self-direction, reasoning and critical
                                                     reflection, as well as the ability to independently acquire knowledge
                                                     and apply it to different situations.

      Academic year

     Our academic year begins in early
     September and ends in mid-June
     the following year.
     It is divided into two semesters, each
     consisting of a block of 12 teaching weeks
     followed by an examination period. The
     winter vacation is from late January or early
     February for a four-week period. The long
     summer vacation is from mid-June to the end
     of August.


All our courses at bachelors and
masters level are divided into
modules, self-contained blocks of
study each of which is based on a
particular subject area.
Each semester consists of a combination of
compulsory and optional modules according
to your own interests and development needs.
These modules are assessed through course
works and/or exams based on individual
academic requirements.

                                               Learning support

                                               We provide a wide range of support to
                                               help you to improve your academic study
                                               skills. Academic staff offer individual
                                               consultations for discussion about your
                                               work and progress.
                                               This opportunity to discuss ideas and coursework
                                               directly with your tutors is integral to the culture of the
                                               University. You will also be assigned a personal tutor
                                               who can guide you through your studies. Your Faculty
                                               office can help with any administration questions.
                                               Our library has a huge number of resources, including
                                               more than one million printed and digital books and
                                               journals. You might be spending a lot of time in the
                                               library, so it’s good to know there are group work
                                               spaces, silent study zones, PCs, laptops, kindles and
                                               display screens – everything you’ll need.

                                               The TEF Panel judged that the
                                               University of Nottingham delivers
                                               consistently outstanding teaching,
                                               learning and outcomes for its

Careers and employability

     Be the first
     choice for your
     future employer
     You will leave us with a University of Nottingham
     degree recognised and valued by employers and
     universities all over the world.

     Our graduates have landed with leading global
     companies such as AB InBev, Google, Hilton, IKEA,
     KPMG, Nestle, PwC and Standard Chartered Bank, as
     well as prominent Chinese employers such as Bank of
     China, Alibaba and Huawei.

Interesting Facts
                                                                           he University of Nottingham

Added benefits
                                                                          secured a double award as the
                                                                          University of the Year for both
                                                                          International and Sports in the
                                                                          2019 Guide**
Not only will you graduate with a degree                                   6.5% of our graduates are
from an internationally-recognised                                        employed or in further study
                                                                          six months after graduation***
university but you will also have the
                                                                           0.6% of students who chose
chance to engage in activities that will                                  to go on to further study went
enhance your CV, including:                                               to a world top 100 university*
                                                                          and about 26.1% to a world top
                                                                          10 university*, such as Oxford
                                                                          and Cambridge in the UK and
  ccessing the services and programmes provided by our
                                                                          Stanford in the USA, with
 Admissions and Career Development Office, which offers vacancy
                                                                          many receiving full
 updates and career advice to students.
                                                                          scholarships for PhD studies
  ompleting internships outside of university– in the past, students
                                                                           8.8% of students in
 have worked for leading and multinational companies including
                                                                          employment after graduation
 IBM, Microsoft, Ogilvy and Siemens.
                                                                          went to work for Fortune
  aking part in the Nottingham Advantage Award, a free
 T                                                                        Global 500 companies,
 programme of activity focusing on skills, employability and              government or public
 personal development – you can study modules focused on                  institutions or well-known
 career skills, mentoring, cultural awareness, entrepreneurship and       Chinese companies
 volunteering.                                                          *As defined by the QS World University
  articipating in International Career Workshop, a career
                                                                        **The Times and The Sunday Times
 development workshop carried out by professional career                Good University Guide 2019.
 institutions to improve your employability.                            ***Known destinations of full-time
                                                                        undergraduate leavers who were
  ttending International Career Week, a series of activities such
 A                                                                      available for employment, 2019.
 as recruitment fair, alumni sharing and industries exposure which
 open to international students every year.
  uilding up your network and connections in China, a country
 whose economy is set to be among the world’s largest (for more
                                                                             WeChat career assistant: unnccareers
 information on why you should study in China, see page 6).
                                                                             LinkedIn: Careers UNNC

                                                                        Follow us to receive latest career information.

Student experience

     Experience it in a
     world beyond ordinary
     Study with us and you can expect a world-class
     education. But the Nottingham experience is so
     much more than that. We want you to have the
     time of your life.

We have a range of sports facilities on         Student clubs and societies
campus which are open to all students,
from serious athletes to casual                 There are dozens of clubs and societies
competitors. Our outdoor facilities             to join, with events year-round for the
include a 400-metre track, an athletics         serious-minded and fun-loving alike. You
field, badminton courts, basketball             can choose to get involved in a range of
courts, a grass football pitch, synthetic       activities, from taking part in martial arts
tennis courts and volleyball courts.            to joining the student television channel’s
Indoor facilities include: badminton            production team. Drama, dance and
courts; squash courts; a basketball             musical talents are also catered with
court; rooms for gymnastics, table              student festivals and talent shows
tennis, taekwondo and wushu; a                  providing additional entertainment on
volleyball court. Several swimming              campus.
pools are within walking distance of the
campus and nearby parks are popular
with runners.
If you want to get involved in
competitive sport, there are
opportunities including the annual Tri
Campus Games. Students from our
campuses in China, Malaysia and the             Your support network
UK compete for the Tri Campus title.
The games are held on a different               Throughout your university journey
campus each year and are a huge event           there will be numerous people on hand
in the University’s sporting calendar.          to support and advise you, including
                                                tutors and dedicated staff. We have The
Volunteering                                    Hub, Residential College and Student
With over 100 volunteering projects,            Engagement Office which provide
there’s plenty of opportunities to make a       a range of support, information and
difference, boost your CV and meet new          specialist services. Find out more: www.
people. You give a little and get a lot back.   nottingham.edu.cn/en

International campuses

     Be part of a globally
     connected university
     The University of Nottingham is in the top 1%
     of universities worldwide. It is one of the most
     beautiful campuses in the UK and winner of 14
     Green Flag Awards.


                                                        Portland Building

32   Find out more about all our campuses:
At our Malaysia Campus
                                           you will find a diverse and
                                           vibrant community living
                                           close to hills and waterfalls.
   Malaysia                                It’s home to a sports centre, swimming
                                           pool, shops and food outlets, as well as

   Campus                                  impressive teaching and study facilities.

                                                 “   I took part in an inter-campus
                                                 exchange as part of my course
                                                 and studying in Ningbo provided
                                                 interesting modules with unique
                                                 twists. I also travelled to Hong
                                                 Kong, Thailand, Macau and
                                                 around mainland China.
                                                 Chris Routledge,
                                                 BA History with Chinese Studies,
                                                 University of Nottingham
                                                 Ningbo China

Faculty of Engineering   Perhentian Hall          Student Association

Get in touch

     Contacting us
     Global Recruitment Office                                                 Clara Ge
     Trent building                                                            e: Clara.ge@nottingham.edu.cn
     Nottingham Ningbo China                                                   t: ext. 8330
     199 Taikang East Road
                                                                               Eve Xu
     315100 Ningbo China
                                                                               e: Eve.xu@nottingham.edu.cn
                                                                               t: ext. 8973
                                                                               Sara Hua
                                                                               e: Sars.hua@nottingham.edu.cn
                                                                               t: ext. 8850
             +86 (0)574 88180000 ext. 8505
                                                                               Patrick Ma
                                                                               e: Patrick.ma@nottingham.edu.cn
     You can also follow us through our
                                                                               t: ext. 8323
     social media channels:
                                                                               Viola Ye
                                                                               e: Viola.ye@nottingham.edu.cn
             Facebook.com/unncglobal                                           t: ext. 8262


             Wechat ID: UNNCGEO

     Map and location


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