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Activity Guide OPENS Online Registration
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                                                                                                             Summer 2023

                             W152 N8645 Margaret Rd. Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 | (262) 255-8460 |

                                                                                                             Sunday, April 16
                                                                                                               at 9:00 pm
Cover Photo by Rachel Beam

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Activity Guide OPENS Online Registration

                                                                                Menomonee Falls
                                          Online Registration begins            Community Education &
                                        Sunday, April 16 at 9 PM                Recreation Department
                                                                                Offices are located in the
                                                   at              Menomonee Falls Community Center

            ALLS                              Monday through Friday
                                               June 19–June 30
                                                                                W152 N8645 Margaret Road
                                                                                Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

          SUMMER                              and July 10–July 21

          ACADEMY                           Classes are Two Weeks Long
                                                   (No Class July 3–7)
                                                                                Office Hours
                                                                                Monday–Friday 8:00 AM–4:30 PM
                                                                                Phone    262-255-8460

          Supportive Programs, Fun Challenging Enrichment Classes               Fax      262-255-8411
                    Credit Recovery and Sports & Fitness                        Office will be closed April 7, May 29,
                                                                                July 4.
                    Most Classes are FREE!
                                                                                CE & Rec Department Staff
      Grades                Grades          Grades                  Grades      • Jason Husslein, Director

      4K–2                   3–5            6–8                     9–12        • Dan Zeroth, Recreation Supervisor
    Ben Franklin           Riverside     High School              High School   • Candice Southcott, Recreation Supervisor
                                                                                • Lori Oertel, Older Adult and Volunteer
                                                            See page 31             Supervisor

                                                                                • Melissa Palucki, Aquatics & Adult Fitness

                                        Fun group activities                    • Julie Hardy, Administrative Assistant

                                        in a safe, supervised                   • Casey Doleschy, Administrative Assistant

         s                              environment.                            • Rachel Johnson, Administrative Assistant

                                         Begins Wednesday, June 12
                                         Available 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM

                                         Kids INC
                                         (Entering Grades 1–6)
                                         Res         $39 per day
                                         Non Res     $47 per day

                                         Kids INC Jr.
                                         (Entering Grades 4K & 5K)
                                         Res     $49 per day
                                         Non Res $59 per day
                                                                                  FITPARKS           in the

                                                                                  Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

                                                            See page 9                                  See page 41

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Activity Guide OPENS Online Registration
                                                                                                   Summer 2023

RESIDENT online registration begins                  Sunday, April 16, 9:00 PM                     Affiliates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60

Drop Box, Mail or in Person                          Monday, April 17                              Aquatics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  4
NON–RESIDENT online registration begins              Thursday, April 20, 9:00 PM                   Adult 18+ Activities & Fitness . . . . . . . 45
                                                                                                   Adults 55+ Activities & Fitness . . . . . . 55
                                                                                                   Adult Day Trips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53
     4 Easy Ways to Register
                                                                                                   Community Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60
    H Online         Best chance to get into the class that you want.                              Teen Day Trips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
     Go to and sign in to your account. If you do not have an
                                                                                                   Falls Summer Academy  . . . . . . . . . . . 31
     account, select “Create an account”. You must create an account for an adult
     first, then add any children.                                                                 Farmers Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

     Mail                                                                                          Fishing Derby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
     Complete the registration form at the back of the guide and mail it to:                       FIT in the Parks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
     CE & Rec Dept. W152 N8645 Margaret Rd., Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
                                                                                                   Kids INC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  9
     After Hours Outdoor Drop Box                                                                  Safety Town . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
     Outdoor drop box located next to the front entrance of the Community
     Center.                                                                                       Special Olympics  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
                                                                                                   Youth Activities & Sports . . . . . . . . . . . 13
     In Person 8:00 AM–4:30 PM
     Stop in our office with a completed registration form, or blank forms are                     Upcoming Village Events . . . . . . . 30, 44
     available in our office.

                                                                                                    This symbol means the class is offered
                                                                                                   for multiple ages, under 18 and over 18.

                                                                                                                    Inclement Weather
                                                                                                   For information regarding class
                                                                                                   cancellations due to bad weather, call
                                                                                                   (262) 255-8376 or check our Facebook
                                                                                                   page @fallsrec.

The School District of Menomonee Falls does not discriminate in employment, program opportunities, or delivery of services. WI Statute 118.13

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Important Policies                           All Swim Programs Held at North Middle School Pool
Pool rules are enforced by the lifeguards.   N88 W16750 Garfield Drive, Menomonee Falls
Follow all instructions by lifeguards.
Lifeguards have the authority to make
discretionary rules to maintain safety
and prevent injury. Safe, appropriate
behavior is expected by all swimmers
and spectators. Anyone creating an
unsafe environment will lose the
privilege of swimming for a period                                                                 Groups of 15 or More, please
specified by the Rec Staff.                                                                        contact the CE & Rec Department
Supervision: Children (3-17) must be                                                               at (262) 255-8460 at least two
                                                                                                   weeks prior to needed date so
accompanied by an Adult (18+) at all
                                                                                                   additional lifeguards can be
times. Children 6 years and younger
must have an Adult in the water with
them within 6 feet.                          Open Swim Fees
                                             A swim pass entitles the owner admission to Open and/or Lap Swim. Passes can be
What to bring: Participants must bring
                                             purchased at the CE & Rec Office or the pool. Cash or check accepted at the pool, no
their own swim suits, lock for lockers,
                                             cards. Please bring exact change.
and towels. We do not provide these
items.                                       Spring Pass: Valid Apr 3–June 3                     Punch Cards
                                             Summer Pass: Valid June 12–Aug 12                   Entitles the owner 12 admissions
Locker Room: Attendants are NOT on
                                                           Per Use      Res.       Non-Res.      to Open and/or Lap Swim. Punch
duty. Do not leave anything unattended
                                                             Fee     Swim Pass    Swim Pass      cards can be purchased at the CE
in the locker rooms. We are not
                                             Adult (18+)     $4         $40          $48         & Rec Office or the pool. Cards are
responsible for any lost or stolen items.
                                             Child           $3         $25          $30         non-transferrable.
A lock is recommended if utilizing the
                                             Family         N/A         $70          $83                      Resident Non-Res.
lockers. Children 5 years or older must
                                             Senior 55+      $3         $31          $37         Adult          $36        $43
use the gender appropriate locker room.
                                                                                                 Senior 55+     $29        $35
Spectators: Viewing is allowed from the
balcony or the pool deck.                    Adult Lap Swim & Water Walking
                                             Adult Lap Swim is designed for all kinds of aquatic fitness! Lap lanes are
Pool Toys: Toys from home are allowed        available for swimming and walking. The deep end of the pool is available for
and must be approved by lifeguard.           treading water and deep water jogging. A shallow area is also available for
Pool toys are provided but may not be        stretching and resistance training. Equipment is available upon request.
available if classes are going on.
                                             Spring Session: April 3–June 3 (Closed April 1, 7, 8, 10, May 29)
Pool Closings: Pool closure is
                                             Monday & Wednesday                  4:00 PM–5:30 PM
determined by the lifeguard staff.
                                             Saturday                            8:00 AM–9:30 AM
Reasons for the pool to be closed
include, but are not limited to the          Summer Sessions: June 12–Aug 12
following:                                   Monday–Thursday, Saturday           8:00 AM–10:00 AM (Closed July 1–July 7)
• Rescue/Injury situation                    Monday–Friday                       4:00 PM–5:30 PM (Closed July 3–4)

• Inclement weather                          Family Open Swim
                                             This designated time is for families and friends to enjoy the pool. Lifejackets,
• Staffing shortages
                                             swim toys, and swim equipment is available.

North Pool Facts ...                         Spring Session: April 3–June 3 (Closed April 1, 7, 8, 10, May 26, 27)
Pool size is 25 Yards / 6 Lanes              Friday                              4:00 PM–8:00 PM
Depth ranges from 3-1/2 to 12 feet           Saturday                            12:00 PM–2:00 PM
1 mile = 72 lengths or 36 laps               Summer Session: June 12–August 12 (Closed July 1–July 4)
Average temperature is 84 degrees            Monday–Friday                       12:00 PM–3:00 PM
                                             Saturday                            10:00 AM–12:00 PM

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Junior Lifeguard Clinic                      Lifeguard Review Class                        Adult Swim Lessons
Ages 11–14                                   Ages 15+                                      Ages 16+
Junior Lifeguarding is an effective          An abbreviated Lifeguarding course that       Whether you are learning the basics or
transition from upper-level Learn            briefly reviews course information and        swimming for fitness, this swim program
to Swim courses, challenging and             allows practice of skills and knowledge       is perfect for older teens and adults. Our
encouraging participants to stay             before testing. Current certification in      program gives adult swimmers at every
involved with aquatics. This class will      Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/         level the opportunity to improve their
focus on swimming development,               AED is required to participate in the         skills in a safe environment, and under
lifesaving skills, teamwork, and decision    review course. Students who successfully      the guidance of a trained instructor.
making skills. Participants will have an     complete this course will receive a
opportunity to shadow the CE & Rec           certificate for Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/   Mon, 5:55 PM, 30m
Aquatics team to get a sense of being on     AED which is valid for 2 years.               6/12–7/10       Class #27396
the job. Junior Lifeguarding is designed                                                   No class 7/3
for youths 11–14 years of age, or those      Sat, 8:00 AM, 5h 40m                          7/17–8/7        Class #27398
who have completed the 5th grade.            5/20      Class #27391                        North Middle School Pool
                                             6/3       Class #27392                        Aquatic Staff
Mon–Thu, 8:00 AM, 4h                         7/8       Class #27293                        R $35 NR $42 4 classes
6/26–6/29       Class #27394                 North Middle School Pool
7/24–7/27       Class #27395                 Melissa Palucki
North Middle School Pool                     R $75 NR $100
Melissa Palucki
R $90 NR $108 4 classes

Lifeguard Class
Ages 15+
Looking for a new job? Train to be a CE
& Rec Lifeguard! This blended learning
course includes an online class and an
in-person skills session. The online class
duration is approximately 7 hours and
must be completed prior to the onsite
training. Lifeguard training provides
entry-level participants the knowledge
and skills to prevent, recognize, and
respond to aquatic emergencies
and to provide care for breathing
and cardiac emergencies, injuries,              Summer Kids INC – Site Supervisor
and sudden illness. Participants who            Summer Kids INC – Head Leader
successfully complete the course will
receive a certificate for Lifeguarding/         Summer Kids INC – Leader
First Aid/CPR/AED valid for two years.
Participants will have the opportunity          Lifeguard
to practice lifeguarding while receiving
guidance and feedback from a seasoned
                                                Swim Instructor
lifeguard. Successful participants will be      Fitness Instructor
eligible for employment within the CE &
Rec Aquatics Department.                        Rugby Instructor
Fri–Sun, 8:00 AM, 8h                            Tennis Instructor
6/16–6/18         Class #27400
7/14–7/16         Class #27401
North Middle School Pool
Melissa Palucki
R $175 NR $200 3 classes

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American Red Cross Aquatic Program Level Skills

                                                                                            If your child is age 5 or older and has
                                                                                            NOT participated in swim lessons
                                                                                            through Menomonee Falls CE & Rec
                                                                                            previously, they must be tested before
                                                                                            enrolling in class. Unsure what class
                                                                                            you should enroll your child in for the
                                                                                            next swimming session? Assessments
                                                                                            are available at the North Middle School
                                                                                            Pool during Family Open Swim.

    Level               Age             Description
    Tadpole             6m–3 years      Provides experiences and activities for children to: Learn to ask for permission before entering the water,
    Parent/Child 1                      learn how to enter and exit the water in a safe manner, feel comfortable in the water, explore submerging,
                                        explore buoyancy on the front and back position, change body position in the water, learn how to play
                                        safely, and experience wearing a life jacket.
    Frog                6m–3 years      Builds upon the skills learned in P/C Level 1 (Tadpoles) and provides experiences and activities for children
    Parent/Child 2                      to: Establish expectation for adult supervision, learn ways to enter and exit the water safely, explore
                                        submerging in a rhythmic pattern, glide on the front and back with assistance, perform combined stroke on
                                        front and back with help, and change body position in the water.
    Turtle              3–5 years       Orients children to the aquatic environment and helps them gain basic aquatic skills including: Entering and
    Preschool 1         Under 42”       exiting water, blow bubbles through mouth and nose, submerge mouth, nose and eyes, open eyes under
                        tall            water and retrieve submerged objects, front and back glides and recover to a vertical position, back float
                                        and recover to a vertical position, roll from front to back and back to front, tread with arm and hand actions,
                                        alternating and simultaneous leg actions on front and back, and alternating and simultaneous arm actions
                                        on front and back, and combined arm and leg actions on front and back.
    Narwhal             3–5 years       Helps children develop more comfort in and around water and to gain greater independence in the
    Preschool 2         Under 42”       following skills: Enter water by stepping in, exit water using ladder, steps or side, bobbing, open eyes under
                        tall            water and retrieve submerged objects, front and back floats and glides, recover from a front or back float or
                                        glide to a vertical position, roll from front to back and back to front, tread water using arm and leg actions,
                                        combined arm and leg actions on front and back, and finning arm action on back.

    Level Ages 5+                  Description (not all skills are listed)                                             Requirement to Pass
    Level 1     (5–12 yrs)         Water safety, submerging under water, front float, back float, front glide,         Beginning to be independent with
    Introduction to Water Skills   back glide, swim on front, swim on back. All skills are completed with              all skills.
                                   assistance. Max. 5 students.
    Level 2  (5–12 yrs)            Water safety, bobbing, front float for 10 seconds, back float for 10 seconds,       Must be able to swim 15 yards with
    Fundamental Aquatic Skills     front glide, back glide, treading water, swim on front, swim on back, rotary        rotary breathing.
                                   breathing. All skills are independent. Max. 5 students.
    Level 3    (6–12 yrs)          Water safety, diving, back float in deep water 1 minute, treading water for         Must be able to swim on front
    Stroke Development             1 minute, butterfly kick, survival float for 30 seconds, and 15 yards each of       and elementary backstroke for 15
                                   front crawl, elementary backstroke and scissors kick. Max. 5 students.              yards continuously.
    Level 4    (8–14 yrs)          Water safety, diving, survival swim 1 minute, treading 2 minutes, open              Must be able to successfully swim
    Stroke Improvement             turns, 15 yards each of back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke and butterfly,         all distances without stopping and
                                   25 yards each of front crawl and elementary backstroke. Max. 8 students.            tread for 2 minutes.
    Level 5     (8–14 yrs)         Water safety, importance of CPR, dives, tread w/2 kicks, tread without arms,        Strokes must have the right
    Stroke Refinement              flip turns, 50 yards each of front & elementary backstroke, 25 yards each of        distance, body position, arms, kick,
                                   back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, and sidestroke. Max. 10 students.              breathing and timing.

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American Red Cross Daily Swim Lessons                       Ages 3–13 years

Daily Lesson classes will be held Monday through Thursday at North Middle School Pool.
These lessons offer our traditional Red Cross Learn-to-Swim curriculum separated by age and utilizing a station teaching design
that allows students to work on perfecting their technique while moving at their pace through the levels. Part of the first day will
be a quick evaluation to determine the starting level for each swimmer.
	If classes need to be cancelled during the week due to lightning, inclement weather, accident or incident, make-up
  classes will be held on Friday of that week.

                                               Fee: $59 Resident, $71 Non–Resident
        Ages                    3–5 Year Olds                         6–8 Year Olds                       9–13 Year Olds
        Level                   Preschool 1–3                  Learn-to-Swim Levels 1–5             Learn-to-Swim Levels 1–5
Max/Min Participants                  20/3                                 20/3                                 20/3

June 12–June 22

9:00–9:30 AM                         27466

9:35–10:05 AM                        27467

10:10–10:40 AM                                                            27472

10:45–11:15 AM                                                            27473

11:20–11:50 AM                                                                                                 27478

July 10–July 20

9:00–9:30 AM                         27468

9:35–10:05 AM                        27469

10:10–10:40 AM                                                            27474

10:45–11:15 AM                                                            27475

11:20–11:50 AM                                                                                                 27479

July 31–Aug 10

9:00–9:30 AM                         27470

9:35–10:05 AM                        27471

10:10–10:40 AM                                                            27476
10:45–11:15 AM                                                            27477

11:20–11:50 AM                                                                                                 27480

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American Red Cross Weekly Swim Lessons                                   8 Weeks | Ages 6 months–14 years

       For more Aquatics
     Program information
                                                                   !                                                     !
    contact the CE&Rec office           You must wait until your child has completed their current   A $10 fee will be charged for any transfers
        at (262) 255-8460.                   swim level before registering for the next level.                     or cancellations.

                                            Fee: $59 Resident, $71 Non–Resident                                   Fee: $65 R, $79 NR
                                With Adult
                            P/C 1          P/C 2        PS 1         PS 2
            Level          Tadpole         Frog        Turtle      Narwhal       Level 1      Level 2      Level 3       Level 4      Level 5
    June 12–August 7
    No class July 3
    3:00–3:30 PM            27427                       27434
    3:30–4:00 PM                          27431                        27438
    4:00–4:30 PM                                                                  27443        27452
    4:35–5:05 PM                                                                  27444        27453
    5:10–5:50 PM                                                                                            27459         27463

    June 13–August 8
    No class July 4
    3:00–3:30 PM            27428
    3:30–4:00 PM                                        27435
    4:00–4:30 PM                                                                  27445
    4:35–5:05 PM                                                                               27455
    5:10–5:50 PM                                                                                            27460

    June 14–August 9
    No class July 5
    3:00–3:30 PM            27429                       27436
    3:30–4:00 PM                          27432                        27439
    4:00–4:30 PM                                                                  27446        27456
    4:35–5:05 PM                                                                  27447        27457
    5:10–5:50 PM                                                                                            27461                      27465

    June 15–August 10
    No class July 6
    3:00–3:30 PM                          27433
    3:30–4:00 PM                                                       27440
    4:00–4:30 PM                                                                  27448
    4:35–5:05 PM                                                                               27458
    5:10–5:50 PM                                                                                                          27464

    June 16–August 11
    No class July 7
    3:00–3:30 PM            27430
    3:30–4:00 PM                                        27437
    4:00–4:30 PM                                                       27441
    4:35–5:05 PM                                                                  27449
    5:10–5:50 PM                                                                                            27462

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SUMMER KIDS INC                                  KidINC

                                                                                                   Weekly Themes

   K idIsNC
                                                                                                   A new theme each week with engaging
                                                                                                   activities, see list below!

                                                                                                   Wacky Wednesdays
                                                        June 12–August 25                          A dress-up day to allow children to
                                                                                                   coordinate with the weekly theme and
                                                         (No program on July 4)                    enjoy a special frozen treat.
Entering Grades 4K–6
                                                                                                   One Field Trip Each Week!
                                                                                                   Trips very on age group/location. Some
Step 1: Complete Annual Registration by May 26*                                                    of our favorites include:
Annual Registration Fee of $35* is required each summer before you may                             • Strawberry picking
register for any individual dates. Complete annual registration online or return                   • Local pools
completed form to the CE & Rec office by May 26.                                                   • Bear Den Zoo
Register early, space is limited.                                                                  • Rock N’ Jump
                                                                                                             Late registration is NOT
  !   * Annual registration fees for Summer Kids INC & School Kids INC are separate.                 !     accepted for Field Trip dates.

Step 2: Register for Individual Dates
If annual registration has been completed, you may register your child for individual dates by the Wednesday prior to the
week of participation.

• Online registration available until 10 PM Wednesday (or up until 10 PM Sunday for a $5 late fee per day)
• Paper calendars can be dropped/faxed into the CE & Rec office by 4:30 PM Wednesday (or up until 4 PM on Friday
   for a $5 late fee per day)
• Unregistered students will not be accepted at the sites under any circumstances.
  A minimum of 2 days per week is required—Limited spots at each site
                                                                                                                      Ann. Regist.
   Program                 Grade In Fall         Location               Available             Cost per Day            Course #

   Kids INC Jr.            Grade 4K & 5K         Ben Franklin           6:30 AM–6:00 PM       Res $49 / NR $59        27841
   Kids INC                Grades 1–2            Ben Franklin           6:30 AM–6:00 PM       Res $39 / NR $47        27842
   Kids INC                Grades 3–6            Riverside              6:30 AM–6:00 PM       Res $39 / NR $47        27843

         Weekly Themes
         June 12–June 16    Circus Week           July 10–July 14   Sports Galore          Aug 7–Aug 11    Dr. Seuss Week
         June 19–June 23    Nature Exploration    July 17–July 21   Holiday Extravaganza   Aug 14–Aug 18   Hawaiian Week
         June 26–June 30    Out of this World     July 24–July 28   Under the Sea          Aug 21–Aug 25   Summer Lovin’
         July 3–July 7      Party in the USA      July 31–Aug 4     Splish Splash

What if my child is attending Summer School?
The above daily fees apply. Register your child for the same site that they will be attending Falls Summer Academy. Our
staff will make sure your child gets to and from the summer school classes they are registered for, as long as they take
place in the same school. Falls Summer Academy locations are grades 4K–2 at Ben Franklin and grades 3–5 at Riverside.
There is NO transportation for students entering 6th grade and attending Falls Summer Academy.

The Kids INC program is inclusive to students with differing abilities. If your child has special needs, please make sure to provide
all pertinent information on the enrollment form. The staff will make every effort to provide a fun and safe experience for all.
However, due to the nature of the program, staff cannot provide one-on-one support or individual care to a child. Students need
to be potty trained and independent in the bathroom.

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    s SCHOOL YEAR KIDS INC 2023–2024

  4K Wrap Around Care

                     The 4K Wrap Around Care program provides children additional care the half of the school day they are not
      What?          attending their traditional 4K class. 4K Wrap Around is an extension of the 4K classroom, and builds on the
                     curriculum covered during their school day.

                     Registering for the 2023–24 School Year Wrap Around Care program is a general registration to
                     hold a spot for your child.

                     Annual Non-Refundable Fee due at Registration.........$55
                     Daily Fee .............................................................................$30
      Cost?             Ben Franklin Use Course #27064 to register FULL, but can be added to wait list
                        Shady Lane Use Course #27065 to register FULL, but can be added to wait list

                              • Before or After School Kids INC requires an additional Annual Registration Fee for that service.
                       !      • Students must use the program a minimum of twice per week throughout the school year.

         September 5 – June 6
         Grades 4K–5

  Kids INC
                                                             s                                          No program Nov 23–24, Dec 25–29, Jan 1, March 29,
                                                                                                        May 27, June 6 (Dates subject to change).

  Annual Fee $35R
  Offered at each of the four elementary schools, Kids INC provides a safe and fun environment for children to receive before and
  after school care without having to leave their school building. Activities include homework time, group sports and activities, arts
  and crafts, games, special events and more. Field trips are planned throughout the year, and most admission fees are included in
  the daily fee.

  • Students must use the program at least two days per week, or 8 days per month.
  • A $5 late fee, per option, will be applied if daily registration is not completed by the weekly Wednesday due date.
  • Full Day Note: Students who attend Valley View or Shady Lane must attend at Shady Lane; Students who attend Ben Franklin
    or Riverside must attend at Ben Franklin.

  The Kids INC program is inclusive to students with differing abilities. If your child has special needs, please make sure to provide all pertinent information
  on the enrollment form. The staff will make every effort to provide a fun and safe experience for all. However, due to the nature of the program, staff
  cannot provide one-on-one support or individual care to a child. Students need to be potty trained and independent in the bathroom.

                                                              Kids INC Daily Fee
                                                             Before School Care (B)          6:30–8:45 AM              $12.00
                                                             After School (S)               3:45 PM–6:00 PM            $13.00 (M, Tu, Th, F)
                                                                                            2:30 PM–6:00 PM            $14.00 (W)
                                                             *Full Day (L, S)               6:30 AM–6:00 PM            $42.00
                                                              No school days only
                                                              (B) B reakfast can be purchased through the school lunch program.
                                                              (S) Includes snack. Student can bring an additional snack. No peanut products
                                                              (L) S
                                                                   tudent must provide own lunch.
                                                                  NOTE: There is no access to cooling or heating appliances.

 10       | Register at
SCHOOL YEAR KIDS INC REGISTRATION                                                         KidINC

First, Complete Annual Registration                                              4K Wrap Around Ben Franklin
Annual Registration is required before you may register for                      Course #27064 FULL
individual dates.                                                                4K Wrap Around Shady Lane
                                                                                 Course #27065 FULL
                                                                                 Kids INC
      4K Wrap Around $55 | Kids INC students $35
 !    • The Kids INC Annual Registration fee is separate from the
                                                                                 Ben Franklin
                                                                                                   Course #27493
                                                                                                   Course #27494
         Summer Kids INC program registration fee.                               Shady Lane        Course #27495
                                                                                 Valley View       Course #27496

         Online Registration                Registering Online for Individual Dates
                                             Due by Wednesday at 10:00 PM
                                             To pay the regular daily rate, individual daily registration must be completed online
Annual Registration
                                             by 10:00 PM on the Wednesday prior to the week you need care for your child.
• Visit
                                             Registration will still be accepted until Friday at 4:00 PM and online until Sunday at
• Sign in, or create a new account if
                                             10:00 PM, but will include a $5.00 late fee per option.
• Search by entering the name of the        • Log in to your account. Search by entering your school name or “4K”
   school your child attends. For 4K Wrap    • Select the week you would like to enroll your child and select Enroll Now. You will
   Around, search “4K”.                         select only the dates you need at a later screen.
• Complete the registration process and     • Select the name of the child from the drop down menu.
   check out.
• To register for individual dates, sign    • Select individual dates by selecting the box under the day you would like, and add
   back into the registration site and          to cart.
   begin registering.                        • Follow the prompts and continue through the registration process.

          IMPORTANT! An unregistered child will NOT be accepted at AM Kids INC under any circumstance.

          Paper Registration

Paper Forms                                  Registering for Individual Dates
Annual Registration forms and                (Calendar)
calendars are available in our office,       Due by Wednesday 4:30 PM
or are available for download at             Calendars can be turned in weekly, but Cash, check or credit cards    to pay the regular daily rate, calendars
are accepted. Please Note! Annual            must be submitted to the CE & Rec
Registration and calendars are not           office by 4:30 PM on the Wednesday
accepted at the sites.                       prior to the week you need care for your
                                             child. Calendars will still be accepted
Annual Registration Form                     until Friday at 4:00 PM and online until
Must be completed in full and                Sunday at 10:00 PM, but will include a
submitted with proper registration fee       $5.00 late fee per option.
prior to registering for individual dates.

            Important Registration Information
            • Once registration has been submitted, fees cannot be transferred if switching your child from one day to another.
            • Credit is not given for days your child misses due to illness, change of schedule, disciplinary action, or other

                                                                                                   Register at |         11
Summer Library Program
                                                                                        June 12 – August 12

                              Check for additional program details in mid-May.

     We will be “All Together Now” for a summer of fun at the Menomonee Falls Public Library! Join us for
     performances, storytimes, crafts, games, lock-ins, guest speakers, book clubs, movies, and more! Children,
     teens, and adults are invited to participate in events and reading challenges for all ages.

12      | Register at

Paw Patrol: Parent and Tot                    Animal Safari Music Party                        class. Please register child only. Siblings
Workshop                                      Ages 1–5 w/adult                                 under one year or over 5 years of age may
                                                                                               attend at no charge.
Ages 3–5                                      This fun music party will feature songs
Calling all Pups! Join us for a fun Paw       to learn and celebrate animals. Go on a          Sat, 10:15 AM, 45m
Patrol adventure! We will dig with Rubble,    safari with us as we play games and make         6/17      Class #27519
pretend to put out a fire with Marshall,      an animal craft to take home.                    7/15      Class #27520
and help Zuma save the fish and more.                                                          8/26      Class #27521
Children will get a hat and vest to take      Wed, 6/7, 1h                                     Germantown Fire Station #1
home and keep.                                10:30 AM       Class #27522                      Julie Thompson
                                              1:30 PM		      Class #27523                      R $12 NR $15
Thu, 5/18, 1h15m                              Germantown DPW Highway Dept. Bldg.
10:15 AM         Class #27552                 Julie Thompson                                   Oodles of Art
6:00 PM 		       Class #27553                 R $16 NR $19                                     Ages 1½–4½ w/adult
Germantown Fire Station #1                                                                     Adult and child will participate together in
R $17 NR $22                                  Beach Fun Music Party                            this hands-on art class. Through sculpting,
                                              Ages 1–5 w/adult                                 drawing, painting, songs and movement
Parent and Tot Garden Fun                     This fun music party will feature songs to       activities, your young child’s imagination
Ages 3–5                                      learn and celebrate the beach. Come ride         will soar. There will be a new theme
Let your little one play in the dirt while    the waves with us as we play games and           each week. All supplies and snacks are
learning the basics of gardening! Each        make a beach craft to take home.                 provided. Please bring a smock for your
child, with help from parent or caregiver,                                                     child. Please register child only.
will plant their own container of herbs       Mon, 7/10, 1h
or a vegetable to take home and watch         10:30 AM       Class #27524                      Thu, 9:30 AM, 1h
for the summer. Bring gardening gloves        1:30 PM		      Class #27525                      5/18–6/8		       Class #27390
if desired. Class will be held outdoors, so   Germantown DPW Highway Dept. Bldg.               6/22–7/13        Class #27388
please dress weather appropriate.             Julie Thompson                                   7/20–8/10        Class #27389
                                              R $16 NR $19                                     Germantown DPW Highway Dept. Bldg.
Sat, 11:00 AM, 1h                                                                              Khushbu Dudhwala
6/3       Class #27412                        Miss Julie’s Babies                              R $37 NR $42 4 classes
Wendland Nursery                              Music Fun
R $23 NR $23                                  Infants & Babies w/adult
                                                                                               Firefighters and You
                                              Come to a nurturing class for you and
Miss Julie’s Music Fun                        your baby as you learn a new lullaby, sing
                                                                                               Ages 3–5 w/Adult
w/adult                                       and move with your infant, teach rhythm          See where Menomonee Falls Firefighters
                                              by bouncing gently, play peek-a-boo with         work, what they wear and what they
Ages 1–5
                                              scarves and connect with other parents.          drive. Firefighters have to eat too! What
Through participating in music, and
                                              Pregnant mothers do not have to register         do they eat and where do they eat?
learning to keep the beat, your child
                                              for this program—they are welcome to             Where do Firefighters sleep? See your
will enhance their enjoyment and
                                              come and participate in the class.               Menomonee Falls Firefighters’ “home”
understanding of music. We will explore
                                                                                               while on shift. Please register child only.
movement, finger plays, rhythm and            Sat, 11:15 AM, 30m
more. Please register child only. Julie       6/17      Class #27526                           Thu, 6:00 PM, 1h
Thompson is a performer, recording artist     7/15      Class #27527                           4/27    Class #28115
and children’s author.                        8/26      Class #27528                           5/18    Class #28116
                                              Germantown Fire Station #1                       6/15    Class #28117
Tue, 10:00 AM, 45m                            Julie Thompson                                   7/20    Class #28118
6/6–6/20		       Class #27517                 R $7 NR $10                                      8/10    Class #28119
6/27–7/18        Class #27518
Germantown DPW Highway Dept. Bldg.            Miss Julie’s Family Music                        Menomonee Falls Fire Station #3
Julie Thompson
                                              Fun w/adult                                      FREE, but registration is required.
R $34 NR $44 3 classes
                                              Ages 1–5
                                              Join us as we share music, movement,
                                              finger plays, stories, rhythm, rhyme and
                                              more. Your child will build their social
                                              skills as they participate in this interactive

                                                                                                       Register at |       13

     Safety Town
     Age 5 and registered for 5K
     Safety Town will teach children to evaluate the safe from unsafe when confronted
     with potentially dangerous situations. Safety awareness issues including: home,
     outdoors, water, animals, cars, streets, bus, gun safety, strangers, and more, are
     taught in indoor classroom facilities, and outdoors where children will learn safety
     while riding their pedal cars through the streets of Safety Town. Field trips, songs,
     games, stories and art projects reinforce the lessons.
     8:00 AM		         Class #27857                    7/24–8/3,
     10:30 AM          Class #27858                    Riverside School, Rm 103                Young Rembrandts: Pets,
     Mon–Fri, 2h                                       Kristen Muskevitsch
                                                                                               Pets, Pets
                                                       R $65 NR $79 9 classes
                                                                                               Ages 6–12
                                                                                               Our students will be elated as we
                                                                                               celebrate our cuddly friends in the new
                                                                                               Pets Workshop. We will draw a stylized
                                                                                               aquarium graphic, a detailed bridge, and
                                                                                               explore the playful side of our animal

                                                                                               Mon–Thu, 1:00 PM, 2h
                                                                                               7/10–7/13        Class #27825
                                                                                               Riverside Room 107
                                                                                               Young Rembrandts Staff
                                                                                               R $69 NR $79 4 classes

Art Fun-damentals                               Smart Start Art:
Entering Grades 3–4                             Around the World
Improve your observation and problem-           Ages 5–8
solving skills as you discover new ways to      Strap on your backpack as we take
work with art materials. Emphasis will be       a virtual trip around the world and
place on expression and experiencing the        encounter international art. Discover
enjoyment of creating art.                      your creativity and imagination as an
                                                artist, developing fine motor skills, style,
Tue, 10:15 AM, 1h
                                                and vision as we explore different artistic
6/13–7/25         Class #27859
                                                techniques through a variety of inspiring
No class July 4
Survive Alive House, Germantown
                                                projects.                                      Young Rembrandts:
R $50 NR $60 6 classes                                                                         Fashionista: Anime/Manga
                                                Mon–Fri, 1:00 PM, 1h30m                        Drawing Camp
                                                6/19–6/23          Class #27835
Art Explorers                                                                                  Ages 6–12
                                                Ben Franklin Room 129
Entering Grades 5–6                                                                            If you love all things Manga and Fashion,
                                                After School Enrichment
Looking for something fun and artistic to       R $132 NR $132 5 classes                       sign up for this class. Artists will learn
do over the summer? Join us for this fun                                                       to draw anime style fashion characters
“artsy” class designed for artists going                                                       ranging from simple to elaborate - this is
into 5th or 6th grade. Push the limits with                                                    a great way to combine fashion designing
experimentation, have fun with multiple             Menomonee Falls                            skills and learn new manga tricks.
materials to create something unique.
                                                   4K & 5K Enrollment                          Mon–Thu, 1:00 PM, 2h
Tue, 11:30 AM, 1h                                                                              7/17–7/20        Class #27826
6/13–7/25         Class #27860                     For more information, go to                 Ben Franklin Room 131
No class July 4                                               Young Rembrandts Staff
Survive Alive House, Germantown                                                                R $69 NR $79 4 classes
R $54 NR $64 6 classes

14       | Register at

                                              STEAM:                                         Mad Science Astro
Henna Tattoo Workshop                  +/–
                                              The STEAM Zone                                 Innovations Camp
Ages 9+
                                              Ages 5–10                                      Ages 7–12
Learn how to apply your
                                              This exciting program brings together          Think and act like NASA Innovators
own henna tattoos. The
                                              elements of science, art, and math in a        during this hands-on-program inspired
henna used is made from
                                              hands-on, action-packed environment.           by NASA’s current missions. The primary
the best henna plants,
                                              Students will conduct experiments, play        focus will include the ARTEMIS mission
contains no chemicals or
                                              educational games, and unlock their            to the moon during which NASA will land
dyes, and is completely safe. Students will
                                              creativity through building challenges and     the first woman and next man on the
receive instruction on how to hold and
                                              projects. No experience necessary.             moon’s surface by 2024, using innovative
apply henna with a henna cone. Designs
                                                                                             technologies to explore more of the lunar
will last 1-3 weeks. Please bring a smock
                                              Mon–Fri, 1:00 PM, 1h30m                        surface than ever before.
or dress accordingly.
                                              Ages 5–7                                       Mon–Fri, 8:30 AM, 4h
Mon, 10:30 AM, 1h
                                              7/10–7/14        Class #27834                  8/7–8/11		        Class #27827
6/12    Class #27483
                                              Ben Franklin Room 129                          Community Center Room 109
7/10    Class #27484
                                                                                             Mad Science Staff
Wed, 10:30 AM, 1 h                            Ages 8–10                                      R $284 NR $284 5 classes
8/2      Class #27485                         6/26–6/30        Class #27831
Survive Alive House, Germantown               Riverside Room 107                             Reading with Robots
Khushbu Dudhwala                                                                             Ages 4–6
R $21 NR $24                                  Afterschool Enrich. Solutions Staff            We are combining story time and coding
                                              R $149 NR $149 5 classes                       in this very unique class. Each class the
Chess Scholars Camp                                                                          students will be introduced to a new
Grades 5K–5                                   Let’s Code It - Tynkering                      story and robot with the coding process
Current research has shown a strong           Around                                         difficulty increasing to match their
link between chess and academic               Ages 8–10                                      abilities. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”
performance in a variety of areas,            In this exciting new coding class from         meets our Robot Code a Pillar, “Pirate
including mathematics and language arts.      Afterschool Enrichment Solutions, take a       Adventure” with Roamer the Robot, “Let’s
Also, chess has been proven to enhance        deep dive into computer programming            Talk Dinosaurs” with Botley the Robot
children’s motivation, concentration,         with the web-based platform Tynker.            and many more adventures. Roamer, Bee
focus, social skills and creativity. Each     Students will need to bring a laptop, tablet   Bot, Botley, Speedy, Alien Creepsters and
class will consist of a fun interactive       or iPad with internet access to this class.    many more Coding Products will captivate
teaching period and guided practice                                                          their imaginations!
time. Both beginner and experienced           Mon–Fri, 1:00 PM, 1h30m
players are welcome and will learn under      7/10–7/14         Class #27850                 Mon–Thu, 9:00 AM, 1h
the guidance of an experienced Chess          Riverside Library                              8/14–8/17       Class #27820
Scholars coach.                               Afterschool Enrich. Solutions Staff            Community Center Room 109
                                              R $144 NR $144 5 classes                       Computer Explorers Staff
Grades 5K–2                                                                                  R $54 NR $76 4 classes
Mon–Fri, 1:00 PM, 1h30m                       Mad Science Robot Invasion
6/26–6/30         Class #27832
7/17–7/21         Class #27833
Ben Franklin Rm 129                           Ages 5–12
                                              Explore the basic and complex technology
Grades 3–5                                    used to design and build robots. Discover
Mon–Fri, 1:00 PM, 1h30m                       how machines and robots work and how
6/19–6/23         Class #27829                they can make our lives so much easier.
Riverside Rm 107
                                              Wed, 8:30 AM, 8h
Afterschool Enrich. Solutions Staff           8/2     Class #27828
R $132 NR $132 5 classes                      Community Center Room 109
                                              Mad Science Staff
                                              R $99 NR $99

                                                                                                    Register at |      15

One, Two, Three...BUILD                          LEGO WeDo Robotic                             Bricks, Bricks and More
Ages 4–6                                         Engineering                                   Bricks
This is the perfect class to develop your        Ages 7–12                                     Ages 7–12
engineering skills using LEGO Educational        Welcome to the world of LEGO                  If you are a LEGO fan, this is the class for
Kits. These kits are specifically designed       Engineering combined with basic coding        you! Working with over one million LEGO
to contain only the parts needed to              skills! Students will build exciting LEGO     bricks along with various instructional
complete two projects per kit, allowing          models featuring working motors and           LEGO Datca kits, this class will allow
more time to build and less time hunting         sensors which they will combine with          you to become a Master LEGO Builder.
for the correct pieces. Exciting projects will   coding skills on the computer to make         From motorized carousels and cars, to
include: Swim Rides, Fans, Ride on Tractor,      their projects come to life. This user        WeDo creations, including introduction
Movie Projector, Crane and many more.            friendly icon based programing along with     to Robotic Coding, this class will ensure
Great for the new builder to the most            LEGO engineering skills will allow students   new challenges each session. Rev up your
experienced LEGO fan, these projects are         to control what their creations can do.       imagination and let the building begin!
always a hit!                                    Alligators, lions, monkeys, puppets,
                                                 airplanes, swing rides and much more are      Mon–Thu, 2:15 PM, 1h
Mon–Thu, 10:15 AM, 1h                                                                          8/14–8/17       Class #27824
                                                 waiting for you to bring them to life.
8/14–8/17       Class #27821                                                                   Community Center Room 109
Community Center Room 109                                                                      Computer Explorers Staff
                                                 Mon–Thu, 11:30 AM, 1h
Computer Explorers Staff                                                                       R $54 NR $76 4 classes
                                                 8/14–8/17       Class #27822
R $54 NR $76 4 classes
                                                 Community Center Room 109
                                                 Computer Explorers Staff                      Vamos Al Zoo / Let’s Go to
                                                 R $54 NR $76 4 classes                        the Zoo (Live Virtual)
                                                                                               Entering Grades 1–5
                                                 STREAM Sampler                                In this exciting live virtual summer camp,
                                                 Ages 7–12                                     students will blaze new trails “visiting”
                                                 Step into the STREAM (Science,                a zoo! Each class students will explore
                                                 Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts        new animals and habitats at the zoo
                                                 & Math) and sample some of the newest         including the aquarium, farm animals,
Chalk It Up                                      technology programs. This program             birds, and even the safari – all in Spanish!
                                                 covers it all. Each class will explore a      Class will include interactive activities
Ages 2–18
                                                 different concept and could include:          learning Spanish vocabulary and practical
Celebrate National Recreation and                Coding, Robotics & Engineering with LEGO      conversation elements. Join us on a wild
Parks Month with this FREE event.                Educational kits, Video Game Design,          adventure! Appropriate for incoming
Participants will work individually or in        Catapults, Digital Movie Making, LOGO         students in grades 1–5 with any level of
small groups to create their own chalk           Programming, GPS, Snap Circuits, Creative     Spanish experience.
masterpiece. Participants will receive a         Writing, Art exploration and more. This
free one-week swim pass. Express your            class is guaranteed to be 100% fun.           Mon–Thu, 4:15 PM, 45m
Picasso without spending any Monet!                                                            6/12–6/15        Class #28094
Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.         Mon–Thu, 1:00 PM, 1h                          Futura Language Professionals
Check in table is located along Garfield         8/14–8/17       Class #27823                  R $69 NR $69 4 classes
Drive, between the pool and theater              Community Center Room 109
entrances.                                       Computer Explorers Staff                      Learn Not To Burn
                                                 R $54 NR $76 4 classes                        Ages 4–7
Mon, 6:00 PM, 1h                                                                               Developed by the National Fire Protection
7/10    Class #27418                                                                           Association, this program will teach
North Middle School Sidewalk                                                                   students the basics of fire safety and

                                                   Say “Cheese”
*Rain Date is 7/17                                                                             burn prevention. Stories, songs, videos
FREE, but registration is required.                                                            and activities are used by firefighters
                                                 For program promotional purposes,             to introduce the children to fire safe
                                                 photographs may be taken of partici-          behaviors.
                                                 pants. If you do not wish to have your
                                                 photo taken, please notify the                Thu, 6:00 PM, 1h30m
                                                 photographer and/or class instructor.         8/10–8/17         Class #27540
                                                                                               Survive Alive House, Germantown
                                                                                               R $15 NR $15 2 classes

16     | Register at

Basic First Aid for Kids                        Thu, 6/15      Class #27256
Ages 8–13                                       Tue, 6/20      Class #27257
                                                Wed, 6/28      Class #27258
Your child will have fun while learning
                                                Thu, 7/13      Class #27259
the basics of what to do in case of an
                                                Tue, 7/25      Class #27260
emergency. Bandaging, burn care, and
calling 911 will be some of the topics
                                                Community Center Rm 109                          Theater: Middle School—
                                                Jessica Heller
covered. Parents are encouraged to stay.
                                                R $59 NR $71
                                                                                                 Mean Girls Jr
                                                                                                 Entering Grades 6–9
Thu, 6:00 PM, 1h
6/1      Class #27856
                                                Stage Stars: Take a Bow                          Time to get your plastic on! The gang from
                                                Ages 8–10                                        North Shore High School is gathering for
Germantown Fire Station #2                                                                       our production of Mean Girls Jr. This is
Germantown Fire Dept. Staff                     Does your child have a dramatic side?
                                                                                                 a brand new show and guaranteed to
R $8 NR $8                                      Our drama class introduces students to
                                                                                                 be a remedy for any burns – social or
                                                the craft of stage acting. Students will
                                                                                                 otherwise. Students entering grades 6–9
Stay Home Alone                                 learn theatrical skills, improve basics and
                                                                                                 in Fall 2023 are invited to be a part of the
Ages 8–12                                       participate in interactive drama games.
                                                                                                 Mean Girls Jr family and will learn the
                                                This is an opportunity for your child
Put your mind at ease as your child gains                                                        entire show – including music and dances
                                                to have fun, express themselves, and
independence and self confidence. This                                                           in just two weeks! At the end of the camp
                                                interact with others within the context of
class will guide your child through all the                                                      there will be two performances – July 21 at
                                                theatre arts.
stages of staying safe from being out in                                                         11:30 AM and 7:00 PM.
the community, getting home safe and            Mon–Fri, 1:00 PM, 1h30m
safety tips for being home alone. Topics        7/17–7/21         Class #27830                   Mon–Fri, 9:00 AM, 7h
covered are stranger dangers, buddy             Community Center Room 109                        7/10–7/21         Class #27550
system, dangers of the internet, 911, basic     Afterschool Enrich. Solutions Staff              North Middle School Auditorium
first aid, fire safety and much more.           R $138 NR $138 5 classes                         Linda Hake
                                                                                                 R $260 NR $312 10 classes
Mon & Wed, 7/17–7/26, 1h
11:00 AM        Class #27382
12:30 PM        Class #27383
Germantown DPW Highway Dept. Bldg.
Laura Gruber
R $36 NR $41 4 classes
                                                Theater: Elementary—
Babysitter Training                             Annie Kids                                       Theater: High School—
Ages 11–17                                      Entering Grades 2–5                              The Descendents
This class will cover a wide range of           The sun will come out TOMORROW! and              Exiting Grades 9–12
information that can help new babysitters       every day of this super fun drama camp           When the children of our classic Disney
gain the skills and confidence needed to        experience. Students entering grades             villains and heroes all end up at the same
care for infants and children. Along with       2 – 5 in Fall 2023 are invited to sign up to     High School – things are bound to get
basic child care and first aid, students will   be a part of this classic tale of the cutest     interesting. Students exiting grades 9–12
learn how to recognize, understand and          orphans on the planet and how they melt          are invited to sign up to be part of the
handle behavior issues, how to stay safe,       the heart of Mr. Warbucks himself. In            chaos that is the musical Descendents.
what to do in an emergency and how to           just two weeks, participants will learn the      If acting, singing and dancing your way
start their own babysitting business. Prior     entire show including songs and dances!          through the end of June sounds fun for
to class, students must download the            Participants will also create art this is used   you – sign up today. At the end of the
free textbook from https://www.redcross.        for lobby decor as well as props and set         camp there will be three performances –
org/take-a-class/participant-materials.         items for the show. There will be two            June 30 at 7:00 PM and July 1 at 2:00 PM
Participants will receive certification         performances on Friday, August 4—11:00           and 7:00 PM.
upon successful completion of the class.        AM and 6:00 PM.
Students will need to bring a lunch and                                                          Mon–Fri, 9:00 AM, 6h
water bottle to class.                          Mon–Fri, 9:00 AM, 3h                             6/19–6/30         Class #27551
                                                7/24–8/4		        Class #27549                   High School Auditorium
9:00 AM, 6h                                     North Middle School Auditorium                   Linda Hake
Tue, 6/13          Class #27254                 Linda Hake                                       R $175 NR $210 10 classes
Wed, 6/14          Class #27255                 R $210 NR $252 10 classes

                                                                                                         Register at |       17

Learn Magic with                                Introduction to Radio Control
Glen Gerard! +/–
             18                                 Builders Workshop +/–18
Ages 8–Adults of All Ages                       Ages 11–Adults of All Ages
Professional Magician Glen Gerard, favor-       If you are an adult that has always
ite magician of the Milwaukee Bucks, will       wanted to learn how to build and fly RC
teach you stunning magic tricks that can        aircraft, this course is for you. Enjoy this
be performed with items found around            class alone as an adult or with a child
the home. Students will learn sleight of        or grandchild. Designed for adults or
hand, misdirection and showmanship.             Adult/Student teams, the program is a
Fool your friends and family with magic         great bonding experience and provides
and be a hit at any event.                      a constructive and meaningful long-term
                                                hobby that is sure to provide years of
Wed, 10:30 AM, 1h                               enjoyment. Aircraft are constructed using
7/12    Class #27481                            materials and techniques developed              instructors for the FLYING Electrons of
8/16* Class #27482                              by “Flite Test”, an organization which          Menomonee Falls. Fees cover singular
Germantown DPW Highway Dept. Bldg.              pioneered innovative, low cost and              adult or adult/child teams in combination
*Community Center Rm 123                        reliable RC aircraft building techniques        for one low price. All materials and
Glen Gerard                                     using household tools and materials.            equipment are included.
R $18 NR $20                                    With the completion of their aircraft
                                                project, all registered enrollments receive     Sat, 9:00 AM, 3h
Introduction to Radio                           a refurbished 72MHz radio system to             7/8–8/12		       Class #28030
Control Flight Training              +/–
                                     18         control their aircraft along with FREE flight   Community Center Room 102 A & B
Ages 11–Adults of All Ages                      training lessons provided by certified          R $99 NR $110 6 classes
A great bonding and educational
experience for both the parent/guardian
and student. This course provides
a constructive and meaningful long
term hobby that can provide years of
enjoyment. Adults and youth having an
interest in model aviation will find this
program to be especially rewarding as
together they learn how to fly an actual
RC model aircraft. All aircraft and control
boxes are provided during this four
week program. Each session lasts 60 –
90 minutes depending on other flight
traffic and is supported with the use of
home based flight stimulators loaned to
students for the duration of the program.
The first session is held at the Community
Center, flight stimulator installations
and basic control surface training is
undertaken. The following three sessions
are held on location at Tamarack Airfield
located in Menomonee Falls. Each field
training session utilizes “buddy boxes”
where students are connected with an
instructor with an override system to take
control of the student aircraft should it get
out of control.

Sat, 9:00 AM, 3h
6/17–7/8		       Class #28029
Community Center Room 102 A & B
R $35 NR $45 4 classes

18     | Register at

   Teen                                                                                Teen Adventure:
                                                                                       Milwaukee Kayak Company

 Day Trips
                                                                                       Ages 12–18
                                                                                       Spend the morning kayaking through
                                                                                       Downtown Milwaukee on the Milwaukee
                                                                                       River with the Milwaukee Kayak
                                                                                       Company (MKC). We will take in the
                                                                                       sights and sounds of the city as we
                                                                                       paddle up and then back downriver to
Teen Adventure:                             Teen Adventure:                            the MKC dock, which is located in the
Noah’s Ark Waterpark                        Fondy Aqua Park                            Harbor District just across the river
Entering Grades 6–12                        Entering Grades 6–12                       from the Historic Third Ward. We will
Noah's Ark Water Park in Wisconsin          Hang out with your friends while           have a brief kayak lesson and make
Dells offers a variety of water slides,     enjoying the sun, beach and thrilling      sure everyone is comfortable on water
wave pools and lazy rivers. Fee includes    water activities at the Fondy Aqua Park.   before we launch. Kayaks, life jackets
admission to the park, a hot dog lunch      Race a friend on the Zoom Floom, a         and paddles are provided and we will
and transportation. Bring money             90' high, double inflatable water slide,   paddle as a group, which includes 3-4
to purchase snacks on your own, a           fly down the tropical land slide with a    guides to make sure everyone is safe.
swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen. Please      near vertical drop and a 40' runway with   After you register, we will send you
register by May 31.                         splashes and sprays all the way down,      materials on "what to expect" and "what
                                            or explore the awesome inflatable water    to bring". This will be a very unique and
Thu, 7:00 AM, 12h                           park complete with a trampoline, wall      fun event and we look forward to seeing
6/15     Class #28065                       climb, tower jump and the LAUNCHER.        you on the river. For more information
Bus Leaves: 7:00 AM                         Paddle boarding and kayaking are           about kayaking or Milwaukee Kayak
Bus Returns: 7:00 PM                        also available. Students should bring a    Company, please visit their website at
Community Center Parking Lot                swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and money or call Beth from
Rec Dept Staff                              to purchase snacks. Please register by     MKC at 414-301-2240. Please register by
R $54 NR $54                                July 10.                                   July 27.

                                            Thu, 10:00 AM, 6h                          Thu, 9:30 AM, 5h30m
Teen Adventure:                             7/20     Class #28067                      8/10     Class #28068
Great America Trip                          Bus Leaves: 10:00 AM                       Bus Leaves: 9:30 AM
Ages 10–18                                  Bus Returns: 4:00 PM                       Bus Returns: 2:30 PM
Experience some of the fastest, tallest     Community Center Parking Lot               Community Center Parking Lot
and wildest, heart-pumping rides in the     Rec Dept Staff                             Rec Dept Staff
country! Fee includes admission to the      R $55 NR $55                               R $45 NR $54
park and transportation. If you have a
season pass and want to attend, the
trip fee will be $30.00, but registration
must be done at the CE & Rec office.         Community Band              +/–
                                                                         18              Entering Gr 8–12 and Adults
Participants must bring a bag lunch,                       The Community Band is open to students entering grades 8–12, and
sunscreen, and money to purchase                           adults of any age. No auditions are required, but you must be able
meals on your own. Please register by                      to read and play band music. Recent experience is not required,
June 15.                                                   so dust off your old instruments and join the band! Sponsored by
                                                           Menomonee Falls Band Bunch, and under the direction of Mr. John
Thu, 8:00 AM, 12h                                          Woger, members will perform in a concert held on July 20 at the
6/29     Class #28066                                      MFHS Auditorium.
Bus Leaves: 8:00 AM
Bus Returns: 8:00 PM                         Tue, 7:00 PM, 1h30m
Germantown Village Hall Parking Lot          6/13–7/18        Class #27492
Rec Dept Staff                               High School Rm 170
R $80 NR $80                                 John Woger 				                            FREE, but registration is required

                                                                                               Register at |     19

 Jr Sports Leagues                                                                          Jr Flag Football League
 • League fees are not refundable unless the program is cancelled by CE & Rec.
                                                                                            Grades 4K–5
 • Volunteer coaches needed. Please indicate your interest during registration.
                                                                                            This introductory football program
                                                                                            will give your child the foundation
 Jr T-Ball League                             REGISTRATION NOW OPEN                         needed to excel at future levels, and
 Ages 4–5                                                                                   will concentrate on skill development,
 This introductory T-ball baseball            Jr Baseball League
                                                                                            teamwork, basic rule understanding,
 program will give your child the             Ages 6–8
                                                                                            and game play. Each week will include
 foundation needed to excel at future         This introductory coach pitch baseball        a 40 minute practice followed by a
 levels, and will concentrate on skill        program will give your child the              40 minute scrimmage. Scores and
 development, teamwork, basic rule            foundation needed to excel at future          standings will not be kept, and everyone
 understanding, and game play. Each           levels, and will concentrate on skill         will play. Game times will rotate starting
 week includes practice and scrimmage         development, teamwork, basic rules,           at 9:00 AM through early afternoon.
 time. Scores and standings will not be       and game play. Each week includes
 kept and everyone will play. Please          practice and scrimmage time. Scores           Sat, 9/9–10/21
 bring glove, hat, batting helmet, bat, and   and standings will not be kept and            Grades 4K–5K   Class #27424
 water bottle. Cleats and baseball pants      everyone will play. Please bring glove,       R $42 NR $51 7 classes
 are recommended.                             hat, batting helmet, bat and water
                                              bottle. Cleats and baseball pants are         Grades 1–2    Class #27426
                                              recommended. Game times will rotate           Grades 3–5    Class #27425
 Tue, 5:30 PM, 1h30m
                                              between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM.                  R $55 NR $66 7 classes
 7/18–8/22        Class #27408
 Oakwood Park                                 Tue, 5:30 PM, 3h                              Oakwood Park
 Ed Swab                                      5/23–6/27*        Class #26976                Ed Swab
 R $49 NR $59 6 classes                       *Rain date is July 11                         *Rain date 10/28
 Rain date 8/29                               Oakwood Park
                                              Ed Swab
                                              R $49 NR $59 6 classes

Learn to Wrestle Camp                         Sportz Brains:                                Fri, 7/7–7/28, 45m
Ages 7–13                                     Incredible Athletes                           Ages 4–5, 5:30 PM          Class #27928
                                                                                            Ages 6–8, 6:30 PM          Class #27929
This camp is going to be coached by           Ages 4–8
Menomonee Falls-based advanced                This class is designed to introduce your      North Middle School Soccer Field
wrestling club RINGERS. This camp             child to a variety of sports. Each week       Sportz Brains, John Leavell Jr
features skills for wrestlers that may        will consist of different sport activities,   R $66 NR $80 4 classes
have started this season and would like       drills, skills and playing fun games.
to learn more skills. This also will be for                                                 Sportz Brains:
the boys and girls that may have missed       Fri, 6/9–6/30, 45m                            Sporty Shorty Soccer
out on joining a wrestling club or team       Ages 4–5, 5:30 PM           Class #27926      Ages 4–8
this season or just want to try it out! You   Ages 6–8, 6:30 PM           Class #27927      This is a program for early learner
will learn skills to get you started and be
                                                                                            soccer players. Your child will learn the
successful with the sport of wrestling!       North Middle School Gym                       basics of dribbling, passing, shooting,
We will work on Sportsmanship/                Sportz Brains, John Leavell Jr                defending, balance and general rules
coachability, improving body awareness,       R $66 NR $80 4 classes                        of the game. After the 3rd week of
wrestling skills and tumbling. Your child
                                                                                            class, we plan to play fun mini matches
will be coached by top certified wrestling    Sportz Brains: Base Batters                   working on all skills learned in the
coaches in the area.                          Ages 4–8                                      weekly classes.
                                              This is a beginner baseball class working
Sat, 9:00 AM, 2h                                                                            Fri, 8/4–8/25, 45m
                                              on different physical and mental abilities
6/10–6/24         Class #27998                                                              Ages 4–5, 5:30 PM          Class #27930
                                              of the game. Your child will learn the
United Fitness/Ringers Wrestling, MF                                                        Ages 6–8, 6:30 PM          Class #27931
                                              techniques of hitting, catching, running
Ringers Wrestling
                                              and having fun while learning how to get
R $89 NR $107 3 classes                                                                     North Middle School Soccer Field
                                              on BASE! We plan to end each class with
                                                                                            Sportz Brains, John Leavell Jr
                                              a fun game.
                                                                                            R $57 NR $69 4 classes

20     | Register at

                     Hooper Hands Basketball Academy strongly highlights the fundamentals of dribbling, the art of shooting,
                      different defensive strategies, rebounding, and making good sharp passes. Along with learning the game of
                       basketball, your child will increase their level of confidence, learn self-discipline, and inherit how to be a
                         team player. All classes are taught by John Leavell Jr. All Classes held in the Community Center Gym.

                                           Hooper Hands: Ballology                        Hooper Hands:
                                           Ages 6–11                                      The Physics of Basketball
                                           We will work on basketball skills needed       Ages 4–11
                                           to understand the science of the game.         This class is designed to work on all skills
                                           Let's learn the fundamentals, moving           needed to learn the game of basketball.
                                           with the ball, defensive strategies,           Each day students will split into stations
                                           communication through team work and            working on agility, dribbling, defense
                                           scoring techniques. Each class will end        and shooting drills. Each class will end
                                           with a fun game.                               with a fun game.

                                           Mon, 7/10–7/31                                 Mon, 6/5–6/26, 45m
                                           Ages 6–8, 6:20 PM, 45m Class #27862            Ages 4–5, 5:30 PM      Class #27694
                                           Ages 9–11, 7:15 PM, 50m Class #27863           Ages 6–8, 6:20 PM      Class #27695
                                           R $66 NR $80 4 classes                         Ages 9–11, 7:15 PM     Class #27696
                                                                                          R $66 NR $80 4 classes

                                           Coed Flag Rugby
FREE TRIAL                                 Grades 3–9
                                           Give one of the most popular sports
                                           in the world a try! Rugby combines
Coed Flag Rugby                            elements of football and soccer into
Entering Grades 3–9 in Fall 2023           a unique game that is easy to learn
Not sure if Flag Rugby is for you?         and requires no prior knowledge to
This free practice session will            play. Practices will focus on basic skills
provide a basic introduction to the        and incorporating them into drills
sport, along with sample games             and games. Tournaments are held
and drills that are featured during        on Saturdays and feature numerous
normal practice. Coaches will be           games against teams from all around
on hand to answer any questions            the state. Dates: 6/17 at Oshkosh, 6/24
about the program. Please wear             at Milwaukee, 7/8 at Fond du Lac, 7/15
cleats or running shoes and bring          at Green Bay, 7/22 at Madison, 7/29
a water bottle.                            at Appleton. Participants should wear                     PLAN AHEAD
                                           cleats or running shoes and bring a
Wed, 4:00 PM, 1h15m
5/31    Class #27404
                                           water bottle.
                                                                                                        Bring a
North Middle School Football Field         Wed, 4:00 PM
Lower Field off Garfield                   6/7–7/26, 1h15m
Dan Zeroth                                 Grades 3–4        Class #27407

FREE, but registration is required.        Grades 5–6        Class #27406
                                           Grades 7–9        Class #27405
                                           North Middle School Football Field
                                           Lower Field off Garfield
                                           Dan Zeroth
                                           R $61 NR $61 8 classes                                      to Class!

                                                                                                   Register at |       21
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