Advanced Kindle Fire Class

Advanced Kindle Fire Class

 Advanced Kindle Fire Class

 February 2014

 Unless you bought your Kindle
 Fire in (or brought it into) one
 of these places                  Chances are you may not be
                                                 aware of all of the
                                                 capabilities of what you can

Capabilities of pairing tablets and

• Smart TVs
• Blue Ray players with streaming capabilities
• Streaming devices

Advanced Kindle Fire Class

your Kindle
Fire into your
network for
sharing files
and printing

  Home network integration

  This class will cover
  • Email setup
  • Cloud storage
  • Media services
  • Printing features
  • File management (tablet and computer)
  • PC connectivity
  • Amazon apps for your PC

Advanced Kindle Fire Class

Applications covered in this class:
• Overdrive (Library 2 Go)
• Netflix
• Hulu +
• Avia media player
• Web (Silk browser & Firefox)
• Email (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft accounts & your ISP)
• Flash
• Office Suite
• Skype

In addition:
• Library 2 Go services (including installation of the Overdrive app)
• How to connect Bluetooth devices (headphones & keyboards)
• Apps for your pc for Amazon services covering:
• Amazon Cloud Player
• Amazon Kindle
• Amazon Cloud Manager
• Send to Kindle Fire print driver
• Managing files using Windows and ES File Explorer

When you have completed both classes, you
will know how to operate:
• Kindle Fire products
• Android smartphones
• Android tablets

Advanced Kindle Fire Class

Updated class information
Updated class information is available at:

Classes offered in 2014
• Each month, a Kindle or Android class will be offered on one Saturday each month:

                                                Basic Kindle Fire class

                                                Advanced Kindle Fire class
                                                Basic Android class
                                                (Android smartphones and

Attended Basic Kindle Fire class
(basic operation of the Kindle isn’t covered in this class)

Kindle Fire is registered on


What isn’t covered in any Kindle Fire or
Android class
• Allowing your tablet to operate under “superuser” mode (“rooting”).
  This can void the warranty and render your device non‐operational
  (“bricking”) if not carefully performed. This also applies to developer
  mode as well. Using these features on your tablet can also open your
  device to file sharing with the public.
• Sharing of files with other that are not on your account.
  (you can suggest media files but not share them).

What isn’t covered in any Kindle Fire or
Android class

                                           These classes are
                                           specific to Kindle Fire
                                           tablets as specified in
                                           the course catalog.

Additional apps that aren’t covered in this
• Remote Desktop (see the documentation for details).
• Linking Livescribe smart pens to tablets and smartphones (see
  Livescribe website for details).
• Linking smartphones with your tablet to text message (Mighty Text).
• DLNA service apps for file sharing over home networks (we will talk
  about it).
• SMB (Workgroup) features that allow for sharing files on a LAN.
Additional apps will be covered in the Basic Android class specific to
Android smartphones and tablets.


HDTV playback on wireless networks
• It is recommended to use a wireless N network for HDTV playback.
• Your router should have a dual band capability (in case of wireless G devices).
• Wireless G is only used on 1st generation Kindle Fire devices.
• May need an extender for large or two story homes (make sure you get one that is made from the same
  manufacturer you router is from to keep your wireless security settings).
• Encrypt your wireless networks to prevent access or sharing of files (use Home Group settings for Microsoft
  Windows use).

Second screen
• Connect your Samsung Smart TV or Sony PS3 to Amazon Prime
• Select the video you want to watch on your Kindle Fire
• Press this icon

• Your video will play to your tv and
  the Kindle Fire will act as the remote

Additional networking features for you Kindle
• Using 3g or 4g services from your wireless carrier are compatible for
  Kindle Fire use:
    o Wi‐fi Hotspot
    o Tethering
• This feature will deduct bandwidth from your monthly quota when
• Kindle Fire HDX has a separate model using 4g data services for AT&T
  and Verizon customers. This model must be special ordered from at this time.


Email setup
• Two servers are required to send and receive email
• Incoming email servers used to receive email are known as IMAP or
• Outgoing email servers are known as SMTP
• Receiving email from other providers is possible with any device. To
  prevent the possibility of using a providers email for sending out
  spam, extra security features have been implemented.

Email setup
• Comcast, Centurylink, and Earthlink contain instructions in your
  packet on how to setup email services using the email apps installed
  on your Kindle Fire
• Yahoo, Google (Gmail), and Microsoft Email accounts will work with
  the email app once your account information has been provided into
  the app.
• Peak has switched email services to Gmail for it’s customers

Keep in mind
• If you plan on purchasing an Android smartphone, you will need a
  Google email address to register it.
• Your internet service provider can provide you with services that
  allow you to forward your email to another email account
• Most internet service providers do provide a way of sending and
  receiving email using a web browser.


Library 2 Go
• Online service for checking out library books from any public library in
  the state of Oregon
• Must have an active library card
• Must have Overdrive app installed from Appstore
• Login into the system using your library card and your pin number
• Additional instructions available at under the Kindle
  Fire page.

Library 2 Go

Office documents
• Office Suite Viewer 7 is included in Kindle fires (since 2nd generation)
• To edit files using the program, the professional version must be
  purchased from the Amazon App Store
• An optional program to use is Documents To Go by Dataviz:
   o Integrates with Google Cloud servers
   o Synchronizes with your Windows computer


Office documents
• Office app is available for Amazon smartphone and tablet use if you
  have purchased a licensed copy of Office 2013 (this app is covered in
  the Android class).
• Editing is limited on the Office app for Amazon to the on screen
  keyboard (external keyboard has been disabled).
• All Office file viewers and editors have limited features that may not
  scale graphics, display Word Art fonts, or display embedded objects
  (such as videos). They are designed only to display and edit basic

Office documents
• Goggle Docs has been discontinued during the summer for stand
  alone apps for all Android devices.
• Web programs for Google and Microsoft may function on the Firefox
  browser (with limited editing features).
• Apps are available to integrate your Microsoft Skydrive account with
  your Kindle Fire.
• Additional apps from Microsoft are available for Skydrive,, and OneNote for Android use (these features will be
  covered in the Android class).

Office documents
• Microsoft Publisher, Access, and Visio isn’t supported for Kindle Fire
• Third party programs may be available to support Project, and Access
• Third party apps are available to work with Microsoft servers and
  apps the support Remote Desktop and Sharepoint servers.
• Official Adobe PDF viewer is available from the Amazon Appstore.
  This app will work in conjunction with the Send to Kindle printer


What is the cloud?

Cloud folders on Windows computers

Applications for Amazon service for your PC
• Amazon Kindle Fire
• Amazon Cloud Drive
• Amazon Cloud Player
• Amazon Unbox video player
• Send to Kindle printer driver


Amazon Kindle Fire (PC)
• Synchronizes your Amazon library to your computer
• Newspapers and magazine subscriptions only synchronize to Kindle
  Fire tablets, Kindle readers, and Kindle Fire apps for tablets and
• Purchase books from Amazon using the app

Kindle Fire for PC

Amazon Unbox for PC (video)
• App is only available for Microsoft Windows use.
• Videos purchased can be downloaded twice but not the same device.
• Purchased videos can be streamed using a web browser connected to
  your Amazon account
• Amazon videos can only played on approved Amazon software apps.
• This service will work with Tivo systems (Amazon Prime not offered
  on Tivo systems).
• This service is also know as Amazon Instant Video and isn’t related or
  compatible with Amazon Prime.


Amazon Unbox for PC (video)

Amazon Unbox
• Video playback is available for Iphones and Ipad devices.
• Video playback isn’t supported for Android devices (smartphones and

Amazon Cloud Player (music)
•   Limited to two downloaded files.
•   Can be played on any music player
•   Can by added to any Windows Media or Itunes library
•   CDs be loaded (or ripped) into the music service
     o Basic service (free) will store up to 250 songs (5gb)
     o Premium service (20gb) will store up to 250,000 songs ($20.00/year)
     o This song count doesn’t include songs you purchase or have purchased from Amazon
       MP3 services.
     o Cloud file services purchased covers storage of photos and documents as well
• Amazon Music service is a cloud service
• Apps from PCs, smartphones, and tablets can play your music collection.


Amazon Cloud Player (music)

Amazon MP3 player
• Available as an app for Android tablet and smartphone use (known as
  Amazon MP3 player).

Amazon Cloud Services
• Available for storing personal files and documents (5gb)
• Additional storage space can be purchased on an annual basis


Android apps for smartphones
• Amazon Store
• Amazon MP3 Player
• Amazon App Store
• Amazon Kindle Fire
• Amazon Student
• Amazon Local
These apps are covered in the Basic Android class

Send to Kindle printer driver
• Download from the website

Once the driver is installed and register, you will have the ability to
send documents to your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire App for viewing.

Plug in available for Firefox browsers using the plug in app settings.

Amazon video service for other mobile
• Ipods
• Ipads
• Microsoft Windows computers
       Amazon Unbox Video (not compatible for Apple computer use)
• All PCs can stream purchased videos using a browser connected to
  the Amazon website
• Kindle Fires are the only Android devices that will playback Amazon


Capabilities of pairing tablets and
• Apps available for managing Tivo and Roku services in the Amazon
  App Store
• DirecTV, Dish, and Comcast provide apps to manage their DVR devices
  (limited in the Amazon App store)
• Comcast released a new player this week for Android smartphones
  that will work with Xfinty On Demand and Streamcast services.
• Comcast and Centurylink apps are limited in the Amazon App store
  but do provide apps for managing accounts, voicemail, and security
  services for Android smartphones and tablets in The Google Store
  (covered in the Android class)

DLNA service
• Digital Living Network Alliance
• Capable of sharing media files between computers, smart televisions,
  media players, tablets, smartphones, and networked storage devices
  for playback.
• Requires software to act as a host, a client, or both to access these
• Caution should be used when setting up the service to prevent
  outside sources from getting into your files (firewalls and encryption
  services should be enabled).
• Setting up the service isn’t covered in this class.

Want to copy videos from DVR to your Kindle
• Tivo DVRs have the capability
• Connected to existing home network (wired or wireless)
• Must have paid Tivo Desktop software in your PC.
• Details are included in the paper packet.


What about cable/satellite television?
Most network television services for prime time television are available
   o Hulu + (updated by the next day)
   o Netflix
   o Amazon Prime
These services require monthly subscriptions or annual Amazon Prime

What about cable/satellite television?
• Streaming services will be growing within the next 5 years
• Within the past few months, new streaming apps are available for:
   o Network broadcasts
   o Sports programming
   o Movie streaming for current DVD releases
• Some services require paid subscriptions to the service, some require
  a subscription to a cable/satellite provider, and some require both.
• Comcast player has been upgraded to week to function with Xfinty
  and Streamcast services.

Is Tivo dead?


What about cable/satellite television?
Sports programming is available:
   o ESPN
   o Fox
   o NBC Sports/Comcast integrated into new network apps
     (possibility of a new app is released in time for the Winter Olympics).
   o NFL(?)
   o NBA
   o MLB
   o NHL
   o College sports apps
Require additional subscriptions to the service. Some require verification of
existing cable service subscription. Some is limited.

What about local television news?
• Apps available for KGW and NWCN in the Amazon App Store
• Apps for Eugene and Portland markets are available for Android
  devices only in the Google Play Store.
• Some stations offer separate apps for weather as well in the Google
  Play Store.
• Some media apps are limited on Amazon because Amazon is a media
  company as well (they just took over The Washington Post).

What about radio?
• Pandora (customized music playback choices)
• Sirius XM (internet streaming services that works with existing
• I Heart Radio (Local market radio stations (favors Clear Channel
• Tune In Radio (Local market radio stations (Portland and Seattle)
  market radio stations)
  (news radio stations KIRO (FM) and KOMO (AM/FM) are two good
  sources to find out what is going on with Amazon for new services)


What about Newspapers?
• Local paper apps for Oregon are available on Android devices only.
• Salem
• Albany, Lebanon, and Corvallis.
• Oregon Live
• The Oregonian is available as a daily subscription in the Amazon Store
• Flipboard

What about cable/satellite television?
Local television:
Limited to KGW and NWCN for Kindle Fire devices.
All Oregon television channels are available as apps for Iphone, Ipad,
and Android devices.

  If it’s in the Amazon
  store as well
                          Is available for Kindle
                          Fire use

Having a network similar to an office in your
home is possible today:
                                                    Important documents
                                                    Home security systems

                                                    Can be placed onto the
                                                    home network and
                                                    shared between many
                                                    devices in our homes
                                                    Using wireless network


Capabilites of pairing tablets and

• Printers with internet connectivity
• Storage devices on your network
• Wireless communication between PC, tablet,
  and smartphone using remote desktop

Facebook and Twitter
• New apps have been released for both social networking services.
• Facebook was originally designed to work in the Silk browser. If you
  haven’t installed the Facebook app, it is available for download in the
  Amazon App Store.
• Some features are limited in the social media apps for things such as
  tagging pictures and running applets within Facebook.

What is missing from your Kindle Fires?
• File manager
• Limited browser capability
• You Tube playback isn’t the same as regular Android devices


How files are stored on your Kindle Fire (this
applies to all Android devices)


     Your photos, documents, videos, and personal files should be
     stored in this location at all times (on your Kindle Fire)

On Android tablets and smartphone, files can
be saved to:
     /mnt/sdcard                        /mnt/external_sd             /mnt/usbhost1
Internal memory card installed     Micro SD memory card that         Flash drives that can be
in your device                     you can install into your phone   installed into an Android
                                   or tablet                         tablet using a USB port

                       Use high speed                                                 Unmount device in
                       memory cards                                                   the control panel of
                       for HDTV                                                       your device before
                       devices                                                        removing

Managing your Kindle Fire on a PC
• Connect your Kindle Fire to your PC using a micro USB cable (the
  cable that came with your device).
• Low power dialog will appear (press ok).
• Drivers will install
• Kindle Fire will appear as a device in your explorer window under the
  name Kindle.


Managing your Kindle Fire on a PC

 Managing your Kindle Fire on a PC

Managing your Kindle Fire on a PC
• Media files can by synched to your Kindle Fire using Windows Media
                                                   Make sure that the
                                                   Amazon Media Player
                                                   for your computer is
                                                   linked to your
                                                   Windows Media
                                                   Player or ITunes


Managing your Kindle Fire on a PC
• Make sure that your media files are identified in the library using the
  search features (applies to both Windows Media and Itunes).

Storage of files on mobile devices
• All photos taken from your device are stored using the DCIM folder
  (this applies to all digital camera devices)
• All files downloaded from the internet are transferred to the
  download folder
• Documents are stored in the document folder
• Videos are stored in the video folder
• Photos are stored in the pictures folder
• Music is stored in the music folder
• Some apps store files in the media folder

Additional files that can play on your Kindle
• Music and videos purchased from ITunes since 2006 or later (non protected
  MPEG4 and MP3)
• Media and documents can by synched using Windows Media player.
• Your kindle fire will read the following formats
• MPEG4 (H.264 format only available for Kindle Fire HD/HDX models)
• MP3
• M4V (unprotected)
• M3U (unprotected)
• 3GP


Using HP ePrint on your Kindle Fire

                                                           ePrint icon on the control

                                         Wireless icon on the control

Using HP ePrint on your Kindle Fire
• HP ePrint center website to register your printer:

Using HP ePrint on your Kindle Fire
• When you account is registered and your printer is registered to your
  account, you should get a screen that looks like this:


Using HP ePrint on your Kindle Fire
• From the Amazon App Store, download:
HP ePrint app
HP All‐in‐One Remote
• Register your account to the apps using the email address created by
  HP (
• This will send photos and documents to your cloud connected HP
Options are available in the app to send documents and photos to
other printing centers in your area (UPS Store and Fed Ex Store)

Are apps available outside of Amazon?
• (operated by CNET) has Android apps available for

Additional services owned by Amazon
• Audible
• Zappos
• The Washington Post

• Amazon does partner with other companies as well. These services
  aren’t included in the free shipping available to Amazon Prime


• Amazon will only give you details on Amazon services. This class will
  give you the details outside of Amazon’s services.

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