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Alternative Teacher Certification Program - HUSTON-TILLOTSON UNIVERSITY - Policy Handbook Fall 2020-2021 - Huston-Tillotson ...

     Alternative Teacher
    Certification Program

         Policy Handbook
          Fall 2020-2021
Mission Statement
The Huston-Tillotson University Educator Preparation Program prepares candidates for meaningful
careers in the field of education. Building upon a solid liberal arts foundation framed within a social
justice perspective, the Educator Preparation Program assists candidates in developing knowledge, skills,
and dispositions necessary to become effective and caring teachers in an ever-changing and diverse
society. Candidates are prepared to become effective educators who are reflective and lifelong learners
that are actively (re)defining their professional teaching identity coupled with engagement in active
advocates for students, parents, and communities.

Alongside, the mission of HTU- Alternative Teacher Certification Program is to prepare diverse, degreed
individuals for a successful EC-12 teaching career through

                                       Program Faculty/Staff
Dr. Debra Delley                      Director                    
Mr. Juan Gonzales                     Administrative Assistant    
Ms. Kelly Laws                        Field Supervisor            

                                      University Faculty/Staff
Dr. C. Pierce Burnette                        President and CEO                           512-505-3001
Dr. A. Vanderpuye                             Provost and VP for Academic and             512-505-6444
                                              Student Affairs
Dr. Michael Hirsch                            Dean, College of Arts & Sciences            512-505-3098
Dr. Sarah Santillanes                         Chair, Education Department                 512-505-3091
Ms. Earnestine Strickland                     Registrar                                   512-505-3082

                                           Huston-Tillotson University
                                  Alternative Teacher Certification Program
                                             900 Chicon Street
                                               Austin, TX78702
                                            512-505-3190 (fax)

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                           Page 2 of 31
Table of Contents
    1.         Background                                                         4
    2.         Certificates Offered                                              5
    3.         The Road to Certification in a Nutshell                           6
    4.         Certification Process Flow Chart                                  8
    5.         The ATCP Team                                                     9
    6.         Application Process                                              10
         a.            Application Materials and Deadlines                      10
         b.            Overall GPA and Transcripts                              10
         c.            Required Previous Coursework                             10
         d.            References                                               11
         e.            Criminal Background Check                                11
         g.            Interview and Critical Thinking Skills                   11
         h.            Selection                                                11
    7.         Phase 1: Curriculum, Methodology, and Content Test(s)            12
                         Calendar of Workshops and Seminars                     13
    8.         Phase 2: Beginning of Internship and Ongoing Training            14
                         Calendar of Workshops and Seminars                     15
    9.         Phase 3: Completion of Internship and Ongoing Training           16
                        Calendar of Workshops and Seminars                      17
    10.        General Information                                              17
      a.               Professionalism                                          16
      b.               Code of Ethics                                           16
      c.               Class Expectations                                       16
      d.               Attendance and Absences                                  17
      e.               Punctuality                                              17
      f.               Parking                                                  17
      g.               Intervention Plans                                       18
      h.               Program Dismissal & Grievance Policy                    18-19
      i.                  Updating Contact Information and Name Changes         19
      j.               Course Credit and Grading                                19
    11.        Fees, Financial Aid, and Scholarships                            20
    12.        Teacher Certification Exams                                      21
    13.        Public School Districts, Charter Schools, & Private Schools     23-24

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    Huston-Tillotson University is a historically black university affiliated with The United
    Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ. The mission of the University is to provide
    its increasingly diverse candidate body with an exemplary education that is grounded in the
    liberal arts and sciences, balanced with professional development, and directed to public service
    and leadership. The University prepares candidates with the integrity and civility to thrive in a
    diverse society, fosters spiritual development, preserves and promotes interest in the
    accomplishments and experiences of the University’s historic constituents and evolving
    populations, and creates and sustains supportive relationships which advance the Huston-
    Tillotson University community.

    Huston-Tillotson University is the oldest institution of higher education in Austin. Tillotson
    Collegiate and Normal Institute opened on January 17, 1881 and Samuel Huston College
    opened in the fall of 1900. Huston-Tillotson College was formed when Tillotson College and
    Samuel Huston College merged in 1952. Huston-Tillotson University awards undergraduates
    four-year degrees in business, education, the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences,
    science, and technology. A multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-faith institution, the
    University welcomes candidates of all ages, races, and religions.

    Alternative Teacher Certification was established in 1984 by the 68th Texas Legislature in
    House Bill 72 to provide entry into the teaching profession for degreed individuals wishing to
    make a career transfer into teaching. Professionals from many different fields choose to become
    teachers through Alternative Teacher Certification and bring a new and varied dimension,
    experience, and perspective to Texas classrooms. In Huston-Tillotson University’s field-based
    program, Interns make a valuable contribution to public schools by drawing upon diverse

    The Huston-Tillotson University Alternative Teacher Certification Program (HT ATCP) was
    established in 1994. It is accredited by the Texas Education Agency State Board of Educator
    Certification. HT ATCP has maintained the highest rating available to teacher preparation
    programs since its establishment. As part of the Huston-Tillotson University educator
    preparation program, Candidates also earn 18-21 hours of undergraduate university credit during
    the program.

                         Huston-Tillotson University Policies
    All policies contained in the Huston-Tillotson University Bulletin, 2014-2015 apply to all
    Candidates, Interns, Clinical Teachers, faculty, and staff of the HT ATCP. The Huston-
    Tillotson University Bulletin, 2014-2015 is available online at

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Certificates Offered
                                                       Elementary Level Certificate
                                                           Core Subjects EC-6

                                                          Middle Level Certificate
                                                            Core Subjects 4-8
                                                     Single Subject Certificates
                                         English Language Arts & Reading 4-8 Social Studies
                                                              Math 4-8
                                                             Science 4-8
                                              English Language Arts and Reading 7-12
                                                         Mathematics 7-12
                                                     Mathematics/Science 4-8
                                                            Science 7-12
                                                       Physical Sciences 7-12
                                                         Life Sciences 7-12
                                                         Social Studies 7-12
                                                            History 7-12
                                                            Music EC-12
                                                     Physical Education EC-12
                                                      Special Education EC-12
                                                       Computer Science 8-12
                                                   Technology Applications 8-12
                                                 All Level Supplemental Certificates*
                                                   Bilingual Education Supplemental
                                              English as a Second Language Supplemental
                                                    Special Education Supplemental

                            * Must also earn Core Subjects EC-6 or Core Subjects 4-8, or a single subject certificate.

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The Road to Certification in a Nutshell
        1. The candidate submits a completed application package

        2. Take care of financial responsibilities with the Business Office or complete

        3. The Candidate receives a formal acceptance letter and must formally accept the entrance
             including the date of program entry and planned certification field
        4. The Candidate registers for ATCP456 and pays Phase 1 tuition

        5. The EPP office will update the Candidate in TEA

Phase I: Candidates must attend the Training Orientation

        6. Candidate follow the schedule for obtaining the required 150 hours (schedule is provided by the
             ATCP office in Canvas, website, orientation
        7. Candidate completes 30 hours of field experiences and submits written reflections
        8. Candidate enters demographic information on TEA website with username and password (to
             apply for certifications)
        9. Candidate sets up account on ETS with username and password (to register for exams)
        10. Candidate receives approval to register for TExES content exam(s) after at least 6 hours of test
             preparation and a score of at least 80% correct on practice exam
        11. Candidate takes and passes the content TExES exam(s)
        12. Candidate begins to apply for (Internship) teaching positions or chooses clinical teaching
        13. Candidate completes Phase 1

Phase II: Candidate registers for ATCP476A and pays Phase 2 tuition
        14. Accredited school district offers employment at an accredited campus to Intern or Candidate
             chooses to complete one semester of clinical teaching
        15. HT ATCP Director approves position
        16. Candidate is now referred to as an Intern
        17. Intern applies for Intern Certificate on TEA web site
        18. HT ATCP recommends Intern for Intern Certificate
        19. TEA approves Probationary Certificate
        20. Interns and Course 490 Candidates attend Phase 2 classes at HT ATCP approximately twice
             monthly on Saturday from 9-12
        21. Field Supervisor (FIELD SUPERVISOR) and Campus Mentor observe Interns at least three
             (3) times per semester and provide support and written feedback

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                          Page 6 of 31
22. Campus Principal will submit Midterm and Final evaluations.
        23. Interns observe other campus teachers at least 3 times per semester and submit written observations to
             Field Supervisor.
        24. Interns and unemployed Candidates take and pass PPR EC- 12 TExES exam
        25. Interns complete assignment with satisfactory recommendations from FIELD SUPERVISOR,
             CM, Campus Administrator, and HT ATCP Director
        26. Interns applies for Standard Certificate
        27. HT ATCP Director recommends Interns for Standard Certificate to the Chair of EPP
        28. Phase III: Interns and ATCP490 Candidates register for ATCP476B and pay Phase 3 tuition
        29. Interns and unemployed Candidates attend Phase 3 classes at HT ATCP approximately twice
             monthly on Saturday from 9-12
        30. FIELD SUPERVISOR and CM/CT observe Interns at least three (3) times per semester and
             provide support and written feedback
        31. Interns observe other campus teachers at least three (3) times and submit written
             observations to FIELD SUPERVISOR
        32. Interns take and pass EC-12 PPR TExES exam if not passed during Phase II
        33. Interns complete Internship/clinical teaching with satisfactory recommendation from FIELD
             SUPERVISOR, CM, Campus Administrator, and HT ATCP Director
        34. Interns and Clinical Teachers apply for Standard Certificate
        35. HT ATCP Director recommends Interns and Clinical Teachers for Standard Certificate
        36. TEA approves Standard Certificate
        37. Celebrate at the Certification Celebration!

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Certification Process Flow Chart
 Student completes and submits                   ATCP Office reviews and              Applicant is Interviewed
 application and $100 fee. Submit all            confirms application and             by Facilitated by the ATCP
 transcripts. Get finger-print criminal          fee, including Transcript            Director
 background report- Create TEA Account.          for completeness and
 Plan/take care of financial responsible         eligibility.

 Acceptance Letter is sent to Applicant.                                                  Denial Letter is sent
 Returned and Approval by the EPP Chair                                                   to Applicant.
 into EPP

  Request is sent to Registrar and
                                                          Update Applicant in TEA
  Enrollment Office- Canvas is created-
                                                          (the applicant will have opened the account earlier)
  Syllabus are posted

  Required Training Virtual Orientation for               Required Training Orientation for Field Supervisors
  interns and intern’s candidate.                         and Mentors.
  Handbook, Syllabus, and Calendar of
  Seminars, Workshops, and online links are
  posted in Canvas At least 3 weeks before
  the start of class by the ATCP Office Staff.

               PHASE ONE                                                       PHASE TWO
1. Intern Candidate work and complete                                   1ST Semester -Internship
   calendar of required developmental                      1.   Apply and receive Intern Certification.
   hours (Upload documented evidence of                    2.   Begin internship as the teacher of record.
   completed hours by the end of each week                 3.   Complete your 100 hours
   11:59 pm)                                               4.   Pass your PPR test (if applicable)
2. Intern Candidate will complete 30 hours                 5.   Score proficiency on your observations and Mid-
   observations hours upload copy of                            term exam
   completed document evidence to Canvas                   6.   Move on to Phase III
   on before week last reporting day of the
3. Upload study plan at the end each week.                                          PHASE THREE
4. Create an account with ETS (link is on                                      2ND Semester -Internship
   the TEA Website                                              7. Continue internship as teacher of record
5. Request permission to take practice test-                    8. Complete your 50 hours
   Score 80%                                                    9. Pass your PPR test (if applicable)
6. Request permission to take State Exam-                       10. Score proficiency on your observations and final exam
   Content Exam                                                 11. Receive recommendation for standard certification
7. ATCP Director will confirm 80% pass of                           from Principal and Field Supervisor
   Practice Test before approving                               12. Apply for standard certification
   permission to take the content exam (one
   time only).
8. Exam: Pass (Content is required)                                         ATCP 490
                                                                 AFTER COMPLETION OF INTERNSHIP

                                                           Student did not past PPR Exam and or
              ATCP 490                                     Student did not successfully complete Internship
                                                                Apply for your Standard Certification
  Student did not past Content Exam
  Student have not obtained and internship.

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                       Page 8 of 31
                  Campus Principal                                      Campus Mentor
        •   Complete & return “Principal Agreement          •   Complete & return “Mentor Agreement Form”
            Form”                                           •   Complete mentor training as required
        •   Select the campus mentor                        •   Fulfill the mentor role as the intern’s coaching
        •   Help the campus mentor provide assistance           partner
            to the HT intern                                •   Support the HT intern on a daily basis
        •   Create and maintain a collaborative             •   Help the intern with lesson planning
            environment which includes the intern, the      •   Assist the intern with securing teacher guides,
            mentor, & the field supervisor                      curriculum guides, and other classroom resources
        •   Ensure the campus mentor & HT intern have       •   Advise the intern of district & campus timelines,
            time to meet at least weekly                        procedures, & paperwork (progress reports,
        •   Ensure the HT intern is observing the               parent conferences, report cards, testing
            campus mentor & other teachers as they              schedules, referrals, field trip requests, work
            demonstrate effective teaching strategies &         orders, etc.)
            classroom management                            •   Conduct frequent brief observations of the intern
        •   Complete & return “Principal Mid-Year           •   Conduct at least 6 extended observations of the
            Evaluation Form”                                    intern (30+ minutes)
        •   Complete and return “Principal End-of-Year      •   Submit 6 “Mentor’s Progress Report of Intern”
            Evaluation Form”                                    forms (3 per semester)
        •   Help to create the sense that the mentor is     •   Plan time for the intern to observe your class and
            there for encouragement & support and not           classes of other teachers
            the eyes & ears of the principal                •   Help the intern work through challenges as they
        •   Encourage clerical, custodial, cafeteria, &         arise
            other support staff members to be cognizant     •   Complete & submit “Annual Mentor Observation
            of the novice teacher's needs                       Schedule” form

                HT Field Supervisor                                          HT Intern
        •   Conduct initial conference with principal,      •   Provide quality instruction for students
            campus mentor, & intern                         •   Maintain a positive learning environment in the
        •   Provide HT ATCP handbooks & forms for               classroom
            completion by principal, campus mentor, &       •   Ask questions
            intern                                          •   Provide a positive & professional role model for
        •   Observe intern at least 3 times per semester        students
            followed by written feedback and/or             •   Record & implement suggestions for
            conference                                          improvement from the principal, mentor, & field
        •   Supervise the mentor/intern partnership to          supervisor
            ensure weekly meetings, mutual                  •   Work collaboratively with mentor to improve
            observations, & provision of appropriate            instructional strategies and classroom
            assistance & support                                management
        •   Serve as liaison between HT ATCP &              •   Conduct at least 6 extended observations of the
            campus. The field supervisor is the                 mentor or other teachers
            immediate contact for any concerns which        •   Submit 6 “Intern Classroom Observation” forms
            may arise regarding the intern.                     (3-4 per semester)
        •   In the event that a concern arises regarding    •   Provide “Daily Class Schedule” to HT field
            the field supervisor, school personnel should       supervisor
            contact Dr. Delley at 512-505-3096 or           •   Complete & submit “Annual Intern Observation
                                      Schedule” form
                                                            •   Document professional
                                                                                 11/7/2018growth in cumulative
                                                            •   Attend all required HT classes

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                        Page 9 of 31
ATCP Design
                       All courses are held in a virtual format for the Fall 2020 Semester

All instruction will be delivered remotely in a hybrid for format this semester (Fall 2020) instruction will be
delivered remotely under a hybrid format. HT ATCP is implemented in a three-semester (Phase 1, 2, and 3)
sequence with Phase 1 being the initial training prior to internship and Phase 2 and 3 consisting of the
candidate’s internship or clinical teaching as well as ongoing training.
Pre-service 150 hours must include, at minimum, the curriculum items in 19 TAC §228.35(b)(2). [19 TAC
§228.35(b)]is implemented in a three-semester; Phase One (Course ATCP 456) Students must complete 150
hours (Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities) of Phase Two (ATCP 476A) Upon completion of Phase I
(150 hours, 30 hours observations, pass content test) Intern will complete their 1st semester as an intern (teacher
of record). Phase Three (ATCP476B) Upon completion of Phase I and II the Intern will complete their 2nd
semester as an intern (Teacher of record). Normally, a new cohort begins two times during the academic year:
spring and summer. The deadline for spring applications is November 15. The deadline for summer applications
is March 15. The spring cycle begins in early January. The summer semester begins in early May. Training
consists of virtual settings, field experiences, seminars, workshops, and online assignments, and or real-world
practitioners who exemplify the best teaching practices in completing:
    • A minimum of 300 clock-hours,
    •    Semester credit-hours=18
    •     The field experience (all 30 hours must be observing a certified teacher in the classroom) that does
         not include time spent in an internship or clinical teaching; and [19 TAC §228.35(a)(1) and
HT ATCP is implemented in a three-semester (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3) sequence with Phase One being
the initial training prior to Internship and Phases Two and Three consisting of ongoing training during the
Candidate’s Internship, or job search.
    •    A new cycle begins two times during an academic year: spring and summer.
    •    The deadline for spring applications is November 15.
    •    The deadline for summer applications is March 15.
    •    The spring cycle begins in early January. The summer semester begins in early May.
    •    Training consists of field experiences, seminars, workshops, and online assignments presented by
         real-world practitioners who exemplify the best teaching practices

            2020-2021                                  Fall Start                      Spring Start                   Summer Start
           Cohort Dates                            Special Cohort                                                   (ATCP 456 only)
 Application deadline                                July 20, 2020                 November 20, 2021               March 15, 2021
 Classes begin                                   September 23, 2020                 January 23, 2021               Early May, 2021
 Pass TExES content                              Mid-November 2021                   Mid-April 2021                Early July 2017
 Classes end                               December 11, 2020                         Late April 2021                Late July 2017
 *Eligible for Internship                            January 2021                     August 2021                    August 2017
 **Eligible for Certification                      December 2021                       May 2022                       May 2018

                *If Phase 1 completed successfully and content TExES passed- Candidate has been offered a job as an Inter
     ** If Internship completed successfully Documented by Principal and Field Supervisor and PPR EC-12 TExES

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                                       Page 10 of 31
Application Process
    Application Materials and Deadlines
    The process begins with an application that can be downloaded and completed online or
    printed at ATCP Application Fall 2020. The application, HT forms, and reference forms
    require original signatures.

    Overall GPA and Transcripts
    Admission to HT ATCP requires a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of
    higher education. The applicant must submit an official transcript from every college and/or
    university attended. Applicants’ transcripts must demonstrate a GPA for admission is 2.5 on a 4.0
    scale overall or in the last 60 hours taken. HT ATCP computes the GPA based on all transcripts.
    Email Transcripts to

   Applicants with Foreign Transcripts
   All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a TEA approved agency. The detailed evaluation must
   include a translation and evaluation for all courses and degrees. In Austin, contact Foreign Credentials
   Service of America at 512.459.8428. Click below for the complete list of companies:
   The Test of Proficiency in the English Language shall be evidenced by one of the following: (A)
   completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited institution of higher education
   in the United States; or (B) verification of minimum scaled scores on the Test of English as a
   Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT) of 24 for speaking, 22 for listening, 22 for
   reading, and 21 for writing; or (C) if an undergraduate or graduate degree was earned at an
   institution of higher education in a country outside of the United States listed in the figure provided
   in this subparagraph. Figure: 19 TAC §230.11(b)(5)(C). Applicants are required to submit TOEFL
   scores that meet the minimum program requirements below unless they have earned a bachelor’s
   degree or higher from a regionally accredited U.S. institution. This program does not offer
   admission if the scores above are not met.
An applicant with a foreign transcript must demonstrate evidence of competence in reading, writing,
and math using one or a combination of the following measures:
        • SAT with a minimum score of 500 in both verbal and quantitative; OR
        • ACT with a minimum score of 19 in both English and math; OR
        • THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment), formerly TASP (Texas Assessment of Skills
            Proficiency) with minimum scores of 250 in reading, 230 in writing, and 230 in math; OR
        • GRE with a minimum score of 450 on the verbal and 450 on the analytical.

    Test scores must be submitted to the HT ATCP office prior to the application deadline.

    Required Previous Coursework
    Core Subjects and Core Subjects 4-8 Certificates
        • 24 semester hours to include a combination of English, math, science, and social studies such as
            government, history, political science, geography or economics.
    Single Subject Certificates
        • HT ATCP does not offer content preparation for some single subject
            certifications, i.e. math, science, music, PE, history.
        • 24 semester hours, with 12 of the hours being upper division (junior or senior level courses)
            in the core academic subject area in which certification is sought; OR
        • A passing score on the PACT content exam prior to program acceptance

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                         Page 11 of 31
    Each applicant must submit three professional references on the form downloadable from the HT
    ATCP web page. The official HT ATCP reference form must be used. Email to by the reference. References that are personally delivered by the Candidate
    will not be considered.

    Criminal Background Check*
    Each participant is required to submit a criminal background report from the Texas Department
    of Public Safety ( ). Applicants whose background checks are
    unacceptable will not be admitted to the HT ATCP. The employing school district and TEA will
    also conduct criminal background checks.

    *Current employees of public school districts are not required to submit the criminal background
    check. Proof of employment is required such as a copy of the District ID badge.
    Interview and Critical Thinking Skills
    Applicants will participate in a structured face-to-face interview. One purpose of the interview is
    to assess the Candidate’s critical thinking skills.

    Candidates are selected for the program based on their qualifications as set out in the application
    process. The selection criteria include overall GPA, coursework requirements per certification area,
    structured interview score, quality of references, work experience, and application writing sample. HT
    ATCP also uses other criteria such as language fluency for foreign language and bilingual applicants
    and applicants with foreign transcripts.

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                          Page 12 of 31
Phase 1
    During Phase 1, Candidates are expected to complete 10-20 hours of the 150 hours requirement via
    virtual/online format (Many of these hours are completed own your own time, However, some of the
    150 hours will include workshops and seminars week nights from 6-9 p.m.. every other Saturday from
    9-12 p.m. in virtual classrooms (Canvas or Zoom/MSTEAMS). Documentation of completed hours
    must be submitted in Canvas by the end of each week 11:59pm. A schedule of class meetings will be
    provided in your Canvas classroom. It is possible that some of the Special education, ESL, and
    Bilingual Education Candidates will also meet on Saturdays in virtual classrooms. Candidates must
    establish a TEA account and an ETS account for testing purposes.

     A minimum of 300 clock-hours (18 semester credit-hours plus 30 clock-hours of FBE) not including
    time spent in an internship or clinical teaching; and [19 TAC §228.35(a)(1) and §228.35(b)]

    o Pre-service requirements of at least 150 clock-hours (10 semester credit-hours) plus 30 clock-hours
    of FBE prior to starting clinical teaching or an internship. Pre-service hours must include, at minimum,
    the curriculum items in 19 TAC §228.35(b)(2). [19 TAC §228.35(b)]

    Field Experiences
    In addition to classroom instruction, each Candidate must complete 30 hours of classroom field
    experiences in a public-school setting prior to the end of Phase 1. The field experience report forms A
    & B are available on in Canvas for downloading. If you are substitute teaching, you may observe
    classes during your planning period, but you may not count classes in which you are acting as the
    regular teacher’s substitute. The idea is for you to observe not only candidates, but teachers.

    Content exam(s)
    Candidates are required to pass the content exam(s) and the PPR EC-12 within 2 years of completing
    Phase 1 classes. Candidates who do not meet this deadline will not be given permission to test until they
    have paid for and repeated all Phase 1 classes.

    Candidates may not take TExES exams until they have received at least 6 hours of test preparation and
    scored at least 80% on a full written practice exam. Candidates will register to take TExES exams
    when approved to do so. Cost for exams is $120 each.

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                         Page 13 of 31
Phase 1 Curriculum and Methodology
                              Calendar of Workshops and Seminars

PHASE I -                     ATCP 456 Calendar of Workshops and Seminars   FIRST SEMESTER
Total Hours             Hours       Workshop
3                     3             Orientation/Professional Portfolio
7                     4             TExES Practice Exam (Pre-Assessment)
11                    4             Introduction to Education
15                    4             Introduction to Education
19                    4             Introduction to Education
23                    4             Classroom Management I
27                    4             Classroom Management 2
31                    4             Classroom Management 3
34                    3             Ethics
37                    3             Diversity in Education
40                    3             Diversity in Education
43                    3             Diversity in Education
46                    3             Diversity in Education
50                    4             Lesson Planning 1
54                    4             Lesson Planning 2
58                    4             Lesson Planning 3
62                    4             Instructional Strategies
65                    3             Blooms Taxonomy & TEKS
69                    4             ELAR 1
73                    4             ELAR 2
77                    4             ELAR 3
81                    4             ELAR 4
84                    3             Science 1(EC-6 & Secondary)
87                    3             Science 2 (EC-6 & Secondary)
90                    3             Science 3 (EC-6 & Secondary)
93                    3             Science 4 (EC-6 & Secondary)
96                    3             Marketing Yourself
99                    3             Test Prep Session
102                   3             EC-6 Math 1
105                   3             EC-6 Math 2
108                   3             EC-6 Math 3
112                   4             English Language Learners
116                   4             English Language Learners
120                   4             English Language Learners
123                   3             Special Education
126                   3             Special Education
129                   3             Special Education
132                   3             Test Prep Sessions
135                   3             Test Prep Sessions
138                   3             Test Prep Sessions
142                   4             Learning Theories
146                   4             Learning Theories
150                   4             Learning Theories

 ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                     Page 14 of 31
Phase 2
                                       First Semester – Internship
    During Phase 2 Candidates will attend virtual classes from 9 AM-12 PM on Saturdays to earn 64 hours of the
    150 hours due. These classes will meet approximately every other Saturday in a virtual classroom setting. All
    Candidates will register for Phase 2 classes for the fall semester following the completion of Phase 1.

    Candidates, who complete Phase 1 successfully, will be provided with a SOE (Statement of Eligibility)
    a letter authorizing the intern to seek employment with an accredited school. Candidates are not
    eligible to begin an Internship or clinical teaching until the 30 hours of field experience have been
    completed and the content exam(s) passed documented proof of completion of the 150 hours.

    At an accredited school, Candidates must secure a paid, full time Internship position for a minimum of 180 days.
        • It is the responsibility of the Candidate to find an Internship/teaching position (preferably)
            within 30 miles of HT prior to the beginning of the school year.
        • It is important that the position be a match between the campus and the Intern; therefore, HT
            ATCP does not “place” Candidates.
        • NOTE: If a Candidate is offered a position outside the 30-mile radius, the position must be
            approved by the HT ACTP Director because an additional field supervisor may be required
            and/or an additional fee may be assessed to the Intern.

    Intern Certification
    Candidates for the Internship will create a personal account on the TEA web site
    ( ) where they will
    apply for Intern Certification. The certification fee is $52. At the time of the probationary certification
    application, Candidates will also pay $42 to apply for fingerprinting through TEA. An email will be sent
    to the Candidate from TEA informing the Candidate where to go for the fingerprinting. HT ATCP will
    provide a training orientation regarding expectations for the Field Supervisor, Campus Mentor and the

    HT ATCP informs schools and districts about Candidates seeking employment. The program also
    provides guidance for Candidates in developing resumes and participating in interviews. The program
    makes Candidates aware of job fairs in the region.

    Candidates should not resign non-teaching positions until officially offered a position by a school district
    with a signed a contract for employment as a teacher with the position approved by the HT ATCP
    Director. Candidates may accept positions only in areas of certification offered by HT ATCP. The
    position must be with a system accredited by the Texas Education Agency. If in doubt, check with the
    Director. Teacher Aide positions may not be used as an Internship or clinical teaching.

    HT ATCP offers no guarantee or promise of employment, even if the initial program requirements are
    met. It is the Candidate’s responsibility to secure full-time employment with a program accredited by the
    Texas Education Agency. The HT ATCP staff is happy to provide letters of recommendation to potential
    employing districts. A list of central Texas districts, charter schools, and accredited private schools is
    included on page 19 of this policy manual.

A Candidate may accept employment at any district within a 30-mile radius of the Austin city limits. A
Candidate who wishes to be employed beyond this 30-mile radius may be assessed a fee of $200.00 per
ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                           Page 15 of 31
academic year to help defray traveling expenses incurred by the Field Supervisor.

Once employment has been approved, officially offered, and accepted, the Director will send the “Statement
of Eligibility for Internship” (SOE) form to the district human resources office.

Interns and Clinical Teachers will be assigned a Huston-Tillotson Field Supervisor and a Campus Mentor.
The HT Field Supervisor will observe the Intern at least once per month, provide written and oral
feedback, meet with the Intern to discuss challenges and successes, and provide ongoing support and
guidance. The Campus Mentor will be assigned by the building principal to support the Intern daily.
The Intern is required to observe other teachers and submit written observation information during the
Internship. The Campus Mentor will also observe the Intern at least three (3) times per semester and
provide written feedback to both the Intern, the Field Supervisor and

Candidates Not Hired may be moved to ATCP 490
If a Candidate has not been hired by the end of Phase 2, the Candidate will meet with the Director to review
options and develop an individual plan. Options include, but are not limited to the following:

        1. Candidates who have not secured an Internship or completed clinical teaching within 4 long
           semesters (excludes summer) after the completion of Phase 1 will be withdrawn from the
           program administratively.
        2. Candidates who have not passed the content exam within 2 long semesters after completing
           Phase 1 will be administratively removed from the program.

Reminder: readmission to the program is not guaranteed. The application fee will be waived, and Phase 1
fees will be adjusted in proportion to instruction attended. The Director will determine which options are
available to the Candidate based on the Candidate’s previous performance, attendance, and any other factors
deemed appropriate.

 Phase II    ATCP 476A                     Calendar of Workshops and Seminars          Second Semester

 Total Hours          Hours                   Workshop
 4                    4                       Reading Across the Curriculum
 8                    4                       Reading Across the Curriculum
 12                   4                       Reading Across the Curriculum
 15                   3                       Educational Technology
 18                   3                       Educational Technology
 22                   3                       Educational Technology
 25                   3                       Understanding the TEKS
 28                   3                       Social Studies 1 (EC-6 & Secondary)
 31                   3                       Social Studies 2 (EC-6 & Secondary)
 34                   3                       Social Studies 3 (EC-6 & Secondary
 37                   3                       Test Prep – Content/PPR
 40                   3                       Test Prep – Content/PPR
 40                   3                       Test Prep – Content/PPR
 43                   3                       Children Literature
 46                   3                       Children Literature
 49                   3                       Children Literature
 52                   3                       Lesson Planning Review
 55                   3                       Lesson Planning Review
 58                   3                       Conflict Resolution
 61                   3                       Conflict Resolution
 64                   3                       Conflict Resolution

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                        Page 16 of 31
Phase 3
 Phase 3 is the last semester of HT ATCP for the successful candidate. Interns and Clinical Teachers will
 continue to attend ongoing professional development approximately twice monthly on Saturdays from 9
 AM to 12 PM on the Huston-Tillotson University campus in Evans Hall and or virtual classrooms. The
 Huston-Tillotson Field Supervisor and Campus Mentor will continue to observe the Intern and provide
 written and oral feedback and support at least once per month. The Intern will continue to observe other
 teachers and submit written observation information to the Field Supervisor.

 PPR EC-12 Exam
 All Candidates must pass the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility (PPR) exam prior to April 15 of
 the certification year (Internship or clinical teaching).

 Standard Certification
 At the end of Phase 3, if the Intern/Clinical Teacher is recommended for certification by the supervising
 principal (or designated primary appraiser) and the HT ATCP Director, the Intern/Clinical Teacher will
 apply for the Standard Certificate from the Texas Education Agency. HT ATCP will then recommend the
 Intern for the Standard Teaching Certificate. TEA makes the final determination.

 Not Recommended For Certification at the End of Internship
 An Intern who is not recommended for Standard Certification at the end of the Internship year may apply
 for an extension of the Intern/Probationary Certificate upon approval by the HT ATCP Director and the
 employing entity. The Intern will be responsible for expenses incurred as the result of an extended
 Internship. If the Intern does not pass the required TExES exams (testing) or complete the Internship in a
 satisfactory manner (performance), they must register for ATCP 490 and pay tuition of $1000 to cover
 program costs. The Intern must also pay TEA an additional $52.00 to extend the Probationary Certification.
 An Intern may receive a maximum of two extensions of the Probationary Certificate, for a total of three

 Not Recommended For Certification at the End of Clinical Teaching
 A Clinical Teacher who is not recommended for Standard Certification at the end of the 14-week
 assignment may apply for a second opportunity for clinical teaching. An opportunity to repeat clinical
 teaching is the decision of the HT ATCP Director. The Clinical Teacher will be responsible for expenses
 incurred as the result of a second clinical teaching opportunity. HT ATCP will charge the Clinical Teacher a
 monthly fee to cover program expenses. The fee for the extension is $200.00 per month.

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                        Page 17 of 31
Phase III    ATCP 476B                     Calendar of Workshops and Seminars               Third Semester

 Total             Hours             Workshop
 4                 4                 Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System
 8                 4                 Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System
 11                3                 Principal Mock Interviews
 15                4                 Mental Health and Education
 19                4                 Mental Health and Education
 23                4                 Dyslexia Training
 27                4                 Dyslexia Training
 30                3                 School Law
 30                3                 School Law
 30                3                 School Law
 34                4                 Test Prep – Content/PPR
 38                4                 Test Prep – Content/PPR
 42                4                 Test Prep – Content/PPR
 46                4                 Working with Gifted and Talented Students
 50                4                 Working with Gifted and Talented Students
 54                4                 Understanding State Assessment Exams
 58                4                 Classroom Management
 62                4                 Classroom Management
 66                4                 Motivating Student Learning
 70                4                 Motivating Student Learning
 73                3                 Working with Parents
 76                3                 Working with Parents
 80                4                 Test Prep – Content/PPR
 83                3                 Test Prep- Content/PPR
 86                3                 Test Prep – Content/ PPR

General Information
In compliance with state requirements, the degree awarded for candidates completing the Educator Preparation
Program is Interdisciplinary Studies or a specific academic concentration (e.g. Math, History, and Music).
Every educator candidate must complete a bachelor’s degree with an academic major or interdisciplinary
academic major as well as the Professional Development sequence of educator preparation courses. After
admission into the Educator Preparation Program, students complete the Professional Development Sequence
of courses. Candidates who fulfill degree requirements are designated Program Completers.
Huston-Tillotson University has approval from the State Board for Educator Certification to prepare candidates for
teacher certification in the following areas:

Professionalism is an important part of a career in teaching. As teachers work with candidates, colleagues,
administrators, parents, and community members, conducting oneself in a professional manner is essential.

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                        Page 18 of 31
When an applicant becomes a member of HT ATCP, professionalism will be modeled and taught. Each
candidate is subject to the rules and regulations of Huston-Tillotson University. No candidate may obstruct,
hamper, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with the institution’s fulfillment of its mission. Any occurrence of
these infractions may be cause for dismissal from the program. The Candidate Agreement has a clause that
states, “Successful completion is contingent upon meeting all course and attendance requirements,
demonstration of interpersonal skills deemed necessary for teaching in a team environment,
satisfactory performance on assessments, and professional conduct in all class sessions.” The Candidate
agreement also states that candidates agree to “maintain a professional demeanor and exercise sound
judgment at all times while representing my school, my district, and HT ATCP.” It also states
candidates will “maintain professionalism in all HT ATCP classes and activities.” Professionalism
includes being on time for all classes, participating in class discussions, treating colleagues, fellow
Candidates, Interns, faculty, and staff with respect, as well as other relevant practices and procedures. School
districts want to hire and maintain faculty who are models for their candidates and their community.
Professionalism is a vital part of the HT ATCP instructional program. Failure to adhere to these provisions is
grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.

Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Teacher Educators
All HT ATCP Candidates will sign a written agreement to comply with standard practices and ethical
conduct toward candidates, professional colleagues, school officials, parents, and members of the

Class Expectations
HT ATCP maintains high standards of conduct during instruction and expects Candidates and Interns to
demonstrate professional behavior during classes and while on the university campus. Participation and
cooperation at all class sessions (face-to- face and/or online) is required for successful completion of the
Documentation of attendance, mastery of teacher competencies, lesson plans, and participation at each
session will be on file in the HT ATCP Director’s office. The curriculum is aligned to educator standards,
and instruction is designed to provide Candidates with experiences and information needed for the first year
of teaching. Teaching strategies presented and modeled are appropriate for teachers of all grade levels and
instructional arrangements. Candidates and Interns may dress comfortably for the sessions; however, tank
tops, bare midriff, spaghetti straps, tube tops, and halter tops are not permitted for men or women on the HT
campus. Field Supervisor, spaghetti straps, tube tops, and halter tops are not permitted for men or women on
the HT campus. Hats are prohibited in the classrooms.
Candidates and Interns are expected to be present and on time for all instructional sessions. In order to
prepare Candidates and Interns for success in the teaching profession, the program is intensive and
compressed. Therefore, the attendance policy is strictly enforced. Participants document their attendance and
arrival time on the sign- in form immediately upon arrival at each session. This is the official record of
attendance. There are no excused or unexcused absences. You are either present or absent. Candidates must
complete 30 hours of pre-Internship field experiences, and a total of 80 hours of pre-Internship training. A
total of at least 300 hours of training must be completed and documented in order to qualify for the standard
certificate. These hours do not include conferences with mentors and/or field supervisors.

In case of an emergency, a Candidate or Intern may find it necessary to miss instruction. Consequently, the
Candidate or Intern must notify the HT ATCP Director of the absence by email and phone. The HT ATCP
allows a maximum of two absences throughout the entire time in the program (Phases 1, 2, and 3). Any
absences must be made up with instruction similar to that missed and must be approved by the Director in
advance of attending the make-up session. Professional development attended by a Candidate or Intern prior
to the absence may not be used as a make-up session for the absence. However, if a district or organization
is providing professional development later in the year, that professional development might be appropriate.

 If a Candidate or Intern misses more than two class sessions, the staff will meet to discuss the
ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                            Page 19 of 31
absences and determine whether the Candidate or Intern will continue in the program. Options
 include the following:
         1. probationary status with an individual intervention plan,
         2. denial of eligibility to take TExES exams, or
         3. dismissal from the program.
     If an extension is necessary due to absences, it will be handled in the same way and with the same fees
     as extensions due to performance failure. If a person is dismissed from the program due to absences,
     no fees will be refunded.

NOTE to Interns and Clinical Teachers: Attendance at instructional sessions takes precedence over
campus or district meetings or activities unless prior permission is obtained from the Director.

Punctuality Includes being in your seat and ready to learn when the session begins and after breaks.
Candidates and Interns will expect this behavior of their candidates and HT ATCP expects it of Candidates
and Interns. Attendance for the entire class session is required. A “tardy” is defined as “late to class, late
returning from a break, or leaving prior to class dismissal.” Tardy minutes will accumulate throughout the
class session. The program reserves the right to meet with Interns to discuss chronic tardiness.

Free parking is available for Candidates in the lot on Chalmers Street west of campus. Candidates wishing
to park on campus must purchase a $25 candidate parking permit by completing an application provided by
the Campus Safety Office. The permits are valid for one academic year (September 1-August 31). The
candidate permit allows parking in the candidate parking area north of the Candidate Union. Parking spaces
in front of Evans Hall are reserved for faculty, staff, and the disabled.

Intervention Plans
In the event that a Candidate, Intern, or Clinical Teacher is not meeting program expectations, s/he may be
placed on an intervention plan and could ultimately be removed from the program. This could occur either
in Phase 1, 2, or 3. If a Candidate or Intern is experiencing difficulty in a specific area, including
participation in instructional sessions, attendance, completion of assignments, performance in field
experience, or performance during the Internship, the HT ATCP Director will meet with the candidate to
determine the course of action which may include an intervention plan. Timelines for meeting the
expectations of the intervention plan will be established.
Those involved in the development of the intervention plan will meet regularly to evaluate progress. Copies
of the intervention plan will be provided to the Candidate, Intern, Clinical Teacher, principal (if during
Internship), and HT ATCP Field Supervisor. A copy will also be placed in the candidate’s file. Completion
of an intervention plan does not guarantee continued eligibility in the program.

Program Dismissal
Accepted applicants sign a Candidate Agreement at the beginning of Phase 1 training. This agreement states
that the Candidate or Intern may be dismissed from the program. Although the candidate may be placed on
probation prior to dismissal, there is no requirement for a probationary period prior to dismissal. The
following are reasons for dismissal:
         1. *Termination from a position under policy of the governing board of the hiring entity
         2. *Resignation by the Intern from the contracted position unless approved or recommended
          by the HT ATCP Director
         3. Insubordination to program and/or district personnel
         4. Unacceptable behavior identified in the Texas Educator’s Code of Ethics
         5. Failure to comply with a hiring entity’s rules or policies which leads to concerns by the school
             administrator (This applies to actions outside the classroom as well as in the classroom.)
        6. Classroom incompetence based on appraisal results, walk-throughs, and evaluations by
             the building principal and HT ATCP Field Supervisor
ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                          Page 20 of 31
7.    Failure to pay fees in a timely manner
        8.    Excessive absences or tardiness
        9.    Falsification of information or documents
        10.   Failure to comply with instruction requirements
        11.   Failure to meet HT ATCP requirements/standards during Phase 1
        12.   Failure to meet HT ATCP requirements/standards during the Internship
        13.   Failure to accept and act upon reasonable criticism
        14.   Failure to separate personal and professional issues

*These areas are automatic dismissals with no intervention plan.

Grievance Policy

Complaint Procedure

A written complaint should be directed as soon as possible to the person or persons whose actions or
inactions have given rise to the complaint. Every effort should be made to resolve the problem fairly and
promptly at this level.

If the candidate is not able to resolve the complaint satisfactorily at this level, the candidate should meet
with the candidate’s instructor and/or advisor. This may be a department chair, program coordinator, or
director. After ten (10) working days and if a satisfactory solution is not found, the complaint will be
reviewed by the department or unit head which may be a Dean or Vice President. If the complaint involves
allegations of sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination, the Director of Human Resources should be

Grievance Procedure Step 1

 A candidate who believes that he/she has not received fair treatment or who has a complaint about the
 performance, action, or inaction of a member of the faculty or staff, and believes he/she has not received
 appropriate redress through the complaint procedure within a reasonable period of time, must file a written
 statement of grievance (see Statement of Grievance, below) with the chair or the coordinator of the program
 in which the employee served at the time of the alleged action. Each grievance must be submitted in writing
 and only one subject matter should be covered in any one grievance. Formal grievance statements received
 by the chair, coordinator, or other University Representative designated by the Provost and Vice President
 for Academic and Candidate Affairs may be referred to a department or program level committee that
 recommends action to the chair or coordinator. The chair, coordinator, the designee, or the committee will
 investigate the allegations and reach a conclusion regarding the candidate’s contentions. The chair or
 coordinator has fifteen (15) working days to respond to the candidate after the conclusion of the
 investigation. If either the candidate or the person against whom the grievance was filed disagrees with the
 chair’s or the coordinator’s findings and recommendations, that person may appeal under the procedures
 outlined in Step Two.

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                          Page 21 of 31
Step 2

    If the candidate or person against whom the grievance was filed is not satisfied with the results of Step
    One, or if the grievance is against the chair of a department or coordinator of a program, the candidate
    must next transmit the written statement of grievance to the Provost and Vice President for Academic and
    Candidate Affairs or his/her designee. The Provost and Vice President for Academic and Candidate
    Affairs or his/her designee will refer the grievance to a committee established at the University or senior
    administration level. Such a committee should consist of a cross-section of the University community and
    include faculty, staff, and candidate representatives.

    Step 3

    If a candidate is not satisfied with the results of Step Two, or if the grievance is against a senior
    administrator, the candidate may file a written statement of grievance with the University Candidate
    Grievance Committee. The University Candidate Grievance Committee consists of candidate, faculty,
    and staff representatives appointed at the beginning of the academic year. Candidate representatives are
    appointed by the Candidate Government Association President while faculty and staff representatives are
    appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic and Candidate Affairs. If the grievance
    involves the teaching responsibility of such an administrator, steps one and two cannot be bypassed.

    Step 4

    If an individual (candidate, faculty, staff, or other interested party) or individuals wish to claim
    wrongdoing or deficiency on the part of the University, a complaint may be filed directly with the
    Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The
    Commission’s address is 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097, and the telephone number
    is 404.679.4500. Alternatively, the website for the SACSCOC complaint process is Additionally, candidates may also file a complaint with the
    Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The Board’s address is 1200 E. Anderson Lane, Austin,
    Texas 78752 and the telephone number is 512.427.6101. For additional information regarding the Texas
    Higher Education Coordinating Board, please visit their website: for more
    information regarding the THECB complaint process please visit: 9CCE-40FA9F46F2CD3C9D

    After the candidate has exhausted all attempts at the program level to resolve a complaint that occurred
    within the past two years and has not received the relief sought, information on how to file a complaint
    with TEA can be secured from the EPP by information posted at their physical facility, on their website
    or, upon request, directions in writing.

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                         Page 22 of 31
The official TEA complaint process can be found at in the banner located at the
    bottom of the page and then select “Educator Preparation Programs”.

    Statement of Grievance
    The statement of grievance is a clear, simple statement of fact according to the candidate’s understanding
    of what happened. It should provide enough information to give the committee a complete understanding
    of the situation from the candidate’s perspective. The Provost and Vice President for Academic and
    Candidate Affairs has staff to help candidates understand the details of the Candidate Complaint and
    Grievance Policy and should be called on for assistance. Complaint and Grievance Complaint and
    Grievance Policy and should be called on for assistance. The Provost and Vice President for Candidate
    Affairs Office is located in Anthony and Louise Viaer – Alumni Hall, second floor. The telephone
    number is 512.505.6433.

    Updating Contact Information and Name Changes
    It is the responsibility of each Candidate, Intern, or Clinical Teacher to keep his/her contact information
    data current. The Candidate, Intern, or Clinical Teacher should inform HT ATCP in a timely manner
    when s/he moves to a new mailing address, changes an email address, or changes phone numbers. TEA
    requires proof of any changes in name due to divorce, marriage, or other circumstances. It is critical for
    the Candidate, Intern, or Clinical Teacher to expedite these changes on the TEA web site as soon as
    possible. Failure to do so may cause you to be barred from a TExES exam or for your probationary or
    standard teaching certificate to be denied.

    Course Credit and Grading
    Successful program participants will receive 18-21 hours of undergraduate credit in education courses
    from Huston-Tillotson University. Six hours of credit will be earned during Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase
    3. An additional 3-6 hours of credit will be earned for ESL, Bilingual Education, and/or special
    education. Courses will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Grades will be posted on the HT web site at
    Canvas. The grade is determined based on the following criteria:

        1. Participation
             Information denotes that the Candidate or Intern has been an active and productive participant in
             the program. During sessions s/he has exhibited an attitude of courtesy, cooperation, and
             professionalism. S/he is responsible for completing all assignments successfully and submitting
             them on time. Full credit will not be given for late assignments. The respective consultant and/or
             the director will determine whether or not late assignments will be accepted.

        2. Director’s Report
             The Director will assign a grade of Pass or Fail at midterm and at the end of the semester in
    based on overall input from all staff, and instructors. The grade will also be
             based on the director’s observations of the participant’s willingness to cooperate, attitude, and
             general professionalism toward peers, staff, and consultants. This includes evidence that s/he
             observes program policies and procedures.

        3. Field Supervisor’s Report
             Notes progress in overall growth of Intern.

        4. Campus Mentor’s Report
             The mentor is confident that the Intern’s teaching ability is at a level of at least satisfactory
             and progress in overall performance is noted. The Intern is cooperative and willing to accept
             constructive suggestions for improvement.
             Implements suggestions

ATCP/The Office of EPP updated 9/2020 dd                                                             Page 23 of 31
5. Campus Principal’s Report
             Principal’s evaluation of Intern is at least satisfactory.

                  Fees, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

    HT ATCP charges a $100 application fee. No application will be processed until the fee has been
    received. The application fee covers the transcript evaluation, the interview, the online LAASI
    assessment, and other items necessary for processing the application. This fee is non-refundable.

    The HT ATCP total tuition cost is $6000 with Internship or clinical teaching:
             $2000 for Phase 1
             $2000 for Phase 2
             $2000 for Phase 3
    At the time of admission into the program, the applicant must submit to the HT ATCP a “Candidate
    Account Payment Plan.” In this plan the candidate will indicate to HT ATCP how s/he plans to pay for
    the program: applying for federal financial candidate aid or with cash/credit card. Payments in
    cash/credit card must be received by the end of the 1st week of classes: $1600 (80% of $2000). The
    remaining $400 may be paid monthly but must be paid in full before the candidate is allowed to take any
    TExES exams or register for Phase 2 or 3. All payments must be made to the HT ATCP office. A $25
    extended payment fee is assessed by the HT Business Office if final payment is not made by the end of
    Phase 1.

    During Phases 2 and 3, candidates who become Clinical Teachers are required to pay
    $1600(80% of $2000) on the first day of the semester. The remaining $400 may be paid monthly to the
    HT ATCP office.

    Failure to complete payments for a semester will bar the candidate from being allowed to continue in the
    program and is grounds for dismissal from the program. Candidates who are not current with their
    financial obligations to HT ATCP will not be approved to take TExES exams or recommended for
    Probationary or Standard Certificates.

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