PS41 The Greenwich Village School Family Handbook 2019-2020 - PS41 The Greenwich Village School - PS 41 Greenwich Village School

PS41 The Greenwich Village School Family Handbook 2019-2020 - PS41 The Greenwich Village School - PS 41 Greenwich Village School
 The Greenwich Village School

The Greenwich Village School
     Family Handbook

         116 West 11th Street
         New York, NY 10011
          212-924-0910 (Fax)
          212-741-1099 (PTA)

Welcome …………………………………………………………………………………………2
PS41 Mission Statement…………………………………………………………………..2
School Calendar 2019-2020………………………………………………………………3
Administrative Staff………………………………………………………………………….4
Arrival – Drop Off……………………………………………………………………………..5
Dismissal-Pick Up …………………………………………………………………………….6
Lunch & Recess………………………………………………………………………………..8
Communication…………………………………………………… ………………………..10
Academic Programs………………………………………………………………………..13
Extracurricular Programs………………………………………………………………..15
Other Policies & Procedures…………………………………………………………..17
How to Stay Informed…………………………………………………………………….22
How to Get Involved……………………………………………………………………….23

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020           1
Welcome to PS41. The administration, staff and PTA are looking forward to another great year. This
handbook is intended to be a useful guide for the PS41 community. Please read it thoroughly and keep
it in a convenient place for reference.

Much of the information in this handbook can also be found on the school website
There you will also find announcements about upcoming school events, school and PTA news, links to
useful information, and a way to log on to your child’s class page. Any updates to this handbook, or
changes in policy, will be disseminated via email and reflected on the website.

                            PS41 MISSION STATEMENT
Located in the heart of historic Greenwich Village, PS41 reflects the rich cultural diversity of our
neighborhood and dynamically incorporates the resources of that neighborhood into our studies. The
arts are integrated into all curriculum areas. Our building is a vibrant testimony to the creative pulse of
our community.

PS41 is a collaborative community dedicated to the mission of providing the highest quality education to
each student. Central to our mission is a shared belief that each child brings to our school a unique set
of abilities and talents. Our highly dedicated faculty works closely together in an enriching environment
for all of our students.

Also central to our mission is the teaching of important community values. We encourage children to
celebrate diversity, to respect each other, and to work together with shared goals. We recognize that a
supportive environment is one that also includes clear expectations and academic rigor.

PS41 is dedicated to teaching a curriculum aligned to the common-core standards in a supportive
environment to ensure that our students achieve their highest potential and go on to a lifelong quest for
learning and achievement.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       2
PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020   3
                          PS 41 has an automated phone system.
     The main number is 212-675-2756. When you call, you will be given contact options.

                                           Kelly Shannon

                                     Acting Assistant Principal
                                         Michael LaRocco

                                        Parent Coordinator
                                         Michele Farinet

                                          Lynette Rosado

                                    Payroll/Principal’s Secretary
                                         Nancy Mingione

                                         School Counselor
                                         Kimberly Daniels

                                              IEP Team
                                  Sherri Victor, School Psychologist
                                 Francine List, School Social Worker

                                     Head Custodian Engineer
                                          Igor Ioustous

                                          Natasha House

                                       School Safety Agents
                                   Doris Watson, Damaris Moore

                                        PTA Co-Presidents
                                  Amanda Gelber and Lauren Park

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                   4
                                Pre-K school hours are 8:40am – 2:50pm
                             K-5th Grade school hours are 8:40am – 3:00pm
                                  Doors open at approximately 8:34am

Morning drop-off is a busy time at PS41. To ensure everyone’s safety there are clear guidelines set out
below for parents and children to follow. Because these guidelines are strictly enforced, the children
know what to expect and arrive at the classroom ready to start the day.

During the first week of school please allow an extra few minutes for drop-off as parents and children
become familiar with the routine.

Pre-K/Kindergarten Arrival
Only Pre-K and Kindergarten students enter through the main entrance of the school during regular
morning drop-off. Pre-K and Kindergarten parents are welcome to escort their children to the classroom
for the first month of school. Parents must drop the children off in front of the classroom door and
leave promptly. Please help children develop independence by allowing them to go into the classroom
and take off their jackets and backpacks by themselves. Please refrain from engaging the teacher in
conversation and allow the teacher to welcome and settle all the children. After the first month of
school, only Pre-K parents will be allowed to drop off children at the classroom doors.

1st-5th Grade Arrival
1st through 5th graders enter at the “flagpole entrance” on the SW corner of 11th Street and 6th Avenue.
No parents are allowed in this entrance.

Morning Events/Family Mornings
When there is a morning event scheduled, parents enter through the main entrance, where they will be
required to check in.

Regular School Hours
During school hours, all adults are required to enter and exit through the main entrance. There are
alarms on the side exits. Photo ID is required to enter the building. There are no exceptions to this rule.
The security of the children is paramount.

PS41 has a very strict policy concerning lateness. Children who arrive even a few minutes late often feel
out of step with their classmates. Their classmates in turn are distracted by children arriving after the
class has settled. PS41 is rated by the Department of Education (DOE) on its attendance and lateness
records, so chronic absenteeism and lateness reflect poorly on the school.

If you arrive later than 8:50am, you will have to sign your child in at the security desk and then he or she
can go up to class. Students who enter the classroom after 8:50am will be marked late. Per DOE

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       5
requirements, each late arrival is noted on your child’s report card and remains part of his or her
academic record. A history of chronic lateness has very negative consequences for a child’s promotion
to the next grade, as well as impacting middle school admissions. If a child is chronically late, the DOE
mandates that an attendance officer contact the family.

Early Morning
Parents can drop off their children beginning at 7:45am in the cafeteria. Any child dropped off early is
welcome to breakfast free of charge. Parents are not permitted to stay with children during this time.
There are staff members in the cafeteria who will help the children with their breakfast and help them
get to class. Breakfast service ends at 8:30am.

                                  DISMISSAL – PICK UP
                                 Dismissal is at 3:00pm (2:50pm for Pre-K)

           Pick-up for Pre-K is at the flagpole entrance on 11th Street & 6th Avenue at 2:50pm
       Pick-up for K - 4th Grade is in the big playground on Greenwich Avenue and Charles Street
                   Pick-up for 5th Grade is in front of the school building on 11th Street

Like the drop-off guidelines, the guidelines set out below are strictly enforced to ensure that pick-up is

Pre-Kindergarten Dismissal
Pre-K students, accompanied by a teacher, are dismissed by the flagpole entrance located on the corner
of 11th Street and 6th Avenue.

Kindergarten-4th Grade Dismissal
Kindergarten-4th grade students, accompanied by a teacher, assemble by classroom in the big yard.
Parents and caregivers wait outside the yard on Greenwich Avenue, enter through the gate, pick up the
children, and leave through the same gate. When entering and exiting the gate please stay to the right.
If a student has not been picked up for the yard by 3:05pm, the student will be brought into the
cafeteria for late pick-up.

For security reasons the main entrance on 11th Street and the back gate on Greenwich Avenue cannot
be open at the same time. At 2:35pm the front and side doors of the school are locked. Therefore it is
not possible or allowed to enter the building through the front entrance between 2:35pm and 3:15pm
while the yard gate is open. No one is allowed to pick up children from the main office after 2:35pm.

It is not possible or allowed to enter the main entrance of the school and cross through the school to the
yard to pick up children. Nor is it allowed to pick up your child in the yard and head through the building
to exit from the front of the school. Adults are not allowed to come into the building to use restrooms
at dismissal. Please make sure your caregiver understands these rules.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       6
In inclement weather, there will be a rapid outdoor dismissal. Dismissal will only be inside if the
Greenwich Avenue playground is unusable. Dismissal is officially over at 3:10pm when the gate from the
yard to the cafeteria is closed. At this point the yard becomes open to the public.

5th Grade Dismissal
5th grade students are dismissed at the front of the school. 5th graders are not permitted to leave the
front of the building without a parent or a person on the blue emergency contact card unless his or her
parent has provided written permission to the teacher and the administration. After dismissal no one
will be permitted to walk through the building to the yard.

Who Can Pick-Up Your Child
In the beginning of the school year, you will be given blue emergency contact cards. These cards must
be filled out to designate who is allowed to pick up your child at dismissal. Children will only be released
to parents or guardians, or to a person who is listed on their blue card.

Dismissal Changes
If you need to have your child picked up by someone not on the blue card, you must send in a note to
the teacher with your child on that day. The note should specify the name and phone number of the
person picking up. The person must bring ID. No exceptions will be made. If you must make a last
minute change, send any changes in dismissal that have not been conveyed to the teacher via a note to before 12 noon. Dismissal requests will not be processed after 12 noon. In the
case of a real emergency please call the main office at 212-675-2756 (0).

Don’t Be Late
Pre-K students must be picked up promptly at 2:50 pm. All other students must be picked up promptly
at 3:00pm. PS41 does not have staff to supervise children after school is dismissed. If a parent or
caregiver is late for pick up, the teacher walks the child into the cafeteria. A school employee sits with
the child until a parent, or someone on the blue card, comes to sign the child out. After approximately
15 minutes the child is brought to the main office. If the school receives no word from a parent after an
extended period of time, the school must send the child to the local 6th Police Precinct so that the child
stays safe and secure until a parent arrives. The precinct is located at 233 W. 10th St. between Hudson
and Bleecker Streets (212-741-4811). Parents who are chronically late will be instructed to enroll their
child in an afterschool program.

If you (or your caregiver) are going to be late (more than 10 minutes), you should contact the people on
the blue card (i.e. other parents/caregivers who are picking up). Be sure that you and your caregiver
both have these numbers programmed into your cell phones. If you are unable to contact one of the
people on the blue card, you should call the school. Calling the school is a last resort and should be used
in desperate situations and emergencies only.

Early Pick Up
Do not pick up your child early unless absolutely necessary. Tracking down individual children during
the school day is disruptive to the staff and students. Please always schedule a child’s doctor and dental
appointments after school hours. In the event that you need to pick up your child prior to the end of the
school day, please notify your child’s teacher in writing beforehand. Bring your photo ID and sign in with

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       7
security at the main entrance before 2:35pm. The front doors are locked at 2:35pm. After signing in go
to the main office and sign your child out. Your child will be brought to you in the main office.
Remember to bring photo ID or you will not be admitted into the school. Students are only released to
adults who are listed on the child’s blue emergency contact card.

Playing in the School Yard After Dismissal
Pick up is crowded and busy, please do not allow children to play ball, scooter, skateboard etc. during
dismissal. The gate to enter the school building via the cafeteria is closed at 3:10pm. At this point the
yard becomes open to the public. Children and their guardians are free to play in the yard until 6pm.
The school is not responsible for children playing in the yard after school is dismissed. As in any
playground, all children should be supervised by a responsible adult while playing in the yard.

                                     LUNCH & RECESS
PS41 has a staff of school aides who work very hard to maintain a safe and congenial lunchroom and
yard. Each class sits together during lunch and has an aide who helps them. While Kindergarten
students are eating, they are assisted by 5th grade volunteers who help open packages, help navigate the
school lunch process, etc.

Lunch Periods
10:55am to 11:45am (Grades 1 & 2)
11:45am to 12:35pm (Kindergarten and Grade 5)
12:35pm to 1:25pm (Grades 3 & 4)

Each lunch period is split between recess and lunch. One grade starts with lunch then moves to the yard
for recess, while the other starts with recess and moves to the cafeteria. Parents are not allowed in the
lunchroom during lunch periods unless it is necessary for a medical reason and this must be cleared
through the school nurse. Pre-K students have lunch in their classroom.

Free Breakfast and Lunch
Breakfast and lunch are both free to all children every day. Parents have the option of sending a packed
lunch to school with their child or having their child eat lunch provided by the school. DOE forms will be
sent out at the beginning of the year. ALL families must fill out and return this form regardless of
whether or not their child will be eating the breakfast and lunch prepared at school.

Packed Lunch
If you send lunch from home with your child, please do not send glass containers, sharp implements or
anything else that could cause injury in the lunchroom. Be sure that you provide containers that the
children can open themselves. Mark your child’s lunch box and containers with his or her name and
class number. Use reusable containers whenever possible to avoid mess and waste. Please do not give
your child soda or candy for lunch.

There are water jets that dispense cold fresh tap water in the cafeteria and low-fat milk is provided with
school lunch.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       8
Per the DOE policy, students are allowed to bring nut products, including peanuts, in their lunch boxes.
If your child has severe allergies, please inform his or her teacher and the school administration.

If you forget to send lunch to school with your child, your child will receive a school lunch. Please do not
bring lunch for your child after school starts. Staff members are not able to deliver lunches to individual

School Lunch
Your child is welcome to school lunch when you choose. There is no need to sign up or to commit to a
schedule. If your child is having school lunch he or she will wait in line with his or her classmates. There
are lunch aides available to help the younger children navigate the line.

The hot lunch menu for the month is available at on the homepage as well as in the
Bulletin each week. Along with the hot lunch there is a cold lunch option. The cold lunch option, like
the hot lunch option, is a complete meal. Children are not allowed to pick and choose or to order food
items a la carte. Every day both lunch options can be supplemented with a salad bar. You can also find
any ongoing changes or additions to the lunch menu on the website under the Wellness Committee tab.

The DOE Office of School Food serves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread. If your
child has severe allergies, please inform his or her teacher, the school nurse and the school

Wellness in the Schools (WITS)
The PS41 lunch menu is developed by Wellness in the Schools (WITS) in conjunction with the DOE lunch
provider SchoolFood. The WITS program enhances the SchoolFood program and ensures that the
children receive food that is minimally processed and healthfully prepared. Fresh fruits and vegetables
are always provided. The WITS program is funded by the PTA. For more details about the program,
please visit:

Recess lasts about 25 minutes, is in the yard when weather permits, and either precedes or follows the
lunch period. During inclement weather, students have recess in the cafeteria, gym, or auditorium. Arts
and crafts projects and games are organized.

Deer Mountain Sports and Events
Instructors from Deer Mountain Sports and Events (DMSE) are in the yard during recess organizing
student games such as football, soccer, T-ball, and jump-rope, and providing additional adult
supervision. The instructors also help organize arts and crafts projects and games during inclement
weather. DMSE’s presence during recess is funded by the PTA.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       9
PS41 wants all parents to be active and engaged partners in their child’s education. Positive, respectful
communication between parents, teachers and staff benefits the entire community and is encouraged.

PS41 Website
It is important that every family has at least one account. Your child’s teachers may use this account to
post important information throughout the school year. We will also post photos from events on the
website. Both of these features will require an account to view.

You must be a legal guardian or parent of a PS41 student to create an account. Once you are logged in
to the site, simply navigate to our Faculty & Staff pages to find your teacher. If you are in an ICT class
with two teachers, you should be able to reach the class page by clicking on either teacher.

Set Up Or Update Your Account
Go to and click on the lock in the upper right-hand corner. Logins for the site are
established with the email address you have on file with the school. Standard issue password is
welcome41. If the password does not work, please step through the Forgot Password process using
your existing email address.

PTA Portal
Your login for the PTA Portal ( can be established by creating an
account on the landing page. The PTA Portal will be utilized throughout the year to collect information
via forms, as well as to process occasional online payments. There is a link to the PTA Portal on the PS41

Need help with the website

Shortly after the start of the new school year you will receive the class list for your child’s class. Please
verify that all your information is correct. The email addresses listed will be used for sending out weekly
PTA bulletins as well as emails from your class parents. If you have any corrections during the school
year, please stop by the PTA office or email Please note that emails collected
for PTA purposes are separate from those maintained by the DOE and Parent Coordinator. We also
encourage you to assure that is a confirmed email address to avoid having PTA
communications land in your Promotions folder.

Parent Coordinator
The position of Parent Coordinator was created to be the front line in facilitating communication
between parents, teachers, and staff. Emails from the Parent Coordinator, Michele Farinet, are sent
frequently to keep parents current with the latest school news. To receive these emails, please be sure
to email Michele at

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       10
The Parent Coordinator is located in the main office, and is available for drop-in meetings, as well as
appointments if you would like to schedule one. Please bring any concerns, questions, or issues to her
attention and she will direct you through the proper channels for the best solution to the situation.

It is not always necessary to see the Principal about a concern or issue. Your first point of contact is
typically the teacher, the guidance counselor or the Parent Coordinator. If necessary, the Principal or
one of the Assistant Principals will be brought in.

Class placements: If your child has had an ongoing issue with another student(s) that has involved the
guidance department and or administration, you may send the parent coordinator an email by June
1st requesting a separation for the following year. We cannot guarantee the ability to honor every
separation. Please note, these requests are not carried over from year to year.

Messages from Your Child’s Teacher
Each teacher has his or her own method of communicating with parents. Some teachers post frequently
on the website, some use email, some prefer to communicate strictly through flyers and notices sent
home in your child's backpack, and some use a combination of methods.

Talking with Your Child’s Teacher
Whenever you have a concern about your child in the classroom, or his or her work or behavior, please
address the issue with your child’s teacher first. If you have a specific concern about your child in a
specialty class (Physical Education, Technology, Science, Art, Dance/Movement), please arrange to
discuss it with that teacher.

Parents are encouraged to meet with teachers but must schedule appointments. Arrival or dismissal is
not the appropriate time to have a conversation about your child. Teachers are responsible for the
safety of the entire class and, for confidentiality reasons, may not be able to discuss concerns in public.
If necessary, the teacher may refer you to one of the school counselors.

To contact your child’s teacher, you can:
● Send in a note with your child
● Call the school and leave a message for the teacher
● Contact the teacher via email (if the teacher chooses to correspond via email)
● Contact the Parent Coordinator

To contact a specialty teacher, call the main office or email Michele Farinet.

Regardless of the method used, please give the teacher your contact information. Then indicate the
reason for the meeting and give several times that would be convenient for you to come in. Please do
not drop in on teachers during school hours.

Administration and/or the Parent Coordinator may share family emails with teachers in special

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       11
Getting Feedback and Updates
There are regularly scheduled opportunities for parents to receive feedback on their child’s progress, to
learn about what is happening in their child’s class, and to observe their child at school.

Back to School Night
Back to School night is held at the beginning of the school year. During these evening meetings teachers
discuss what the students will be learning throughout the year. You can also access your child’s
curriculum framework on

Family Mornings
Once the school year gets under way, the teachers schedule Family Mornings each month. Parents are
invited into the classroom to observe and participate in class lessons and activities.

To maximize safety and productive engagement and minimize overcrowding and distraction during
Family Mornings, we ask that families send only ONE parent or family member to each Family Morning.
Additionally, siblings, other than infants, are not permitted to attend. This is so that all students can
continue to participate in their own learning in their own classes. There are some Family Mornings
during the year designed for both parents to attend. Parents enter the building through the main
entrance and check in. Family Mornings last about 45 minutes.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
There are two Parent-Teacher Conferences per school year, one in the fall and one in the spring.
Parents are required to attend these conferences and can also meet with specialty teachers during this
time. Please note that on the days of Parent-Teacher Conferences, students are dismissed at 11:45am.
A memo with detailed information will be distributed by the classroom teacher prior to the conferences.

Report Cards
Parents will receive report cards three times during the year (December, March and June).

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                      12
PS41 offers a variety of programs and classes.

Specialty Classes
Specialty classes are part of the PS41 regular classroom instruction throughout the school year.
Specialty class subjects and frequency vary depending on scheduling. PS41 offers Science, Physical
Education, Art, and Dance/Movement.

Enrichment Programs
Enrichment programs are the programs that are brought in to supplement the regular classroom
instruction. The enrichment programs are funded by the PTA and have included National Dance
Institute, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Friends of the Highline, chess, Brooklyn Conservatory
of Music, and Math Club. Enrichment programs are very carefully evaluated by the administration and
are divided throughout all the grades so that each grade benefits from the programs that are most

GELL - The PS41 Green Initiative
The first-of-its-kind in NYC, Greenroof Environmental Literacy Laboratory (GELL) provides PS41 an
extraordinary opportunity to enhance science, math and aesthetic education in an outdoor learning
space. GELL serves as a prototype for raising the students’ awareness of urban sustainability issues and
farm-to-table agriculture. Please visit for more information, or contact

Academic Intervention Services
Academic intervention services are subject to the availability of funding and personnel.

IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
Every child who receives mandated special education or related services has an IEP. This includes
special education students in the ICT class, and children in general education classes who receive SETTS,
Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Mandated Counseling. Parents and the PS41 IEP
staff meet periodically to review the IEP and make sure the child is progressing toward stated goals.

ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching)
The PS41 ICT class is a model for the entire New York City school system. At PS41, each grade has one
ICT class, which has one full-time general education teacher and one full-time special education teacher.

In the ICT classes, the ratio is approximately 60% general education students and 40% special education
students. ICT classes provide the same curriculum as other classes, with the added benefit of a higher
staffing ratio and a great deal of support.

The children who are on the special education side of the ICT class all have IEPs specifying an ICT
placement. The children who are on the general education side of the ICT class are placed by the school
administration and are students who meet grade level standards academically, socially, and emotionally,

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                     13
and do not require mandated services. Parents cannot refuse a placement on the general education
side of the ICT class for their child just as parents cannot refuse placement in any class.

Reading Recovery
Reading Recovery is a reading intervention program for first grade students who would benefit from
extra support. You will be contacted if your child would benefit from this program.

SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Services)
This program is for grades 1-5 and offers intervention in reading, math, graphomotor skills, and
organizational skills. Your child must be tested by the IEP Team to determine eligibility and specific

AIT (Academic Intervention Team)
The Academic Intervention Team (AIT) works with the classroom teacher to provide academic
intervention services to students who are at risk of not meeting grade level performance standards. An
Intervention Specialist (IS) is assigned to the student and classroom teacher.

In conjunction with the classroom teacher, the AIT and IS develop an intervention plan for each target
student. The AIT meets approximately every 6 weeks to evaluate student progress. These intervention
services are provided as an initial step to support student learning. If it is determined that these services
are not sufficient, the AIT may refer the child to the Pupil Personnel Team (PPT).

The AIT is comprised of the Principal, Assistant Principal, intervention specialists, and service providers.

PPT (Pupil Personnel Team)
The PPT is the final step in the process of supporting students, academically and emotionally. Members
of the PPT determine if a student should be evaluated for an IEP. A student cannot receive an IEP until
he or she has gone through the process of review by the PPT. Members of the PPT include the Principal
and Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselors, service providers, and the IEP Team.

Counseling Services
The School Counseling Department provides counseling support for both students and families. Our
school counselors can help with issues including but not limited to emotional and social development,
academic routines, academic career goals, and coping with the stresses of illness, divorce, and
bereavement. In addition to being available for consultation, the department conducts classroom
lessons, parent workshops, and a character education program. To contact the counseling department,
call 212-675-2756.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       14
There are numerous afterschool programs to meet the needs of every student and family. Please refer
to the school website for more information.

Free Enrichment Programs
The following are some of the enrichment programs which are free to families and funded by the PTA.
There may also be additional program offerings. Details are usually announced by the administration a
few weeks into the school year.

High Notes
A choral group that performs about three assemblies per year. Open to 3rd – 5th graders.

Journalism Club
Open to 4th and 5th graders, this group explores written media and produces “The 41 Times”.

Math Club
Open to 4th and 5th graders, this group delves into special math problems each week.

Rhythm Cats
A percussion group that performs two or three assemblies per year. Open to 3rd – 5th graders.

Lessons are offered before school for some grades, during lunch for others, and after school for others.
Available for 2nd – 5th graders.

McBurney YMCA-PS41 Afterschool Program
PS41 boasts an exciting and diverse afterschool program in conjunction with The McBurney YMCA. This
year they will be offering Robotics STEM, Legoland club, Sculpture, Soccer, Creative Crafts, Basketball
Clinic, Pee-Wee Basketball, Academic hour and Swim lessons. The program runs throughout the school
year and offers an array of classes for PreK – 5th grades in 8-week sessions. The McBurney YMCA also
offers one-day drop in’s for those days you need last minute childcare.

Most classes take place at PS41, with a limited number of classes like swimming that are held at the
YMCA facility located at 125 West 14th Street. For those classes, the children are walked over by YMCA
counselors, and parents pick up their child at the Y.

For additional information about the McBurney YMCA-PS41 programs, fees, and registration, please
contact the After School Coordinator Pam Navarro at or at 646-996-5668.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                     15
Afterschool Programs that Take Place at PS41
The following programs take place at PS41 and require enrollment and a fee.

EFNY French Language Afterschool Program
Whether your child is a native French speaker or just a beginner, the Education Française à New York
after school program has a program for you. Open to all ages. Email

PS41 Book Club Afterschool
Run by substitute teacher and former PS41 parent Lee Burnley, children explore great literature
together. There are options for children of all ages. Contact Lee at

PS41 Chess Program
PS41’s popular afterschool chess program with Jeremy Scheinbach is for all skills levels. For more
information contact

Other Afterschool Programs

In the past the programs listed below have provided pick up from the PS41 yard. Please be sure to
investigate these and other programs to ensure that they are appropriate for your child and your family.
See the PS41 website for more details.

Allan’s Afterschool -
BB Social Club Skateboarding -
Children’s Museum of the Arts -
Greenwich House Arts and After School -
Greenwich House Music -
Kawaii Artists –
Kid City Theater -
Loop Sports for Kids -
Pier 40 Baseball -
SMAI: Society for Martial Arts Instruction -
Science Teacher Sarah
Textile Arts Center -
Young Singers Academy -

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                     16
Attendance & Truancy
Regular attendance is vital to a student’s success at school. If your child is going to be out for more than
three days, you are required to provide a written explanation. A student is considered truant if he or
she is out of school without a valid reason (illness, religious holiday, family emergency). Please send
information to if your child is out two or more days.

Birthday Parties
Your child will be looking forward to celebrating his or her birthday with classmates. At PS41 these
celebrations are kept low-key.

For Kindergarten student birthdays, a family member can join the in-class celebration. For Pre-K and 1st
– 5th grade students, family members are not part of the classroom celebration. Please do not invite
siblings or other family members to the classroom celebration. Video cameras, gift bags, streamers,
balloons and items of this kind are not allowed.

For all grades, families are welcome to send in a special treat (or an item of food that does not require
cutting or slicing). When your child’s birthday is approaching, please talk to your child’s classroom
teacher in advance and schedule a date for your child’s in-class celebration. Please be mindful of any
allergies in the classroom.

Blue Emergency Contact Cards
Four blue emergency contact cards are given to each family at the beginning of the school year. They
specify who is allowed to pick up your child from school. On each card list the same four contacts. The
four contacts should be people who can easily pick up your child if you are late or have an emergency.
Other members of the PS41 community are ideal.

Please fill out and return the cards promptly. They must have correct addresses, working phone
numbers, and accurate information listed on them. Any changes that occur in this information over the
school year should be reported to the main office immediately. Only adults listed on the blue cards are
authorized to take a child from school without a separate note from a parent. Make sure you and your
caregiver have the correct numbers programmed into your phones.

Calls to the School
Calls cannot be taken for children except in a real emergency.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices
Please visit for PS41’s complete cell phone and electronic policy.

Class Lists
Once the school year is under way you will be given a class list with contact information for your child’s
classmates. If you have any changes or updates, please email

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       17
Every student and parent should review the Discipline Code provided online by the NYC Department Of
Education at Please be sure to review this important document with your child.

Dress Code
PS41 has no formal dress code. However, clothing must be appropriate and take weather and
temperature into account. Wearing Crocs, flip-flops, backless shoes, heels, halter-tops, short shorts,
hoods, or hats in school is not allowed. Nor is any attire that is not in keeping with the environment at
PS41. Parents will be notified if a child is not wearing appropriate clothing or footwear. Children must
wear athletic shoes to Physical Education or they will not be allowed to participate. Children without
appropriate outerwear will not be allowed outside for recess.

Emergency Procedures
Register with Notify NYC ( to receive information about
emergency events by email or text.

All New York City schools are required to follow the General Response Protocol (GRP). PS41
administration and staff have been trained to respond should an emergency incident occur. Drills of
various types - evacuation (formerly known as fire drills), lockdown, and shelter-in - are conducted
periodically so that students and staff know what to do in the event of an emergency. Teachers prepare
students to participate in each type of drill. The training is designed to be age appropriate and to ensure
that students understand the importance of these drills without undergoing unnecessary alarm.

The process of securing the safety of over 700 students and staff members is complex. Should an
emergency occur please do not call or come to the school. If family members arrive on-site, or call the
school, it will become much more difficult to secure the safety of the PS41 community.

In the event of an emergency situation, parents should call 311 or log on to the DOE website, Again, please do not call or come to the school. If the school is
evacuated for any reason, the evacuation site will be posted on the DOE website. Once students are
safely at the evacuation location they will be released to their designated family members.

If there is a special emergency situation concerning your child, the school will reach out to you directly.

PS41 also utilizes and emergency texting system. The Administration notifies parents and tests the
system at the beginning of the school year.

Field Trips
Teachers take their students on a number of field trips throughout the year. Many are within walking
distance of school but they are also permitted to utilize buses or public transportation. Prior to any field
trip, parents will be notified of the trip with a description of the trip and an explanation of any fees
involved. Parents must grant permission for their child to attend. Permission slips will be sent home in
the backpack folder or will be posted to the teacher's classroom page (depending on your teacher's
preference). If the teacher does not get this permission slip signed and returned, the child may not go
on the trip. He or she will be assigned to another classroom during the time of the class trip.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       18
Any parent accompanying a class on a trip must abide by the school rules and must supervise all the
children in the class. Chaperones are not allowed to use cell phones or text at any time during a field
trip. Siblings are not allowed to join class trips. The teacher chooses parent chaperones on a case-by-
case basis. No one parent can chaperone every class trip. Please refer to the chaperone guidelines on
the school website,

Forgotten Items
Office staff is not able to deliver forgotten items to students in classrooms. Homework, lunch, clothing
items, musical instruments etc. will not be delivered to individual students during the day.

Chewing gum is not allowed during school.

Health Issues
Parents can help control the spread of disease by keeping children home when signs of illness appear.
Please let the administration and your teacher know about any illness that keeps your child home for
more than three days and provide a note from your child’s doctor.

If your child becomes ill or is injured at school you will be notified by the nurse’s office. If you are
required to pick your child up, please make arrangements to have your child picked up immediately.
Remember that a photo ID will be required to pick up your child.

Please note: Any child with a fever must remain at home.

Parents of a child with a severe allergy should notify the school nurse, the teacher, and the
administration immediately. The Department of Education does not provide an allergen-free food
service. Lunches packed by parents at home are not required to be peanut-free. If your child has a food
allergy make arrangements to provide your child with an appropriate snack for classroom celebrations.

Casts, Crutches, Splints, Slings, etc.
If your child has an injury that requires him or her to use crutches or a cast, notify the administration
before your child returns to school. You must provide the nurse’s office with a note from the attending
physician stating that the child is able to navigate the stairways independently in the case of an
emergency. The school may determine that the child must remain in a ground floor classroom and have
work brought in.

Lice are a fact of life in all schools. Early detection is the key to preventing the spread of lice throughout
a class. The PS41 PTA pays for professional lice checkers to screen all students several times a year.
However, please check your own child consistently.

A child cannot remain in school if he or she has evidence of live lice. As a courtesy, please let your
teacher know if your child has developed a case of lice. Go to for information about
identifying and treating lice.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                        19
Only the school nurse can administer medication to students. Teachers and staff are prohibited from
distributing any medication to students. In order for any medication to be given, a 504 form must be
filled out and given to the school nurse. To get a 504 form, please go to or stop by the
main office.

Homework is assigned regularly. It is at the discretion of each teacher whether homework is given daily
or as a weekly packet. Children are expected to complete homework on time. If your child struggles
with homework, please contact your child’s teacher.

The PS41 library is located on the 2nd floor in room 205. In the past K and 1st grade classes meet with the
librarian once per week. Students in grades 2 – 5 can borrow books. All students have access to the
library based on classroom scheduling.

Lost and Found
The Lost and Found is located between the inner and outer doors from the cafeteria to the yard. At
least twice a year the Lost and Found bins are emptied and the contents are donated to charity. You will
be notified via signs posted throughout school and email before the bins are emptied.

Lunch Form
Even if you do not think you qualify for reduced-priced meals, ALL families must fill out and submit the
NYC DOE lunch form. Doing so enables PS41 to qualify for additional funding. The school is rated on the
percentage of forms submitted.

Middle School
PS41 school counselors and staff assist all 5th grade parents with the public middle school application
process. General information about the process is given at the end of 4th grade. More in-depth
information about touring schools, filling out the application, and in some cases interviewing, is given at
the beginning of 5th grade. A student’s 4th grade test scores, grades, attendance and record of on-time
arrivals are all examined by the middle schools. In 4th grade, an excused absence must be documented
by a doctor’s note.

Your child’s OSIS # and DOE ID # are the same number. You will need this number to set up your NYC
School account located at Your NYC School account keeps records of
attendance, report cards and eventually state test scores in Grades 3-5. Before you begin at PS41, the
DOE will send you a letter with this number. If you don’t know your child’s OSIS #, contact Michele
Farinet at You will need to request the number in writing.

School Closings
Please refer the school calendar at for current information on standard school closings.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                      20
In the event of closings due to weather or in emergency situations, do not call the school directly. There
are many options for getting information:

●   Register at to receive email or text notifications.
●   Go to the DOE website
●   Call 3-1-1 for updates.
●   Tune in to NY1 on cable television.
●   Tune in to WNYC radio (820am, 93.9fm), or WINS radio (1010am).

School Supplies
Parents are asked to provide funds via the PTA for purchasing school supplies. Each grade has a lead
teacher who coordinates purchasing for that grade, so that it is all standardized and bought in bulk.
Please make certain to contribute to this collection. This is a service provided to make the process more
efficient, cost effective, and equitable for all children. Through this system, all children have consistent
type and quality of supplies from the first day of school--so students and teachers can focus on content
in the classroom. During the year your teacher might request additional donations for special projects.

For the security and protection of the students, faculty, and staff, the following safety measures are in
place at PS41:

●   After the morning rush, the side entrance is closed; only the main entrance doors remain open. The
    side doors are equipped with alarms. Never exit through the side doors. Alarms will sound, and for
    obvious safety reasons, the security camera footage will be reviewed by the administration.
●   Visitors may only enter and exit through the main entrance.
●   All visitors, including parents and caregivers, must show a photo ID and sign in and out at the
    security desk every time they enter the building. There are no exceptions ever.
●   Parents are not to go to their child’s classroom during the day unless there is a class event.
●   Parents who are picking up children early must go to the main office to sign them out.

Strollers, Scooters and Bikes
Strollers cannot be left anywhere in the school or in the outer lobby for the day. If your child rides a
scooter, bike, or skateboard to school, please lock it up outside on a bike rack or take it home.

Student Records
Parents can review and obtain copies of their child’s school records. All requests should go through the
main office.

Testing and Assessments
Students in Grades 3-5 take statewide standardized tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math.
Please refer to the DOE website ( to confirm the dates. Students in
Grade 4 also take a statewide science test. The fourth grade statewide standardized tests can be used
as a determining factor for middle school applications.

Teachers regularly assess students’ progress during the school year.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       21
Toys, Balls, Etc.
Please leave toys and balls at home. Any weapon-like toy will be taken by a staff member and secured
in the main office. Because pick up is crowded and busy, please do not allow children to play ball,
scooter, skateboard etc. during dismissal. In addition, fidget toys, slime and pokemon cards should also
be left at home.

Contact Darwin Vasco or Lynette Rosado for all issues related to pupil transportation. A metrocard or
yellow bus service is available to enrolled children who meet eligibility requirements. Please contact the
administration for the eligibility requirements and schedules.

A child should never be taken out of school for vacation, recreational and/or leisure purposes except
during DOE-designated vacation times.

                            HOW TO STAY INFORMED
Through the Parent Teacher Association
The PS41 Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is made up of every parent, every guardian and every
teacher at PS41. The PTA is a vital part of the PS41 community, connecting parents with the school.
Funds raised by the PTA provide many of the enrichment programs that benefit all the students at PS41
including: dance, art, chess, music, lower school science, and the enrichment and intervention staff.

        Read the PTA Weekly Bulletin
        PTA bulletins are sent by email every week to keep you informed of everything from Back to
        School Night and parent workshops, to school events, volunteer opportunities, and PTA
        meetings. Being up-to-date on school events and activities will enhance your child’s daily
        experience at school. In the spirit of the school’s green initiative, most PTA communication is
        sent via email only. Emails are sent using the email addresses you provide on the class lists.

        Attend the PTA Meetings
        PTA general meetings are held ten times a year, are open to all parents, and are an excellent
        way to keep up with what’s happening. PTA general meetings are announced on the website homepage and in the weekly email bulletins; they are also posted on the
        calendar for the entire year. If you are unable to attend the PTA meetings, you may also log on
        to the website to read the minutes.

        For an ongoing and productive dialogue with community members, the administration and the
        PTA need the in-person participation of parents at the general meetings. The principal of PS41,
        Kelly Shannon, typically speaks at every meeting. Hearing Principal Shannon speak at each
        meeting is an efficient way to stay informed about the varied school-related issues and about
        our children’s education.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                     22
If a parent has a specific issue that he or she would like discussed at a general meeting, please
        inform the PTA Co-Presidents or Co-Recording Secretaries at before the meeting,
        so that the issue may be placed on the agenda.

Visit the PS41 Website is the central clearing house for all information pertaining to PS41. On this website, you
can find out what's for lunch, the school vacation schedule, and much more.

It is important that every family has at least one account. Your child’s teachers may use this account to
post important information throughout the school year. We will also post photos from events on the
website. New families will receive information about setting up an account at the beginning of the year.
Returning families may use the ‘Forgot Password’ link at the top-right of if you have
forgotten your login credentials.

Parent Coordinator
In addition to the bulletins sent by the PTA, vital school-related, DOE, and grade-specific information is
sent via email by our Parent Coordinator Michele Farinet. Make sure that she has your most current
email address.

                               HOW TO GET INVOLVED
There are many ways to be an active member of the PS41 community including but not limited to:
attending PTA meetings, running for the PTA Executive Board or the SLT, volunteering at and supporting
school events, attending PS41 events and parties, joining your child for Family Mornings, donating
materials for your child’s classroom, and fundraising.

PTA Executive Board
The PTA Executive Board is a group of parent volunteers, elected yearly in the spring, who govern the
PTA according to its accepted bylaws. The PTA Exec Board works with the PS41 community to support
the vision of the school through fundraising and the implementation of programs and initiatives. For
more information, stop by the PTA office or email

Family Giving Campaign
The PTA supplements PS41’s DOE budget by more than $1,100 per student. This money helps pay for
important elements of student life at PS41: science, dance, art, chess, and music. It also pays for the
very supportive enrichment and intervention staff that promote a safe and supportive school day.

The Family Giving Campaign is the most direct and efficient way to support these programs, as there are
no costs associated with this campaign. In light of years of significant cuts to the school DOE budget, the
PTA is striving for 100% participation in this drive and a suggested $850 donation per child.

Please give what you can--every dollar is very helpful, so no donation is too small. Please remember to
speak to your employer, as many employers have matching funds.

The PTA is a 501c(3) organization so your donation is tax-deductible.

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                      23
To give:
    ● Go to the PS41 PTA Portal. Once you are in the portal, click on ‘Family Giving Form 2019-2020’
         to give right away by echeck or credit card.
    ● Or print the form, pay by check, and drop it off in the PTA office.

PTA Events and Fundraising
Each year the PTA organizes numerous volunteer-run community-building and fundraising events like
Monster Mash, Winter Wonderland, the Book Fair and much more. For parents-only, there are the Fall
Fling, the Spring Fling, and the Annual Auction and Gala. Your support of these and other events
generates important income for the PTA and ultimately benefits all students at PS41.

PTA Office
The PTA office is located in room 101 on the main floor and is open most mornings. Please stop by with
any questions and to learn more about what the PTA does and how you can help. Event specific flyers
and newsletters can be found in the wire racks outside the PTA office. There are also designated
mailboxes for returning forms. The PTA office can be reached directly at 212-741-1099 or at

Class Parents
Every class has two class parents. Class parents are expected to attend the PTA general meetings, send
class-specific emails to the parents, volunteer at school events, organize class gifts, and create the class
yearbook tribute and auction project

School Leadership Team (SLT)
The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group that is mandated by state law to play a significant role as an
advisory panel in representing the school community. The SLT consists of 10 representatives. Parents
and educators are equally represented. The Principal, Assistant Principal, United Federation of Teachers
(UFT) Representative/Designee, and PTA President are automatically granted positions on the team.
There are annual elections for the parent representative positions.

The SLT helps create structures for school-based decision making, develops school-based educational
policies, and ensures resources are aligned to implement those policies. The School Leadership Team
writes and reviews the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP).

Go to to find out more about the School Leadership Team and how to participate.

41Cares is a community service action committee founded and run by PS41 parents. The committee
designs and organizes community service and outreach programs on a school, local, national and
international level. Canned food drives, coat drives, book drives and letters to service members serving
overseas are just some of the many programs organized by 41Cares. Even the youngest members of the
school community learn that they can contribute to society, help those in need, and make the world a
better place. For more information about 41Cares, to volunteer, or to get on the mailing list, please

PS41 Family Handbook 2019-2020                       24
You can also read