ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council

ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council
ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council
ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council

Executive summary.............................................................................................. 1
Background........................................................................................................... 3
Law/Guidelines..................................................................................................... 5
Organisational structure..................................................................................... 6
Revenue.................................................................................................................. 7
Management of dogs........................................................................................... 9
Management of cats.......................................................................................... 11
Objectives/Strategies/Measures (KPI)
     Business operations..................................................................................... 13
     Dog management......................................................................................... 16
     Cat management.......................................................................................... 22
By-laws................................................................................................................. 25
Related documents........................................................................................... 26
ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council
ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council
City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022


The City of Tea Tree Gully (the City) is located in    The key objectives of the plan are to:
Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs, and covers around    • Increase public safety so people and pets can
95km . It has approximately 99,000 residents, 38,000     integrate safely and harmoniously within the
residential properties and 18,000 registered dogs.       community

Council has under its ownership or control             • Create an environment that encourages
                                                         responsible pet ownership
approximately 950 hectares of publicly accessible
open space.                                            • Recognise that companion animals are part of the
                                                         community and contribute towards the overall
The Animal Management Plan has been prepared by          quality of life
Council staff in accordance with section 26A of the    • Reduce public and environmental nuisances from
Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 and was adopted          dogs and cats
by Council on 14 November 2017.                        • Ensure Council delivers effective, efficient and
This plan provides a sound basis and direction for       innovative dog and cat management services.
Council to make future decisions to meet the needs     This Animal Management Plan is not a stand-alone
of the community for the next five years. The focus    document. Its objectives and Council’s role in
will be on promoting and facilitating responsible      relation to them have been created with reference to
                                                       Council’s Strategic Plan 2020.
ownership of dogs and cats, animal welfare and
the benefits of animal companionship. There will       Dog and cat control and management (including
                                                       registration of dogs, recovery and management of
be an emphasis on information sharing and public
                                                       stray dogs and cats, investigation and management
education programs to ensure our community             of dog attacks) are services that have a clear
recognises their individual responsibilities when it   relationship to the key theme of “Healthy and Safe”
comes to pet ownership.                                in the Strategic Plan.

ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council
City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022


In 2001 Council adopted its first Animal Management       • Education of the community about dog
Plan (the Plan) and in 2007 our second plan was             ownership and dog behaviour.
endorsed, addressing the needs of both owners and
non-owners of pets within the City for the five-year      Purpose
period 2007–2012.                                         The objectives of the Dog and Cat Management Act
The third plan, from 2013–2018, integrated                1995 are:
the developing expertise in domestic animal               (a) to encourage responsible dog and cat
management Australia-wide with Council’s own                  ownership
investigations and experiences.
                                                          (b) to reduce public and environmental nuisance
The Plan (2018–2022) covers issues associated with            caused by dogs and cats
dog and cat management, including:                        (c) to promote the effective management of dogs
• Dog registration (including discounts for                   and cats.
  concession card holders, therapy dogs, working          While the Act provides the legal framework for
  dogs, etc.)                                             Council’s responsibilities and the penalties that
• Cat registration (not currently applicable)             can be imposed on dog and cat owners for non-
                                                          compliance, this Animal Management Plan seeks
• Arrangements for the detention of seized dogs
                                                          to implement a balanced approach, incorporating
  and cats
                                                          the needs of pet owners and their animals as well
• Services available from Council (cat traps,             as recognising the differing needs of the wider
  microchip scanning)                                     community, such as non-pet owners and those
• By-laws                                                 responsible in other ways for animal management.
• Partnerships established with community                 The vision for this Animal Management Plan is to
  organisations                                           assist Council to:
• Mandatory microchip identification                      • Create an environment which encourages
                                                            responsible pet ownership, where people and
• Mandatory desexing                                        pets integrate safely and harmoniously within the
• Responsible dog ownership                                 City of Tea Tree Gully community

ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council
City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

• Recognise that companion animals are part of         Statistics
  the community and contribute towards overall
  quality of life                                      From 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 Council
                                                       recorded the following figures in relation to animal
• Ensure that the needs of animals and their           management activities:
  owners are accommodated while, recognising the
  differing needs of all members of the community,     Barking dog complaints                                302
  such as non-pet owners.                              Dog harassments involving people                       24
                                                       Dog harassments involving animals                      17
This vision will be achieved by the development and
implementation of strategies and actions as detailed   Dog attacks on people                                  34
later in this plan.                                    Dog attacks on animals                                 70
                                                       Dogs wandering (that aren't impounded)                408
                                                       Dogs impounded                                        455
                                                       Dogs collected and returned to owner                  425
                                                       Expiation notices issued                            1,760
                                                       Cat complaints                                         19
                                                       Dogs registered                                    18,095

ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council
City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022


The responsibilities for dog and cat management           The Act also provides for the appointment of a
in South Australia are prescribed in the Dog and Cat      Dog and Cat Management Board. The Board is
                                                          responsible for planning, promoting and advising
Management Act 1995 (the Act) as well as the Dog
                                                          on the effective management of dogs and cats
and Cat Management Regulations 2017. Section 26,          throughout South Australia, as well as overseeing
“Council responsibility for the management of dogs        the administrative provisions of the Act relating to
and cats”, outlines civic responsibilities that include   dogs and cats.
the appointment of a Registrar of Dogs, maintenance       Our aim is to cater for all stakeholder needs, and
                                                          this will benefit not only dogs, cats and their owners
of a dog register, the appointment of at least one
                                                          as a group with legitimate needs, but also the
authorised person to make arrangements for dogs           wider community and those responsible for animal
and cats seized, to fulfil other obligations under the    management and enforcing the Act.
Act. A council is also able to make by-laws relating to   The role of the Registrar of Dogs has been delegated
the management of dogs and cats within its area.          to Council’s Manager Community Safety.

ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council
City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022


                                     Chief Executive Officer
                                           John Moyle

                                  Director Community & Cultural                  Responsible portfolio
                                           Development                           Community & Cultural
                                            Carol Neil                              Development

                                   Manager Community Safety
                                          Craig Hickman

   Team Leader Compliance
                                                                     Team Leader General Inspectors
                                                                                 Chris Buckley
         Kaye O'Rielly

Compliance Administration Staff                                              General Inspectors
              5                                                                         6

ANIMAL MANAGEMENT PLAN 2018-2022 - Tea Tree Gully Council
City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022


The City of Tea Tree Gully is currently required to       Non-standard (full fee) applies to all other kinds of
contribute 20 per cent of revenue raised through dog      dogs, even if they are exempt from the requirement
registration fees to the Dog and Cat Management           to desex or microchip (such as dogs belonging to
Board (DCMB). This contribution will increase to 24       registered breeders, working livestock dogs, etc.).
                                                          The current non-standard registration fee is $70.
per cent for the 2018–2019 dog registration year.
                                                          Council offers additional discretionary registration
Each financial year Council must provide a                fee rebates that are not mandated by the Act: for
statement to DCMB that determines the dollar              example concession card holders, working livestock
amount of the contribution to be made. This               dogs, microchipped only, desexed only, trained dogs
statement must be supported by documentation of           or racing greyhounds.
income and expenditure, which is audited to confirm       Expiation fees apply for the keeping of unregistered
compliance with Council’s obligations under the Act.      dogs, so it is important that dog owners renew their
                                                          registrations before 31 August annually. A late fee is
Dog registration                                          applied to dogs re-registered after 31 August.
Council sets its dog registration fees each year. The     Council maintains a register containing the
fee structure is available within Council’s Fees and      information relating to dogs and cats registered in its
Charges Register and is available for viewing on          area and makes this register available for inspection
Council’s website:                        by members of the public. Arrangements have
                                                          been made for issuing and replacing certificates of
The DCMB requires all councils to offer two               registration and registration discs.
mandatory registration fee categories for 2017–2018.
                                                          Other revenue
Standard (mandatory legislated rebate)
                                                          Council also collects fees under section 26 of the Dog
applies only to a dog that is both desexed and
                                                          and Cat Management Act 1995, including fees for the
microchipped. Councils are required to provide a          provision of extracts from registers kept under the
mandatory 50 per cent rebate off the ‘non-standard’       Act, the registration of dogs or businesses, and for
fee for a ‘standard’ dog registration. The current        meeting any other requirement imposed on councils
standard registration fee is $35.                         under the Act.

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Council receives other revenue from:
• Expiations issued
• Late payment of dog registration fees
• Impounding fees
• Permits issued in relation to keeping more than
  two dogs on the property
• Dog training (obedience)
• Dangerous dog collars and signs.
The DCMB monitors Council’s administration of the
Act to ensure that all money received under the
Act is expended in administration or enforcement
activities related to the management of dogs and

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022


Detention arrangements for seized                         Recent additions include:

dogs                                                      • Emergency lighting inside and outside
Council’s dog pound is located at our Works Depot         • Isolated fenced area with automatic sliding gate
at St Agnes and has provisions for the housing of            that is used for delivering dangerous dogs and
dogs and cats that have been impounded or seized
                                                             exercising dogs
by authorised officers. The pound:
                                                          • Entry door at rear of pound that is accessible from
• Is climate controlled
                                                             the isolated area.
• Can accommodate 19 dogs
                                                          When a dog is found wandering at large and is
• Has 10 inside pens, plus an isolation pen for sick
    dogs, and eight outside pens with non-slip floor      seized, our Authorised Persons make every effort to

    coating. All have the ability to isolate unfriendly   identify owners by checking the dog for a microchip
    dogs                                                  or any other visible identification. If the owner can

• Has four holding pens for other animals, such as        be identified they will be contacted and reunited
    cats, chickens, etc.                                  with their pet as soon as possible. If the owner

• Is fitted with smoke alarms and a fire exit door        cannot be located immediately, a photo of the dog
                                                          will be uploaded to our website and details added to
• Has a landline phone, computers, EFTPOS
    facilities, microchip readers and a secure access     the impounded dog register that is displayed at the
    card reader for better security                       Civic Centre. If an owner cannot be found, the dog

• Provides dogs with beds, food and environment-          will be held at the pound for a period of 72 hours,
    enrichment toys to keep them happy during their       after which time the dog will be surrendered to the
    stay.                                                 Animal Welfare League.

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Microchipping and desexing of dogs
It is a requirement of the Act that dog owners
microchip their dog prior to 1 July 2018. All dogs
being sold must be microchipped before they reach
12 weeks of age or within 28 days of the owner
taking possession of the dog.
The Act requires dogs to be desexed before they
reach six months of age or within 28 days of the
owner taking possession of the dog, and that dogs
must be desexed by a registered veterinary surgeon.
Owners will not be required to desex dogs born
before 1 July 2018; however, Council will encourage
this to be undertaken.

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022


Effective management of cat-related issues is                                    commencement and completion of the program.
dependent on positively identifying the nuisance cat                             A range of options exist for the management of
and the associated reasons for the issue(s), followed                            nuisance cats, which are set out in various acts.
by determining the ownership of the cat. It is the                               These options will be considered by Authorised
obligation of cat owners to ensure that their cat(s)                             Persons in accordance with the Cat Management
can be identified, in order to reduce the impact that                            Policy when considering cat management requests.
nuisance cats have on the community.
                                                                                 Support for residents in managing
Council will:
                                                                                 nuisance cats
• Assess all complaints received about cats (except
  anonymous complaints) and respond accordingly                                  Council provides free cat cages for hire (deposit
                                                                                 required and subject to availability).
• Ensure their officers are delegated with the
  appropriate authority to exercise powers                                       Identified cats
  associated with the control and removal of cats                                If a person traps a cat that has identification1 or a
• Scan all trapped cats for microchip identification                             microchip that can be read, the cat will be deemed
                                                                                 as identified. An Authorised Person will be available
• Provide cat management services in accordance
                                                                                 during office hours to scan the cat for microchip
  with our Cat Management Policy during Council
                                                                                 identification. When a person traps an identified
  business hours only.
                                                                                 cat, they should release it immediately, unharmed,
Prior to Council undertaking any authorised                                      near the location where it was captured or return it
program of trapping nuisance cats (including where                               to the owner. It is a condition of the hire of cat cages
the process is managed by residents through the                                  and a requirement for Council to take action, that if
hiring of cages), Council will, as a minimum, provide                            complainants know the owner or origin of a trapped
written advice to adjoining properties detailing the                             cat, they must share this information with Council.

1Under these circumstances, ‘identification’ refers to a collar around the cat’s neck and/or a tag attached to the collar that is marked with the current

address and telephone number of the owner or other person entitled to possession of the cat.

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Unidentified cats                                                                   The Act requires cats to be desexed before they
                                                                                    reach six months of age or within 28 days of the
Where a person traps (i.e. seizes) an unidentified                                  owner taking possession of the cat, and that cats
cat, under section 64(e2) of the Dog and Cat                                        must be desexed by a registered veterinary surgeon.
Management Act 1995 the person should within                                        Owners will not be required to desex cats born
12 hours deliver the cat to a Council officer or a                                  before 1 July 2018; however, Council will encourage
specified facility for the care of cats2.                                           this to be undertaken.
If an Authorised Person is required to seize the
trapped cat a fee will apply, as Council is charged a
fee by the two specified facilities for the care of cats.
Council’s pound has holding pens suitable for cats.
After every reasonable effort to find the owner has
been exhausted, Council staff will photograph the
cat and then deliver it to the Animal Welfare League
(AWL) or Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals (RSPCA).

All general inspectors of Council are also Authorised
Persons, who are responsible for responding to
customer requests about cats during Council
business hours.

Microchipping and desexing of cats
It is a requirement of the Act that cat owners
microchip their cat prior to 1 July 2018. All cats being
sold must be microchipped before they reach 12
weeks of age or within 28 days of the owner taking
possession of the cat.

2A “specified facility for the care of cats” includes the   Animal Welfare League of South Australia or the RSPCA.

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022


Tea Tree Gully Council has developed a wide range of objectives and strategies to facilitate domestic animal
management. These objectives and strategies will ensure that objectives of the Act are met, provide effective
management services and promote responsible animal management practices. Community Safety staff will
submit an annual information report to Council on the performance against measures identified in the Animal
Management Plan in November of each year commencing in 2018.
The first year of the plan will be used to set benchmark target measures to assess the plan’s effectiveness in
future years.

Business operations
Responsible pet ownership
Educate and inform          • Promote Council services to ensure residents and         • Link to GoodDogSA
the community on              the community are aware of Council’s role and              and GoodCatSA
responsible pet               responsibilities and the services provided                 websites and
ownership and their         • Publicise information and educational materials            Facebook pages on
rights and responsibilities   for residents, who may be owners or non-owners of          Council’s website
                              dogs and/or cats                                         • By the end of this
                                • Use social media to improve information and            plan 70 per cent
                                  communication for dog and cat management               of dog owners are
                                                                                         aware of their basic
                                • Provide links to other relevant agencies and web       dog ownership
                                  pages to promote dog and cat information               responsibilities as
                                • Promote the benefits of owning pets                    measured via a survey
                                • Ensure new and prospective dog and cat owners are
                                  aware of their responsibilities

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Objective                  Strategies                                                  Measures
Educate and inform          • Provide information to prospective pet owners to
the community on              help them choose a dog breed appropriate to their
responsible pet               current/future lifestyle
ownership and their         • Promote the advantages of desexing, microchipping
rights and responsibilities   and training for dogs
                           • Partner with our Library to deliver a school holiday
                             program related to responsible dog ownership
                           • Promote the GoodDogSA and GoodCatSA websites
                             and Facebook as an option for further information

Authorised persons
Authorised Persons        • Authorised Persons are provided with Safe Work             Reduction in the number
are provided with the       procedures and equipment that allows them to               of accident and incident
relevant safety equipment   work safely                                                reports relating to the
to ensure Council’s       • Authorised Persons are provided with ‘Lone worker          activities of Council’s
work health and safety      protection monitoring devices’ when working alone          Authorised Persons
obligations are met
                          • Authorised Persons are provided with material safety
                            data sheets for all products used in their duties (e.g.
                            cleaning the dog pound)

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Objective                       Strategies                                                Measures
Provide Authorised        • Promote the role of Authorised Persons and ensure • Type and number
Persons acting under the    they actively promote responsible pet ownership     of training sessions
Dog and Cat Management      and education of pet owners                         attended by
Act 1995 with appropriate • Provide Authorised Persons with professional        Authorsied Person
training                    development, education and training opportunities • Membership numbers
                            suited to their roles                               of industry peak
                          • Promote and encourage Authorised Persons to join    bodies is 100 per cent
                            relevant professional organisations                 by 2022

                                • Review skills of Authorised Persons to identify areas   • All Authorised
                                  where additional training would be of benefit to          Persons attend at
                                  other staff and Council                                   least one professional
                                                                                            networking meeting
                                • Review training options regularly to ensure they are      annually
                                  relevant and up to date

Encourage and support    Utilise effective IT solutions to improve processes and          Conduct regular
the continuous           customer service                                                 performance reviews
professional development
of Authorised Persons

Access to procedures
Ensure that Authorised    Ensure that standard operating procedures are                   Standard operating
Persons enforce and       developed for dealing with dog and cat matters                  procedures are
operate within the                                                                        developed and made
provisions of the Dog and                                                                 accessible for all
Cat Management Act 1995                                                                   Authorised Persons by
                                                                                          August 2018

                                • Review standard operating procedures regularly          • Standard operating
                                  and implement changes as part of a continuous             procedures are
                                  improvement program                                       reviewed and updated
                                • Develop a procedure manual for use by Authorised          every two years
                                  Persons                                                 • Procedure manual
                                                                                            is provided and

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Emergency animal management
Provide a 24-hour, after Authorised Persons attend to reports of aggressive            Dog management
hours emergency call out dogs, dog attacks and dogs detained for collection            services are available
service for dog-related  outside of Council business hours                             to residents outside of
matters                                                                                Council's core business

Minimise the impact of an • Highlight the importance of emergency                      • Council provides
emergency or disaster on    management plans for pet owners and boarding                 rural residents and
the animal population of    kennels and catteries in rural and bushfire-prone            businesses with
the City                    areas                                                        annual reminder to
                          • Encourage animal owners in high-risk areas to                update emergency
                            consider their pets as part of their Bushfire Survival       management plans
                            Plan                                                • Guidelines are
                          • Develop guidelines to help animal owners to plan      available on Council’s
                            for the care and management of their pets before an   website
                            emergency occurs
                          • Provide relevant advice, information and resources
                            through Council’s website

Dog training/obedience
Maintain a Council-       Promote Council’s dog training school, which is              • Information on
funded dog obedience      operated at a suitable location within the City and run        Council's dog
program and encourage     by volunteers                                                  training programs is
dog owners to socialise                                                                  disseminated to the
and train their dogs                                                                     community
                                                                                       • Increase in the
                                                                                         number of dog owners
                                                                                         eligible to claim
                                                                                         the dog registration
                                                                                         training concession
                                                                                       • Increased number
                                                                                         of dogs attending
                                                                                         Council's dog
                                                                                         obedience school

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Dog management
Registration and identification
Increase/maintain the           • Send annual renewal notices and ID tags to all          • Council dog
number of registered              previously registered dogs                                registrations do not
dogs in the City                • Provide an effective and efficient service for people     vary by more than 5%
                                  renewing their dog registration                           on a year to year basis

                                • Ensure all current and new dog registrations are
                                  kept up to date
                                • Educate the community about the importance and
                                  requirement for registration and identification of
                                • Advertise the convenience of our online registration
                                  payment options to encourage compliance
                                • Offer registration rebates for concession card
                                  holders, and for desexing, microchipping and
                                • Offer free registration during June for new dogs
                                • Provide information about dog registration on
                                  Council’s website
                                • Promote dog registration using roadside signage,
                                  digital signage, social media, Gully Grapevine and
                                  local newspaper notices
                                • Educate dog owners about the Council by-law
                                  limiting dog numbers on properties

Enforce the legal               • Issue expiation notices to owners if dogs are        • Council conducts an
requirements of                   unregistered when they are impounded                   annual door knock
identification and              • Conduct annual door knocks to identify dog             program to check for
registration                      registrations that have not been renewed or identify   dogs that have not
                                  homes where there are unregistered dogs                been registered from
                                                                                         the previous year
                                • Encourage residents to register prior to the door
                                  knock by placing an advance notice in the local      • Council conducts a
                                  newspaper                                              minimum of 3 whole
                                                                                         of suburb door knocks
                                • Provide free registration for the month of June each
                                  year for the remainder of the current year

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Mandatory microchip identification
Educate residents         • Mail out information about mandatory                     • Increase in the
about the mandatory         microchipping with dog/cat registration renewals           number of times
microchipping             • Use Council website and social media to post               educational
requirements                information about mandatory microchipping                  information is
                          • Place notices in local newspaper and Gully
                            Grapevine about the microchipping requirements           • Increase in the
                                                                                       number of different
                                                                                       formats used to
                                                                                       distribute information

Increase in the proportion • Host discount microchipping days                    • Increase in the
of microchipped dogs       • Negotiate discount microchipping with local vets      number of dogs/cats
and cats in the local        (partially subsidised by Council)                     microchipped at a
Council area                                                                       Council-facilitated
                           • Promote microchipping requirements with posters,      microchipping day or
                             flyers, digital signage, roadside signage at dog      other promotion
                             obedience school, local newspaper, Gully Grapevine,
                             vets and places likely to be visited by dog and cat • Increase in
                             owners                                                the number of
                                                                                   microchipped dogs
                           • Promote registration rebates for microchipped dogs    registered in the City
                           • Send emails to dog owners whose dogs are not
                             microchipped to advise of requirements and options

Enforce compliance        • If an un-microchipped dog is impounded, the owner • Decrease in the
with the mandatory          is advised that they are required to microchip their  number of non-
microchipping               dog                                                   microchipped dogs
requirements              • After 1 July 2018 expiation notices will be issued to and cats arriving at
                            owners whose dogs and cats are not microchipped       Council’s pound

Mandatory desexing
Educate residents about   • Include information about mandatory desexing with • Increase in the
mandatory desexing          registration renewals                                number of times
requirements              • Use Council website and social media to post         educational
                            information about mandatory desexing                 information is
                          • Promote desexing requirements with posters, flyers,
                            digital signage, roadside signage at dog obedience • Increase in the
                            school, local newspaper, Gully Grapevine, vets and   number of different
                            places likely to be visited by dog and cat owners    formats used to
                                                                                 distribute information
                          • Promote registration rebates for desexed dogs

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Objective                       Strategies                                             Measures
Increase the proportion of • Develop partnerships with local vets to offer             • Increase in the
desexed dogs and cats in     discounted desexing                                         percentage of
the City                   • Include information about the National Desexing             desexed dogs that are
                             Network (NDN) on Council’s website                          registered

                                • Promote the NDNs National Desexing Month in July     • High proportion of all
                                                                                         dogs (born after 1 July
                                                                                         2018) are desexed
                                                                                       • Reduction in the
                                                                                         number of dogs
                                                                                         registered in the ‘non-
                                                                                         standard’ registration

Monitor compliance with         • Enforce the ‘standard dog’ registration rebate by    • Reduction in the
the mandatory desexing            requiring proof of desexing for the rebate             number of breeders
requirement                     • Follow up new dog registrations where the dog is       identified as non-
                                  registered and is not desexed                          compliant with
                                                                                         breeder registration
                                                                                       • Increase in the
                                                                                         number of desexed

Breeder registration
Educate residents about         Communicate with registered ‘kennel establishments’    Reduction in the number
breeder registration            and breeding businesses advising they need to be       of breeders identified
requirements                    registered as a breeder with the DCMB by 1 July 2018   as non-compliant with
                                                                                       breeder registration

Enforce compliance with         • Monitor adverts in local newspapers and local        Reduction in the number
the breeder registration          websites to check if dog and cat advertisements      of breeders identified
requirements                      include breeder registration numbers                 as non-compliant with
                                                                                       breeder registration

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Wandering at large
Objective                 Strategies                                                  Measures
Reduce the number of      • Inform the community (social media and other              • Number of events/
dogs found wandering at     methods) about events that may cause dogs to                warnings posted to
large                       wander (e.g. fireworks, severe weather, etc.)               social media
                          • Educate property owners on the requirement to             • Reduction in the
                            have adequate fencing to contain dogs                       number of dogs found
                          • Educate the community on safe practices when                wandering at large
                            walking dogs in public places                             • Reduction in the
                          • Ensure all dogs are registered and identified to            number of dogs
                            enable safe return to their owners                          impounded

                          • Ensure 'on-leash' areas are adequately signed          • Reduction in the
                                                                                     number of complaints
                          • Display rules at dog parks regarding effective control   about wandering dogs
                                                                                      • Reduction in the
                                                                                        number of complaints
                                                                                        about dogs not
                                                                                        'on-leash' or under
                                                                                        effective control
                                                                                      • SMS option is
                                                                                        available for use
                                                                                        to inform the
                                                                                        owners about events

Nuisance barking
Objective                 Strategies                                                  Measures
Reduce the impact of      • Educate the community about dealing with a                • Reduction in the
barking dogs in the         nuisance barking dog in the neighbourhood                   number of complaints
community                   (e.g. Council’s investigation process)                      received
                          • Provide education to dog owners regarding                 • Increase the number
                            nuisance barking offering suggestions to reduce or          of methods used to
                            redirect unwanted behaviour in their dogs                   distribute information,
                          • Investigate nuisance barking complaints using               e.g. website, social
                            Council’s standard operating procedure                      media, local paper,
                                                                                        Gully Grapevine, at
                                                                                        Civic Centre, local
                                                                                        vets, dog clubs

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Dog incidents (attack/harassment)
Objective                       Strategies                                                Measures
Minimise the risk of            • Provide advice to dog owners on dog behaviour,      • Reduction in the
dog attack/harassment             what to do when they are approached by a dog they     number of dog attack/
incidents in the City             are unfamiliar with, or a dog presenting aggressive   harassment incidents
                                  behaviour                                             that occur over time
                                • Advise dog owners that no matter what the size or       • Reduction in the
                                  breed of the dog, all dogs have the ability to bite       number of repeat
                                • Encourage dog owners to socialise and train their         offenders through the
                                  dogs at recognised dog obedience schools                  use of control orders

                                • Fully investigate dog incidents reported to Council    • Link to GoodDogSA
                                  within agreed time frames                                and GoodCatSA
                                                                                           websites and
                                • Use control orders as a tool to prevent re-offending     Facebook pages on
                                • Require owners to attend training with their dog(s) if   Council’s website
                                  a control order is issued
                                • Offer a registration rebate for dogs that are trained
                                  to level two or above
                                • Analyse collected dog attack data; identify any
                                  trends or common factors and revise management
                                  strategies where appropriate

Public safety/dogs in public places
Objective                       Strategies                                                Measures
Provide areas of open           • Educate the community on safe practices when            • Reduction in the
space within the City             walking their dogs in public places                       number of dog
where dogs can be               • Consider requests for new 'on-leash' or 'off-leash'       incidents that occur in
exercised 'off-leash',            dog exercise areas                                        public open space
'on-leash', as well as
areas where dogs are            • Regularly inform owners of leash provisions through • Increase the total
                                  website or media articles                                number of signs
prohibited in the interests                                                                erected and number
of the health and safety of     • Erection of signage in all 'off-leash', leash required   of different locations
the public                        and 'dogs-prohibited' areas                              where the signs have
                                • Undertake regular reviews of open space in the City      been installed
                                  available for the exercise of dogs 'off-leash'         • Conduct a review of
                                                                                           existing 'off-leash',
                                                                                           'on-leash' and
                                                                                           areas and identify
                                                                                           and implement
                                                                                           any recommended

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Exercise and socialisation
Educate the community        • Maintain and promote the City’s dog-friendly parks      • Conduct twice-yearly
on the availability of       • Promote the benefits of training and socialising dogs     education through
suitable areas provided                                                                  multiple media
for exercising their dogs    • Erect signage in all dog exercise areas advertising       sources
and the importance of          conditions of use, facilities available, etc.
                                                                                       • Increase number of
socialising their pets       • Undertake periodic reviews of 'off-leash' dog             visits to dog parks by
                               exercise areas, regarding suitability and effectiveness   General Inspectors
                               of facilities
                                                                                       • Conduct a quarterly
                                                                                         review of dog park

Impounding and pound facilities
Operate and maintain         • Ensure best practice management is followed for the • All impounded dogs
Council's dog pound to a       care and transport of seized animals                  are kept in a safe
high standard of safety      • Ensure the equipment in the pound is maintained to    environment
                               a high standard                                           • Workplace safety
                             • Provide the impounded dogs with beds and                    review conducted
                               environment enrichment toys, food and exercise              quarterly
                               during their stay

Facilitate the prompt        • Educate dog owners about what happens when                • 75 percent of
return of animals to their     their dog is impounded and the associated costs             impounded dogs are
owners                       • Maintain a daily register of impounded dogs and             reunited with their
                               ensure photographs of the dogs can be viewed on             owners as soon as
                               Council's website                                           possible

                             • Ensure that unclaimed dogs are held for at least          • Reduction in the
                               72 hours and that unclaimed dogs are surrendered            number of animals
                               to the Animal Welfare League                                that need to be

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Dog faeces management
Maintain a hygienic             • Educate the community about the responsibilities        • Reduction in numbers
outdoor environment               of dog owners to remove animal faeces from public         of complaints received
for all members of the            places                                                    about dog faeces
community                       • Educate dog owners about the correct way to             • Increase the total
                                  dispose of dog faeces collected on their properties       number of signs
                                • Determine sites where dog faeces is a problem and         erected and number
                                  erect appropriate signage                                 of different locations
                                                                                            where the signs are
                                • Install dog tidy bag dispensers and waste bins in         installed
                                  locations that have been identified as high-use areas

Cat management
Detention of seized/impounded cats
Nominate a facility where • Hire out cat traps to the community so that residents • All cat cage hirers
seized or impounded cats    may capture wondering cats and deliver them to an       provided with
may be delivered            appropriate facility                                    information on
                          • Inform the community where they can deliver             Council's Cat
                            unidentified cats when they are caught as part of the   Management Policy
                            hire process                                            prior to cage hire
                                                                                          • Ensure Council's
                                                                                            website provides
                                                                                            information on
                                                                                            nominated facilities

Nuisance cats
Provide animal                  • Assist residents where practical in the management      • Cat Management
management services               of nuisance cats                                          Policy reviewed every
that meet the needs             • Conduct regular reviews of Council’s Cat                  three years
of the community and              Management Policy                                       • An increased number
encourage responsible                                                                       of customer requests
cat ownership                                                                               is dealt with in relation
                                                                                            to cat management

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022


Council first endorsed the Dogs By-law 4 in 2008. By-law 4 gives the Council
the ability to manage and control dogs and their access to open space under
its ownership or control within its Council area.

Limit on dog numbers                                      On-leash areas –
The limit on the number of dogs kept on properties
is specified in the By-law. In a small property the       In all specified reserves with playgrounds, in all flora
limit is one dog and in premises other than a small       and fauna reserves, in wetland areas, and in Dry
property, the limit is two dogs. Permission is required   Creek and in the Linear Park (except in certain areas),
to keep any dog on any premises if the number of          dogs must be exercised 'on-leash'.
dogs on the premises exceeds the limit.                   Dog-prohibited areas –
Use of open space areas for dogs                

Off-leash areas –                                         Dogs are prohibited from being exercised on                  specified sporting playing surfaces. They may
                                                          be exercised 'on-leash' in areas immediately
Council has some designated dog parks and some            surrounding playing fields.
sections of Dry Creek and Linear Park have been
allocated for exercising dogs 'off-leash'.

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022


Council’s Strategic Plan
Emergency Management Plan
Business Continuity Plan
By-law 4
Enforcement Policy
Cat Management Policy

City of Tea Tree Gully Animal Management Plan 2018–2022

Endorsed by Council					                      14 November 2017
Endorsed by Dog & Cat Management Board		      15 November 2017
Commencement date					1 January 2018
Review date						May 2022

Portfolio			              Community and Cultural Development
Responsible Director		    Carol Neil
Department			Community Safety
Responsible Officer		     Craig Hickman, Manager Community Safety
571 Montague Road, Modbury 5092
    PO Box 571, Modbury 5092
     Telephone 08 8397 7444

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