Appointment of Vice-Principal Candidate Information Pack - MONEYMORE PRIMARY SCHOOL NORTHLAND DRIVE

Appointment of Vice-Principal Candidate Information Pack - MONEYMORE PRIMARY SCHOOL NORTHLAND DRIVE
Job Ref: V19008


       Appointment of

              Group 2

   Leadership Scale Points L4 to L9
   (£41,562 to £47,020 per annum)

Candidate Information Pack
Appointment of Vice-Principal Candidate Information Pack - MONEYMORE PRIMARY SCHOOL NORTHLAND DRIVE

Section 1   Background and Context

Section 2   Information regarding the School

Section 3   Job Description

Section 4   Person Specification

Section 5   Selection Process Timetable

Section 6   Candidate Information
Section 1 - Background and Context

The Education Authority (EA) wants every child to have an outstanding education. The EA was established
under the Education Act (Northern Ireland) 2014 and became operational on 1 April 2015. It is a non-
departmental public body sponsored by the Department of Education and the Department for the

The EA is responsible for ensuring that high quality primary and secondary education services are available
to meet the needs of children and young people, and for support for the provision of efficient and effective
youth services. These services were previously delivered by five Education and Library Boards (ELBs). The
organisation employs over 39,000 people across Northern Ireland in a wide variety of roles including
teachers in controlled schools, school-based support staff and staff in administrative headquarters.

The work we do impacts the lives of tens of thousands of children, young people and their families every
day. The services we provide are essential in supporting, encouraging and facilitating learning within our
communities to develop generations of young people who are equipped to succeed in life and work in the
modern world. As a public sector organisation, we must continue to deliver these vital services in a
challenging environment of increasing financial pressure and under intense public scrutiny.

Section 2 - Information regarding the School


Location details:
Moneymore Primary School and Nursery Unit is a co-educational controlled Primary
School/Nursery. The school and separate Nursery unit occupy a large site near the centre of
Moneymore village. The school building has 8 classrooms, 2 resource areas and a multi-function
hall which has recently been refurbished along with the entrance and offices. We have two outdoor
playgrounds and a large sports field. The nursery unit has a cloakroom area, main classroom, an
attached story-room and fully contained garden/outdoor play area.

Enrolment: 243 (217 + 26 Full-Time Nursery)
Moneymore Primary School and Nursery unit has a current enrolment of 243 pupils. Pupils are
taught in single year groups, with one exception, with class sizes ranging from 19 to 32. The
staffing complement in the Primary School at present is Principal, Vice-Principal and 6 full-time
teachers. In addition there are a number of classroom assistants, Special Needs classroom
assistants and general assistants. The staffing in the Nursery consists of Principal, Nursery
teacher, Nursery assistant, classroom assistant and a general assistant. Pupils come from the
village and surrounding countryside areas and the school has seen steady growth over the last
five years.

Summary of the broad ethos of the school:
In Moneymore Primary School and Nursery Unit we value and pursue excellence in all areas of
school life for the children in our care and seek to provide a caring, sharing and stimulating
environment so that each child may reach their full potential. In Moneymore Primary School and
Nursery Unit we consistently promote the personal, social, spiritual, physical and academic
development of the pupils as we seek to prepare them to become caring and responsible citizens.
Through teaching and learning opportunities we endeavour to help pupils develop lively and
enquiring minds, to adopt a positive attitude to learning, to grow in self-confidence and develop
skills of independence. The school operates in a Christian ethos which promotes sound moral
values and a spirit of tolerance towards others.

The school has a proud academic, sporting and musical heritage which encourages each pupil to
‘strive for excellence’. A wide range of extra-curricular activities are offered to pupils and the
various clubs are run by members of staff and external agencies.

Moneymore Primary School and Nursery Unit has close links with other schools in the area and
has a history of involvement in local and wider community activities. The school is currently part of
the Peace IV Shared Education Programme, and the nursery is part of the Sharing from the Start
Programme with the children benefitting greatly from these initiatives. The school and nursery are
well supported by an active Parent Teacher Association and holds a Green flag in recognition of
our designation as an Eco School.

Following the last full inspection of the school and nursery in March 2015 ETI concluded that ‘The
quality of education provided by this school and nursery unit is outstanding, the quality of pastoral
care is also outstanding’. The school was inspected again in March 2018 as part of the Sustaining
Improvement Inspection cycle and it was reported that ‘Moneymore Primary School and Nursery
Unit continues to demonstrate a high level of capacity for sustained improvement in the interest of
all the learners’.

Section 3 – Job Description


             Teachers' Terms and Conditions of Employment Regulations (NI) 1987

                                            Schedule 2                         Regulation 4


A person appointed Vice-Principal in a school, in addition to carrying out the professional duties of a
teacher, including those duties particularly assigned to him/her by the Principal shall:

   1) Assist the Principal in managing the school or such part of it as may be determined by the

   2) Undertake any professional duty of the Principal, which may be delegated to him/her by the

   3) Undertake, in the absence of the Principal to the extent required by him or the employing
      authority, the professional duties of the Principal;

   4) Be allowed a break of at least 30 minutes between the hours of 12 noon and 2.00 pm.


                                 Main duties and Responsibilities

1     Planning

1.1   Planning and preparing courses and lessons;
1.2   Teaching, according to their educational needs, the pupils assigned to him/her, including the setting
      and marking of work to be carried out by the pupils in school and elsewhere;
1.3   Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress and attainment of pupils.

2     General

2.1   Promoting the general progress and well-being of individual pupils and of any class or group of
      pupils assigned to him/her;
2.2   Providing advice and guidance to pupils on educational and social matters and on their further
      education and future careers including information about sources of more expert advice on specific
      questions, making relevant records and reports;
2.3   Making records of and reports on the personal and social needs of pupils except in instances where
      to do so might be regarded as compromising a teacher’s own position;
2.4   Communicating and consulting with the parents of pupils;
2.5   Communicating and co-operating with such persons or bodies outside the school as may be
      approved by the employing authority and the Board of Governors;
2.6   Participating in meetings arranged for any of the purposes described above.

3     Assessment/Reporting

      Providing or contributing to oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to
      individual pupils and groups of pupils except in instances where to do so might be regarded as
      compromising a teacher’s own position.

4     Staff Development/Professional Development

4.1   Participating, if required, in any scheme of staff development and performance review;

4.2   a)     Reviewing from time to time his/her methods of teaching and
             programmes of work;

      b)     Participating in arrangements for his/her further training and professional
             development as a teacher.

4.3   Advising and co-operating with the Principal and other teachers (or any one or more of them) on
      the preparation and development of courses of study, teaching materials, teaching programmes,
      methods of teaching and assessment and pastoral arrangements.

5     Discipline/Health and Safety

5.1   Maintaining good order and discipline among pupils in accordance with the policies of the
      employing authority and safeguarding their health and safety both when they are authorised to be
      on the school premises and when they are engaged in authorised school activities elsewhere.
5.2   Participating in meetings at the school which relate to the curriculum for the school or the
      administration or organisation of the school, including pastoral arrangements.

6     Public Examinations

      Participating in arrangements for preparing pupils for public examinations and in assessing pupils
      for the purposes of such examinations; recording and reporting such assessments; and participating
      in arrangements for pupils’ presentation for and supervision during such examination.

7     Review and Development of Management Activities/Administration

7.1   a)     Contributing to the selection for appointment and professional development of other
             teachers, including the induction and assessment of probationary teachers;

      b)     Co-ordinating or managing the work of other teachers;

      c)     Taking such part as may be required of him/her in the review, development and
             management of activities relating to the curriculum, organisation and pastoral functions
             of the school.

7.2   a)     Participating in administrative and organisational tasks related to such duties as described
             above, including the management or supervision of persons providing support for the
             teachers in the school and the ordering and allocation of equipment and materials.

      b)     Subject to the provisions of Article 22 of the Order, attending assemblies;

      c)     Registering the attendance of pupils and supervising pupils, whether these duties are to be
             performed before, during or after school sessions.

8     Staff cover

8.1   Supervising and teaching any pupils whose teacher is not available provided that:

      a)     In schools with an average daily enrolment greater than 222 pupils a teacher other than a
             supply teacher shall not be required to provide such cover after the second day on which a
             teacher is absent or otherwise not available or from the first day if the fact that the teacher
             would be absent or otherwise not available for a period exceeding 2 days was known to and
             agreed by the employing authority in advance;

      b)     In schools with an average daily enrolment of 222 pupils or less a teacher other than a
             supply teacher shall not be required to provide such cover after the first day on which a
teacher is absent or otherwise not available for more than 1 day was known to and agreed
     by the employing authority in advance;

c)   In schools with a complement of 1, 2 or 3 teachers and in nursery units in primary schools, a
     teacher other than a supply teacher shall, notwithstanding heads (a) and (b), not be required
     to provide such cover.


                                               VICE PRINCIPAL

The successful candidate will work within the agreed Terms and Conditions of Service for Vice-Principals.

The Vice-Principal will be required to deputise for the Principal when necessary and take an active part in
all aspects of school life.

In addition to a full-time teaching commitment and membership of the School Leadership Team, the Vice-
Principal’s duties will include:

1.     Leading learning through example by high standards of teaching and learning.

2.     Assisting the Principal in all areas of leading learning and teaching, school administration,
       management and organisation.

3.     Assisting the Principal in leading School Development Planning, School Evaluation Self-Evaluations
       and Staff Development (INSET).

4.     Curriculum Co-ordination including overseeing the development and delivery of the curriculum
       across the Key Stages.

5.     Assisting the Principal in co-ordinating curriculum development, including planning, benchmarking,
       target setting, PRSD, monitoring the quality of provision within the school.

6.     Assessment coordinator for the school.

7.     Assisting the Principal in the promotion of positive behaviour and assertive discipline.

8.     Chair of the Safeguarding Team and ensure that children have the best opportunity to reach their
       potential (with a particular interest in the Gifted/ Talented).

9.     Act as line manager for classroom assistants

10.    Assisting the Principal with financial administration including budget planning and projections,
       allocations and monitoring spend and reconciliations.

11.    Responsibility for timetables and rotas.

12.    Maintaining, developing and promoting formal and informal links with parents including
       membership of the school PTFA committee.

13.    Assist the Principal in organising major school events.

14.    Responsibility for extra-curricular activities.

15.      Assisting with lunch time cover

16.      Undertaking such other duties as the Principal may require.

This job description may be amended at any time after discussion with the Principal.

A successful candidate will be able to demonstrate relevant experience, knowledge and skills associated with
the following key areas.

Shaping the Future

• Keep abreast of and anticipate educational trends;
• Think strategically to build and communicate a shared coherent vision;
• Create an ethos and provide direction, which promotes a culture of high expectation, successful
  learning and achievement;
• Inspire, challenge, motivate and empower others to carry the vision and ethos forward;
• Model the values and ethos of the school.

Leading and Managing Staff

•     Provide high quality leadership to secure improvement;
•     Collaborate and network with others within and beyond the school;
•     Foster a culture of shared/ distributed leadership;
•     Develop, empower and sustain individuals and teams;
•     Support the development of an open, fair, equitable culture and manage conflict effectively;
•     Support and challenge performance in order to raise standards;
•     Work with others to lead professional development for all staff within the context of the school’s
      development plan in order to support effective teaching and learning.

Leading Learning and Teaching

•     Cultivate enthusiasm for and commitment to the learning process.
•     Lead and manage the development of an effective learning and teaching culture.
•     Lead and manage the self-evaluation process; work with staff and others to analyse a range of data,
      interpret outcomes and plan for improvement.
•     Ensure effective implementation of the NI Curriculum, share good practice and work with others to
      challenge and address pupil under-achievement.

Developing the School in the Community

•   Lead and manage the development and promotion of a positive image of the school within the local
    community and beyond;
•   Develop and maintain strong and effective relationships with parents and the local and wider
•   Ensure effective channels of communication are in place between the school and the local and wider
•   Listen to, reflect and act on community feedback;
•   Recognise and lead others to ensure that strategic planning takes account of the richness and diversity
    of the school’s communities and community feedback;
•   Work closely with other relevant statutory and voluntary agencies to enhance the education of all

Managing the Organisation

•   Prioritise, plan and organise themselves and others;
•   Think creatively to anticipate and solve problems;
•   Make sound decisions based on a range of informed judgments;
•   Establish and maintain appropriate structures and systems;
•   Lead and manage the development and implementation of the School Development Plan;
•   Delegate tasks and monitor their implementation;
•   Manage resources efficiently and effectively: human, physical and financial.

Ensuring Accountability

•   Create and develop a culture in which all Governors and staff recognise that they are accountable for
    the success of the school;
•   Combine the outcomes of regular self-evaluation, ETI inspection evidence and other external
    evaluations in order to develop the school;
•   Lead and manage the process of monitoring and evaluating effectively school outcomes, policies and
•   Work with the leadership team and others to recognise and disseminate effective practice and
    challenge and address unacceptable performance;
•   Work closely with and provide effective reports to Governors on the school’s progress and

Conditions of Service
The conditions of service for this post will be in accordance with the Regulations of the Department of
Education for Northern Ireland.

Section 4 –Vice Principal - Person Specification
Essential                               Desirable

Qualifications   The criteria that will be applied at           Preference may be given to
                 shortlisting is as follows:                    those applicants who:

                 Applicants must at the closing date for        •   Have successfully
                 applications:                                      completed an additional
                                                                    post graduate (or
                 1) Hold a teaching qualification which             equivalent or higher)
                    meets the requirements for recognition          qualification in Education.
                    to teach in grant-aided schools in
                    Northern Ireland.

 Experience      The criteria that will be applied at           Preference may be given to
                 shortlisting is as follows (please note that   those applicants who:
                 experience must be accrued by the closing
                 date for receipt of completed                  •   Can demonstrate evidence
                 applications):                                     of involvement in staff
                                                                    development within
                 2) Have a minimum of 5 years post                  school/s;
                    qualification teaching experience in        •   Have experience of
                    primary education, and/or equivalent            financial and/or budgetary
                    experience in an affiliated educational         management within
                    body working in an area that relates to         school/s.
                    the primary sector, within the last 10
                 3) Currently hold or have held for a
                    minimum of 3 years AND within the last
                    8 years:

                  A post with experience of leading or co-
                   ordinating a whole school area to include
                   whole school monitoring and evaluating
                   to promote school improvement; and/or
                  A promoted post of at least Teaching
                   Allowance 1 and/or
                  A post of Principal or Vice-Principal;
                  A post with leadership and management
                   experience within an affiliated body.

                 The above promoted posts may be in an acting

                 * Excludes Special Needs Allowances awarded
                 solely for teaching pupils with Special
                 Educational Needs.

                 4) Evidence of how your leadership has led
to school improvement;

            5) Evidence of involvement in strategic


Knowledge   The successful candidate must demonstrate extensive knowledge of:

            •   The Northern Ireland Primary Curriculum and current policies and
            •   Current educational developments and the ability to evaluate and
                respond to new educational challenges and manage change effectively;
            •   Effective classroom pedagogy and how to ensure high standards of
                teaching, learning and achievement throughout the school;
            •   Effective data management;
            •   Effective organisational management including the appropriate
                deployment of resources;
            •   An understanding and appreciation of Shared Education.

  Skills    The successful candidate must demonstrate highly developed skills in order

            •   Lead, motivate, manage, challenge and enthuse others;
            •   Create an ethos and articulate vision for the future of the school;
            •   Develop good relationships at levels and promote a collaborative and
                team approach among staff, pupils, parents and governors;
            •   Lead strategically and develop self and others in order to achieve
            •   Promote, achieve, monitor and evaluate high standards of teaching,
                learning and achievement throughout the school;
            •   Develop effective partnerships between the school and the local
            •   Communicate effectively orally and in writing;
            •   Organise and prioritise workload effectively;
            •   Deal with staffing matters in accordance with EA policies and procedures;
            •   Manage time effectively.


Personal Qualities The successful candidate must demonstrate:
                        •   Vision;
                        •   A sound value system;
                        •   Enthusiasm and motivation;
                        •   Assertiveness and confidence;
                        •   A caring child centred approach;
                        •   Integrity;
                        •   Advocacy and empathy;
                        •   Discretion;
                        •   An ability to cope under pressure;
                        •   Tact and diplomacy;
                        •   Decisiveness;
                        •   Adaptability.

The Board of Governors reserves the right to enhance the essential criteria if necessary in order to
facilitate a manageable shortlist.

Applicants must be registered with the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI) upon
taking up employment.

Please note the onus is on candidates to provide sufficient detailed information on their application
forms in order to demonstrate how they meet each of the criteria. Failure to do so may result in a
candidate not being shortlisted since selection panels cannot make assumptions in the absence of
essential information.

Section 5 - Selection Process Timetable

Closing date for completed applications     20 September 2019
Shortlisting                                25 September 2019
Stage 1 interviews                          3 October 2019
Stage 2 interviews (if required)            8 October 2019
School Visit                                1 October 2019
Date of Membership and Teaching             To be confirmed
Appointments Committee for ratification

Shortlisted candidates wishing to discuss any aspect of the appointment should contact:

Mrs Ashley Cunningham
Moneymore Primary School
Northland Drive
BT45 7QT

(Telephone: 028 86748362)

Section 5 - Candidate Information

Application Pack

An Application Pack and Applicant Guidance Notes may be downloaded from the Education Authority’s

Please refer to the Applicant Guidance Notes prior to the completion of an application form.

Please complete and return your application form and Equal Opportunities Questionnaire by post/hand
delivering to the Equal Opportunities Unit, Education Authority,  or alternatively by e-mail to no later than 2.00 pm on the closing date for receipt of completed

If you are returning your application form by e-mail please ensure that the subject line is completed with
the Job Reference Number which is identified on the first page of the application form.

Late or faxed application forms will not be accepted


Any applicant who is found to have approached a panel member regarding a post with a view to seeking
favourable treatment will be disqualified.

Equal Opportunities

The Education Authority is fully committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity in employment to
all. We aim to select the best person for the job and all recruitment decisions will be made objectively.

Issuing of Correspondence

All correspondence regarding the selection process will be forwarded to you via e-mail where an e-mail
address is provided on your application form. It is important that the e-mail address you supply on your
application form is your preferred e-mail address for receipt of correspondence.

This appointment will be subject to satisfactory references being received. One reference should be from a
person who is able to comment on your suitability to work with children/young people in an educational
setting. The Education Authority (EA) will seek references from present/previous employers for posts
involving ‘regulated activity’.

Disclosure of Criminal Background

If you have been appointed for a post that involves ‘regulated activity’ under the Safeguarding Vulnerable
Groups (NI) Order 2007, the Education Authority will be required to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure of
Criminal Background. Please note that you WILL be expected to meet the cost of an Enhanced Disclosure
Certificate, which is currently £33. Details of how to make payment will be sent to you at the pre-
employment stage.

Further information can be accessed on

                        The Education Authority has adopted a ‘Policy on Smoking

You can also read