Westfield Primary School Sports Premium Funding Document 2019-20 Anna Brokenshire and Laura Painter

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Westfield Primary School Sports Premium Funding Document 2019-20 Anna Brokenshire and Laura Painter
Westfield Primary School
                                                                                    Sports Premium Funding Document
                                                                                    Anna Brokenshire and Laura Painter

                                                                                 Assessment without levels – Head, Heart and Hands

Sports Premium purpose: Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they
offer. This means that you should use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to:
 • develop or add to the PE and sport activities that your school already offers
 • build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that improvements made now will benefit pupils joining the school in future years
    The five key indicators are:
        • Key indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that
            primary school children undertake at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day in school
        • Key indicator 2: The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement
        • Key indicator 3: Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
        • Key indicator 4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
        • Key indicator 5: Increased participation in competitive sport
We are required to publish details of how we spend our sports premium as well as the impact it has on pupils’ PE and sport participation and
attainment. We regularly update the table every term and publish it on our website as evidence of our ongoing review into how we are using
the money to secure maximum, sustainable impact.

Westfield Primary School Sports Premium Funding Document 2019-20 Anna Brokenshire and Laura Painter
Support for review and reflection - considering the 5 key indicators from DfE, what development needs are a priority for your setting and
your students now and why? Use the space below to reflect on previous spend, identify current need and priorities for the future.

Key achievements to date: July 2020                                                   Areas for further improvement and baseline evidence of need:

Key Indicator 1:                                                                      Allowing more opportunities for children to take part in more competitions.
   • Continue pledge towards PALSS- focusing on active burst, active lessons
       and active play. In all area we have increased how active children are         More inter-house competitions within school
       being. Active burst has become a whole school approach which is used
       regularly. Active lessons have more common and promoted across the             Promote house teams- house captains, awards, inter-house competitions
       curriculum- outdoor learning day, active Maths lesson in Maths week and
       regularly, active science lessons. Ideas given from staff meetings during      Autumn term sports days to replace those missed in Summer 2020 (COVID)
       2018-2019 academic year. Active play has improved as we have more
       organizing activities and clubs during lunchtimes and break times.             To increase the range of sports and physical activities that children are able to
   • New Year 5 sports leaders trained on 11 th October                               experience.
   • Sports leaders- helped support during Open evening to promote the clubs
       and range of sports we offer at school to new parents. Continuing to help      Improve staff confidence to teach PE
       at lunchtime to run organised activities for a range of years groups to
       take part in.                                                                  Improve staff knowledge (LSA/MMS) for more interactive play and lunchtimes.
   • Ultimate coaching running 2 lunchtime clubs- netball for Year 5 and 6 on
       Wednesday and Multi-skills for Year 1 and 2 on Thursday.                       To monitor assessment tracking records are maintained and kept up to date.
   • Increased number of clubs this year- now providing 14 active clubs during
       Autumn 2019. We provide a range of clubs, using both our teacher,              Replenish sports equipment – tennis balls, goals, finer motor equipment, cross-
       outside agencies and coaches to help to do this and ensure they are at         curricular links
       varied times throughout the day and week.
   • Use of GetSet4PE home learning activities to ensure children are staying         Supplement LOTC activity days for KS2 (Potential to fund KS1 LOTC days).
       active during school closure/COVID-19 pandemic.
   • 2 clubs run by Sports leaders to target least active children- one club for      Improve opportunities for KS1 to take part in extra-curricular activities,
       KS1 and another for KS2 (also able to bring a friend).                         competition and become sports leaders.
   • PE/being active a key part of our weekly home learning sent to every
       child. Promotion of staying active and getting outside as much as possible.    Invest in team kit for children so that we can take part in a wider range of
   • Creation of ‘Staying Active’ tab on our school website to provide families       competitions.
       with resources to stay active and take part in physical activity.
   • Regular updates in our monthly newsletter to promote PE in school during         Invest in spare PE kit/swimming kit for those that are disadvantaged.
       ‘school closure’ and PE outside of school. Regular signposting to resources,
       websites and ideas to promote being active.                                    Create links for more outside agencies/clubs (cricket/netball/running).
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Key indicator 2:                                                                    Continue to provide more active clubs (teacher run and outside providers).
   • Westfield Primary School achieved Bronze School Games Mark June
        2019- maintained for 2020 (COVID)                                           Workshops within school o expose children to more activities/promote an active
   • All teachers continue to wear their sport kit during lesson of for extra- lifestyle.
        curricular activities.
   • We are now using out new planning system Get Set 4 PE- there has a been
        a positive response from the staff as it is easy to use and has increased
        their confidence to teach a range of sports.
   • Monthly updates in the newsletter to let parents and other know what we
        have been doing it school in terms of PE. It reports on fixtures, festivals
        or workshops we have attended and also gives advice on the importance to
        having an active lifestyle.
   • Continued work towards out PALSS pledge. Active play was a main focus
        to help improve behavior on the playground. Active bursts and lessons was
        aiming to help improve attainment and keep children engaged.
   • Termly Sports Assemblies to celebrate sporting achievement over the
   • Staying Active area created on our school website to signpost ideas of
        how to stay active and links to PE. Use of Active Surrey ideas and
   • Westfield Workout video created so that children can workout out with
        the staff at school during closure- promoting a physical lifestyle- Summer
   • Staff PE kit updated and more ordered to ensure that all staff have kit
        and are able to teach PE to a high standard in appropriate clothing
        (mirroring expectations for children).

Key Indicator 3:
   • LP received PE leader training to improve emotional well-being and create
       active lifestyles.
   • Subscription to Get Set 4 PE has improved teachers confidence and
       ability to teach a range of sports and skills.
   • MMS staff trained in skipping techniques to help support use of it at
       playtimes and lunchtimes.
   • Staff PE kit updated.
   • Equipment for KS1 bought which links PE with other subjects and skills
       (fine motor, maths).
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Key Indicator 4:
   • Continued use of outside agencies providing clubs- football, gymnastics,
       boogie pumps, karate and judo, netball, dance and multi-skills. Teachers
       also providing a range of clubs-dodge ball, running, hockey, dance and
   • Get Set 4 PE has allowed for a larger range of sports to be taught within
       the curriculum- e.g tag rugby, volleyball, dodgeball.
   • Continued opportunities for a range of workshops and experiences-
       skipping workshops in the spring term, active Maths intervention in the
       spring term, Dance Woking events and clubs every term.
   • PE cupboard replenished with equipment so be able to continue to offer a
       range of sports (badminton set bought).
   • Skipping workshop during Spring term to engage pupils in something new
       (now part of our regular activities offered at playtime/lunchtime).
   • Skipping ropes bought so that is can used during PE lessons as a warm up
       on during the main session and for outside during play and lunchtimes.
   • A larger variety of games offered during break and lunch times during
       COVID due to smaller groups and split playtimes. Playtimes and lunchtime
       were more active and lots of games were incorporated (tri-golf, skipping,
   • Investment into badminton equipment and increase in use amongst many
       classes (improved skills for net and wall games).
   • Equipment for KS1 bought which links PE with other subjects and skills
       (fine motor, maths).

Key Indicator 5:
   • Westfield have compete in the Danone football competition on the 18th
       October – boys only.
   • Dance Woking project happening, where 20 children are attending a
       weekly club and performing in 2 shows in the local theatre during Autumn
   • Westfield have taken part in 1 friendly football match against local
       schools in the Autumn term- boys only.
   • Westfield have taken part in 1 friendly football match in the Autumn
       term- girls.
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•   Competed in Hockey tournament (Year 5 and 6)- Spring Term
   •   Competed in Star Steppers dance competition- Spring Term
   •   Took part in two events with Dance Woking- Boys Platform and Street
       Dance- Spring Term
   •   Chelsea Football tournament (Year 6 mixed team)- Spring Term
   •   Year 4 Netball festival at local school – Spring Term
   •   No competitions/festivals in in Summer term due to COVID.

Meeting national curriculum requirements for                                                     ming and water safety      Please complete all of the below:

What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25   85%
metres when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?

What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke        85%
and breaststroke] when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year?

What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations when they          85%
left your primary school at the end of last academic year?

Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but this must be    Yes/No
for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have you used it in this way?

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Action Plan and Budget Tracking
Capture your intended annual spend against the 5 key indicators. Clarify the success criteria and evidence of
impact that you intend to measure to evaluate for students today and for the future.

Academic Year: 2019/20                  Total fund allocated: £ 8,485.00       Date Updated: July 2020

Key indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that        Percentage of total allocation:
primary school children undertake at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day in school                                                       22%
School focus with clarity on intended   Actions to achieve:                    Funding      Evidence and impact:                   Sustainability and suggested next
impact on pupils:                                                              allocated:                                          steps:
Opportunities for pupils not engaged in Lunchtime or after school club to be £0               •   Inactive children to become         •   Allocate money in the
regular physical activities to take part organized for Spring term to target                      active be taking part in                future as a priority for
in physical activity sessions            children who are least active                            Change for Life Club.                   teacher training and
                                                                                              •   each week children attended             resources in football,
                                                                                                  Sports leaders activities to            netball, cricket, dance and
Sports Leaders                          Active play- organized activities in                      target inactive children                gym.
                                        the playground to help children                           based on teacher                    •   Allocate £810 (based on
                                        achieves at least 30 minutes of        £0                 observations of children’s              this years charges) to
                                        activity and support with behavior.                       behavior and attitude in PE.            forming after school clubs
                                        Run by both MMS and Sports                                And additional background               specifically for netball,
                                        Leaders.                                                  knowledge of children not               football and cricket clubs
                                                                                                  taking part in after school             run by ultimate
                                                                                                  clubs – based on registers          •   IDEA – Offer a (TBA)% of
                                                                                                  taken from “active” after               DAP children of KS1 and
                                                                                                  school clubs.                           KS2 £50 of sports
Increase in free/ reduced cost club     Ultimate coaches running lunchtime     £1938 (38                                                  premium to spend on
spaces in a range of team sports clubs. school clubs funded by sports          weeks)         •   Improving School football,              external club provider at
                                        premium.                                                  netball and cricket teams               Westfield. E.g. voucher to
                                        Netball                                                   skills and opportunities in PE          spend on Karate, Boogie
                                        Multi-skills                                              sessions and team training              Pumps, Gymnastics.
                                                                                                  run by ultimate coaching so         •   Easily continued as simple
                                                                               £0                 that teams reach elimination            set up. Sports Leaders are
Two lunchtime clubs run by Sports       List of least active in each class-                       rounds at inter-school                  confident to run it. Mores
leaders to engage the last active       friends invited also                                      tournaments                             sport leaders could mean
                                        Different activities each week- fun                                                               more activities offered-
                                        and enjoyable to engage it being                      •   Children are enjoying coming            could be offered out to

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active.                                                   to the club each week                     more children in future.
                                                                                                  (excited for it), They are            •   Train MMS/LSA with
Active break and lunchtimes during      LSAs used equipment and organized £0                      becoming more active and                  active surrey training to
Summer term (COVID)                     games to keep children entertained in                     mores positive in their own PE            support lunchtime and
                                        small groups and a small area. More                       lessons.                                  playtimes.
                                        children engage and staying active
                                        during this time.                                     •   Children enjoying playtime,
                                                                                                  good behavior, more active.

Key indicator 2: The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement                    Percentage of total allocation:
School focus with clarity on intended   Actions to achieve:                    Funding      Evidence and impact:                     Sustainability and suggested next
impact on pupils:                                                              allocated:                                            steps:
 Opportunities for structured play      Meet with MMS staff and Sports                        •   At least 2 member of the              •   This Year’s Sports Leaders
during Lunchtimes using x20 Sports      Leaders regularly to discuss what                         lunchtime staff is dedicated              (year 5) to train next year’s
leaders and 2 Lunchtime staff.          activities to do and what age groups                      to actively promoting positive            sports leaders (x10) in
                                        to target                                                 play at lunchtimes.                       September 2021.
                                                                                              •   Lunchtimes Sports Leaders             •   House teams to be
Sports Crew training for x 10 new       Use Sports leaders to promote PE                          run a sports club to involve all          promoted so that PE is
Sports Leaders.                         around school, lead activities, help in £200              children.                                 more prominent within
                                        lesson, help with                                     •   More children taking part in              school- house captain to
                                        festivals/workshops/clubs.                                activities/clubs during                   promote it around school
                                                                                                  lunchtime- behavior problems              (connected to sports
                                                                                                  decreased as a result.                    leaders).
                                                                                              •   Ten more children trained to          •   Maintain allocated £800
                                                                                                  be Sports Leaders to run a                membership money each
Westfield to host at least one festival Discuss the Active Surrey School       £0                 lunchtime club, after                     year to remain involved
or tournament in affiliation with Active Games Oragniser to see if we can                         school/lunchtime clubs, help              with Active Surrey.
Surrey in a Calendar year.               support with any upcoming events                         at KS1 Sports Day, help tidy          •   Liaise with SGO to host
                                         (unable to complete due to COVID-                        the PE Cupboard, maintain                 festival and one
                                         was organized for Summer 2020).                          the PE noticeboard and to                 competitive competition –
                                                                                                  assist at any sporting events             football, cricket or multi-
                                                                                                  Westfield host.                           skills.
Westfield to Achieve Silver Games       Liaise with Active Surrey School       £0             •   Children positive about PE            •   Develop cross curricular
Mark (2021)                             Games Organiser – Present evidence                        lessons and happy that they               links using SDP priorities –

Created by:                                              Supported by:
to justify award against School Games              know how they are doing it.          using PE to help promote an
                                     2019-20 criteria – AB and L.                   •   Larger range of equipment            active an healthy wellbeing
                                                                                        and PE lessons/lunchtime         •   Embed lunchtime clubs
                                                                                        more active because children         using x10 new Sports
                                                                                        can transfer their skills and        Leaders the following year
To improve PE resources across the   Rugby balls bought to support it being £85         use PE in other lessons.             at every lunchtime
school                               taught as a lesson                             •   Lunch times and play times       •   Embed at least one adult
                                                                                        more consistently active.            promoting positive play at
                                     Take a stock count of PE resources             •   Children promoting a positive        lunchtime next school year.
                                     needed or need to be replaced.                     and healthy approach- it         •   Aim to achieve Silver
                                                                                        connects with one of our 5           School Games Mark for
                                     See budget bid for breakdown of                    ways to well-being (to be            2020-21
                                     resources                                          active).                         •   Maintain PE kit stock for
                                                                                    •   Assessment to be monitored           future teachers. Put as
                                     Badminton equipment, fine motor and £362.02        by intervention- reflection of       part of observation quality
                                     mixed curriculum equipment bought                  progress made after.                 assurance that Staff will
                                                                                    •   Easily accessible for all            be expected to wear proper
                                                                             £0         parents. Lots of activities          PE kit.
Promote PE across the school and with Termly Sports Assemblies to                       suggested so that everyone       •   Develop House Teams so
parents- whole school ethos.          celebrate achievement and promote                 can access them                      they are embedded in our
                                      active lifestyles.                                (SEND/DAP). Linked to our            everyday school life and
                                                                                        home learning to regularly           used more than at Sports
                                     Monthly updates in the newsletter to               signposted.                          day.
                                     share our achievements and give                •   All staff now have PE kit so     •   PE videos uploaded on our
                                     advice on healthy lifestyles.                      that they are able to wear it.       Youtube account- show off
                                                                                        Good modelling of                    what we are doing and
                                     PE ideas in weekly home learning                   expectations to students.            promote being active.
                                     Workout with Westfield Video during            •   Sense of community when all      •   Take ideas from
                                     lockdown.                                          earing it. Good for when at          intervention to use in our
                                                                                        events.                              way with those less keen
                                                                                    •   Cross-curricular links               for Maths.
Maths on the Move intervention                                                          between PE and other             •   Continue to update with
                                     Year 2 and Year 4 targeted from         £960       subjects.                            activities, events,
                                     assessment data as needing more                •   PE becoming a nigger part of         newsletter examples. It can
                                     support with Maths- SEND/DAP                       school ethos.                        become a bigger portal for
                                     children targeted to complete 12                                                        PE at Westfield.
                                     week intervention based on targets                                                  •   Maintain staff kit for new
                                     needed.                                                                                 members of staff.

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•   Organize for Summer 2021
Staying Active section added to school Regular updates of new
website.                               activities/information uploaded onto £0
                                       the site.
                                       PE activities added onto weekly home
                                       learning and regularly promoted.

Staff PE kit ordered and updated
                                     LP liaise with office staff or organize
                                     ordering or new clothes and discuss £428.46
                                     with staff what is needed.
                                      Order clothes and distribute out to
                                     staff where needed
                                     Policy updated so that all staff must
                                     wear it when teaching
Olympic themed week organized for    LP, AB and RC to liaise with workshops
Summer 2020 (unable to do because of to organized activities.
COVID- resorganised for 2021)        Organisation of activities for classes-
                                     opening and closing ceremony.

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Key indicator 3: Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport                                      Percentage of total allocation:

   School focus with clarity on intended   Actions to achieve:                     Funding         Evidence and impact:                   Sustainability and suggested
   impact on pupils:                                                               allocated:                                             next steps:
   Training for staff CPD.                 PE subject leadership CPD               £0              Staff are more confident in               •   Every Term at least 1
                                                                                   £420 for supply teaching a range of sports.                   lesson from KS1 and KS2
                                                                                                                                                 is observed. Next year
                                                                                                                                                 aim for at least 2
                                                                                                                                                 lessons observed each
                                                                                                   Quality assurance of PE lessons is            term.
                                                                                                   monitored every term. See                 •   Arrange team teaching
   Termly observations of PE lessons. At   AB and LP to observe lessons            £0              observation notes for details.                opportunities and
   least one in KS1 and one in KS2                                                                                                               supportive lesson
                                                                                                                                                 observations in order to
                                           PE subject lead to provide updates                      Lessons are now pupils focused and            develop the quality of
   Improved quality of children’s physical throughout the year at staff                            as a result pupils are engaged and            teaching, learning and
   education in KS1 and KS2 to ensure      meetings                                                are keen to learn and improve.                assessment.
   they are competent and confident        Subject lead to plan and undertake a                    As a result of higher engagement          •   PE subject lead to
                                           series of lesson observations and/                      children make good or better                  identify any staff who
                                           or team teaching with KS1 and KS2                       progress both in lessons and over             need further support
                                           to look at teaching, learning and                       time                                          and to provide
                                           assessment in PE                                        Almost all children when asked say            professional learning.
                                           PE to meet with a broad range of                        that PE is challenging, exciting and      •   Further professional
                                           pupils to talk about their PE lessons                   they really enjoyed PE.                       learning opportunities
                                           and to ascertain their subject                                                                        for staff who request it.
                                           knowledge.                                                                                            For example buddying up
                                                                                                   AB and LP attended and received               to team teach and
   Achieving Silver Star Mark 2021         Meet with SW to discuss                                 information that will assist                  carrying out peer
                                           maintaining the silver games mark.                      maintaining Silver Award. School              observations to support

Created by:                                             Supported by:
Gaining 1 star in KS1 star mark          Gain evidence to support criteria.  £60               Games Mark Critiera was                   continual professional
                                            Filled in survey and completed                        distributed and evidence formats          learning.
                                            questionnaire for star mark 2020-21                   were discussed with Active Surrey     •   PE lead to monitor and
                                                                                                  SGO (School Games Organiser)              to provide support as
                                                                                                  Improved on score from last year.         appropriate in order to
                                                                                                                                            ensure progress and
                                                                                                  Year 5/3 children experience              achievement are
                                                                                                  specialist cricket coaching for 7         maintained by all pupils.
                                                                                                  weeks.                                •   PE subject lead
                                            AB communicating with Surrey                                                                    networks with colleagues
   Specialist cricket coach teaching year   Country Cricket coaches to provide                    Year 3 and 5 teachers received            at other schools to
   3 and 5 for 7 weeks – Surrey County      team teaching opportunities and       £0              extra support materials and ideas         encourage ongoing
   Cricket (unable due to COVID-            support with cricket lesson in Spring                 for teaching cricket in future PE         sharing of good practice
   rebooked for 2021)                       and Summer term. .                                    lessons                                   across schools.
                                                                                                                                        •   PE lead to attend
                                                                                                  Links to Surrey Cricket foundation.       meetings to apply for
                                                                                                                                            School Games Mark in
                                            Skipping ropes available                              Children received specialist coach        the future. Important
                                            MMS to train other staff so                           on the run up to cricket                  because Ofsted can use
   MMS staff trained during skipping        confident                           £Price included   competitions.                             School Games mark as a
   workshop to help support in being run    Skipping ropes out during playtimes in workshop                                                 “measure” of WPS PE
   during play and lunchtimes.              and lunchtimes                                        Opportunity to improve skills in          provision.
                                                                                                  cricket and enter into more inter     •   SGO information and
                                                                                                  competitions.                             assistance is beneficial
                                                                                                                                            to progressing PE
                                                                                 £528             Children are enjoying the skipping-       provision at WPS. Use of
                                            Invoice sent and new staff/old                        it is very popular. Children become       Seesaw or GetSet4PE
                                            staff added/removed from logins.                      more skilled with different tricks        assessment.
   GetSEt4Pe subscription maintained        Discussion with teachers’ about                       and staying active.                   •   Invest in 3 year

Created by:                                              Supported by:
units for next year.                                    Staff more confident with teaching             subscription to have a
                                                                                                   a range of sport.                              reduction in price.
                                                                                                   Teachers enjoy teaching it and the
                                                                                                   planning is very clear and able to
                                                                                                   extended/adapt for the needs for
                                                                                                   the class.

   Key indicator 4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils                                           Percentage of total allocation:
   School focus with clarity on intended   Actions to achieve:                  Funding            Evidence and impact:                    Sustainability and suggested
   impact on pupils:                                                            allocated:                                                 next steps:
   Sports workshops                        Organise a selection of diverse       See below            •   All children to take part in a   Skipping ropes to be used
                                           sports workshops and                                           Skipping workshop and be a       regularly during lunch and
                                           demonstrations- skipping workshop                              part of National Skipping        playtimes to continue to develop
                                                                                                          day.                             skills and promote new
   Dance Woking club and performance-
                                           20 children took part in a weekly    £235                  •   New skipping ropes               skills/activity.
                                           club for 8 week and performed on                               purchases.                       Maintain Dance Woking
                                           stage with other groups. Continue to                       •   Skipping now part of the         relationship to encourage more
                                           organize from upcoming terms.                                  activities available on the      children (target DAP).
   Schools Running movement- 10 children                                                                  playground.                      Sports Leaders to continue to
   taking part in an event to run a half Run a running club weekly where        £190                  •   Children took part in            run lunchtime and after school
   marathon in June (unable due to       children complete most of the half                               something new and                clubs when possible- aim to
   COVID)                                marathon distance.                                               performed on stage.              target the least active.
                                                                                                      •   At least 40% of children         Aim to target at least 10
                                           Offering a wider range of clubs and TBC                        attending Dance Club were        inactive children from year ¾ to
   Tri golf club to begin in Summer term   using the equipment we have                                    DAP. 10% SEND.                   take part. Maximum 16 children.
   (unable due to COVID)                   available to promote more sports.                          •   Tri golf resources               PE lead/Lunchtime supervisor to
                                                                                                          purchased for KS1 and 2          monitor in playground during
                                                                                                          and used regularly.              summer term 2019.

Created by:                                             Supported by:
Sending a mixed team to the event- £0           •   Meet SGM (School Games
                                         letters to go out, RA to be                         Mark) criteria to form at
                                         completed. Team organized with                      least 2 external club links
   Chelsea Football Community Project    appropriate medical details.                    •   Increased amount of active     Continue to develop a range of
                                                                                             clubs available- now over 14   clubs at school.
                                                                                             clubs in Autumn term.
                                         Every student took part in a skipping           •   Positive impact of being       PE lead, with children, to hold an
   Skipping Workshop                     workshop over 2 days. Different                     more active and use of         award ceremony for KS1 and
                                         tricks learnt. Opportunity to buy                   skipping ropes. Used during    KS2. Film ceremony or other
                                         skipping ropes and attend after                     playtimes, lunchtimes, well    activities to promote PE in
                                         school club.                          £484          being time and PE lessons.     Westfield.
                                                                                         •   Children enjoying badminton
                                         Different skipping ropes purchased                  set and trying a different     PE to monitor and track inactive
                                         to continue use after workshop.                     sport.                         and DAP participation levels.
   Skipping ropes                        Label to show indoor and outdoor                •   New equipment allowed for      Develop club links with
                                         use.                               £298             more effective teaching        Cardinals, Surrey Cricket and
                                         Correct storage/putting away of                     (tennis).                      other possible links. Aim to
                                         ropes to remain in good condition                                                  increase participation levels to
                                                                                                                            at least 10 children in each club.
                                         Equipment available for units being                                                Target DAP and girls to enter
   Updated PE equipment (badminton,      taught                                                                             new clubs – aim for 3/10 DAP
   tennis balls, javelin, medals etc).   Encouragement of using new                                                         and 3/10 girls participation.
                                         equipment- badminton (unit            £410.40                                      Continue to take part in the
                                         introduced).                                                                       National skipping day- maintain
                                         Javelins and medals bought for                                                     profile of skipping. Staff would
                                         Sports Day- celebration of                                                         be able to teach tricks in
                                         participation.                                                                     future.
                                                                                                                            PE equipment will continue to
                                         Boys Platform club and event (15                                                   need regular updated but
   Dance Woking club and events x 2

Created by:                                           Supported by:
boys attended club for 7 week then £530                                                 equipment well maintained and
                                           performed at local theatre          (2 x £265)                                          look after to avoid over
                                           Street dance (girls) club and event                                                     buying/loss/damage.
                                           (20 girls attended a club for 7
                                           weeks then performed at theatre
                                           with dance schools.

   Key indicator 5: Increased participation in competitive sport                                                                   Percentage of total allocation:
   School focus with clarity on intended    Actions to achieve:                   Funding      Evidence and impact:                Sustainability and suggested
   impact on pupils:                                                              allocated:                                       next steps:
   To enter WASPS competitions for         Active Surrey subscription             £650            •   Football team took part in Westfield to continue to enter
   netball and football – see evidence and                                                            the Danone Cup competition competitive competitions
   impact column                           Entering competitions allocated in                         on 11th October lost (3, drew organised by Active Surrey.
                                           action plan festivals and                                  2,won 1).                     Including WASP competitions
   Entered Danone Cup football 11          tournaments –see tournament                            •   One Dance Woking Project
   October tournament see evidence and timetable                                                      organized to start week       Enter at least one competition
   impact column.                                                                                     commencing September          with an A and a B team (tennis,
                                                                                                      involving up to 20 children football and netball, cricket)
   Boys played friendly match against local Contact local schools                 £0                  performing 2 routines at
   school                                    Use ultimate coaching to support                         local theatre.                To enter football and netball
                                             with organizing and refereeing the                   •   Westfield took part in a      competitions for lower KS2
   Girls played friendly match against local matches.                                                 boys year 5/6 friendly        (years 3-4. See timetable from
   school                                    Set up more matches for Spring       £0                  tournament at Byfleet         Active surrey for key dates.

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term                                                        Juniors on 4th December
                                          Organise a netball team.                                    (2-2)                        Enter competitions for KS1 see
                                                                                                  •   Westfield took part in a     active surrey for key dates.
                                          Send out letters                                            Girls year 5/6 friendly
   Enter Dance competition (Star          Organize dance/group                 £0 (dance woking       tournament at St Hugh of
   Steppers)                                                                   club)                  Lincoln on 13th December (2- Continue to ask UC and teachers
                                                                                                      1)                           to select the best players to
   Taking part in festivals from Spring                                                           •   Took part in a dance         take to tournaments.
   term:                                  Liaise with local schools                                   competition (Surrey
   Orienteering                           See how Westfield could                                     comp)on 19th Feb A group of Continue to liase with other
   Netball                                organize/host a festival- 2          £0                     girls (10) already attending school for friendly
   Dodgeball                              cancelled.                                                  club with dance woking.      festivals/competitions
                                                                               £0                     Special mention for great    Organize our own festival
   Chelsea football community school      Organize letters/team                                       attitude and resilience.     Develop netball team for next
   tournament.                                                                                    •   Mixed team attended          year
                                                                               £0                     Chelsea football tournament Continue relationship with Dance
   Y4 Netball festival                    Letters/RA/attend. Promote netball                          on 14th Feb.                 Woking to continue momentum
                                          after. Engage for future Year                           •   8 children from Year 4       and positive influence it is
   Dance Woking events x 3 2019-2020      5team.                                                      attended netball festival at already having.
                                                                                                      St Dunstan’s on 10th March
                                          Autumn Term-                         £Price included        after school. Aimed to       Hockey festival organized for
                                          Spring term- Boys Platform           in different           engage less active. Positive Summer term (cancelled)
                                             - Street Dance                    section                feedback.
                                                                                                  •   As mentioned in Section 2 More opportunity for different
   Year 6 Hockey tournament               10 children attended hockey          £0                     (DW).                        sporting competition. Hockey to
                                          tournament. Good opportunity to                         •   Attend hockey tournament be a bigger focus for next year.
                                          compete in a new sport. New unit                            on 25th feb. Team improved Club to be continued next year.
                                          put into PE lesson- children                                through tournament.
                                          selected.                                                                                Increase opportunity for inter-

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house competitions next year.

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