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PGVP Quarterly - Term 1 (2019)

 Ref: PGVP/013/2019                       7 January 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians
Happy New Year! This is the 3rd issue of our PGVP Quarterly. The PGVP Quarterly was
started in mid-2018 as a platform for School Leaders to share with parents our
thoughts and to acknowledge the achievements of our staff, students and partners.

Punggol View Primary School has reached a milestone at the end of 2018 with the
graduation of our very first batch of P6 students. The first cohort of students did
the school proud by doing well in the PSLE. What’s more important is that they have
become the beacon for the rest of the school as our pioneer graduates venture to
their secondary schools. We want to wish them success as they continue to grow and
glow. For the first quarter, we want to extend a warm welcome to our new P1 students
and parents/guardians to the PGVP family. We also want to welcome back all our
existing students to the New Year. We hope that, with continued partnership and
support of parents and the community, we will create in PGVP, an exciting and engaging
place of learning for all our students.

Staff News
       Staff Movements
We would like to bid farewell to the following staff and thank them for their
contribution to the school: Mrs Doreen Gan (VP(Admin)), Mrs Serene Poh (LH EL), Mdm
Joell Lim, Mrs Kwa Si Min, Mr Melzone Chan, Mdm Siti Salwa, Ms Elizabeth Rathi, Mr
Gary Ong, Mr Mohd Bilal, Mdm Feng Wei Wei, Mdm Sharmila Parvin, Mdm Nadhirah Bte
Mohamed Yusuf and Mdm Lim Xin Yi.
At the same time, we would like to extend a warm welcome to our new staff in 2019 –
Mdm Sharifah Samirah (VP2), Mr Michael Chong (VP(Admin)), Mdm Tan Siew Chian
(HOD ICT), Mr Kumaran, Mdm Li Shi Hua, Ms Siti Nurhawa, Mdm Lisa Tan and Miss
Teo Xin Ning.

Students’ Achievements
We are proud to share the achievements of our students:
       PSLE Results 2018
Our first graduating cohort has done the school proud by doing well in their PSLE
examinations. 99.6% of our students qualified for placement to Secondary Schools
which is above the National Average. We want to congratulate our top PSLE student
Phang Qian Ci. She has done the school proud and we want to wish her all the best in
her Secondary School. Overall a total of 14 students have done exceedingly well in this
year’s PSLE. Kudos to the tireless teachers, supportive parents and of course, our
hardworking students who have put in their very best to achieve such great results.

Sports – Rugby
A group of P4 and P5 rugby boys participated in the Yee Teck Peng Rugby Challenge
Trophy and they manage to clinch the first position. Well done! These external
competitions provide a good platform to expose them to competitive play outside the
National School Games.

At the National Year End Scouts Camp 2018, we are happy to announce that Chan Le
Tian, Zavier of 5 Di was awarded the Best Camper award. We are proud of his
exemplary performance.

Update on school curriculum hours
As previously communicated, our school has reviewed our curriculum hours. The
revision ensures that our young students will be more engaged in learning as well as
have sufficient rest time of their own. With the revision in curriculum hours, our
after-school activities have also been adjusted. Please see below a guide on our new
school hours.

       School Operations - Revised School Hours in 2019
Flag raising ceremony, which is to be attended by all, will begin at 7.30am.

             Assemble        at Curriculum Starts            School Ends
             respective venues
             7.25 am               7.30 am                   1.30 pm
 to Friday

 After school activity      Days                Timing       Remarks

                                                1.30pm –
 Lunch break (for           Wednesday to
 students attending         Friday
 after school activities)                       1.30pm   – Extended     lunch     for
                                                2.15pm     CCA day
                                                2.15pm   –
                            Tuesday                        All CCAs
                            Thursday &          3.00pm   –
                                                             For selected CCAs*
                            Friday              5.00pm
                                                2.00pm   –
                            Monday                           Including HMT
 Starlite & Care                                3.30pm
 sessions*                 Wednesday to         2.00pm   –
                           Friday               3.00pm
*A separate notification will be sent.

Our Starlite session for P6 will commence from Term 1 Week 2. P5 Starlite and P3-P4
Care sessions will begin after Chinese New Year. More details will be provided via a
separate notification.

Cultivating the Value of Responsibility

        Attendance and Punctuality matters
Cultivating the good habit of being punctual in our students is important for their
learning and development. Please be reminded that with the adjustment to school
hours in 2019, all students must report punctually by 7.25am on all school days.
Students will be considered as late if they report to school after 7.30am. Any absence
from school must be covered by a medical certificate or a letter (no more than 5
letters per semester) with valid reasons from the parent/guardian.

       Health and Wellness
We urge all students to take care of their wellbeing as they start the new school year.
It is important to help your child to acclimatise back to the school routines. These
include having enough sleep and having a proper breakfast before school starts. Our
school will continue to institute the daily mid-day Snack Break to allow students to
have a short break to rest and recharge. During Snack Break, students are encouraged
to consume healthy snacks such as biscuits, sandwiches or fruits which could be packed
from home.

       School Uniform
We would like to thank students and parents in taking efforts in ensuring students
come in full uniform on days when there is no PE. We would like to remind parents
to ensure that name tags are sewn on both the PE attire and full uniform.

        Looking after personal belongings
We seek your support to cultivate a habit in your child to take responsibility of their
belongings. Before you replace a lost item for your child, please ask your child to
a) the “Lost and Found” trolley at the canteen for missing water bottles and lunch
b) with our staff at the General Office for all other missing items, such as watches,
    wallets, keys, pencil cases, etc.
In addition, we would like to encourage students to pack their own bags and remember
to bring the required items to school every day. To help your child to be independent,
please refrain from delivering your child’s forgotten items such as homework, pocket
money, water bottle, etc.

A well-designed homework reinforces learning in the classroom and allows the students
to deepen their understanding of the concepts taught. Your child/ward will receive

homework according to our homework policy guidelines which you can find in the
Student Handbook 2019. Our teachers will be encouraging students to write down
their daily homework assignments using their student handbooks. You may wish to
refer to this should you want to monitor your child/ward’s homework completion and

PGVP uses various online and offline communication platforms such as our school
website, notifications and PGVP Quarterly to ensure that we keep our parents and
students updated on school matters. The Student handbook will also be one of the
main channels of communication between our teachers and parents. Parents may also
email our teachers. The teachers email addresses are found on our website. However,
parents may also contact the school to leave a message for teachers. Our office staff
will pass on the message to your child’s teacher.
We seek your understanding that our teachers will strive to attend to your query and
get back to you as soon as possible. They will only be able to do so when they are not in
the class. If the query is received after office hours, please understand that our
teachers will need to attend to their own families outside of working hours and will only
be able to respond to you on the next working day.
One of the other touchpoints which we have with parents will be face-to-face
engagement sessions such as workshops, meet the parent sessions. One such session
was the recently concluded Breakfast with the Principal on 2 and 3 January for our P1
parents. We want to thank parents for your active participation and hope that you
have gained some insights to help your child cope with the transition to Primary school.

Upcoming Events in Term 1
Please find attached to this newsletter, a detailed schedule of school events for Term

We have organised curriculum briefings to help parents keep abreast of the curriculum
approaches adopted by our different subject departments and how parents can
support their children at home. Our first briefing for our P1 parents is on 18 January
on the P1 Curriculum so do look out for it. We are also running a series of workshops to
help parents better understand the different subject matter on the following evenings

 Date                Subject
 8 Feb 2019          Mother Tongue Languages
 22 Feb 2019         English Language
 1 Mar 2019          Mathematics
 5 Apr 2019          Science
More details and registration information will be given in a separate notification.

Please be reminded that we will be starting the P3 Swimsafer sessions from 11 January
2019. As the sessions are conducted in the afternoons, do check the notification with
regards to the schedule for your child/ward’s class.

As mentioned in our notification PGVP/308/2018, as part of our efforts in streamlining
our school programmes, we will be holding an Outdoor Experiential Learning (OEL)
Week. We scheduled our P3 – P6 camps (P3 and P6 day camps) and some of our
Learning Journeys during the OEL Week to minimise disruptions to the curriculum. To
ride on OEL Week, we have also scheduled parents’ briefings (P2 School-based
assessment, P4 Subject-based banding (SBB) and P6 PSLE) during those 3 days.

Safety and Security Measures for Entry and Exit Points

       Morning Arrival

Punggol Place Gate       Coralinus Gate      Small Gate            Main Gate*
(next to bus stop)       (next to Blk 302)   (Security Guard Post) (For vehicles)
7.00am to 7.30am         7.00am to 7.30am    7.30am onwards        6.30am to 7.30am
*The school’s main gate will be opened until 8.00am during inclement weather.

Walking into the school
The side gates at Punggol Place and Coralinus are opened between 7.00am to 7.30am*
for students only. Please note that parents and adult care-givers will not be given
access into the school through these two gates. Parents who wish to meet your
child/ward’s teacher, please inform the teacher in advance and register your purpose
at the Security Guard Post.

Arriving by cars (pls see below on application for Drive-through Pass)
The main gate for vehicle entry will be opened from 6.30am to 7.30am. Students can
alight inside the school compound at the designated drop-off point. Vehicle entry for
dismissal is from 1.40pm – 2.00pm. Parents are discouraged from alighting from the
vehicle as this will slow down or hold up the traffic. We seek your kind understanding
and support on this matter.

The main gate will be closed at 7.30am. Students arriving by cars after this timing will
need to enter the school through the small gate at the security guard post.

       After School Dismissal

P3 to P6 students
For the safety of the younger students, we will dismiss our P3 to P6 students before
the P1 and P2 students.

All students will be led by teachers and be dismissed through the Back Gate. The area
outside the Back Gate has a common open space which is large enough to safely
accommodate waiting parents and the dismissal crowd. From 2019, there will be a
sheltered walkway linking the Back Gate to the main sheltered path at the park outside
the school. Please refrain from standing near the Back Gate as it will obstruct the
smooth flow of students during dismissal.

We would appreciate that you do not arrange to pick up your child/ward at the Punggol
Place Gate as it has a very narrow walkway and is near the main road. This may pose a
danger to our students and other pedestrians. There may also be potential dangers
posed by careless cyclists or errant E-scooter users. The Punggol Place Gate may be
only used by students who are going home on their own during dismissal.

P1 & P2 students
Parents and adult caregivers of P1 and P2 students are invited to enter via the Back
Gate to the Indoor Basketball Court (IBC) between 1.20pm to 1.30pm to wait for your
child/ward. Our upper primary students who have younger siblings in the P1 and P2
levels will also meet up with their younger siblings and parents/adult care-givers in the
IBC. We seek your patience that the P1 and P2 students may take a little longer to
walk to the IBC. They should be at the IBC by about 1.35pm. Please exit via the Back
Gate with your child/ward.

The above-mentioned arrangements will also apply for days when students are required
to go home after their after-school programmes.

       Rainy days
On rainy days, parents and caregivers who have picked up their P1 & P2 children at the
IBC can choose to exit from the Punggol Place Gate. We will direct you through the
school building for exit at Punggol Place Gate. This will help reduce the congestion at
the narrow back gates due to the slower movements on rainy days.

Please note that the back gate will be closed at 1.50pm. All remaining students will be
re-directed to the Foyer Area outside the General Office. If the Back Gate is already
closed, please proceed to the Foyer via the Small Gate at the Security Guard Post to
pick up your child/ward.

From 2019, we have made changes to the Back Gate opening hours due to the changes
made to the afternoon programmes. The revised schedule is shown below for your easy

                      Revised Back Gate Opening Hours
Timing                Monday     Tuesday   Wednesday    Thursday     Friday
1.20pm - 1.50pm
                         √          √          √            √          √
(Main dismissal)
3.00pm – 3.20pm
                                               √            √          √
(CARE, Starlite)
3.00pm - 3.50pm
(CARE, Starlite          √
and HMT)
4.15pm - 4.35pm
5.00pm - 5.20pm
                                                            √          √

         Visitor Entry into the School

For the safety of all our staff and students, we seek your understanding to adhere to
our security measures in the school. All visitors (including parents) must register at
the security guard post before they can enter the school compound. A visitor pass
(with yellow lanyard) must be clearly displayed when in the school compound to allow
for quick identification in the event of unauthorised entry into the school. To allow for
the smooth and safe dismissal of our students, we seek your understanding that there
will be no entry via the security post during the main dismissal timing between 1.20pm
and 1.50pm.

Buying of books and stationery
Parents can buy books and stationery from the bookshop after our recesses from
10.20am to 12.00pm or after school dismissal from 1.50pm to 2.30pm. Please register
at the Security Guard Post before entering. The bookshop will be closed at 2.30pm.
As we want PGVP students to be self-confident and independent, we hope to encourage
them to exercise their own responsibility to buy the necessary items on their own.

       Drive-through Pass (Car Decal)
For the safety and security of our students, we want to ensure that only authorised
vehicles enter the school at all times. A clearly displayed authorised car decal will
allow for a quicker flow of traffic as our security guards will not need to stop every
car to perform security checks. This is especially critical during the main pick-up and
dismissal times.

The School will issue a free-of-charge Drive-through Pass each year for one car to
allow parents to drive in during the designated pick-up and drop-off timings.
Subsequent requests for a replacement or additional pass will cost S$1.50 each.
Parents who wish to apply for the Drive-through Pass will need to register your
vehicle/s with the school. The Drive-through Pass must be visibly displayed on the top
left corner (passenger seat) of your vehicle and is valid for the academic year 2019.

Please submit your applications online via this weblink or
scan the QR Code below by 14 Jan 2019. Your child/ward may approach the General
Office should you need a hardcopy application form. Upon successful registration, the
Drive-Through Pass will be issued to your child/ward by 21 Jan 2019.

QR Code for Drive-through Pass application

We will allow drive-through for vehicles who display the drive through decal with
effect from 15 Jan 2019. Please note that the Drive-through Pass does not allow the
cars to be parked in the school.

We seek your understanding and cooperation in helping us to enforce our security
measures. Together, Punggol View Primary School will be a place where your children
can learn in a safe and secure environment.

Update on Renovations and Improvement Works
We have completed works on the conversion of additional rooms to classrooms. The
MOE Kindergarten outdoor garden and play areas have also been completed.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the covered linkway for our school back gate will
only be completed in the first quarter of 2019. However, we are pleased to share that
the covered linkway to the MK Gate has been completed and will be open for use from
2 January 2019. We want to thank parents for your patience and understanding in this

Photography and Videography by the school
Photograph(s) or video image(s) of parents/guardians and students may be captured
during school activities and events such as classroom lessons, CCA, school camps or
school concerts. The school may use and publish such photographs and/or video
recordings in school publications, website, social media channels, and other official
school communication channels.

Parent Support Group
We have an active Parent Support Group at PGVP. They have been a pillar of support
for our school and works selflessly with the staff to create a conducive learning
environment for our students. There are many intangible benefits to joining the PSG
so please do not hesitate to step up and register to join this vibrant and dynamic team.
For more information on PSG, parents can contact our teacher in charge, Mdm Lim
Hwee Li or you can also download the form from our school website.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have further queries on
the school programmes or concerns with regard to your child’s learning. We wish you a
great term ahead.

Yours in partnership

Dr Vivien Ang Wek Cheng

----------------------------  Parent’s/Guardian’s Acknowledgement Slip ------------------------------
                               Punggol View Quarterly (Term 1/ 2019)

I, ________________________(name of parent) of _________________________(child)
from Primary _________ (class) have read and noted the content of the Term 1/2019

Term 1 Calendar of Events
 Day / Date      Level           Event                  Remark(s)
 Friday, 18      P1 parents      P1 Curriculum          6.30 pm – 9.00 pm
 Jan                             Briefing for Parents
 Monday, 4       P1 – P6, K1     Chinese New Year       We will be having a combined
 Feb             & K2            Celebrations           celebration with MK.

                                                        School dismissal 10.30 am.
                                                        Student Care Centre (SCC) will
                                                        close at 2 pm.

                                                        A letter will be duly issued.
 Tuesday and     All             Chinese New Year       School and SCC are closed.
 Wednesday,                      (CNY) Public Holiday
 5 - 6 Feb
 Thursday &      All             Class Photo Taking     Please refer to the schedule
 Friday, 7-8                                            which will be duly issued.
                                                        Students are to be in school
                                                        uniform for the photo-taking.
 Friday, 8 Feb   All             Mother Tongue
                                 Workshop for Parents
 Friday, 22      All             English Language
 Feb                             Workshop for Parents   7.00pm – 9.00pm. A letter will
 Friday, 1 Mar   All             Math Workshop for      be issued.
 Friday, 5 Apr   All             Science Workshop
                                 for Parents
 Monday,         P5              OEL to Singapore       Each class 1 day only. Tentative
 Tuesday,                        Maritime Museum        and awaiting booking
 Thursday 4,5                                           confirmation. A letter of
 & 7 Mar (tbc)                                          confirmation will be issued if
                                                        activity is confirmed.
 Wednesday –     P5 (all days)   P5 3D2N Camp           OEL Week. A letter will be
 Friday, 13-15                                          issued duly.
 Wednesday-      P4 (all days)   P4 2D1N Camp           OEL Week.
 Thursday, 13-                                          A letter will be issued duly.
 14 Mar
 Friday, 15      P3              P3 1-Day Camp          OEL Week.
 Mar                                                    A letter will be issued duly.
 Wednesday –     P1              OEL Jacob Ballas       OEL Week.
 Friday, 13-15                                          Each class 1 day only. Letter
 Mar                                                    with schedule will be issued

                 P2              OEL Philatelic         OEL Week.
                                 Museum                 Each class 1 day only. Letter
                                                        with schedule will be issued

 Wednesday,      P4 parents      SBB Briefing for       7.00pm – 9.00pm
 13 Mar                          Parents

Thursday, 14   P2 parents   P2 briefing on SBA &     7.00pm – 9.00pm
Mar                         Edusave for Parents
Friday, 15     P6 parents   PSLE Briefing for        7.00pm – 9.00pm
Mar                         Parents
Saturday, 16   P1 – P6      School Holidays          SCC is open from 7.30 am to
Mar to                                               7.00 pm from Monday to Friday.
Sunday, 24
                            Please register your
                            child’s travel plan(s)
                            online via our website
                            or use this web link
                            “” or
                            scan the QR code.

Monday, 25     P1 – P6      First Day of Term 2      The time-table for Term 2 Day 1
Mar                         School starts as per     will follow that of Term 1. This
                            normal at 7.30 am.       will help to prevent any
                            Students are to report   confusion.
                            to the assembly area
                            at 7.25am.               If there is a new time-table, it
                                                     will be issued to your child from
                                                     Day 2,

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