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Lifelong learning is one of the most effective     Lifelong learners are happier, healthier
ways to deal with change, and change is            and live longer. Those who continue with
constant.                                          formal education have a significant financial
                                                   advantage over the course of a lifetime.
During the last fifty years, constant scientific
and technological innovation and changes           At L.R. Kimball, we are all about designing
have had a profound effect on learning needs       spaces for people to learn. We are committed
and styles. In an ideal world, K-16 learning       to the development of lifelong learning
environments should offer students a seamless      environments for all ages because of the many
and age-appropriate progression toward the         benefits it affords both the individual and the
next stages of life.                               community.

One of the most influential management             A well-educated citizenry makes for a better
writers, Peter Drucker, wrote: “We now accept
the fact that learning is a lifelong process       society for all of us.
of keeping abreast of change. And the most
pressing task is to teach people how to learn.”
From innovative 21st century learning environments, to new
                                                                                    methods of collaboration, L.R. Kimball is passionately
                                                                                    redefining the architecture of education.
                                                                                    Founded in 1953, L.R. Kimball is recognized          project types, from campus master plans to new
                                                                                    as one of the nation’s leading professional          and renovated academic buildings, from football
                                                                                    service companies offering architecture and          stadiums to laboratories.
                                                                                    engineering services to a diverse range of public
                                                                                    and private-sector clients.                          L.R. Kimball is a Division of TranSystems. For
                                                                                                                                         more than 55 years, TranSystems has provided
                                                                                    With five offices in PA, we employ over 150          engineering and architectural planning, design
                                                                                    architects, engineers, designers, and support        and construction solutions to enhance the
                                                                                    staff. Our clients benefit from our deep bench       movement of goods and people across today’s
                                                                                    of talented professionals and effective quality      integrated transportation infrastructure. Its
                                                                                    control procedures that result in award winning,     professionals in more than 35 offices throughout
                                                                                    timely, cost-efficient projects.                     the U.S. perform a broad range of services
                                                                                                                                         to all sectors of the transportation and
                                                                                    The firm’s strong technical expertise coupled        federal marketplaces. Services are delivered
                                                                                    with its deep creative vision and architectural      throughout the asset life cycle, from concept
                                                                                    and engineering capabilities has cemented            to construction to long-term operations,
                                                                                    L.R. Kimball’s position as a leader in educational   maintenance and rehabilitation.
                                                                                    design and project management. Clients rely on
                                                                                    L.R. Kimball to design and manage more than          L.R. Kimball’s design of flexible, real-world
                                                                                    500 projects annually. Embracing a “one team”        classrooms, labs and support spaces motivate
                                                                                    attitude that facilitates a multi-disciplinary,      and inspire students to develop the skill sets
                                                                                    holistic approach to design and project delivery,    they need to succeed in a competitive business
                                                                                    the firm’s portfolio encompasses an array of         environment.

Westmoreland County Community College - New Latrobe Education Center, Latrobe, PA
EDUCATION AT THE INTERSECTION                                                                                              Expanding vistas
                                                                                                                           It works both ways…not only do younger students gain
                                                                                                                           knowledge of worlds they might not have known existed,
 Education, as with almost everything in the 21st century, is                                                              student mentors gain hands-on experience and a real world
 evolving rapidly in order to stay current with advancements                                                               understanding of their specialties. L.R. Kimball creates the
 in science, technology and communication. While learning                                                                  environments in which these two worlds co-exist – we believe
                                                                                                                           in student centered schools that support agile and connected

 models may differ, there exist critical intersections                                                                     programs. We create spaces for exploration and innovation,
 that create transformational environments that inspire                                                                    where students develop the needed skills to become college and
 excellence and equip students with timeless skillsets.                                                                    career ready.


                                                                                                                           When industry and academics converge,
                                                                                                      K-12                 learning becomes doing.
                                                                                                                           It began with college co-op programs that seamlessly linked real
                                                                                                                           world experience with academic theory. Soon students were
                                                                                                                           turning dorm rooms into innovation labs, and we have only
                                                                                                                           begun to unlock the potential of linking industry to students. At
                                                                                                                           L.R. Kimball, we are envisioning the next generation of maker
                                                                                                                           spaces, in which the fab labs are the bridges connecting ideas to

                        The connected community
                        Technology, collaboration and individual learning are an integral part
                        of every student’s life. Beginning in preschool and continuing through
                        graduate school, these three elements are the building blocks for school
                        and life. They are also the new building blocks for educational facilities,
                        and L.R. Kimball sees our designs moving from buildings to environments
                                                                                                             INDUSTRY      Giving students the workforce skills they
                                                                                                                           need, and putting those skills to practice
                        - with an emphasis on facilities that are student centered, comfortable,
                        flexible and transformable, facilities that can accommodate various                                Future ready students…industry professionals have the skills
                                                                                                                           and the knowledge that can bridge the gap between students
                        teaching methodologies and multiple learning modalities.                                           and their future work life. When industry professionals connect
                                                                                                                           with a classroom, not only do they share with students the skills
                                                                                                                           needed, they serve as role models and inspire students to reach
                                                                                                                           for the moon. Our team at L.R. Kimball is expert in creating
                                                                                                                           the types of spaces that support this life changing experience,
                                                                                                                           seamlessly combining the classroom with collaborative teaming
                                                                                   College and university facilities have
                                                                                   become so much more than a space in
                                                                                   which to deliver a lecture. A review of
                                                                                   current research concludes that a lack of a
                                                                                   high-quality learning spaces can influence
                                                                                   a teacher’s ability to teach and a student’s
                                                                                   ability to learn.

                                                                                   Put simply, the facility decisions we make
                                                                                   do matter.

                                                                                   If higher education is to serve our
                                                                                   nation and its citizens in an ever more
                                                                                   competitive marketplace, they need to
                                                                                   be designed to support both traditional
                                                                                   classroom/lecture-based learning
                                                                                   as well as evolving pedagogies that
                                                                                   fully embrace new forms of digital,
                                                                                   independent and crowd-sourced learning.

                                                                                   Innovation is at the heart of every project
                                                                                   we design. Our designers remain nimble and
                                                                                   stay abreast of technology developments to
                                                                                   help your organization adapt and transform
                                                                                   at light speed in order to remain viable in
The Penn State University - Medlar Field at Lubrano Park, University Park Campus   the global marketplace of education.
Our goal is to provide a higher
    education platform that encourages
    dialogue and interaction to teach
    and empower the next generation
    of leaders.
    Every academic project is unique in its response to context,
    mission and user needs. However, successful projects share
    one characteristic – they all must support the learning process.

    Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range project types, from
    campus master plans to new academic buildings, from football
    stadiums to fusion laboratories.

Middlesex County College - New South Hall Science Building, Edison, NJ
Our work is inspired by our
                                                                                                                                   understanding of education in
                                                                                                                                   a global context, which means
The Shipley School - Lower School Expansion*
                                                                                                                                   that our sources of inspiration
From an urban campus in Cairo to an ephemeral performing arts
center in the bucolic Pennsylvania countryside, our projects are
inspired by their context; and the design response embraces
                                                                                                                                   are as vast as the night sky.
both the end user and the community at large.

The Penn State University - Rec Hall, University Park Campus

Delaware State University - Administration Building*               Muhlenberg College - Trexler Pavillion for Theater and Dance*
William Penn Charter School Master Plan*

                                                      The success of any College is determined by the strength
                                                      of its academic programs, the quality of its administration,
                                                      faculty and staff, and the beauty and organization of its
                                                      physical environment.

                                                      Bucknell University Master Plan*

Delaware State University - Life Sciences Building*
“CHILDREN MUST BE TAUGHT HOW                      As educators, you are immersed in the

   TO THINK, NOT WHAT TO THINK.” -                   most transformational period in American
                                                     education in decades. New technologies
                                                     and student-centered learning are

                                                     replacing messy chalkboards and one-size-
                                                     fits-all classrooms.
                                                     Proven problem solving and critical
                                                     thinking skills are becoming as important
                                                     for students as academic performance.
                                                     Dynamic, collaborative instruction that
                                                     prepares today’s graduates for in-demand
                                                     professions is starting to separate good
                                                     school districts from great ones.
                                                     L.R. Kimball understands the opportunities
                                                     that come with this magnitude of change.
                                                     Calling on our 65-year history in K-12
                                                     design, we recently transformed our
                                                     educational project approach from a
                                                     traditional one that relied on Department
                                                     of Education specifications to one that
                                                     now brings innovative best practices and
                                                     world-class thought leadership directly to
                                                     the classroom.
                                                     Our 21st century learning environments are
                                                     based on three principles:
                                                     -   Fiscal responsibility to ensure that the
                                                         project delivers the highest value return
                                                         for students and taxpayers, especially as
                                                         it relates to efficiency and innovation.
                                                     -   Strong academic performance based on
                                                         spaces that serve as catalysts for truly
                                                         inspired learning.
                                                     - Environmental and economical
                                                       sustainability so that the investment
                                                       yields the greatest return for the

                                                     The end result? Vibrant, engaging and
                                                     relevant education spaces that inspire
Danville Area School District - New Primary School
Delaware Valley University - Life Sciences Building*

Research into both education and workplace culture shows that more
collaboration and the use of different spaces for differen work modes
correlates to higher levels of creativity and motivation.
                                                                                                            Delaware Valley University*

                                                                                                            For six decades, L.R. Kimball has been building the schools
                                                                                                            that inspire students to invent the next turbine, perform on
                                                                                                            Broadway, and succeed in major league sports. We understand
                                                                                                            that the path to potential is deeply affected by one’s learning
                                                                                                            environment; and we are committed to helping every student
                                                                                                            fully realize their talents.

Shippensburg University - H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center*

Wagner College - Foundation Hall*                                       Georgian Court Univeristy Chapel*   Central York High School
                                      68 YEARS IN BUSINESS            REPRESENTATIVE EDUCATION CLIENTS
                                                                      HIGHER EDUCATION
                                                                      American University Cairo
                                                                                                            West Chester University
                                                                                                            Westmoreland Community College
                                                                                                                                                       Coatesville Area School District
                                                                                                                                                       Conemaugh Township Area School District

  $325 MILLION
                                                                      Bucknell University                   Widener University                         Danville School District

                                      HIGHER EDUCATION                Bryn Mawr College
                                                                      Burlington City Community College     K-12 PRIVATE
                                                                                                                                                       Deemston School District
                                                                                                                                                       Derry Township School District

                                      EXPERIENCE:                     California University                 American School of Paris                   Dover Area School District

IN CONSTRUCTION VALUE OF LEED                                         Ceder Crest College
                                                                      Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                                            American School of Warsaw
                                                                                                            Delbarton School
                                                                                                                                                       Diocese of Pittsburgh
                                                                                                                                                       East Lycoming School District

CERTIFIED PROJECTS                                                    Community College of Philadelphia     Father Ryan High School                    East Orange Public Schools

                                      2.5     MILLION+
                                                                      Cumberland County College             Frankfurt International School             East Stroudsburg Area School District
First LEED© Certified Higher                                          Delaware State University             Graded, The American School of Sao Paulo   Forbes Road School District
Education Ballpark in the Country                                                                           The Hill School                            Forest Hills School District
                                                                      Eastern College
One of the First LEED Gold Certfied
                                      SQUARE FEET OF SPACE DESIGNED   Elizabethtown College                 Holy Name Elementary School                Franklin Township School District

K-12 Schools in the Country                                           Gywnedd Mercy University              Marymount International School, Paris      Galloway Township Public Schools
                                                                      Haverford College                     William Penn Charter School                Gateway School District

                                      $400      MILLION+              Indiana University of Pennsylvania    The Shipley School                         Greater Johnstown School District
K-12 EXPERIENCE:                                                      Lafayette College
                                                                      La Salle University                   K-12 PUBLIC
                                                                                                                                                       Hanover Public School District
                                                                                                                                                       Hamilton Township School District

80+ SCHOOL DISTRICTS                   IN CONSTRUCTION VALUE          Misericordia University               Altoona Area School District               Harmony Area School District
                                                                      Moravian College                      Albert Gallatin Area School District       Highlands School District

                                      81 HIGHER EDUCATION CLIENTS
                                                                      Mount Aloysius College                Archdiocese of Philadelphia                Huntingdon School District

                                                                      Muhlenberg College                    Armstrong School District                  Jefferson-Morgan School District
                                                                      NJ State Police Academy               Bellefonte School District                 Juniata Valley School District
                                                                      Notre Dame University                 Bellwood-Antis School District             Lawrence Township School District

                                                                      Penn Highlands Community College      Bethel Park School District                Long Branch School District

460+ K-12 PROJECTS                             PROJECTS               Pennsylvania Area Community College   Blairsville-Saltsburg School District      Loyalsock Township School District
                                                                      Pennsylvania State University         Boone County Schools                       Northern Potter School District
                                                                                                            Boonton Township School District           Pittsburgh Public Schools

                                      15 STATES
                                                                      Ramapo Community College

$800     MILLION+
                                                                      Rowan University                      Brownsville Area School District           Plum Borough School District
                                                                      Shippensburg University               Cambria Heights School District            Richland School District
                                                                      St Francis University                 Carlynton School District                  Rose Tree Media School District
                                                                      Temple University                     Central York School District               State College Area School District

 IN CONSTRUCTION VALUE                                                University of Delaware
                                                                      University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                                            Chestnut Ridge School District
                                                                                                            Christina School District
                                                                                                                                                       School District of Philadelphia
                                                                                                                                                       Springfield Township School District

4.7 MILLION DESIGNED  SQUARE FEET                                     University of Pittsburgh              City of Orange Township School District    Washington Township School District
                                                                      Wagner College                        Clairton City School District              West Chester Area School District
Welcome to collective creativity and
the next generation of design.

We are
                                         A 21st century classroom begins in a 21st
                                         century studio. In order to deliver on our
                                         commitment to redefine the architecture
                                         of education, we reimagined the design
                                         process, created a new paradigm and
                                         included new voices.

                                         By building teams based solely on
                                         your needs, we are moving beyond the
                                         traditional architecture and engineering
                                         model and bringing thought leaders from
                                         other disciplines into the design process.

                                         We create dynamic solutions that not only
                                         meet your immediate needs, but your
                                         future aspirations.

                                         It motivates us to collaborate with
                                         thought leaders in education, the arts,
                                         technology and other industries so that
                                         our design can engage and inspire your
                                         students for years to come.

                                         And by working with you to achieve a
                                         common goal, it makes us – and the job we
                                         do – different from others.

                                         This is how the L.R. Kimball team delivers
New Richland Junior/Senior High School
                                         solutions, not just buildings.
                                                                           EBENSBURG, PA
                                                                           615 West Highland Avenue
                                                                           Ebensburg, PA 15931-1048

                                                                           Additional Offices
                                                                           PITTSBURGH, PA – DOWNTOWN
                                                                           Frick Building
                                                                           437 Grant Street
                                                                           Suite 812
                                                                           Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Shippensburg University*                                                   PHILADELPHIA, PA
                                                                           1717 Arch Street
                                                                           Suite 700
                                                                           Philadelphia, PA 19103
                                                                           STATE COLLEGE, PA
                                                                           330 Innovation Boulevard
                                                                           Suite 202
                                                                           State College, PA 16803
                                                                           HARRISBURG, PA
                                                                           4400 Deer Path Road
                                                                           Suite 105
                                                                           Harrisburg, PA 17110-3908
* Project completed by L.R. Kimball staff prior to joining L.R. Kimball.
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