2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School

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2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School
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2021|22 Prospectus
2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School
Principal's Welcome                                    01

General Informa�on                                     02

English Language Courses (Primary and Secondary EAP)   03

EAP - High School SACE Prepara�on Program              04

Year 11 (SACE Stage 1)                                 06

Year 12 (SACE Stage 2)                                 06

English Proficiency Evalua�on Test (EPET)               08

Guardianship Support                                   09

Scholarships Informa�on                                10

Study Tour                                             12

Adelaide Independent Schools Alliance (AISA)           13
2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School
Adelaide International School (AIS) is situated in
                                            beautiful downtown Adelaide. It is a boutique school
                                            which predominantly caters for international students
                                            who wish to either develop their English language skill
                                            in preparation to study academic programs in an
                                            Adelaide school or complete their SACE studies to
                                            enable entrance into a tertiary institution.

                                            We have a number of carefully developed programs
                                            each of which are described in this prospectus.

                                            The cornerstone of the AIS English language
                                            acquisition program is the 'English for Academic
                                            Purposes' (EAP) course for Primary and Secondary
                                            School students. EAP courses provide necessary skills
                                            and confidence to be successful in mainstream classes
                                            in Adelaide schools. These are registered ELICOS
                                            (English Language for Intensive Course Overseas
                                            Students) courses and are taught by highly qualified
and dedicated staff. Delivery of these courses can occur at AIS in Adelaide or online to anyone
across the globe.

SACE courses are offered to international students from international partner schools. This
program commenced in 2020 with students attending from one partner school n China and has
expanded in 2021 to include students from Vietnam and Indonesia as well. AIS SACE staff are
not only extremely knowledgeable in their subject areas but also highly skilled at assisting
international students to understand the specialist language needs of their course.

All staff at AIS understand that young people who have newly arrived in Australia require a school
environment that matches their learning needs. While providing suitable academic challenges,
they learn within a caring supportive educational setting. Regular communication with parents
helps to assure families that the students at AIS receive the support they need.

The central location of AIS, in the heart of Adelaide, provides easy transport access to students
wherever they may live. Our location also allows the city of Adelaide to become part of the
learning environment for AIS, assisting students to better understand the unique culture of this city
and country.

Adelaide International School is a key member of the Adelaide Independent Schools Alliance,
allowing graduates of our ELICOS program to move forward to the school of their choosing. AIS
graduates gain confidence in their ability to function in Australia and face their future with hope.
They are well equipped to live in our increasingly globalised world.

Please accept my personal invitation to visit Adelaide International School for a tour of our school,
allowing you to appreciate this unique learning environment.

                                                                                  Peter Daw
                                                           BSC (HONS) GRAD DIP T M ED MACE

                                                                                       CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P01
2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School
General Informa�on
   ① Enrolment                                               ③ Learning Methodologies

   Adelaide International School offers continual            All courses utilise a variety of learning methodologies
   enrolment throughout the year for English for             and are adapted to meet the needs of each individual
   Academic Purposes (EAP) courses. Our EAP                  student. Whether on campus, or online, students are
   courses can be taken at our Adelaide Campus if you        engaged in their learning, challenged to produce their
   are in Adelaide or can be studied remotely via online     best, given individual support when needed and have
   lessons. Our online program still contains a high level   fun.
   of teacher student interaction and online students are
   made to feel very much part of our community. This        ④ Teachers
   program is known as AIS Cloud Campus.
                                                             Teachers have undertaken professional development in
   You will find two different Enrolment Forms on our        teaching English to speakers of other languages
   website, one for personal delivery at the AIS Campus      (TESOL) and are all fully registered and trained
   in Adelaide and one for our remote Cloud Campus. At       teachers who understand the academic language
   this stage SACE courses are in preparation for online     required for successful completion of school curriculum.
   delivery and so please enquire with the AIS Registrar,
   Ms Wendy Fallshaw, if these courses are available or      ⑤ Pathways
                                                             —Enrolment at a school within the Adelaide
   Scholarships are available for those students who         Independent Schools Alliance (AISA)
   meet the criteria. Please check the detailed section in
   this Prospectus for more information. Further details     —High School SACE Preparation Program and SACE
   and information about the application process can be      Year 11 & 12 at Adelaide International School (AIS)
   found on the AIS website or by contacting the AIS
   Reception on +61 8 8123 1786.

   ② Assessment

   Prior to the commencement of EAP study, a student's
   current level of English language is assessed, and a
   course duration determined. Students are continually
   assessed and will graduate from AIS when they have
   achieved the required English language proficiency to
   move to their destination school. A comprehensive
   report is prepared for parents and destination schools.

CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P02
2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School
The Programs that AIS Offers
English Language Courses (Primary and Secondary EAP)
Adelaide Interna�onal School is a registered provider of English for Academic Purposes, (EAP) -Primary (Elementary) to
Secondary (Advanced) (CRICOS Course Code: 083251E).

Learning English at Adelaide Interna�onal School involves more than simply learning English words and comple�ng
worksheets. The development of proficient speaking, listening, reading, and wri�ng skills is central to the courses we
offer. Most importantly it is about making sure students are confident to communicate in English at an academic and
social level so that they can easily access the next step in their educa�on pathway.

The program focuses on five key areas of English language development:
1. Speaking and listening
2. Wri�ng, reading, and viewing
3. English in civics and ci�zenship
4. English in mathema�cs and science
5. English in business

                                                                                    CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P03
2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School
EAP - High School SACE Prepara�on Program

Adelaide Interna�onal School (AIS) offers ongoing
enrolment into its High School SACE Prepara�on Program.
This has been developed for Interna�onal students who
have successfully completed Year 9 or 10 and are seeking
enrolment into Stage 1 (Year 11) of the South Australian
Cer�ficate of Educa�on (SACE).

Overseas students who wish to undertake the South
Australian Cer�ficate of Educa�on (SACE) o�en
experience some challenges when first commencing the
SACE. This is because English is their second language and
the differences between the educa�on systems in the
home country and Australia. This program provides an
effec�ve bridge between the two educa�on systems
whilst developing English language proficiency.

The program consists of Year 10 level subject material, including the SACE Personal Learning Plan. English is the language of
instruc�on and can gain valuable SACE Credits upon successful comple�on. A�er comple�ng the program, students can
either stay to complete the SACE with AIS or nego�ate a transfer to another secondary high school within the Adelaide
Independent School Alliance (AISA).

· English for Academic Purposes
· English for Science
· English for Maths
· Personal Learning Plan (SACE compulsory 10 credit unit)
· Cultural Studies (Civics and Ci�zenship, Australian Business Context, Cultural Iden�ty)
· Individual Project

The subject Cultural Studies provides Interna�onal students with an informed understanding of Australian culture, social
and poli�cal structures including governing laws.

The combina�on of subjects provides a solid founda�on to start a student’s SACE journey.

CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P04
2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School
① High School SACE Preparation Program Information table

Entry Requirements

  Op�on one                    Successfully completed Year 9
  Dura�on                      12 months
  Op�on two                    Successfully completed Year 10 semester one
  Dura�on                      6 months
  Op�on three                  Successfully completed Year 10

  Dura�on                      Addi�onal 6 months the high School SACE Prepara�on Program is subject to AISA school

  English Entry Requirements   English Proficiency Evalua�on Test (EPET) (refer to EPET Table in page 14); Minimum IELTS 5.0, or

  Intake                       Con�nuous intake
  Study As                     Full - �me
  Model                        On campus
  CRICOS Course Code           083251E

② Pathways
- Enrolment at a school within Adelaide Independent Schools Alliance (AISA)
- High school Year 11 & 12 at Adelaide Interna�onal School

                                                                                             CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P05
2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School
SACE Program

Year 11 (SACE Stage 1)

AIS offers a full �me Stage 1 SACE program over 12 months. Subjects are designed with purpose to create a pathway into
Stage 2 SACE.

AIS also works with interna�onal partner schools to help them deliver a Year 11 program in their own country that will gain
SACE Stage 1 recogni�on. These students are then able to join AIS in their final year of study to complete their SACE and
thus gain an ATAR.

The focus of the Stage 1 SACE program is business related where students study and explore the world of business.
Students will develop academic behaviours, innova�on, and rigour appropriate for Stage 1 students.

SACE Stage 1 Subject Choice

  Compulsory Subjects                                         Option Subjects

   English as an Addi�onal Language                           · Integrated Learning/Community Studies
   Mathema�cs                                                 · Languages Other than English (LOTE)
                                                              · Psychology
   Research Project
                                                              · Legal Studies
   Personal Learning Plan                                     · Business Innova�on
   (Completed in SACE Prepara�on program)                     · Accoun�ng
                                                              · Economics
                                                              · Cer�ficate III in Business (to be completed in Stage 2)
                                                              · Personal Learning Plan (if not previously completed)

※NOTE: 6 full-year subjects are typically undertaken by Stage 1 SACE students.

Year 12 (SACE Stage 2)
AIS offers a full �me Stage 2 SACE program over 12 months with a selec�on of subjects that extend from Stage 1 studies
leading to higher educa�on and university business courses. Students from interna�onal partner schools arrive at the
beginning of the Australian academic year in late January and complete their final Stage 2 SACE studies with AIS. Other
students, who are not enrolled in interna�onal partner schools are also eligible to study Stage 2 SACE at AIS as are those
students who have already completed SACE Stage 1 with us.

The Stage 2 SACE program con�nues its business focus requiring students to further explore in-depth the world of business.
Students will develop academic behaviours, innova�on, and rigour appropriate to create a pathway into university or other
learning environments where an ATAR is required.

In Stage 2, the SACE Board of SA schedule examina�ons in November/December in the year of study.

SACE Stage 2 Subject Choice

   Option Subjects

  · English as an Addi�onal Language           · Mathema�cs               · Integrated Learning/Community Studies
  · Languages Other than English (LOTE)        · Physics                  · Legal Studies
  · Business Innova�on                         · Accoun�ng                · Economics
  · Cer�ficate III in Business (con�nued from Stage 1)

CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P06
2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School
SACE Informa�on Table

                           For Year 11:
                           Successful comple�on of Year 10 or High School SACE Prepara�on Program
                           For Year 12:
                           Successful comple�on of Year 11
                           English Proficiency Evalua�on Test (EPET) ( refer to EPET Table in page 14);
                           Minimum IELTS 5.0, or equivalent (Year 11)
                           Minimum IELTS 5.5, or equivalent (Year 12)
                           1st term January. Up to April for Stage 1 through nego�a�on with the Principal
                           12 Months for each of Stage 1 and Stage 2
                           On Campus

Program                CRICOS        Duration         Enrolment fee             Tuition fee           Material and ICT feet
SACE Stage1(Year 11)   089188C       12 months             $400                   $21,600                       $1,600
SACE Stage1(Year 12)   089188C       12 months             $400                   $21,600                       $1,600

                                          Ms Zara Philips (GDip T, BAppSc)

                                          SACE CoordinatorZara’s teaching experience spans over 13 years in both
                                          middle and senior school (IBMYP and SACE Courses).
                                          Zara has taught specialised subjects including English (IB MYP) and
                                          Humani�es (IB MYP), Geography, Science, Legal Studies and Research
                                          Project. Zara has worked on projects focusing on improving and delivering
                                          curriculum content and assessment with NAPLAN, Australian Government
                                          Quality Teacher Program and Interna�onal Baccalaureate.

                                                                                       CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P07
2021|22 Prospectus - AIS - Adelaide International School
         English Proficiency Evalua�on Test (EPET)

Adelaide Interna�onal School has developed its own English language test called EPET. The EPET provides informa�on
about a student’s current level of English language. Students cannot pass or fail the EPET. The test uses a sliding scale (1-14)
to iden�fy the level of English proficiency of a student. The test is used to determine the length of �me a student should
enrol in English for Academic Purposes program (English language learning) before they can enter a mainstream Australian

The EPET can be completed in person or online. If in-person, it will take place at the Adelaide Interna�onal School campus.
If online, our preferred pla�orm is Zoom. Students follow a provided weblink and do not need to download a program. They
must have access to the internet and a webcam.

Interpre�ng an EPET Result
An EPET score is based on a wri�en sample of work that is levelled against the Department for Educa�on Literacy and
Language Levels diagnos�c. Each level is aligned to a school Year level and the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and
Repor�ng Authority (ACARA) phases. An Interview is conducted prior to the wri�en assessment indica�ng student’s verbal
proficiency. Only the wri�ng is levelled.

                                  1         2       3   4   5   6      7       8      9      10      11     12      13    14
  School Year
                                                            1   2      3      4       5       6      7      8       9     10

The example below shows that a student wan�ng enrolment into School Year Level 8 requires an EPET Score of 12. This
student’s EPET Score is 8 therefore 20 weeks of English for Academic Purpose is recommended with the aim to achieve an
EPET Score of 12.

                                  1        2        3   4   5   6      7       8      9      10      11     12      13    14
  School Year
                                                            1   2      3      4       5      6       7       8      9     10

※Please note that on average, students will move 1 EPET Score every 5 weeks of English for Academic Purpose which will
include good study habits and a�endance.

CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P08
Guardianship Support

AIS recommend that parents consider registering with a
recognised third-party provider of quality and reliable
service to interna�onal students for guardianship support.

AIS recommend either Student Guardian Service (SGS) or
Interna�onal Student Service (ISA).

SGS has worked extensively with local schools in Adelaide,
including AISA schools, to support these schools to provide
comprehensive welfare arrangements for interna�onal
students under the age of 18.

SGS's custodial team members all hold the mandatory
“Responding to Abuse and Neglect” cer�ficate required by
the Australian Government. SGS will allocate a suppor�ng
staff member who is bilingual in both English and the
student’ s na�ve language so that they can best support the
student. SGS also provides �mely communica�on with their

SGS's 24/7 service includes airport pick-up and drop-off,
accommoda�on arrangements (if required) and
coordina�on, local briefings, homestay visits, holiday
arrangements, emergency assistance support, as well as
support with academic follow-up or school mee�ngs,
counselling advice, etc.

For more informa�on please visit www.studentgs.com

ISA has a team of independent mul�lingual carers whom the
student can rely upon for guidance, advice and support on a
range of issues, including academic progress, coaching,
personal welfare, social and emo�onal issues, financial
guidance, general safety and security.

They have their own Safe Student App, which is an app
designed for students to seek for a help when they meet
something emergency. This app will direct contact to
emergency services and no�fy three of their contacts.

For more informa�on please visit

                                                              CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P09

          Scholarships Informa�on
         1. Scholarships are based on full course tui�on fees and not on any discounted fee.

         2. The scholarship is based on individual merit and not all applicants will receive scholarships.

         3. Scholarships are awarded to those applicants who best meet the criteria.

         4. In general, a scholarship will not exceed 50% of course fees. A scholarship in excess of 50% will only be granted in
         excep�onal circumstances.

         5. Scholarship discounts do not apply to any fees other than tui�on fees. For example, Homestay fees, Materials fee
         etc are not subject to a scholarship discount.

         6. The terms and condi�ons applicable to payment of fees will apply to scholarship holders.


The following criteria will be used to determine if an applicant will be awarded a scholarship:
1. Financial need
EVIDENCE: Le�er from parents that outlines the financial need and includes informa�on about the occupa�on of parents and the
             number of siblings.
2. Academic performance that is of at least average to high competence. Passing grades in English will be essen�al.
EVIDENCE: the two most recent school reports.
3. Contribu�on to the school or wider community.
EVIDENCE: Cer�ficates (if appropriate)
           Le�er of commenda�on from a teacher or school principal or community member.

CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P10

It is an expecta�on that each scholarship holder will:
1. Demonstrate ongoing commitment to effec�ve study.
2. Obtain average or be�er-than-average results.
3. Demonstrate the values of Adelaide Interna�onal School.
4. Have an a�endance rate of more than 90% unless extenua�ng circumstances prevent this.
5. Meet the expecta�ons outlined in the student Code of Conduct.
6. Be a posi�ve role model within AIS – showing leadership when appropriate.
7. Assist new students to se�le in to the school.
8. Assist AIS to promote the scholarship program of AIS.

It is an expecta�on that parents will:
1. Assist their son/daughter to meet the obliga�ons of the scholarship.
2. Cooperate with AIS if a strategy is put in place to ensure that student obliga�ons are met.


To be considered for a scholarship, please complete the AIS Scholarship Applica�on Form and ensure the following
documents are supplied as part of your applica�on process:
1. Copy of passport
2. Reference le�er from the school Principal or a teacher that outlines why the student would be a suitable candidate for a
scholarship and summaries the contribu�on made to the community
3. Le�er from parents that outlines the financial need
4. Copies of the last two school reports
5. Cer�ficates awarded for success in an area at school of in the community
6. A statement of 300 words outlining why you would like to receive the scholarship.

                                                                                        CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P11
Study Tours
Adelaide Interna�onal School offers study tours to Interna�onal students who are interested in improving their English
language skills and experiencing local cultures. English language courses are personalised for each group based on their
English language levels. Local excursions and ac�vi�es are integrated into the program including visits to local private schools.

Study Tours allow interna�onal students the opportunity to observe the Australian educa�on system, experience local culture
and develop their English language skills through Adelaide Interna�onal School coordinated ac�vi�es.

      Sample Schedule

                                                    Morning                            A�ernoon
      Monday                                        Orienta�on Session                 Understand Australian Culture
      Tuesday                                       English: Listening                 Visit South Australian Museum
      Wednesday                                     English: Speaking                  Visit Glenelg Beach
      Thursday                                      Visit Local School                 Visit Haigh’s Chocolate Factory
      Friday                                        English (Business                  English Presenta�on Session

   Extras Options

   3-day recrea�onal outdoor Camp ac�vi�es
   Tourist excursion/ac�vi�es (possibly including Hahndorf, Toy Factory, Wildlife Park and Mt Lo�y or Victor Harbor, Granite
   Island and surrounding districts)
   Addi�onal visits to local private schools and universi�es Boarding op�on (minimum number of students applies)
   *There are extra costs for extra op�ons

CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P12
Adelaide Independent Schools Alliance (AISA)
Adelaide Interna�onal School is a member of the Adelaide
Independent School Alliance (AISA).

AISA is a collabora�on of premier non-government schools in South

Members of the Alliance recognise the need for a holis�c approach
                                                                            Representing over 900 years of Educational Excellence
to student recruitment where support for the student's welfare
extends beyond enrolment.

Arriving in an English-speaking country with limited language skills, and a lack of awareness of local cultures can be daun�ng,
par�cularly for young students.

AISA recognises the challenges for interna�onal students to be successful in their transi�on into Adelaide schools.

At the core of the Alliance model is a cost-effec�ve program through which students become informed and academically

The learning journey starts with a purpose designed assessment of English language skills. The reuslts allow for the
development of an individual learning plan, designed to help students meet the entry requirements of premium schools.

For more informa�on please visit it www.aisa.edu.au

  Adelaide Independent Schools Alliance (AISA)

 • Adelaide Interna�onal School      • Blackfriars Priory School   • Concordia College      • Loreto College

 • Mercedes College     • Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College      • Pembroke School

 • Pulteney Grammar School        • Scotch College Adelaide    • St George College       • St Peter’s Girls’ School

 • Trinity College   • University Senior College    • Wilderness School

                                                                                           CRICOS Provider No: 03133G | School No: 398 | P13
DISCLAIMER: The informa�on in this publica�on is current as at
the date of prin�ng and is subject to change. You can find updated
informa�on on our website at www.ais.edu.au.

Published January 2021
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