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Torbay School.
                  Te Kura Tuatahi O Whangatoa

Deep Creek Road
Auckland 0630

30 June 2021

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for expressing an interest in the position of Deputy Principal at Torbay
Primary School. It is a large contributing, multicultural school with a roll of 620 serving
the community of Torbay.

With the departure of our wonderful Deputy Principal to her own principalship, the BOT
are seeking a dynamic educational leader to continue and enhance the current
strategic direction of the school.

We offer:
    A highly supportive environment based on the school’s four values
    Multiple opportunities for professional learning and development
    Highly engaged and motivated learners
    Structures that facilitate collaborative practice
    A highly supportive parent community
    Five Management Units

We have a very supportive school community whose emphasis is on our school values,
with a caring and respectful culture that enables teachers and students to focus on

The right applicant will proactively engage with the school community and emphasise
the value of involvement and participation.

If you are able to demonstrate strong leadership and management skills and have
the ability to engage and motivate those around you to achieve the best outcomes
for the school, we want to hear from you.

The following documents and links are included in this application pack:
     School profile
     Criteria for the appointment
     Information for applicants

Application Pack: Torbay Primary School, Deputy Principal Position 2021            Page | 1
   Recruitment process timeline
       Application form (a separate document)
       Position description
       Referee report template (a separate document)
       Torbay Primary School’s Strategic Plan (a separate document)

We welcome candidates to visit our school. Please contact Gary O’Brien (Principal)
at 09 473 8603 or email to arrange a suitable day and time.

Further queries or information can be obtained by contacting David Ellery of The
Education Group on 021 595 411 or Tanya Prentice at
or 09 920 2173.

We encourage you to visit our school website at:

Please ensure your application reflects the criteria for appointment outlined in this
application pack and that all documents required are enclosed. Completed
applications, including a copy of your CV and evidence of your current teacher
registration should be submitted electronically to:
         David Ellery, The Education Group Limited
         Level 1, 24 Manukau Road, Epsom
         PO Box 26480, Epsom, Auckland 1023

Applications close 1:00 pm Friday 30 July 2021

On behalf of the Torbay Primary School Board of Trustees, we thank you for taking the
time to consider this opportunity and wish you every success in your application.

Kind regards

Louise Brown
Torbay Primary School

Application Pack: Torbay Primary School, Deputy Principal Position 2021      Page | 2

                                    Tēnā koutou katoa
                                Nga mihi ki a koutou katoa
                              Ko Māhuhu-ki-te-Rangi te waka
                                 Ko Waitematā te moana
                                 Ko Rangitoto te maunga
                                  Ko Ngāti Whātua te iwi
                                  Ko Whangatoa te kura
                  No reira tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa

                               My canoe is Māhuhu-ki-te-Rangi
                                     My sea is Waitematā
                                   My mountain is Rangitoto
                                    My tribe is Ngāti Whatua
                                      My school is Torbay
                                           Our vision is
                               “Flying high learning for success”

                                                        Torbay School is situated in the East
                                                        Coast Bays on Auckland’s North Shore
                                                        overlooking Rangitoto Island and the
                                                        Hauraki     Gulf.   The    school  is
                                                        approximately 20 minutes north of
                                                        downtown Auckland. We cater for
                                                        children from Year 1 to Year 6.

                                                Torbay is a contributing State Primary
School established in 1955 with students enrolled in 1956. The main block consisted of
six classrooms, staffroom and administration areas. The official opening of the school
was on 4th May 1957. The swimming pool was added in 1965 and the school hall was
fundraised by the community and opened in 2002 More classrooms were added over
the years, the latest addition being a 12 classroom block opened this year. There are
now a total of 28 classrooms, court areas for basketball, two playgrounds, large
sandpit, outdoor stage, fitness track,
large field, Turf area for football and
netball, with future plans for new
enlarged vegetable gardens and
natural outdoor play areas.

Through the effective use of our
extensive facilities, we have a
commitment to academic excellence
via the delivery of an engaging
integrated curriculum. We support our

Application Pack: Torbay Primary School, Deputy Principal Position 2021              Page | 3
curriculum by creating learning environments that challenge and motivate students
to realise their full potential. We offer a variety of programmes across academic,
cultural, EOTC and sporting endeavour that enhance children’s learning.

                                                      At Torbay School we provide a basis for
                                                      lifelong learners through a challenging,
                                                      supportive, stimulating and caring
                                                      environment. Opportunities are created
                                                      to develop and support the strengths
                                                      and talents of all individuals through the
                                                      application of UDL philosophies and
                                                      effective    programmes        for  gifted

Torbay School takes a pride in its commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi and promotes
the use of Te reo and the embracing of Te ao Maori. Children are encouraged to
take responsibility for and be involved in their own learning. Positive partnerships
between the school and the community are valued and nurtured.

We are committed to play based
learning in our early years and this is
delivered through our Wa Kitea
programme.        This       programme
developed in house, after wide
research, is complimented by our
outdoor play programme Kitea Ki
Waho. These programmes focus on
Skills and Values to facilitate the
smooth transition of children from ECE
to school yet they still incorporate the
development of knowledge.

Our classrooms are flexible learning environments designed so that two teachers can
work collaboratively to deliver the learning programmes to their class groups. Our most
recent building also promotes larger collaborations within year groups while
                                                maintaining the flexibility to work in
                                                pairs. Our new building is a creative,
                                                exciting design that provides a
                                                wonderfully       flexible      learning
                                                environment enabling teachers and
                                                students to work to their potential.

                                                       Torbay School is developing a three-
                                                       pronged approach to learning,
                                                       focusing on Values, Skills and

Application Pack: Torbay Primary School, Deputy Principal Position 2021                 Page | 4
Values are represented by our CARE values programme which aims to install the
values outlined below.

Commitment:                        Kei a tatou te pumautanga! We are committed! Torbay
                                   School is a place where we value learning, effort and
Aroha:                             Kei te aroha tenei! This is love! Torbay School is a place
                                   where we build strong relationships.
Respect and Responsibility:        Ko te mea nui ko te manaakitangata! The main thing is
                                   to look after and nurture all mankind! Torbay School is a
                                   place where we act responsibly and respect others.
Excellence                         Ka takakawe tahi tataou ki te hiranga! We will strive
                                   together for excellence! Torbay School is a place where
                                   we strive for excellence.

Skills are represented by our learner powers. Our learner powers relate directly to the
Key Competencies outline in the NZC and are represented by our seagull RICC.

Learner Powers:

Huritao / Reflective            Manawaroa / Resilient                     Mahi Tahi / Collaborative

                Pākiki / Curious                              Auaha / Innovative

At Torbay School we are committed to a holistic approach to education ensuring that
all children have access to the curriculum. We are also committed to the
redevelopment of our curriculum to ensure success for all through the development
of Skills, Values and Knowledge. We are also developing a new approach to
assessment that reflects children’s progress in all areas.

He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata

Application Pack: Torbay Primary School, Deputy Principal Position 2021                     Page | 5
Criteria for the Appointment

                                     Demonstrates strong relational skills and is; approachable, loyal,

                                      trustworthy, fair, supportive, positive, honest, with a sense of humour

                                     An effective communicator to students, staff and the community

                                     A strong, confident educational leader who is capable of continuing
                                      the strategic direction of the school, with a particular emphasis on
                                      personalising learning
                                     Has strong pedagogical and curriculum knowledge and can take the
                                      lead in the development of Play-Based Learning (Wa Kitea) and an
                                      integrated curriculum, incorporating the use of technology
        Knowledge and Practice

                                     Effectively manages the day-to-day responsibilities of running a school
                                     Understands and demonstrates that values, skills and knowledge are
                                      equally important components of learning and measures of success
                                     Is committed to an inclusive approach, understands and practises UDL
                                     Demonstrates a capacity to create an enjoyable, friendly, welcoming
                                      school environment
                                     Demonstrates commitment to our obligations under the Treaty of
                                      Waitangi and is able to foster te reo Māori
                                     Places children at the centre of their decision-making
                                     Understands effective change management and has a strategic
                                      approach to school development

                                     Is forward-thinking, creative, innovative and aware of current

                                      educational trends
       Skills and

                                     Is self-driven, shows initiative and is a problem solver
                                     Is Solution Focused, celebrates what it is children can achieve and has
                                      a constructive approach to their learning challenges

Application Pack: Torbay Primary School, Deputy Principal Position 2021                            Page | 6

Thank you for applying for the position of Deputy Principal of Torbay
Primary School. Please ensure you read the role description and criteria
for the appointment carefully before completing this application.

1.   Please complete the application form personally. Read it through first and then
     answer all questions. Make sure you sign and date where indicated.

2.   Attach a curriculum vitae (CV) containing any additional information relevant to
     the position. If you include written references, please note that we may contact
     the writer of the reference.

3.   Copies of qualification certificates are to be attached. If successful in your
     application, you will be required to provide originals as proof of qualifications. The
     documents of the successful applicant will be verified and retained for our
     school’s records.

4.   If you are selected for interview you may bring whānau/support people at your
     own expense. Please advise if this is your intention.

5.   Failure to complete this application and answer all questions truthfully may result
     in any offer of employment being withdrawn or appointment being terminated if
     any information is later found to be false.

6.   a) Applicants may not be employed as a children’s worker if they have been
     convicted of a specified offence listed in Schedule 2 of the Vulnerable Children
     Act 2014, unless they obtain an exemption. The Criminal Records (Clean Slate)
     Act 2004 will not apply to these specified offences and these offences will be
     included in your Police vetting results.

     b) The Clean Slate Act (2004) provides certain convictions do not have to be
     disclosed providing:
        -     You have not committed any offence within seven consecutive years of
              being sentenced for the offence; and
        -     You did not serve a custodial sentence at any time; and
        -     The offence was neither a specified offence under the Clean Slate Act
              2004 nor a specified offence under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014; and
        -     You have paid any fine or costs

     Please note that you are not obliged to disclose convictions if you meet the
     above conditions but can do so if you wish. If you are uncertain as to whether
     you are eligible contact the Ministry of Justice.

7.   This application form and supporting documents received from the successful
     applicant will be held by the school. That person may access these in
     accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 2020.

8.   CVs provided from non-successful applicants will not be returned, unless a
     stamped self-addressed envelope is provided. Application forms and CVs from

Application Pack: Torbay Primary School, Deputy Principal Position 2021            Page | 7
non-successful applicants will be held until the appointments process is
      completed and will then be destroyed.

9.    You are required to request referees’ reports from three referees. The referee’s
      report template is included in the pack as a separate attachment. It is your
      responsibility to contact referees and provide them with a copy of the report
      template and the information that they need to complete and return it. These
      remain confidential to The Education Group Ltd and the Board of Trustees. All
      information collected from referees will be destroyed at the end of the
      appointment process.

10. All information received will be confidential to the Board of Trustees and The
    Education Group Ltd.

11. If you wish to visit the school, please contact Gary O’Brien (Principal) at 09 473
    8603 or email to arrange a suitable day and time.

     N.B. If shortlisted, you will be required to bring to your interview, the originals and
     copies of the following:
     1. Your current Practising Certificate; and
     2. Two types of identification
       - If possible, this should be photo ID e.g. passport and a NZ Driver Licence
       - If you do not have one or other of the above documents, please supply a
         birth certificate, bank statement or IRD number

Application Pack: Torbay Primary School, Deputy Principal Position 2021               Page | 8

 Advertising begins - Online and in
                                                                  Online 5 July 2021
 the New Zealand Gazette

 Referees’ Reports due                                       1:00 pm Friday 30 July 2021

 Applications close                                          1:00 pm Friday 30 July 2021

 Short listing completed and
                                                                 Friday 6 August 2021
 applicants advised

 Presentation and interview                                    Sunday 15 August 2021

 Position appointed and advised                            By Wednesday 18 August 2021

 Deputy Principal takes up the
                                                        Monday 18 October (Term 4) 2021

The Appointment’s Committee reserves the right to have a second interview if this is
deemed necessary.

We need to receive:
    •   A completed application form
    •   A current Curriculum Vitae
    •   Reports from three referees (applicant to organise)

                  Completed applications to be received by
            1:00 pm Friday 30 July 2021 and should be emailed to:

                        David Ellery
                        The Education Group Ltd

If you have any queries, please contact: Tanya Prentice, the Office Manager for The
Education Group at or 09 920 2173
David Ellery at or 021 595411

Application Pack: Torbay Primary School, Deputy Principal Position 2021                    Page | 9

TITLE:                             Deputy Principal

RESPONSIBLE TO:                    The Principal

NUMBER OF Mus                      Five Management Units

RESPONSIBILITIES                   Curriculum Leader, Assessment, Community Partnership and

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES:                Culture: Provide professional leadership that focuses the
                                   school culture on enhancing learning and teaching

                                   Pedagogy: Create a learning environment in which there is
                                   an expectation that all ākonga/learners will experience
                                   success in learning

                                   Systems: Develop and use management systems to support
                                   and enhance student learning

                                   Partnerships and Networks: Strengthen communication and
                                   relationships to enhance student learning

RESPONSIBLE FOR:                   The effective operation of the school, as per the job

EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIPS            The Board of Trustees, ākonga/learners, staff, parents,
                                   community, education agencies, neighbouring schools
PROCESS:                           Progress against the goals will be reviewed by the Principal
                                   and/or the appraiser and the DP.

                                   They will meet all the professional standards for Deputy and
                                   Assistant Principals.

                                   An annual performance appraisal of the DP will be
                                   undertaken by an external consultant and/or the Principal.


__________________________                         __________________________

(Deputy (Principal)                                (Principal)



Application Pack: Torbay Primary School, Deputy Principal Position 2021               Page | 10
Role Description

                                           Culture                                                                 Pedagogy
  Build a positive and inclusive whole school culture and ensure this culture is
                 reflected within allocated areas of responsibility.

     Show that diversity is valued within the school and recognise that culture
                counts in improving teaching and learning for all.                                    Improve the quality of student learning.

  Consider the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi by building a sense of identity,
  actively protecting and preserving the Māori language and connecting the
    culture of the community and whānau to what is valued in our school.

                          Criteria (Based on the ELM)                                                      Criteria (Based on the ELM)
 ▪    Ensure that educational practices are inclusive                                ▪   Improve outcomes for all students, with a particular focus on Maori and
 ▪    Ensure that the language, identity, and culture of students and their              Pasifika students and students with special needs
      families are acknowledged and valued                                           ▪   Create the conditions for effective teaching, learning and curriculum
 ▪    Actively engage in the development and implementation of shared                    delivery
      goals and vision; ensure a safe and well-organised environment that            ▪   Model pedagogical        practices    that   are   effective   for    all
      allows teachers to focus on their teaching, and students on their learning         ākonga/learners
 ▪    Support the development of practices that set an expectation that all          ▪   Engage in and lead professional development
      students will experience success in learning                                   ▪   Keep up to date with teaching and learning theory
 ▪    Model practices in which teamwork is expected and valued                       ▪   Lead curriculum planning, development, and review
 ▪    Lead and create opportunities to celebrate the progress and success of         ▪   Explore and promote the use of ICT and e-learning to open up ways of
      students and staff                                                                 connecting, sharing and learning
 ▪    Develop the school as a learning community
 ▪    Develop others as leaders

Torbay School: Deputy Principal Application Pack, 2021                                                                                             Page | 11
Systems                                                       Partnerships and Networks
     Create the systems and conditions in which staff and students can function
                    effectively and in which learning can occur.

     Be accountable for day-to-day school management and administration.                  Participate in a range of networks, both internal and external

     Participate in decision-making processes and the implementation of those
                            Criteria (Based on the ELM)                                                  Criteria (Based on the ELM)
 ▪    Take responsibility for general and strategic school administration, such as   Internally
      planning, resourcing, staff appointments, budgeting, timetabling, and          ▪   Participate in the school’s leadership network and groups such as
      running school events                                                              syndicates and faculties
 ▪    Track students’ academic achievement through assessment, evidence              ▪   Address school-wide issues with consistency across subjects and
      collecting, and data analysis                                                      levels
 ▪    Provide for the pastoral care of ākonga/learners and support for staff         ▪   Provide opportunities for establishing relationships and practices
                                                                                         that support teacher and student learning
                                                                                     ▪   Commit to ongoing learning, such as attending conferences and
                                                                                         belonging to committees and subject associations
                                                                                     ▪   Network within and beyond the school to enhance learning and
                                                                                         achievement including sharing ideas and challenge practices
                                                                                     ▪   Work with parents, whānau, hāpu, iwi, and caregivers to establish
                                                                                         shared expectations for ākonga/learners (and encouraging
                                                                                         teachers to do the same)
                                                                                     ▪   Develop networks in the wider community, including the local
                                                                                         media, to ensure that the school’s achievements are well presented

Torbay School: Deputy Principal Application Pack, 2021                                                                                          Page | 12
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