ASSESS - Newnham St. Peter's

COVID 19 Risk Assessment September 2020 updated 11/09/20

Decide appropriate control measures for managers and employees to implement under a ‘Plan’, ‘Do’, ‘Review’ cycle.
*The preventative measures in this risk assessment are not mandatory but are provided as guidance on reducing the risk of transmission. Each
school/setting must consider their own situation and adapt the assessment by editing the measures where appropriate
Who may be at risk: Employees, pupils and young people, families (parents, carers and siblings), visitors, contractors, members of public.
Vulnerable groups – this risk assessment considers vulnerable groups which the NHS lists as ‘people at high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable)’;
and ‘people at moderate risk (clinically vulnerable)’. . Some people with particular characteristics may be at comparatively increased risk from
COVID-19 (due to age, deprivation, ethnicity, etc.). An individual risk assessment may be appropriate for those who are very anxious about
returning to their workplace.
                         PLAN                                                                   DO                                           REVIEW
  Prepare Building, timetables       Prepare Employees                                                                                  Communicate and
                                                                                       Minumise contacts         Infection Control
    and lessons, policies and         and Parents and             Control Access                                                        Review
                                                                                      and Social Distancing          Measures
           procedures                      pupils                                                                                       Arrangements
Buildings                           Employees                 Access                  Bubbles                  Minimise contact with    Consultation with
                                                                                                               individuals who are      employees and
Ensure that all health and safety   Involve employees in  Entry points to school      Small, consistent        unwell:                  trades union Safety
compliance checks have been         plans to return to    controlled (including       groups of pupils split   Refer to PHE guidance    Reps on risk
undertaken before opening (e.g.     school and listen to  deliveries).                into bubbles. Class      and Action Cards for     assessments
fire alarm, emergency lighting,     any suggestions on                                groups will be kept      School Managers
water hygiene lifts, etc.).         preventative measures                             together in separate
                                    that can be taken                                 ‘bubbles’ throughout
                                                                                      the day and do not mix
                                                                                      with other groups

Fire servicing has continued as     Staff consulted           Each group has a        Children to remain in    Displayed in isolation   The is no staff union
normal and emergency lighting       through emails, virtual   separate entry point.   class bubbles.           room , school office     rep. However the
has been tested with one light      staff meeting and                                                          and staff rooms          headteacher has
replaced. Legionnaire testing has    face-to-face sessions    Deliveries via front    Year 1 pupils who are                               offered to engage
continued a normal.                  with staff in school.    entrance only           split across two classes                            with all unions
                                     Staff involved in                                to have outside
                                     classroom layouts and                            playtime together
                                     in planning the
                                     structure of the day.
                                     Risk assessment
                                     available on Teams for
                                     staff to contribute
Reviewing emergency and              Consider personal risk   Building access rules   Keep a record of pupils    Anyone with COVID-19     Risk assessment
evacuation procedures (e.g. fire     factors: age,            clearly communicated    and staff in each          symptoms, or who         published on school
wardens, escape routes, roll-call,   pregnancy, existing      through signage on      bubble, lesson or close    have someone in their    intranet and website.
assembly areas, etc.).               health conditions and    entrances               contact group.             household who does,
                                     ethnicity and where                                                         not to attend school.
                                     necessary conduct
                                     individual risk
Fire evacuation point to remain      See staff risk           Signage in place        Registers and staff sign   In home school           Available on website
on recreation field whist the risk   assessments                                      ins ensure record is in    agreement and            from week starting
assessment is in place to allow                                                       place                      parents regularly        24/08/20 to enable
for social distancing between                                                                                    reminded via             the school to respond
bubbles.                                                                                                         newsletters. Posted at   to any additional
AB- infant zone warden                                                                                           each entrance point      changes that occur
SP junior zone warden                                                                                                                     over the summer
Make provision for children who      Employees fully          School start times      School breakfast and       If anyone becomes        Nominated
display COVID-19 symptoms/           briefed about the        staggered so bubbles    after-school clubs to      unwell at school they    employees tasked to
become ill during the day to be      plans and protective     arrive at different     keep to the bubbles        will be isolated, sent   monitoring
isolated. Space should be            measures identified in   times                   used during the school     home and provided        protection measures
identified in addition to the        the risk assessment                              day where possible.        with information on
usual medical room.                                                                                              what to do next.
Old library allocated as isolation      Risk assessment            Staggered starts and      Hall and hut to be used   Parents informed in        Monitoring timetable
room                                    shared through Teams       finishes with clear       to create zones and       line with current          to be completed for
                                        and to form part of        handovers. Parents to     children to remain in     guidance                   SLT
                                        September INSET            be informed of time       bubble group.
                                                                   slots via text             After school extra-
                                                                                             curricular clubs to be
                                                                                             provided for one class
                                                                                             bubble a night
Ensure school has sufficient            Regular staff briefings.   Floor markings outside    Minimise mixing           An unwell child            Members of staff are
supplies of PPE including                                          school to indicate                                  awaiting collection will   on duty at breaks to
cleaning materials and hand                                        distancing rules (if      Bubbles to be kept        be isolated in a           ensure compliance
washing/sanitising liquids that                                    queuing during peak       apart from other          suitable room with or      with rules
meet DfE/PHE requirements.                                         times).                   groups where possible.    without adult
                                                                                             Groups use the same       supervision
                                                                                             classroom or area of a    (depending on age and
                                                                                             setting throughout the    needs of the child).

SBM to monitor stock levels             Weekly Teams               Markings in place. Blue   Each class has a          Isolation room – old       School daily
                                        meeting for all staff      for Pre-school,           separate entry and exit   library .                  timetable
                                                                   Reception, Year 1, red    point and there are no
                                                                   for all others            cross over points.
                                                                                             Toilets cubicles to
                                                                                             remain allocated to
                                                                                             bubbles to prevent
                                                                                             cross contamination
Provide suitable and sufficient         Keeping in touch with      Screens installed to      Mixing between            Staff caring for a child   Staff encouraged to
bins to support pupils and staff        off-site workers on        protect employees in      bubbles kept to a         awaiting collection to     report any non-
to follow the ‘catch it, bin it, kill   their working              reception                 minimum during            keep a distance of 2       compliance
it’ approach                            arrangements                                         arrival, lunchtime,       metres
                                        including their                                      breaks and departure
                                        welfare, mental and
physical health and
                                    personal security.

Pedal bins in all classrooms,       All staff due on site in   This is already in place   Staggered start and                                   Open door policy.
staffroom and school entrance       September. SLT to                                     drop off times outside     Isolation room             Review of practice is
                                    liaise with any staff                                 of the school day.         allocated                  a weekly item on
                                    who have to self-                                     Break times in separate                               staff meeting
                                    isolate                                               parts of the school                                   agenda.
                                                                                          allocated on a weekly
                                                                                          rota system. Lunch in
                                                                                          classrooms for Years
                                                                                          3and 4, 5 and 6
                                                                                           Year 2 to have lunch in
                                                                                          the Hut. Preschool.
                                                                                          Reception Year 1 to
                                                                                          have lunch in the hall
                                                                                          The 4 y1 children not in
                                                                                          this bubble to be
                                                                                          seated in a separate
                                                                                          area, as in breakfast
                                                                                          club s
Provide sufficient tissues in all   Regular                    Shared pens removed        Pupil movements            ;                          The effectiveness of
rooms.                              communications that        from reception             around the school site,    •   PPE to be worn by      prevention measures
                                    those who have                                        either in groups or            staff caring for the   will be monitored by
                                    coronavirus                                           individuals is                 child, including:      school leaders.
                                                                                                                         o a face mask
                                    symptoms, or who                                      controlled to limit                worn if a
                                    have someone in their                                 contact and mixing.                distance of 2
                                    household who does,                                                                      metres cannot
                                    are not to attend                                                                        be maintained.
                                    school.                                                                              o if contact is
                                                                                                                             then gloves, an
                                                                                                                             apron and a
face mask
                                                                                                                              should be worn
                                                                                                                     eye protection where
                                                                                                                     there is a risk of fluids
                                                                                                                     entering the eye, for
                                                                                                                     example, from
                                                                                                                     coughing, spitting or
SBM to monior stock levels           Home school               This is already in place   Classes to use             PPE equipment kept in       SLT monitoring
                                     agreement. Include on                                individual entry and       seconds staff room.         timetable.
                                     website (changing                                    exit point. Only one       Emergency kit in each
                                     current wording                                      child allowed in toilet    room for cleaning
                                     around absence) and                                  block (2 for pre-school    purposes
                                     in newsletters.                                      / reception)
                                     Signage on all entry
Consider if the school site can be   Information shared        Touch screen signing       Groups will stay within    Staff to wash their         This risk assessment
split into separate zones where      about testing available   in devices in reception    a specific “zone” of the   hands after caring for      will be reviewed if
groups of pupils can remain to       for those with            cleaned regularly          site to minimise mixing    a child with symptoms       the risk level changes
minimise mixing.                     symptoms                                                                                                    and/or in light of
                                                                                                                                                 updated guidance
The school is split into infant and Staff leaflet and verbal   As with the summer         All zones allocated        Posters displayed to        Governor action
junor zone and classes do not       update on current          risk assessment the                                   remind staff of
need to mix within zones . Y1       procedures                 touch screen will not                                 procedures
pupils to be able to play outdoors                             be used in the Autumn
together                                                       term and visitors will
                                                               sign in via the SBM
Create a plan of the building to     Resources                 Hand sanitiser             Large gatherings such      All areas where a
mark out areas where bubbles                                   provided at all            as assemblies or           person with symptoms
do not mix (e.g. classrooms) and     Teachers to identify      entrances                  collective worship with    has been to be
where mixing is more likely and      shared resources and                                 more than one group        cleaned after they
so where distancing and other        how to prevent mixed                                 to be avoided.             have left
measures are required.               contact (e.g. cleaning
                                     between bubbles or
rotas for equipment

Areas already maked oit from      Rotas to be in place      SBM to monior stock       Teams to be used to        Posters displayed to
eth summer erm – no additional                              levels                    share collective           remind staff of
plan required                                                                         worships. HT to visit      procedures
                                                                                      one bubble per
Consider separate facilities be   Identify and plan         Pupils, staff and         Multiple groups do not     Should staff have close
provided for meals and            lessons that could take   visitors to remove face   use outdoor                hands-on contact they
refreshments in different zones   place outdoors            coverings at school       equipment                  should monitor
(e.g. pods, kiosks, cafes).                                 and wash hands            simultaneously             themselves for
                                                            immediately on arrival.                              symptoms of possible
                                                                                                                 COVID-19 over the
                                                                                                                 following 14 days.

Lunches to be delivered to each   Included in Recovery      To be communicated        Outdoor equipment to       Staff to also inform
classrooom                        Curriculum. Staff have    to parents                be timetabled to one       Headteacher
                                  also reviewed long                                  group a week and not
                                  term plans and                                      used on Friday to allow
                                  identified what lessons                             for 72 hours
                                  can be adapted for an
                                  outdoor focus. To be
                                  evidenced in medium
                                  term plans
Evaluate the capacity of rooms    Consider how online       Covered bins provided     Limiting the number of     Handwashing
and shared areas                  resources can be used     on entrances to           pupils who use the
                                  to shape remote           dispose of temporary      toilet facilities at one   Frequent hand
                                  learning.                 face coverings.           time.                      washing encouraged
                                                                                                                 for adults and pupils
                                                                                                                 (following guidance on
                                                                                                                 hand cleaning).
:                                                              Pedal bins to be used   One cubicle per bubble   Part of daily routine.
    Reception/     Class bubble      Seesaw and Teams to                                                        Signage for hand gel
    preschool/1                      be up and running for                                                      at main entrance.
    Year 1/2       Class bubble      September.                                                                 Child and adult posters
    Year ¾ class   Class bubble      Each class to have an                                                      displayed
    Year ¾ class   Class bubble      emergency pack to
    Year 5 class   Class bubble      send home the day a
    Year/6         Class bubble      child is absent – to
    class                            cover first day. Online
    Hall           15                learning to then be
    Y3 class –                       provided.
    Staffrooms     3 each seated .
                   1 additional
                   person can
                   acces the
                   microwave in
                   main staffroom.
                   Ht office to be
                   used for 2
                   people if
    Admin          1
    Heads          2
Plan for staggered lunches with      Plan for remote         Sealable plastic bags    The same teacher(s)        Sufficient
more sittings to avoid mixing,       education for pupils,   provided for reusable    and other staff are        handwashing facilities
allowing time for cleaning,          alongside classroom     face coverings to take   assigned to each           are available.
devise seating plans, safe           teaching in case of a   home with them.          bubble and, as far as      Where there is no
capacity etc.                        lockdown or pupils                               possible, these stay the   sink, hand sanitiser
                                     having to isolate                                same                       provided in classrooms

Lunch rotas revisited to allow for   Resources to be shared Bags to be purchased      PE specialists to cover    The Year 5 classroom
each class to eat in classrooms .    via Seesaw                                       a class for the whole      has had additional hot
This avoids staggered lunches                                                         afternoon rather than      water plumbed in over
when food is delivered on site                                                        rotating. Same with        the summer holidays
and will get cold if not served                                                       music specialists.         so all classrooms now
                                                                                      Pastoral worker to         have facilities for
                                                                                      work with one class per    handwashing
                                                                                      afternoon, potentially
                                                                                      a different class in the
                                                                                      morning. HT providing
                                                                                      PPA to one class only
                                                                                      and will visit one class
                                                                                      a day only during
                                                                                      worship. Drop in
                                                                                      monitoring to take
                                                                                      place from bubble
                                                                                      perimeters. SLT
                                                                                      observations to be
                                                                                      planned to reduce
                                                                                      contact across groups
                                                                                      in one day
Consider door signs mounted to       Parents/pupils          Gathering at the         Staff that move            Skin friendly skin
identify max number in room /                                school gates             between classes and        cleaning wipes used as
toilets at one time.                 Review EHCPs where      prohibited               year groups, to keep       an alternative to hand
                                     required                                                                    washing or sanitiser
their distance from
                                                                                      pupils and other staff.

Signs to be added to satff rooms   Reviewed by SENDCo        In home school           See above for plans to   In the first instance
and to toliets                     in response to each       agreement                limit movement           parents to provide
                                   transition                                                                  individual hand soap /
                                                                                                               wipes if there are
COVID-19 posters/ signage          Educate pupils before     Staff on duty outside    To avoid mixing during Pupils to clean their
displayed.                         they return about the     school to monitor        breakfast and after-     hands when they
Identify ‘crunch points’ (e.g.     need to stay apart        protection measures.     school clubs, a carousel arrive at school, when
entrances/ exits/ corridors/       from others and                                    system to be operated they return from
shared space and consider how      expectations around                                with children from       breaks, when they
movement can be staggered)         hygiene                                            different bubbles        change rooms, when
                                                                                      rotating between         they return from
                                                                                      activities (e.g. inside, outdoors and before
                                                                                      outside, snack time      and after eating
                                                                                      etc.) with cleaning
                                                                                      surfaces between
Signage in place and crunch        The majority of pupils    Headteacher on duty      In addition use of the   Part of class routine
points addressed                   have returned to                                   large tables in the hall and supported by
                                   school. Rules form part                            to set up distanced      signage
                                   of first day back and                              activities with children
                                   will do again in                                   facing away from each
                                   September Children                                 bubble
                                   are sent letters before
Consider one-way system if         Communicate to            Wherever possible        Distancing                Staff help is available
possible for circulation around    parents on the            keep meetings on a                                 for pupils who have
the building                       preventative measures     virtual platform (e.g.   Staff to keep 2 metres    trouble cleaning their
                                   being taken.              1:1 session with         from other adults as      hands independently
                                                             professionals,           much as possible.         (e.g. small children
recruitment                                          and pupils with
                                                             interviews, parental                                 complex needs)
                                                             meetings etc.).

One way system in place for drop     Home school             Teams is in place         Two staff rooms
off and collection Children do not   agreement                                         available with limited
overlap inside the building so no                                                      numbers.
one way system required                                                                Whole staff meetings
                                                                                       held remotely or in a
                                                                                       large space. Teacher
                                                                                       only meeting to ensure
                                                                                       adults are sat 2m away
                                                                                       and front facing.
Put down floor markings along        Post the risk           Parents/carers and        Where possible staff to    Use resources such as
the middle of two-way                assessment or details   visitors coming onto      maintain distance from     “e-bug” to teach
corridors/stairs to keep groups      of measures on school   the site without an       their pupils, staying at   effective hand hygiene
apart and ‘keep left’ signs.         website.                appointment is not to     the front of the class.    etc.
                                                             be permitted

Markings in place                    To be posted once       In home school            Classroom arranged to      Included in Recovery
                                     agreed by governors     agreement                 allow for a 2m space       Curriculum
                                                                                       for teachers. Carpet
                                                                                       spaces removed
In areas where queues may            Parents and pupils      Site guidance on          Staff to avoid close       Respiratory hygiene
form, put down floor markings        informed about the      physical distancing and   face to face contact
to indicate distancing.              process that has been   hygiene is explained to   and minimise time          Adults and pupils are
                                     agreed for drop off     visitors on or before     spent within 1 metre of    encouraged not to
                                     and collection.         arrival.                  anyone                     touch their mouth,
                                                                                                                  eyes and nose.

Markings in place                    To be communicated      To be communicated        To be included in staff
                                     to parents by           by SBM                    training and monitored
                                     individual letter,                                by SLT
including drop off and
                                    collection times
Can separate doors be used for      Ensure parents have a    Where possible visits     Supply teachers,         Adults and pupils
in and out of the building (to      point of contact for     arranged outside of       peripatetic teachers     encouraged to use a
avoid crossing paths).              reassurance as to the    school hours.             and/or other             tissue to cough or
                                    plans put in place.                                temporary staff to       sneeze and use bins
                                                                                       minimise contact and     for tissue waste
                                                                                       maintain as much         (‘catch it, bin it, kill it’)
                                                                                       distance as possible
                                                                                       from other staff.

All classes use separate doors      Headteacher email        To be arranged by         To be allocated          Signage around
                                    included in all          SBM                       secondary staffroom      school. Tissues
                                    correspondence                                     when in school           provided. Pedal bins in
                                                                                                                classrooms. Bins to be
                                                                                                                emptied throughout
                                                                                                                the school day if used.
                                                                                                                Class teachers to
Identify doors that can be          Limit the equipment      A record kept of all      The occupancy of staff   Singing, wind and
propped open (to limit use of       pupils bring into        visitors to assist NHS    rooms and offices        brass playing should
door handles and aid ventilation)   school each day to       Test and Trace for 21     limited                  not take place in
taking account of fire safety and   essentials such as       days, including:                                   larger groups such as
safeguarding. Seek advice from      lunch boxes, hats,                the name;                                 school choirs and
HSE if necessary.                   coats, books,                     a contact                                 ensembles, or school
                                    stationery. Bags are              phone                                     assemblies
                                    allowed                           number;
                                                                      date of visit;
                                                                      arrival and
the name of the
                                                       assigned staff
                                                       Note: where the visitor
                                                       is known to the school
                                                       and contact details are
                                                       known a record of the
                                                       visit is sufficient
Internal doors to be propped      To be communicated   To be stored by SBM       3 per staff room. One    Numbers limited to 15
open. To be closed during         in home school       for 21 days               addition staff member    • Measures to be
evacuaton and at the end of the   agreement                                      may access the sink,        taken when
school day.                                                                      hot water, microwave        playing
Door stops needed                                                                in the main staffroom.      instruments or
                                                                                 Signage in place            singing in small
                                                                                 1 per SBM office            groups such as in
                                                                                 2 per Heads office          music lessons
                                                                                                             1. physical
                                                                                                             2. playing
                                                                                                             3. limiting group
                                                                                                                 sizes to no
                                                                                                                 more than 15;
                                                                                                             4. positioning
                                                                                                                 pupils back-to-
                                                                                                                 back or side-
                                                                                                             5. avoiding
                                                                                                                 sharing of
6. ensuring good

Identify rooms that can be           Parents informed only   Open Days/ Parents           Use of staff rooms to    Cleaning
accessed directly from outside       one parent to           Evenings                     be minimised.
(to avoid shared use of              accompany child to                                                            Sanitising spray and
corridors).                          school.                                                                       paper towels to be
                                                                                                                   provided in classrooms
                                                                                                                   for use by members
All classrooms can be accessed       Included in home        Open days and parents        See above. In school     SBM to monitor stock
from outside except Y1/2 . Year      school agreement        evening will not take        day meetings to be       levels
1/2 to be the only class using the                           place on site in the first   planned in larger Hut
double doors                                                 term of Autumn. This         building
                                                             will then be reviewed.
                                                             The school will use
                                                             virtual platforms as
                                                             these become
Organise classrooms for         Parents and pupils                                        Staff in shared spaces   Thorough cleaning of
maintaining space between seats encouraged to walk or                                     (e.g. office) to avoid   rooms at the end of
and desks.                      cycle where possible                                      working facing each      the day.

Classroom reorganised to             Included in return to                                Tables arranged          Cleaning sheets on
maximise space                       school communication                                 accordingly              classroom / office
Arrange desks seating pupils side    Staggered drop-off                                   Use a simple 'no         Shared materials and
by side and facing forwards.         and collection times                                 touching' approach for   surfaces to be cleaned
                                     planned and                                          young children to        frequently (e.g. toys,
                                     communicated to                                      understand the need      books, desks, chairs,
                                     parents.                                             to maintain distance.    doors, sinks, toilets,
                                                                                                                   light switches,
                                                                                                                   handrails, etc.).
Classroosm reorganised – all      Parents have              Modelled by staff and    Enhanced cleaning by
rooms have front facing seats     individual drop-off and   included in PSHE         staff. Governors have
                                  collection times –        lessons and social       identified a potential
                                  family groups             stories                  need for additional
                                  allocated similar time                             cleaning hours
                                  to ensure they are only
                                  on site at one time
Inspect classrooms and remove     Encourage parents to      Older children to be     Resources that are
unnecessary items and furniture   phone school and          encouraged to keep       shared between
to make more space                make telephone            their distance within    bubbles (e.g. sports,
                                  appointments if they      bubbles                  art and science
                                  wish to discuss their                              equipment) to be
                                  child (to avoid face to                            cleaned frequently
                                  face meetings).                                    and meticulously and
                                                                                     always between

Classrooms have been              In home school            Included in classroom    Shared resources
reorganised                       agreement                 routines                 timetabled to allow for
                                                                                     cleaning. Additional
                                                                                     storage boxes to be
                                                                                     purchased so items
                                                                                     can be easily grouped
                                                                                     and a cleaning record
                                                                                     attached to boxes
Make arrangements with            Encourage parents to      Minimising contact       Outdoor equipment
cleaners to put in place an       phone school and                                   appropriately cleaned
enhanced cleaning schedule that   make telephone            Doors propped open,      frequently.
includes frequent cleaning of     appointments if they      where safe to do so to
rooms, shared areas that are      wish to discuss their     limit use of door
                                  child (to avoid face to   handles. Ensure closed
                                  face meetings).
used by different groups and                                   when premises
frequently touched surfaces.                                   unoccupied.

Governors have approved              To be on website and      Internal doors open,      Rotas to allow for
additional cleaning hours at the     in parental agreement     door stops provided.      cleaning
end of the day if required . Staff                             Closed as part of
to support with cleaning of                                    evacuation and at end
frequently touched surfaces                                    of day
Timetabling and lessons              Discourage parents        Taking books and other    Toilets to be cleaned
                                     and pupils from           shared resources home     regularly.
Consider staggered starts or         bringing in toys and      limited, although
adjusting start and finish times     other play items from     unnecessary sharing
to keep groups apart as they         home                      avoided.
arrive and leave school.

Staggered start and finish times     In home school            Teachers to plan for      Staff to be responsible
                                     agreement                 minimal material to go    for bubble cubicle. HT
                                                               home. Seesaw to be        responsible for staff
                                                               used where possible for   toilets. Signage sheets
                                                               homework                  on door
Stagger break times and lunch        Others                    Staff and pupils to       Staff providing close
times to avoid mixing and time                                 have their own            hands-on contact with
for cleaning surfaces in the         Communication with        individual and very       pupils need to
dining hall between groups           contractors and           frequently used           increase their level of
                                     suppliers that will       equipment, such as        self-protection, such
                                     need to prepare to        pencils and pens.         as minimising close
                                     support plans for full                              contact and having
                                     opening (e.g. cleaning,                             more frequent hand-
                                     catering, food                                      washing and other
                                     supplies, hygiene                                   hygiene measures, and
                                     suppliers).                                         regular cleaning of
Assurances that
                                  caterers comply with
                                  the guidance for food
                                  businesses on COVID-

                                  SBM to contact          Staff and pupils to     To include staff who
                                                          have own individual     change nappies
                                                          wallets of regularly
                                                          used resources

When timetabling, groups                                  PE and School Sport     PPE
should be kept apart and
movement around the school                                Pupils kept in same     The majority of staff in
site kept to a minimum to avoid                           consistent bubbles      education settings will
creating busy corridors,                                  where possible during   not require PPE
entrances and exits.                                      PE and sport.           beyond what they
                                                                                  would normally need
                                                                                  for their work. PPE is
                                                                                  only needed in a very
                                                                                  small number of cases,
                                                                                  • where an
                                                                                       individual child or
                                                                                       young person
                                                                                       becomes ill with
                                                                                       symptoms while at
                                                                                       schools, and only
                                                                                       then if a distance
                                                                                       of 2 metres cannot
                                                                                       be maintained
•   where a child or
                                                                                               young person
                                                                                               already has
                                                                                               routine intimate
                                                                                               care needs that
                                                                                               involves the use of
                                                                                               PPE, in which case
                                                                                               the same PPE
                                                                                               should continue to
                                                                                               be used.

Class zones enable this to                                      Taught in classes.         PPE stored in
happen. Staff to consider when                                  Clubs, if offered, to be   Headteacher’s office
childern are sent to the toilet                                 class clubs not key
cubicles                                                        stage
Prepare arrangements to allow         Assurances that           Sports equipment           First Aid
remote learning to take place         caterers comply with      thoroughly cleaned
should a partial or full closure of   the guidance for food     between each use.          Check if qualifications
the school be required, at any        businesses on COVID-                                 run out. Consider
point in the next academic year.      19.                                                  enrolling more staff on

Teams and Seesaw                      Provided by Cater         Cleaning to be             The school has more
                                      Cater                     timetabled in.             than sufficient first
                                                                Equipment limited to       aiders in place and
                                                                one group a week           increased the number
                                                                                           during lockdown
Policies and procedures               Discussion with           Contact sports avoided     Employees providing
                                      caterers to agree         until guidance changes     first aid to pupils will
Update policies to reflect            arrangements for                                     not be expected to
changes brought about by              staggered lunches                                    maintain 2 metres
COVID-19, including:                  (e.g. seating capacity,                              distance. The
                                      holding hot food,
Safeguarding/child      cleaning between           following measures
protection              sittings, distancing and   will be adopted:
Behaviour               minimising contacts).           • washing hands
Curriculum              .                                   or using hand
NQTs                                                        sanitiser,
Special educational                                         before and
needs                                                       after treating
Visitors to school                                          injured
Charging policy (wrap                                       person;
around care)                                            • wear gloves or
                                                            cover hands
                                                            when dealing
                                                            with open
                                                        • if CPR is
                                                            required on an
                                                            adult, attempt
                                                            only CPR and
                                                            until the
                                                        • if CPR is
                                                            required on a
                                                            child, use a
                                                            face shield if
                                                            available to
ventilation in
                                                                                             •   dispose of all
                                                                                                 waste safely.

                                    Plans agreed prior to      Long term plans           Ventilation
                                    end of summer term         updated
Ensure website is compliant with    Communication with         Outdoor sports should     Increase the supply of
regards to the publishing of        other building users       be prioritised where      fresh air by opening
policies.                           (e.g. lettings, extended   possible. Large indoor    windows and doors
                                                                                         (where safe to do so).
                                    school provision,          spaces used where it is
                                    regular visitors, etc.)    not.

                                    No evening lets during     Long term plans           Widows in rooms to
                                    the Autumn term.           updated. If the hall is   be opened. Doors to
                                    Holiday sport provision    needed due to bad         be opened only if
                                    to comply with school      weather staff allows      ventilation is not
                                    risk assessments           for half the class only   sufficient.
Establish a visitors’ protocol so   Limit visitors by
that parents, contractors,          exception (e.g. for
professionals working with          priority contractors,
individual children are clear       emergencies etc.).
about the infection control
measures that you have in place.

Visitors information leaflet
Governing Boards and school         Lettings:                  Distance between          Face coverings
leaders to have regard to staff                                pupils from mixed
(including the headteacher)         Out of school settings     bubbles will be
work-life balance and wellbeing.    for children are           maximised during PE
Information shared about the        permitted if those
extra mental health support for     responsible for them
pupils and teachers is available.   are ready to do so and
                                    they can do so safely,
                                    following COVID-19
                                    Secure guidelines
Staff signposted to GCC and SAS     No evening lets during    Areas to be allocated.     Staff and pupils are
support services                    the Autumn term.          Field to be zoned off if   not required to wear
Physical marking of books to be     Holiday sport provision   used by more than one      face coverings.
minimised to reduce time spent      to comply with school     bubble                     Visitors will be asked
in school as books cannot go        risk assessments                                     to wear face coverings
home.                                                                                    in areas outside of
                                                                                         classrooms where
Resources shared in staff rooms.                                                         social distancing is not
Staff governor report to GB on                                                           possible
staff wellbeing. (Agenda item)                                                           The school
CoG monitor HT wellbeing.                                                                environment has been
                                                                                         adapted and risk
                                                                                         assessed to ensure
                                                                                         staff can maintain
                                                                                         social distancing when
                                                                                         not in classrooms (ie
Response to any infection           Lettings and non-         Sporting activities
                                    school users:             delivered by external
Leadership understands the NHS      The use of indoor         coaches, clubs and
Test and Trace process and how      facilities by adults      organisations will only
to contact their local Public       should remain closed      go ahead if they can
Health England health protection    until guidance            satisfy the above
team.                               changes, apart from       requirements.
                                    toilets and

                                                              Risk assessment shared
                                                              with sports provider
and sports provider risk
                                                             assessments monitored
                                                             against school
Plan how to inform staff            Lettings and non-        Changes of clothing to
members and parents/ carers         school users:            be minimised to
that they will need to be ready     A risk assessment        reduce items being
and willing to                      should determine the     brought from home.
    book a test if they are         maximum capacity of      Children only to
    displaying symptoms;            a hall or hire space     change in one room
    inform the school               while able to maintain   due to ‘bubble’ space
    immediately of the results of   social distancing
    a test;                         according to the
    provide details of anyone       current relevant
    they have been in close         guidelines.
    contact with;
    self-isolate if necessary.

                                    Lettings not to start    Children to wear PE kit
                                    back.                    on PE days. Children
                                    Visitors to follow       who are attending
                                    routines.                clubs many get
                                                             changed as this will be
                                                             smaller number .
                                                             Children in clubs will
                                                             remain in PE kit after
                                                             the session
Swimming                            Communication with       Risk assessments of
                                    others (e.g. extended    visits and journeys to
                                    school provision,        be undertaken by visit
                                    lettings, regular        leaders.
                                    visitors, etc.)
Swimming is offsite and requires    Lettings to be updated     To focus on local area
the childern to be transported by
coach . Lessons will not be
booked for the Autumn term
                                    Any groups hiring the      From the autumn
                                    facilities must refer to   term, non-overnight
                                    relevant government        educational visits only
                                    guidance or their own
                                    associations and
                                    national governing
                                    body for guidance on
                                    running the club or
                                    event following the
                                    COVID-19 guidelines
                                                               Plans revisited so that
                                                               visits will be local and
                                                               in walking distance
                                                               only in Autumn term to
                                                               avoid additional risks
                                                               associated with
                                                               transport at this stage

                                    The school can ask any
                                    hiring organisation to
                                    provide evidence of
                                    their risk assessment
                                    Provided by Pro Stars
                                    Review existing
                                    agreements and
                                    amend or supplement
                                    as necessary to
                                    include specifics of
what the school will
                              do and what the hirers
                              are responsible for
                              (e.g. cleaning, sharing
                              equipment, hand
                              washing or sanitiser,
                              what happens if
                              anyone shows
                              symptoms or tests
                              positive to COVID-19,
                              Pro tars to be
                              responsible for day to
                              day cleaning. Pro Stars
                              will pay Glen cleaning
                              for the cost of a deep
                              clean if required
                              following a positive
                              test. HT to be informed
                              of all tests and results

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