School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy

School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy
School Prospectus

  2019 – 2020
School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy
The School
    Eldon Grove Academy is a larger than average co-educational Primary School, which caters for the
    age range 3 to 11. Eldon Grove Academy is extremely popular with parents and some year groups
    are over-subscribed. The number on the school roll is presently 538 pupils, including an 84 place

    Eldon Grove Academy offers education through an innovative, vibrant curriculum. We develop
    aspiration, self-confidence, independence and respect in all our pupils. We believe children should be
    polite, possess good manners and have a healthy respect for everyone with whom they come into
    contact. Our behaviour policy, which rewards expected behaviour, is designed to promote this, and
    the help and support of parents is vital if we are to achieve our aims.

    We provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum based on ‘thinking’ and ‘wonder’ but give high
    priority to attainment and achievement in English, Mathematics and Oracy. We are passionate that all
    pupils make academic progress throughout their school life and thus reach their true potential, which
    is encompassed in our tag line “Potential is Our Passion.”

School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy
The School Staff
                Executive Headteacher/CEO Extol Academy Trust – Madame Julie Deville

                                    Head Of School – Mrs Audrey Brahimi

                                Assistant Headteachers – Mrs Claire Martindale
                                                         Mrs Sharon Stephenson
                                                         Mrs Vicky Gallafant-Brown

      CLASS     YEAR GROUP                           TEACHER                               CLASSROOM
                                                                                ASSISTANTS WITHIN PHASE

 NURSERY                             Mrs C Collins                          Mr N Nicholson
                                                                            Miss J Morton
                                                                            Mrs A Quinn
 Class 1      Reception              Mrs S Salvin                           Miss J Knowlson
                                                                            Mrs J Steel
 Class 2      Reception              Mrs K Barlow / Mrs A Cartwright        Mr M Hartill

 Class 3      Reception              Miss R Elsdon

 Class 4      Year 1                 Miss G Dawson                          Mrs N Fawcett
                                                                            Mrs V Wright
 Class 5      Year 1                 Mr L Knight                            Mrs J Wrigglesworth
                                                                            Miss E Thomas
 Class 6      Year 1 / Year 2        Mrs K Iley
                                                                            Mrs S Flounders
 Class 7      Year 2                 Mr J Moody

 Class 8      Year 2                 Mrs S Stephenson

 Class 9      Year 3                 Mr A Tranter                           Mr M Innes
                                                                            Miss G McLurg
 Class 10     Year 3                 Miss K Normington

 Class 11     Year 3                 Mr L Muir

 Class 12     Year 4                 Mrs A Robinson                         Mrs W Elliot
                                                                            Mrs K Watson
 Class 13     Year 4                 Mr J Egglestone                        Mrs D Greig

 Class 14     Year 4                 Mr L Cureton / Mrs V Gallafant-Brown

 Class 15     Year 5                 Mrs R Francis                          Mrs E Lowery
                                                                            Mrs A Hegarty
 Class 16     Year 5                 Mrs V Varadinek-Skelton                Mr L Wright

 Class 17     Year 6                 Miss E Fields                          Mrs J Metcalf
                                                                            Mrs G Viswanathy
 Class 18     Year 6                 Mrs J Jobson / Mrs Symonds
                                                                            Mrs L Jackson

 Class 19     Year 6                 Mr J Moon

School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy
The School Staff

    Non class-based covering Planning,
    Preparation and Assessment time.     Mrs M Richardson
                                         Miss S Evans
                                         Mrs H Larsson
                                         Mrs F Nicholson
                                         Mr S Donkin

    Sports Coach                         Mr T Gavin
                                         Mr M Innes

    Intervention Provision               Mrs Sue Burnley

    Social Inclusion Manager             Mrs Diane Carr
    Social Inclusion Assistant           Mrs Sue Larter

    School Business Manager              Ms Joanne Coulson
    Administrative Assistant             Mrs Alison Beeston
    Administrative Assistant             Miss Robyn Marsh
    Administrative Assistant             Miss Lauren Bee

    Swimming Assistant                   Mrs Brenda Hedley
    School Cook                          Miss Amanda Smith
    Hospitality Assistant                Mrs Margaret Foster
    Site Supervisor                      Mr Mark Waller

School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy
Extol Academy Trust
Extol Academy Trust is made up of Members and Directors who ensure the overall strategic
vision of the Trust.

Madame Julie Deville

Mrs Jackie Butterworth
Mr Leo Gillen
Mr Michael Bretherick
Mr Derek Richardson
Mr Phillip Tye
Mr Stephen Blake
Mrs Margaret Bousfield

Mrs Jackie Butterworth
Mr Michael Bretherick
Mrs Patricia Vaughan
Mr Alan Wright
Mr Steve Siddell

Mr Elliot Stirk

Accounting Technician
Miss Carly Westmoreland

Lead Practitioner
Mrs Deborah King

Associate Headteacher
Mrs Fiona Nicholson

School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy
The Governing Body
    Governors are appointed or elected for a fixed period of time and work on your behalf to secure
    Quality Teaching and Learning for your child/children. All Governors can be contacted through
    the school.

    The Governing Body meets at least once a term. In addition to this a number of committees and
    working parties meet more frequently to conduct business affecting the day-to-day
    management of the school.

    Chair of Governors
    c/o Eldon Grove Academy
    Eldon Grove
    TS26 9LY

    PARENT GOVERNORS                                      PERIOD OF OFFICE
    Mrs K King                                            11/12/2018 – 10/12/2022
    Mrs J Wistow                                          1/11/2017 – 31/10/2021
    Mr Paul Dees                                          28/02/2019 – 27/02/2023

    Mrs J Butterworth                                     11/12/2018 – 10/12/2022
    Mrs L Ovens                                           01/10/2015 – 30/09/2019

    Mrs S Stephenson                                      13/09/2016 – 12/09/2020
    Mrs D Carr                                            21/6/2017 - 20/6/2021

    Mr S Shaheen                                          05/06/2018 – 04/06/2022
    Mr A Jobson                                           19/02/2018 – 18/02/2022

    Mme J Deville                                         01/07/2017- 30/06/2037

    Mrs A Brahimi                                        01/09/2016 - 31/08/2020

    Mrs J Butterworth

School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy
Eldon Grove Academy is a Primary Co-Educational day
school for boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 11.
We have a standard admission number of 75.

Children are admitted into the nursery class on a part
time or full time basis; the child is offered either a place
for five mornings or five afternoons, there is also the
opportunity to access a flexible place e.g. 2 ½ days or
free 30 hour entitlement for working parents.

A place in our Nursery class does not guarantee a
child a place in school.

  Policy on Admission to Eldon Grove Academy

In the first instance, places will be awarded to those
pupils with a statement of special educational need
where the school is named in the statement.

The remaining places will be awarded in the following
order or priority and in line with the Local Authority
admissions criteria:

    1. Those children who are looked after children and
       previously looked after children (previously
       looked after children are children who were
       looked after, but ceased to be so because they
       were adopted or became subject to a residence
       order or special guardianship order).
    2. Those children who have brothers or sisters who
       will be attending the school in the following
    3. Pupils who live in the school’s admission zone.
    4. Those children who are distinguished from the
       great majority of other applicants whether on
       medical grounds or by other exceptional
       circumstances and who would suffer significant
       hardship if they were unable to attend the
    5. Those children who live closest to the school as
       determined by a ‘straight line’ distance
       measurement; from the (ordnance survey)
       address point for the child’s home to (ordnance
       survey) address point of the school.
If more children qualify under a particular criterion than
there are places available, priority will be given to those
children who live closest to the school (as described
under criteria 5)

School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy

    If your child is absent for any reason please contact school as soon as possible either by
    telephone or a personal visit. We must record the reason for every absence. If we do not
    receive a reason we have to record the absence as ‘unauthorised’ which could result in a visit
    to the child’s home from the Local Authority School Attendance Officer, Mrs Carr or Mrs Larter.
    We feel it is important that your child attends school regularly and if a child’s attendance is
    below 90% then a meeting with the Head of School and Attendance Officer will be arranged.
    Please note in the interest of the well-being of all children we operate a first day response
    system; if we have not been notified of a reason for absence, we will telephone or carry out a
    home visit you to ascertain the reason to avoid your child’s absence being recorded as

    Illness in School
    If we feel that your child is ill enough to be sent home or needs to be taken to hospital we will
    contact you as soon as possible, using the information you have given us. It is therefore
    extremely important that you keep us informed of any changes to that information. A form, to fill
    in with the initial contact information is contained in this prospectus.

    Medical Appointments
    If you need to take your child out of school for a medical appointment please inform us of the
    date in advance by telephone, personal visit or note. Children must be collected from school for
    such appointments and signed out by an adult. Medical appointment cards will also need to be
    shown at the main school office either before the appointment or after.

    Headteachers no longer have the discretion to authorise any holidays in school time. Please
    refer to the school’s holiday in term time policy.

    We believe that punctuality is an important life skill. All children should be in class by 8.55am
    ready to start learning. To encourage children to be in school on time we operate a ‘Meet and
    Greet’ policy, this means that school doors open at 8.45am and children are welcomed into
    school by support staff as class teachers are in their classroom areas; school doors are closed
    at 8.53am.

    Attendance for 2018/2019 is detailed below:
    Attendance 96.01%

School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy


                         Morning Session                                8.45am – 11.45am
                         Afternoon Session                             12.30pm – 3.30pm

                         KEY STAGE ONE (Reception to Year 2)

                         Morning Session                         8.55am – 12.30pm
                         Afternoon Session                       1.15pm – 3.15pm

                         KEY STAGE TWO (Year Three to Year Six)

                         Morning Session                            8.55am – 12.30pm
                         Afternoon Session                          1.25pm – 3.20pm

It is important that all children are on time for school so a prompt start is made to learning.
Doors open at 8.45am and close at 8.53am.

                              SCHOOL UNIFORM
We expect all children to wear school uniform. All uniform should be clearly labelled with the
child’s name. Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to children’s
clothes or property.
Royal Blue sweatshirt or cardigan         Dark grey/ black trousers or skirt        White polo shirt
In summer girls can wear a blue summer dress and boys can wear grey shorts.
Children should wear sensible black shoes, not trainers. If pupils do not wear appropriate
footwear school will provide black plimsolls for use indoors.
PE Kit consists of black or navy shorts and white T-Shirt. All children are allowed to wear light
coloured sole plimsolls. It would be helpful if children had a named bag to keep their footwear and PE
kit in.
Jewellery: Children should not wear jewellery to school, for reasons of Health and Safety and
School Policy.
Our uniform provider is Elizabeth Embroidery please find details below:
Website: Password: ELDON Telephone: 01642 674973
School Prospectus 2019 2020 - Eldon Grove Academy

     Head of School Surgery
     Mrs Brahimi is available most mornings from 8.45am until 9.45am. Parents/guardians with any
     concerns will be seen on a first come basis, there is no need to make an appointment. If Mrs
     Brahimi is not available then parents/guardians may make an appointment or alternatively
     speak to Mrs Carr or Mrs Larter, Social Inclusion Manager/Social Inclusion Assistant.

     Social Inclusion Manager & Social Inclusion Assistant
     Mrs Diane Carr, our Social Inclusion Manger and Mrs Susan Larter, our Social Inclusion
     Assistant offer a confidential service. This service is to help parents, guardians and children to
     get the very best from Eldon Grove Academy by providing support, advice and information. They
     will help with any worries about behaviour or attendance and how best to deal with it by offering
     individual support, home visits and advice on any necessary referrals, such as to the School
     Nurse, Action for Children, Family Information and Support Services. Mrs Carr and Mrs Larter
     are available every day until 4.30pm.

     Parental Involvement
     A child’s education starts at home and is continued as a partnership between home and school.
     At Eldon Grove Academy we promote parents as partners. We encourage parents to become
     involved in school and support their child’s learning by attending Family Week Lesson, Parental
     Consultation Evenings and Parental Workshops.

     Home Learning
     At Eldon Grove Academy we believe that a pupil’s learning is extended and reinforced through
     the completion of home learning. Similarly, we hope that children will share what they have
     learnt in school at home. A Home Learning Café runs every Thursday at school. Please ask
     whether places are available.

     Friends of Eldon Grove Academy
     Eldon Grove Academy has a group of friends, parents, carers and teachers who meet regularly
     to organise fundraising activities for the benefit of the children. Anyone interested in becoming
     part of The Friends Group is welcome to attend meetings and support their fundraising events.
     Miss G McLurg is Chair of the group and always welcomes new support.

Our school meals are cooked on the premises and reflect the national initiative of ‘Healthy Eating’. Our
school cook, Miss Smith, provides a varied menu with lots of options, from which the children can

     MONDAY                TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY                 THURSDAY                  FRIDAY
 Chicken curry served   Spaghetti bolognese     Beef and spinach         Roast pork loin        Crispy fish fingers
   with brown rice         served with         Pattie in bread bun    served with Yorkshire    served with chipped
                         homemade garlic        served with oven        pudding and roast           potatoes
                              bread           baked potato wedges           potatoes

   Vegetable fingers     Homemade pizza       Chili bean casserole    Quorn and mushroom       Cheesy pasta bake
   served with oven      Margherita served      served with oven      stroganoff served with    served with garlic
 baked potato wedges     with mixed salad     baked potato wedges           brown rice                slice

      Salad bar              Salad bar             Salad bar                Salad bar               Salad bar

     Pineapple and       Vanilla ice cream       Chocolate cake       Banoffee cheesecake       Cornflake cookie
    coconut sponge      served with peaches   served with chocolate                             served with milk
  served with custard                                custard

      Fresh fruit           Fresh fruit            Fresh fruit             Fresh fruit             Fresh fruit
      Yoghurts              Yoghurts               Yoghurts                Yoghurts                Yoghurts

The cost of a school meal is currently £2 per day per child (this is subject to change.) For those pupils
in Reception to Year 2, a school meal is provided free of charge as part of the National Initiative. Dinner
money for paid meals should be sent to school in advance of meals taken every MONDAY morning,
OR can be paid via ‘Parent Pay’, which is our online payment service. Children have the option of
bringing a packed lunch if they wish. However, we do encourage healthy eating and parents should
provide a balanced meal with no fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate bars.
Lunch arrangements must be agreed before the end of the half term ready for the new half term
to commence and a form must be filled in to state a change in meal. These arrangements will
remain in place for the half term unless circumstances are discussed with the Head of School.
A free meal is provided to children whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Income Based
Job Seekers Allowance. Parents need to complete form FSM 1 or alternatively ring (01429) 266522
and speak to the relevant team.
     During the school day, the Head of School and all staff are concerned with the total care and
     welfare of all children.
     Medicines – School follows the Local Authority policy on administration of medicine. If parents
     require school to administer prescribed medicine they must complete a form obtainable from the
     school office.

                                           In Eldon Grove Academy we believe in a positive
                                           approach to pupil behaviour, highlighting and rewarding
                                           good behaviour. We have a behaviour policy that sets out
                                           systematic guidelines for staff and children. Each class
                                           clearly displays our behaviour plan and all children from
                                           nursery to Y6 are taught expected behaviour.
                                           Children will be encouraged to succeed in work and
                                           behaviour with lots of positive reinforcement:
                                                  Verbal praise
                                                  Stickers
                                                  “Good News” letters home
                                                  Points – towards bronze, silver and gold
                                                  Pupil of the Week award
                                                  Certificates

                                           However, there are consequences for pupils who do not
                                           adhere to the school policy. Parents will be informed
                                           immediately if school feels that their child is displaying
                                           unacceptable behaviour.

                                           Bullying can happen in any school. At Eldon Grove
                                           Academy we are committed to an anti-bullying policy. We
                                           tackle the problem of bullying through PSHCE,
                                           Curriculum, School Council and assemblies. We will do
                                           our best to resolve problems and we actively encourage
                                           children to talk with adults. Should parents be worried by
                                           the actions of their child or others, please contact the
                                           class teacher or Head of School promptly.

In English pupils learn to speak confidently and listen to what others have to say. Pupils will
learn how to change the way they speak to suit different situations, purposes and audiences.
They learn to use language in imaginative ways and express their ideas and feelings when
working in role and in drama activities. Pupils’ interest and pleasure in reading is developed
and encouraged as they learn to read confidently and independently through phonics, Guided
Reading, Whole Class Reading and accessing the school library. As pupils become older they
increase their ability to read challenging and lengthy texts independently. Within writing, pupils
develop their knowledge and skills and understanding in the areas of composition, planning
and drafting, punctuation and spelling. Pupils are given a real or perceived purpose for writing
as well as an understanding of whom the audience is. Handwriting is taught and practised
through all lessons.

Within mathematics pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding through practical
activity, exploration and discussion. In Key Stage 1 pupils will learn to count, read, write and
order numbers. They will explore the number system through concrete and pictorial
representations before moving to more abstract methods. They will develop fluency with
numbers and will learn about other areas of mathematics through practical activities. At Key
Stage 2 pupils use the number system more confidently and develop fluency in order to be
more proficient with arithmetic. Pupils will explore mathematics both within a context and non-
context based. Pupils are encouraged to present their methods and reasoning using a wide
range of mathematical language, diagrams and charts.

     Pupils at Eldon Grove Academy will explore a wide range of scientific topics. Our aim is to
     enable pupils to explore and find out about the fascinating world in which they live, by studying
     a variety of different areas. Pupils will learn about basic scientific laws while they develop the
     skills of observation, investigation and recording through practical experiments and related
     Computing is a key subject area that is now utilised in all areas of the Curriculum. Pupils are
     now taught programming as part of a new key skill; this helps them develop their logical and
     analytical thinking. Across the school, pupils are encouraged to use I-pads and other digital
     devices to enhance their learning, they are able to do this in all subject areas. It is vital that
     pupils are familiar and comfortable with using up to date technology in our ever-changing
     Eldon Grove Academy follows the Hartlepool Agreed Syllabus. This is broadly Christian based
     but the pupils do celebrate and study cultural diversity by learning about other faiths. Pupils
     also participate in daily assembly on a variety of themes. Parents have a right to withdraw their
     children from collective worship or religious education lessons. However, the school is unable
     to provide any alternative religious provision.
     At Eldon Grove Academy we teach MFL from Reception to Year 6. The language we teach is
     French. We recognise that learning a foreign language in primary school provides a valuable
     educational, social and cultural experience for all pupils. For the past 2 years we have taken
     year 5 pupils on a residential in France to further develop global awareness and French culture.
     During their time in school pupils will experience gymnastics, dance, games, athletics,
     swimming and outdoor adventure activities. At Eldon Grove Academy we acknowledge the
     importance of Physical Education for pupils health and well-being. We recognise that Physical
     Education promotes physical skill and competiveness. We have 1 full time and 1 part time
     Sports Coach, so pupils currently access a wide range of after school clubs.
     P4C is taught in every class across the school. Philosophy for Children (P4C) allows every
     child to have a voice and take part in whole class discussions around a question which has
     been generated by the pupils. This will be in response to a stimulus such as a story, poem,
     artefact, news item etc. and helps to develop skills such as thinking, speaking and listening.

PSHCE and Citizenship is central to the educational entitlement of all pupils and permeates
all aspects of life in school. PSHCE and Citizenship are embedded across the curriculum.
They develop self-awareness, positive self-esteem and confidence to enable pupils to
achieve their full potential.
Teaching in Geography ensures that geographical enquiry and skills are used when
developing knowledge and understanding of places, processes and environmental change.
In Geography pupils will learn about their local area and begin to learn about the wider world.
Pupils will use resources such as maps, atlases and photographs.
In History pupils study how the past influences the present, what past societies were like
and specific periods of time. Pupils will develop a chronological framework for their
knowledge of significant events and people. They will use various sources of information
within their historical enquiry. For example, eye-witness accounts, artefacts, Internet
research, books etc.
Within Design and Technology, opportunities are given for all pupils to investigate, plan,
prepare, design and make their own models incorporating Food Technology. Pupils will work
with tools, equipment, materials and components to make quality products. They will be
encouraged to reflect on the progress of their work as they design and make, identifying
ways in which they could improve their products.
Art and Design stimulates creativity and imagination. It provides visual, tactile and sensory
experiences. Pupils will learn about the role of art, craft and design both in their environment
and across historical and cultural context. They will develop an understanding of colour,
shape, space, pattern and texture through using different types of media. Display is also an
important element of art and design and both staff and pupils value the importance of 2D
and 3D display work around school.
Within Music pupils are given the opportunity to listen to, respond to and explore a variety
of musical genres from around the world. They will develop skill’s in playing a range of
percussion instruments, composing, performing, singing and reflecting on their own and
others work. Pupils in KS2 will also have the opportunity to learn an instrument.


     Eldon Grove Academy is an inclusive school and this was acknowledged through the
     Hartlepool Inclusion Standard. No child will be discriminated against because of physical,
     learning, social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.
     At Eldon Grove Academy we are committed to the concept of parents as equal partners in
     their child’s education. As soon as staff feel that a child has a Special Educational Need they
     will talk to the parents and bring the child to the attention of the school’s Special Educational
     Needs Leader who is Mrs Collins.
     Special Educational Needs provision is the responsibility of the whole staff and will be dealt
     with, on the whole, by presenting a differentiated curriculum to meet the individual pupil’s
     measurable targets agreed with the child, parents, school and where required outside
     If parents are concerned about their child’s progress they should speak to their child’s class
     teacher or the Head of School, Mrs Brahimi.

     Eldon Grove Academy has a very strong commitment to equality in education. We believe
     that all pupils, regardless of race, gender, religion, physical disability or educational ability
     should be given the opportunity to develop and reach their full potential.

There is continuous assessment and recording of pupils’ individual progress throughout the
year by class teachers, this ensures that pupils are being supported and extended according
to their ability and need.
Reports of pupils’ progress will be given at our Parental Consultation Evenings (Autumn and
Spring Terms) and annually in a written report.

                                             An average ability pupil leaving Reception
                                             should leave with a Good Level of
                                             Development. By the end of Key Stage 1 this
                                             transfers to:
                                             Working Towards Age Related Expectations
                                             Working at Age Related Expectations (Average
                                             Working at Greater Depth
                                             School is committed to raising standards of
                                             attainment and achievement for all pupils and
                                             parents can help by:

                                                   Encouraging your child to complete
                                                    home learning to a high standard
                                                   Helping your child with their learning
                                                   Taking an interest in what your child has
                                                    done at school
                                                   Attending meetings
                                                   Using the newsletters and website to
                                                    keep up-to-date with your child’s
                                                    learning and curriculum
                                                   Letting school know if there are any
                                                    changes to home life that might effect
                                                    your child e.g. bereavement, illness etc.

     KEY STAGE 1 - 2018

                    Targets                    Results in 2018
     % of pupils ARE+ READING                       88%
     % of pupils GDS READING                        47%
     % of pupils ARE+ WRITING                       83%
     % of pupils GDS WRITING                        34%
     % of pupils ARE+ MATHS                         89%
     % of pupils GDS MATHS                          39%
     % of pupils gaining ARE+ R/W/M combined        80%

     KEY STAGE 2 – 2018

                    Targets                    Results in 2018
     % of pupils ARE+ READING                       83%
     % of pupils ARE+     SPAG                      88%
     % of pupils ARE+ WRITING (TA)                   90%
     % of pupils GDS WRITING (TA)                   25%
     % of pupils ARE+ MATHS                         83%
     % of pupils gaining ARE+ R/W/M combined        78%

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