Avondale Primary School School Pandemic Plan - Parent guide To be used in conjunction with emergency Management plan - Avondale Primary ...

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Avondale Primary School School Pandemic Plan - Parent guide To be used in conjunction with emergency Management plan - Avondale Primary ...
Avondale Primary School

        School Pandemic Plan

                      Parent guide
To be used in conjunction with emergency Management plan
Avondale Primary School School Pandemic Plan - Parent guide To be used in conjunction with emergency Management plan - Avondale Primary ...
Table of contents
Purpose, Pandemic Manager and Guidelines………………………………………….…..2
Preparation Outline……………………………………………………………….…………..….…..3
APS Communication………………………………………….………………………………………..4
Phase 1……………………………………………………………………………………………………….5
Phase 2……………………………………………………………………………………………………….6
Phase 3……………………………………………………………………………………………………….7
Phase 4……………………………………………………………………………………………………….9
Phase 5…………………………………………………………………………………………………..…11
Phase 6…………………………………………………………………………………………………..…13
Useful Resources………………………………………………………………………………..……..14

                                                    Updated August 2020
1. To ensure that Avondale Primary School is prepared as well as it can be for a pandemic
2. To have a Pandemic Plan that fits within the school's current ‘Emergency Management Plan’
3. To ensure that staff, students and parents are well informed and understand their roles in a pandemic

                           pandemic manager
Kim Wilkinson (Acting Principal) will take the role of Pandemic Manager and will be responsible for identifying other
staff to assist (Senior Leadership Team) and delegating tasks accordingly to ensure the pandemic plan is effectively
implemented and the risk of infection of the school community is minimised.

              Pandemic plan guidelines
The Ministry of Health leads the Government's response to a pandemic and provides advice and guidance around
this. They will provide leadership, direction, and guidance on whether to remain open, closed or re-open. It is the
responsibility of the school to have a Pandemic Plan in place. At all times updates and latest information should be
accessed from the Ministry of Health.

The following assumptions underpin all Pandemic Plans for Schools

• Schools will maintain as full a service as possible for as long as possible during a pandemic emergency
• Closing schools to students is part of the NZ National Health Emergency Plan to help prevent a pandemic
  spreading. This includes Out of School Care.
• During a pandemic emergency, schools will be asked to consider alternative means of delivering education to
  their students such as 'distance learning options’
• Depending on the situation, staff may still be able to go to work, work remotely (at home), or carry out
  additional or alternative duties for the school or another agency. This will be assessed at the time
• In a pandemic emergency, people with virus symptoms will be asked to stay away from hospitals and doctors
  surgeries, and to seek assistance from the national Healthline call 0800 358 5453. They may be asked to attend a
  Community Based Assessment Centre (CBAC) for assessment of their conditions
• Education facilities, schools and kindergartens may be used for alternative purposes such as being Community
  Based Assessment Centres (CBAC’s)
• A pandemic may come in several waves over a 6-8 month period. At the peak of the worst pandemic wave, up to
  50% of the workforce may be sick, looking after sick dependents, or carrying out 'alternative duties' in a priority
  area for another agency e.g. health or welfare
• Covid-19 - the Ministry's advice for the public is that anyone feeling unwell should ring Healthline on the
  dedicated COVID-19 number: 0800 358 5453 or ring ahead to their General Practice and they will be advised
  what to do.

Our Pandemic Plan is guided by ‘New Zealand Influenza Pandemic Plan: A framework for action’ six-phase strategy:

                1.    Plan For It: Planning and preparedness
                2.    Keep It Out: (Border management)preparing to respond
                3.    Stamp It Out : (Cluster control)responding to pandemic/significant outbreak – Early Stage
                4.    Manage It: Pandemic management
                5.    Manage It: Post-Peak, transitioning to recover from it phase
                6.    Recover From It: Recovery                                                           2
                                                                                    Updated August 2020
Preparation outline
1. Appoint the Pandemic Manager and Deputy. The Pandemic Manager manages the impact of any
   outbreak in the school for the duration of the event.
2. Read, collate and regularly check all information coming out from Ministry of Education and Ministry
   of Health and check their websites for updates
3. Review school's current Pandemic Plan and update based on information being provided by officials
4. Review school’s current Emergency Plan and ensure all details are correct
5. Set up a single point of contact for school to liaise with authorities (Pandemic Manager) and confirm
   Avondale Primary Communication Tree
6. Review the school's cleaning policies, hygiene practices and supplies and emergency supply kits.
7. Order any extra medication and personal protection such as sanitizer, batteries, thermometer covers,
   disinfectant wipes and gloves.
8. Review protocol for dealing with sick staff and students, start to enforce social distancing strategies.
   Information on this is available from the Ministry of Health.
9. Consult with relevant local groups and authorities e.g. community health nurse, COL, Civil Defence,
   MOE, local community board
10. Ask Community Health Nurse to speak to staff and parents/caregivers if applicable
11. Make sure that the school's contact list is kept up-to-date (contact details for students, staff and BOT
12. Take steps to clarify the school's role in any local response plans (local agencies, school cluster
13. Have plans in place for the possibility of off-site/online learning, alternative use of facilities,
    staff cover in the event of self-isolation or illness, duty cover, explicit teaching of good hygiene
14. Communicate with the school community through a variety of means - newsletter, email, app,
    Facebook, webpage to keep informed through regular updates
15. Keep up to date with travel restrictions and visa information and check all families returning
    to school e.g. place they have just come from, stand down periods etc
16. Check an status and wellbeing of any international students who have not been able to
    return to school
17. Plan for school shut down
18. Plan for communication over shutdown duration
19. Prepare for school reopening

                                                                                Updated August 2020
APS Communication tree
   Avondale Primary School will provide clear, timely and proactive communications to the board, staff, students,
   parents/caregivers, contractors and suppliers explaining how we are managing the situation at all stages of the

                                                           Kim Wilkinson
                                                           Acting Principal                             Anthony Gibbs
                                                  kimw@avondaleprimary.school.nz                          BOT Chair

                                                                                                        Board Members

                                                           Michelle Brown                                    School
                                                               SLT PA                                       Families

        Stacey                               Cat Wilson                       Yvonne Cullum                     Kevin Johnson
   Associate Principal                         SENCo                          Office Manager                      Caretaker
staceyb@avondaleprimary.school.nz   catw@avondaleprimary.school.nz   office@avondaleprimary.school.nz   kevinj@avondaleprimary.school.nz

         All teachers                      Support Staff                      After School Care               External Service
    Outside Providers                       RTLB/RTLit                           (Kelly Club)                    Providers
          Relievers                         Jenny KDEC                          After School                    Cleaning Staff
                                         Learning Support
                                           Professionals                          Hall Hire

                                            Rachel SWIS                       External Service
                                          Belinda (Public
                                          Health Nurse)

 You will receive updates by:
 Email                Classroom teacher email
 Facebook             Friends of Avondale page https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfAvondalePrimary/
 App                  Download the APS App: Search SchoolAppsNZ in the app store and click Avondale
                      Primary School

 At any time, you can contact us by:
 Email                Classroom Teacher email
                      Senior Leadership email:
                              Acting Principal - Kim Wilkinson kimw@avondaleprimary.school.nz
                              Associate Principal – Stacey Brown staceyb@avondaleprimary.school.nz
 Facebook             Send a message through the Friends of Avondale page
                      https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfAvondalePrimary/                                            4
                                                                                                  Updated August 2020
Phase 1
                                  Planning and Preparedness
Potential Trigger/s: The World Health Organisation and The New Zealand Ministry of Health are monitoring an
emerging new disease or a surge in a known disease/influenza at normal seasonal levels.
Goals: To review our pandemic policy and plan. To ensure that the school community is prepared, though best
hygiene practices to deal with normal seasonal influenza and/or known diseases that may escalate. Review
Pandemic Policy & Plan
Maintain links with and follow the advice from relevant agencies - the Ministry of Health and Ministry of
Education and use these updates to keep community and staff networks informed.
•    Communicate updates about COVID-19 to community through                App, Website and Facebook
     newsletters, social media, app and email communication                 updated before school opened for

Protect staff, students and whānau
•    Parents are reminded through normal school communications              Newsletter updates with COVID-19
     about keeping students at home when unwell.                            updates and best practice for
•    Staff and students are reminded about the need for effective           informing school of absences.
     handwashing, coughing and sneezing protocol.
•    Encourage Flu vaccines each year for staff (supported by BOT)          Actioned – Stacey

Ensure a clean environment
•    Caretaker and Cleaning staff reminded about vigilance and              Actioned – Kim, Kevin and cleaning
     provision of soaps, paper towels etc.                                  company

                                                                            Sanitiser and tissues ordered
                                                                            through KidsCan Week 3 and
                                                                            distributed to classes

                                                                                  Updated August 2020
Phase 2
       Prepare to Respond to a Pandemic and/or significant Outbreak
Potential Trigger/s: Sustained human-to-human transmission of a novel influenza virus overseas in two or more
countries. Ministry of Health announces changes to New Zealand borders or that borders are closed.
Goals: The pandemic plan is activated and Avondale Primary School is ready for the subsequent phases, should
a pandemic be declared. All staff, board of trustees, leaders, students and parents are informed, understand
their roles and responsibilities.

Maintain links with and follow the advice from relevant agencies - the Ministry of Health and Ministry of
Education and use these updates to keep community and staff networks informed.
•    Keep all updates in school pandemic folder and circulate relevant      Created 19.03.2020
     info to staff
•    Use key messages from updates to keep school community                 Daily updates communicated by
     informed, maintaining 'calm' rather than ‘alarm’                       Senior Leadership Team to staff and
                                                                            school community
Protect staff, students and whānau
•    Take temperatures if they come to sick bay feeling unwell              Monitoring
•    Send home anyone who is displaying any symptoms that we are on         Actioned - ongoing
     alert for
•    Check we have a good stock of medical supplies including               Actioned
     thermometer covers and cleaning products
•    Explicitly teach and reinforce healthy hand washing/drying             Actioned – lessons given to
     techniques and safe sneezing practice                                  individual classes 11.03.2020
•    Share resources with staff and families                                Actioned – Facebook, Website, and
•    Reduce person to person contact eg: shaking of hands, hugs, hongi      posters and resources for staff
•    Wash and dry hands more frequently and thoroughly                      Actioned - ongoing conversations
•    Ask all staff to give a reason if they are away and to check with      Actioned 11.03.2020
     Healthline ph 0800 358 5453 before returning to work if they are       Actioned 11.03.2020
     displaying any symptoms
•    Be aware of any upcoming travel plans of staff and students            Yvonne and classroom teacher to
•    Use posters available from Ministry of Health re cough / sneeze        monitor
     etiquette, handwashing                                                 Actioned 11-16.03.2020 – posters in
                                                                            all toilets and classrooms
•    Encourage Flu vaccines each year for staff (supported by BOT)          Actioned - Stacey
Ensure a clean environment
•    Ensure there is a good supply of soap, hand sanitiser and clean hand   Actioned - Kevin
     towels every day
•    Have a good supply of soap, hand sanitiser and hand towels in stock    Actioned - Kevin
•    Consult with school cleaners to ensure a more thorough clean is        Actioned – Kim
•    Teachers to wipe down class tables and any other relevant surfaces     Actioned – staff advised face to
     every day                                                              face 16.03.2020
•    Office staff to complete extra cleaning of staffroom surfaces,         Actioned – staff advised face to
     resource room tables, sick bay beds and counters and office            face 16.03.2020

                                                                                  Updated August 2020
Phase 3
            Respond to a pandemic/significant outbreak: early stage
      The Ministry of Health can declare a pandemic event and provide advice and guidance about this. The
        Ministry of Health’s Medical Officers of Health are our key external contact in a pandemic event.
 If a Pandemic is not declared at this stage but potential national trigger/s are present, APS will enact prudent
                                              actions to keep it out.
Potential Trigger/s: The Ministry of Health announces Novel influenza virus or pandemic virus detected in
case(s) in New Zealand.
Goals: If APS is inside a pandemic cluster area the school is closed in consultation with Medical Officers of
Health. Students, children, staff and parents are informed, and understand their roles and responsibilities. If APS
is outside the pandemic cluster areas the school is on heightened alert with the specific goal to help to stamp it
out and/or control cluster.

Continue to maintain links with and follow the advice from relevant agencies - the Ministry of Health and
Ministry of Education and use these updates to keep community and staff networks informed.
•    As government shares information and directives about social             Actioned – ongoing
     gatherings, respond appropriately with our school community in
     mind. The principal may make decisions to postpone or cancel
     school community events.
•    Ensure vigilance of all staff about their own health and must not be
     at school if they develop any concerning symptoms.
Develop a Communication plan
•    Make sure contact information is current for all parents and             Actioned by all staff
     whānau, staff (including all emergency contacts) and District Health     Actioned by Yvonne and Michelle
     Board and Ministry of Education contact numbers                          Actioned by classroom teacher
•    Check school website information is up to date with visible contact
•    Check all family contact details are up to date and correct              Actioned by Yvonne, Cat, Stacey
•    Staff list and emergency contact details will be up to date              and Kevin
•    Student and family information will be kept on file and updated          Actioned by Senior Leadership
     each term - parents will be asked to supply office with up-to-date       Team
     contact information on a regular basis
•    Ensure we have current contact details for all external providers
     who come into our school                                                 Actioned Senior Leadership Team
•    Have a clear means of communication with the parent community
     to keep them informed and up-to-date - 'Need to know' updates            Actioned by Michelle
     will be emailed by classroom teacher via distribution lists, on our
     website, app and Facebook Page
•    Form a communication tree to send information out quickly                Actioned by Michelle
•    Have signage ready to go up if the school needs to be closed – on        Actioned by Michelle
     Website, social media, App and on doors.
Identify an appropriate area to be used in an isolation area/identify rooms with amenities
•    Set up sick bay as an isolation space (one patient only)                 Actioned – all other sickness to be
•    Other patients treated in resource room                                  treated in office space

                                                                                   Updated August 2020
Phase 3 (Continued)
Check status of Students who have not returned to school
•    Check status of children who have not returned to school                Yvonne, classroom teacher and
•    Check on all international students currently enrolled in the school    Michelle to monitor
•    Office staff to keep senior leadership team informed of student
Check all families who arrive to enrol their child, enquire as to where they have been in the last month.
•    If from an identified country as per MOH directives, check that they    Yvonne, Classroom Teacher and
     have been in self-isolation                                             Senior Leadership Team to monitor
•    For any concerns, ring Ministry of Health or Healthline for
     clarification, ph 0800 358 5453
Authority to prevent a student's attendance
•    If a student attends school while showing symptoms, the Principal       Ongoing monitoring
     can preclude them if they believe on reasonable grounds they may
     have a communicable disease (Section 19 Education Act).
•    The student has to stay away for the infectious period of the
     specific disease (14 days for COVID-19).
Authority to send staff, visitors or contractors home
•    The principal can request that a staff member, visitor or contractor    Ongoing monitoring
     working in the school who is suspected of having an infectious
     disease, stays at home until checked out by a medical professional
Prepare for Distance Learning
Actions:                                                                     Home learning books made
•    Have home learning activities available on the school website and       20.03.2020 and sent home
     other platforms                                                         23.03.2020.
•    All teams to have resources ready to roll out to families               Electronic copy of Home Learning
                                                                             book on Student Notebook on
                                                                             Office 365
Plan for School Closure
•    All contact details for staff, students and other people connected      Actioned – beginning of year by
     with our school are up to date                                          Yvonne
•    Follow any directives from Ministry of Health and Ministry of           Actioned – Kim
•    Activate school communication tree                                      Actioned – Michelle
•    Check applications are ready to go for online learning and other        Actioned – Stacey
•    Brief staff on procedure for working from home to deliver the           Actioned – Kim and Stacey
•    Update school website with home learning activities and set up          Actioned – Stacey
     documents to inform parents of this options

                                                                                   Updated August 2020
Phase 4
                                 Manage it: Pandemic management
Potential Trigger/s: Multiple clusters at separate locations, or clusters spreading out of control.
Goals: Reduce the impact of pandemic influenza on our school community. If SCCS is inside a pandemic cluster
area the school is closed in consultation with Medical Officers of Health. If SCCS is outside the pandemic cluster
areas the school is on heightened alert.
Continue to maintain links with and follow the advice from relevant agencies - the Ministry of Health and
Ministry of Education and use these updates to keep community and staff networks informed.
•    Continue to brief staff on any updates from MOH and MOE.                         Ongoing – Senior Leadership
•    Continue to brief parents on any updates from MOH and MOE.                       Team
•    School will inform the school community
Protect staff, students and whānau
•    If staff have travelled to countries where advice to self-isolate has been       Ongoing – Senior Leadership
     issued, staff to inform the principal and must follow advice from the MOH.       Team
•    All staff vigilant about own health and must not be at school if they
     develop any concerning symptoms
•    If a number of teachers are away and adequate relieving staff can not be         Ongoing – Staff and Senior
     secured, classes will be split with consideration to numbers remaining in        Leadership Team
     each class.
•    Should the number of staff become untenable, the principal will work with        Ongoing monitoring
     the MOE to make decisions about the school remaining open.
•    If a child is exhibiting any symptoms:                                           Ongoing
     oTeacher rings ahead to the office.
     oParents contacted immediately                                                   Ongoing monitoring –
     oStudent sent to the designated triage area with school bag                      Classroom teachers and
     oConcerns documented by designated staff                                         Yvonne
     oParents pick up child
     oChild remains away from school as per advice from MOH and MOE
School Closure: 12.08 2020 Level 3
• Decision to close school is made due to pandemic status and in consultation         Actioned – Kim
  with MOE and MOH
• APS school community informed of the closure, using our available                   Actioned – Kim, Stacey,
  communication options: classroom teacher email, Facebook, App, Website
• Put signage up on reception doors.                                                  Actioned – Michelle
• Continue to display QR Code displayed at school office                              Actioned – Kim, Stacey
• Allowed external visitors (e.g. contractors) will be required to sign the visitor   Actioned – Kim
  register in to the office
• Liaise with other agencies affected (See communication tree)                        Actioned – Kim and Stacey
• Inform staff of the closure, and any expectations of their attendance. Staff
  roster organised to look after ‘bubbles’ of essential worker children               Actioned – ongoing by Kim
• Bubbles of 10 maximum (teachers included) are established for school                and Stacey
  learning with roster of staff. Cross grouping will not occur. Students will stay
  with their school bubble for the duration of level, social distancing will be
  adhered to at all times,
• Staff at school are permitted to wear gloves and masks ​if they wish.               All Staff
• When students arrive at school they are to move directly to the classroom           All Staff
  bubble spaces for hand sanitisation (stations will be set up at the door).
                                                                                      Updated August 2020
Phase 4 (continued)
School Closure: 12.08 2020 Level 3
• The before and after school programme will NOT be operating.
• Parents and caregivers will drop off and pick up their children at the    All Staff
  school office/school office gate
• Distance learning will either be completed at home or completed at        All Staff
  school for families needing to send children in.
• Teachers at school will therefore be supervising - not teaching.          All Staff
• Each school bubble will have individual break times.                      All Staff
• Breaks will be supervised by Teacher Aides and Teaching Staff.            All Staff
• The office staff will only be available via email or phone.               Yvonne, Michelle, SLT Team
• Playground and sports equipment will be off limits to all students.       All Staff
• No assemblies, visitors, sharing of school equipment, toys, stationery,   All Staff
  food. Water fountains will be turned off.
• Symptomatic children isolated and collected immediately,                  All Staff
  symptomatic staff leave and contact doctor/Healthline.
• Implemented practices for spaces where children and teachers are:         All Staff
       o Hand Sanitiser at all doors and in all shared spaces
       o Doors open and on latches where possible
       o Air-Conditioning on and above 18 degrees
       o Surfaces Spray and Wiped at least once a day
       o All staff and students are reminded of hygiene practices are

Communicating important updates and keeping in contact with the school community through the lockdown
•    School Facebook page will be updated regularly by Senior               Ongoing – Leadership Team
     Leadership Team and any messages via the Facebook page replied
     to in a timely manner
•    Classroom teachers will remain visible online during school hours,     Ongoing – All Staff
     and will be in contact with distribution lists daily
•    Important information and updates will be communicated via:            Ongoing – Leadership Team
     School Facebook page, school app and emails from classroom

                                                                                 Updated August 2020
Phase 5
                                         Manage it: Post peak
Potential Trigger/s: New Zealand wave decreasing.
Goals: To speed up recovery for our school community through preventative measures and prepare for a re-
escalation of response.
Open School at Level 2.5
Keep track of people who enter the premises
• Arrival: For safety purposes, the only access to school will be through     All Staff
   the field gate to the left of the office in front of the crossing on
   Crayford St West. Teachers will be at this gate administering hand
   sanitiser to all students as they enter the school grounds
• Departure: At the end of the day all students will sanitise their hands     All Staff
   in their classes and exit through the same gate. Parents can collect Tui
   1 students from the gate by their classroom, Tui 2 and 3 will be
   walked to the field gate (same gate that is entered through) for
   parent handover
• All parents coming on site will be required to sign the Visitor Register    Office administration
   at the office and are expected to use the QR Code app
• Initially at Level 2, no unnecessary external providers and visitors will   Office administration and Senior
   be on site (unless with prior approval)                                    Leadership
Enable good hygiene practices
• Sanitiser will be administered by a teacher when students enter the         All staff, Senior Leadership
   school grounds
• Sanitiser stations will be set up at all classroom and school doors, for    All staff
   hands to be sanitised when going in and going out of classrooms and
   rooms within the school
• All doors and gate latches will be latched open to ensure minimal           All staff
   touching of handles
• Hand washing posters are in all toilets (staff and student) to remind       Caretaker to check
   them what best practice looks like
• Everyone will be reminded to cough and sneeze into elbows and               All staff
   sanitise/wash hands after blowing nose
• Classes will regularly spray and wipe all surfaces during the day – it is   All staff
   the expectation this happens at least once a day
• There will be regular cleaning of all high risk, commonly touched           All staff
   surfaces such as door handles, railings and tables of all other shared
   spaces (e.g. office, staff room)
• Air flow will be monitored with air conditioning continuing to be used      All staff
   at 18 degrees (minimum), doors and windows opened where possible
   and necessary to ensure air flow
Keep people with COVID-19 symptoms off the premises
• We will communicate with our community ongoingly that if any                Senior Leadership, All staff
   students are sick they must stay home
• We will be vigilantly looking out for the COVID-19 symptoms                 All staff
• Any student or staff displaying symptoms will be isolated and sent          All staff, Office Administration
   home as soon as possible
• Children will wait to be collected in the Multipurpose Room and will        Senior Leadership, Office
   have their temperature checked with an infrared thermometer                Administration
Maintain physical distancing
• Students and staff are required to be considerate of ‘breathing             All staff
   spaces’ being far enough away that they are not breathing on or                                  11
   touching other people                                                           Updated August 2020
• Desks and mat areas may need to be moved in some learning spaces            All staff
Phase 5 (Continued)
                                       Manage it: Post peak
Potential Trigger/s: New Zealand wave decreasing.
Goals: To speed up recovery for our school community through preventative measures and prepare for a re-
escalation of response.
Open School at Level 2.5 (Continued)
Monitor Mental and Emotional Health of Community
• Focus on relationship building in class                                 All staff
• Creating safe environments for learning based on 4 Rs                   All staff
     Take the time to reconnect to students, family and whānau
     Plan for separation anxiety
     Talk to children about what is happening in a developmentally
     appropriate way
     Model calm in your attitude and in your responses to talking about
     Social distancing is not social isolation
     Classroom projects on helping others in the community can give a
     sense of control for students
     Keep the start and end of the day the same as much as possible
     A visual timetable or individual visual timetables
     Try to communicate early with parents so they can prepare their
     child in advance
     Use the strategies your school are using for managing emotions
     (Mana Potential)
     Normalise feelings
     Encourage expression of feelings
     Mindfulness / Yoga programmes
     Physical exercise and food
     Encourage a Growth Mindset

                                                                                Updated August 2020
Phase 6
                                     Recover from the pandemic
Potential Trigger/s: Population protected by vaccination, or pandemic abated in New Zealand.

Goals: APS ensures continued wellbeing of staff, children and students, and education services are fully restored
Protect staff, students and whānau
• Continue to monitor the physical and emotional needs of staff and
• Arrange trauma and/or grief counselling as necessary
• Monitor learning programme needs including:
        - Designing and implementing programmes for resilience,
           stress management etc
• Continue to be vigilant about documenting student vaccinations and
   educate parents about students who may need to be excluded if they
   are not vaccinated in the event of another outbreak of the pandemic
   source (as well as other notifiable diseases should there be
   outbreaks). This will be directed by the Medical Officer of Health.
• Continue to encourage safe hygiene practices

                                                                                  Updated August 2020
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