Belrose Bowling Club Limited

Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report



 Allan Hanson                Chris Webber                Graham Hartmann
  Chairman                  Deputy Chairman                  Treasurer

           Angela Little                   Bill Kelly
             Director                       Director

           Herb Smith                  John Venteman
            Director                      Director

Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                           A.B.N. 46 000 125 851
CONTENTS                                                                PAGE
Notice of Annual General Meeting & Agenda                                  4

Chairman’s Report                                                          7

Secretary’s Report                                                         9

Treasurer’s Report                                                        10

Director’s Report                                                         15

Declaration by Directors                                                  21

Sub Club’s Reports & Achievements                                         24

Registered Clubs Act Declarations                                         53

Auditor’s Independence Declaration                                        56

Auditor’s Report                                                          57

Statement of Comprehensive Income                                         59

Balance Sheet                                                             60

Statement of Changes in Equity                                            61

Cash Flow Statement                                                       62

Notes to the Financial Statements                                         63

Club Limited Life Members                                                 75

Sub Club’s Life Members & Privacy Policy                                  76

Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                            (THE REGISTERED CLUB)
Notice is hereby given that the 62nd Annual General Meeting of Belrose Bowling Club Limited will be held at
10.30 am on SUNDAY 19th OCTOBER 2014 in the Auditorium of the Club.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Belrose Bowling Club Ltd. elections for the Board of Management will
take place for the positions of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer and four (4) Directors. The election will
take place on the day of the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Club’s By-laws.

(a)    Mr. A.T. Hanson retires and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election to the position of Chairman.
(b)    Mr. C.C. Webber retires and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election to the position of Deputy
(c)    Mr. G.B. Hartmann retires and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election to the position of
(d)    Mrs. A.C. Little retires and, being eligible, offers herself for re-election to the position of Director.
(e)    Mr. H.H. Smith retires and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election to the position of Director.
(f)    Mr. J. Venteman retires and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election to the position of Director.
(g)    Mr. W.J. Kelly retires and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election to the position of Director.

Nominations for the positions on the Governing Body close 9.30 am SUNDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 2014.
Nomination forms may be obtained from the Club Notice Board or the Club Administration Office. Voting will
commence at 9.00 am on the 19th OCTOBER 2014 and conclude at the determination of the Returning Officer.

Information about all candidates seeking election will be available through candidate presentations on the day of
the election.

No Member shall be entitled to attend or vote at any General Meeting of the Club unless that Member shall have
paid all or any entrance fees and annual subscriptions and all other moneys due to the Club at the time of such

Only the following Members shall be entitled to vote at any General Meetings of the Club:

(i) Bowling Members. (Junior Members are ineligible)
(ii) Life Members.
(iii) Social Members
Note: Social Members may only vote in the election of the Board and in respect of any sum of money proposed to
be paid to a Member such as an honorarium to be paid to a Director in respect of his or her services as a Member
of the Governing Body, or of any committee of the Club.

John Cormio
Secretary Manager
For and on Behalf of the Board of Directors

Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

 The business of the meeting is as follows:
1. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 27th October, 2013.

2. Chairman’s Report.

3. Treasurer’s Report.

4. To receive and consider the Financial Reports and the Reports by the Directors and the Report by the Auditor
   for the financial year ending 30th June, 2014.

5. (i)    To consider and if thought fit pass the following Ordinary Resolution :
          The Members in General Meeting appoint Mr Ray Venteman as their Patron until the next Annual
          General Meeting of the Club.

   (ii)   To consider and if thought fit pass the following Ordinary Resolution:
          The Members hereby approve and agree to pay Director Honorariums totaling $ 40,441 until the next
          Annual General Meeting of the Club. Honorariums include and cover all local travel and telephone costs
          incurred by Directors when carrying out duties associated with Club activities.

  (iii)   To consider and if thought fit pass the following Ordinary Resolution:
          The Members hereby approve and agree to pay an honorarium not exceeding $ 14,000 to the Honorary
          Secretary until the next Annual General Meeting of the Club if in the event the Board so appoints an
          Honorary Secretary and who shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club.

  (iv)    To consider and if thought fit pass the following Ordinary Resolution:
          The Members hereby approve and agree to reasonable expenditure by the Club until the next Annual
          General Meeting of the Club for the following activities of the Directors.

              The costs of meals and beverages for each Director immediately before or immediately after a
               Board/Committee meeting, or when carrying out duties associated with Club operations on the day
               where the Board/ Committee meeting or duties coincides with a normal meal time.
              The costs of Directors attending seminars, lectures, trade displays and other similar events as may
               be determined by the Board from time to time.
              The costs of Directors attending registered Clubs for the purpose of viewing and assessing their
               facilities and methods of operation provided such attendance is approved by the Board as being
               necessary for the betterment of the Club.
              Reasonable expenses incurred by Directors in relation to such other duties including entertainment
               of special guests to the Club and other promotional activities performed by Directors provided
               such expenses are approved by the Board and supported by receipts, invoices or other proper
               documentary evidence.

Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

     (v)   To consider and if thought fit pass the following ordinary resolution:
           The Members hereby approve and agree to provide Directors and Committee Members of the Men’s and
           Women’s Bowling Clubs with 6 reserved parking spaces.

The Members acknowledge that the benefits outlined in Ordinary Resolution two through five are not available to
Members generally but only to those who are Directors or committee persons of the Club as applicable.

Note: Ordinary resolutions to be passed must receive votes in their favor from not less than a simple majority of
those Members entitled to do so, vote at the meeting.

6.         Election of Board Members.
                 One (1) Chairman
                 One (1) Deputy Chairman
                 One (1) Treasurer
                 Four (4) Directors

7.         To deal with any other business of which due notice has been given.

Note: To enable properly researched replies to questions from Members seeking information about the affairs of
the Company, five (5) days’ notice in writing detailing those questions should be given to the Secretary.

8.         Close of Meeting

9.         Refreshments.


John Cormio
Secretary Manager


The Board has appointed Mr Mike Gibb as the Returning Officer for the conducting of the ballot for the Board
elections. Voting will be held on Sunday 19th October, 2014 with the issuing of ballot papers to commence at
9.00 am. Voting will close on the instruction of the Returning Officer after presentations by candidates. Please
note, the Constitution does not provide for pre-polling or absentee voting. To cast your vote you must be in
attendance on the day of the meeting.

Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                                   CHAIRMAN’S REPORT
Dear Members,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to present the Club’s Annual Report and the financial
statements for the year ending 30 June 2014.

The Financial Report shows an operating profit of $66,536 which is another good result in these difficult
financial times. Full details are in the Treasurer’s Report.

It is with sadness that I inform members that our patron Kath Blackford passed away earlier this year. A
special eulogy to Kath appears on page 22 of this report and I thank Mike Gibb for his assistance in this matter.

With Kath’s passing, an enormous void has been left. Fortunately for Belrose, we have a plethora of worthy
candidates who could be elevated to the role of Club Patron. With much consideration, your Board has
concluded that the continuation of the honouree position is important to the traditions and history of our Club
and have unanimously identified Club statesman Ray Venteman as a worthy choice for this role. Ray’s history
with the Club stretches back nearly 50 years and he and his family are woven into the fabric of Belrose
Bowling Club and what indeed makes the Club what it is today. I am very pleased to report that I have spoken
with Ray and he has, with much pride and humility, accepted the Board’s appointment as Belrose Bowling
Club Patron. To ratify this appointment, the Board will seek approval from the membership at the 2014 Annual
General Meeting.

Congratulations to the Women’s Club No. 2 and No. 4 Pennant Teams and the Men’s No. 1 and No. 2 Pennant
Teams for winning the District and Zone Championships. Unfortunately our Men’s No. 1 Team finished
runners up in the State Final for the fourth consecutive year.

The Club was selected as the venue for the No. 1 State Pennant finals in August this year and resulted in 16
teams from across the State contesting this premier event. A special thank you must go to Andy Little, (Men’s
Club President) and Michael Harvey (Bowls Manager) together with all the volunteers from the Ladies’ and
Men’s Clubs for all their help in ensuring that the event was a great credit to our Club.

The ATM was relocated in July this year and has provided greater privacy and security for its users and is
proving popular with members.

As previously reported, the Board has explored the best, and the most cost effective, way of modernising the
Club. I am pleased to report that it is hoped that a D.A. will be lodged with Council in the coming months and
that a detailed concept of the works will be on display for our members.

I would like to thank all our staff, especially Angela Sanders our Accounts and Administration Manager, Lyle
Allam our Bar Manager and Secretary Manager John Cormio. They have ensured that our Club is operating in
a very friendly and professional manner.

The Club is fortunate to have a substantial volunteer workforce who readily provides their time freely for the
benefit of the Club. This group encompasses painters, bus drivers, carpenters, brickies, concreters, renderers,
cabinet makers, BBQ cooks and gardeners, to name but a few of the skills and jobs undertaken. A tremendous
camaraderie has developed amongst these groups enthusiastically led by Andy Little. The Board is very
cognisant and appreciative of their efforts.

Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report
The Club’s economic position has vacillated during the past year. Whilst a remarkable 12% increase in bar
trade has occurred, our poker machines have shown slower growth. We are, however, confident that the Club’s
business plans, along with the Club’s growth, will position Club Belrose to meet its future challenges.

The Club continues to support the local community by allowing the use of our facilities free of charge.

To all the Sub-Clubs, thank you for your continuing support in ensuring that our Club continues to be a very
happy meeting place.

To Members who have lost family members and friends over the past year, we offer our deepest sympathy.

A special thank you to our green-keeper Joe Saragozza for the time he spends to ensure that our greens are the
envy of many other bowling clubs.

To my fellow Directors, Chris Webber, Graham Hartmann, John Venteman, Bill Kelly, Angela Little and Herb
Smith, together with all the Club Staff, thank you for your continued support. It would not be possible for the
Club to be in its present position without your help.

The Board is very grateful for the support of our Members and we look forward to another successful year.

Allan Hanson

Belrose Bowling Club Limited
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                                SECRETARY MANAGER’S REPORT
It is my pleasure to present the Secretary Manager’s report to Members for the year ending 30 June 2014.

                                       Club Belrose has posted another positive trading result for this financial year although
                                       not as strong as previous years. Pleasingly, Club activity and membership have both
                                       increased. Beverage sales for the second year have risen, this year achieving a 12%
                                       increase. Gaming turnover remains strong but did not achieve the growth experienced
                                       in prior years.

                                       Club Belrose continues to add to its cash reserves – an undisrupted pattern that has
                                       now spanned well over a decade. The economic and legislative climate continues to
                                       present challenges for our Club but bowls and Members and community benefits will
                                       remain as our focus in the coming years. To this end, your Club has commenced
                                       planning for renovations which will modernise the facilities within the Club. This will
                                       include, but not be limited to, new dining areas (including alfresco) and general
                                       Members’ areas which will take advantage of the Club’s vast green vistas. It is
                                       envisaged that substantial commencement will occur during the middle of 2015.

                                     Although we experienced a wet Anzac Day this year, our breakfast with rum soaked
                                     prunes proved to be another success. Chef Hugh Grant and his team commenced long
                                     before dawn to prepare a hot cooked breakfast for all those who attended the Club
                                     after the dawn service, or those who simply wished to celebrate and remember this
most important day in our country’s calendar. The participation by children this year was outstanding and we look forward to
seeing even more next year.

The Number One Pennant Finals, held at our Club in August, proved to be super successful both commercially and on the
greens. Although runner’s-up, Belrose carved their way through world class teams to land a place in the final. We are all
very proud of the determination, skill and sportsmanship displayed by our flagship team. To all the teams and individuals
from both the Woman’s and the Men’s Clubs who have tasted success this year, I offer hearty congratulations.

Your Club provided tens of thousands of dollars in support and cash to local community organisations and schools
throughout the past year. We remain committed to our local community.

The sound direction set by the Board of Directors along with the dedication of the staff and the support of our Members is
the recipe for the ongoing successes enjoyed by this Club.

I would especially like to thank the families of the Directors for the support they provide. Our Directors freely give much of
their personal time, not only at the Club, but also at home for the benefit of our Club, often at the expense of their families. It
is important to recognise and thank the Chairman, Allan Hanson and his Board of Directors for their generous assistance to
the management team throughout the year.

Each and every one of our staff and volunteer work force made a substantial contribution to the Club’s success and I offer to
them my gratitude for the manner in which they continue to serve our Members. I would especially like to thank Lyle Allam
and Angela Sanders for their loyal support and tireless effort. Our Greenkeeper, Joe Saragozza, personifies Club Belrose
and almost lives on his greens. Many thanks Joe.

I echo the Chairman’s condolences to all the families of
deceased Members during 2013/14. The loyalty of our
Members is what makes Club Belrose a friendly,
welcoming and successful club.

I offer all our Members a special thank you for their
continued support.

John Cormio
Secretary Manager

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                                      TREASURER’S REPORT
Dear Members,

“Which way did he go George, which way did he go?” was a famous line by a cartoon dog.
We may well ask George (the Australian confidence level) the same question.

Against an uninspiring political background, I am pleased to present a profit of $66,536 for the 2014 financial

As I normally do, I would like to address the current economic conditions which greatly impact the financial
health of Australia, the Club, and its Members.

Economic Background

1.    We are going through a highly volatile geopolitical scene. The Ukraine-Russia crisis, the ISIS invasion of
      Iraq, and the Israel-Gaza conflict are all geopolitical risks that could impact on global confidence in a
2.    When an aircraft travels at low velocity, it can be vulnerable to “stall speed”. If it doesn’t recover from the
      “stall”, it can crash. Many of the major developed economies are stuck at stall speed.
3.    When growth falls below 1 per cent, we have a very thin margin between expansion and contraction. When
      a global, or local, crisis occurs – there is no buffer to cushion the impact. Economies limping along at stall
      speed simply relapse into recession.
4.    USA – The unemployment rate has reduced from 7.4% to 6.2%, and the PMI (Purchasing Managers Index)
      sits at 64.3 – pointing to continued strength in the US economy.
5.    Retail and motor vehicle sales have surged, as has consumer borrowing. This is why the consumer
      confidence index has jumped to 82.5, where anything above 50 is positive.
6.    I mentioned the Federal Reserve’s tapering plans last year. These have now crystalised, with the Fed slowly
      tapering from its $US85 billion a month bond buying program down to an expected zero level by
      November this year.
7.    Last year I stated that a strong US economy generally leads to a strong global economy. However, the rest
      of the world is not faring as well.
8.    China – Chinese growth is expected to moderate to 7.6 percent in 2014 and 7.5 percent in 2015. However,
      by virtue of its size, China is currently immune from conventional crises. The biggest threat to China at the
      moment is the decline in net exports if the recovery in advanced countries weakens.
9.    Europe – Europe’s fragile economy has failed to recover. During the GFC, the PIIGS were the main
      culprits. However, the core economies of Germany and Italy contracted in the second quarter, and France
      recorded zero growth.
10.   Annual growth in the 18-country Euro zone fell to 0.3%!
11.   Collectively, the annual growth rate in the major developed economies averaged a little less than 0.7 per
      cent in the first half of 2014 – remember the stall speed?
12.    Australia – The CEO of Cochlear stated “What we need is to allow the government to get on with the
      process of governing.” Flight Centre’s CEO commented “We should have had a double dissolution as soon
      as they could have engineered it. At least there would be an outcome. I think it is too late for them now,
      they will be too scared.” The CEO was more blunt “We need our politicians to get their asses
      into gear and pass what they need to pass. We need to get back into surplus.”
13.   I had hoped that last year’s election would allow the business of Australia to have clear and effective
      management. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report
14.   When will the Australian public wake up? We cannot continue to waste our votes and allow insignificant
      minority parties to control the destiny of this country!!
15.   We should forget personalities and focus on how to repair an economy that has been severely damaged by
      the previous Government’s overspending.
16.   Let’s not forget that we were the stand out country at the start of the GFC – a country in surplus with great
      budget income (thanks to our mining industry). Unemployment was low and interest rates were higher (an
      indication that the economy was growing).
17.   We should take very careful notice of what has recently happened in Western Australia – the fastest
      growing State during the mining boom. This week, Moody’s has followed Standard & Poor’s lead by
      downgrading WA’s rating from AAA to AA.
18.   WA’s budget revenue expanded by 8 percent a year on average in the 10 years to 2013-2014. However, an
      excess of expenditure has led to surpluses disappearing and the cash result is now deep into deficit. Does
      this sound familiar at our National level?
19.   Australia has not “saved for a rainy day” during the good times, and this is now coming back to haunt us.

Further impacts on Club Belrose

1.    Our suppliers increase their prices for our beer and wine products every six months, most recently in
      August. Club prices have not been increased for 12 months. The Board will consider the impact of the
      recent supplier increases, wage rises, and Club costs in determining a fair price for Members. The Board is
      aware of the ongoing financial pressures on Members and will ensure that Club prices continue to be much
      cheaper than our nearest competitor, and that we maintain a stand out Happy Hour price.
2.    Members are well aware of the continual increase in the cost of living. While interest rates remain at all-
      time lows, petrol, food and energy prices continue to rise – effecting the discretionary spend of our patrons.
      As a Board, we continue to look for new sources of revenue and ways to increase our membership so that
      reliance on bar and poker machine revenue per Member is minimised.
3.    We are faced daily with cost increases and we continue to look at ways to increase the efficiency of the
      operations of the Club.

What Have We Done Recently?

1.    Energy Costs: This has been a focus area for the Board for some time. During the year, we replaced most
      internal lights with LED lights, at a cost of $17,600. We have also committed $117,500 towards a 100kw
      solar system from Natural Solar. Once installed during September, we expect to generate annual savings of
      approximately $35,000 as a result of these two initiatives.
2.    Courtesy Bus: The purchase of a dedicated Club Belrose courtesy bus, at a total cost of $32,994 (including
      wrap around bus signage) has proven to be a popular acquisition. The net cost of the bus operations for 9
      months was $17,382 (including drivers), compared to the annual cost of the previous one night a week
      service of $14,215. The benefit to members of a full time service far outweighs the extra cost per annum.
3.    Sponsorship: We continue to receive sponsorship & advertising support from the community. With a
      captive audience, dedicated advertising and promotional screens, and reasonably priced advertising
      packages, I invite Members to recommend the Club to their business colleagues as a means of promoting
      their business. As always, we would ask Members to continue to support the businesses that support their
4.    Share Portfolio: 2014 saw another good return from our portfolio, delivering an increase of 19.80%.
5.    At the time of writing (31 August 2014), our combined return since entering the Australian share market in
      June 2006 is a gain of 99.55%. The All Ords is up 11.73% over the same period, while the ASX 200
      Accumulation Index – which takes into consideration all dividend payments - is up 56.54%.
6.    While we generally have a long term investment strategy, I continue to monitor our shares daily. I saw an
      opportunity to realise some gains during the year. As a result, a number of Blue Chip shares were sold for a
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report
      profit of $41,276. Some of these shares were subsequently repurchased. We also looked at a few new
      investment strategies during the year which have proven successful. Club Belrose continues to hold a
      majority of its portfolio in ASX100 companies (the larger companies in Australia).
7.    Notwithstanding the possibility of short term volatility, we continue to expect good returns to be generated
      in the medium to long term.
8.    Bowls Manager: Michael Harvey has been our Bowls Manager for over three years now. In his time with
      the Club, our bowls profile has lifted significantly. Belrose has achieved great success in bowls again this
      year - Men’s Number 1 State runner-up for the fourth consecutive year, and State appearances by the Men’s
      2’s, and the Women’s 2’s & 4’s. Michael has contributed greatly towards this success, as well as the
      modern way the Club now communicates its existence, via our website -
      – and facebook page. Michael has decided to step down from the role to focus on other personal and
      business interests. I would like to personally thank Michael for his input over the years. Well done Michael
      - you leave us in great shape!
9.    Benefits for Members: The Board continues to look at ways to provide improved facilities for our
      Members. Planning has now commenced for future renovations.

What Do The Numbers Say?

1. As mentioned earlier, profit for the 2014 Financial Year was $66,536 compared to $109,501 for the same
   period last year.
2. I am pleased with this result given the significant items that have impacted our position during the financial
   year. Those items can be summarised as follows:
        a. A $105,567 decrease in poker machine profit.
        b. Over $32,000 in State Finals costs for our Men’s and Women’s bowls teams.
        c. A $15,230 trading loss from the first full year of TAB operations.
        d. A $34,854 increase in spend on Member events (including the courtesy bus)
3. These impacts have been offset by increased trading in a number of our business units. It was pleasing to see
   that Club Belrose experienced increased activity during the year, as demonstrated by a 19.9% increase in Bar
4. Interest, dividends, and profit on sale of shares totaled $140,301 for the year.
5. Expected increases in many of our operating costs will continue to place pressure on the reported profit in
   future years. Depreciation expense for 2015 is expected to approach $300,000.
6. This brings me to our financial position. During the past eleven years I have emphasised to Members the need
   to look past the profit figure, specifically excluding the impact of depreciation and provisions. Depreciation is
   a non cash item. Depreciation for the 2014 Financial Year was $289,538.
7. On the following two pages of this Annual Report you will find various performance graphs that I present to
   the AGM each year. A true indication of the Club’s financial strength can be seen in the graph of “Net Cash
   Available After Repayment Of All Liabilities”. This figure is calculated after adding all cash and investments,
   and then subtracting all liabilities (including creditors and leave liabilities). Our Net Cash at 30 June 2014 was
   $2,393,916 – an increase of $157,289 during the year.
8. In summary, your Club has no debt, a high Net Cash position, and an ongoing focus on providing an enjoyable
   facility for all Members while ensuring that your Club remains in a healthy financial position.

I would like to thank our Members for their continued
support of our Club throughout the year.

Graham Hartmann

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                                                  Annual Profit



                                 244,778                             239,377
   Annual Profit






                                  2009        2010        2011        2012           2013     2014
                                                          Financial Y e ar

                                       Nett Cash Available After
                                      Repayment of All Liabilities
                                                                    2,370,887               2,393,916

                                                         2,234,133              2,236,627


Nett Cash




                                    2009        2010        2011       2012          2013     2014
                                                           Financial Y e ar

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                                          Total Cash & Investments
                                                                           2,633,388    2,614,977


Total Cash & Investments





                                             2009       2010        2011       2012          2013    2014
                                                                    Financial Year

                                                         Total Liabilities



                                         257,680                 260,871     262,501

Total Liabilities





                                           2009        2010        2011        2012          2013    2014
                                                                   Financial Y e ar

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report
                              DIRECTORS’ REPORT
                        FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2014


The trading activities for the year ended 30 June 2014 resulted in an operating profit of $66,536 compared to
an operating profit of $109,501 for the previous year.

a)     Bar Trading

Sales from bar trading increased during the year by $95,200 to $883,276 (2013: $788,076), generating a bar
operating profit of $271,051 (2013: $226,036), an increase of $45,015.

b)     Poker Machine Trading

Poker machine revenue decreased during the year by $99,736 to $879,598 (2013: $979,334), generating a
poker machine profit of $707,757 (2013: $813,324), a decrease of $105,567. Poker machine activity, and
turnover, has been in decline across the State for a number of years. As a small to medium Club, the decline
has also been compounded by the loss of a number of large participants. Finally, an increase in poker machine
depreciation to $138,101 (2013: $113,843) has contributed to the profit reduction for the year.

c)     Bowls

The net loss from bowls activities, events and related expenditure during the year amounted to $218,968
compared with a net loss of $189,194 in the previous year. As a Bowling Club, we continue to financially
support the game of lawn bowls. 2014 was a most successful year with two teams from the Men’s Club
(Number 1’s and Number 2’s) and two teams from the Women’s Club (Number 2’s and Number 4’s) reaching
the State Finals series. Participation in a State Final is a costly exercise. In excess of $32,000 was spent on the
State Finals. The Board congratulates the Number 1 Men’s team for finishing State Runners Up for the fourth
consecutive year.

d)     Kitchen and Dining Room Operations

The rent received from the restaurant proprietor was $19,676 (2013: $15,747). The kitchen and dining room
generated a profit for the year of $8,114 (2013: $1,861).

e)     Keno, TAB & Raffles Trading

Net Keno commission income was $9,844 (2013: $11,620), generating a trading profit of $5,871 (2013:
$5,156). TAB net commission income was $10,759 (2013: $221), generating a trading loss of $15,230 (2013:
$538). Raffles income increased to $72,238 (2013: $55,822). Support provided to the introduction of the
Sunday raffle contributed to a raffles loss for the year of $32,528 (2013: $32,947 loss).

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                         DIRECTORS’ REPORT (continued)
                        FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2014


f)     Other Sporting Activities

The financial statements include trading statements in respect of the Billiards and Snooker Club and the Golf
Club. The Billiards and Snooker Club loss for the year was $170 (2013: $1,771 loss), while the Golf Club
delivered a loss of $2,697 (2013: $2,772 loss).

g)     Member’s Subscriptions

Member’s subscriptions increased from $40,318 to $48,196.

h)     Investment Income

Investment income consisted of interest on bank funds: $61,275 (2013: $80,322), dividends received from
share investments: $37,750 (2013: $25,324), and profit on sale of listed securities: $41,276 (2013: $38,141).
Interest income has been impacted by the reduction in interest rates, offset by the increase in performance of
the Club’s share portfolio.

i)     Administration, Property Occupancy and Social Expenses

The administration, property occupancy and social expenses increased during the year by $31,857 to $524,988
(2013: $493,731). The courtesy bus is a new benefit for Members, with the $17,382 loss from operations of a
full time service being only slightly higher than the cost of a once a week bus hire service. Loyalty points and
other Member promotions were increased during the year, while additional Club functions were also

j)     Employee Benefit Expenses

Employee benefits expense comprising salaries, wages, superannuation and provision for employee leave
benefits increased by $36,628 to $480,683 (2013: $444,055).


The principal activity of the Company was to promote and conduct the game of lawn bowls by the operation
of a registered club. There has been no significant change in the nature of that activity during the year.

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                         DIRECTORS’ REPORT (continued)
                        FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2014


The following significant changes occurred in the state of affairs of the Company during the financial year:

       (a) the purchase and operation of a full time courtesy bus

       (b) the operations of a TAB facility

       (c) replacing all internal lighting with LED efficient globes


No matter or circumstance has arisen since the end of the financial year which has significantly affected, or
may significantly affect in subsequent financial years:

       (a) the Company’s operations

       (b) the results of those operations

       (c) the Company’s state of affairs


The future developments which the Directors report to Members are as follows:

       (a) The continuing programme of poker machine replacements in 2014/15 is expected to cost up to

       (b) Installation of a 100kw solar system on the Club roof at a cost of $117,500. A deposit of $11,750
           has been paid. The balance outstanding is $105,750.

       (c) A review of the Club’s layout will continue during the year, with a view to commence stage one of
           the refurbishments towards the end of the 2015 financial year.

       (d) All items of expenditure are expected to be funded from existing cash reserves, such that the
           Company will continue to be debt free, and will maintain sufficient reserves for any future needs.


The Company’s operations are subject to various environmental regulations. The Directors are not aware of
any breaches during the period covered by this report.

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                        DIRECTORS’ REPORT (continued)
                       FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2014


The Directors of the Company at any time during or since the end of the financial year are:

Director’s Name                  Qualifications, Experience and Special Responsibilities
Allan Thomas         Club Chairman, Club Director 10 years. Executive Committee Member.
Hanson               Actively involved with Manly Warringah Rugby League Football Club. Active
                     Member of the Belrose Probus Club. Thirty six years’ service as a Justice of the
                     Peace (NSW). Recipient of the Premiers Award for meritorious service for the
                     NSW Government. Member of the Club’s Greens, Entertainment and
                     Maintenance committees. Club Member 38 years. Active bowling Member.
Christopher          Deputy Chairman, Club Director 5 years. Executive Committee Member. Retired
Charles Webber       Executive Manager, Commonwealth Bank. Director responsible for liaison with
                     the Golf and Snooker Clubs. Member of Gaming, Stocktake and Finance
                     committees. Active bowling Member. Club Member 29 years.
Graham Bradley       Club Treasurer 11 years. Executive Committee Member. Member of the Institute
Hartmann             of Chartered Accountants (ACA). Former Finance Director and Managing
                     Director of Media Sales Network group, recent Director of Pacific Restaurant
                     Group Limited, an unlisted public Company, and current Director of 7 companies
                     including NSW Country Eagles (a new Rugby Union franchise). Member of
                     Finance, Building, Sponsorship and Bowls committees. Club Member 20 years.
                     Life Member of Belrose Bowling Club Limited. Active bowling Member and
                     Life Member of the Belrose Men’s Bowling Club.
William John         Club Director 3 years. Retired Business Manager. Member of the Gaming and
Kelly                Maintenance committees. Club Member 12 years. Active bowling Member.
Angela Christine     Club Director 4 years. Retired Bank Manager. Director responsible for liaison
Little               with Men’s and Women’s bowls Clubs, and Member of Gaming and
                     Entertainment committees. Current secretary of the Women’s Bowling Club.
                     Club Member 10 years. Active bowling Member.
Herbert Henry        Club Director 2 years. Retired Financial Director Asia-Pacific with The Gillette
Smith                Company. Fellow of Society of CPAs (FCPA). Member of the Membership,
                     Stocktake, Promotions, Building and Bowls committees. Club Member 12 years.
                     Active bowling Member.
John Venteman        Club Director 4 years. Retired Electrician. Member of the Gaming, Building,
                     Maintenance, Stocktake and Bowls committees. Club Member 38 years. Active
                     bowling Member

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                           DIRECTORS’ REPORT (continued)
                          FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2014

  DIRECTORS IN OFFICE                 Qualifications, experience and special        Directors meetings
 DURING AND SINCE THE                         responsibility (if any)             attended (held) during
 END OF THE FINANCIAL                                                                  financial year
Allan Thomas Hanson                Chairman of Directors                               12           (12)
                                   Retired Payroll Manager
                                   10 years Director
Christopher Charles Webber         Deputy Chairman                                     12           (12)
                                   Retired Executive Manager
                                   5 years Director
Graham Bradley Hartmann            Treasurer                                           11           (12)
                                   Retired Finance Director
                                   11 years Director
William John Kelly                 Retired Business Manager                            12           (12)
                                   3 years Director
Angela Christine Little            Retired Bank Manager                                11           (12)
                                   4 years Director
Herbert Henry Smith                Retired Financial Director                          12           (12)
                                   2 Years Director
John Venteman                      Retired Electrician                                 10           (12)
                                   4 years Director

The figure in brackets above records the number of meetings held for the period for which the Director held

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                         DIRECTORS’ REPORT (continued)
                        FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2014


The Company has provided for and paid premiums during the year for Director’s and officer’s liability
insurance. The Directors have not included details of the nature of the liabilities covered or the amount of the
premium paid in respect of the Director’s and officer’s liability insurance as disclosure of the details of the
insurance contract is prohibited under the terms of the contract.


No person has applied for leave of Court to bring proceedings on behalf of the Company or intervene in any
proceedings to which the Company is party for the purposes of taking responsibility on behalf of the Company
for all or any part of those proceedings.


An Independence Declaration has been received from the Auditor and is incorporated in the financial report.

Signed at BELROSE, N.S.W. this 26th day of August 2014 for an on behalf of the Board of BELROSE

Allan Thomas Hanson                                              Graham Bradley Hartmann

DIRECTOR                                                         DIRECTOR

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report
                          DECLARATION BY DIRECTORS
                        FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2014

The Directors of the Company declare that:

(a) the financial statements and notes for the financial year ended 30 June 2014, comprising the
    Comprehensive Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes in Equity, Cash Flow
    Statement, and Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements are in accordance with the
    Corporations Act 2001, including:

           (i) giving a true and fair view of the financial position of the Company as at 30 June 2014 and of
               its performance for the financial year ending on that date; and

           (ii) complying with Australian Accounting Standards – Reduced Disclosure Requirements and
                Corporations Regulations 2001.

(b) in their opinion, there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Company will be able to pay its debts as
    and when they become due and payable.

This declaration is made in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Directors.

Dated 26th day of August 2014

At Belrose NSW 2085

Allan Thomas Hanson                                             Graham Bradley Hartmann

DIRECTOR                                                        DIRECTOR

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                                 Kathleen Cecelia Blackford
                                        Club Patron

Kath, as she was affectionately known to all, was born on the 8th July
1918 and served the Belrose Bowling Club in many capacities over her

She was a foundation member of the Women’s Bowling Club with a
joining date of 15th February 1959. Her bowling and administrative
careers will most probably never be surpassed.

Kath was the longest serving lady bowling member which included 22
years as the Women’s Club Secretary, 3 years as President and numerous
others including that of Vice President, a Member of Committee,
Selector and Umpire. The pinnacle of her Bowling career occurred in
1979 when Kath was selected in the NSW State Women’s team, the first
Belrose lady bowler to achieve this honour.

A compendium of Kath’s remarkable bowling career included being a
member of the Belrose State No 1 Pennant winning side in 1997 and the
1999 State No 1 Pennant Runner-up side. She was also a member of the Belrose team which won the 1977 State
Fours championship. Kath’s Honour Board record is unsurpassed in either the Men’s or Women’s Clubs. Her
name appears on no fewer than 56 occasions, a record not likely to be eclipsed. They include 11 Major Singles
wins and 7 as Runner-up, 9 Pairs, 15 Triples and 14 Fours championships. What makes it more incredible was
that all of those team events, except one, were in the position of Skip. Her first Championship win was recorded
in 1961 and her last in 1996, spanning 35 years.

The Belrose Bowling Club was an extremely important part of Kath’s life from age 41 and she gave so much to
the Club she dearly loved. Kath was held in such high esteem that the Women’s Club appointed her as their
Patron in 1999, which was followed by the Club Ltd electing her as their Patron in 2003 upon the passing of her
husband Charlie.

Kath was a Life Member of both the Women’s Club and the Club Ltd, holding the No 3 Women’s Badge.

This extraordinary woman, who amassed 55 consecutive years of membership, surely personifies the perfect Club
Member. Our Club was very much the richer for having her as part of the Belrose Club family.

On the 23rd May 2015 Kath Blackford passed away.
Kath, you will be forever in our thoughts.

Mike Gibb

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                                 PRIME MINISTER’S VISIT

Club Belrose was honoured to be host recently for a private function attended by the Prime Minister of
Australia the Honourable Mr Tony Abbott, his wife Margie and members of the Abbott family.

The function was to celebrate his father’s 90th birthday. The Prime Minister was happy to mix with Club Staff
and Members and made himself available for photo requests.

Tony Abbott is well known to many Club Members, having been a visitor on many occasions over the years as
a former Howard Government Minister.

In 2002 he opened the Club’s Country Music section. It is believed he is the first incumbent Prime Minister to
visit Club Belrose.

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                             Belrose Men’s Bowling Club Report
It is with pleasure that I present my third Annual Report, which is for the year ending 30th June, 2014.

Membership: Membership slightly increased during the year, to 246 (from 239 last year) of which 216 are full members.
It is sad to record the passing of our following members, Jim Badger, Gordon Coulthart, Jack Ellis, Jim North, Max
Rickard, and Bill Supple. All were very keen bowlers over the years. They will be sadly missed.

Finances: A profit of $23,462 (as against $3,766 profit last year) is reported for the year ending 30th June, 2014. This is
despite substantial lost income from a large number of rained out days, yet again. The Club remains in a very strong
financial position.

Bowling Achievements: Members have continued to be very active in both Social bowls & Club Championships, at Zone
& Inter Zone events, plus State and Australian events. Clearly, members have continued our representation at a large
number of events/tournaments, including success with our Grade 1 being State Runners up (4th year in a row) and our
“A” Grade winning the 2013 Mid Week Triples again. It was also pleasing to see our Grade 2 win the Zone flag &
Grade 4 being the Zone Runner-up. We entered a team in the 2013 Champions League Tournament again, played
between some of the top 10 other Clubs in the State and were 6th overall on the ladder. We entered Blue, Silver and Gold
teams in the Bowls NSW Club Challenge.
I congratulate our many individual and team winners, as outlined on subsequent pages.

Tournaments: Our three tournaments, Mixed Pairs,
Graded Fours and Rex Johnston Pairs were again well
attended, with all 21 rinks being used for the recent Rex
Johnston. Thank you to Herb Smith (our reliable
Recorder) & co-organisers Michael Harvey & Peter
Muir, plus the small number of volunteers in running
these events. The Club again joint-hosted the Taylor
Bowls Super Challenge between 16 of the strongest
teams from within and outside Zone 9. The event was
again played over Wednesday evenings with Belrose
emerging Runner-up.

Friday Bowls: Normal Friday pairs have continued with
generally good support. Thank you to Alan Gordon, Ron
Martin, Alec Keech, Doug Murphy & Bryan Page for all
their hard work in the running of these days.

“The John Treadwell Mortgage Choice Three Bowls Triples”, held on the last Friday of the month has continued to be
very popular. Thanks go to John Treadwell of “Mortgage Choice” as the principal sponsor for which we are very grateful.

Zone Sponsorship: Last years sponsorship by our Club Ltd to the Zone was not renewed by the Zone with little details
provided as to why we were not successful. However, it’s pleasing that the Zone President did comment that we had set a
“high bench mark” for Harbord Bowling Club to follow in running major events.

NSW Bowls Awards Night: We were very pleased to see our Club nominated as 1 of 5 Clubs for NSW Club of the year for
the 2nd year in a row. Crawford Linton was nominated as NSW Senior Bowler of the Year yet again, and Matt Blackburn
was voted the Most Improved Bowler of the Year. Congratulations Crawford and Matt.

Belrose Awards: I place on record that the Gerry & Rosa Murio President’s Trophy was awarded to Max Rickard at our
last AGM.
I remain, very pleased that this award was made to Max, which was very well deserved.
Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

Bulls Logo: New “Bulls” shirts were issued to all pennant players and have generally proved popular. We are very
appreciative of our sleeve sponsor Pacific Restaurant Group for their financial support of our new uniforms.

Junior & Under 25 Development: Belrose BC continues to encourage and support the development of junior bowls both
within the Club and at Zone level through the Junior Academy. We now only have 1 active Junior member at our Club in
Harrison Tate who is progressing well and played in the recent State Junior Championship’s at Warilla. Bill Pretti & Ron
Piper, with assistance from other Zone Coaches, have continued their great rapport with junior bowlers and their dedication
to them is sincerely appreciated.
Congratulations to Billy Johnson for all his continued achievements during the year, including being selected in the
Australian under 25 High Performance Squad. Billy remains a credit to himself and the Club.

Coaching Panel: A big thank you to our Accredited Coaches who continue to give up their time to teach new bowlers the
basic requirements of the game of bowls. Members of course should consider becoming a Coach to assist the Club’s

Umpires Panel: Our accredited Umpires continue do a great job in providing their services to the Club throughout the
year. Thank you once again to Arthur Hay and Alec Keech for co-ordinating the Umpires and all the team for being on call
as and when required. Members are again encouraged to consider undertaking the course required to become accredited

Match Committee: We are fortunate to have the dedication of this Committee. Club Championship events in 2013/4 have
been completed on time and any matters arising have been resolved in a very prompt manner, mainly due to Pete Muir &
Michael Harvey’s dedication.

Selection: Chairman of Selectors, Michael Harvey, and his team have again put in a great deal of time each week in
selecting teams for both social and competitive games. It’s fully acknowledged that it is not an easy task and we appreciate
their efforts.

                                                                Corporate Bowls: This is a major contributor to the Club’s
                                                                income and an opportunity to attract new bowlers to the
                                                                Club. Congratulations and thanks go to our Bowls Secretary
                                                                Alec Keech and his small team for their dedication in this
                                                                area, which has resulted in extra revenue for both the Men’s
                                                                Club and the Club Limited. We will miss Alec who is
                                                                stepping down from this role. At this stage we need a
                                                                volunteer to take on this most important role.

                                                                 Volunteers: It is not possible to fully list the names of our
                                                                 volunteers without missing someone. The Club could not
                                                                 function as well as it does without that support. However, I
                                                                 do place on record the great work of the members of the
                                                                 Gardening team, the Monday Maintenance team, BBQ
                                                                 team, Green Fees Collectors, Uniform Controller, Librarian
                                                                 & Courtesy Bus Drivers etc. The results inside and outside
our proud Club are the envy of many visitors. I’d also like to thank members of the Women’s Club for assistance with
raffles/morning teas and the like. Thank you all!

Greenkeeper: Congratulations to Joe Saragozza for maintaining the greens in such an excellent condition. Great praise has
been given to Joe by many of our visiting players on the continued outstanding condition of his greens.

Bowls Manager: It has been a pleasure to continue to work with Michael “Hoover” Harvey in his role. A lot has been
achieved - our website, entering additional events, running of tournaments, raising the profile of Belrose in the Zone and
State Bowling community, to name but a few areas. Michael will be standing down from this role at the conclusion of

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report
running the forthcoming State Grade 1 finals at Belrose. I have enjoyed his daily contact, overall support and enthusiasm.
On your behalf, I wish him well and hope he remains at Belrose for many years to come.

Management and Administration: I wish to thank members of the Executive for their dedication and support: Peter Muir
(Bowls Co-ordinator), Alec Keech (Bowls Secretary), David Peart (Treasurer & Uniform Co-ordinator) and the remaining
members of the Committee, Graham Bee, Warren Bee, Bill Pretti, Ron Piper & Phil Sheedy. They have all shown great
commitment to the Management and Administration of the Men’s Bowling Club and I thank them on behalf of all the
members of our Club.

Staff and Restaurant: The Administration staff under Secretary/Manager John Cormio, plus the bar staff and the Dish
Restaurant have all been most co-operative and helpful during the year. This is greatly appreciated.

Board: To the Chairman of the Board, Allan Hanson, and his team of Directors, I thank you for your continued support of
the Men’s Club. We appreciate the ongoing close working arrangement we have with the Board/Secretary Manager. We
also thank the Board for their financial support of various tournaments.

Five Year Plan: I mentioned this area in my previous reports. The plan is to build Belrose Men’s Bowling Club into being
a very dominate and competitive Club in not only our Zone 9, but the State in general. I think most of you will agree that
we have gone a long way towards achieving this!

Year Ahead: It’s another exciting one, with the aim to continue our achievements at Zone and State levels, and to build on
the progress achieved during the past years.

Finally, it has been an honour and privilege to serve the Club as your President for this past year again. I hope to welcome
some new members to the Management Committee. Good health and good bowling in the year ahead to you all! Go

   Andy Little
   Belrose Men’s Bowling Club

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

             2014 - State Runner-Up Number 1 Pennant
        Standing: Crawford Linton, Michael Harvey (Manager), Tony Taylor, Steve Halmai,
          Dave Shearer, Matt Blackburn, Billy Johnson, Rod Hummelstad, Brad Franklin,
                                Shawn Thompson, Steve Rawlings
                            Sitting: John Campton, Steve Vanderveer

      R.N.S.W.B.A.                                            R.N.S.W.B.A.
 No 1 STATE PENNANT                                      No 1 STATE PENNANT
          2014                                                    2013
2009 RUNNER UP                                          2009 RUNNER UP

       R.N.S.W.B.A.                                            R.N.S.W.B.A.
  No 1 STATE PENNANT                                      No 1 STATE PENNANT
           2012                                                    2011
2009 RUNNER UP                                          2009 RUNNER UP

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

               2014 - Zone 9 No 1 Pennant Winners
L. to R: Michael Harvey, Steve Rawlings, Brad Franklin, Crawford Linton, Rod Hummelstad,
Matt Blackburn, Billy Johnson, Steve Halmai (obscured), Tony Taylor, Dave Shearer, Shawn
                     In Front: John Campton & Steve Vanderveer

               2014 - Zone 9 No 2 Pennant Winners
 L. to R: Joe Saragozza (manager), Mike Conquest, Mike Smith, Adam Moody, Peter Ward,
           John Ventemen, Nick Skipper, Peter Lynne, James Brown, Paul Stracey
                In Front: Lachlan Sturrock, Les Cavander, & Peter Spray

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                          2014 - Zone Fours Champions
          Crawford Linton, Steve Rawlings (Skip), Brad Franklin & Matt Blackburn

2013 - Zone Bowler of the Year                2014 - Zone Singles Senior Champion
         Steve Rawlings                                       Tony Taylor

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                    2014 - Zone Triples Champions
             Billy Johnson, Steve Rawlings (Skip) & Crawford Linton

  2014 – Club Singles Champion                    2014 – Club Pairs Champions
2013 - NSW Most Improved Bowler                      Mike Smith & John Venteman
         Matt Blackburn

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                       2014 - Club Fours Champions
     Shawn Thompson (skip), Sean Crowe-Maxwell, Crawford Linton & Tony Taylor

2014 - Minor Singles Champion              2014 - Minor Pairs Champions
        Joe Lancuba                               Joe Lancuba & Alec Keech

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

2014 - Novice Singles Champion               2014 - Minor Pairs Champions
         Graham Gates                        Warwick Howard & Graeme Manning

                 2014 - Zone Senior Pairs Champions
                        Dave Shearer & Crawford Linton

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

State Number 1 Finals at Belrose

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report


Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

                                      2014                                        2013
Championships            Winner                Runner-up           Winner                  Runner-up

 Major Singles       Matt Blackburn            Tony Taylor      Steve Rawlings           Crawford Linton

  Major Pairs           Mike Smith           Matt Blackburn    Graham Hartmann             Peter Spray
                      John Venteman          Brad Franklin       Tony Taylor               Mike Smith

  Club Triples        Not Completed          Not Completed      Adam Moody                 Peter Spray
                                                               Crawford Linton           John Venteman
                                                               Matt Blackburn              Mike Smith

  Club Fours         Shaun Crowe-             Dom Giufrida       Ben Hickey               Dave Shearer
                      Tony Taylor            Joe Saragozza       Adam Moody              John Fitzgerald
                    Crawford Linton          Matt Blackburn    Crawford Linton           Matt Blackburn
                    Shawn Thompson           Brad Franklin     Shawn Thompson             Paul Stracey

 Minor Singles      Giuseppe Lancuba          Scott Tinson      Mike Conquest              Peter Ferrett

  Minor Pairs       Giuseppe Lancuba         Ross Churchland      Peter Muir             Ross Churchland
                       Alec Keech             Max Turnbull      Jason Roberts             Peter Shlager

Handicap Singles      Not Completed          Not Completed      Adam Moody               Crawford Linton

 Handicap Pairs       Not Completed          Not Completed     Harvey Bowen               Dom Giufrida
                                                               Graham Stewart             Joe Saragozza

 Novice Singles       Graham Gates           Graham Manning     Mike Conquest              Nick Skipper

  Novice Pairs       Graham Manning           Dom Giufrida      Not Contested             Not Contested
                     Warwick Howard           Graham Gates

                 2014                         Billy Johnson     John Campton               Dave Shearer
    State No 1 Pennant Runners-up            Matt Blackburn    Rod Hummelstad               Tony Taylor
                  &                          Crawford Linton     Brad Franklin           Steve Vanderveer
    Zone 9 No 1 Pennant Winners              Steve Rawlings    Shawn Thompson              Steve Halmai

                                              Les Cavendar      James Brown               Nick Skipper
                                               Peter Spray       Paul Stracey             Mike Conquest
               2014                            Mike Smith         Peter Lynn               Peter Ward
    Zone 9 No 2 Pennant Winners              John Venteman     Lachlan Sturrock           Adam Moody

Belrose Bowling Club Limited – 2014 Annual Report

 Grade      Year         Result           Level
Pennants                                                  31
            1985        Winner            Zone
            1985       Runner Up          State
            1988        Winner            Zone
            1988        Winner            State
            1991        Winner            Zone
            1991       Runner Up          State
            1992       Runner Up          Zone
            1995       Runner Up          Zone
            1998        Winner            Zone

  1         1999
                                          Zone           12
            2009        Winner            Zone
            2011        Winner            Zone
            2011       Runner Up          State
            2012        Winner            Zone
            2012       Runner Up          State
            2013        Winner            Zone
            2013       Runner Up          State
            2014        Winner            Zone
            2014       Runner Up          State

            1992        Winner            Zone
            1993       Runner Up          Zone
            1995       Runner Up          Zone
            1996        Winner            Zone
            1997        Winner            Zone
  2         1998
            2003        Winner            Zone
            2012       Runner Up          Zone
            2013       Runner Up          Zone
            2014        Winner            Zone

            1966       Runner Up       Metropolitan
            1993        Winner            Zone

  3         1994
                       Runner Up
                                          Zone            4
            2008        Winner            Zone
            2011        Winner            Zone

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