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P RO S P E C T U S 2022

Getting Here                                                             2
Welcome                                                                  5
Why Study in Carlow?                                                     6
Why Choose Carlow College?                                               8
Virtual Learning Environment                                           10
Culture on Campus                                                       12
Student Recruitment                                                    14
Open Day                                                               16
Evening Courses                                                         17
Study with Inspirational Lecturers                                     18
Research Hub                                                           20

 B.A. in Arts & Humanities                                             25
 B.A. (Honours) in Arts & Humanities                                    31
 B.A. (Honours) in English & History                                   37
 B.A. in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care)             43
 B.A. (Honours) in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care)   49
 B.A. (Honours) in Social, Political & Community Studies               55
 B.A. (Honours) in Philosophy, Politics & Sociology                    61
 B.A. (Honours) in Psychology (subject to QQI Validation)              65
 B.A. (Honours) in Media, English & Culture                            69
 M.A. in Leadership in Therapeutic Child and Social Care               73
 M.A. in Irish Regional History                                        79
 Postgraduate Diploma in Irish Regional History                        83

Graduate Skills & Employability                                         86
Admissions                                                              89
Grants, Fees & Scholarships                                             99
Graduation Awards & Prizes                                             103
Part-Time Study                                                        106
Student Services & Learner Supports                                    107
Study Abroad in the U.S.                                               111
Students' Union                                                        112
Brophy & Keeffe Libraries                                              115

                                                                                         PAG E 1

    Carlow College, St. Patrick’s campus
    is located in the heart of Carlow town.
    Carlow is one of Ireland’s largest
    inland towns. It is located in the sunny
    South-East on the banks of the River
    Barrow. Here students can experience
    exhilarating outdoor adventure, vibrant
    nightlife and a rich cultural heritage.
    Carlow is well serviced by road and rail
    links to major Irish cities and towns,
    and is approximately 80km from
    Dublin Airport.

    Carlow railway station is a 5 minute walk
    from the College. With a journey time
    of approximately 1 hour from Heuston
    station, Carlow sits at the halfway point
    on the Dublin to Waterford line.

    Carlow is on the main Dublin to Waterford
    M9 route, approximately 1 hours drive
    from Dublin and 1 hour from Waterford.
    Our pedestrian entrance is located
    on College Street and our car-parking
    entrance is located on Old Dublin Road.
    The College has ample free car-parking
    on campus.

    Bus & Coach
    Carlow Bus Station is a 10 minute walk
    from the College. Bus and Coach services
    to and from Dublin, Waterford, Kilkenny,
    Wexford and surrounding counties
    operate daily from Carlow.

 PAG E 2
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

                                                                 World Class
                                                                      VISUAL Centre for
                                                                     Contemporary Art &
                                                                     The George Bernard
                                                                        Shaw Theatre

                      95%    of Graduates
                   would recommend Carlow
                     College, St. Patrick’s                                                               2nd oldest Third Level
                         (Graduate Destination                                                              Institution in Ireland
                             Survey, 2021)

37% cheaper rent                                                                                                             91%      of Graduates
 in Carlow than the                                                                                                          are in Employment or
  national average                                                                                                               Further Study
                                                                                                                               (Graduate Destination
(, first quarter 2021)
                                                                                                                                   Survey, 2021)

            No limit                                                                                                    75%      of Academic
           on intake of                                                                                                Staff are PhD qualified
          Mature Students

                                                     Exciting Work
                                                 & Internships                       1:17 Lecturer to
                                                 in most undergraduate                    Student Ratio

                                                                                                                                                    PAG E 3

              Carlow College, St. Patrick’s offers a high standard of
              education in a supportive and beautiful historic setting

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P RO S P E C T U S 2022

Welcome / Fáilte
As Assistant Registrar, I am delighted that       Going to college is about more than studying
you are considering studying with us in           and becoming work ready, it is about joining a
Carlow College, St. Patrick's. Choosing a         community, stretching your wings and taking
programme of study and a college in which         advantage of everything that is on offer. This
to base yourself is a challenging but also an     might be joining a society with like-minded
exhilarating undertaking. You are about to        people, playing a sport or availing of our
cross a threshold and we hope very much           study-abroad options. We believe that college
that the steps you take lead you to one of our    should open your mind, provide opportunities
undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.         for new experiences and help you acquire
                                                  skills and friendships that will last a lifetime.
As you will see in this prospectus, we offer
a range of exciting and relevant programmes       Carlow College is committed to equality,
that cater for a variety of interests. Our        diversity and inclusion for all students
lecturers are highly qualified, committed and     regardless of identity and background. We
enthusiastic individuals. Many of them are        strive to create an inclusive and transformative
experts in their fields of study and this means   educational experience where each student
that you will be learning about the latest        is valued for their individuality. Students are
research and thinking in your chosen area.        encouraged to reach their full potential by
Our programmes are highly-respected and           staff and their peers through a supportive and      Dr. Margaret Murphy
all our staff work together to provide the very   empowering learning journey.
best learning experience for our students.                                                            Assistant Registrar for
We are hugely proud of our graduates who          A third-level education is a wonderful              Academic Affairs
have gone on to fulfilling employment and         opportunity for self-development, whether
further study.                                    you are just out of secondary school or
                                                  returning to education as a mature student.
This year we are excited to be offering new       I hope you will consider joining us to study
undergraduate and postgraduate programmes         here and I look forward to welcoming you to
which draw on the research strengths and          Carlow College. I can promise you a fulfilling
interests of our teaching team. We are looking    journey of learning in a College with a great
forward to offering even more choice to           sense of history as well as a clear focus on
our students and developing new areas of          your future.

                                                                                                                                   PAG E 5


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P RO S P E C T U S 2022

Nightlife                                                         Public Access
Carlow is a bustling, fun and                                     There are excellent transport
lively student town with a                                        services in Carlow with the
population of over 23,000                                         train and bus station just
and a student population of                                       a short walk from Carlow
over 7,000. Carlow College,                                       College,     St.     Patrick’s,
St. Patrick’s, is located at the                                  operating multiple services
heart of the town, with a host                                    daily. This makes the
of activities for students to                                     commute to Carlow easy
engage in, such as the exciting                                   and hassle free and gives
nightlife, shops, restaurants,                                    students plenty of flexibility
cultural festivals and health                                     getting to and from the
and leisure outlets. If the great outdoors is more your thing,    College. The central location of the College also means that
get involved with all Carlow has to offer. Students can visit     students are based in Carlow town centre. We couldn’t be
the Brownshill Dolmen, Duckett's Grove and Oak Park or            better placed!
take part in water sports on the River Barrow which are all
within close distance of our College. You’ll never be stuck for
options in Carlow.

Culture                                                           Accommodation
Carlow College, St. Patrick’s,                                    Make Carlow your home
is at the heart of the Cultural                                   away from home. There
Quarter in Carlow town where                                      is    plenty     of     student
there is rich cultural heritage.                                  accommodation          available
Our students can engage in a                                      in Carlow town, most of it
variety of cultural activities on                                 within minutes of Carlow
campus. We have the VISUAL                                        College, St. Patrick’s. The cost
Centre for Contemporary Art                                       of renting accommodation
& The George Bernard Shaw                                         in Carlow is significantly
Theatre right next door. The                                      cheaper than other towns
Carlow Arts Festival, Culture                                     and cities. Carlow College
Night and the Carlow Art Collection are all held on the           offers on-campus accommodation at Lennon House to
College grounds. Off campus, you’ll find music and literary       learners completing the Irish Experience programme. For
events, heritage sites and museums, cultural landscapes and       students, varied accommodation options mean an easy
scenic routes all easily accessible to keep you busy.             walk or cycle to College and more cash in your pocket!

                                                                                                                              PAG E 7


                    Student-                      Practical                  Academic                  Collaboration
                    Centred                       Learning                   Supports
             At Carlow College, St.           Students have              At Carlow College, St.        Students at Carlow
             Patrick’s, our students are      opportunities across       Patrick’s, we strive to       College, St. Patrick’s,
             at the centre of everything      undergraduate degree       ensure our students           benefit from continuous
             we do. Our class sizes           programmes to gain         achieve their academic        collaboration in providing
             are small and inclusive,         practical experience       best. Our Academic            a high standard of
             meaning students receive         during their time as       Resource Office works to      supportive education.
             more personal attention          a student in Carlow        guide and support students    To support our
             and lecturing staff will         College, St. Patrick’s,    to reach their academic       international learner
             know you by name.                through Career Practice    goals through services such   programme, there are
             At Carlow College, St.           and Placement. In the      as Learning Development       collaborations with higher
             Patrick’s, you are more          competitive workplace      Classes and Workshops,        education institutions
             than just a number.              environment, practical     Essay Doctors, Academic       in the United States.
                                              experience will give you   Help Desk, IT and Digital     At a local level we work
                                              the platform to hit the    Skills Workshops, Assistive   in collaboration with
                                              ground running when you    Technology and personal       VISUAL, Centre for
                                              start your career.         supports for students         Contemporary Art and
                                                                         with disabilities, learning   other local organisations,
                                                                         difficulties and long-term    in delivering programmes
                                                                         health conditions.            of relevance to working in
                                                                                                       today’s world.

  PAG E 8
P RO S P E C T U S 2022


      Diverse                            Expert                        Centre of                           Job
    Community                           Lecturers                       Things                          Prospects
In Carlow College, St. Patrick's,   Carlow College,               Carlow College, St. Patrick’s,   Our graduates are highly
we value and celebrate all          St. Patrick’s, has been       is situated in the heart of      sought after by employers
students, regardless of identity    a leading centre in the       Carlow town. As a student,       who recognise that they
and background. It is our           South – East for research     you will be on the doorstep      have the right mix of
experience that a diverse           inquiry for over 200 years.   of a vibrant, friendly           expertise and experience to
group of students creates a         Our lecturers shape and       and bustling student             make a valuable contribution
transformative educational          contribute to evolving        friendly town, with shops,       to the workplace. 91% of
experience for everyone.            contemporary discourses       restaurants and an exciting      Carlow College, St. Patrick’s,
The College is committed to         in the Arts, Humanities       nightlife. On the grounds of     2021 graduates are currently
providing an inclusive culture      and Social Sciences.          Carlow College is VISUAL,        successfully employed or
valuing this individuality and      They are experts in their     a world class centre of arts     exploring further studies in
diversity, creating a learning      chosen disciplines and        and theatre, ensuring we         high profile organisations
and social environment where        are recognised for the        are at the very heart of         and institutions across the
the rights and dignity of all       quality of their teaching     the Cultural Quarter in          globe including: Google,
students are respected. Our         and research. Our lecturers   Carlow town.                     Apple, Emirates, RTE, TV3,
commitment to equality,             continually offer students                                     TUSLA, United Nations,
diversity and inclusion actively    their knowledge and                                            Peter McVerry Trust,
seeks to support students in        teaching, guidance and                                         University of Kent, and
reaching their full potential.      support throughout their                                       Trinity College, Dublin.
                                    time at the College.

                                                                                                                            PAG E 9


                Moodle is the virtual learning platform used by Carlow College,
                                                                                        MS Office 365 is a bundle of software that provides
                St. Patrick's. It is easy to use and provides a rich, modern learning
                                                                                        Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.
                experience, designed to provide educators, administrators and
                                                                                        Office 365 can be used on PCs, Macs, tablets
                learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create
                                                                                        and smartphones. You can access the full suite
                personalised learning environments. As a student you can access
                                                                                        as a student, utilising all packages to fulfil your
                your lecture PowerPoints, course notes, other learning materials,
                                                                                        assignments and module projects.
                information, resources and supports, from home or College. You can
                also communicate with your lecturer and other students.

                                                                                        Integrated with MS Office 365, MS Teams is a
                                                                                        communication and collaboration platform which
                                                                                        among other things allows live chats and video
                                                                                        conferencing. It also creates an interactive online
                                                                                        classroom for learning. You can use MS Teams for
                                                                                        face-to-face contact with academic staff.

                                                                                        Zoom has become one of the leading video
                                                                                        conferencing software apps available for use.
                                                                                        It has been hugely successful for social and public
                                                                                        events in the College.

                                                                                        As a student of Carlow College you will have access
                                                                                        to a wealth of online resources including eBooks,
                                                                                        journals, databases, newspapers and magazines.
                                                                                        Much of our collection is available 24/7 with any
                                                                                        member of Library Staff assisting you with access.

  PAG E 10
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

                                                     ‘I love attending my small group lectures and
                                                     thought I would struggle with the lack of face-to-
                                                     face interactions with my peers and lecturers but
                                                     I surprised myself in using all the platforms and
     ‘I’ve gained more confidence and
                                                     communications tools available to me with support
     become more digitally fluent in using
                                                     from various Library Staff, and now I wonder what
     Carlow College’s virtual platforms and
                                                     was I worrying about!’
     it will stand to me when I graduate and
     look for employment.’

Teaching during COVID-19
Since the start of this pandemic, protecting the
health and safety of our campus community has
been a priority for us. This has meant delivering
most of our teaching and support online while
ensuring that students continue to get the
best possible learning experience. Even before
Covid-19, there was already high growth and
adoption in education technology in Carlow
College, St. Patrick's, to enable this. Therefore,
the pivot to online learning enforced by the
pandemic was a successful move as the College
was well placed to engage quickly with the new
reality it faced during 2020 and 2021.

Looking forward, the College is committed to
providing face-to-face learning experiences and
engaging directly where possible with students.
Given our recent experience, however, we are
confident in our ability to adapt and to fully
utilise our virtual learning environments and
digital platforms, ensuring our students remain at
the centre of everything we do.

                                                                                                          PAG E 1 1


      Carlow College, St. Patrick’s, is located at
      the heart of Carlow’s Cultural Quarter with
      VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art and
      The George Bernard Shaw Theatre located
      on campus. The Carlow Arts Festival is held
      on our grounds each year and the County
      Library, Museum, Tourist Office, Cathedral
      and Courthouse are all located nearby.

                                                      Centre for Contemporary Art &
                                                     The George Bernard Shaw Theatre
                                                     On the grounds of Carlow College, St. Patrick’s, is VISUAL, home of
                                                     the largest single-gallery space in Ireland and a 320-seat theatre.
                                                     It produces programmes of both national and international
                                                     contemporary art, new work by leading artists, up to the minute
                                                     digital media, artist talks, tours, workshops and intimate music
                                                     gigs in the bar, with theatre, film, dance and comedy all happening
                                                     in the theatre. The College produces a number of events in
                                                     partnership with VISUAL each year with discounted performance
                                                     tickets for students throughout the year.

  PAG E 12
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

           Carlow                                          Carlow Art                                    Culture
         Arts Festival                                     Collection                                     Night
Carlow College, St. Patrick’s, is the festival   The Carlow Art Collection is proudly        Culture Night is a unique celebration
HQ for the Carlow Arts Festival held in          housed in Carlow College, St. Patrick’s,    which happens across the island of
June each year. The festival celebrated its      and is a highly prized collection           Ireland each year, celebrating Arts,
40th Anniversary in 2019. As part of those       which attracts visitors both nationally     Heritage and the Culture of Ireland.
celebrations, Carlow College, St. Patrick’s,     and internationally each year. The          Carlow College, St. Patrick’s, is a key
was home to approximately 30 acts and            collection boasts the work of numerous      location in the Carlow celebrations
events over the festival weekend. These          internationally acclaimed artists and       with events taking place on campus
included Max Richter’s world-renowned            at its core is a collection of invaluable   each year. Events have included
SLEEP, Mosh Split Acrobatic Show,                drawings by Carlow’s most famous            The Writing Hive Workshop and
DJ Kormac, an Open Air Cinema and                artist Frank O’Meara (1853-1888).           performances from Music Generation.
the spectacular celebration of Carlow,
Sugartown, made in collaboration with
the people and communities of Carlow.

                                                                                                                                   PAG E 1 3


          The Student Recruitment
          Team look forward to
                                        School Visits and                      Career Fairs and
          meeting and helping you       Presentations                          Exhibitions
          in any way we can. If you
          wish to book a school visit   School Visits from our team            We attend career fairs and exhibitions
          and presentation, require     are available throughout the           virtually and in person around the country
                                        academic year. We provide a range      throughout the year including; Higher
          further information on
                                        of presentations to suit your          Options, IGC Annual Conference, TY Show
          any of our programmes,        student’s needs. These include         and many local and regional events. Do drop
          or have any queries that      a general presentation with an         by virtually or in-person to our stands if
          need    answering   please    overview of Carlow College, a          you see us!
          do not hesitate to email:     brief summary of programmes
                                        available, student supports, CAO
          processes and College facilities as
                                        well as course and career specific
                                        talks in Teaching, Social Care, Arts   Open Day
                                        and Humanities, Psychology and
                                        Social, Political and Community        Our Open Day is a major event in the
                                        Studies. We can attend your school     calendar where we welcome prospective
                                        or present virtually depending on      students, parents and Guidance Counsellors
                                        your preference.                       to come and learn about our programmes in
                                                                               detail and meet our lecturing and support
                                                                               staff. You can also take a campus tour, meet
                                                                               our current students and discuss career

                                                                               Information Events
                                                                               Throughout the year we host a number
                                                                               of virtual and on campus events to keep
                                                                               prospective students, parents, Guidance
                                                                               Counsellors, Principals and FE Providers
                                                                               informed of our offerings.

  PAG E 14
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

Programme Taster                              CAO Helpdesk
Sessions                                      We understand that deciding what course
Carlow College will provide Taster Sessions
                                              to study can be difficult and there are lots
                                              of other factors to consider too – cost            Settle, Stay
to prospective students of our degree         of living, accommodation and student
programmes so as to gain a brief insight      supports to name a few. Our advice?
and understanding of what the degree of       Do your research, consider all factors,
interest to them is all about. Look to our    try not to stress and please get in touch!
website for updated information on what
Taster Sessions are available.                Our Student Recruitment Team offer a virtual and drop in CAO Helpdesk to help
                                              applicants with any CAO queries, applications, and course choices for 2022.

                                              And remember, the Student Recruitment Team is on-hand to answer any queries
Student Voice                                 applicants may have throughout the year.

Podcast                                       #ChooseCarlowCollege |
The Student Voice Podcast is a new series
of podcasts with our current students
to hear from their experiences of the         Contact Us!
programmes they study, what College life
is like and much more. Keep an eye on our
social media platforms to catch the series
when they go live.
                                              Student Recruitment Team
                                              Niamh Brophy
                                              Student Recruitment Project Manager
                                              T: 059 915 3295 | E:
Campus Tours
                                              Orla Kerwin
At Carlow College our doors are always        Student Recruitment Coordinator
open to students, parents, Guidance           T: 059 9153253 | E:
Counsellors and interested groups who
would like to avail of a guided tour of
our college and learn more about our
                                              Denise Dowling
                                              Student Recruitment Coordinator
                                              Tel: 059 915 3283 | E:

                                                                                                                          PAG E 1 5


     Whether you have applied for an undergraduate
     course through the CAO, if you are considering
                                                                                   OPEN DAY
     your next steps in education as a mature student,                           Thursday 18th
     or if you are looking at a postgraduate or evening
     course, you will find plenty to discover at Carlow                          November 2021
     College, St. Patrick’s Open Day on Thursday 18th
     November 2021.
     What to expect from the Open Day

      • Learn more about your chosen course or areas of study     Carlow College, St. Patrick’s Open Day is the perfect ‘one-
        you may be interested in                                  stop-shop’ for prospective students to find out everything and
                                                                  anything they need to know about the transition to third level
      • Hear more about our new programmes available for 2022     and what’s on offer at the College. We look forward to welcoming
      • Talk to our lecturers to find out about specific course   students, parents, guardians, teachers and Guidance Counsellors
        information                                               to our campus.
      • Learn more about grants, fees and student supports
      • Discuss your options and application processes with
        Admissions staff                                                    #ChooseCarlowCollege
      • Learn about career and further study pathways open to
        you from our programmes
      • Take a tour of the campus and facilities
                                                                    For further information on the Open Day please email the
      • Meet some of our current students and hear about their      Student Recruitment Team at
        college experiences

 PAG E 16
P RO S P E C T U S 2022


Lifelong learning is a continual process for every one of us, and it’s    Our courses are taught by highly engaged lecturers who are
true what is said, that if you are studying something you have an         dedicated to ensuring course content is interesting, informative,
interest in and love of, it is half the battle. What’s really important   industry relevant and up to date.
to remember, and it’s what we at Carlow College, St. Patrick’s
believe in, is that doing an evening course is truly an investment        We’ve got small class sizes so you get more attention from the
in yourself.                                                              lecturers. You’ll feel more confident at participating in class,
                                                                          asking questions and learning from your fellow students.

    I’m happy that I made the choice to try a short evening               There are great networking opportunities among your
    course at Carlow College, St. Patrick’s. I wanted to see              classmates for building future contacts, both personally and
    if it was something I could commit to while getting on                professionally.
    with my life and my job. I studied areas of interest to me,
    philosophy and history, where I met like-minded people                There are flexible learning options - evening courses generally
    and made great friends. I hope to study further as a full-            run one evening per week between 7pm and 9pm with a duration
    time student at the College. It’s a great community to be             of 4, 6, 8 and 10 weeks depending on the particular course. We
    a part of.                                                            also deliver Continuing Professional Development (CDP) courses
                                                                          in a flexible manner suitable to the needs of participants.

                                                                          If you decide that you want to do more in-depth studies into
                                                                          your chosen topic, we have longer term learning opportunities
                                                                          available. You can complete degree, postgraduate diploma and
                                                                          masters options as a full-time or part-time student also at Carlow
What can we offer you?                                                    College, St. Patrick’s.

We offer a selection of evening courses from across our Arts,
Humanities and Social Sciences programmes.                                  We will have our full list of 2021 / 2022 evening courses
                                                                            available shortly.
Previous courses have included; Learning about Oral History and
How to do it; Introduction to Theology; Exploring Spirituality              It is anticipated that evening courses for Semester 1 will
through Music and Film; All you need to know on Ulysses;                    start in October 2021.
Learning about organic food; An introduction to Psychology; and
How Philosophy can help you make sense of the world.                        Please keep an eye on our website and social media to learn
                                                                            about our full listing.
The College is centrally located in Carlow town with ample
parking on our campus. We are close to public transport routes              #ChooseCarlowCollege |
and other amenities.

                                                                                                                                         PAG E 1 7


             Dr Candice Condon                          Dr Noel Kavanagh                             Dr James Heaney

        Recipient of a Teaching Hero Award          Dr Noel Kavanagh is a lecturer in            Dr James Heaney graduated from
        2021 from The National Forum for the        Philosophy at the College. A native of       Maynooth University with a B.A.
        Enhancement of Teaching and Learning        Kildare, he entered third level education    (Honours) in English and Philosophy in
        and the Union of Students in Ireland        as a mature student in 1992, gaining         1996. In this year he was also awarded the
        in recognition of her hard work and         his Ph.D. at Maynooth University in          prestigious Pierce Malone Scholarship
        positive influence on her students,         2005. His primary area of interest is        in Mental and Moral Science by the
        Dr Candice Condon teaches modules           the concept of love in philosophy and        National University of Ireland. James
        in Psychology. Candice completed her        culture. Current areas of research include   went on to complete an M.A. in Irish
        Ph.D. research in cognitive impairment      phenomenological psychology and the          Writing at Maynooth, before undertaking
        and dementia at the Medical School,         interconnections between philosophy,         his Ph.D. at Trinity College, Dublin in
        University of Limerick. She secured         psychoanalysis and Literature. Noel          2004. James became a full-time lecturer
        highly competitive funding for her          is the author of several articles and        in English and Irish Studies at Carlow
        research from the Irish Research Council    presentations on these topics. Noel's most   College, St Patrick’s, in 2003. He served
        (Humanities and Social Sciences), the       recent publication is ‘The Application       as Academic Director of Humanities
        Health Research Board and was also          and Uses of Ethics in Early Childhood        at the College from 2005 to 2010. His
        awarded a Ph.D. Scholarship for academic    Education and Care’ in Early Childhood       teaching is concentrated in the areas of
        excellence by the University of Limerick.   Education and Care: An Introduction for      European and World Drama, Modern Irish
                                                    Students in Ireland.                         Writing, and Creative Writing.

  PAG E 18
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

         Dr Ida Milne                                  Dr Morgan                                 Dr Regina Donlon
                                                     Cawley Buckley
Dr Ida Milne's principle research field       Dr Morgan Cawley Buckley is a performer,        Dr Regina Donlon graduated in German
is the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic.          musicologist and Lecturer in Creative           and History from NUI Maynooth in 2008.
During Covid-19, she has become a             Studies and Academic Skills at Carlow           She then obtained a Postgraduate in
frequent commentator on news media            College. A recent graduate of Magdalene         Education qualification in 2019. Regina’s
in Ireland and internationally about the      College, Cambridge University, his Ph.D.        doctoral research, the subject of her
lessons to be drawn from the history          examines the multi-modal and shared nature      award-winning book, used comparative
of epidemic disease. Originally from          of the creative process. In 2020 he obtained    and transnational methodologies to
Ferns, Co Wexford, and currently living       a Master of Arts in Higher Education, School    explore German and Irish immigration
in Kildare, Ida worked in the newspaper       of Learning, Teaching and Technology            to the American Midwest in the second
industry and as a travel journalist, before   Centre, DIT. Morgan’s research interests        half of the nineteenth century. Her
returning to education in 2000. She was       are wide ranging and usually coincide with      research interest has a particular focus
awarded the prestigious Irish Research        other musical or teaching related activities.   on the Irish diaspora. In 2014 she was
Council Marie Sklowodska Curie                Most recently he has carried out research       awarded a prestigious Irish Research
Actions Elevate Fellowship in 2014-18,        with colleagues at Carlow College into          Council      Post-Doctoral      Research
for a project exploring the impact of         community development practices in the          Fellowship in the Moore Institute at NUI
infectious diseases of childhood on Irish     UNHCR resettlement programme, working           Galway. Her current research is focused
society over the course of the twentieth      with the Rohingya community of Carlow.          on return migration to Ireland from the
century. She is a founder member and          Morgan also gives solo and chamber music        United States during the revolutionary
past vice chair of the Oral History           concerts as a classical guitarist across        era.
Network of Ireland. She is a member of        Ireland and the UK regularly commissioning
the OHS, IAPH and of the WHAI.                new works for the repertoire.

                                                                                                                                   PAG E 1 9

     With a history of educational excellence spanning over 200 years, research
     activities in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Carlow College, St.
                                                                                          Recent & Upcoming
     Patrick’s, are grounded in the College’s ethos, vision, and mission. These include   Research Publications:
     fostering an openness to new ideas, building civic engagement and social
     awareness, and the promotion of creativity and innovation. Carlow College’s                  Community Development
     vibrant researchers are widely published and internationally respected in their              Journal: Rohingya
     fields. The establishment of the Research Hub allows for the promotion of their              Refugee Resettlement
     work, and enable the development of quality publications, institutional and public           as a Community of
     research events, and inter-institutional collaborations.                                     Practice, Cawley Buckley,
                                                                                                  M., Maher, H. and
                                                                                                  McDermott, S. (2021)

                                                                                                  A Provincial Death
                                                                                                  (Sawtry: Dedalus, 2021)
                                                                                                  by Dr Eoghan Smith

                                                                                                  Yearbook of the Irish
                                                                                                  Philosophical Society:
                                                                                                  Special Edition ‘Humans
                                                                                                  and Other Animals’
                                                                                                  (2020) by Dr Noel

                                                                                                  Electioneering and
                                                                                                  Propaganda in Ireland
                                                                                                  1917-1921: Votes, Violence
                                                                                                  & Victory (Four Courts
                                                                                                  Press, 2020) by
                                                                                                  Dr Elaine Callinan

                                                                                                  Stacking the Coffins,
                                                                                                  Influenza, War and
                                                                                                  Revolution in Ireland,
                                                                                                  1918-1919 (Manchester
                                                                                                  University Press, 2018)
                                                                                                  by Dr Ida Milne
  PAG E 20
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

Research Focus and Expertise at Carlow College are:

              Politics, Society and                      History, Literature and
              Sustainability                             Culture of Ireland
              Inquiring how to build active              Understanding and interpreting
              citizenship, participative democracy       Ireland from the medieval period
              and sustainable futures for our            to the contemporary moment. Our
              regional, national and global              research encompasses studies in
              communities. Research in this field        the artistic, cultural, economic,
              draws on our expertise in Social           social, military and political evolution
              Policy, Politics, Sociology and History.   of Ireland.

              People, Places and Cultures                Ideas and Beliefs
              Examining      the    history     and      Investigating key questions in the
              representation of identities and           history of ideas and religious thought.
              cultures across the world. Research        We carry out research in the fields of
              includes the political, religious and      human and animal ethics, twentieth-
              social histories of marginalised           century continental philosophy,
              groups such as European Jews, Irish        literature and philosophy, and
              Protestants     and    contemporary        religious and philosophical history.
              refugees in Ireland.

                                                         Mind, Memory and
              Education, Theory and                      Behaviour
                                                         Advancing understandings of the
              Exploring creativity and innovation        psychology and history of the human
              in approaches to pedagogy. Studies         mind. Our researchers investigate the
              in this area include the utilisation       nature of memory, human behaviour,
              of philosophy and the creative arts        and developmental disabilities.
              in teaching along with theories of

                                                                                            PAG E 2 1


                                              Page 25

                     Bachelor of Arts
                     in Arts & Humanities

                     Course Code   Duration

                      PC402           3

                                              Page 49

                     Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
                     in Applied Social Studies
                     (Professional Social Care)
                     Course Code   Duration

                     ADD-ON           1

                                              Page 69

                     Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
                     in Media, English & Culture

                     Course Code   Duration

                      PC416           4

  PAG E 22
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

                          Page 31                             Page 37                                     Page 43

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)          Bachelor of Arts (Honours)          Bachelor of Arts
in Arts & Humanities                in English & History                in Applied Social Studies
                                                                        (Professional Social Care)
Course Code   Duration              Course Code   Duration              Course Code   Duration

 PC410           4                    PC411          4                   PC404           3
               YEARS                               YEARS                               YEARS

                          Page 55                             Page 61                                      Page 65

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)          Bachelor of Arts (Honours)          Bachelors of Arts
in Social, Political &              in Philosophy, Politics &           (Honours) in Psychology
Community Studies                   Sociology                           (subject to QQI Validation)

Course Code   Duration              Course Code   Duration              Course Code   Duration

 PC405           4                   PC415           4                   PC414           3
               YEARS                               YEARS                               YEARS

                          Page 73                             Page 79                                      Page 83

M.A. in Leadership in               Master of Arts in Irish             Postgraduate Diploma
Therapeutic Child and               Regional History                    in Irish Regional History
Social Care
Course Code   Duration              Course Code   Duration              Course Code   Duration

                 2                                   2                                  18
     –          YEARS                   –           YEARS                   –          MONTHS
              PART-TIME                           PART-TIME                           PART-TIME

                                                                                                            PAG E 2 3
B . A . I N A RT S & H UM A N I T I E S

  PAG E 24
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

               B.A. IN ARTS & HUMANITIES

Course Code
               Course Outline
               The B.A. in Arts and Humanities is a 3 year flexible,
 PC402         multidisciplinary degree, offering a wide variety of
               subjects within five streams: History; Psychology;
               English, Creative Arts and Media Studies;
               Philosophy; Theology (and Teaching Placement).
Entry Points   In Year 1, students must study all five streams
               to gain an overview of each of the disciplines
               that are offered in this programme. In Year 2,
   200         students will narrow their focus to three subjects
               and by Year 3 students will specialise in at least
               two subjects. Students will develop a unique
               and wide ranging perspective on their studies,
               which students can enhance with a semester of
Course Level
               studying abroad. Graduates of the degree are
               well-informed, versatile, independent thinkers
     7         with the information literacy, communication,
               research and interpersonal skills necessary for a
               wide range of careers or further academic study.
               Graduates of the B.A. in Arts and Humanities can
               progress to Year 4 of the B.A. (Honours) in Arts
               and Humanities.


  Average         Only Level 7 Arts       Spend a semester         Opportunity to       Opportunity       Small class sizes
   Intake         programme of its          abroad in Year         explore a wide      to progress to       and friendly
                   kind in Ireland         2 or 3 in one of       range of subjects   Year 4 of a Level    lecturers with
                                           our U.S. partner        before focusing        8 degree        subject expertise
    60                                       universities          on your area of

                                                                                                                        PAG E 2 5
B . A . I N A RT S & H UM A N I T I E S

      What will I study?

                                                       Year 1: Mandatory Modules                       Year 2: Choose 6 modules in each semester
     Subject Group
                                                 Semester 1                Semester 2                   Semester 1                    Semester 2

     English, Creative                                              • Introduction to Fiction:   • Theatre of the European    • Drama and Performance 1
     Arts and Media                       • Virtues of Poetry         Novel and Short              Renaissance                • Contemporary Irish
     Studies                                                          Story                      • Creative Writing: Poetry     Writing

                                                                                                 • Reimagining Modern         • Reimagining Modern
                                                                                                   Ireland 1700-1850
     History                                                        • Reimagining Ireland                                       Ireland 1850-2000
                                          • Toolkit for History       1500-1700                  • Revolutions in the         • Nation States and Global
                                                                                                   Transatlantic World          Conflict 1877-1945

                                                                                                 • General Ethics:            • General Ethics:
     Philosophy                           • Ancient Greek                                          Guiding Rules                The Good Life
                                                                    • Medieval Philosophy
                                            Philosophy                                           • Modern Philosophy          • Modern Philosophy
                                                                                                   1600-1800                    1800-1960

                                                                                                 • Child Developmental
     Psychology                                                                                    Psychology                 • Educational Psychology
                                          • Psychology 1            • Psychology 2               • Organisational             • Social Psychology

     Theology                                                                                    • Christology:
                                                                    • Theological Themes                                      • Christian Anthropology
     and Teaching                         • Introduction to                                        Encountering Jesus of
                                                                      in World Literature,                                    • Prophetic Literature of
     Placement                              Theology                                               Nazareth
                                                                      Cinema, and Music                                         the Old Testament
                                                                                                 • Biblical Studies

     Common Modules                       • Academic and Digital    • Arts and Humanities
                                            Skills                    Seminar

  PAG E 26
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

           Year 3: Choose 6 modules in each semester

            Semester 1                     Semester 2

 •   Gothic Fiction              • Modernism and Modernity
 •   American Literature         • Creative Writing:
 •   Drama and Performance 2       Advanced Poetry
 •   Media and                   • Media Studies: Film 1
                                 • Ireland: Politics and        Work Placement                                  Further
 • Ireland: Insurrection to                                     Students on the B.A. in Arts and Humanities
   Independence 1891-1923          Society 1923-1980
                                 • Memory and                   can take the work placement module              Study
 • World War One: The Fall of                                                                                   Graduates who
                                   Commemoration / Local        in Religious Education, Catechetics and
   Empires                                                                                                      achieve the
                                   History Project*             Placement 1. This module runs over the
 • Migrations in Irish History   • The Politics of the Great                                                    qualifying mark
   / Violence, Law and Order                                    course of a full year, with the first half in
                                   Irish Famine                                                                 in the B.A. in Arts
   in Modern Irish History*                                     the classroom and the second half of the
                                 • The Rise of Fascism
                                                                year spent in a teaching placement. This        and Humanities
 • Political Philosophy 1        • Political Philosophy 2                                                       may choose to
 • Feminist Political Thought    • Feminist Political Thought   module offers a chance to gain teaching
                                                                experience at Primary level with our            progress to the B.A.
   1 / Humans and Other            2 / Humans and Other
   Animals*                        Animals 2*                   partner schools in the Carlow area.             (Honours) in Arts
 • Existentialism: Philosophy    • Human Rights                                                                 and Humanities.
   and Literature                • Philosophy of Religion
                                 •   Cognitive Psychology
                                                                Career Prospects
 • Cognitive Psychology                                         Graduates of the B.A. in Arts and
                                 •   Clinical Psychology
 • Abnormal Psychology                                          Humanities find employment in a wide
                                 •   Research Methods
 • Community Psychology                                         range of areas including: Public Relations,
                                 •   Cyberpsychology
                                                                Administration, Civil Service, Banking,
 • Ecclesiology                  • God Question / Trinity       Information Technology, Travel and
 • Fundamental Moral             • Religions, Conflict and      Tourism, Heritage, Arts and Culture,
   Theology                        Peace / World Religions*     Pastoral Care, Marketing and Digital
 • The Synoptic Gospels
                                                                Communications, Media and Advertising.
                                                                If you choose to go further with your
 • Catechetics and Teaching Placement 1: Primary
                                                                studies and progress to Year 4 of the B.A.
                                                                (Honours) in Arts and Humanities, careers
                                                                such as Teaching (Primary, Secondary and
                                                                Third Level) are open to you with further
* Cyclical Modules
                                                                Postgraduate studies.

                                                                                                                                   PAG E 2 7
B . A . I N A RT S & H UM A N I T I E S

      Graduate Profile

                                          My experience at Carlow College was wonderful. It’s such a friendly and supportive
                                          environment, and the staff (from teaching staff to librarians, admin and catering) are great!
                                          One of the significant benefits of attending a smaller third level institution is that you never
                                          feel anonymous or alone – everybody knows your name, including lecturers, and it makes the
                                          college experience far less daunting than it might be at a bigger institution.

                                          A degree in Humanities gives students who aren’t sure about their post-college plans great
                                          scope to make those choices when they’re ready – several of my classmates have gone on to
                                          teach at primary and secondary level, while others are historians or pursuing postgraduate
                                          qualifications in religious studies or psychology. It provides a great breadth of learning.

                                          I have just finished the 3rd year of my Ph.D. at TCD. I work as a Teaching Assistant in the
                                          English department during term time, which provides me with great experience, as I create a
                                          tutorial syllabus and work with groups of undergraduate students. I am also the recipient of
                                          an Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship. I have had several articles published in
       Eva Burke                          academic journals, and in 2018 had a book chapter published. I have also had the opportunity
                                          to take part in various conferences, both at home and abroad, and have been invited to talk
       Ph.D. Candidate &                  about my research at public events and podcasts!
       Teaching Assistant
       in Trinity College

  PAG E 28
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

Graduate Profile

                       Humanities gave me a deep understanding of the world in which we live in. Within this course
                       I studied English, History, Theology, Philosophy, Ethics, Religion, Conflict and Peace and Critical
                       Thinking, just to name a few. These subjects opened my eyes to the world beyond my own and
                       I started to become aware of the different multicultural societies, world religions, and a way of
                       thinking outside the box. This helped me to obtain the job I have today. Plus, Humanities looks
                       excellent on your CV!

                       I enjoyed the enthusiasm of our lecturers. Each lecturer was an expert in their field and their
                       devotion to the subject kept us hungry for more knowledge. For example, I studied Philosophy
                       where some of the topics we discussed were so beyond anything I had ever learned before. In
                       some cases, my class and I would be on the edge of our seats listening to phenomenal ideas by
                       the world’s great Philosophers.

                       I now work as Cabin Crew for Emirates and I’m based in Dubai. My job requires me to be in
                       contact with people from all over the world. Everyday I practise safety and security. I deal with
Sophie Dunne           situations that force me to think independently and critically and that is something I credit to
                       my degree in Humanities at Carlow College.
Emirates, Cabin Crew

                                                                                                                        PAG E 2 9
B . A . ( H O N O U R S ) I N A RT S & H UM A N I T I E S

  PAG E 3 0
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

               B.A. (HONOURS) IN
               ARTS & HUMANITIES

Course Code
               Course Outline
               The B.A. (Honours) in Arts and Humanities is a
 PC410         4 year flexible, multidisciplinary degree, offering
               a wide variety of subjects within five streams: History;
               Psychology; English, Creative Arts and Media Studies;
               Philosophy; Theology (and Teaching Placement).
Entry Points   In Year 1, students must study all five streams to gain an
               overview of each of the disciplines that are offered in
               this programme. In Year 2, students narrow their focus
   252         to three subjects and by Years 3 and 4 students can
               specialise in at least two subjects. In Year 4, students
               have the opportunity to undertake a Research Thesis
               in one of their chosen specialisms. This degree equips
               students with the essential tools needed for the 21st
Course Level
               century by nourishing critical thinking, developing
               communication skills and preparing for future choices.
     8         Students who take this programme can open their mind
               to different ways of thinking and understanding; they
               become reflective thinkers who are socially engaged
               and appreciate learning as a lifelong activity. The B.A.
               (Honours) in Arts and Humanities has a reputation for
               producing highly skilled and successful graduates.


  Average            A unique             Spend a semester           Specialise in     Opportunities      Offers
   Intake           programme                 abroad in              subject areas       for work      Exit Awards
                  offering a wide            Year 2 or 3           relevant for your    placement       at Year 3
                 range of subjects          in one of our            future career
    60                                       U.S. partner

                                                                                                                  PAG E 31
B . A . ( H O N O U R S ) I N A RT S & H UM A N I T I E S

      What will I study?

                                        Year 1:                                        Year 2:                                       Year 3:
    Subject                        Mandatory Modules                       Choose 6 modules in each semester             Choose 6 modules in each semester
                            Semester 1              Semester 2               Semester 1           Semester 2             Semester 1                Semester 2

    English,                                                              • Theatre of         • Drama and         • Gothic Fiction           • Modernism and
    Creative              • Virtues of          • Introduction to           the European                           • American Literature        Modernity
                                                  Fiction: Novel            Renaissance          Performance 1     • Drama and                • Creative Writing:
    Arts and                Poetry                                                             • Contemporary
    Media                                         and Short Story         • Creative                                 Performance 2              Advanced Poetry
                                                                            Writing: Poetry      Irish Writing     • Media and                • Media Studies:
                                                                                                                     Communications             Film 1
                                                                                              • Reimagining        • Ireland: Insurrection    • Ireland: Politics and
                                                                          • Reimagining         Modern Ireland
                                                                            Modern Ireland                           to Independence 1891-      Society 1923-1980
                          • Toolkit for         • Reimagining                                   1850-2000            1923                     • Memory and
                                                  Ireland 1500-             1700-1850         • Nation States
                            History                                       • Revolutions in                         • World War One: The         Commemoration
    History                                       1700                                          and Global           Fall of Empires            / Local History
                                                                            the Transatlantic
                                                                            World 1763-1877     Conflict           • Migrations in Irish        Project*
                                                                                                1877-1945            History /Violence,       • The Politics of the
                                                                                                                     Law and Order in           Great Irish Famine
                                                                                                                     Modern Irish History*    • The Rise of Fascism

                                                                          • General Ethics:    • General Ethics:                              • Political
                          • Ancient                                         Guiding Rules        The Good Life     • Political Philosophy 1     Philosophy 2
                                                • Medieval                                                         • Feminist Political       • Feminist Political
                            Greek                 Philosophy              • Modern             • Modern
    Philosophy              Philosophy                                      Philosophy           Philosophy          Thought 1 / Humans         Thought 2 /
                                                                            1600-1800            1800-1960           and Other Animals*         Humans and Other
                                                                                                                   • Existentialism:            Animals 2*
                                                                                                                     Philosophy and           • Human Rights
                                                                          • Child                                    Literature               • Philosophy of
                                                                            Developmental      • Educational                                    Religion
                          • Psychology          • Psychology 2                                   Psychology
                            1                                               Psychology         • Social                                       • Cognitive
                                                                          • Organisational                         • Cognitive Psychology       Psychology
    Psychology                                                                                   Psychology        • Abnormal Psychology
                                                                            Psychology                                                        • Clinical Psychology
                                                                                                                   • Community                • Research Methods
                                                                                                                     Psychology               • Cyberpsychology
                                                • Theological                                  • Christian
                                                  Themes                  • Christology:         Anthropology:
    Theology              • Introduction                                    Encountering                                                      • God Question /
                            to Theology           in World                                     • Prophetic         • Ecclesiology
    and                                           Literature,               Jesus of             Literature                                     Trinity
                                                                            Nazareth                               • Fundamental Moral        • Religions, Conflict
    Teaching                                      Cinema, and                                    of the Old          Theology
    Placement                                     Music                   • Biblical Studies     Testament                                      and Peace / World
                                                                                                                   • The Synoptic Gospels

    Common                • Academic and Digital Skills                                                            • Catechetics and Teaching Placement 1: Primary
    Modules               • Arts and Humanities Seminar
  * Cyclical Modules offered jointly to Year 3 and 4 in alternate years

  PAG E 3 2
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

                        Year 4:
            Choose 6 modules in each semester

         Semester 1                            Semester 2

•   Postmodern Literature     • Modern Drama in
•   Creative Writing: Fiction   Performance
•   Creating Drama 1          • Postcolonial Writing
•   Media Studies: Film 2     • Creating Drama 2

• ‘The Troubles’                                                        Work Placement                                  Further Study
• Europe and the US in              • Irish Elections and               The B.A. (Honours) in Arts and Humanities       Graduates of the B.A.
  the Post War World                  Propaganda 1918-1937
• History of Antisemitism           • Nazi Germany and the              has two unique work placement modules           (Honours) in Arts
  before 1933                         Holocaust                         in Religious Education: Catechetics             and Humanities have
• Migrations in Irish               • Memory and                        and Placement 1 (Year 3-Primary) and            proceeded successfully
  History /Violence, Law              Commemoration/ Local              Catechetics and Placement 2 (Year               to a wide variety of
  and Order in Modern                 History Project*
  Irish History*                                                        3-Secondary). These modules run over            Level 9 postgraduate
                                                                        the course of a full year, with the first       courses in areas such
• Critical Theory 1                                                     half in the College and the second half of      as English, History,
• Feminist Political      • Critical Theory 2:
  Thought 1 / Humans and    Language and Self                           the year spent in a teaching placement.         Philosophy, Psychology,
  Other Animals*          • Feminist Political Thought                  These modules offer opportunities to gain       Theology, Media,
• Philosophy &              2 / Humans and Other
                            Animals 2*                                  teaching experience at both Primary and         Journalism, Marketing,
  Psychoanalytic Theory 1                                               Secondary level with our partner schools        Administration,
• Philosophy, Law and     • Philosophy and
  Punishment                Psychoanalytic Theory 2                     in the Carlow area.                             Advertising,
                                                                                                                        Librarianship and
• Forensic Psychology                                                                                                   Archives. Graduates
• Health Psychology
• Advanced Social
                                    • Applied Criminal
                                      Psychology                        Career Prospects                                have also continued
                                    • Counselling Psychology            Graduates of the B.A. (Honours) in Arts         onto Professional
  Psychology                        • Positive Psychology
• Personality Psychology                                                and Humanities are highly employable and        Masters in Education
                                                                        can be found in every walk of life including:   to qualify as Primary
                                                                        Public Relations, Administration, Civil         and Secondary school
                                    • God Question/ Trinity             Service, Politics, Banking, Information
• Applied Christian Ethics          • Religions, Conflict and                                                           teachers. Graduates
                                                                        Technology, Librarianship, Archives, Travel     have also continued
• Sacramental Theology                Peace / World Religions*
                                    • Johannine Writings                and Tourism, Heritage, Arts and Culture,        their academic studies
                                                                        Pastoral Care, Counselling, Marketing           through to Ph.D. level.
                                                                        and Digital Communications, Journalism,
• Catechetics and Teaching Placement 2: Post Primary
                                                                        Media and Advertising.
• Seminar and Dissertation
* Cyclical Modules offered jointly to Year 3 and 4 in alternate years

                                                                                                                                              PAG E 33
B . A . ( H O N O U R S ) I N A RT S & H UM A N I T I E S

      Graduate Profile

                                                            I loved Arts subjects in school, particularly History and English, but I wanted a Theology
                                                            element in my degree as well. I visited the campus before I completed my CAO. Everyone
                                                            was so friendly and welcoming. I got the chance to chat with students and lecturers. I
                                                            immediately got the sense that I wanted to study there and luckily for me Carlow College was
                                                            able to provide me with all three strands of study I was interested in within their Humanities

                                                            Carlow College is a magnificent educational environment steeped in history. Because it is
                                                            a smaller third level institution I got to know all my classmates and lecturers. I still chat with
                                                            a lot of them today. I am even in touch with the St. Ambrose students from America that
                                                            studied with us.

                                                            The support from lecturers was incredible. Third level is very different from secondary school.
                                                            You are encouraged to do more independent learning, research, analysis, and critical thinking.
                                                            Lecturers equip you with the knowledge and the confidence to do this.
       O’Mahony                                             I enjoyed ALL of my four years in Carlow, from playing football and soccer for the college to
                                                            studying and researching really interesting topics for different subjects, to all the infamous
                                                            nights out in Carlow town.
       Guidance Counsellor
       and Podcast host                                     My advice is to go and visit the campus, chat to people who are studying or have studied there.
                                                            Chat to lecturers on the course you are thinking of applying to. I have never met one person
                                                            who didn’t love their time studying there.

                                                            Currently I’m a secondary school Guidance Counsellor in Loreto College in Stephen’s Green.
                                                            I help to guide students in their research for life after secondary school and I also counsel
                                                            students who are struggling with some aspects of life. What I love about my job is that
                                                            everyday is so different. The fact that I get to help young people on a regular basis is very
                                                            rewarding too.

                                                            I started the @leavingcertguidance Instagram page to help students navigate their journeys
                                                            better. I also host the Leaving Cert Guidance Podcast for senior cycle students who are
                                                            considering life at a third level institution. The podcast helps keep them informed when making
                                                            their decision. Check it out!

  PAG E 3 4
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

Graduate Profile

                       I completed the B.A. (Honours) in Arts and Humanities with a double major in Psychology
                       and Philosophy in 2020. I choose this degree primarily for psychology and philosophy, and the
                       breadth and depth of module choices. Studying psychology gave me a new perspective on my
                       past, and empowered me with insights, not only of myself, but of others and of society.

                       I chose Carlow College, because I had heard that it had a higher proportion of mature students
                       than most other colleges and this appealed to me (in my thirties). Also, even though I was
                       pretty sure psychology would be my chosen field, I was keen and curious to know more about
                       other modules too. For example, I remember asking Dr Sarah Otten about the Feminism
                       modules after my mature student’s interview and being so impressed and intrigued!

                       Carlow College has character and charm. The college oozes with history and inside, you get a
                       real feeling of all the people who have walked its halls. The library is an environment conducive
                       to studying, with its stained-glass windows and high ceilings, it was one of my favourite spots.
Clare King             As it is smaller than other colleges, there is an opportunity for more class interactions and
                       discussions with lecturers. These help you get to grips with new topics and cement learning
Currently studying     and understanding. You learn to think critically and then, armed with these skills, gain an
M.Sc. in Psychology,   assurance in what you know and a confidence in voicing your own opinions. The lecturers are
DCU                    there to help, to bring out the best in you, and they are experts in their fields, so use them!
                       Think big and think broad and don’t be afraid to cross knowledge across the different modules:
                       they are all interlinked, often what you learn in one can help your understanding in another.
                       (Also, stay organised! There are a lot of modules, so date and organise notes and folders, keep
                       a calendar of assignments due, and stay positive!)

                       I am currently completing a M.Sc. in Psychology in DCU, accredited by the Psychological
                       Society of Ireland (PSI) and undertaking a new qualitative research project that focuses on
                       people with Borderline Personality Disorder. As a researcher, you can advance psychology as a
                       science, gain further understanding of the human mind and behaviour, and improve treatment
                       approaches. The critical thinking skills I developed over the four years in Carlow College have
                       made me a better person, and still help me through assignments now, as I complete my M.Sc.

                                                                                                                        PAG E 35
B . A . ( H O N O U R S ) I N E N G L I S H & H I S TO RY

  PAG E 3 6
P RO S P E C T U S 2022

               B.A. (HONOURS) IN
               ENGLISH & HISTORY

Course Code
               Course Outline
               The B.A. (Honours) in English and History is an
 PC411         exciting and challenging 4-year honours degree,
               where students specialise in the English language
               and its literature, and immerse themselves in the
               history of Ireland, Europe and the wider world.
Entry Points   The structure of this degree gives students a
               solid foundation in both English literature and
               History in Years 1 and 2, before enabling them
   255         to specialise in either English or History, or to
               keep a balance between the two subjects in years
               3 and 4. The degree gives students crucial tools
               needed for the twenty-first century by nourishing
               an appreciation for critical thinking, by developing
Course Level
               strong digital, oral and written communication
               skills, and by fostering the value of creativity.




  Average          Students are          Spend a semester         Chart your own     Employability       Offers
   Intake        immersed in two             abroad in            journey with a       modules        Exit Awards
                   subjects from            Year 2 or 3           wide variety of    enhance skills    in Year 3
                  foundation to            in one of our             electives      and experience
    30            specialisation            U.S. partner                            in professional
                                            universities                                 areas

                                                                                                                 PAG E 37
B . A . ( H O N O U R S ) I N E N G L I S H & H I S TO RY

      What will I study?

                  Year 1: Mandatory Modules                      Year 2: Mandatory Modules                                  Year 3

               Semester 1                    Semester 2        Semester 1          Semester 2             Semester 1                  Semester 2

          • Introduction to             • Introduction      • Critical          • The Eighteenth-                  Mandatory Modules
            Literature                    to Drama and        Approaches to       Century Novel
          • Virtues of                    Theatre             Literature        • Contemporary      • American Literature 2     • Literature of the
            Poetry                      • Introduction to   • Theatre of          Irish Writing     • Gothic Fiction              Victorian Age
                                          Fiction             the European      • American                                      • Modernism and
          • Toolkit for                 • Irish Writing       Renaissance         Literature 1      • World War 1:                Modernity
            History                       1960-1990         • Romantic                                The Fall of Empires
          • Re-Imagining                                      Poetry                                • Ireland: Insurrection     • The Rise of Fascism
            Early and                   • Debating                              • Nation States       to Independence           • Ireland: Politics and
            Medieval                      History           • Public History      and Global                                      Society 1923-1970
            Ireland                     • Re-Imagining        and Cultural        Conflict
          • Medieval                      Ireland (1500-      Heritage            1877-1945
            Europe:                       1700)             • Re-Imagining      • Re-Imagining            Choose 2 modules in each semester
            Crusades,                   • The Age of          Ireland 1700-       Ireland
            Conflict and                  Exploration         1850                1850-2000         • Literature and            • Gender and Sexuality
            Crises                        in the Early      • Revolutions                             Revolution in               in Post 60s Irish
                                          Modern Period       in the                                  Ireland 1890-1937 /         Culture and Writing /
                                          1492-1763           Transatlantic                           The Politics of Irish       The Literature of the
                                                              World 1763-1877                         Literature 1798-1898*       Troubles*
                                                                                                                                • Creative Writing:
                                                                                                    • Migrations in Irish         Advanced Poetry
                                                                                                      History, 1700 -
                                                                                                      present / Violence,       • The Politics of the
                                                                                                      Law and Order in            Great Irish Famine
                                                                                                      Modern Irish              • Local History
                                                                                                      History*                    Project / History,
                                                                                                                                  Memory and
                                                                                                    • Women in Medieval           Commemoration*
                                                                                                      Europe / Making a
                                                                                                      living in Medieval

                                                                                                    • Political Philosophy 1

                        Skills module:                                 Skills module:                                 Skills module:
                   Academic and Digital Skills                          Career Skills                                 Career Practice

        *Cyclical modules

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