CAMPS REVIEW 2016 - De La Salle College

CAMPS REVIEW 2016 - De La Salle College
CAMPS REVIEW 2016 - De La Salle College
De La Salle College, Malvern


       Introduction ................................................................................................................................. 2

       Review Rationale .......................................................................................................................... 3

       Review Methodology and Timeline ................................................................................................ 4

       Data Presentation/Discussion ....................................................................................................... 6

       Findings ...................................................................................................................................... 13

       Recommendations ...................................................................................................................... 19

       Appendix .................................................................................................................................... 21

                  1. Parent Survey Comments ............................................................................................21

                  2. Proposed Year 4 Camp Itinerary: .................................................................................. 23

                  4. Proposed Year 6 Camp Itinerary: .................................................................................. 24

                  5. Proposed Year 7 Camp Itinerary: .................................................................................. 24

                  6. Proposed Year 8 Camp Itinerary: .................................................................................. 24

                  7. Costings & Proposed 2017 Year 9 Camp Itinerary: ........................................................ 25

                  8. Proposed Philippines Trip Itinerary: ............................................................................... 26

                  9. Proposed Year 11 PNG Trip Itinerary: ........................................................................... 27

                  10. Proposed VCAL Balgo Hills Trip Itinerary: .................................................................... 28

                  11. Proposed Year 12 Coolies Trip Itinerary: .....................................................................29

                  12. Proposed Year 10 New Zealand Trip Itinerary: ............................................................. 31

                  13. Proposed Sri Lanka Cricket Trip Itinerary: ................................................................... 33

                  14. Camp and Overseas Trip Committee .......................................................................... 35

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                                                     PAGE 1
CAMPS REVIEW 2016 - De La Salle College
De La Salle College, Malvern

       De La Salle College believes that the opportunity for students to participate in Outdoor and Environmental education is an
       integral and complimentary element to the classroom learning programs at the College. Experiential learning programs
       provide the platform to assist students discover more about their personal strengths, capabilities and resilience as well as
       developing interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills. This review investigates the current arrangements and makes
       recommendations for the future direction of camps and overseas trips at the College.

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                             PAGE 2
CAMPS REVIEW 2016 - De La Salle College
De La Salle College, Malvern

       Review Rationale
       The current camp, tour and overnight stay arrangements have been in place for three years. As part of the on-going
       strategic planning for both curricula and co-curricula activities it is important to review the current arrangements.

       In light of increasing community expectations in relation to camps, trips and any other activities involving students in an
       overnight stay arrangement, a focus in terms of the organisation of a whole-school camps program may be best managed
       through the assembling of a Standing Committee to oversee risk management, scheduling, staffing, travel and
       accommodation arrangements, aligning the activity with educational outcomes.

       At present, the College Executive is applying disproportionate time and attention to the finer detail of camps arrangements.
       A Camps Review Committee will create the framework for the strategic planning of camps and outdoor education at the
       College for the next 3 years.


       1.   Audit and review current camp, tour and overnight stay arrangements

       2.   Make recommendations to the College Executive regarding the future direction of camps, tours and overnight stays
            at the College.

       3.   Make recommendations regarding the structure and function of an on-going Committee to oversee the approval
            processes for all camps, tours and overnight stays

       Standing Committee Membership

        Tom Ryan (Chair)                                             DP Staff and Operations

        David Alexander                                              Director Experiential Learning

        Luke Kenealy                                                 Director of Students 4 - 9

        Anette Phillips                                              Director of Primary School

        Andy Clements                                                Camps Coordinator

        Heath Tregear                                                Year 9 In9uiry Coordinator

        Jon Edgar                                                    ACC Sports Coordinator

        Michael Wilson                                               House Sport Coordinator

        Peter Larsen                                                 VET Coordinator

        Maria Hawley                                                 Staff Representative

        Noel Patterson                                               Staff Representative

        Patricia D’Arcy                                              Administrative Support

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                             PAGE 3
CAMPS REVIEW 2016 - De La Salle College
De La Salle College, Malvern

       Review Methodology and Timeline

            Meeting Number               Date                                      Task

        Preliminary                   April     1.   Camps Review Committee Brief presented to College
                                                     Executive 12 April
                                                2.   Communication of Brief to staff 13 April – Expressions of
                                                3.   Camps Review Committee formed 18 April

                                                1.   Planning. Scope of the review
        1                             April
                                                2.   Data/ Information required.

                                                3.   Collection process:

                                                     Existing DLS documentation
                                                     Staff consultation (SWOT analysis)
                                                     External schools/programs
                                                     Parent and student surveys
                                                     Guest speakers

                                                4. Focus Groups (Primary, 7-9, 10-12) established

        22 April – 3 May

        Staff Meeting 2 May (SWOT
        analysis in small groups of
        current 4-9 programs)

                                                1. The College rationale for camps
        2                             May

                                                2. Discussion of feedback from Staff Consultation 1 (2-5-16)
                                                     Year 4-9 Camps

                                                3. Focus Group Time
                                                     Analysis of existing information (including.Year 9 Review
                                                     Committee 2015 recommendations)

                                                4. Parent and student surveys content discussion
                                                     Committee review other school programs
        3                             May
                                                1. Collated summary of Staff Consultation 1
                                                2. Discussion of feedback from schools consultations
                                                3. Draft parent and student surveys
        20 May – 3 June

        (Years 5 and 7)
         20 May – 3 June

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                PAGE 4
CAMPS REVIEW 2016 - De La Salle College
De La Salle College, Malvern

        Staff Meeting 30 May
        (SWOT analysis in small
        groups of current 10-12
        Interstate and Overseas

                                               Review staff consultation feedback
        4                          June
                                               1.     Review draft of general rationale statement for Year 4-9 camps
                                               2.     Parent survey update
                                               3.     Student survey (Year 5 and 7’s) review
                                               4.     Guest Speaker: Phil Stringer Outdoor Education Group (OEG)
                                                      involvement with Year 9
                                               5.     SWOT analysis feedback on 10-12 Interstate and Overseas
                                               6.     Focus Group discussion
        5                          June        Short meeting to review timeline and prepare for option writing

        6                          July        Focus Groups
                                               Draft of options for focus areas 2017 - 2019

        7                          August      1. Presentation of options from each Focus Group
                                               2. Committee analysis and confirmation of options
                                               3. Draft report sections identified

        8                          September   Draft report due for Committee discussion

        9                          September   Final report released to College Executive Follow-up
                                               recommendations as required

       2016 Camps Review Committee Focus Groups

                    Primary                          Years 7-9                             Years 10-12
                 Anette Phillips                    David Alexander                            Maria Hawley
                    Tom Ryan                        Andy Clements                          Michael Wilson
                                                    Noel Patterson                              Jon Edgar
                                                    Heath Tregear                              Peter Larsen
                                                     Luke Kenealy

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                  PAGE 5
CAMPS REVIEW 2016 - De La Salle College
De La Salle College, Malvern

       Data Presentation/Discussion

       Current Year 4-9 Camps at De La Salle

         Year              Venue                                           Overview
           4         Phillip Island        Duration: 3 days in November
                    “Cypress Lodge”
                                           Students have an opportunity to engage in the following: Nobbies walk,
                                           beach games, rock-pool exploration, talks from a Vic Wildlife Parks Ranger,
                                           the construction of wave-defying forts and if the weather is warm enough, a
                                           swim in shallow water.

                                           Students will also get to partake in a Ship Wreck exploration; body
                                           boarding; Waterslide and Mini Golf; and at night, students attend the
                                           Penguin Parade. Preparation of a detailed camp booklet by the Grade 4
                                           students forms part of their class-work in the lead up to the camp.

                                           Staff: 3 (CC, HRT + 1 external OEd)
                                           Cost: $1,850

           5         Torquay               Duration: 3 days in April
                    “Grossman’s Cottages
                                           The camp introduces students to a number of team based challenging
                                           activities, and the theme of the camp is together we make a difference.

                                           Activities include mini golf, maze, coastal walks, vertical challenge, crate
                                           climb, Anglesea lighthouse, waterfalls, beach games and night activities.

                                           Staff: 3 (CC, HRT, + 1 external OEd)
                                           Cost: $3,745

           6        Wilson’s Promontory    Duration: 3 days in September

                                           During the camp students will be given the opportunity to build their
                                           confidence in a variety of Outdoor pursuits. These include: Canoeing, tent
                                           building, raft building, Mount Oberon hike, team challenge, spotlight and a
                                           range destination visits.

                                           Students are given the option to sleep in tents which they construct
                                           themselves with the help of their peers. They also enjoy purchasing their own
                                           food to cook for lunch using the schools camp cookers.

                                           Staff: 3 (CC, HRT, + 1 external OEd)
                                           Cost: $4,330

           7         Torquay               Duration: 3 days in HR groups (7 camps). 7 weeks in Term 1
                    “Grossman’s Cottages
                                           Activities are orientation based with a coastal theme. They include, marine
                                           studies, surfing, swimming, snorkelling, coastal walks, beach games and
                                           night activities. Self-confidence is further enhanced through the completion
                                           of team building activities. Throughout the week students are constantly
                                           encouraged to step outside their comfort zone.

                                           Staff: 3 (CC, HRT, + 1 external OEd)
                                           Cost: $34,760

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                     PAGE 6
CAMPS REVIEW 2016 - De La Salle College
De La Salle College, Malvern

           8         Phillip Island      Duration:3 days in HR groups (4 camps; 2 groups at a time) Aug, Sept, Oct
                                         The students are given the opportunity to build their confidence in a variety
                                         of outdoor pursuits, namely: Sea Kayaking, Chartered Fishing, raft making,
                                         mini golf and maze, surfing, night activities and environmental awareness.

                                         Staff: (CC, 2xHRT’s + 2 external OEd) for each camp
                                         Cost: $51,540

           9         Howqua              Duration: 4 days 3 or 4 HR groups tied to Lasallian Service in June
                                                   4 days 3 or 4 HR groups tied to Lasallian Service in

                                         During the camp students will have the opportunity to build confidence and
                                         self-esteem in each of the following: Archery, Horse Riding, Flying Fox, High
                                         and Low Ropes, Survivor Challenge, Water slide, Tubing, and Orienteering.
                                         All activities take place at the Camp Howqua property.

                                         Staff: (CC, 4xHRT’s + 2 external OEd)
                                         Cost: $65,000 when including buses

       Current Year 10-12 Interstate and Overseas Trips at De La Salle

        Year Level       Venue                  Overview

                                                Adventure experience
               10        Queenstown NZ
                                                40 boys, 4 staff
                                                6 days
                                                June/July holidays
                                                Cost: $2250 per student
                                                Selection: Based on interest and good conduct

                                                Language Immersion
           10-12         Italy
                                                Up to 15 students, 3 staff
                                                17 days (1 week of school time)
                                                Planned for Sept 2016, postponed until Sept 2017
                                                Cost: $ 6400 per student
                                                Selection: Based on language study and good conduct

                                                Language Immersion
           10-12         France
                                                Up to 15 students, 3 staff
                                                17 days (1 week of school time)
                                                Planned for Sept 2016, postponed until Sept 2017
                                                Cost: $ 6400 per student
                                                Selection: Based on language study and good conduct

                                                Cultural Exchange – Social Justice focus
            9/10         Philippines
                                                16 students, 3 staff
                                                16 days (1 week of school time)
                                                Biennial. Sept/Oct 2016
                                                Cost: $ 1400 per student
                                                Selection: Based on hosting a student in Aust. and good conduct

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                   PAGE 7
De La Salle College, Malvern

                                School Improvement Program – Social Justice focus
            11      PNG
                                14 students, 3 staff
                                12 days (1 week of school time)
                                Annual. Sept 2016
                                Cost: $ 1400 per student
                                Selection: Based on interest and good conduct

                                “Coolies” Program – Social Justice focus
            12      India
                                20 students, 3 staff
                                32 days (students finished, staff miss last 3 weeks of school)
                                Annual. Nov/Dec
                                Cost: $ 2600 per student
                                Selection: Based on interest and good conduct

                                School Improvement Program – Social Justice focus
          12 VCAL   Balgo NT
                                10 students, 3 staff
                                8 days (1 week of school time)
                                Annual. Sept 2016
                                Cost: $ 750 per student
                                Selection: Based on interest and good conduct

                                Cricket Tour
           9-11     Sri Lanka
                                15 students, 3 staff, open to parents
                                13 days
                                April holidays, 2017
                                Cost: $5000 per student
                                Selection: Based on interest, ability and good conduct

                                1st XI Cricket Tour
           10-12    Adelaide
                                15 students, 3 staff,
                                4 days
                                Biennial. (students finished, staff miss 2 days of school)
                                Cost: $250 per student
                                Selection: Based on ability and good conduct

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                PAGE 8
De La Salle College, Malvern

 Staff Consultation: Year 4 – 9 Camps Program

 (Highest ranked responses)

 Strengths                                                        Weaknesses

       Safe environment                                                Purpose
       Social/Emotional skills                                         Too many beach based activities. Maybe need for more
       Year 7 – great friendship formation. One at a time is            bush based activities (ratio & qualified)
        ideal                                                           Camps need stronger goals and objectives
       Year 9 camp- Good opportunities for boys to work in             Too similar to Year 7 camps
        groups and experience a range of activities not                 Year 9 Camps – More challenging. eg. Survival camp,
        usually experienced.                                             organising food, cooking it.
       Funded via school fees                                          Lack of outdoor education camps/activities/staff
       Build relationships b/w staff and students

 Opportunities                                                    Threats

       Curriculum to link in with life skills                          Needs to be given a context. Often our camps are
       Duke of Edinburgh Program provides many                          isolated, one off events and not within a broader theme.
        opportunities for personal growth                                eg. Sustainability
       Progression between year levels                                 Costs
       We could build on a theme from Years 4 – 9, focus               Venues
        on resilience & problem solving                                 OHS
       Opportunities for other teachers to attend not just the         Staffing expertise
        homeroom teachers                                               Risk assessment
       Need to plan their own camp – how to manage over                Financial – Parents may not be able to pay
        3 days. Learn self-sufficiency                                  Kids with special needs- safety factors, needs of an aid
       Map & survival skills – bush craft                              Medical issues
       Camps have a learning continuum – built up of skills            Expertise to build a structural program
        over time
       Activities could be reassessed in light of the new
       With the new program itself, chance to improve the
        overall relevance & educational / social / emotional
        benefits of a camp

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                        PAGE 9
De La Salle College, Malvern

 Staff Consultation 2: Year 10 – 12 Interstate and Overseas Trips

 Strengths                                                        Opportunities

        Coolies / PNG                                            LEARNING
        Adelaide Trip (ACC Cricket)
        Travelling sporting teams a positive                           China – emerging trend
        Music tours - to interstate – allow 50 to go rather            Perhaps Italy and France could alternate
         than an overseas limitation                                    Link trips more closely to our curriculum
        Balgo                                                          Link immersion subjects to trips
        Ski trip/New Zealand                                           Link Year 9 to another city experience in Canberra or
 STAFF                                                                  Language Exchange students
                                                                        French/Italian rips should encompass 20th History
        Staffing based on transparent process                          Science / Environmental
        Willingness of staff to become involved                        History – Europe -> ANZAC Cove, Kokoda (link to
        Opportunity for all staff to participate                        curriculum)
                                                                        Target maths & science ie. Attend conventions etc
                                                                        Consider Year 9 program “trek or urban” for a month
                                                                        Tech based tours – facilities / experiences
        Offer a variety of experiences
        Language tours – immersion into language & culture       LASALLIAN
         and continuation of academic learning
        Skills that can be transferred to life
        Students given opportunities to experience other               Capitalise on out Lasallian Network
         cultures (Italy/France)                                        We are not doing a lot with other Lasallian schools
        Wide variety, different programs for different boys            Possibility of cultural interchange with Lasallian schools in
         with different ability and interests                            NZ – Maori culture
        Language immersion tours                                       Lasallian Foundation Options -> holiday, post school
        Different focuses – sport, spiritual, cultural                 Need to better link these trips to “live, learn, lead” &
                                                                         better connection – vision/mission & 5 Lasallian Principles
                                                                  OUTDOOR EDUCATION
        Represents many departments
        Work well when we offer them                                   Interchange between Year 10 camp -> survival camp
        Choosing right sort of students to go (on overseas             One direction walks – Tasmania * enduring experience
         trips) and realistic numbers.                                  Outdoor education programs
        Selection process of students                                  Outdoor Ed that is really challenging
        Money is not an issue for a great majority                     INDIGINOUS
                                                                        Central Australia: we should open our boy’s eyes to this.
                                                                        Another indigenous program WA & NT
                                                                        Indigenous immersion for all students
                                                                        OTHER
        Lasallian opportunity -/Social Justice is something to         What’s out there? -> Campus in another country
         be proud of                                                    Year 10 students missing out on NZ -> should bring back
        Lasallian Network                                               Nrth QLD trip
        Manila/India -> Lasallian family/partners to tap into,         Other options at the same time as PNG/India ->
         fundraising marries with student experiences. Money             Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
         is paid to worthwhile projects.                                More interstate opportunities
        Beneficial/Social Justice care part of some activities         Doubling size of group so more students could go
        Coolies well executed

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                          PAGE 10
De La Salle College, Malvern

 Threats                                                             Weaknesses Cont.

 EXTERNAL FACTORS                                                    STAFF

        Safety / security issues                                           Risk Assessment for PNG – staff expertise
        War / Terrorism threats                                            Staff have to give up holidays (little appreciation, no day
        Virus / diseases threats eg Zika                                    in lieu, no monetary rewards or compensation)
        Political instability in places like PNG                           Staff attending France/Italy – do we support staff who are
        Natural disasters                                                   engaged in this? (time, resources, time in lieu)
        France -> due to ‘State of Emergency’                              Co-curricula / curricula – is the line clear. Supportive of
        CURRICULA ISSUES                                                    contributors of all - does a point system solve this
        Timetable constraints                                              In some cases, lack of support for the person organising
        Time out of curriculum                                             Possible gender imbalance – could be that both sexes
        Catching up on busy curriculum                                      don’t apply. Criteria selection might need to be more
 STAFF                                                                      Too many people overseeing trips. Inconsistency in
                                                                             paper work. Need consistent person to oversee admin
                                                                             of paperwork. (Otherwise could threaten people’s desire
        Staff availability/support/responsibility                           to put hand up for trips)
        Lack of experience – Teachers with culture trips etc               Dependence on holiday time -> staff time / burnout
        Not recognised as much as what it should be in                     Similar staff / limited staff to trips
         terms of commitment and responsibility of students
         when overseas. (There are no Junket trips) Awarding
         of co-curricula points

 OTHER                                                                      Could be a little ‘elitist’ – limited opportunities for some
                                                                            How well do we cater for less financially well-off?
                                                                            Limited to those who can afford it. Some students may
        Camp house with Australian excursion requirements                   never get a chance.
         may create significant issues for India and PNG                    Cost
        Paperwork
        Financial position of families

                                                                            Why is there no Year 10 Camp?
                                                                            Limited to student numbers
 Weaknesses                                                                 Should interstate be available to 7, 8 or 9?
                                                                            Who is keeping track of which students go and which
                                                                             miss out? Students have doubled up in the past.
                                                                            All students who apply, and meet criteria should be
                                                                             allowed to attend – not restricting numbers
        New Zealand Trip – spread a bit thin, Offered to small             Should the interview process be the only method for
         specific groups, 6 days in NZ is $2,250 is this flexible            being selected? Some boys can’t ‘sell themselves’ but
        PNG -> safety                                                       are good students & solid workers.
        Why are we going to Sri Lanka -> should not be
         subsided                                                    OTHER
        Balgo only offered to VCAL
        PNG only offers places to males
        Ski Trip – doesn’t see to have cultural link / or social           Should be tied in with policy -> meaningful experience
         justice / or De La Salle family                                    Don’t engage in Australian Culture ie. Indigenous
        Currently PNG – large numbers apply -> numbers are                 Overseas trips are not offered regularly
        Length of trips for people (Coolies now back before
        Is there opportunities for preparation for trip &
         understanding of community you are travelling to.
        Have variety of tasks – too much building.
        Cricket tours – are they just playing cricket or are they
         doing other things?
        Something accessible to all Year 10’s
        We don’t have outdoor Ed programs

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                               PAGE 11
De La Salle College, Malvern

       Parent Survey
       Parents Survey conducted in May 2016   Survey responses collected: 254

       Response split

       Results to ‘Camps at De La Salle…’ questions

                                                                            *See Appendix 1 for parent comments

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                 PAGE 12
De La Salle College, Malvern


       De La Salle College
       Outdoor Education Experiences 2017 – 2019


       De La Salle recognises that experiential learning outside the classroom are important requirements in 21st Century
       education. The Outdoor Education Experience Program aims to provide both an educational and recreational experience
       that is challenging, stimulating and engaging building the keystones of developing strong relationships with peers and staff,
       fostering strong leadership skills and effective communication.

       The aim of these camps is to provide opportunities for all students at the College to be able to Learn, Live and Lead in an
       environment that optimises student involvement with student safety of paramount importance

       These proposals are developed on the understanding that the current Camp budget is not adequate to accommodate an
       acceptable Camp Program that fosters a myriad of skills and learning opportunities. Therefore each proposal assumes
       that there will be an increase in the Camp budget to recognise the need to create a program that builds upon the initial
       focus planned prior to these suggestions with additional 21st Century life and survival skills.

       Year 4 (based on 22 Students)
       Current (2016):
       3 Day, 2 Nights   - Camp at Phillip Island
       Focus:              Transition, Team Work, Wildlife, Rock Pooling, National Parks Exploration
       Time of Year:       Term 4
       Current Cost:       $85 pp approximately $2000 with petrol and incidentals

       It is proposed that there be a change to the Camp venue and time of year for these students who are transitioning to a
       new school. They are all new to De La Salle and to support their transition and provide opportunities to make stronger
       and quicker networks it is preferred that these students attend a 3 Day, 2 Nights Camp at Torquay in Term 1 Week 8. This
       enables the Camp Coordinator to run the Year 7 Camps prior to this event and gives the Year 4 students almost a full term
       to explore new friendships and work together in class. If Term 1 Week 4 was available this would be the optimum time
       but anywhere in second half of Term 1 is opportune. This Camp is used for Year 7 therefore there is enough time between
       Year 4 and Year 7 to keep it as a repeat adventure.

       Proposed (2017 onwards):
       3 Day, 2 Nights - Camp at Torquay
       Focus:            Transition, Team Work, Water Safety, Friendship
       Time of Year:     Term 1
       Current Cost:     $185 pp approximately $4000 with petrol and incidentals

       Proposed Year 4 Itinerary: See Appendix 2

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                             PAGE 13
De La Salle College, Malvern

       Year 5 (based on 26 students)
       Current (2016):
       3 Day, 2 Nights   - Camp at Torquay
       Focus:              Transition, Beach Experience, Water Safety
       Time of Year:       Term 2
       Current Cost:       $160 pp approximately $4000 with petrol and incidentals

       It is proposed that there be a change to the Camp venue and time of year. This will support the new Year 5 students to
       integrate into this group. The skills of resilience and friendships are important to continue to build upon together with
       integrating these goals with the curriculum. These links will help to create a learning experience and opportunity to study
       Australian History in a ‘hands on’ context, an optimal educational environment. It is preferred that these students attend
       a 3 Day, 2 Nights Camp at Sovereign Hill in the first half of Term 1 or in Term 2 Week 2 or Week 3 to compliment the
       College Camps Program.

       Proposed (2017 onwards):
       3 Day, 2 Nights - Camp at Sovereign Hill
       Focus:            Transition, Resilience, Networking, Team Building, Goldfields & Australian History
       Time of Year:     Early Term 1 or early Term 2
       Current Cost:     $180 pp approximately $4700 with petrol and incidentals

       Activities available and simple plan for Year 5 Itinerary: See Appendix 3

       Year 6 (based on 28 students)
       Current (2016):
       3 Day, 2 Nights   - Camp at Wilson’s Promontory
       Focus:              Leadership, Hiking, Endurance, Outdoor Education
       Time of Year:       Term 4
       Current Cost:       $170 pp approximately $4500 with petrol and incidentals

       It is proposed that there be a change to the Camp venue and time of year. This will support the development of Leadership
       and engage the small number of new Year 6 students supporting them to transition into a well-established class. This
       Camp offers a true difference in prior experiences where students partake in the Glamping and Expedition program. This
       would provide one night in a fully facilitated upmarket style tent Village. The second day students would set off with packs
       on a walk into Mount Coal State Forest to set up camp in a designated Forest area for the second night. Students would
       set up in the ‘great outdoors’, learn how to cook and after 2017 be exposed to an indigenous program that includes visits
       from Elders. This Camp is fully facilitated from La Trobe Bendigo where the activities focus on fun, survival, teamwork,
       personal pursuits and also underpin an educational focus through the cross curricula priorities of Aboriginal and Torres
       Strait Islander histories and cultures and sustainability.

       It is preferred that these students attend a 3 Day, 2 Nights Camp at Cave Hill Creek in the first half of Term 1 or in Term 2
       Week 2 or Week 3 to compliment the College Camps Program.

       Proposed (2017 onwards):
       3 Day, 2 Nights - Camp at Cave Hill Creek
       Focus:            Leadership, Endurance, Outdoor Education, Problem Solving, Resilience, Independence, challenges
       Time of Year:     Early Term 1 or early Term 2
       Current Cost:     $280 pp approximately $8000 with petrol and incidentals

       Activities and suggested ideas for Year 6 Itinerary: See Appendix 4

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                             PAGE 14
De La Salle College, Malvern

       Year 7
       3 Day Camp at Torquay – Focus Surfing, Snorkelling, Marine Education, Team Building Games, Surf Coast Walk
       Run over 7 weeks in Term 1.

       3 Day Camp at Torquay
       6 weeks in Term 1 2017.

       It is proposed that there should be no change made to the Year 7 Camp structure. Feedback from parents, students and
       staff was that the Term 1 Homeroom camps were pivotal to fostering friendships and building a relationship with the Mentor
       Teacher. However due to constraints relating to running seven weeks of camps across other College events the
       recommendation is to run three camps, two groups at a time.

       The camp program will continue to focus on being a supportive one that helps assist students to achieve desired outcomes
       and motivates those that are struggling. “Fun” water-based activities like surfing, snorkelling and team building games were
       deemed developmentally appropriate and seasonally fitting. The length of the camp was also considered adequate and
       seemed reasonable within the tight OED budget.

       Year 7 Total Costs (2016)                                                                       $34,760
       Year 7 Total Costs (2017)                                                                       $35,000
       Proposed Revised Budget (2017)         (given one less stream)                                  $29,000
       Proposed Year 7 Itinerary: See Appendix 5

       Year 8
       4 Day Camp at Phillip Island – focus Surfing, Fishing, Canoeing, Raft, Games.
       Run over 4 weeks in Terms 3 and 4.

       4 Day Camp at Phillip Island – focus shift to Hike/Camp craft, Canoeing, Raft/Team build, Fish & Cook,
       Nobbies/Sustainability walk.
       Run over 4 weeks in Term 3 and 4.

       It is proposed to have a Year 8 camp program that instils teamwork skills, camp craft, logic, and group work initiatives.
       Year 8’s should learn life skills like: how to fish; how to scale, gut and cook the fish; canoeing; reasoning and team
       strengthening skills during raft-building; essential camp skills; and learn of environmental issues. Further strengthening of
       friendships is also a crucial aspect of their time away on Year 8 camp.

       It is hoped that certain activities will remove students from their comfort zones. It was deemed appropriate to tailor a
       program that gives them a greater sense of what they will be doing at Year 9 the following year. Removing surfing and
       replacing it with a half-day hike and overnight camp-out will better prepare students for the following year. Canoeing should
       be retained given the Year 9 Focus the year after.

       It is imperative to work within the constraints of a 40k budget without having to jeopardise the quality or the length of the
       program. We believe Phillip Island can continue to provide an appropriate venue for this brief although other coastal areas
       could be explored. The committee recognise that running four Year 8 camps over 4 weeks places significant strain on
       human resources and causes clashes the ACC and Immersion Program as well as other College events. The committee
       suggests ongoing review of the Year 8 Camp Program by the Camps and Overseas Camps Committee to address these

       Year 8 Total Costs (2016)                                                                          $51,538
       Proposed Revised Budget (2017)                                                                     $40,000

       Proposed Year 8 Itinerary: See Appendix 6

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                             PAGE 15
De La Salle College, Malvern

       Year 9
                 4 Day Howqua Camp – focus on team building and recreational activities, including Horse Riding, Waterslide,
                  Flying Fox, High Ropes, Low Ropes, Archery, River Tubing, Commando Course. Accommodated in cabins.
                 Pitched at an Upper Primary - Year 7 Level.
                 Run over 2 weeks (half year level at a time) during Term 2 and Term 4.
                 Facilitated by Camp Howqua staff & DLS Water Qualified Staff.
                 Required Ratio of 1 DLS Staff: 10 students. (Total 22 staff)

                 5 Day Camp at Snowy River and surrounds – with a focus shift from Outdoor Recreation to Outdoor Education.
                  Safe, suitably challenging activities that ask students to remain positive in the face of adversity. Activities will
                  include (but not limited to) raft building and rafting, canoeing, hiking, biking, and GPS Navigation. The program
                  will be consistent across the cohort ran at isolated locations. Pitched at a Year 9 Level.
                 Run over 1 week (entire year level at a time) during Term 4.
                 Facilitated by Outward Bound Outdoor Education.
                 Required Ratio of 1 DLS staff : 15 students (Total 14 staff)

       Based on the Year 9 Review Committee’s recommendation (2015) it was decided that the College explores a new direction
       with our Year 9’s to better align the program with educational outcomes. It was decided that as part of a staged rollout of
       the Year 9 In9uiry Program the Semester focus of a rural experience would:

                 Have students engaged in a one week rural experience that is challenging, stimulating, educational and thought-
                 Have a higher emphasis on outdoor education rather than predominantly focusing on outdoor recreation
                 Be made up of purposeful, challenging, relevant educational activities
                 Have curriculum related activities in the lead up to the camp that promote a more active and self-directed
                  element to their experience.

       After presentations from three external providers Outdoor Education Group (OEG), Outward Bound and Bindaree
       Outdoor Education it was ascertained that a 5-day program would cost in the order of $120-160k and a 4-day program
       in the order of $100-110k.

       In order to achieve the objectives of the rural component of the In9uiry program a 5-day camp is recommended.

       It is suggested that the whole year level would complete this expedition in the same week. The appropriate timing of this
       camp would be early Term 4 which would allow for a comprehensive educational component to complement their
       learning in the lead-up to the camp, and a thorough reflection/self-assessment upon return.

       It is thought that a 5 day experience facilitated by Outward Bound as the provider will best meet our desired learning
       outcomes. They will tailor a program that:
                 Increases awareness of self and others
                 Provide a better understanding of students potential
                 develop an appreciation for the natural environment
                 enhanced independent living skills and resilience building
                 take positive, challenging experiences back to the school environment
                 allows expeditions that will adequately accommodate assessment of the Duke of Edinburgh Award
                 suitably works within national risk-assessment guidelines

       A 5-day program (over a 4 day option) will ensure:

                 a more diverse range of activities to be experienced, including rafting (not part of the 4-day program)
                 students are provided with a second over-night expedition (away from their base camp)
                 the week maximises the students time away given the extensive half-day travel time both to and from

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                               PAGE 16
De La Salle College, Malvern

               the camp allows for the Duke of Edinburgh to be assessed within the mandated guidelines (NB. practice and
                assessed expeditions must have at least 24 hours between expeditions)
               the preparatory educational component in the lead up to the camp will contain more substance

       If budget constraints prevent this from being possible it would then be proposed that we revert to a 4-day program
       facilitated by Bindaree Outdoor Education at Lake Eildon and surrounds. Students will still engage in challenging activities
       but not have the full benefits of the 5 day rural experience as outlined above.

       Year 9 Total Costs (2016)                                                                         $65,000
       Proposed Revised Budget (2017)                                                                   $130,000 (5 day) or
                                                                                                        $101,000 (4 day)
       Proposed Year 9 Itinerary: See Appendix 7

                                       Budget Summary Year 4 – 9 Camps

                                                  Proposed Camp Budget 2017
                                                       Year 4 – 9 Camps
                       Year 4                         $4,400                Includes petrol and incidentals
                       Year 5                         $4,700                Includes petrol and incidentals
                       Year 6                         $8,800                Includes petrol and incidentals
                       Year 7                        $29,000                          6 Camps
                       Year 8                        $40,000
                       Year 9                       $130,000                          5 Day Camp
                       TOTAL                        $216,900

                                             College Budget                         $225,100
                                             Proposed 2017 camp cost                $216,900
                                             Surplus                                  $8,200

       Years 10 – 12 Interstate and Overseas Trips

       Current opportunities for students are very much supported by the group, in particular those that have Lasallian
       connections and links with social justice. Staff organising and taking part in trips are making a huge commitment to the
       College in terms of time and energy, often having an impact on family life especially when trips are planned during school

       The Committee identified a lack of an overall co-ordinated plan for trips. All trips should go through some sort of approval
       process before in depth planning begins. The process of risk assessment is essential. Emphasis should be placed creating
       a balanced set of trip opportunities across the areas of social justice, sport/adventure and culture.

       Camps and Overseas Trips Committee.

       This representative committee of staff will be chaired by the DLD – Experiential Learning and oversee all arrangements for
       the approval and conduct of international trips. The Camps and Overseas Trips Committee (COTC) will write a three year
       Strategic Plan detailing which international trips will be offered across the three categories. The COTC will grant pre-
       approval subject to all CEM guidelines for international trips being met. Final proposals for each trip will need to go through
       the COTC before getting passed on to the College Executive. Students nominated for these trips need to meet the
       following expectations:

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                              PAGE 17
De La Salle College, Malvern

               All school fees are paid
               Behavioural (both past classroom behaviour and expectations on camp behaviour)
               The College is aptly prepared to meet individual student medical needs.

       Social Justice Trips

           Year 10.
              Continue the biennial Philippines trip to Greenhills Manilla in 2018. See Appendix 8

           Year 11
              Continue PNG trip in the Term 3 holidays. See Appendix 9
              Camps Co-ordinator to investigate an alternative immersion experience to the PNG trip for 2018
              Continue the VCAL trip to Balgo Hills Indigenous Community, WA. See Appendix 10

           Year 12 Coolies
              Maintain trip to India in its current form. See Appendix 11

       Sport and Adventure Trips

           Year 10
               Continue to offer the NZ Adventure Experience in the Term 2 holidays. See Appendix 12
               For 2017, more local and/or shorter trips should also be considered as a lower cost alternative to the NZ trip.

       These trips are non-year level specific. They are based on staff and student interest and may not run annually. The COTC
       will determine the viability of these trips for each planning period. For example in 2017 the Sri Lanka Cricket Tour. See
       Appendix 13

       Links need to be developed with proposed introduction of Duke of Edinburgh scheme at Year 9. Clear pathways should
       be developed for students to progress through Gold level at Years 10-12 or beyond. This could possibly be established
       with a link to an outside agency or another school. Ideally students could complete Gold in Years 10, 11, or 12 (i.e. there
       is no requirement to do all levels before the end of Year 12).

       Cultural Trips

               These trips take the form of language tours (French and Italian) or other specific purpose academic tours.

               The CTOC will determine the viability of such tours based on CEM guidelines and the volatility of existing or
                predicted international conditions.

               Trips to Italy and France are currently suspended as a result of security concerns in Europe.

               Academic exchanges to Lasallian Colleges in Asia are potentially future opportunities.

               There are no current proposals for 2017. Italy and France to be reviewed for 2018.

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                            PAGE 18
De La Salle College, Malvern

       1.    The position of Camp Co-ordinator be retained and be offered as a two year Position of Responsibility within the
             College. Role description to be revised for 2017.

       2.    A Camp and Overseas Trip Committee be established for 2017 to oversee the planning and approval process for all
             camps and overseas tips at the College.

       3.    The philosophy underpinning outdoor learning be promoted across the College and embedded across the

       4.    The Camps Program 4 - 9 be delivered as follows: (See Findings section for specific detail)

             Year 4
                3 day camp at Torquay in Term 1 (Wednesday 15/2 – Friday 17/2)
                Focus on transition, team work, water safety

             Year 5
                3 day camp at Sovereign Hill
                Early Term 1 or 2 (Monday 6/3 – Wednesday 8/3)
                Curriculum focus with team-building skills

             Year 6
                3 day camp at Cave Hill Creek
                Term 4 (Wednesday October 18 – Friday October 20)
                Focus on leadership, outdoor education, problem solving and challenge

             Year 7
                No change to current activity structure at Torquay.
                3 day camp at Torquay. (Dates to be confirmed)
                One class per camp

             Year 8
                Retain Phillip Island as the preferred venue
                Shift the focus to camp craft, sustainability and team building skills.
                To be run over four weeks in Term 3 and 4 (Dates to be confirmed)
                Camps and Overseas Trips Committee to review Year 8 Camp for 2018.

             Year 9
                New five day camp in the Snowy River National Park, East Gippsland
                Shift the focus to outdoor education.
                Run over one week with the entire year level together (Monday 23/10 – Friday 27/10)
                To be facilitated by the Outward Bound organisation
                New four day camp at Eildon and surrounds
                Shift the focus to outdoor education
                Run over the one week with the entire year level together (Monday 23/10 – Friday 27/10)
                To be facilitated by Bindaree

       5.    The Camps Program 4-9 be reviewed every three years.

       6.    The College maintain its existing funding level for camps as part of the College budget.

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                          PAGE 19
De La Salle College, Malvern

       7.   An annual camp levy to be considered by the College Finance Committee in the future for Years 4 – 9 camps, to
            supplement any shortfall in the annual College camps budget.

       8.   Identify all Year 4-9 camp staff required prior to the commencement of the school year.

       9.   Maximize involvement by DLS College staff and use CRT’s as a “last resort” option.

     10.    Ensure thorough preparation and staff information is provided at the Collage prior to the commencement of each

     11.    Camps and overseas trips for Year 10 -12 students continue to be offered on a user pays basis, pending approval
            from the Business Manager.

     12.    Expanded camp opportunities be developed for Year 10 students in the Term 2 holiday period

     13.    The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Gold Level expedition component be developed as an optional Year 10 - 12
            experience in a suitable holiday period.

     14.    The Year 11 PNG trip continue to be offered.

     15.    An alternative Year 11 immersion experience be developed for 2018.

     16.    The Year 12 "Coolies" India trip continue in its current form.

     17.    The Year 10 -12 camps and overseas trips program be reviewed every three years (or sooner if international conditions

     18.    That Risk Assessment for each camp and overseas trip be given the highest priority by trip organisers

     19.    Risk Assessment for each camp be reviewed at the conclusion of the camp in preparation for the next cycle of that
            camp program.

     20.    That the process for undertaking Risk Assessment is reviewed annually and communicated to all staff and the wider
            College community.

     21.    Communication to parents and students of optional camp opportunities be improved to ensure all students are given
            adequate notice of the options available.

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                          PAGE 20
De La Salle College, Malvern


       1. Parent Survey Comments

        More camps for Years 9 & 10, a time where the boys I believe, would benefit even more so from having the above
        attributes reinforced.

        Give all students an opportunity to attend camps/excursions. My son is not being given the opportunity to go to
        New Zealand this year. Only a select few (the chosen ones) are going.

        Actually have a camp would be a nice change!

        Happy with camp programs

        Not enough camps offered, very disappointing! My son has attend 1 he's now year 11

        With a child that thrives on new experiences outside of the family unit i would support longer durations of camp (I
        think grade 4 is only 2 nights), and if possible explore opportunities for additional camps over school holidays. At our
        previous school there was a regional camp were certain children were selected from neighbouring schools to
        attend, great opportunity to meet and collaborate and learn from each other.

        No camps were offered (or if offered not communicated to parents) in Year 10, 11 or 12.

        These are my sons' thoughts.

        My Son thought that he learnt and did different things each camp which was great. Jan Jac was the worst and a
        very run down place to stay.

        Camps should go for a week and be full with activities and confidence building leaders / activities and groups.

        Year 9 students should go on a two / three week camp, considering De La does not have a separate campus
        something to build on relationships, opportunities including away from home skills.

        The older you get the camps should be more structured yet fun.

        Maybe consider going interstate like Ayers Rock, Canberra, Skiing, Queensland, Survival camps. My son is currently
        in Year 10 and said the Year 5 camp was the best out of all the camps he has been on.

        Compulsory camps for older years after year 9

        More/variety of Camps in offer in Yr 10.
        Yr 6 camp far too short given the travel time. A longer or closer camp.
        Yr 7 camp was poorly resourced- no balls etc for the boys to kick around. Activities were good overall.

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                            PAGE 21
De La Salle College, Malvern

        I think with the senior boys that perhaps only 2 nights away from home could be a bit short to fully learn and grow
        from the experience.

        We are new to the school from Qld so I am unsure of the program at DLS. We have previously experienced a
        progressive camp system for primary school which has been very successful for the children and well received by
        parents due to its incremental nature. It was 1 night away for grade 3, increasing an additional night by year level
        (I.e. 2 nights for grade 4 etc). Therefore grade 6 would have 4 nights away. Such a large trip was to Canberra to
        learn about the nations capital, government, war memorial, etc. In grade 5 he was able to go caving, snorkelling,
        turtle hatching along the coast for 3 nights. I hope that DLS provides a great educational experience for their last
        primary school camp. Being the last I think I should be special and reflect their status as seniors.

        Would like to see more camps offered. My boys are now in yr 11 and we have been disappointed in the camps
        offered during their time at De La.

        Year 7 & 8 at Jan Juc were pretty ordinary camps. Year 9 at Howqua was an enjoyable experience. But then we
        were disappointed that that there was only the New Zealand Camp on offer in year 10.

        I would like see greater opportunities for camps/trips as part of the school experience. My son is now in Yr 12 and
        his camp experience has been limited to Yr 7-9.Suggested camps would be Canberra,Central Australia,Outdoor
        Education .I hope that greater opportunities can be created as I feel disappointed that there has not been more to

        I am really disappointed that there is no trip to Italy this year. Other parents that I have spoken to from other schools
        tell me that their overseas trips are still going ahead!! We felt my son was to young to go in year 9 and advised him
        to wait for year 11 only to reach year 11 and now devastated there is no trip. My other two children have been on
        exchange to Italy and both had a wonderful time, and a life changing experience. I really think this is one area that
        lets the school down. I believe the trip should be offered by the school at the discursion of the parents. Terrorism is
        a threat everywhere including Australia. I'm sure families can decide together if it is right for their child as they see fit
        at the time. I hope the school reconsiders.

        More challenging offerings at Yr 9 and 10 level, with an element of choice - so boys can select a type of experience
        that appeals to them.

        Just a little more notice on venue and activity. Potentially we would like to as a family stay for the weekend as an
        extension after the camp. Also a notice on the safety planning on events, we notice a camp in Warrnambool where
        a group of kids was caught in a rip on canoes.

        I don't know if there are any camps in year 10 but the year 9 Howqua camp was the best my son has attended so

        My son did not attend the NZ ski trip/camp in Year 10. It was not made clear that this OS camp which was not
        mandatory but by personal choice, was to be the only camp experience for the Year 10s. There were some single
        day enrichment retreats from memory which were pastorally focused, but only of day duration. In Year 11, the camp
        intention has not been made clear, at this stage of Term 2. Better communication (a rarity for DLS whose parent
        communication is of an extremely admirable standard) would be appreciated for 2016, and would have been
        appreciated for 2015.

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                                  PAGE 22
De La Salle College, Malvern

       2. Proposed Year 4 Camp Itinerary:

       3. Proposed Year 5 Camp Itinerary:
       This is a very simple example of a plan. There are a number of education activities that will be added if this Camp is

                       Day 1                                   Day 2                                  Day 3

        Leave DLS & Arrive SH at
                                                                                       Last chance for exploring
        12:00pm                                 Sovereign Hill Activities on site
                                                                                       Sovereign Hill

                                                Attend some of the free activities
                                                including sweet making, candle
        Camp Rules, Tour & Setup                making and gold panning, Red           Lunch at Café and Games
                                                Coats, Gun Powder Demonstration,
                                                Theatre Performance etc

        Entrance into Sovereign Hill –
                                                Attend School Group Education
        exploration of the site 2 – 5pm                                                Bus back to school by 3:00pm
                                                Session TBC

        5:30 Dinner on site
                                                5:30 Dinner on site

                                                Hire Quarter Masters Room for
        8:00 Blood On Southern Cross            Activities

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                       PAGE 23
De La Salle College, Malvern

       4. Proposed Year 6 Camp Itinerary:
       Ideas provided by Cave Hill Creek. Specific itinerary will be planned once dates are set. This will include one day on site
       in Glamping space and one day and night outdoors that includes camping in the Rainforest.

       5. Proposed Year 7 Camp Itinerary:

       6. Proposed Year 8 Camp Itinerary:

       Note: This program could be condensed into 3 days to enable back to back camps over the week

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                           PAGE 24
De La Salle College, Malvern

       7. Costings & Proposed 2017 Year 9 Camp Itinerary:
                                              Staff :   Cost 5 day     Cost 4 day    Duke-Ed     2017           Activities
        Provider    Proposed Program          Student   Program        Program       Component   Availability   on Day 1
                                                                                                 Term 4         & Day 4

        Outdoor     Journey based                       $136,800       $105,000
        Education                             1:14                                   Yes         No             Unclear
        Group (3)   canoe/hike. Most
                                                        (with 3 year   (self-cater
                    professional company –                                                       (Must be
                                                        lock in)       1.5 days)
                    concern that cost will                                                       Term 3)
                    escalate over the time.

        Outward     Cave/Abseil/Climb/Raft/                            $104,000      Yes*
        Bound (2)                             1:18*     $ 130,00.00                              Yes            No
                    Hike Most appealing
                    program (inconsistent                                            (but will
                    exhibitions). Concern                                            impact
                    about Vacant Day 1 &                                             ratios)
                    Day 4 and Duke of Ed.

        Bindaree    Neat program entailing                             $101,000
        Outdoor                               1:15      $145,000                     Unclear     Yes            Yes
        Education   Raft Build/Canoe/Bike/
                                                        ( self-cater   (self-cater
        (1)         GPS Navigation
                                                                       1.5 days)
                    (consistent program at              1.5 days)
                    different locations)

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                     PAGE 25
De La Salle College, Malvern

       8. Proposed Philippines Trip Itinerary:

        Date                Activity

        Day One             Departure from Melbourne late evening

        Day Two             Arrive Manila mid-afternoon. Travel to La Salle

                            Green Hills and boys introduced to host families

        Day Three           Time with host families

        Day Four            Time with host families

        Day Five            Orientation and Classes at La Salle Green Hills

        Day Six             City Tour and museums                              Visit; old walled city, Manila
                                                                                Arts precinct.
                                                                                Waterfront and Privately
                                                                               owned museum detailing the
                                                                               culture and arts of the
        Day Seven           Visit Gawad Kalinga or ANCOP

        Day Eight           Visit Jiamie Hilario School                        Overnight stay

        Day Nine            Jiamie Hilario School return to Manilla

        Day Ten             Time with host families

        Day Eleven          Time with host families

        Day Twelve          Visit an Lasallian school either Zobel or one of

                            the Lasallian Universities

        Day Thirteen         Classes and activities at La Salle Green Hills

        Day Fourteen        Visit Kuya centre or ‘Outreach’ program

        Day Fifteen         Preparations and Farewell dinner

        Day Sixteen         Depart for Melbourne

        Day Seventeen       Arrive in Melbourne

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                               PAGE 26
De La Salle College, Malvern

       9. Proposed Year 11 PNG Trip Itinerary:

       Day One: (Nationals celebrating Independence Day, Long Weekend)
           o Students arrive in Port Moresby and are met by welcome party.
           o Travel to shopping compound to purchase phone, sim card and bottled water.
           o Travel to DLS Bomana and settle into Keaga House.

       Day Two: (Public Holiday)
           o 8:00am Tour of College and identify work site.
           o Start work, half day of work then travel to Port Moresby and view Independent Day Celebrations.

       Day Three:
           o PNG Students start back and we are presented to the school.
           o Start work, only one break for the day.
           o Lunch 12:00 – 1:00pm.
           o Have Tea, students have own time in the compound and then bed 10:30pm.

       Day four:
           o Work all day.
           o Note: As materials are required a staff member or lay person, two students and PNG Nationals as security will
                travel into Port Moresby to purchase hardware.

       Day Five:
           o Work all Day then Football clinic with PNG AFL Squad.

       Day Six:
           o Work most of the day.
           o Boys will be special guests at School Assembly and Mass, they will present school gifts in the sacrificial offering.
           o At the end of the day there will be a trip into Port Moresby to the Shopping Centre Compound.

       Day Seven:
           o Work half day.
           o Lunch, then travel to Owers Corner southern end of the Kokoda Track, 61km by road North East of Port

       Day Eight:
           o Work half day.
           o Lunch - a BBQ at a beach side village and a swim in the Coral Sea. Approx 70km South of Port Moresby.

       Day Nine:
               Work all day.

       Day Ten:
           o Work all day then trip to Shopping Centre Compound in Port Moresby.

       Day Eleven:
           o Work all day. - Work should be finished.
           o Football clinic organised with PNG AFL Squad.

       Day Twelve:
           o Work half day.
           o Clean and tidy work site, evaluate and reflect on work done.
           o Principal’s words of thanks.
           o PM: Shopping at Local Open Craft Market for souvenirs.
           o Back to Keaga House.
           o Pack up, clean up and prepare for early departure for home.

       Day Thirteen:
           o Wake up early, drive to airport, fly home.
           o Parents to meet boys at Melbourne Airport

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                          PAGE 27
De La Salle College, Malvern

       10. Proposed VCAL Balgo Hills Trip Itinerary:

                                    PROPOSED ITINERARY FOR TRIP TO
                                      LUURNPA CATHOLIC SCHOOL

                                                  BALGO HILLS WA

       DAY ONE
            Arrive by commercial flight at Alice Springs. Met by staff at airport.
            The group will travel in 3 4WD, 2 rentals and the other owned and driven by De La Salle staff member Tom Buick.
            Travel to Tilmouth Springs Road House.
            Evening meal and accommodation in pre booked cabins for the night at the Road House.

       DAY TWO
            Travel on the Tanami Track 4WD trip to Balgo Hills.
            Stop for lunch. Arrive at Luurnpa Catholic School.
            Settle into accommodation.

       DAY THREE
            Tour school – identify work sites. Start work as programmed.

       DAY FOUR
            Attend work sites. 3 x 2 hour sessions.
            1 hour lunch break

       DAY FIVE
             Attend work sites 2 x 2 hour sessions
             Afternoon travel to cultural site to view ancient rock art. Local elders to act as guides.

       DAY SIX
              Attend work sites. 2 x 2 hour sessions.
              Afternoon session travel with the elders as guides into the pound to view Old Balgo remains.

       DAY SEVEN
             Leave Balgo in 4WD vehicles to Tilmouth Springs. The vehicles and staff allocation will be as for the arrival on day
             Once again, stay the night in pre booked cabins at the Road House

       DAY EIGHT
             Drive to Alice Springs. Fly to Melbourne via commercial flight.
             Arrive Saturday afternoon.

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                           PAGE 28
De La Salle College, Malvern

       11. Proposed Year 12 Coolies Trip Itinerary:

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                           PAGE 29
De La Salle College, Malvern

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                         PAGE 30
De La Salle College, Malvern

       12. Proposed Year 10 New Zealand Trip Itinerary:

       26 June - 1 July 2016

                                                                       Day 1

         -       06:00       Parents to drop off students at Melbourne International airport and head to the Air New Zealand desk to check in
                             for your flight to Queenstown. There will be De La Salle staff at the 2 minute drop off point directing students to
                             the Air New Zealand desk to meet as a group.
             - 09:00         Depart Melbourne on Air New Zealand flight NZ864 direct to Queenstown
             - 14:15         Arrive into Queenstown, the adventure capitol of New Zealand!
             - 14:30         Clear security, grab your bags and meet your Haka representative who will be on hand to help with all of your trip
                             needs and enquiries
             - 14:45         Meet with your coach and transfer to your accommodation at Lakeview Holiday Park
                            Free time this afternoon to relax at your accommodation or take a short stroll into Queenstown
                            Head to Green Toad in town this afternoon to hire your soft gear which includes jacket, pants, gloves and goggles
             - 17:30         Enjoy an early dinner tonight at one of Haka's favourite restaurants!
             - 19:00         After dinner time to head back to Lakeview and get an early night, ready for tomorrow's big day on the slopes!

                                                                           - Day 2
             -   06.30       Wake up for breakfast
             -   07.30       Meet the coach and head up the mountain
             -   08:15       Arrive at The Remarkables ski resort and head up to the base building to collect your ski passes
             -   08:30       Get fitted with ski and snowboard gear
             -   09:00       Group ski lesson – 1.5 hours
             -   10:30       Free skiing
             -   12:30       Break for lunch (self-catered)
             -   13:30       Afternoon free skiing
             -   15:45       Finish up on the slopes and take all your gear back to the bus, you will be at a different mountain
             -   16.00       The coach will transfer you back to your accommodation
             -   16.45       Sometime before dinner to shower, warm up and relax
             -   17.45       Stroll into town for your evening meal at another of Queenstown's delightful establishments
             -   19:30       Enjoy some free time after dinner, there's heaps to see and do in Queenstown, check out the Odyssey Sensory
                             Maze, Vortex 12D motion theatre or for those brave enough there is the Fear Factory Haunted House for an
                             evening of spooks and scares!

                                                                            - Day 3
          - 07.30            An early start for breakfast today to fuel-up before another exciting day of snow sports!!
        -   08.00            The bus will collect group from your accommodation and transfer you to a new resort - Coronet Peak.
                             Don't forget your ski gear and also take some shoes with you to wear when you return ski boots at the end
                             of the day
             -   08.40       Arrive at Coronet Peak and check in with ski school
             -   09:00       Group ski lesson - 1.5 hours
             -   10:30       Free skiing
             -   12:30       Break for lunch (self-catered)
             -   13:30       Afternoon free skiing
             -   15.45       Finish up at Coronet, leave your ski and snowboard gear up, there bring everything else back down
                             with you
          - 16:00            The coach will transfer you back to your accommodation
          - 16:30            Arrive back at Lakeview enjoy some time to chill before dinner tonight
          - 17.45            Your evening meal tonight will be at another Queenstown restaurant, 6pm sharp!
         - 19:30             Enjoy some free time after dinner, check out what you missed out on last night there's also ice skating, cinema
                             and bowling available, or if you prefer head back to Lakeview and enjoy a quiet move night

2016 CAMPS REVIEW                                                                                                                     PAGE 31
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