CARE OPTIONS TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE - A guide for getting the care you and your family need - Kaiser Permanente

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CARE OPTIONS TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE - A guide for getting the care you and your family need - Kaiser Permanente
Health care and coverage that fit your life

       AT WORK                                                   ON THE GO

                        A guide for getting
                        the care you and
                        your family need

      IN PERSON                                                   AT HOME

                  E A S I E R H E A LT H C A R E
                  F O R G R E AT E R    PE ACE OF MIND
CARE OPTIONS TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE - A guide for getting the care you and your family need - Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente Colorado


     or 1-800-632-9700
           TTY 711

CARE OPTIONS TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE - A guide for getting the care you and your family need - Kaiser Permanente
Health care and coverage that fit your life

GET CARE                              HOW CARE                                 KAISER
WHEN IT’S                             WORKS                                    PERMANENTE
CONVENIENT                            AT KAISER                                MEDICAL
FOR YOU                               PERMANENTE                               OFFICES
Thank you for choosing Kaiser         We are an integrated care                At most Kaiser Permanente
Permanente for your health care       delivery system, which means             medical offices, you can see
and coverage. We offer many           all Kaiser Permanente primary            a doctor, fill a prescription,
ways for you to get the care          care providers, specialists,             and have lab and imaging
you need when it’s convenient         and other care team members              services done in the same
for you. In this guide, you’ll find   are connected to each other              place. You can get care from
explanations of all your care         through one computer system              all Kaiser Permanente medical
options, their locations, and         called an electronic health              offices in Colorado.
instructions on how to access         record.1 They have instant
them, including:                      access to your complete medical
                                      history — including prescriptions,
• Chat with a doctor,
                                      X-rays, labs and test results. This
  pharmacist or financial
                                      allows them to coordinate your
                                      care — so you don’t have to!
• 24/7 medical advice
• In-person mental health
  care services
• 24/7, on-demand phone
  and video visits

CARE OPTIONS TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE - A guide for getting the care you and your family need - Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente Colorado

                                                          Chat with a Kaiser Permanente doctor from 6 a.m.
                                                          to 10 p.m., 7 days a week. You can also chat with a
                                                          pharmacist and financial counselor. Online chat is
                                                          for routine and urgent medical advice. If needed,
                                                          doctors will refer you for in-person care and order
                                                          Get answers to non-urgent medical questions
    At Kaiser Permanente, you have many ways
                                                          by emailing your doctor’s office through our
    to get care, including in-person, online, and by
                                                          secure message center, typically within 24 hours.
    phone. With most plans, there is no additional
    cost for phone and online care options. If you have   E-VISIT
    questions about your benefits or cost of care:        Get a personalized care plan from a
                                                          Kaiser Permanente nurse after filling out a
    • Review your Evidence of Coverage,
                                                          brief questionnaire about your symptoms.
      Membership Agreement, or Certificate of
                                                          The typical response time is within 4 hours.
      Insurance at
    • Call Member Services at 303-338-3800 or             SCHEDULED PHONE OR VIDEO VISITS1
      1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711)                            Schedule a video or phone visit with your Kaiser
    • Chat with a Financial Counselor online              Permanente doctor or mental health provider for
      at or call 303-338-3025 or                   the same high-quality care as an in-person visit.
      1-877-803-1929 (TTY 711)
                                                          24/7 ADVICE
    Chat, video, and phone services are offered           You can call the Appointment and Advice Contact
    at no additional cost for most health plans.          Center 24/7 if you need routine or urgent medical
    For these services, some PPO or high deductible       or mental health advice or need help choosing
    health plans are subject to a copayment,              the right care option.
    coinsurance or deductible first before being
                                                          24/7, ON-DEMAND PHONE & VIDEO VISITS
    provided at no additional cost.
                                                          Visit with a doctor anytime, day or night, by video
                                                          or phone. Get routine or urgent medical advice,
                                                          referrals, prescriptions and more.

              Routine Care                                          Specialty Care
              Regular visits to your doctor for                     Services from doctors with training
              preventive screenings and checkups.                   in specific areas of care, such as
                                                                    obstetrics-gynecology, dermatology,

                                                          CARE & CO
                                                                    cardiology, mental health, and more.

CARE OPTIONS TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE - A guide for getting the care you and your family need - Kaiser Permanente
Health care and coverage that fit your life

  In Person
  DOCTOR’S VISIT                                       If you have an urgent care need, call us for
  See your primary care provider or a specialist.      advice. We can help you determine what type
  Schedule a visit through, the mobile app,     of care is most appropriate for your condition/
  or the Appointment and Advice Contact Center.2       symptom or help you schedule an appointment,
                                                       if appropriate. To get advice or schedule an
                                                       appointment, call 303-338-4545 or
  Get care for a wide range of mental health
                                                       1-800-218-1059 (TTY 711).
  and addiction services, including treatment for
  depression, substance use, eating disorders,         Urgent Care At Home
  medication evaluation and management,                Members who live in Denver/Boulder or
  and more.                                            Colorado Springs can also get in-home urgent
                                                       care from DispatchHealth:
  To connect with a mental health care provider,
  call 303-471-7700 (TTY 711), or toll free at         8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week.
  1-866-359-8299 (TTY 711). Those who live in          Denver/Boulder: 303-500-1518
  Southern Colorado can call 1-866-702-9026            Colorado Springs: 719-270-0805
  (TTY 1-866-835-2755).                                TTY 711
  IN-PATIENT CARE                                      EMERGENCY CARE
  If you require a scheduled hospitalization, your     When your health is in danger and you require
  doctor will most likely refer you to one of many     immediate care. For example, if you feel like you
  hospitals that are in-plan with Kaiser Permanente.   are having a heart attack, have severe difficulty
  See page 13 for a list of these hospitals.           breathing, lose the ability to talk or to move
                                                       one side of the body, develop slurred speech,
                                                       experience a sudden change in consciousness,
  For illnesses or injuries requiring prompt
                                                       have serious wounds or injuries, or have a
  attention but are not medical or psychiatric
                                                       psychiatric emergency.
  emergencies. This can include abdominal pain,
  asthma, cough, fever, sore throat, earaches,         If you think you are experiencing an emergency
  headaches, migraines, minor lacerations, ankle       medical condition, call 911 or, if time and safety
  sprains, and other urgent conditions.                permit, go to the nearest emergency room
                                                       (see locations on pages 11-12). Your care will
  Kaiser Permanente urgent care centers at the
                                                       be covered. For a complete definition of an
  Lakewood, Lone Tree, and Aurora Centrepoint
                                                       emergency medical condition, please refer to your
  Medical Offices offer evening, weekend, and
                                                       Evidence of Coverage, Membership Agreement,
  holiday hours. Our providers can see patients
                                                       or Certificate of Insurance at
  of all ages and have access to your electronic
  medical record. Each location offers imaging, lab,
  and pharmacy services. See all Colorado urgent
  care locations on pages 9-12.

            Kaiser Permanente offers medical financial counseling, including:
            • Price estimates for upcoming services    Call Financial Counseling at 303-338-3025
              and procedures                           or 1-877-803-1929 (TTY 711), Monday-Friday,
            • Payment plan options                     8 a.m.-6 p.m.

            • General counseling or questions

Kaiser Permanente Colorado

    Primary and pediatric care                             Care outside of the
                                                           Colorado Service Area
    Office hours vary by location. Visit for department and specialty          If you’re outside the service area, you still have
    listings, as well as hours of operation.               many options for getting care in person.
    Routine primary and pediatric care is provided by      • Online and mobile care options (see page 4).
    appointment only, but same-day appointments            • Urgent and emergency care are covered
    are often available. To schedule an appointment,         anywhere in the world.
    go to or call 303-338-4545         • Certain services are available
    or 1-800-218-1059 (TTY 711), Monday through              at any Kaiser Permanente medical offices
    Friday, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.                            in the 7 states where Kaiser Permanente
                                                             operates, as well as the District of Columbia
                                                             (California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon,
                                                             Georgia, Maryland, Virginia).
                                                           • Covered family members who live outside of
                                                             any Kaiser Permanente service area (either
                                                             in Colorado or another state without Kaiser
                                                             Permanente providers) are covered for
                                                             certain routine, continuing and follow-up care
                                                             through our Out-of-Area Benefit.3
                                                           Call Member Services for questions about
                                                           the Out-of-Area Benefit at 303-338-3800 or
              Get medical advice any time,                 1-800-632-9700.
              day or night — at no additional cost!
              Call the Appointment and Advice
              Contact Center 24/7: 303-338-4545 or
              1-800-218-1059 TTY 711

              Planning for a trip?                        Visit or call 951-268-3900
                                                          (TTY 711) to learn what you need to know,
              Let us help you plan for potential health
                                                          to get claim forms for reimbursement after your
              care needs before you travel.
                                                          trip, or for convenient care guidance.

                                                          CARE SERV
Health care and coverage that fit your life

  Pharmacy Services                                       Manage your health through the
                                                          Kaiser Permanente mobile app
  You have many options for getting your
  prescriptions at Kaiser Permanente:
  MAIL ORDER PHARMACY4                                    With the Kaiser Permanente mobile app, or
  Get your prescriptions delivered with no shipping       through, you can:
  costs. You can fill them through the mobile app,
                                                          •   Email your doctor’s office1
  by calling the pharmacy at a Kaiser Permanente
                                                          •   View most lab and test results1
  medical office of your choice, 1-866-523-6059
                                                          •   Refill most prescriptions
  (TTY 711), or at
                                                          •   Schedule or cancel routine appointments1
  IN PERSON                                               •   Get medical advice
  Fill your prescription at any Kaiser Permanente         •   Manage the health of a family member
  medical office pharmacy. Eligible members               •   Pay your Kaiser Permanente medical bills
  can choose to use an affiliated pharmacy.
  Refer to to find all pharmacies        Registering is Easy
  available to you.
                                                          Go to and follow the
  BY PHONE                                                sign-on instructions. You’ll need your health
  Each Kaiser Permanente medical office has a             record number, which you can find on your
  24-hour refill phone number. You can find the           member ID card.
  number under “Pharmacy Services” on each
  medical office’s page at
  Order refills online for pick-up at any medical
  office via
  Request same-day/next-day delivery of your
  prescriptions for a flat fee. Simply call
  1-888-626-0454 to check for eligibility.
  Same-day deliveries must be within a 15-mile
  radius of a participating pharmacy.

            Resources at                       • Health guides, classes, calculators, and tools
                                                      • Healthy recipes
            The Kaiser Permanente website is your
                                                      • Health and drug encyclopedias
            health toolbox. Go to to find
                                                      • Planning for travel and vaccinations for
            information about:

                                                        international travel
                                                      • Life care planning
                                                      • And more

Kaiser Permanente Colorado

                                                                                                  Fort Collins
    5    Kaiser Permanente medical offices
    6    Affiliated providers with extended hours                                                                 Windsor
    7    Urgent care facilities                                    Estes Park                Loveland                          Greeley
    5    Emergency care facilities
    4    Affiliated hospital/in-patient care                                Berthoud                              Johnstown

    Central                                                      Boulder          Lafayette     Broomfield                Brighton

    20 Kaiser Permanente medical offices                                                                        Thornton
    5   Urgent care facilities
                                                                                      Westminster        Northglenn
    17 Emergency care facilities
    5   Behavioral health offices                                         Wheat Ridge
    8   Affiliated hospital/in-patient care
                                                                             Lakewood                 Denver
    Find doctors and locations across Colorado                                   Littleton                           Centennial
            There are 1,200+ Kaiser Permanente
                                                                                 Highlands Ranch         Lone Tree             Parker
            physicians, and 12,300 affiliated
            providers at locations across Colorado.5
            For a full list of providers included in your                                                            Castle Rock
            plan, visit

    Southern                                                                                          Monument

    5    Kaiser Permanente medical offices                          Woodland Park
    3    Affiliated providers with extended hours                                                   Colorado
    21 Urgent care facilities                                                                        Springs

    15 Emergency care facilities
    8    Affiliated hospital/in-patient care                                                                    Fountain
                                                                Cañon City


                                                            ★ Indicates multiple facilities

Health care and coverage that fit your life

   Kaiser Permanente           Ken Caryl                              Parkside
                               7600 Shaffer Parkway                   215 Parkside Drive
   Medical Offices             Littleton, CO 80127                    Colorado Springs, CO 80910
                               Littleton                              Premier
Central                        Southwest                              3920 North Union Blvd.
                               5257 S. Wadsworth Blvd.                Colorado Springs, CO 80907
                               Littleton, CO 80123                    Pueblo
Aurora Centrepoint
14701 E. Exposition Ave.       Lone Tree                              Acero
Aurora, CO 80012               Lone Tree                              2625 W. Pueblo Blvd.
                               10240 Park Meadows Drive               Pueblo, CO 81004
Smoky Hill
16290 E. Quincy Ave.           Lone Tree, CO 80124                    Pueblo North
Aurora, CO 80015               Parker                                 3670 Parker Blvd., Suite 200
                                                                      Pueblo, CO 81008
Boulder                        Parker
Baseline                       10168 Parkglenn Way
580 Mohawk Drive               Parker, CO 80138                           Urgent Care
Boulder, CO 80303              Westminster
Brighton                       Hidden Lake                            If you have an urgent care need,
Brighton                       7701 Sheridan Blvd.                    call us for advice. We can help
859 S. 4th Ave.                Westminster, CO 80003                  you determine what type of care
Brighton, CO 80601             Westminster                            is most appropriate or help you
Castle Rock                    11245 Huron St.
                               Westminster, CO 80234                  schedule an appointment, if
Castle Rock                                                           appropriate. Call 303-338-4545
4318 Trail Boss Drive          Wheat Ridge
Castle Rock, CO 80104          Wheat Ridge                            or 1-800-218-1059 (TTY 711).
Centennial                     4803 Ward Road
                               Wheat Ridge, CO 80033                  Central
5555 E. Arapahoe Road                                                 Aurora
Centennial, CO 80122           Northern                               Aurora Centrepoint Medical Offices
Denver                         Fort Collins                           14701 E. Exposition Ave.
East Denver                    Fort Collins                           Aurora, CO 80012
10400 E. Alameda Ave.          2950 E. Harmony Road, Suite 190        Lakewood
Denver, CO 80247               Fort Collins, CO 80528                 Lakewood Medical Offices
Franklin                       Spring Creek                           8383 W. Alameda Ave.
2045 Franklin St.              1136 E. Stuart St.,                    Lakewood, CO 80226
Denver, CO 80205               Building 3, Suite 200                  Lone Tree
Midtown Med. Office Building   Fort Collins, CO 80525                 Lone Tree Medical Offices
1960 N. Ogden St.              Greeley                                10240 Park Meadows Drive
Denver, CO 80218                                                      Lone Tree, CO 80124
Skyline                        2429 35th Ave.
1375 E. 20th Ave.              Greeley, CO 80634                      Pediatric care (only) available
Denver, CO 80205                                                      at the following facilities
Englewood                                                             Children’s Hospital Colorado
Englewood                                                             North Campus, Broomfield
                               2345 Bent Way
2955 S. Broadway                                                      469 W. State Highway 7
                               Longmont, CO 80503
Englewood, CO 80113                                                   Broomfield, CO 80023
                               Loveland                               720-777-1340
Highlands Ranch
                               Loveland                               Children’s Hospital Colorado,
Highlands Ranch                4901 Thompson Parkway                  Wheat Ridge
9285 Hepburn St.               Loveland, CO 80534-6426                3455 N. Lutheran Parkway, Suite 230
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129                                             Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Lafayette                                                             720-777-1370
Rock Creek
280 Exempla Circle             Colorado Springs                       Urgent Care at Home
Lafayette, CO 80026            Briargate                              DispatchHealth delivers high-quality
Lakewood                       4105 Briargate Parkway, Suite 125      health care to your home. Available
                               Colorado Springs, CO 80920             7 days a week, from 8 a.m.-10 p.m.,
Lakewood                                                              303-500-1518 (TTY 711)
8383 W. Alameda Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Kaiser Permanente Colorado

     Northern                             Centura Health Urgent Care             Falcon
                                          3027 N. Circle Drive                   Falcon Urgent Care6
     Fort Collins
                                          Colorado Springs, CO 80909             7475 McLaughlin Road
     Banner Urgent Care                   719-776-3216                           Falcon, CO 80831
     3617 S. College Ave., Suite C
                                          Centura Health Urgent Care             719-495-9994
     Fort Collins, CO 80525
                                          Broadmoor                              UCHealth Urgent Care6
                                          1263 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite 120       11605 Meridian Market View, Suite 184
     HealthCare Clinic of Fort Collins    Colorado Springs, CO 80906             Falcon, CO 80831
     1721 W. Harmony Road, #102           719-776-3330                           719-364-9560
     Fort Collins, CO 80526
                                          Centura Health Urgent Care Powers      Fountain
     Greeley                                                                     Centura Health Urgent Care Fountain
                                          5607 Barnes Road, Suite 140
                                                                                 7955 Fountain Mesa Rd
     Banner Urgent Care                   Colorado Springs, CO 80917
                                                                                 Fountain, CO 80817
     2015 35th Ave.                       719-776-3750
     Greeley, CO 80634                    Concentra Urgent Care6
     970-810-4155                                                                Monument
                                          2322 S. Academy Blvd.
     NextCare Urgent Care                 Colorado Springs, CO 80916             Centura Health Urgent Care —
     1011 39th Ave Suite A                719-390-1727                           Tri Lakes
     Greeley, CO 80634                                                           17230 Jackson Creek Parkway,
                                          Concentra Urgent Care6
     970-351-8181                                                                Suite 120
                                          5320 Mark Dabling Blvd.
                                                                                 Monument, CO 80132
     Loveland                             Building 7, Suite 100
     Banner Health Clinic —               Colorado Springs, CO 80918
                                          719-592-1584                           Pueblo
     Skyline Urgent Care
     2555 E. 13th St., Suite 110          Concentra Urgent Care6                 Concentra Urgent Care6
     Loveland, CO 80537                   4083 Austin Bluffs Parkway             4117 N. Elizabeth St.
     970-820-4264                         Colorado Springs, CO 80918             Pueblo, CO 81008
                                          719-594-0046                           719-545-0788
                                          Concentra Urgent Care6                 Southern Colorado Clinic, PC
     NextCare Urgent Care
                                          402 W. Bijou St.                       3676 Parker Blvd., Suite 220
     2144 Main St., Suite 8
                                          Colorado Springs, CO 80905             Pueblo, CO 81008
     Longmont, CO 80501
                                          719-302-6942                           719-553-2208
                                          UCHealth Urgent Care6                  Southern Colorado Clinic, PC
     UCHealth Urgent Care — Main Street
                                          1035 Garden of the Gods Road,          3937 Ivywood Lane
     2101 Main Street
                                          Suite 120                              Pueblo, CO 81005
     Longmont, CO 80501
                                          Colorado Springs, CO 80907             719-553-0111
                                          719-329-1000                           Southern Colorado Clinic, PC
                                          UCHealth Urgent Care6                  109 S Burlington Dr.
     Southern                             4323 Integrity Center Point            Pueblo West, CO 81007
     Cañon City                           Colorado Springs, CO 80917             719-553-2200
     Centura Health Urgent Care           719-591-2558
     3245 East US Highway 50, Unit E      UCHealth Urgent Care6
     Canon City, CO 81212                 2767 Janitell Road
     719-285-2888                         Colorado Springs, CO 80906
     Colorado Springs                     719-365-2888
     Alliance Urgent Care6                UCHealth Urgent Care6
     9320 Grand Cordera Parkway,          13445 Voyager Parkway
     Suite 100                            Colorado Springs, CO 80921
     Colorado Springs, CO 80924           719-219-0333
     719-282-6337                         Urgent Care at Home
                                          DispatchHealth delivers high-quality
                                          health care to your home. Available
                                          7 days a week, from 8 a.m.-10 p.m.,
                                          719-270-0805 (TTY 711).

Health care and coverage that fit your life

   Emergency Care                     Littleton                               Northern
                                      HealthONE Swedish                       Estes Park
If you think you are experiencing     Southwest ER                            Estes Park Medical Center
an emergency medical                  6196 S. Ammons Way                      555 Prospect Ave.
condition, call 911 or, if time and   Littleton, CO 80123                     Estes Park, CO 80517
safety permit, go to the nearest      Lone Tree                               970-586-2317
emergency room. Your care             HealthONE Sky Ridge                     Fort Collins
                                      Medical Center                          Banner Fort Collins
will be covered. For a complete       10101 RidgeGate Parkway                 Medical Center
definition of an emergency            Lone Tree, CO 80124                     4700 Lady Moon Drive
medical condition, please refer       Northglenn                              Fort Collins, CO 80528
to your Evidence of Coverage,         SCL Health Saint Joseph Emergency       970-821-4000
Membership Agreement,                 Northglenn                              Greeley
                                      11900 Grant St.                         Banner North Colorado
or Certificate of Insurance.
                                      Northglenn, CO 80233                    Emergency Care
                                      Parker                                  2000 70th Ave.
Central                               HealthONE Sky Ridge                     Greeley, CO 80634
Aurora                                South Parker ER                         970-810-2636
HealthONE The Medical Center of       12223 Pine Bluffs Way                   Banner North Colorado
Aurora-South Campus                   Parker, CO 80134                        Medical Center
1501 S. Potomac St.                   Thornton                                1801 16th St.
Aurora, CO 80012                                                              Greeley, CO 80631
                                      HealthONE North Suburban
Centennial                            Northeast ER
                                      12793 Holly St.                         Loveland
HealthONE Centennial
Medical Plaza ER                      Thornton, CO 80241                      Banner McKee Medical Center
14200 E. Arapahoe Road                Wheat Ridge                             2000 N. Boise Ave.
Centennial, CO 80112                                                          Loveland, CO 80538
                                      SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center
Denver                                8300 W. 38th Ave
HealthONE Presbyterian/               Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
St. Luke’s Medical Center
                                      Pediatric care (only) available
1719 E. 19th Ave.
                                      at the following facilities
Denver, CO 80218
                                      Children’s Hospital Colorado
SCL Health
                                      Anschutz Medical Campus
Saint Joseph Hospital
                                      13123 E. 16th Ave.
1375 E. 19th Ave.
                                      Aurora, CO 80045
Denver, CO 80218
                                      Children’s Hospital
                                      North Campus
HealthONE Swedish                     469 W. State Highway 7
Medical Center                        Broomfield, CO 80023
501 E. Hampden Ave.                   720-777-1340
Englewood, CO 80113
                                      Rocky Mountain
Lafayette                             Hospital for Children
SCL Health Good Samaritan             2001 N. High St.
Medical Center                        Denver, CO 80205
200 Exempla Circle                    HealthONE Sky Ridge
Lafayette, CO 80026                   Medical Center
Lakewood                              Pediatric ER
HealthONE Swedish Belmar ER           10101 Ridgegate Parkway
260 S. Wadsworth Blvd.                Lone Tree, CO 80124
Lakewood, CO 80226                    720-225-5439

Kaiser Permanente Colorado

     Southern                              Fountain                             Extended Hours
     Cañon City                            UCHealth ER6                         from Affiliated Providers
                                           7890 Fountain Mesa Ridge
     St. Thomas More Hospital
                                           Fountain, CO 80817
     1338 Phay Ave.
                                           719-390-2680                     Northern
     Cañon City, CO 81212
                                           Pueblo                           Berthoud
                                           Parkview Medical Center          Banner Health Clinic — Berthoud
     Colorado Springs
                                           400 W. 16th St.                  401 10th Street
     Children’s Hospital                                                    Berthoud, CO 80513
                                           Pueblo, CO 81003
     Colorado, Colorado Springs6                                            970-532-4910
     4090 Briargate Parkway
                                           Parkview — Pueblo West           Fort Collins
     Colorado Springs, CO 80920
     719-305-1234                          Emergency Services               Banner Health Clinic — Family Practice
                                           899 E. Industrial Blvd.          702A W. Drake Road
     Penrose Hospital7
                                           Pueblo West, CO 81007            Fort Collins, CO 80526
     2222 N. Nevada Ave.
                                           719-288-2100                     970-821-4600
     Colorado Springs, CO 80907
     719-776-5000                          St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center   Johnstown
                                           1008 Minnequa Ave.               Banner Health Clinic — Family Practice
     St. Francis Medical Center7
                                           Pueblo, CO 81004                 222 Johnstown Center Drive
     6001 E. Woodmen Road
                                           719-557-4000                     Johnstown, CO 80534
     Colorado Springs, CO 80923
     719-571-5000                          Woodland Park                    970-587-4974
     UCHealth ER6                          UCHealth Pikes Peak              Loveland
     3790 E. Woodmen Road                  Regional Hospital6               Banner Health Clinic —
     Colorado Springs, CO 80920            16420 W. U.S. Highway 24         Southwest Loveland
     719-264-5080                          Woodland Park, CO 80863          1230 14th St. SW
                                           719-687-9999                     Loveland, CO 80537
     UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central6
     1400 E. Boulder St.                                                    970-820-3999
     Colorado Springs, CO 80909                                             Banner Health Clinic — Columbine
     719-365-6820                                                           2701 Madison Square Drive
     UCHealth Memorial Hospital North6                                      Loveland, CO 80537
     4050 Briargate Parkway                                                 970-820-5000
     Colorado Springs, CO 80920                                             Windsor
     719-364-3368                                                           Banner Health Clinic — Windsor
     UCHealth ER6                                                           1300 Main St.
     13510 Meadowgrass Drive                                                Windsor, CO 80550
     Colorado Springs, CO 80921                                             970-686-5646
     UCHealth ER6                                                           Southern
     2770 N. Powers Blvd.
     Colorado Springs, CO 80922                                             Colorado Springs
     719-638-3000                                                           Optum Medical Group (DaVita)6
     UCHealth Grandview Hospital6                                           1633 Medical Center Point
     5623 Pulpit Peak View                                                  Colorado Springs, CO 80907
     Colorado Springs, CO 80918                                             719-636-2999
     719-272-3600                                                           Optum Medical Group (DaVita)6
                                                                            600 S. 21st St.
                                                                            Colorado Springs, CO 80903
                                                                            Optum Medical Group (DaVita)6
                                                                            15909 Jackson Creek Parkway
                                                                            Monument, CO 80132

Health care and coverage that fit your life

   Behavioral Health                       In-patient                          Southern
                                           Hospital Care                       Cañon City
Central                                                                        St. Thomas More Hospital
                                       If you require a scheduled              Colorado Springs
To schedule an appointment,
                                       hospitalization, your doctor will       Children’s Hospital Colorado,
call our Behavioral Health
                                       most likely refer you to one of         Colorado Springs6
Access Center at 303-471-7700
                                       the following in-plan hospitals.        Penrose Hospital7
(TTY 711), Monday through
                                       For questions about your                St. Francis Medical Center7
Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                       hospital admission copayment,           UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central6
Boulder                                deductible, or coinsurance,             UCHealth Memorial Hospital North6
Baseline Behavioral Health             please review your Evidence             Pueblo
580 Mohawk Drive                       of Coverage, Membership                 Parkview Medical Center
Boulder, CO 80303
                                       Agreement, or Certificate of            St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center
Denver metro area
                                       Insurance. See pages 11-12 for
Highline Behavioral Health
10350 E. Dakota Ave.                   hospital addresses.
Denver, CO 80247
Entrance located on east side          Central
of building
Skyline Medical Offices
1375 E. 20th Ave.                      Children’s Hospital Colorado
Denver, CO 80205                       Anschuz Medical Campus
Highlands Ranch                        HealthONE The Medical Center
                                       of Aurora
Ridgeline Behavioral Health Center
9139 S. Ridgeline Blvd.                Lone Tree
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129              HealthONE Sky Ridge Medical Center
Westminster                            Denver
Hidden Lake Behavioral Health          HealthONE Swedish Medical Center
7701 Sheridan Blvd.                    Rocky Mountain Hospital
Westminster, CO 80003                  for Children
                                       SCL Health Saint Joseph
Northern                               Hospital — Denver
Call the Kaiser Permanente             Lafayette
Behavioral Health Access Center at     SCL Health Good Samaritan
1-866-359-8299 (TTY 711), Monday       Medical Center
through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.,   Wheat Ridge
for assistance.
                                       SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center

Southern                               Northern
Call Beacon Health Options
                                       Estes Park
at 1-866-702-9026
(TTY 1-866-835-2755),                  Estes Park Medical Center
anytime, day or night for behavioral   Fort Collins
health and chemical dependency         Banner Fort Collins Medical Center
                                       Banner McKee Medical Center
                                       Banner North Colorado
                                       Medical Center                          For the latest information on all
                                                                               of our facilities, including hours
                                                                               and department listings, visit

Kaiser Permanente Colorado

     Notices and references

     Nondiscrimination Notice                                    Help in Your Language
     Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado (Kaiser           Attention: If you speak English, language assistance
     Health Plan) complies with applicable federal civil         services, free of charge, are available to you.
     rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis          Call 1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).
     of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.
                                                                 አማርኛ (Amharic) ማስታወሻ: የሚናገሩት ቋንቋ ኣማርኛ
     Kaiser Health Plan does not exclude people or treat
                                                                 ከሆነ የትርጉም እርዳታ ድርጅቶች፣ በነጻ ሊያግዝዎት
     them differently because of race, color, national
                                                                 ተዘጋጀተዋል፡ ወደ ሚከተለው ቁጥር ይደውሉ
     origin, age, disability, or sex. We also:
                                                                 1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).
     • Provide no-cost aids and services to people with
                                                                                                 :‫( ملحوظة‬Arabic) ‫العربية‬
       disabilities to communicate effectively with us,
       such as:
                                                                          ‫ فإن خدمات املساعدة اللغوية‬،‫إذا كنت تتحدث العربية‬
                                                                  (711 TTY) 1-800-632-9700 ‫ اتصل برقم‬.‫تتوافر لك باملجان‬
       • Qualified sign language interpreters
       • Written information in other formats, such as           Ɓǎsɔ́ ɔ̀ Wù ɖù (Bassa) Dè ɖɛ nìà kɛ dyéɖé gbo:
          large print, audio, and accessible electronic          Ɔ jǔ ké m̀Ɓàsɔ́ɔ̀-wùɖù-po-nyɔ̀ jǔ ní, nìí, à wuɖu kà
          formats                                                kò ɖò po-poɔ̀ ɓɛ́ ìn m̀gbo kpáa. Ɖá 1-800-632-9700
                                                                 (TTY 711)
     • Provide no-cost language services to people
       whose primary language is not English, such as:           中文 (Chinese) 注意:如果您使用繁體中文,您可以免
       • Qualified interpreters                                  費獲得語言援助服務。請致電 1-800-632-9700
       • Information written in other languages                  (TTY 711) 。
     If you need these services, call 1-800-632-9700                                              :‫( توجه‬Farsi) ‫فاریس‬
     (TTY 711).                                                    ‫ تسهیالت زباین‬،‫اگر به زبان فاریس گفتگو یم کنید‬
     If you believe that Kaiser Health Plan has failed to                   ‫با‬.‫بصورت رایاگن ب رای شما ف راهم یم باشد‬
     provide these services or discriminated in another                   .‫تماس بگریید‬T(711 TTY) 1-800-632-9700
     way on the basis of race, color, national origin,           Français (French) ATTENTION:
     age, disability, or sex, you can file a grievance by        Si vous parlez français, des services d’aide
     mail at: Customer Experience Department, Attn:              linguistique vous sont proposés gratuitement.
     Kaiser Permanente Civil Rights Coordinator,                 Appelez le 1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).
     2500 S. Havana St., Aurora, CO 80014, or by phone
     at Member Services: 1-800-632-9700.                         Deutsch (German) ACHTUNG: Wenn Sie Deutsch
                                                                 sprechen, stehen Ihnen kostenlos sprachliche
     You can also file a civil rights complaint with the         Hilfsdienstleistungen zur Verfügung. Rufnummer:
     U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,               1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).
     Office for Civil Rights electronically through the
                                                                 Igbo (Igbo) NRỤBAMA: Ọ bụrụ na ị na asụ Igbo,
     Office for Civil Rights Complaint Portal, available
                                                                 ọrụ enyemaka asụsụ, n’efu, dịịrị gị. Kpọọ 1-800-
     at, or by mail or phone at:
                                                                 632-9700 (TTY 711).
     U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,
     200 Independence Ave. SW, Room 509F,
     HHH Building, Washington, DC 20201,
     1-800-368-1019, 1-800-537-7697 (TDD). Complaint
     forms are available at

Health care and coverage that fit your life

日本語 (Japanese) 注意事項:日本語を話さる場合、無                                            References
料の言語支援をご利用いただけます。1-800-632-9700                                            1. Affiliated providers may or may not have access
(TTY 711)まで、お電話にてご連絡ください。                                                  to your Kaiser Permanente electronic health
한국어 (Korean) 주의: 한국어를 사용하시는 경우, 언어 지원                                      records.
서비스를 무료로이용 하실 수 있습니다. 1-800-632-9700
                                                                           2. These services are available when you see
(TTY 711) 번으로 전화해 주십시오.
                                                                           Kaiser Permanente providers.
Naabeehó (Navajo) Díí baa akó nínízin:
                                                                           3. Available for members with HMO, DHMO,
Díí saad bee yáníłti’go Diné Bizaad, saad bee
                                                                           and high-deductible plans with an HSA, and HMO
áká’ánída’áwo’dé̖ é̖ ’, t’áá jiik’eh, éí ná hól ̖ ó, koj ̖ i’
                                                                           in-plan tier of a point-of-service plan. The PPO and
hódíílnih 1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).
                                                                           POS plans are NOT eligible for the Out-of-Area
न ेप ाल ी (Nepali) ध्यान ि दन हु ोस् : तपा ् ंल े न ेप ाली बोल्न हु ुन्छ   benefit coverage. Your specific benefits may vary if
भन े तपा ् ंक ो ननमतत भाषा सहायता स ेव ाह न श ल        ु क
                                                         ् पमा             your membership is through the Federal Employee
उपलब्ध छ । 1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711) फोन गनहोस ।                            Health Benefit Program or Medicare. Medicare and
                                                                           Federal members should consult their Evidence of
Afaan Oromoo (Oromo) XIYYEEFFANNAA:
                                                                           Coverage (EOC) or FEHB Brochure, respectively.
Afaan dubbattu Oroomiffa, tajaajila gargaarsa
afaanii, kanfaltiidhaan ala, ni argama.                                    4. Must have a valid prescription on file with a
Bilbilaa 1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).                                         Kaiser Permanente medical office or through the
                                                                           Mail Order Pharmacy. Some prescriptions are not
Pусский (Russian) ВНИМАНИЕ:
                                                                           eligible to be mailed, and we are not able to mail to
eсли вы говорите на русском языке, то вам
                                                                           the following states at this time: Arkansas, Kansas,
доступны бесплатные услуги перевода. Звоните
                                                                           Louisiana, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oklahoma,
1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).
                                                                           South Carolina, and South Dakota.
Español (Spanish) ATENCIÓN:
                                                                           5. Choice of providers varies by plan, service
si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios
                                                                           area, and availability at the time of selection
gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al
                                                                           and is subject to change. Provider and location
1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).
                                                                           information is current at the time of publication and
Tagalog (Tagalog) PAUNAWA: Kung nagsasalita ka                             is subject to change. In an emergency, call 911 or
ng Tagalog, maaari kang gumamit ng mga serbisyo                            go to the nearest emergency department.
ng tulong sa wika nang walang bayad. Tumawag sa
                                                                           6. In-network for members on KP Select plans.
1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).
                                                                           7. Medicare not accepted at these locations.
Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) CHÚ Ý: Nếu bạn nói Tiếng
Việt, có các dịch vụ hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ miễn phí dành
cho bạn. Gọi số 1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).
Yorùbá (Yoruba) AKIYESI: Ti o ba nso ede Yoruba
ofe ni iranlowo lori ede wa fun yin o. E pe ero
ibanisoro yi 1-800-632-9700 (TTY 711).

Kaiser Permanente Colorado

Get medical advice or have a doctor’s visit — whether you’re at home,
at work, or on the go.

Convenient care options
            Chat online                               24/7 medical advice                 Email2
            Get medical advice                        Call the Appointment                Message your doctor’s
            in real time from a                       and Advice Contact                  office any time with
            Kaiser Permanente                         Center to get medical               nonurgent questions.
            doctor or chat with a                     guidance any time,
            financial counselor or                    day or night.

            E-visits                                  Scheduled                           On-demand phone
            Fill out an online                        video and phone                     & video visits
            questionnaire for select                  visits2                             Visit with a doctor any
            conditions to receive                     Save a trip to the                  time, 24/7, by video or
            a care plan or                            doctor’s office by                  phone.
            medical advice.                           scheduling a video
                                                      or phone visit with
                                                      your doctor.3

                                                      Accessing your care options
                                                      Details about accessing your care options
                                                      are at or on our mobile app.

        SERVICES                     24/7 Medical Advice
   303-338-3800                      303-338-4545 or 1-800-218-1059 (TTY 711).
 or 1-800-632-9700                   For appointments call Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-7 p.m.
         TTY 711
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