Certified Derivatives Trader 2018 Certificate Program - Gruppe Deutsche Börse

Certified Derivatives Trader 2018 Certificate Program - Gruppe Deutsche Börse
Certified Derivatives Trader 2018
Certificate Program

Capital Markets Academy
2   Certified Derivatives Trader 2018

    Course Structure

    This Certificate Program trains participants in deriv-                Target audience
    atives trading completely. It qualifies you not only                  The Certificate Program is aimed at employees
    for trading on Eurex, one of the world’s leading deriv-               dealing in derivatives at banks and trading firms,
    atives exchanges, the program is also accredited                      as well as university students and retail investors.
    by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and gives                    Participants should have basic knowledge about
    you entrance to the U.K. derivatives market.                          options and futures.

    One program – two qualifications                                      Course structure
    By attending the program and passing the Eurex                        The one-week course combines theoretical funda-
    Online System Training as well as the final exami-                    mentals and practical case studies with hands-on
    nation, participants gain the professional knowledge                  use of interactive media and calculation programs.
    and practical experience required for admission                       Topics covered include key concepts and principles
    as trader at the Eurex Exchanges.                                     relating to the creation, valuation and trading
                                                                          of financial derivatives. Underlying markets and
    Furthermore participants may complete additional                      market participants will also be covered.
    examinations from the Chartered Institute for Securi-
    ties & Investment (CISI) to achieve the authorisation                 Exam
    as Retail Investment Advisers in Derivatives from the                 The exam is conducted electronically. It includes
    U.K. regulator the “Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)”                true / false and multiple choice questions. Participants
    in respect of the Retail Distribution Review (“RDR”).                 are given 3 hours to answer 150 questions which are
                                                                          randomly picked out from a question pool of approx.
    Certified Financial Engineer                                          900 questions. The pass mark is 75 percent.
    The passed final exam is accepted by the European
    Institute of Financial Engineering and Derivatives                    Only participants who have attended the one-week
    (EIFD).                                                               course are allowed to take the final exam “Certified
                                                                          Derivatives Trader”. Participation in the course must
    Requirements                                                          not exceed 6 months.
    Participants should have a good understanding
    of derivative products.

    One program qualifies for two markets

                                                         Certified Derivatives Trader

         Additional approriate qualification (e.g. exams provided by
         the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) in:
           Regulation and Ethics
           Investment Principles and Risk
           Personal Taxation

         Qualified for U.K. retail activity of “Dealing and Advising                Qualified for trading at Eurex Exchanges
         on Derivatives”
Certified Derivatives Trader 2018   3


Continual Professional Development (CPD)                    Duration
The program has been approved by the Financial              Five days, 09:30 –17:00 CET daily plus examination
Conduct Authority (FCA) and for 32.5 CE credit
hours by the CFA Institute. Participants can also claim     Locations
CISI CPD hours.                                             Deutsche Börse AG                Eurex Zürich AG
                                                            Mergenthalerallee 61             Mannessestrasse 85/87
Eurex® Trading Architecture                                 65760 Eschborn                   8045 Zurich
Participants, who will register as trader at Eurex,         Germany                          Switzerland
are recommended to book the Eurex Online System
Training. By means of interactive exercises they learn      Deutsche Börse AG
the most important functions of the trading system.         Westferry House
The successful completion of the online training course     11 Westferry Circus
is accepted as practical experience for trading at Eurex.   London E14 4HE
                                                            United Kingdom

Tutors                                                      Fees
                                                            3.200 € (2,870 £)
                Walter Braegger                             2.950 € (2,650 £) for early bookings up to 6 weeks
                Partner, Nosco Partners AG,                 before the start of the program
                Financial Market Expertise,
                Zurich, Switzerland                         Dates
                                                            26.02.– 02.03.2018 (course in Eschborn in German)
                                                            13.04.2018 (exam date in Eschborn)
                Vincent Couson                              Early booking discount until 15.01.2018
                Partner, Nosco Partners AG,
                Financial Market Expertise,                 23.04.–27. 04.2018 (course in Zurich in Englisch)
                Zurich, Switzerland                         17. 05.2018 (exam date in Zurich)
                                                            Early booking discount until 12. 03.2018

                Paul North                                  03.09.– 07. 09.2018 (course in Eschborn in German)
                Trainer – Derivatives and                   30.10.2018 (exam date in Eschborn)
                Capital Markets,                            Early booking discount until 23.07. 2018
                Teddington, United Kingdom
                                                            26.11.–30. 11.2018 (course in London in English)
                                                            19. 12. 2018 (exam date in London)
                Stefan Toetzke                              Early booking discount until 15. 10.2018
                Founder, mmSuisse GmbH,
                Zumikon, Switzerland                        The final exam can be taken once a month at all our
                                                            representative offices.

                                                            Phone +49-(0) 69-211-1 3767
                                                            Fax    +49-(0) 69-211-1 37 63

4   Certified Derivatives Trader 2018


    Certificate Program Certified Derivatives Trader 2018

    Monday                          Tuesday                          Wednesday                         Thursday                      Friday

    Derivatives market              OTC Derivatives                  Portfolio research and            Relationships                 Eurex Strategy Master
    overview                        ■ Forwards vs. futures           construction                      ■ Put-call-parity             ■ Mapping risk
    ■ Origin and types of           ■ Forward rate agreements        ■ Overview of modern              ■ Special case: options on    ■ Simulating changes

      derivatives                     (FRAs) and contracts for         portfolio theory                  futures                       in price, vola and time
    ■ Forwards (swaps), futures       difference (CFDs)              ■ Use of beta and correlation     ■ Arbitrage: conversion /

      and options (exotics &        ■ Types of swaps –               ■ Fundamental vs. technica          reversal / box              Directional strategies
      warrants)                       e.g. interest rates, credit      analysis                        ■ Synthetic positions         ■ Bull spreads call / put

    ■ OTC vs. Exchange-based          default swaps                                                    ■ Synthetic positions using   ■ Bear spreads call / put

      products                      ■ ISDA agreements                Investment selection                future style options
    ■ General market terminology    ■ General pricing and            and administration                  on futures                  Volatility strategies
                                      valuation                      ■ Strategic vs. tactical          ■ (Hedged) protective put     ■ Straddle

    Market participants             ■ Applications of different        allocation                        purchasing                  ■ Strangle

    ■ Buy side and sell side          forwards                       ■ Selecting the right portfolio   ■ (Hedged) covered call       ■ Butterfly

    ■ Banks, funds, corporates      ■ Trading venues                   for clients                       writing                     ■ Condor

    ■ Brokers, dealers, sales,      ■ Structured products                                              ■ Risk Reversal               ■ Time spreads

      traders, market makers                                         Regulatory requirements
    ■ HFT and algo firms            Hedging, trading and             ■ Post financial crisis –     Pricing                        Hedge ratios
    ■ Regulators                    investing strategies               changes in regulation       ■ Intrinsic value and          ■ Correlation

                                    ■ Determine (simple)             ■ The BASEL accords and         time value                   ■ Beta

    Underlying markets                hedge ratio                      impact on banks             ■ Insurance value and          ■ Limitations of correlation /

    ■ Equities                      ■ Fine tuning the hedge ratio    ■ MiFid, Dodd Frank, Vocker     interest value                 beta
    ■ Fixed income                  ■ Basis risk                       Rule implications           ■ Negative time value          ■ Delta hedge

    ■ Money market                  ■ Outright trading               ■ Financial Conduct Authority ■ Variables affecting          ■ Gamma hedge

    ■ FX                            ■ Spread trading                   (FCA) and Prudential          the time value               ■ Using index vs. future

    ■ Commodities                   ■ Arbitrage principles             Regulation Authority (PRA) ■ Different types of volatility   in hedge ratios
    ■ Weather                       ■ Cash and carry arbitrage       ■ Client money and levels       and their importance         ■ Using CTD and basis point

                                                                       of protection               ■ Maximum pain and pin risk      value (BPV) in hedge ratios
    Exchange-traded futures         Clearing                         ■ Role of custodian                                          ■ Anticipating CTD-change

    ■ Contract design based on      ■ Managing counterparty risk                                   Sensitivities                    in hedge ratios
      different underlyings         ■ Counterparty risk              Options                       ■ Greeks: delta, gamma,

    ■ Working out a futures price     in different derivatives       ■ Options fundamentals          vega, theta, rho
    ■ Cost of carry and arbitrage   ■ Listed derivatives cleared     ■ Basic options positions     ■ Importance of gamma and

      relationship                    via Central Counterparty       ■ Eurex options                 vega: move and uncertainty
    ■ Applications of futures         (CCP)                          ■ Risk/reward profiles of     ■ Developing trading

    ■ Hedging, speculation and      ■ OTC derivatives cleared          the positions                 strategies
      arbitrage                       via CCP
    ■ Calculating profit and loss   ■ OTC derivatives not cleared

    ■ Basis consideration           ■ Netting principles

                                    Margining derivatives
                                    ■ Initial margin calculation
                                    ■ Variations margin
                                    ■ Portfolio-based margining

                                    ■ SPAN vs. historical VaR


                                    Role of Clearing Member
                                    and CCP
                                    ■ Types of clearing
                                    ■ Account structure

                                    ■ Default management


                                    Delivery and settlement
                                    ■ Cash vs. physical settlement
                                    ■ Determining invoice
                                      amount and convergence
                                    ■ Concept of cheapest

                                      to deliver (CTD)
                                    ■ Understand basis risk

                                    ■ Seller’s optionality

                                      in a futures contract

    Published by                                                     December 2017
    Deutsche Börse AG                                                Order number 1910-4760
    60485 Frankfurt / Main
    Germany                                                          Eurex® is a registered trademark
    www.deutsche-boerse.com                                          of Deutsche Börse AG.

Deutsche Börse AG
Capital Markets Academy
60485 Frankfurt am Main

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Course details / date         26.02.– 02.03. 2018 (Eschborn, course in German)                           03.09.– 07. 09. 2018 (Eschborn, course in German)
                              23.04.– 27. 04. 2018 (Zurich, course in English)                           26.11.– 30. 11. 2018 (London, course in English)

Terms and conditions      I hereby expressly confirm that I have correctly entered my details into the application for the program “Certified Derivates Trader”.
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face-to-face training courses and fee-based and free web-based training                                           7.1 Deutsche Börse AG is entitled to rescind the contract relating to performance of a face-to-face
                                                                                                                  training course if there is an insufficient number of participants enrolled in the course by 14 days
1. Subject matter of contract                                                                                     before the date the course commences. A number of less than ten participants shall be deemed to be
These General Terms and Conditions govern the performance of fee-based face-to-face training courses              insufficient. However, Deutsche Börse AG may, at its discretion, opt on a case-by-case basis to proceed
and exams (fee-based face-to-face training courses and exams (hereinafter referred to jointly as “face-           with any face-to-face training course having a lower number of participants. Where participants have
to-face training courses”) and fee-based and free web-based training (hereinafter referred to as “WBT”)           already paid training fees to Deutsche Börse AG, said fees shall be refunded in full. Any further claims
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Börse AG. The contractual services and the terms of participation for each training course are specified
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2. Registration; formation of contract                                                                            three weeks prior to the commencement of said face-to-face training course. In such cases, Deutsche
A contract with respect to participation in one of the training courses specified is entered into                 Börse AG will charge a fee of €50 to cover its expenses; this fee will be offset from the training fee
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3. Training services                                                                                              a substitute participant free of charge. In such cases, the cancellation of the contract entered into with
3.1 The nature and scope of the training services are outlined in the service descriptions contained              the initial participant will be effected after conclusion of a contract with the substitute participant, and
in the catalogue in accordance with Clause 1; the course contents may be subject to modifications                 then only with the proviso that the contract between Deutsche Börse AG and the substitute participant
without notice, if and insofar as the participant can be reasonably expected to accept such modifications.        on participation in the respective face-to-face training course will be validly concluded no later than
3.2 In the case of face-to-face training courses, however, Deutsche Börse AG always reserves the right            three weeks prior to commencement of the face-to-face training course.
to move the venue and/or time of training events or to replace the announced instructor/course leader             7.4 Moreover, if participants are unable to participate in the face-to-face training course date booked,
by another person. Deutsche Börse AG shall notify the participant of any relocation, change in time,              they may – alternatively to the procedure specified in Clause 7.3 – change their booking to another
cancellation or replacement.                                                                                      date for the same face-to-face training course up to three weeks prior to the commencement of the
3.3 Deutsche Börse AG shall conduct the face-to-face training courses described in detail in the catalogue        booked face-to-face training course. In such cases, the relevant participant will be charged a processing
either on its own premises, on the premises of the participant or at external venues (e.g. conference             fee of €50. A change of booking within a period of less than three weeks is not possible.
centres). The venue and time of face-to-face training courses will be specified in the confirmation               7.5 Where participation has not been cancelled within the time limit pursuant to Clause 7.2., where
of registration.                                                                                                  the contract between Deutsche Börse AG and a substitute participant has not been concluded within
3.4 Deutsche Börse AG shall make WBTs available online using an access code for the period of time                the time limit pursuant to Clause 7.3 (provided the contract has been concluded late or has not been
specified in the catalogue (hereinafter referred to as “access period”), starting from the day of registration.   concluded at all for reasons for which Deutsche Börse is responsible) or in the event of non-participation
The participants shall define the access code themselves during the registration process. The access              in a face-to-face training course, the full training fee shall be payable or the training fee already paid
code must not be disclosed to third parties. After the access period ends, Deutsche Börse AG has                  shall not be refunded, whichever may apply.
the right to delete the WBT and/or to cancel the participant’s access code.                                       7.6 A WBT on which the participant has already started working cannot be cancelled.
                                                                                                                  7.7 If the training fees are not paid on time, Deutsche Börse AG reserves the right to refuse the partici-
4. Prices, price changes, terms of payment                                                                        pant’s participation in face-to-face training courses, block access to WTBs and/or withhold confirmations
4.1 The participation fee for each face-to-face training course shall include participation, comprehensive        of participation until all claims resulting from registration for the training have been settled.
training documentation and refreshments. The participant shall bear all other costs, in particular travel,
subsistence and hotel expenses.                                                                                   8. Data protection
4.2 Participation in a WBT solely includes online access to the training course in question.                      Please see our Privacy Policy (www.deutsche-boerse.com/cma > Privacy Policy).
4.3 The training fees specified in the latest catalogue on the date of ordering shall apply; value-added
tax shall be payable on top of them.                                                                              9. Right of revocation
4.4 The fees for face-to-face training courses shall be invoiced to the participant before the course             Participants are entitled to revoke the contract pursuant to section 312 b and section 312 d
in question commences. These fees shall be payable without deduction as soon as the invoice                       of the German Civil Code in conjunction with section 355 of the German Civil Code, provided that
is received. If Deutsche Börse AG has no record of payment being received prior to commencement                   they are consumers (section 13 of the German Civil Code), i.e. conclusion of the contract cannot
of the face-to-face training course, Deutsche Börse AG may refuse the participant’s participation                  be ascribed to their commercial or freelance professional activity. This right shall apply for a period
in the course in question.                                                                                        of two weeks. The two-week revocation period shall commence one day after the participant sends
4.5 The training fees for fee-based WBTs shall be invoiced to the participant following registration.             the registration form. No reasons for the revocation need to be given. It shall be sufficient to submit
These fees shall be payable without deduction as soon as the invoice is received.                                 the declaration of revocation either in writing or on a permanent data carrier to Deutsche Börse AG,
4.6 No refunds will be made for services not accepted in their entirety.                                          Capital Markets Academy, 60485 Frankfurt /Main, Germany.
4.7 Subject to the foregoing, Deutsche Börse AG and the respective author do not warrant that
the training documentation is up-to-date, correct and complete and shall not assume any liability                 10. Settlement of disputes
for its not being so.                                                                                             Deutsche Börse AG is not obliged to participate in settlement of disputes before a consumer arbitration
                                                                                                                  board according to the German Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act [VSBG] and also does not offer
5. Copyrights                                                                                                     participation in such action.
Training documentation and contents of a WBT may not be duplicated, processed, amended, circulated
or published in any other way without the written consent of Deutsche Börse AG.                                   11. Governing law and legal venue
                                                                                                                  11.1 All legal relationships based on these General Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the laws
6. Liability                                                                                                      of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention.
6.1 Liability on the part of Deutsche Börse AG for breaches of duty through slight negligence shall be            11.2 If the contractual relationship is not formed with a consumer and the choice of legal venue
excluded, unless they relate to damage due to injury to life, body or health or warranties or other               is otherwise permitted under the law, legal venue for all disputes arising from the contractual
claims that cannot be contracted away are affected, in particular claims under or in accordance with              relationship shall be Frankfurt/Main, Germany. The statutory regulation shall otherwise apply.
section 288 (6) sentence 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB); Deutsche Börse AG shall be liable for
such damage in accordance with the statutory provisions. Liability on the part of Deutsche Börse AG               12. Written form
for a breach of duties that jeopardises the achievement of the purpose of the contract and of duties              The parties agree that any amendments to the terms and conditions shall be made in writing only.
whose fulfilment is a prerequisite for enabling the proper fulfilment of the contract in the first place          This shall also apply to the stipulation in this Clause 12 of the General Terms and Conditions,
and on the fulfilment of which the participant may regularly rely (“cardinal obligations”) shall also             requiring written form.
remain unaffected. In such cases, Deutsche Börse AG shall only be liable vis-à-vis participants for any
typical and foreseeable damage or loss. To the extent that Deutsche Börse AG is under an obligation
to compensate for unavailing expenditure, the foregoing shall apply mutatis mutandis.                             Capital Markets Academy
6.2 If liability is excluded in accordance with Clause 6.1 above, that shall also apply to the personal
liability of agents of Deutsche Börse AG.
6.3 Deutsche Börse AG shall not be liable for any damage to or the destruction or loss of participants’
property in connection with the performance of the face-to-face training course, unless such damage,
destruction or loss has been caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of Deutsche Börse AG.
6.4 The right to raise the objection of contributory negligence pursuant to section 254 of the German
Civil Code (BGB) shall remain unaffected.
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