Presented by Travel Oregon & Clackamas County Tourism and
                     Cultural Affairs

                       Cycling tourism scored very high on Travel Oregon’s rankings of niche
markets of interest to rural Oregon communities, and with good reason: regionally and nationally,
Oregon controls a significant share of the bicycling tourism market, rivaling other popular western
states as a prime riding destination. Bicycling is one of the most popular recreation activities in the
United States, with over 85 million people road riding or mountain biking in 2006. Clackamas
County has excellent potential to expand its bicycle tourism market with proximity to Portland city
center and PDX airport yet possessing excellent small town to rural and wilderness experiences
that can attract visitors from across North America. One such recent investment that has already
spurred bicycle tourism is the Sandy Ridge Trail system.

The Clackamas County Bicycle Tourism Studio (BTS) is a 6-month community-based planning
and capacity building program designed and delivered by Travel Oregon as an extension of the
Rural Tourism Studio program. The program is being offered in partnership with Clackamas
County Tourism and Cultural Affairs. The BTS is artfully crafted to bolster awareness of the
growing cycling tourism market, provide information and foster key connections in order to
become a bicycle travel-friendly destination, and provide a planning framework in order to assess
assets and make strategic decisions on where to focus a community’s energy on the development
of cycling infrastructure, business services, and marketing. As a result, community leaders will
leave with a clear set of agreed upon short- and medium-term actions for developing bicycle
tourism in their locale.

The goals of the Bicycle Tourism Studio program are to:
ƒ Raise the awareness and understanding of the value of the
   tourism industry and specifically in the bicycle sector;
ƒ Engage a broad cross-section of the community – including
   civic and business leaders – in a dialogue to identify strengths
   and opportunities for capitalizing on bicycle tourism in the
ƒ Spark creativity and enthusiasm in community leaders to
   contribute to making Oregon a premiere tourism destination;
ƒ Connect community and business leaders with resources to
   help develop new authentic tourism products and leverage the
   assets they have;
ƒ Develop bicycle tourism experiences and products that
   enhance the geographical character of a place for visitors and residents;
ƒ Stimulate new local business development; and
ƒ Establish positive relationship between community leaders and the state’s tourism development
   and marketing organizations.

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As a result of participating in the program, communities will come away with:
ƒ A vision for bicycle tourism in the region or local area of focus;
ƒ Simple community action plans that establish a set of short-term and medium-term priority
    actions for cycling tourism development in key bicycle markets / communities;
ƒ A broader cross section of leaders at the local level who are invested in the outcomes and can
    manage the action plan timeline, partners, and project deliverables; and
ƒ Momentum on at least one new project in each community that can begin immediately
    following the program.


Duration: The Bicycle Tourism Studio program will take place in Clackamas County over six
months. Community events and workshop sessions will take place during the first three months
and follow up activities will take place during the second three months. The Clackamas County
program will begin in November 2011 and wrap up in April 2012.

Customized program: Each workshop is customized to fit the needs of a participating community
and will have a focus on either road cycling/touring, off-road mountain biking or both depending
on the local assets. Travel Oregon will work with Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs
(TCA) and key local stakeholders to determine the focus of each community’s program at the

Interactive, engaging: A studio, by nature, is interactive and similarly, the Bicycle Tourism Studio
will incorporate maximum levels of interactive exercises paired with informational presentations
by select experts in the field to increase audience knowledge and enable effective participation.

Participants: The program is designed to engage a broad cross-section of community leaders from
Clackamas County and its communities. Ideally, we will involve 20-35 participants at each
workshop including small business leaders directly participating in the tourism industry (such as
hoteliers, restauranteurs, and tour operators), entrepreneurs, avid local cyclists (of utmost
importance!), trail clubs, Chamber directors and board members, visitor information service
providers, public land managers – specifically those manage parks, trails and open spaces, media,
community planners, economic development professionals, elected officials, and key non-profits
that have a vested interest in cycling recreation assets.

Travel Oregon and TCA will rely on local community liaisons to spearhead community outreach
and recruitment to engage a broad cross-section of people from the community. TCA will serve in
a coaching capacity and both Travel Oregon and TCA will assist with filling in gaps and reaching
out to specific partners when needed.

Pre-Workshop Assessment: In order to have a more rigorous workshop, Travel Oregon requests
that community representatives complete a pre-workshop assessment. This assessment will be
provided by Travel Oregon. The assessment will ask communities to identify the status of on-
going efforts and activities related to cycling tourism in three categories: infrastructure, business
development, and marketing/communications. We will address all three of those areas and create
a related action plan within the day-long workshop.

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Pre- or Post-Workshop Field Tours: Communities are encouraged to conduct a pre- or post-
workshop field tour of their cycling assets. These tours are useful for community members,
business leaders, elected and agency representatives to better understand the key assets and see
where their opportunities for development lie. These field tours can be on bicycle – road or
mountain – or in a van to enable the group to cover a greater distance.

Travel Oregon will serve as a resource to assist communities with putting together effective field
tours; however, field tours will need to be spearheaded and led by community representatives.

Post-workshop Follow-up and Implementation: During the Studio, communities will set up
action teams to implement short- and medium-term action items that were prioritized at each
workshop. These action teams may consist of people already working together, or existing work
groups that can prioritize and handle the work. Travel Oregon will provide a limited number of
hours of technical advice to each action team following the workshops, but the majority of follow
up will be the community’s responsibility with strategic and resource-based support from TCA and
other county partners. Beyond that, Travel Oregon will serve as an on-going resource and partner
to TCA to help support county-wide and regional initiatives.

Community Host Obligation
In order to host a Bicycle Tourism Studio, your community needs to select a community lead or
steering committee and be prepared to:
    ƒ Determine the date that works best for your community (see possible dates below)
    ƒ Provide TCA with ideas for an appropriate local venue for the workshop
    ƒ Provide TCA with ideas for appropriate local caterers
    ƒ Distribute information about the BTS program locally (including notifying local media)
    ƒ Recruit all of the key stakeholders to participate in your designated community workshop
    ƒ Complete a pre-workshop assessment about your community
    ƒ Assist with the implementation of priority tasks following the workshop

Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs (TCA) obligations: TCA has agreed to host the
Bicycle Tourism Studio program and will be spearheading the following tasks:
   ƒ Provide input to Travel Oregon to customize the program
   ƒ Provide/arrange a venue for all workshops to take place in each community
   ƒ Arrange and pay for catering for all workshops
   ƒ Distribute information about the program to target communities
   ƒ Solicit involvement from community leads
   ƒ Provide follow-up funding and support to assist participating communities with
       implementing their priority projects.
   ƒ Serve as ambassadors for the program

Travel Oregon obligations: Travel Oregon is committed to delivering the highest quality program
possible. Specifically, we will:
   ƒ Design and deliver world-class curriculum on cycling tourism development
   ƒ Engage regional, statewide and national partners as pertinent to each training
   ƒ Support local partners with preparing for local workshops
   ƒ Support local partners with implementing priority project ideas
   ƒ Connect BTS projects and initiatives with statewide tourism marketing efforts
   ƒ Connect BTS participants with on-going statewide working groups such as the Oregon
        Bicycle Tourism Partnership

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As a result of this partnership between Travel Oregon and TCA, the standard program will be low
cost to participants. We will require a nominal fee of $5.00 to participate in the community
workshops. This fee goes towards program costs.

Participant Responsibilities: While the program is low cost, we ask that participants take the
program seriously. In order to get the most out of the program, participants need to be willing to:
    ƒ Attend all three sessions outlined above
    ƒ Arrive at 10-15 minutes early to each session to settle in as sessions will start right on time
    ƒ Participate fully and respectfully
    ƒ Fill out online participant evaluations following each workshop
    ƒ Follow up on tasks
    ƒ Work actively with local tourism action teams after the program ends to assist with
        accomplishing community objectives

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                 PROGRAM AT-A-GLANCE
                 NOVEMBER 2011 – MARCH 2012

For full program information and to register:

EVENT: County-wide Program Kick-off
Tues Nov 8 th        Program kick-off
3-6pm                Stone Creek Golf Club, 14603 South Stoneridge Drive, Oregon City
COMMUNITY WORKSHOP 1: West Linn & Oregon City

Tues Nov 29 th       Cycling Tourism Development: road cycling focus
9am-4pm              West Linn City Hall, Council Chambers, 22500 Salamo Road, West Linn

Tues Dec 6 th        Cycling Tourism Development: road cycling focus
9am-4pm              Wilsonville Public Library, Rose Rm, 8200 SW Wilsonville Road, Wilsonville

Wed Dec 7th          Cycling Tourism Development: road cycling and mt. biking
9am-4pm              Community Church of Sandy, 39290 Scenic Street, Sandy

Wed Jan 11th         Cycling Tourism Development: road cycling and mt. biking
9am to 4pm           Estacada City Hall, Council Chambers, 475 SE Main Street, Estacada
COMMUNITY WORKSHOP 5: Villages of Mt. Hood & Government Camp
Wed Feb 15th         Cycling Tourism Development: road cycling and mt. biking
9am-4pm              Huckleberry Inn, 88611 Business Loop, Hwy 26, Government Camp
Thurs Feb 16th       Cycling Tourism Development: road cycling and mt. biking
9am-4pm              Location TBD
REGIONAL WORKSHOP: County-wide regional planning session
                     Cycling tourism planning session where representatives from key agencies
Date: TBD
                     participating communities come together to share plans, hone in on regional
2pm – 5pm
                     strategies and build momentum

EVENT: Clackamas Cycling Tourism Studio Celebration
Date: TBD            County-wide reception to celebrate completion and share results with a
5-7pm                broad set of community leaders and state/regional partners

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                          *DRAFT* WORKSHOP OUTLINE

Each community workshop will generally adhere to the following outline:

8:30 – Coffee and light breakfast (Optional)
          ƒ Registration
9:00 - Overview/Introduction of Attendees and Presenters
          ƒ Overview of BTS program
9:15 - Introduction to Bicycle Tourism (Presentation)
           ƒ The Different Types of Cycling Tourists
           ƒ Benefits of Bicycling Tourism
                  o Success Stories
           ƒ What Bicycle Tourists Want and Need
10:00 – Break

10:15 – Developing a Bicycling Tourism Strategy (Activity)
         ƒ SWOT analysis activities.
11:30 - Partnership Opportunities (Discussion)

11:45 – Lunch

12:45 – Lunch Discussion Debrief (Discussion)

1:00 - Developing a Bicycling Tourism Strategy (Activity)
          ƒ Prioritization and Refinement
2:00 – Break

2:15 – Prioritization continued

2:45 – Funding Sources for Bicycle Tourism Development (Presentation)

3:00 – Next Steps (Discussion / Activity)
         ƒ Develop Target Market Statement
3:45 – Recap of Efforts
4:00 – End

The workshop will include follow-up consultations that focus on completing priority tasks.

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Here are some additional reasons why your community may want to consider developing its
cycling recreation and tourism assets.

Basics of Bicycle Tourism
Bicycling is one of the most popular recreation activities in the United States, with over 85 million
people road riding or mountain biking in 2006. Not surprisingly, bicycling-related tourism
continues to grow, and Oregon has a reputation as one of the premier bicycling destinations in the
nation, providing visitors with rolling country roads, challenging trails, and breath-taking scenery.

Increase Community Livability through Bicycling
The creation of a bike-friendly community helps residents in a number of ways: improved air
quality, community health benefits, recreational opportunities close to home, and increased
transportation options for all residents (including approximatly 30% of all residents who do not
drive). In general cycling helps to create a community that is vibrant, initimate, and safe; all
characteristics that are desireable to visitors. The development of a bicycle-friendly community
therefore has considerable positive impacts on tourism.

Partnerships that Advance Bicycling
Bicycle tourism development has many partners in the Portland metro region
and statewide. These include non-profit organizations such as Cycle Oregon,
IMBA, and the Northwest Trails Alliance and private sector professional
expertise. A number of important governmental organizations have also
prioritized bicycle tourism such as Metro with the passage of a regional bond
measure that fund trail development and helping form the Intertwine
Alliance, Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department with the
advancement of the Oregon Scenic Bikeways program, and Travel Oregon,
which maintains a quarterly statewide bicycle tourism workgroup and has
invested in, a website designed to assist with planning
two-wheeled adventures. In many cases, the process of planning and
developing bicycling tourism opportunities requires the involvement of governmental agencies.

Agencies such as the Oregon Department of Transportation and the United States Department of
Agriculture’s Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service manage territories or infrastructure
that is key for bicycle recreation and tourism. The BTS is designed to improve partnerships
amongst local, state, and federal stakeholders that can help bring to bear a variety of resources for
cycling tourism development.

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