COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University

COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University
Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook
COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University

    Welcome and congratulations
    on becoming a part of the Griffith
    University Residential Colleges.

2   A-Z Living Guide
COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University
I recommend that you read this handbook carefully as it contains valuable information. For most college
members living on-campus is a time when you are moving towards independence and I hope that we can offer
you the freedom and opportunities to achieve this. On accepting your Offer to move onto College you have
agreed to the community standards as set out in this handbook.
Living on college is an exciting and stimulating experience. It can also be challenging as life in a community
inevitably means that you must modify your behaviour so it will not negatively impact on those who live and
learn around you.
The imposition of rules and regulations within the College has been minimised deliberately. This is because we
believe that if members are mindful that consideration for others is the fundamental and guiding principle of
community living, it will result in sensible and responsible behaviour.
Experience has shown that there are a number of areas that warrant special mention below. The
comprehensive list of community standards are outlined in the A – Z guide in this handbook.
As a college member, your primary responsibility is to conduct yourself as a person who cares about fellow
college members. In practical terms this means that you must:
• Be mindful of how the noise you generate impacts on your neighbours
  and act accordingly;
• Ensure that your consumption of alcoholic beverages is in a moderate
  and sensible manner;
• Accept individual and collective financial responsibility for any damage
  to college property;
• For security reason obtain permission for overnight guests;
• Not use or possess illegal drugs and other substances and;
• Solve any interpersonal difficulties that might arise without resorting
  to physical or verbal aggression or intimidation.
As Manager of Griffith Accommodation I work with a strong support team which consists of an Administration
team led by the Operations Coordinator and a Residential Life team led by the Residential Life Coordinator,
Residential Advisors and Residential Committees to develop a residential community based on academic
endeavour, tolerance, co-operation and good fellowship.
Our Colleges can only truly prosper with the support and co-operation of all college members. In particular,
the Residential Committees, as representatives of college members play an important role in assisting the
development of community life and I expect that all college members will actively support their Committee.
You should feel free to approach Residential Advisors or the Accommodation Office with any problems or
concerns that you may have. All matters will be treated seriously and confidentially. Additionally there is a wide
range of support services within the University to which you can be referred in particular circumstances.
On behalf of Griffith University Residential Colleges I wish you all the best for the year.

Renee Harryman

Accommodation Manager

                                                                                                  A-Z Living Guide   3
COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University

    Abandoned Items                                   8   Electrical Equipment in Rooms and Flats               16
    Abandonment of Room                               8   Electrical Equipment Safety and Energy Conservation   16
    Absence from College                              8   Emergencies                                           16
    Academic Endeavour                                9   Emergency Contacts                                    17
    Academic Records                                  9   Enrolment Changes                                     17
    Access to Restricted Areas                        9
    Accidents and Incidents                           9   Failure to Comply                                     17
    Accommodation Resources                           9   Family Accommodation                                  17
    Air-conditioning Units                            9   Fire Protection Systems                               17
    Alcohol                                           9   Furniture, Equipment and Other Fittings               17

    Bicycles                                         10   Garbage Disposal and Recycling                        18
    Bottles                                          10
    Breaches of Community Standards                  10   Harassment                                            18

    Building Evacuation                              10   Hazardous Materials                                   18
                                                          Hazing                                                19
    Candles, Incense and Oil Burners                 11   Health and Safety                                     19
    Carparking                                       11
    Carpet Damage                                    11   Illness or Medical Issues                             19

    Children within the Precinct                     11   Incident Reporting                                    19

    Cleaning and Hygiene                             11   Indoor Plants                                         19

    Closing access to College                        12   Insurance                                             19

    Common Rooms                                     12
                                                          Keys / Access Cards                                   20
    Community                                        12
    Computer and Internet Connections                12
                                                          Laundry Facilities                                    20
    Continuation of Residency                        13
                                                          Legal Status of College members                       20
    Continuation of Residency (Review by Director)   13
                                                          Littering                                             20
    Cooking in Rooms                                 13
    Cooking Facilities                               13
                                                          Mail                                                  21
                                                          Maintenance Requests                                  21
    Damage Assessment                                14
                                                          Model Release                                         22
    Decorating Rooms and Flats                       15
                                                          Motor Vehicles (Cars, Motorbikes, Scooters)           22
    Disability                                       15
                                                          Moving In                                             22
    Discipline and Misconduct                        15
                                                          Moving Out                                            22
    Drugs (Illegal)                                  16
                                                          Moving out Procedures                                 22

4   A-Z Living Guide
COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University
Noise                                            23   Television, Video and DVD                                          31
Noisy Neighbours                                 23   Termination of Residency                                           31
                                                      Theft                                                              31
Organised (social) Activities / Parties          23
                                                      Unacceptable Behaviour                                             31
Passive Participation                            23
Personal Crises                                  24   Vacation Accommodation                                             31
Pest Control                                     24   Vacuum Cleaners                                                    32
Pets                                             24   Violence                                                           32
Posting and Chalking                             24   Visitors                                                           32
Privacy Issues                                   25   Visitor Guidelines                                                 33
Prohibited Items                                 26   Visitor Procedures                                                 34

Quiet time                                       26   Washing Vehicles                                                   34
                                                      Water Wise                                                         34
Re-admission to College                          26   Weapons                                                            34
Relocating Furniture in your Room                27   Withdrawing Access to the College                                  34
Removal of Furniture from your Room              27
Rental Conditions                                27   Appendix A - Schedule of Charges                                   36
Rights and Responsibilities of College Members   27   Appendix B - Policy on Hazing                                      38
Room Allocations                                 27   Appendix C - Policy on the Resolution of Breaches
Room Moves                                       27   of Residential Community Standards and Other Grievances
Right to Enter and Inspect your Room or Flat     28   within the Griffith University Residential Colleges                40
Room Checks                                      28   Appendix D - Child Protection Policy                               46
Room Inventory                                   28   Appendix E - Posting Guidelines                                    48
Room Lockout                                     28
Running a Business from your Room or Flat        28

Security Phones                                  29
Smoking                                          30
Solicitation                                     30
Sports and Games                                 30
Storage Facilities                               30
Student Support                                  30
Substance Abuse                                  30
Sustainability                                   30

                                                                                                            A-Z Living Guide   5
COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University
A- Z Living Guide

6   A-Z Living Guide
COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University
A-Z Living Guide   7
COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University
A- Z Living Guide

    ABANDONED ITEMS                                                      ABSENCE FROM COLLEGE
    While every effort is made to locate the owner of any item left      In cases where you will be absent overnight it is wise to inform
    in the Colleges’ precinct, your ownership of personal property       a fellow College member or your Residential Advisor. If you are
    is deemed to have transferred to Griffith Accommodation              intending to be away from College for more than three days
    at the expiration of fourteen days (14) after you vacate or          (72 hours), please inform Griffith Accommodation via email
    terminate your accommodation. The University may thereafter          ( and leave an emergency
    sell or otherwise dispose of the property without any obligation     contact number. You do not have to tell anyone where you are
    to you for the property or the proceeds of its sale. Griffith        going, we just want to know how to contact you urgently if we
    Accommodation may recover from you any costs it incurs in the        need to. This is also important in the event of a fire alarm or
    storage or disposal of any such property.                            other emergency, where it is important to be able to account for
                                                                         all College members. If you are detained away from College for
                                                                         any reason, please contact Griffith Accommodation and leave
    ABANDONMENT OF ROOM                                                  a message if your call is not answered. If you are absent for
    If you are absent from your room for fourteen (14) or more           more than three days (72 hours) or one of your fellow College
    consecutive days and have not advised your Residential Advisor       members reports that you have not been seen for 72 hours
    or Griffith Accommodation, you will be considered to have            or more, and you have not advised us of your absence, Griffith
    abandoned your room. Griffith Accommodation, at its option,          Accommodation has the authority to enter your room to check
    may then terminate your residency, dispose of any property           that you are not ill or injured. Griffith Accommodation must act
    remaining within the Colleges (at your expense), and then            responsibly and report you as a missing person to the Police in
    re-rent the room. In cases of abandonment, you remain liable         this type of situation. If you are under 18 years of age we will also
    for accommodation costs according to the terms of your college       contact the person you have nominated as Parent or Guardian.
    offer. If you fail to return your room key within the fourteen day
    (14) period, you are also charged for the re-keying of your room.

8   A-Z Living Guide
COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University
It is important that you
                                                                       achieve an appropriate
                                                                       balance between all aspects
                                                                       of your life.

ACADEMIC ENDEAVOUR                                                     returned to the office. These forms are available from the
                                                                       Griffith Accommodation office (N11).
As the Colleges are an integral part of the University’s education,
your academic progress is of great interest to us. The Colleges
care about your academic progress and will, where possible,            ACCOMMODATION RESOURCES
assist you in achieving your best. You should feel free to approach
                                                                       Griffith Accommodation provides a number of items regarded
your Residential Advisor or the Residential Life Coordinator if
                                                                       as resources to College members. These resources include
you require some academic assistance. It is important that you
                                                                       bicycles, visitor mattresses, visitor linen kits, vacuum cleaners,
achieve an appropriate balance between all aspects of your life
                                                                       spare room keys, spare College access cards. These items are
(ie. Academic, personal, sporting, cultural and extracurricular).
                                                                       loaned for a set duration (usually 3 days) and must be returned
You are expected to make an earnest attempt at your academic
                                                                       in good condition. Charges may apply for late returns or damage.
studies by demonstrating academic endeavour.
                                                                       Resource terms of hire are available at the Accommodation
                                                                       office. Charges applied as per the Schedule of Charges –
ACADEMIC RECORDS                                                       Appendix A.
As a College member, Griffith Accommodation staff will have
access to your Academic Records (on a strictly confidential            AIR-CONDITIONING UNITS
basis). At the beginning of each semester, the Residential Life
                                                                       Portable air conditioning units may be used within College
and Communications Officer reviews the Academic Results of all
                                                                       members’ rooms with prior approval by the Accommodation
College members (for the previous semester). College members
                                                                       Manager. Additional charges will apply (refer to Schedule of
are expected to maintain GPA of at least 3.9 (semester and
                                                                       Charges). Portable units are not to impact on the structure
cumulative). College members experiencing difficulties with
                                                                       of the building or be placed within the window of College
their studies will be encouraged to utilise the Learning Advisors,
                                                                       members’ rooms.
and Skills and Training Sessions offered by the university, and to
show how the plan to improve their results. More information
can be found at                          ALCOHOL
                                                                       The University Site Policy states that a person must not
ACCESS TO RESTRICTED AREAS                                             consume alcohol unless this is in premises licensed pursuant
                                                                       to the Liquor Act 1992 (Qld) or unless authorised by the Vice
A person must not access a restricted area unless specially
                                                                       Chancellor or an Authorised Person to do so. College members
authorised to do so. Restricted areas include but are not limited to
                                                                       and (under supervision) their visitors may consume alcohol in a
roofs, secure storage areas or machine rooms. Climbing to or from
                                                                       moderate and sensible manner within the Colleges’ precinct.
balconies or windows constitutes accessing a restricted area.
                                                                       Consumption of alcohol is normally restricted to individual
                                                                       student rooms or common rooms. College members are not
ACCIDENTS AND INCIDENTS                                                permitted to consume alcohol in common areas, public areas
The Residential Advisor on Duty or Griffith Accommodation              or outside areas between the hours of 10.00pm and 10.00am
should be informed immediately of an accident involving                unless specifically approved by Griffith Accommodation.
a College member whether this occurs on or off-campus.                 Drinking games or brewing of alcohol is not acceptable under
All Residential Advisors hold First Aid qualifications from a          any circumstances.
recognised organisation. Each Residential Advisor, Griffith
                                                                       The Director (or nominee) or the Accommodation Manager may
Accommodation office, and Dining Room hold First Aid kits to
                                                                       determine that a particular time of year or certain functions are
manage minor injuries. In the event of a more serious accident
                                                                       alcohol free. It is normal practise that the first 3 days of
an Ambulance should be called (on mobile phone 000) without
                                                                       O-Week are alcohol free days within
delay. Workplace Health and Safety legislation requires Griffith
                                                                       the Colleges precinct.
Accommodation to record all accidents, incidents, and risks
that are identified. An incident report must be completed and

                                                                                                                         A-Z Living Guide   9
COMMUNITY STANDARDS 2018 - Griffith Residential Colleges Handbook - Griffith University
A- Z Living Guide

                        There are secure areas for bikes to be stored. Access to this area is gained by contacting Griffith
                        Accommodation. A bike hire system is also operational on both campuses. Please ask Griffith
                        Accommodation staff for details.
                        Fire safety regulations specify that bicycles may not be left in stairwells or hallways. Bicycles found
                        blocking these and other evacuation routes will be removed without notice. It would be unwise to
                        store a bicycle outside the College.

                        Glass bottles and drinking glasses are not permitted in any areas of the Colleges’ precinct
                        where broken glass could be dangerous. This includes but is not limited to BBQ areas, foyers,
                        balconies, stairwells, ramps, common rooms, entry areas or other areas designated by Griffith
                        Accommodation. Glass items should be disposed of in one of the recycling bins provided and
                        broken glass in particular should be wrapped in paper to prevent any injuries. Disposal of glass
                        bottles is the individual responsibility of College members who are required to place them in the
                        recycling wheelie bins and not in any common area bins.

                        The Policy on the Resolution of Breaches of Residential Community Standards and Other
                        Grievances within the Griffith University Colleges, defines the rights and responsibilities of College
                        members and staff, and provides procedures and sanctions to be invoked and applied if Community
                        Standards are breached. While elements of this policy may have similarities with the legal system, it
                        is essentially educative and administrative in nature. The full text of this policy is at the end of this
                        handbook (refer Appendix C). As policies are updated the most recent version can be found at

                        BUILDING EVACUATION
                        Evacuation signs are posted in various buildings and rooms indicating your location in relation to
                        the nearest exit and steps to take to vacate the premises. Please familiarise yourself with the
                        location of all exits from your College. Evacuation maps are part of the fire equipment and must
                        not be tampered with.
                        If the fire alarm sounds everyone must vacate the building immediately and follow the directions
                        of the Building Wardens. In the event of an evacuation, please report to your building’s assigned
                        assembly point for further instruction. Failure to evacuate when an emergency alarm sounds or
                        when instructed to do so by a staff member, or wilful misuse of fire-fighting equipment, may
                        result in termination of residency or prosecution of offenders for a Fire Code violation.
                        Any College member found to have set off a false fire alarm, whether purposefully or because
                        of carelessness is subject to substantial fines that will be imposed by the Queensland Fire
                        and Emergency Service (refer to Schedule of Charges).

10   A-Z Living Guide
CANDLES, INCENSE AND OIL BURNERS                                        Bellenden Ker
Naked flames, including candles or incense of any sort are not          College members who have a limited access permit and
permitted. Experience has shown that candles have caused the            wish to park near Bellenden Ker can use the top level in
majority of fires within Colleges.                                      the Ridge carpark.
Candles, incense, oil burners and other open flame devices are      Mt Gravatt Campus
strictly prohibited inside rooms, common rooms, and common
                                                                        Mt Gravatt College has carparking within and around the
areas within flats or anywhere else within College buildings.
                                                                        College grounds. College members must purchase a permit
The burning of any of these devices will set off the smoke
                                                                        specific to Mt Gravatt to park in these areas.
detectors in your room.

                                                                    CARPET DAMAGE
                                                                    Damage to carpet will be billed to the College member who
There is no free carparking on any Griffith University campuses
                                                                    resides in the particular room or, if the carpet damage is located
between 8 am and 7 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Public
                                                                    in the common area of a flat or College, the bill will be divided
Holidays). Parking on campus is primarily by permit only.
                                                                    equally amongst all College members of the flat or corridor
The University is a regulated traffic area so failure to comply     concerned if an individual cannot be identified. The total invoice
with parking signage will result in either a Breach of Community    amount billed will be the cost to Griffith Accommodation of
Standards or an infringement notice issued by the security and      materials and labour required to effect the repair.
traffic section.
                                                                    CHILDREN WITHIN THE PRECINCT
For more information on parking visit
                                                                    Persons who bring children (ie people under the age of 16
Nathan Campus                                                       years) within the Colleges’ precinct must ensure that they are
   The Village Carpark                                              supervised by an adult at all times, cause minimal disruption to
                                                                    others, and are not allowed access to areas that are restricted
   The Village Carpark is a designated College member carpark,      for safety and security reasons. The Residential Life Coordinator
   which is in close proximity to the Kinaba, Girraween and         may direct that a child be removed if the child’s health or safety
   Barakula buildings and has a capacity of 60 bays. College        is at risk, the child is presenting a health or safety risk to others,
   members with a valid permit are provided with access to          the child’s behaviour is causing undue disruption to the work
   this restricted area on a first come, first serve basis until    of staff or College members, or the presence of the child is
   allocation is exhausted.                                         inappropriate. The full text of this policy can be found at
   Ridge (Undercover)                                     

   College members may use the N38 Ridge car park after hours
   if they hold a valid University permit. After hours means        CLEANING AND HYGIENE
   outside of the University Parking Regulatory hours of 8 am -
                                                                    College members are responsible for the cleanliness of their
   7 pm Mon - Fri. If you hold a multi-storey permit, parking is
                                                                    individual rooms and shared living spaces. It is the College
   permitted in this area at any time. Vehicles left in the Ridge
                                                                    member’s responsibility to make sure that rooms are kept clean
   (or any other permit area) during Regulatory hours without
                                                                    and that all rubbish is removed to the designated rubbish bins.
   the correct permit maybe issued with an infringement.
                                                                    Garbage bags should not be left in any corridors or stairwells as
   Carnarvon                                                        they block evacuation routes.

   Carnarvon College members that wish to park under                The shower and toilet areas within Bellenden Ker and Mt Gravatt
   Carnarvon must see Griffith Accommodation for                    Colleges are cleaned daily by the housekeeping staff. The
   further details.                                                 cleanliness of common rooms within these Colleges is the joint
                                                                    responsibility of all College members with the housekeeping

                                                                                                                          A-Z Living Guide   11
A- Z Living Guide

     staff providing daily rubbish removal, regular cleaning and          CLOSING ACCESS TO COLLEGE
                                                                          The Director (or nominee) or the Accommodation Manager
        KGBC College                                                      may close any part of the Colleges’ precinct to visitors during
                                                                          a particular time of the year or for the duration of certain
        The condition of kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and living areas
                                                                          functions or activities.
        within the flats is the responsibility of all members of the
        flat. Every College member should ensure that he or she
        cleans up the communal kitchen properly after each meal           COMMON ROOMS
        preparation. All dishes, utensils and equipment (including
                                                                          Each College has a large common room for use as gathering
        microwave and hotplate) are to be cleaned after use and all
                                                                          places for planned and spontaneous activities. They are also
        loose items put away as appropriate.
                                                                          places where you can read, study, watch television and relax.
        Flats are inspected fortnightly by Residential Advisors           Activities, programs and meetings organised by a Residents’
        and random fortnightly inspections will be completed by           Committee take priority over general use. Colleges may choose
        housekeeping staff. Residents will be given 48 hours notice       to designate smaller common rooms or areas as study or quiet
        via email when an inspection by housekeeping staff is to be       areas where television or other activities generating noise have
        completed. If a flat is found to have unclean or unhygienic       second priority.
        common rooms, all College members living in the flat will be
                                                                          You may invite non-College members to use common rooms
        issued with a ‘Cleaning Charge – Failed Inspection’ charge
                                                                          for small meetings or study groups at which you are also
        as set out in the Schedule of Charges – Appendix A. You will
                                                                          present but in doing so you should recognise the impact that
        find information on the fridge in your flat and the Residential
                                                                          these gatherings may have on other College members. You are
        Advisors will explain the procedures for cleaning.
                                                                          responsible for the actions of your visitors. Common rooms are
        Bellenden Ker College                                             generally not available for use by persons or organisations not
                                                                          directly related to the Colleges.
        The condition of the kitchens in self catered areas in
        Bellenden Ker will are the responsability of the College
        Members allocated to that floor.                                  COMMUNITY
        Each College member should ensure that he or she cleans up        Refers to both the College Members currently residing within
        the kitchen properly after each meal preparation. All dishes,     one of Griffith Accommodation’s three Colleges: Bellenden Ker,
        utensils and kitchen equipment are to be cleaned after use        KGBC, Mt Gravatt; and the specific area these Colleges are
        and all loose items put away as appropriate.                      located in.
        Mt Gravatt College                                                As a member of the college community, you have a
        The condition of the kitchens in the self-catered areas of        responsibility to those who live and learn around you, as well as
        Mt Gravatt College are the responsibility of the College          to the environment in which you live. Consideration for others is
        members allocated to this area.                                   the fundamental and guiding principal of community living.

        Each College member should ensure that he or she cleans up
        the kitchen properly after each meal preparation. All dishes,     COMPUTER AND INTERNET
        utensils and kitchen equipment are to be cleaned after use        CONNECTIONS
        and all loose items put away as appropriate.
                                                                          Each bedroom within the Colleges has a permanent data point.
                                                                          For those College members who do not own a computer or
                                                                          printer, there are business centres at various locations within
                                                                          the colleges.

12   A-Z Living Guide
CONTINUATION OF RESIDENCY                                           COOKING FACILITIES
Where a College member is deemed to not be complying or             Nathan
engaging with community standards and has received a number
                                                                    If you live in flat-style accommodation you will share cooking
of Breaches of Community Standard notices, they will be
                                                                    and cleaning responsibilities. All flats are provided with a stove
required to show cause to the Director (or nominee) as to why
                                                                    or hotplates and convection microwave, refrigerator and storage
their residency should continue.
                                                                    space, however College members will need to provide other
                                                                    cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery. You will also need to make
CONTINUATION OF RESIDENCY –                                         your own arrangements concerning the purchase and cooking of
REVIEW BY DIRECTOR                                                  food. Cooking facilities are located in Bellenden Ker College and
                                                                    you will share cooking and cleaning responsibilities.
Where a College member has been given a “Show Cause Notice”
they may request a review in writing to the Director within         Mt Gravatt
three (3) working days of the notification. In constructing         If you live in self-catered accommodation at Mt Gravatt
a review the College member should provide an action plan           College you will share cooking and cleaning responsibilities.
outlining what steps they will take to ensure their behaviour is    The kitchens in Mt Gravatt College are provided with an oven
modified to align with community living. The Action Plan should     or hotplates (indiction cookware required for Lowana College
clearly relate to the breaches made previously and provide for      residents) and microwave, refrigerator, storage space, limited
self-review, review by the Residential Advisor team and the         cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery. College members will
Residential Life Coordinator.                                       need to provide any additional cooking utensils. You will need
Upon receiving the review request the Director will determine       to make your own arrangements concerning the purchase and
whether the College member should continue to remain on             cooking of food.
campus or have their residency terminated. The College member       College members are responsible for staying with their cooking
will be informed in writing of the outcome.                         at all times. Activation of the automatic fire protection systems
                                                                    (fire alarm) will result in associated costs being the responsibility
                                                                    of the College member as set out in the Schedule of Charges -
                                                                    Appendix A.
Cooking is permitted only within the kitchens of the self-
catered flats. Cooking within Bellenden Ker and Mt Gravatt
Colleges is limited to the common rooms and kitchen areas. No
cooking devices are permitted in any College bedrooms. Cooking
devices include, but not limited to portable BBQs, hot plates,
rice cookers, electric woks and electric fry pans. All electrical
appliances and cooking devices are required to be tested and
tagged by an approved authority.
Barbeques within the College precinct must only be held in
designated areas and with properly constructed facilities.
Open fires are not permitted at any time.

                                                                                                                         A-Z Living Guide   13
A- Z Living Guide

                        DAMAGE ASSESSMENT
                        Damages beyond normal wear and tear and acts of vandalism or carelessness are an expense
                        not covered in the maintenance budget. Every College member needs to be aware of the cost of
                        damage and take an active role in preventing its occurrence. Reducing damage begins with your
                        acceptance of both community and financial responsibility for your actions and those of your
                        guests. It also extends to you playing your part in ensuring that acceptable Community Standards
                        are maintained.
                        All instances of damage will be investigated by Griffith Accommodation to determine which College
                        member(s) were involved. Wherever possible the cost of damage due to vandalism or carelessness
                        will be attributed to the individual(s) responsible. If the damages cannot be assigned in this manner
                        then they will be assessed to the smallest logical group, normally a flat/wing or floor/block. The
                        group concerned will be given a seven-day period during which persons with information leading
                        to the identification of the responsible individual(s) may provide this to Griffith Accommodation.
                        If, at the conclusion of the period, the responsible individual(s) remain unidentified, the cost will be
                        divided equally between the group members and each member will be charged.
                        Proper care of University property within the Colleges’ precinct is the responsibility of each and
                        every College member. A person must not destroy, damage, injure or otherwise interfere with any
                        building, property, vegetation, garden, pond or any of the wildlife within the Colleges’ precinct.
                        This includes fire alarms, fire extinguishers, exit signs, lights, outdoor fittings and fixtures and
                        fittings and equipment located in corridors and stairwells. Removal of any University property
                        from its designated location will be reported to the Police. This includes, but is not limited to:
                        furniture, appliances, street signs, street furniture, plants and bike racks. The person responsible
                        for interference, loss, damage or relocation of any University property will be charged replacement
                        costs. When responsibility cannot be attributed to a specific person, the costs will be divided
                        between all College members of the living areas (ie College or Flat).
                        Recipients of a bill for damage have seven (7) days after the date of billing in which to pay the
                        bill or request a review of the claim. If you receive a bill for damage, please take action and pay
                        immediately. Any bill not challenged within seven (7) days after issue is no longer subject to review.
                        Standard charges for replacement of damaged furniture and fittings in a College room or self-
                        catered flat are set out in the Schedule of Charges - Appendix A.

14   A-Z Living Guide
The Colleges will
                                                                        provide whatever support
                                                                        is reasonably necessary
                                                                        to assist students with

DECORATING ROOMS AND FLATS                                              DISCIPLINE AND MISCONDUCT
Posters may be used to decorate rooms but please ensure that            All College members are expected to behave in a civil, co-
they are only affixed to walls using ‘Blutak’ or a similar non-         operative and respectful manner appropriate to communal living
marking re-usable adhesive. Please be aware that they must              in the college environment. Any inappropriate or disruptive
not be placed on any surface other than an interior wall and            behaviour or other disturbance will constitute misconduct and
you will be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage            result in disciplinary action being taken against the College
(eg. peeled paint), regardless of the method of attachment.             member(s) involved. Any such misconduct will be considered a
Please note that College members will be required to remove             breach of the College Community Standards (refer Resolution
any offensive material.                                                 and Breaches of Residential Community Standards and Other
                                                                        Grievances within the Griffith University Colleges) – Appendix C.
Hanging framed pictures and paintings on interior walls of your
room is discouraged because most methods of attachment to               Any illegal/unlawful behaviour will be immediately referred
the wall will leave holes in the surface or remove/peel paint. Do       to the Police.
not attach any form of adhesive decoration to the walls, ceiling
                                                                        Disciplinary measures for misconduct include (but not limited to):
or elsewhere in your room or flat and do not use any form of
adhesive tape. All will remove paint. The use of nails or screws        • Written warning
is prohibited because it will damage the walls and the paint. If        • Repair bill for damages
any holes are left in the walls or ceilings, or any paint is removed
                                                                        • Loss or restriction of privileges
from the wall, you will be billed for the repairs, which will include
filling any holes and repainting the entire wall.                       • Room reallocation
                                                                        • Community service
You are not permitted to paint murals, signs, messages or any
form of artwork on walls, ceilings or any other surface. ‘Painting’     • Probation
includes the use of paint, varnish, stain, nail polish, ‘white-out’,    • Termination of residency
marker pen, pencil, colouring pencil, charcoal, chalk or any other      • Referral to the University-wide discipline system
substance applied directly to the surface. This will result in the      • A combination of the above
entire wall or ceiling being repainted and you will be billed for the
cleaning and repair. Murals and other artwork painted directly          For a behaviour or action to result in exclusion from College,
onto a surface are considered to be vandalism and will incur            the College member(s) concerned will receive a warning in
disciplinary action as well as a repair bill.                           writing, including by email, describing the inappropriate action
                                                                        or offensive behaviour as well as Griffith Accommodation’s right
                                                                        on behalf of the University to require the College member(s) to
DISABILITY                                                              leave College.
Any College member who is physically challenged or has a                Should a College member fail to respond in an appropriate
chronic medical problem must notify the Accommodation                   manner within the time-frame set out in the written warning or
Manager prior to moving in. Such information will be treated            if the College member continues to behave inappropriately, the
in the strictest confidence. The Colleges will provide whatever         College member(s) residency will be terminated and they will
support is reasonably necessary to assist students with                 be required to leave their room/flat and the Colleges’ precinct
disabilities. The University’s Disabilities Coordinator is a            immediately and without further notice.
useful source of support for students with disabilities. More
information can be found at               A College member required to leave College for disciplinary
                                                                        reasons will forfeit all accommodation fees. Requests to return
                                                                        to live on college will be reviewed upon an interview with the
                                                                        Director, Campus life or nominee.

                                                                                                                           A-Z Living Guide   15
A- Z Living Guide

         DRUGS (ILLEGAL)
        According to the Drugs Misuse Act 1986 (Qld) (Part 2) a person must not:
         • Trafficking: Unlawfully carry on a business of trafficking of a dangerous drug
         • Supply: Unlawfully supply a dangerous drug to another person
         • Production: Unlawfully produce a dangerous drug
         • Possession: Unlawfully possess a dangerous drug
         • Drug Paraphernalia: Have in one’s possession anything for use in connection with a drug offence.
        The Director, Campus Life (or nominee) and the Accommodation Manager are obliged to assist the Queensland Police Service
        in respect to the use of illegal drugs and will do so without hesitation. A drug offence on College will result in immediate
        termination from the Colleges.

     ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT                                                 ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SAFETY
     IN ROOMS AND FLATS                                                   AND ENERGY CONSERVATION
     Electrical equipment in rooms is limited to the following items:     It is your responsibility to ensure that all personal electrical
                                                                          equipment in your room is safe. Please switch off the lights and
     • computer/laptop                   • fridges
                                                                          other electrical appliances in your room whenever they are not
     • clock/radio                       • study/bedside lamps            required, as thoughtful conservation of electricity can result in
     • CD/DVD stereo equipment           • television                     enormous savings each year and help to keep rent costs down.
     • personal electronic items         • battery rechargers
     • music equipment                   • pedestal fan                   EMERGENCIES
     The following items are not allowed in individual rooms:             For any life-threatening emergency to contact Queensland Fire
     • electrical blanket                • bar/fan heater                 and Emergency Service, Police and Ambulance Services. From
                                                                          mobile phones, dial 000 directly.
     These items must be maintained in safe and clean operating
     condition and be tested and tagged by an approved authority          You are responsible for familiarising yourself with the location
     (eg electrician). Power boards must have surge protection where      of alarms and fire fighting equipment, and with the emergency
     there are more appliances than power points in the room. ‘Daisy      procedures for the Colleges precinct. Fire safety information is
     chains’ of double-adaptors are prohibited. College members           posted in all foyers and kitchens of flats.
     must ensure that all appliances are turned off when they leave       False alarms waste the time of Security and Griffith
     their rooms or common areas.                                         Accommodation staff and will incur an QFES callout fee for
     Electrical equipment that has not been tested and tagged and         disturbances/disruptive behaviour as well as disciplinary action
     results in tripping the power supply to outlets will result in the   for Breach of Community Standards.
     equipment being removed and the appropriate labour charge            An emergency evacuation requires a clear and unobstructed
     for restoring power applied to the College members account           path to safety. Any obstruction found in hallways, walkways,
     (charge will vary depending on time of day/night).                   stairways and other common areas is considered to be a fire
                                                                          code violation. College members are required to keep building
                                                                          common areas clear at all times. Items including boxes, bicycles,
                                                                          mattresses, bed frames, shopping trolleys, food trays and
                                                                          personal items are fire obstructions.

16   A-Z Living Guide
The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service inspect all student       FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS
accommodation regularly for safety and fire code compliance.
                                                                    Automatic fire detection systems and equipment is installed
Accordingly, the law requires us to remove anything left in these
                                                                    in each College. Fire equipment includes fire extinguishers
areas immediately.
                                                                    and hoses, fire alarm boxes, smoke detectors, exit signs and
                                                                    evacuation maps. Fire equipment that is not in working order
EMERGENCY CONTACTS                                                  jeopardises the safety of all College members. Consequently, all
                                                                    fire equipment is checked regularly by Griffith Accommodation
As part of your application you will have provided an emergency
                                                                    and kept in good working order.
contact name and details. It is vital that should this contact
information change you must notify Griffith Accommodation           It is against the law to interfere or tamper with fire equipment.
immediately and keep your Griffith portal details up-to-date.       This includes removing or covering exit signs, damaging exit
By providing these details you are giving consent for Griffith      signs, altering the function of door closers, disabling or covering
Accommodation to contact the nominated emergency contact            smoke detectors, discharging fire extinguishers for any purpose
person and release personal information if required for reasons     other than putting out a fire and doing anything that may
pertaining to health, well-being or the personal safety of          compromise the proper functioning of fire equipment.
yourself or others.
                                                                    If the repair or replacement of fire equipment is the result
                                                                    of College member’s misconduct, the cost of that repair
ENROLMENT CHANGES                                                   or replacement will be charged to the College member(s)
                                                                    concerned. If the responsible College member(s) cannot be
Allocation of on-campus accommodation is made according to
                                                                    identified, the damage bill may be divided equally amongst all
established criteria. Because of the demand for accommodation
                                                                    the College members of the relevant building or flat.
you must inform Griffith Accommodation if you change your
enrolment status from full-time to part-time or you terminate       As well as constituting a breach of Griffith University policy, it
your enrolment. College members not enrolled with Griffith          is against the law to tamper with any fire equipment. Offenders
University or Griffith College or any other institution are not     may be subject to heavy fines and possible criminal penalties as
entitled to reside on college. Special circumstances will be        well as College disciplinary action for misconduct.
considered and approved by the Accommodation Manager.
                                                                    The Automatic fire detection system automatically contacts the
                                                                    fire brigade when activated. Activation of the automatic fire
FAILURE TO COMPLY                                                   protection systems (fire alarm) will result in associated costs
                                                                    being the responsibility of the College member. Charges apply as
College members and their visitors must co-operate with
                                                                    per Schedule of Charges - Appendix A.
University staff members acting in the performance of their
duties. Persons failing to comply with such reasonable directions
may be subject to disciplinary action. Verbal or physical abuse     FURNITURE, EQUIPMENT AND
of University staff may result in termination of residency or       OTHER FITTINGS
prosecution of offenders.
                                                                    property of griffith accommodation

                                                                    A person must use University equipment and furniture properly
                                                                    and safely and only for its intended purpose. Common area
The Griffith University Residential Colleges have limited           furniture must not be removed or relocated to individual
accommodation for family and friends for short-term visits.         student rooms.
For further information or bookings contact Griffith
                                                                    Within living rooms, common rooms, and kitchens, the Colleges
Accommodation on (07) 3735 7575.
                                                                    provide many items of furniture, equipment and other fittings. It
                                                                    is your responsibility to ensure that these items are maintained in
                                                                    good order and to report any faults to Griffith Accommodation.

                                                                                                                        A-Z Living Guide   17
A- Z Living Guide

     Items such as televisions and microwave ovens are quite              Staff (Accommodation Manager, Residential Life Coordinator,
     attractive to thieves. It is your responsibility to take an active   Operations Coordinator and Residential Life and Communications
     role in ensuring that these items are protected from theft by, for   Officer) who are aware of University policies and procedures in
     example, ensuring that entry doors are kept locked. If Griffith      such matters.
     Accommodation forms the opinion that a theft resulted from
                                                                          Any such behaviour is unlawful and will be regarded as a Breach
     inadequate precautions being taken by a College member (or
                                                                          of College Community Standards, thus becoming grounds for
     group of College members) then the cost of replacing the stolen
                                                                          disciplinary action, including exclusion from College.
     item will be assessed to the smallest logical group, normally a
     flat/wing or floor/block.                                            Harassment can fall into a number of broad categories:
                                                                          • Nuisance - where you continue to be contacted from a
     GARBAGE DISPOSAL AND RECYCLING                                         person even after you have asked them not to contact
                                                                            you again.
     The Colleges utilise the waste management and recycling
     contractors used by the University. Garbage and recyclables          • Obscene - where you are subjected to sexual harassment
     should therefore be separated at the source and placed in the          via the email or the internet.
     appropriate recycle wheelie bins, identified by their different      • Discriminatory - where the person uses the internet as
     colouring and labelling.                                               a way of making derogatory comments which might be
                                                                            directed at your racial background, ethnicity, religion, sex,
     All clean paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminium and steel cans
                                                                            sexual orientation, or disability.
     are to be placed in the recycling bins. All other garbage is to be
     placed in the designated “wheelie” bins. No items of garbage or      • Threatening - where the person says (or implies) that he or
     recyclable materials are to be placed beside the bins.                 she will physically harm you. The timing of the threat might
                                                                            be stated specifically or left vague.
                                                                          In general, if you receive a harassing contact:
                                                                          • Don’t attempt to engage the person in conversation or
     Discrimination, bullying or harassment in any form (including          reason with them, it might encourage them further.
     racial, ethnic, religious, disability, sexual orientation, etc.)
     is unacceptable in the Colleges and every attempt is made            • Do not reply or acknowledge any email or internet
     to develop a community free of such behaviour. All College             correspondence.
     members are encouraged to be tolerant of and learn from the          • Keep a log of any contact you receive which might assist in
     differences between College members. Those differences add             determining a pattern.
     to the richness of our community and provide an outstanding          • Contact your Residential Advisor or Griffith Accommodation
     educational opportunity.                                               for appropriate advice and direction.
     The University recognises the right of all students and staff
     to work and study in an environment free from all forms              HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
     of harassment, including sexual harassment, bullying and
                                                                          Hazardous materials must not be used or stored in or around
     discrimination. Griffith Residential Colleges are part of the
                                                                          any building, flat room or common room within the Colleges’
     University and are committed to providing a living and study
                                                                          precinct because of the safety risk to all College members.
     environment where such behaviour does not occur. The Colleges
                                                                          Examples of hazardous materials include flammable liquid such
     recognise the Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination policies of
                                                                          as petroleum or paint thinner, automotive or industrial batteries,
     the University. The full text of this policy can be found at
                                                                          chemicals, charcoal fluid, propane, fuelled camping lanterns, College members harassed by fellow
                                                                          kerosene, corrosives, explosives, dry-ice and acid-like materials.
     students may make a formal complaint via the Student
                                                                          Do not pour motor oil on the ground or down any drain as it is
     Misconduct Policy.
                                                                          a hazardous waste material and cannot legally be recycled or
     You are encouraged to discuss any concerns you may have in this      discarded on campus.
     area with your Residential Advisor or Griffith Accommodation

18   A-Z Living Guide
Griffith University aims
                                                                       for excellence in workplace
                                                                       health and safety.

Griffith Accommodation staff will remove any hazardous                 ILLNESS OR MEDICAL ISSUES
material found in the Colleges’ precinct immediately. Any
                                                                       If you are unable to attend classes because of minor illness you
resulting in cleaning, costs will be billed to the College
                                                                       should notify your lecturers of your absence. In the case of a
member(s) concerned and, where the College member(s)
                                                                       more serious illness you should ask a fellow College member,
concerned cannot be identified, the cleaning bill may be divided
                                                                       friend or family member to notify your Residential Advisor or
equally amongst all the College members of the relevant building
                                                                       Griffith Accommodation. Medical services are available on the
or living area, floor, flat or block.
                                                                       Nathan campus (telephone 373 57299 or extension 57299)
                                                                       between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday. An after-
HAZING                                                                 hours service is also available by contacting Brisbane After Hours
                                                                       Doctors on 1300 466 337.
The Griffith University Residential Colleges define hazing as any
mental or physical requirement or obligation placed upon any
person or group of persons that could cause discomfort, pain,          INCIDENT REPORTING
fright, disgrace, injury or is personally degrading or violates
                                                                       Workplace Health and Safety legislation requires Griffith
any Commonwealth, State or Local Government statute or
                                                                       Accommodation to record all identified accidents, incidents and
any University Policy. Hazing in any form is unacceptable in
                                                                       risks. An Incident Report Form can be obtained from Griffith
the Griffith University Residential Colleges and any College
                                                                       Accommodation or your Residential Advisor and must be
member who is found to be involved may have their residency
                                                                       completed and returned within 24 hours of the incident.
terminated. For the full Hazing Policy see Appendix B.

HEALTH AND SAFETY                                                      INDOOR PLANTS
                                                                       Indoor plants are permitted in rooms and flats and must be
Griffith University aims for excellence in workplace health and
                                                                       placed on trays or other receptacles to avoid staining carpets.
safety, as it does in all its fields of activity and is committed to
                                                                       Any water damage to carpets as the result of keeping and
ensuring the health, safety and well-being of its staff, students,
                                                                       watering indoor plants will be the responsibility of College
contractors and visitors while undertaking work, study or
                                                                       member(s) and will result in a bill for damage. Plants must not
research activities.
                                                                       be watered in the shower, bathtub or sink as this can create
The University requires those responsible for all University           plumbing problems.
activities whether on or off campus to comply with relevant
workplace health and safety legislation, codes of practice,
advisory standards and established good practice including
Australian Standards as well as University policies and                The University does not take out insurance cover for your
procedures. Workplace health and safety is both an individual          belongings nor does it accept responsibility for their loss or
and a shared responsibility. The success of the University’s safety    damage. You should make sure that you protect your personal
management system depends on commitment from all members               possessions by locking your room door and obtaining adequate
of the university community.                                           insurance. You should check your parents/guardians home and
                                                                       contents insurance for coverage.
All staff, students, visitors and contractors are expected to:
• comply with University health and safety policies and
• conduct their activities in a manner which prevents personal
  injury or injury to others, and damage to property
• cooperate with and actively participate in the University’s
  safety management system
• report any incidents, unsafe conditions or acts that come to
  their attention.

                                                                                                                         A-Z Living Guide   19
A- Z Living Guide

                         KEYS / ACCESS CARDS
                         You are issued with a key to your room and, a security
                         access card to the front door of your flat or building. You are
                         responsible for the keys and access cards issued to you when
                         you move into your allocated room so please take care of these.
                         If you lose or damage your keys or access card, you must report
                         it to Griffith Accommodation as soon as possible. There is a
                         charge to replace lost keys or access cards. If you find the lost
                         keys/access cards within a two day (48 hours) period, the lost
                         key/access card charge may be refunded. If your keys/access
                         card is faulty, please return and it will be replaced at no charge.
                         Keys may not be duplicated. Griffith University staff carry out all
                         repairs. Refer to Room Lockout section.

                         LAUNDRY FACILITIES
                         Washing machines and dryers are available in each College.
                         You will need to supply your own detergent. In consideration
                         for others, please remove your clothes from dryers as soon
                         as possible after they have dried. If you discover clothes that
                         have been left for some time in a washing machine or dryer
                         please place them in their owner’s laundry basket rather than
                         pulling them out and leaving them on the floor. You should also
                         be aware that theft of clothes may occur from time to time,
                         particularly towards the end of semester, and you should take
                         steps to minimise the potential of this occurring.

                         LEGAL STATUS OF COLLEGE MEMBERS
                         It is important that you understand that when you move into
                         a Griffith University Residential College, you have the right to
                         occupy a room only for the period specified in the College offer.
                         You do not have the rights of a tenant under a residential
                         lease and you do not acquire any legal interest or ownership
                         in your room, flat, furnishings or any other part of the
                         Colleges’ precinct.

                         Griffith University is proud of its grounds and physical facilities.
                         In order to maintain this attractive environment it is expected
                         that you will not litter.

20   A-Z Living Guide
MAIL                                                               MAINTENANCE REQUESTS
Griffith Accommodation at Nathan does not provide a permanent      All requests for repairs or replacements in your room or flat must
mail service for College members therefore you are advised to      be submitted via the online Accommodation Portal (
acquire a post office box. Information on this can be obtained     au/accommodation). Requests are processed Monday to Friday.
from the post office on the Nathan campus. From time to time       Urgent repairs will be handled immediately, whereas others
residents may need to receive couriered items, or require a        may take longer depending on the availability of contractors
temporary mailing address until permanent arrangements are         and parts. In the case of an out of office hours (4 pm to 8.30
made. College members are responsible for checking if they         am) urgent maintenance situation, the Residential Advisor must
have mail on a regular basis by looking in the respective pigeon   be contacted to authorise repairs. College members are not
holes at the Nathan or Mt Gravatt campuses. Temporary mail for     permitted to repair or replace electrical, plumbing, heating,
Nathan campus can be sent to the following address:                security equipment, glass or any other University property and
                                                                   are not permitted to contact external tradespeople/vendors for
                                                                   any such repairs.
   Griffith University
   Locked Bag 2024
   Archerfield BC 4108
Couriered mail/parcels can be delivered direct to the
Accommodation Office at the following address:
   Griffith University
   Accommodation Office
   The Hub (N11) Room 1.07
   Nathan QLD 4111
Temporary mail for Mt Gravatt campus can be sent to the
following address:
   Griffith University
   PO Box 4
   Mansfield QLD 4122
Couriered mail/parcels can be delivered direct to the
Accommodation Office at the following address:
   Griffith University
   Accommodation Office
   Lowana (M05) Room 0.05
   Mt Gravatt QLD 4122
If mail is not correctly addressed, or remains uncollected for
seven days it will be returned to sender.

                                                                                                                     A-Z Living Guide   21
A- Z Living Guide

     College members consent to the University, its employees or
     agents photographing/filming and using their image as the
     University thinks fit in its absolute discretion to promote the
     University or any of the University’s activities. College members
     acknowledge that all rights, title and interest in order relating to
     any image taken by or on behalf of the University belongs to the
     University absolutely for its own use. College members release
     the University from any claim arising out of the University’s use
     of any photograph or video. If a College member does not wish
     to provide consent notification of such request must be emailed
     to                                      MOVING OUT
                                                                            Move out procedures are outlined in information sent to all
     MOTOR VEHICLES -                                                       College members prior to the end of the residential year. The
     CARS, MOTORBIKES, SCOOTERS                                             main points to remember are that check out time is 10 am
                                                                            and to ensure that your room and/or flat is clear of rubbish
     Signed speed limits and car parking instructions must be               and that furniture is in the correct area. Additional charges
     observed at all times in the Colleges’ precinct. Bicycles must be      will apply after 10 am. You may request to have your room
     kept in individual student rooms or other such areas designated        checked prior to leaving College, otherwise any maintenance or
     for this purpose. Refer to carparking at       damage will be deemed to be your responsibility and you will
     for details of costs and designated parking areas for College          be charged accordingly.
     members. Motorbikes and scooters can park free but in
     designated University areas only.
                                                                            MOVING OUT PROCEDURES
     MOVING IN                                                              Some weeks prior to the end of the residential year, all College
                                                                            members will be requested to confirm the dates they will be
     College members have a designated check-in time of 1 pm                vacating their rooms.
     (except Welcome Day). If you wish to arrive outside of the dates
     specified in your College Offer, you are required to give at least     Following is a summary of the key points:
     48 hours notice and specify the date and approximate time of           • All College members will be assumed to be vacating their
     arrival. If you do not notify us, you may find that your room is         room as set out in the College offer unless we are
     in use for conferences or other visitors. Please note additional         advised otherwise.
     charges will apply to arrivals prior to 1 pm. You may not arrive
                                                                            • Upon vacating your room/flat it must be left clean with all
     between midnight and 6 am unless special circumstances apply.
                                                                              rubbish and belongings removed. Furniture and equipment
     Once you have moved in you are responsible for the condition
                                                                              must be placed in its original position.
     of your room and all University property. For this reason it is
     important that you complete your Room Inventory accurately.            • Departing College members must account for all furniture,
                                                                              fittings and appliances within rooms and flats. If any items
                                                                              are missing, according to the room/flat inventory agreed
                                                                              on the day of moving in, the missing items will be billed to
                                                                              the College members(s) concerned.
                                                                            • All personal belongings must be removed from rooms/flats
                                                                              by 10 am on the day of departure and keys returned to the
                                                                              office. If vacating outside office hours, arrangements for key
                                                                              return must be made with the Duty RA.

22   A-Z Living Guide
Social gatherings are
                                                                     an important part of
                                                                     College life and members
                                                                     may hold parties on

                                                                     ORGANISED (SOCIAL)
                                                                     ACTIVITIES / PARTIES
                                                                     Social gatherings are an important part of College life and
                                                                     members may hold parties on campus. If a party/gathering
                                                                     of more than fifteen (15) people is held, this is considered an
                                                                     organised activity. If you live in non-catered accommodation, it
                                                                     is important that you seek agreement from other members in
                                                                     your flat to host social activities and parties. The Residential Life
                                                                     Coordinator or Residential Life and Commincations Officer must
                                                                     approve all organised activities conducted under the auspices of
                                                                     the Colleges.
                                                                     All normal University obligations must be observed. This implies
One of the major challenges of living together in harmony is that    that all regulations, including those concerning alcohol and noise,
of being able to reside in the Colleges without being affected by    must be observed. Most importantly, the obligation of personal
undue loud noise.                                                    responsibility for visitors’ behaviour must be observed. Many of
As the College is home to students, members should at all times      the problems associated with parties and social functions are
respect each others needs in relation to noise.                      often linked to non-College members. If you have a party, then
                                                                     you are responsible for it and all those you have allowed to join
Living on College is both a home and social environment and          in. This doesn’t mean that they have no responsibilities—they
some noise will be present. It is the responsibility of each         certainly do—but you have an even greater one. The guidelines
College member to balance these aspects and in doing so,             are designed to protect the interests of all College members.
ensure that an environment conducive to study, sleep and
quiet relaxation is maintained.                                      A College event request should be submitted through the
                                                                     Accommodation Portal within the Online Community system
                                                                     (Orgsync) for approval at least five (5) working days in advance.
NOISY NEIGHBOURS                                                     If alcohol is to be available at the event, then the request must
If your neighbours are making so much noise that you are             be submitted at a minimum of ten (10) working days in advance.
unable to study or sleep, politely ask the College member            The Director (or nominee), the Accommodation Manager or
to reduce the noise. If this is unsuccessful, contact the Duty       the Residential Life Coordinator reserves the right to terminate
Residential Advisor.                                                 any organised activity at any time if they are of the opinion that
Noise levels, no matter how they originate, should not go            the continuation of such activity is not in the best interests of
beyond a reasonable level. The rule is that if your noise disturbs   the University, College members or their guests. If you hold an
someone else, it is too loud and it is your obligation to turn it    organised activity you will be responsible for the appropriate
down. You can minimise noise if you:                                 conduct of the occasion, proper behaviour of invited guests and
                                                                     post-activity clean up.
• keep your door shut when you have visitors;
• discourage loud talking in your room;
                                                                     PASSIVE PARTICIPATION
• do not slam doors;
                                                                     Not only is every College member expected to comply with
• wear headphones if you like listening to music or watching
                                                                     University policies and the standards of College community
  TV in your room; Playing of musical instruments is permitted
                                                                     living, but every member is also obliged to remove him or
  in the Colleges but is subject to the same conditions as any
                                                                     herself from any situation where a breach of these standards
  other form of noise.
                                                                     is occurring. College members are also expected to report any
                                                                     behaviour that could compromise the safety or security of
                                                                     people or property. Passive participation is subject to Breaches
                                                                     of Community Standards.

                                                                                                                          A-Z Living Guide   23
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