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Postgraduate Prospectus 2018 - GOstralia!
Prospectus 2018



Postgraduate Prospectus 2018 - GOstralia!
Monash University                      1
Monash University Malaysia             2
Research                               4
Public Lectures                        6
Life at Monash                         7
Your support network                   8
Study abroad                           9
Living in Malaysia                     10
How to get here                        12
Live near campus                       13
Scholarships                           14
How to apply                           15
English language support               16
Postgraduate courses                   17

Your study options
Arts and Social Sciences               18
Business                               22
Engineering                            26
Information Technology                 30
Medicine and Health Sciences           32
Science                                36
Master/Doctor of Philosophy            40

Further information
Admission and application              42
Fees guideline                         45
Postgraduate courses at a glance
(Courses, fees, and entry requirements) 46
Postgraduate Prospectus 2018 - GOstralia!
Monash                                                                                                                                                                   TOP
University                                                                                                                                                               50
TOP 100
Ranked top 100 in the world
                                                                                                                                     Ranked top 50
                                                                                                                                     in the world
                                                                                                                                     for 25 subjects
    21 60 78 80 90
 21 in the world             60 in the world 78 in the world                         80 in the world            90 in the world
                                                                                                                                     Accounting and Finance
                                                                                                                                     Anatomy and Physiology
Times Higher Education        QS World University        Academic Ranking of        Times Higher Education            Nature Index
World's Most International      Rankings 2018           World Universities 2017        World University                  2017        Art and Design
    Universities 2017                                                                   Rankings 2017
                                                                                                                                     Arts and Humanities
Monash also takes Australian top spot in the global rankings of the influential Nature Index, which measures
universities’ contribution to high-quality scientific research papers.                                                               Biological Sciences
                                                                                                                                     Business and Management Studies

                                                                                                                                     Chemical Engineering
                                                                                                                                     Civil and Structural Engineering
Reuters Top 75: Asia’s Most Innovative Universities 2017
                                                                                                                                     Development Studies
The Monash Warwick Alliance is a partnership between The University of Warwick and Monash University.
Established since 2009, a key aim of the Alliance is to produce graduates with a global education and to                             Economics and Econometrics
undertake research that addresses world-relevant and strategically important problems.
                                                                                                                                     Education and Training
                                                                                                                                     Engineering and Technology

ACCREDITED                                                                                                                           English Language and Literature
                                                                                                                                     Environmental Studies

Our courses are accredited by professional bodies such as:                                                                           Geography
                                                                                                                                     Hospitality and Leisure Management
                                                                                                                                     Law and Legal Studies
Monash Business School is one of the few business schools across the globe, and the only one within the Group of Eight,
with the esteemed ‘triple crown’ accreditation of AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.
                                                                                                                                     Life Sciences and Medicine

                                                                                                                                     Pharmacy and Pharmacology
                                                                                                                                     Social Sciences and Management

 4 100+ 5

                                                                                                                                     QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017

   Australian                            International                          International
   locations                                partner                               locations
 Clayton, Caulfield                       universities                      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;                                  Some programs offered in our Australian campuses
Parkville, Peninsula                                                              Prato, Italy;                                      may differ from programs offered at Monash
                                                                                Suzhou, China;
                                                                                 Mumbai, India;
                                                                                                                                     University Malaysia. Our Future Students Office
                                                                             Ruimsig, South Africa.                                  can guide you on this

                                                                                                                                                              Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   01
Postgraduate Prospectus 2018 - GOstralia!
Monash University
Your Australian university in KL
Get a world class degree closer to home. Located in the vibrant, fully integrated township
of Sunway, we are just 30 minutes south of Kuala Lumpur – one of Asia’s most
commercial, dynamic, exciting and culturally diverse capital cities.

Our students come from all over the world to enjoy a quality tertiary education and like
them, you will learn how to challenge the status quo, engage on a global level, and
graduate with the skills and confidence to make positive change to your life and to the
lives of those around you.

What We Believe In                              10 Reasons To Choose Monash Malaysia
VISION                                             Obtain a prestigious,                   Access to high quality
                                                   internationally recognised              research-active academic staff
We are a premier research intensive
                                                   Monash University degree.               with strong industry connections,
institution committed to nurturing visionary,
                                                   Recognised by the Malaysian             and state-of-the-art teaching
responsible and effective leaders who are
                                                   Ministry of Higher Education and the    and research facilities
empowered with the skills to serve our
                                                   Malaysian Qualifications Agency,
national and global communities.
                                                   and quality assured by Monash
                                                   University Australia and the            Safe, secure and affordable
MISSION                                            Australian Tertiary Education Quality   on-campus accommodation, and
We offer an internationally recognised             and Standards Agency (TEQSA)            a lifestyle offering a range of
Australian education, enriching the student                                                extra-curricular, sporting and
experience and employability through                                                       recreational opportunities
educational innovation, high impact
research, student mobility, social                                                         Multicultural student
entrepreneurship and industry                                                              population providing support and
engagement.                                                                                cultural networks in a dynamic,
                                                                                           cosmopolitan, and moderate
                                                   Opportunity to spend some time          Muslim environment
                                                   as an exchange student at
                                                   Monash University Australia, or to      Proximity to countries in the
                                                   transfer to Monash University           Indian sub-continent and Asian
                                                   Australia after completing at           regions
                                                   least one year at Monash
                                                   University Malaysia
                                                                                           Excellent employment and
                                                                                           career prospects upon
                                                   Tuition and living expenses             completion of studies
                                                   significantly less than studying
                                                   and living in Australia, the US or
                                                   UK, providing value for money           Lifelong worldwide connections
                                                                                           through a global alumni
                                                   Simplified admissions, payment
                                                   and visa procedures, and the
                                                   availability of scholarships for
                                                   academically meritorious students
02   |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
Postgraduate Prospectus 2018 - GOstralia!
At a glance

   8,033                       15,052           Self-accrediting               Rated Tier 6
students from                   graduates      private university                    by the
                                                                         Ministry of Higher Education,
 72 countries                    (1998-2017)      for 18 years                     Malaysia

                   academic and professional
                     staff from 32 countries

                                                                                                                   Learn, play, and discover;
                               83%                             RM107.41mil                                         that’s life at Monash.
                       of our academic staff               worth of scholarships awarded                           Watch us at
                        hold a PhD degree                             (2004-2017)                        

                               36%                                  RM4.44mil
                       of our academic staff                    obtained in external
                           are expatriate                     research funding (2017)

*Statistics as of 31 December 2017
                                                                                                         Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   03
Postgraduate Prospectus 2018 - GOstralia!

Gerontechnology Laboratory

It’s a certain drive to question the answers and go beyond            Highlights | 2016
convention that makes research at Monash different. We believe
                                                                      Turning water into fuel
that great research, when properly applied, can lead to lasting and   Our researchers are developing a nanostructured
positive change in the world. At Monash, you will be empowered,       system to convert water into hydrogen and other
                                                                      short-chain carbon fuels with the aid of solar
developed and nurtured to succeed with our targeted programs,         irradiation – or simply, sunlight. This energy is
                                                                      100% renewable and can potentially provide
specialist advice, and access to world-leading research               affordable and clean energy needed to transform
infrastructure, services and systems.                                 the planet.

                                                                      Cementless concrete
                                                                      This project uses waste products to produce
                                                                      a sustainable alternative to cement. The new
                                                                      material is stronger, more heat resistant and above
                                                                      all, significantly lower in carbon emissions. Our
                                                                      researchers are amongst the consortium of seven
                                                                      partners in a UK-Malaysia Innovation Bridge driving
 DID YOU KNOW?                                                        this research.

                                                                      Smart technology for the aging
RM4.44mil in 2017                                                     Think of a smartphone interface which replaces
External research funding                                             the need for multiple hand-held controllers for
                                                                      different devices. This technology from our
received by Monash Malaysia                                           researchers presents users with easy and
researchers                                                           ubiquitous access to electronic appliances, enabling
                                                                      active and independent living for older adults.

04   |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
Postgraduate Prospectus 2018 - GOstralia!
An international, multidisciplinary approach
Bringing together researchers from different fields, faculties,
campuses and universities allows us to develop strengths in
specific areas and set research priorities to benefit the communities
we serve. Our areas of priority include:

                    Advanced Engineering
                    High focus on energy, resources and
                    sustainability, and the socioeconomic
                    impact and application of technology in
                    agriculture and manufacturing.                                The Intelligent Lighting Laboratory supports the development
                                                                                  of lighting systems which are human-centric with a focus on the
                                                                                  user experience and human wellbeing.
                    Brain Research Institute
                    Monash Sunway (BRIMS)
                    Neuroscience research into addiction,
                    depression, dementia, and autism
                    including the mechanism of cancer and
                    infectious diseases.

                    Global Asia in the
                    21st Century (GA21)
                    Multidisciplinary research to interrogate
                    critical themes surrounding Asia’s
                    economic, social, and political

                    Southeast Asia Community
                    Observatory (SEACO)                                     The Bioimaging Lab enables bioimaging and neuroimaging work,
                    Driving sustainable society through                     an essential tool in a variety of research fields like molecular biology,
                    salient study of population health.                     pharmacology, and neuroscience.

                    Tropical Medicine and Biology
                    Advancing genomics findings for better
                    management of key natural resources
                    and healthcare services.

Our research community has the global advantage of
working with exceptional infrastructure. We continue to
invest in the finest equipment, building an integrated
network of technology platforms in biomedicine,
science and engineering.
● Advanced Computing
                                                                        The Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) laboratory
● Bioimaging
                                                                        enables an extremely versatile analytical technique which is used for the
● Business Simulation                                                   analysis and identification of small organic molecules, proteins and peptides
● Drug Discovery                                                        that are present in animal, plant and microbial samples.
● Focus Group Room
● Genomics
● Gerontechnology
● Intelligent Lighting
● Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS)
● Nano-Analytical
● Neurobusiness Behavioural
● Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Find out more about research at Monash                                           Genomics employs recombinant DNA, DNA sequencing methods,
                                                                 and bioinformatics to sequence, assemble, and analyse the structure and
                                                                 function of genomes.

                                                                                                                    Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   05
Postgraduate Prospectus 2018 - GOstralia!
Public Lectures
         There’s always more to learn at Monash. The Sir John Monash Lectures
         and The Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series are avenues
         where you will get to hear from high-profile thinkers, leaders, policy
         makers, academics and experts. These lectures inform, inspire,
         and stimulate conversation across disciplines in a wide variety of
         contemporary topics. Below are some of the previous speakers who
         have delivered lectures at Monash.

Electronic Engineer and Inventor                 Molecular Biologist                           Environmental Scientist
Nobel Prize in Physics                           Australia’s Chief Scientist 2006-2008         Director of the Monash Sustainable
University of California, Santa Barbara          University of Technology Sydney               Development Institute
                                                                                               Monash University Australia

Economist                                        Geneticist                                    Political Scientist
United Nations’ Assistant Director-General and   Associate Investigator at the Blood Systems   Honorary Professorial Fellow at the Centre for
Coordinator (Economic and Social Development),   Research Institute                            European Studies, Renmin University
Food and Agriculture Organisation 2012-2015      University of California, San Francisco       University of Warwick

06   |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
Postgraduate Prospectus 2018 - GOstralia!
Life at Monash                                                       DID YOU KNOW?
                                                                     There are more than 50 student-run
Your university life extends far beyond the walls of a lecture
theatre. Take full advantage of the unparalleled academic support    clubs and societies of varied interests
and recreational activities available to you at Monash all year      on campus. Start with the Monash
round to shape an incredible university experience that you’ll       University Postgraduate Association
never forget.                                                        at
                                                                     Photo by Andrew P. Lim for MONGA

Study Support
Monash has an extensive library collection where you’ll find
everything you’ll need in your learning and research. You can also
attend workshops to brush up on various academic and learning
skills like research, writing, citing and referencing practices.

    Over 88,000                 1,100                 420,000
books, journals and      networked electronic         e-books
audiovisual materials        databases

Find out more at

Monash offers a range of sporting opportunities where
you can work up a good sweat. At our Monash Sports
Centre, you will find indoor courts for badminton and
outdoor courts for futsal, basketball and handball.

                                                                                                   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   07
Postgraduate Prospectus 2018 - GOstralia!
Your support network
Campus Security                                Religious Facilities                             Research and Learning
Monash is committed to creating a safe         You will find many places of worship within      Looking to improve your academic
and secure campus environment where            Sunway City including mosques, temples,          performance and study approaches? Our
diverse social, cultural and academic          churches and other religious centres. On         librarians and Learning Skill Advisers can
values are allowed to develop and prosper.     campus, we have a Muslim surau (prayer           work with you to identify and develop the
Our security team provides a range of          room) and a multi-faith centre.                  information research and learning skills
services to ensure that you stay safe at all                                                    that you need.
times, including 24-hour security patrols.                                            

Counselling Services                           Airport Pick-up                                  Career Centre
We offer psychological counselling to help     Our airport pick-up is a free service for all    We offer individual career counselling, host
you through difficulties, dilemmas and         arriving international students. To arrange      career seminars and employer information
anxieties, and make your Monash Malaysia       a pick-up, submit an airport pick-up             sessions, where many of Malaysia’s
experience a better one. There are also        request form at least seven days before          leading companies participate to attract
monthly lunchtime talks and open-house         you arrive in Malaysia.                          new talent. Programs to assist job hunting
sessions on topics related to social and                    and resume building are also available.
emotional needs.                                                                      

Disability Support                             Health and Wellness                              International Students
If you have a disability, medical or mental    A registered nurse is available on campus        Our international student advisers can
health condition that may impact your          during weekdays to provide professional          assist you with accommodation, medical
study, Disability Services at Monash           services including treating minor illnesses      insurance, places to visit, where to eat,
University Australia can support you.          and injuries, and dispensing over-the-counter,   and other general support to help you
Registered students can access services        one-off medication. For more serious             settle in at the University and also get
such as academic support, assistive            medical treatment, the Sunway Medical            the most out of your time in Malaysia.
software and equipment loans.                  Centre is minutes away by car.                      

08   |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
Study abroad

If you’re passionate about tackling global challenges and collaborating       How studying abroad can
with some of the brightest minds in your discipline, then Monash is the       give you an edge
place where your ideas and actions can gain momentum. We offer
                                                                              Exposure. Experience the hidden and untold
many opportunities for you to go abroad and discover new experiences.         norms that can only be revealed when experiencing
                                                                              a country at its own pace, as opposed to traveling
                                                                              as a tourist. You will broaden your worldview by
Consider a transfer or exchange to one of our four campuses in                immersing yourself in different cultures and ways of
Melbourne, or spend a semester abroad at our Monash Prato Centre in           doing things.
Italy or at one of our partner universities in the Asian, African, European
                                                                              Personal growth. Go as an outsider and return
or American region. No matter where you go, your overseas experience          having not just survived, but thrived in the
                                                                              unfamiliar. You will realise that you are more
is an excellent opportunity to nurture your intellectual development and      capable than you think. Build your self-confidence,
personal growth                                                               be more adaptable and independent.

                                                                              Employability. It is not only about fun, it is
                                                                              about life! You will develop skills in effective
                                                                              communication, collaboration and time management
                                                                              – all valuable life skills that employers seek.

                                                                              International Study Trips
                                                                              Some of our postgraduate courses incorporate
                                                                              overseas study trips, taking you out of the
                                                                              classroom and further into the world

 DID YOU KNOW?                                                                Find out more at
You will pay the Malaysian campus course fees when you
go on an exchange to one of our Australian campuses or
partner universities as a Monash Malaysia student.

                                                                                              Postgraduate Prospectus 2018     |   09
Living in Malaysia

Strategically located in the economic pulse of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is the leading tourist and commercial destination in
Asia. It borders Thailand to the north, Singapore to the south and Indonesia to the south east.
Apart from being a metropolitan centre with a modern economy, Malaysia also possesses a rich history and vast natural
rainforests. Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites are present here, including the Kinabalu Park and Mulu National Park in
Borneo, and the historical cities of Melaka and Georgetown in the peninsula. In the capital city, the iconic Petronas Twin
Towers render a stunning skyline for Kuala Lumpur.
Home to a diverse population of various ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, Malaysia offers no shortage of flavourful
cuisine, vibrant festivals and heritage traditions. You will always have places to go, people to meet, and treasures to discover.

    Asia’s             Tropical            Affordable      Convenient      Financial   Shopping       Religious        International      Higher
leading tourist        climate           accommodation   local transport    district                    and               airport      education hub
  destination                                                                                     cultural diversity    connectivity

10    |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
                                                                                         Malaysia is an exciting and affordable
                                                                                         place to live. You can cover your living and
                                                                                         entertainment costs on a reasonable budget
                                                                                         and have money spare to travel.
                                           Photo by Katherine Khaw for MONGA

Studying in Sunway City
Our campus is located in the well-connected Sunway township where
a wide range of amenities, conveniences, leisure and entertainment
options are no more than a few minutes away.
Cool down on a hot day at the Sunway Lagoon theme park, take
a break from your studies with some retail therapy at Sunway Pyramid
shopping mall, or check out the various eateries around the area – all
easily accessed via the Sunway Canopy Walk or public transportation.
Hotels, banks and a hospital are also within reach.

At Monash, we are committed to fostering
an inclusive culture for everyone.

Watch us celebrate diversity at our Open Day:

                                                                               Places to eat
                                                                               If you’re on campus, check out our cafeterias
                                                                               for a wide selection of affordable dishes
                                                                               ranging from piping hot burgers to comforting
                                                                               plates of mixed rice. You'll also find brands like
                                                                               Boost Juice and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
                                                                               For leisurely days, explore more eateries just
                                                                               across the road from the main entrance
                                                                               or at the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.
                                                                               Most major global food outlets are present
                                                                               in Malaysia.

                                                                                                   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   11
How to get here

Airport Transfer                               City Transport                         Sunway Canopy Walk
The most convenient way to travel from         The nearest Light Rapid Transit        This elevated walkway connects our
the Kuala Lumpur International Airport         (LRT) stop to Monash University        campus to the Sunway Pyramid
(KLIA) would be by taxi. A less expensive      Malaysia is the USJ7 station, near     shopping mall. It takes about 15-20
alternative would be the KLIA Ekspres train    the Sunway BRT station of the          minutes to walk from the main
service, which makes a direct journey to       same name. The LRT will connect        campus gate to the mall’s side
KL Sentral in 28 minutes. KL Sentral is the    you to many places in and around       entrance. The Canopy Walk is open
country’s largest transit hub and is home      Greater Kuala Lumpur, including        daily from 7am to 12 midnight (except
to an integrated rail transportation centre.   Petaling Jaya, KL Sentral, the         on public holidays) and monitored by
                                               Petronas Twin Towers, and other        close-circuit television cameras.
                                               parts of the Kuala Lumpur central
From KL Sentral                                business district.
Take the KTM train (available at KL Sentral)
and alight at the Setia Jaya station. Once     Parking
there, look for the Sunway Bus Rapid
Transit (BRT) station and board the electric   If you’re driving to campus,
                                                                                       DID YOU KNOW?
bus. Alight at the Sun-U Monash BRT            there are several parking facilities   You can also get around Sunway City with the free
station, where our campus is located.          available. The Eastern Carpark is      Sunway Shuttle Bus Service, which runs every 60
Buses on the Sunway BRT system operate         free on a first-come-first-served      minutes (subject to traffic conditions). The
on a five-minute interval from 6am to          basis while the Western Car Park       operation hours are as follows:
12midnight daily.                              is pay-per-entry. You can also
                                               opt to park at BRT Sunway Park         Monday to Saturday: 0700 to 2215
                                               N’ Ride on an hourly rate or           Sunday: 0900 to 2215
Within Sunway City                             pre-paid season pass.                  (last bus leaving from Pyramid Tower Hotel)
The Sunway BRT electric bus service will
take you to key locations including                                                      Pyramid Tower Hotel
healthcare (Sunway Medical Centre), retail                                               (Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon)
(Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall),                                                          Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
recreation (Sunway Lagoon), restaurants
and cafes (Sunway Mentari), education                                                    Sunway Metro (Bus Stop)
(Monash University and Sunway                                                            Sunway Lagoon BRT Station
University), private residences (South                                                   Bay Rocks
Quay), and walking distance to city train
services interchange (from BRT to KTM                                                    A Marine/Nautica
and LRT trains).                                                                         La Costa
                                                                                         Monash Residence
                                                                                         Sun-U Monash BRT Station
                                                                                         Sun-U Residence
                                                                                         Sunway Medical
                                                                                         Lagoon Club (Bus stop)

12   |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
Live near campus
We know how important it is that you have a space to call your own                                                  COST OF LIVING
especially when you are away from home, which is why we have ensured
                                                                                                                  Need tips on planning cost of living,
that our recommended accommodations are safe, comfortable, and                                                    accommodation and other forms
affordable. These residential options offer modern living spaces, a warm                                          of campus support?
sense of community, and are conveniently located close to our campus and
central Sunway City.                                                                                              wellbeing-activities

                            Sunway Monash Residence                        Sun-U Residence                                 Sun-U Apartment

Room                        Individual                                     Twin-sharing                                    Twin or quad-sharing

Air-Conditioned             Yes                                            Yes                                             No

Distance                    Within campus grounds                          5-minute walk                                   10-minute walk

Features                    Bed, wardrobe, study table and chair,          Bed, study table and chair, wardrobe, fan,      Bed, study table and chair, wardrobe,
                            notice board, book rack, mini fridge,          shower heater, refrigerator, water              book rack, fan, shower heater,
                            LCD TV (singles), side table (ensuite),        dispenser (hot and room temp),                  refrigerator, water dispenser (hot and cold),
                            and Wifi                                       microwave oven, notice board, and Wifi          and Wifi

Unit Layout                 Eight bedrooms, three bathrooms,               Four bedrooms, two bathrooms,                   Three bedrooms (two twin-sharing
                            two washrooms, living area and pantry          living area and pantry                          and one quad-sharing), two bathrooms,
                                                                                                                           living area and pantry

General Facilities          Swimming pool, basketball court,               Swimming pool, gymnasium, laundrette,           Laundrette, 24-hour convenience store,
                            gymnasium, complimentary laundry,              24-hour convenience store, badminton and        badminton court, Muslim prayer room,
                            24-hour convenience store, cafe, BBQ pit,      squash courts, Muslim prayer room,              BBQ pit, study room, and 24-hour security
                            par course, study area, shuttle bus service,   study room, poolside cafe, BBQ pit,
                            covered elevated walkway, guest rooms          visitor’s lounge, and 24-hour security
                            (chargeable), One card access entry,
                            and 24-hour security

Maximum occupancy           2,258 rooms                                    1,884 rooms                                     1,036 rooms

Rental per quarter          - RM 2,340* (twin-sharing)                     - RM 2,100* (twin-sharing, small room)          - RM 1,140* (quad-sharing; near to door)
(3 months)                  - RM 2,940* (single, inner view)               - RM 2,340* (twin-sharing)                      - RM 1,350* (quad-sharing; near to window)
                            - RM 3,450* (single)                                                                           - RM 1,680* (twin-sharing)
                            - RM 4,950* (single, ensuite)                                                                  - RM 2,100* (twin-sharing, small room)

*Rental rates quoted as of December 2017. For the latest information, please visit
All photos above were taken at Sunway Monash Residence.                                                                         Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   13

Graduate Research Pathway                    Master of Advanced Engineering (Energy
Scholarships                                 and Sustainability) Bursaries
Available for all Honours Degree Courses,    Available for applicants enrolled in the          Scholarships awarded by
Master of Biomedical Science, and            Master of Advanced Engineering (Energy
Postgraduate Diploma in Business and         and Sustainability) at Monash University          Monash Malaysia
Commerce at Monash University Malaysia.      Malaysia for the 2018 intakes.                    (2004-2016)
Each scholarship covers 100% or partial of
the course fee.                              ● RM10,000 per bursary for all qualified
                                               applicants; or
                                             ● RM13,000 per bursary for all Institute of
Graduate Research Merit Scholarships
                                               Engineers (IEM) members (including their
Available for all postgraduate by research     immediate family members); or
degrees (Master and PhD) in priority areas
                                             ● RM13,000 per bursary for Monash
of research at Monash University Malaysia.
Each scholarship covers 100% of the
tuition fees, plus a living allowance.
                                             Master of Professional Counselling
Alumni Bursaries                             Bursaries
This bursary will be automatically applied   Available for applicants enrolled in the
each semester for any commencing             Master of Professional Counselling at
Monash alumni graduating from the            Monash University Malaysia (full time study
Australian, South African or Malaysian       only). Each bursary covers a RM2,500
campuses. This bursary covers 10% off        tuition fee waiver per semester, with a total
the course fee and currently applies for     of RM10,000 for 2 years of study in
the following postgraduate programs only:    Monash University Malaysia
• Master of International Business
                                             External Scholarships
• Master of Communications and                                                               Learn more at
  Media Studies                              MyBrain15 MyMaster and MyPhD Grants
• Master of Business Information Systems
                                             by the Malaysian Ministry of Education
• Master of Professional Counselling

14   |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
How to apply

  1     Apply 

  2     Monash offers you a place

  3     You accept    

 Malaysian students                   International students

 4    Arrange for
      accommodation                    4    Submit student pass documents
      (if required)

                                       5    Monash Malaysia lodges your
 5    Participate in                        student pass application
               6    Student pass approved

                                       7    Apply for single entry visa (if required)*
                                            *Please refer to Immigration Department Malaysia
                                            website for more information on SEV requirements
                                            at the bottom.

                                       8    Arrange for accommodation
                                            and fly to Malaysia

                                       9    Participate in Orientation

                                                                                       Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   15
To succeed at Monash, you need excellent
English language skills. We have English
                                                        Monash English Bridging
language pathways for those who need                    (MEB)
added assistance in the language and to                 JPT/BPP(u)1000-801/595/Jld.6(2) (03/20) - MQA/SWA0118

prepare you for academic study.
                                                                17 weeks

                                                                March and August

                   Courses designed for students                RM 9,700
                   progressing to Monash.

                                                        The MEB is tailored for those who need added assistance in
                                                        the English language. Classes will also focus on academic skills
                                                        preparation for reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well
                   Qualified teachers who understand    as note-taking and research.
                   the needs of students progressing
                   to university.                       MEB Strengths
                                                        • Direct entry into most Monash courses
                                                        • Development of academic skills
                                                        • Practical and effective preparation for the demands of
                    Make friends and settle in before     academic life at Monash
                    you start at Monash University
                    Malaysia.                           Assessment
                                                        To pass the program, you must successfully complete a series
                                                        of tasks that test your ability to use English for academic studies
                                                        •   listening comprehension
                                                        •   reading comprehension
                                                        •   in-class essay
                                                        •   in-class tutorial discussion
                                                        •   research report/essay
                                                        •   oral presentation
                                                        •   group participation
Turn to Page 42 for the entry requirements
and view the latest information from                    Via MEB as an exit point                                                                             Pass                  Monash Malaysia
                                                                  MEB                                               studies

 16   |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
Our postgraduate courses are offered in two modes of study,
either by coursework or by research.

These courses allow you to extend expertise gained through your
undergraduate degree, or add breadth to your knowledge and
skills within a new or complementary field. If you complete a
four-year Honours bachelor’s degree, you can usually complete an
expert master’s degree in the same discipline in just one year,
which enables you to graduate with both a bachelor’s and a
master’s degree in five years.

Monash offers research-based graduate courses in most
disciplines. These courses offer you the opportunity to pursue your
passion in a supportive environment while working with some of
the brightest minds. A graduate research degree can take between
one and four years of full-time study.

School of Arts and Social Sciences
Master of Communications and Media Studies
Master of Arts

School of Business
Master of International Business
                                                                      English Language Proficiency
Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Commerce                         Sound English language skills are required for
Master of Philosophy                                                  academic programs at Monash University. Full
                                                                      documentary evidence in support of English
School of Engineering                                                 Language Proficiency (ELP) must be submitted
Master of Advanced Engineering (Energy and Sustainability)            with applications for admission and scholarship.
Master of Engineering Science (Research)
                                                                      Monash University reserves the right to seek
                                                                      further documentary evidence of ELP.
School of Information Technology
Master of Business Information Systems
Master of Philosophy

Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences
                                                                      Find out more about
Master of Professional Counselling
Master of Biomedical Science
                                                                      Monash University’s ELP admission
Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Science                            requirements on the web.
                                                                      For master’s degree enrolment
School of Science
Postgraduate Diploma in Science
Master of Science                                                     For doctoral degree enrolment
The Doctor of Philosophy program is offered in all schools under
a range of disciplines and specialised research areas.

   Coursework       Research

                                                                                        Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   17
                                               “My time at Monash has been enriching,
                                               to say the least. It has opened my mind to
                                               a diverse range of ideologies and
                                               worldviews. The ability to holistically
                                               observe and critically analyse the social,
                                               cultural and political complexities of the
                                               modern world is a valuable skill that I’ll
                                               carry with me into the professional realm.”
                                               LYNN LIZ VERGHESE
                                               Master of Communications and Media Studies student

       is ranked

in the world for Communications
       and Media Studies
QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017

   Top 100     in the world
           for Social Sciences
  Times Higher Education World University
        Subject Rankings 2016/17

 18    |    Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
Art and Social Sciences

Master of Communications
and Media Studies
KPT/JPT (R/321/7/0015) 03/21 - MQA/SWA0177

The world is facing unprecedented change in               These include critical thinking, cultural sensitivity,            1.5 years (Full-time)
communications, media content, forms,                     advanced reading and communication skills (both                   3 years (Part-time)*
technology, and policy over the last decade.              written and verbal), and high-level analytical skills.
These changes have wide ranging implications for          More widely, the degree aims to develop skills in
business, politics, public administration, and            communications and media research.
everyday life.                                                                                                              February
                                                          This methodological training will enable you to
This course addresses these changes and critically        participate in relevant research-based study and
engages with the potential and challenges posed           equip you with an edge for today’s competitive
by the rise of digital media, globalisation, and          workplace.                                                        Coursework
cross-cultural exchange. You will examine past,
present and future trends to further your
understanding of communications and media                 Progression to Further Studies                                    Malaysian Student
systems both locally and globally.
                                                          Completion of the research thesis (24 points) will                RM 47,700
                                                          provide a pathway to a higher degree by research.                 (full course at 1.5 years)

Course Structure                                                                                                            International Student
                                                                                                                            RM 52,470
The course is made up of 72 credit points (six units)     Career Pathways                                                   (full course at 1.5 years)
of study. These are divided into the following:
                                                          Common destinations for graduates include:
(a) Two core units (24 points)                            ● Journalism, publishing, editing, writing, electronic
   ● Communication research methods                         media, public relations, corporate communications
   ● Communication theories and practices                 ● Marketing, advertising, business research and
(b) One of the following capstone/research options
    (24 points):                                          ● Management consulting, international trade,
                                                            human resources, training and development,
   ● A capstone unit of Communications research             management and administration
     project (12 points) plus one level-5 elective unit
     (12 points)                                          ● Diplomacy, foreign affairs, politics
   ● A Research thesis (24 points)*                       ● Tourism, hospitality, entertainment
                                                          ● Production, direction, management and
(c) Two elective units (24 points).                         administration, film, television and video
*You can undertake the research thesis if you’ve          ● Academia
achieved a minimum distinction average and with
                                                          ● Research and policy institutes
the approval of the coordinator.
                                                          In addition to the opportunities listed above, this
                                                          degree will prepare you for careers in various
Learning Outcomes                                         sectors within and beyond the media industry.
                                                          You will be able to design communication
You’ll master the contemporary skills necessary for
                                                          strategies, develop and implement communication
participation in and the management of                                                                                * Part-time studies not available
                                                          policy plans, act as media spokespersons and offer            for international students
sophisticated communicative processes in regional,
                                                          expert communication advice through industry and
urban, national and international contexts.
                                                          market research.

                                                                                          “I undertook my studies after serving in various
                                                                                          capacities in the banking and finance industry,
                                                                                          where the ability to communicate effectively and
                                                                                          efficiently is a crucial determinant for success.
                                                                                          My master’s degree exposed me to the theoretical
                                                                                          frameworks underpinning communication in
                                                                                          the real world, giving me new insights into how to
                                                                                          communicate more effectively with people across
                                                                                          all strata of society.”

                                                                                          JAMES FOO KOK CHYE
                                                                                          Master of Communications and Media Studies graduate
                                                                                          Director of Communicateam Enterprise

                                                                                                                     Postgraduate Prospectus 2018         |   19
Arts and Social Sciences

                                                   Master of Arts
                                                   KPT/JPT (R/310/7/0010) 03/20 - MQA/SWA0119

        2 years (Full-time)                        A masters degree by research allows you to
        4 years (Part-time)*                       undertake substantial independent research of
                                                   your chosen topic while under the supervision of
                                                   two academics. You’ll produce a research thesis
        Throughout the year                        and your research will make a contribution to
        (Subject to availability of supervision)
                                                   knowledge on your topic. Upon completion of this
                                                   degree, you can opt to continue on to a PhD.

        Research                                   Areas of Study
                                                   ● Arts

        Malaysian Student
                                                   ● Social sciences
        RM 40,280 (per year)                       ● Humanities
        International Student
        RM 44,308 (per year)
                                                   Career Pathways
                                                   Similar to graduates of the Master of
                                                   Communications and Media Studies, you can go
                                                   on to work in these sectors:
                                                   ● Journalism, publishing, editing, writing, electronic
                                                     media, public relations, corporate communications
                                                   ● Marketing, advertising, business research
                                                     and analysis
                                                   ● Management consulting, international trade,
                                                     human resources, training and
                                                     development, management and administration
                                                   ● Diplomacy, foreign affairs, politics
                                                   ● Tourism, hospitality, entertainment
                                                   ● Production, direction, management and
* Part-time studies not available
                                                     administration, film, television and video
  for international students
                                                   ● Academia

           “Aristotle once quipped, 'educating
           the mind without educating the heart
           is no education at all'. Hence, our
           hope is that the research our PhD
           candidates pursue will strengthen
           their resolve to not only be critical,
           but also ethical, thinkers.”
           School of Arts and Social Sciences

   20      |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
“My PhD colleagues are really helpful
while the professionalism and expertise
of our lecturers, continue to provide
us with good methodological training
in the field of social sciences. These
are all important in equipping young
PhD students like us with the
methodological techniques and
knowledge for our future careers.”
PhD student
Recipient of Chinese Government fellowship through China
Scholarship Council to conduct research in the School of Politics
and Public Administration, Guangxi University for Nationalities

Chee Leong's research traces the contributions of Chinese sub-national governments
like Guangxi in advancing China-ASEAN relations, which have been largely left unsung.

                                                                                        Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   21
                                               “I have learned so much within and
                                               beyond the scope of this course. The
                                               assignments are challenging but extremely
                                               rewarding. I especially appreciate how
                                               knowledgeable, insightful and helpful the
                                               lecturers are. Also, my lecturers and peers
                                               come from different backgrounds and
                                               cultures, thus providing me with a wider
                                               range of perspectives and ideas.”
       Monash                                  MOHAMMAD WARIQ BIN WAFI LIM

      is ranked                                Master of International Business student

     Accounting and Finance

          Economics and

         Business and
      Management Studies

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017

     International Accreditation

         Advanced Member

22   |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018

Master of International Business
KPT/JPT (R2/340/7/0168) 04/22 - MQA/SWA0111

This course presents an academically rigorous and      SECTION C                                                                1.5 years (Full-time)
professionally relevant program of study in                                                                                     3 years (Part-time)*
                                                       Four graduate-level units (24 point) subject to
contemporary international business issues. It aims                                                                             in relevant discipline
                                                       Course Coordinator approval and a maximum of
to boost your career advancement in the private,
                                                       two units (12 points) may be taken from other                            2 years (Full-time)
public, inter-governmental and nonprofit sectors,
                                                       schools/faculties.                                                       4 years (Part-time)*
and will extend your skills in the analysis and
interpretation of the global business environment.     ● Contemporary issues in globalisation                                   in non-relevant discipline

Through independent research, presentations and        ● International dimension of e-business
case studies, you will acquire the skills needed to    ● International marketing
gather relevant data for analysis together with                                                                                 February and July
                                                       ● International finance
the competencies necessary to effectively
                                                       ● Options, future and risk management
communicate your decisions.
                                                       ● International issues in employment law
                                                       ● International study program in international
Learning Outcomes                                        business
Upon completion of the course, you should have:        You may be considered for credit exemption(s) if                         Malaysian Student
● Developed the capacity for high-level analysis of    you have completed an/a:                                                 RM 53,000
  international and transnational investment, trade,                                                                            (full course at 1.5 years full-time)
  and management strategy in the context of            Qualification                        Program Structure                   International Student
                                                                                                                                RM 58,300
● Acquired key skills in communication and             Undergraduate degree in              Sections B and C                    (full course at 1.5 years full-time)
  negotiation across business cultures                 a relevant discipline*
● Developed the ability to deal with issues in the     Undergraduate degree                 Sections A, B and C
  international non-profit and inter-governmental      not in a relevant discipline*
  sectors as these affect multinational corporations
● Studied the links between international business     Honours degree in                    All units from
  strategies and societies, economies and political,   a relevant discipline*               section B
  and legal regimes
                                                       Honours degree not in                Units from
● Bridged the gap between the theory of firm           a relevant discipline*               sections A and B
  internationalisation and the actual                                                                                     * Part-time studies not available
  internationalisation process in practice                                                                                  for international students
                                                       *Relevant disciplines include any major within management,
                                                       business, and economics with approval of the course coordinator.

Areas of Study
SECTION A                                              Research Option
Four units (24 points) from the following:             This program also offers a research pathway option
                                                       that provides an alternative route for you to go from
● Accounting for business                              a coursework master's program into a PhD
● Law and business decisions                           program. You will complete, as part of the elective
● Economics                                            component, three units:
● Business statistics                                  ● Introductory management research methods
                                                       ● Research report (introduction)
                                                       ● Research report
Eight core units (48 points) as follows:
● Accounting and finance for International
  managers                                             Experiential Learning
● International management                             The study tour is an elective summer unit designed
● Marketing and the international consumer             as a practical complement to your academic study.
                                                       You will embark on site visits to local and
● International business theory and practice
                                                       international organisations, companies and
● Introduction to international economics              institutions which will help you better understand
● International trade law                              the impact of that location’s environment on
                                                       business and its implications for management.
● Cross-cultural management communication
● International business strategy                      Our students have been to countries including
                                                       China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, and Korea where
                                                       they have visited companies such as Boeing, Crédit
                                                       Agricole, Hewlett-Packard, and Samsung.

                                                                                                                          Postgraduate Prospectus 2018        |   23

                                          Postgraduate Diploma in
                                          Business and Commerce
                                          KPT/JPT (R2/340/7/0169) 04/22 - MQA/SWA0120

     1 year                               This program is structured to enable you to            Areas of Study
                                          enhance your career and gain expert business and
                                                                                                 ● Accountancy
                                          commerce knowledge, while at the same time
                                          achieve access to higher degrees courses.              ● Applied economics
     February and July                                                                           ● Banking and financial management
                                          It is a research-centered program with a focus on
                                          a number of highly valued key skills within industry   ● Business analytics
                                          and academia, allowing you to undertake practical      ● Business law and taxation
                                          problems from a broader intellectual perspective.
     Research                                                                                    ● Econometrics and business statistics
                                          The program is particularly suitable if you wish to    ● International business management
                                          pursue a research degree such as Doctor of
                                          Philosophy (PhD). If you complete the course with      ● Strategic marketing
     Malaysian Student
                                          first-class honours, you may be permitted to enrol
     RM 33,920 (per year)                 in the Monash Doctoral Program without first
     International Student                completing a master's degree by research.              Course Structure
     RM 37,312 (per year)                                                                        The course structure comprises of the following:

                                          Learning Outcomes                                      (a) Taught units:
                                          Upon completion of the course, you should gain:           ● Research methodology 1 (6 credit points)
                                          ● In-depth knowledge in specialised areas of              ● Research methodology 2 (6 credit points)
                                            business and commerce from advanced                     ● Directed studies 1 (6 credit points)
                                            disciplinary studies and research                       ● Directed studies 2 (6 credit points)
                                          ● Comprehensive research skills relevant to
                                            business and research                                (b) Research project and report (24 credit points)

                                          ● The necessary skills to plan and undertake
                                            rigorous independent research
                                          ● The capacity to engage in critical thinking and
                                          ● The ability to effectively communicate research
                                            activities and findings

       “I have taught and researched in Europe,
       the US and Japan, but the Monash programs
       have been the most international, with Asian,
       European and Australian students.
       What better way to prepare for a truly
       international career?”
       School of Business

24     |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
“Monash nurtures students to be
analytical and independent by
thinking outside the box and voicing
our thoughts. To pursue a research
degree is incredibly challenging and
it is a highly-disciplined task. My
supervisors kept pushing me to think
beyond my comfort zone to pursue
novel research for far-reaching
PhD (Marketing) student

Stephanie’s research focuses on the sustainability activities of the solar photovoltaic
industry in Malaysia where she is investigating how key economic, social and political
actors construct their own sustainability agenda from the network legitimacy perspective.
                                                                                            Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   25
ENGINEERING                                             “The best aspect of studying at Monash as
                                                         a graduate researcher, is the opportunity to
                                                         engage in multidisciplinary research and
                                                         creating your own avenue – as long as you
                                                         keep expanding your horizons, and keep
        Monash                                           working toward a clear direction, various
       is ranked                                         eye opening experiences await you.”
                                                         ARVIND RAJAN
                                                         PhD (Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering) student

                                                         IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society's Graduate Fellowship
                                                         Award 2017
                                                         Visiting Research Fellow at Shantou University, China 2017
               for                                       Recipient of the Monash Vice-Chancellor’s International Intercampus
       Chemical Engineering                              PhD Mobility Scheme 2017

           Civil and Structural

         in the world for
      Mechanical Engineering

          in the world for
           Electrical and
       Electronic Engineering

           QS World University Subject
                Rankings 2017


              Tier 5
   The School of Engineering is rated
   Excellent in D-Setara Engineering
      by the Ministry of Education

Engineering Accreditation Council Malaysia

 Engineers Australia Accreditation Board

                                             Arvind is researching the development of novel methods for reliability analysis
                                             of engineering systems, a tool that would be invaluable to manufacturers
                                             across engineering fields.

 26    |     Postgraduate Prospectus 2018

Master of Advanced Engineering
(Energy and Sustainability)
KPT/JPT (N/520/7/0075) 05/20 - MQA/SWA0796

This course is designed for working engineers and           in energy and sustainability and the ability to develop               1 year (Full-time)
engineering graduates with an ambition to lead.             solutions to complex engineering problems.                            2 years (Part-time)*
Addressing the pertinent demands in sustainable             ● Apply advanced energy and sustainability based
energy development, you will be guided to greater             knowledge in an engineering context
applicable knowledge in this area of specialisation
and to succeed in complex problem solving                   ● Employ energy and sustainability based                              February and July
methods. If you aspire for career advancement in              techniques to solve complex problems, design
the competitive global environment, this degree is            engineering solutions, and evaluate potential
ideal for you.                                                designs to identify optimal solutions
                                                            ● Research, investigate and critically appraise
                                                              current developments and research directions,
Course Structure                                              and identify future directions for energy and
                                                              sustainability                                                      Malaysian Student
You will complete eight units (48 credit points) as                                                                               RM 48,000 (full course)
follows:                                                    ● Demonstrate a commitment to uphold code of
                                                              ethics and established norms of professional                        International Student
Core units                                                    engineering conduct                                                 RM 52,800 (full course)
● Advanced Engineering Data Analysis                        ● Communicate information effectively to industry
● Engineering Entrepreneurship                                and the wider community
                                                            ● Demonstrate knowledge of team dynamics and
Major units
                                                              leadership, and function effectively as
● Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Engineering            an individual and in diverse engineering teams
● Sustainable Energy Technologies                           ● Select and apply appropriate resources and
● Energy Efficient Lighting                                   modern engineering tools to systematically
● Principles and Practices for Sustainable                    manage systems and progress knowledge
  Development                                               ● Employ energy and sustainability techniques into
                                                              all phases of engineering project work, including
Elective units                                                business planning and financial management.
● Environmental and Air Pollution Control
● Smart Grids
● Minor project                                             Research Option
                                                            This program offers a research pathway option as
                                                            an alternative route for you to progress from
Learning Outcomes                                           a coursework master’s program into a PhD
The core units in engineering leadership and                program. The research option requires the
engineering analysis will strengthen your abilities in      recommendation of the Associate Head of School                  * Part-time studies not available
critical reasoning, innovation and strategic thinking. As   (Graduate Research) and approval from the                         for international students
a whole, you will acquire an advanced understanding         Faculty/Monash Graduate Education (MGE).

                                                                                        “Monash has considerably given me a strong
                                                                                        foundation in the research-related fields of materials
                                                                                        science, chemistry, catalysis and nanotechnology.
                                                                                        This has helped to expand my research horizons and
                                                                                        networking. Most importantly, it boosted my confidence
                                                                                        in a career where I continue to strive for the best in
                                                                                        research for a better and sustainable environment.”

                                                                                        ONG WEE JUN
                                                                                        PhD (Chemical Engineering) graduate
                                                                                        Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal Award 2017
                                                                                        Journal adjudicative and peer reviewer for ACS, RSC, Wiley, Elsevier,
                                                                                        AIP and NPG publishing groups
                                                                                        Currently a research scientist at the Institute of Materials Research
                                                                                        and Engineering (IMRE), Agency for Science, Technology and
                                                                                        Research (A*STAR) in Singapore

Dr Ong is working on two research projects that will eventually uncover renewable energy
resources to substitute exhaustible fossil fuel feedstocks for enriching global energy demands.

                                                                                                                           Postgraduate Prospectus 2018         |   27

                                                   Master of Engineering Science
                                                   KPT/JPT (R/520/7/0042) 07/18 - MQA/SWA0112

        2 years (Full-time)                        This degree is a truly global research qualification      ● Nanotechnology
        4 years (Part-time)*                       that will give you the grounding to delve deeply into     ● Nanoelectronics
                                                   engineering challenges and develop solutions for
                                                   the future. During your candidature, you will             ● Optical communications and photonics

        Throughout the year                        develop specialised knowledge and skills in your          ● Process modeling, simulation and optimisation
        (Subject to availability of supervision)   chosen area that will enable you to address               ● Smart manufacturing and industry 4.0
                                                   national issues and global needs, and improve the
                                                                                                             ● Sustainable transportation engineering
                                                   way of life in local communities.
                                                                                                             ● Sustainable drainage and flood management
                                                                                                             ● Thermal management
                                                   Areas of Study                                            ● Waste management
                                                   ● Advanced materials
        Malaysian Student
        RM 40,280 (per year)                       ● Artificial intelligence
                                                   ● Bioprocess engineering
                                                                                                             Course Structure
        International Student
                                                   ● Biomechanics                                            This course consists of research and thesis
        RM 44,308 (per year)
                                                   ● Bioinspired systems
                                                   ● Critical infrastructure
                                                   ● Energy                                                  Learning Outcomes
                                                   ● Engineering in medical and healthcare                   This degree is intended to provide you with basic
                                                   ● Environmental engineering                               training in the methodology of research and allow
                                                                                                             you to gain an in-depth insight into an important
                                                   ● Food and pharmaceutical processing
                                                                                                             topic of current engineering interest. You will be
                                                   ● Future wireless access technologies                     able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of
                                                   ● Intelligent lighting                                    relevant research techniques in your field, through
                                                   ● Management of natural resources and                     a review of literature and application of research
                                                     phenomena                                               techniques relevant to your chosen field of study.
* Part-time studies not available
  for international students

                                                                                                       “Our engineering courses are ranked
                                                                                                       among the best in the world and are
                                                                                                       globally recognised. At Monash, we go
                                                                                                       beyond producing engineers – we produce
                                                                                                       leaders. That's the Monash difference.”
                                                                                                       PROFESSOR CHAN ENG SENG
                                                                                                       School of Engineering

   28      |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
“The way the Monash Doctoral Program
                                                                                     (also known as Graduate Research) is
                                                                                     structured provides me the freedom to
                                                                                     innovate solutions to real-world
                                                                                     problems, giving me full control over my
                                                                                     research direction and my schedule to
                                                                                     implement it. I was also fortunate to
                                                                                     discover mentors from various fields
                                                                                     along the way.”
                                                                                     ALAN YIP YAO HONG
                                                                                     PhD (Mechanical Engineering) student
                                                                                     McKinsey and Company Youth Leadership Academy 2017
                                                                                     Axiata Young CEO Development Programme Top 5 Leadership
                                                                                     Award 2016

Alan’s research involves mesoscopic physics and its application in thermal management
as a mitigation technique against paraffin wax formation in stored crude oil, a solution
which may save billions of dollars yearly for the oil and gas industry.

                                                                                                                  Postgraduate Prospectus 2018   |   29
 TECHNOLOGY                                    “I enjoyed many opportunities to
                                               challenge myself and develop my
                                               skills in time management, problem
                                               solving and teamwork. Our lecturers
                                               and tutors were always available to
                                               assist and guide me whether during
                                               class, consultation hours, or via
                                               email. Monash has far exceeded my
                                               TAI KAH YEE
                                               Master of Business Information Systems student

       is ranked

           in the world for
       Computer Science and
        Information Systems

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017


 30    |   Postgraduate Prospectus 2018
Information Technology

Master of Business Information
KPT/JPT (R/481/7/0743) 06/21 - MQA/SWA0163

This program will prepare you for careers in big          (a) Five units (30 points) from:                                  2 years (Full-time)
data analytics, information systems analysis and             ● Information and knowledge management                         4 years (Part-time)*
design, IT project management, business                        systems
intelligence and enterprise systems. It is suitable for
students with previous qualifications in any                 ● IT for management decision making
discipline, but if you do have a background in               ● Enterprise systems                                           February and July
Information Communication and Technology, you                ● Enterprise architecture and management
will still find advancement opportunities in the
                                                             ● Introduction to data science
business management world.
                                                             ● User interface design and usability                          Coursework
You will have the option of pursuing either
an industrial experience path or to undertake                ● Business process modelling, design and
a research project.                                            simulation
                                                                                                                            Malaysian Student
                                                             ● Business intelligence and data warehousing
                                                                                                                            RM 53,000 (full course)
                                                          (b) Two elective units (12 points) from Part 2,
Prior Qualifications                                      section (a), above or any FIT Level 5 units or Level 5
                                                                                                                            International Student
                                                                                                                            RM 58,300 (full course)
If you have a previous qualification in the field of      units offered by any faculty of the University with
information communication and technology, you             approval from the Course Director.
may be granted credit transfer (with a reduced fee)
for one semester of study. This means that you can        Part 3 (24 points)
graduate in 1.5 years instead of 2 years.                 You may choose to join the (a) research stream or
                                                          the (b) industry experience stream.

Course Structure                                          (a) As a research pathway student, you will
Part 1 (24 points)
                                                             ● IT research methods
Four advanced preparatory units:                             ● Minor thesis part 1
● Introduction to business information systems               ● Minor thesis part 2
● Systems analysis and design                                ● Minor thesis final
● Programming foundations in Java
                                                          (b) As an industry experience student, you will
● Introduction to databases                                   complete:
Part 2 (48 points)                                           ● Professional practice
                                                                                                                      * Part-time studies not available
You must complete:                                           ● Industry experience studio project (12 points)           for international students
● Project management (6 points)                              ● FIT Level 5 elective

                                                                                                  “Our students are vigorously
                                                                                                  trained to be fundamentally
                                                                                                  competent and courageous in
                                                                                                  solving the ever-evolving
                                                                                                  problems in IT.”
                                                                                                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR WONG KOK SHEIK
                                                                                                  School of Information Technology

                                                                                                                     Postgraduate Prospectus 2018         |   31
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