Company Profile 2021 - Europe Energy

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Company Profile 2021 - Europe Energy
Quick decision making, experimentation with new businesses, opening up to
foreign markets, constantly reshaping in order to overcome the new challenges
that the market imposes on companies every day: these are the ingredients
of the success of the Europe Energy group, a Veronese company founded in
2007 by the president and owner Matteo Ballarin who made the company grow
from an energy trading company to an important multi-utility company in the
Italian and foreign retail market.

Business unit
The historical core business of the Group has established in the last twenty
years a logistics platform capable of delivering energy and natural gas
anywhere in Europe, a real flagship of the holding, which is active in Albania,
Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro , Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.
The entry into the retail world started in Italy and followed in the Balkans, in
complete accordance with one of the cornerstones of the Group: Internationality.
In 2019, another big step in order to make a statement: to become a Smart
European MultiUtility Company able to offer end users and companies, in
addition to energy, also fiber internet connection, mobile and fixed connection
and IOT services , all under the WITHU brand.
27th May
                                                           2011                                          2018
                                                                  Permission to operate in Slovenia              Acquisition EDLO:
                                                                  and subscription to Borzen -
                                                                  Slovenian Power Exchange

                                                                                                                   15 employees      18.000 clients

                                                                  12th March
Over the years, the company has been growing
constantly, which has allowed it to develop new            2014   Creation of Network
                                                                  For Trading doo in Serbia
companies and be able to acquire others.                                                                         3rd June

This has also led to an evolution in the number
                                                                  17th October
                                                                  Europe Energy Gas& Power Spa
                                                                  rents the branch of the company
                                                                                                         2019    WITHU is born! Electricity, gas,
                                                                                                                 fiber and mobile with a single
of employees that has grown together with the                     of Gascom Srl coming into the
                                                                  Electricity and Gas retail market in
company, in order to satisfy the continuous increase              Italy
of customers in Italy and in the rest of Europe.

Thus, creating a structure in constant development
and always ready to innovate.                                      70 employees      30.000 clients

                                                                  13 July
                          30th July                        2015   Registration to the CEGH Central

                                                                  European Gas Hub
                          Foundation of
                          Europe Energy Srl
                                                                  11th November
                                                                  Registration as Shipper to NCG
                                                                  Net Connect Germany for Gas

                          17th September
                                                                  1st July
                                                                                                         2021   Current situation

                          Permission to operate
                          in Italy                                Europe Energy SpA implements
                                                                  the merger by incorporation of
                                                                  Europe Energy Gas & Power SpA

                                                                  Creation E-nergia gas and power                         160 employees
                          20th October
       2009               Registration
                          to the European Power Exchange
                                                                  Slovenia retail

                                                                  Creation E-nergia Romania
                          and European Energy Exchange.

                                                                                                                     90.000 Italy Customers
                                                                   10 employees       10.000 clients                20.000 Foreign Customers
                                                                     Romania            Romania
structure.                                           Matteo

                                                 EUROPE ENERGY
                                                   Holding srl

                                                  EUROPE ENERGY SPA

            100%                     71,18%                100%                  35%                       30%

       E-NERGIA             E-NERGIA                                      E-NERGIA
  GAS & POWTER d.o.o.   GAS & POWER SRL            GNUCOM SRL         GAS & POWER D.O.O.        LE TRADING AS
       SLOVENIA             ROMANIA                                         SERBIA

                         - Energia Vanzare Srl                                             - Network for Trading Serbia
                                                                                           - Energia Gas and Power Montenegro
                                                                                           - Le Trading Bosnia Herzegovina
                                                                                           - Energia Gas and Power Albania
                                                                                           - Energia Gas and Power Macedonia
                                                                                           - Energia Gas and Power Georgia

EBITDA                                                                                             HERITAGE
10000                                                                                              20000






   0                                                                                                  0
        2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017   2018   2019           2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017   2018   2019

Legend                                                                                             Legend
- Axis x: reference year                                                                           - Axis x: reference year
- Y axis: Eur / 1000                                                                               - Y axis: Eur / 1000
The team lies at the heart of the company’s
development project, the fundamental part that
carries our values forward.

Over the years the company has always had a steady                                                       Matteo Ballarin
increase in the number of employee, bringing                                                             Chairman
the company from few employees to more than
160 people who are currently working for Europe
Energy between Italy and the rest of Europe.

These constantly growing numbers make the
company extremely dynamic and always ready to

                         Carlo Tommasini             Loredana Pasqualini   Antonio Costa                     Federica Pellicciari        Chantal Riva
                         COO                         Legal Department      Chief Marketing and               Trading Manager             CFO
                                                     Manager               Sales Manegar
                         - Logistics                                                                         - Power                     - Management Control
                         - IT                                              - Marketing & Communication       - Gas                       - Credit
                         - Backoffice                                      - Business Development            - Scheduling & Backoffice   - Treasury
                         -Customer Care                                    - Sales                                                       - Accounting
                                                                                         Managing the entire
                                                     Trading of electricity,             supply chain of
                                                     natural gas and                €    the end customer

                                                     environmental certificates.         portfolio: pricing,
                                                                                         forecast, hedging,
                                                                                         fixing, optimisation

trading.                                              Supervision and
                                                                                        Consultancy for start-up
                                                                                        companies that need
                                                      management of
Trading based on market prices and the                                                  to acquire technical,
                                                      pricing and hedging of
determination of the costs associated with the                                          strategic and commercial
                                                      foreign branches
different clusters of customers, provides the                                           know-how.
commercial list with selling prices. It then takes
care of making forecasts according on what has
been sold, sourcing from counterparties such
as other wholesalers, banks, or stock exchanges
directly or through brokers.                                                            Vast portfolio of
                                                                                        counterparties and
Another type of energy supply takes place             Grid injection from
                                                                                        stock exchanges in Italy
through the purchase from power plants, which         production plants with
is forecasted through dynamic and self-learning                                         and Europe, with which
                                                      continuous development
mathematical models and algorithms.                                                     physical or financial
                                                      of mathematical models
                                                                                        product trading
                                                      for forecasting.
To optimise the supply, a process of import-                                            transactions are carried
export is put in place as the company is present                                        out.
in the main European markets with both physical
and financial transactions.

Europe Energy also provides several services to
other operators or start-up such as We then give
advice or market access to other operators or        Import / Export of
start-ups.                                           electricity and gas with the
                                                     countries of continental
                                                     and Eastern Europe.
trading                                  trading
power.                                   gas.
• 60 Active counterparts                 • 60 Active counterparts
• 21 TWh on Spot and Futures on 2019:    • 16 TWh on Spot and Futures on 2019:
        • 10 TWh on IT                           • 9 TWh on TTF
        • 7 TWh on DE                            • 4 TWh on PSV
        • 2 TWh on FR                            • 2 TWh on CEGH VTP
        • 1.3 TWh on CH                          • 1 TWh on NCG
        • 0.7 TWh on GR-AT-HU-SI         • Cross border activity in Central Europe
• Cross border activity in CWE and CEE   • 250 GWh storage capacity in Italy
• 200 MW dispatched Power Plants
• Additional trading activities:
        • Emission
        • Guarantees of Origin
        • Efficiency Certifcates
model                                            Product advantages
                                                 A single contract       A single App and        A single bill            A single customer
                                                 Sign a single           Private Area            A single bill with all   service
WITHU simplifies customers’ life and offers      contract, also          All the tools needed    the cost details of      A single call center
competitive prices: Electricity, Gas, Fiber,     available online, for   to manage and           all the utilities        for all the utilities,
Mobile and Fixed connection with a single        all the utilities       monitor the utilities                            available Monday
                                                                         are available on                                 to Sunday, 08.00
provider. A revolution that consists of just                             mobile or desktop                                am – 12.00 pm
one platform including all the utilities with
a single operator: it is simple and meets
the customer needs. A single commercial
reference, a single App to manage their
utilities, a single document of summary and      Sales advantages
a single customer service from Monday to
Sunday from 8am to 12pm. WITHU is a util-
tech that aims at simplifying customers’ life
and in the long run will be able to offer even
more innovative solutions such as home
automation and insurance services.               Online Contract         Agents                  Shop
                                                 Fill out the contract   Contact one of our      Visit one of our
                                                 online in just a few    agents who can          shops to receive
                                                 minutes                 advise you and help     personal assistance
                                                                         with the signing of     from our special
                                                                         the contract            consultants
Sponsorships tell the public the values the Europe
Energy Group is based on. A way of working, but
also a philosophy of life that guides every choice
made for developing the business. We believe in
a model where it is the customer that chooses the
supplier, and not the supplier that goes to him. To
be sought, one must be known. Therefore, sports
sponsorships are important for us, because they
allow us to reach more and more customers by
telling them our values.



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