Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion

Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion
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                                                                   EDITION: 68
DATE: MONDAY 22ND OCTOBER 2018            PAGE 16

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                       We value: Achievement, Respect, Commitment, Community
Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion
Principal Team
Report                                              Deb Gentl                              Michael W
                                                                                                     ilson      Rebecca Williams
                                                              e          Rob Monk

FUNDRAISING                                                        YEAR 12
As I wrote this report, our staff and students were in classes     Our Year 12 students are approaching their final weeks of
in their pyjamas ahead of a day of activities to raise money       classes. Year 12 VCAL students have now completed their
for Beyond Blue and Minus 18. Recently, VCAL students              competencies and VCE teachers and students are working
                                                                   together to ensure they make the most of the remaining time
conducted a canned food drive to support the Warragul
                                                                   before exams.
Food Bank and a car wash was held to raise money for
the Cancer Council. It is great to see our school community        For Year 7 to Year 11 students, Term 4 is the time when
supporting the wider community.                                    the year’s learning is consolidated and students can focus
                                                                   on demonstrating the skills and knowledge they have been
                                                                   developing during the year.
                                                                   We will farewell our Year 12 students with a Celebration
At our assembly on the first day of Term 4, the College staff      Day for the Class of 2018 on Thursday 25 October. At
and students welcomed our 2019 student leaders.                    Drouin Secondary College we are committed to ensuring
                                                                   this day is safe and enjoyable for all members of the college
College Captains:                                                  community. This year the Class of 2018 will again work
Jade Baker                                                         with the Year 12 Learning Culture Team to plan a morning
                                                                   which will be fun and respectful of the college, their fellow
Renee Davidson                                                     students and their teachers. In planning this day the students
Maddi Shaw                                                         have committed to ensuring that there will be no littering,
                                                                   damage or disruption. The focus will be on fun but not at the
Scott Simpson-Brewer
                                                                   expense of respect and community.
College Council Representatives:                                   The Year 12 students will arrive dressed-up from 8.30am
                                                                   and have breakfast together, to be followed by the planting
Georgia Clayton
                                                                   of a tree to symbolize their growth over that last 6 years
Braden Lewis                                                       and into the future. At recess students will share a morning
                                                                   tea with the staff and then they will lead a whole school
                                                                   assembly, where we will farewell the Class of 2018 and
YEAR 8 HOL & LEOS                                                  wish them well for the future.
Congratulations to the Year 8 Hands On Learning Leos and our
                                                                   Thank you to parents for supporting your children and the
senior Leos who assisted the Lions Club working as volunteers
                                                                   college in meeting the expectations of this day.
at the Garden Expo last weekend. These students made a
valuable contribution to our community and represented DSC
very well.                                                         ARTS WEEK
                                                                   We will be celebrating Arts Festival Week from 29 October
                                                                   to 2 November with lunchtime activities and an open evening
STUDENT/PARENT/TEACHER MEETINGS                                    from 7.30pm on Friday 2 November. There will be art work
Thank you to parents who took the time to attend meetings          on display, and a concert including dance, drama and music.
with teachers at the end of last term, I hope you found this       Parents and friends please come along and support our
informative and of assistance to you in supporting your child      talented students.
with their learning.
Positive relationships with families are an essential element of   CUP DAY MONDAY
maintaining a strong learning community and our teachers           Finally, please remember that on Monday 5 November the
want to communicate with the parents and guardians as              college will run an alternate program for students. We are
effectively as possible. Please make sure you are looking at the   aware that many families choose to take a long weekend at
                                                                   this time, so running normal classes is not productive. Teachers
parent portal on Sentral.
                                                                   will be on duty and providing alternate learning activities for
                                                                   the students who attend.

                                                                   Deb Gentle, Principal (On behalf of the Principal Team)
                                                                   “Educating the mind without educating the heart is
                                                                   no education at all.” Aristotle.
                                               DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion
From The General Office...
We would like to thank parents and guardians for your co-        • 2019 CSEF: forms can be completed at the office
operation in 2018. Please make note of the details below           now. More information regarding CSEF will be in the
for payment of current accounts and other office procedures.       next newsletter.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS                                           DOES YOUR CHILD NEED TO LEAVE
As the year is fast coming to a close, we are finishing up     THE SCHOOL EARLY?
with 2018’s finances and starting to add 2019 charges to
                                                               A reminder that if your child needs to leave during class
your statements.
                                                               time or any other time during the school day they are
  • Please finalise all 2018 charges. If this is not           required to bring a signed note which is to be presented at
    possible, please contact the Business Manager, Josie       their LCC office.
    O’Connor, to arrange a payment plan.
                                                               Please note that we require parent permission for students
  • 2019 VET deposits are now overdue and need to be           to be collected by someone other than their parents/
    paid. Letters of Offer for a place in a VET course will    guardians, as listed on our records. Persons listed as
    be posted home to students in Week 4 / 5.                  emergency contacts also require permission from parents/
                                                               guardians to collect students.
  • 2019 Netbook payments: charges have been
    added to family accounts. Please see the separate          Please call ahead if you have an unscheduled appointment
    article about costs and time lines.                        in plenty of time, this enables staff to locate the child and
                                                               make sure they are ready when you come to collect them.
  • Statements will be posted out later this term.

  • 2018 Proteus can be purchased via Trybooking
    and will be distributed in February 2019. See below
    for more information.

                 The DSC Proteus 2018 Student Magazine can be purchased for
                                             $18 per copy online at
                        via the following link:

           Orders must be submitted by Friday 30 November 2018
                       The Proteus will be available for collection from the
                                   General Office in Feb 2019
              It’s easy - just follow the link and select one of the options below:
                  1. Collect Option - Collect from General Office in 2019
                  2. Mail Option - Posted February 2019 (postage costs an extra $5.00)

                                           DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion
At the end of 2018, all student netbooks that connect to the         Back-up Data BEFORE Re-imaging
college network will once again be re-imaged.
                                                                     You will need to organise to back-up the data you wish to
The annual charge for the netbook is an Essential Charge.            keep before handing your netbooks in to IT Support to be
Subsequently, in order for your child to receive a netbook,          reimaged as computers will be completely wiped in the
payment must be made according to the Payment &                      reimaging process. If you need assistance with this, you
Distribution Schedule below. If full payment is not received         can get help from the IT staff or from your teachers any time
by the due date listed on the schedule, the student may              before handing back the netbook.
not receive a netbook in the initial handout. Please refer to
Payment Plan Options below.                                          If you have any questions about this process, please do not
                                                                     hesitate to contact me or the IT Staff,

Payment Plan Options                                                 Teresa Fanning
If full payment cannot be made by the due date and you do            Curriculum Leader
not have a current Payment Plan, parents are encouraged
to contact the Business Manager, Josie O'Connor, at the
General Office to arrange a Payment Plan.

If a family does not pay the Netbook Fee or arrange a
Payment Plan, their student will not receive a netbook.

   2018              2019            Payment             Date                  Date Return          Date to Collect New
  Current         Future Year        Amount           Payment Due                Netbook           Netbook if paid in full
 Year Level          Level                                                    for reimaging         or on Payment Plan

                                   New Netbook            Fri 14 Dec
       6                7                                                             --                   Feb 2019
                                      $300                   2018

                                                          Fri 7 Dec
       7                8                $80                                  Fri 7 Dec 2018            Fri 14 Dec 2018

                                                          Fri 7 Dec
       8                9                $80                                  Fri 7 Dec 2018           Mon 17 Dec 2018

                                    New Netbook           Fri 26 Oct
       9               10                                                    Mon 3 Dec 2018             Mon 3 Dec 2018
                                       $300                  2018

                                                       Wed 28 Nov            Fri 23 Nov 2018
      10               11                $80                                                           Thu 29 Nov 2018
                                                         2018                     or before

                                                       Wed 28 Nov            Fri 23 Nov 2018
      11               12                $80                                                           Thu 29 Nov 2018
                                                         2018                     or before

                                     Retain for                               Return to IT to be    IT will advise when ready
      12               Exit                                     --
                                    personal use                                  reimaged                  for collection

                                            DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion
2018 E-Mentoring Progam
                                                           @ Monash University
Five Year 12 students have completed the E-Mentoring             Charlotte Bensted, Amy Rolls, Bri Hope, Sam Booth and
program offered by Monash University this year. Each             Alicia Heywood all agreed that the program was excellent
student was matched to a mentor (a current Monash                and highly recommend that any student who is interested
University student) who used their experience to provide         should apply for the program for 2019.
guidance, support and encouragement to their mentee.
                                                                 The program will be open to 2019 Year 11 and Year 12
They communicated on a regular basis, usually by Skype.
                                                                 VCE students.
The topics discussed depended on the requirements of the
mentee - goal setting, study skills, university life, specific   Further information for the 2019 program can be collected
academic support, advice re University courses, VTAC             from the Careers Office. Applications close November 30th.
applications and more.

                                              DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion
Year 12 Valedictory Dinner
    and Yearbook Reminder
 The Year 12 Valedictory Dinner will be held at Lardner Park Exhibition Centre on Wednesday 21 November
 2018 commencing at 6.30pm. Tickets can be purchased online until 7th November via the Trybooking link –

 The Year 12 Yearbook can also be purchased online via the Trybooking link - https://www.trybooking.

                                                       School Attendance
                                                       Did you know?
                                                                              Your child’s attendance is on or above 95%
                                                                          They are likely to be a “Star Performer” as well as an
                                                                         excellent attendee. They will almost certainly achieve the
                                                                          best grades for their ability and have real opportunity in
                                                                                  further education and the world of work.

                                                                                   Your child’s attendance is 90 – 94%.

       Caught between words?                                           “Green for go” for good attendance. They are likely to
                                                                       achieve grades that will give them real opportunities for
                                                                     continuing their studies and their future in the world of work.
         Don't be confused!
       Learn how to make the                                                     Your child’s attendance is at 85 – 89%
            right choice!!                                           “Amber Take Care!” They will be missing up to 20 days
                                                                     each year and this will make it difficult for them to achieve
                                                                                 at their best level educationally.

                                                                                   Your child’s attendance is 80-85 %
                                                                         “Red light - Be alert!” They are missing so much school
                                                                          that it will be very difficult for them to keep in touch with
                                                                                             lessons or schoolwork.

                                                                                  Your child’s attendance is below 80%
                                                                     “At Risk – immediate action needed!” They are missing
                                                                     so much time from school that it will be almost impossible
                                                                       for them to keep in touch with lessons or schoolwork.

Year 8 Camp Reminder
Please be advised that all Year 8 camp payments and paperwork were due on the 12th October.
Please contact Ms Rieschieck in the 8/9 LCC if you have any questions.

                                       DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion
Fan Fiction
What is Fan Fiction? Where can it be published? What's
it like being a real writer? These questions were the basis
of a Fan Fiction and Writing Workshop with published
author, Nansi Kunze (author of successful novels including
'Mishaps', 'Dangerously Placed' and 'Kill the Music') and
Drouin Library Team Member Michelle Lewry, who writes
picture books and young adult fiction in her time away from
the Library.

Nansi offered some great tips for young writers, dispelling
myths about the writing profession, explaining that
everyone's perspective is different and everyone has a story
to tell.
Michelle wrapped up the session by exploring fan fiction,
focussing on authors familiar to the student audience.

“After doing the writing workshop I learned quite a lot to do
with the publishing process and how fan fiction is a great
way to improve writing. It has inspired me to work harder
with my own writing and therefore was a great experience
that I would definitely recommend.” - Zoe

'MINUS 18' Presentation
What a fantastic opportunity the Year 10
students had when the Minus 18 group
came to DSC to present about LGBTIQ.
It was a very fitting topic for Year 10
students considering they are doing
Respectful, Resilient Relationships in their
Learning Group sessions. Seb and Miller
presented a very informative presentation
about the individuality of Gender, Sex and
Sexuality. Many of the myths surrounding
gender and sex were discussed and
students and teachers left the presentation
feeling a lot more informed about the
topic. The message put out was that
everyone is an individual, never assume
who they might be. A special thank you
goes to Charlie and Sarah for organising
the presentation and raising the funds to
make it possible.

Gita Walker
Year 10 Level Assistant

                                               DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion
                                                           CUP DAY
 Every Tuesday, Wednesday
        and Thursday
                                                     A reminder to students and parents that normal classes
     at 3.45 to 4.45 in E3                           will not run on Monday 5 November. The College
                                                     will conduct a special program for students wishing to
                               Supervised by         attend school. The special program will be similar to
                                  tutors and         previous years and consist of three 100 minutes sessions
                                                     for students at each year level. Years 7 to 9 students
                                 teachers to         will complete activities which include sport, computer
                                help support         activities and a movie. Year 10 and 11 students will
                               your learning         complete study hall sessions to help them complete
                                                     learning activities and study for their exams. Year 12
                                                     students will already be in the midst of their VCE exams.
Just want to do homework                             Parents who elect not to send their students on the day
 in a quiet, friendly place?                         should follow normal absence procedures by providing
                                                     parent permission via a phone call or via Sentral. Buses
                                                     will be running as normal. If you have any questions
                                                     or queries regarding the special program feel free to
                                                     contact the College for clarification.

7B Humanities
                                      Landforms in Action!

                                   DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion
Junior Debating
Junior Debating in Berwick                                    Congratulations to Aaron Hallam, Kalen Li, Jessica
                                                              Hickford, Kieran Williams, Sharni Boote, Gabrielle Dawson,
Round 1 of the Junior Debating started on 7 August 2018.      Lachlan Hogben, Laylah Embleton, Chantelle Preis, Ava-
Two teams went to Haileybury College after school to          Grace Forbes, Ayden Narayan and Katrina Gavory - you
debate “Female athletes should be paid the same as            all worked very hard this year.
male athletes”. Students wrote all their own speeches and
practiced at lunchtimes and one team, Lachlan Hogben,         Thanks also to Rebecca Williams, Amy Forbes and Myrid
Ayden Narayan and Laylah Embleton, came out victorious.       Bartlett for watching the debates, giving students feedback
                                                              and driving them to Berwick.
On 18 September, we competed in Round 2. The topic
debated “Emojis limit our ability to communicate”. Both       Simone Hoogeveen
teams wrote their own speeches and practiced the two days     Debating Coordinator
before the debate. Kalen, Ava-Grace and Chantelle came
out victorious against Haileybury College and the debate
was very engaging. Our rebuttals in this debate were
                                                              Round 3 Junior Debating report.
compared to senior level debating.                            Last week (9 October), two debating teams went out
                                                              to Haileybury College in Berwick to debate. The topic
9 October saw students competing in Round 3. For some
                                                              debated was “Should violent toys and games be banned
of these debaters, this was their first time competing. The
                                                              for children?” Both groups tried very hard but we were
debates were close but unfortunately we did not win. The
                                                              eventually beaten. We still had a lot fun.
students got to experience an extended adjudication where
they received individual feedback and tips for how they can
                                                              Kieran Williams Year 7
improve their debating.

                                          DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Cows Create Careers PAGE 10 NGV Excursion
Cows Create Careers
DSC has a very conscientious class of Year 9 Agriculture
students this year. Not only have they gained a large
                                                                  This all culminated with a competition in which 22 schools
                                                                  in Gippsland participated in:
amount of knowledge on how to successfully care for some
                                                                    • Mucca Da Latte (Amity Stephens, Ash Snell and Bella
young calves, but they have also learned about different
                                                                      Modaffari) came THIRD in the team section, and;
aspects of the dairy industry, careers and its importance to
local communities.                                                  • Drouin Secondary College came FIRST in the senior
                                                                      section overall. This means that the whole class
They are an artistic group too, as can be seen from the
                                                                      contributed to the win.
photos! Each group had to complete a 3D Model with
information on different parts of the dairy industry including
raising calves and farm to supermarket. They also learnt
about letter writing and writing a scientific report as part of
the project.

                                              DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
From the Food Studies Team...
It’s National Nutrition Week!

This year’s theme is ‘Try for 5!’ which is about
encouraging Australians to consume 5 serves of
vegetables each day. One ‘serve’ is ½ cup of green
or orange vegetables, 1 cup of leafy salad, ½ cup
sweetcorn, ½ medium potato or 1 tomato.

Only 4% of Australians are eating enough serves of
vegetables each day. Children aged between 2-18 are
averaging only 1.8 serves per day! Many studies have
shown poor diet is linked to negative mental health
and greater risk of depression and anxiety, as well as
negatively impacting memory and learning. Not at all
helpful for good learning at DSC!

Trying to include 5 serves of vegetables in your diet
everyday will lead to improved mood, reduced risk of
depression and long term memory sharpness through the
ageing process.

We made big batches of a Valuable Vegetable Slice and
Choc Orange Zucchini Cake for DSC staff and students
this week which were enjoyed by all.

We’ve also been busy making Ploughman’s Lunches and
Cheese Tarts, which all include vegetables in different
ways. How could you increase the number of vegetables
you eat everyday? Try a small side salad with an omelette
for breakfast, include some grated vegetables in a
Bolognese sauce, slice some leftover vegetables finely,
put them onto a square of puff pastry (or English muffin)
with some tomato passata, cover in cheese and bake
until golden brown, or hide them in cakes or muffins for a
sweet treat.

Challenge yourself to ‘Try for 5!’ over the coming weeks.
If you need recipe inspiration or ideas, check out the website, or come and ask
one of the Foods team for our favourites.

                                            DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Leos Community Spirit
        Lions Garden Expo
Another incredibly successful Garden Expo for the Drouin         The students raised $635 for the weekend in donations, a
Lions Club and the DSC Leos. Over the weekend of 13/14           fantastic effort, especially since some students walked over
October, DSC had 30 Leos Club (Junior Lions) attend the          15km in the day! A special thank you to the Drouin Lions
Garden Expo at Lardner Park to assist the Lions Club.            for the opportunity and Mr Walsh, Ms Werner Duffield
Students were helping in the Yarragon food van, the              and Aleasha for their support. Well done Leos, a great
Lions Club table on the EFTPOS machine, collecting and           community service.
delivering food orders to the stall holders, on the front gate
and delivering customer’s plants to their cars. The club was     Gita Walker
raising funds for the NSW Drought Relief and the public          DSC Leos Coordinator
donated for the car delivery service.

                                             DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Media Studies
Special Effects
Makeup Workshop
On 15 October, Carly Goodwin, a qualified hairdresser and makeup artist,
attended the Year 11 and 10 Media classes to teach the students how to
apply SFX (special effects) makeup on the skin. Carly taught our students
about liquid latex and they spent the lesson creating fake wounds and
discussed why we use makeup under professional lighting.

Carly helped students construct realistic wounds and scars. We discussed how
to replicate these with products at home. We considered colours for bruising
and how to perfect skin for photos and filming. Students also got to have
their wounds photographed under lighting to see their work in action, they all
looked AMAZING!

This workshop is going to help students construct their horror films in Year
11 Media. In Year 10 Media we are going to take these skills and use them
while constructing our altered genre movie posters.

If you are interested in seeing the products of our workshops and anything
else we do in Media you can follow our Instagram page @mediaclass.10

Thanks Carly Goodwin for helping us out. If you are interested in her work
her Instagram is @hairandbeauty_bycarly

Simone Hoogeveen and Amy Moss

                                           DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Year 7 Reading & Literacy
Year 7 students read over five million words between 8 September and 15 October, and the following students successfully
completed quizzes:
Chloe Achilles, Tanner Agnoleto (2), Byron Anderson (3), Tyler Bain (2), Jacob Bennett (4), Lilyanna Bentley, Rylan Berryman
(3), Sienna Bickle (2), Lanaea Bone, Sharni Boote, Lachlan Braybon (2), Jack Cannon (4), Mikayla Carter, Patrick Carter (2),
Atoria Cheesman, Holly Cheyne, William Comber (4), Hamish Cook-Whiting, Kalinda Crook, Sheyla Curan, Bailey Dalzell,
Ryan Davey (2), Gabrielle Dawson, Eryn Deppeler, Bailey Deveny, Jaiden Doyle, Mitchell Elliott, David Forbes (2), Benjamin
Fort, Hannah Fowler (2), Talia Gerlach (9), William Grimsted, Timothy Henschel, Jessica Hickford (9), Lachlan Hogben,
Allanah Jagoe, Cailee Jenkins, Cameron Jenkins (2), Rees Jones, Dominic Keane, Alexandra Kennedy, Liam Kirkman,
Jayeleigh Knight (2), Toby Kuiters, Ace Leeman (2), Ella Lester, Daniel Lindorff, Banjo Lott-Stephens (2), Dylan Mackay (2),
Eleah Maddison, Sean Marsh (2), Holly Martin, Isabella McEwan, Jayden McHale (3), Natalie McInnes, Jasmine McRae
(3), Kelly Mills (2), Kirralee Morgan, Tahj Murphy, Ayden Narayan (3), Ella Nash, Chloe Olivier-Rowan (2), Harrison Paine,
Ainsley Phillips (10), Tanisha Pinkster (2), Ethan Purvis, Erica Sartori, Stacey Shaw, Emma Smith (3), Charlotte Smithett
(3), Charna Rae Stephens, Jacob Stewart (5), Alexia Strahl (2), Declan Strong (2), Bailey Studd (2), Riley Swallow, Caitlin
Thomson, Bethany Uptin, Tikya Walker, Kieran Williams (7).
Students need to be supported at home with a routine of regular reading. Choose a time that regularly suits for the reading
routine – it might be straight after school, after dinner, reading in bed or another time. The target for each semester is to read
at least three books and successfully complete quizzes on each.
Progress can be tracked at using the student’s username and password for Moodle.

DSC English, SURFF and
Library Staff

STORIES            MAKE          US: conversation with Morris Gleitzman
The previous edition of the DSCN introduced Morris Gleitzman as
the Australian Children’s Laureate.
In addition to offering positive situations in a world where media
frequently concentrates on the negative aspects of society,
Gleitzman contends that reading helps children develop crucial
stages in their personal and interpersonal development. Reading
provides a much bigger window for alternative behaviours, ways of
thinking and for developing empathy.
“A young main character, for example, confronted by a problem
bigger and more threatening than any they’ve faced before. To
solve or survive the problem, the character must develop skills and
qualities beyond their previous experience or homework. They must
think bravely and honestly about themselves and the problem. They
must hone their research skills to better understand what they’re up
against. Big problems require teamwork, so the character needs
to form friendships and alliances. Understanding enemies is a
help too. All of which requires development of interpersonal skills,
in particular empathy. Creative thinking is a must because the
young character needs to develop problem-solving strategies, and
resilience is essential because big problems never get solved first
time round…”

                                             DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
NGV MOMA Excursion
Mr Hasley and Ms Watson-Davie took the VCE
Year 11 and 12 Art and VCE Studio Arts classes
to the acclaimed MoMA (Museum of Modern
Art New York) exhibition at the National Gallery
of Victoria. The exhibition included some of the
museum’s most famous works by: Pablo Picasso,
Frida Kahlo, Roy Lichtenstein, Marcel Duchamp,
Rene Magritte and Andy Warhol.

The students also had the opportunity to hear a
lecture and to engage with the NGV’s permanent
collection. They learnt more about the artists they
have studied and the mysteries that some of the
artworks hold. Students commented they had a
fantastic time seeing artworks they had only seen
in books and discovering why they were made.

                                             DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Japanese Excursion
On 19 September, seventeen Year 9 Japanese
students caught the train into Melbourne to
experience authentic Japanese cuisine at Izakaya
Hachibeh. In the lead up to the excursion, students
                                                      Izakaya Hachibeh
practiced ordering and talking about food in
Japanese, and found out about some traditional
Japanese dishes. On the day, students also had
the chance to buy Japanese snacks at Daiso, and
experience the multicultural heart of the Melbourne

Quotes from students: “Such a great experience.”

                                           DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Arts Week will kick off from 29 October
                                                        to 2 November. During this exciting
                                                        week, the Performing and Visual Arts KLD
                                                        will be running fun Arts activities like:
                                                        Art workshops, quizzes, Dance/Drama
                                                        workshops, busking around the school
                                                        and impromptu performances. On Friday
                                                        2 November at 7.30pm, we will end the
                                                        week with our Arts Festival night which
                                                        will be a celebration of music, theatre
                                                        and visual arts, including performances
                                                        by musicians, actors, a juried visual arts
                                                        display, and delicious treats from the Food
                                                        Technology students. Tickets for the Arts
                                                        Festival night are $5 at the door.
                                                        Come along and share an evening of
                                                        culture with us.

Information about 2019 booklists will be
emailed to parents in the next few weeks.

You will be able to place your booklist order
online with Campion Education. The site can
be accessed via the DSC website (http://www. under Menu > Parent
Information > Booklists.

We have been advised that Campion’s Drouin
store will close permanently at the end of

Campion offers free delivery to your home
(or other nominated address), when you place
your 2019 booklist order online.

                                       DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
Noah’s Ark is here for families, Right across the Gippsland Region
                                                                                                            Strengthening Parent Support Program
                                                                                  The foundation for better outcomes for children and families occurs when parents feel that they are not alone, are
                                                                                  empowered and can share valuable experiences. The Strengthening Parent Support Program (SPSP) links families in
                                                                                  the Gippsland area to Parent Groups, training sessions, news, information and promotes self-advocacy

                                                                                  Parents and carers who have a child with a disability or developmental delay can meet up with other parents and
                                                                                  carers in SPSP. Noah’s Ark, in partnership with the Department of Education and Training provides SPSP for families
                                                                                  with children aged 0 -18 years.

WHEN                                               CONTACTS:                      This program is fully funded and free of charge for family members. All enquiries are confidential. For more

Saturday 17 & Saturday
                                                   Adrian Gatti
                                                                                  information, please contact Yvonne 0430 209 641
                                                   President                              Seeking expressions of interest for a parent-to-parent (p2p)

24th November
                                                   0417 590 830                             match meeting - for a mum in the Latrobe region who has a child with ADHD
                                                                                  The way a p2p match works is through a supported introduction. Both mums get together with Yvonne in a relaxed

12pm – 2pm
                                                   Rebecca Biljna                 place, like a coffee shop or library, to meet & chat to connect with someone else in a similar position. The meetings
                                                                                  then continue, with full support, until parents are confident to make their own arrangements. If you would like to ask
                                                   Secretary                      questions, or express interest, contact me 0430 209 641 – text or voice
                                                   0409 809 893
                                                                                                                          Warragul Parent Group
WHERE                                                                             Are you interested in meeting other parents who has a child with a disability or developmental delay aged birth – 18

                                                   UNIFORMS &
                                                                                  years who live in Warragul & surrounds? Would you like to be involved in a small group of parents who get together to

Bunyip Soccer Ground
                                                                                  share stories and learn from each other? Would you like information on a topic of interest to families of children with

                                                                                  developmental delay or disability?

Nar Nar Goon- Longwarry Road,
Bunyip Vic 3815                                    AVAILABLE FOR                   Join us on Tuesday 27th November 10:30am – 12 noon at Warragul Community House 138 Normanby Street
                                                                                                              All parents & family members welcome FREE to attend
                                                   PURCHASE ON                    RSVP Yvonne 0430 209 641 – text or voice or
                                                   THE DAY. EFTPOS
Players required. All junior boys                  FACILITIES
                                                                                                                                  ACD Connect
and girls from U7’s through to
                                                                                                                   ACD Connect groups provide a place where you can share experiences, information,

                                                     NAR NAR GOON JUNIOR
                                                                                                                   gain support & make local connections. ACD Connect groups provide facilitated peer

Senior Ladies and Men.
                                                                                                                     support to families raising children with disability. Peer support groups provide an

                                                   2019 FEES
                                                                                                                  opportunity for people who are living similar experiences to share those experiences &
                                                                                   support each other. Each group is supported by an experienced ACD Connect Facilitator. Morning tea is provided
                                                                                   If you would like to find out more, please contact ACD 1800 654 013 or email Kylee Brealey
                                                   To be confirmed.
Bunyip Soccer Club would like all                                     FOOTBALL CLUB
                                                                                                 Warragul SCOPE – 12 George Street Time: 10am to 12noon
                                                                                                                    Tuesday 13 November.                                      th

new and current members to          FIND US ON FACEBOOK
come and join our family friendly
                                                                  REGISTRATION DAY
                                                                Come along to an information session on the NDIS
                                                                         ECEI (Early Childhood Early Intervention)
club and register for the 2019                                 The following information sessions are for families who are beginning their journey with the

                                                               NDIS in accessing Early Childhood Early Intervention supports and services for their child
                                                                                       Drouin sessions: 8-9 Commercial Place
                                  DAY: Friday 9th November 2018, From              5—7pm
                                                                                                                         th                        rd                         th
                                                                    on 11 Oct 10:15-11:15am; 23 Oct 6:15 – 7:15pm; 15 Nov 9:30 – 10:30am

                                                                                                  Are you interested in receiving email updates & info lists or individual support?                   WHERE: Nar Nar Goon Recreation Reserve,             Contact Yvonne 0430 209 641 – text or voice or email

                                      NAR NAR GOON JUNIOR
                  PLAYERS   WANTED!
                      FOOTBALL CLUB                                                    NAR NAR GOON JUNIOR
                                                                                                    FOOTBALL CLUB
                                                REGISTRATION REGISTRATION
                   Under          8 through to Under 14
                       Friday 9th November 2018, From 5—7pm
                                                                                DAY: Friday 9th November 2018, From 5—7pm
                                                                                WHERE: Nar Nar Goon Recreation Reserve,
                                WHERE: Nar Nar Goon Recreation Reserve,

                                  FREE                                   ORDER YOUR
                                SAUSAGE                       PLAYERS   FREEWANTED!
              NAR NAR GOON JUNIORSIZZLE!                                      TOP!to Under 14
                                                             From Under 8 through

 From Under 8 through  to
                           Under  ORDER YOUR CLUB
                                 FREE TRAINING

                                                                                 REGISTRATION DAY
                                                                       SIZZLE!                                                              TOP!

                   MEET THE        ORDERHANDBALL
               SAUSAGE      DAY: Friday 9th November 2018, From 5—7pm
                                 FREE TRAINING
                    COACH!      MEETNar
                SIZZLE!     WHERE:      TOP!
                                         Nar Goon Recreation Reserve,
                                 COACH!             COMP!


                         PLAYERS WANTED!
                              FOR MORE INFORMATION
              MEET THE            OR CALL: Shane Tyler on 0409 429 080
           OR CALL: Shane Tyler on 0409 429 080
               COACH!                                                       COMP!

                  From Under 8 through to Under 1                18
                                                   DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
DSC Uniform Shop & General Office
UNIFORM SHOP NOW LOCATED at the front of the DSC Lyn Kelly Stadium/Gymnasium
Standard trading hours are Thursdays 10am to 6pm & the first Saturday of each month 9.30am to 12.30pm.
Year 7 Students 2019 – Please feel free to book a 30 minute fitting session by emailing Heather at

                                                                                      UNIFORM SHOP               GENERAL OFFICE

                                                   NOVEMBER             2018
MON              TUE                WED            THU                   FRI                SAT                  SUN
                                                   1                     2                  3                    4
                                                   10am – 6pm                               9.30am   – 12.30pm
5                6                  7              8                     9                  10                   11
                                                   10am – 6pm                               9.30am   – 12.30pm
12               13                 14             15                    16                 17                   18
                                                   10am – 6pm                               9.30am   – 12.30pm
19               20                 21             22                    23                 24                   25
                                                   10am – 6pm                               9.30am   – 12.30pm
26               27                 28             29                    30
                                                   10am – 6pm

                                                    DECEMBER            2018
MON              TUE                WED             THU                 FRI                 SAT                  SUN
                                                                                            1                    2
                                                                                            9.30am – 12.30pm
3                4                  5               6                   7                   8                    9
                                                    10am – 6pm                              9.30am – 12.30pm
10               11                 12              13                  14                  15                   16
                 10am – 6pm                         10am – 6pm          10am – 6pm          9.30am – 12.30pm
                 Year 7 2019                                            Year 7 2019
                 Orientation Day                                        Orientation Day
                 9am - 3.28pm                                           9am - 3.28pm
17               18                 19              20                  21                  22                   23
                                                    Uniform Shop        General Office      CLOSED
                                                    10am – 6pm          CLOSED
                                                    General Office
                                                    Closes at 4.30pm
24               25                 26              27                  28                  29                   30
CLOSED           CLOSED             CLOSED          CLOSED              CLOSED              CLOSED

                                                     JANUARY            2018
MON                    TUE                WED          THU                 FRI              SAT                   SUN
                       1                  2            3                   4                5                     6
                       CLOSED             CLOSED       CLOSED              CLOSED           CLOSED
7                      8                  9                10                11             12                    13
CLOSED                 CLOSED             CLOSED           CLOSED            CLOSED         9.30am – 12.30pm
14                     15                 16               17                18             19                    20
CLOSED                 12pm - 6pm         CLOSED           10am – 6pm        CLOSED         9.30am – 12.30pm
21 General Office      22 Uniform Shop 23                  24 Uniform Shop 25               26                    27
10am - 3.30pm          12pm – 6pm      General Office      10am – 6pm      General Office   CLOSED
                                       10am - 3.30pm                       10am - 3.30pm
                       General Office                      General Office
                       10am - 3.30pm                       10am -3.30pm
28                     29              30                  31              Feb 1            Feb 2
PUBLIC HOLIDAY         General Office  Student First Day   10am – 6pm                       9.30am to 12.30pm
                       8.15am - 4.30pm Term 1

                                             DROUIN SECONDARY COLLEGE - E-NEWS
WEEK 3                                                              WEEK 9
Tuesday        23/10   Cerberus Careers Excursion                   Thursday       06/12       8HOL Graduation Dinner
                       Year 9 Childhood and Adolescent Studies
                                                                    Friday         07/12       Year 10 & 11 Headstart Concludes
                                                                                               Final Day for Year 10 & 11
Wednesday      24/10   Last Day Unit 4 Classes
                       Year 11 Outdoor Ed Camp Departs
                                                                    WEEK 10
                                                                    Tuesday        11/12       Year 6 Orientation Day
Thursday       25/10   State Middle School Chess Competition
                                                                                               Year 8 Urban Camp Departs
                       Year 12 Celebration Day
                                                                    Friday         14/12       Year 6 Orientation Day
Friday         26/10   8HOL - Phillip Island Trackside
                       Year 11 Outdoor Ed Camp Returns                                         Year 8 Urban Camp Returns

Saturday       27/10   DOVE Bunnings BBQ                            WEEK 11
WEEK 4                                                              Sunday         16/12       DOVE Cambodia Returns

Wednesday      31/10   8HOL Fankhauser Apples                       Monday         17/12       Beach Day
                       STEM Sisters
                                                                    Wednesday      19/12       Presentation Evening
                       Unit 3 & 4 VCE Exams Commence
                                                                    Friday         21/12       Final Day Term 4
Monday         05/11   Whole College Special Program



                       Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

                       8HOL RSPCA                                    TRAINEESHIP @ DSC
Thursday       08/11   8HOL 2019 Information Evening @ 6pm
                                                                              • 1 x Education Support
Friday         09/11   Year 10 History Holocaust Museum Excursion               (Intervention Literacy/Numeracy)
WEEK 6                                                                        • 1 x Sport and Recreation
Monday         12/11   Casual Clothes Day
                                                                       These positions will require the successful applicants to be
Wednesday      14/11   VET Orientation Day                             dedicated to completing the required Certificate 3 course
Thursday       15/11   SSV State Championships Boys Volleyball         within the employment time at the college. Ideally applicants
                                                                       will be ‘Gap-Year’ students who are enthusiastic about working
Friday         16/11   Drama - Astroman excursion @ 8pm                with young people and prepared to complete some further
                                                                       studies in the process. This position will start 29th January
WEEK 7                                                                 2019 and finish 20th December 2019. A current employee
                                                                       Working With Children’s Check is essential.
Monday         19/11   Year 10 & 11 Exams Commence
                                                                             For further information please contact Josie O’Connor
Tuesday        20/11   8HOL Bike Camp Departs
                                                                                               (Business Manager)
Wednesday      21/11   Units 3 & 4 VCE Exams Conclude
                       Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

Friday         23/11   8HOL Bike Camp Returns                                Applications close 4pm 30th October 2018

WEEK 8                                                                 Victorian government schools are child safe environments. Our schools
                                                                       actively promote the safety and wellbeing of all students, and all
Sunday         25/11   DOVE Cambodia Departs                           school staff are committed to protecting students from abuse or harm
                                                                       in the school environment in accordance with their legal obligations
Monday         26/11   Year 10 & 11 Exams Conclude                     including the Child Safe Standards. The school’s Child Safety Code of
Thursday       29/11   Year 10 & 11 Headstart Commences                Conduct is available on the school’s website”

         2018 TERM DATES
         Term 4: 8 October to 21 December

         UNIFORM SHOP OPENING HOURS                                     Contact Hours: 8.15am – 4.30pm
         (REGULAR HOURS)                                                Ph: (03) 5625 1002
         Thursdays -10am to 6pm                                         Fax: (03) 5625 1297                               SECONDARY
                                                                                                                          C OL LEGE
         First Saturday of Month - 9.30am to 12.30pm                    Email:
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