Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University

Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University
Deakin at
a Glance

Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University
Deakin’s vision                                                                                                            Deakin’s LIVE the Future:
                                                                                                                           Agenda 2020 strategy
                                                                                                                           presents a bold vision and
                                                                                                                           promise, offering our students
                                                                                                                           a personalised learning
                                                                                                                           experience with premium digital
We aim to be Australia’s premier university in driving the digital frontier – to enable                                    engagement, creating the power
globally connected education for the jobs of the future, and research that makes a                                         and opportunities to live in a
difference to the communities we serve.                                                                                    connected and evolving world.

                                                                                          The Deakin promise

                                                                                          As a globally minded University committed to the
                                                                                          communities it serves, Deakin promises to advance:

                                                                                                    Learning                       Value
                                                                                                    Offer a brilliant              Enhance our
                                                                                                    education where                enterprise, strengthen
                                                                                                    you are and where              our communities and
                                                                                                    you want to go                 enable our partners

                                                                                                    Ideas                          Experience
                                                                                                    Make a difference              Delight our students,
                                                                                                    through world-                 our alumni, our staff
                                                                                                    class innovation               and our friends
                                                                                                    and research

2    Deakin University                                                                                                               3
Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University
Deakin connected
                                                   Deakin has a rich history of developing partnerships linking
                                                   academia with industry, government, research institutions,
                                                   NGOs, and connecting with likeminded universities around
                                                   the world.

                                                   The University has more than       As a dynamic, young university:
                                                   500 active partnerships in 57      • Deakin was the first Australian
                                                   countries supporting academic        university to set up an
                                                   and research collaboration, and      office in India, and now has
                                                   is always seeking new avenues of     partnerships with dozens of
                                                   engagement.                          India’s premier universities,
                                                                                        research organisations and
Deakin is a young, contemporary university                                              businesses.
with a reputation for being innovative, nimble                                        • Deakin was the first Australian
and friendly. We aspire every day to combine                                            university to establish
outstanding teaching and excellent research with                                        permanent offices in Beijing
a strong focus on the communities we serve.                                             and in Wuhan, and our
                                                                                        Chinese partners include the
                                                                                        Beijing Pharma and Biotech
                                                                                        Centre and steel giant WISCO.
                                                                                      • In Indonesia, Deakin has
                                                                                        forged links with over 40
Professor Jane den Hollander, AO                                                        universities to support joint
President and Vice-Chancellor                                                           research programs and
                                                                                        to foster the upskilling of
                                                                                        Indonesian academics through
                                                                                        Deakin PhD programs.

4     Deakin University                                                                          5
Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University
Deakin today                                                           Today’s rankings

Deakin has a student-focused culture with a                                   Among the Top 2% of universities
reputation for being accessible and friendly.                                 QS, ShanghaiRankings and Times Higher Education World University
                                                                              Rankings 2017

The University has a long-          Deakin’s Future Economy
                                                                              Ranked in the Top 50 young
standing record for using           precinct provides an important
                                                                              universities in the world
cutting-edge technology while       link between technological                QS and Times Higher Education Top 50 Young University Rankings
providing a personalised learning   innovation and commercial                 2016

experience. Deakin aims to be at    outcomes. The precinct links
the forefront of digital change,    Deakin’s high-level research
enabling globally connected         capabilities in a variety of              Highest level of overall student
and innovative education and        fields with specialised research          satisfaction among universities in
research.                           equipment and industrial-scale            the Australian State of Victoria for
Advances in research have           infrastructure.                           eight years in a row
                                                                              Australian Graduate Survey (2010–15) and the Graduate Outcomes
been a hallmark of Deakin’s                                                   Survey, QILT (2016–17)

success, with significant growth
in quality and impact. Deakin
has internationally recognised
research excellence, particularly
in computer science, technology,
materials science, health and
medical sciences.

6     Deakin University                                                                                                   7
Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University
Deakin by numbers
          Students by course type              International students           Staff numbers                        Research indicators

          Course enrolments           57 595   Deakin hosts students from       Academic                     2 158   Research income                         $65.1M

          Postgraduate                12 725                                    Professional                 2 534   Research publications                          4 032
          Higher degree by research    1 822                                                                         Higher degree by
          International students      11 878   countries                                                             research completions
                                                                                Growing global footprint

                                                                                International offices           8    Excellence in Research
          Course enrolments by campus          Top countries of origin          Research institutes             6    Australia (ERA)
                                                                                Strategic research centres     13
          Melbourne Burwood
          Cloud (online)
                                      30 132
                                      14 061
                                                                                                                     of Deakin research rated at or
          Geelong Waurn Ponds
          Geelong Waterfront
                                       7 657
                                       4 969
                                               Sri Lanka
                                                                            $   2017 operating income                above world standard in the current
                                                                                                                     ERA ratings, a quality evaluation of
          Warrnambool                   634    Malaysia                3%       $1.2 billion                         all research produced in Australian

                                                                                                                              All figures as of 31 December 2016
                                                                                                                              Figure is provisional and unaudited

8   Deakin University                                                                                                                                9
Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University
A growing reputation
     World university rankings                                      Rankings by subject
     Rankings organisation                    World     Australia        1st in the world for     24th in the world for                                30th in the world for
                                                                         Sport Science *          Nursing^                                             Education^
     ShanghaiRankings                          213*        11

     QS                                        293         17

     Times Higher Education                   301-350      17            In the world's Top 100   In the world's Top 150                               In the world's Top 250
                                                                         for:#                    for:#                                                for:#
     CWTS Leiden                               224         11
                                                                         • Finance                •   Accounting                                       •   Arts & Humanities
                                                                         • Law                    •   Architecture                                     •   Economics
                                                                         • Metallurgical          •   Business                                         •   Electrical Engineering
                                                                           Engineering            •   Communication                                    •   Engineering &
     Top universities under 50 years of age                              • Public Health          •   Computer Science                                     Technology
                                                                         • Sports-related         •   Ecology                                          •   Environmental
                                                                           subjects               •   Energy Science                                       Science
     Rankings organisation                    World     Australia                                 •   Philosophy                                       •   Languages
                                                                                                  •   Psychology                                       •   Mechanical
     QS                                         29         7                                      •   Social Sciences &                                    Engineering
     Times Higher Education                     43         8                                          Management                                       •   Medicine
                                                                                                                                                       •   Politics
                                                                                                                                                       •   Sociology

                                                                                                         2016-2017 ShanghaiRankings Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments
                                                                                                         QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018
                                                                                                         QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018 or ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of
                                                                                                        Academic Subjects 2017
* Internal estimate based on rankings data.

10       Deakin University                                                                                                                                        11
Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University
Deakin international
Deakin is a global institution connecting with students and partners around the world
through our offices in China, Europe, India, Indonesia, Latin America and Sri Lanka.
                                                                                        Deakin in India                                 Deakin in China
                                                                                        Deakin’s presence in India has been critical    In 2008, Deakin became the first Australian
                                                                                        to the University’s capacity to nurture and     university to open an independent office
                                                                                        evolve mutually beneficial relationships.       in Beijing. Since then, Deakin has expanded
                                                                                        Through its Deakin India Research Initiative    its operations into the industrial heartland
                                                                                        (DIRI), Deakin has committed over $10           of China, with office locations opening in
                                                                                        million to research in India. Deakin’s          Wuhan and Chengdu.
                                                                                        partnerships in India are in the industries     Deakin’s China Business and Economic
                                                                                        of the future: composite materials, food        Research Centre focuses on strengthening
                                                                                        security, and biotech applications in           the Deakin Business School’s links with
                                                                                        pharmacology, food, agriculture and the         universities across China.
                                                                                        environment.                                    Chinese partnerships include:
                                                                                        Indian partners include:                        • Sino-Australian Initiative for Automotive
                                                                                        •   Bharat Forge                                  Materials, with Wuhan-based steel giant
                                                                                        •   The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)     WISCO
                                                                                        •   GE India Technology Centre                  • Dongfang Turbine Company
                                                                                        •   Indian Oil                                  • Textiles manufacturer Dongwo Carpet Co.
                                                                                        •   MAX Healthcare                              • Shanghai Mental Health Centre, affiliated
                                                                                        •   National Institute of Mental Health and       with Shanghai Jiao Tong University
                                                                                            Neuro Sciences                              • The Australia Initiative for Automotive
                                                                                        •   NDTV                                          Materials and Technologies (iAMT) in Hefei
                                                                                        •   Public Health Foundation of India           • Beijing Pharma and Biotech Centre.
                                                                                        •   Rajasthan Royals premier league cricket
                                                                                        •   Reliance BioSciences.

12   Deakin University                                                                                                                                          13
Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University
Preparing students
                               for the future
                               We are preparing students for lives and careers in
                               a rapidly changing world.
                               Deakin is preparing students         Graduates also need the cultural
                               for the jobs and skills of the       awareness, global contacts
                               future. Graduates will need deep     and skills essential for a global
                               discipline knowledge as well as      marketplace, and Deakin
                               the less tangible skills necessary   encourages its students to
                               for an entrepreneurial mindset       participate in overseas study,
                               – resilience, creativity, critical   volunteering programs and its
                               thinking and communication           Global Citizenship Program.
                                                                    Australia’s top careers service
                               Deakin has looked to embed
‘It’s the most important                                            DeakinTalent, the University’s
                               employability from the very
thing we do – preparing                                             innovative career services
highly-skilled, work-ready     beginning of its courses, building
                               relationships with industry and      division, was voted Australia’s
and resilient graduates who
                               the professions, and ensuring        best career service by Australian
have the capacity to thrive
in any environment.’           students have the opportunities      Association of Graduate Employer
                               we know are important:               members at their 2017 national
Prof. Jane den Hollander, AO   international exchanges,             conference.
                               internships and industry
                               networking opportunities.

14    Deakin University                                                          15
Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University
Research with global impact

Improving health
and wellbeing
Deakin is making a difference across
the health spectrum, in areas such as
medicine, ageing and chronic illness,
physical activity, infant and child
health, nutrition, disability, social and
mental health.

                                                                                        Gigantic insects created by
                                                                                        animators at Deakin’s world-
                                                                                        class Motion.Lab motion
                                            Advancing society                           capture animation studio are
                                                                                        the stars of a new program
Researchers at Deakin and the               and culture                                 that will educate children
                                                                                        about Australian insects.
Ear Science Institute Australia have                                                    On 5 February 2018, the
                                            Deakin research is helping to advance
developed innovative silk membrane                                                      ABC launched the program
implants as a treatment for perforated      understanding of intercultural relations,
                                            politics and governance, while also         Minibeast Heroes as part of
eardrums. The thin, transparent                                                         ABC Education, and it will be
implants vibrate like a natural eardrum,    working to shape the future of education
                                                                                        seen by millions of students
allowing recipients to hear with much       and art around the world.                   online and on TV.
greater clarity than current treatments.
A nearly $4 million grant from the UK
Wellcome Trust means the implants are
on track to begin human clinical trials.
16     Deakin University                                                                    17
Deakin at a Glance - Deakin University
Enabling a
                                                                                    sustainable world                          Over 23,000 solar panels are
                                                                                    Deakin’s world-renowned environmental      being installed on Deakin’s
                                                                                    and marine scientists, and researchers     Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus,
                                                                                    from disciplines such as engineering,      as part of a $30 million
                                                                                    materials and agriculture work to          commitment to meet the global
                                                                                    protect the planet from global concerns,   need for renewable energy
                                                                                                                               systems research. Established
                                                                                    such as environmental sustainability,      in partnership with AusNet
                                                                                    food security and water quality.           Services, the initiative will be
                                                                                                                               Australia’s largest campus-
                                                                                                                               based microgrid energy system.

The use of light, strong carbon fibre
is set to accelerate around the world,
thanks to breakthrough research
at Deakin’s Carbon Nexus research
facility and a $58m contract with US
carbon fibre manufacturer LeMond
Composites. The breakthrough
will allow manufacturers to reduce
                                         Designing smarter
energy use in carbon fibre production
by up to 75 per cent and production
time by around 80 per cent.              Be it robotics, big data or composite
                                         materials, Deakin researchers are
                                         solving 21st century problems with the
                                         aid of cutting-edge, smart technologies.

18    Deakin University                                                                                                                19
Our campuses

Cloud Campus                         Melbourne
Deakin’s Cloud Campus (online)       Burwood
enables students to take part
in classes and seminars, and         Campus
chat with other students
                                     Distinguished by its striking
and academic staff. All cloud
                                     modern architecture, the
students are provided with the
                                     Melbourne Burwood Campus
digital tools and tailored support
                                     is Deakin’s largest, attracting
they need to succeed.
                                     more than 30 000 students. The
Cloud Campus students –              campus features state-of-the-art
who account for one quarter          facilities, including:
of enrolments – have the
                                     • Motion.Lab professional
flexibility to study anywhere
                                       motion capture facility
and any time.
                                     • professional television studio
                                     • industry-standard food
                                       nutrition labs
                                     • robotics laboratory.

20    Deakin University                       21
                                                                   Set along the beautiful coast
                                                                   of regional Victoria, the
                                                                   Warrnambool Campus offers a
                                                                   friendly, close-knit community,
                                                                   with a personal and informal
                                                                   relationship between students
                                                                   and staff.
                                                                   The campus features state-of-
                                                                   the-art facilities, including a
                                                                   Clinical Simulation Centre that
                                                                   simulates a real hospital ward
Geelong                           Geelong                          and contains all the equipment
                                                                   to be found on a nursing clinical
Waurn Ponds                       Waterfront                       placement.

Campus                            Campus
Set on expansive, landscaped      The Geelong Waterfront
grounds, Geelong Waurn Ponds      Campus is Deakin’s
is Deakin’s second largest        headquarters. Set in the heart
campus. The campus is home to:    of Geelong, the campus’ 19th
• Deakin Medical School and       century buildings have been
  Regional Community Health       transformed to create cutting-
  Hub (REACH).                    edge learning spaces, such as:
• Centre for Advanced Design in   • purpose-built architecture
  Engineering Training (CADET)      and creative art studios
• Institute for Frontier          • moot law courts
  Materials, Carbon Nexus and     • occupational therapy labs.
  other research centres of
  the Geelong Future Economy

22    Deakin University                                                                         23
Geelong Waterfront Campus                                                                     Melbourne Burwood Campus
1 Gheringhap Street                                                                           221 Burwood Highway
Geelong Victoria 3220                                                                         Burwood Victoria 3125
Australia                                                                                     Australia
+61 3 5227 1100                                                                               +61 3 9244 6100

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus                                                                    Warrnambool Campus
75 Pigdons Road                                                                               Princes Highway
Waurn Ponds Victoria 3216                                                                     Warrnambool Victoria 3280
Australia                                                                                     Australia
+61 3 5227 1100                                                                               +61 3 5563 3100

International offices
China                                                           South Asia                                                      Latin America
Deakin University                                               Deakin University                                               Deakin International
Suite 614, Office Tower B                                       Unit 202–203 Square One, 2nd                                    Bulevar España 2633
The New World Centre                                            Floor                                                           Oficina 15
3B Chongwenmenwai Street                                        Plot No. C2, Saket Place                                        Montevideo
Beijing 100062                                                  Saket District Centre                                           Uruguay
P.R. China                                                      New Delhi 110017                                                +598 2707 1806, ext. 2317
+86 10 6708 4620                                                India                                             +91 11 2654 4700 / 701
Deakin University                                               Sri Lanka
Level 5, Grand Slipi Tower                                      Deakin University
Jl. Letjen S.Parman Kav. 22 -24,                                15/3C Maitland Crescent
Slipi,                                                          Colombo 007000
Jakarta Barat 11480                                             Sri Lanka
Indonesia                                                       +94 11 432 1432
+62 21 290 222 18                                     

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