FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly

FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly
EU Funding fostering and supporting collaboration
between science and industry in our region

ArcLabs, WIT, West Campus,
Carriganore, Waterford                                        FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018
Mr. Damien Tiernan - RTÉ South-East Correspondent
The Event is free of charge, but registration is necessary.
FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly
The Southern Regional Assembly in association with the Babson College
Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) is hosting the event When Science
met Business. This event has been organised to showcase exemplar projects co-
funded under the ERDF Southern and Eastern Regional Programme 2014-2020
and to provide a forum for researchers and industry to explore potential mutually
beneficial collaborations.

The Southern Regional Assembly manages a €500 million regional investment
programme running from 2014 to 2020. The programme is co-financed by the
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Irish Exchequer with
Sustainable Urban Development co-funded by Local Authorities.

A core objective of the ERDF programme is to strengthen the innovation dividend
for the region. Fostering and supporting collaboration between science and
industry is key to improving our innovation standing among the regions of Europe
and Internationally. Past programmes supported the provision of infrastructure and
the increase in the numbers of R&DI third level sector researchers. The primary focus
under this programme is to improve the competitiveness of the regional economy.
This is achieved through a number of routes, including Science Foundation Ireland’s
(SFI) Research Centres. SFI’s Research Centres provide platforms for scientists and
engineers to forge partnerships across academia and industry to help address
crucial research questions. Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation Fund (CF)
and Innovation Partnership (IP) programmes play crucial roles. The programmes
support the creation of technology-based start-up companies and the transfer
of innovations, developed in Higher Education Institutes and Research Performing
Organisations, to industry in the region. Additionally they propel the use of key
technologies by Irish companies by encouraging them to work with Irish research
institutes resulting in mutually beneficial co-operation and interaction.

This event is one of our #EU in My Region events for 2018.
When Science met Business is held in association with the 38th Babson College
Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC), which is co-sponsored by
Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) School of Business, Centre for Enterprise
Development and Regional Economy (CEDRE), and the Irish Network for Teachers
and Researchers of Entrepreneurship (INTRE). The BCERC takes place in Waterford
from June 6-9, 2018.

This event is held in association with the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference
FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly
9.30 – 10.00 am   Arrival and Registration
10.00 am          Opening Remarks -         Cathaoirleach Cllr. Larry O’Brien
10.15 am          Introduction to the programme by MC Mr. Damien Tiernan, RTÉ South-East Correspondent
10.25 am          Supporting Research and Innovation, MC Mr. Damien Tiernan
                  Dr. Alan Davy
                  Research Unit Manager, TSSG, SmartHerd, a collaborative project together with IBM and
                  local farmers in Waterford

                  Dr. Brendan Jennings
                  Principal Investigator CONNECT, Head of Graduate Studies TSSG, Intelligent Transport Systems,
                  a project together with a CONNECT industry partner.

                  Dr. Steven Davy
                  Founder of LiquidEdge a business analytics platform, a spinout from TSSG.

                  Mr. Javier Torres Sanchez
                  Senior Embedded Systems Engineer, Tyndall National Institute
                  VR Glove: A 3D Hand Motion Capture Device with Haptic Feedback for Virtual Reality Applications

                  Theme reflection
                  Stephen Blair, Director, Southern Regional Assembly

                  Q&A Session

11.15 am          Coffee Break
11.40 am          Professor Andrew Zacharakis, Key Note Speaker
                  Nurturing the cradle of innovation and wealth creation, forging strong collaborative
                  engagements between Higher Education Institutes and industry

12.00 pm          Partnerships and Commercialisation

                  Ms. Leona O’Brien
                  Senior Legal Researcher, Software as a service solution for Banking, Regulatory, Compliance
                  and Risk, University College Cork

                  Ms. Finola Cliffe
                  COO of Hooke Bio Ltd, a biotech spin-out from University of Limerick

                  Dr. Barry Murphy
                  CEO of Electrical Analytics Technology Ltd, Applied Physics Research Group in Trinity College

                  Dr. Fergus Quilligan
                  Principal Investigator, Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) - Industrial Data Analytics Framework

                  Dr. Ramesh Raghavendra
                  SEAM Centre Director & Technology Gateway Manager              - Optimised 3D printed metal

                  Theme Reflection
                  Professor Willie Donnelly, President, Waterford Institute of Technology

                  Q&A Session

1.00pm            Lunch at WIT Arena
FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly

Mr. Damien Tiernan

                        47-year-old Damien has been South-East Correspondent for 21 years
                        now (the second youngest ever correspondent when appointed)
                        and has covered all types of news, sports, arts, science and features
                        across the region. He made an award-winning documentary “Souls
                        of the Sea” in 2008 after publishing his first book. His second book “The
                        Ecstasy and the Agony” was shortlisted for Sports Book of the Year. He
                        currently works out of the RTE studios at Carriganore House, WIT.


Cllr. Larry O’Brien, Cathaoirleach of the Southern Regional Assembly

                        Cllr. Larry O’Brien represents Wexford County Council on the Southern
                        Regional Assembly. Elected to Wexford County Council in 1991, he
                        served as Cathaoirleach of the Council on two occasions in 2007 and
                        2009. He is currently the Chairperson of the Roads Strategic Policy
                        Committee (SPC) in Wexford County Council. Cllr. O’Brien is a former
                        member of the South-East Regional Authority where he also served
                        as Cathaoirleach during his time with the Authority and is currently a
                        member of the Southern Regional Assembly since its establishment in
                        2015. A full-time public representative, Cllr. O’Brien is a member of the
                        Fine Gael party.


Professor Andrew Zacharakis

                        Andrew Zacharakis is The John H. Muller, Jr. Chair in Entrepreneurship
                        at Babson College, Wellesley, MA. He is the Director of the Babson
                        College Entrepreneurship Research Conference and past president
                        of the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management.
                        He is also a past chair of the Entrepreneurship Department at
                        Babson College and a past Director of the Arthur M. Blank Center for
                        Entrepreneurship at Babson. His writings and research focus on two
                        major areas of entrepreneurship: the venture capital decision-making
                        process and entrepreneurial growth strategies.
FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly

Mr. Stephen Blair, Director, Southern Regional Assembly

                         Stephen was appointed inaugural Director of the Southern & Eastern
                         Regional Assembly when it was established in 2000. He has been
                         responsible for managing Structural Funds Regional Operational
                         Programmes for successive programming periods 2000-2006 and
                         2007-13 and he acted as chair of the Monitoring Committees for these
                         programmes. Stephen represents Ireland on a number of Monitoring
                         Committees for European Territorial Co-operation Programmes. The
                         Assembly is also the designated Managing & Certification Authority
                         for the maritime cross-border programme with Wales. Prior to taking
                         up his current post, Stephen worked for many years in the Planning
                         Service in Local Government in Ireland, including during the 1990’s
                         as Waterford City Planning Officer. A graduate of both Trinity College
                         Dublin and University College Dublin, Stephen holds Masters Degrees
                         in both Planning and Public Management.

Professor Willie Donnelly, President, Waterford Institute of Technology

                         Professor Donnelly was appointed President of Waterford Institute of
                         Technology (WIT) in April 2015, having held the position of Head of
                         Research and Innovation at the Institute for the previous 10 years. He
                         is founder of the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group
                         (TSSG) which carries out research into mobile services, internet of
                         things and communications management research centre. Prior to
                         entering academia, he worked for 15 years in the telecommunications
                         and utilities industries. His main area of academic research interest is
                         the management of next generation networks. He has extended his
                         work in this area to focus on smart agriculture and in particular the
                         development of integrated communications management solutions
                         and decision support systems for secure food production.
FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly

Dr. Alan Davy, TSSG

                       Alan Davy was awarded BSc (with honours) in Applied Computing
                       and PhD degrees from Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford,
                       Ireland in 2002 and 2008 respectively. He has worked at TSSG, originally
                       as a student, since 2002 and became a PostDoc Researcher in 2008.
                       In 2010, he worked at IIT Madras in India as an Assistant Professor
                       lecturing in Network Management Systems. He received a Marie
                       Curie International Mobility fellowship in 2010, which brought him to
                       work at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya for 2 years. He is now
                       a Senior Research Fellow and Research Unit Manager of the Emerging
                       Networks Laboratory at TSSG. Dr. Davy is the coordinator of the EU
                       H2020 FETOpen project CIRCLE: Coordinating European Research on
                       Molecular Communications.

Dr. Brendan Jennings

                       Dr. Jennings is a Principal Investigator at CONNECT in Waterford Institute
                       of Technology. He received BEng and PhD degrees from Dublin City
                       University in 1993 and 2001 respectively. He is Head of Graduate
                       Studies for Waterford Institute of Technology, where he is also active
                       as a senior researcher within the Emerging Networks Laboratory in
                       the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG). With
                       TSSG since 2003, he became the group’s first Director of Research in
                       2013. During that time he contributed to a number of national and
                       international research projects, including the FAME strategic research
                       cluster, where he coordinated a number of collaborative projects
                       with the Irish R&D labs of IBM and Cisco.
FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly
Dr. Steven Davy, LiquidEdge

                        Steven received his B.A. (Mod) and PhD from Trinity College Dublin
                        (2003) and Waterford Institute of Technology (2008) in the field of
                        Computer Science. His research interests include network and service
                        management, policy-based management, and virtual network
                        resource planning and deployment. More recently, he is researching
                        into applying his expertise in telecommunications systems in areas
                        that include Intelligent Transport Systems and Remote Healthcare.

Mr. Javier Torres Sanchez

                        Javier Torres Sanchez graduated in Physics in 2003 and in Electronic
                        Engineering in 2007 from the University of Granada (Spain). His particular
                        area of expertise is in embedded systems design (hardware-software
                        co-design) from concept definition, specification and design through
                        to manufacture and test. He joined the Tyndall National Institute in
                        2006, where he currently works as an embedded systems engineer
                        in the Wireless Sensor Network Group. He specialises in the field of
                        wireless sensing system research across a wide range of applications
                        including wearable, health and fitness and environmental monitoring.

Ms. Leona O’Brien, SmaRT project, University College Cork

                        The SmaRT project, led by Tom Butler and Leona O’Brien is developing
                        a software platform to unpack and capture the complexity of
                        regulations in finance and banking. The SmaRT software platform,
                        though not yet completed is already gaining attention in RegTech
                        circles and is viewed internationally as an innovative, potentially
                        disruptive technology. It is currently being evaluated by the Financial
                        Conduct Authority UK FCA in order to make its Regulatory Handbook
                        machine readable. A pilot deployment by a major law firm and a
                        proof of concept at a systemically important international financial
                        institution has commenced.
FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly
Ms. Finola Cliffe, COO of Hooke Bio Ltd, a biotech spin-out from the University of Limerick.

                          Hooke Bio consists of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists
                          whose aim is commercialisation of Hooke’s microfluidic technology,
                          Enigma. The Engima system is a disruptive technology that can address
                          the high throughput screening need in the pharma industry (e.g.
                          disease modelling, personalised medicine, drug repurposing, toxicity
                          testing, microbial screening etc...). The development of Hooke Bio’s
                          microfluidic technology has been supported by two grants from EI’s
                          Commercialisation Fund Programme. Enigma can be integrated into
                          existing robotic testing facilities or act as a stand-alone system.

Dr. Barry Murphy, CEO, Electrical Analytics Technology Ltd.

                          Dr. Barry Murphy, CEO of Electrical Analytics Technology Ltd. a new
                          spinout from the Applied Physics Research Group in Trinity College
                          Dublin. Since completing his PhD in Physics in 2013, Barry has been
                          working on applied projects to solve technological problems in the
                          energy sector. Support from Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation
                          Fund has enabled him to apply his knowledge of data science to the
                          problems being faced by electrical distribution grid operators, such as
                          ESB Networks. He managed and contributed to the Commercialisation
                          Fund project from the initial idea through to real-world trials on ESB
                          Networks assets around Ireland.
FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly
Dr. Fergus Quilligan, Principal Investigator, Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR)

                         Fergus is Principal Investigator for Analytics in IMR. Fergus received a
                         PhD on the application of data processing and feature extraction to
                         astrophysical datasets. He worked onsite with NASA and ESA before
                         moving to Intel where he led an analytics team providing skills in
                         root cause analysis, advanced SPC, data mining, yield modelling,
                         predictive analytics etc. with Fergus leading the worldwide quality
                         improvement roadmap. Since moving to IMR Fergus has worked on
                         projects involving real time data analysis from IoT sensors, optimised
                         scheduling, human computer interaction and cyber physical systems.
                         During his 15 years in industry, Fergus has worked on a broad range of
                         analytical projects across any sectors; his current focus is on enabling
                         analytics solutions to be more easily deployed within industry.

Dr. Ramesh Raghavendra, SEAM Centre Director & Technology Gateway Manager

                         Dr. Ramesh Raghavendra’s research background is in the areas of
                         functional ceramics, glass and glass-ceramics, sintering of powder
                         materials and more recently his research interests are directed
                         towards Metal Additive Manufacturing. He holds patents in microwave
                         processing of ceramic materials and in cofiring of ceramics. He has
                         authored/co-authored more than 60 refereed journal publications.
                         Within seven years of launching of SEAM, Ramesh has been instrumental
                         in establishing collaborations with over 120 Irish based industries and
                         successfully managed to deliver over 950 directly funded Industrial
                         projects (short, medium and long term). Through these and state
                         supported projects, Ramesh has secured over €8m in funding for
                         SEAM. Furthermore, he successfully coordinated an EU funded FP7-
                         SME project that concluded in December 2015. For his contribution
                         to Industrial services, Ramesh received the KTI Award 2015 under the
                         industrial consultancy impact category.
FRIDAY 8TH JUNE 2018 - Southern Regional Assembly

ArcLabs, Research and Innovation Centre, WIT West Campus, Carriganore, Waterford.
Importance Notice: Parking is available at the WIT Arena only, please arrive before 9.15 am to avail
of a shuttle bus which will take you to the venue. WIT Arena is 800 metres from ArcLabs, which is
approximately an 11-minute walk.

Attendees will have an opportunity to meet with the speakers in our market place.

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