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                     ANNUAL REVIEW

annual review 2019
NATIONAL DIRECTOR                                                                                                      Ben Carswell | National Director

                                           What are the defining moments of your life?                 Genesis, we see how the God who created the                that define who we are as TSCF. For me, the
He ākonga ki ngā ākonga hei                We’ve all had them – those moments with such a              world and all there is, gave freedom to his cre-           year started at the Urbana Student Missions
ara whakawhiti mō te Karaiti.              lasting impact that we remember where we were or            ation. Yet, only a little later, the wonderful world       Conference in St Louis, Missouri. As the new year
Reaching students for Christ,              what we were doing when they happened.                      becomes a “paradise lost” as we read of Adam               dawned, I was with students, colleagues and
changing students for life.                                                                            and Eve taking the fruit and “the eyes of both of          friends from around the world, including Nigel
                                           In late August 1997, as an international student in         them were opened” (Genesis 3:7). Humanity and              Pollock (TSCF’s previous national director) as the
                                           the USA, I remember hearing early reports of Princess       history were changed forever.                              leadership baton passed from him to me. This
                         Bex Allen
                                           Diana being involved in a car crash. On September                                                                      moment was a reminder of a favourite verse for
                         Designer          11, 2001, I remember regular television programming         The Bible story contains many horrible histories,          us both: “The things you have heard me say in
                         Rachel Hay
                                           being interrupted by news of what at first appeared         highlighting the worst of humanity, until Jesus            the presence of many witnesses entrust to reli-
                         Cover             to be a tragic plane crash. In February 2011, attending     comes – suffering on the cross and rising from             able people who will also be qualified to teach
                         Jessie Tien       a conference near Wellington, I remember the audi-          the dead, with repentance for the forgiveness of           others.” (2 Timothy 2:2)
                         at Summit 19      ble gasp when we were shown a picture of the earth-         sins to be preached in his name to all nations. Our
                                           quake-damaged Cathedral in Christchurch.                    message is only good news because of the bru-              Student ministry is dynamic. It’s always chang-
TSCF’s vision is to help students                                                                      tal reality of that defining day at Calvary, when          ing. Students are not around forever – for most,
in New Zealand become servant              There is now another defining moment I’ll never for-        Jesus took our sins on himself as the Saviour of           they’re with us on campus for three or four years
leaders of character through the           get. On a Friday afternoon in March 2019, my wife           the world. The significance of the cross is the crux       and then they’re gone. And so it is with leader-
transforming gospel of Christ. TSCF is a   Jen texted me, “Look at the news.” A few moments            of our message: “We preach Christ crucified” (1            ship. We need to be constantly developing, sup-
founding member of the International       later I started to read early reports of the Christchurch   Corinthians 1:23) until that ultimate defining day,        porting and encouraging future generations of
Fellowship of Evangelical Students.        mosque shootings. A city that was still getting back        when our crucified, risen and coming Saviour               leaders. In TSCF, one of the defining moments
                                           on its feet was shattered by unbelievable events and        returns.                                                   of last year was the appointment of five new
The Annual Review is for those
                                           the shocking reality of death. And yet, as the weeks                                                                   team leaders, all New Zealanders in their 20s or
who partner with us in our vision and
mission to reach students for Christ. It   and months progressed, Christchurch, the Garden             For TSCF, as we sought to reach students for               30s, who have come through TSCF in the last 15
reports on what God has accomplished       City, began to flourish again. A nation in grief showed     Christ with this great message of salvation, our           years. They epitomise what God is developing
through TSCF in the previous calendar      compassion, care and community.                             year was also marked by a number of defining               through the ministry of TSCF – young people
year, as well as looking to what he is                                                                 moments. The Christchurch shootings were                   who are serious about their faith and applying it
building for the future. This work is      Over one year on, as I write, the awful impact of the       fresh in the memories of students returning                to all areas of life, being given opportunities to
made possible by the grace of God          COVID-19 global pandemic continues to unfold.               to campuses around the country for the new                 use and grow their leadership skills. Our desire
and the generosity of our partners.        There are new defining moments that are changing            year. Many of our early student gatherings were            is to invest in the whole-life discipleship of stu-
This is a review of the 2019 year.         the world as we know it.                                    shaped by a nation grieving and responding                 dents, growing leaders who will go into all areas
                                                                                                       to suffering, as we offered the hope of Christ in          of society, taking the good news of Jesus with
                                           As Christians, the good news of the Bible that we           response to hatred.                                        them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        annual review 2019
PO Box 9672, Marion Square,
                                           read, believe and proclaim, is framed around sev-
Wellington 6141
+64 4 384 7274                             eral defining moments. In the opening chapters of           During the year we had many other moments                  Another key aspect in TSCF is the transition from

                                            2                                                                                                                 3
high school to campus. We are convinced that             (IFES), we have seen the growth of new student
connecting with school leavers and students in           groups at Massey University in Wellington, Toi
the early stages of their campus experience can          Ohomai in Tauranga and AUT South Campus in
enable greater openness for them to consider             Auckland.
the life and claims of Jesus. Through our involve-
ment in running the Student Lounge at Festival           We are also part of initiatives to grow student
One and hosting regional TSCF Launch events,             mission work around the South Pacific where
we have been able to meet students who could             there is currently no IFES ministry. As TSCF, we
become part of TSCF communities around the               are proud to be founding members of IFES,
country. We recognise the need for further work          which has seen remarkable growth since it was
in developing partnerships to respond to the             established in 1947. The quadrennial IFES World
fleeting spiritual curiosity and exploration often       Assembly was held in July in South Africa, where
seen in students.                                        over 1,000 representatives from over 170 coun-
                                                         tries met amidst various challenges and changes.
One of the exciting ways we have seen students           A highlight of the assembly was the affiliation of
intrigued by the message of Jesus has been               13 new student movements, including those in                                                                       what it meant to be united together in student           Dunedin campuses. The investment in develop-
through the “Mark Drama.” Last year students             Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. Both of these                                                                     mission and took significant steps towards this.         ing whole-life discipleship in students is bearing
in Christchurch, Lincoln and Tauranga joined             movements were established with the ongoing                                                                                                                                 fruit. We are keen to see “The Well” – a new com-
with other local Christians to perform the story         help and investment of various TSCFers, among                                                                      TSCF’s commitment to Global Reach is more                munity – develop in Lincoln, and are working
of Jesus from Mark’s gospel. As they communi-            others. We give thanks to God for this growth.                                                                     than our commitment to IFES. The appointment             towards this being a significant addition to TSCF
cated the gospel narrative, we saw both students         (At our annual Staff Training Conference, it was                                                                   of Kim Shaw as Global Reach Coordinator came             ministry in the coming years.
performing and watching the drama encoun-                a delight to have several staff from around the                                                                    from a desire to develop a global perspective
ter Jesus afresh. It has also been exciting to see       South Pacific join us for training led by Paul                                                                     in TSCF students. Kim’s story is of being shaped         The last year was full and significant for our min-
Christian students exploring a passion for evan-         Windsor, from Langham Preaching.)                                                                                  as a student, serving God globally as a graduate         istry. In her seminal work The Defining Decade, Dr
gelism, inviting unbelieving friends and peers                                                                                                                              and now giving a renewed focus in this area to           Meg Jay argues that our twenty-something years
to open the Bible, study it for themselves, and          The year of 2019 was both challenging and                                                                          students and staff. This focus was sharpened as          are the most life-changing period for us as adults.
respond to its message.                                  encouraging for IFES. TSCF’s Chris Collins stepped                                                                 Bishop Steve Maina spoke at our national confer-         She writes, “Too many men and women squan-

                                                                                                              Ben Carswell speaks to Auckland students at Launch in March
                                                         down as Board Chair after many years of active                                                                     ence, Summit, where our theme was “From the              der the most transformative years of their adult
Across Aotearoa there are still a number of cam-         involvement, and after 12 years Daniel Bourdanné                                                                   Ends of the Earth,” and students were challenged         lives, only to pay the price in decades to come.”
puses without an established TSCF student wit-           finished as General Secretary. Following a lengthy                                                                 to be involved in God’s mission around the world.        Our hope and prayer is that students experience
ness; these are primarily polytechnic campuses.          recruitment process, the proposed successor                                                                        Later in the year, two groups of students were           the defining moment of life as they encounter
Despite it being more difficult to build a group         withdrew his nomination prior to the gathering.                                                                    able to join our Global Reach Journeys to Fiji and       Jesus’ question, ”Who do you say I am?” And our
in these places, we retain a desire and commit-          As we met on the African continent so often                                                                        Nepal. These experiences are some of the defin-          commitment to those who follow Jesus is sup-
ment to see a thriving student witness on every          marked by division and disunity, there was a clear                                                                 ing moments in the discipleship of students.             porting ongoing transforming encounters with
campus in the country. Through the support               sense of this being a defining moment in the his-                                                                                                                           him during this critical time of life. Thank you for

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            annual review 2019
of the Breaking New Ground initiative of the             tory of IFES. We experienced a tangible sense of                                                                   Our residential communities continue, with stu-          your partnership in these defining moments of
International Fellowship of Evangelical Students         God’s presence with us, as we worked through                                                                       dents living in housing close to Wellington and          student mission and ministry!

                                                     4                                                                                                                                                                           5
              “The biggest barrier [to reaching    whilst carrying a bag filled with
              students for Christ] would have      snacks. She asked, ‘Where are you
              been my own lack of familiar-        going with all of that?!’ I replied
              ity with evangelism – it was not     that we were having a Bible study
              something I practiced regularly.     at 1pm. There was a pause, I had
              Reading the Bible with TSCF          no idea what was going on inside
Robyn Drake   started to change my perspective     her head but she later told me
Team Leader   and habits during 2019.” Kathryn,    that she couldn’t believe that God
              a student at AUT, expresses some-    would try to reach her at university.
              thing that was true for many stu-    We now get to study God’s Word
              dents who joined Auckland TSCF       together!”
              groups in 2019.
                                                   One place that growth in convic-
              Growing in conviction about the      tion was particularly evident was
              calling we have to be “true wit-     during the mission week at the                                                 that prayer in my first conversation at the stall!       non-Christians don’t engage with faith conver-
              nesses” on campus is a theme of      University of Auckland in August.                                              I started talking to an international student            sations. But as Holly identifies, there’s an addi-
              students’ reflections on the year.   Our new staff worker, Candy Grice,                                             from China – she had heard of some Christian             tional factor in the sprawling city of Auckland,
              Fellow AUT student Mel reflects,     worked tirelessly to provide evan-                                             ideas (e.g. God, Jesus, the Bible) but didn’t            where 110,000 students study: “With an indi-
              “As I progress through my stud-      gelism training to 40 students in                                              really understand how they fit together. I had           vidualistic campus culture and many students
              ies I think of my peers who I’ve     the lead-up to it. While handing                                               the privilege of watching her eyes light up as I         not going through university with a set cohort
              spent the last several years get-    out over 500 cups of free hot choc-                                            explained what the Bible is and the gospel that          of students, relational evangelism and oppor-
              ting to know. Relationships have     olate on two different campuses,                                               it proclaims, and after several “ohhhh” moments          tunities to share life with the gospel took great
              been built, trust has been earned    students sought to initiate gospel                                             she said, ‘It’s easy for me to understand what           energy to start and sustain. The biggest barrier
              and yet our conversations often      conversations with friends and                                                 you’re telling me, but I don’t really know what to       was not conforming to the insular university
              centred around university life or    strangers by asking if they thought                                            do with it.’ I’m always nervous asking someone           culture, instead holding fast to God’s Word
              concepts we are grappling with.      the human story is more hopeful                                                whether they would consider reading the Bible            and allowing it to encourage and energise us
              I’ve assumed that their response     or hopeless.                                                                   but I asked and she said yes!” Annelise’s story is       to have difficult, awkward and confronting
              to the gospel would be one of                                                University of Auckland welcome event
                                                                                                                                  just one of many from that week, and wonder-             conversations.“
              apathy. The truth is, my peers       Annelise shares this experience:                                               fully we know of at least one student who has
              have been more open to hearing       “I had been praying that God                                                   become a Christian.                                      Regularly meeting to study the Bible was the
              than I have given them credit for.   would open one door to follow up                                                                                                        main activity for all the groups, often with fur-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                annual review 2019
              I bumped into Lu near the carpark    and he was so faithful answering                                               Apathy continues to be a frequent reason                 ther opportunities to ask and discuss questions

                                    6                                                                                                                                                  7
AUCKLAND contains 1/3 of NZ’s
                                                                                                                                                                    tertiary students – approximately
                                                                                                                                                                    110,000 students across 15 campuses.

                                                                                                                                                                    Of the 110,000 students, 20% are international students.

                                                                                                                                                                    Of the 20% international students, 48% are from China.

of faith, life and God. We’ve seen how important        continues to be particularly difficult to reach stu-
these studies can be for students who have              dents at the polytechs. The challenges highlight
some sort of Christian background to explore            the need for more staff in the city, home to a third                                                             40000

the Christian faith outside the context of their        of New Zealand’s tertiary students. We joyfully
family or home church, ask questions and                welcomed Gareth Jones and Bena Tanielu as                                                                        30000
wrestle with doubt. Some of the most eager              associate staff, as well as Candy, but we were sad
evangelists this year are those with a Christian        to see May Lee and Ben Chin move on. However,
background who weren’t trusting in Christ               God has been faithful and there are many more
when they started uni, one of whom is Andrew:           stories to tell of him at work on every campus
“I saw God working dramatically in my life and it       in small but significant ways through camps,                                                                      10000

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           5900 students are in
was a pleasure to have Veritas: Christians at Law       “Q&A” panels, English conversation classes, Bible
School welcome me into their flock. Law school          studies and even Google search algorithms!
can be relatively harsh at times, and this refuge                                                                                                                                                                                          halls of residence.
of students who cared more about God’s will                                                                    World Student Day University of Auckland gathering
than grades, and loving each other than legal           WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE PART                                                                                   Institutions
networking, has transformed my uni experience           OF STUDENT MISSION IN                                                                                                University of Auckland
for the better.”                                        AUCKLAND?                                                                                                            Auckland Institute of Technology                                              Ethnicity
Not all groups thrived though, with some limp-          If you’re interested in joining our staff team in                                                                    Unitec
ing to the end of the year discouraged. And it          Auckland or elsewhere in New Zealand, please                                                                         Manukau Institute of Technology                                                 Asian
                                                        contact                                                                                       Massey Auckland                                                                 Pasifika
                                                                                                                                                                    These figures have been compiled from multiple sources and in some
                                                                                                                                                                    cases are approximate estimates given limited information available.
with him. Pablo made a commitment to follow              said, “That was so good. Action-packed. Great,
                                                                                                                               Jesus the night before he flew home to Spain.            great acting. Clear message of salvation –
                                                                                                                               Providentially, his flight was delayed 24 hours,         Thanks so much!”
                                                                                                                               allowing him to attend one final TSCF gathering.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology remains
                                                                                                                               TSCF has been running the Alpha course on                the largest tertiary campus in Tauranga. The
                                                                                                                               the Waikato University campus for three years.           Christian Fellowship has had a faithful group
                                                                                                                               We challenged TSCF students to intentionally             of students meeting regularly and engaging
                                                                                                                               invite non-Christian students to the most recent         students at Orientation and Market Day stalls
                                                                                                                               course, and were really pleased that over 20             on campus. After four years of pioneering we
                                                                                                                               non-Christian students attended the course as            sense we are in a new phase, and look to God to
                                                                                                                               a result. Yi attended Alpha at the invitation of         draw more students and increase the impact on
                                                                                                                               Grace, a previous TSCF student leader. Mid-way           campus. We continue to pray for resourcing and

                                                                                                                               through the course Yi made a commitment to               church partnerships to develop a student group
                                                                                                                               follow Jesus. We praise God that True Witness is         at the Rotorua campus.
                                                                                                                               bearing fruit. Join with us in praying that Pablo
                                                                                                                               and Yi – and all Christian students – would grow         Through students like Pablo and Yi, we’ve seen
                                                                                                                               to maturity in the Lord.                                 that Global Reach can begin in New Zealand.
                                                                                                                                                                                        International students have joined our groups
                  The last year has been one of          have steadily drawn more stu-                                         In Tauranga, the new Waikato University cam-             and met Jesus whilst studying here. The poten-
                  encouraging growth for the             dents. Local staff workers Nadine                                     pus opened in 2019, bringing a dedicated uni-            tial for God to use them strategically now and
                  Waikato and Bay of Plenty TSCF         Liddle and Nick Goodwin continue                                      versity campus to the heart of the CBD. Tamrah           when they return home fills us with immense
                  student groups. In the midst of a      to foster and model evangelism                                        Hare is a key student leader who has helped pio-         hope. Over summer, two of our Hamilton-
                  changing world we’ve sought to         and discipleship. We’ve also been                                     neer the TSCF group on this new campus. She              based students headed to Nepal on one of our
                  remain steadfast in our mission to     more intentional about training                                       naturally befriends students and dialogues with          Global Reach Journeys, to explore mission in a
Dave Hodgkinson   reach students for Christ, by devel-   student leaders. Through all this                                     people about faith and the gospel.                       cross-cultural context.
Team Leader       oping regular rhythms of meeting       we’ve seen students come to faith
                  together, enabling students to         in Jesus and grow in their relation-                                  A highlight for our Tauranga students was the            In a changing and uncertain world our TSCF
                  connect, to belong and to grow.        ship with the Lord!                                                   Mark Drama. Over three nights the students and           groups want to point students towards Jesus.
                  We continue to see Jesus change                                                                              local church youth acted out Mark’s gospel to            We are convinced that Jesus remains the light of
                  students’ lives as they deepen their   Pablo is a Spanish student Nadine                                     over 350 people – with the final performance             and hope for this world. We pray the gospel will
                  relationship with him.                 easily connected with, having pre-                                    being held on the new campus. This challenged            bear fruit in students as they proclaim Jesus in
                                                         viously worked in student ministry                                    students to step out in faith by acting in it and        word and deed, on campus and wherever they
                                                                                                Waikato & Bay of Plenty camp

                  Our Wednesday evening meetings         in Spain. After several conversa-                                     inviting their peers to come and watch. The              go, throughout the rest of their lives.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           annual review 2019
                  at Waikato University in Hamilton      tions, Nadine shared the gospel                                       feedback was incredibly positive – one viewer

                                        10                                                                                                                                         11
               The beginning of the 2019 year ran     combined with the Wellington                                                    MUCF and OCF part-time. The groups had to              campus seems to be our capacity to identify
               at its usual crazy pace at Massey in   group for a fantastic Easter Camp.                                              adjust to my arrival as new staff worker, and          and train mature Christian student leaders.
               Palmerston North. We had to say        As always, the OCF Friday night                                                 significant time was spent visioning, planning,
               goodbye to some excellent stu-         dinner and Bible study continued.                                               praying and simply getting to know each other.         For this reason, we’ve launched a joint Training
               dent leaders at the end of 2018,                                                                                                                                              Hub for MUCF and OCF students during the
               but our new leaders did a great job    I took over as the Manawatū team                                                On top of this, MUCF combined its Bible study          common Wednesday lunch break at Massey;
Scott Mackay   of picking up where they left off.     leader in July 2019, continuing the                                             and Waffles Outreach into one evening. OCF had         there is plenty of potential here to identify and
Team Leader                                           great work and spiritual invest-                                                an almost entirely new committee, and experi-          encourage new leaders. We look forward to see-
               The Massey University Christian        ment of Ian Reid, and Mark Grace                                                enced significant change again in September at         ing how this develops in the coming year, and
               Fellowship (MUCF) continued to         before him. The second semester                                                 the AGM when some of the more experienced              to keep building on the relationship founda-
               meet on Thursday nights for Bible      was a whirlwind of change for the                                               members moved on.                                      tions laid in 2019.
               studies, led by the students, and      groups at Massey. Earlier in the
               continued their Waffle Outreach        year, Ian had moved into a new role                                             I continue to be amazed by the amount of gos-
               on Tuesday nights. The Overseas        as pastor of a local Presbyterian                                               pel opportunities there are on New Zealand’s

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 annual review 2019
               Christian     Fellowship    (OCF)      church, and continued to support                                                university campuses. The limiting factor on
                                                                                            MUCF welcome event

                                                                                                                 New halls CF group

                                     12                                                                                                                                                 13
                 Praise                                   and spiritual backgrounds has
                 The year that’s been has given us        been a highlight. Much of this
                 many opportunities to give thanks        ministry’s growth can be credited
                 to God. At Victoria University, in the   to Max and Mei Rideout as leaders.
                 second trimester of 2019, Christian
                 Fellowship launched missional            We ran a student leadership con-
Matthias Loong   groups. These are small groups in        ference called “Refuel” for both
Team Leader      which students learn about what          the Vic and Massey student com-
                 the gospel is, and how to share          mittees at the end of 2019. Refuel
                 it in a way that makes sense to a        was themed around the marks of
                 secular culture. It was encouraging      Christian leadership. During the
                 to see the students grow in their        day, we looked at what 1 Timothy                             There have been fewer new students joining               three Vic university campuses. Each group func-
                 conviction of the gospel, and to         and Titus had to say about the sub-                          our Thursday night Bible study group. We can             tions as a Bible study, and being based at each
                 engage their unbelieving friends         ject. Once again, it was encourag-                           certainly rejoice over those who have come               of the campuses provides more opportunities
                 in conversation.                         ing to see the students’ convictions                         along and are being edified by God’s Word. Staff         for students to be involved.
                                                          shaped by God’s Word.                                        and student leaders will continue to explore
                 There were six students who                                                                           how we can better reach new students (to both            Max and Mei have begun an international
                 graduated from their courses. It         Pause                                                        TSCF and university) for Christ.                         friendship club. This pre-evangelistic initiative
                 was a joy to see them finish well.       The past year has also given us                                                                                       connects non-Christians with Christians, which
                 Although they are sorely missed,         opportunities to learn and reas-                             Our intentional community, Rongopai, con-                then leads to an evangelistic Bible study group.
                 and also represented the majority        sess. Campus outreach, in terms                              tinues, and is made up of both Kiwi and inter-           Attendance has been positive so far.
                 of Vic Christian Fellowship, thanks      of public events, has been a chal-                           national students. A ministry space such as
                 be to God for their involvement          lenge. We tried out the Story                                this brings challenges of fostering a culture of         Prayer
                 with the group over the years.           Project in the Vic Hub, displaying a                         spiritual formation and relational connection            Student groups are small in Wellington. But our
                                                          mural of Bible stories in the hope                           within the flat. But it also brings opportunities        God is big. And the gospel of the Lord Jesus
                 NewsWatch, a group that helps            of encouraging spiritual conver-                             for ministry and growth.                                 Christ will go forth convicting people of their sin
                 international students improve           sations with non-Christians. Sadly,                                                                                   and bringing re-birth and renewal by the Holy
                 their English by discussing televi-      there was little engagement from                             Potential                                                Spirit. Let’s pray for God to move in this way.
                 sion news stories, has been well-at-     non-Christians overall (which was                            There are encouraging ministry initiatives to
                 tended as usual. Engagement with         different to what those in other                             share. Christian Fellowship now has three day-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      annual review 2019
                 students from a variety of cultural      regions experienced).                                        time community groups based at each of the
                                                                                                 Vic CF Launch event

                                         14                                                                                                                                15
failure of a ministry by its immediate, measura-           The year was tragically marked by the March 15
                                                                                                                ble, observable impact. It might be a talk or a            terrorist attack, an event that had a deep impact
                                                                                                                Bible study, a one-off event like a conference, or         on the city and on many individuals, forcing stu-
                                                                                                                an annual assessment of a church or other min-             dents to ask hard questions and throwing many
                                                                                                                istry. We ask questions like: How many people              early plans into chaos.
                                                                                                                came? Whose lives were changed? How were
                                                                                                                they changed? When were they changed?                      We ended the year with the appointment of the
                                                                                                                                                                           largest student executive in many years – nine
                                                                                                                Don’t get me wrong: those are good and right               students with diverse gifts and passions, keen
                                                                                                                questions to ask – up to a point. But what if we           to see the gospel grow and bear fruit in one
                                                                                                                put a different kind of question in first place:           another’s lives – not to mention other student
                                                                                                                Were people given a biblical, Christ-centred               leaders who have stepped up to teach the Bible,
                                                                                                                picture of God? Does this picture of God have              organise events, and serve one another. We’re

                                                                                                                the power to change people’s lives not only for            especially thankful for the wonderful ministry of
                                                                                                                tomorrow, but also for whatever comes their                Renee Posthuma, our 2019 mintern.
                                                                                                                way 10 years from now, 20 years from now, or 50
                                                                                                                years from now?                                            In all that we do, our prayer is that God will use
                                                                                                                                                                           TSCF to change students – not for the next
                                                                                                                All this is to say that summarising the ministry of        month or year, but for life. “[Jesus] is the one we
               About twenty years ago, I attended      helped by those talks, but he –                          Christian Union is no easy prospect.                       proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone
               a large Christian conference            entering with the expectation of                                                                                    with all wisdom, so that we may present every-
               overseas with a group of young          immediate “application” – left dis-                      The bread and butter of our ministry has been              one fully mature in Christ.” (Colossians 1:28)
               adults. As we left, I had the sense     appointed. What had happened?                            the same for many years: lots of one-to-one
               that many of us had been deeply                                                                  Bible reading; Wednesday night “Life Groups”               This is not the work of a one-to-one, a Bible
               affected by the weekend’s Bible         And what does this have to do                            where students cram into a staff member’s                  study, a conference, a semester, or a year; it’s
Geoff Robson   teaching. So I was surprised when       with an annual review of TSCF’s                          home for a meal and Bible study; weekly prayer             the work of a lifetime. We hope to have faith-
Staff Worker   I asked my friend how he’d found        ministry at Canterbury?                                  meetings; evangelistic groups like “Christianity           fully played our part in serving the students that
               the talks and he gave this tepid                                                                 Explored” and larger events to reach the wider             God brought across our path in 2019. And we
               response: “They were okay. He           Over the years, as I’ve learned more                     campus; an array of conferences and weekends               ask you to pray with us that the Christ-centred
               taught me things about God, but         about the nature of gospel minis-                        away; small groups, training events, or reading            picture of God that we sought to put before
               he didn’t really tell me what to do.”   try, I’ve come to believe that many                      groups on campus. This says nothing of the                 them will remain in their hearts and minds and
                                                       Christians, when asked to measure                        informal ministry that we love to see students             see them transformed for life, to the glory and
               I can’t remember how I responded        the “success” of a ministry, fall into                   exercising among one another and among                     praise of God.
               in the moment, but his comment          a version of the trap that ensnared                      non-Christian friends.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 annual review 2019
               stuck with me. So many of us were       my friend: we judge the success or
                                                                                                Canterbury CU

                                      16                                                                                                                              17
                  “May the God of hope fill you with       Christian, continuing to read the
                  all joy and peace as you trust in        Bible with another Lincoln student
                  him, so that you may overflow with       and grow in her knowledge and
                  hope by the power of the Holy            love of Jesus.
                  Spirit.” This verse, Romans 15:13,
                  was printed on TSCF wristbands           On March 15, early in the univer-
Kate McClelland   for students across New Zealand          sity year, a terrible attack occurred
Team Leader       last year. As I reflect upon it, I am    at two mosques in Christchurch.
                  filled with great joy at all God has     Sadly, 51 people were killed,
                  done in 2019, and with great hope        including four Lincoln University
                  in all he will do in the future. The     students and a lecturer. In the
                  following stories hold a mixture of      midst of such extreme tragedy                                     and postdoctoral researcher Jennifer Bufford.             THE WELL PROJECT
                  delight, challenge and sorrow, yet       God was at work in many small                                     It’s been encouraging to see this group grow in           We’re grateful to God for the progress and
                  each is filled with the hope of the      acts of kindness in the days that fol-                            their faith and relationship with Jesus.                  development of The Well. In September 2018,
                  gospel.                                  lowed. Students gathered to pray                                                                                            TSCF purchased a section of land directly
                                                           together, cups of tea and conver-                                 TSCF has had a long and growing relationship              opposite Lincoln University, seeking to have a
                  The annual Lincoln CF camp is            sations were shared and Christian                                 with our sister movement in Fiji, Pacific Students        purpose-built dwelling for student mission for
                  a highlight of our calendar. Held        students offered to gather out-                                   for Christ (PSFC). At the end of the university           the long haul. The Well is named after the story
                  early in the year, it brings together    side the Musalla (Muslim meeting                                  year, six students, including Lincolnites, along          in John 4 of an unnamed woman’s encounter
                  students from different year levels      room) on campus every Friday                                      with staff worker Chris Hay and mintern Michael           with Jesus by a well (and because the site is on
                  to have fun, build friendships and       during midday prayers as a sign of                                Bresler went to Suva, Fiji for a TSCF Global Reach        Springs Road!). Our hope is for it to be a resi-
                  learn from God’s Word. A third of        support for a grieving community.                                 Journey to continue this partnership. The team            dential missional community encouraging such
                  the group who joined us for the          Our God of hope is at work.                                       from campuses across New Zealand came away                encounters with Jesus, Undivided Life amongst
                  weekend were not Christians, and                                                                           encouraged by the partnership in the gospel               students, and opportunities for True Witness
                  through our topic of True Witness        Under God’s good hand the post-                                   with our brothers and sisters in Fiji, and the            through hospitality, evangelism and building
                  heard stories of Jesus and opened        graduate group has flourished                                     shared vision of building the kingdom of God.             community. We’re excited to see this venture
                  the Bible for the first time. Joanna,*   during the year. One of TSCF’s aims                                                                                         continue, and ultimately be life-changing for
                  a student from China, was one            is Deep Thought, encouraging stu-                                 For all God has done and continues to do, we              generations to come. Planning and fundraising
                  of these students hearing about          dents to engage deeply in both life                               give him praise! Thank you for your partnership           is ongoing. Thank you to all who have donated
                  Jesus for the first time. She came       and God’s Word. A fruit of this has                               in together reaching students with the gospel             to make this project possible.
                  away from camp excited to know           been the Alpha course led by asso-                                of Christ across Aotearoa, including at Lincoln           See page 26 for more information on The Well

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          annual review 2019
                  more and has since become a              ciate staff worker Ani Kartikasari                                University.                                               Project.
                                                                                                       Lincoln CF barbeque

                                                                * Name has been changed for privacy.

                                          18                                                                                                                                      19
              One of the interesting things          In terms of evangelism and True
              about change is how it creates         Witness, a new initiative this year
              space for the new. The changes         was the production of the Mark
              we have seen in Otago over the         Drama in Dunedin. Over the
              last year have brought both new        course of three days, we shared
              opportunities and new challenges       the story of Jesus’ life, death and
Simon Sim     for student ministry on campus.        resurrection with almost 200 peo-
Team Leader                                          ple, and extended the invitation to
              We saw significant changes to          each person to read Mark’s gospel
              the shape of our staff team. We        and consider the story of Jesus for
              welcomed Michael Bresler to the        themselves. The Mark Drama also
              Otago team as a ministry intern.       had an impact on those in the cast.                                “called to care,” and how faith changes their per-          sharing our stories and listening to one another
              Michael has been part of TSCF as a     One of the students said of her                                    spective on work. “Probably the most valuable               – the good, the bad, and the difficult. It was a
              student, a leader, and a student rep   experience: “The whole experience                                  thing I came away with was the comprehension                reminder of how God uses community, the
              on the Board. With his heart for the   really emphasised how important                                    that it is totally possible to be a Christian in the        sharing of life together, in all its good and bad,
              gospel and cross-cultural mission,     it is to share, experience, and live                               medical world!! And that I’m not the only one.”             to transform us.
              Michael has been a blessing to the     the gospel with other people...                                    – Sally (nursing student)
              work in Dunedin.                       Seeing the life and death of Jesus                                                                                             Another change is on the horizon for Dunedin’s
                                                     play out in a drama reminded me                                    It has also been a year of changing students                intentional community. In 2020, we will be mov-
              We said farewell to James and Jen      again how extraordinary he is, and                                 through discipleship in intentional commu-                  ing to a new location, closer to the university
              Allaway in July. For the last eight    why I believe in him in the first                                  nity. “The Quarters” continued, with 27 students            campus. The community is called the “Harbour
              years, the Allaways have been          place.”                                                            and staff living together across four houses,               Light Base.” We are excited to see how this move
              instrumental in growing the work                                                                          seeking to live out our faith in gospel-centred             will bring new opportunities for mission, hospi-
              of TSCF in Dunedin. They have          We also work with several sub-                                     community and mission, and guided by shared                 tality and gospel witness.
              helped to change many of the           ject-based student groups, with                                    commitments to hospitality, shared meals and
              students for life through their work   most of them from the healthcare                                   spiritual practices. We are thankful for the stu-           As we look to the new year, there will be more
              and ministry, particularly through     disciplines (medicine, dentistry,                                  dents we get to share life with, and being able             changes to come in student ministry; these
              their pioneering of subject-based      pharmacy, nursing & physiother-                                    to walk with them on their journeys of faith.               will bring new opportunities and challenges.
              groups and intentional commu-          apy). In March, students from                                                                                                  Despite the changing nature of student minis-
              nity. As I take over as team leader    all these groups gathered for a                                    We ended the year with a weekend retreat – a                try, we can be confident in the unchanging mis-
              in Dunedin, I am thankful for the      24-hour retreat, exploring what it                                 time of fellowship, celebration and reflection              sion of God and his constant presence with us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         annual review 2019
                                                                                            Residents of The Quarters

              Allaways’ leadership and legacy.       means to be a Christian student                                    for what God has been doing. We spent time

                                    20                                                                                                                                         21
REACH                                                   GLOBAL REACH
                                                        Kim Shaw | Global Reach Coordinator                     MINTY                                                     MINTY
                                                                                                                                                                          Chris Hay | Minty Team Leader

The gospel for the nations is the heartbeat of          in small groups around the country.                     We live in a rapidly changing world. A review of          the interns was given an opportunity to reflect
God’s great love for the world, and his mission to                                                              just the last year shows that times are changing.         on and share about their internship year: What
see people of all nations in his kingdom. In the        Developing greater partnership with New                 However, through all of this we have a hope               had they learnt, what were they challenged by,
past year I have been privileged to provide lead-       Zealand mission agencies has been a key part            we can be assured of: God is good, Christ will            what was great, what was hard? Having been
ership in this area of Global Reach, and to see staff   of my role. It has been a privilege to korero with      return, and in him our future is certain. These           involved with them for the year and seeing their
and students be challenged by exploring oppor-          organisational leaders about the challenge of           truths we find in scripture are especially rich and       highs and lows, it was encouraging hearing
tunities to serve God among the nations.                mobilising younger generations towards life-long        vital for us today.                                       their reflections. It particularly encouraged me
                                                        commitment to mission. There is great scope for                                                                   that for each of these interns one of the main
For Summit 2019 Bishop Steve Maina, our key-            these partnerships to grow a committed group of         Speaking of change, I took on a new role with             lessons learned was that God is faithful and we
note speaker, taught from Acts on key principles        young Kiwis, passionate about Global Reach.             TSCF in July 2019 as Minty Team Leader, over-             can trust him. I pray that this journey of building
of mission from stories of the early church. We                                                                 seeing the TSCF Ministry Internship Year. I am            trust and faith in God will continue for them.
held a missions café night and missions expo to         Twelve students joined our Global Reach Journeys        a firm believer in the TSCF internship, having
expose students to local and overseas opportu-          to Fiji and Nepal, where they spent time with IFES      been a graduate of the programme myself. The              In 2020 we have no interns. This provides an
nities, and to help them consider how God could         staff and students and engaged with Christians          vision for Minty is based on Psalm 92:12–15:              opportunity to thoroughly review the intern-
use their skills, passions and story of faith around    who were actively serving God and making a              to encourage interns to flourish, to seek God’s           ship and all its components – to go back to
the world. We interspersed the expo with prayer         difference in their communities. The journeys           kingdom first and to produce fruit for him, not           the vision of the TSCF Ministry Internship Year,
for South Pacific IFES countries and those where        focused on exposure to God’s work and under-            just for a year, but for a lifetime, as the verse says,   to consider whether we are succeeding in our
we have staff serving – Ecuador (Ruth Hicks) and        standing ways to pray for the local students and        “Still bearing fruit into old age.” And not just in       vision and how can we improve.
Italy (Zach Smith).                                     wider community, and seeing ways our students           vocational ministry, but in all fields – journalism,
                                                        could potentially serve overseas in the future. This    politics, farming, accounting, car sales. Our hope        It is a real joy to be involved in student ministry,
During Summit week, a delegation of TSCF staff          was a significant learning experience and the stu-      is that there would be Minty graduates spread             and even more so to be part of Minty. We do
and students attended the IFES World Assembly.          dents returned with a greater sense of commit-          throughout New Zealand, and even around the               not know what tomorrow will bring, but Lord
This was a fantastic opportunity to gain a greater      ment to living with gospel-driven priorities.           globe, who are gripped with the gospel and the            willing I look forward to more students coming
sense of the worldwide movement, and for stu-                                                                   conviction of seeking and serving the Lord for a          through the Minty program, being gripped with
dents to grow in their commitment to God’s heart        We celebrate being part of a worldwide fellow-          lifetime, no matter where or what that looks like.        the glory of God, treasuring the work of Christ
for the nations.                                        ship, but it is a challenge to help our students feel                                                             and being released out into the world to seek
                                                        part of this when their world revolves around their     When I started the new role it was the middle of          and serve his kingdom.
At a regional level, students in Otago and Waikato      own campus. We hope that as our students con-           the year for our three interns Renee, David and
gathered to learn about cross-cultural communi-         nect with those of other IFES groups                    Michael. It was a real privilege to be involved in
cation as a tool to build relationships with their      around the world, they can be the                       their lives, to see them grow, be challenged, be
international peers. Global Reach was also inte-        bridge and catalyst for increased                       pruned. A particular encouragement came in

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 annual review 2019
grated as a theme for prayer and Bible discussion       prayer and global connection.                           the final retreat we had at Lake Ohau. Each of

                                                    22                                                                                                                23
FINANCE                                                  FINANCIAL UPDATE
                                                         Caitlin Ormiston | Chief Operating Officer

In last year’s Annual Review I asked for prayer       Tahu, the developer, has provisionally approved
that we would “continue to boldly proclaim            plans. The next phase is to develop the plans
Jesus in this ever-changing environment.” At          and put them out to tender with builders so
that time, I had no idea of the context I would       that the TSCF Board can make an informed deci-
be writing to you from one year later. And yet, as    sion about proceeding. We hope to make this
I reflect on the financial position of TSCF in 2019   even more of a focus in 2020–2021, as we look
I give thanks to God for his continued gracious       to secure funding to bring the building to frui-
provision. The 2019 year brought a number of          tion and see our vision realised: having a space
changes for TSCF, with a new national director        for students to live as an intentional witnessing
in Ben Carswell, five new team leaders around         community for many years to come. If you’d like
the regions, and the launch of our Global Reach       to be involved in the next decades of student
Journeys. We also had the opportunity to send         mission in Lincoln, to know more or to make a
four staff and four students to the IFES quad-        donation, our Project Lead Tim Hodge would
rennial World Assembly in South Africa. These         love to hear from you (
events were a great encouragement, but they                                                                                                                           that through this pandemic more people are          A MESSAGE FROM THE
also brought additional financial challenges          I sincerely thank the Board, Finance Committee,                                                                 wrestling with matters of life and faith, and so
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          NATIONAL DIRECTOR
above our core focus of seeing students in New        and administrative teams for their hard work in                                                                 our mission is as relevant today as it was in the
Zealand reached for Christ. It is a huge credit to    ensuring we have sound practices, and con-                                                                      months before COVID-19. I want to express my        For over 84 years, God has faithfully provided to
you, our partners, that we have been able to          tinue to invest in the long-term sustainability of                                                              thanks on behalf of TSCF for your faithful part-    enable student mission on the campuses of NZ.
achieve these things over the past year, and we       TSCF, under God’s good hand. In particular, this                                                                nership, and ask that you might prayerfully con-    While much of the finance given assists TSCF
thank you for responding to the call to glorify       support and attention to detail has resulted in                                                                 sider how God may be calling you to invest in       staff on the ground, there are always ongo-
God in this way.                                      another satisfactory audit, full details of which                                                               the future sustainability of TSCF.                  ing costs associated with resourcing student
                                                      can be found on our website:                                                                                                                       ministry. Though often behind the scenes, our

                                                                                                           National Resource Team (admin, finance & communications)
We were also pleased to make further progress         about-tscf/finances.                                                                                            We cannot begin to express how thankful we          National Resource Team are an essential part
towards the building of The Well, our vision for                                                                                                                      are at TSCF for each one of you in your faithful    of student mission. We are seeking to grow our
a residential community for Christian students        Although this is not reflected in the 2019 finan-                                                               support and partnership in reaching the cam-        financial resources to enable this team to sup-
in Lincoln. The land was purchased in 2018, and       cial accounts, we must recognise the impact                                                                     puses of Aotearoa for Christ. Please continue to    port the wider ministry. Would you consider
now we are in the exciting phase of having an         of the current global pandemic, which will no                                                                   pray with us as we seek to share the gospel         financially partnering with us in this?
architect engaged and finalising designs before       doubt have significant repercussions for many                                                                   and proclaim Jesus, often in
we begin the search for a building company.           of our partners in the gospel. We recognise that                                                                new and creative ways.                              If you are interested in making a one-off or
The Selwyn District Council has approved the          some of our supporters may be affected for                                                                                                                          regular donation, follow these steps:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              annual review 2019
first phase of the resource consent, and Ngāi         months and years to come. We also recognise                                                                                                                         1) Go to;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2) Select “CS–CORE – Core Fund (General).”

                                                  24                                                                                                                                                                  25
INCOME & EXPENDITURE                                                                                                                              TSCF STAFF                                                                                                           NATIONAL BOARD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Andrew Becroft               Yvonne Sng
                                                                                                                                                   NATIONAL STRATEGY TEAM                                                                                              (Chair)                      Ronji Tanielu
 INCOME                          2019          2018            EXPENDITURE                          2019               2018                                                                                                                                            Dennis Fountain              Rubee Yee
 Donations                    1,648,769      1,610,345         Core, office and                                                                                                                                                                                        Ben Carswell                 Student Coordinators:
                                                                                                  294,549             279,865                                                                                                                                          (National Director)          Annelise Bond (2018-2019)
                                                               leadership support                                                                                                                                                                                      Abbie Butcher                Annelise Chan (2017-2019)
 Revenue from core                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Melissa Hennessy (2019-2020)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Phillip Luey
 activities, events and         288,948       449,732          Staff support                    1,301,869            1,405,937                                                                                                                                         Aimee Mai                    Daniel Sim (2018-2020)
                                                                                                                                                  Ben Carswell         Tim Hodge            Caitlin Ormiston   Mark Santich               Kim Shaw
 student communities                                                                                                                              National Director    Head of Training &   Chief Operating                               Global Reach
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Bruce Robertson              Zara Zafar (2019 – 2020)
                                                               Regional activities                  24,705             27,777                                          Development          Officer
                                                                                                                                                                                                               True Witness Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Canterbury Team Leader     Coordinator
 Total income                1,937,717     2,060,077
                                                               Conferences                          20,698             29,723                      NATIONAL LEADERSHIP TEAM

                                                               Student communities                223,926             227,025

THE WELL PROJECT                                               Total expenditure
                                                                                                                                                  Robyn Drake          Dave Hodgkinson      Scott Mackay       Matthias Loong             Kate McClelland           Simon Sim          Chris Hay          Bex Allen
INCOME & EXPENDITURE                           2019                                                                                               Auckland             Waikato/BOP          Manawatū           Wellington                 Lincoln                   Otago              Minty              Comms Manager

                                                                 The Well Project is our planned accommo-                                          NATIONAL RESOURCE TEAM
Donations and interest                        158,911            dation for a student residential community in
Expenditure                                                      Lincoln. We are hoping it will be completed by
(Land deposit & maintenance)                                     the end of 2021. Please contact Tim Hodge for
Funds on hand                                100,422             more information (
                                                                                                                                                  Mike Doragh          Vicky Chang          John Riley         Nicole Kwon                Maggie Barker             Rachel Hay
                                                                                                                                                  Systems & Projects   Administrator        Finance Officer    Financial Assistant        PA to National Director   Graphic Designer

                                          TSCF                                                                                                     STAFF WORKERS

                                          BY SOURCE
                                               Overseas support
                                               (UK, Australia & USA)                                                                              Candy Grice          Jeff Lane            Nadine Liddle      Geoff Robson               Renee Santich             Michael Bresler    Rosie Sim          Ian Reid
                                               Trusts                                                                                             Auckland             Auckland             Waikato/BOP        Canterbury                 Canterbury                Dunedin            Dunedin            Special Projects
                                                                                                                                                   ASSOCIATE STAFF

                                          DONATIONS                                  TSCF 2019                                                    Annette Lane
                                                                                                                                                                       Bena Tanielu
                                                                                                                                                                                            David Bruner
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Gareth Jones
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Hanli Liu
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Michael Drake
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Peter Boyd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Steve Turner

                                          BY PURPOSE                                 EXPENDITURE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         VICE PRESIDENTS
                                               Staff support                           Field staff ministry costs                                                                                                                                                                        Paul Trebilco
                                               Core funds                              Core, office and leadership                                                                                                                                                                       Jonathan Boston
                                               Property                                Student communities                                                                                                                                                                               Efeso Collins

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             annual review 2019
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Val Goold
                                               Regional                                Regional activities
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Roger Moses
                                               Conferences                             Conferences                                                                                                                                                                                       Jessica Palmer
                                                                                                                                                  Nick Goodwin         Robert Hunt          Max Rideout        Mei Rideout                Ani Kartikasari           David Beukes         Andrew Saunders
                                                                                                                                 Image Captions

                                                                                                                                                  Waikato/BOP          Manawatū             Wellington         Wellington                 Lincoln                   Lincoln
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Merrilyn Withers

                                                                                                                                                                          Find out more about our staff and their                                                                        OVERSEAS STAFF
You can request a copy of our full accounts from John Riley, Finance Officer, at                                                                                                                                                                                        Ruth Hicks (Ecuador)
                                                                                                                                                                          regions on our website.         27                                                                             Zach Smith (Italy)
Reaching students for Christ, changing students for life.
He ākonga ki ngā ākonga hei ara whakawhiti mō te Karaiti.

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