Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture

Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture

Master of Acupuncture
in Classical Five-Element

“do something different™”
Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture
Institute of Taoist Education
    and Acupuncture, Inc.
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    Fax: (720) 890-7719                       Dedication
                                              THE INSTITUTE OF TAOIST EDUCATION AND
                                              ACUPUNCTURE, INC. WAS CONCEIVED IN PART
                                              BY THE LATE TERRY SKELLON —TEACHER, VISIONARY, FRIEND
                                              AND COLLEAGUE OF CLASSICAL FIVE-ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE.
                                              THE STUDIES WITHIN THIS CURRICULUM EMBODY HIS SPIRIT,
                                              HIS LOVE, AND HIS UNDERSTANDING.

                                              3   LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT

    The Master of Acupuncture in Classical   4    M I S S I O N / E D U C AT I O N A L O B J E C T I V E S

    Five-Element Acupuncture program              Q & A
    of the Institute of Taoist Education
    and Acupuncture, Inc. is accredited       6   THE PROGRAM
    by the Accreditation Commission for
                                              7   THE FIVE ELEMENTS
    Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
    (ACAOM), which is the recognized              ABOUT ITEA
    agency for the approval of programs
    preparing acupuncture and Oriental       10   COURSE OF STUDY
    medicine practitioners.
                                             16   FA C U LT Y / S T U D E N T S E R V I C E S / A D M I S S I O N S

    ACAOM is located at:
    8941 Aztec Drive, Suite 2
    Eden Prairie, MN 55437
    Phone: (952) 212-2434
    Fax: (952) 657-7068

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2                                                 T H E I N S T I T U T E O F TA O I S T E D U C AT I O N A N D A C U P U N C T U R E
Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture
Welcome to ITEA
  We are in a new era of healthcare — an unprecedented time of blending of ‘traditional’ Western medicine with
  a return to Eastern observance and reverence of nature in maintaining health. The lineage of Classical Five-
  Element Acupuncture (CF-EA) is in demand as one such healthcare discipline, although the number of schools
  teaching it remains quite small. CF-EA can not only treat physical symptoms, it also brings clarity of mind, and
  brings the twinkle back into a person’s eye. CF-EA calls this the treatment of the whole person – body, mind,
  and spirit.

  Are you searching for something meaningful? Are you dissatisfied with the life you are leading — the life
      many people seem to lead — with large corporations, large cities, mass recreation, emphasis on money,
             individuals getting lost and devalued, and relationships with people and nature being substituted
                 for interaction with mechanical devices? Do something different...Change your outlook...Change
                    your environment...Change your life and the lives of others!

                          Do Something Different™!
                           Enroll in the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture’s (ITEA’s) program. Learn to
                          observe yourself and others without judgment and without being judged. Learn that
                          there is no real failure — only opportunities for increased learning. Learn that the journey
                          is more important than the destination. Learn to act rather than react. Learn how to listen
                         deeply. Learn how to meaningfully touch the lives of others.

                     The ITEA program helps you Do Something Different!
                  As a student you will find acceptance of yourself—of the things you can do well, and the things
              that require a little more effort—acceptance of your uniqueness and individual personal worth. The
         ITEA program allows all students to work at their own pace and depth as individuals.

  As a graduate, you will make a difference!
  As a graduate you will give the highest quality treatment while also bringing your own special set of well-
  developed skills to clients. You will continue to learn, for the art of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is forever
  deepened and honed through experience in practice. You will always be Doing Something Different—you will
  never be bored. This is the work of a lifetime!

     You will lead your clients to Do Something Different! Whether your clients have physical complaints,
  psychological distress, chronic illness or lack the core strength to fully experience life with their bodies, minds
  and spirits, you will support their healing as their lives change.

     You will become a teacher of clients, friends and colleagues. You will develop the ability to see where
  people struggle against nature and lose personal energy, and will give insight when asked. And this will lead,
  in a powerful way, to bringing humanity back to nature, to respecting nature, and perhaps, to healing the

     If the idea of working with nature, rather than against it, is exciting to you—if you have a desire to work
  hard, change your life and have fun in the process, this is the school for you! I am confident that you will find
  our program unparalleled. The dedication, inspiration and passion shown by our board, faculty, administration,
  students and alumni make me proud to be the President of this school.

                                                                                       Sandra Lillie, President, ITEA

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT™                                                                       W W W. I T E A . E D U    3
Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture
The Mission of the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture is to provide a deep and comprehensive education
in the theory and practice of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, based on the teachings of J. R. and J. B. Worsley. Our
educational program develops the professional skills and inner capacities of our students to be effective healers and
inspiring teachers, and engenders in them a deep understanding and respect for the integrity of the human body,
mind and spirit as it exists within nature.

Educational Objectives
Graduates of ITEA will possess:

                A thorough theoretical understanding of Classical Five-Element theory and its place in Oriental
           1    philosophy and in history, as well as a personal awareness of the Five Elements and how they
                interconnect people with nature.

           2    The ability to use the Five Elements in clinical practice in order to recognize disharmony in their
                clients, formulate a Traditional Diagnosis, develop an appropriate treatment plan, and provide
                appropriate care.

           3    Competence and interpersonal sensitivity in the application of the technical skills of assessment
                used in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, including pulse taking, palpation, and discernment of
                color, sound, odor and emotion.

                Competence and interpersonal sensitivity in the application of the technical skills of treatment used
           4    in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, including acupuncture and moxibustion.

           5    Important qualities of a health care practitioner including listening and communication skills, the
                ability to build rapport, and a commitment to conducting oneself in a professional and ethical
                manner with clients and colleagues.

           6    A sufficient knowledge of western medical terminology, pharmacology, diagnostic procedures and
                treatment methods to enable effective communication with clients and other health care providers.

                The capacity to practice in a safe and prudent manner, including the ability to recognize emergency
           7    conditions and other circumstances that may necessitate referral to—or consultation with—other
                health care providers.

                The ability to inform the public and potential future students about the philosophy of Classical Five-
                Element Acupuncture and its benefits.

                                                          Vision Statement
                                                          The Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture will be
                                                          locally and internationally recognized as the premier college for
                                                          providing transformative learning and contributing to the health
                                                          and well being of current and future generations.

4                                                   T H E I N S T I T U T E O F TA O I S T E D U C AT I O N A N D A C U P U N C T U R E
Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture
Q: Is it possible to visit the school      Q: Am I too old to begin training        Q:   I have family and children.
     while an Intensive is in session          for a new occupation?                     Will I be able to manage my
                                                                                         family and school?
A: YES. Please call the ITEA office at     A: In the study of Classical Five-
     (720) 890-8922 to schedule your           Element Acupuncture, age can         A:   It is important for prospective
     visit. You can also arrange to talk       be a benefit. Life experience             students to talk with family
     with students and faculty when            often gives a person more to              members about the decision
     you visit our campus.                     draw upon when relating to                to attend school. As with
                                               clients. Students at ITEA range in        any significant life event, it
                                                                                         is important to garner the
Q: May I speak with students or                age from 26 to 62. The majority
                                                                                         support and encouragement
     graduates of the school?                  of our students are in their 30s
                                                                                         of loved ones. Doing so helps
A: Certainly. Please call the office           and 40s.
                                                                                         ensure that the transition to
     and we will arrange for students
                                                                                         being a student runs more
     or graduates to phone you.            Q: I must work while I am in                  smoothly.
                                               school. Will this be possible?

Q: Do I need a background in               A: YES. The Institute’s Traditional      Q:   Are students at ITEA
     some form of healing art to               Track curriculum is designed to
                                                                                         prepared for National
     attend ITEA?                              enable students to attend classes         Acupuncture (NCCAOM)
                                               over a two-week period, every             exams?
A: NO. The background you bring                three months, and Practitioner       A:   Students have training in
     to your studies at ITEA is not            Track students to attend ITEA 4           preparation for the basic
     the most important qualification          days each month. While students           concepts contained in TCM
     for attending the Institute.              must adhere to the attendance             during the final year of the
     What is most important is your            requirements during those                 program.
     commitment to being receptive             specified times, students find
     to new ways of knowing and                it possible to plan their work
     learning, being willing to learn          schedules around this format.
     without knowing everything all at         In addition to class session time,
     once, and being willing to work           students need to allow 20 to 30
     toward personal growth.                   hours a week for independent
                                               study and completion of
Q: When do I need to move to                   homework between sessions.

A: Traditional Track students must
     be in residence near the Louisville
     clinic prior to beginning their
     third year of studies. Practitioner
     Track students may not have to
     move from their home at all.

                                                                                                             Class of 2020

 DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT™                                                                     W W W. I T E A . E D U          5
Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture
The Program
The Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture, Inc. is dedicated to the essence of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture.
This system of medicine is based on the laws of nature. Classical Five-Element Acupuncture practitioners are trained to see
the client as a whole: body, mind and spirit. Although understanding the symptoms
of a person’s illness is important, this style of acupuncture enables the practitioner
to treat the root cause of disease rather than the symptom itself. By treating
in accordance to the natural laws, balance and harmony of the client’s vital
energy (life force) can be restored, enabling the person to return to good

Training guides students in using and respecting the laws of nature
to treat or prevent illness. Emphasis is placed on reawakening and
developing natural diagnostic skills: the ability to see, to hear, to
ask, and to feel. Therefore, the school strongly encourages students
to grow, not only in academic knowledge and understanding of
acupuncture, but also in terms of their own personal development
and learning.

The training methods used at ITEA are based in traditional Eastern
approaches to learning. Courses follow the oral tradition — different
teachers at different times will approach topics from new perspectives. The
student will comprehend and retain content based on experience and ability. While
a certain amount of memorization is required, students are not expected to learn
information which does not apply to their practice. The aim of the school is to
develop skilled diagnosticians and practitioners, not merely agile test-takers.

Western Approach                                                  Eastern Approach
In a Western university the teacher is regarded as the            In traditional Eastern education, the teacher is a guide
imparter of a knowable body of factual information;               who helps the student uncover the wisdom inherent
students must learn the required material, supply “correct”       within. A personal approach to the material is required
answers and reference all source material.                        for a profound synthesis.

                                                                  • Traditional Eastern methods of study value
• The Western sciences emphasize mental gymnastics and
                                                                    concentration, the ability to clear the mind and perceive
  rote memorization of the theories of “experts.”
                                                                    things directly.
• Western thought sees events as linear, where one
                                                                  • Eastern thought regards learning as spiral. In this
  progresses and never returns to a previous level.
                                                                    approach the student returns again and again to the
                                                                    same topic, enhancing and increasing knowledge and

Program Tracks to Our Degree
There are two tracks toward one degree, the Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. The first is
the Traditional Track, and the second track is the Practitioner Track for students who have other degrees in healthcare.
See for more detailed information.

6                                                  T H E I N S T I T U T E O F TA O I S T E D U C AT I O N A N D A C U P U N C T U R E
Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture
The Five Elements
Acupuncture is perhaps the                  Classical Five-Element Acupuncture
oldest medical system in the
                                            This form of acupuncture is based upon the principle that health is maintained by a
world, originating in China
                                            balanced flow of energy throughout the body. All illness, whether of body, mind or spirit
more than 3,000 years ago It is             is caused by an imbalance in this energy network. Classical Five-Element
used today by one-third of the              acupuncturists assess where this energy is out of balance. They do not diagnose or
world as a primary health care              treat according to symptoms, but in response to the client’s balance of energy. Each
system and has been endorsed                client is treated as a unique individual with his or her own needs. Clients with the same
as a health care system by the              symptoms may therefore receive quite different treatments.
United Nations World Health                 The Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture, Inc. would like to express sincere
Organization. Acupuncture is                gratitude to our Master teacher—the late Professor J.R. Worsley, and to Dr. J.B. Worsley,
effective for a broad spectrum of           his Master Elect, now the foremost authority on Classical Five-Element Acupuncture.
complaints from a mild stomach              Without their teachings and inspiration, the school would not exist, and we are very
ache to severe depression.                  grateful they have shared their knowledge with us.

The Elements

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are five different sources of energy feeding the body. Each of these elements is related to
specific organ functions in the body and to related energy pathways. Everything we do, from blinking an eye, to writing a poem
or falling in love, is the work of the elements within us. The extent to which we are successful in any of these depends upon the
balance between the elements. Each of us has a particular relationship with one of the elements, which gives our life a certain
emphasis, making some of us more serious or light-hearted, others more determined or anxious. It is this element which takes
the brunt of any stress we are suffering, revealing its unease through signs of imbalance. Classical Five-Element acupunctur-
ists are trained to recognize the signs of imbalance in each element, and to use these signs to determine which element needs
treatment to restore balance.

      wood                               fire                      earth                     metal                            water
    Wood is the energy              Fire is the energy         Earth is the energy of      Metal is the energy              Water brings the
    of spring; it gives us        of summer; it gives          late summer; it gives      of autumn; it gives us           elements full circle.
   the power of birth and         us warmth and the           us the ability to nurture    our sense of quality           It gives us adaptability
    renewal. It enables        capacity to love and be         ourselves and others.       and value, and our                and will-power.
    us to move forward           loved. It enables us to       It provides our center,     capacity to look at              It is the element of
      with vision and            mature and blossom.            and represents our          what lies beyond              winter, giving us time
      determination.                                                  mother.             ourselves. It gives us           to pause and gather
                                                                                           the power to let go.              strength. It is the
                                                                                             It represents our              seedbed of all life.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT™                                                                                          W W W. I T E A . E D U            7
Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture
About ITEA                                                          Administrative Staff

                                                                               President and Founder of ITEA, Sandra Lillie, oversees
                                                                               the quality and purity of all aspects of ITEA and its
The idea to open a school in Colorado had been discussed for                   program with vision and creativity.
years, and began to germinate in 1993. At that time Sandra
                                                                               Director of ITEA, Hilary Skellon, oversees the program
Lillie and Scott Boynton, graduates of the Worsley Institute of
                                                                               of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture to the high
Classical Acupuncture in Miami, Florida, became interested in
                                                                               standards required of the lineage of her father,
establishing a Classical Five-Element school located centrally
                                                                               Professor J.R. Worsley.
in the United States. Over the next several years plans began
to take shape. With the help of Terry Skellon, a teacher at the                Registrar/Director of Operations Suzanne Williamson
College of Traditional Acupuncture in England, Sandra brought                  oversees the smooth operation of the duties of
the idea to fruition. In 1996, ITEA was incorporated as a not                  the Registrar and all aspects of ITEA. They support
for profit institution and certified by the Department of Higher               and track each student’s progress through the ITEA
Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools, of the                    program.
State of Colorado.
                                                                               Kathy Knaus, Financial Administrator, oversees all
ITEA’s first Traditional Track class began in September of 1996.               school finances and Title IV, Veterans and Disability
Since the Institute’s inception, a new class has started each                  financial implementation.
fall term. Initially, classes were held in rented spaces until the
Institute moved to its current location in January 2000. The                   Database Manager Nan Robertson creates and
space provides a comprehensive learning environment for                        maintains ITEA’s databases, producing excellent records
students, and a clinic which serves the local community. The                   and statistics on every aspect of ITEA’s program.
Practitioner Track began in January of 2011.
                                                                               James Damman, as Deputy Clinical Director, assists
                                                                               Hilary Skellon in ITEA’s student clinic, maintaining
The Institute is fortunate to be able to utilize the curriculum                an excellent, caring, and supportive environment for
for Classical Five-Element Acupuncture designed by the late                    clients, supervisors and student practitioners.
Professor J.R. Worsley. Over time the curriculum has been
expanded to meet evolving accreditation requirements. Today,                   Brandy Cordova-Zimmerman administers ITEA’s
ITEA’s educational program fulfills all the requirements set                   Facebook page and Facebook promotions.
forth by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and
                                                                               Therese Spina, ITEA’s Deputy Faculty Chair, administers
Oriental Medicine and retains Professor Worsley’s Classical
                                                                               all Faculty records, evaluates the program and records
Five-Element curriculum in its purity and entirety.
                                                                               and maintains a research database.

8                                                      T H E I N S T I T U T E O F TA O I S T E D U C AT I O N A N D A C U P U N C T U R E
Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture
Community Services                                                 Louisville, CO
• The low-cost ITEA student clinic serves the community,           Louisville has been
providing a valuable service to the city of Louisville and other   rated one of the best
local communities.                                                 places to live in the
                                                                   U. S. And in 2017,
• Students give talks on Classical Five-Element Acupuncture,       nearby Boulder, CO
informing the public about the healthful benefits of this          was rated by National
system of medicine.                                                Geographic as the happiest place
                                                                   in the nation!
• Students participate in health fairs, in the Louisville/Denver
area throughout the year.                                          ITEA’s August/September Intensive spans the peak of summer
                                                                   and the beginning of the fall harvest. The October/November
• Students present lectures and are available to answer
                                                                   Intensive offers a climate that can range from warm days to
individual questions on Classical Five-Element Acupuncture.
                                                                   the early snows of winter. The January/February Intensive may
• ITEA also has a free clinic for veterans which provides a        be held in the midst of snowstorms, which melt within two
valuable service to local communities.                             or three days, leaving cold and crisp sunny weather. And, the
                                                                   April/May Intensive varies from warm spring days to heavy
                                                                   wet snows. The spectrum of weather becomes a teacher, and
The ITEA Facility
                                                                   proves to be exceptional for the study of Classical Five-
The Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture, Inc. is         Element Acupuncture.
located on easily accessible South Boulder Road just north
                                                                   Historic “Old Town” Louisville was built around the turn of
of historic “Old Town” Louisville, Colorado. The Institute is
                                                                   the 20th century and offers a library, art galleries, bookstores,
housed in a medical complex, and has expanded services for
                                                                   banks, coffee shops, restaurants and a historical museum.
classes, library, community acupuncture clinic, administration
                                                                   ITEA’s nearby access to area Open Space and Mountain Parks
and lounge. The building is wheelchair accessible. Ample
                                                                   makes this an exceptional location for the nature-based study
free parking is available for clients and students within the
                                                                   of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture.
complex. The complex is close to restaurants, markets, and
two beautiful city parks.                                          The City of Boulder — acclaimed as one of the healthiest
                                                                   places to live in the U.S. — is located just 20 minutes west of
The Institute’s library is a comprehensive resource
                                                                   Louisville. Natural and organic food is available from a variety
with books, videos and DVDs, periodicals, professional
                                                                   of markets. Boulder is a haven for the arts, alternative health,
journals, student projects, and articles written by students.
                                                                   education, and sports. Many other alternative educational
Computers offer internet access.
                                                                   institutions are located in the Boulder area, such as the Guild
Professor J.R. Worsley’s personal library, donated to ITEA         for Structural Integration, the Rolf Institute, the Hakomi
by Dr. Judy Worsley, is a very special collection consisting       Institute, Shambala International, and the Naropa Institute
of more than 250 volumes. This collection provides students        of Buddhist Studies. Boulder’s Chautauqua Park, one of
with the unique opportunity to access rare and out of print        three remaining Chautauquas in the U.S., offers year-round
titles relating to Classical Five-Element Acupuncture.             programs of education, music, and theater.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT™                                                                              W W W. I T E A . E D U       9
Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture - "do something different" - Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture

     The curriculum at ITEA is the oral tradition of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture.
     The format is based on a spiral (non-linear) system of learning utilized in Eastern
     approaches to teaching. Many courses are cumulative in nature. Material that is
     presented at first may be revisited in increasing depth in subsequent sessions. Between
     sessions, the students are expected to internalize the material at their current level of
     competency, in preparation for the next time they hear it. In this tradition, the most
     important effort required of students is to attempt the work, for if nothing is attempted,
     no learning can occur.

       1 Course of Study
       In the Traditional Track, Intensives of 15 days occur mostly in September, November, February and
       April – May for the first two years of the program. Students are required to be in the Clinic area for
       the rest of the program. During the third year, two clinical Intensives are held in August and again
       in January with additional material interspersed a few days at a time. Homework is given quarterly,
       between Intensives. Due to the cumulative nature of the curriculum, satisfactory understanding of
       all material from the any year is a prerequisite to beginning the next year.

       Before the third Intensive, post-secondary education (Baccalaureate education) must be provided
       by another program consisting of 4 semester (6 quarter) credits of Biology, 4 semester (6 quarter)
       credits of other biomedical or psychology coursework and the first 4 semester (6 quarter) credits of
       Anatomy and Physiology. The second 4 semester (6 quarter) credits in Anatomy and Physiology are
       to be completed by Intensive 7 in the second year.

       In the Practitioner Track, the program is the same. Upon enrollment, credit is given for education
       already accomplished, including the time (one year or more) the student has been a healthcare
       practitioner. For this track enrollees may live at home and continue to work, coming for class for
       Weekends of 4 days each month.


10                                                   T H E I N S T I T U T E O F TA O I S T E D U C AT I O N A N D A C U P U N C T U R E
C101 - C104:                              P101 - P104:
Classical Five-                           Points 1 - 4
Element Acupuncture                       The point location for Classical Five-
These courses give a solid base           Element Acupuncture is very precise.
for the study of Classical Five-          The points are found through
Element Acupuncture. History and          knowledge of surface anatomy, and
procedures, associations and laws         with the help of measuring devices
are covered. The five elements            and sensitivity to bodies. Students
and the Officials are taught, as          learn the points of the arms and legs
they appear in us and in Nature.          in the first year. Continual feedback
The diagnostic tools are explained        and practice is necessary for the
and students begin using them.            refinement of touch consistent with
                                          CF-EA point location. Students are
Students also begin taking pulses,                                                   PH100: Medical
and Physical Exam techniques are          taught types and spirits of points.        Terminology/
discussed. In C104, students are          At the end of the year, students are       Introduction to
tested on their knowledge in order        tested on knowledge of points.             Pharmacology
to be able to progress to the                                                        This course covers the basic
second year.                              N104: Nutrition for Clients                principles of medical terminology
                                                                                     for all major body systems. Included
                                          This course allows students to develop
PH103: Pharmacology 1                     an understanding of the structure and
                                                                                     exercises aid students in learning

                                          function of proteins, carbohydrates,       the terminology used in written and
This course covers the fundamental        fats, vitamins and minerals, and the       spoken medical reports. The course
principles of drugs that interact         symptoms of deficiencies and excesses.     also provides an understanding
with the gastrointestinal system,         It discusses the importance of the         of the basic diagnostic tests
the respiratory system, and the           prevention of the chronic diseases         used in medical evaluations. The
cardiovascular system. The physiology     prevalent in the United States today,      Introduction to Pharmacology
of each system is reviewed and            including the role of specific nutrients   portion of the course includes basic
material on specific drugs is             and foods in each disease process.         principles, drug metabolism, dose
presented, including mechanisms of        Students will acquire an overview of       response relationships and drug
                                          different dietary philosophies in order    interactions for all major body
action, drug metabolism and dosing,
                                          to meet the needs of a diverse client      systems.
and drug interactions. Both traditional
western drugs and herbal medicines
are discussed.

ZB103: Zero Balancing
This four day program covers the
Zero Balancing methodology of
integrating body energy with body
structure. Emphasis is placed upon
learning basic theory, skills and
protocol. Students also practice Zero
Balancing techniques and finish with
a hands-on working knowledge of
Zero Balancing. This course has been
approved by the Zero Balancing
Association and counts towards Zero
Balancing certification.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT™                                                                         W W W. I T E A . E D U      11
                              NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, THERE ARE NO LIMITS.”
                                                                             Lao Tzu

       2 Course of Study
     C201 - C204:                               P201 - P204:                                  HP202:
     Classical Five- Element                    Points 5 - 8                                  Chinese History and
     Acupuncture 5 - 8                                                                        Philosophy 1
                                                Again, the point location for
     These courses further enhance              Classical Five-Element Acupuncture            Elisabeth Rochat discusses the
     Classical Five-Element Acupuncture.        is very precise. The points are found         Secret Treatise of the Spiritual
     It explains the intake process, called     through knowledge of surface                  Orchid, Chapter eight of the Su
     Traditional Diagnosis, and the ‘four       anatomy, and with the help of                 Wen, the Zang Fu, Body’s Organs,
     examinations’ of questioning. Blocks       measuring devices and sensitivity to          and the emotions. Elisabeth,
     to treatment are discussed, as is          bodies. Students learn the points             scholar of ancient Chinese history
     client management and treatment            of the torso, front, back and sides           and philosophy for more than 25
     planning. A large part of this year        in the second year. They also learn           years, has been primary lecturer
     is a focus on sensory development          upper limbs. Continual feedback               and General Secretary of the Ricci
     of students and their interaction          and practice is necessary for the             Institute, senior lecturer for the
     and rapport with a client. Between         refinement of touch consistent with           European School of Acupuncture,
     Intensives, students continue Clinical     CF-EA point location. Students are            and holds degrees in Philosophy and
     Observation, continue to take pulses       also taught the spirits of points of          the Classics, and Chinese Studies.
     and practice diagnostic skills. In         most very supportive points. At the           She is co-author of many exquisite
     C204, students are tested on their         end of the year, students are tested          books on Chinese philosophy.
     knowledge in order to be able to           on knowledge of points and their              Elisabeth enlightens students
     progress to the clinic. Clean Needle       spirits, in preparation for clinic.           through explanation of the meanings
     Technique, Bloodbourne Pathogens,                                                        of Chinese characters, and their
     and Osha requirements prepare                                                            evolution through history.
     students for working in a clinic.
                                                PA202 - PA203:

     PH204:                                     Greater understanding of the common
     Pharmacology 2                             human pathological conditions are
                                                discussed according to the medical
     This course covers the fundamental
                                                models of disease. Each human
     principles of the autonomic nervous
                                                system is discussed.
     system pharmacology, antipsychotics,
     antidepressants and anticonvulsants,
     and the fundamentals of laboratory
     and diagnostic tests as well as physical
     examination findings.

12                                                 T H E I N S T I T U T E O F TA O I S T E D U C AT I O N A N D A C U P U N C T U R E




                                     THE ANCESTOR OF THE TEN THOUSAND THINGS.”

                                                                              Alan Watts

1        3-4 Course of Study
          During the third and fourth year, two Clinical Intensives of 16 days will be held in August and
          in January with additional material interspersed throughout the quarter a few days at a time.

 C301 - C304:                                CL311 - CL312                                      P301 - P304:
 Classical Five- Element                     Clinical Intensive 1 – 2                           Points 9 - 12
 Acupuncture 9 - 12                                                                             Students review all aspects of
                                             Each clinical Intensive prepares
 These courses further enhance                                                                  acupuncture points. Again, the point
                                             the student to treat clients. Under
 Classical Five-Element Acupuncture.                                                            location for Classical Five-Element
                                             supervision of the Clinical Director
 Students watch J. R. Worsley videos                                                            Acupuncture is very precise. Students
                                             and/or an assisting supervisor, each
 of clients and discuss diagnosis and                                                           learn head points, and gain facility
                                             student sees two clients as a primary
 treatment plans. ITEA has collected                                                            in using points while they are in
                                             practitioner. When not serving as the
 different voice sounds which illustrate                                                        clinic. Students are taught formalized
                                             primary student practitioner, students
 one of the diagnostic tools used in                                                            treatments, and the spirits of more
                                             assist their classmates with other
 Classical Five-Element Acupuncture,                                                            points, and they are then tested on all
                                             clients. Participatory discussions are
 and students listen to those. Most                                                             the points and their spirits.
                                             held after each Traditional Diagnosis
 years, Judy Worsley holds a seminar for     (TD) and treatment. Practical sessions
 clinical students and for practitioners.    promote competency in all aspects of
                                             each treatment performed, including
                                             professional demeanor, intake skills,
                                             record keeping, treatment planning,
                                             preparation, pulse taking, physical
                                             examination, time management, client
                                             management, and confidentiality.

13                                                T H E I N S T I T U T E O F TA O I S T E D U C AT I O N A N D A C U P U N C T U R E
PM301 - PM304:                            HP302: History and                         PH304: Pharmacology 3
Practice Management 1 - 4                 Philosophy 2
                                                                                     The course covers the pharmacology
Many subjects relating to an
                                          Elisabeth Rochat presents information      of corticosteroids, insulin, thyroid and
Acupuncture practice are covered in
                                          on the Meridians and Extra Meridians       sex hormones, general anesthetics,
these courses. Between Intensives
                                          with all Vital Circulations and their      analgesics, anxiolytics, and issues
until graduation, students assist in
                                          Organization, Liquids in the Body,         related to use of drugs in children and
managing and running the student
                                          Bodily Fluids, Blood and Qi. Elisabeth,    the aged.
clinic, and pursue topics related to
                                          scholar of ancient Chinese history and
management of a practice.
                                          philosophy for more than 25 years,         T401: NCCAOM Exam Prep
                                          has been primary lecturer and General
                                          Secretary of the Ricci Institute, senior   Basic concepts of Traditional Chinese
Clinical Supervision Lab
                                          lecturer for the European School           Medicine and the eight principles
Treatment of clients on a regular basis
                                          of Acupuncture, and holds degrees          are taught, along with cupping
in the student clinic, enhancing skills
                                          in Philosophy and the Classics, and        technique and other techniques
previously learned intellectually, and
                                          Chinese Studies. She is co-author of       familiar to TCM practitioners. The
preparing students to graduate and
                                          many exquisite books on Chinese            National Certification Commission for
start practicing on their own.
                                          philosophy. Elisabeth enlightens           Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
                                          students through explanation of the        is explained, and guidance for further
PM310: Practice
                                          meanings of Chinese characters, and        study is given. Extensive review
Management Lab
                                          their evolution through history.           sessions are held, and individual case
Students complete 6 semester hours                                                   studies are presented as students
doing these courses. Some classes         HS302:                                     prepare for their own further study for
may have a Senior Project while           Western Medical Tests                      the exams. A course exam is given.
others may not. Practice Management       Students are introduced to a variety
includes a presented Case Study,          of western medical testing procedures
and several talks to the public on
                                                                                     History and Philosophy 3
                                          and results, such as: X-ray, CAT
Acupuncture. Practice Management                                                     Elisabeth Rochat discusses Yin/
                                          scan, MRI, ultrasound, arthroscopy,
also includes several Manager’s jobs,                                                Yang, Heaven/Earth, Five Elements,
                                          endoscopy, EEG, EKG, EMG, and PET
which show students how to lead                                                      Life, Essences, Fu, Po, Hun, Shen, Yi
                                          scans. Examples are presented, read
others.                                                                              and Hi.Elisabeth, scholar of ancient
                                          and analyzed.
                                                                                     Chinese history and philosophy for
                                                                                     more than 25 years, has been primary
                                                                                     lecturer and General Secretary of the
                                                                                     Ricci Institute, senior lecturer for the
                                                                                     European School of Acupuncture,
                                                                                     and holds degrees in Philosophy and
                                                                                     the Classics, and Chinese Studies.
                                                                                     She is co-author of many exquisite
                                                                                     books on Chinese philosophy.
                                                                                     Elisabeth enlightens students through
                                                                                     explanation of the meanings of
                                                                                     Chinese characters, and their evolution
                                                                                     through history.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT™                                                                          W W W. I T E A . E D U      14
Faculty/Student Services/Admissions
Faculty                                     • Introductory business cards are           Admissions
                                              provided to students.
All primary acupuncture faculty                                                         General
                                            • Students receive discounted rates for
have been awarded teaching level
                                              treatment in the ITEA Student Clinic.     The Institute of Taoist Education
certification from Hilary Skellon. The                                                  and Acupuncture, Inc. (ITEA), seeks
majority of our core faculty members        • The Institute’s Binding Path Bookstore
                                                                                        applicants who demonstrate the
continue in this lineage at its highest       is located on campus. Students can
                                                                                        maturity, commitment, motivation and
levels.                                       purchase most books at cost, plus
                                                                                        integrity necessary to become caring
                                              a minimal fee for handling. The
Faculty members teaching topics                                                         practitioners and instruments of nature.
                                              bookstore also carries personal items
                                                                                        In order to serve their clients to the
other than Classical Five-Element             and other supplies.
                                                                                        highest good, students must exhibit a
acupuncture are exceptional in their
                                            • The Institute’s library is always         willingness to grow both personally and
field. ITEA is fortunate to have many
                                              expanding. It contains books,             professionally.
well known scholars teaching such
                                              periodicals, journals, videotapes,
things as biomedicine classes and                                                        ITEA is dedicated to upholding a
                                              audio cassettes, state laws and charts.
Chinese history and philosophy.                                                         standard of educational excellence
                                              Dr. J.B. Worsley has kindly donated
                                                                                        that ensures serving the public with
The Institute makes every attempt             the library of the late Professor J.R.
                                                                                        the highest level of competence,
to ensure that students in each class         Worsley to ITEA, which has added
                                                                                        knowledge, and professional ethics.
receive instruction from each member          great value to the library.
of our faculty at some point during         • ITEA’s student mentoring program
                                                                                        Residency Requirement
the program. However, scheduling              provides assistance from other
consideration may not always allow            students more advanced in their           The structure of the curriculum at
this experience.                              training.                                 ITEA enables out-of-state Traditional
                                                                                        Track students to continue to live
For more information on ITEA’s faculty,     • Personal and academic counseling
                                                                                        at home and attend Intensives at
please visit our website at                   and advising is available upon
                                                                                        specific intervals throughout each                                 request.
                                                                                        of the first two program years.
                                            • Class sizes are small to allow for        Before clinical training begins in

Student Services                              care and tracking of each individual
                                                                                        the third year, these students must
                                                                                        be relocated to Colorado for this
• Regular emails inform students of                                                     training.
                                            • Tutoring is available by referral
  important issues.
                                              through the ITEA office.
                                                                                        Practitioner Track students attend
• A list of short/long-term housing
                                            • A copy machine is available for           classes one weekend each month,
  possibilities in the area is available
                                              students to use, at minimal cost.         and do much of their clinical training
  by calling ITEA at (720) 890-8922.
                                            • Group orders of student supplies          while they are here. The rest of their
• New student orientation is provided                                                   clinical training is done with an offsite
                                              may be placed by the Institute
  through materials mailed to                                                           faculty member and supervisor in
  students before classes start as well     • Clinical insurance for each student is    their area. ITEA will vet one offsite
  as information presented on the first       paid by ITEA                              supervisor per student at no charge.
  day of classes.                           • Students receive instruction on
• Each student is issued a student            the basic principles of Traditional
  identification card when they begin         Chinese Medicine to support them
  their course of study at the Institute.     in studying for and preparing to
  The student ID can be used for dis-         take their national acupuncture
  counts on purchases at many stores          examinations.
  in the area.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT™                                                                           W W W. I T E A . E D U      15
Other Admission                              Advanced Standing                                Transfer Credits and
Requirements                                                                                  Prior Learning Credits
                                             For Traditional Track students, ITEA
Student Applications                         does not generally recognize advanced            ITEA will evaluate previous education
                                             standing. Course work from other                 and training, and when applicable,
U.S. citizens who have studied outside
                                             acupuncture schools usually does                 transfer or prior learning credit
the U.S. must have the equivalent of
                                             not have emphasis on Classical Five-             will be given. Advanced standing
a bachelor’s degree that documents
                                             Element Acupuncture (CF-EA) and point            applicants receive transfer credits for
at least three full years of post-
                                             location. Even CF-EA schools have                all coursework satisfactorily tested
secondary education from a nationally
                                             diverse instruction sequences because            upon entry into the program. It is the
or regionally accredited (or otherwise
                                             the discipline is an oral tradition. In          responsibility of the student either to
approved or recognized) institution.
                                             exceptional cases, students may be               make up or obtain transfer credits for
The Institute recognizes that most           admitted to the program with advanced            other necessary courses which are part
non- U.S. institutions of higher             standing within the first year of the            of ITEA’s program.
education often cannot provide               Intensives. Applicants must agree to             Students in the traditional Track may
academic transcripts in the standard         test out of basic coursework and point           enter ITEA’s program no later than the
U.S. credit hour format.                     location with an 85% passing grade               beginning of the second year.
In such cases applicants may be              to enter a class already in session.
                                                                                              ITEA does not guarantee transferability
required to submit original course           Advanced standing applicants must
                                                                                              of credits to another institution unless
descriptions to verify the actual            fulfill all other admission requirements
                                                                                              there is a written agreement with that
content and hours of prior training.         listed above as for a regular application
                                             process. Tuition will be equal to that of
For non-English language credentials         the class the applicant joins.                   Practitioner Track applicants must
equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s                                                               document their profession, college
degree, students must also follow            For Professional Track students,                 transcripts and license. They will be
the requirements in the paragraphs           individual applicants are evaluated for          assessed based on the number of
above. These must be demonstrated            advanced standing at the discretion of           years in practice obtaining their own
prior to admission via a report from         the academic dean, and admitted into             clients and required paperwork and
an approved credentialing translation        the program with an established plan             financial accounts. They will still be
and evaluation only. It is the student’s     for fulfilling all requirements of the           required to complete required training
responsibility to arrange for such a         program. If proficiency in these other           in biomedicine, Zero Balancing and
report to be sent to the Institute.          courses has not been attained, the               seminars taught by Elisabeth Rochat.
                                             applicant must have a plan for fulfilling
English Proficiency                          these requirements in order to graduate.
All instruction is taught in English         The plan may include attending classes
only. English language proficiency,          at ITEA for an additional fee. All credits
both spoken and written , is required        must be at post-secondary level,
of all students enrolled in the Institute.   obtained from an accredited college
Applicants whose native language             or university recognized by the U. S.
is not English must demonstrate              Department of Education.
English language proficiency either by
obtaining a minimum score of 61 on
IBT in the test of English as a Foreign      “I USED TO THINK I KNEW THE ANSWERS.
Language (TOEFL) or by having at least
                                             PERHAPS YOU HAVE TO PERSUADE YOURSELF
two years of education at an English-
speaking school.                             YOU KNOW THE ANSWERS, OTHERWISE YOU

                                             NEVER DO ANYTHING. I KNOW THE ANSWERS TO DIFFERENT THINGS NOW.

                                             PERHAPS THAT’S IT: WE’RE ONLY CAPABLE OF KNOWING THE ANSWERS TO

                                             A CERTAIN NUMBER OF THINGS AT ANY PARTICULAR TIME.”

                                             Julian Barnes

16                                                 T H E I N S T I T U T E O F TA O I S T E D U C AT I O N A N D A C U P U N C T U R E
Application Requirements                   Application Deadline                       Acceptance Policy
To apply to the Institute, please submit   Prospective students may apply up to       The Institute of Taoist Education and
a formal application. Be sure to include   15 days prior to the beginning of the      Acupuncture, Inc. accepts students on
the requested items listed below. All      academic year, unless class enrollment     the basis of individual merit, and does
requested materials must be sent in        for that year has already been reached.    not discriminate on the basis of any
a single package. No application will      If enrollment for the year is full, the    color, ethnic origin, gender, national
be processed until all information is      applicant will be placed on a waiting      origin, race, religious background,
received.                                  list for the following year’s class.       disability, age or sexual orientation in
• Completed Application Form                                                          its admissions policies, educational
                                           Educational Requirements                   policies or other school-administered
• Completed Enrollment Agreement
                                           Traditional Track                          policies.
• Two recent passport photographs          At the time of enrollment, Traditional     If there are any outstanding concerns
  (photo must have been taken within       Track applicants must have completed       or conditions to acceptance, the
  the last two years)                      an associates degree (60 semester          applicant is sent a letter outlining these
• Non-refundable application fee           hours and 90 quarter hours) of             concerns, and a provisional acceptance
                                           higher education at post secondary
                                                                                      letter. If the applicant is rejected, he/
In addition to the application             level. Additional courses such as
                                                                                      she is sent a letter outlining ITEA’s
materials listed above, please have the    biomedicine and Anatomy and
                                                                                      concerns contributing to the rejection.
appropriate individual or institution      Physiology I must be finished before
send the following directly to ITEA:       the third Intensive (12 semester credits   The Institute does not accept non-
                                           and 18 quarter credits), and Anatomy       matriculated students into its core
• Two letters of recommendation from
                                           and Physiology II (4 semester credits      Classical Five-Element Acupuncture
  people not related to the applicant
                                           and 6 quarter credits) must be finished    program.
• Official transcripts verifying all       by the seventh Intensive. A plan must
                                                                                      Acceptance into the program does not
  coursework completed at an               be in place for doing so at the time of
                                                                                      guarantee employment, certification,
  accredited university or college         enrollment. These courses all must be
                                                                                      licensure, or compliance with
• Admission Interview documentation        obtained from an accredited college
                                                                                      conditions for eligibility for registration
  from two ITEA staff interviews           or university recognized by the U.S.
                                                                                      or licensure. Further, the Institute does
                                           Department of Education. These
                                                                                      not provide any placement assistance
Admission Interview                        additional hours will be included in the
A personal interview with two ITEA staff   ITEA acupuncture program.
members is required for each applicant
after all other admissions application     Practitioner Track
materials have been submitted.             This track is for healthcare
Staff interviews are a key part of the     practitioners with at least one year
application process. Interviews may        managing all aspects of a private
be conducted by phone. ITEA will           practice. It is for those with education
inform the prospective student how         toward a specialized field beyond
to schedule the inter views after the      a Bachelor’s Degree, and who are
Registrar has received all items in the    already licensed.
formal application. Upon successful
completion of these interviews,
which carry significant weight, a
determination will be made concerning
the candidate’s acceptance into the
ITEA program.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT™                                                                         W W W. I T E A . E D U      17
Financial Information                        Academic and Personal                         • complete and pass all written exams,
Several federal financial aid options are    Progress                                        point location exams and homework.
available for ITEA’s program. In addition,   Students will be required to have               The grading of exams and homework
ITEA is approved by the Colorado Office      satisfactorily completed all written work       is based on evaluations of two or
of Veterans Education and Training for       for a certain year before entering the          more practitioners, and will be on a
Veterans Education and Benefits. ITEA        next year. They will also be expected           pass/retake basis. Assessments are
has also been approved for Colorado          to have assimilated, integrated, and            provided in response to each section
Vocational Rehabilitation Programs. For      applied the material at a high level of         of examinations and homework.
more information, visit ITEA online at       ability. Teachers will evaluate students
                                                                                           • demonstrate readiness to practice or call (720) 890-8922.         on personal progress throughout
                                                                                             in five areas: academic potential,
                                             the program, and oral or written
                                                                                             psychological and emotional maturity
Program Guidelines                           progress reports will be given to
                                                                                             and stability, personal motivation,
and Regulations                              students periodically. Records of each
                                                                                             moral character, and the care, concern
                                             student’s work and progress is kept
Practice                                                                                     and respect shown for others.
                                             at the Institute, and may be inspected
Students who were acupuncturists
                                             upon request. Students not meeting            • have no outstanding bills, tuition,
before enrolling at ITEA must not
                                             expectations will be counseled. If a            or fees with the Institute of Taoist
practice Classical Five-Element
                                             student needs more time to work on              Education and Acupuncture or its
Acupuncture in any form until they
                                             this aspect of their training, they will be     contractors or employees.
are in the student clinic under the
                                             asked to take a temporary withdrawal          • have the following on file with ITEA:
supervision of an ITEA Classical
                                             to do so.
Five-Element practitioner. Students                                                         - all official transcripts for required
must not teach Classical Five-Element                                                         courses in Anatomy and Physiology,
                                             Conduct Policy
Acupuncture while in ITEA’s program.                                                          Western Science/Psychology
A student who does not comply with           All students are expected to act
                                                                                              and other Biomedical courses, if
these regulations, or whose conduct          maturely and with respect for other
endangers life or impedes healing will       students and faculty members. Students
                                             are expected to keep their studies up to       - current certification in CPR from the
be dismissed from the program.
                                             date, or to contact the School Director          American Heart Association or the
Attendance Requirements                      with an explanation. Possession of               American Red Cross

Students are expected to arrive on time      weapons, illegal drugs, and alcohol of         - point location sheets documenting
for class with proper materials. The         any kind are not allowed at any time             150 hours, checked by certified
Institute requires an overall attendance     while the Institute is in session. Any           Classical Five-Element practitioners
rate of 100%. Students will be evaluated     violation of school policies may result in
                                                                                            - clinical observation sheets
on attendance by all faculty. Any class      permanent dismissal from the Institute.
                                                                                              documenting 150 hours with
instruction must be learned on the                                                            certified Classical Five-Element
student’s own time, and the student’s        Graduation Requirements                          practitioners
understanding must be verified by a          and Policies
                                                                                            - all required self evaluations as well
Classical Five-Element practitioner. A
                                             A Master of Acupuncture Degree in                as evaluations from all supervisors
student must have knowledge of all
                                             Classical Five-Element Acupuncture will          documenting the student’s clinical
course material in order to graduate.
                                             be awarded to all students who:                  work
will be required to substantiate a
student’s withdrawal. A student must         • complete all required instruction.           - clinical supervision sheets
graduate within six (6) years of their                                                        documenting 510 hours of work
                                             • meet graduation requirements that
original enrollment date.                                                                     with Classical Five-Element
                                               are in effect at the time of graduation,
                                                                                              practitioners certified to supervise
Temporary Withdrawals                          unless written policy states otherwise.
                                                                                              by ITEA, and copies of all intakes
Students who are unable to continue                                                           and treatment sheets contained in
classes for medical or personal reasons                                                       the 510 hours
will be required to take a temporary
                                                                                            - satisfactory exit evaluation from all
withdrawal until they are able to return
and join another class in progress.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT™                                                                              W W W. I T E A . E D U         18
Right to Privacy
The amended Family Educational Rights
and Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law
93-579) and the Rules and Regulations
of the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services, “Privacy Rights of
Parents and Students,” provide the
following rights to students:

• The ability to review their educational

• The ability to request changes in
  those records if an inaccuracy,
                                            of performance or behavior deemed           Information on Licensing
  misleading statements, or a violation
                                            unsatisfactory by the School Director.      Requirements
  of student’s rights are found.
                                            If the area of concern or behavior in       Licensure in Colorado
• The ability for the student to insert     question continues, the student may be      NCCAOM certification (an examination
  clarification if ITEA does not make the   placed on probation. If no resolution       administered by the National
  proposed changes.                         is forthcoming, the student may be          Commission for Certification of
Student records may not be disclosed        dismissed from the program. At any          Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) is
to anyone other than ITEA office            time in the process, a course of action     required in order to practice acupuncture
staff, officials from licensing and         for the student may be developed by         in the State of Colorado. In order to
accreditation boards, or auditors           the Director or an instructor, providing    sit the NCCAOM exam, students must
without the student’s written consent.      the student with the opportunity to         be in the third year or have graduated
                                            demonstrate that they have resolved the     from a nationally accredited school, or
Probation and/or Dismissal                  area of concern.                            one which is in candidacy status to be
from the Program                            Refusal to pay fees/tuition or illegal      accredited. ITEA is a nationally accredited
A student may be withdrawn from             or violent behavior is grounds for          school.
classes if he or she does not make          immediate dismissal from the program.       Licensure in Other States
satisfactory progress. The Board of                                                     Licensure regulations vary from state
Direct ors, after consultation with         Grievance Procedures                        to state. Completion of the Institute’s
all parties involved, makes the final       Constructive comments from students         Licentiate of Acupuncture program does
decision.                                   on all aspects of its program are           not automatically qualify graduates for
                                            welcomed and carefully considered by        licensure or registration. Applicants and
Teachers may temporarily suspend a
                                            the Faculty and Administration. When        students should research the licensing
student whose conduct is disruptive or
                                            suggested changes are seen to be            requirements for the state in which
unacceptable to the academic setting.
                                            practicable, and in the best interests      they will practice. Since acupuncture
After appropriate counseling, students
                                            of the Institute, every effort is made to   is a rapidly growing profession, state
who demonstrate a genuine desire to
                                            implement them.                             requirements for licensing may be
learn and conform to school standards
                                                                                        revised. For information about licensure
of conduct may be allowed to resume         Should a student voice a grievance,
                                                                                        procedures in a specific state, consult
attendance. The Board of Directors will     every attempt is made to resolve their
                                                                                        Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
review each case, and decide upon           concern. All grievances and/or appeals
                                                                                        Laws which can be ordered through
readmittance.                               will be handled in an effective and
                                                                                        Bookmasters (800) 247-6553. This
Insufficient academic performance           constructive way, through procedures
                                                                                        publication also provides regulating
or unprofessional behavior at the           outlined in the student policy manual.
                                                                                        agency contact numbers for each state.
Institute are grounds for academic                                                      In many states, NCCAOM certification
probation and if uncorrected, dismissal                                                 serves as a full or partial basis for
from the program. The student is first                                                  licensure.
given a verbal and written warning

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT™                                                                          W W W. I T E A . E D U     19
ITEA, Inc.
317 W. South Boulder Road, Suite 5
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: (720) 890-8922
Fax: (720) 890-7719
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