Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...

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Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...
Developing in each student the ability to function independently
                at school, in the workplace and in the community.

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support centre caters for students with intellectual
disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. The school community is made up of students from
diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Our proximity to the railway line facilitates
independent travel and students commute daily from local suburbs.

Our co-location on the senior campus provides a supportive, inclusive and adult-oriented
environment for students with special needs. It promotes an adult ethos, fosters social skills and
assists students in their preparation for independent life.

We provide individually tailored programs for all our students from year 10 through to year 13.
Our dedicated team of support staff are proud of their contributions and commitments in
providing a positive learning environment where students can fulfil their potential, both as
individuals and as active community members.

                                                         Our Learning Program                      2
                                                         School Performance Information            3
                                                         Student Achievements Academic         4-5
                                                         Student Achievements Non Academic     6-7
                                                         National Reporting Requirements          8
                                                         Graduation Ceremony for 2018              9
                                                         Student Improvement Priorities           10
                                                         School Highlights for 2018               11
                                                         Renovations and Upgrades for 2018       12
                                                         Public School Review                    13
                                                         B1 Classroom highlights for 2018         14
                                                         B2 Classroom highlights for 2018        15
                                                         B3 Classroom highlights for 2018        16
                                                         B4 Classroom highlights for 2018        17
                                                         Abilities Careers’ Expo                 18
                                                         National School Opinion Survey      19 - 21
                                                         Financial Summary for 2018              22
Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...

                  Our Program                                         Academic Pursuit
Is specifically designed to cater for students with      Entry level is year 10, 11, 12 and 13th year.
                                                         Courses of study -
Our career education, community access and                      • Preliminary English
academic programs are tailored to meet the
individual needs of all students. Independent travel             • Preliminary Mathematics
training and fully supported work placements are                 • Preliminary Health and Physical
key features of our program.                                       Education
As part of the centre's philosophy of inclusivity,               • OLNA for targeted students
students also take option classes at the senior                 • Food Science and Technology
campus in food science, design and technology            Endorsed programs -
and art/media/music. Integration is also fostered               • Bushrangers WA
for students who desire extensions in their                      • Keys for Life Program (Drivers Ed)
academic pursuits.                                               • ASDAN Workright (Career Education)
      Independent Living Program
                                                         Option programs -
                                                                • Art / Media / Music
Provides training in life skills necessary for                  • Music Rocks Australia
students to become independent and confident in                 • Bike@bility
the wider community.                                            • Bean@bility
                                                                • Sexual and Reproductive Health
         • Safety in the community                              • Steam
         • Travel training / transport skills
         • Functioning literacy / numeracy               Vocational Education and Training
         • Personal development and hygiene
                                                         - Occupational Health & Safety
         • Plan@bility
                                                         - Manual Handling
         • Health and physical education
                                                         - Job seeking skills
      Workplace Learning Program                         - Travel training
                                                         - School based traineeships
                                                         - ADWPL
WPL educates and provides students with the
necessary skills to enable a successful transition       - ASDAN Workright
from school to the work place.                           - Certificate I Retail course code - SIR10116
                                                         - Certificate I Hospitality course code - SIT10216
Students attend work experience at a work
placement, either independently or supported             - Certificate II Business course code - BSB20115
by staff. Being a part of the workforce brings with it   - Certificate II Horticulture course code - AHC20416
many changes and these changes require new               - Certificate II Sport and Recreation
skills, many of which can only be successfully              course code – SIS20115
taught at the workplace.                                 - Certificate II General Education for Adults
                                                            course code - 22237VIC

       “Highly personalised planning effectively guides individual
                    learning and pathway options.”

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Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...

  Individual Transition Plans (ITP’s) are developed in collaboration with parents, the centre and other
  relevant agencies and sets the direction and focus for an individual student’s education for the
  following two to three years until graduation. Individual transition plans document major goals and
  specific objectives for students in the following areas:

  Functional academics (literacy/numeracy), workplace learning, independent living, health, community
  access and/or behaviour.

  ITP’s incorporate achievable and timely goals under each learning area, as well as strategies that will
  be used to assist students in achieving these goals. ITP learning goals are reviewed and assessed at
  the middle and end of terms in order to track students’ progress in each learning area.

  ITP meetings occur at the commencement of each semester and provide a forum for
  parents/caregivers to clarify their expectations, hopes and aspirations for their child. Through the ITP
  process the needs of individual students are clearly identified and parents/caregivers, the school and
  other agencies are able to formulate specific learning goals for the semester or year.

  ITP’s ensure teachers are accountable for the services that are being offered at the centre. With this,
  families and students are then more aware of the programs being offered and those being provided.

  ITP’s provide continuity in educational programs ensuring that common goals and approaches are
  adhered to from year to year, enhancing the possibility of each student realising his or her potential.

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Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...

  120                                                                                                     SCASA Preliminary Course Achievements
                                                                                                          Students enrolled in 138 units of SCASA preliminary
  100                                                                                                       courses
                                                                                                          1.  90% course unit achievement in P1 English
    80                                                                                                    2.  90% course unit achievement in P1 Mathematics
                                                                                                          3.  90% course unit achievement in P1 HPE
    60                                                                                                    4.  85% course unit achievement in P2 English
                                                                                                          5.  85% course unit achievement in P2 Mathematics
    40                                                                                                    6.  85% course unit achievement in P2 HPE
                                                                                                          7.  79% course unit achievement in P2 FST
    20                                                                                                    8.  100% course unit achievement in P3 English
                                                                                                          9.  100% course unit achievement in P3
     0                                                                                                        Mathematics
                                                                                                          10. 100% course unit achievement in P3 HPE
     %       1                      3                  5                  7                 9 11          11. 100% course unit achievement in P1 MDTW

                                                                                                          VET Units of Competency Achievements
                                                                                                          Students enrolled in 269 units of competency in VET
     3                                                                                                    78% Achieved
     2                                                                                                    •    Four students achieved Certificate II in Business
     1                                                                                                    •    Four students achieved Certificate I in Retail
     0                                                                                                         Services
                                    Cert I in Retail

                                                           Cert II General

                                                                                    Cert II in Sport &
                 Cert II Business

                                                       Education for Adults

                                                                                                               Three students achieved Certificate II in General
                                                                                                               Adult Education
                                                                                                          •    Four students achieved Certificate II in Sport
                                                                                                               and Recreation

     30                                                                                                  Endorsed Program Achievements
                                                                                                         • 19 students achieved Keys for Life
     20                                                                                                      (Pre Driver Ed Course)
                                                                                                         • 11 students achieved ASDAN Workright
     10                                                                                                  • 22 students achieved ADWPL
                                                                                                            (authority developed Workplace Learning)
       0                                                                                                 • Six students achieved Bushranger Level 1


                                                                                   Level 1
                    Keys for Life


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Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...

   Our centre achieves outstanding results each year by registering graduating students with
   disability employment service providers, community support groups and post school options.

   The table below displays the destination of graduating students for the past three years.

      Year                                             Destination

                    • Six students registered with a Disability Employment Service.
                    • Two students returning to Cyril Jackson senior campus for further study.
                    • Three students working part time in Supported Employment.
                    • One student working full time in Supported Employment.
                    • One student working part time open employment via Disability Employment
                    • One student enrolled at TAFE.
                    • One student working one day a week open employment and one day
                      volunteering at museum.

                    • One student enrolled in further education at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus.
                    • One student volunteers at Bike@bility at Ed Support Centre.
                    • One student volunteers at Salvos.
                    • Three students registered with Bizlink.
                    • Two students accessing Post School Transition process.
                    • One student enrolled at TAFE.
                    • One student enrolled at Meerilinga Training College into a Certificate III

                    • Two students enrolled in further education at Cyril Jackson senior campus.
                    • Two students registered with Edge Employment Services.
                    • One student seeking transition to further education/or employment.
                    • Two students obtained employment.
                    • One student enrolled at TAFE.

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Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...
 Music Rocks Australia             is an authority-    Bush Rangers         is a natural conservation program
 developed endorsed program that enables a             designed for teenagers. The program gives students
 student to be recognised for the significant          the opportunity to develop practical life skills, team and
 learning gained through performing in a music         interpersonal skills as well as offering a variety of
 ensemble. The program requires that a student         leadership opportunities and fosters community
 participates in some form of music lesson or          responsibility.
 instruction, maintains a regular practise routine,
                                                       Highlights for our bush rangers program incursions
 develops a repertoire of performance pieces,
                                                       and excursions for 2018 included –
 attends rehearsals and performs for an
 audience/s, which may include festivals, school       •   Bush Rangers camp to Bickley
 productions, rock performances, lunchtime             •   1st Aid Focus
 concerts, busking, school or community choirs,        •   Red Hill recycling station
 bands, orchestras, rock groups or similar. The        •   Anzac day ceremony
 program enables a student to develop                  •   Adopt a spot at Sandy Beach and Point Reserve
 performance, interpretation, technique and            •   Law society court visit
 improvisation skills, performance protocols and       •   John Forrest National Park
 etiquette, ensemble skills and knowledge and          •   Mundaring Weir and pump station
 understanding of his/her instrument through           •   Native animal rescue and Kanyana wildlife
 engagement in a variety of performances.              •   Bob Cooper bush survival skills incursion
                                                       •   Bike riding and kayaking on the swan
 Students performed at a number of venues              •   Waste Wise activities
 across Perth including Badlands Bar, Mojos            •   ‘Clean up’ days at the centre and senior campus
 Fremantle and The Newport Hotel.

 Students also performed for an audience at the
 annual Abilities Careers’ Expo at Crown Perth,
 and the end of year graduation ceremony.

                   Students completed 6 days of the “People 1st Program” over 6 weeks in term two. The
                   program delivers essential information and supported the development of individual
                   strategies for students to keep themselves safe in a number of different environments
                   and scenarios. The focus was - feelings, self-esteem, friendship, bullying, sexual health,
                   protective behaviours, drugs and alcohol and adolescence.

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Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...
Workplace Learning            students attend           Keys for Life Program            is designed to help
work placements generally one day per week,             young people learn the correct road and safety
with graduate students being involved with              rules to develop positive attitudes and behaviours
workplace learning at least twice a week in             while driving.
preparation for job expectations in the
following year. Students in their final year are        Our centre believes that helping students develop
being linked up with work place service                 their independence is an important part of their
providers. It is pleasing to see that some              education and transition. Keys for Life program is
students have already been offered extra days           a great opportunity for students who have
work.                                                   aspiration, to get their licence.

2018 was extremely busy with students being             Throughout the program students learn about risk
supported by staff at various work placements           management and decision making in traffic
and courses both on and off campus.                     related situations and have the opportunity to sit
                                                        their learner’s permit at the end of the program.
The students really deserved a lot of credit for
the way they worked so hard in all areas of             In 2018, 17 students passed their “Keys for Life”
workplace learning.                                     learners permit.

Education Assistants have been adaptable and
caring in their supporting roles. Our efforts are
always aimed at trying to achieve the best
possible outcomes for our students, and the
students for this year were enthusiastic and
motivated in the work environment.

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Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...

                                                                                 All teaching staff meet the
                                                                                 professional requirements to
                                                                                 teach in Western Australian
                                                                                 public schools and can be
                                                                                 found on the public register of
                                                                                 teachers of the Teachers
                                                                                 Registration Board of Western

      Consistent with Government requirements, students must
      complete their senior schooling years. Schools are now
      obliged to offer senior schooling programs to all students.
      Several schools including Independent and Catholic
      schools have referred students to Cyril Jackson SC ESC
      to take advantage of the courses we offer.                                  2016 2017 2018

  Teacher and Education Assistant
  professional learning in 2018 was                    Bush Rangers WA - Cadets
  directly related to the needs of the                 Royal Lifesaving Australia First Aid
  student cohort.                                      ASDAN Training
                                                       SEN 7-12
  The professional learning list
                                                       WAESPAA Conference
  highlights our focus on supporting
  students    with   mental   health                   Leading School Improvement
  challenges.                                          Financial Management
                                                       VET pathways
  Apart from staff development days,                   Performance Management
  staff     members        attending
                                                       SCF OLB
  development days at a cost of
                                                       EOY Procedure
                                                       Curriculum Masterclass
                                                       Leadership Development
                                                       Mental Health in the Workplace
                                                       Microsoft Office 365
                                                       Women In Leadership

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Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...

  Our graduation ceremony is always the most special event of the year.In 2018 we had 19 graduating
  students from our centre. We had a wonderful turn out of family members, senior campus staff, VIPs
  and employers to share in the celebration.

  Our official graduation ceremony was held on the senior campus grounds, followed by a buffet lunch at
  Swan Districts Football Club.

                                         STUDENT AWARDS
         School Ambassador Award                                          Conaugh Low
         Commitment to Excellent Award                                    Ella Geralis
         Citizenship Award                                                Jian Latcham-Blundell
         Caltex Allrounder Awards                                         Jamie Van Slochteren
         Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Awards                      Conaugh Low
                                                                          & Giaan Zheng
         Workplace Learning Award Independent                             Troy Heath
         Workplace Learning Award Supported                               Jamie Halton
         Most Improved Student Award B1                                   Micheal Armstrong
         Most Improved Student Award B2                                   Lucas Heberling
         Most Improved Student Award B3                                   Kris White
         Most Improved Student Award B4                                   Jacob Lemierz

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Developing in each student the ability to function independently at school, in the workplace and in the community - Cyril Jackson Senior Campus ...

     Our Operational Plans link to the Priorities (Focus Areas) of the Strategic Plan for WA Public
     Schools 2016-2019 and Focus 2018: Directions for schools. We offer our community of learners the
     opportunity to attain academic, vocational and personal goals in a supportive environment.
     Our staff are involved in a comprehensive and cyclic review of the Operational Plans.

                                                       Raising Standards in Literacy and Numeracy
                                 FOCUS                 Transition Plan
 SUCCESS FOR                                           Technology
 ALL STUDENTS                                           83%   of targets met
                                REVIEW                  70%   of targets met
                                                        71%   of targets met
                                                        78%   of targets met

                                 FOCUS                  Student Wellbeing

                                REVIEW                  80% of targets met

                                                       Supporting Teachers and School Leaders
                                                       Planning, Monitoring and Reporting
                                REVIEW                  100% of targets met
                                                        100% of targets met

                                                        Provide Greater School Autonomy, Flexibility and Innovation
                                                        Building Relationships
                                                        Improving our Facilities
                                 FOCUS                  A capable and Responsive Organisation for now and into
 STRONG                                                 the future
 GOVERNANCE                                             Workforce Management Plan
 AND SUPPORT                                           100% of targets met
                                                       78% of targets met
                                REVIEW                 100% of targets met
                                                       67% of targets met
                                                       80% of targets met

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre                                                            Page 10
  Bush Ranger camps - Two camps were organised in 2018 - one was our whole school annual
  bush ranger three day camp at Bickley outdoor recreation camp where everyone enjoyed daily activities
  including canoeing, flying fox, rope climbing, raft building, orienteering, night bush walk and leap of faith.
  Most activities required students to overcome physical and mental challenges.

  The centre also had a bush ranger two day rewards camp at Yallingup mid year. Students who
  demonstrated excellent leadership qualities, team work and respectful behaviour on a consistent basis
  were chosen to attend. Students experienced camping and a range of outdoor activities including
  exploring ngilgi caves, fishing on Busselton jetty, Yallingup maze and beach exploration.

  School Ball     was again held in term two and hosted by the senior campus at the Hyatt Regency
  Perth. Students and staff had a gala of a time enjoying every moment of the special evening.

  Basketball Carnival        was held at Ray Owen Recreation Centre. We had a team in divisions one,
  two and three this year. Congratulations to division two and division three on winning their grand final
  and an awesome effort to division one who came second overall.

  Health Festival       was held in term two at the senior campus with loads of stalls offering healthy
  living advice and bundles of information, plus fun interactive activities for everyone to join in. Students
  and staff from our centre cooked up a sausage sizzle at lunch time.

  Harmony Day          was held in term one at the senior campus. Our students were among many who
  shared the ‘harmony day’ experience with the community and the senior campus. Everyone had a
  fantastic day joining in the fun with multicultural games and activities. Staff and students from our centre
  cooked up a sausage sizzle at lunch time which is always a huge success.

  ANZAC Ceremony           was held on Wednesday 11 April, our centre performed an ANZAC ceremony
  where classes prepared and laid wreaths in commemoration of our ANZAC soldiers. Our Principal Paul
  Jones opened the ceremony, our guest of honour, Mr Ray Kennedy from The Eastern Region Sub
  Branch of RSL shared his speech, we then stood for the National Anthem, followed by the Recitation -
  Flanders Field, spoken by a student, heard the “Sound of the Last Post” and shared one minute of
  silence to remember our Soldiers of War.

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre                                                       Page 11

Renovation and Upgrades -
Towards the end of 2018, our centre commenced huge renovations and major upgrades to our
administration area, staffroom area and B1 classroom.
Administration area , which is the main entrance where all visitors enter has been expanded to
comfortably welcome parents and visitors with a waiting room. The old administration area has been
turned into a room, which at present is being used by the Manager and Corporate Services and will
eventually been turned into a meeting room for parents/carers and visitors.
Staffroom area has had a huge makeover with new flooring, mounted interactive white board, new
kitchen area, cupboards, tables and chairs. These new changes are to accommodate an increase in
staff members and our interactive white board is used at our weekly staff meetings.
B1 classroom has had a full makeover with new flooring, painted walls, new ceiling with fans, new
kitchenette and cupboards, new recess area for fridge and microwave, new computer tables and
storage furniture. B2 classroom will be the next classroom to have renovations. Before and after
photos below show huge improvements.

          Staffroom                             Administration           B1 Classroom

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre                                         Page 12

   Public School Review -
   All WA public schools are reviewed every three years by the Department of Education’s Public School
   Accountability directorate. A review gives assurances to the local community The Minister for
   Education and Training that a school is operating effectively and delivering high quality education to its
   students. Please read below our GLOWING report from Lindsay Hale, Executive Director.

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre                                                    Page 13

   2018 was a very productive and busy year all-round. B1 class had students
   in years 10, 11 & 12. Six students in year 12, three students in year 11 and
   one student in year 10.

   Term one started with students learning about manual handling and first aid
   which is an important skill for their work placement. The classroom was
   involved with organising the clean up school BBQ lunch for the centre as
   part of their bush rangers program. We visited the Law Society of Western
   Australia which was very educational, we also made a wreath for our
   ANZAC Day ceremony and delivered it to Bassendean memorial.

   Term two highlight was the annual basketball competition, where everyone
   enjoyed the day and are looking forward to next years basketball

   Three of our students in B1 classroom were selected to attend the first ever
   bush ranger cadet rewards camp, for their excellent behaviour and
   performance in bush ranger activities. This was a highlight for chosen
   students and will be held again in 2019.

   In term three most students attended the recreation camp in Bickley. It was
   a great three days and students from all classrooms had a great time.
   Students enjoyed a variety of activities such as canoeing, rock climbing,
   night star gazing, leap of faith and lots more.

   Our community access excursion highlights this year have been kayaking
   and bike riding along the foreshore, Aboriginal Culture incursion (smoke
   ceremony with Dale), latitude, supa golf, John Forest National Park,
   Mundaring Weir pump station, bowling, laser tag, maritime museum and
   water skiing.

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre                              Page 14

  2018 was an outstanding year for students in B2 classroom, and had so many
  interesting and enjoyable learning opportunities both in and out of the centre.

  Students from B2 classroom worked very hard in all areas of the curriculum. The
  English learning area required students to create a number of fantastic documents,
  one of which was producing a career portfolio. As a class, we discussed what
  important factors an employer is looking for when employing work personnel. Each
  student was able to create a resume and cover letter to add to their portfolio, which
  will be very beneficial for their gaining of independent employment in the future.

  We completed a range of activities in the Mathematics program, focusing largely on
  budgeting money, and the addition and subtraction of dollar amounts through
  relevant and functional activities. We used online shopping websites to look at the
  costs involved in grocery shopping and visited the Transperth journey planner
  website to plan and timetable trips and calculate elapsed time.

  We participated in the People 1st Program (PIP) as a part of our health program.
  Students learnt about a variety of important and relevant topics such as cyber safety
  and relationships. We had some fantastic physical education sessions with Mr Mac
  where we learnt the skills involved in basketball, badminton and soccer.

  My students also learnt a variety of important work skills at their work placements
  around the community as a part of Workplace Learning. Students worked very hard
  at Trillion Trees, Officeworks, Midland Autos, Salvos, Coles, Target, Bassendean
  Settlement Services, Red Dot, Better Pets and Gardens, Sandpiper Café, Childcare
  Australia, Delta Cabinets, Bike@bility and Bean@bility. A number of these
  placements have seen my students gain independent employment – an outstanding

  The bush ranger and community access programs was a huge success once again,
  and the highlight for 2018 was our fun-filled camp at Bickley Outdoor Recreation
  Centre, kayaking and bike riding along the Swan River and of course the school ball.

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre                                      Page 15

  We had another exciting and productive year in B3 classroom filled with many
  interesting and enjoyable activities providing opportunities to learn. Students
  undertook many activities including workplace learning, certificate courses,
  STEAM, Keys 4 Life, ASDAN, bush ranger cadets, community access
  excursions, bike@bility, and bean@bility.

  Students had the opportunity to experience a few option courses at the senior
  campus - Music, Design and Technology, also students were able to complete a
  preliminary unit in Hospitality.

  Several students participated in the Music Rocks Australia endorsed program
  this year, performing at various venues and culminating in a rocking
  performance at The Abilities Careers’ Expo and end of year graduation

  In our preliminary Math unit, we concentrated on developing independence in
  the community. We practised skills with money handling and improved our
  communication skills. During our class shopping program, all the students
  demonstrated their cash handling and team work skills, and they made some
  healthy and tasty meals.

  All students in B3 classroom contributed to a great learning environment, where
  their confidence in different activities grew, as students encouraged each other
  and enjoyed each other’s company and successes.

  Students had the opportunity to learn and practise new skills, and consolidate
  their existing skills in a variety of work placements. Some of the work
  placements included, Trillion Trees, Ross’s Hardware, Bassendean
  Settlements, Vinnie’s, Salvo’s and Child Australia Childcare.

  Students and support staff are to be congratulated on their enthusiasm and
  resilience and the challenges they met and overcome whilst at work placement.
  The positive feedback from these placements was a pleasure to read and a
  credit to all involved. Students also took part in community activities such as
  the Abilities Careers’ Expo, ANZAC Day ceremony, health festival, and ‘adopt a
  spot’ through the bush rangers program. Students behaved in a mature and
  positive manner, and demonstrated the school code of ‘Respect Yourself,
  Respect Each Other, and Respect the Environment’.

Cyril Jackson senior Campus Education Support Centre                                 Page 16

   2018 was the final year of school for the boys in B4 classroom and was a year of
   great improvement through learning as well as fun and entertaining for us all,
   including the staff.

   Our students in B4 classroom - Jacob L, Jacob B, Tristan H, Jamie H, Troy H,
   Aperahama P, Jamie V, Jamie M-B and Daniel S all graduated with skills and
   experience in workplace learning supported and independence to move forward
   and hopefully seek employment in the future.

   This year saw students out on a number of great outings to latitude, bowling, laser
   tag, water skiing, supa golf, pot black and the Maritime Museum just to name a
   few. We also joined B2 in an end of year lunch at Chatters as part of our final
   celebrations to what has been a fabulous year.

   We also participated in the year 13 social program with students from West Coast
   ESC and Dianella ESC. This excursion took place twice a term and gave students
   the opportunity to socialise with peers from other schools and get to know new
   acquaintances and form friendships.

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre                                     Page 17
Abilities Careers’ Expo             was again held at Crown Perth, Burswood in September. It provides
information to students, schools and families on employment, further education and/or post school
options to students with a disability.

The Expo is a unique cross sector and interagency initiative that benefits students and their families to
explore post-school options and employment information. We were privileged to have industry
presenters from Transperth, Centrelink, National Disability Insurance Agency and WA NDIS My Way.

Students were invited to engage with Schools/ Trade Training centres and Institutions to gain hands on
practical experience across, leisure, art, volunteering, bike@bility, hospitality, building and construction
just to name a few.

Our centre had two fantastic interactive displays at the Expo showcasing our centre and bike@bility, our
students also performed on stage with Music Rocks Australia and our bean@bility coffee cart was in the
foyer brewing up coffees and handing out home made biscuits for everyone to enjoy.

 Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre                                                Page 18
                      OPINION SURVEYS (NSOS)

  Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre completed the biennial mandatory
  National School Opinion Surveys during 2018. Surveys were made available on-line for
  parents, students and staff. Please find below a snapshot of the results from each category:

 Student Responses -

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre                                    Page 19
               OPINION SURVEYS (NSOS)
  Parent Responses -

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre   Page 20
                      OPINION SURVEYS (NSOS)

    Staff Responses -

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Education Support Centre   Page 21

                                 Revenue - Cash                             Budget             Actual
                                                                                                                                   Contingencies Revenue - Budget vs Actual
         1   Voluntary Contributions                                  $              -     $            -                 $000
         2   Charges and Fees                                         $        11,141.25   $      11,141.25
                                                                                                                                               Budget             Actual
         3   Fees from Facilities Hire                                $              -     $            -
         4   Fundraising/Donations/Sponsorships                       $           190.00   $         190.00
         5   Commonwealth Govt Revenues                               $              -     $            -
         6   Other State Govt/Local Govt Revenues                     $        25,195.00   $      25,195.00
         7   Revenue from Co, Regional Office and Other Schools       $              -     $            -                  60
         8   Other Revenues                                           $        63,178.90   $      63,180.85
         9   Transfer from Reserve or DGR                             $              -     $            -
        10   Residential Accommodation                                $              -     $            -                  50
        11   Farm Revenue (Ag and Farm Schools only)                  $              -     $            -
        12   Camp School Fees (Camp Schools only)                     $              -     $            -
                                       Total Locally Raised Funds     $        99,705.15   $      99,707.10
                                                 Opening Balance      $       186,864.00   $     186,863.52                40
                                        Student Centred Funding       $       139,320.00   $     139,320.00
                                       Total Cash Funds Available     $       425,889.15   $     425,890.62
                                           Total Salary Allocation    $              -     $            -                  30
                                             Total Funds Available    $       425,889.15   $     425,890.62

                                     Transfers from                            Current Year Actual Cash
             Locally Raised
                         $ Funds
                             11,331.25 Reserves                       Locally Raised Funds Sources
             Student Centred
                         $ 139,320.00
                             Funding      0%                                5%
             Other Govt Grants
                         $ 25,195.00                                                                                       10
             Other       $ 63,180.85
             Transfers from
                         $ Reserves-
                         $ 239,027.10
                                                                                                              Revenue Source
                     26%       Other Govt Grants
                                                          Student Centred

                                   Expenditure                              Budget             Actual             $000         Contingencies Expenditure - Budget vs Actual
         1   Administration                                           $        26,820.00   $      23,753.36                                 Budget              Actual
         2   Lease Payments                                           $              -     $            -         250
         3   Utilities, Facilities and Maintenance                    $        23,330.00   $      12,886.28
         4   Buildings, Property and Equipment                        $       149,500.00   $     117,898.10
         5   Curriculum and Student Services                          $       203,344.17   $     156,840.39       200
         6   Professional Development                                 $        17,000.00   $      12,758.37
         7   Transfer to Reserve                                      $              -     $            -
         8   Other Expenditure                                        $         2,314.09   $       2,310.86       150
         9   Payment to CO, Regional Office and Other Schools         $              -     $            -
        10   Residential Operations                                   $              -     $            -
        11   Residential Boarding Fees to CO (Ag Colleges only)       $              -     $            -
        12   Farm Operations (Ag and Farm Schools only)               $              -     $            -
        13   Farm Revenue to CO (Ag and Farm Schools only)            $              -     $            -
        14   Camp School Fees to CO (Camp Schools only)               $              -     $            -
                              Total Goods and Services Expenditure    $       422,308.26 $       326,447.36
                                  Total Forecast Salary Expenditure   $              -   $              -
                                                  Total Expenditure   $       422,308.26 $       326,447.36         0
                                              Cash Budget Variance    $         3,580.89

                                                   Cash Position

                                                                                                                                                                    Expenditure Purpose

                                                                                                                       Cash Position as at:
                               110                                                                                     Bank Balance                         $              319,413.78
                                                                                                                       Made up of:                          $                     -
                                                                                                                     1 General Fund Balance                 $               99,443.26
                                                                                                                     2 Deductible Gift Funds                $                     -
                                                                                                                     3 Trust Funds                          $                     -
                                                                                                                     4 Asset Replacement Reserves           $              220,404.52
                                                                                                                     5 Suspense Accounts                    $                  140.00
                                                                                                                     6 Cash Advances                        $                     -
                                                                                                                     7 Tax Position                        -$                  574.00
                                                                                                                                      Total Bank Balance    $              319,413.78

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