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School Profile:
John Pirie Secondary School is a learning community working in partnership to foster the potential of all
students in a safe, positive and caring environment. We have a ‘focus on learning’ approach which means
students are expected to perform at their potential and the staff support students through a homework
program after school and through the pastoral system.
We provide a breadth of subject and extra curricula offerings to engage all students within a culture which
embraces and encourages excellence. The school qualities of respect, responsibility, confidence and
persistence are embedded into the life of the school, supporting our motto of Building Better Futures. The
school is a leader in developing flexible learning programs to meet the needs of all students. This is
highlighted by our extensive Flexible Learning Options programs, South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training
Academy and the increasing number of students who are involved in vocational education and school-based
apprenticeships or traineeships. Vocational education includes hospitality, sport and recreation, building and
construction, and the metal trades.
The partnerships we have developed with other schools, TAFE, local businesses and agencies underpin the
success of our students. All students participate in a comprehensive learning program in the middle school
with the flexibility to explore curriculum options in the senior school to meet future aspirations. Students
enjoy a range of extracurricular activities, including interschool sport, student voice, camps and performing
arts showcases.
We are very proud of the past achievements of the school community and the fine traditions of our school.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                    Page 1
1. General information
    •   School Principal name: Mr Roger Nottage
    •   Deputy Principal name: Mr Maciej Jankowski
    •   Year of opening: 1995
        John Pirie Secondary School opened in 1995 as a result of the amalgamation of Port Pirie High School
        and Risdon Park High School. The motto “Striving for Excellence” is the vision for all school programs
        and activities.
    •   Postal Address: 40 Mary Elie Street, Port Pirie SA 5540
    •   Location Address: 40 Mary Elie Street, Port Pirie SA 5540
    •   DECD Partnership: Pirie Partnership
    •   Geographical location – i.e. road distance from GPO: 225 kms
    •   Telephone number: (08) 8632 0400
    •   Fax Number: (08) 8632 1935
    •   School website address:
    •   School e-mail address:

  February FTE Enrolment                                2017        2018        2019       2020
  Secondary Special, N.A.P. Ungraded etc.               20          24          24         29
  Year 7                                                                                   101
  Year 8                                                110         105         117        114
  Year 9                                                125         110         117        121
  Year 10                                               105         128         104        121
  Year 11                                               96          116.8       122        110
  Year 12                                               97          86          92.8       84
  Year 12 plus                                          3.2         11.5        4          5

  TOTAL                                                 556.2       581.3       580.8      656
  FLO                                                   45          45          45         45
  School Card percentage                                56%         56%         62.4%      52.19%
  EALD Enrolment                                        120         16          16         18
  Aboriginal Enrolment                                  86          92          98         129
  SWD Enrolment                                         103         115         113        129
  GOM Enrolment                                         17          21          21         24

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                    Page 2
Student enrolment trends:
The school caters for an enrolment of up to 700 students from diverse socio-economic and cultural
backgrounds. The school was named as 1 of 3 Year 7 to
High School pilot schools in 2019, with the first Year 7 cohort commencing in 2020 (before the statewide
move in 2022). Current enrolment trends suggest numbers will remain steady. Staffing numbers (as at
February census):

Executive Leadership Team:
     • Principal: Roger Nottage
     • Deputy Principal: Maciej Jankowski
     • Assistant Principal: Cara Fiebig - Middle School
     • Assistant Principal: Graham Hoile – Senior School
     • Assistant Principal: Lisa Key – Teaching & Learning , Daily Operations
     • Assistant Principal: Rachel Gray – Technology, ICT, Timetable, Daymap

 Staff Numbers
     •        Principal A 8 = 1
     •        Deputy B 5 = 1
     •        Leader Band 3 = 4
     •        Leader Band 1 = 13
     •        Teachers FTE = 48.50
     •        Ancillary Staff = 1253.25hours

Public transport access
Many students walk or ride bicycles (secure area provided). Some senior students drive cars. Spencer Gulf
Coaches provides a public bus service to residents and students across all areas of the city. Transport needs
are also supported by a local taxi service. A Departmental transport service brings students from near-by
country areas. An intercity bus service provides several daily services to and from Adelaide and other local

Special site arrangements
John Pirie Secondary School has 5 feeder primary schools. These include Airdale PS, Napperby PS, Port Pirie
West PS, Risdon Park PS and Solomontown PS. Positive relationships and communication occurs between
the schools. A Year 6/7 and 7/8 Transition Program operates annually to support effective induction of new
students into secondary school users.
John Pirie Secondary School (JPSS) is a member of the Pirie Partnership. Pirie Partnership sites work
collaboratively to deliver improved education and care outcomes for all children and students. Pirie
Partnership sites include:
         1.   Port Pirie Children’s Centre                      7. Risdon Park Primary School
         2.   Learning Together Centre                          8. Risdon Park South Kindergarten
         3.   Port Pirie Community Kindergarten                 9. Solomontown Kindergarten
         4.   Airdale Primary School                            10. Solomontown Primary School
         5.   Napperby Primary School                           11. Mid North Education Centre
         6.   Port Pirie West Primary School                    12. John Pirie Secondary School

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                    Page 3
2. Students (and their welfare)
General characteristics
John Pirie Secondary School is a co-educational school, with students from Year 7 to Year 13.
Students engage in the range of learning programs offered. There are opportunities for personal and social
development, leadership skills and many extra-curricula activities. This is provided in an environment that
values inclusivity, flexibility and differentiation of the curriculum.

Student well-being programs
The school works closely with feeder primary schools through a range of collaborative initiatives that ensure
a smooth transition from primary to secondary school. From the start of year 7 an induction and ongoing
transition program offers a variety of both in class and year level programs to ensure students feel welcome
and develop a sense of belonging. The roll class structure is central to student learning and wellbeing. Each
day commences with 10 minutes daily administration time. Care Group teachers form a pivotal link between
home and school and assist students with organisational matters, and provide support and encouragement
to become involved in the life of the school. The Personal Learning Plan (year 10) is a scheduled subject for
Semester 1. Further support is provided by Counsellors, Youth Workers, Pastoral Care Worker, Middle and
Senior School Teams.

Student support offered
Students and their families have access to two student counsellors. The school has strong links with a range
of support services and agencies in the local area. There is a Student Intervention Team which identifies and
case manages students at risk due to behaviour, disability, social or emotional factors.
A Pastoral Care Worker is also available for students. After school study is run on Wednesdays and Thursdays
to support students with their learning.
In the Senior School, students have access to Apprenticeship Brokers who assist them to secure positive
pathways beyond school.
A Breakfast programme operates from 8.20am on various days.

Student management
A code of behaviour has been developed through consultation with students, staff and parents. It is
supported by procedures in the school which recognise that students need different levels of intervention
and support and opportunities to learn to manage their own behaviour effectively. There is an expectation
that students will develop an increasing level of self-management and personal decision making
throughout their years at school. The school utilises Student Development Plans and a range of outside
agencies in supporting students. Whilst unacceptable behaviours are not tolerated, students are given the
opportunity and support to change their behaviour. There is zero tolerance to violence.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                    Page 4
Student Voice (SV)
The SV plays an important role in the school by providing a forum for the students' needs and ideas to be
heard. The SV members are encouraged to obtain leadership skills such as public speaking, confidence and
organisational abilities.
The members of the SV are often asked to represent our school at functions inside and outside of school.
Each year representatives are nominated and elected by their peers and staff. The SV members meet three
times a term.

Special programmes
John Pirie Secondary School offers a range of programs and initiatives to support student learning including
an extensive Transition Program for students going into Year 7.

The FLIPS Centre is part of FLIPSIDE. FLIPSIDE is a planned multi-strategy approach to re-engaging young
people with learning. It provides early intervention and/or intensive support to remain connected to
learning, school and the community.
The FLIPS Centre is a place for delivering curriculum and targeted programs for students in a variety of
modes. Students have the opportunity for one on one tutoring and case management of their learning plans.
The small teacher/student ratio supports a positive learning culture.

Flexible Learning Options (FLO)
FLO provides flexible ways to support students in their living and learning; it helps establish future pathways.
FLO enrolments are limited at about 45 a year. FLO enrolled students have a learning program tailored to
meet their individual needs. Each FLO student works with their own personal youth worker (also called a
‘case manager’) who will talk to them about what they want to do with their life. Students can discuss with
them any difficulties they are experiencing and they will help them work towards practical solutions.

Instrumental Music Program
Each week, Instrumental Music Branch staff visit the school to provide tuition. Currently, the following
instruments are taught:
•      Flute
•      Clarinet
•      Saxophone
•      Trumpet
•      Trombone
Students participating in this program receive a 30-minute lesson (with a small group) each week. Students
are withdrawn from their normal lessons to attend. Students are responsible for catching up on lesson work
missed and are required to do any homework that has been set while they are absent.

Presentation of Learning
All students in Middle School are expected to complete a Presentation of Learning each year. Students
present to a panel consisting of teachers and parents.
The Middle School panel presentations are assessed against stated criteria and recorded on the appropriate
form, which is then sent home as part of the report package at the end of Term 4.

PLP Round Table Conference Year 10
A conference is undertaken during year 10 as part of the personal learning plan. The year 10 round table
conference is one of the assessment tasks of the PLP and is included in the overall assessment for that

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                      Page 5
SAASTA - South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy
SAASTA is a program that provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students with the skills,
opportunities and confidence to Dream, Believe and Achieve in the areas of sport, education, employment
and healthy living.
The SAASTA program at John Pirie Secondary School targets students from years 10-12 who are studying the
South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). Subjects delivered within the program include; Integrated
Learning – Power Cup and SAASTA Shield, Integrated Learning – Health & Fitness and Certificate III in Sport
and Recreation.
Students are given the opportunity throughout the year to participate in state-wide events including sports
and leadership clinics, career expos and cultural workshops. A highlight of these activities is the Aboriginal
Power Cup, which is a 9-a-side football carnival managed by the Port Adelaide Football Club in conjunction
with SAASTA.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                    Page 6
Soccer Academy
The Soccer Academy is a program that provides students with a personal interest in soccer, the
opportunity to apply their skills and passion for the game whilst being assessed under the requirements of
the Australian Curriculum. The program is designed to develop knowledgeable and competent players who
are able to demonstrate efficiency in the technical fundamentals of the game. It offers both boys and girls
an opportunity to pursue a comprehensive study of soccer by imparting a high level of expertise in
theoretical knowledge, technique and skills, fitness and game awareness. Students will represent the
school and compete in a variety of Inter-school competitions both in Port Pirie and Adelaide. The program
is supported by local soccer clubs in Port Pirie, and is sponsored by local organisations and businesses.

As students progress through the program into the senior school, they will gain exposure to the following

•    A practical link to a career or part time employment pathway in the Sport and Recreation Industry (VET
     units) and the attainment of associated certificates and accreditation.
•    Specific practical strategies to support leadership roles such as player, coach, referee, administrator,
     trainer or mentor in the school system or the community.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                    Page 7
3. School Improvement

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020   Page 8
4. Curriculum
Subject offerings

Middle Schooling: Years 7, 8 & 9
John Pirie Secondary School’s Middle School Program provides a well structured environment in which every
child can thrive. Typically, students will connect with a teacher who will not only be their Care Group teacher,
but will also teach them for at least two subjects. This stability enables teachers to know their students, build
deeper relationships with students and their families and provide effective supervision and support.

Our Middle School boasts several effective learning strategies that support student achievement, wellbeing
and behaviour.

Emotional Regulation
Students have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with Care Group teachers to talk about possible triggers and
scenarios that may result in a child becoming upset or frustrated. Together, students and teachers develop
strategies to minimise the effect that these triggers have on behaviour by devising strategies that allow them
to regulate emotions. Emotional Regulation aims to teach students to self-regulate their emotions in order
to improve overall wellbeing and minimise classroom behaviour incidents.

In recent years students entering our school have participated in a hugely successful Year 8 Camp which
occurs in Term 1 each year (weather permitting). Students travel to Wallaroo to participate in team building
activities. They stay overnight at the CU@Wallaroo dormitory accommodation which is only a short walk
from the beach where many fun activities are held throughout the camp. Students return from camp having
a greater understanding of themselves and each other with many new friendships made that last the length
of their secondary schooling. In 2020 year 7 and 8 camps were interrupted. Our intention is to provide a year
7 and 8 camp experience in 2021. Venues are most likely to be year 7 Port Vincent and year 8 Wallaroo.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                       Page 9
Senior School: Years 10, 11 & 12
John Pirie Secondary School is committed to a senior years’ curriculum which provides Years 10, 11 and 12
with flexible, relevant learning. Parents/caregivers and senior students will be engaged in this dynamic
process of using the senior school to construct a successful transition to a future beyond school for each
John Pirie Secondary School offers a broad curriculum with students able to choose from a wide range of
subjects to design a course to meet individual needs. Over the senior years, students will develop skills in
working with others, problem solving and lifelong learning. The curriculum addresses diverse student
interests and abilities and provides opportunities for students to be experiencing positive relationships
with teachers and with one another while engaging in relevant learning.
Students are able to choose from a range of pathways and special programs available. Students may
combine a number of different pathways and can gain credit towards multiple awards/qualification studies
in the senior school.

By careful and guided subject selection, students can:
• Work in areas of their interest
• Gain industry accredited qualifications
• Gain their SACE certificate
• Qualify for university study with an ATAR (Tertiary Entrance Rank) score

Open Access/Distance Education provision
Due to our size and breadth of our curriculum, the need for students to access courses through Open
Access and other flexible delivery modes is minimal, but may be necessary for a few senior secondary
subjects attracting small student numbers.

Learning Difficulties
John Pirie Secondary School has an enrolment of 129 students with identified learning difficulties, including
29 that have accepted placement in one of our three Special Option Classes. At John Pirie our emphasis is
student first, where the students learning program is reflective of their academic, social, emotional and
physical needs. Students with learning difficulties participate in the extended transition program for primary
school students that occur in term 4. The aim of this program is to provide opportunities for the students to
begin to develop relationships with staff, become orientated with the layout of John Pirie and to begin to
feel a sense of belonging to our school community.
Students with learning difficulties are placed in mainstream classes and with support from their category of
funding and will receive targeted SSO support to assist them with accessing their learning program. For
some, students who require a more individualised response may participate in specialised programs
according to their developmental, academic, social and emotional needs. As part of the One Plan Review,
students completing year 9 may be offered placement in our Alternative SACE Class (known as S37). This
class supports students requiring additional support with their literacy, numeracy and social skills to achieve
their SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education). Students are supported to get their SACE using
learning based activities that draw on the student’s strengths, interests and needs and SSO support.
Students in mainstream classes that are identified as needing additional support in numeracy and literacy
maybe offered intensive and targeted intervention through our MaqLit, Quicksmart Literacy or Quicksmart
Numeracy programs. Other targeted intervention programs are undertaken related in response to student
functional needs.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                    Page 10
At John Pirie Secondary School we have three Special Option Classes, a dedicated year 7-8 class (M47) and
two other classes made up of students from years 8-12 (M48) and years 9-12 (M36). These classes are
structured based on the social and academic needs of the students. Each of the highly skilled Educators that
work in these classes focusing on supporting students to make progress with their literacy and numeracy
skills for everyday life. The learning program is tailored to meet student needs identified as part of the
students One Plan Review. Included in the program is a focus on developing student’s life skills in preparation
for independence and work. All students from year 10 are enrolled in modified SACE and are supported to
get their SACE.
 All students with learning difficulties including students in Special Options are provided with support to
transition to post school options. There are many options for students which Supported Employment
through Bedford Industries or Orana. Day Options through Bedford or SCOSA or Open Employment by linking
students with a Disability Employment Network (DEN) such as Community Bridging Services (CBS) or Maxima.
For some students we may require a different transition to employment and have NDIS we support School
Leaver Employment Support (SLES) program by linking students with either Maxima (SLES program) or CBS
(Beyond Program).

Special curriculum features
Vocational Education and Training (VET)
VET refers to national vocational qualifications that are endorsed by industry. Students with VET
qualifications are well prepared to take on apprenticeships, further training and skilled jobs.
John Pirie Secondary School offers a wide range of VET curriculum offerings to Senior Students.
These include:
• Certificate II in Salon Assistant
• Certificate II in Automotive Vehicle Servicing
• Certificate II in Engineering (Metals)
• Certificate II in Construction Pathways
• Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)
• Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
• Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
• Certificate III in Allied Health
• Certificate III in Sport and Recreation (SAASTA Program only)

Learning technologies
JPSS will continue to develop ICT programs, practices and resources to support all school priorities and
therefore the Culture of Achievement. Teachers are expected to incorporate 21st Century learning strategies
in their practices. All students have access to laptops, a wireless network, secure 5 Megabyte network
storage, printing and computer classrooms to support their learning.
John Pirie students learn a variety of applications within the areas of multimedia, digital imaging, graphic
and web page design.
Students also learn word-processing, the use of spread sheets, and how to access and critically evaluate
information on the Internet.
Students have a username and password that allows them to log into the school’s network and internet.
If inappropriate use of any digital equipment occurs, the John Pirie Secondary School Student Behaviour
Management Policy and Cyber Agreement Policy will be enacted and may involve loss or restricted access to
ICT resources.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                    Page 11
Assessment and reporting procedures

Subject Reports
In the school year there are four assessment periods, one each term. During each assessment period,
students may be given a combination of tests, assignments, projects and practicals. These results are
combined to form an achievement grade for each subject.
Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 students will receive a report each term.
Year 12 students receive a school report at the end of Terms 1, 2 and 3.
There will be an opportunity for parents/caregivers to discuss the report in more detail in Terms 1 and 3
during Parent/Teacher interviews.

Achievement Grades and what they mean. (Australian Curriculum)
A-       Excellent achievement of what is expected at this year level
B-       Good achievement of what is expected at this year level
C-       Satisfactory achievement of what is expected at this year level
D-       Partial achievement of what is expected at this year level
E-       Minimal achievement of what is expected at this year level
NA – A grade cannot be given. This could be due to the ongoing nature of the work in the subject, and/or
SACE board moderation.
In the case of students with a disability, the school will negotiate both the student’s learning program and
appropriate reporting arrangements with the student and their Parent/Caregivers. These will be
documented in the student’s learning plan, e.g. NEP.
The Australian Curriculum
Students in Year 8, 9 and 10 will be assessed progressively against the new Australian Curriculum.
Subject grades A-E Stage 1 and A+ - E- Stage 2 are based on performance standards (available on SACE Board
Website) described in each subject outline.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                  Page 12
5. Sporting Activities
Students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of sporting activities available at John Pirie
Secondary School. Athletics Carnival and Swimming Carnival are convened in Term 1 and offer healthy
copmpetition among the four house teams: Hewett, Neilson, Ross & Lewis. Secondary school knockout sport
competitions are popular. Teams are nominated on the basis of interest and in the past have included:
• Australian Rules Football
• Basketball
• Soccer
• Hockey
• Netball
• Indoor cricket
Senior students are often involved in coaching, umpiring and running lunchtime competitions.

6. Other Co-Curricular Activities
Assemblies provide an important opportunity to:
  • Honour traditions of the school
  • Reinforce expectations and standards
  • Recognise outstanding effort and high achievement
  •   Raise awareness and build knowledge of important community/social issues

School captains and student leaders take a lead role in compering assemblies. The aim is to have as many
students as possible speaking or performing at an assembly to increase their confidence and public speaking
Presentation Night, Year 7, 8 and 9 Graduation, Year 12 Breakfast and the Senior School Formal are feature
events in the school calendar.
Yr 10, 11, 12 camps and trips vary according to curriculum needs. They
include extended camps for Outdoor Education students and a Yr 11/12
ski trip (Year 10’s may fill vacant spaces) to Mount Hotham. This popular
biennial event occurs over 7 days towards the end of Term 2. Operation
Flinders provides a 7-day bushwalking challenge coordinated by SAPOL.
The experience is intended to build resilience and capacity in youth
developing skills & attitudes necessary for successful participation in
school & community life. Year 12 students have a Retreat that focuses on
study skills to prepare them for success.
Through the school’s Art program, community groups are involved with
joint ventures such as the Port Pirie Youth Art Prize and exhibitions at
the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery. Festival of Arts is held annually and
show cases the John Pirie Secondary School Art Prize winner as well as
music and drama performances.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                 Page 13
7. Staff (and their welfare)
Staff profile
Many staff live in the community and have developed strong personal links with community groups, service
clubs, sporting organisations and community members. The staff turnover is relatively high however this is
balanced by some long serving, experienced and highly capable teachers and school service officers. At JPSS
approx. 50% of teachers are in their first 5 years of teaching while about 25% have worked at the school for
more than 10 years.

Staff support systems
Each member of staff has a designated performance development manager who has responsibility for staff
support, supervision and enactment of the school performance & development policy. The induction
program extends for up to 12 months and supports staff new to the school.
Teamwork and collegiate support from co–workers is acknowledged as a cultural strength at JPSS. Staff
feedback verifies that the cohesiveness and effective working relationships that exist among a team of highly
dedicated educators is valued. Staff are also supported through learning area groups, sub school teams and
by members of leadership.
The school has an active staff social committee who play a vital role in ensuring morale is enhanced.

Training & Development
Staff access professional learning to support their work. Opportunities to take on additional roles are
plentiful and provide the chance to specialise or grow expertise outside of immediate duties. JPSS is often
described as a GROWTH school in that employees within reasonable bounds are able to pursue professional
growth in areas of responsibility or interest.

Access to special staff
The school has access to specialist staff including Instrumental Music teachers, Speech Pathologists,
Guidance Officers, Behaviour Management Officers, Social Workers and Special Educators.

8. School Facilities
Buildings and grounds
The school is situated in the town centre close to main shopping precincts. With approximately 7 hectares
of land there are a number of grassed areas including a main oval. The buildings are a mixture of original
stone (1910), solid main buildings and a range of pre-fabricated classrooms. Since the amalgamation,
building improvements have included a new six-classroom middle school block, upgraded Senior School wing
and new Gymnasium. With all building areas fully airconditioned An Administration upgrade was completed
in 2014.

Student facilities
A Student Services area is available with Student Counsellor support. There are dedicated rooms for
Aboriginal students and staff. A Year 12 study area has been developed to support Year 12 students. Seating
and covered shelters are available for students. Students can access lockers and have a safe place to store
bicycles. Senior students who drive to school are required to park their car in the Gym car park.
The canteen is operated by Metro Canteens. It offers a range of food and drinks at competitive prices.
John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                     Page 14
Staff facilities
Teachers have a designated workspace or office and a modern well equipped staffroom. A conference and
interview room provide quality venues for a range of parent, staff & student meetings. The reception area
exists within the new administration wing and offers a welcoming environment for all visitors.

9. School Operations
Decision making structures
The Senior Leadership Team (Principal, Deputy Principal, Senior Leaders and School Business Manager) make
daily routine decisions where there is minimal impact on stakeholders or where an interim decision is
urgently required.
The Leadership Group (Senior Leadership and all coordinators) develop processes where wider consultation
is seen as desirable.
The school has formal grievance procedures to ensure due process is followed and outcomes are equitable.
Relevant decision-making powers have been delegated to major committees including PAC, Governing
Council, Leadership, Student Intervention Team, Facilities, Finance, Timetabling and SRC.

Regular publications
Publications include a Newsletter every fortnight, JPSS Facebook which is updated regularly, the school’s
website, curriculum handbooks and school information handbook. Daily staff and student bulletins are also

10. Local Community
General characteristics
Port Pirie is a regional city of approx. 19,000 people, 225kms from Adelaide. The city serves a large rural
hinterland and is the focus for provision of a wide range of services including shopping and health services.
Nyrstar (The Smelters) is a major industry and has a wide range of associated support industries. Efforts are
being made to attract other industries into the city.
Port Pirie is striving to be a tourism destination and a step off point to the Clare Valley, Mid North, Flinders
Ranges and the Outback, Yorke and Eyre Peninsula and Far North Mining Operations. Port Pirie is known to
many as the “City of Friendly People.”

Parent and community involvement
Governing Council members are involved with sub committees, including Curriculum, Finance, Bus,
Facilities and Canteen. The school is involved in community events such as Science Week, Masters Games
as well as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies. Partnerships have been formed with local
businesses to promote traineeships and apprenticeships.

Other local care and educational facilities
An excellent range of childcare and kindergarten options are available.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                      Page 15
Commercial/industrial and shopping facilities
The Keith Michell Theatre is a beautifully appointed and technically outstanding venue which attracts many
professional shows. As well as being an audience member, opportunities exist for people to become involved
with amateur productions. There is a thriving Youth Theatre Group and a range of clubs that also cater for
children, e.g. gymnastics, calisthenics, ballet, Guides and Scouts.
Art is taking an increasingly high profile in the city, and the Tourism and Arts Centre is a focal point, attracting
a wide range of exhibitions. The Centre features a technically sophisticated and highly regarded Art Gallery
that promotes local arts and crafts through displays and workshops.
The city is also becoming known for its events based tourism which features, for example, the Southern
Flinders Music Festival and the Regional Masters Games which attracts around 2000 competitors.

Other local facilities:
Sports facilities include golf, football, sailing, bowling, netball, basketball, cricket, tennis, volleyball, darts,
table tennis, youth and hockey clubs. There is a shared school/community gymnasium.

Availability of staff housing
Housing is available through private rental agents.

Local Government body
Local government is the Port Pire Regional Council which has publications available, describing the local area.

11. Further Comments
John Pirie Secondary School’s motto “Building Better Futures”, reinforces our focus on continuous
improvement and effort to ensure learners become increasingly engaged in learning and resilient in the face
of challenge. The school is characterised by progressive approaches to teaching and learning. The staff are
very supportive of each other and make new staff members welcome. They are committed to growth in their
own practice and developing the potential of all students in the community.

John Pirie Secondary School Context Statement, 2020                                                         Page 16
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