Primary School Handbook 2020

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Primary School Handbook 2020
Primary School

Primary School Handbook 2020
Welcome to
the Marsden family

                   At Marsden our vision is to lay the                          I wish all students and families a warm
                   foundation for lives of meaning,                             welcome to Marsden Primary.
                   accomplishment and genuine
                                                                                Marsden provides an environment for
                   happiness. We support your daughter
                                                                                optimal learning and teaching. We are
                   to be the best she can be, and to
                                                                                committed to creating happy, engaged,
                   develop into a confident, independent,                       future-focused learners who ‘Aim for
                   creative, lifelong learner.                                  the Highest’.
Starting that journey early makes such a difference.          At Marsden Primary, our staff are focused on the whole
Girls thrive in our nurturing and personalised                child and supporting your daughter to develop a strong
environment where we understand that wellbeing and            sense of wellbeing and positive attitude towards self.
academic achievement are intrinsically linked. When           There are daily opportunities to engage and explore our
they reach our Upper School, Marsden Primary girls            Visible WellbeingTM Approach, Positive Education and
positively shine.                                             Anglican Values.
I extend a very warm welcome to all of our girls and          We have outstanding staff members who are at the
families, especially those just starting their journey with   forefront of latest pedagogy and implementing best
us. You will quickly notice that our sense of community       practice. They are dedicated professionals who respect the
and belonging is also a very special part of coming           individuality, progress and achievement of all students,
to Marsden.                                                   and strive to offer the best innovative teaching and
                                                              learning opportunities.
2020 is set to be an exciting year as we further embed
strategic initiatives across the school to enhance future-    You will find in this booklet an outline of the values,
focused learning and teaching, student wellbeing and          goals and organisation of Marsden Primary. It highlights
community engagement. I look forward to sharing this          relevant aspects of the curriculum and also provides
journey with you and your daughter.                           general information that you will require. Please do not
    _                                                         hesitate to contact your daughter’s classroom teacher,
Nga mihi,
                                                              or myself, if you have any questions. We have an open
                                                              door policy and value regular communication with
Narelle Umbers                                                                 _
                                                              parents and whanau.
                                                              Once again, welcome to the Marsden family.

                                                              Jennifer Ioannou
                                                              Director of Marsden Primary

Primary School Handbook 2020
                                       Vision, Mission,
                                       Values and Goals
   MARSDEN                             “Manu Rere Ao”
   VISION                              The bird that flies the world
                                       Manu Rere Ao likens a Marsden graduate to a bird who is nurtured in the kohanga
                                       (nest) and ngahere (forest), then equipped to take on the world. Manu Rere Ao also references
                                       the natural setting of Marsden and the native birds and seabirds that inhabit its spaces.

   MARSDEN                             To lay the foundation for lives of meaning, accomplishment and genuine happiness. We develop confident,
   MISSION                             independent, creative, lifelong learners who are challenged to reach their academic and personal potential
                                       in a warm and supportive environment underpinned by Christian values.

   MOTTO                              “Ad Summa”
                                       Aim for the Highest | Whaia te Hiranga
                                       This means that we strive to be our best in all that we do. Our motto reminds us of our commitment to
                                       personal excellence … being our best rather than being the best.


Excellence                            Resilience                            Creativity                           Service
Hiranga                               Manahau                               Auahatanga                           Oha
Marsden Schools are high-             Those who can pick themselves         The ability to think outside         It is important for our students
performance environments              up and keep going have the            the square, to respond to the        to be aware of their place in the
where everyone aspires to be          greatest chance of personal           challenges of today in innovative    local and global community. In
the best they can be in their         happiness and success.                ways, to find new ways of            keeping with Anglican values
academic and co-curricular            Resilience is the explicit focus of   working, thinking and living is      and tradition, consideration
pursuits.                             a number of our programmes.           vital to a successful future.        for others is fostered and
                                                                                                                 delivered through co-curricular


Learning and                    Wellbeing                    Teachers                     Engagement                    Operations
Provide outstanding             Nurture and develop          Attract, develop and         Provide opportunities for     Optimise our financial,
learning opportunities          student wellbeing.           retain quality staff.        all community members         physical, natural
that equip students to                                                                    to align, engage with and     environment and
create lives of meaning,                                                                  contribute to the School’s    human resources.
accomplishment and                                                                        objectives.
genuine happiness.
Primary School Handbook 2020

Our curriculum is relevant, challenging and engaging for      developed by renowned psychologist and researcher
each of our girls.                                            Professor Lea Waters PhD. There will be ongoing
                                                              training for staff to integrate this approach throughout
What do we teach at Marsden?                                  the curriculum.
At Marsden our teaching is guided by the internationally      At Marsden Primary, we are focused on providing
respected New Zealand Curriculum with learning in:            students with the necessary skills for a changing future.
• English                                                     Our school curriculum encourages the 6Cs, promotes
• The Arts                                                    learner agency, and provides opportunities for student
                                                              communication and collaboration within and across year
• Health and Physical Education
                                                              groups. Technology is integrated across the curriculum,
• Learning Languages                                          exposing students to computational thinking, digital
• Mathematics and Statistics                                  fluency and digital literacy in a variety of ways.
• Science
• Social Sciences
• Technology
All classes also have a weekly timetabled class in
Mandarin Chinese, te reo Maori, Library, Physical
Education and Music.

How do we teach?
Classes are taught using a differentiated approach so that
everyone can achieve their best. Special needs are assessed
and catered for. We extend our gifted students within the
classroom setting, using the most up-to-date methods.

Visible Wellbeing™ and Future Focused Learning
The major areas of focus in the Marsden Strategic Plan
are Visible Wellbeing™ and Future Focused Learning.
Visible Wellbeing™ is a holistic, comprehensive, science-
based and highly successful wellbeing education approach,

Primary School Handbook 2020
Bring Your Own Device                                           Community

Girls in Years 3–6 are encouraged to bring a digital device     The Marsden Parents’ Association (MPA)
such as an iPad, Chromebook or laptop to use in class.
Laptops are preferable for Years 5/6 students, so they can      All parents automatically become members of the
take them into Year 7. If you would like further advice,        Marsden Parents’ Association. Joining the Committee and
please discuss this with your child’s teacher. We also have     attending monthly meetings is an ideal way to make new
a school set of iPads and laptops for shared use.               friends in the Marsden community. The MPA extends
                                                                a special invitation to our Primary parents so that all
                                                                parts of the school are represented. Meetings are usually
How will I know my child is progressing?                        held monthly on a Thursday at 7pm. Contact details of
                                                                the MPA Committee members can be obtained from
Individual students are celebrated and carefully monitored      the Primary School office. More information and MPA
during their time at Marsden Primary. At various times          meeting dates can be found at
during the year, parent information sessions, parent            WebSpace/4582/
interviews and Student Led Conferences will be held.
                                                                Class Coordinators
Curriculum focused reports which detail student progress
and achievement are shared with parents mid-year and at         The Class Coordinators in each year group liaise between
the end of the year.                                            the teacher and the parent community and arrange for
                                                                additional help for trips or classroom activities. They
Our Year 1–6 students use Seesaw, an Eportfolio tool,           encourage the integration of new parents into the Marsden
to showcase and track their learning journey, as well as        community. They can arrange morning teas, parent
reflect on their progress and next steps. Seesaw is a way for   evenings or other gatherings.
teachers and students to record and share the wonderful
learning happening in the classroom. Each student has           MyMarsden
their own journal and will add things to it such as photos,
                                                                MyMarsden is where you find all the day to day bits of
videos, drawings or notes. Parents and teachers add
                                                                information to help with life at Marsden e.g. newsletter
feedback and feedforward.
                                                                notices, staff contact details, the school calendar (bottom
Six weeks after your child’s arrival at Marsden Primary         of the MyMarsden homepage), school news (student
you will receive a letter outlining her initial progress. You   achievements and school events) etc.
are welcome to follow this up with a teacher meeting.
                                                                You can access MyMarsden from the top right hand
We have an open-door policy, which means that our               corner of our website The direct link to
teachers are accessible and can be easily contacted. They       MyMarsden is Please feel
are always happy to catch up and let you know how               free to scroll through the menu at the top to familiarise
your daughter is progressing. You can pop in or email           yourself with the school information available there.
your child’s teacher, for a longer meeting please make
                                                                You will also find Old Girls’ Association and Marsden
an appointment via Jo Sherlock on 464 2033 or email
                                                                Parents’ Association pages and news here.
                                                                The Marsden Newsletter
What if I have a concern?
                                                                You will be emailed the Marsden Newsletter every Friday
If you have a concern, please contact your daughter’s
                                                                and the Marsden Newsletter can also be accessed via the
teacher immediately. Following that, please contact
                                                                Marsden School App (School Apps NZ). It will detail
Director, Jennifer Ioannou, who will be happy to
                                                                upcoming events and notify you of any changes to plans. It
discuss any concerns you may have. We prefer you
                                                                also has a link to the School Calendar, MPA information,
come straight to us so that we can work together to
                                                                community notices and our News page where we celebrate
achieve the best outcome.
                                                                student events and achievements. Please click through to
                                                                the Primary notices page. It is recommended that you look
                                                                at this regularly. You can find a direct link to the Primary
                                                                notices on MyMarsden
                                                                too, hover over News on the menu and choose Newsletter,
                                                                Notices: Primary and Preschool.

Primary School Handbook 2020
The structure of the Primary School                       Who will be working with my child?

The Primary School comprises: Preschool (for boys and
                                                          Primary School Staff
girls aged 3 ½ – 5 years), and Primary School for girls
from Years 1 to 6.                                        Year 6 WO              Liz Woolley

Primary School administrative structure                   Year 5 BA              Christine Barlow

Positions of Responsibility                               Year 4 ST              Tina Sturland
Chairperson Trust Board       Sue Elliott
                                                          Year 3 BR              Jackie Brown
Chairperson Board of          Cheryl Middelkoop                        
                                                          Year 2 FE              Kate Feary
                                                          Year 1 MA              Charlotte Manthel
Principal                     Narelle Umbers                           
Director of Marsden           Jennifer Ioannou            Head of Preschool      Helen McConnell
Senior Teacher                Christine Barlow
                                                          Specialist Teachers
Primary School Office         Jo Sherlock
                                                          Music                  Jenny Gould
Head of Preschool             Helen McConnell
Preschool Teachers            Sarah Molisa
                                                          Physical Education     Jo Coster
                              Judith Dixon
Chaplain                      Sarah King
                                                          Chinese language       Niki (Jiawen) Shu
                                                          Te Reo Maori           Sarah Molisa

                                                          Arrowsmith             Elizabeth Coyle
                                                                                 Mary Gavigan

                                                          Library                Karen Richards
                                                                                 Anna Engleback
                                                                                 Sean O’Connor

Support Staff                                                   Chapel
Reading Recovery         Kirsty Gardner                         We attend Chapel three mornings per week and this is
                      a lovely way to start the day. We introduce the Virtue or
                                                                Character Strength of the week and focus on positive
School Nurse             Janet Callaghan                        wellbeing on a Monday, have a bible based service on a
                     Wednesday and are joined by our Preschoolers for the
                                                                Friday Story session. The Chapel service is 15–20 minutes
Primary                  Jo Sherlock
                                                                long and begins at 8.45am. All students attend and parents
                                                                are most welcome to join us.
Preschool                Phillippa Gordon                       Children who have been learning a musical instrument
Teacher Aide   
                                                                and are confident in their playing are given the chance to
                                                                play before and after Chapel time for all to enjoy.

Your child’s first day at school                                Coin Collection
                                                                Each Friday there is a coin collection in Chapel. The
When your child starts in the Primary School, please go         donations contribute to the wellbeing of our sponsored
directly to their class or to the Primary School office. They   World Vision child, Santhoshi Athikimsetti from the
will meet their buddy and their teacher will show them          Korukonda community in India.
where to keep their belongings.
                                                                Student run Assembly
Your child will need a snack for morning tea and lunch in
a clearly labelled lunch box and drink bottle with water.       Every Friday there is a Primary School Assembly
Please also bring a named pencil case. Stationery will be       immediately after the Chapel service, beginning around
provided. The school day starts at 8.45am and finishes          9.05am. At Assembly, certificates are awarded by class
at 3.15pm.                                                      teachers for work completed during the previous week.
                                                                Teachers and children are encouraged to share work of
                                                                which they are especially proud. Sporting results, House
How is the day organised?                                       points, class work and other school results are shared
                                                                at this time. Each of our classes takes a turn running
                                                                assembly. Parents are welcome to attend. This finishes
                                                                around 9.30am.
 8.30am                Children arrive, organise belongings     Communion Service
                                                                We complete each term with a Eucharist service at St
 8.45am                Chapel (Mon, Wed and Fri)                                                           _
                                                                Mary’s Church to which parents and whanau are warmly
                                                                invited. Details will be in the newsletter nearer the time.
 8.45–10.25am          Morning lessons
                       (Periods 1 and 2)                        Baptism & Eucharist
                                                                Marsden School Chaplain Sarah King runs preparation
 10.25–10.45am         Morning Break
                                                                courses for Baptism and Eucharist for girls in Years 5
                                                                and 6 who would like to take this opportunity. This
 10.45am–12.30pm       Morning lessons
                       (Periods 3 and 4)                        usually takes place in Term 3. Further details will be
                                                                advised nearer the time.
 12.30–12.50pm         Lunch time (eat)
 12.50–1.30pm          Lunch time (play)                        In the interest of safety, children arriving at school prior
                                                                to 8.15am should be supervised by a parent until 8.30am,
 1.30–3.15pm           Afternoon lessons                        as staff require time to prepare for the day and attend
                       (Periods 5 and 6)                        morning briefing meetings.
                                                                All children, from Year 1 onwards, are encouraged to
 3.15pm                Dismissal time                           develop a greater measure of autonomy and responsibility
                                                                for their own possessions. Please encourage the children to
                                                                enter the grounds and/or their classroom by themselves as
                                                                they grow older. Younger children grow in independence
                                                                by unpacking their own bag and hanging up their blazer in
                                                                their locker.

What will your child need at school?                       What will your child eat at school?

Check the list for your child’s year level                 Morning Tea
Year 1                                                     All students are to bring a mid-morning snack. This snack
                                                           is eaten in the playground. Please also remember to supply
All items must be clearly labelled
                                                           your child with their morning tea when they have ordered
• Box of tissues                                           lunch from the cafeteria. Children should have a refillable
• Change of underwear and socks                            water bottle for morning tea and lunch.
• Named lunch box with morning tea and lunch
• Named drink bottle (no glass)
• Reading book bag                                         Your child may bring a packed lunch, or order lunch from
                                                           the school cafeteria. The cafeteria is operated by Elaine
Years 2–6                                                  Harris from Fine Cuisine. Children have a minimum
                                                           of 20 minutes to eat their lunch before moving to the
All items must be clearly labelled
                                                           playground. For safety reasons children should not
• Box of tissues                                           request boiling water for noodles or for food to be heated.
• Named lunch box with morning tea and lunch               In winter, many children bring their lunch in a flask to
• Named drink bottle (no glass)                            keep it warm.

For unexpected accidents it is always helpful to have a
spare pair of underwear or socks in your daughter’s bag.

Cafeteria/Lunch Orders                                          Homework
A Cafeteria service for ordering lunch is available for
the Primary School children. The Cafeteria information          Homework will be set on a Monday or a Friday, depending
sheet and price list is distributed at the start of each term   on the year group. This should not be stressful for you or
and copies will be emailed by Jo Sherlock in the Primary        your child. If your child has had a particularly busy week
School Office. Lunch orders are to be written on an             and is unable to complete all the tasks set please let your
envelope along with the child’s name and class with the         class teacher know so they are aware of the circumstances.
correct cash enclosed. This envelope is placed in the           If homework is taking longer than suggested, please let
classroom lunch basket and the food is returned to the          the teacher know. Stressful homework after school is
classroom in the basket at lunch time.                          counter-productive.

A teacher is always on duty at morning tea and                  Please encourage your daughter to retain ‘ownership’ of
lunchtimes. If the weather is wet or too cold, the              her homework, whilst providing assistance where needed.
children remain inside.                                         Please contact your child’s classroom teacher if any
                                                                problems arise from homework. As a rough guide, the
                                                                following homework times per night are:
What is expected of your child?
                                                                Year 1	��������10 minutes
                                                                               (reading with and alongside an adult)
                                                                Year 2	��������15 minutes
At Marsden Primary we have a high standard of behaviour
at all times. We show respect to each other and treat people    Year 3	��������20 minutes
and property with care. Kindness is paramount and is            Year 4	��������30 minutes
expected from our children, staff and families.
                                                                Year 5	��������30–40 minutes
                                                                Year 6	��������40–45 minutes
The School has a formal policy on discipline which
                                                                Note that these times include personal reading.
includes specific guidelines for behaviour modification
if this is required. Staff will discuss serious behavioural
concerns with parents should they arise.

KiVa Programme
The internationally successful KiVa anti-bullying
programme is taught across the Primary School and any
issues are dealt with via this programme. Jennifer Ioannou
and Christine Barlow are the KiVa teachers and any
issues of bullying are referred to them. Bullying has
three components:
• Harm is meant
• The actions are repeated over time
• The actions come from a position of power
If you have any concerns about bullying towards or by
your child please alert Christine or Jennifer immediately.
The success rate of this programme is impressive, and by
working as a team, we can help to maintain a happy school
with happy children.


Whole Year                                                   You can make an appointment if you’d like to but this is
• School raincoat                                            not necessary. Items can also be purchased online from
• School tunic                                               NZ Uniforms. The Marsden Parents’ Association also
                                                             runs a second-hand uniform Facebook page. The group is
• School jersey OR cardigan (note: jersey only
                                                             called ‘Marsden Uniform Resale’.
  from Year 7)
• Coverall/paint shirt                                       Year 6 students will be fitted for their Year 7 uniform
                                                             in Term 4. You will be informed of the exact date for
• School blazer
                                                             your child.
• School bags – backpack and sports bag
                                                             Every item should be clearly marked with the student’s
Summer                                                       name. Clothing and school bags and gym bags should be
• Marsden white short sleeved blouse (please note the        named on the inside rather than on the outside.
  correct style of the collar)                               No jewellery except a small simple watch may be worn to
• White ankle socks (not sports socks)                       school. If ears are pierced, only one gold or silver stud in
• Shoes – plain black leather lace-ups, T-bar or single      each ear may be worn. Please avoid hoops/sleepers; these
  strap shoes. Shiny patent leather is not acceptable; nor   can result in ear injuries.
  are black ‘trainer’ type shoes.                            No coloured nail polish or makeup is to be worn.
• Marsden navy sunhat for playground                         The girls should wear the correct uniform and be neat
• Straw hat for travelling to and from school                and tidy. If hair is longer than collar length it must be tied
  (Terms 1 and 4)                                            back with brown or black elastic, green ribbons, green/
• House badges can be purchased from Mrs Sherlock            tortoiseshell headband, or a tortoiseshell clip. The correct
                                                             sports uniform is also expected at all times. Marsden
Winter                                                       backpacks and sports bags are the only bags to be used,
• Marsden white long sleeved blouse                          and can be purchased through NZ Uniforms.
• Plain black opaque tights                                  Scarves are for outdoor use. The straw panama is a
• Shoes – the same as summer                                 compulsory part of the summer uniform and should be
                                                             worn to and from school in Terms 1 and 4.
• Marsden tie
                                                             Blazers must be worn to all “special occasions” but remain
Optional                                                     in your daughter’s locker during the school day.
• School scarf
• School gloves
• School beanie hat
• House T-shirt (Sprott – red, Fitzherbert – yellow,         Please email or phone the school by 8.30am to report
  Innes – blue) for sports events                            absence or lateness. The email address for absences is
                                                    and the Absentee Voice
Sports Uniform                                               Mailbox is 476 8792 Ext 701 (this mailbox can be used 24
• School PE shorts                                           hours a day, 7 days a week). Absences can also be notified
• School sports shirt                                        via the School App.
• Sports shoes                                               Any pupil wishing to be excused from school, except
• White sports socks                                         for medical and dental appointments, must obtain prior
• School tracksuit                                           permission. If the absence is to be of some duration,
                                                             approval must be sought from the Director of Primary
• School gym bag
                                                             well in advance.
• Plain navy school togs
                                                             No pupil may leave school during school hours without
The Marsden School uniform is available from NZ              permission of a staff member.
Uniforms. Their store is located at 168 Thorndon Quay,
Wellington, phone 238 4727. Their Business hours
are Mon–Fri 9am–5.30pm and Sat 9am–4pm.

Address lists                                                Marsden students and children of staff. Session options
                                                             are: 3.15–4.30pm or 3.15–6.00pm. MASC also provides
Parent Coordinators from each class will produce class       care on Teacher only days. Holiday Programmes are run,
phone lists.                                                 numbers permitting.

Please let Jo Sherlock know within your child’s first        For further details, call or email Jo Sherlock in the Primary
week if you do not wish to be included on these lists.       Office on 464 2033;
                                                             or see
It is very important that all changes of address and phone   Enrolment forms can be found here too.
numbers be notified to Jo Sherlock as soon as possible.

                                                             What not to bring to school
                                                             Please do not bring the following items to school:
This is a parent driven system that we use to collect
                                                             • Electronic toys/games
medical and emergency information, trip permission slips
and forms for dissemination. The system provides parents     • Chewing gum or sweets
with a secure way to share necessary medical information     • Precious or special toys
required by the school in the care of their child. If you    • Mobile phones may be carried for emergency use only
are a new parent to Marsden you will receive an email          but may NOT be used during the school day
from CareMonkey to register your details. Please update
CareMonkey if your contact details or your child’s medical
details change.                                              Boundary

                                                             The following areas are OUT OF BOUNDS, except when
After School Care                                            given permission by a staff member:
                                                             • The terrace path in front of the main reception area
The Marsden After School Club (MASC) provides
                                                             • The rear driveway from Music to the Intermediate block
child care from 3.15pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday. The
programme is open for girls in Years 1–8, siblings of

Bus Service                                                       Library Books

At Marsden we run a number of school buses to                     Once a week, each child will have a School Library visit,
Wellington suburbs. The buses arrive and depart from the          and is able to borrow books to take home. Children are
Vera Street entrance. The bus timetables are available via        also able to use the Library on certain days of the week
MyMarsden                     during their lunch break to exchange library books.
There is a duty teacher who monitors the children as they         Any books, (library/text or any other school property)
leave Marsden at the end of the day. The buses depart             which are lost or damaged, must be replaced by the
from Vera Street at 3.35/3.40pm. Younger children can be          pupils responsible.
buddied with an older student travelling on the same bus.
Please speak to your child’s teacher to arrange this.
                                                                  Lost Property
School Bus Safety Rules
• No eating/drinking on the bus                                   We encourage children to take responsibility for their
                                                                  own property.
• Primary children should be seated towards the front
  of the bus                                                      Lost property is kept in the cupboard downstairs from Jo
• All children must obey the bus driver at all times              Sherlock’s office. These items are put on display from time
                                                                  to time and if unclaimed will be removed.
• Children must ensure that they are on the bus at the
  appropriate times                                               Please ensure that all property that your child brings
• IT devices such as iPads etc should be kept in your             to school is clearly marked or labelled.
  child’s school bag while travelling                             All articles found which are clearly marked with your
Please contact Jo Sherlock if you have any bus or                 child’s name will be returned to them. Unnamed/
Eastbourne shuttle questions.                                     unclaimed lunch boxes will be disposed of regularly.

Disability                                                        Medical Issues

Wheelchair access is possible in the main Primary School          Children should stay home until 24 hours after the last
and in the ground floor of Clere House.                           incident of vomiting or diarrhoea, or if their temperature
                                                                  is elevated.
                                                                  Any child with a contagious disease must remain at
Emergency Procedures
                                                                  home until such time as they are no longer contagious.
                                                                  Our School Nurse will be happy to advise you. Please
The Primary School regularly carries out earthquake,
                                                                  call 476 8792 Ext 819 to speak with her.
lockdown and fire drills so that the children are familiar
with the routines.                                                Any pupil who contracts head lice must remain at home
• All families are asked to contribute two items of food          until it has been treated.
  a year per child, to be kept at school and used in an           The school will contact you if your child is unwell and
  emergency – details are notified on the MyMarsden               needs to go home. The School Nurse will assist sick
  Back to School page          children and will care for them in the medical room until
  Web/7437/ which will be live from mid-January.                  parents arrive to collect them.
• Fire drills will be monitored by the Fire Service or
  relevant agency on a regular basis.
• If medication must be administered during the school
  day, please complete this form giving your permission.
                                                                  During the term outings may be organised by the
  Any serious medical condition should be discussed with
                                                                  teachers. You will be informed of the details of these by
  the School Nurse and Director Jennifer Ioannou.
                                                                  the class teachers.
In the event of an accident, parents/caregivers will be
                                                                  School outings will take place with the appropriate ratio of
contacted as soon as possible by the School Nurse or a
                                                                  adults to children. Occasionally, the cost of outings may
teacher. If it is judged necessary, your child will be taken to
                                                                  be disbursed to your account. You will be informed in
the Karori Medical Centre or Hospital for treatment.
                                                                  advance if this is the case.

Photos                                                          School Grounds

Formal class and individual photos are taken in Term 1.         No cars are to be driven into or parked in the
Formal Cultural and Sports photos are taken in Term 4.          school grounds unless, in exceptional circumstances,
                                                                permission has been granted by the school.
The Arrowsmith programme is a cognitive training
programme designed to strengthen the capacity of
                                                                Stationery such as exercise books will be supplied by the
cognitive functions and is particularly effective for
                                                                school, and this is covered by the school fee.
students with learning differences such as dyslexia,
dyscalculia and auditory and visual processing difficulties.
The programme works with students within the enrolled           Sunblock and Hats
school population who may have typical profiles (ideal
fit for programme) or atypical profile (more complex            Wearing a regulation sunhat is compulsory every day in
cognitive needs). Please refer to https://www.marsden.          summer terms for all children in the playground. Please for more          note straw hats are part of the ‘dress’ uniform and should
information and you can speak with Jennifer Ioannou             not be worn in the playground.
about session options or if you have questions.

                                                                Contact details
Co-curricular activities
                                                                Primary School telephone:
                                                                Jo Sherlock       464 2033
Registrations for Sport can be made via the sports
                                                                Director of Primary:
website for students starting in Term 1 2020,
                                                                Jennifer Ioannou  476 8792 ext 848 Sports registrations for
2020 open on 1 January 2020 and close on 24 January             NZ Uniforms          238 4727
2020 so that teams can be organised before the start of the     Absentee Mailbox     476 8792 Ext 701
season. For students (Years 3–8) starting throughout the        Primary School email address
year, sport registrations can be made by contacting Sports
Coordinator Kathrynn Petrie.

Music tuition                                                   Website
Please visit the Private Music Tuition page on MyMarsden for registration   Marsden has its own website This
details and information about private music lessons.            contains information for prospective families. You can find
                                                                a link to MyMarsden at the top right of the website. This
Speech and Drama                                                is where you will find school information. The News and
Please visit the Speech and Drama page on MyMarsden             Notices pages on MyMarsden are updated regularly. for registration
details and information about Speech and Drama
lessons. Registrations for 2020 need to be submitted by         2020 Term Dates
7 February 2020. New students starting throughout the
year can contact Jan Avison to register.                        Term 1      Monday 3 February – Thursday 9 April
                                                                            Note: Easter and Anzac day occur during
Contact details                                                             the holidays
Sports Coordinator                                              Term 2      Tuesday 28 April – Friday 3 July
Kathrynn Petrie                Term 3      Monday 27 July – Friday 25 September
Music Director                                                  Term 4      Tuesday 13 October – Thursday 10 December
Marian Campbell
Speech and Drama
Jan Avison
Jennifer Evans Dance Studio
Jennifer Evans

     12 /19
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