ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022

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ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022

                Head of School for July 2022

Roycemore School, a 106-year-old preschool through 12th grade independent, co-educational day school with 230 stu-
dents, seeks an educational leader to take on the role of Head of School for July 2022. The next Head of School will find
a school community of professional educators and parents totally dedicated to the individual students and the overall
community. Roycemore takes pride in being a school where students can be themselves in a learner-centered, joyful
yet intellectually demanding environment. True to its Mission and Core Values, generations of Roycemore students
have been inspired to pursue scholarship, integrity, community, respect and compassion. Situated in Evanston, Illinois,
near Northwestern University and adjacent to Chicago, Roycemore faculty take full advantage of partnerships and
resources locally and around the globe. Along with reviewing this introductory opportunity profile, candidates will want
to explore the embedded links and the Roycemore School website.
ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022

Mission                                                                               Quick Facts

                                                                                      Students 2020-2021
To inspire and nurture excellence and prepare each student for success in
higher education and in a dynamic and complex world.                                  Total 		            231
                                                                                      PS-K		              42
                                                                                      1-4		               47
Roycemore is a school that uniquely inspires and innovates
                                                                                      5-8		               71
                                                                                      9-12		              71
•   As a college preparatory school with a rigorous enrollment process,
    Roycemore commits to inspire each student to reach their potential.               Tuition plus fees

    Roycemore’s educational program is learner-centered and differentiated,           PS-K		              $18,486
    which enables each student to pursue their unique path to excellence. The         1-4		               $22,708
    educational program is learner-centered and differentiated.                       5-8		               $26,871
                                                                                      9-12		              $30,792
•   The School’s pioneering January Short Term, launched 50 years ago, pro-
    vides opportunities for students to pursue rich independent projects.             Professional Community
•   Students are individually supported by caring teachers who facilitate
                                                                                      Faculty		           39
    their academic as well as social-emotional growth to become confident
                                                                                      Administrators      8
    scholars, active citizens, and compassionate leaders. The School’s                Educational Aids    6
    Portrait of a Graduate provides equal weight to Scholarship, Citizenship          Auxiliary Staff     5
    and Emotional Intelligence.
                                                                                      Finances 2021
•   Roycemore’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is experienced
    through curriculum, programming and enrollment practices with nearly              Operating Budget		            $5,040,000
    50% students of color and approximately 40% of students receiving some            Financial Aid		               $1,481,000
                                                                                      Tuition Remission		           $248,000
    form of financial aid.                                                            Percent receiving aid         40%
•   An individualized approach is the norm at Roycemore. It results in grad-
    uates who matriculate to schools that are as diverse as the student body          Memberships
    itself, from large public universities to small liberal arts colleges, from art
                                                                                      NAIS - National Association of Indepen-
    schools to engineering schools to Ivy League institutions, and from the           dent Schools
    east coast to west coast and in-between. The 25 seniors of the Class of           ISACS - Independent Schools of Central
    2021 will matriculate to 25 different colleges and universities.                  States
                                                                                      LMAIS - Lake Michigan Association of
•   Roycemore is committed to the wellness of its students through the                Independent Schools
    support of a part-time social worker, and time devoted to the social-emo-
    tional development of students school-wide, including morning meetings
    in the Lower School and advisory in the Middle and Upper Schools. A
    mindfulness program has been adopted school-wide.
ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022

History and Sense of Place

For 106 years, Roycemore School has served as a premier independent school
on Chicago’s North Shore. Northwestern University professors founded
Roycemore as a girls’ college preparatory school, filling a gap in exemplary
educational choice for their daughters. Named for Andrew Royce, the grand-
father of the founding Head of School Julia Henry, the first graduating class
of students chose the colors of blue and gold and the school’s mascot - the
Griffin - from the Royce family crest. The School’s motto, “Fortis et prudens
simul”- strength and careful judgement go together - still inspires today. In
1962, Roycemore became coeducational.

The original school was located on the campus of Northwestern University
at 640 Lincoln Street, Evanston, in a building that alumni remember
fondly. From 1915 to 2011, students attended school in a building designed
for Roycemore by architect Lawrence Buck, which was later designated a
National Historic Landmark. Decades of alumni describe the feeling that
they experienced when at Roycemore - a feeling of comfort, a large, extended
family, a warm and caring community. In essence, Roycemore was “home.”
As wonderful of a home as it was, however, the original site of the school could
not continue to serve as Roycemore’s permanent address. This was primar-
ily because while the building belonged to the School, the land belonged to
Northwestern. Roycemore held a 99-year lease with the University that
was set to expire on June 30, 2014. So, shortly after the turn of the century,
Roycemore trustees and administration began the search in earnest for a
permanent location.

Input from families and faculty was sought on what was most essential when
looking for a new home for the school and, fortunately, the Board of Trustees
found a perfect place to relocate Roycemore - a 2.4-acre property at 1200 Davis
Street, Evanston. Roycemore closed on the purchase of 1200 Davis Street on
December 31, 2010 and campus construction, including a new gymnasium, was
completed in late 2011. A well-orchestrated move to the new site took place over
winter break, allowing the first classes to be held at the new location in January
2012. Parents, students, and faculty all joined in to help with the physical move
to 1200 Davis, demonstrating the sense of community and commitment that has
been a part of the culture of Roycemore since the school’s founding. And while
the school building looked different - in fact, it offered a huge improvement to
the original facilities - the warm, welcoming feeling that existed at the prior
location moved with it to its new home, allowing Roycemore to embrace new
opportunities to inspire and innovate at 1200 Davis.

Roycemore is located in a highly visible and accessible area of Evanston. It is
three blocks from the Metra commuter and CTA Purple Line “El” train stops
in downtown Evanston, which provide direct access to Chicago and several
other communities around Evanston. The CTA bus also has a stop adjacent to
the building.
ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022

Fifty-seven dedicated faculty and staff are committed to the education and          College 2018-2021 Matriculation
development of the student body and community that is known for its strong
relationships, open-mindedness, diversity, commitment to inclusivity and the        Augustana University
                                                                                    Boston College
education of the whole child in the best sense of the term. A professional growth   Bradley University
culture is fostered and weekly opportunities for professional development and       Brandeis University
collaboration are provided through early school dismissal each Thursday. The        Caltech
                                                                                    Carthage College
focus changes from week to week to include professional learning communities,       Chapman University
academic department meetings, and all-school professional development expe-         California Lutheran University
riences. Divisional meetings are held every other week to support cross-over        Champaign College
                                                                                    Colby College
teachers to participate in each division in which they teach.
                                                                                    Colorado State University
                                                                                    Columbia College of Chicago
From its beginnings at 640 Lincoln Street to its current home at the 1200           Colgate University
Davis Street campus, Roycemore continues to provide an important educa-             Cornell College
                                                                                    Culinary Institute of America
tional option not available from other area schools with its combination of         Dartmouth College
small size, diverse student body, individualized educational approach and           DePaul University
commitment to innovation.                                                           Dickinson College
                                                                                    Emerson College
                                                                                    Emory University
Program and Community                                                               Grinnell College
                                                                                    Hamilton College
                                                                                    Harold Washington College
Roycemore provides rigorous yet individualized class work, while offering
                                                                                    Indiana University
creative outlets to reinforce and tailor learning. The School has a dedicated       Illinois Institute of Technology
Learning Specialist for each Division as well as a Gifted Coordinator who           Kalamazoo College
works school-wide. These specialists support teachers and students to               Kenyon College
                                                                                    Lawrence University
ensure that each child is appropriately challenged to reach their individual        Lewis & Clark College
full potential. The School’s Portrait of a Graduate identifies the skills and       Loyola University of Chicago
habits of mind the faculty believe are essential for young people to possess to     Macalester College
                                                                                    Manhattanville College
succeed in a rapidly changing and complex world. An emphasis on the design          Michigan State University
thinking process gives Roycemore students the ability to think creatively,          Michigan Technical University
critically and productively. The School has formed a partnership with Adobe         MIT
                                                                                    Moody Bible Institute
to provide design thinking professional development experiences for the
                                                                                    National Personal Training Institute
faculty so they can effectively use design thinking throughout the curriculum       Northwestern University
and programs. The School’s deep history with Northwestern University has            NYU
included the NU Option, through which Upper School students have had the            Oberlin College
                                                                                    Occidental College
opportunity to take classes at Northwestern. Roycemore also has Memoranda           Otis College of Art & Design
of Understanding related to partnerships with Northwestern University’s             Parsons School of Design
Center for Talent Development and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute to          Pacific Northwest College of Art
                                                                                    Rutgers University
extend opportunities for students.                                                  School of Art Institute
                                                                                    Seattle University
                                                                                    Smith College
                                                                                    The New School (Parsons)
                                                                                    UC Berkeley
                                                                                    UC Davis
                                                                                    UC Irvine
                                                                                    University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
                                                                                    University of North Carolina-Charlotte
                                                                                    University of North Dakota
                                                                                    University of Northwestern Ohio
                                                                                    University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                    University of Pittsburg-Johnstown
                                                                                    University of Rochester
                                                                                    University of South Carolina
                                                                                    University of Washington
                                                                                    Valparaiso University
                                                                                    Wake Forest University
                                                                                    Warren Wilson College
ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022

Early Childhood - Ages 3-5

Essential components of Roycemore’s Early Childhood program include:
    •     Teaching Intentionally Through Play
    •     Social Emotional Development
    •     Writing, Reading & Mathematics
    •     Science and Social Studies
    •     Music, Movement, World Languages and Art

Roycemore’s Early Childhood teachers believe that each child is unique and it
is their responsibility to meet each child’s individual physical, social, intellec-
tual and emotional needs.

The school’s youngest students learn to think critically, develop social-emo-
tional awareness, and become part of their classroom community, which
builds character. Roycemore has carefully crafted classrooms that are diverse
learning centers which represent the students and the outside community
through the choice of materials and activities. Students work collaboratively
to complete projects as part of a team, bringing the projects to life and allow-
ing the children to make sense of all they are learning.

Lower School - Grades 1-4

The Lower School faculty use a variety of educational approaches like
differentiated instruction and teaching through a gifted model to ensure
that all students are appropriately challenged according to their own levels
of achievement. Each day begins with a morning meeting to address the
social-emotional development of children, and physical activity is empha-
sized through both PE classes and 45 minutes of recess daily. Rather than
homework in the Lower School, “home learning” is emphasized, such as
reading to encourage reading for pleasure. Mixed ability mathematics classes
ensure children are appropriately challenged. First through fourth grade
students engage in first through sixth grade math classes. The Lower School
curriculum emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach through thematic units
of study. Each year, a week - Theme Week - is dedicated to a specific thematic
study, during which first through fourth grade students combine to engage
in project-based learning opportunities and apply Design Thinking problem
solving approaches. Leadership is emphasized through the “Leader in Me”
program based on Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Fourth
graders lead the Lower School weekly assembly and recognize fellow students
for demonstrating positive leadership qualities. Leadership also serves as the
foundation for character development.

Essential Components of the Lower School include:
    •     Leadership and Community
    •     Reading, Writing & Math
    •     Theme Week

Middle School - Grades 5-8

Collaboration Meets Hands-On Experience: An essential component of the
Middle School experience is the powerful relationship forged between teacher
and student as well as between peers. College preparatory academics are
balanced with a plethora of opportunities for social growth. Focused on crit-
ical thinking and creativity, the core Middle School curriculum emphasizes
ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022

how to study, explore, research and communicate effectively. The individual
approach from the Lower School continues in the Middle School with stu-
dents in math classes based on their ability rather than grade level. A similar
approach is embraced with World Language. In Middle School, each day
begins with grade level homeroom where students set their intention for the
day, connect with each other in a meaningful way, and engage in conversa-
tion about important topics to support positive relationships and adolescent
development. Students are also assigned to an Advisory as well as a fun House
group for further socialization opportunities to grow as individuals and gain
important citizenship skills. The P3 (Personal Passion Project) program pro-
vides students with the opportunity to engage in projects of their choice, gain
new skills and learn from an expert mentor.

Essential Components of the Middle School include:
    •     Individualized education
    •     Interscholastic sports
    •     Leadership, Character Education and Social Emotional Learning
    •     Personal Passion Projects (P3)

Upper School - Grades 9-12

College Preparatory Curriculum, Person to Person: The Upper School is com-
mitted to providing student coursework that is as interesting as it is challeng-
ing, access for all students to extracurricular activities and the opportunity to
establish positive relationships with peers and adults. The goal of the cur-
riculum is to prepare the individual student for success in college and in life.
Roycemore promotes an active advisory program to encourage, aid and guide
the student in recognizing and fulfilling his or her unique potential.

Essential Components of the Upper School include:
    •     January Short Term (JST)
    •     Northwestern University dual enrollment option
    •     Personal College Counseling
    •     Interscholastic Sports and Student-Driven Club offerings

Griffin Buddies

Partnerships of students in grades 7-12 with one or more of the younger stu-
dents is a long-standing tradition at Roycemore. Griffin Buddies sit together at
the all-school events beginning with the August Opening of School Kick-off and
throughout the year for many of the fun and educational, all-school traditions
that have developed over Roycemore’s 106-year history. Roycemore Day (i.e., the
school’s birthday), Carnival, Wassail, Hour of Code, Lunar New Year, Palio (the
school’s oldest tradition), Spirit Week and the Young Evanston Artists Festival
are some of the major events during which Griffin Buddies unite.
ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022

Clubs and Activities

Students in Lower, Middle and Upper School have a remarkable range of club
and activity choices to meet their interests and to enhance their educational
experience at Roycemore.

Some of the current offerings include the following and might change from
year to year based on student interest:
Lower School: Board Game Club, Chess, Improv, STEAM, Lego Club, Martial
Arts, Math Club, Odyssey of the Mind, Running Club and Yoga

Middle School: Acting and Improv, Art, Board and Video Game Club, Chess,
Choir, Coding, Diversity Club, Fencing, Gender Sexuality Alliance, Martial
Arts, Math Club, National Junior Honor Society, Odyssey of the Mind,
Robotics, Yearbook, and Yoga

Upper School: Board and Video Game Club, Chorus, Chess, Community
Service, Debate Club, Gender Sexuality Alliance, Diversity Club, E-Sports,
Model UN, Muslim Students Association, Multicultural Club, K-Pop, Odyssey
of the Mind, Math Club, Musical, National Honor Society, the Spring Play,
Politics Club, Scholastic Bowl, Student Government, Yearbook, Tech Tutoring,
Variety Show and Yoga

Lower School, Middle School and Upper School students participate in the
Roycemore signature Tumbling program and can sign up for musical instru-
ment lessons and performance opportunities through the school’s partnership
with the Chicago School of Musical Arts.

Interscholastic Athletics

Middle School and Upper School students may participate in the following
no-cut athletic opportunities: Cross Country, Co-ed Soccer, Volleyball and
Basketball. Students enjoy opportunities to learn teamwork and leadership as
well as participate in activities that approach social justice through sports.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Roycemore has been at the forefront of promoting Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion initiatives for students, families and faculty. The school is
proud of its own diverse community and strives to respectfully under-
stand and embrace the experiences, traditions and behaviors of members
of the Roycemore community and the broader world community in which
Roycemore students and families engage.

Admissions, Advancement and Finance

The next Head of School will find admissions and retention to be one of the
essential opportunities and challenges facing the school. Evanston has strong
public schools and a community dedicated to their success. In addition, the
greater Chicago area is well known for an outstanding network of private and
independent schools. Enrollment has grown from 213 students in 2018-19 to
231 in 2020-21. Projections are to be near 240 for the coming year.

During the past five years, the Board and Head have made remarkable
progress to strengthen the financial position of the School. The April 2021
ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022

refinancing of bonds that were issued when the School moved to its current
location has significantly reduced budget pressures. The proposed budget
for 2022 shows a surplus.

Fundraising is important for the operation of Roycemore. The Head of School,
the Director of Development and the Board work with members of the com-
munity on the Annual Fund and other fundraising efforts. Although the School
is 106 years old, Roycemore has only a fledgling endowment. The new Head of
School will be charged with developing and advancing an endowment program.

Roycemore is committed to economic diversity and offers need-based finan-
cial aid to approximately 40% of its students. In addition, tuition remission is
offered to the children of faculty and staff.

Governance and Leadership

The Roycemore Board of Trustees is comprised of 15-20 members. Currently,
a combination of current parents, past parents, grandparents, alumni, a com-
munity representative and a head of school from another area independent
school make up a dedicated, well-run Board. The Board and Head have a solid
relationship and partnership. The Board is mindful of its role and leads in
appropriate ways.

The Head of School works with the Board and with an 8-member adminis-
trative team. Administrators at Roycemore, like at any small school, wear
multiple hats.

Opportunities at Roycemore School

The Roycemore Board, current Head of School and faculty have positioned
the school so it can maintain all the positive characteristics of a small school
while enhancing opportunities for students, faculty and the entire school com-
munity. The new Head of School will find a community that loves the school
and focuses simultaneously on the individual.

During meetings with the Board and faculty, the ideal new Head was charac-
terized as a “leader who is the first among equals” and the “lead learner, lead
listener and lead leader” of the Roycemore community. The positive efforts to
solidify the financial position of the School makes the following opportunities
the primary goals for the new Head of School.

Enrollment and Retention

There is space to grow on the Roycemore campus. The addition of mission-ap-
propriate students and improved retention of current students will benefit
every aspect of the School community and operations. Roycemore offers unique
opportunities for individual students to thrive. Communicating the value of the
School is crucial. Sharing the stories of the students, families and faculty in an
effort to raise the profile of the School is vital. Demonstrating how the School
is able to adjust quickly and creatively to the changing needs of individual stu-
dents and the community will highlight a strength of the School. The Board and
community are developing a new strategic plan that will set a path to enhance
the Roycemore experience in the coming years. The new Head will have the
strategic plan and the upcoming accreditation with ISACS as tools to guide
program enrichment and to establish a clear vision for the future.
ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022


The strong, personal relationships shared with members of the Roycemore
community are highly valued. The new Head of School will need to maintain
and nurture existing relationships and develop new relationships. The impor-
tance of having past and current members of the community connected to the
School is essential for all fundraising activities. These relationships, com-
bined with appreciation for the special role Roycemore plays in the lives of
students and the greater Evanston community, will contribute to the develop-
ment of an endowment to secure the future of the school and the progression
and success of Roycemore’s capital campaign to build an innovation center
at the School. The new Head of School will need to be a master communica-
tor who can unite community members around a plan to ensure Roycemore
thrives into its second century of educating students and supporting families.

Faculty and Staff Development and Compensation

Roycemore faculty are respected for their dedication to their students and
their professions. All members of the faculty and staff take on multiple respon-
sibilities to ensure the student experience is excellent. Beyond school-wide
professional development to unify curriculum and programs and to enhance
teaching and learning, there is a need to enrich Roycemore’s compensation
and benefits programs. The new Head of School will find that Roycemore is in
a highly competitive public school and independent school market. While fac-
ulty enjoy the benefits of being in a small school that respects their knowledge
and skills, attention to salary and benefits will lengthen the tenure of faculty
and staff, help attract qualified candidates for open positions and benefit the
school community.

Innovation and Educational Programming

Roycemore walks the talk of individualized and differentiated instruction.
Programs like the January Short Term, Personal Passion Projects and Theme
Week not only allow for individual student development but also enrich the
full academic experience. Roycemore is positioned to be a school of the future
in the most positive sense of the term. In addition to innovative approaches
to programming, it is a member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium and
embraces innovative ways of thinking about how schools must change to
support the rapidly changing economic landscape that students will be expe-
riencing after Roycemore. To help students develop the skills they will need,
Roycemore recently launched a project to build an innovation center at the
School. The new Head of School will be able to lead the faculty in the con-
tinued development of programs that prepare Roycemore students for their
future, which includes college readiness but also extends into areas of citizen-
ship, career development and innovation skills and total personal growth.

Roycemore Community Member

The Roycemore community seeks a new Head of School who wants to be
immersed in the Roycemore, Evanston, and greater Chicago communities.
The Roycemore community understands that it takes time to build relation-
ships, advance strategy, and build an endowment while operating the School
for current students. There is great pride in what Roycemore provides to the
greater Chicago and Evanston areas. Having a new Head of school committed
to establishing roots and building partnerships will be essential for the School
to grow and develop as desired by the Board, faculty and community.
ROYCEMORE Head of School for July 2022

Candidate Attributes and Experiences
The Board of Trustees and broader Roycemore School community seek a passionate, engaged and committed educa-
tional leader who has demonstrated the ability to embrace a mission, vision and philosophy of education exemplified
at the School.

Candidates must demonstrate most, if not all, of the following critical competencies:

     •   Dedication to the individualized education of students ranging from pre-school through twelfth grade
     •   Ability to grow the enrollment of a school in a competitive environment
     •   Enthusiasm for fundraising and community development
     •   Passion to work with faculty to support their professional development and enhance academic
         and co-curricular programs
     •   Track record for uniting a community around a vision and strategic plan
     •   Commitment to service to the school and greater community

Candidates should demonstrate the following executive leadership and management abilities and credentials:

     •   An advanced degree and demonstrated professional development
     •   A record of achievement with at least seven years of senior administrative experience
     •   Successful experience leading a small organization that encourages involvement at all levels with humility
         and pride, and the ability to wear many hats
     •   Aptitude to address big picture issues as well as the details of leading a school community
     •   Experience in recruiting, supervising and developing high-functioning teams
     •   Respected as an excellent communicator with skill in public speaking and writing

The new Head of School will be:

     •   Inspiring and passionate about Roycemore
     •   A relationship builder with strong emotional intelligence attributes
     •   A flexible thinker who can lead through change while respecting tradition
     •   Highly visible, accessible and approachable to all constituents
     •   A role model for children and adults able to show warmth, care and joy
     •   Comfortable in professional and social environments with exceptional cultural competency

Information Regarding the Search Process and Calendar
A search is underway to identify a new Head of School, who will assume the position on July 1, 2022.

Roycemore School is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and will follow NAIS
Principles of Good Practice regarding Head of School searches. Roycemore School is accredited by the Independent
Schools of the Central States (ISACS). The Board of Trustees has appointed a search committee to conduct the search
and has engaged Educational Directions to assist the committee.

Compensation will be within the expected norms of comparable schools.

Please direct all inquiries, applications and nominations in confidence to:

                                    Mike Murphy at
                                   Dr. John Watson at

Candidates should submit:

     •    A cover letter explaining their interest in Roycemore School addressed to members of the Search
     •    A resume
     •    A personal statement that includes their leadership journey to this point in time
     •    The names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of five references with their affiliation to the
          candidate (references will not be contacted without prior agreement of the candidate). Finalists
          will be expected to provide seven additional references.

                                   Electronic submission of credentials is required.
                    Candidates are encouraged to begin the application process as soon as possible.
            Candidates submitted to the Search Committee will be asked to complete a short video interview.

Application Deadline			                     November 12, 2021, if not sooner**
Candidates Notified of Status		             December 15, 2021
Semifinalist Interviews			                  January 8-9, 2022
Finalist Interviews			                      January 18-February 1, 2022

** Roycemore School reserves the right to accelerate the calendar for highly qualified candidates.

           Roycemore School is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks qualified candidates
                                      from a wide variety of backgrounds and identities.
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