Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021

Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021
Exchange Student
Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021
               •   About EPITA                            P.4

               •   Key Figures                            P.5

               2. UNIVERSITY LIFE
               •   Academic System                        P.7

               •   French Higher Education                P.8
               •   Grading System                         P.9

               3. STUDYING AT EPITA

               •   Classes                                P.11

               •   Orientation & Buddy Program            P.12

               •   Activities                             P.13

               •   Campus: Map & Facilities               P.14

               •   Becoming a Student at EPITA            P.15

               •   Enrollment                             P.16


               •   Visa                                   P.18

               •   Accommodation                          P.19

               •   Bank Account & Mobile Phone            P.20

               •   Health                                 P.21

               •   Working in France                      P.22

               5. LIVING IN PARIS

               •   The arrival                            P.24

               •   Public Transports and Getting Around   P.25
                   the City
               •   Budget                                 P.26

               •   Going out & Night Life                 P.28

               •   Shopping for food                      P.30

               •   Travelling in France & Europe          P.31

               •   Practical Information                  P.32

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Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021
Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021

Founded in 1984, EPITA is a bilingual Graduate School of Computer Science. Thanks to its

                                                                                                 1. EPITA
unique pedagogical approach, EPITA trains its students to become outstanding engineers
who boast a solid base of scientific knowledge and the most advanced skills in the digital
sector. EPITA also welcomes a wide range of foreign students thanks to its several
international programs: bachelor, Master of Engineering, summer schools and French
language courses

EPITA is ranked among the top computer engineering schools in

As one of the leading French science and engineering schools, EPITA is committed to
ensuring that all students have meaningful opportunities for personal growth and
professional achievement in the future.

                                                      “ The academic program for future
                                                      digital engineers is heavily focused
                                                      on science and technology, and
                                                      must rapidly include core values
                                                      such as environmental, societal,
                                                      entrepreneurial, ethic and human

                                                      The women and men who will work
                                                      with the new Internet of data, guide
                                                      the creation of artificial intelligence,
                                                      oversee new mobilities and
                                                      permanently help protect
                                                      cyberspace must be
                                                      complementary in their shared
                                                      vision of the future.”

                                                                              Joël Courtois
                                                                 Managing Director of EPITA

Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021

                                            1. EPITA
    2 700                        40
    Students                    Students

     7 700
                               2 000
    around the                  Partner
       world     6 000
                 offers each
    100 %
                                20 %
    find a job                 Graduates
      after 2                    work
      months     100 %

Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021
Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021

• Academic Calendar

                                                                                                      2. UNIVERSITY LIFE
                                           Dates are subject to change!
            Academic Calendar
                2020/2021                  SEMESTRE 1 (FALL)          SEMESTRE 2 (SPRING)
                                           Starts on     Ends on      Starts on     Ends on

                    Year 1                 01/09/2020    08/01/2021   11/01/2021    04/06/2021

                    Year 2                 01/09/2020    18/12/2020   04/01/2021    28/05/2021

                    Year 3                 21/09/2020    12/02/2021   22/02/2021    09/07/2021

       Year 4 Specializations (CS –DSA –   07/09/2020    12/02/2021   15/02/2021    16/07/2021

• ECTS system
  ECTS is the European Credits Transfer System, the point system created by the European
  Union in order to facilitate the transfer of students and their grades between European higher
  education institutions by allowing national and local grading systems to be interchangeable.

                                             A bachelor’s                            A master’s
       1 ECTS credit
                                           degree (3 years)                        degree (2 years)
            =                                                                             =
        25-30 work                         180 to 240 ECTS                            120 ECTS
          hours.                                credits                                credits

• Examples of ECTS equivalence
       Canada, China,
        South Korea,                           Mexico:
                                                                                    1 local credit
            USA:                            1,6 local credit
        1 local credit                             =
                                                                                    1,5 ECTS or
              =                              0, 625 ECTS
           2 ECTS

Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021

 There are three types of higher education institutions in France: Universities, Grandes écoles,

                                                                                                      2. UNIVERSITY LIFE
 and Specialized schools.

 Universities are public institutions that offer academic, technical, and professional degrees to
 any student who has obtained a baccalauréat or its foreign equivalent. University study leads
 to degrees in many fields. Degrees are awarded at 3 different levels of achievement,
 called cycles, within a framework referred to as licence, master, doctorat (LMD), which is
 described in the following section.

 The Grandes écoles are selective public and private institutions. They are like universities but
 typically offer a more specialized 3-year course of study in subjects such as business, public
 administration, or engineering. Students are admitted to the Grandes écoles based on their
 scores on a competitive exam. Before taking this exam, students must have obtained
 a baccalauréat, and they often have taken a 2-year preparatory course (cours
 préparatoires or prépas). Students graduate from a Grande école with a master's degree

 Specialized schools are public or private institutions delivering Licence and Master’s degrees
 that train students for professional careers in specific fields, such as art, architecture, social
 work, or tourism.

• What is the LDM Framework?
 The LMD framework is the result of the Bologna Process to harmonize university qualifications
 in Europe. The French current system rests on the following principles :

                                       The Master / Master’s                 Doctorat / PhD:
                                                degree:                      Students holding
   The Licence / Bachelor’s
                                          After completing a             a master recherche may
                                       licence, students can             complete an additional 3
   A 3-year study program
                                         apply for a master’s              years' coursework to
      or 6 semesters at
                                      degree which is a 2-year                  qualify for
     undergraduate level
                                         study program or 4                  a doctorat (PhD
                                             semesters.                        equivalent).

Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021

  The grading system in France is on a scale of 0 to 20. Students must obtain at least 10/20 to

                                                                                                              2. UNIVERSITY LIFE
  be awarded ECTS credits.

• ECTS Grading Scale:

   ECTS      French Grade     Definition

   A         16/20 - 20/20    EXCELLENT                Outstanding performance with no or only minor errors

   B         14/20 - 16/20    VERY GOOD                Above the average standard but with some errors

   C         12/20 - 14/20    GOOD                     Generally sound work with a number of notable errors

   D         10/20 - 12/20    SATISFACTORY             Fair but with significant shortcomings

   E              10/20       SUFFICIENT               Performance meets the minimum criteria

   FX         8/20 - 10/20    FAIL                     Some more work required before the credit can be

   F            0/20 - 7/20   FAIL                     Considerable further work is required

• ECTS credits:

   1 Semester                        1 Academic year

   30 ECTS credits                   60 ECTS credits

 At the end of each semester a transcript of record is established by the school and sent to the
 students and the university. Each professor will inform on the evaluation and testing methods.

Exchange Student Handbook 2020/2021

• Course Selection                               • Classes at EPITA

                                                                                               3. STUDYING A TEPITA
  Students’ home universities will ask you         EPITA offers classes taught both in
  to fill out a learning agreement which           French and English.
  will clearly indicate the courses they
  have selected and their ECTS credits.            Students finalises their class selection
  These will be the courses students will          with the Incoming Student Officer upon
  need      to    validate  during    their        arrival. They have access to EPITA
  semester/year at EPITA.                          online platform Chronos where they will
                                                   have access to the class schedules.
                                                   They will only have access to the
  Students will, at first, select select
                                                   classes that are part of and will not be
  courses via an internal platform to
                                                   able to select courses from other
  which they will have access once
  enrolled at EPITA. Students can
  participate in the first class and decide        Each student will have an average
  then whether to continue or drop the             workload of 25 hours per week and per
  course. Once the learning agreement              class. Students will have lectures and
  approved by both the universities, no            personal work to do.
  change can be made.
                                                   Once you have made your selection,
                                                   attendance is mandatory. There is a
  It will be your responsibility to attend all
                                                   specific attendance tool on which your
  the courses you have selected and
                                                   presence will be notified and followed.
  validate them. Teachers will give you all
                                                   Each absence must be justified by a
  the details on the evaluation modes.
                                                   medical certificate or other certificate.

   The syllabi of EPITA’s courses are on our website and can be sent by the incoming
   mobility officer on demand. Or students can have access to the Sway document with
   syllabi updated.


Before the beginning of each semester, an
                                                     • EPITA offers other

                                                                                  3. STUDYING A TEPITA
orientation session is organized to introduce
international students the team that will
accompany        them       throughout      their
                                                       student support
semester/year at EPITA. They will meet their
Incoming Students Officer from the
International Relations Department who will be
their main contact during their stay at EPITA.
All academic information and the practical
details of the semester will be explained, and a             40        Gym
campus tour is organized to help students find            student     Centre
the classrooms and the key areas.                        societies     Pass

International students have the possibility to
be assigned a buddy who will accompany and
assist them during their experience at EPITA.
                                                         Mental      open 24/7
                          Having what we call
                          an EPIBUDDY is not              Health        with
                          mandatory            but       Support     student ID
                          strongly                                      card
                          recommended           by
                          the        International
                          Department            of      Computer
                          EPITA.              The         labs
                          EPIBUDDY contacts                 +
                          will be shared with
                          international                                 Line
                          students before their
                          arrival in France.

                                                          platform    French
                                                             for     Language
                                                         incoming     Center


Here is a sample of activities students can join during their stay at EPITA:

                                                                                                          3. STUDYING A TEPITA

 Campus sport student society offers a wide
 range of individual and group physical                   CULTURE
 activities. Enrolled students receive an official
 licence from the FFSU (French University
 Sport Federation) Telephone & Internet
                                                          International student society welcoming
 (contract per month)
                                                          newcomers and organising a great range of
 AISM                                                     activities among which Paris visits, Cheese &
                                                          Wine testing and French movies projections
 Aims at promoting motor sports among
 students. Various events, held in France and
 abroad, are offered for both beginners and
                                                          Promotes Japanese culture among students
 advanced students
                                                          and throughout Europe. Main activities are:
 Le Baby                                                  Karaoke, film projections, drawing, musical
                                                          video games)
 Students share their passion of babyfoot and
 organizes tournaments throughout the year

  Ephemere                                                Humanitarian & charity actions on campus
                                                          and in the surroundings (roam, collecting
  Helps to develop students’ talent and passion           necessities, fund-raising)
  for Photography. The society is often present
  to take the best clichés of EPITA events

  Organizes events and animations that
  promote the art of tattooing.


• Kremlin-Bicêtre Campus                           • Facilities

                                                                                               3. STUDYING A TEPITA
                                                        Kremlin-Bicêtre campus - a
                                                        cafeteria is open on weekdays from
3. STUDYING A TEPITA                                    8:00 am to 6:00 pm where students
                                                        can enjoy a breakfast or a lunch.
                                                        There is a break area on the 6th
                                                        floor of the Voltaire building which
•    Kremlin-Bicêtre Campus                             is mainly for international students
                                                        and students can also chill in an
                                                        open area in the center of the
                                                        campus. Soft drinks and snack
                                                        vending      machines     are   also
                                                        available at various areas.

• Villejuif Campus

                                                        Villejuif campus - 15 min away from
                                                        Porte D'Italie, accessible by the
                                                        subway. The campus includes
                                                        classrooms, practical and research
•    Villejuif Campus
                                                        labs, a fireplace, a cafeteria open
                                                        on weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00
                                                        pm,         several    multi-purpose
                                                        relaxation and work rooms, all in a
                                                        beautiful wooded park.

                              Wireless Internet Access everywhere with
                              the logins students receive at the arrival

                              All classrooms have a video projector and
                              high tech materials


• You can join the EPITA experience

                                                                                                                3. STUDYING A TEPITA
  in 3 different ways!
  ▪ Exchange Student

  Students can apply as exchange students if their home university has an agreement with EPITA.

  Students must contact their international office and ask for information on the process of application. The
  international office will then nominate the selected candidates at EPITA and keep the students informed on
  the process.

  As exchange students, EPITA tuition fees will be waived and students will only have to pay for personal,
  travelling and housing expenses.

  ▪ Study Abroad Student

  Students from non-partner institutions can still apply if they are interested in studying at EPITA.

  Students will need to pay EPITA tuition fees - €3,900 for 1 semester. A scholarship can be granted after
  studying the application.

  • Summer School Student

  Each year EPITA organizes summer school programs to allow students to enjoy the vibrant city of Paris and
  study in one of the Top Engineering schools in France in July.


Once students have been accepted to do their studies at EPITA, they will need to follow

                                                                                             3. STUDYING A TEPITA
several steps:


                  Finding the International
                      Relations Office!

                  Students need to go see
                   the Incoming Students
                        Officer in the
                   International Relations                     Collecting the Student
                    Office in the Kremlin-                              Card!
                      Bicêtre Campus
                                                             Students need to give the
                                                             necessary documents to
                                                               the Incoming Student
                                                              Officer and collect their
                                                                   student cards

         Participating in the Orientation

           Students will need to attend
          the orientation day held at the
           beginning of each semester.
                                                                   Finalising choices
              This day will give to our
           international students all the                       After the first classes of
             key information about the                           each unit, student will
             campus and the different                           have the opportunity to
                      courses                                   confirm or change their
                                                               courses’ choices with the
                                                              Incoming Students Officer


All non-EU students coming to study in France need a student visa.

The type of visa depends on the length of students’ stay.

                                                                                                    4. ADMINSTRATIVE PROCEDURES
Administrative procedures to obtain a French visa can be very different and take time
depending on your home country.

• General Information                              • Work permit
The French diplomacy website gives general         It is very difficult and long to obtain a work
information about student visas and the            permits, but solutions exist. If students have
types of visas (Long-stay/ short-stay visa)        a residence permit, they don’t need a work
                                                   permit if a job takes up less than 964
                                                   hours/year. Employers must inform the
We recommend students to contact the               Préfecture beforehand. More details here.
French embassy in their Home country to
get more information about procedures.
                                                   To cover their expenses, many students do:
Visa procedures must be completed before your      ❑ Baby sitting (€10 - €15 an hour)
arrival in France.                                 ❑ Language classes (€10/hour or more if
                                                       you have some teaching experience or if
                                                       your language is rare)
•        Residence permit                          ❑ Work in bars and Fast-food restaurants.

                                                   These jobs opportunities are found
Non-EU students coming to study need a             networking, classified ads, specialised apps,
student visa AND a residence permit to stay        flyers left in local stores or schools. The
more than 6 months.                                French Ministry of Education has a
                                                   dedicated website.
Within 2 months of your visa/temporary
residence permit expiry date, if you want to
stay on longer in France, you have to go to
the local préfecture (French local authority)
and apply for a renewable residence permit.

                           Useful links to help students in their process:

                           Campus France
                           Gouvernement Français – Visa
                           Office Français de L'Immigration          et      de
                           L'Intégration (OFII)


Finding accommodation in the Île-de-France region can be very challenging, expensive and can
take some time. It is recommended that you plan much in advance. Every student is responsible
for finding their own accommodation.

                                                                                                        4. ADMINSTRATIVE PROCEDURES
EPITA does not provide any campus accommodation. However, we offer housing and airport
transfer services for which you can request during your application process.

 ✓ Find a place: OPTION 1                               ✓ Find a place: OPTION 2
 Exchange students coming to EPITA have the             Students can also find an accommodation by
 possibility of arranging their accommodation           themselves. However, they have to make sure
 before they arrive:                                    to look long before coming to Paris. It is
                                                        difficult to find a private accommodation for
 •    €125 booking fees, including airport pickup
                                                        foreign students and it can be expensive.
 Students will live with other international
 students in furnished accommodations with
                                                        Available websites:
 bills included and within easy walking distance
 from campus.                                           • PAP (de particulier à particulier)
                                                        • La carte des colocs (finding flatmates)
 •    The rents range from €350 to €750, depending on
      the type of accommodation.

 Getting an Housing insurance! - Mandatory
                                                                   Useful links:

 Students must subscribe to a housing insurance no matter          Studapart (code: EPITALOGEMENT)
 where they are going to live. It will cover damages such as       CIUP
 robbery, fire or flood.                                           Immojeune

   Students will need to open a bank account while staying in France.

   EPITA has an agreement with BNPPARIBAS: International students can open their bank
   account there.

                                                                                                                  4. ADMINSTRATIVE PROCEDURES
   Opening an account makes life easier when paying bills and subscriptions.

• Opening a bank                                           •   In case students lose their credit card or
  account                                                      check book!
                                                           ❑ Let the bank know so that it can block the
                                                             card. This is a 24/7 service that direct the
   Students must have (at least) the following
                                                             call to the “centre d ’opposition”
   three documents with them in order to open a
   bank account:
                                                           ❑ A report to the central police station is
❑ ID card or passport                                        necessary if the card has been lost or
❑ Proof of address in France                                 stolen. If this step is skipped, the insurance,
❑ An acceptance letter from EPITA or student                 that came with your credit card, will not
  card.                                                      work.

   You will be guided during the orientation day in
   this procedure and all the details will be
   provided. The bank account opening can be               • Mobile Phone
   done after your arrival in France.
                                                               Students can buy a chip mobile phone
   It is important that students close their French bank       when they arrive in France at a mobile
   account before they leave
                                                               network carrier’s store (Orange, SFR,
                                                               Bouygues, etc.).
• Managing your account:
                                                               Students will need to choose a « forfait »
  avoid overdrafts!                                            (plan) – they need to be aware that most
                                                               plans have a 1 year commitment at least.
   If students spend more than what they have
   on their account, they might have to pay high
                                                               Here are the commitment- free plans:
   overdraft fees or “agios” – If the bank’s
   interest rate for agios is 17%, students may            -   SOSH
   have to pay 17% more than what they owe                 -   SFR (RED)
                                                           -   Free
   For example: if a student spend €100 without
   having it on the account, this student will have            Make sure to mention your specific needs for the
                                                               best deals.
   to pay €117 to the bank. Students need to be
   careful with their expenses

Social security affiliation is free and obligatory for all students in France, whether they are
French of foreign nationals.

                                                                                                        4. ADMINSTRATIVE PROCEDURES
 • European Students                                   • International Students

                                                       ❑ Non-European students under 28 must sign
 ❑ European students usually have a
                                                         up to the social insurance system
   European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
   or a temporary certificate.
                                                       ❑ Students needs to sign up once registered at
 ❑ The medical costs are reimbursed at
   the same level as they would be in their            ❑ The cost of this social insurance is around
   home country. This card must be valid                 €215
   until the end of the academic year.
                                                       ❑ It reimburses medical expenses but not all
                                                         the expenses

                                                       ❑ To increase your health insurance pay-out,
                                                         you can register for an additional health
                                                         cooperative (not mandatory but strongly

                                                       ❑ EU student without a European Health
                                                         Insurance Card (EHIC) need to do the same

                                    Uaseful links:
                                    Ameli for foreign students
                                    Planning Familial


International students at EPITA can work alongside their studies or participate in paid intern
missions for EPITA

                                                                                                 4. ADMINSTRATIVE PROCEDURES
French law allows foreign students to work 964 hours a year, or the equivalent of 60% of the
legal working hours limit. Students can therefore only earn a partial salary. If you are not a
European Union citizen then you must have a student residence permit in order to work in

Studying at EPITA can sometimes be a lot of work, so we do not advise foreign students to
work alongside their studies.

  Students must request a work
  permit in the following three             It is highly recommended for students to have at
  cases:                                          least a B1-B2 level in French in order to
                                            communicate with your employer and colleagues
  ❑ You must work more than the
    authorized number of hours
  ❑ If you hold a temporary six-
    month visa
  ❑ If you are an Algerian student
                                           Working conditions and Law

  Paid Intern missions at EPITA
                                           From 1 January 2010, all employees in the
  Internal activities, when they           national workplace relations system receive 10
  come out of what is normally             basic minimum entitlements known as the National
  expected from students, also give        Employment Standards (NES). The NES include:
  rise to paid missions. It is then
  important to check EPITA website         ❑   Maximum weekly hours of work
  and stay tuned on EPITA                  ❑   Requests for flexible working arrangements
  activities!                              ❑   Parental leave and related entitlements
                                           ❑   Annual leave
                                           ❑   Personal/carer’s leave, compassionate leave
                                               and family and domestic violence leave
                                           ❑   Community service leave
        Useful websites:                   ❑   Long service leave                     ❑   Public holidays                       ❑   Notice of termination and redundancy pay
                                           ❑   Provision of a Fair Work Information


  Paris has 3 major airports: Orly (16 km south of the city centre), Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle

                                                                                                        5. LIFE IN PARIS
  (27km north of the city centre), and Beauvais (80km from Porte Maillot in Paris).

  How to get around once you arrive at the airport?

• EPITA Service                                       • RoissyBus & OrlyBus
  EPITA transport & accommodation service                You can also take shuttles from both
  can provide a car that can pick you up.                Charles de Gaulle and Orly airport. You
                                                         can ask at the information desk.
                                                         Approximate prices:

• Taxi
                                                        ▪ From Charles de Gaulle to Opera:
  Recognizing an official taxi
                                                           the bus will drop you in the center of
  Taxis stand at the arrival gates and have                Paris. You will need to buy another
  luminous signs on the roof. If you are
                                                           ticket if you want to take the subway
  approached by anyone claiming to be a taxi
                                                           after the ride.
  driver at the exit of the baggage claim, we
  suggest that you decline any of their offers of
  transport.                                               Departure from Roissy Charles de
                                                           Gaulle (Terminal 1 - Terminal 3 -
                                                           Terminal 2AC - Terminal 2D - Terminal
• Train or RER                                             2EF), arrival Opéra (corner rue Scribe &
                                                           rue Auber).
  The RER line B serves Roissy Charles de                                                  €13,70
  Gaulle in the north and Orly airport in the
  south of Paris.                                       ▪ From Orly airport to Denfert
                                                          Rochereau: the bus will drop you near
                                                          the subway station Denfert Rochereau.
  RER B- Roissy Charles de Gaulle                         You will need to buy another ticket if
                                                          you want to take the subway after the
  RER B- Orly: Direction Antony and then take             ride.
  the Orlyval
                                                           Departure from Orly (Terminal           1,
                                                           Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4)


Getting around in Île-de-France and Paris is very easy.

                                                                                                    5. LIFE IN PARIS
An extensive five-zone public transport network serves Paris and the Île-de-France region
and includes metro, bus, tram, regional express train (RER), and regional train (Transilien)
links. The RATP group is responsible for operating most public transport services in Paris
and the surrounding area. SNCF, the National Train Company operates all the trains from
express, to regional to national trains. Students can easily go from one side of the city to
the other using public transports

 •The “imagine R Étudiant” subscription
 Annual subscription aimed at students under 26 living in
 the Île-de-France region for unlimited journeys around the
 entire region (all zones: €350/year)

 •The monthly “Navigo” subscription
 Monthly subscription for unlimited journeys in all zones
 (€75.20/ month)

Subway, bus and tramway: Students can easily go from one side of the city to the other
using public transports
                                                                                 € 1,90 = 1ticket
             •Subway                                          •The bus
             Fastest, cheapest, and most                      An excellent way to discover
             simple way to get around in                      Paris. Bus lines in Paris for the
             Paris. The metro network is                      most part run from Monday
             made up of 16 lines and 300                      until Friday from 6.00am until
             stations across Paris and its                    12.30am. Services may
             suburbs. Services begin                          decrease on Sundays and
             everyday around 5/45am and                       holidays depending on the line.
             finish around 12.45am (from
             Sunday to Thursday) and
             1.45am (Friday and Saturday).                    • Noctilien
                                                              A bus service that mainly
                                                              operates during night-time.
             •Tramway                                         With roughly 47 lines, you can
             Three of the 10 tram lines of Île-               travel in Paris and the Île-de-
             de-France: serve Paris: the T2,
                                                              France region between
             T3a and T3b. Tram tickets are
                                                              12.30am and 5.30am.
             the same as metro and RER
             tickets within Paris.


Living in Paris can sometime be very challenging and expensive.

                                                                                                 5. LIFE IN PARIS
Students must be prepared before coming to France to live a unique experience and
discover things different from their home country.
This is an approximate guide of the living costs in Paris. These figures can easily change.

        Acommodation          Per month

     Studio at CIUP           €470-€700

     Private studio           € 800

     Shared flat                                             Food
                              € 550

     Shared room                                         Meal at EPITA cafeteria   €5.00
                              € 490
                                                         Meal at Restaurant        €15-€20
     Electricity & Water      € 50
                                                         Sandwich                  €4-€6

                                                         Coffee                    €1.00-€2.00
                                                         Baguette                  €1.20-€1.80
     Monthly travel pass     €75.20
                                                         Pastry                    €1.50-€3.00
     Metro ticket            €1.90
                                                         Glass of wine             €4.00
     Pack 10 metro tickets   €14.90
                                                         Beer                      €3.50
     On-board bus ticket     €2.00

     Student travel pass     €28.5

     Vélib’                  €3.00

                              Sales tax & tips

                              In France, prices are shown TTC (all tax
                              included): Tips are optional.


                                                                                    5. LIFE IN PARIS
Telephone & Internet (contract per month)       Entertainement
                                            Cinema ticket            €8.00-€12.00
Mobile phone               €15.00
                                            Swimming Pool entrance   €2.00-€3.50
Internet                   €20.00-€30.00
                                            Exhibition entrance      €6.00-€12.00



    Paris is one of the world’s most popular tourist destination: vibrant, cosmopolitan and with

                                                                                                             5. LIFE IN PARIS
    an impressive cultural heritage. Ranked in the QS Best Student Cities in 2018, Paris was
    selected as the 2nd best student city in Europe and the 5th best in the world.

    All year round, students can enjoy cultural events, exhibitions, shows, festivals just to
    name a few. In each arrondissement, you can discover secret passages, gardens from the
    Quartier Latin to the Canal Saint Martin passing by Montmartre or cruising the river seine.

• Free Admission Under                                  • Museums with Free
  26                                                      Admission
      Access to permanent collections in museums
                                                             Many Other museums are free all year
      and monuments in Paris and the Île de
      France region is free for young people under           long:
      26 who come from one of the 28 European                Air & Space Museum
      Union member states (Louvre Museum,
      Musée d’Orsay, Palace of Versailles, etc.).            Musée du parfum Fragonard
      There is also a discount for temporary            .
      exhibitions in most museums.                           The Shoah Memorial
                                                             The Curie Museum
• Example of parcs
                                                        • Gateway destinations in
         Numerous Numbers of parcs (400 in                Ile-de-France:
         Jardin du Luxembourg                               It exists many gateway destination within an
                                                            hour and a half’s reach outside Paris: Monet’s
         Jardin des plantes
                                                            house in Giverny, le château de
         Buttes-Chaumont                                    Fontainebleau or even the Musée National de
                                                            la Renaissance…
         Bois de Vincennes
         Bois de Boulogne



                                                                                                5. LIFE IN PARIS
                                               RESTAURANTS, CAFES & BARS
                                               Paris is the place to be as night life is
                                               exciting. Youngsters hang out until late hours
                                               but make sure to always be in a group. It is
                                               easy to find a place to either enjoy a
                                               gastronomic dinner or just grab a bite after a
                                               movie session. Quartier Latin is one of the
                                               popular area for students.

     MUSEUMS &
     With more than 200 museums, Paris
     has a rich art heritage: painting,
     sculpture,             photography,
     contemporary art, and science but
     also it is famous for its fashion &                     THEATRE
     Haute Couture, architecture and                         Paris has a huge variety
     food                                                    of theatre. You can find
                                           .                 some very classical
                                                             plays     of    Molière,
                                                             Corneille to the latest
                                                             and modern ones. The
                                                             choice is endless and
                                                             caters to all ages and

       Paris has cinema halls in every arrondissement which offer a very
       wide range of foreign films. All these cinemas offer international
       films that are either subtitled or in their original version.
       The Lost in Frenchlation society offers non-French films with
       English subtitles in classic Parisian cinemas. Drinks and debates
       are also part of these events.
       Most cinemas offer reduced ticket for students under 26.


EPITA has an ideal location and shopping for food is quite easy near the campus.

                                                                                                      5. LIFE IN PARIS
Most shops are open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.
Grocery store are usually closed on Sundays, and sometimes on Mondays. However,
during the holiday season (before Christmas), many shops stay open in the weekend.
Groceries (food stores) often open earlier in the morning and do not close until later at

• Addresses near EPITA:
      Corner shops:                                Hypermakets
      Expensive, limited choice but handy          Less expensive and bigger
      Carrefour Market                             Lidl (Avenue Fontainebleau)
      Franprix                                     Auchan (In the shopping mall on avenue

• Other options:
       • Markets: local products - from fruit and vegetable to meat, cheese, sometimes even clothes
         or jewellery...

       Prices vary; products may be more cheap than in supermarkets and others much more
       Here is a list with all the information, including dates and hours :

       • Frozen goods: there are frozen-food sections in several stores, but you can also head to
         Picard which is specialized in Frozen food


Paris is the heart of France and the Hub of Europe!

                                                                                                                5. LIFE IN PARIS
Students can easily travel within France and in Europe.

         Before planning trips outside France, students need to make sure that their visa allows
         them to leave the country and come back

• By Train                                             • By Plane
  The SNCF (the French national railway                       Plane might be an easy and quick way to
  company) manages the entire French train                    reach your destination but remains the most
  network. Train is the simplest way to travel in             expensive one too.
  and around France for students.
                                                         It is very easy to travel by plane from Paris.
  If you are under the age of 28, you can get            You have access to 2 international airports:
  discounts.                                           ➢ Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG)
                                                       ➢ Orly Airport
  For all details about ticket reservations,
  schedules, and discounts, look up the SNCF                  Both airports operate international flights and
  website. SNCF also offers low-cost trains.              .   you just need to book your ticket and fly the

      Students can travel around France and
      Europe from Paris in train. As an example,
      they can go to:
                                                       • By Bus
      Paris-Lille: 1h                                         Eurolines is a low-cost coach travel company
      Paris-Lyon: 2 h                                         with over 600 destinations in France and
      Paris-Strasbourg: 1h47                                  Europe and has discounts for people under
      Paris-London: 3h                                        25
      Paris-Brussels: 1h30.
      Paris-Amsterdam: 2h19
                                                       • Driving
                                                              Non-European students need an international
                                                              driving license to drive. Procedures may vary
                                                              depending on your country. Check here.


Paris can be full of surprises and students will need also to explore by themselves. Before that,

                                                                                                    5. LIFE IN PARIS
here are some additional information.

 • Sports
      Students can practice sports in Parisian
      parks for free. There is also a possibility for
      students to join an indoor gym but a
      subscription is required.                             • Weather
      EPITA has a special offer for its students               Paris experiences         mostly
      should they wish to join the Forest Hill Sport           mild weather across four distinct
      Centre:                                                  seasons. Average daily highs
                   € 150/ year                                 range from 46°F (8°C) in the
                                                               winter to 77°F (25°C) at the
      Forest Hill is always ready to welcome you               height of summer.
      and your gym bag before or after your course
      or internship. It is open from 7am to 10pm.              Don’t forget an umbrella and/or a
      You can practice your favourite sport thanks             raincoat: even on a sunny day,
      to the dozens of disciplines on offer or to              there might be a few showers.
      enjoy one of the 306 gym machines. You can               Information on weather forecasts.
      also relax in the famous water park unique in
      Europe, or on the many tennis or squash           .
      court. The EPITA/Forest-Hill partnership
      provides 7-day/7-day multi-activity access to
      the Aquaboulevard.                                       There     is   usually   no   air
                                                               conditioning in classrooms and in
                                                               accommodations        when   the
                                                               weather is warm.


                                                                                                      5. LIFE IN PARIS
                        Contacter les Relations Internationales

                               Phone: +33 (0) 1 84 07 40 31
                                         Website: EPITA

• Emergency Numbers:                              • Emergency medical
18 - Pompiers –   fire department: fire,
accidents and medical emergency.                  Poison centre in Paris:            01 40 05 48 48

                                                  SOS Médecins (24h/24h):
17 - Police emergency squad, police force.                                           08 20 33 24 24

                                                  Medical care Paris (24h/24h):      01 42 72 88 88

15 - SAMU: emergency medical services in
town.                                             SOS Dental care:                   01 43 37 51 00

                                                  Serious burn aid Hôpital Cochin:   01 58 41 26 49
115 - Samu social: in Paris - societal
welfare emergency medical services, support       Late night chemist/duty pharmacy: 39 15
for the homeless.

                     SOS lost or stolen bank cards:   0 892 705 705

                     SOS lost or stolen checks:       0 892 683 208

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