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Welcome to McGill’s
 Macdonald Campus
The essential guide for new students 2021-2022
This booklet offers general information
and pointers for getting started as a new
student. Please note that the information
   in this booklet, including dates and
  deadlines, may be subject to change.
McGill’s website for new students offers
   much more detailed and up-to-date
   information. Please check it out at:
Table of contents
Events for newly admitted students		                     5
What to do first 				                                    6
Submit your required documents		                         7
Freshman students 				                                   8
McGill 101: online orientation			                        9
Advising, registration				                               9
ID cards, Tuition and billing			                      10
IT Services					                                         11
Housing, oneCard				                                  12
Request a Buddy; First Friend                         13
Library and bookstore				                             14
Arrival, Frosh and Orientation			                     15
Francophone and Indigenous students		                 16
Health and Dental Care				                               17
Services for Students with Disabilities (OSD)            17
Macdonald Campus services			                          18
Life outside your classes			                          19
Inter-campus shuttle bus			                           19
International students				                            20
Pre-Arrival Orientation Webinars		                    21
Resources and contacts 			                            22
What to do and when				                               24
Macdonald Campus driving directions		                 27

How to use this guide

Throughout this booklet, you will be referred to
websites for more comprehensive information.

The Resources and Contacts section on pages 22-23
of this booklet lists all of the addresses, telephone
numbers and websites you will need to plan your arrival
and get settled in at McGill. Every department, office or
service mentioned in this booklet is listed there.

International students should refer to pages 20-21 for
important information on coming to Canada to study.
More information can be found on the website at:

Welcome to the
McGill community
Congratulations on being admitted to McGill University. Starting
a new chapter in your life is exciting. It involves a major change
and may mean leaving the home you grew up in and moving to a
new city or even a new country. Of course, this step also involves
logistical challenges that we are happy to assist you with. This
essential guide provides you with information you will need
about registering, settling into campus life, and getting to know
the Macdonald Campus community.

Studying at McGill’s Macdonald Campus is much more than
spending time in lecture halls and classrooms – your courses will
likely include laboratories, trips to fields and forests, and exposure
to active learning classrooms. Because we offer an intimate
educational setting, you will get to know your classmates well,
and you will discover that your professors and the Macdonald             Anja Geitmann, PhD
                                                                         Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and
staff are accessible, friendly and eager to help.                        Environmental Sciences

We really want you to feel at home quickly, so don’t be afraid
to ask for help or advice! The Student Affairs Office in Laird Hall will help you navigate your
academic program. The Student Services Office assists you with information about career
options, financial aid and also provides mental and physical health services. Get involved with
the Students’ Society, one of the student clubs, or check out the athletics facilities, the Glenfinnan
Arena and the Arboretum. Be sure to explore the local community of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, and
take advantage of all that Montreal has to offer. It is important to dedicate time and energy to
your classwork, but you should also seize the moment to enjoy your new life, pursue established
hobbies, explore your surroundings and build a network of peers and friends. The friends you
make at university will be the social network surrounding you for many years to come. The first
step towards building your own community is simple – just introduce yourself to that other new
student sitting next to you in class. That person is likely as new to Macdonald Campus as you
are and will appreciate you reaching out. Sharing this new experience will make it all the more

I wish you every success as you embark on your academic program and this new chapter in your


Anja Geitmann, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

For students starting in September...

                                     Admitted Student Webinars
 Whether you’ve accepted your offer or are still deciding, connect with us to find out what makes McGill
 so unique. Learn about Montreal, campus, student life, residences, and your next steps. Get your
 questions ready!

 For many events, registration will be by invitation only, and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure
 to check your email often! For more information: mcgill.ca/accepted/events

                        Meet McGill: Virtual Fairs for Admitted Students
                                        March 25 | April 22 | May 20

 This spring, join McGill staff, students, faculty advisors – and other newly admitted students like you –
 online for Meet McGill. For more information: www.mcgill.ca/accepted/meetmcgill

                                  Meet McGill Macdonald - April 16
  • Learn about academic essentials, residences and student life in an interactive information session.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor
  • Check out our student panel where you can ask our students what it’s like to be a Mac student
  • Participate in a virtual tour of our beautiful campus.

 See: www.mcgill.ca/accepted/meetmcgill

                                      Meet our Current Students
 Join us for a live Student Panel and Q & A with our current students as they share their experiences at
 McGill’s Macdonald Campus. Hear about everything from residence life and classes to connecting with
 the downtown campus! Our panelists are looking forward to sharing their experiences with you and
 answering all of your questions!

 For dates, see: www.mcgill.ca/accepted/events

                McGill PRO (Pre-Registration Orientation) May 25 – June 11
  • Attend a Registration Clinic
  • Participate in a Faculty Info Session with important information for new students
  • Meet with Academic Advisors

 For session times and registration information see:

Financial Planning                     Scholarships                          Accept your
and Financial Aid                                                            offer of admission
An important step in planning          If you have been awarded an           Coming to McGill? Start by
your finances is estimating how        entrance scholarship, you will        accepting your offer on Minerva.
much money you’re likely to have       be notified by the Scholarships       Log in at www.mcgill.ca/minerva-
available to you for your university   and Student Aid Office. The           students, select Applicant Menu
studies. This is why we encourage      entrance scholarship offer must       > Applicant Status, select the
you to apply for Financial Aid         be accepted by the deadline for       application and click Accept this
early - so that you will have the      accepting admission to McGill.        offer. You will need a credit card
information you need to properly       Simply respond to the offer by        to pay the $400 non-refundable
estimate your resources before         logging into Minerva and selecting    deposit.
the deadline to accept your offer      the Financial Aid/Awards menu.
arrives.                                                                     If you have decided that McGill
                                       Scholarships are credited directly    is the university for you, and you
If you wish to apply for our           to your fee account – one half on     have been admitted to one of
Entrance Bursary Program, we           September 1 and the other half in     your program choices but are still
strongly recommend that you            the first week of January.            waiting for a decision on another
apply within 30 days from the                                                program, you can accept your
date of formal acceptance to           For complete information on           first offer now. You will still receive
the university as funding for          scholarships visit the Scholarships   decisions on any other choices
this program is limited. The           site: www.mcgill.ca/studentaid/       and your confirmation can be
application closes on June 30.         scholarships-aid                      changed to another program by
                                                                             contacting Service Point at www.
For further information on                                                   mcgill.ca/servicepoint/modify
calculating your costs and on
financial aid: www.mcgill.ca/

Deferring your offer                Send us your final                    Submit your legal
                                    marks                                 documents
We are able to offer a limited      To complete your admission we         You are required to send us a
number of deferrals each year.      need your final official transcript   number of legal documents, which
Apply by emailing deferral@         including confirmation of             vary according to whether you are
mcgill.ca. Updated information      graduation. If you are coming from    an international student, Canadian
and the deadline to apply can be    CEGEP or are an Ontario high          citizen or Quebec resident.
found in the FAQs at mcgill.ca/     school student (or graduate) with
accepted/nextsteps/accepting        an OUAC number, we will receive       Send in all your documents after
                                    this information electronically.      you have accepted your offer and
                                    All other new students see: www.
Accept your                         mcgill.ca/accepted/nextsteps/
                                                                          before you arrive on campus.
                                                                          This will ensure that your student
residence offer                     finalmarks                            record and tuition fees are up-to-
To guarantee a room in the          Mailing and courier address for
Macdonald Campus Residences,        official transcripts and documents    For information on what to submit:
confirm your room reservation       that cannot be uploaded:              www.mcgill.ca/accepted/
through Minerva and pay the         Enrolment Services                    nextsteps/documents
residence deposit by the deadline   Management of Academic
posted at mcgill.ca/accepted/       Records Unit                          Electronic copies can be
nextsteps/housing. Make sure        McGill University                     submitted by webform at
you read the online information     3415 McTavish Street                  mcgill.ca/legaldocuments/
and Community Living Guide          Room MS-13                            submission-webform
carefully before accepting your     Montreal, Quebec H3A 0C8
offer (see page 12).                Canada                                For criteria and instructions:
Missed the residence deadline?
As soon as possible, email:
Freshman Students
                                     You are considered a freshman student if you have been admitted from high
                                     school, or have completed a French Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate,
                                     have less than 24 credits of advanced standing and/or are missing required
                                     freshman courses.

                                     Freshman students entering the Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
                                     have been admitted to one of the five programs listed on this page. Refer to your
                                     letter of acceptance or to your Minerva student record to verify your program.

                                     The Freshman Academic Advisors will be holding mandatory advising sessions
                                     during Orientation Week. The Orientation schedule will be posted after July 23
Dr. Alice Cherestes, Freshman
                                     at: www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/studentinfo/orientation. The Advisors are also
Program Director & Advisor and       available for advising during the summer.
Dr. David Titley-Peloquin, Advisor
                                     There is an option to take admission science placement exams. Deadline to apply
mcgill.ca                            is August 15. See: www.mcgill.ca/students/exams/dates/science.

Required freshman courses
B.Sc. Agricultural & Environmental    B.Eng. (Bioresource)                B.Sc. Nutritional Sciences and
Sciences                              		                                  Concurrent B.Sc. Food Science &
		                                                                        B.Sc. Nutritional Sciences
Required Courses - Fall     Credits   Required Courses - Fall    Credits
AEBI 120 General Biology          3.0 AEBI 120 General Biology        3.0 Required Courses - Fall        Credits
AECH 110 General Chemistry 1 4.0      AECH 110 General Chemistry 1 4.0    AEBI 120 General Biology           3.0
AEMA 101 Calculus 1               3.0 AEMA 101 Calculus 1             3.0 AECH 110 General Chemistry 1 4.0
AEPH 112 Introductory Physics 1 4.0   AEPH 113 Physics 1              4.0 AEMA 101 Calculus 1                3.0
AGRI 195 Freshman Seminar 1 0.5       BREE 187 Freshman Seminar 1 0.5     AEPH 112 Introductory Physics 1 4.0
Total Fall Credits               14.5 Total Fall Credits             14.5 AGRI 195 Freshman Seminar 1 0.5
                                                                          Total Fall Credits                14.5
Required Courses - Winter             Required Courses - Winter
AECH 111 General Chemistry 2 4.0      AECH 111 General Chemistry 2 4.0    Required Courses - Winter
AEMA 102 Calculus 2               4.0 AEMA 102 Calculus 2             4.0 AEBI 122 Cell Biology              3.0
AEPH 114 Introductory Physics 2 4.0   AEPH 115 Physics 2              4.0 AEMA 102 Calculus 2                4.0
AGRI 196 Freshman Seminar 2 0.5       BREE 103 Linear Algebra         3.0 AEPH 114 Introductory Physics 2 4.0
Elective - Winter                 3.0 BREE 188 Freshman Seminar 2 0.5     FDSC 230 Organic Chemistry 4.0
Total Winter Credits             15.5 Total Winter Credits           15.5 AGRI 196 Freshman Seminar 2 0.5
                                                                          Total Winter Credits              15.5
                                      B.Sc. Food Science
                                                                          If students in the freshman Nutrition
Freshman students entering the        Required Courses - Fall    Credits  program wish to pursue a degree in
Agricultural Economics Major should   AEBI 120 General Biology        3.0 Dietetics, they must apply for a program
refer to www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/     AECH 110 General Chemistry 1 4.0    transfer at the end of freshman year.
prospective/freshmanyear/courses for AEMA 101 Calculus 1              3.0 Transfer is dependent on grade point
their freshman course selection.      AEPH 112 Introductory Physics 1 4.0 average and the number of spaces
                                      AGRI 195 Freshman Seminar 1 0.5     available.
                                      Total Fall Credits             14.5
                                                                          To transfer to Dietetics, please note that
                                      Required Courses - Winter           if you were required to provide proof of
                                      AECH 111 General Chemistry 2 4.0    English proficiency when you applied to
             Please note that         AEMA 102 Calculus 2             4.0 McGill you will also need to participate
    freshman students may take        AEPH 114 Introductory Physics 2 4.0 in a communication skills interview.
        a maximum of 8 credits        AGRI 196 Freshman Seminar 2 0.5
           outside the faculty        Elective - Winter               3.0
         in their freshman year.      Total Winter  Credits          15.5

McGill 101: online                   Academic advising                     Register for your
orientation                                                                classes
Say goodbye to pre-university        You will be assigned an Academic      McGill’s online registration system
confusion and frustration - McGill   Advisor who will advise you           is known as Minerva. Registration
101 has arrived! McGill 101 is       throughout your degree with           opens in Minerva in June for all
an online info hub for all new       course selection and other related    new students, but on different
McGill undergraduate students        matters.                              dates depending on where you are
with videos, quizzes, and much                                             coming from.
more. With information on            The list of Academic Advisors, as
everything from registration to      well as specific program advising     You must register for at least one
getting involved, McGill 101 is an   information, can be found at:         course by August 14 to avoid a
invaluable resource to kick-start    www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/              late registration fee.
your McGill career.                  studentinfo/advising
                                                                           To find out your registration date
All new undergraduate students       You should review this information    see page 24 or:
are automatically enrolled in        before registering for your           mcgill.ca/accepted/nextsteps/
McGill 101 in the spring and         courses.                              register/dates
you will be notified of your
enrolment by email. Although         A Faculty Advisor is also available   A step-by-step registration guide
you will be accessing it from your   in the Student Affairs Office to      can be found at: www.mcgill.ca/
myCourses, it is not a course,       assist you with general advising.     students/courses/add
more like an online orientation.
McGill 101 will be available after   Students transferring from other
May 1.                               universities should bring their            Having problems using
                                     transcripts with them when                         Minerva?
See: www.mcgill.ca/firstyear/        they meet with their Academic               Fill out a webform at:
                                     Advisor.                                   mcgill.ca/servicepoint/
                                                                                  or call the helpline
                                                                                 during office hours at:

Get your ID card                         For updated information or            Tuition and fees
                                         to book an appointment on
                                         the Macdonald campus, see
You will need your McGill ID card                                              The cost of your first year at
to access most essential services                                              McGill depends on your program
on our campuses including exams,                                               of study, your citizenship
the library, athletics facilities and                                          and where you will be living
                                         To book an appointment at
residences.                                                                    (residences, apartment, home,
                                         Service Point on the downtown
                                         campus see: www.mcgill.ca/
You can get your ID card in
person at the Macdonald Campus                                                 For a tuition calculator, please
Student Affairs Office or at                                                   visit www.mcgill.ca/student-
                                         To get your card you must be
Service Point on the downtown                                                  accounts/tuition-fees/tuition-
                                         registered for at least one Fall
campus. Early production of ID                                                 and-fees, and then select
                                         term course. You will need to bring
cards begins June 8. If you are in                                             undergraduate fees from the side
                                         with you:
the Montreal area, we invite you                                               navigation bar.
                                         • your McGill student number
to get your ID card in the summer
                                           (found on your letter of
to avoid the peak period in late
                                         • one piece of government             E-Billing
                                           issued photo ID
For the moment, this is by
appointment only.                                                              Fall term tuition is billed in early
                                         If you are moving into residence,     August and is due by the end of
                                         instructions on how to get your       August.
                                         ID card will be included in your
                                         Residence Move-In information         Winter term tuition is billed in
                                         email.                                early December and is due in early
      As part of Orientation Week, the Student Accounts Office will
        hold an information session for new students and parents.              Information on billing, fee
     Learn about e-billing, billing dates, procedures, policies and more.      payment and deadlines can be
                                                                               found on the website:
           www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/studentinfo/orientation                     www.mcgill.ca/student-

IT Services                                                          Macdonald Campus
You need your McGill Username
                                                                     Computing Centre
(usually firstname.lastname@
                                                                     The computing facilities on
mail.mcgill.ca) and McGill
                                                                     the Macdonald Campus are
Password to access most central
                                                                     managed by McGill’s IT Services
IT services, including: myMcGill
                                                                     unit. Undergraduate computer
portal, myCourses, Minerva, email,
                                                                     labs are available 24/7, year-
wireless, Virtual Private Network
                                                                     round, outside of scheduled
                                                                     class hours, offering Windows
                                                                     computers with Microsoft Office
Check out the IT Services website
                                                                     software. Visit: www.mcgill.ca/
(see below) for descriptions and/
or instructions on:
• your McGill Username and Short
                                                                     Both scanning and printing are
• creating or changing your McGill
                                     Please note that important      also available.
• using email                            communications will
                                        be sent to your official     IT Service Desk walk-in support
• using myMcGill, myCourses or
                                        McGill email address,        is normally available in the
                                       including your e-bill for     Macdonald-Stewart building,
• getting connected (VPN,
                                      tuition and fees. It is your   room MS2-025, from 9 a.m. to
                                     responsibility to make sure     4:45 p.m., Monday to Friday.
• printing on or off campus
                                        you check it regularly.      Please check www.mcgill.ca/
• accessing free cloud storage
                                                                     itwalkin for updated information.
• accessing free software (MS
                                                                     Students may also contact the IT
  Office 365, and more)
                                       www.mcgill.ca/it/             Service Desk by webform at www.
• two-factor authentication and
                                     get-started-it/students         mcgill.ca/itsupport or call 514-
  other security initiatives

Mac Rez Committee

                                         Housing and                            All about oneCard
                                         settling in
                                         If you are planning on living in       The convenience of making
                                         one of the Macdonald Campus            purchases on campus without
                                         Residences, you must accept your       the hassle of carrying cash — your
                                         residence offer on Minerva by the      oneCard account on your McGill
                                         deadline posted at www.mcgill.         ID card is a convenient debit card
                                         ca/accepted/nextsteps/housing.         for services on campus.
                                         Please make sure you read the
                                         information and Community              Use it to: • pay for meals/
                                         Living Guide at www.mcgill.ca/         beverages/snacks at the
                                         students/housing/residence-            Macdonald Campus Cafe, or in
                  Students in Laird Hall                                        any of the dining halls and retail
                                         options/macdonald carefully.
                                                                                locations on the downtown
                                         If you have not yet requested          campus; • pay for laundry in rez;
                                         residence, please contact the          • make purchases at the Mac
                                         Residence Office immediately at:       Market and at select vending
                                         lindsay.oconnell@mcgill.ca             machines across campus; • pay a
                                                                                reduced admission at the McGill
                                         If you are planning to live off-       Gault Nature Reserve.
                                         campus, tips and a list of available
                                         accommodations can be found            For students moving into Mac
                                         at: www.mcgill.ca/students/            residence, $150 will be billed to
                                         housing/offcampus                      your student account and placed
                                                                                on your oneCard.

     Macdonald Campus Residences staff

 There is no full meal plan on
 the Macdonald Campus as
  there is no cafeteria open
   in the evenings. All Mac
residences have full kitchens
and a bus is provided weekly
   to go grocery shopping.

Request a Buddy!
Want a head start navigating your first year at McGill?

Why not get paired up with a current McGill student who can provide a helping hand by showing you the ropes of
McGill’s academic and social life.

To request a Buddy, International students should go to: www.mcgill.ca/internationalstudents/pre-arrival/

Canadian students can find a buddy through the Student Mentorship program. Info at: www.mcgill.ca/firstyear/

First Friend
Meet your first friend, but definitely not your last. First Friend is a peer-to-peer program where you’ll be matched
with a fellow new McGill student (not to be confused with a mentorship program). We know that the start to
your first year at McGill is going to be a different semester and that’s why we want to help you connect with your
peers. www.mcgill.ca/firstyear/first-friend

Explore the Macdonald Campus Library
Located in the Barton Building, the Macdonald Campus Library provides leading-edge collections, facilities and
services to support a range of student needs. Books, journals, DVDs and course reserves are just some of the
many things that can be borrowed.

Friendly staff is on-hand to help students locate and use relevant information. Subject-specialist librarians can
help students in person, via phone, email or online chat. Comfortable seating, an eZone fitted with computers
and individual and group study areas are provided. Services such as printing, photocopying and scanning are
also available, as well as direct or wireless access to the internet and the McGill network.


         Starting Orientation Week,
       info sessions will be available
        to help students learn about
      Library basics. Check it out at:

Buy your books
and supplies
Textbooks for the Fall must be ordered on
the Le James bookstore website:

Your textbook orders can be picked up at
the Macdonald Campus bookstore.

For more information:

Photo: Arno Rogg

When should you get                   Winter Orientation                   Preparatory
here?                                                                      workshops
Residence Move-In dates will be       If you are entering McGill in        Are you curious about what McGill
posted on the Residences website      January, you don’t have to feel      expects from you academically?
at www.mcgill.ca/students/            left out. All of the Frosh and
housing/residence-options/            Orientation sessions offered         McGill has organized a number of
macdonald                             in September of the year you         helpful workshops and information
                                      start at McGill are open for you     sessions to aid you in adjusting to
You should also receive an email      as well. Just send an email to       a university setting.
from the Mac Residences Office        welcome.macdonald@mcgill.ca
with instructions.                    in August and we will send you the   Discover McGill’s Academic
                                      orientation information.             Expectations, which is a full
                                                                           day of sessions, is offered at
Frosh and Orientation                                                      the Macdonald Campus during
                                                                           Orientation week.
Don’t worry about trying to get
settled into university life all by                                        See:
yourself. A week of Orientation                                            www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/
and Frosh activities is planned                                            studentinfo/orientation
for you that will be filled with
opportunities to meet people,
                                       Macdonald Campus
                                                                           Transfer, mature and re-entry
make new friends and get answers         Parents’ Tent                     students have an orientation event
to any questions you may have.                                             specifically designed for them.
                                          We have special events           It will be held on the downtown
Orientation and Frosh                  planned just for parents during     campus. Please refer to the Your
schedules will be available                  Orientation. See:             First Year website for more details.
online in the summer at www.            www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/
mcgill.ca/macdonald/                  studentinfo/orientation/parents      www.mcgill.ca/firstyear/
studentinfo/orientation and
respectively. Some events require

Étudiant(e)s                         English language                       Indigenous students
francophones                         skills
                                                                            McGill’s First People’s House, on
Vous n’avez encore jamais étudié     While it isn’t necessary to be
                                                                            the downtown campus, provides a
en anglais? C’est à vous que         perfectly fluent in English to study
                                                                            “home away from home” for First
s’adresse la session d’accueil       at McGill, it helps to have a good
                                                                            Nations, Inuit and Métis students.
durant la semaine d’orientation.     understanding. If English is not
                                                                            Playing many roles including those
                                     your first language and you are
                                                                            of residence, gathering place and
Pendant cette session l’Adjointe     entering Year 0 or Year 1, we
                                                                            resource centre, it is foremost a
aux étudiants francophones           offer a summer English course
                                                                            community. They provide a space
vous souhaitera elle-même la         in August to help prepare you for
                                                                            where students can find academic
bienvenue et vous communiquera       studying at McGill. Subsidies are
                                                                            support and stay connected to
des informations essentielles pour   available; payment is required up
                                                                            Indigenous culture.
réussir à McGill.                    front and eligible students will
                                     receive a credit in their student
                                                                            Activities are organized during
Nous espérons avoir l’occasion       account in the fall.
                                                                            orientation and throughout
de vous rencontrer lors de cette
                                                                            the year, such as the annual
session.                             For more information, see:
                                                                            Pow-Wow, community dinners,
                                                                            social activities, weekly soup
Pour plus d’informations sur         undergraduate-courses, course
                                                                            and bannock lunches and guest
cette session d’orientation, et      number CESL 299, Academic
notamment l’horaire des activités    English Seminar.
et les modalités d’inscription,
                                                                            Also offered is the Cousins Peer
veuillez voir: www.mcgill.ca/
                                                                            Mentorship Program which offers
                                                                            the chance for new Indigenous
                                                                            students to connect with current
                                                                            Indigenous McGill students.

                                                                            For more information, see:

Health and dental                                                        Support for students
care                                                                     with disabilities
All Canadian undergraduate          Recent permanent residents           A variety of services are available
students (including students        and non-resident Canadians           to ensure that you can pursue a
from Quebec) are automatically      should refer to www.mcgill.ca/       successful academic life at McGill.
included in a supplemental health   accepted/nextsteps/health-           To make sure you have access to
and dental plan administered by     dental                               these services at the beginning
the Macdonald Campus Students’                                           of the term, contact the Office
Society (MCSS). For more            International Students, and          for Students with Disabilities as
information, see:                   their accompanying dependants        soon as you accept your offer of
www.studentcare.ca                  are required to participate in the   admission.
                                    compulsory McGill International
Canadian students from other        Health Insurance(IHI).               Advisors are available to discuss
provinces should check with their                                        any barriers in your learning - be
provincial medicare office about    For more information, see: www.      they temporary or permanent,
the conditions of their health      mcgill.ca/ internationalstudents/    visible or invisible:
coverage while studying in QC.      health                               www.mcgill.ca/osd or email:

We’re here to help you ...

              Macdonald Campus Student Affairs Office                         Macdonald Campus Student Services

Macdonald Campus                        Services on the                          Student Services,
Student Affairs Office                  Macdonald Campus                         Macdonald Campus
The Student Affairs Office can          While all McGill students are            Student Services promotes
help with any issues related to         entitled to use the services             students’ overall well-being and
your admission or academic              of both campuses, both the               success. Students can access
record.                                 Student Affairs Office in Laird          financial aid, career planning, help
                                        Hall, and Student Services in the        with spiritual well-being, support
Students can get their ID card,         Centennial Centre can provide            for students with disabilities
help with general advising,             most of the help you will need as a      and/or access needs, services
registration or exam issues,            Macdonald Campus student.                for Indigenous and international
transfer credit questions,                                                       students, and support for
exchange information, and letters                                                survivors of sexual violence.
of attestation.
                                                                                 Student Services also offers
The Student Affairs Office also                                                  on-site physical and mental
organizes orientation week for                                                   health care through the Student
new students, as well as campus                                                  Wellness Hub. Students can meet
tours.                                                                           with a doctor, nurse, counsellor,
                                                                                 dietitian, or local wellness advisor
If you have other questions or                                                   at Macdonald Campus.
issues, our staff will be happy to
point you in the right direction for        As the parent or guardian            See page 22 for contact
the answers you need.                      of a newly-admitted McGill            information.
                                           student, you may also have
See page 22 for contact                     questions. For resources             www.mcgill.ca/macdonald-
information.                               created especially for you,           studentservices
                                               see: www.mcgill.ca/
www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/                        accepted/parents

Life outside your                       To see what is available on the         Macdonald Campus
                                        Macdonald Campus, check out:
classes                                 macdonaldcampusathletics.ca or          Students’ Society
                                        our Mac Athletics and Recreation
We know that as a new McGill            FB page.                                The Macdonald Campus Students’
student you are eager to meet                                                   Society (MCSS) is the association
new people, try new things and                                                  of undergraduate and certificate
get involved. Whether you are           Two campuses - one                      students enrolled in a program on
looking for social opportunities,       shuttle bus ride away                   the Macdonald Campus.
cultural, political, intellectual and
physical challenges, or a taste of      McGill’s shuttle is free for students   The MCSS represents the student
fun and excitement, you can find        and runs between McGill’s               body and protects its welfare.
it all here!                            Downtown and Macdonald                  Involved in all aspects of campus
                                        Campuses, Monday through                life, the Society advocates for
                                                                                students at the faculty, University
Athletics and                           Friday, approximately every 45
                                                                                and community levels, organizes
                                        minutes, but more frequently
recreation                              during peak periods. For                internal events such as Frosh and
                                        information, see: www.mcgill.ca/        Halloween, runs the Ceilidh (the
McGill’s Macdonald Campus               transport/shuttle                       campus pub), and much more.
offers many ways to get active!
Come check out our Sports                                                       mcss.mcgill.ca
Complex, where you can                                                          www.maccampusfrosh.com
                                          Joining the clubs and coming
work up a sweat in our fitness             out to campus events can
centre or gymnasium. We offer              significantly enhance your
varsity, intramural and rec sport                                                         McGill
                                             university experience!
programs, as well as lunch and                                                            Agricultural
evening fitness classes. The                                                              and Environmental
                                                 Facebook page:
campus also has a paddle shack,                                                           Sciences Frosh -
an arena, an outdoor trekfit gym                                                          MacCampusFrosh
and sand volleyball courts.

International                        Don’t delay!                         Minors: Are you
students                                                                  under the age of 17?
Studying internationally is an       Apply for your immigration           If you will be less than 17 years old
exciting adventure, but you may      documents early! You should start    by the time you travel to Canada,
also have a lot of questions!        the process as soon as you receive   you must have a legal custodian
International Student Services is    your offer of admission to McGill.   in Montreal before starting
dedicated to helping ease your       We strongly encourage you to         immigration procedures to study
transition and ensure you arrive     start the process early to ensure    at McGill.
well prepared.                       that you receive your documents
                                     in time for the start of classes.    If you do not have a custodian in
Consult the International Student                                         Montreal - and you will be living in
Pre-Arrival Resources for detailed   Once in Montreal, don’t forget       McGill Student Residences - you
information on:                      to scan copies of your legal         can request to have the Associate
                                     documents and send them to           Dean of Students act as your
• Immigration documents              Service Point.                       custodian.
• Health Insurance
• Student Residences & Off-          mcgill.ca/accepted/international     For details: www.mcgill.
     Campus Housing                                                       ca/internationalstudents/
• The Buddy Program                                                       immigration-documents/
• Packing for Montreal’s climate     Exchange Students                    documents/minors
• Arriving at Customs and
     Immigration                     Are you at McGill on exchange?
• Your Airport Arrival
• Getting the essentials (banking,
                                     Visit the McGill Abroad site for     Internship/Co-op
                                     information you need to begin
     cell phones, and more)          your studies at McGill.              work permits
• And much more!
                                     mcgill.ca/mcgillabroad               All international students who
mcgill.ca/internationalstudents/                                          need to complete a mandatory
pre-arrival                                                               internship as part of their program
                                                                          requirements will need a co-
                                                                          op work permit, whether the
                                                                          internship is paid or not (e.g.
                                                                          Dietetics or Concurrent Food
                                        For more information about        Science/Nutrition students). You
                                        your eligibility to work on or    may apply for the permit at the
                                          off campus, please visit:       same time as your study permit.
                                               www.mcgill.ca/             For more information: www.
                                       internationalstudents/work         mcgill.ca/internationalstudents/

Plan ahead!
                       Starting at McGill this September?
               Meet us online for a Pre-Arrival Orientation Webinar!
             For newly-admitted International students who have accepted their offer of admission.

            For details on dates, times and to register for these and other webinars:

     Immigration: Essential Documents                                 Questions and Answers:
                                                                  Live with an Immigration Advisor
• Learn about essential immigration documents
• Get step-by-step instructions on how to obtain            Take the opportunity to ask a question to an Im-
   your CAQ, Study Permit, and Visa or eTA                  migration Advisor about the application process for
• Download documents with important links                   your immigration documents
• If you miss this live webinar, you can still view the
  recording online at a later date                          • Applying for CAQ Questions
                                                            • Applying for the Study Permit Questions
                                                            • Ask questions about travel, work, etc.
IHI and Accessing Health Care in Quebec
       as an International Student
Find out about student health and wellness services
                                                                     International Student Guide
available at McGill.                                                     to McGill & Montreal

• Learn how to navigate off-campus health                   • Find out what to expect when crossing the border
   resources as an international student                       into Canada
• Familiarize yourself with the Quebec healthcare           • Learn what to pack and what to do upon arrival
   system                                                      (banking, cell phones, etc.)
• Understand how your Health Insurance plan works           • Find out about ISS Orientation activities
• Download documents with important links                   • If you miss this live webinar, you can still view the
• If you miss this live webinar, you can still view the       recording online at a later date
  recording online at a later date

  Find out more online
  McGill’s International Student Services (ISS) has a team of professional advisors and support staff who
  offer a range of services for you and your family, including assistance with immigration procedures. Visit
  the ISS website at www.mcgill.ca/internationalstudents for information on customs and immigration,
  insurance, weather, finances, and life in Montreal, as well as events and workshops hosted by International
  Student Services.

  Also check out the pre-arrivals webinars offered by McGill Campus Life & Engagement (www.mcgill.ca/
  firstyear/), on a variety of useful topics such as Getting Involved in McGill, Tips for a Healthy First Year,
  Living Off Campus, and many more! See www.mcgill.ca/firstyear/undergraduate/pre-arrival/pro-

Resources and Contacts

Student Affairs Office            Student Services                    Other Macdonald Campus            Service Point /
                                                                      Contact Information               Enrolment Services
Laird Hall, Room 106              The services listed below are
21,111 Lakeshore Road             located in the:                     Macdonald Athletics               General contact information for
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue,                                                 Stewart Athletics Complex         all services listed below:
Quebec H9X 3V9                    Centennial Centre                   T: 514-398-7789
T: 514-398-7925                   Room 124                            mac.athletics@mcgill.ca           Service Point
studentinfo.macdonald@            21,111 Lakeshore Road               macdonaldcampusathletics.ca       3415 McTavish Street
mcgill.ca                         Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue,                                                 Room MS-13
                                  Quebec H9X 3V9                      Macdonald Campus IT walk-         T: 514-398-7878
Hours of Service                  T: 514-398-7992                     in support:                       www.mcgill.ca/students/
Monday to Friday,                 stuserv.macdonald@mcgill.ca         Macdonald Stewart Bldg.,          servicepoint
Normal hours:                                                         Room MS2-025
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.             Appointment booking                                                   Enrolment Services
except statutory holidays.        information available at            Macdonald Campus Library          See general contact information
For updated hours, see page 25.   www.mcgill.ca/macdonald-            Barton Building, Service Desk     above
                                  studentservices                     T: 514-398-7881
Manager, Student Affairs                                              www.mcgill.ca/library/branches/   Legal Documents
Silvana Pellecchia                Hours of Service                    macdonald                         Emailing of documents is
T: 514-398-7926                   Monday to Friday,                                                     preferred. For file formats,
silvana.pellecchia@mcgill.ca      9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.               Macdonald Campus                  please see: www.mcgill.ca/
                                  Individual service hours may vary   Residence and Student             legaldocuments/how
Faculty Advisor                                                       Housing
Mona Hachem                       Services available:                 Campus Housing Office             Sending documents by
T: 514-398-7859                   • Career Planning Service           Gerry Chevalier, Coordinator      mail/courier:
mona.hachem@mcgill.ca             • First Peoples’ House              Laird Hall, Room 107              Enrolment Services
                                  • International Student Services    T: 514-398-7716                   Management of Academic
Campus Tours                      • Office of Religious & Spiritual   residences.macdonald@mcgill.ca    Records Unit
To book a Campus tour:                   Life                         www.mcgill.ca/students/housing/   McGill University
www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/          • Office for Students with          macdonald                         3415 McTavish Street
prospective/visit                        Disabilities                                                   Room MS-13
Tour information:                 • Office for Sexual Violence        Macdonald Campus                  Montreal, Quebec
studentinfo.macdonald@                   Response, Support and        Students’ Society (MCSS)          Canada, H3A 0C8
mcgill.ca                                Education                    Centennial Centre Reception
                                  • Scholarships & Student            T: 514-398-8787                   Student Exchanges and
Orientation Information                  (Financial) Aid              mouthpiece.mcss@mail.mcgill.ca    Study Abroad
T: 514-398-7925 or                • Student Wellness Hub              mcss.mcgill.ca                    See general contact information
514-398-8717                             (T: 514-398-6017)                                              above
welcome.macdonald@mcgill.ca                                           University Advancement –          www.mcgill.ca/mcgillabroad
www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/                                              Macdonald Campus
studentinfo/orientation                                               Laird Hall, Room 199b             Student Accounts Office
                                                                      Anna Duff, Alumni Relations       Service Point
                                                                      Associate                         McLennan Library Building
                                                                      T: 514-398-7852                   3415 McTavish Street
                                                                      anna.duff@mcgill.ca               Montreal, Quebec H3A 0C8
                                                                                                        T: 514-398-7878
                  For help using                                                                        F: 514-398-2656
                     Minerva,                                                                           www.mcgill.ca/student-accounts
               call Service Point at

Student Services                    Scholarships &               Contact information               McGill Food and Dining
(downtown campus)                   Student Aid Office           for other offices                 Services, Service Centre
                                    Suite 3200                                                     3473 University Street
Unless otherwise indicated, all     T: 514-398-6013              Continuing Studies                Montreal, QC H3A 2A8
services below are located in the   US Loan Specialist:          688 Sherbrooke St. West,          T: 514-398-6368
Brown Student Services Building     T: 514-398-6013              Suite 1199                        www.mcgill.ca/foodservices
3600 McTavish Street                us.studentaid@mcgill.ca      Montreal, Quebec H3A 3R1
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G3            student.aid@mcgill.ca        T: 514-398-6200                   McGill Parents Association
www.mcgill.ca/studentservices       scholarships@mcgill.ca       info.conted@mcgill.ca             alumni.mcgill.ca/community/
                                    www.mcgill.ca/studentaid     www.mcgill.ca/continuingstudies   parents
Campus Life & Engagement
Suite 4100                          Student Wellness Hub         Drivesafe                         Off-Campus Housing
T: 514-398-6913                     3rd Floor                    Thursday, Friday and Saturday:    Student Housing and Dining
cle@mcgill.ca (general)             General Inquiries and        11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.           Service Centre
firstyear@mcgill.ca (new student-   appointments:                Facebook SSMU Drivesafe           3473 University Street
related inquiries)                  T: 514-398-6017              514-398-8040                      Montreal, Quebec H3A 2A8
www.mcgill.ca/cle                   wellness.hub@mcgill.ca       drivesafe@ssmu.ca                 T: 514-398-6368
                                    www.mcgill.ca/wellness-hub   drivesafe.ssmu.ca                 offcampus.housing@mcgill.ca
First Peoples’ House                                             (based downtown but they will     www.mcgill.ca/students/housing/
3505 Peel Street                                                 drive to Mac Campus)              offcampus
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1W7
T: 514-398-3217                                                  French Language Centre            Office of the Dean of
firstpeopleshouse@mcgill.ca                                      853 Sherbrooke Street West        Students
www.mcgill.ca/fph                                                Arts Building, Room 155           Brown Student Services Building
                                                                 Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G5          3600 McTavish Street,
International Student                                            T: 514-398-8896                   Suite 2100
Services                                                         flc@mcgill.ca                     Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G3
Suite 5100                                                       www.mcgill.ca/flc                 T: 514-398-4990
General Inquiries:                                                                                 deanofstudents@mcgill.ca
T: 514-398-4349                                                  Health and Dental Insurance       www.mcgill.ca/deanofstudents
international.students@mcgill.ca                                 Student Care
Health Insurance:                                                T: 514-789-8775 or                Office for Sexual Violence
T: 514-398-4349                                                  1-866-795-4435                    Response, Support, and
international.health@mcgill.ca                                   www.studentcare.ca                Education
www.mcgill.ca/                                                                                     550 Sherbrooke W., Suite 585
internationalstudents                                            Health Insurance                  (West Tower)
                                                                 International Students            T: 514-398-3954
Career Planning Service                                          See International Student         osvrse@mcgill.ca
Suite 2200                                                       Services                          www.mcgill.ca/osvrse
T: 514-398-3304
careers.caps@mcgill.ca                                           IT Services                       Office of the Ombudsperson
www.mcgill.ca/caps                                               T: 514-398-3398                   for Students
                                                                 Ask for IT help via a web form:   3610 McTavish Street, Suite 14
McGill Office of Religious                                       www.mcgill.ca/it/forms            Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y2
and Spiritual Life (MORSL)                                                                         T: 514-398-7059
3610 McTavish Street,                                            McGill Alumni Association         ombudsperson@mcgill.ca
Room 36-2                                                        Martlet House                     www.mcgill.ca/ombudsperson
Montreal, QC H3A 1Y2                                             1430 Peel Street
T: 514-398-4104                                                  Montreal, Quebec H3A 3T3          Walksafe
morsl@mcgill.ca                                                  T: 514-398-5000                   Sunday to Thursday:
www.mcgill.ca/morsl                                              info.alumni@mcgill.ca             9 p.m. to 12 a.m.
                                                                 http://myalumni.mcgill.ca         Friday to Saturday:
Office for Students with                                                                           9 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Disabilities (OSD)                                               McGill Bookstore                  T: 514-398-2498
1010 Sherbrooke Street West,                                     Multiple locations, please see    executive@walksafe.ca
Suite 410 (4th floor)                                            website                           walksafe.ssmu.ca
Montreal, QC H3A 2R7                                             T: 514-398-5063                   (downtown campus only)
T: 514-398-6009                                                  https://lejames.ca
TDD/TTY: 514-398-8198

What to do and when ...
This information is intended as a guideline. Some dates could be subject to change.
For a complete list of events and deadlines for the academic year, see: mcgill.ca/importantdates

2021                                           June 17                                          August 6
                                               ¨ Early pick-up of ID cards begins for           ¨ If registered before August 6,
May 1                                          all newly admitted Macdonald Campus              check Minerva for your Fall term e-bill –
¨ Deadline to accept your offer of             students at the Macdonald Campus                 notification is sent by email
admission unless otherwise indicated in        Student Affairs Office or at Service Point on
your letter of admission                       the downtown campus by appointment               August 14
                                               only. You must be registered for at              ¨ Deadline for new students to register
May 25 - June 11                               least one course 24 hours before you             in at least one course to avoid a late
¨ McGill PRO (Pre-Registration                 obtain your McGill ID card. See page 9           registration penalty
Orientation) for all new students              for appointment info and a list of what to
                                               bring with you.                                  August 15
June 1                                                                                          ¨ If registered after August 6, check
¨ Students from the US apply for US            June 30                                          Minerva for your Fall term e-bill –
Direct Loans by this date. Go to www.          ¨ Canadian students apply for                    notification is sent by email
mcgill.ca/studentaid/government/               government student aid by this date to
us for information on how to apply for         ensure money arrives by September                August 23 - 31
US Direct Loans when attending a foreign       ¨ Canadian students: Don’t delay                 ¨ Macdonald Campus Undergraduate
school                                         submitting the legal documents that affect       Orientation and Frosh activities
                                               your tuition and fees. Submitting early will
June 7                                         help ensure your tuition and fees are billed     August 31
¨ 9:00 a.m. - Course registration begins       at the correct residency rate in early August.   ¨ Fee payment deadline
for all newly admitted CEGEP students          www.mcgill.ca/student-accounts/                  ¨ Deadline for cancellation of
                                               tuition-charges/fallwinter-term-                 registration for the Fall term
June 8                                         tuition-and-fees/undergraduate-fees
¨ Early pick-up of ID cards begins for         ¨ Final deadline for need-based financial        September 1
newly admitted Quebec CEGEP students           aid application for McGill’s Entrance            ¨ Classes begin
at the Macdonald Campus Student Affairs        Bursary Program, or 30 days from date of
Office or at Service Point on the downtown     acceptance, whichever comes first                September 14
campus by appointment only. You                                                                 ¨ Course change (add/drop) deadline for
must be registered for at least one            July 1                                           the Fall term
course 24 hours before you obtain              ¨ Application opens for McGill’s need-
your McGill ID card. See page 9 for            based Work Study Program that provides           September 21
appointment info and a list of what to bring   part-time work opportunities on campus.          ¨ Deadline for course or university
with you.                                      For info on how to apply:                        withdrawal (grade of W or W--) WITH fee
                                               www.mcgill.ca/studentaid/work-study              refund
June 14
¨ 9:00 a.m. - Course registration begins       July 31                                          September 30
for all newly admitted Macdonald Campus        ¨ Deadline for deferral of admission to          ¨ Deadline to opt in to the International
students on the basis of advanced levels or    the Fall term                                    Health Insurance plan (Canadian non-
CAPE, a French Baccalaureate, International                                                     residents)
Baccalaureate, at least one year of            August 1                                         ¨ Deadline to request an exemption
university, or other academic qualifications   ¨ International students confirm their           from International Health Insurance plan on
that provide for advanced standing credit,     health insurance coverage by accessing           Minerva and submit supporting exemption
and who have a classification of year 1 (U1)   MinervaèStudentèInternational                    documents
                                               Student Health Insurance Coverage
June 16                                        Form. Doing this will allow you to view,         October 12 - 13
¨ 9:00 a.m. - Registration begins for          save and print an electronic version of your     ¨ Fall Break
all newly admitted Macdonald Campus            health insurance card on your mobile device
freshman students who have a classification    or computer                                      October 26
of year 0 (U0)                                                                                  ¨ Deadline for course or university
                                                                                                withdrawal (grade of W or W--) with NO
                                                                                                fee refund

Beginning December 1 (Winter newly-                               2022
admitted students)

                                                                                                     E D
¨ International students confirm their          January 5
health insurance coverage by accessing
Student Health Insurance Coverage
Form. Doing this will allow you to to view,
                                                ¨ Classes begin
                                                ¨ Deadline to request exemption in
                                                Minerva without incurring interest on
                                                International Health Insurance fee             CLO S
save and print an electronic version of your    ¨ Deadline for new students to register
health insurance card on your mobile device     in at least one course to avoid a late
or computer                                     registration penalty                          The University will be closed
                                                                                                   on these dates:
December 1                                      January 6
¨ 9:00 a.m. - Registration begins for           ¨ Deadline for fee payment for Winter
newly admitted undergraduate students to                                                                  2021:
the Winter 2022 term                                                                                 Friday, April 2
                                                January 18                                          Monday, April 5
December 2                                      ¨ Course Change (add/drop) deadline                Monday, May 24
¨ Newly admitted Undergraduate                  for Winter term                                   Thursday, June 24
students may obtain their student ID card       ¨ Deadline for web withdrawing (grade               Thursday, July 1
at the Student Affairs Office (Macdonald        of “W”) from multi-term courses that             Monday, September 6
Campus) or at Service Point (Downtown           started in September 2021 (WITH fee               Monday, October 11
Campus). You must be registered in at           refund for Winter term)
least one course 24 hours before you
                                                                                               Thursday, December 23 to
obtain your McGill ID card. Please see                                                           Friday, December 31
                                                January 25
page 9 for a list of what to bring with you     ¨ Deadline for course or university
                                                withdrawal (grade of W or W--) WITH fee                   2022:
December 6                                      refund                                              Friday, April 15
¨ Classes end for Fall term                                                                         Monday, April 18
¨ Check Minerva for Winter term e-bill          January 31
                                                ¨ Deadline to request an exemption
December 7                                      from International Health Insurance Plan on
¨ Exams begin. See www.mcgill.ca/               Minerva and submit supporting exemption
students/exams for the complete exam            documents
schedule (Dec. 7-21)                            ¨ Deadline to opt in to the International
                                                                                               The Student Affairs Office is
                                                Health Insurance plan (Canadian non-          currently closed to the public.
December 23 - January 2                         residents)
¨ Holiday break, University closed                                                              For updated hours and
                                                February 28-March 4                            contact info, please see:
December 31                                     ¨ Study Break                                 www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/
¨ Deadline for cancellation of
registration in, or deferral of admission to,   February 28 - March 1
the Winter term                                 ¨ Deferred exams

                                                March 8
                                                ¨ Deadline for course or university
                                                withdrawal (grade of W or W--) with NO
                                                fee refund

                                                April 12                                                   Visit
                                                ¨ Classes end for Winter term                        www.mcgill.ca/
                                                April 13                                            for comprehensive
                                                ¨ Exams begin. See www.mcgill.ca/                information on holidays,
                                                students/exams for the complete exam                  exam schedules
                                                schedule (April 13-29)
                                                                                                   and other deadlines.
                                                April 30
                                                ¨ Rez move out: If you need to stay in
                                                residence longer than April 30, you must
                                                contact the residence office for permission

Macdonald Campus
driving directions
                                                                 to Quebec Cit y
     McGill University
     Downtown & Macdonald Campuses
     Distance between campuses: 32 km/20 mi

                                                         ISLAND OF
                                                         MONTREA L
                                                                   Downtown Campus
  to Ottawa
                                              Macdonald Campus
  VA UDREUIL-DORION                                                      15

        to Toronto                                                      to the USA

From Downtown:

Take Highway 20 West from downtown to the Sainte-Anne-
de-Bellevue exit. Turn left after coming off the highway onto
Rue St. Pierre and continue to the end. Turn left onto Rue
Ste-Anne/Bord du Lac. Continue straight to the Campus.
Turn left at the John Abbott sign after the bus terminal.


Take Highway 40 West (Trans-Canada) from downtown to
exit 41, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

Once you exit, continue along the Service Road, then follow
the road to the right (direction Ch. Ste-Marie) to the top of
the hill.

At the stop sign (there is a Macdonald Campus sign), turn
right and follow the road over Highway 40 through the farm
fields. At the end of the road, turn left onto the Campus.

From the West:

Take Highway 20 East towards Montreal to the Sainte-Anne-
de-Bellevue exit. Turn right after coming off the highway onto
Rue St-Pierre and continue to the end. Turn left onto Rue Ste-
Anne/Bord du Lac. Continue straight to the Campus. Turn left
at the John Abbott sign after the bus terminal.


Take Highway 40 East (Trans-Canada) towards Montreal to
the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue exit.

Take the 3rd turnoff to the right off the service road by
the Macdonald Campus sign and follow the road onto the

McGill University, Macdonald Campus
21,111 Lakeshore Road, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec Canada H9X 3V9

514 398-7925 | studentinfo.macdonald@mcgill.ca

    facebook.com/groups/macdonald2122               @McGillMacCampus

    McGill University - Macdonald Campus            @mcgillmaccampus
You can also read