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                                Quarterly Publication
                               Edition 4, Spring 2021

#DIAMONDSTRONG St Andrew's Anglican College - St Andrew's Anglican College
Key Dates                           Term 1, 2022

     26 Jan                  31 Jan                                  4 Feb                  7 Feb
     Australia Day Public      Year 11 and 12                        Year 7s first day    First Day of Term 1
           Holiday             Online Learning

     10 Feb                  10 Feb                                21 Feb                 26 Feb
 Secondary Swimming           Year 6 Leadership                  Year 7 Camp Week 1       Scholarship Testing
      Carnival                      Camp

     28 Feb 10 Mar 11 Mar 20 Mar
 Year 7 Camp Week 2         Business Networking                    Secondary Music        Corporate Golf Day
                                  Function                        Workshop Weekend

 21 Mar 22 Mar 28 Mar                                                                       1 Apr
      Diamond Splash           Cross Country                      Year 9 Connections     Primary Easter Chapel
                            Carnival - Year 3 to 12

                                                1 Apr
                                               Term 1 Last Day

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#DIAMONDSTRONG St Andrew's Anglican College - St Andrew's Anglican College
Welcome to the final edition of Spirit for 2021.

Following is an excerpt from what I shared with our community
at Presentation Night at the end of 2021.

In 1989 an epic film was released. It was the second in a series
that was a blockbuster and had all of us ready to see where
the next script might take us. It was, Back to the Future 2.
For those of you who need reminding, the teenage character
Marty McFly time travels in the infamous Delorean and things
get messed up, due to changing things in the past which alters
things in the future. In this film, Marty goes forward to 2015
from 1985 and then of course we know he has to return to
1955 in order to fix up 1985. However, what I love about this       7 students or even our current Prep students will need to move
movie is the way in which the director, Robert Zemekiss tries       confidently into their futures. We believe it is a balanced and
to predict what 2015 might be like. There are floating cars,        holistic education, one that is concerned with both a rigorous
automated petrol stations, a sequel to the Jaws movie, but they     academic path and the whole person. One that encourages
still have phone booths and no personal devices.                    students to become active and caring members of local and
                                                                    global communities. To become inquirers, knowledgeable,
For all of history, humans have tried in one way or another         thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, risk-takers,
to predict the future, or what might lie ahead. Will electric       balanced and reflective. These attributes represent a broad
or hydrogen be the way of the future for vehicles? Will we          range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond
see issues of social inequity disappear? So what about in           intellectual development and academic success. These are the
education? About six years ago, the Queensland Curriculum and       skills required in our current and future workforce.
Assessment Authority embarked on a journey to revolutionise
the way Queensland would approach Year 11 and 12. I was part        But how do we achieve this? We have been talking a good
of the Ministerial Working party that met to establish what         deal about our personal capacity pillar and how this underpins
would eventually become the Senior Assessment system under          all we do. It is about the knowledge, skill and personal and
which we now operate. At the time, we knew we had to review         social capabilities that promote effective management of self,
the old OP system but there were also whispers from down            relationships and learning. This encourages flourishing and the
south that the ATAR wasn’t necessarily the best way forward.        courage and commitment to positively shape the future. It’s
Sadly, like many government steering committees, the path           being intentional about the opportunities St Andrew’s provides
of least resistance was chosen and we find ourselves with an        for our students. But it goes deeper. It also goes to our culture.
approach that claims to take the best of other Australian states’   It goes to how we value and support each unique student.
Senior systems and in many ways they are right.
                                                                    It’s our goal here at St Andrew’s to do our very best to equip
However, where our group missed out was in not stopping to          each student with the foundations to allow them to tackle what
try and see into the future, to respond to the fact that the ATAR   lies ahead. A rigorous education of the basics, that focuses on
mark was increasingly being side-lined as universities explored     literacy and numeracy and then spreads out into an approach
broader means to select their students. Studies by the Mitchell     that includes the ability to nurture an inquiring mind and the
Institute a few years ago raised questions about the ATAR as a      capacity to critically think and reflect.
consistent measure of ability. In other words, universities and
indeed employers are interested in more than a simple number.       As you can see from everything in 2021, this is why we continue
Obviously, we need to establish ways of ascertaining academic       to offer a broad array of opportunities for every student. A St
capacity as we celebrated at our recent Presentation Evening.       Andrew’s student should develop a mindset of ‘having a go’,
However, we know that a bigger picture is required.                 to find out about themselves and to develop and embed these
                                                                    qualities. They should be exposed to the full array of Arts and
What this means for those of us at the coal face in schools is      culture, to the outdoors, as well as have opportunities to see
that we must look into the future and ask what our current Year     what they can achieve in both competitive and non-competitive

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#DIAMONDSTRONG St Andrew's Anglican College - St Andrew's Anglican College
physical pursuits. As an Anglican School, we see the exploration   It is my job, supported by our Council and Leadership teams to be
of service to others and faith as integral to all we do. And       constantly assessing and re assessing strategically how we best
students need to develop a sense of personal responsibility        prepare our students for life beyond Year 12. But if COVID has
for their own pathway into the future, learn how to deal with      taught us anything it is that the future can’t be taken for granted,
mistakes, and how to truly be mindful of others.                   that flexibility and agility are the key to everything we do. So as a
                                                                   College, we endeavour to remain agile, to try and see where the
Whatever your thoughts on the Christian faith, there is a          future lies, we seek to be realistic and respond with excellence.
wonderful verse from the Bible, an Old Testament prophet,          One thing of which we can be sure is that we want our students
called Micah who wanted to highlight what God required of          to walk confidently into their futures, having as their foundation
his people. I think he summarised it beautifully and should be     an outstanding primary and secondary education.
an aspiration for all. And what does the Lord require of you. To
do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.
Indeed the qualities and traits we are talking about are ones
that the Bible speaks of time and time again.                                                                              Best wishes,
                                                                                                                             Chris Ivey

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#DIAMONDSTRONG St Andrew's Anglican College - St Andrew's Anglican College
                of the Guard
      At the conclusion of 2021, our Head of Learning, Jenny Grant retired and we are indebted
     to her energy, vision and wisdom. During the recruitment process for this role, a key aspect
    based on the current needs of our College, was to provide strategic and innovative leadership
    to all aspects of learning as well as the wider College vision. We live in interesting times when
     schools are looking at new ways of learning, new skills on which to focus and an increased
       need for staff to flexible and open to new ways of thinking. After a thorough search, we
             welcome Maggi Gunn to the role of Head of Teaching and Learning for 2022.

Jenny Grant                                                           Favourite memory/moment from your time?
What has been your biggest achievement in your                        I have too many favourite memories to count. Having a working
time at the College?                                                  meeting with Brad Bowen, in the pool at the 2020 swimming
Being part of the critical response team in 2020, who rolled          carnival, sitting on large floating chairs, is one moment that I
out online teaching and learning to the College community. We         cherish. What other school ropes off a lane so that students
shared our approach with any schools that asked for guidance          and teachers can bob about, have fun and catch up? My
and it was great to see our model copied in many schools              recall is that we didn’t have our laptops but I may be wrong –
around Australia.                                                     perhaps we did!

What has been your biggest challenge?                                 Plans for 2022 and beyond?
Coping with the diverse challenges that come with being in            In this current climate, ‘beyond’ is definitely an unknown. In
charge of Teaching and Learning from Little Saints to Year 12.        2022 however, my husband Jon and I plan to join the tribe of
On any given day, I might have been delving into the curriculum       grey nomadders, lapping the country, threading the needle of
of the Prep student (with massive help from their amazing             border restrictions and sending postcards to our colleagues
teachers) and the next minute, I would be looking at the QCAA         from exotic, far away destinations.
requirements for our Year 12 Extension subjects.
                                                                      Maggi Gunn
What will you miss most about the College?                            Tell us a bit about your background.
Honestly, I will miss teaching my wonderful English and               Growing up on Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane, I remember
Literature Extension classes because teaching is what I love          realising that I wanted to be a teacher when I was in Year
above everything else. And of course, it’s a cliché but I will miss   9. I have taught Mathematics, Accounting and HPE in state
my colleagues – so many laughs, so many challenges, so many           and independent schools in Queensland, ACT and Western
great people working hard to achieve the best outcomes for            Australia. Over the last 20 years, I have enjoyed middle
our students.                                                         leadership positions in curriculum, pastoral care and co-
                                                                      curriculum and appreciated the opportunity to contribute
What has St Andrew’s taught you in your time here?                    at operational and strategic levels as an executive leader at
That humour really is part of our recruitment criteria. I have        Brisbane Girls Grammar School and Pacific Lutheran College.
loved working with people – students and teachers and parents
- who can overcome significant challenges and know that at the        Why St Andrew’s?
end of the day, laughter is part of learning and growing.             I am delighted to be joining the St Andrew’s learning
                                                                      community where the focus is on encouraging learning,
What makes St Andrew’s so special?                                    creating opportunities and building connections. The College
St Andrew’s truly believes in holistic learning. It is not and has    has a reputation as a place of strong and positive energy, a
never been just about the OP/ATAR. It is about the happy child,       supportive and caring community and a school that is creative,
achieving to their personal capacity, at whatever level that may      innovative and future-focused. I look forward to meeting and
be.                                                                   working with students, staff and families.

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#DIAMONDSTRONG St Andrew's Anglican College - St Andrew's Anglican College
                                                                          MEMBER PROFILE

Why do you love what you do?                                                      SUE SIMON
Working in a school, every day is different and provides                         Council Member
opportunity to make positive differences in the lives of
others.                                                                   What is your regular
                                                                          job/profession/area of
As an educator, the quality of facilitation of learning                   expertise/background?
opportunities is the most important factor in students’                   I am a Senior Lecturer in the
academic success. As a leader, it is a privilege to have                  School of Education and Tertiary
opportunity to look to the future, think strategically and                Access at the University of the
influence the goals and systems that best support and provide for         Sunshine Coast and former
transformative learning experiences for students.                         school principal, including being
                                                                          the Foundation Principal of St
What do you hope to bring to St Andrew’s?                                 Andrew’s from 2002 to 2006.
I have a genuine and enduring passion for teaching and learning and
an unwavering commitment to equipping and empowering students             Why/what inspired you
with the capacity, skills and enthusiasm for learning, the ability to     to join the St Andrew’s
think critically, the curiosity to seek and tenacity to solve problems,   Council?
and the courage to embrace challenge and remain resilient                 My continued interest and
throughout their time at school and beyond.                               passion for St Andrew’s since
                                                                          being part of the community
What goals you hope to achieve in this role?                              from its inception.
I look forward to working collaboratively in a school that values the
uniqueness of every student and seeks to maximise each student’s          What do you see as a
potential to achieve success by providing an educational experience       priority for Council for the
that fosters a love of learning, supports them in being their best        near future?
selves and prepares them for a changing and evolving future.              To retain what has been
                                                                          established as being highly
Where do you see Teaching and Learning heading?                           successful educationally, and
The future of teaching and learning is very exciting. We’ve learned       to be open to new directions
more about the brain in the last decade than in all recorded history!     and opportunities for students
Research has provided revelations about the structure and function        that will suit their learning and
of the human brain and how the brain learns and continues to              aspirations in the future.
inform best teaching and learning practice. Improvements in
technology empower collection, analysis and synthesis of data,            To you, what makes St
provide community and global connection and enable personalised           Andrew’s stand out from
learning opportunities where collaboration and co-creation is             other schools?
possible and learning occurs anywhere and anytime. Barriers               St Andrew’s has a highly positive
between school and ‘the real world’ are dissolving and students are       culture (its Spirit) and a unique
able to apply their knowledge and learning in real-life contexts and      combination of aspiration for
connect locally and globally. Learning is forever and school is where     high achievement and breadth
experiences and opportunities provide for routines, habits and ways       of opportunities for its students
of thinking, learning and working that equip students to become           (its Vision).
lifelong autonomous learners, innovative problem solvers and active,
compassionate citizens.
#DIAMONDSTRONG St Andrew's Anglican College - St Andrew's Anglican College

 We pay tribute to two dedicated staff members,
  Ron Bartholomew and Maree Froud, who are
 retiring from St Andrew’s after each serving our
        community for more than 10 years.

Favourite memories from your time?
Ron: A few are up there -
• reaching - but not necessarily the trek to - Everest Base
     Camp in 2017.
• watching my two sons run in the Diamond Dash in our first
     year up here.
• the generous thank you cards you get from some of our               What is the biggest change you’ve seen over your
     students at the end of a year.                                   time?
Maree: So many wonderful memories but one that stands out             Ron: Obviously in schools and in society IT has expanded
is Dave Elley standing on a tower with a megaphone directing          exponentially. That has both good and bad connotations.
the entire school community for the 10 Year Anniversary               Back in the day, teaching was simpler, easier, more fun and less
College photo. If anyone finds heaven on earth it was Dave that       stressful. (But then I would say that wouldn’t I!)
day. Another classic was the 2004 music performance evening           Maree: Obviously, the growth of the school has been
(unlike now, there was very little to work with at that stage) –      exponential – there is simply so much more of everything!
possibly one of the most excruciating evenings ever but also          Going from working in F Block to the best room in the Hub was
one of the funniest thanks to Xanthe Coward (a primary school         a very welcome change.
teacher at the time) who deserved an Academy Award for her
emceeing that night. Obviously watching Amy and Lucy (my              Plans for life post St Andrew’s?
daughters) graduate were very special moments as well.                Ron: People ask me what I am going to do next year and I
                                                                      sincerely reply “less”. They think I am joking! I have a favourite
What do you love most about what you do?                              table at Peregian Beach which will get a few more visits now.
Ron: Any teacher who doesn’t say ‘the holidays’ is telling tall       My wife and I have done the seachange thing so I reckon a
tales, but also:                                                      treechange might be an option down the track especially as
• working, learning and laughing with young people – my               both our sons now live in southern states.
     students. (Apparently ‘my banter game is strong !’) I know       Maree: I have always worried that I would find retirement
     I don’t look young but I still feel it thanks to them            boring however I am now ready to get up when I want to, go
• hearing students say they love Humanities                           where and when I choose to and simply just please myself.
• helping the so called ‘average’ students do well, ya gotta
     love over-achievers. Anyone can teach the smart kids.
Maree: It has been wonderful working alongside some truly
inspiring people and, at the same time, hanging out with young
people. Spending most of my time in the Secondary school
has required me to learn a huge range of subjects. For me, life
at St Andrew’s provided me with a level of challenge without
too much stress – I loved coming to work every day. It’s a great
feeling to support young people to believe in themselves and
work towards a goal.

What are you going to miss most about St Andrew’s?
Ron: As above, but also some of the people here who have
become mates, sharing a staffroom with two of them for 10
years, coaching touch footy and beating our arch rivals in Grand
Finals. (Robbo calls me Wayne Bennett, but I think that is more
to do with my age than coaching ability).
Maree: I think, most of all, I will miss the way I feel so valued –
my hard work and efforts have always been acknowledged by
my team.

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#DIAMONDSTRONG St Andrew's Anglican College - St Andrew's Anglican College

  Prep teacher Tjitske Linthorne this year has completed the national Highly Accomplished and Lead
        Teachers (HALT) certification to place her among the nation’s most proficient teachers.

HALT certification is overseen nationally by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
(AITSL) and undertaken locally by certifying authorities including ISQ. Teachers applying for certification
  undergo a rigorous evaluation process that involves gathering evidence of their teaching practices,
                         classroom observations and peer and student reviews.

What inspired you to become a teacher?                                range students who manage to slip under the radar. These
Walking into classrooms when I was doing the Marketing and            tracking systems allow me to check progress on a weekly basis
Development role at Sunshine Coast Grammar School I was               and target my teaching and learning strategies to bolster their
continuously inspired by the difference a teacher can make;           development.
academically, socially and emotionally. An honour and a
privilege which I appreciate every single day.                        What has 2021 been like for you as a teacher/what
                                                                      changed/what did you learn – do you have any
What do you love most about your profession/work/                     anecdotes to share that illustrate your experience
your students?                                                        with colleagues/students/parents?
I LOVE my job and I am excited to come to work every day. I           I have worked as a Walker Learning mentor to both colleagues
see so much growth and excitement around learning. When               within the College and in the wider community (as far away
the children are banging on your door at 8.15am you know              as Mt Isa). I have realised how fortunate we are that we had
they want to be there and they want to learn. I take my role          a leadership team who saw the value in a pedagogy that
as ‘mum away from home’ very seriously – ensuring they feel           promotes oral language, literacy and numeracy skills and
valued, challenged and supported, and understand the need to          centres its learning around the whole child. 2021 has been
treat everyone with kindness and respect.                             another exciting and innovative year for me!

How has your teaching changed as a result of the                      What hopes do you hold for your students at the end
certification process or what have you learned about                  of each year?
yourself as a teaching professional? There are two                    I want every student to leave Prep loving school and being
main areas where my teaching has changed: visually and                excited about learning new things. I want them to be curious,
creatively supporting cultural differences within the classroom       kind and respectful. And most of all I want them to come back
and using sophisticated tracking systems to ensure that every         and say hello to me on a regular basis!
child is meeting their personal goals. It is often the quiet middle

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#DIAMONDSTRONG St Andrew's Anglican College - St Andrew's Anglican College

           Our strategic pillar of Knowledge and Learning focuses on an ongoing
          commitment to equip our staff with continued professional development
            to enable them to develop a culture of curiosity, independence and
           critical and creative thinking in our students. This year staff embarked
                        on a project focusing on Spheres of Thinking.

                                                  2021 saw our continued focus on the development of our
                                                  Spheres of Thinking which is an integral part of our Teaching
                                                  and Learning Framework. Our Spheres of Thinking ensures
                                                  processes are being developed where learning to think is the
                                                  focal point in all facets of education, as learners are nurtured as
                                                  thinkers with the lifelong foundations of learning how to learn.

                                                  One of our key focus areas has been Visible Thinking (see
                                                  diagram on pg. 11) and we were privileged to have the
                                                  opportunity to work with Mark Church from the Harvard
                                                  School of Education Project Zero Cultures of Thinking team
                                                  and co-author of ‘Making Thinking Visible’ and ‘The Power of
                                                  Making Thinking Visible.’

                                                  Led by Mark Church and our Head of Thinking and Learning
                                                  Enrichment Jillian Green, a select group of teachers from both
                                                  Primary and Secondary formed study groups and engaged
                                                  in a virtual learning journey with Mark from his hometown
                                                  in Seattle USA. The focus was to learn how the use of Visible
                                                  Thinking and routines can switch on for learners the powerful
                                                  thinking which is vital for nurturing and shaping thinking
                                                  classrooms and cultures. In addition, using the expert research
                                                  from Harvard University’s Project Zero we delved into the
                                                  practices of Visible Thinking to promote student engagement
                                                  at high levels, cultivate deep understanding, enhance thinking
                                                  dispositions, and raise capabilities in teaching, student’s
                                                  learning and ultimately encourage deeper thinking.

Page 10
                        ERB S
                                                                                         FROM IN THE
             EV                                 DESIGN
           IV                                                           C                CLASSROOM

               01                                      02


                                                                              TERED LE
        QCAA provides a common                     Design Thinking is a basis
       language of thinking, deeply               for creative design and can
            rooted in research                   guide notions of divergent and
                                                      convergent thinking

                                       OF THINKING

               04                                      03
                                                                                   ING   English

           Coaches provide practical             Deep and active thinking is
           support and coaching for              supported through Visible
           teachers in the classroom                 Thinking routines


             GC         N G                                                    T
                OAC H I                              VISIBLE

We have worked on the development of a school thinking
culture will also assist in improving and maintaining high
pedagogical practice in teaching and learning environments
and ensure teachers gain a deeper and more meaningful
picture of each individual as a learner and their journey as a

This work with Mark Church will continue in 2022 with
continued professional development for all teaching staff and

key study groups. We, as a College, value the importance of
continuing to develop both staff and student capacity and
capabilities to ensure our classroom culture plays a significant
role in nurturing the development of students’ thinking

                                                                                                    Visual Art

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 2022 Student Leaders
                                           Introducing our 2022 College Captains and Vice-Captains,
                                           William Law, Kira Hunter, William Peterson and Ella Sobey

What inspired you to nominate for Captain?                        the College that will help the entire school, which is why I’d
WL: I always wanted to make a difference at St Andrew’s and       consider them leaders, regardless of any title they have.
inspire those around me with my actions, so I thought what        WP: Being a good role model and leading by example through
better way to try and become the College Captain?                 my daily actions and attitude towards my final school year.
K: I asked Tia, one of the 2021 captains, if she enjoyed the      It also means helping the younger kids and ensuring that
position and whether she recommended I go for it. Tia said        everyone feels welcome and safe at school. I feel I know a great
it was a lot of hard work, but she loved it, and it was beyond    number of students across all year levels so this helps me be
worth it. Even though I was unsure how stressful managing         able to achieve this.
study, and a leadership role would be, I was inspired to apply.   E: A leader to me personally is a listener, someone that hears
WP: I felt I could make a worthwhile contribution in my senior    people who are not in roles of leadership. A person who is
year at the school. Having been at the College since Year 2 I     humble and empathetic, yet holds attributes of a great role
felt that I had a good feel for the College and its growth and    model. For me, a true leader is one who guides the success of
development over the years and could understand and relate        their peers.
to students.
E: Ever since my first day of Year 7 I had always aspired to be   What do you love about St Andrew’s?
a captain of this school. After watching each of the previous     WL: The amazing network between staff and students. Even
Captain’s graduate, this passion grew, and I knew I wanted to     in my grade alone I feel everyone can see eye to eye and get
make a difference within the school.                              along. What’s better is that our relationships with teachers and
                                                                  other staff have blossomed over this year as we get to know
What does being a leader mean to you?                             them better as seniors and hopefully these relationships can
WL: Being a role model for other students to look up to, but      continue.
also a representation of the student body I stand for. It means   K: The number of opportunities we’re given across every
making the right choices for the people who I support and         department, and how involved the teachers are in them. Some
support me back.                                                  of my highlights at St Andrew’s include rock climbing with Mr
K: Being able to connect with the student body and act as a       Goodall and volleyball tournaments with Mr Kelly. When a
voice for them. If I don’t do that, then none of my initiatives   teacher is willing to take time in their day to drive you a decent
will resonate with the students, which is why it’s so important   distance, it makes you feel valued as a student, and gives you a
to be involved in a variety of opportunities where you can talk   deeper insight into their personality.
to and gain the perspectives of students across year levels.
Several of my friends have made a significant contribution to

Page 12
WP: St Andrew’s is a school that embraces all and has a place         events to further build a culture where everyone is supportive
for all - whether that be on the sporting field, in the band,         of others and wants them to succeed and feel a part of the St
on the stage performing or academic pursuits. The endless             Andrew’s community, right from the primary years through to
opportunities available to students allows them to pursue             the seniors.
whatever they are interested in and passionate about. I love          E: I hope to keep the spirit and culture of St Andrew’s alive.
the culture and approachability of the teaching staff which           I’m sure all the 2022 captains would agree we that we hope to
helps students to achieve their very best.                            improve connections within and between cohorts.
E: I love the culture and people of this school. I have made
friends I hope to have for a lifetime. The teachers genuinely         If you were Prime Minister what would you change?
want their students to be the best versions of themselves. I feel     WL: Probably steering Australia to a greener future. Trying to
welcomed and have a sense of belonging at this school. I also         make us a forefront country in solving social issues by making
love the spirit of the school, in all of its aspects from the field   better actions now, rather than later. Examples could be making
to music performances.                                                nuclear reactors legal and embracing indigenous cultures even
What do you hope to achieve?                                          K: I would welcome refugees into Australia and close all
WL: Building upon the school spirit, such as more student             offshore detention centres, as well as invest in more renewable
participation in all events, sports, and exhibitions. They are        energy. I would also sign a treaty with Aboriginal and Torres
experiences we don’t get to enjoy it as much as we grow up,           Strait Islander peoples.
and we need to be proud as St Andrew’s members.                       WP: Well at the moment it is challenging times so I think
K: As Captain I want to create a stronger community amongst           getting back to normality is really important for all Australians,
the students so that people will attend events that they              from both a mental health perspective right through to
wouldn’t typically go to and show support for their friends.          supporting businesses to get back to normal. From my
This includes sports games, music and arts events, and service        perspective being in my senior schooling years I think
opportunities. I’m hoping we can steer the focus towards              progressive job opportunities and housing affordability are
these events by promoting them and showing how fun                    directly relevant to me.
they are, leading to students getting involved in a variety of        E: I am very passionate about the environment so I would focus
opportunities.                                                        on our environmental policy. I would hope to reduce our global
WP: I hope to further develop the school spirit around sporting       emissions and increase the use of reusable energy.

        Perry Harris         Rosie Proctor                 Emma Carrier      Phoebe Kennedy          Bodhi Nash         Rosie Proctor
       STUDENT COUNCIL CHAIRS                                                          ARTS LEADERS

                  Luke Duregger           Madi Koy          Peri Habermas        Perry Harris        Rosie Proctor
                                                         MUSIC LEADERS

                                                                                                                                Page 13
Jeshua Morgan        Myra Harward          Seb Williment      Lily Lethbridge     Connor Wilson    Ava Condon
                AFL                                  ATHLETICS                             BASKETBALL

 Harry McNamee       Claudia Toohey      Luca Warman-Flood       Lila McIntyre     Rylan Sandford-   Madison
                                                                                         Bell       Bebbington
             CRICKET                             CROSS COUNTRY                                FOOTBALL

  Zara Warren             Sarah Gordon           Joe Siemon         Jess Robson       Oscar Timm

 EQUESTRIAN                NETBALL                            RUGBY                    SAILING

    Tim Bain           Lucy Bowen              Will McGarry        Lyla Crouch      Will McCaig   Jessica McCaig
                                                                                      Moore           Moore
             SURFING                                   SWIMMING                               TENNIS

William Bertholini    Jessica Caffery            Nic Ivey        Ali Baker-Lahey    Fraser Young    Abigail Kerz
               TOUCH                                  VOLLEYBALL                           WATER POLO

Page 14

At the end of the schooling year, each                               years of study involving fifty-five scientists. It concluded that
                                                                     there were six virtues and twenty-four character strengths that
Primary student is presented with their                              were valued across cultures, religions, gender, and race. So
‘Character Strength’ certificate. These                              often psychology can focus on pathologising and figuring out
                                                                     ‘what is wrong’ yet Character Strengths is about figuring out
certificates acknowledge the growth in                               what we are doing right and how we can do better.
personal capacity, the development of
the whole student and who they are as a                              While the development of all of the twenty-four character
                                                                     strengths is important in a child’s growth, at the end of
person.                                                              each year, the staff identify in each child in their class the
                                                                     character strength that they believe has shown to be the
Character Strengths are an integral part of the pedagogy in the
                                                                     strongest one over the academic year. A significant amount
Primary School at St Andrew’s. More than simply a compliment
                                                                     of thought and consideration goes into the recognition of this
on each child’s behaviour, our character strengths are defined
                                                                     particular character strength for your child. It is our hope that
as the distinctive qualities that are the best in us. They reflect
                                                                     encouraging this strength will truly bring out the child’s best.
what is important to us, what we value.
                                                                     This is a wonderful opportunity for you to discuss with them
                                                                     all the ways in which they have shown Vision and Spirit at
Research into character indicates that when we know and apply
                                                                     school this year. For more detailed information about character
our own specific character strengths, our wellbeing and life
                                                                     strengths please visit:
satisfaction improves. Students work better and improve more
quickly when they apply their character strength to their work.
Peterson and Seligman (2004) developed The VIA Classification
of Character Strengths and Virtues. This was the result of three

 Wisdom Courage Humanity Transcendence Justice                                                                Moderation
    creativity            bravery                 love          appreciation of beauty      creativity             teamwork
    curiosity           persistence            kindness               gratitude             curiosity               modesty
   judgement             honesty          social intelligence           hope               judgement               prudence
 love of learning           zest                                       humour            love of learning         self-control
   perspective                                                       spirituality          perspective

                                                                                                                            Page 15
             Class of 2021
             Final Assembly Speech
             Alice Ayton: When I look back on my six years at St Andrew’s
             they are impossible to describe. I guess standing here today I
             feel a little like the person I was in Year 7. Hesitant about what
             the future would hold but excited to take on every challenge
             and opportunity given to me.

             My journey at St Andrew’s has been filled with an
             overwhelming sense of community, especially the moments I
             have shared with my fellow graduates.

             I know that big dreams are made up of the little moments
             and I can whole heartedly say that each and every one of
             you has made a difference to my dreams through an array
             of little moments. Whether it was being lost in the bush on
             Year 7 orientation camp, suffocating from Lynx Africa on
             the Stradbroke Island minibuses, or watching your great
             coordination in ballroom dancing classes. Moments like these
             have shaped us into the people we are today, and I couldn’t be
             prouder to say I am a part of the class of 2021.

             After being through many ups and downs, through thick and
             thin, we have made it here. It is our turn to walk up that path
             for the final time and write the next chapter of our lives.

             For all the other students of St Andrew’s, here are some final
             words of advice. Take advantage of every opportunity, make
             the time to build relationships with your teachers, and most of
             all cherish the friendships you make at school. Just remember
             you only get to complete school once.

             To my teachers. Thank you for your support and motivation
             to drive me and all of us to do our very best. Your tireless
             dedication to help us not only learn, but become better people
             is what makes the St Andrews experience so special. I couldn’t
             have made it through this year without you and I know all
             of us are very grateful that you have been there to guide us
             throughout this year.

             As they say “what feels like the end is often just the beginning”

Page 16
so to the class of 2021, congratulations, we did it. I will miss
you all dearly but now I must farewell you all into your bright
futures and I wish you all the best.

Robbie Buxton: I have spent over 70 per cent of my life within
this community and today I walk out as a student for the final
time. There are so many things I will miss here at school. I
will miss the laughter in homeroom on arrival at school each
morning, the rapport that develops between students and
teachers, racing to get a handball court at lunch time, all the
friendships I have formed ranging from early days in Prep right
through to students who have joined the College with such
enthusiasm in the last 1-2 years… the list is endless. Over the
past 12 years, it has been these small moments that have
defined my life here at the College and has provided me with
the overwhelming sense of family. The family that I can never
thank enough. A family that involves staff, parents and our
student peers.

To the parents of the class of 2021. I speak on behalf of our
cohort when I say – you are the reason we have made it this
far. Your endless love and guidance has always given us the           Our training is our life here at St Andrew’s and the qualities
motivation to persevere. You have always been by our side             that we have learnt over the past 13 years. We have been
through the ups and downs. You’ve been our rock when we               guided and mentored by all the staff. But equally, as students,
have needed you most.                                                 we have all learnt from each other, from the strength of the
                                                                      friendships we have formed over the years.
Furthermore, to the teachers of St Andrew’s. Over the past few
years, you have become more than teachers – you have also             And in the future, when we come across those difficult times,
become our friends. Your commitment has helped us achieve             we will again rely on each other. These are the people who
all that we have this year and we cannot thank you enough.            will support you and who will be there for you. These are the
                                                                      people who best understand you. These are the people you’ve
Back in 650BC, the Greek philosopher Archilochus said: “In            trusted with your fears, secrets, dreams and ambitions - and
times of difficulty, we don’t rise to the occasion, we fall back to   they are now the lifelong friends who will be there for you in
the level of our training”.                                           both the joyous and the difficult times.

Here at St Andrew’s, we love to celebrate our successes, our          It is now time for us all to explore our own future paths. Have
achievements and our awards. But the mark of a true person,           high expectations of yourself and of the people around you.
a true human being, is their ability to deal with adversity. To       Remember always that the standard you walk past is the
meet failure, to learn from mistakes, and to rise again stronger.     standard you accept. And above all, do the right thing. Because
                                                                      doing the right thing is never the wrong thing.

                                                                                                                               Page 17
The Future Problem Solving (FPS) Program is a fundamental           Global Issues Problem Solving
part of the Extension program for our Year 6 to 9 English           Year 6 – Solving the futuristic problem of ‘Personalized
and Quest Extension programs. It aims to foster higher order        Medicine’ in two hours lockdown where the team completed
thinking skills through the development of critical thinking        the six step problem solving process - Will, Molly, Hamish & Jai
and creative problem solving within our students. FPS has           – 3rd Place and received an invitation to the International Final
a multitude of all-encompassing qualities for all students as       in 2022.
learners in the 21st century. FPS offers a range of divisions
for students to work within and these include Global Issues         Scenario Writing
Problem Solving, Community Problem Solving and Scenario             Year 6 – Yve had to write a piece on the National Finals topic
Writing.                                                            Personalized Medicine - Finalist.

We had many of our students compete in the Future Problem           TOURNAMENT OF MINDS
Solving National Finals on the 15 October in a virtual final in     We had another fabulous and successful year in Tournament
Community Problem Solving, Global Issues Problem Solving            of Minds albeit a little different once again due to Covid
and Scenario Writing. It was a fantastic day and all our students   restrictions. Our teams had to submit videos into the
put in a fabulous effort. We had some wonderful results which       Queensland Final and our results were:
were:                                                               Primary Social Science Team – 1st Place Qld Champions – Evie,
                                                                    Clementine, Telahlee, Emily, Abby, Molly & Charlie
Community Problem Solving                                           Primary STEM Team – 1st Place Qld Champions – Sebastian,
Primary – ‘Another Roof’ - helping to raise awareness and           August, Charlie, Orlando, Blake & Hamish
support homeless people on the Sunshine Coast – Abby, Hailey,       Secondary Social Science Team – Honours – Ella, Eve, Chloe,
Emily & Telahlee – 3rd Place                                        Gabby, Sally, Rhani & Maria.
Primary – ‘Health Legends’ – Improving the Health of the St
Andrew’s community – Kate, Matilda, Mia & Miya – 2nd place          Our two Primary teams then competed in a modified virtual
and received an invitation to the International Final in 2022.      National Final on Saturday 16 October. Teams competed in a
Secondary – ‘Gum Leaf Revolution’ – Raising awareness and           15 minute Spontaneous Challenge where they had to solve an
supporting our Koalas on the Sunshine Coast – Oli Taylor &          unseen problem and present their solutions.
Chloe Roberts – Finalists
Secondary – ‘Screen Savers’ – Raising awareness and                 Only a first place was awarded to teams on the day and while
supporting students with healthy screen time choices – Tessa,       our teams weren’t fortunate to gain first, it was an extremely
Tara, Sophia & Georgy – 3rd Place                                   rigorous competition, and our teams did a splendid job!

Page 18
What a wonderful day of music, rides, good food and
fun at our College Fair in Term 4! After the past couple
of years, it was great to see our community together
again connecting and having a great time. Thank you to
our wider community for your support, we hope you
enjoyed the day.

Special thanks to our sponsors CARMEX Australia,
Mortgage Choice, Peregian Beach, Mark Bain
Constructions, Hot 91, Terella Brewing, Sunshine &
Sons, Peregian Beach Hotel, David Berns Real Estate,
Integral Construction, White’s IGA Peregian Beach,
Mercury Group.

We had some great prizes on offer in our raffle with
lucky winners walking away with prizes from Mitre 10,
Terella Brewery, Vuly, Kmart, Noosa Gift Co., The Boat
Shed and Aussie World.

                                                           Page 19
Each year the Anglican Diocese of Southern Queensland                 others, particularly those with who we might not naturally
selects a theme for Anglican schools and churches to focus            resonate or who hold significantly different worldviews to us?
their attention. In 2020, as part of its three-year vision of Being
Together, we concentrated on Practising Peacemaking. In 2021,         We sought to combine this teaching with opportunities for
our focus turned to Nurturing Relationships.                          practical application through our regular volunteering for the
                                                                      Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, bush regeneration projects, regular
Relationships are key to who we are. Archbishop Phillip Aspinall      guest speakers and our annual ‘Empty Christmas Tree’ appeal.
reminded us that the way we treat others, even those we don’t         These gifts were delivered through the Anglican Church of
like or who are different to us, matters.                             Noosa to struggling families and those seeking shelter from
                                                                      domestic violence on the Sunshine Coast.
As the population of the Sunshine Coast increases and our
school community grows with people from across the globe,             We welcome 2022 with the arrival of Simon Surgenor who is
we will come across more people with different backgrounds            currently the Jr School Chaplain at The Scots College in Sydney.
and experiences to us. Our interactions with those who hold           We look forward to what he will add to the College Ministry
different opinions, beliefs, hopes and dreams will increase.          Team as he delivers an exciting program and leads our focus
They may even think completely differently or have opposing           on student opportunities to grow Personal Capacity in Primary
priorities to us. Jesus told us to love others regardless of who      School.
they are or where they are from. This included the radical step
of loving our enemies and doing good to them. This may seem                                                       Rev Gary McClellan
counter-cultural for many, yet this is the teaching of the Bible,
and a teaching St Andrew’s Anglican College upholds.

In 2021 as part of Nurturing Relationships we had the
opportunity in both the Primary and Secondary College to
focus on Connecting, which was the theme of our Chapels in
Semester 2. The key question has been, how can we strengthen
understanding, compassion, empathy, and openness towards

Page 20
Many students living on the Sunshine Coast don’t understand
how acquiring a language can be useful to them. It’s not a
prerequisite for any university courses. When they travel
                                                                   Term 4
overseas, they can always find someone who speaks English,
and if all else fails, there’s Google Translate.

The advantages of acquiring another language are plentiful.
People who know more than one language are more
employable in what is now a truly global employment market.
More companies than ever are engaging in international
business and need people with foreign language skills. In
addition to this, people who know other languages have more
fun when travelling. They are more open-minded, and they
have better interpersonal skills, another feature that is highly
sought after in the job market today. Moreover, many studies
have shown that second language learners enjoy enhanced
cognitive abilities such as better working memories, increased
creativity, improved problem-solving and multitasking skills. In
addition to this, learning a second language advances literacy
skills in one’s first language.

At St Andrew’s, we strive to combine academic rigour with
interactive, culturally inclusive, and engaging activities to
support the acquisition of Mandarin and Spanish. These are
some of the activities in which students were involved.

Chinese Lion Dancing
People perform lion dances at Chinese festivals or big occasions
to bring good fortune. As this tradition is performed to bring
prosperity and good luck for the upcoming year, it was most
suiting to have a performance for our College Fair as part of
our cultural program. Students worked enthusiastically with
Ms Cleyne preparing at lunch times, choreographing, and
strengthening their work to bring a festive and international
spirit to the day.

Spanish Musical Statutes
Year 7 Spanish students enjoyed an interactive game of Spanish
Musical Statues in Ms Solti’s class. The game was based on our
fun and energetic song study completed in Term 4. Students
were required to dance to the music and sing the lyrics in
Spanish – what a joy to hear the chorus of 40 Year 7 students
all singing together in Spanish!

Spanish Running Dictation Race
Year 7 Spanish students also participated eagerly in a running
dictation race in Ms Napoles’ class. The activity required
students to race to find parts of the class story pinned up
outside the classroom. One student had to remember the part
of the story that they had read and race back and dictate it to
their partner who wrote it down. Teams then had to reorganise
the different parts of the class story in the correct order.
Students became highly competitive, and it was great to see
the creative tactics in which many teams engaged to give them
a winning edge.

                                            Ms Meisha Napoles
                                            Head of Languages

                                                                            Page 21
As we conclude another productive and positive year in the
Primary School, it is a time to both celebrate the past 12
months and reflect on the achievements we have gained and
those crucial elements which ultimately guide our future
decisions and development.

Michael Fullan, an educational researcher, sums up beautifully
what I believe has been an essential factor in each child’s         a mathematical concept. It may even simply be being a loyal
educational journey throughout 2021. He says,                       friend. Whatever the achievement is, the value lies in the fact
                                                                    that the students have done their very best at that particular
  ‘The research is clear: nothing motivates a child more than       time. We can ask no more of our students than to endeavour
 when learning is valued by schools and families/communities        to make every effort their best.
working together in partnership…These forms of involvement do
 not happen by accident or even by invitation. They happen by       We have had so much to celebrate in our Primary School
                explicit strategic intervention.’                   this year, and, as always, I express my thanks to a number of
                                                                    people. My endless gratitude to the wonderful and professional
In reflecting on these words, the success of a child’s schooling    Primary teaching staff who have shown great care, compassion
is dependent on the value that the school places on education       and dedication – thank you for doing those many ‘little extras’
and the involvement of parents. These two factors combined          for the students. The staff show a real commitment towards
are critical for improving a child’s motivation to do well at       their profession and give of their time so willingly to help the
school. In addition, the real strength of any school emerges        students achieve their very best. I can honestly say that they go
through the stories that fashion and confirm the culture of that    ‘above and beyond’ to help the students each day and for this
school. At St Andrew’s, we celebrate stories that are based         we should all be very thankful.
on positive relationships, progressiveness and inclusiveness.
These qualities are surely the most enduring ones that we can       Thank you to our parents for your continued support by
develop in our students. Yet, throughout this year, there have      providing assistance in all that we do within the Primary years.
been many moments when more wonderful qualities of our              Whether it be helping in the classroom with reading groups,
students have been visible – their resilience and adaptability,     creating costumes for the Primary Plays or Book Week Parade,
the poise with which they experience success and the courage        driving your child to sporting or musical events, or simply
they display in the face of disappointment.                         attending our carnivals and special days to watch your child
                                                                    perform, we really do value your involvement and input to help
Attending a school that encourages a love for learning, within      make the learning environment so enriching for the students.
a happy and caring environment, is paramount to effective           Even though we had a relatively short online learning period
education and development. I believe we do this so well at St       early in the year, it was with a great sense of relief and pleasure
Andrew’s; an achievement gained largely through a conscious         to see parents visiting the Primary School after the upheavals
effort to develop the positive and honest partnership between       experienced throughout 2021.
the teachers and the parents. This partnership develops a
living, breathing and energetic environment where you can feel      I would also like to thank our Principal Chris Ivey and the
the ‘pulse’ as you walk through the Primary school and into         College Executive team for their continued guidance and
the classrooms. It can be felt in the music room, on the sports     support. My gratitude also to Megan Hewitt and Jane Olivero
field, at the school camp, on the stage performing, in the          in the Primary Office and the ancillary staff for their ongoing
sustainability garden … it is everywhere and in every activity in   assistance.
which the Primary students are involved. It is the children, the
staff and the parents who create this energy.                       Finally, I extend my best wishes to our Year 6 students for
                                                                    their future schooling years. They leave our Primary School to
I congratulate the students for their drive, their effort, their    face new challenges and experiences that await them in their
commitment and the personal goals they have achieved, not           Secondary years. They leave with our blessing and best wishes
just in their academic studies, but in every opportunity and        as they take this next step in their educational journey. I offer
activity in which they have been involved this year. Many of        my heartfelt congratulations to all of the Year 6 students for
the children’s achievements are not always the obvious ones,        completing their successful Primary years.
those which are recognised during assemblies, on social
media or on the class Seesaw page. Instead, it can be playing                                                       Mr Rob Paterson
a piece of music for the first time or understanding (at last)                                                      Head of Primary

Page 22
PRIMARY                    News

PRIMARY SWIMMING                                               YEAR 4 CAMP
The Aquatic Centre was filled with cheering, smiles            An exciting couple of days for students at Year 4 camp.
and huge numbers of participation at our Year 3 to 6
Swimming Carnival.                                             Students enjoyed being in the natural environment and
                                                               challenging themselves through feeding farm animals,
While records were broken and competition was tough,           milking cows, bushwalking, riding and orienteering. This
it was the sportsmanship, support and cheering of peers        was the first tenting experience for the students and
no matter if they were coming first or struggling to finish,   has provided them with skills that they will use in future
that made us most proud to be a member of the St               camps.
Andrew’s #diamondstrong community.

Congratulations to Williamson House who were crowned
House champions, just ahead of Hocknull in 2nd and
Burkett in 3rd.

FINAL IMMERSION                                                ROSIE THE SCARECROW
The immersion program came to an end for our Year 5            Our Primary garden is flourishing and it now has a new
students, who concluded their two years of work with a         addition, Rosie the scarecrow!
                                                               Year 1SN spent last term making Rosie the scarecrow and
It was an impressive display to see what they’ve learnt and    put on the finishing touches to place her in the garden in
how far they’ve come and we hope that many will continue       Term 4.
with their musical journey.

                                                                                                                  Page 23
PRIMARY                    News

JUNIOR CHEFS                                                      CODING CHALLENGE
Aprons and chef hats on, our Prep students enjoyed                Year 3 students discovered that coding a ‘bot’ to land
cooking their own damper!                                         precisely at a very specific point is harder than it looks...
                                                                  and ‘close’ doesn’t quite cut it.
Preps had been learning about food production, so after
a planting session with our wonderful Groundsmen                  But they were up for the challenge and persisted –
Richard and Sam, a tasting of fresh produce and a quick           trialling new combinations and battling new hurdles
talk from Beyond Honey, Preppies got heir hands sticky in         which forced them to think differently each time they
a masterclass with Graduate student Roberta.                      accomplished a task.

MARKET GARDEN                                                     READY FOR SECONDARY
Our Year 5 students spent their morning tea running their         A fun morning of welcome activities for our Year 6
first Market Garden Stall, selling their harvest from our         students preparing for their first year of Secondary
Primary garden to teachers!                                       schooling in 2022!

The students have spent many weeks looking after their            To build their connection as a year level, our current
plants and sold nearly all of their harvest, working to pay off   students and those joining us for Year 7 in 2022 rotated
their loan from the ‘Bank of Teachers’.                           through team building exercises, cooking, a team
                                                                  ‘amazing race’ and maths quiz.

Page 24
WE LOVE SCIENCE!                                               MUSIC IMMERSION
Year 1 students were visited by Professor JellyBean,           Our Year 4 parents shared and celebrated their student’s
who took the students on a fun investigation to discover       musical journey at the final Year 4 Immersion concert.
the flow of light energy. They created colourful, freaky
goo worms and rainbow seed bombs, discovering how              We look forward to seeing the growth in the student’s
sunlight energy brings life to all living things.              musical knowledge and skills in the second year of their
Through these two science activities, Professor JellyBean
wove a story of change and told how we are all
connected to the greater community of life through the
flow of light energy.

SWIMMING CARNIVAL                                              YEAR 2 CAMP
A little bit of rain wasn’t going to stop the fun and smiles   What a day for our Year 2 students on their camp
from our Preps, Year 1s and Year 2s at their swimming          engaging in a variety of activities all designed to deepen
carnival during Term 4.                                        their understanding of themselves, others and the

                                                               Students enjoyed low ropes, a mud pit challenge, bush
                                                               skills and kite making activities!

                                                                                                                   Page 25
    Year 4 students were fortunate to spend a
   whole day designing, creating, coding in an
  immersive Robotics experience day. This was
    a culmination activity whereby all of their
   knowledge and understanding from 2021’s
   learning in Science, Design Technology and
        Digital Technology came together.

    Led by Mrs Stanhope, our Head of Digital
     Integration, students were given a kit to
    design a robot, then code its movements.
   They were given time to practise with their
   robot to ensure their design and algorithm
      would withstand a competition against
                 opposing robots.

  After lots of problem solving and persevering
  the students were ready to battle their robots
           on the sumo wrestling mats.

Page 26
A semester of project learning culminated in our
   second amazing IGNITE Showcase for 2021.

 IGNITE is a celebration of learning where Year 5
 and 6 students have the opportunity to shine in
what they are passionate about. The projects are
unique and autonomously driven by the students
   in their designated learning times on Friday

   Seeing the end product of what they have
 achieved, worked so hard on and are so clearly
     passionate about is always a highlight.

                                                    Page 27
       Sponsored Awards

               Alexander Aitchison         Sofia Healey                                      Charlie White          Ava Thornton

             THE MURPHY VISUAL ARTS AWARD                                                   THE ARCHBISHOP’S AWARD
          This award is presented to an emerging artist within the                      This award is presented to the student who has
          Primary School who displays an enjoyment for exploring                      shown the most improvement throughout the year
             visual arts and using his/her creative imaginations.                              in all aspects of their College life.

           Charlotte Guthrie                                 Kate Bailey           Oliver Greer          Lachlan Hunt           James Watson

     AWARD FOR LITERACY                                                        VITALITY
   This award is presented to the Year 6                    This award is presented to a student who is recognised by the staff as a person
 student who has achieved at the highest                   who consistently gives 100 per cent effort in all aspects of life of the College. The
             level in literacy.                            recipient is known for their positive attitude, support for their peers, enthusiasm,
                                                                           generous spirit and commitment to their studies.

                   Hailey Higgins       Charlie Lawther        Molly Lawther           Daniel Miller           Emily Tarsilli
                                        THE HORNUM FAMILY SCHOOL SPIRIT AWARD
                  This award is presented to the Primary student who has con tributed an ongoing high level of enthusiasm
                  and encouragement to other students and demonstrates a real passion for St Andrew’s Anglican College.

Page 28
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