STUDENT HANDBOOK SUMMER OF 2021 - Phillips Exeter Academy

STUDENT HANDBOOK SUMMER OF 2021 - Phillips Exeter Academy
     SUMMER OF 2021
The Student Handbook
This handbook is a guide that sets the standard for what is expected of you as a Summer Exonian. You
will find in these pages information about Academy life, rules and regulations, and policies. Please take
the time to read this handbook carefully. You will find yourself referring to it when you have questions
about issues ranging from out-of-town procedures to laundry services.

The rules and regulations of Phillips Exeter Academy are set by the Trustees, faculty and administration,
and may be revised during the summer. If significant changes occur during the program, the Academy
will notify students and their families. All students are expected to follow the most recent rules and
regulations. Procedures outlined in this handbook apply under normal circumstances. On occasion,
however, a situation may require an immediate, nonstandard response. In such circumstances, the
Academy reserves the right to take actions deemed to be in the best interest of the Academy, its
employees, and its students. This handbook as written does not limit the authority of the Academy to
alter its rules and procedures to accommodate any unusual or changed circumstances.

If you have questions about the content of this handbook, please feel free to ask. Your teachers, your
advisers, and members of the Exeter Summer Office all are here to help you.

Exeter Summer
Phillips Exeter Academy
20 Main Street | Exeter, NH 03833
Tel 603.777.3488
COVID-19 Guidelines
As COVID-19 vaccination rates of adults and students increase, this allows us to change our protocols, and start
returning to a new normal while keeping the health and safety of our community first and foremost. Please review
the current protocols (as of June 4, 2021).

Conditions continue to change, so make sure to consult the website, Exeter Summer COVID-19 Updates, for
additional information and modified safety protocols. The items below pertain to all students.

•    There is no required pre-travel COVID-19 test. We highly recommend that students get a COVID test before
     traveling to make sure that there are no surprises on registration day.
•    No required pre-quarantine/isolation for students at home prior to arrival to campus.

•    On registration day, all students will undergo a rapid COVID-19 test before being allowed into the program.
     If a student tests positive, they will need to leave campus with their designated guardian, or be housed in our
     Health Center while they wait for their designated guardian to take them off campus (within 48 hours). Stu-
     dents who test positive will join their classes remotely until cleared to return to campus.
•    Only Exeter Summer students will be allowed in the buildings on registration day. This includes the Field
     House where registration will occur, dorm buildings, the bookstore, the dining hall, etc. Family members can
     assist students in getting luggage to the dorms but will need to remain outside.
•    After a negative rapid COVID-19 test result, there will be no quarantine period on campus for students. In-per-
     son classes (both Academic and PE) will begin on Tuesday, July 6.
•    Students will be required to wear masks while on campus with a few exceptions: while in their own dorm
     room, while actively eating or drinking, and during PE classes with some exceptions.
•    All students will be in a single room (even though some of the rooms will be set-up for roommate situations).
••   Non-vaccinated students will have twice-weekly COVID-19 tests.

All community members will wear masks when at a minimum of six feet from others. Masks will not be required
when one is alone, eating, or at a safe distance (six feet). While eating one should still observe social distancing.

In the event of a student’s positive test result, that student will need to depart campus within 48 hours. Parents
will need to pick up their child. If the parents cannot come to campus, due to distance, etc., another adult who can
pick up the child must be designated by the parents. The identity of that adult must be shared with Exeter Summer
before the program begins.

These safety protocols will remind us of our responsibilities to work to safeguard each other’s well-being to the
maximum practical degree we can. We’ll still learn, have a great deal of fun and return home with rich memories
and new friends.
Exeter Summer               2021 STUDENT HANDBOOK

    STUDENT LIFE                                5
     ATTENDANCE                                 5
     BANKING & MONEY                            5
     BOOKSTORE                                  6
     COLLEGE SEMINARS                           6
     COURSE REQUIREMENTS                        6
     COVID-19                                   6
     DINING SERVICES                            6
     DRESS CODE & PACKING LIST                  7
     EMAIL                                      8
     GRADES                                     8
     HOMEWORK                                   8
     INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                     8
     LAUNDRY                                    8
     LIBRARY                                    9
     LION CARD                                  9
     LUGGAGE                                   10
     MAIL                                      10
     MEDICAL SERVICES       			                10
     PHONES & WEB-ENABLED DEVICES              12
     PHOTO & MEDIA POLICY                      12
     POLITICAL SIGNS                           12
     RELIGIOUS SERVICES                        13
     STUDENT ACTIVITIES                        13
     SWIM TEST                                 13
     TRANSPORTATION                            13
     VISAS                                     15
     VISITING & GUESTS                         15
Exeter Summer                                        2021 STUDENT HANDBOOK

                         TABLE OF CONTENTS (continued)
                         BOARDING STUDENT INFORMATION & GUIDELINES                          16
                           DORM ACCESS                                                      16
                           DORM CHECK-IN                                                    16
                           FURNISHINGS AND EQUIPMENT                                        16
                           HOUSING                                                          16
                           ROOM INSPECTIONS                                                  17
                           ROOM AND POSSESSIONS SEARCHES                                     17
                           ROOMING POLICY                                                    17
                         DAY STUDENT INFORMATION & GUIDELINES                                18
                           DAY STUDENT REGULATIONS                                           18
                           DORM MEETINGS                                                     18
                           EMAIL                                                             18
                           EXETER SUMMER LIFE AND FIELD DAYS                                 18
                           POST OFFICE                                                       18
                           MOTOR VEHICLES                                                    19
                         DISCIPLINE PROCESS DURING THE SUMMER                               20
                         RULES & REGULATIONS                                                 21
                           OTHER PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES                                      23
                         OTHER POLICIES                                                     25
                           COMMUNITY CONDUCT & DISCRIMINATION POLICY                        25
                           ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY                                            28
                           INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY                                    31
                           CAMPUS SAFETY, EMERGENCY RESPONSE & PERSONAL SAFETY               31
                           PARENT POLICIES & EXPECTATIONS                                   33
                           NEW HAMPSHIRE STATE & MANDATORY REPORTING LAWS                   34
                           SEXUAL MISCONDUCT POLICY                                         36
                           SEXUAL INTIMACY                                                  40
                         IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS/EXETER SUMMER OFFICE HOURS                  41
                         APPENDIX: MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING                              42

 Exeter Summer reserves the right to make changes to the Student Handbook when, and as often as, needed.
                     The information in this handbook is current as of 07/04/2021.
                                                                            EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 5
Student Life
■ ACADEMIC HONESTY/                                          Turnitin™ will be used for all assignments. Faculty
                                                             members who suspect cases of academic dishones-
PLAGIARISM                                                   ty must report their suspicions to the Exeter Summer
The Academy is confident that students of Exeter Sum-        Dean. Students who have questions about plagiarism
mer are committed to achieving academic success              or other forms of academic dishonesty should always
through honest effort. In order to ensure our students       ask their teachers for guidance. In addition, students
are successful, we define plagiarism as follows.             will find a thorough explanation of plagiarism, the ac-
                                                             ademic honesty statements provided by academic de-
What is plagiarism?                                          partments, and tutorials about academic honesty on
Dictionaries define plagiarism as the stealing and pass-     the Exeter Library website: https//
ing off as one’s own the ideas, words, opinions, etc.,       CopyrightandPlagiarism
of another. The blatant copying of another student’s
homework or examination, or of long passages from
published writings or works of art, is a serious academ-     ■ ATTENDANCE
ic offense punishable by dismissal. However, there are
                                                             Students are required to attend all classes, including
gray areas of academic dishonesty, and students are
                                                             SSAT or SAT Prep (if enrolled), sports, and music
sometimes confused as to what kind of “borrowing” is
                                                             lessons (if enrolled). Inadequate participation in class
ethical and permissible.
                                                             discussion and group projects weakens students’ grasp
                                                             of Harkness teaching and learning and deprives class
Plagiarism is a broad term which includes more than
                                                             member of the insights each member can provide.
simply the unacknowledged use of another author’s
                                                             A student who has been absent without an adequate
precise words. Just as unethical is the paraphrasing of
                                                             excuse will be referred to the Exeter Summer Dean or
another person’s story or the repetition of critical judg-
                                                             the Director of Exeter Summer.
ments without acknowledgment. Students should not
retell stories or recycle theories they have encountered
                                                             In the case of illness, students must go to the Health
elsewhere without attributing such stories and theories
                                                             Center. Parents/legal guardians of Day Students must
to their authors. Creative expressions that do not rely on
                                                             call the Health Center at 603.777.3420 to report their
language—such as music and the fine arts—must also be
                                                             child’s absence.
                                                             Students are not permitted to arrive late or depart early
Plagiarism may involve the use of work by fellow stu-
                                                             from the Exeter Summer program and must complete
dents as well as that of published authors. A student
                                                             the entire five (5) weeks in order to receive grades and
may not receive unauthorized assistance from a peer.
Likewise, a student may not submit under their name
alone work that they completed in collaboration with         ■ BANKING AND MONEY
peers. Rather, students must seek permission to work in
a group, and if collaboration has been authorized, they      We discourage students from keeping large sums of money
must acknowledge the participation of every member           on hand and recommend that they enroll in the Academy’s
of the group. A student’s use of their own previous work     Lion Card program (see Lion Card section), use an
can also constitute academic dishonesty unless the stu-      automated teller machine (ATM) to obtain cash or purchase
dent has secured their instructor’s permission before-       a VISA Travel Money card. There are two ATMs on campus:
hand to submit that work.                                    one is inside the Elizabeth Phillips Academy Center near

                                                                                 EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 5
the post office; the second is on the outside of the Jeremiah   ■ COLLEGE COUNSELING
Smith Hall building (west side) near the parking area. There
is a charge ($2.50) for each ATM transaction in addition
to any fees charged by your bank. There are other ATMs          Three informational workshops will be offered this
available at banks in Exeter within walking distance.           summer:

                                                                College Counseling 101: The Basics: this workshop focuses
Additional expenses for the session, including books and
                                                                on understanding college admissions to U.S. universi-
supplies are approximately $200 to $300. The Bookstore
                                                                ties: what students from 9th through 11th grade need to
accepts cash, Lion Cards, credit/debit cards, and checks
                                                                think about and the actions they need to take. Whether
drawn on U.S. banks; Grill (on-campus café) accepts cash,
                                                                you are a high school freshman planning your curricu-
Lion Cards and credit/debit cards; and the Student Activities
                                                                lum or a rising senior preparing for next year’s applica-
Office accepts Lion Cards and credit/debit cards.
                                                                tions, this “how to” workshop can be helpful for you.

■ BOOKSTORE                                                     Understanding Need- and Merit-Based Financial Aid: this
The Exeter Bookstore is managed by Barnes & Noble               workshop will answer student questions about student
College. Students will find all required textbooks and          loans and grants, merit scholarships based upon aca-
supplies at the start of Exeter Summer. Most methods of         demic and extracurricular achievement, and how you
payment are accepted including cash, Lion Card, trav-           and your family can determine your eligibility for both.
elers cheques, Barnes & Noble gift cards, VISA, Master-
                                                                Applying to U.S. Universities as an International Student:
Card, and AMEX. Students spent an average of $200 to
                                                                this workshop builds on the first workshop, College
$300 for course books and supplies. The Exeter Book-
                                                                Counseling 101: The Basics, and will address the chal-
store also offers students a selection of classic literature,
                                                                lenges and opportunities non-US citizens face when
reference books, current bestselling titles, new releases,
                                                                applying to American universities. We strongly recom-
and a wide selection of college test preparation books.
                                                                mend international students also attend Workshop #1,
The bookstore is the student’s convenient one-stop-
                                                                to gain a basic understanding of the admissions process.
shop for Phillips Exeter Academy clothing, souvenirs,
school supplies, computer accessories, prepaid phone
                                                                ■ COURSE REQUIREMENTS
cards, snacks, greeting cards, and dorm supplies.
                                                                It is your responsibility to read the course descriptions
Textbook pricing can vary depending on the courses a            with requirements for all of your courses. Refer to your
student has enrolled in. The bookstore makes every ef-          student portal for the list of your classes. You are re-
fort to provide students with the option of purchasing          sponsible for bringing the required equipment that is
used textbooks when available. By purchasing a used             noted for each class.
text, students can save 25% on what a new text would
                                                                Review the course requirements in the catalogs below:
cost. At the end of Exeter Summer the bookstore will
                                                                ACCESS EXETER Catalog
also provide a “book buyback” where students can sell
                                                                UPPER SCHOOL Catalog
some of their textbooks back to the bookstore for a per-
centage of the cover price.                                     ■ COVID-19
                                                                We will continue to update the COVID-19 page our
The Exeter Bookstore will be open on Registration Day,
                                                                website with the required COVID-19 protocols. In
Monday, July 6 from 9:00am–5:00pm. Regular hours
                                                                addition, we will email those updates to enrolled
during Exeter Summer are Monday-Friday 8:30am–
5:00pm and Saturday 10:00am–2:00pm. Find more in-
formation about the Bookstore at exeter.bncollege. com
or you may call the store at 603.777.3500.
                                                                ■ DINING SERVICES
                                                                Dining Services operates the residential, retail and ca-
                                                                tering operations at Phillips Exeter Academy. The res-

                                                                                    EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 6
idential program offers three meals a day and snacks,       •   No strapless tops, tops with straps less than two
seven days a week in the dining hall. Our menus are             inches wide, mesh shorts or apparel that reveals
reviewed on a consistent basis by the Academy’s di-             the midriff, buttocks or chest.
etitian and Executive Chef, focusing on providing
nutritional balance, on offering a variety of choices,      Our students come from many different ethnic and
and on our commitment to the principles outlined by         cultural backgrounds, which in itself contributes to the
Menus of Change, developed by the Harvard School of         Exeter Summer experience. If you are the owner of an
Public Health and the Culinary Institute of America.        ethnic costume or play a musical instrument from a dif-
                                                            ferent culture, please bring it with you and share your
The following principles should be observed:                heritage with others (there will be a great opportunity to
1. China, utensils, and trays may not leave the dining      share your culture during our Cultural Awareness Day).
2. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself       Each dorm room is furnished with a bed, dresser, desk,
   and your table upon completion of your meal or           closet or wardrobe, lamp, chair and a wastebasket.
                                                            Packing List:
3. Backpacks must be stored in cubbies or on hook,
                                                            •   Basic school supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks)
   please use these and do not block egress by drop-
                                                            •   Bathing suit, beach towel
   ping backpacks at the dining hall entrance. This is
                                                            •   Bedding: twin XL sheets, pillow, and light blanket
   a safety issue.
                                                                (see the Laundry section for more information on
4. Always treat the Dining Hall staff with respect. If
                                                                linens and laundry services)
   you have questions, please feel free to ask faculty      •   Cell phone and/or prepaid phone card (See Phones
   and dining hall staff for assistance.                        section)
5. Please use hydration station on campus to refuel         •   Hangers
   water bottles. Refilling water bottles with product      •   Laundry soap, if doing your own laundry
   from the dining hall is not allowed; this is a food      •   Lightweight jacket
   safety protocol.                                         •   Pajamas, slippers, bathrobe
6. No takeout containers or paper plates may be             •   Raincoat or umbrella
   brought into the dining hall. Please do not wrap         •   Shoes ( athletic, casual, and dress)
   food to go.                                              •   Shorts (See Dress Code section)
7. Guests are not allowed in the dining hall.               •   Small room fan
                                                            •   Socks
■ DRESS CODE AND PACKING                                    •   Sports equipment (for recreation and for sports
LIST                                                            classes)
                                                            •   Sweater and/or sweatshirt
During Exeter Summer, students and faculty dress in-
                                                            •   Toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodorant, razors, sun
formally, but are expected to be well groomed and to
                                                                block, bug repellant, calamine lotion or After Bite™)
show good taste in their choices of clothing during all
                                                            •   Towels and washcloths
required academic and administrative appointments.
                                                            •   Under clothing
Summer temperatures normally average 75-90°F (24-
32°C) with nights cooler than days. Casual clothes are
                                                            What NOT to Bring:
usually worn to class and must meet the general guide-      •   Air conditioners
lines below. For more formal occasions, such as reli-       •   Beanbag chairs
gious services appropriate dressier clothing is expected.   •   Bicycles, rollerblades/skates, skateboards, scoot-
                                                                ers, gyro-scooters, or any other wheeled vehicle
General Guidelines:                                             or device, with the exception of wheelchairs &
• All hemlines must be at least fingertip length.               ambulatory devices
• All clothing must be clean and in good repair             •   Drones
   (not torn, frayed or cut off ).                          •   Furniture

                                                                                 EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 7
•   Heat producing items including: irons, coffee           reports from their instructors and advisers. Teacher re-
    pots, corn poppers, hot plates, toasters, electric      ports generally include a brief description of the course,
    immersion coils, high-voltage electrical applianc-      as well as a statement about the student’s academic
    es, halogen floor lamps, & high intensity lamps         progress and effort level. These comments are confi-
    that generate excessive heat                            dential. Parents/guardians and schools may use the
•   Lighter or vaping devices                               comments as they see fit to represent the work for a stu-
•   Pets                                                    dent. The Exeter Summer Office does not forward
•   Plants                                                  copies to colleges, high schools or other institu-
•   Refrigerators                                           tions. No comments are issued if a student leaves
•   Smoking materials of any kind                           before completing the program.
•   Stringed lights or Christmas lights
•   Televisions
•   Valuables                                               ■ HOMEWORK
•   Weapons, including those used for martial arts,         Students should expect an average of one (1) hour of
    knives, any type of firearms, stun guns, Tasers         homework per class/per night. Thorough preparation is
    or air guns of any sort, including BB guns              essential for successful participation in a Harkness class
•   Refer to Boarding Student Information and Guide-        and students must be prepared to budget their time ac-
    lines for additional prohibited items                   cordingly.

                                                            ■ INFORMATION
All students will be assigned an email
address. Students are responsible for checking their        TECHNOLOGY
email daily. This information will be provided to you       The Information Technology (IT) Department oversees
prior to arrival at Exeter Summer.                          information technologies at Phillips Exeter Academy. IT
                                                            supports student technology resources that include net-
■ GRADES                                                    work accounts, email, Canvas, Exeter Connect, wire-
                                                            less network connectivity, and printing. For sup- port
Exeter Summer emphasizes learning for learning’s sake.
                                                            or questions about technology, call 603.777.3693, email
Most grades will be (S) Satisfactory and a small percent-
                                                  , visit or stop
age of students will achieve (H) Honors. Unsatisfacto-
                                                            by one of their offices located at the Data Center, 255
ry work is graded as (U). Equivalent letter or number
                                                            Water Street (corner of Main and Water streets), or
grades (B or 85) cannot be provided by Exeter Summer.
                                                            Phillips Hall, Room 004.
No grade is given if a student leaves before completing
the program and the closing assembly.
                                                            Due to course assignments and homework, students
HONORS: The student excelled in all aspects of the          are required to bring a computer (see Courses section
course, including quality of preparation, daily partici-    for specific course requirements). The computer should
pation, and total effort.                                   run the latest available operating system or the one prior
                                                            and have up-to-date anti-virus software installed. As a
SATISFACTORY: The student completed the require-            member of the Exeter community it is your responsibili-
ments of the course and demonstrated basic compe-           ty to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy (see Acceptable
tence in the subject matter.                                Use Policy section).

UNSATISFACTORY: The student failed to complete              ■ LAUNDRY
the work of the course and/or did not demonstrate basic
                                                            The Academy has partnered with E&R Laundry and Dry
competence in the subject matter.
                                                            Cleaners (E&R) to offer our boarding students weekly
                                                            linen and personal laundry services. Students who sign
A few weeks after the end of the session, students and
                                                            up for E&R’s wash/dry/fold laundry service will receive
parents/guardians receive via the student portal written
                                                            a personalized laundry bag and can send in one full bag

                                                                                EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 8
per week (any garments that can be cleaned in a washer        official ID card of Phillips Exeter Academy. Students
and dryer on normal cycle). Also available from E&R are       will receive their card on Registration Day and must
linens for rent: sheets, pillowcases, and towels.             keep this card available at all times. The Lion Card may
                                                              be used within the Academy campus for purchases at
For complete details on how to purchase any of E&R’s          the Bookstore, Grill and Student Activities Office. Funds
services and to answer any questions, visit their web-        can be added by:
site at You may also call
800.243.7789 inside the U.S. or 603.627.7661 outside          CASH TO CARD MACHINE
the U.S.                                                      The Cash to Card Machine located in the Elizabeth Phil-
                                                              lips Academy Center is a convenient way to load money
There are washers and dryers in the dorms. Addition-          onto student Lion Cards. The machine takes cash and
ally, there are two coin-operated Laundromats within          credit cards allowing students immediate access to the
                                                              newly deposited funds.
walking distance of the Academy.

                                                              Payments are also accepted via our convenient
■ LIBRARY                                                     and secure electronic billing and payment system:
Housed in the Class of 1945 Library is a collection un-       TOUCHNET®
surpassed by any other secondary school. The building,        Your TouchNet login credentials and instructions will
designed by Louis I. Kahn, opened in 1971 and has the         be available to you and your parents/guardians on your
capacity for 250,000 volumes and more than 400 read-          student portal. (Funding of your Lion Card account
ers.                                                          will be activated in June).

Seminar rooms and group study rooms located through-          Once logged into with Student ID and
out the building are available for viewing videos, group      PIN:
study, and workshops. The library is networked and            • Click the tab at the top that says
wireless, and is set up to be the center on campus for           “Make Payment”.
information and technology. There are computers for           • At “Select Account” in drop down make sure
public access to the Internet; the library’s catalog; elec-      “Lion Card” shows in the box.
tronic journals; databases; and many other electronic         • Click the “Select Button” to the right (this saves
resources. The Library Commons on the ground floor is            your selection).
an ideal space to foster social interaction and unplanned     • At current Account Balance enter the amount in
collaboration between classes.                                   the box to the far right that you wish to add to the
                                                                 Lion Card Account. Click “Continue”.
The library has 204 study carrels for student use; 112
                                                                 Funds added will display as a negative balance, (i.e.,
have locking compartments in which students can store
                                                                 -$700) and will show as a $0 balance when the funds
their belongings. Day students may reserve a carrel
                                                                 are depleted.
during the summer. The print book collection numbers
                                                              • Choose the “Payment Method” you want to pay
more than 150,000 volumes, and there is access to over
190,000 e-books. In addition, the library regularly re-          with at the drop down and click “Continue”.
ceives about 300 domestic and foreign magazines and           • Enter your bank or credit card information and
newspapers, and has access to more than 25,000 on-               save for future use, if desired.
line magazines and newspapers. The video collection           • Click “Continue”.
includes more than 5,500 films for both academic and
recreational use, plus access to 88,000 streaming films.      **Please be sure to set up a saved refund account (U.S.
                                                              bank accounts only) which will expedite any refunds
■ LION CARD                                                   due back. To set up a Refund Account in TouchNet, go
                                                              to “My Profile Setup” to the far right of the screen and
The Lion Card is a multipurpose identification, dorm
                                                              click on “Electronic Refunds,” then follow the steps to
access, and on-campus debit card, which serves as the

                                                                                  EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 9
CHECK                                                          All mail and packages are sorted and distributed to
You can also add funds to a Lion Card via checks drawn         the appropriate PEA box numbers throughout the day.
on a U.S. bank. Please be aware it may take several days       Packages are also received daily from other messenger
for a credit to appear on your student’s account when          services, such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL. The post office
paying by check.                                               is also an on-campus site for the purchase of stamps.

INTERNATIONAL FUNDS                                            Students will be assigned a campus box number. This
You can add funds to a Lion Card using an international        information will be available on the student portal.
bank account through our partner Flywire:                      Boarding students should promptly notify parents/legal                                     guardians of their PEA mail box number. All students
                                                               (boarding and day) should be in the habit of checking
To verify funds have been received and credited, please        for mail daily. The campus mail room is open Monday
view your online account. Click here for detailed Lion         – Friday, 8:00am to 3:50pm, and Saturday, 8:00am to
Card funding instructions. At the end of Exeter Sum-           11:50am.
mer, remaining balances over $10 will be refunded to
you.                                                           Address mail as follows:
                                                               Student’s Full Name (please, no nicknames)
The Lion Card is not an ATM card. You do not                   c/o PEA Exeter Summer
have the ability to withdraw cash from it. Refer               PEA Box #             (Example: *PEA Box #1234)
to the Banking and Money section for ATM options.              20 Main Street
                                                               Exeter, NH 03833-2460
■ LUGGAGE                                                      *Please do not use “P.O. Box” number
Please mark all luggage with:
                                                               ■ MEDICAL SERVICES
Student’s Name
                                                               Phillips Exeter Academy’s Lamont Health and Well-
                                                               ness Center offers a variety of health care services to Ex-
Phillips Exeter Academy
                                                               eter Summer students. They are here to help students
20 Main Street
                                                               with health concerns of all types, minor and major,
Exeter, NH 03833-2460
                                                               emotional and physical. The Lamont Health and Well-
                                                               ness Center is located on Tan Lane, behind the Phelps
Such identification is especially important for students
                                                               Science Center. Walk-in services are available from
arriving by plane. Since airline delays and lost lug-
                                                               7:00am-8:00pm. Emergency services are available at
gage can occur, it is recommended that students carry
                                                               all times, with a registered nurse on duty 24 hours a day,
with them whatever they will need for the first night.
                                                               7 days a week. A physician is on call 24 hours a day, 7
                                                               days a week as well. In addition, beds are available for
Rate Liner will be on campus during the last few days of
                                                               daytime or overnight care.
Exeter Summer for students to ship luggage home. Rate
Liner accepts all major credit cards, cash, and travelers
                                                               GENERAL MEDICAL SERVICES
cheques. Further details will be provided to students
                                                               In non-emergency situations, students may seek health
during Exeter Summer.
                                                               information, advice, and treatment by calling the
                                                               Lamont Health and Wellness Center to make an ap-
                                                               pointment. Students should call the main number at
Postal services are available for both day and boarding        603.777.3420. If you are not well enough to attend class
students during Exeter Summer. The Academy post of-            or other Academy appointments, you will be allowed to
fice is located on the first floor of the Elizabeth Phillips   rest at the Health Center until you are feeling better. If
Academy Center. Mail is received daily from the U.S.           your condition requires the attention of the physician,
Postal Service.

                                                                                   EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 10
the nurse will either consult with the physician at that      HEALTH FORMS
time, or schedule you for the soonest available physician     Health forms are required and must be submitted by
appointment.                                                  June 1, 2021. All forms are to be completed on the Pa-
                                                              tient Portal. You may access the portal through the link
FEES                                                 using your stu-
Healthcare provided to any student within the Lamont          dent’s Phillips Exeter Academy credentials. For ques-
Health and Wellness Center is free of charge and there        tions about the Patient Portal, please contact the Health
are no bills associated with these services. Other ser-       Center at 603.777.3420.
vices, including laboratory tests, imaging/x-rays, pre-
scriptions, specialist visits, emergency room trips and       INTERNATIONAL STUDENT INJURY AND
hospitalizations, are items that will be charged to your      SICKNESS INSURANCE PLAN
insurance plan. Treatment costs that are not covered by       We are able to offer an International Student Injury and
private insurance plans are the responsibility of the stu-    Sickness Plan for Exeter Summer 2021. All Internation-
dent’s parent/legal guardian.                                 al students enrolled in the Exeter Summer program are
                                                              eligible for coverage and will be automatically enrolled.
MEDICATIONS                                                   The cost of the International Student Insurance is $238
Prescriptions and over the counter medications may be         for Exeter Summer 2021. The plan coverage dates are
obtained through the Health Center and local pharmacy,        7/5/21 - 8/7/21. Please refer to the plan summary and
as appropriate. We discourage the stocking of any med-        brochure (see links below) for more information includ-
ications in the dorm, and would like to be made aware         ing full benefits and exclusions.
of any prescription medications the students will be
bringing to school. All psychotropic medications must         International Student Injury and Sickness Plan for
be stored at the Health Center, and will be dispensed         Exeter Summer 2021 - Summary
in weekly allotments. These medications include stim-
ulants such as Vyvanse, Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera,         International Student Injury and Sickness Insurance
and Adderall and antidepressant medications such              Plan Certificate of Coverage - Brochure
as Wellbutrin, Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Lexapro,
Effexor, and Imiprimine. This policy serves to protect all    We regret to inform you that we remain unable to offer
students. We require that individuals prescribed these        health insurance coverage to our domestic students at
medications inform us of their treatment and bring their      this time. Please know that this is not by choice and is
medication to the Health Center at the beginning of           completely outside of the Academy’s control. Rather, it
Exeter Summer or at initiation of treatment. We are           reflects Federal and State regulatory issues that are im-
sensitive to issues of confidentiality and can assure stu-    pacting the private secondary schools overall.
dents that their privacy will be respected.
                                                              We recognize that not being able to offer a domestic
ATHLETIC TRAINERS/SPORTS INJURIES                             student health plan may be a worrisome change for
The Athletic Training Center (ATC) is located on the          some of our families. There are several ways in which
ground level of Love Gymnasium, adjacent to the bas-          you might be able to maximize healthcare coverage for
ketball courts and the ice hockey rinks. The ATC func-        your domestic student. Please know that any health-
tions as an extension of the Health and Wellness Cen-         care provided to any student within the Lamont Health
ter and is staffed by certified/licensed athletic trainers.   and Wellness Center is free of charge and there are no
Working under the direction of the school physician,          bills associated with these services. Other services, in-
the staff provides services for the prevention, recogni-      cluding laboratory tests, imaging/x-rays, prescriptions,
tion, treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic and          specialist visits, emergency room trips and hospitaliza-
sports-related injuries.                                      tions, are items that will be charged to your insurance

                                                                                  EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 11
If your student currently has a State-funded healthcare     ■ MEDIA AND PHOTOGRAPHY
plan like Medicaid, there may be some services that are
only covered within your specific state of residence.
                                                            Phillips Exeter Academy supports media, photography
You can check the coverage by calling the number on
                                                            and other requests that directly connect to the educa-
your insurance card or checking the following link:
                                                            tional mission of the school. Please keep in mind that:
                                                            •   Any media or photography requests, including
                                                                interviews with Academy employees or students,
If your child has no insurance coverage or has
                                                                should be directed to the Director of Communica-
State-funded healthcare, and has health conditions
                                                                tions for approval.
that require medications, visits to specialty providers,
                                                            •   If approved, a media representative or photog-
or regular laboratory tests, please contact us to discuss
                                                                rapher interested in visiting the campus should
this further. We would like to partner with you to assure
                                                                expect to be accompanied by a member of the
we provide seamless care for your student during Ex-
                                                                Communications office.
eter Summer 2021. We look forward to hearing from you
                                                            •   The Academy does not normally allow its facilities
to help work through your concerns. You can reach the
                                                                to be photographed for commercial use.
Health Center by phone at 603.777.3420 or by email at
                                                            The Academy routinely captures photos and live or
                                                            taped video of its students, employees and visitors to
■ PHONES AND WEB-ENABLED                                    campus and uses these images on its website and social
                                                            media channels and in the alumni magazine, fundrais-
DEVICES                                                     ing materials, advertisements and student publications
Students are strongly encouraged to bring their cell        The Academy reserves the right to reproduce these im-
phones or web-enabled device to campus. Campus              ages and files. By studying at, working at or visiting PEA,
Safety uses an Emergency Text Notification system in        an individual acknowledges this right of the Academy.
case of an emergency. However, use of these devices are
not permitted during classes, (unless teacher required),    The Academy does not release information about or
assemblies, or other Academy appointments.                  pictures of its alumni, students or employees without
                                                            permission, and has no liability for photographs used
International students: be sure to check with your          without permission.
cell phone carrier to ensure your phone will receive
domestic and international calls while in the United        Please see the Student Media Waiver in your enrollment
States.                                                     contract for additional details.

Landline telephone service is not provided to student
dorm rooms. There is a common room phone in each            ■ POLITICAL SIGNS
dorm for local Exeter area calls and prepaid phone card/
                                                            Students are free to express their political opinions in
credit-card calls.
                                                            and outside of class and to engage in political activities,
                                                            and are encouraged to do so. However, given very spe-
Parents/guardians may communicate with Exeter Sum-
                                                            cific federal laws and guidelines for nonprofit institu-
mer personnel only (not students) via the Exeter Sum-
                                                            tions such as the Academy, it is important that they do
mer email address: or by phone to
                                                            so as private individuals and avoid the appearance that
the office 603.777.3488. Our office business hours are:
                                                            they are speaking or acting on behalf of the Academy
7:30am – 4:00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
                                                            in town, state and federal political matters. Therefore,
and Fridays; 8:00am – 5:00pm on Wednesdays and
                                                            students may not display signs for candidates seeking
8:00am - 12:00pm on Saturdays. The office is closed
                                                            offices outside our school.
on Sundays. Outside these hours, please follow instruc-
tions on our voice mail.

                                                                                EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 12
■ RELIGIOUS SERVICES                                         Saturday, August 7. We cannot accommodate students
                                                             on campus prior to arrival on Monday, July 5 or after
If you normally follow a religious discipline or attend
                                                             departure on Saturday, August 7.
services during the year, we would like you to have the
opportunity to do so this summer as well. While we may
                                                             Exeter Summer provides shuttles from Boston Logan
not be able to provide everything you are accustomed
                                                             International (BOS) Airport (Massachusetts) and
to having in worship, we would like to encourage you
                                                             Manchester-Boston Regional (MHT) Airport (New
to continue your practice as fully as possible. Our reli-
                                                             Hampshire). Reservations for the shuttles are required. All
gion/spiritual support person and other adults will help
                                                             students must provide travel information by submitting
students organize meetings as well. Students seeking
                                                             the transportation form (on the student portal) by June 1.
a space for Shabbat services may decide to use one of
                                                             Students must wear masks at all times when in the airport
the rooms in Phillips Church or The Seabrook Room in
                                                             and on the bus.
Elm Street Dining Hall. Students may also decide to go
to temple in nearby Portsmouth on Friday nights. No          Please contact the Transportation office at
matter what your religious heritage or practice we will if you have questions
help you be able to practice and get to know others as       concerning travel for your student.
you wish
                                                             ARRIVAL TO EXETER:
■ STUDENT ACTIVITIES                                         Exeter Summer provides free transportation to Exeter for
The mission of the Exeter Summer Student Activities          students on Monday, July 5 from the following locations:
office is to provide students with educational and lei-
                                                             BOSTON LOGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
sure opportunities. We strive to create a program that
                                                             (BOS), BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – Space on buses
supplements the academic and physical education
                                                             is available ONLY by reservation through completing the
program with responsible recreation. Since students
                                                             student transportation form. Buses pick up from Logan
can choose to participate in activities, Exeter Summer
                                                             Airport Terminal C. Students arriving at terminals other
charges a user fee, rather than a blanket charge included
                                                             than “C” should take the free MASSPORT Shuttle Bus to
in the tuition. The user fees are based on cost of admis-
                                                             Terminal C with their luggage. If you travel to Boston by
sion (where applicable), and administrative expenses.
                                                             train or bus, you must get yourself to Terminal C at Logan
We will offer a number of no cost on-campus activities
                                                             Airport by taking a taxi or public transportation (MBTA).
throughout the summer. We will continue to enhance
                                                             When you arrive at Terminal C, go to the lower level and
these activities in response to students’ ideas.
                                                             to the right of the Jet Blue luggage carousels (if facing the
                                                             outside of the terminal). Students should stay inside, look
On-campus free events may include:
                                                             for Door #110 and a Dunkin’ kiosk. The Exeter Summer
Crafts, Outdoor Movies, Carnival, Magician, and Flick
                                                             Representatives will be near the end of this corridor in
n’ float
                                                             Terminal C close to the extra seating and rest room area.
                                                             Check-in with the Exeter Summer Representatives for
                                                             the trip to Exeter.
All students who wish to take part in pool activities must
take a mandatory swim test once on campus. Students          MANCHESTER-BOSTON REGIONAL AIRPORT
who choose not to take or do not pass the swim test will     (MHT), MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE - Space
not be allowed to participate in any water activity.         on buses is available ONLY by reservation through
                                                             completing the student transportation form. Students
■ TRANSPORTATION                                             arriving at the Manchester Airport should gather their
Exeter Summer students must arrive to campus on              luggage and go to the far end of the terminal to the right
Monday, July 5 between 8:00am and 6:00pm for                 of the Airport Information Counter and the Rental Car
Registration Day. Students may depart campus on Friday,      desks. Check-in with the Exeter Summer Representatives
August 6 after the final assembly (after 12:00pm/noon).      for the trip to Exeter.
All students must be off campus by 12:00pm (noon) on

                                                                                  EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 13
NOTE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS – Due to the                       For any other travel questions, please contact the
restrictions of COVID, we cannot accommodate parents/        Transportation office at
guardians on the buses to campus with their children.
Parents/guardians must make private arrangements (i.e.,      DEPARTURE FROM EXETER:
cabs or airport shuttles) to get to campus.                  There are two departure days at the end of Exeter
                                                             Summer: Friday, August 6 or Saturday, August 7.
Following is a list of area companies that provide           Friday, August 6 - Students may depart campus after
transportation service. Most will require advance            the final assembly (after 12:00pm/noon).
reservations. The Academy does not endorse any of these
listed companies. You are responsible for any contracts      Exeter Summer provides free transportation on Friday,
you negotiate. Prices quoted are subject to change. Note:    August 6 from Exeter to Boston Logan International
in all cases, be careful about the extra fare added for      (BOS) Airport (Massachusetts) and Manchester-Boston
baggage and driver gratuity. Inquire beforehand!             Regional (MHT) Airport (New Hampshire) starting at
                                                             3pm. Students who wish to take the Exeter transportation
C&J Bus                                                      must have flights leaving no earlier than 6pm (domestic)
800.258.7111                                                 or 8pm (International).
Buses to/from Logan Airport (Boston)/South Station           Students who need Unaccompanied Minor service from
and to/from Newburyport, MA, and Portsmouth, NH              Phillips Exeter Academy on Friday, August 6 need to
(Pease Airport)                                              schedule flight times no earlier than 6pm (domestic)
                                                             or 8pm (International). Exeter Summer cannot offer
Flight Line, Inc.                                            transportation for earlier flight times and it will be the
603.893.8254                                                 family’s responsibility to get their student(s) to the                                        airport.

Great Bay Limousine                                          Saturday, August 7 - All students must be off-campus
603.431.6490                                                 by 12:00pm (noon).
                                                             When planning your return flights on Saturday, August
AIRPORT AND TRAIN INFORMATION                                7, departure times should be after 8:00am for flights
Airports:                                                    departing from Boston Logan International (BOS)Airport
Real-time status and conditions of U.S. airports:            (Massachusetts).
                                                             Buses will leave Exeter for airports beginning at 5:30am,
Logan International Airport (BOS):                           which will allow plenty of time for students to make their                               flights. Transportation for international flights that may
                                                             require an earlier departure will be addressed on a case-
Manchester-Boston regional Airport (MHT)                     by-case basis.
                                                             Exeter Summer provides free transportation on Friday,
Trains:                                                      August 6 and Saturday, August 7 from Exeter to the
Amtrak trains from South Station (Boston):                   following locations:
The local Amtrak train, The Downeaster, runs from            BOSTON LOGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
Portland, Maine, to Boston/North Station, stopping in        (BOS), BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS
Exeter:                              - Friday, August 6 (flights 5:00pm or later)
                                                              - Saturday, August 7 (flights after 8:00am)
Amtrak has a strictly enforced policy that no child under
16 may ride the train without an adult (a person over 18).   Transportation to Boston Logan International (BOS)

                                                                                 EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 14
Airport (Massachusetts) will be provided dropping             •   In accordance with the airline’s policy, chaperones
students at Terminal C.                                           will escort the student to their departure gate and
                                                                  remain at the gate until the flight takes off. How-
MANCHESTER-BOSTON REGIONAL AIRPORT                                ever, in some situations, the chaperone will have
(MHT), MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE                                  more than one student to escort. When that occurs,
 - Friday, August 6 (flights 4:00pm or later)                     the chaperone will escort each student to their
 - Saturday, August 7 (flights after 8:00am)                      respective departure gate. The student will be told
                                                                  to remain at the gate. The chaperone will check-in
Transportation to Manchester-Boston Regional (MHT)
                                                                  periodically with each student and will be at the gate
Airport (New Hampshire) will be provided dropping
                                                                  during the boarding process.
students at the terminal.
                                                              If you have questions concerning travel for your
UNACCOMPANIED MINORS POLICY                                   student, please contact the Transportation Office at
Most airlines require younger children (15 and under)
to be accompanied to the gate by an adult who must
supervise the child for the duration of their journey and
ensure that they are picked up by a designated guardian.
                                                              ■ VISAS
Because each airline has different age and/or connections     Based on the U.S. State Department rules and regula-
restrictions, it is the parents/guardians responsibility to   tions, the appropriate status for travel to our program
make these arrangements directly with the airline.            is “Visitor” not “Student”. Refer to the “Do you need
                                                              a Visa?” section on the U.S. Visa website https://trav-
Arrival: Students who purchase Unaccompanied         to determine if you are eligible for the Visa
Minor service from an airline and require our arrival         Waiver Program. If you are not eligible for the Visa
transportation service must indicate that they are            Waiver Program you will be required to apply for a Visi-
unaccompanied minors on the student transportation            tor Visa at a U.S. consulate in your country.
form. Exeter Summer will arrange for a chaperone to
meet the student at the gate.                                 ■ VISITING AND GUESTS
                                                              The Academy does not house visitors in dorms nor
Departure: Students who purchase an airline’s
                                                              provide meals. Local area lodging information is avail-
Unaccompanied Minor service and require our
                                                              able at the Exeter Chamber of Commerce website
departure transportation service must also purchase
Unaccompanied Minor service through Phillips Exeter
Academy. Students will be charged an additional fee
of $100/family to cover the costs associated with
fulfilling the airline’s requirements for dropping off
Unaccompanied Minors at the airport. This fee will be
deducted from the student’s Lion Card during the third
week of the program.

The Unaccompanied Minor departure service provided
by Phillips Exeter Academy includes the following
•   Before departure from Exeter, the student will be
    given their chaperone’s contact information.
•   The chaperone will meet the student at the bus or at
    the airport.
•   The chaperone will assist the student with any docu-
    mentation required by the airline’s unaccompanied
    minor travel policy.

                                                                                  EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 15
Boarding Students
Information and
■ DORM ACCESS                                                refrigerators; computer, gaming or television screens
Room key and Student ID card (Lion Card) are issued at       larger than 32 inches; plants; trees; stringed lights or
no cost on Registration Day.                                 Christmas lights. Appliances with powered heating el-
                                                             ements are prohibited in student rooms, this includes
DORM ROOM KEY – Each student is issued a key to              but is not limited to: personal space heaters, flat irons,
their dorm room. For security reasons, students should       coffee makers, electric teapots, corn poppers, hot
lock their dorm room at all times. There is a $15 charge     plates, toasters, rice cookers, electric immersion coils,
for replacing a lost key. The student is required to pay     high-wattage electrical appliances, halogen lamps and
the fee before the replacement key is ordered. All keys      high-intensity lamps that generate excessive heat. In
must be returned at the end of the session.                  addition, 3D printers soldering pens, sous vide cookers
                                                             and other devices with exposed heating elements are
ID CARD – Each student is issued a multipurpose iden-        prohibited in all dormitory locations including student
tification card. This card serves as dorm access card, li-   rooms, common rooms, and basement areas.
brary card, and Lion Card. ID cards must be worn on the
provided lanyard around the student’s neck at all times.     Students should not place laundry bags on stairways or
Lost or damaged ID’s must be replaced immediately at         in any other way impede stairways.
a fee of $10.
                                                             The Academy reserves the right to remove from stu-
■ DORM CHECK-IN                                              dent rooms any furnishings deemed by Campus Safety
Students must check into their dorms each evening by         to be unduly flammable or by a dormitory adviser to be
the times designated below:                                  otherwise unsafe. The Academy disclaims any respon-
                                                             sibility for personal property of students. By the enroll-
UPPER SCHOOL:                                                ment of a student at the Academy, parents/legal guard-
Sunday-Friday 8:30pm; Saturday 10:30pm.                      ians or guardians agree to hold the Academy free from
                                                             claims for any loss or damage whatsoever to personal
ACCESS EXETER:                                               property of any student.
Sunday-Friday 8:30pm; Saturday 10:30pm.
                                                             Dormitory rooms should always be locked when not
■ FURNISHINGS AND                                            occupied. Students are liable for the damages to their
                                                             rooms, whether or not they have been locked. Malicious
EQUIPMENT                                                    damage to school property or buildings may result in
All rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, dressers,     disciplinary action.
closet or wardrobe, desks, chairs, lamps and wastebas-
kets. Furniture other than Academy furniture is not to       ■ HOUSING
be installed.
                                                             The Academy’s boarding students live in dormitories.
                                                             Some are large brick buildings accommodating 30 to
The following items are NOT permitted in student
                                                             60 students each, and others are smaller wood-framed
rooms: upholstered furniture, mercury thermometers;

                                                                                 EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 16
houses for 10 to 20 students each. Depending on the
size, each dormitory has one to five resident faculty

Academy employees, including dormitory faculty and
Campus Safety staff members, may enter student rooms
for inspection, for health and safety purposes, and for
disciplinary reasons. Such entry does not in and of itself
constitute a room search. Investigation of a room’s con-
tents beyond simple entry and observation is consid-
ered a room search, for which the approval of the Exeter
Summer Dean is required.

The Academy is committed to creating a safe environ-
ment on campus for all members of the community.
For this reason, there may be times when a search of a
student’s room or possessions may be warranted. A fac-
ulty or staff member who has reason to suspect, or has
knowledge of physical or other potential harm should
present their concerns to the Exeter Summer Dean, who
will decide whether a search should be made. When a
search is undertaken, at least one Exeter Summer Dean
and a member of Campus Safety must be present. An
effort is also made to include the student whose room
or possessions are being searched, as well as a faculty
resident of the dorm, in the event of a room search. A
search of a student’s possessions, when warranted, may
include such items as backpacks and electronic devic-
es, including but not limited to cell phones, tablets and
computers. If a controlled drug is located during a room
search or discovered in any other fashion on campus,
the Academy is required to notify the police (see Safe
School Zone reporting laws).

We firmly believe that making new friends and getting
along with all types of people are essential parts of the
boarding school experience, and we will not honor re-
quests for specific roommates. Friends or relatives will
not be housed together. Requests for a specific room
or dorm must be made in writing to summer@exeter.
edu and received before May 1. Students will learn their
dorm, dorm room, and roommates on Registration Day.
Please do not call the Exeter Summer Office beforehand
to inquire about this information.
                                                             EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 17
Day Student Information
and Guidelines
The aim of regulations governing day students is to              legal guardians must call Health Services at
enable them to share in as much of the boarding expe-            603.777.3420 by 8:00am on the day of the absence.
rience as possible while recognizing their status as stu-
dents who live at home. The behavior of day students        7.   Day students are required to meet all Academy ap-
must be that required of other Academy students, and             pointments.
day students are expected to conform, as much as pos-
                                                            8.   If you live nearby, you may ride a bike to campus
sible, to the same regulations as boarding students.
                                                                 but you may not use your bike throughout the day
Whether taking only one course or three, please know
                                                                 on campus once you arrive. Bikes must remain
that you are welcome to participate in all social func-
                                                                 locked up at one of the bike racks outside the
tions, dorm meetings and off-campus excursions. Please
                                                                 Academy Center. Riding your bike during the day
consider taking advantage of the opportunities to get ac-
                                                                 is considered a major violation of Exeter Summer
quainted with other students.

                                                            9. Day students are not allowed to drive boarding stu-
■ DAY STUDENT REGULATIONS                                      dents anywhere under any circumstances. Trans-
1.   When at home, day students are under the supervi-         porting any other student is considered a major
     sion of their parents/legal guardians. Day students       violation of Exeter Summer rules.
     are expected to be off campus by the check-in time
     of their program. (UPPER SCHOOL: Sunday-Fri-           ■ DORM MEETINGS
     day 8:300pm and Saturday 11:00pm. ACCESS               All ACCESS EXETER and UPPER SCHOOL dorms and
     EXETER: Sunday-Friday 8:30pm and Saturday              advisee groups will meet at 8:00pm on Monday, July 5.
     11:00pm.)                                              You are encouraged to attend this meeting in order to
                                                            meet the faculty and boarding students in your dormi-
2.   Day students are assigned faculty advisers and are
     affiliated with a dorm.

3.   The Academy’s interest in the conduct of students      ■ EMAIL
     away from campus is the same as it is in their con-    Check your email daily! You can check
     duct on campus. The Academy may hold students          your email from anywhere. This information will be
     accountable for their off-campus conduct in appro-     provided to you prior to your arrival at Exeter Summer.
     priate ways, including a disciplinary response.

4. Some UPPER SCHOOL day students are licensed
                                                            ■ EXETER SUMMER LIFE AND
   drivers and use a family car for commuting be-           FIELD DAYS
   tween home and campus (see Motor Vehicles section        Please plan to participate in Exeter Summer Life Day on
   below for rules governing day student use of cars).      July 14 and Field Day on July 21.

5.   Students who are children of faculty and staff mem-
                                                            ■ POST OFFICE
     bers are regarded as day students living off campus.
                                                            Day students are assigned a PEA mail box in the Acade-
6. If a day student is out sick, the student’s parents/     my Post Office. CHECK YOUR PO BOX DAILY!

                                                                                EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 18
If day students are licensed drivers, they may drive
between home and campus. Assuming proper insur-
ance and parents’/guardians’ approval, they may also
give rides to other day students for commuting. Once
on campus, vehicles must remain parked in approved

Student vehicles may be parked on public streets (fol-
lowing town parking rules) including Tan Lane, the
Water Street parking lot, behind the Central Heating
Station or in the parking garage under the Thompson
Field House.

Students may not use the parking lots reserved for fac-
ulty and staff next to dormitories, Jeremiah Smith Hall,
Nathaniel Gilman House, the Tan Lane lot, the Admis-
sions lot, the Spring Street lot, the Davis Center lot, the
Elm Street Dining Hall lot, on Abbot Lane, behind the
Health Center, or any designated resident faculty or ser-
vice vehicle parking spaces.

All day student vehicles parked on campus must be reg-
istered with Campus Safety. Day student cars should be
registered before the start of Exeter Summer.

All parking violations on public ways (streets and side-
walks) and all on-campus parking violations involving
accessible spaces and fire lanes are enforceable by the
Exeter Police Department. Tickets issued by the Exeter
Police Department include a monetary penalty. The
Academy’s Campus Safety officers may issue a ticket to
remind drivers they have parked improperly on campus.
While there is no monetary fee associated with these
tickets, Campus Safety will refer students to the Exeter
Summer Office if multiple violations are accrued. Vehi-
cles found to be in violation of these policies are subject
to towing without notice.

                                                              EXETER SUMMER | STUDENT HANDBOOK 19
You can also read