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A Message from our
                             At Nassau BOCES, we continue to enhance and renovate our
                             programs, as well as our services, to meet the varying needs of our
STATEMENT                    districts. We hope you will take the time to thoroughly peruse this
To partner with all          directory. You may discover that there is a new-to-you service that can
Nassau County school         assist you to enhance student achievement or reduce costs for your
districts in providing       district.
leadership and
the highest quality          Please remember that we are here to assist you and work with you, our
educational and              partner school districts. Feel free to call me at 516-396-2200 to discuss
support services.            any ideas you might have for new programs and services.
We are committed to          We eagerly look forward to working with you this year and for many
ensuring a successful,       years to come.
challenging, caring
and safe environment                                                                     Sincerely,
that enables students
of all ages and abilities
to achieve their                                                                         Dr. Robert R. Dillon
maximum potential.                                                                       District Superintendent

                                    PARTNER SCHOOL DISTRICTS
       Baldwin UFSD               Glen Cove City SD               Malverne UFSD                Rockville Centre UFSD
      Bellmore UFSD               Great Neck UFSD                Manhasset UFSD                    Roosevelt UFSD
  Bellmore-Merrick CHSD           Hempstead UFSD                Massapequa UFSD                     Roslyn UFSD
      Bethpage UFSD                  Herricks UFSD                 Merrick UFSD                     Seaford UFSD
     Carle Place UFSD          Hewlett-Woodmere UFSD               Mineola UFSD                   Sewanhaka CHSD
    East Meadow UFSD                Hicksville UFSD    New Hyde Park-Garden City Park UFSD           Syosset CSD
   East Rockaway UFSD             Island Park UFSD             North Bellmore UFSD                 Uniondale UFSD
    East Williston UFSD           Island Trees UFSD             North Merrick UFSD              Valley Stream CHSD
        Elmont UFSD                  Jericho UFSD                North Shore CSD              Valley Stream #13 UFSD
    Farmingdale UFSD               Lawrence UFSD                 Oceanside UFSD               Valley Stream #24 UFSD
Floral Park-Bellerose UFSD         Levittown UFSD          Oyster Bay-East Norwich CSD        Valley Stream #30 UFSD
  Franklin Square UFSD            Locust Valley CSD               Plainedge UFSD                   Wantagh UFSD
       Freeport UFSD                Long Beach PS          Plainview-Old Bethpage CSD          West Hempstead UFSD
     Garden City UFSD               Lynbrook UFSD             Port Washington UFSD                 Westbury UFSD
Table of
    Department of Business Services........................................................................ 2
      Support Services......................................................................................2
    Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology........................................ 3
      Curriculum and Instruction.........................................................................3
      Technology Services...............................................................................10
      Information Management–Financial Services.............................................13
      Student Support Services........................................................................15
      Library Services.....................................................................................22
      Health Services......................................................................................22
      Other Instructional Programs...................................................................25
    Department of Facilities Services...................................................................... 28
    Department of Human Resources...................................................................... 29
    Interscholastic Athletics.................................................................................... 31
    Department of Regional Schools and Instructional Programs.............................. 32
      Programs for Secondary Students.............................................................32
      Adult Education.....................................................................................35
    Department of Special Education...................................................................... 37
      Programs for School-Age Students............................................................37
      Preschool Programs ...............................................................................41
      Services for Local School Districts.............................................................41                                                    DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021          |      1
                                                                       620.010, 620.500
                                                                       COOPERATIVE BIDDING AND PURCHASING
                                                                       Michael R. Perina        516-396-2543

                                                                      Cooperative Bidding and Purchasing provides
                                                                      participating school districts, other BOCES,
                                                                      and municipalities with an electronic bidding
                                                                      system that helps them fulfill their purchasing
                                                                      needs efficiently and cost effectively. A team of
                                                                      experts creates detailed, reliable specifications
                                                                      and award criteria for supplies, equipment,
                                                                      and contracted services. The Cooperative
                                                                      Bidding and Purchasing website makes
                                                                      cooperative bid contract data available to
                                                                      participating districts and allows vendors
                                                                      access to examine the bid calendar, see
                                                                      announcements of new bids, and apply to join
                                                                      the vendor list.
                                                                         In addition, district members are offered
                                                                      a direct data-transfer utility, which sends bid
                                                                      pricing directly into their financial software for
                                                                      generation of purchase orders.

                                                                       605.010, 605.020, 605.530,
    Department of                                                      614.500, 614.520

                                                                       TRANSPORTATION SERVICES
                                                                       Lisa Rice                516-396-2020

                                                                      Transportation Services provides direct routing
                                                                      from a student’s residence or home district to
                                                                      any site that houses Nassau BOCES Special
                                                                      Education, Career and Technical Education,
                                                                      or Long Island High School for the Arts
                                                                      programs. Special Education transportation
    James R. Widmer, Associate Superintendent for Business Services   services include matrons and nurses, where
                                                                      required. Each bus has two-way radio
    516-396-2214 •                               communication and routes are monitored by a
                                                                      safety inspector. Efficient routing keeps travel
    Marsha A. Barnett Ed.D., Assistant Director                       times to a minimum.
    516-396-2592 •                                 Transportation Services also provides
                                                                      long-distance coach buses, as well as
                                                                      services for local field trips, and for districts
                                                                      participating in the Nassau BOCES Outdoor
                                                                      and Environmental Education programs. An
                                                                      important aspect of this service is monitoring
                                                                      of driver records and vehicle inspections
                                                                      before each trip.

2         | DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021                                      
                                                       and INSTRUCTION
                                                       Matthew DiMenna, Supervisor

                                                        ATHLETES HELPING ATHLETES (AHA)
                                                        Dr. Elaine Zseller         516-608-6618

                                                       AHA is a nationally recognized organization
                                                       dedicated to training high school student
                                                       athletes to become leaders, and address social
                                                           issues such as violence and substance
                                                                abuse. Through its Student Athlete
                                                                 Leadership Team (SALT) program,
                                                                 student athletes are trained to be
                                                                mentors to elementary school children.
                                                                              AHA partners with New
                                                                    York Schools Insurance Reciprocal
                                                                         (NYSIR) to offer schools an
                                                                            incentive of $2,500 for the
                                                                             first year of participation
                                                                             in the Student Athlete
                                                                              Leadership program. AHA
                                                                              and NYSIR (along with
                                                                              Wright Risk Management)
                                                                               have collaborated on
                                                                                designing the program to
                                                                                promote sportsmanship
                                                                              and civility by highlighting

  Department of
                                                                          the life lessons inherent in the
                                                                        athletic experience.

  CURRICULUM,                                           507.500, 507.520, 507.510,

  INSTRUCTION and                                       CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION (C&I)
                                                        BASE SUBSCRIPTION

                                                        Matthew DiMenna         516-608-6678

                                                       This comprehensive package allows districts
                                                       to participate in the following C&I 507
                                                       services: Center for Professional Development
  Pamela L. Christensen, Associate Director            (507.520) and Curriculum Writing and
  516-832-2888 •             Professional Development Projects (507.510),
                                                       and it also is linked to Substitute and teacher
  Chris Reinertsen, Associate Director                 Stipend Reimbursements (507.519).
  516-832-2741 •              507.520 I Center for Professional
  Laverne Mitchell, Assistant Director                 This package allows districts to participate
  516-396-2053 •                in regional professional development
                                                       opportunities at a reduced cost and in-
                                                       district professional development activities
                                                       through BLCs.                           DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021              |            3
507.510 | Curriculum Writing and                     532.526 I aimsweb                                590 | Community School Resources
         Professional Development                    aimsweb is an assessment and RTI solution for    This service is intended to allow districts to
         Projects                                    schools—a complete web-based solution for        leverage partnerships and build upon existing
This service is intended to assist districts in      universal screening, progress monitoring, and    resources to develop a sustainable infrastructure
the writing of K-12 curriculum that aligns with      data management for Grades K-12. aimsweb         for mental health. Districts may partner
NYS learning standards and with in-service           provides guidance to administrators and          with hospitals, agencies, community based
professional development to enhance best             teachers based on accurate, continuous, and      organizations or other providers to provide
practices in curriculum, instruction, and            direct student assessment.                       a wide range of mental health and overall
assessment.                                                                                           wellness services to the school and community.
                                                     532.526 I ALEKS–McGraw-Hill
   Collaborative curriculum development is                                                            Examples of supports may consist of psychiatric
                                                     ALEKS is an adaptive, online math learning
also available through this service. Specialists                                                      services, medical personnel, substance abuse
                                                     and assessment program that uses artificial
are available to assist districts with curriculum                                                     counselors, expedited access to partnering
                                                     intelligence and open-response questioning
projects that ensure coverage of key skills                                                           health care institutions, risk assessment, health
                                                     to identify what each student needs. ALEKS
in specific content areas with incorporated                                                           care coordination, discreet transportation,
                                                     avoids multiple choice questions. One-on-one
resources and teaching strategies that meet the                                                       professional development, coordination of
                                                     instruction is available 24/7 from any
needs of diverse learners.                                                                            care, nutritionists, and reentry counseling.
                                                     web-based computer.
   Districts can estimate an allocation of
                                                     532.560 I Branching Minds                        532.526 I Curriculum Mapper
funds to be used for curriculum writing or
                                                     Branching Minds is a cloud-based application     Curriculum Mapper is a platform for educators
professional development.
                                                     focused on Response to Intervention (RTI)/       to create and document a master curriculum
                                                     Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) for       linked to standards; generate reports that
 507.500, 507.519, 507.520                                                                            analyze curricula to identify relevance, gaps,
                                                     both academics and behavior.
                                                                                                      and redundancies; and build a library of
 CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT                 532.560 I Castle Learning Online–Castle
                                                                                                      curriculum materials.
 (CPD) BASE SUBSCRIPTION                                       Software
 Patricia Iannacone         516-608-6662             Castle Learning, authored by educators, has      532.560 I Curricuplan–Seacliff Education
                    hints and feedback programmed into each                    Solutions
                                                     question. Teachers may see assignments,          Curricuplan is a management solution for
This package allows districts to participate         student progress, and data reports. Parents      designing high quality standards-based
in regional professional development                 may view assignments, see progress, and          curriculum and instruction. Using Curricuplan,
opportunities at a reduced cost, as well as          track due dates. Teachers are able to search     educators can write, revise and analyze
in-district professional development activities      for content to create their own assignments,     curriculum maps, instructional resources and
through Building Local Capacity. This service        or access pre-built, “ready-to-go” assignments   assessments.
provides the opportunity for substitute and          and assessments. Instant grading, detailed       532.560 I Dimensions Science–Houghton
teacher stipend reimbursements (507.519).            assessment reports, and instructional feedback             Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)
507.519 I Substitute and Teacher                     are all accessible on the Castle Learning        HMH Science Dimensions is designed
          Stipend Reimbursement                      website.                                         to address the Next Generation Science
This service allows districts to submit claims       532.526 I Codesters
                                                                                                      Standards. Students learn through exploration,
for reimbursement for the cost of substitutes for    Codesters lets students create interactive       analysis, application, and explanation.
teachers who attend regional or shared district      projects in Python through structured lessons,   532.526 I DreamBox
workshops or for teacher stipend costs for           then modify their code to create custom          DreamBox is an interactive online math
regional curriculum writing and shared district      projects.                                        toolkit and games to help learners think for
professional development.                                                                             themselves and make sense of math.
                                                                                                      532.560 I eBoard–Seacliff Educational
 507.514, 507.515, 507.560,                                                                                     Solutions
 532.526, 532.560, 590,                                                                               eBoard is a website hosting solution to
 602.583, 602.599                                                                                     increase communication and collaboration
                                                                                                      and integrate technology into the classroom
 CURRICULUM SUPPORT PROGRAMS                                                                          by posting links, photos, podcasts, streaming
 Dr. Elaine Zseller         516-608-6618                                                              video, and other digital content in just minutes.
                                                                                                      532.526 I Edgenuity
532.526 I Achieve3000                                                                                 Edgenuity provides online and blended middle
Achieve3000 provides cloud-based daily                                                                and high school learning. Edgenuity includes
differentiated instruction at 12 levels of English                                                    the former Compass Learning Odyssey.
and seven levels of Spanish to ensure all                                                             Students in grades K-8 are able to benefit
learners engage at their individual reading                                                           from personalized learning paths that link
levels. Achieve3000 accelerates reading                                                               engaging, web-based instructional activities
gains, and improves mastery of state and                                                              to assessment data in partnership with the
Common Core Standards.                                                                                Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA).

4            | DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021                                                                   
507.514 I eSpark                                      532.560 | Kami                                        532.526 I Math 180–Houghton Mifflin
eSpark develops personalized learning plans           Kami is a PDF & document annotation app.                        Harcourt
for students in grades K-8 using the Common           532.526 I kidOYO®                                     Math 180 provides mathematics intervention
Core educational applications. Students               kidOYO produces educational infrastructure            for struggling older students who are two or
log in to the eSpark iPad app and engage              for K-12 classrooms to deliver personalized           more years behind in math. The program
in quests aligned to target areas in need of          project-based learning outcomes in the                focuses on deep understanding and mastery
improvement, based upon assessment scores.            areas of computer science, engineering, and           of the essential skills and concepts necessary
Teachers monitor student progress through             entrepreneurship education.                           to unlock algebra and advanced mathematics.
eSpark assessment data on a comprehensive                                                                   532.526 I McGraw Hill–Digital
                                                      532.526 I Learning A-Z
teacher web dashboard.                                                                                                Textbooks
                                                      Learning A-Z offers literacy-focused resources
532.560 I Footsteps2Brilliance                                                                              Examples of digital textbooks available are
                                                      and tools designed according to research and
Footsteps2Brilliance® is an early learning                                                                  Discovering our Past: Eastern Hemisphere
                                                      best practices.
solution that helps all children become efficient                                                           Grade 6, My Math, Integrated Science, CUS
                                                      532.526 I Learning Ally                               New York Living Environment, Inspire Science,
readers by third grade. The agnostic Mobile
                                                      Learning Ally improves the way students with          and Grade 3 New York Social Studies.
Technology Platform allows school districts
                                                      print disabilities, including dyslexia, learn
to leverage the mobile devices that parents                                                                 532.560 I Method Test Prep-Castle
                                                      by boosting vocabulary and comprehension.
already own to scale early literacy citywide.                                                                         Software
                                                      Learning Ally has over 80,000 audio books.
507.514 I Frontier–eSpark Learning                                                                          Method Test Prep provides online prep for SAT
                                                      532.526 I–Digital Literacy               and/or ACT assessments.
Frontier provides inquiry-based web lessons for
                                                                Solutions for Grades
grades three through eight.                                                                                 602.599 | Modern Teacher
                                                                K-12–Easy Tech
532.560 I Glencoe–Digital Math–                       Students are given the opportunity to learn           Modern Teacher software provides a blueprint
          McGraw-Hill                                 and develop digital literacy skills starting as       for systematic alignment across a district. It
The student edition for middle school courses         early as kindergarten. From keyboarding and           is an online change-management platform
1, 2, and 3 is available online.                      word processing, to computational thinking            including actionable steps and key strategic
                                                      and coding, makes it easy to             milestones to chart and manage the school
532.560 I GO Math Digital–Houghton
          Mifflin Harcourt                            teach students the critical digital literacy skills   improvement journey.
GO Math Digital elementary and middle                 they must have to succeed.                            532.526 I Nearpod
school math provides a wealth of differentiated       507.515 I LightSail                                   Nearpod has 6,500+ ready-to-teach,
instruction resources across interactive platforms.   LightSail is the adaptive reading platform that       customizable lessons.
507.560 I hudl                                        accelerates literacy development and fosters          507.515 I Newsela
hudl is an online platform to analyze video,          love of reading. LightSail students get access        Newsela builds reading comprehension
track statistics, manage feedback, and create         to personalized libraries filled with thousands       through leveled articles and real-time
highlights to improve the performance of              of engaging, just-right texts to choose from.         assessments. Newsela allows teachers to
athletes and to showcase the success of athletic      LightSail embeds in-text assessments that             engage students with primary sources and
teams.                                                motivate students to increase the volume              articles from world-class news publications,
532.526 I Imagine Learning                            of their reading along with the difficulty of         enabling classes to read together, as Newsela
Imagine Language and Literacy instruction is          the texts they choose. LightSail teachers get         adapts to each student’s reading level,
research-based and data driven. Imagine Math          real-time access to meaningful data about             sparks thoughtful classroom discussions and
is an online tool that uses adaptive instruction      student reading behavior, comprehension,              empowers students to find their voices.
to teach standards aligned mathematics                and growth so they can provide the necessary          532.526 I NYLearns–PLS 3rd Learning
lessons differentiated for each student. Imagine      guidance to enhance learning.                         Originally created at the University at
Math is based on the former Think Through                                                                   Buffalo, was developed
Math.                                                                                                       to assist teachers in understanding and
532.526 | i-Ready
                                                                                                            applying a standards-based approach to
Built for the Common Core, i-Ready combines                                                                 teaching and learning and deliver resources
a valid and reliable growth measure and                                                                     to make learning standards meaningful and
individualized instruction in a single online                                                               manageable. Every teacher and administrator
product that saves teachers time at a fraction                                                              will receive a NYLearns account with a unique
of the cost of similar products.                                                                            username and password and will have access
                                                                                                            to all of the tools in the registered environment.
532.526 I IXL
                                                                                                            532.526 I Read 180–Houghton Mifflin
IXL provides adaptive learning for grades
K-12 students in mathematics, language arts,
                                                                                                            Read 180 is a blended learning approach.
science, and social studies. The software is
                                                                                                            The learning experience is customized,
designed to accelerate growth for students
                                                                                                            combining traditional and online instruction.
who need intervention. Each student has a
                                                                                                            Students are able to engage with their choice
unique action plan. IXL analytics provide
                                                                                                            of content.
teachers with real-time insights.                                                                          DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021                    |           5
602.583 I StaffTrac–Educational Vistas             credit-recovery courses during summer school       from a rich offering of online professional
StaffTrac is a comprehensive web-based             session. All courses are facilitated by Nassau     development offerings. Resources for the
teacher-principal evaluation management            BOCES teachers of record or district-based         Center for Online Learning are accessed
system that provides a fully electronic process    teachers contracted by Nassau BOCES as             through the Nassau BOCES website, Genius
for conducting observations. Administrators        added assignments. All courses are grounded        Student Information System, and the center’s
add evidence and comments in the actual            in NYSED regulations. The model of the             Learning Management System.
domain areas. Ratings and scores are               courses varies, including completely online           The Center for Online Learning addresses
automatically incorporated according to            or blended model. Students have the option         needs associated with learning beyond face-to-
district specifications.                           of attending district-based regents testing.       face instruction. Through its resources, students
532.526 I System 44–Houghton Mifflin               Students are enrolled by their home district       and adults can learn “anytime, anyplace”
          Harcourt                                 counselor through an online application.           with services that are personalized in support
System 44 is a foundational reading program        Students’ grades are reported to districts         of meeting the mastery-level and pacing
for students who are significantly behind.         for district reporting. Student monitoring/        of individual learners. In addition to direct
System 44 includes digital tools, data,            support is provided by OLA administrators in       access to courses and materials, the Center
implementation support, and professional           conjunction with district-based student mentors.   for Online Learning subscription also includes
learning.                                                                                             participation in a COL list serv, discounted
                                                    409.540                                           training classes and virtual/blended learning
532.526 | StMath
                                                                                                      forums, COL pilots, as well as participation in
Students solve interactive puzzles, each one
                                                    NASSAU BOCES ONLINE LEARNING                      breakfast briefings and lunch and learns.
providing animated feedback that adapts to a
                                                    ACADEMY–ONLINE (OLA) MIDDLE SCHOOL
student’s response. This informative feedback
                                                    AND HIGH SCHOOL COURSES                            409.511
offers an intrinsically motivating learning         Eileen Dwyer           516-608-6624
experience that shows students the mathematical                           DISTANCE LEARNING–ONLINE VENDOR
consequences of each answer. Math concepts
                                                                                                       COURSE CONTENT
are first presented without the use of language    The Online Learning Academy (OLA) provides
                                                                                                       Eileen Dwyer           516-608-6624
and symbols, enabling all students to access the   districts the opportunity to enroll one or
critical thinking and visual problem solving at    any number of students in virtual courses
the heart of mathematics.                          facilitated by Nassau BOCES teachers of            Educators at all levels are rapidly embracing
                                                   record or district-based teachers contracted       online learning resources to meet the
532.526 | Wixie–Houghton Mifflin
         Harcourt                                  by Nassau BOCES as added assignments.              diverse needs of students, teachers, and
Wixie allows students to showcase their            Courses include original credit, credit            parents. Online education programs are
learning by creating original digital projects.    recovery, electives, and advanced placement.       highly interactive and can be used for credit
With Wixie, students may choose to create          Students work asynchronously with a certified      recovery, credit accrual, AP courses, dropout
a book trailer, illustrate an essay, design a      Teacher of Record who communicates daily           and at-risk retrieval, suspended students,
comic strip, develop a timeline, write and         through emails, video/audio feedback and           homebound students, summer school and test
record a literary adaptation, and much             weekly virtual face-to-face sessions. Districts    prep. Online learning resources can help
more. Wixie supports essential team-building       receive ongoing communication about                educators meet each student at his or her point
and organization skills through real-time          enrolled students through weekly student           of need—from those who are struggling or at
collaborative projects.                            progress reports and contact with an OLA           risk of dropping out or not graduating on time
                                                   administrator. Students are enrolled by their      to those seeking greater academic challenges
532.560 | ThinkCERCA
                                                   home district counselor through an online          or wanting to enrich their learning. Vendor
ThinkCERCA, a personalized platform, teaches       registration portal.                               partner options include Apex Learning,
critical thinking through argumentative writing                                                       Florida Virtual Schools,
and builds students’ close reading across                                                             OdysseyWare, Right
subjects. The platform provides the essentials      409.500
                                                                                                      Reason Technologies
for standards-based, rigorous instruction for       CENTER FOR ONLINE LEARNING (COL)                  and more.
grades 4-12 and personalizes learning to help       Elisa A. Maggi          516-608-6638
students find their own powerful voices. Data              
will track student progress on differentiated
and self-paces lessons.                            The Center for Online Learning (COL)
                                                   provides a wide selection of virtual learning
                                                   opportunities for students in kindergarten
                                                   through grade 12, and educators. For
 SUMMER ONLINE LEARNING ACADEMY–                   students, it provides a comprehensive
 (OLA) ONLINE SUMMER HIGH SCHOOL                   package of access to virtual/blended courses
 CREDIT-RECOVERY COURSES                           and online content to support New York State
 Eileen Dwyer            516-608-6624              Learning Standards and the needs of college
                      and career preparation. Through the COL,
                                                   districts can also access virtual tutoring
The Summer Online Learning Academy                 services to supplement in-district
(SOLA) provides districts the opportunity to       support. Educators can benefit
enroll one or any number of students in virtual

6           | DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021                                                                    
 Elisa A. Maggi           516-608-6638

Every district in Nassau County already
has a unique, fully operational domain in
the Center for Online Learning’s learning
management system (BUZZ). The BUZZ
Learning Management System provides a
powerful platform to house and drive virtual
learning for individuals and for entire districts.
Platform splash pages can be customized to
include district-specific logos and are accessed
through district-specific web addresses. Joining
this service enrolls participants in a New York
State consortium of New York BOCES and                 • Ability to enroll all students directly into     Program (IEP) meeting support. Sessions may
school districts to collaboratively purchase,            the Center for Online Learning’s Learning        be purchased individually or in packages.
build and share content. A single teacher                Management System, allowing direct               Required: Must subscribe to Center for Online
license allows the subscriber to revise his/             personal access to student materials and         Learning (COL).
her course and enroll students at no extra               assessments.
cost. Extra fees apply only to the purchase of         • Ability to assess students online and             409.520, 409.510, 409.022
course content. With this service districts are          receive immediate data and feedback.
able to purchase content or purchase teacher           • Ability for teachers to create and deliver        VIDEOCONFERENCING
licenses to utilize the entirety of the learning                                                           Regina Moraitis          516-608-6643
                                                         multiple courses at no additional cost,
management tools.                                                                                                
                                                         24/7 access for teacher and all students/
                                                         parents.                                         409.520 | Videoconferencing
 409.503                                               • Ability to host all of his/her courses and                 Subscription
                                                         students at no extra cost. Extra fees apply      The Videoconferencing Subscription includes
                                                         only to the purchase of additional course        one (1) package of six (6) content provider
                                                         content.                                         videoconferences or up to $1,050 for provider
 Elisa A. Maggi           516-608-6638                 • A single teacher license allows the              connections. VELEX service coordination
                            subscriber to host all of his/her courses        (scheduling, biling, and payment) for each
                                                         and students at no extra cost. Extra fees        videoconference is included. One day of
New York State standards-aligned digital                 apply only to the purchase of additional         professional development, 10 copies of the
courses provide full year courses in Math,               course content.                                  Nassau BOCES Videoconferencing program
ELA, and Social Studies (A science curriculum                                                             guide, one free Virtual Meeting Room,
(including kits) is also available. See                                                                   user group meetings, Two-way Interactive
description under CoSer 529.030).
                                                                                                          Connections in Education (TWICE) membership,
Content includes:                                     VIRTUAL TUTORING                                    participation in New York State Distance
   • Parent resource folders by unit/module.          Elisa A. Maggi               516-608-6638           Learning Consortium collaborative projects,
   • PowerPoint files to walk teachers through                               and online access to the program guide in PDF
      lessons.                                                                                            format. It also provides complete access to the
                                                     Virtual Tutoring services are offered through
   • All student Documents available in                                                                   Nassau BOCES Videoconferencing website—
                                                     iTutor virtual tutoring services. Virtual tutoring
      Microsoft Word for editing.                                                                         including teacher evaluations of content
                                                     services offer real-time sessions facilitated
   • Extensive assessment banks, including                                                                provider connections, current newsletters, and
                                                     through live video and audio feeds. These
      Regents exams, all CBT and standard-                                                                collaborative videoconferencing project plans.
                                                     services include ongoing school district contact
      aligned                                                                                             Members receive listserv services with exclusive
                                                     with administrators and classroom teachers to
                                                                                                          connection and collaboration opportunities.
   • Spanish translations of PowerPoints and         access curriculum and report student progress.
                                                                                                          The virtual room will allow schools to conduct
      student Worksheets                             Tutoring is available for general education,
                                                                                                          reliable, high-quality videoconference
Teacher License                                      special education and therapeutic services,
                                                                                                          connections without the need of a conventional
This provides teachers with the:                     including speech and occupational therapy.
                                                                                                          videoconferencing unit. It is an easy, convenient
  • Ability to modify, adjust and save               Some tutoring sessions may be recorded
                                                                                                          solution to collaborate with distant sites.
     changes to online module content, as well       for future review by students, teachers,
                                                                                                          Additional virtual rooms may be purchased
     as upload additional content.                   administrators and parents. All virtual tutoring
                                                                                                          individually or as package.
                                                     services include Individualized Education                                                                        DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021                   |           7
409.510 | FieldTripZoom Zone                        individual needs. The flexible online format
          Subscription                              addresses multiple learning styles through
FieldTripZoom (FTZ) Zone provide teachers           resources such as leveled reading passages,
access to hundreds of live streaming events         ebooks, Fun-Damentals, and engaging video
organized around the annual academic                segments.
observance calendar. The calendar is                409.550 | Discovery Education
designed to create an easy way to access                     Streaming
live streaming education programs. Each             Discovery Education Streaming integrates
event runs 30 to 45 minutes and includes            seamlessly into any curriculum with 5,000 full-
question and answer time. The subscription          length videos segmented into 50,000 content-
includes one half (1/2) day of professional         specific clips. Discovery Education Streaming
development at three hours per session; User        empowers educators to:
Group Meetings featuring collegial sharing of          • Use multimedia content for all subjects
ZONE experiences and user updates; tutorials             from leading educational publishers.
for FTZ ZONE program; ZONE Listserv
                                                       • Create interactive lessons with
Membership, featuring updates on program
                                                         assignment, quiz, and writing prompt
providers, programs, technology and collegial
sharing of program feedback; and free monthly                                                            child abuse, indications that it has happened,
New York State class-to-class collaborations.          • Personalize and deliver lessons to
                                                         students through the student dashboard.         and procedures to follow if abuse is suspected.
409.022 | Virtual Education Learning                                                                     A Certificate of Completion will be issued to all
                                                    Discovery Education Streaming is available
          Experience (VELEX)                                                                             registrants who attend the full two-hour session.
                                                    at the Basic or Plus level for grades K-8 and
Subscribers have access to administration/                                                               Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)
                                                    9-12. Annual subscriptions are offered at a per
coordination, the Nassau BOCES                                                                           Certification
                                                    building rate or district-wide per student rate.
Videoconferencing website, listserv services                                                             Effective December 31, 2013, all applicants
with exclusive connection opportunities,                                                                 for certification are required to complete
coordination, and scheduling.                        529.030
                                                                                                         six clock hours of training in Harassment,
   Additionally, subscribers receive 18 content                                                          Bullying, Cyber Bullying, and Discrimination in
                                                     ELEMENTARY SCIENCE KIT PROGRAM
provider videoconferences or up to $2,800                                                                Schools Prevention and Intervention. This new
                                                     Dr. Elaine Zseller         516-608-6618
in provider fees, whichever comes first. This                                                            requirement is in response to the Dignity for
includes coordination, scheduling, and billing                                                           All Students Act (DASA) that took effect on July
services by the Videoconferencing program           The programs developed by Monroe 2,                  1, 2012. A Certificate of Completion will be
secretary.                                          Putnam/Northern Westchester and OHM                  issued to all registrants.
                                                    BOCES provides for the purchase of science
                                                                                                         School Violence Prevention and
 409.550, 409.555, 409.556                          curricula and science kits for district elementary
                                                    science instruction aligned to the NYS
                                                                                                         Anyone applying for teacher certification or
 DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES                             Next Generation Science Standards. These
                                                                                                         license must complete two hours of training on
 (RELOCATED FROM THE 509 SECTION;                   programs were developed by NYS teachers.
                                                                                                         school violence prevention and intervention.
                                                                                                         This workshop includes training in effective
 Eileen Dwyer             516-608-6624
                                                     507.530                                             classroom management techniques, identifying
                                                                                                         the warning signs of violent and other
                                                     STATE MANDATED TRAINING
409.556 | Discovery Education Health                                                                     troubling behavior, and intervention techniques
                                                     Dr. Elaine Zseller         516-608-6618
Discovery Education Health is a comprehensive                             for resolving violent incidents in the school. A
health and prevention multimedia library that                                                            Certificate of Completion will be issued to all
addresses the needs of the whole student.           Certification in the Needs of Students               registrants who attend the full two-hour session.
Discovery Education Health enhances                 with Autism
classroom instruction with video, lesson plans      This training will meet the state mandate for         507.222
and multimedia resources that are aligned to        certification and is designed to address the
state standards. The K-12 health and prevention     needs of autistic children. The workshop topics       GLOBAL COMPLIANCE NETWORK (GCN)
topics build life skills in nine key topic areas:   include: Definitions, Etiology and Prevalence,        Dr. Elaine Zseller         516-608-6618
                                                    Characteristics, Evidence-based Instructions                   
alcohol and other drugs, the body, growth and
development, mental health, nutrition, physical     Methods, Behavior Management and                     This service provides web-based training
activity, safety, tobacco and violence.             Resources. A Certificate of Completion will be       tutorials for school district employees.
409.555 | Discovery Education Science               issued to all registrants.                           GCN has over 70 tutorials available
Enhance science instruction with this online        Child Abuse Identification and Reporting             in Occupational Safety and Health
resource for elementary and middle school           New York State requires all teachers who             Administration (OSHA), human resources and
students. Discovery Education Science is            are seeking provisional or permanent state           professional development topics. The GCN
standards-based and provides a real-time            certification to take a course in how to             tutorials meet the minimum standards for
assessment tool to monitor student progress         recognize and report suspicion of child abuse.       compliance as mandated by state and federal
and recommend resources based on students’          The two-hour session includes definitions of         laws, and are continually updated.

8           | DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021                                                                       
507.515                                              be two meetings for district superintendents,
                                                      and ongoing technical assistance and support
 NASSAU BOCES MENTAL HEALTH                           from Dr. Bob Jarvis at the University of               DIGITAL AGE TEACHING AND EDUCATION
 CONSORTIUM                                           Pennsylvania.                                          PROGRAM (MODEL SCHOOLS)
 Patricia Iannacone         516-608-6662                                                                     Regina Moraitis           516-608-6643
The Nassau BOCES Mental Health                                                                              The Digital Age Teaching and Education
                                                       PHYSICAL EDUCATION CONSORTIUM
Consortium is a collective of school districts         Patricia Iannacone         516-608-6662              Program (D.A.T.E./Model Schools) collaborates
convened to address the prevalent issue of                                 with districts to improve professional practice
mental health and wellness within the realm                                                                 and explore new ways to design, deliver and
of education. The consortium is designed              The Physical Education Consortium is a union          evaluate instruction in today’s classroom. The
to offer practical skills and background              of school districts that consolidate efforts to       workshops and coaching sessions include
knowledge that will assist its component              offer professional development in the areas           research-based, learner-centered instructional
districts in the implementation of plans to           of health and physical education. Open to             strategies that are aligned to NYS Next
address the new and any future regulations            all Nassau County school districts on an              Generation Learning Standards and promote
or recommendations associated with Mental             annual membership basis, the Consortium               technology-enhanced learning experiences.
Health education as issued by NYSED.                  provides a variety of high quality workshops,            A subscription to Model Schools includes:
   We will identify, explore and establish            conferences, and certification classes for               • Technology Integration Specialist
curriculum resources to develop mental health         coaches, physical education teachers, and                   Roundtable meetings.
curriculum and school/district initiatives, as        athletic directors. The program also has
                                                                                                               • Discounted regional workshops for
well as leverage various community members            offerings in the areas of staff supervision,
as resources in the establishment of mental           health education and school nurse services.
                                                                                                               • Two days of professional development.
health recognition, treatment and acceptance.         Workshops are conducted at various school
                                                      locations and highlight the expertise of local           • Monthly Newsletter – latest Technology
The goal is to create a “Culture of Care”
                                                      and national physical educators.                            Tools News.
within the district which will nurture methods
designed to enhance student understanding,
attitudes and behaviors that promote health,           507.011                                               558.500, 558.520
well-being and human dignity.
                                                       READING RECOVERY                                      ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE SUPPORT (AOS)
                                                       Patricia Iannacone         516-608-6662               Regina Moraitis          516-608-6643
 LICEE–LONG ISLAND CONSORTIUM FOR                     Reading Recovery is a highly effective,               This service provides professional
 EXCELLENCE AND EQUITY                                research-based, short-term early intervention         development and support for administrative
 Patricia Iannacone         516-608-6662              program for the lowest-achieving first-graders.       personnel. AOS workshops develop
                                                                           professional office skills and include
                                                      This intervention provides one-on-one tutoring
The Long Island Consortium for Excellence             to help students most at risk for literacy failure,   beginner, intermediate and advanced
and Equity is a collaborative network of              to catch up to their peers and continue to            training on applications such as the
regional school districts in Nassau County that       learn like successful readers and writers.            Microsoft suite of software, Office 365 and
have committed to learn and work together             The goal of the program is to help these              Google/G-Suite. Workshops are conducted
to support the school and life success of ALL         students accelerate their progress in reading         in-district and one-to-one desk-side support
their students. The Consortium serves as a            and writing in order to reach the average             sessions may also be scheduled for your
regional resource for participating districts to      level of their class within a 20-week period.         administrative support team.
take proactive and system-wide leadership             (A national study of 18 years of Reading
responsibility for significantly improving            Recovery student outcomes shows that 77% of
the academic performance of all students,             students who complete the program are able
increasing high level educational opportunities       to read and write within the average range
learning for all students, and eliminating the        of their class and achieve at grade level in a
observed achievement disparities among                regular classroom.)
subgroups of students defined by race/
ethnicity and/or economic circumstance.
   Membership includes a year-long program
of eight professional learning opportunities for
district teams of five participants that will focus
on 1) supporting district and school leadership
for equity and eliminating achievement gaps,
2) enhancing districts’ response to struggling
diverse learners in schools and classrooms,
and 3) nurturing more effective family-
community partnerships. Also scheduled will                                                                          DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021                 |             9
532.527                                             509.570                                            532.518, 532.519, 532.521,
                                                                                                        532.522, 532.523
 Regina Moraitis           516-608-6643              Kyle Humann            516-608-6697                GUIDANCE TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT
                                          Anastasia Kokonis         516-832-2709
                                                     Pete Siegmann              516-832-2783                    
SMART Learning Suite connect students,
teachers and devices turning lessons into                    
                                                                                                       532.518 | MaiaLearning
enriching learning experiences. The SMART           The Cabling Equipment and Installation service     MaiaLearning provides Career Planning,
Learning Suite brings together SMART Notebook       includes design, installation, and management      College Planning, Portfolios and Application
software, SMART Lesson Activity Builder and         of various types of cable and fiber-optic          Management for students. In addition, it
SMART amp software.                                 runs for school districts that need Wireless       organizes, tracks, and collaborates with
                                                    Networks and Local Area Networks (LANs—            students, staff, and families to help students
TECHNOLOGY                                          within one building) as part of their technology   reach their dream colleges and career.
                                                    infrastructure. This includes consultation, site
SERVICES                                            survey, network design with detailed proposal,
                                                                                                       532.519 | Parchment
                                                                                                       Parchment software provides a simple and
                                                    cable installation by experienced Nassau           cost-effective way for secondary schools to
 602.020, 602.023, 602.025                          BOCES crews or qualified subcontractors, and       manage and fulfill alumni transcript orders.
                                                    project management.                                Parchment eTranscript Solutions can simplify
 (FORMERLY PARENTLINK)                                                                                 the process of sending official and unofficial
 Alex Domanico            516-832-2776               509.530                                           transcripts, letters of recommendation,
                                                                       immunization reports, or any other digital file
                                                     EDUCATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS–AV/
                                                                                                       to any global destination for your alumni (and
602.025 | Blackboard Mobile                          TV, COMPUTER/LAPTOP, PRINTER, AND
                                                                                                       track it too). Free up time for your Guidance
          Communications App                         PROJECTOR REPAIR
                                                                                                       Office staff by offering alumni an automated
Blackboard (formerly Parentlink) provides            Kyle Humann              516-608-6697
                                                                                                       process to request documents and receive real-
a district-branded mobile app for the K-12                                                             time status notifications.
community with the latest news, schedules,          The Educational Communications service
and school information personalized for every                                                          532.521 | Method Test Prep
                                                    provides troubleshooting and repair                Method Test Prep, Inc. (MTP) is a New York
parent. Blackboard integrates with school           services for all off-warranty hardware
websites and mass notification systems for a                                                           based test preparation company that offers
                                                    equipment, including computers, tablets and        industry leading online programs for ACT
more streamlined and mobile communication           iPads, projectors, audiovisual equipment,
experience. District leaders can provide all the                                                       and SAT preparation. MTP has over 10 years
                                                    TVs, printers, and other peripherals. AV           of experience working side-by-side with
information parents need—including grades,          equipment installation or maintenance, and
calendars, homework and more—complete with                                                             thousands of students, as well as hundreds
                                                    videoconferencing setups and maintenance           of high schools. MTP provides all the course
instant notifications to keep everyone informed.    are also included. Additionally, this service      materials and onsite training options necessary
602.020 | Blackboard Mass Notifications             offers Consultant Agreements with outside          to maximize student success including
The Blackboard (formerly Connect) service           vendors for most aspects of technology.            downloadable and printable study guides.
gives school districts the ability to reach their
communities in minutes. It is an efficient way to
keep the campus or community more secure,
informed, and involved through multi-modal
messages via voice, email, SMS, social
media and eight other modes; a turn-key,
native smartphone app that engages parents
and students; and a two-way text messaging
service to combat bullying.
602.023 | SchoolMessenger
SchoolMessenger is a fully hosted, notifications
platform used by school systems to connect
with parents, students and staff. The School-
Messenger notification service delivers large
volumes of messages through several channels
including voice, email, text message, push
notification, social media, web post, desktop
alert, and more. A custom mobile app from
SchoolMessenger allows the district to deliver
news, alerts, events, sports scores, lunch menus
and even grades in a convenient native app.

10            | DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021                                                                
532.522 | Naviance Succeed
This web-based guidance management
system promotes student success by helping
counselors engage students, families, and
teachers in on-going, in-depth college and
career planning. With Naviance Succeed,
districts can support student success in school
and beyond. Districts gain convenient access
to new, different and proven methods to
raise students’ awareness of postsecondary
options, chart a path to success and align
their coursework with their goals. This
revolutionized approach to success planning
allows for better decision-making—expanding
accountability beyond test scores with the
following: a detailed profile for every
student, incorporating detailed demographics,
survey responses, personality and learning
style assessment results, course plans,
academic and career interests, key
accomplishments, and more.
                                                                                                   services, offsite data redundancy, disaster
532.523 | Guidance Direct                          532.525
                                                                                                   recovery and other private cloud offerings.
Designed exclusively for New York State
                                                   ESL PROGRAM MANAGEMENT SERVICE                  Our team of technology experts will assess the
counselors, students, and parents, Guidance
                                                   ELLEVATION                                      current environment to make recommendations
Direct is the only all-in-one comprehensive
                                                   Anastasia Kokonis         516-832-2709          based on the needs of individual districts.
counseling software resource. Users can get
                                                                       Advanced Engineering Services (AES)
immediate answers to counseling questions,
                                                                                                   offers districts escalation services on various
find the latest information on New York           Ellevation is a software company exclusively     technologies customized to district needs. This
State counseling requirements, network with       focused on English Language Learners             includes, but is not limited to, wired/wireless
colleagues across the state, search college       (ELLs) and the educators that serve them.        networks, server technologies, mobile devices,
and scholarship databases, access career          The Ellevation platform puts all information     cloud migrations (Google, Microsoft 365),
planning resources, and more.                     and data about ELLs in one place, helping        technology planning, and more. Our team will
                                                  educators enhance instruction, save time,        work directly with district technical staff to serve
 360.010                                          and improve collaboration. With the              as advisors, engineers, and overall support.
                                                  Ellevation Goal Center, educators can
 SCHOOL COUNSELOR SUPPORT SERVICES                select and assign goals for ELLs aligned to       602.282, 602.283
 (SCSS)                                           both English Language Development and
 Anastasia Kokonis         516-832-2709           Common Core State Standards, easily               ADMINISTRATIVE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES
                   track progress, and generate individualized       AND SUPPORT
The Nassau BOCES School Counselor                 learning plans. With the Ellevation               Kyle Humann             516-608-6697
                                                  Dashboard, educators can view a range of                 
Support Services provides itinerant school
counselor services to participating districts     demographic, program, and performance
                                                                                                   Nassau BOCES Administrative Technology
by allowing elementary school students to         data at the classroom, school, and district
                                                                                                   Services and Support provides a wide array
have access to a certified school counselor       level. Ellevation’s reporting capabilities
                                                                                                   of K-12 administrative technology solutions
in response to Commissioner’s Regulations         make it easy to create dozens of reports
                                                                                                   to meet the needs of districts. Staff dedicated
100.2(j). The service allows districts to         and automatically generate Title III required
                                                                                                   to this service are highly skilled information
utilize a certified school counselor to assist    parent notification letters in 28 languages,
                                                                                                   technology specialists and project managers
with the development and implementation           saving educators a great deal of time.
                                                                                                   trained in all areas of educational technology
of a comprehensive school counseling plan.                                                         design, procurement, implementation and
Minimum agreement begins at .2 FTE per             532.099, 602.299                                support. Nassau BOCES Technical Services is
school year.                                                                                       a leader in educational network design and
                                                   INSTRUCTIONAL/ADMINISTRATIVE HOSTED
                                                                                                   advanced services such as server virtualization/
                                                   DISTRICT SERVICES
                                                   Chris Reinertsen            516-832-2741        consolidation, application hosting, off-site
                                                                 data storage, telecommunications, network
                                                                                                   monitoring and help desk support.
                                                  Instructional/Administrative Hosted District     Services include:
                                                  Services provides districts with various            • Site surveys.
                                                  technology support options that include server      • Infrastructure design—including voice,
                                                  hosting, hardware/software co-location                 video, and data.                                                                DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021                   |            11
• Project planning.                              field of instructional technology. NASTECH’s      • Is easy to use on any PC with web
  • Proposal and contract development.             comprehensive support package fosters               access.
  • Procurement.                                   collaboration among member districts, and         • Requires no special software or setup.
                                                   it helps educators identify and address           • Aligns with New York State requirements
  • Installation.
                                                   common challenges to make cost-effective and        for document storage and retention
  • Network Support—remote or in-district.
                                                   pedagogically sound technology decisions for        (SARA).
  • Advanced Engineering Services.                 their schools.
                                                                                                     • Provides robust disaster recovery
Nassau BOCES offers multi-year financing           NASTECH services include:
contracts on most administrative projects.            • Monthly NASTECH luncheon meetings.
                                                      • Participation in the NASTECH listserv.
 532.010, 532.505                                                                                   602.022, 602.024
                                                      • An extensive calendar of technology
                                                         seminars and new product presentations.    WEBSITE MANAGEMENT
                                                      • Specially selected educational software     Alex Domanico          516-832-2776
                                                         and hardware packages and professional         
 Kyle Humann             516-608-6697
                           development options.
                                                      • Participation in the Nassau BOCES          602.022 | Blackboard Web Community
The Nassau BOCES Learning Technology                                                                         Manager
                                                         computer hardware/software/networking
Project Planning Service provides a wide                                                           Blackboard Web Community Manager is the
                                                         and supplies consolidated bid.
array of K-12 instructional technology solutions                                                   online presence a district needs to stand out
                                                      • An up-to-date website with NASTECH
to meet the needs of districts. The LTPP team                                                      to the community and prospective families.
                                                         program information, features and
dedicated to this service consists of highly                                                       It allows parents to play an active role in
skilled project managers and information                                                           their child’s success with a dashboard full
technology specialists trained in all areas of        • Participation in NASTECH member think      of personalized student data. It also allows
educational technology design, procurement,              tank forums.                              and gives community members the chance to
implementation and support. The Nassau                • Discounted technology training classes     engage with the district by checking out news
BOCES LTPP Service teams are leaders in                  and certification courses.                and upcoming events on a modern, mobile
project management and advanced services                                                           friendly website.
such as server virtualization/consolidation,        611.025, 611.510, 611.520                      602.024 | Siteimprove
application hosting, off-site data storage,                                                        Siteimprove is a web-governance software that
telecommunications, network monitoring and          RECORDS MANAGEMENT AND                         helps districts better manage and maintain
help desk support.                                  MICROFILMING SERVICE/DOCUMENT                  their website through quality assurance,
Services include:                                   IMAGING AND STORAGE MANAGEMENT                 accessibility, web analytics, Search Engine
   • Site surveys.                                  Kyle Humann            516-608-6697
                                                                                                   Optimization and response—all in one tool.
   • Infrastructure design—including voice,                                                        A broken link or misspelling can have a
      video and data.                                                                              devastating effect on a visitor’s experience
                                                   Records Management
   • Project planning.                             Records Management provides electronic          with a school district website, and therefore
   • Proposal and contract development.            microfilming. Pickup and delivery of school     the image of the district behind the website.
                                                   documents is provided.                          Siteimprove Quality Assurance provides the
   • Procurement.
                                                                                                   tools to identify, locate and repair broken links
   • Installation.                                 Electronic Document and Storage                 and misspellings needed to protect a website’s
   • Network Support—remote or in-district.        Management
                                                                                                   credibility. Web accessibility is about allowing
   • Advanced Engineering Services.                Electronic Document and Storage
                                                                                                   people with and without disabilities to have
                                                   Management provides a secure, web-based
   Nassau BOCES offers multi-year financing                                                        access to the information they want and need
                                                   system that electronically stores scanned
contracts on most instructional projects.                                                          from a district website. With reports of one in
                                                   documents in a searchable standard format.
                                                                                                   five people in North America claiming some
                                                   The digitized documents are profiled and
 514.510                                                                                           sort of disability, 20% of the population is just
                                                   indexed for search and retrieval, making it
                                                                                                   too large of a group to ignore. Siteimprove
                                                   quick and easy to find any document.
 NASSAU ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL                                                                      Search Engine Optimization gives a complete
                                                   The service:
 TECHNOLOGISTS (NASTECH)                                                                           overview of a site’s web accessibility issues,
 Laura Pollak            516-832-2796                 • Allows districts to share and centralize
                                                                                                   plus clear explanations of how they affect
                          current and past important documents.
                                                                                                   users, and specific recommendations on
                                                      • Provides secure access to personnel who    how to fix them. Siteimprove Search Engine
The Nassau Association of School                        require access to the system.
Technologists provides school district                                                             Optimization will help with real­-time alerts of
                                                      • Is available 24 hours a day, seven days    website issues, anytime, anywhere–enabling
technology leaders and staff with an array
                                                        a week.                                    problems to be fixed immediately.
of resources and professional development
opportunities. By taking advantage of                 • Saves storage space and can grow with
NASTECH, educators can stay informed                    needs.
of the latest developments in the dynamic

12            | DIRECTORY OF SERVICES 2020/2021                                                               
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