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A note from the Principal.
“Let us make our future now and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s
reality.” – Malala Yousafzai

Welcome to the 6th edition of our school Yearbook.
Though students and teachers have been apart since March 12th, it was
important for us to ensure that we published our annual Yearbook before
the end of the school year. It is a real treasure and captures highlights of the
school year 2019 /2020.

We have had to call on all our inner strength and resources as, due to the
Covid -19 outbreak, our school closed and we as a school community
connected remotely. Our teachers and students have been asked to adjust
to distance teaching & learning and all have shown true resilience in
adapting to change and rising to the challenge. From First Year to Leaving       Katherina Broderick, Principal
Cert, all have learned skills that will equip them for life long after the
pandemic has passed. We were fortunate to have Microsoft Office 365 well
established in Presentation Castleisland before the closure was announced. It has proved an invaluable tool for
the continuity of teaching and learning. I commend the staff’s unstinting commitment to their students; online
lessons and the provision and marking of assignments are now ensuring that engagement with students

The positive relationship between staff and students endures, as weekly assemblies and wellbeing activities are
maintained. We have been very fortunate to be one of the few schools in Ireland chosen by the Department of
Education to introduce Leaving Certificate Computer Science as a new subject this September. Never before
have the programmes in digital technologies been valued as in the current climate. Preparing our students to
be technologically proficient continues to be central to the work our school provides. Proficiency in Office 365

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& digital literacy certainly has facilitated the compilation of this Yearbook. Sincere thanks to all who have
contributed to the Yearbook; your time, efforts and sharing of valued memories of this school year will be
forever treasured as this Yearbook is published. No small task in the current circumstances!

The strength of our tight knit school community is evident in so many ways every day in Presentation
Castleisland and reading of the various achievements and activities of students in this Yearbook stand
testament to a school community with a shared vision which cultivates core values to ensure each individual will
flourish. With the recent launch of our new school App, it should be even easier in 2020/21 to allow the school
community keep in touch with all the activities and successes of the girls in Presentation Castleisland.

As the lead school in the Digital Excellence STEM programme this school year, we saw the use of iPads in some
of our classrooms which is having a positive impact on learning. We believe our girls have a promising and
rewarding future ahead of them and we ensure that they are afforded every opportunity to investigate exciting
careers in STEM. Our involvement with Third level institutions such as UCC and IT Tralee for this programme is
proving both exciting and promising as a key outcome of this programme.

Art students continue to excel in our school and yet again this year their creativity is recognised with both
regional and national accreditations. Anyone who visits Presentation Castleisland remarks on the immense
talent of our Art students which has enhanced our school building in the last few years.

Sporting success is always to the forefront for our students. The whole school community shares the
disappointment of our basketball team who were due to travel to Croatia but had their much anticipated trip
postponed due to the COVID -19 outbreak. However, the honour and success achieved by these girls remains
and we look forward to supporting these committed players when, le cúnamh Dé, they will represent Ireland
later this year at the rescheduled tournament.

Our school choir launched their very own CD last November,
which was a tremendous achievement for all involved. The choir
offers each student a real sense of being part of the school
community and wider community. You will read of the many
invitations they received this year to perform.

We are fortunate to have students receive National awards in
Enterprise once again this year. Presentation Castleisland is now
recognised as a leading school for Enterprise and our students are
in the top 2% of achievers for Enterprise in Ireland!                        School Choir - CD Launch

Achieving the highest grade in Ireland in Leaving Certificate
Geography along with scholarships to university and an Edna
O’Brien bursary for creative writing are all featured in this
yearbook and we are immensely proud of every student who
achieves these honours.

All of this success does not happen without planning and
commitment. The high academic results and the many awards
received by students in our school are evidence of sustained effort
and dedication from all the staff and students. We are a school community who plan, review and evaluate on a

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regular basis. This is a key component to ensure we continue to have 100% placement in third level institutions
and examination results which are well above the national average.

This year the end of term takes a different path where continued uncertainty prevails. Our thoughts are with the
Leaving Certificate students who have an extended time to the beginning of their exams. Every one of you
deserves to succeed and I trust you will approach this changed landscape with the same stamina and strength
of character you have shown over the past few weeks.

You have learned very acutely that uncertainty is as much part of life as security will ever be. And if security
brings confidence as well as worry, uncertainty, as disruptive as it may be, will also bring new growth and
enlightenment. This time will pass, and when it does, I hope that each one of you will find your feet in fulfilling
careers and above all, that life will be kind to you.

‘So throw off the bowlines,’ said Mark Twain, ‘sail away from the safe harbours. Catch the trade winds in your
sails. Explore. Imagine. Dream.’

Katherina Broderick (Principal)

   The Staff of Presentation Secondary School,
                           Castleisland. 2019/2020

              Front Row (Left to Right): Ms. Liz Cosgrave, Ms. Karen O’Connor, Mr. John Enright,
Mr. Padraig Kelliher (Deputy Principal), Ms. Katherina Broderick (Principal), Ms. Annette Leen, Ms. Maria Kennelly,
                                    Ms. Joan Prendiville, Ms. Marita O’Sullivan.

 Back Row (Left to Right): Ms Matilda Miniussi, Ms. Ailish O’Connor, Ms. Katie O’Reilly, Ms Shellagh Moloney,
 Ms. Mairead Lane, Ms. Loan McElligott, Ms. Martina Kelliher-Dairo, Ms. Dayna Hurley, Ms Veronica Ross-Dowd,
      Mr. Pierce Dargan, Ms. Anne Laurent, Mr. Batt O’Donnell, Ms. Noreen O’Shea, Ms. Elaine O’Shea,
                                   Ms. Rebecca Nagle, Ms. Tracey Dooley

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Student Council 2019 – 20: Maire Daly 1X, Caoimhe Scanlon 1X, Laura Daly 1Y, Amber Foley 1Y,
        Elaine Cronin 2X, Aoife Fleming 2X, Clodagh Delaney 2X, Aine Murphy 2Y, Megan Dennehy 2Y,
          Orlaith Buckley 1Y, Aimie Pidgeon 2Y, Sarah Mason 2Y, Sarah Keating 2Y, Katelynn Laide 2X,
          Jennifer Culloty 2X, Annie Moriarty 2X, Kelly Anne Nix 3Y, Katelyn Curtin 3 Y, Lisa Flynn 5B,
        Sarah Mahony 5A, Cerys Rider 5A, Kate O’Keefe 5A, Laura Fitzmaurice 6B, Siobhan Brosnan 6A.

                         Student Council 2019-20
Student Council members were extremely generous with their time and energy to ensure that school events
and issues were dealt with in a very professional manner. Monthly meetings of the Student Council were held at
lunchtimes, guided by Ms. Kennelly (Student Council Co-ordinator) and assisted by Mr. Dargan.

The members participated with great enthusiasm in facilitation of Parent-Teacher Meetings. They organised
reception and registration of Parents and Guardians and they provided tea/coffee during the meetings. The
members had a very evident role in Open Day. They ushered prospective students and parents for the event.
The members also played a very supportive role in the ‘Taster Day’ for incoming First Year students.

Student Council members played a key role in fundraising. They welcomed guests and organised the raffle at
the launch of the school choir CD in the Ballygarry House Hotel, in November. Each member played a pivotal
role at school assemblies in each Year Group. Key updates and issues are brought to assemblies by members
and feedback is given at Student Council meetings.

A sub-committee of the Student Council was involved in discussions regarding development of the School
Canteen. A student survey and meetings with management, led to the introduction of a new canteen after
February mid-term.The council is a vibrant and active part of the school community and its main aim is to
enhance school life for each student and to have the student voice heard. All of this work is shaped and carried
out by all members, through the living out of our root beliefs, core values and actions and behaviours of our
school ethos and culture.

Chairperson: Laura Daly 6A                                             Deputy, Chairperson: Aine Sheehan 6B

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3-in-a-row for Presentation Castleisland
                 Student Entrepreneurs.
Presentation Castleisland, for the third year in a row, have claimed the top prize at the Kerry Enterprise County
Final in the Junior Category. For the second year in a row, they have claimed the top prize in both the Junior
and Intermediate Category and also claimed the Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year for consecutive years.
The school won the Overall School Award for the second time in three years. The Pres girls are now into the
National Final for the fourth time in the past five years. Reaching this stage of the competition places them
within the top 1% of student entrepreneurs in the country.

On Tuesday 31st March, the Kerry Local Enterprise Office, announced this year’s awards and Pres Castleisland
claimed six of the prizes on offer. Five groups from Pres, across all three categories entered the County Final:
Junior – ‘Cast Aways’ & ‘Double Doggie’, Intermediate – ‘Sála Síos’ & ‘Gaelic Touch’, Senior – ‘Glúin & Glan’.
The following was awarded to Presentation Castleisland:

• 1st Place in the Junior Category: ‘Cast Aways – waterproof cast covers for arms, feet and legs made from
  recycled tents and car covers’ – Aine Broderick, Charlie O’Keeffe, Emily Walsh, Ella Fitzgerald & Colene

                                                                                               1st Place
                                                                                           Junior Category
                                                                                             'Cast Aways'

                                                                                         (L to R) - Emily Walsh,
                                                                                          Colene O'Callaghan,
                                                                                          Aine Broderick, Ella
                                                                                          Fitzgerald & Charlie

• 1st Place in the Intermediate Category: ‘Sála Síos – 3D printed horse stirrup attachment, that aids with
  balance as you ride your horse’ – Katelyn Curtin.

        1st Place
       'Sála Síos’

     Kateyln Curtin

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• Runner-up in the Intermediate Category: ‘Gaelic Touch – 4 quadrant, colour-
  coded Gaelic Football boot skin training aid’ – Ciara Cronin, Muireann Walsh,
  Megan Dennehy, Lauren E. O’Connor, Aine Murphy & Clodagh Coffey.

• Best Business Plan: ‘Glúin & Glan – a padded kneeler that protects your back
  and makes the chore of washing a breeze’ – Maria Daly, Caoimhe Horgan &
  Lauren Butler.

• Overall School Prize: Presentation Castleisland.

• Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year 2020: Mr. Pierce Dargan (Business
  Teacher).                                                                               Best Business Plan
                                                                                             'Glúin & Glan'
                                          In May, the National Final results will be    Lauren Butler, Caoimhe
                                          announced. Unfortunately, the National         Horgan, & Maria Daly
                                          Final showcase in Croke Park has been
                                          cancelled. Pres Castleisland is aiming for
                                          its third All-Ireland title in-a-row after previously winning the Junior
                                          Category in 2018 and the Intermediate Category in 2019 at the
                                          National Finals in Croke. Best of luck to ‘Cast Aways’ in the Junior
  Junior Finalist - 'Double Doggie'       Category and ‘Sála Síos’ in the Intermediate Category at the National
   Olivia Key, Caoimhe Scanlon,           Final in May, as the school has two of the three entries from the entire
    Michelle Burke, Laura Kelly           county, for the second consecutive year.
           & Emma Daly

              Business Award - Hillary O’Connor.
                                  Hillary O'Connor is a current Transition Year student and was one of only 2.5%
                                   of those, who sat their Junior Certificate Business Studies exam in June
                                      2019, that received the top grade of a Distinction (90% or higher) in the
                                      entire country. In recognition of such an achievement, the Kemmy Business
                                       School, in the University of Limerick are awarding those students who
                                        received a Distinction in their 2019 Business Studies Junior Certificate
                                        Examination, with a 'Certification of Excellence' on April 29th in the
                                         University at a special ceremony. The 2019 examination was the first
                                          year that the new Junior Cycle Business Studies course was examined,
                                           which furthermore highlights what a fantastic achievement this was. It
                                           is a night of celebration with family and friends to recognise the hard
                                            work that has paid off over the past few years.

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Presentation Secondary School Castleisland’s
     Mary Healy awarded the highest mark
                 in the country!
A Diligent Student
“Mary is a diligent student who deserves great credit for this
achievement, we are very proud of her success,” said Ms. Broderick.

Mary and her parents were delighted with the news and she recalled the
nerves she felt the night before the exam very vividly:
“I wanted to do well in Geography as it was one of my favourite subjects
and I wanted to do well for Mr Enright,” said Mary.

Best of 20,000 Students
However, Mary could not have imagined that she had managed to
achieve the highest mark from the nationwide total of 20,000 students
who sat the exam that day. Each year the Association of Geography
Teachers of Ireland awards a medal to the student who presents the
‘most meritorious’ Leaving Certificate examination in geography.               Mary Healy, who completed her
                                                                                Leaving Certificate last June,
Gwenda Hurst Medal Awaits                                                       received the highest mark in
                                                                                   Ireland in Geography.
When school life returns to normal the school community will celebrate
with Mary and her family and she will receive the Gwenda Hurst medal in
recognition of her success. Mary, from Ballymacelligott is a daughter of Conor and Sinéad Lordan – Healy, is
currently studying World Languages in University College Cork.

Teacher No Stranger to Titles
Ms Broderick also congratulated John Enright the school’s Geography teacher for this achievement.
Mr. Enright is no stranger to All-Ireland success as he is also the school’s basketball coach and he, in fact, only
recently received national recognition for his achievements from Basketball Ireland.
“Presentation Castleisland is renowned for its success in basketball at the highest level and Mr Enright has
coached Pres teams since the late 1980s to achieve the highest number of All-Ireland titles of any school in
Ireland,” said Ms Broderick

Mary Healy’s remarkable achievements will be marked later in the year with the presentation of the prestigious
medal in memory of Gwenda Hurst.

Ms. Hurst (1913-1966) was a New Zealand born woman who organised, in September 1961, and founded the
Association of Geography Teachers of Ireland in March 1962

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Presentation Castleisland – leading the way in
                Leaving Cert. Computer Science
Presentation Secondary School Castleisland has been chosen by the
Department of Education and Skills (DES) to introduce Leaving Certificate
Computer Science (LCCS) from September 2020.

In the past few weeks as the schools worldwide adapt to remote ‘teaching and
learning’ the benefits of digital skills have never before garnered more attention
and recognition. The future will certainly be one where Computer Science plays
a key role in all aspects of our lives. It is therefore timely that Presentation
Castleisland is well placed to provide this innovative programme for senior
students. Just 3 weeks before the gates of the school building were closed and
staff and students settled into online communication, our school had secured
the support of the DES for the introduction of Computer Science at Leaving

Central to the requirement to win the DES approval for this subject roll out was a commitment to providing the
infrastructure required to support the implementation of LCCS, as set out by the Department. We are well
placed to provide this subject for our students. Pres Castleisland staff have for over 2 years received
comprehensive training in Digital skills and Microsoft Office 365 is up and running for all students in the school
for some time. This development proved to be invaluable as the uncertainty of COVID-19 unfolded.

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) have developed a number of information videos
and an information brochure to inform and advise schools who are commencing the introduction of LCCS.
These can viewed at:

Leaving Cert Computer Science is structured to enable all students, of all abilities, to embrace the subject and
succeed in every aspect of the course. Presentation Secondary School Castleisland encourage you to research
the study and benefits of this new and exciting subject and is looking forward to its introduction and
implementation for 5th year students in September.

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Presentation Castleisland - Caring for Students
    with Additional Needs – SEN Department
Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland is committed to providing an education for its students in a caring
and supportive environment. In order to achieve this goal, some of our students may require supplementary
teaching, additional resource, classroom support and/or provision of specialist equipment.

We recognise that all our students are entitled to an education appropriate to their needs including those who
may be gifted and talented and we endeavour to facilitate all our students reaching their full potential by
providing a level of challenge equal to each student's ability through differentiation, additional materials and an
accelerated rate of learning.

In all cases it is the school’s aim to integrate all students
academically, socially and emotionally.

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team is comprised of
the Special Educational Needs Coordinator, who is
responsible for the management and organisation of
Learning Support under the direction of the principal. The
TEAM also includes school management, qualified
SEN teachers, Year Heads, SNA’s and the school’s
Guidance Department.

Students are provided with support, based on their
individual needs. This support can be:
                          • One to One Basis
                          • Small Groups
                          • Team Teaching

We aim to develop pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and feelings of achievement and fulfilment in accordance
with the school’s Mission Statement and related policies.

We identify and meet with the SEN students at the start of each term and organise a timetable, depending on
their needs. We consult with the appropriate personnel, which includes subject teachers, parents/guardians and
the student. An Individual Student Plan is put in place to set out the necessary achievable goals and targets,
which will build on their strengths and work on their needs. This in turn will help them to reach their potential.
The support programme is reviewed in the second term in order to make sure the student is meeting their
goals appropriately. Continuous assessment testing is completed during the academic year.

The Transition from Primary School Special needs requirements are first addressed on Open Night for incoming
first years. Following this in order to assess the needs of a SEN student, school management will meet with the
parents/guardians to discuss the student’s needs and the school’s ability to meet those needs. A copy of the

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student’s educational, medical, or where appropriate
                                                           psychological reports will be requested prior to

                                                           All first year students are tested with the CAT5, Wiat
                                                           or Wrat4 and a reading test, GRT III. This provides a
                                                           baseline for monitoring and tracking each individual’s
                                                           abilities. The whole school is tested once a year, in
                                                           addition to house exams in order to monitor
                                                           individual’s progress. This data is used for
                                                           applications to the State Examinations Commission
                                                           for RACE provision for students with SEN sitting the
Junior Certificate or Leaving Certificate. This data is also used by Year Heads as a tracking system to ensure all
students are reaching their full potential.

All students are provided with the opportunity to access the mainstream curriculum in Junior and Leaving Cert
cycles and students’ needs are supported with advice in relation to optional subjects. Students exempt from the
study of Irish attend resource during this time. Other resource and learning support is arranged to best support
each individual student.

In addition to all this support the school has a Wellbeing room, located in a hidden hub to provide a private
space when an individual student needs a ‘time out’ period.

The SEN Team also liaises with external agencies and support services as appropriate including: Inclusion
Support Service (Special Education Needs Support Service (SESS), National Behaviour Support Service (NBSS),
Visiting Teachers Service); National Education Psychological Service (NEPS); National Council for Special
Education (NCSE); State Examinations Commission (SEC); Psychologists, Speech & language Therapists,
Occupational Therapists; Dyslexia, Dyspraxia Associations; Autism/Asperger Support Ireland; National Council
for the Blind of Ireland; National Council for the Deaf.

 Credit Union Art Competition
The Art Department in Presentation Secondary School Castleisland was
delighted to have two 3rd year Art students place in the Credit Union
Art Competition before Christmas. Aisling Shire placed 1st and her
classmate Caroline Blanchfield 2nd in their age category 14-17years.
They attended a presentation of prizes on 7th of November 2019 in
Manor West Tralee. No doubt these two have a bright and colourful
future ahead of them!

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Ethos Tree
Our school worked with Notre Dame Alliance for Catholic Education programme and developed the following
outline of our root beliefs, core values and actions and
                                                                                                                        Be inclusive of all                                      Get involved
                                                                                                                                                                                                Be supportive
                                                                                                 Attend retreats & liturgies

We were honoured to be involved in this prestigious                                                                                                                                                    Demonstrate loyalty
                                                                                       Be a positive role model
programme. The objective of the 2 year programme was


to strengthen and sustain a positive Culture in our school.                                  Show appreciation
                                                                                                                                        pire                                 rag
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Do your best

                                                                                                                                                      Nu             En

We looked at what our culture means:

Culture: the integration of environmental, organisational
and experiential features of school existence to offer a                    We live the Gospel values daily                                                                                                Our school is a welcoming environment

context for teaching and learning. It’s the how we live our
values and beliefs, “The Way We Do Things Around Here”.                                           ‘Not Words But Deeds’

                                                              pres.indd 1                                                                                                                                                                          22/05/2019 09:28

Expressed in 3 Key Ways
• Professional relationships, for example, the ways in which school leadership, teachers and staff relate to and
    work with each other and their pupils.
• Organisational arrangements and procedures, including the management of the environment.
• The curriculum in its widest sense.

The framework of our work focused on:
1. Reflecting on our school’s history and tradition
2. Investigation and reflection on the Tenets of a Catholic School
3. Determining Root Beliefs of our school
4. Deciding Core Values linked to those Beliefs
5. Consideration of Behaviours and Actions
6. Communicating the Message (Consistently, Creatively and Constantly)

In Presentation Secondary School Castleisland we believe:
There is a story we enter,
•     a picture that we paint,
•     a community we belong to,
•     a language we speak,
•     a work that we do,
•     a way that we pray,
•     and a face of God that we seek and show.

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Tomorrow’s innovators showcase their
  impressive scientific projects at the STEM
 Showcase in Presentation Secondary School,
Students from Presentation Secondary School Castleisland, Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál Castleisland, Scoil
Íde, Curranes, and Gaelscoil Mhic Easmainn, Tralee took part in a STEM Showcase on the 5th of
March, in Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland. One hundred and forty-five students
exhibited innovative STEM projects on a wide variety of topics.

This event is part of a much extended and elaborate programme titled the ‘Digital School Excellence
Fund’ which aims to develop a more positive attitude to STEM subjects amongst females within the
cluster at primary and secondary level; to enhance students' digital literacy skills, particularly in the
area of Maths and Science; to increase the uptake of Chemistry and Physics at senior level; to
increase the number of female entrants into STEM courses at third level.

     L – R – Claire O Riordan (PDST), Olive Sharp (teacher Gaelscoil Mhic Easmiann), Aoife O’Brien, (Kerry
    SciTech) Emily Brick(Athena Analytics), Susan Enright(IT Tralee), Katherina Broderick, Cait Ni Chonchuir
         (Principal Gaelscoil Mhic Easmainn), Tracey Dooley(Science teacher Pres Castleisland), Matilda
         Miniussi(Science teacher Pres Castleisland), Martha O Mahony(teacher Scoil Mhuire gan Smal),
                                Elizabeth Sweeney, (teacher Scoil Ide Currannes)

                                                   Page 14
During the event, Presentation Castleisland’s 1st year STEM role models presented projects as well as
acted as judges for the primary school projects. Primary school students who attended the event as
visitors were entertained by the wide variety of scientific projects and also by Linda from DigiWiz who
held different workshops using 3D pens, VR systems, and robotics.

On the day, we had appearances from many special guests who shared their experiences in STEM.
Aoife O’Brien from Kerry SciTech, Emily Brick from Athena Analytics, Claire O Riordan from the PDST
and Susan Enright, a Lecturer in IT Tralee. These strong, independent women are such an inspiration
to the younger generation as they are leading the way in STEM.

On closing the event, an award ceremony was held where each student received a certificate of
achievement and each participating school was awarded with a very impressive STEM kit, which
contained important and useful equipment such as beakers, graduated cylinders, magnets and
electricity kits, all which can be used in everyday lessons. The kit also included an iPad for
documenting the project as well as for scientific research.

As Mae C. Jemison an American engineer, physicist, and astronaut said “We look at science as
something very elite, which only a few people can learn. That’s just not true. You just have to start
early and give kids a foundation. Kids live to, or down, to expectations” And that’s just what we are
trying to achieve here at Presentation Castleisland, we are continually enhancing the scientific
knowledge of primary and secondary school students which is hopefully paving a pathway for our
future scientists.

            Coding Club
 Students who are interested in technology and
 programming meet each Wednesday after school for
 approximately 40 minutes. Girls from all years in
 school are free to attend and get familiar with
 different coding programmes such as Scratch, HTML
 and Python.      Students have the opportunity to
 develop a deeper understanding of how computers
 work and their importance in our lives with the final
 aim of acquiring technological skills which became
 essential in our modern society.

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                        First Year 2019/20

                               First Year Students 2019/20

Front Row (Left to Right): Seána Wilkinson, Aoife Roche, Emily O’Donoghue, Amy Mulvihill,
                 Rebecca Murphy, Ellimai Walsh, Aimee Dennehy Browne,
     Middle Row (Left to Right): Amber Foley, Hazel Bourke, Emily Walsh, Emma Daly,
 Áine Broddrick, Katie O’Driscoll, Rachel Griffin, Jasmine O’Sullivan, Máire Daly, Laura Daly,
  Sarah O’connor, Caoimhe Scanlon, Ella Fitzgerald, Sophie O’Brien, Olivia Key, Antonella
                           Vidakovic, Laura Ward, Ailbhe Fleming

   Back Row (Left to right): Laura Kelly, Laoibhse Mansfield, Aoibhinn Broderick, Charlie
   O’Keeffe, Colene O’Callaghan, Naomi O’Neill, Clodagh O’Connor, Blaithín McBride.
         Missing from Photo: Maria Crespo Ballester, Michele Burke, Leah Horan.

                                          Page 16

              First Year 2019/20 (1X)

                         First Year Students 2019/20 1X

Front Row(Left to Right): Olivia Key, Ella Fitzgerald,Colene O’Callaghan, Emma Daly,
                              Rachel Griffin, Maire Daly.

   Back Row (Left to Right): Naomi O’Neill, Charlie O’Keeffe, Jasmine O’Sullivan,
      Antonella Vidakovic, Aoife Roche, Sophie O’Brien, Laoibhse Mansfield.
      Missing from Photo: Maria Crespo Ballester, Michele Burke, Leah Horan.

                                     Page 17

                 First Year 2019/20 (1Y)

                            First Year Students 2019/20 1Y

  Front Row (Left to Right): Laura O’Sullivan Ward, Laura Daly, Emily O’Donoghue, Katie
                         O’Driscoll, Emily Walsh, Áine Broderick.

  Back Row (Left to Right): Caoimhe Scanlon, Aimee Dennehy Browne, Sarah O’Connor,
Rebecca Murphy, Blaithin McBride, Clodagh O’Connor, Amy Mulvihill, Hazel Bourke, Amber
                Foley, Seána Wilkinson, Elliemai Walsh, Ailbhe Fleming.

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Robotics Club
During this exciting club, students have the opportunity of building
their own robot and learning how to control it with a remote control or
with a coding program. Doing that, the students develop their critical
thinking, problem solving skills, engineering skills, mechanical skills,
design skills and communication skills. In addition, the students can
test their robot against other schools during the Vex Robotics
competition held in IT Tralee on March 12th 2020.

                Science Week and Space Week
This year Space Week and Science Week ran from October 4th to October 10th 2019 and from
November 10th to November 19th 2019 respectively. All year groups were involved in different
activities during these two important weeks.

Space week was aimed at our junior students as it is a new strand on the Junior Cycle. A rocket
competition was held for our 1st year students. Each students had to design a rocket which would be
able to fly when air is pumped into it. Our competition winners were Colene O’Callaghan (1X) and
Emily O’Donoghue (1Y) voted by their fellow students. At the end of the space week, 2nd year
students participated in a space poster competition. They researched and presented posters to their
fellow classmates and to their teachers. Both teachers and students voted for the best presented
posters and our winners were Katie Nolan (student vote) & Jessica Riordan (teachers vote) while

                                                Page 19
Muireann Rahilly & Bláthnaid Casey got the highest number
                                      of votes from their peers. Well done to all involved. Our 3rd
                                      years students received a talk form an astronomer who
                                      discussed very interesting facts about the moon and stars.

                                      While for science week, each year group took part in a
                                      science quiz which consisted of 8 rounds held in the canteen
                                      during science lessons. The winners of each quiz received a
                                      bag full of stationary and other goodies. On Monday,
                                      Wednesday and Friday during lunch time, a riddle
                                      competition was held in Lab 1. All students were allowed to
                                      enter and the name was chosen from a hat at the end of each
                                      lunch time. The winners received cinema vouchers.

                                      We look forward to another successful Science Week and
                                      Space Week again next year.

     BT Young
Scientist 2020
On January 9th 2020, all 1st
year students and some 2nd
year students attended the BT
Young Scientist in the RDS,
Dublin. The purpose of the
competition is to create an
interest in Science in secondary
schools. It hopes to inspire,
encourage and motivate young
students to choose STEM
subjects and in turn pursue
careers in STEM. On the day, students got the opportunity to view all project on display and attend
different events, workshops and engaging talks from women and men who have seen the
opportunities for a great career in STEM. We aim to bring another group to visit BT in 2021 and
hopefully have our own stand up there representing Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland.

                                             Page 20
SciFest@school & SciFest@college
SciFest@PresCisland was held on February 27th 2020 in St. John’s Hall. Over 120 students from 1st,
2nd and 5th year participated in this event. 41 innovative science projects were judged by Tim Regan
from SciFest along with Elaine O’Shea, Katie O’Reilly and Pierce Dargan. Each group came up with a
project idea and spent two classes a week researching and investigating their ideas. They complied
all their research, results and conclusions onto a poster which was presented to the judges on the
day. The Judges had the very difficult task of choosing just three winners. The Young Innovators
Award went to three 1st year students Laura Ward, Clodagh O’Connor & Emily Walsh, whose project
was entitled “Testing certain drinks for high levels of sugar using banana skins’. The SciFest Runner-
up Best Project Award went to 5th year students Amy Walsh, Sarah O’Mahony & Grainne O’Connor,
who studied the differences in behaviour between 1st year girls and boys. While the SciFest Best
Project Award went to 5th year students Ellen Dennehy, Siobhán Brosnan & Cáit O’Mahony who
investigated the effects of racism in the local area. Our students
showed great initiative throughout this process and the Science
Department is extremely proud of the great work of the girls. To quote
Tim Regan ‘Your students were excellent, their projects interesting,
scientific and very well communicated. They are a credit to
Presentation, Castleisland.’ These projects and more will be brought to
SciFest@college in IT Tralee on May 6th 2020 and we wish then every
success in the competition.

                                               Page 21
STEM Digital
  Excellence Year 2
Just last year Presentation Secondary School
Castleisland, Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál
Castleisland, Scoil Íde, Curranes and Gaelscoil
Mhic Easmainn, Tralee officially launched their
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics) digital excellence cluster.

Presentation Secondary School Castleisland
has been chosen as a beacon school to
demonstrate the innovative use of digital technologies in teaching, learning and assessment, through clusters
of schools collaborating on a specific STEM project. Significant investment and resources have been deployed
to support the purchase of this technology by the Department of Education as a part of Digital School
Excellence Fund.

Students of Presentation Castleisland are trained to become STEM role models for younger female students in
primary schools. The STEM role models have visited all three primary schools twice this year. First they lead a
fun filled Chromatography experiment in which the primary students used Science skills to solve a mystery. The
second visit was more technology-based with the use of LegoWedo kits. Both activities proved to be a great
success. It is hoped, by engaging in activities like these, that students of Presentation Castleisland will aspire to
eventually pursuing STEM-related careers having had the opportunity to engage with 3rd level academic
centres of excellence such as IT Tralee & UCC. We are very fortunate to have been chosen as the only
secondary school in Kerry to participate in the Digital School Excellence programme.

The funding recognises excellence and allows the cluster schools to promote areas of STEM among female
                                                                    students. The project aims to develop a more
                                                                    positive attitude to STEM subjects in general
                                                                    amongst females within the cluster at primary
                                                                    and secondary level; to enhance students
                                                                    digital literacy skills, particularly in the area of
                                                                    Maths and Science; to increase the uptake of
                                                                    Chemistry and Physics at senior level in
                                                                    second level; to improve students research,
                                                                    numeracy, problem-solving and teamwork
                                                                    skills; to increase the number of female
                                                                    entrants into STEM courses at 3rd level and to
                                                                    increase the competence and proficiency of
                                                                    teachers in the use of digital technology in
                                                                    their subject areas.

                                                      Page 22
To date, students have been involved in a range of exciting activities including workshops based on
chromatography, LegoWedo and bee bots. We also have taken part in the Vex Robotics, Space and Science
week, SciFest and Maths initiatives. Some students have also had the opportunity to attend the BT Young
Scientist Exhibition, Dreamspace workshop as well as a trip to the BioPharma Facility in Cork and Astellas in
Killorglin, Kerry. Four lucky first year students will have the opportunity to attend the Salters Chemistry Festival
held in University College Cork on April 29th, 2020, where they will show their Science skills by participating in
a series of science challenges.

Throughout the year, our fifth year students have benefitted
greatly from this programme as we were able to invite a number
of guest speakers to the school. Dr. Fiona Boyle form AgriTech,
Katherine O’Sullivan a female engineer and Susan Enright lecturer
at IT Tralee, to name a few. All these powerful women are leading
the way in STEM and so by inviting these speakers in we hope to
encourage our students to follow in their footsteps. Our fifth and
sixth year chemistry classes participated in a workshop called
“spectroscopy in a suitcase” ran by PhD students from UCC on
March 4th 2020. Demonstrators walked our students through high
tech equipment used worldwide to help solve crimes.

In addition, Presentation Castleisland organised two showcase
days. The first day on March 5th 2020, was addressed to primary
school students who each showcased three projects from different
STEM areas. Our STEM role models acted as judges and
presented Certificates to all involved. We had two special guests
on the day, Declan Lowe from DigiWiz and Emily Brick from Athena Analytics. Our second day on April 30th
2020, is addressed to our senior students. This showcase involves inviting third level academic centres such as
NUIG, CIT, LIT and IT Tralee to Presentation Castleisland to give our students the opportunity to gain more
information about the different STEM paths available to them. We have also invited different STEM companies
to share their experience in the workplace. On the day, we are going to have a panel with representatives from
different colleges and companies, directed by representatives from IT Tralee. During this session, each person
will tell us the story of their journey though STEM.

                                                            All activities mentioned above have been posted on
                                                            our school website, blog and social media in order
                                                            to promote the project in our local community. We
                                                            look forward to another successful STEM year.

                                                       Page 23
Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland
       Celebrates Engineers’ Week 2020!
Students from Presentation Secondary School Castleisland, Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál Castleisland, Gaelscoil
Aogain, Castleisland     and Gaelscoil Mhic Easmainn, Tralee marked Engineers week 2020 with an exciting
Wonderstruck workshop on 06th March in Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland. One hundred and
seventy-five students participated in two different workshops which challenged the students to make and
launch their own rockets and powered cars. The event was facilitated by Wonderstruck, a company which has
worked with schools for more than 15 years exploring Science in a hands-on, creative and spectacular way.
The presenter entertained the students with two workshops, a compressed air rocket workshop and a fan-
powered car workshop with the help of their teachers.

The Compressed Air Rocket Workshop was highly practical in nature as it challenged the young people to work
in groups to design, build and launch a compressed air rocket. While, the fan-powered car workshop required
students to build a small fan-powered racing car.

During this day, the students learned about forces, the nature and role of friction in machines, simple electrical
circuits while also developing more holistic learning skills, such as teamwork, design skills and problem-solving
skills which are essential for a career in engineering!

This event is part of a much extended and elaborate programme of STEM activities in Presentation Castleisland.
The school is the lead school in the Department of Education and Skills ‘STEM Digital Excellence’ which aims to
promote areas of STEM among new generations.

The Presentation girls are privileged to have a number of leading women in STEM visit to school and speak
about their career paths. During the week Katherine O’Sullivan, Engineer also spoke to the senior girls while
Susan Enright from IT Tralee and Emily Brick from Athena Analytics addressed students at a STEM showcase in
the school on Thursday.

Principal Katherina Broderick described the opportunities afforded to the Presentation Students as ‘invaluable’
‘We are extremely fortunate to be a Department of Education designated STEM school, the many workshops,
visiting speakers , third level and industry links our
students have experienced to date are so beneficial.
The programme is growing year on year and our
collaboration with the primary schools allows us to
share the learning and encourage Science from
primary to senior cycle students ‘ It is without doubt a
most worthwhile programme and we are delighted to
lead it’.

                                                          Page 24
French Singing for schools
In November last, the French and the Music departments got together to invite a French singer to come to
Presentation Castleisland and give our students a singing workshop with a difference!

Caroline Moreau, is a professional French singer, living in Dublin.     She provides workshops usually for the
Dublin area through French to help students of the language not only improve their vocabulary and
pronunciation, but to have some fun and discover French popular music culture.

Having convinced her that Kerry would be worth a visit, she agreed to come and sing with us in November,
sending us some songs to practise, a month or so in advance of the workshop or “atelier” as the French like to
call it!

Ms O Connor and Ms Laurent got into the spirit of things, joining forces and classes to get time to practise. It
soon became apparent that out of the selection sent, our favourite song would be “Tous les garcons et les
filles”. A sad little love song which finishes on a positive note with a lively little tune. Actions were added and
the song became a dance.        The melody could be heard in the corridors at break time and practising the song
became a highlight of French and music classes.

On the day of the workshop Caroline arrived with her guitarist Alain who encouraged the students to take part
and the atmosphere in the hall was amazing as the students participated in the vocal exercises and activities.
Some of the students were brave enough to sing in the “solo” group and they were fantastique!

There is no doubt that the exercise was a culturally enriching one, but also has made a huge difference to the
students that took part from the point of view of pronunciation and interest in the language. Having fun while
learning is what it is all about.

The First Years enjoyed the experience
so much that they decided to perform
the song and dance routine in our
school concert in January.          Bravo to
them for being, not only brave enough
to stand on stage in front their peers
and families, but to do so and sing in

Thank you to Caroline and Alain for a
great interactive musical and linguistic
experience. Hope to see you next year.

Merci et a bientôt!

                                                     Page 25
The Cork French Film
Always on the lookout for genuine experiences of
French Language and culture for the students, this
year the 5th year French students were treated to a
trip le ciné !

Every year the Alliance Francaise Cork, organises this
very special film festival, giving the locals the
opportunity to experience the wide variety and
talent French cinema has to offer.

The film we chose to see was 100 kilos d`Etoiles (Starts by the Pound) a story about a group of misfit teenagers
who support each other in order to overcome their personal issues and achieve dreams, they were told would
never happen. it is a heartwarming story of friendship, love and the importance of having a positive self-image.
The main character also had a very important message for girls! They too can be top of the class in science and
dream of being involved in space travel! Ticking all the boxes of our cross-curricular model linking with STEM
and wellbeing!

                          Action Aid
 ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to eradicate
 poverty and inequality. Supporting women in a community has a
 powerful effect on everybody, lifting up their children, their families and
 future generations. ActionAid provides long term support to women and
 their children in developing countries, so they can overcome the
 obstacles holding them back. Some of our 5th Year students participated
 in a speech-writing competition which helped raise awareness on issues
 like gender equality and the sustainable development goals. This was a
 research-based project from which the students greatly benefitted.

                                                    Page 26
Presentation Castleisland – one of just 5 schools in Ireland to
participate in DES Programme promoting the Irish Language
   Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) 2019 - 2022

Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland has been selected from a large number of schools to take part in
the DES Pilot Project for Content and Language Integrated Learning, which will be led by JCT. We are one of
just 5 Second Level schools selected for this pilot project. This is a three year pilot project where students from
Schools where English is the usual language spoken will be provided with opportunities to engage in and
benefit from learning other curricular subjects through Irish.

All participating class groups are in the First year of Junior Cycle. Student’s linguistic abilities and learning
needs in terms of both Irish and target subject areas will be taken into account by the teachers planning these
Presentation Secondary School is focusing on History, Physical Education & Maths for this pilot project. It will
take place over a period of eight weeks spanning the second and third terms of an academic year and the
teachers involved are Mr. Kelliher, Ms. K.O’Connor & Mr. O’Donnell.

The first four weeks will see the teachers introduce Irish into the classroom, covering basics like the Irish for
‘keywords’, ‘Learning outcomes’, and focusing on strategies to build up a foundation, competence and
confidence around the language, in order for the student to be comfortable in using the language.

The second four weeks will see the subject taught through Irish, incorporating various methodologies within the
classroom setting.

Each school has been appointed an advisor from the JCT who will work closely with the teachers who will be
participating in the project.

CLIL is an internationally recognised approach to teaching and learning languages. By adopting the CLIL
approach to teaching, English medium schools will be able to provide a more focused approach to teaching
Irish, while also addressing students learning needs in the chosen subject area by:
           • Increasing exposure of students to Irish by extending the use of Irish as a medium of
               communication and instruction in real contexts beyond Irish language lessons.
           •   Supporting the development of a students’ higher-order cognitive , critical and thinking skills
           •   Improving students’ motivation and knowledge in both the Irish language and the subject
           •   Developing students’ cultural awareness and knowledge
           •   Developing students’ learning and communication strategies
           •   Improving students’ confidence and competence in using Irish
           •   Exploiting and integrating opportunities for language acquisition and content learning in other
               curricular areas

                                                      Page 27

             Second Year 2019/20 (2X)

                           Second Year Students 2019/20 2X

  Front Row (Left to Right): Doireann O’Sullivan, Emma Keane, Neave Tugwell, Aoibhe
                       Hickey, Nora Anne Hartnett, Katelyn Laide.

Middle Row (Left to Right): Anna McSweeney, Mya Griffin, Annie Moriarty, Ava McGovern,
                              Shauna Griffin, Rebeca Reidy.

 Back Row (Left to right): Katie Walshe, Elaine Cronin, Clodagh Delaney, Jennifer Culloty,
Aoife Fleming, Orlaith O’Connor, Ciara Cahill, Ciara Casey, Lavinia Christl, Nadine Forrest.

               Missing from Photo: Kayleigh Simmonson, Lizzey Simmonds.

                                         Page 28

             Second Year 2019/20 (2Y)

                           Second Year Students 2019/20 2Y

     Front Row (Left to Right): Sara Milicic, Sarah Glennon Baretto, Zara O’Connor,
                      Aimie Pidgeon, Sarah Mason, Sarah Keating.

      Middle Row (Left to right): Clodagh Coffey, Lauren O’Connor, Orlaith Buckley,
                   Grace O’Sullivan, Megan Dennehy, Áine Murphy.

Back Row (Left to right): Julia Curtin, Aoife O’Leary, Blaithnaid Casey, Jana Costa Castells,
 Muireann Walsh, Muireann O’Rahilly, Lauren O’Connor, Jessica O’Riordan, Ciara Cronin.

     Missing from Photo: Abril Calbado,Rebeca Cirpaci, Katie Nolan, Sophie Walsh.

                                          Page 29
School Bank of Ireland
On Monday 13th January, fifth year business students received a talk from Shane Enright of the Bank of Ireland
on the running of the school bank. At this talk, application forms to apply for a position on the school bank
team were handed out. Later in this week, Shane Enright and Local Branch Manager, Fergus Clifford held
interviews with the applicants, in order to select the five members for the school bank team and to assign the
various roles which included: Bank Manager, Assistant Manager, Sales and Marketing Managers and Customer

The following girls were selected for the various positions:
      •   Bank Manager – Lauren Butler
      •   Assistant Manager – Lisa Flynn
      •   Sales & Marketing Managers – Caoimhe Horgan & Alanna Glennon
      •   Customer Digi-Advisor – Ellen Dennehy

On Monday 20th January, the five girls received training on running the school bank from school co-ordinator,
Shane Enright, before opening the school bank for the first day at 11 am break. The school bank ran for the
duration of the week. Students from across all years had the opportunity to open new accounts, continue saving
from accounts previously
opened and to receive advice
and help with their second-level
banking from Shane and the
school bank team. The Bank of
Ireland in Castleisland continue
to be a massive support to our
school and annually sponsor our
School Enterprise Final every
Christmas, so we would like to
thank Shane Enright, Lisa
Henchy and Fergus Clifford for
their continued support!

                                                     Page 30
Fifth Year Home Economics
   Exchange students introduced celebratory dishes from their own countries

Slovakian Dish – Pizza Rolls
By Simona Skalicanova

This dish is easy to make, and it is ‘yummy’. You need one packet of
pastry, 3-4 slices of ham, 5 small sausages, pizza sauce, cheese and one
egg. I made it because it is quick to make, and my mother makes it all
the time. We have pizza rolls every time we have guests. In my country,
it is typical to have something to give them. We usually bake a lot of
cakes and these pizza rolls. It is savory and not very fatty, and it is filling.
The best time to eat them is when they are still warm, not cold or very
hot. It is a delicious and appetizing food.

       •   Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
       •   Roll out the pastry
       •   Put the pizza sauce on the pastry.
       •   Then spread the cheese, ham and sausages on top of the
       •   Roll the pastry into a roulade.
       •   Cut the roulade into small rolls.
       •   Place the rolls on a baking tray.
       •   Glaze the rolls with beaten egg.
       •   Sprinkle caraway seeds on top (optional).
       •   Bake for 20 minutes.

Bon appetite!

                                                         Page 31
Shakespeare Drama 2020
Cyclone Rep is a Theatre-in-Education company which is based in Cork.        The company tours nationwide
providing audiences with an exciting and multi-faceted theatrical experience that engages, entertains and
educates students. The Shakespeare Sessions are enriching and they allow students to engage on a deeper
level with the drama.   They are student-centred performances.   Each performance includes a question and
answer session at the end, clarifying the main themes and discussing any issues that may occur during the

Romeo and Juliet

All 3rd year students attended the Cyclone Rep production of ‘Romeo and Juliet on 15th Jan 2020, in The Lime
Tree theatre in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick city. They were accompanied by Ms. J. McElligott and Ms. J.
O Shea.


A group of 6th year students attended the
Cyclone Rep production of 'Hamlet' in 'The Lime
Tree' theatre, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick
city, on 15th Jan 2020.   This served as a great
revision tool for the upcoming mock exams.

                                                   Page 32
Webwise Youth Panel & Safer Internet Day
Every year Webwise recruit proactive
teenagers from all over Ireland to be a part of
their Webwise Youth Panel. The panel is made
up of 30 students, who want to stand up and
speak out about online safety issues through
the Youth Panel. These views are heard at a
national and European level, so that young
people can have a real say on the issues that
affect them.

Presentation Secondary students Ava Flaherty
and Cáit O Mahony were chosen to be
members of this youth panel. They attended
webinar and face to face training sessions.
Throughout the year they played an active role in creating resources which will be made available by Webwise
to educate parents, teachers and students about Internet safety. Annette Leen, the school’s ICT coordinator
said, “We are delighted that our school has two students on this national panel. It was a great opportunity for
Ava and Cáit to develop their own skills and collaborate with other students nationally.”

As well as their contribution on a national level, Cáit and Ava led the schools Safer Internet day campaign and
facilitated workshops on the day for 5th and 6th class pupils in Muire gan Smál Primary school and 1st and 2nd
year students in Presentation. They also hosted a talk by Sergeant Tim O Keeffe and Garda Aidan O Mahony
which provided valuable information to students on Internet safety and what to do if issues arise.

               Scholarship award
Maura O’Connor received a scholarship for Mary Immaculate College
in recognition of her high grades in Leaving Cert 2019.

Maura and her family were invited to attend a presentation ceremony
in Mary Immaculate College in October 2019.

Well done Maura and continued success in your studies and future
career in education. Presentation Castleisland is very proud of you!

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Beatha teanga í a labhairt
Seachtain na Gaeilge runs nationally between March 1st and 17th. Each year in Presentation Secondary School,
many activities are organised to celebrate the rich cultural traditions still very much alive in the Sliabh Luachra
area. Seachtain na Gaeilge 2020 has certainly began on a high note. It was our pleasure to host a workshop by
musician John Spillane on Wednesday 26th February in preparation for Seachtain na Gaeilge. John worked with
Ailish O’Connor and the Presentation School Choir in the first of the two workshops. The choir was then joined
by the rest of the school community for the second workshop where many songs as Gaeilge such as ‘Trasna na
dTonnta’ and ‘Báidín Fheilimí’ were sung with great enthusiasm. There was even a rendition of ‘Castleisland’, a
bilingual song about the town written by John after a recent visit to the area.

This marked the beginning of our Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations. Other activities included a Céilí, Tráth na
gceist (Table quiz), Seanfhocal an lae, craic agus ceol. One of the highlights of Seachtain na Gaeilge was the
joint concert presented by the Presentation School choir and the choir from Gaelscoil Aogáin.      Don’t forget to
use your cúpla focail!

                                         School Choir
This year was a busy and exciting year for our school choir. Last year was spent recording our CD and on
November 21st 2019, we launched our CD in Ballygarry House Hotel. On the night we were joined by many
other wonderful musicians and choirs that we have been lucky to work with in the past such as Noirin NI Riain,
Nicky and Anne McAuliffe, The Kilorglin Social Club Men’s Choir, Castleisland Parish Choir and Bellecanto. We
performed some pieces from our CD and we had learned some new pieces also. Veronica McCarron officially
launched the CD on the night and we were delighted to have her back with us again.

We had a very busy Christmas season and were in great demand. We were invited to perform at the turning on
of the lights in the Ballygarry House Hotel and to sing carols in the local Bank of Ireland, Garveys, the local Day
Care Centre and we also went to KGH to sing for the day patients in the Palliative Care Unit. It was a wonderful
experience and lovely to bring Christmas cheer to all the people we met.

Since Christmas we have been working on new material and are looking forward to performing for Seachtain na
Gaeilge alongside the local Gaelscoil. We had a visit from the Cork composer and singer John Spillane on the
26th of February to help us with our Irish songs for this concert. His workshop was great fun and we learned a
lot of new songs and look forward to singing them for Seachtain na Gaeilge.

We have a number of different events and concerts to do during the rest of the school year and we are really
looking forward to our trip to the Europe Hotel in Killarney in March to sing for a group of visiting Americans.
We have also been invited to a workshop run by the Diocese of Kerry where composer John O’Keeffe will
present his latest compositions and teach them to the choirs present. We love to sing in our choir. We have
great fun, learn a lot of vocal techniques and get to go to a lot of exciting places and meet amazing musicians
and singers.

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