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May 19, 2019
GIRL SCOUT                                                                   THE GIRL SCOUT
                      GIRL SCOUT
                                                                 GOLD AWARD                                                                  PROMISE AND LAW
                GOLD AWARD
                                                                 The Girl Scout Gold Award expresses a girl’s special
                                                                 commitment to herself, her community, her world,
                                                                 and the future. To be eligible to earn the Girl Scout                    The Girl Scout Promise and Law are
                       CEREMONY                                  Gold Award, a girl must be a registered Girl Scout                       shared by every member of Girl
                                                                 Senior or Ambassador. For the 2018-2019 school
                                                                                                                                          Scouting. By pledging to exemplify
                                                                 year, 150 Girl Scouts from Northeast Texas earned
                                                                 the Girl Scout Gold Award.                                               the Girl Scout Promise and Law,
                                                                                                                                          each Girl Scout is committed to
      Processional of 2018-2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts           It takes a minimum of 80 hours of intensive work for                     making the world a better place.
                                                                 a girl to complete the prerequisites for the award,
                                                                 develop a plan, and complete the project. The award
                        Flag Ceremony                            focuses on the interests and personal leadership                         Girl Scout Promise
                      GSNETX Honor Guard                         journey of each girl. The project fulfills a need within
                                                                 a girl’s community (whether local or global), creates                    On my honor, I will try
                  Girl Scout Promise and Law                     change, and has the potential to be sustainable. This                     to serve God and my country
                                                                 is more than a good service project. It encompasses                       to help people at all times,
                                                                 organizational, leadership, and networking skills.
                   Welcome and Remarks                                                                                                     and to live by the Girl Scout Law.
         Kit Addleman, Chair, GSNETX Board of Directors          Girls who earn the Girl Scout Gold Award display
                                                                 more positive life outcomes than non-Girl Scout
                              Video                              alumnae. These include positive sense of self, life                      Girl Scout Law
                                                                 satisfaction, leadership, life success, community
                                                                 service, and civic engagement. Other findings from                       I will do my best to be
                    Presentation of Awards                       the report include the following:                                           honest and fair,
                          Ms. Addleman                                                                                                       friendly and helpful,
                                                                     •   Gold Award Girl Scouts have had more
     Debbie Roling, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer           leadership experiences.
                                                                                                                                             considerate and caring,
                                                                                                                                             courageous and strong, and
    Amanda Duquette, Chief Marketing and Membership Officer          •   Gold Award Girl Scouts feel they have had                           responsible for what I say and do,
               Ashley Crowe, Chief Program Officer                       success in their lives because of the unique
                                                                                                                                          and to
                                                                         experiences they had in Girl Scouts.
                                                                                                                                             respect myself and others,
       Presentation of the Betty Richardson Girl Scout               •   Over 90% of Gold Award Girl Scouts attributed                       respect authority,
                  Gold Award Scholarship                                 their success in life to Girl Scouts. They also
                                                                                                                                             use resources wisely,
                        Ms. Addleman                                     said that they could not have had access to
                                                                         the same experiences anywhere else.                                 make the world a better place, and
                                                                                                                                             be a sister to every Girl Scout.
                        Closing Remarks                          * The Power of the Girl Scout Gold Award: Excellence in Leadership and
                                                                   Life, Girl Scout Research Institute
                           Ms. Crowe

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2018-2019 RECIPIENTS                                                                                  PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS
       Morgan Andrulis           Landry Fowler           Rachel McCarty           Chloe Schraeder                       Morgan Andrulis                                                    Emily Balderson
       Adaeze Atumah            Kacie Frederick          Téa McCormack              Abbey Sharp                         STEM Education for Youth                                           For the Love of Dance
        Meghan Bailey        Katarina Freudenthal       Catherine Meenan            Sophia Sircar                        Girl Scout Troop 2871. Morgan developed                            Girl Scout Troop 973. Emily took her passion
                                                                                                                         interactive and hands-on STEM education                            for dance and shared it with the girls of
       Emily Balderson       Mary Katherine Futrell      Sarah Merchant            Madison Smith
                                                                                                                         activities for at-risk younger children who                        Delay Dance Team. Recognizing that not
       Kinza Barrister          Shivani Ganesh          Samantha Merritt        Lauren Smith-Morris                      normally aren’t exposed to STEM until middle                       all girls can afford dance lessons and the
        Rachel Bates             Marina Garza              Julia Miller          Sophia Sonawalla                        or high school. She wanted to inspire youth                        necessary shoes, bags and costumes
                                                                                                         to engage in STEM and recognize the possible careers that          needed to participate, Emily spoke to community
        Ashley Bauer            Varsha George             Sophia Miller             Nina Stewart                                                                            members and other dancers to solicit donations. She and
                                                                                                         the STEM fields offer. She and her volunteers organized and
        Hannah Bauer             Jocelyn Gillis           Abigail Milton          Rebecca Stokes         conducted two science activity days for the children at the        her volunteers collected, sorted and delivered all of the
                                                                                                         Holy Trinity Learning Center and Mary Immaculate School.           donations. She then choreographed and held a dance clinic
          Macy Bell             Sophie Gilmour        Mary Elizabeth Mocek           Holly Stone
                                                                                                         During these activity days, the students made hovercrafts,         for the Delay Dance Team. Emily’s local dance studio and
    Rebecca Bender Jutzi          Julia Griffin          JaQualia Morris            Aidan Stuart         lava lamps, Styrofoam airplanes, and straw rockets. She            drill team will be continuing this relationship with the dance
         Huda Bhatti             Erin Halligan        Mahnoor Muhammad         Anna Katharine Sullivan   made tutorial videos explaining how to make the various            team going forward. Emily graduated from Marcus High
                                                                                                         activities and posted them to YouTube to enable people to          School in 2018.
        Brooke Bianco             Erin Harper            Meghan Mulkey             Angelina Syler
                                                                                                         replicate her projects. Morgan will graduate from Ursuline
       Meredith Black          Melissa Hartweg           Gabriella Mungo           Victoria Taylor       Academy of Dallas in 2019.                                                        Kinza Barrister
      Abigail Blasingame       Jiarong Joyce He           Menaka Naidu            Genevieve Terrell                                                                                        Building for a Better Day
       Addison Blevins            Hana Hendi          Fatema Neemuchwala          Tamia Thompson                        Adaeze Atumah                                                       Girl Scout Troop 6435. Kinza collaborated
                                                                                                                        Beautify the Bay                                                    with a local charter school to build 60
      Elizabeth Brannon         Amy Hermann               Carley Nelson           Stephanie Tonjes
                                                                                                                          Girl Scout Troop 8828. Adaeze created                             cubbies for the sixth grade students. Due to
      Madeleine Brown             Kelly Huang            Sarah Newman                 Alina Valli                         awareness in her community about the                              a lack of funding, the students had no place
         Zoe Brown                Emily Huie               Ruth Nichols             Cassie Vestal                         benefits of keeping local parks liter free. She                   to store their educational materials. She and
                                                                                                                          planned and organized park clean up days          her volunteers raised funds and then constructed 4 sets
        Kaytlin Burton          Sarah Jackson            Emily Niemeyer        Aveline H. Vongkaseum
                                                                                                                          once a month for over a year in the Garland       of 15 cubbies each for the students, giving them a way to
        Bridget Bush            Neha Jayarajan            Lauren Nobel            Amanda Walker          area. She and her volunteers collected trash and aquatic           store their books, backpacks and other items. The cubbies
       Rebecca Carroll          Emma Jeacock              Gauri Nukala              Anna Walker          debris to protect the park grounds and recreational waters         created more space and organization in the classroom to
                                                                                                         making outdoor activities more attractive. She also completed      promote a better learning environment. The cubbies will be
    Dominique Castanheira       Chloe Johnson              Callie Nunan             Ayron Walker                                                                            maintained by the school and can be moved as classroom
                                                                                                         volleyball court renovations at the park to encourage more
       Sarah Cawthon             Morgan Jolley             Kate Ohman              Bianca Weimer         people to stay outside, play volleyball, and enjoy nature. An      sizes shift or the school changes location. Kinza will
                                                                                     Jada White          environmental impact club that she formed at her school will       graduate from Great Hearts Irving in 2021.
    Vennela Challagondla         Tahirah Jones          Madeline Osborne
                                                                                                         begin in the fall of 2019. The club will continue to schedule
        Mickaela Cook            Ruthie Keyes              Roshni Patel            Sarah Womble          park cleanups bi-monthly and manage the volunteers. Adaeze                        Rachel Bates
      Victoria Coolidge           Sarah Khoja              Sahair Patel           Madeline Woods         will graduate from North Garland High School in 2019.                             Saint Catherine’s
         Bailey Coyle             Olivia King            Caroline Podvin            Katie Wright                                                                                           Community Garden
                                                                                                                        Meghan Bailey
    Kathryn Leigh Cronan          Faith Knoff          Madeline Polimerou          Ashlyn Wynne                                                                                            Girl Scout Juliette. Rachel researched and
                                                                                                                        Care and Comfort                                                   then designed a garden area for Saint
         Riya Danait             Lauren Knoff             Serenity Poole          Elizabeth Wynne
                                                                                                                         Girl Scout Troop 8869. Meghan’s project                           Catherine’s Church. The area selected had
        Kyra Daroona            Elizabeth Kokal           Ashley Porter           Katherine Xiong                        focused on creating awareness about                been neglected, so she and her volunteers retuned it to
       Sydney DeWolf             Ashritha Kota        Mary Julienne Ragasajo      Alyson Youngers                        premature birth and the needs of those             a quiet space for reflection and enjoyment on the church
                                                                                                                         parents whose babies are in Neonatal               property. The area was first weeded and dead bushes
      W. Meigan Dickey         Jessica Krampitz           Meera Rathan             Riley Youngers                        Intensive Care Units. Meghan did multiple          removed. Clearing the space also revealed a Statue of St.
        Julia Doelling            Rani Kumar               Erica Renfro             Kaitlyn Yuan         presentations in her community to explain the need for             Joseph, which enhanced the area. Then the ground was
        Emma Eades              Trinity Lathem            Caroline Rich           Caroline Zagielski     Care and Comfort kits for the parents. Parents very often          prepared with new soil and nutrients. To solve a drainage
                                                                                                         place their baby’s health over their own, facing a stressful       problem, rocks were painted and positioned to avoid water
       Kennedy Easter            Solvay Linde         Regina Romero-Garza          Jordan Zatorski       atmosphere with no place to rest or shower. Through her            build up. Once the plants were in place, Rachel taught the
        Sophia Falies            Britney Loyd              Elleigh Rutz         Sophia Zimmerman         education, donations of lotions, snacks, books, hygiene            leaders of the youth group how to care for the garden to
                                                                                                         items and local restaurant coupons were obtained and then          maintain its new look. Rachel graduated from Creekview
    Lindsay Jade Feinstein        Sonali Malik           Hailey Santa Ana
                                                                                                         placed into Care and Comfort kits she and her volunteers           High School in 2018.
        Brianna Flores          Anjali Massand         Christine Schlehuber                              assembled. Children’s Hospital of Dallas will continue the
                                                                                                         program using Meghan’s website and instructions. Meghan
                                                                                                         will graduate from Flower Mound High School in 2019.
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PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS                                                                                                                                                                                                PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS
               Ashley Bauer                                                       Rebecca Bender Jutzi                                                Meredith Black                                                   Elizabeth Brannon
               Safety in the Outdoors                                             Taylor Elementary School                                            Jump for Joy!                                                    Beanies for Babies
                Girl Scout Troop 9345. Ashley used her love                       Pilot Garden Tower Project –                                          Girl Scout Troop 93. Meredith collaborated                      Girl Scout Troop 1100. Elizabeth created a
                of nature to create a program to educate                          “Bountiful Burleson”                                                  with the Jubilee Park Community Center to                       program to donate hats to premature babies
                elementary school students on safety in the                       Girl Scout Juliette. Rebecca collaborated with                        run summer programming. Her emphasis                            at the Parkland Hospital Nursery. Using a
                outdoors. Her goal was to encourage students                      Taylor Elementary to pilot garden towers.                             was on healthy lifestyles, especially                           wide variety of volunteers from around
to enjoy and appreciate nature in a safe manner. She and           Garden towers are completely self-contained, compact,                through physical activity. Over 100 kids during the summer      her community, she taught them how to knit baby hats
her volunteers created presentations and videos highlighting       conserve water and light and are non-GMO and pesticide               participated in a variety of games she and her volunteers       using looms and crocheting. She explained the benefits
plant, animal, and insect knowledge as well as fire safety         free. The garden towers sit under artificial light, which are        created which focused on the concept of exercise. The           that babies gain by wearing hats when they are first born.
and prevention. Students also learned what to do if they           energy efficient and are fertilized using composting table           Center had a goal to implement more activities around           She posted updates on a Facebook page to help spread
were to get lost and how to make a bird feeder. The videos         scraps from the cafeteria. Using this process the students           exercise, so the project assisted in meeting that goal by       awareness and create interest in this issue emphasizing
are available on You Tube and the program materials will be        grew fresh herbs and vegetables, many of which were used             developing motor skills using kid yoga, relay races and         that hats are needed all year round for premature babies
used by St. Mark’s Catholic School each year prior to their        on Food Fun Fridays as mini tasting festivals. The garden            variations of tag. She also donated jump ropes, activity bean   and not just during colder weather months. Elizabeth left
annual outdoor trip. Ashley will graduate from John Paul II        towers encouraged the students to try new foods and                  bags, hula hoops and Frisbees to encourage the students         her remaining supplies and instructions for teens at the St.
High School in 2019.                                               develop a healthier diet, including at home. The pilot was so        to stay active. The program is being continued using the        Patrick Parish Refugee Outreach Program to continue her
                                                                   successful that next year grades 1-4 will participate and a          materials that Meredith created. Meredith will graduate from    program. Elizabeth graduated from Ursuline Academy of
               Hannah Bauer                                        Junior Master Garden club is being implemented. Rebecca              The Hockaday School in 2019.                                    Dallas in 2018.
               Blanketed with Love                                 graduated from Burleson High School in 2018.
                                                                                                                                                      Abigail Blasingame                                               Madeleine Brown
                Girl Scout Troop 8493. Hannah chose a project
                that would provide comfort to children who                        Huda Bhatti                                                         Pics for Pets                                                    Know Your Number:
                are dealing with very stressful life situations.                  ALS Class                                                            Girl Scout Troop 8515. Abigail combined her                     Blood Pressure Clinic Initiative
                She teamed up with Project Linus, a national                        Girl Scout Troop 2420. Huda observed the lack                      love of photography and animals to meet                          Girl Scout Troop 9409. Madeleine’s project
                non-profit organization that provides gifts                         of support for the DEAF community within                           the needs of the Friends of Rowlett Animal                       addressed the risk of high blood pressure
of new, handmade blankets to children who are seriously                             her own Muslim community. To address this                          Shelter by publicizing the animals available                     in the African-American community.
ill or traumatized. Hannah educated her volunteers and                              issue and the stigma surrounding being deaf,        for adoption. Abby and her volunteers photographed over         Hypertension is a red flag and predictor of other health
her community about Project Linus and the need for the             she organized and delivered an ASL event at her community            100 cats and dogs at the shelter and in foster care and         issues, so understanding its importance is critical in avoiding
blankets and then coordinated a team of volunteers who             center. At this event, the participants learned deaf etiquette       posted their pictures on the shelter’s Facebook, Instagram,     chronic diseases. She and her volunteers established a
made 100 fleece-tie blankets. She also created a YouTube           and basic communications skills. Stereotypes and common              and Twitter accounts. She provided educational information      blood pressure clinic at Greenville Avenue Church to help
video about her project to encourage people to make and            misconceptions regarding the deaf community were also                about spay and neutering and responsible pet ownership          members “know their number”. In the first month of the
donate blankets, as well as organized a detailed instructional     addressed and debunked. After her first event, the mosque            at several community and service unit events, as well as        clinic, they screened and educated over 100 members,
binder for future groups to continue making blankets.              held its first deaf wedding. She hosted additional classes           publicized her project on her school’s newspaper website.       identified members whose blood pressure was elevated
Hannah will graduate from Coppell High School in 2020.             for both the hearing and deaf which helped to foster more            She and her volunteers made toys for the shelter and            and recommended they see their health care provider. The
                                                                   communication and acceptance. The classes have grown                 provided donations of props to be used with the animals for     church’s health care ministry will continue the clinic monthly
               Macy Bell                                           in size and will be continued, reaching out to other Muslim          future photo shoots. Abigail will graduate from Plano East      to help meet the needs of the congregation. Madeleine
               Midlothian Youth Arts Council                       community members. Huda will graduate from North Texas               Senior High School in 2019.                                     will graduate from Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership
                                                                   Academy in 2019.                                                                                                                     School in 2019.
                Girl Scout Juliette. Macy realized that
                                                                                                                                                      Addison Blevins
                her community lacked the resources to
                encourage young artists. Working with                             Brooke Bianco                                                       Elementary Buddy Benches                                         Zoe Brown
                the Midlothian Arts Council, she and her                          Shelter Help                                                         Girl Scout Troop 8765. Addison collaborated                     Stress Less, Laugh More Week
volunteers created the Midlothian Youth Arts Council, a                            Girl Scout Troop 581. Brooke’s project fulfilled a                  with Lake Dallas ISD to establish and place                      Girl Scout Troop 7229. Zoe organized and held
non-profit organization for young artists to connect and                           need for educational materials for The Colony                       buddy benches at the 3 local elementary                          a Stress Less, Laugh More Week at Heritage
learn from each other and show their art in the community.                         Animal Shelter. Brooke worked with shelter                          schools. Buddy benches help to create an                         High School to educate the student body about
Through Macy’s leadership, the new offshoot, helped to                             employees to develop curriculum and activities       inclusive and friendly environment for the students as they                     mental health issues. Recognizing that there
inspire the young artists and also give more members of            to be used when shelter employees speak at schools and               promote respect, compassion, and reduce bullying behavior.      is a stigma around discussing mental health, the week was
the community an appreciation for art. Going forward, they         other educational locations in the community. Brooke created         She and her volunteers created videos that modeled how          intended to teach students about ways to address issues
will help in the development of the new amphitheater in            materials for K-3rd grades and 4th -7th grades. Brooke and her       the benches should be used, which were shared by the            such as anxiety, depression, and suicide. Each day different
Midlothian and the Midlothian Arts Festival to ensure their        volunteers filmed a recruitment video for shelter volunteers,        school counselors during guidance lessons. One elementary       issues were addressed to encourage conversation and make
continued involvement related to arts in the community.            explaining the needs of the shelter and duties of their              school has even formed a buddy patrol where students            the topics less threatening. Zoe also created a Bring Change
Macy will graduate from Heritage High School in 2019.              volunteers. She organized a drive for donations for the shelter      volunteer at recess to watch the benches to ensure they are     2 Mind Club to keep the discussion going after the week was
                                                                   along with providing homemade dog treats. The shelter will           being used properly. The guidance counselors will use the       over. The event will be continued annually with the possibility
                                                                   continue to use her presentations in the community and her           videos each year to introduce the buddy bench concept and       of expanding it to other schools in the district and beyond.
                                                                   video about volunteer opportunities. Brooke will graduate            encourage its use. Addison will graduate from Lake Dallas       Zoe will graduate from Heritage High School in 2020.
                                                                   from The Colony High School in 2019.                                 High School in 2019.

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PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS                                                                                                                                                                                            PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS
              Kaytlin Burton                                                   Dominique Castanheira                                              Mickaela Cook                                                   Kathryn Leigh Cronan
              Signing Story Time                                               The Reading Nook                                                   Cinderella Closet                                               DogGONE Cancer
               Girl Scout Troop 8571. Kaytlin advocated                        Girl Scout Troop 8537. Dominique’s project                         Girl Scout Troop 2322. Mickaela’s goal was                       Girl Scout Troop 394X. Katie’s family lost their
               for deaf children by creating Signing Story                     addressed the lack of access to books for                          to give more students the opportunity to                         beloved dog to cancer, unaware of available
               time in her community and educating about                       families living at a local shelter for victims of                  attend prom and banquets at her school by                        treatment options. In response to this, Katie
               necessary accommodations that the deaf                          domestic violence. She and her volunteers                          reorganizing and promoting the Cinderella                        decided to educate people about different
community needs. Deaf children of hearing parents often         built bookshelves and categorized over 1000 books by age           Closet. The closet contained suitable dresses which could       canine cancer treatments. She and her volunteers worked
don’t communicate at home and this impacts the level            group for The Family Place. The reading area will provide a        be borrowed by students who might not have the financial        with Veterinary Specialist of North Texas, filming dogs
of education they complete. She and her volunteers held         fun and relaxing place for children and parents to develop         means otherwise to attend the events. She and her volunteers    undergoing a variety of treatments, to create an extensive
multiple events to entertain deaf children by signing story     a passion for books and reading. She also established              cleaned the closet, determined which dresses to keep and        educational movie. She then distributed it to area clinics,
books and engaging in conversation. This provided deaf          The Family Place as a recipient of Barnes & Noble’s book           then sorted them by color and size. Posters and an Instagram    vet offices, boarding and grooming businesses, as well as
children the chance to interact in their native language,       donations in which the agency will receive a supply of new         account then advertised the Cinderella Closet, including        posted it on YouTube. Katie and her volunteers also hosted
work in literacy and also teach parents some sign language.     books each quarter to help support the Reading Nook.               general information on borrowing and returning the dresses.     a dog walk to spread awareness, providing each participant
The ASL Honor Society at her school will continue this          Dominique will graduate from Townview Talented and Gifted          The Fashion Club will maintain the closet for annual use and    with a puppy packet and informational pamphlet. Puppy
program, using it to practice their own signing skills and      Magnet Center in 2020.                                             continue to accept new donations. Mickaela will graduate        hammocks were also made to protect the sick dogs from
advocating for the deaf. Kaytlin will graduate from Sachse                                                                         from Midlothian High School in 2019.                            sliding off car seats while being transported for treatments.
High School in 2019.                                                           Sarah Cawthon                                                                                                       Katie will graduate from Loretta Doll Academy in 2021.
                                                                               Renovate, Innovate, Educate                                        Victoria Coolidge
              Bridget Bush                                                                                                                        Serve for Christ                                                Riya Danait
                                                                                Girl Scout Troop 1011. Sarah worked with
              Help the Homeless Families                                        Bea’s Kids, an organization that provides                           Girl Scout Troop 1647. Victoria wanted to                     Making Numbers Matter
               Girl Scout Troop 2871. Bridget increased                         an educational and personal development                             expand the youth group at her church. To                       Girl Scout Troop 8993. Riya collaborated with
               awareness of Family Promise of Irving, an                        program to children from low income families.                       encourage more youth to join the church,                       the Agape Resource and Assistance Center, an
               organization that assists children and their     She and her volunteers renovated a room that had been                               she and her volunteers built a volleyball                      organization that serves homeless and at risk
               families facing a homeless situation return to   used for storage and turned it into a safe area for the            court. Victoria promoted the new volleyball court, as well                      families, to provide educational mathematics
self-sufficiency. She focused on improving the organizations    children to study, do homework, read or be tutored. The            as information about the church, service times, and other       materials. She and her volunteers filmed and edited 9
presence on social media by instituting tools like scheduled    room was packed with thousands of donated items that               activities with over 250 flyers around her neighborhood. She    videos, focusing on 4th -7th grade math topics such as
posts with more frequency, how to use hashtags, and             had been ignored for up to 20 years. The items were sorted,        also established a game night for youth to come and play        fractions, decimals, data, statistics and geometry. She also
themed weekly posts. Due to her efforts, Family Promise         donated, trashed or reused. Then the room was painted light        volleyball. The project helped the youth bond into a tighter    produced workbooks for the children to use after watching
has experienced a 10% increase in followers. She made           grey with white baseboards, window dressings were added            group, promoting teamwork and fellowship. The youth group       the videos to practice what they had learned. The materials
community presentations encouraging people to get               along with tables and chairs. The updated room will help the       will continue to maintain the volleyball court and game night   are self-guided and will help build a solid math foundation
involved and donate toiletries and cleaning supplies, which     children stay in school and break the cycle of poverty. Sarah      going forward. Victoria will graduate from Garland Christian    for future learning. Instructions on how to use the videos
she and her volunteers sorted and delivered. Her social         will graduate from Plano West Senior High School in 2019.          Academy in 2019.                                                and workbooks have been given to Agape to continue the
media instructions will continue to grow more awareness for                                                                                                                                        program going forward. Riya will graduate from The Texas
the organization going forward. Bridget will graduate from                     Vennela Challagondla                                               Bailey Coyle                                     Academy of Mathematics and Science in 2019.
The Highlands School in 2019.                                                  SPCA Blankets and Rope Toys                                        S.M.A.R.T., Stress Management and
                                                                                                                                                  Release Tools                                                   Kyra Daroona
                                                                                Girl Scout Troop 8475. Vennela worked with
              Rebecca Carroll                                                                                                                                                                                     Zero Waste Glow Run
                                                                                the SPCA of McKinney to provide education                            Girl Scout Troop 152. Bailey addressed
              Coppell Veteran’s Memorial                                        for adoptive families and enrichment toys                                                                                           Girl Scout Troop 8788. Kyra created awareness
                                                                                                                                                     the problem of stress by researching and
                Girl Scout Troop 2543. Rebecca wanted                           and blankets for the cats and dogs at the                            creating meetings for students to attend                       in her community about Zero Waste, the
                to honor the local veterans of the Coppell      shelter. Families who adopt their first cat or dog will receive    at her high school. Each meeting gave the students a new                         concept that any item can be composted or
                community for their sacrifice and service by    pamphlets created by Vennela and her volunteers that               way to learn how to manage and release their stress. She                         recycled resulting in a reduction of materials
                creating a Veteran’s Memorial. To accomplish    teach children how to care for their new pet and also enjoy        and her volunteers used different activities and games          sent to landfill locations. Working with the City of Frisco, she
this goal, she petitioned the city of Coppell explaining her    some educational games. Vennela also spoke to students             to illustrate options for handling the daily normal stress      and her volunteers used the Glow Run to demonstrate how a
vision. Once the city was onboard, she worked with them         at her school about pet adoption and organized a collection        triggers in life. She used various forms of social media like   zero waste program works. All vendors and race participants
on location and design. She and her volunteers created          drive for the shelter. Her instructions on making the              Twitter and Instagram to inform students of the meetings        were educated about zero waste and how to sort potential
awareness and raised funds to purchase a Bronze Eagle           blankets and toys, as well as her pamphlets will continue          and then after each meeting, videos with her stress             trash generated during the race. Through those efforts less
Statue and memorial plaque. After the statue and plaque         to be used by the shelter. Vennela will graduate from Plano        relieving tips were posted. The counselors and National         than 10% of all materials ended up being landfill bound. Kyra
were installed, the city decided to expand the project into     East Senior High School in 2019.                                   Honor Society leadership have been given her ‘how to’           also created a manual and a website for the city to use to
a Memorial Garden where veteran’s celebrations may be                                                                              manual to continue the program going forward. Bailey will       continue to grow the zero waste concept at all scheduled
held. The city will maintain and add to the Memorial Garden                                                                        graduate from Centennial High School in 2020.                   events going forward. Kyra will graduate from Frisco High
going forward. Rebecca graduated from New Tech High@                                                                                                                                               School in 2020.
Coppell in 2018.

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PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS                                                                                                                                                                                              PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS
               Sydney DeWolf                                                     Emma Eades                                                         Lindsay Jade Feinstein                                          Kacie Frederick
               Friday Nite Friends                                               Ball Pits for the SPCA of Texas                                    Super Happy Fun Week,                                           Good for Ghana
                 Girl Scout Troop 2206. Sydney partnered                          Girl Scout Troop 8775. Emma’s project met                         Art Rotation                                                     Girl Scout Juliette. Kacie partnered with
                 with Friday Nite Friends, an organization that                   two critical needs for the SPCA of Texas.                           Girl Scout Troop 3217. Lindsay Jade designed                   Touch a Life, a non-profit organization that
                 serves families with special needs children,                     Emma and her volunteers designed and built a                        and ran an art curriculum at a summer camp                     rescues children in Ghana from slavery
                 offering parents a break on Friday nights,                       waterproof ball pit that will be used for animals                   for the Preston Hollow Presbyterian School.                    and then helps to rehabilitate them. Kacie
while also giving the children a sense of independence.           in need of behavioral therapy. The pit helps the animals to         The camp served as a way for all participants to learn to      created a pen pal club between high school students in
Sydney recognized that the 14-22 age range kids had no age        acclimate to noise and stimulation, thereby making them             collaborate and have fun together, even though the children    the DFW area and the rescued children in Ghana. Her club
appropriate activities, so generally came and just watched        more adoptable. Emma created a YouTube video about the              came from different backgrounds and cultures. She and          met every two months and exchanged written letters
movies. Sydney and her volunteers researched, designed            ball pit and explained its uses. The second need was to write       her volunteers taught the children how to paper mache,         with 37 students. The DFW students learned about the
and tested crafts and games for this age level. Activities        an instructional manual for the shelter’s adoption software,        make tie-dye and pinch pots, paint with mod podge, do          issue of child slavery, while the kids in Ghana were able to
like slime art, bubble art and salt painting provided an          Shelter Buddy, with an accompanying video, for adoption             spin art and compete in a paper chain link competition.        practice their English, improving their educational outlook.
opportunity for the kids to interact and open up to each          counselors to learn how to use the software. Emma left her          The website she created with the curriculum and tips is        Each group bonded over common interests in music,
other. The bins with the activities will be maintained by the     ball pit designs and manual materials with the SPCA for future      available for others to replicate her program. Lindsay Jade    sports, love of animals and religion. The club will continue
organization and supplies replenished by a Girl Scout troop       use. Emma will graduate from Parish Episcopal School in 2019.       will graduate from Greenhill School in 2021.                   the relationship, with the Touch a Life CEO providing the
as needed. Sydney graduated from Plano West Senior High                                                                                                                                              connection. Kacie will graduate from Ursuline Academy of
School in 2018.                                                                  Kennedy Easter                                                     Brianna Flores                                   Dallas in 2019.
                                                                                 Connecting the Generations                                         Picture Perfect Pets Project
               W. Meigan Dickey                                                                                                                                                                                     Katarina Freudenthal
                                                                                  Girl Scout Troop 8515. Kennedy’s project                            Girl Scout Troop 2197. Brianna’s project
               Camp Thrive!                                                       benefited the youth and the seniors of New                                                                                        Protecting the Pollinators
                                                                                                                                                      focused on increasing the number of
               Girl Scout Troop 3432. W. Meigan planned and                       Mount Zion Baptist Church, by building a bridge                     adoptions at the Mesquite Animal Shelter,                        Girl Scout Troop 1105. Katarina’s project
               implemented a camp to improve behavioral                           to connect the two generations together. She                        while also reducing the number of adopted                        addressed the issue of global bee decline due to
               issues associated with children in foster care.    and her volunteers planned and delivered several events at          animals being surrendered by their owners. Brianna and                           industrial agriculture, parasites and pathogens,
               She recruited and trained over 15 volunteers       the church to connect seniors and youth as they talked about        her volunteers built a 4’ x 6’ wooden backdrop with festive                      and climate change. She educated her high
to run the camp for two months every Monday night during          their own lives, giving advice, feeling valued, and appreciated.    decorations and props. They also built a wooden stand          school student council to help her collect reusable items for
the summer of 2018. She developed the curricula focusing          She also conducted interviews for both the youth and seniors        with a colorful “Adopt” banner for the animals to use when     crafts kits, which were then assembled by neighborhood
on strategies for the children to use to overcome and deal        asking them how to live an empowered life and sharing that          posing for pictures. The shelter will use the backdrop and     volunteers. She created presentation boards and hands-on
with their behavioral needs. The children learned social skills   knowledge in a positive way. The project culminated in a            stand to photograph shelter animals up for adoption and        activities like bee boxes, which she utilized at the Lucas
and self-awareness of their feelings to help them cope in         Grandparent’s Day, which the church Youth Ministry will run         for newly adopted pets and their families. She also created    Founders Day to teach over 700 people about the decline in
overwhelming situations. The program will be continued            annually to keep the connections going. Kennedy will graduate       a pamphlet to educate people about how to choose the           the bee population. The displays, bee boxes and leftover crafts
each summer using the materials that she created and run          from Plano East Senior High School in 2019.                         right pet for their family for the shelter to distribute.      and instructions were donated to the Collin County Hobby
by Mobberly Thrive! Family Support Ministries. W. Meigan will                                                                         Brianna graduated from Poteet High School in 2018.             Beekeepers Association to be used as they attend community
graduate from a Home School program in 2019.                                     Sophia Falies                                                                                                       educational events through the DFW area. Katarina graduated
                                                                                 A Road to a Better Mind                                            Landry Fowler                                    from Shelton in 2018.
               Julia Doelling                                                                                                                       “Hand to Hand”
                                                                                 Girl Scout Troop 8828. Sophia’s project was
               Art from the Heart                                                                                                                                                                                   Mary Katherine Futrell
                                                                                 inspired by her desire to encourage teens                          Volunteer Fair
                Girl Scout Troop 8633. Julia’s project sought                    to discover the mental health benefits                                                                                             Project Reef Love
                                                                                                                                                      Girl Scout Troop 1. Landry’s project
                to alleviate stress that homeless families,                      of journaling. Sophia and her volunteers                             addressed the need for volunteers for                          Girl Scout Troop 2777. Mary Katherine’s
                especially children, face by providing a          created over 205 journals that were decorated with colorful                         non-profit organizations in Tyler and the                      project addressed the impact of chemical-
                creative outlet in the form of art classes.       designs and contained inspirational quotes, affirmations,           surrounding areas. She and her volunteers planned and                          based sunscreen on coral reefs and reef
Working with the Samaritan Inn, she and her volunteers led        and community resources. The journals were distributed to           organized a community event in which over 30 non-profit                        friendly alternatives for sun protection. These
multiple art classes to encourage the children to express         Richardson West Jr. High Avid students, The Counseling Place        organizations participated, bringing awareness about their     chemicals, particularly oxybenzone found in sunscreens,
themselves using creativity, have fun, inspire optimism, and      in Richardson, and the Growing Girls Strong group at Gearing        individual missions, the people they serve and the benefits    cause coral reef bleaching which can trigger the coral
to have pride their art work. She also created awareness          Up. Sophia supplemented the journals by creating a website          they offer. This type of event hadn’t been held in over a      reefs to die or become more vulnerable to disease. Mary
about the Samaritan Inn and solicited art supply donations        with guidelines, prompts, and ideas for journaling and              decade and provided the non-profits with an easy way to        Katherine created an educational program and website for
to outfit an art closet with paint, clay, stamps, markers,        included mental health resources. She also filmed a YouTube         solicit new volunteers. Landry created an extensive manual     youth, adults, and educators working with The National Park
crayons and colored pencils. The closet will be maintained        video discussing the benefits and process of journaling.            on how to conduct a volunteer fair, which will be used to      Services (NPS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
by the organization, using the supplies and art project           Sophia will graduate from Richardson High School in 2019.           repeat the event annually. Landry will graduate from Grace     Administration (NOAA). Presentations were made to
instructions to continue the art classes. Julia will graduate                                                                         Community School in 2019.                                      over 11,000 people nationally and in over 20 countries,
from McKinney Boyd High School in 2019.                                                                                                                                                              internationally. At the 3rd largest coral reef, Biscayne National
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Park, through her efforts, permanent signs and additional
                                                                                                                                                                                                     information have been installed and the park has stopped
                                                                                                                                                                                                     selling oxybenzone containing sunscreens. Mary Katherine
                                                                                                                                                                                                     will graduate from Bishop Lynch High School in 2020.

10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   11
PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS                                                                                                                                                                                                  PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS
               Shivani Ganesh                                                     Jocelyn Gillis                                                      Erin Halligan                                                      Jiarong Joyce He
               Cyberbullying Prevention                                           Paws for a Cause                                                    Students for STEM                                                  Room Revamp: Redesigning
                Girl Scout Juliette. With access to social media                   Girl Scout Troop 8993. Jocelyn teamed up                            Girl Scout Troop 8998. Using her love pf                          the Visitation Room at
                and technology increasing exponentially,                           with Take Me Home Pet Rescue in Richardson                          STEM, Erin planned and delivered a 4 week                         My Friend’s House
                Shivani wanted to educate youth about                              to assist with community outreach education                         STEM camp for elementary students at her                          Girl Scout Troop 8475. Jiarong Joyce
                cyberbullying. She and her volunteers created                      and shelter needs. Jocelyn designed a                               church. Each day of the camp had 3 or 4                           collaborated with City House, an agency that
an educational video on cyberbullying, how to recognize it,        pamphlet that describes the Junior Duck Solution Squad              new activities and focused on hands-on implementation of           works for children and young adults who are experiencing
how to prevent it and what to do if you are experiencing it.       program to educate young children about the importance of           STEM concepts, including aerodynamics, simple machines,            abuse, neglect or homelessness. She and her volunteers
She also did multiple presentations, using her video to start      spaying and neutering animals which will be used by Duck            engineering and physics. Erin wanted to promote STEM               redesigned the visitation room at My Friend’s House, which
a discussion about the issue. The schools will continue to         Team 6 volunteers. She also worked with her volunteers              opportunities at a young age to encourage the students             is used for family visits and counseling, to make it more
use her video as a starting point for discussion and it is also    to design and hand sew 50 reversible bandanas in three              to consider careers in the increasingly STEM-based work            welcoming, brighter and comfortable. They painted the walls
available on You Tube for others to view and share. Shivani        different sizes with an “Adopt Me” applique on each side.           environment. She and her volunteers prepared challenging           and baseboards, built book shelves, steam cleaned the
will graduate from The Hockaday School in 2019.                    Her educational materials will be used by the shelter when          activities which gave the students options to use creativity       furniture, and added string artwork. The string artwork was
                                                                   replacements of the pamphlets, bandanas or homemade                 and critical thinking skills. Erin’s website contains all of her   created by the children during a workshop run by Jiarong
               Marina Garza                                        treats are needed. Jocelyn will graduate from Plano West            activities and instructions to recreate her STEM camp. Erin        Joyce. The room will be maintained by City House and a
               Healing Through Reading                             Senior High School in 2019.                                         will graduate from JJ Pearce High School in 2019.                  website with information about transforming a multipurpose
                Girl Scout Troop 967X. Marina collaborated                                                                                                                                                space is available online. Joyce will graduate from Plano
                                                                                  Sophie Gilmour                                                      Erin Harper                                         Senior High School in 2019.
                with PediPlace, a family-centered healthcare
                facility that serves children with limited                        Wonderland                                                          Take Down Type 2 Diabetes
                access to medical care. She and her                                Girl Scout Troop 3218. Sophie collaborated                          Girl Scout Troop 857. Erin educated people                        Hana Hendi
volunteers created awareness about this facility and how                           with Nexus Recovery Center, a rehab facility                        on the effects and development of Type 2                          Leadership Training Station
people could help by donating items to promote literacy. She                       for recovering substance abuse users that                           Diabetes. Obesity is a growing problem in                          Girl Scout Troop 2420. Hana’s project centered
was able to collect over 250 books and purchase a bench                            serves women and their children. She and                            the United States, with many new cases of                          on inspiring students to use their passion
and pillows for the facility. This made the place less scary       her volunteers installed a children’s garden and play space         Type 2 Diabetes being diagnosed. Working with Christs                              about an issue and turn that passion into
for the children as they waited for their appointments or          with educational enrichments to foster their imaginations.          Family Clinic, she and her volunteers created an exercise                          concrete projects that make a difference
their family members to be treated. It also provided a way         The space encouraged the children to play in the outdoors           pamphlet and healthy recipes to encourage a healthier              locally or globally. Hana developed two seminars that offered
to encourage reading over electronic games and computers.          and provided options such as sand and water tables, lettered        lifestyle. She also assembled non-perishable food bags             students the necessary leadership tools and skills to make
Her how-to video explains how to replicate and continue            rock spelling tables, ball toss and plinko boards, bamboo           and her recipes for the clinic’s clients using less expensive      their causes happen. She and her volunteers gave students a
assisting the facility going forward. Marina will graduate from    wind chimes, a tic tac toe garden table, and a fairy house. The     foods to illustrate that a diet can be healthy without being       foundation based on how to structure a project, including goal
Marcus High School in 2019.                                        garden and play space will be maintained by the facility and        costly. Her community presentations added awareness for            setting, maintaining motivation by celebrating intermittent
                                                                   will be used to help the children improve their reading, spelling   the clinic, bringing in more clients and potential volunteers.     successes, and finding necessary financial support to make
               Varsha George                                       and science skills, while encouraging their creativity. Sophie      Church members will sustain the project using her                  their cause come to fruition. Hana’s website will continue
               A Trip Down Memory Lane                             will graduate from The Hockaday School in 2019.                     materials and instructions. Erin will graduate from Highland       her project, offering students support through a forum and
                                                                                                                                       Park High School in 2020.                                          general information on how to tackle an issue. Hana will
                 Girl Scout Troop 3240. Varsha’s project
                                                                                  Julia Griffin                                                                                                           graduate from Brighter Horizons Academy in 2019.
                 addressed memory loss in older adults.
                                                                                  Little Free Libraries                                               Melissa Hartweg
                 She collaborated with the Elmcroft Senior
                 Living Center to design a memory book                              Girl Scout Troop 400. Julia wanted to                             Improving Animal Living Spaces                                     Amy Hermann
for its residents. She and her volunteers interviewed over                          encourage people to enjoy the outdoors                            Girl Scout Troop 1823. Melissa recognized                          Suicide and Depression Prevention
20 residents to create mini-bios with family history and                            and more specially the Farmers Branch                             that life for animals in the Rowlett Animal                        Girl Scout Troop 1000. Amy’s project focused
interests of each one which were then compiled into a book.                         Parks. Growing up, her Girl Scout troop had                       Services shelter is very stressful. To                             on the issues of suicide and depression,
The interview process served as a way for the residents to         volunteered with the park in the Rose and Community                                enhance their chances of adoption and                              especially in teens. Using community
learn more about each other and aided in generating more           Garden areas. She and her volunteers designed and built             to make the adoption process more inviting, she and her                           presentations, she and her volunteers
social interaction at the facility. The book will be maintained    Little Free Libraries near the Rose Garden and Cabell               volunteers improved the décor of the shelter by creating           addressed the societal stigma of this topic by speaking
by the facility, using the template with questions and             Elementary School. The libraries give park goers the                more comfortable kennels and adding more ways for the              openly and teaching the facts, while highlighting all of the
processes that Varsha fashioned. Varsha will graduate from         opportunity to relax in nature while fostering a love for           animals to play. Activity and enrichment ramps for dogs,           “myths” and why they are wrong. Her audiences gained
Coppell High School in 2020.                                       reading. The park will maintain the libraries using additional      fleece blankets, raised cat beds, and toys were created.           awareness about the causes, symptoms, and effects of
                                                                   books Julia donated as well as ensure that the book                 She also designed two brochures with information on how            depression. They gained skills to learn how to effectively
                                                                   structures are monitored and used appropriately. Julia will         to help new pets adjust to their new family and home. The          deal with someone who might be struggling, including how
                                                                   graduate from Parish Episcopal High School in 2019.                 brochures will be reprinted by the shelter as needed. Melissa      medical help was one possible solution. Her website and
                                                                                                                                       graduated from Lakeview Centennial High School in 2018.            public service announcements will encourage people to
                                                                                                                                                                                                          continue to advocate for accurate and expansive mental
                                                                                                                                                                                                          health knowledge going forward. Amy will graduate from
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Garland High School in 2019.

12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       13
PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS                                                                                                                                                                                             PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS
              Kelly Huang                                                      Neha Jayarajan                                                    Morgan Jolley                                                     Sarah Khoja
              Leaves of all Seasons                                            Seeds for the South                                               Paws of Love                                                      GO Wild
               Girl Scout Troop 897. Kelly collaborated                        Girl Scout Troop 3834. Neha addressed “food                        Girl Scout Troop 9368. Morgan worked                               Girl Scout Troop 6435. Sarah collaborated
               with My Possibilities, an organization that                     deserts” in Texas, communities without                             with Cody’s Friends Dog Rescue to provide                          with Grapevine Parks and Recreation to
               offers vocational education for adults with                     access to fresh food due to economic or                            support for the dogs awaiting adoption and to                      expand their GO Wild Mystery Box program.
               intellectual and developmental disabilities.                    environmental reasons. To solve the problem,                       educate the community about the Rescue’s                           This program is a creative way to learn about
She and her volunteers created educational materials            she researched and engineered a simple, aqua cone that            mission. Morgan and her volunteers made 100 fleece-tie             wildlife in the area by examining the contents of mystery
related to the environment and the enjoyment of nature          delivers water directly to the roots of plants while minimizing   blankets and 50 toys for the dogs housed at the shelter and        boxes using touch as the primary stimulus. Sarah and her
for the organization to use in their classes. Leaves from       evaporation, made out of recyclable and environmentally           in foster care homes. They also baked 200 dog treats to            volunteers built and filled 8 additional boxes with items
various trees and different seasons were collected, dried       friendly materials. The cones provide fresh produce and also      disperse at adoption events. Morgan designed a brochure for        such as snake skin sheds, bones and cicada shells. They
and placed in a book for the students to use. Information       a therapeutic hobby. She and her volunteers then educated a       distribution at adoption events that educates people on how        also produced curriculum, available on her website, to
about each leaf, its specific properties and characteristics    North McKinney community on how to plant and care for the         to care for their new dogs and associated costs of owning          go with the boxes, after testing it with two different age
were added on each page. The book has been placed in            cones, providing vegetables and herbs to grow. Cottonwood         a dog. She also created a YouTube video about her project          groups. The boxes and curriculum will be maintained by the
the My Possibilities library for instructors and students to    Creek Church, on their yearly mission trip to McAllen, Texas,     and Cody’s Friends, as well as instructions to replenish the       Parks and Recreation program and used to spark interest
use going forward. Kelly will graduate from Richardson High     will continue her project using her information video and         donations as needed. Morgan will graduate from JJ Pearce           in nature during field trips and events. Sarah will graduate
School in 2020.                                                 cone materials. Neha will graduate from Plano East Senior         High School in 2019.                                               from Uplift North Hills Prep in 2021.
                                                                High School in 2020.
              Emily Huie                                                                                                                         Tahirah Jones                                                     Olivia King
              We Support You                                                   Emma Jeacock                                                      Community Wellness Center                                         Prayer House Garden
               Girl Scout Juliette. Emily created awareness                    First Impressions                                                 Pantry Makeover                                                     Girl Scout Troop 3199. Olivia’s church, Mary
               about breast cancer in her community.                            Girl Scout Troop 426. Emma helped transform                       Girl Scout Juliette. Tahirah worked with the                       Immaculate, recently acquired a new house
               She was motivated by her grandmother’s                           the lives of women through the power of                           Community Wellness Center to makeover                              for meetings and prayer. The surrounding
               experience as a breast cancer survivor, as                       makeup. Emma found that while many                                their food pantry. She and her volunteers                          area of the house was overgrown and
well as the founder of Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low,                        homeless shelters assisted residents in           refurbished the pantry giving it a deep cleaning, sanitizing the   unwelcoming. To make it more appealing, Olivia researched
who died of breast cancer, to create Bracelets of Hope for      dressing professionally, very few showed women how to             shelves, and repainting everything in bright cheerful colors.      and designed a way to make it more inviting. She and her
survivors to receive at the Race for the Cure in Frisco. She    apply makeup for job interviews. She and her volunteers held      She also created a bi-lingual nutritional pamphlet with ways       volunteers cleared the area and leveled the ground, then
and her volunteers worked with several groups fashioning        a workshop at the Salvation Army shelter teaching women           to substitute healthy ingredients into everyday diets. She         prepped and planted it with new foliage, flowers, edging
the bracelets and educated the participants about the           how to use makeup, how to select appropriate colors and           educated her classmates on the importance of helping to feed       and mulch. The garden now is a calming space for anyone
signs of breast cancer and the importance of screening for      how to purchase makeup in a cost effective manner. With           those in need and by joining in to do an annual canned food        from the church to use to pray, mediate or work on projects
the disease. The Bracelets of Hope also had a message for       these skills, the women will become more self-confident           and plastic bag drive. The newly renovated food pantry will be     in an outdoor environment. The church will maintain the
each survivor to let them know people in their community        and create a better first impression. A YouTube video and         sustained by the church ministry and continue the volunteer        garden area as needed. Olivia will graduate from John Paul
were supporting them. Emily will graduate from Coppell          tip booklet she designed will allow more women to generate        relationship that Tahirah began with her school. Tahirah will      II High School in 2020.
High School in 2020.                                            good first impressions going forward. Emma will graduate          graduate from Liberty High School in 2019.
                                                                from Rick Reedy High School in 2019.                                                                                                               Faith Knoff
              Sarah Jackson                                                                                                                      Ruthie Keyes                                                      Children’s Advocacy Center Library
              R.O.C.K. Recycles                                                Chloe Johnson                                                     The Essential Cookbook for                                           Girl Scout Troop 8973. Faith collaborated
                 Girl Scout Troop 8973. Sarah took her                         Cozy Comfort Blankets                                             the Volunteer Chef                                                   with the new Rockwall Children’s Advocacy
                 passion for protecting the environment                         Girl Scout Troop 62. Chloe worked with                             Girl Scout Troop 45. Ruthie collaborated with                      Center, an agency that works with victims of
                 to the after school R.O.C.K. program at                        the Ronald McDonald House, a non-profit                            the Ronald McDonald House to give volunteers                       child abuse. Using her own love of reading,
                 Rockwall ISD. She and her volunteers created                   organization that keeps families together and                      who prepare the residents’ meals more             she built a new library with approximately 500 books for
presentations to teach over 1000 students and adults ‘how-                      near the medical care they need, to fulfill       options. She met with a dietician from UT Southwestern and         children to read while at the center or to take home. She
to’ recycle following the local community recycling rules.      a request for fleece blankets. Each family staying there          a chef from a local restaurant to craft recipes that address       created awareness in her community about the new facility
Emphasis was placed on ways to reduce and reuse in the          receives a blanket to provide comfort to their child. Chloe       dietary restrictions such as lactose intolerance. She then         and asked for donations of books to create the library. The
recycling process. She also created a matching game to          and her volunteers from her school, the National Charity          created a cookbook that educated on different dietary issues       books will give the children a way to escape their personal
reinforce what the students had learned and empowered           League, and the United Methodist Women of Grove Church            common at the facility and produced recipes that excluded          situations, even if only for a short time, while improving
them to stand up for issues that they care about. Her           made 100 no-sew blankets for the facility. She taught them        those ingredients. Ruthie tested the recipes with volunteers       their literacy. Half Price Books will be providing additional
video, suggested activities, and presentation materials will    how to make the blankets and educated her volunteers              and brought them to the Ronald McDonald House for approval.        books as needed to keep the library supplied. Faith will
be used by the after school program annually. Sarah will        about the facility and needs of the Ronald McDonald House.        Volunteers will use these new recipes going forward and the        graduate from Rockwall High School in 2020.
graduate from Rockwall High School in 2019.                     Chloe also designed a website to teach people how to make         cookbook is posted on the local facility’s site and has been
                                                                the blankets and explained the facility’s mission. Chloe will     shared with the national organization. Ruthie will graduate
                                                                graduate from The Hockaday School in 2020.                        from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 2021.

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              15
PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS                                                                                                                                                                                            PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS
               Lauren Knoff                                                     Jessica Krampitz                                                 Solvay Linde                                                     Anjali Massand
               Designing a Better Future                                        Beyond the Food Pantry                                           STEAM Punk                                                       A Wish for the WISH Clinic
               Girl Scout Troop 8973. Lauren wanted to                          Girl Scout Troop 592. Jessica worked with                         Girl Scout Troop 8362. Solvay wanted to                           Girl Scout Troop 592. Anjali chose to enhance
               increase awareness of Computer Aided                             Metrocrest Services, an agency that assists                       encourage more young children to get                              the waiting area at Parkland Hospital that
               Design (CAD) and how it can be practically                       those coping with crisis situations in their                      involved in STEAM fields (science, technology,                    serves the Women and Infants Specialty
               applied in fields such as engineering design                     lives. Recognizing after she volunteered at                       engineering, arts, and math). To accomplish                       Health (WISH) division. Since the hospital
and 3d printing. Being a Robotics team member for 4              the agency that most people think of the facility as primarily   this goal, she hosted a week-long summer camp at the              serves primarily adults, the waiting areas are not especially
years, she realized that incoming freshmen especially            a food bank, Jessica set out to dispel this myth. Toilet         Dallas Boys and Girls Club with a diverse group of lower          kid friendly. She and her volunteers created and tested
didn’t have the skill set to use CAD in their robotics           paper, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste, and laundry        elementary school children. Each camp day was themed              activities for children to help pass the time. Reusable
classes and competitions. To solve this problem, she and         detergent are examples of items Metrocrest provides              around a letter in STEAM where she and her volunteers             activity sheets, ABC blocks, counting beads, and mazes
her volunteers, developed a series of video tutorials on         besides food. She held a kickoff event, produced social          taught all about that field and created unique hands-on           were produced for the younger children and word searches,
how to use Solidworks, a CAD program, that are easy to           media and organized collection drives in multiple places to      projects to excite the children about futures in STEAM. All       Chutes and Ladders and Spot the Difference for the older.
understand and suitable for all age levels. Her Robotics         create awareness for these needs. On her website, she listed     the materials from the camp were donated to the center, as        She then delivered and set them up in storage boxes in
team will use them to train new members going forward            detailed steps on how to plan a donation drive and how           well as access to her website for reference materials and         the waiting area. She also created a website with detailed
and have also posted them on their team’s website and            to get involved with Metrocrest as a volunteer. Jessica will     resources to continue the camp annually. Solvay graduated         instructions and resources for others to replicate the
You Tube page. Lauren will graduate from Rockwall High           graduate from Coppell High School in 2019.                       from The Talented and Gifted Magnet in 2018.                      waiting room activities. Anjali will graduate from Coppell
School in 2019.                                                                                                                                                                                     High School in 2019.
                                                                                Rani Kumar                                                       Britney Loyd
               Elizabeth Kokal                                                  Using Passion to cope with Adversity                             Weekend STEM Workshop for                                        Rachel McCarty
               Ark Adventures Children’s Play Yard                               Girl Scout Troop 3150. Rani used her own                        Elementary Students, grades 3-5                                  Longview Symphonic Carnival
               Girl Scout Troop 606. Elizabeth collaborated                      experiences of childhood grief to help                           Girl Scout Troop 592. Britney developed and                      Girl Scout Troop 2851. Rachel partnered with
               with the Ark Adventures Preschool to turn                         children from 7 to 13 learn how to cope with                     conducted STEM workshops for students                            the Longview Symphony to address her
               an outgrown garden into a play yard for the                       stressful situations. Encouraging the youth in                   in 3rd- 5th grades for the Valley Ranch,                         community’s lack of age diversity interested
               children. She and her volunteers restored         her workshops to use their passions to overcome adversity,       Coppell and Irving areas. Recognizing the importance of                          in classical music and specifically, the
the area by removing fencing and weeds, adding planters          she used science, her passion, to educate the youth. For         early exposure to STEM for the future of our country’s            Longview Symphony. Rachel and her volunteers organized
with flowers to encourage more butterflies, and preparing        example, Rani created a baking soda volcano to demonstrate       workforce, Britney prepared 4 different workshops covering        a STEM based, hands-on, interactive event for over 200
the soil for new sod. Four outdoor activity boards were          how bottling up emotions can cause you to explode in rage        topics such as human body systems, energy and electricity         adults and children to educate about classical music. The
designed and installed, which included a chalkboard, a           or frustration. The skills she and her volunteers taught         and aerodynamic engineering. Each workshop had                    event stations explained how to conduct, read notes and
ball run, a sensory board and a LEGO Duplo block board.          explained the importance of handling emotions during             exercises, experiments, projects and a unit test to confirm       rhythms, and provided a brief history of classical music.
The activity boards provided fine motor skills, tactile          stressful times. Rani shared her workshop materials with         comprehension of the topic. She also created an on-line           There was also an instrument petting zoo where children
awareness, and gross motor skills for the preschool              Journey of Hope, who will use her information to aid youth       version of the workshops to make the curriculum available         could touch and play the various instruments and learn
students. The activity boards will also be incorporated          dealing with grief. Rani will graduate from Plano West Senior    to more students. The workshops were so successful, that          how different sounds are engineered. Rachel donated all
into the school’s curriculum and the play yard will be           High School in 2019.                                             the Irving Art of Science organization will continue to use       of her supplies and a “how to” guide to the Symphony so
maintained by the staff. Elizabeth will graduate from Fairhill                                                                    and maintain them going forward. Britney will graduate from       that the event can be repeated. Rachel will graduate from
School in 2019.                                                                 Trinity Lathem                                    Coppell High School in 2019.                                      Longview High School in 2019.
                                                                                Crandall Community Greenhouse
               Ashritha Kota                                                                                                                     Sonali Malik                                                     Téa McCormack
                                                                                Girl Scout Troop 8900. To increase the
               Care for Kicks                                                   availability of fresh vegetables in her                          Learn to Read                                                    STEM Kits for Harrington Elementary
                Girl Scout Troop 3856. Ashritha collaborated                    community, Trinity and her volunteers built                       Girl Scout Troop 485. Sonali’s project helped                      Girl Scout Troop 739. Téa collaborated
                with the Greater Lewisville Area Soccer                         a greenhouse in collaboration with Crandall                       preschool children at the Phoenix Academy                          with Harrington Elementary to bring STEM
                Association (GLASA) to educate about             United Methodist Church. The local food banks didn’t                             create the foundation to foster a love for                         activities to its kindergarten students.
                contact sports injuries. Recognizing that        have access to fresh produce, so the Crandall Community                          reading and learning. To accomplish this, she                      Recognizing that STEM resources were
soccer is the 3rd highest sport with contact injuries, she       Greenhouse was born to solve this problem. The greenhouse        and her volunteers built a library at the school. She solicited   limited at the school and not usually offered to kindergarten
spoke to coaches, parents and players about ways to              was built with lightweight aluminum and solar panels             donations of books and then sorted them into categories.          students, Téa and her volunteers created STEM kits for each
avoid injuries, how to identify specific injuries and how        to make maintenance easier. A schedule for care and              Shelves and furniture for the teachers’ lounge were assembled     classroom. The kits contained many hands-on options, such
to treat them. She set up a table at GLASA tournaments           watering of the plants was developed and the community           and delivered. The new library gives the preschool children       as building an igloo out of toothpicks and marshmallows,
and handed out first aid kits with general information and       has stepped forward to fill the need. Trinity also educated      the opportunity to read both at school and check out books        an oil spill challenge, and a blizzard in a bag. The students
supplies to treat injuries. Her information is available on      people about the importance of a healthy diet and the role       to take home, improving their reading, writing and vocabulary     now participate in STEM stations weekly, instead of monthly,
a website she created and is also linked to the GLASA’s          fresh produce plays. The greenhouse provides a sense of          skills. The Phoenix Academy will maintain the new library         exposing them to STEM fields at a much earlier age. The kits
webpage to continue the education. Ashritha graduated            community that will continue as residents care for the           and a Girl Scout troop will replenish books as needed. Sonali     will be maintained and replenished as needed by the school
from The STEM Academy in 2018.                                   produce. Trinity will graduate from Crandall School in 2019.     graduated from the Greenhill School in 2018.                      going forward. Téa will graduate from Plano East Senior High
                                                                                                                                                                                                    School in 2019.

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