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10                                                                                       24
     The new DMG MORI NETservice,                                                   Customer story Schaeffler Group:
     fast secure and intuitive.                                                     5 × DMU 80 eVo linear with 180 pallet positions.

     FAMOT DIGITAL                                                                  CUSTOMER STORY – SCHAEFFLER GROUP
     Continuous digitalization of the value creation chain ........... 04           Five DMU 80 eVo linears, 180 pallet positions ........................... 24

     INTERVIEW – NETservice                                                         CUSTOMER STORY – LUDWIG FEINMECHANIK
     Digital service solutions................................................ 10   DMU 50 and PH 150, World premiere – DMC 1850 V ............ 28

     WERKBLiQ GMBH                                                                  WORLD PREMIERE – NHX 4000 & 5000 3 rd GENERATION
     Digital maintenance..................................................... 12    The new standard for horizontal machining centres. . ........... 32

     DMG MORI TECHNOLOGY CYCLES                                                     CUSTOMER STORY – FUJI METAL
     Over 10,000 cycles per year ........................................... 14     NTX series................................................................. 34

     INTERVIEW – DMG MORI HEITEC                                                    CUSTOMER STORY – JOHANNES LÜBBERING
     Partners for integrated automation solutions .................... 16           Robots as production aids: Robo2Go .. .............................. 36

     CUSTOMER STORY – LEISTRITZ TURBINENTECHNIK                                     CLX / CMX
     Automatic 5-axis precision machining.............................. 18          Ideal for individual automation.. ....................................... 40

     CUSTOMER STORY – WEHL & PARTNER                                                CUSTOMER STORY – EISENWERK ERLA
     DMU 60 eVo linear with a robotic cell. . .............................. 22     Automated 24/7 production on NLX 2500s......................... 42

                                                                                    WORLD PREMIERE – ALX SERIES
                                                                                    ALX-Compact turning machines..................................... 44

                                                                                    Gearbox housing
                                                                                    for an e-bike

     WITH DMG MORI SOFTWARE................................................... 04
                                                                                    WEHL & PARTNER
     CELOS – an intelligent starting point for reaching the
     digital summit. Flexible software modules for maximum                          CUSTOMER STORY
     digitalisation. DIGITAL FACTORY – Solutions. . .................... 08         “The more complex the workpiece, the better we like it”....... 22

     02                TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE
58                                                                EDITORIAL

                                                                         AGILE . FLEXIBLE
                                                                         GLOBAL . TOGETHER
                                                                         DMG MORI is maintaining its course of profitable growth. We
                                                                         continue to focus on the continual improvement of the quality
                                                                         of our products and services, while at the same time consist-
Customer Story NHW 3D: Innovative product and
manufacturing optimisation using the powder process.                     ently strengthening our 5 future strategic areas: automation,
                                                                         integrated digitization, ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, technology
                                                                         excellence and DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP).
SPRINT, SWISSTYPEkit . . ......................................... 46    Where automation is concerned, we offer flexible solutions
CUSTOMER STORY – AMERICAN MICRO PRODUCTS                                 for workpiece and pallet handling. From modular standard
SPRINT / GMC ...................................................... 48   systems to customised turnkey projects that are highly integrated,
                                                                         right through to the control. You will find numerous relevant
DMG MORI ACADEMY                                                         customer reports in this magazine.
Interview with Jan Möllenhoff ................................... 52

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING                                                   We are shaping Industry 4.0 with integrated digitization. Core
Four process chains for                                                  fields include CELOS, new software solutions for production
additive complete machining..................................... 54      planning, exclusive technology cycles and Powertools. With
                                                                         WERKBLiQ for digital maintenance and the IIoT platform
CUSTOMER STORY – NHW 3D GMBH                                             ADAMOS, we also offer an end-to-end digitisation strategy. Our
LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd Generation ............................. 58          daughter company FAMOT in Poland currently demonstrates
CUSTOMER STORY – SCHAEFFLER                                              how a digital added value chain can be realised in practice. The
LASERTEC 65 3D hybrid........................................... 60      project is part of a 60 million Euro investment in the expansion
                                                                         of the entire site.
LASERTEC 75 Shape............................................... 62      In the field of ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, we will use the au-
CUSTOMER STORY – WEBER MANUFACTURING                                     tumn trade fairs to present the LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd Generation
Die & Mold Excellence.............................................. 66   for increased process autonomy and perfection starting from
                                                                         the first workpiece.
Technology leader for more than 35 years.................... 68          We will also concentrate our technology excellence in the key
                                                                         industries “Aerospace”, “Automotive”, “Die & Mould” and “Medical”.

                                                                         With our partner program DMG MORI Qualified Products
                                                                         (DMQP) we offer you, our customers, perfectly aligned peripheral
                                                                         products from a single source.

                                                                          We are ever present for our customers worldwide. Continued
                                                                          corporate integration means we are well poised to become the
                                                                         “Global One Company”. Agile, flexible, global and together with
                                                                          our customers, suppliers and partners.

WORLD PREMIERE                                                           Dr. Ing. Masahiko Mori          Christian Thönes
                                                                         President                       Chairman

                                                                                                               TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE   03



                   DIGITAL MAINTENANCE

                                   PLANNING                PRODUCTION

DMG MORI is supporting its customers            with modular products and services from       21,000 m² of production and assembly space,
with their digitalisation operations by pro-    ISTOS, DMG MORI Software Solutions and        FAMOT is one of the biggest production
viding end-to-end solutions. DMG MORI is        WERKBLiQ. The end result will be unveiled     plants. And it will be the first DMG MORI
currently evaluating and developing how a       before an expert audience during the grand    production plant where everything will be
transformation such as this can be imple-       opening on 8th October.                       continuously digital over all value creation
mented in specific terms at the plant of its                                                  levels. The remodelled FAMOT plant is there-
subsidiary, FAMOT Pleszew Sp. z o. o. in        Founded in 1877, FAMOT Pleszew Sp. z o. o.,   fore marking a milestone for the corporate
Poland. As a model project of the future,       which employs around 700 staff, is one of     group as a whole – setting an example for
this is where the entire value creation chain   DMG MORI’s most traditional sites. With       DMG MORI’s customers and suppliers.
is currently being continuously digitalised     a total area of 50,000 m², which includes                                                »


                                                                                                               TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE   05

                                                                                                            SAVE THE DATE

                                                                                                       GO FAMOT
                                                                                                             08. – 12.10.2018
                                                                                                           PLESZEW, POLAND

                                                                                                             The employees are
                                                                                                             crucial for the success
By 2020, the capacity at FAMOT should be increased to more
than 2,000 turning and milling machines in the CLX, CMX V
                                                                                                             of the digitisation.
and CMX U series – plus a further 2,000 machine frames.
                                                                                                             Dr. Michael Budt (right), FAMOT’s CSO
                                                                                                             Zbigniew Nadstawski, FAMOT’s CTO

A flexible mix of internal production                    And demand is on the rise. By 2020 the capac-       Declared goals include fast, efficient and
and contract manufacturing                               ity of the FAMOT plant will be virtually dou-       secure production processes and an overall
In addition to the turning and milling machines          bled to 2,000 DMG machine tools and around          sustainable increase in productivity, quality,
of the CLX, CMX V and CMX U series devel-                an additional 2,000 prefabricated machine           transparency and response capacity. The
oped and produced at the site and the auto-              frames. To achieve this, DMG MORI will invest       specifications also encompassed the
mation solutions the company develops itself,            approx. 60 million Euros in the renovation and      requirement for linking existing stand-alone
metal cutting is one of the fundamental pil-             expansion of the site in Poland by the end          solutions and new software systems into a
lars of its success. “Beyond meeting our own             of 2018. Another 20 million Euros have been         coherent agile production network.
needs, our production facilities in Pleszew              budgeted for future automation projects.
also act as a metal cutting service provider for                                                             Digital planning solutions from ISTOS
the DMG MORI production network,” explains               The age of digitization                             On its way to achieving these goals, FAMOT
Dr Michael Budt, the Managing Director.                  A considerable part of the future FAMOT             relies on the competence of its digital sister
                                                         project is the digitisation of the entire added     companies within the Group. These include
                                                         value chain. “What belongs together we put          DMG MORI Software Solutions (in particular
                                                         together digitally”, stresses the General           with its CELOS portfolio) and WERKBLiQ
       50 MACHINES                                       Managing Director Zbigniew Nadstawski. He           (with its web-based maintenance and
      IN NETWORKED                                       refers here in particular to the connection to
                                                         the IT infrastructure of DMG MORI. All added
                                                                                                             service platform). ISTOS GmbH with its mod-
                                                                                                             ular applications for end-to-end production
       PRODUCTION                                        value levels including internal workflows,          planning is of special importance as well.
                                                         systems and (automated and manual) pro-
                                                         cess steps had to be seamlessly networked           All parts of the system (such as order man-
Doubling capacity by 2020                                at the same time: From order receipt in sales       agement, capture of shop floor data and
Around 50 networked machine tools, the                   through to maintenance management, and              overall data management) operate autono-
majority from the group’s own “DMG MORI                  from integral production planning through to        mously on the one hand, but are all linked
family”, are in operation around the clock               the in-house MDC / PDA software for moni-           via the so-called SERVICE BUS on the
at the moment in order to meet the enor-                 toring key parameters.                              other. This takes on the role of an intermediary
mous demand. Over 1,200 prefabricated                                                                        via which all connected applications are
machine frames and hundreds of sub-as-                  “And above all we had to make our person-            on a uniform data set and communicate
semblies and components currently leave the              nel digitally fit,” stresses Zbigniew Nadst-        bidirectionally.
plant on their way to the sister companies               awski. The management sees people as
DECKEL MAHO Pfronten, DECKEL MAHO                        essential for concluding such a mammoth
Seebach, GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen in                   task successfully. They are convinced:
Bielefeld and other group locations.                    “Our employees are crucial for the success
                                                         of the digitisation.”

06                TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE

 Restructuring production
 at the touch of a button
“The resulting transparency and efficiency                                                                some degree, or it was ensured by the new
 across the entire value creation chain is                                                                IoTconnector,” adds Dr Budt, describing a
 impressive,” says Mr Nadstawski, full of         The connectivity of all machines, systems and work      key criterion: “The existing installations are
 praise. Status messages for an order, he adds,   procedures was partially already solved internally or   already integrated into the network over the
 are available at any time and at the touch of    will be ensured by the new IoTconnector.                existing MDA / PDA. The CELOS IoTconnector
 a button, right down to the machine or to the                                                            is used where possible and necessary.”
 assembly station.
                                                  into account the restricted capacity and differ-        In addition to data exchange, the interface
With regard to this specific scenario, he pro-    ent priorities, in the PRODUCTION PLANNING              offers NETservice 4.0, the SERVICEcamera
vides the following description: “If, for exam-   module. The best alternative solution can then          for visual support during a remote service
ple, there is a risk of an important delivery     be triggered almost at the touch of a button            call, and the CELOS MESSENGER as a fun-
deadline being missed, or if a time-critical      across the entire process chain.”                       damental introduction to monitoring and
component delivery is delayed, information to                                                             statistical evaluation of the machine con-
this effect is displayed in the PRODUCTION        “The connectivity of all machines, systems              dition. Manual workstations are also inte-
COCKPIT in real time. We can immediately           and processes that is necessary for this               grated into the data and planning cycle over
run through various planning options, taking       had already been established internally to             what are, in some cases, mobile terminals.

                                                                                                                  Christian Methe
                                                                                                                  Managing Director
                                                                                                                  ISTOS GmbH
ISTOS GmbH, a DMG MORI daughter, offers           processes in the company according to the
customers simple entry to the optimisa-           previously defined optimisation goals remains
tion of their production planning with its        in the background.
app PLANNING SOLUTIONS. The challenge
here is always limited resources. A good plan     PLANNING SOLUTIONS consists of the apps
takes into account the capacities of different    PRODUCTION PLANNING, PRODUCTION
machines, employees with diverse skills,          FEEDBACK and PRODUCTION COCKPIT
available materials as well as deliveries         Because planning, direct feedback from the
from suppliers and customers – all opti-          workstation and transparency throughout the             the first decisive step towards end-to-end
mised according to setup and throughput           factory are decisive for efficiency and flexibility     connectivity of their systems and thus on
times and the cost of capital. And also not       in day-to-day production. Simple handling is            their path to Industry 4.0.
to be left out of the equation: delivery dates    an outstanding feature of the products, which
that must always be adhered to. Simple tools,     can always be used with multiple manufac-                About ISTOS: ISTOS GmbH stands for
such as Excel, often cannot handle such           turers and applications.                                “Innovative Software Technologies for Open
sophisticated planning.                                                                                    Solutions”. The company develops appli-
                                                  In addition companies also benefit from the              cations for the mid-market manufacturing
As part of PLANNING SOLUTIONS, the                open technologies and modular design of                  industry. Its aim is the cross-machine con-
PRODUCTION PLANNING app breaks down               the solution, which enable them to integrate             nection of all production steps along today’s
this complexity in a way that enables the user    existing systems as required and to ensure               supplier and value chain and the provision of
to simply move orders using drag-and-drop         communication between the shop floor and                 data-intensive applications in the value-add-
while the recalculation of all production         the office floor. For many customers this is             ing network of the future.

                                                                                                                              TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE    07

THE INTEGRAL AND SUSTAINABLE                                                                                          Dr. Holger Rudzio

                                                                                                                      Managing Director of
                                                                                                                      DMG MORI Software Solutions

                                                                                                                       More about digital
                                                                                                                       monitoring and CELOS at:

                                                                                                  taneously uses sensor data to visualise the
                                                                                                  component-based status of the machine. This
                                                                                                  information can be used to support preventa-
                                                                                                  tive maintenance, for example.

                                                                                                  CELOS PERFORMANCE MONITOR allows
                                                                                                  the capture, analysis and visualisation of
                                                                                                  the effectiveness of the entire system tak-
“Digital monitoring is an ideal entry into      CELOS MESSENGER visualises the actual             ing machine availability and part quality into
 digital transformation!” Dr. Holger Rudzio,    job status of the machines on the shop floor      account. All of this is good to know, says
 Managing Director of DMG MORI Software         and can display machine-relevant informa-         Dr. Rudzio, but the far greater value derives
 Solutions, is convinced that digital trans-    tion such as operating status, the current NC     from having the entirety of the information at
 parency increases planning security as well    program or workpiece counter on mobile ter-       your disposal. It means you can evaluate the
 as boosting the productivity of companies.     minal devices.                                    ramp-up curve of new machines, for exam-
The CELOS apps MESSENGER, CONDITION                                                               ple, or quantify the benefit you can expect
 ANALYZER and PERFORMANCE MONITOR,              This makes it possible to reduce downtimes        from complementary digital products (like
 for example, enable the integral digital       and boost productivity as well as evaluate the    DMG MORI CAM system). Whatever the case,
 analysis of the production process and in so   profitability of jobs based on information such   information is transformed into knowledge
 doing pave the way towards new future-ori-     as machine run times, downtimes and fail-         and knowledge in turn enables the integral
 ented fields such as predictive maintenance.   ures. CELOS CONDITION ANALYZER simul-             and sustainable optimisation of processes.

           CELOS                                           CELOS                                             CELOS
           MESSENGER                                       CONDITION ANALYZER                                PERFORMANCE MONITOR

Reduce downtimes and boost productivity         Capture and analysis of machine data and          Site-independent capture, analysis and
++ Live status of networked machines            process signals with real-time feedback           visualisation of machine availability and
++ Evaluation of machine run time,              ++ Capture, storage, analysis and                 effectiveness by means of direct feedback
   downtime and failure                            visualisation of machine sensor data           from production
++ Changes in machine status via mail           ++ Site-independent analysis of one or            ++ Measurement of key performance
   or text message                                 more machines e.g. for early detection            indicators (such as OEE)
                                                   of machine problems                            ++ Job-based performance analysis
                                                ++ Ideal complement to the DMG MORI               ++ Available for machines, PCs,
                                                   Industry 4.0 sensor package                       tablets & smartphones



 End-to-end digitisation from planning and             leader offers a gradual entry into net-              larger companies modular solutions. All
 job preparation to production and on to               worked production with CELOS version 5.              installed CELOS machines can be given a
 monitoring and service.                               27 CELOS Apps offer numerous ultra-mod-              CELOS upgrade by a DMG MORI service tech-
                                                       ern and intuitive solutions for more efficiency      nician. With this offer, DMG MORI pursues an
 DMG MORI is the pioneer of digitisation               along the entire value chain. This “digital          integral digitisation strategy for the entire
 in machine tool building. Under the slogan            toolbox” offers smaller companies simple             manufacturing sector.
 Integrated Digitization, the technology               and appropriate entry into digitisation and

       PLANNING                      PREPARATION                        PRODUCTION                       MONITORING                             SERVICE

                                                                                                                               NEW                               NEW


                 NEW                  NEW       NEW          NEW                            NEW          NEW         NEW       NEW

CALCULATOR PLANNING                         AGENT      ANALYZER     SAVING               CHECK              MONITOR   ANALYZER


       HAIMER 4.0
       Connected to the future

                   Tooling                              Shrinking                         Balancing                           Measuring and
                 Technology                            Technology                        Technology                        Presetting Technology


                                                                                                                                 TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE     09

                                                                                               including 5G WiFi trans-
                                                                                              mission, splash protection,
                                                                                                lighting, laser pointer
                                                                                                   and data storage


                                          THE NEW

                                          DMG MORI NETSERVICE
                                          QUICK, SECURE
                                          AND INTUITIVE

SERVICE- &                                We found out why the new remote service              That sounds interesting. How does the new
                                          ensures quick, secure and intuitive support in       NETservice differ from its predecessor?
MONITORING                                an interview with Thomas Wolf (COO Service).         The new NETservice permits in-depth
PACKAGE                                                                                        access to CELOS, IPC and NC, which in itself
                                          “Remote service” as a topic has been                 promises a higher resolution rate over the
                                           followed for a long time in DMG MORI                DMG MORI hotline. Also, the new multi-
++ NETservice:                             Service. What hopes do you have for                 user conference can be used to add more
     The new remote service                NETservice, the brand new successor?                DMG MORI experts to the session so the
     for DMG MORI machines                 We have had a simple form of the remote service     problem can be solved quickly together. But
                                           solution in our range for a long time now. But      the highlight is the plug-and-play connection
++ Messenger on ADAMOS:                    with the introduction of the new NETservice,        of the SERVICEcamera, which DMG MORI
     All the machines at a glance          we are setting a new benchmark that is simply       developed itself. Visual support due to
++ IoTconnector:                           incomparable with the previous tool. We will        live streaming from the machine straight
     Preconfigured for your machine        be able to identify, or even solve, the problems    to the DMG MORI hotline allows for sig-
                                           of our customer far more often over the phone,      nificant time savings during the problem-
                                           which in turn will allow improved planning of       solving process.
                                           service capacity. Both sides benefit from this.


                                                                              Thinking of the keyword “security”,
                                                                              there are always concerns when it
                                                                              comes to this topic, aren’t there?
                                                                              The new NETservice is based on a certified
                                                                              security architecture which guarantees a
                                                                              maximally encrypted connection via a VPN
                                                                              tunnel. The integrated firewall and the
                                                                              IoTconnector’s virus scanner are additional
                                                                              features. The new SERVICEcamera is natu-
                                                                              rally already seamlessly embedded into this
                                                                              security architecture.

                                                                              What’s the next step for DMG MORI
                                                                              at this point?
                                                      retrofit kit            We are keen to exploit the diverse possibili-
                                                including magnetic holder,    ties of NETservice by providing user support,
                                                  USB port and Ethernet       online training with a visual component and
                                                        connection            also, in the near future, software upgrades
                                                                              or installation of new CELOS apps. We are
                                                                              working tirelessly to achieve this.

                                                                              Practical retrofitting of the IoTconnector
                                                                              including magnetic holder, USB port and
                                                                              Ethernet connection.

                                                         DMG MORI NETSERVICE:
                                                         WHAT’S NEW FOR
                                                         OUR CUSTOMERS?
Thomas Wolf, COO, DMG MORI Service
thomas.wolf@dmgmori.com                                  ++ Shorter waiting times due to routing calls directly
                                                            to the next free service expert
                                                         ++ Higher resolution rate due to extensive access
                                                            to CELOS, IPC and NC
                                                         ++ Maximum data security due to a certified security
But, conversely, the service expert on the                  architecture (VPN tunnel, virus scanner, firewall)
hotline can provide helpful documents such               ++ Live-stream visual support with an optional SERVICEcamera
as wiring diagrams or instructions directly              ++ Swifter solutions by adding other DMG MORI
within the NETservice session.                              experts to the session
                                                         ++ More intuitive operation compared to previous remote tools
How does the customer benefit                            ++ Direct transfer of documents and updates
from the new NETservice?                                 ++ Retrofit kit for existing machines
The NETservice is already pre-installed on
every IoTconnector and will therefore be
an integral part of DMG MORI machines
delivered from now on. What’s more, the
IoTconnector and therefore the NETservice
can be retrofitted with extreme ease with the
DMG MORI Monitoring and Service Package.
                                                                              You will find everything you need
Put in simple terms, the IoTconnector is a                                    to know about the new NETservice at
gateway, which connects CELOS and CNC to                                      netservice.dmgmori.com
the Internet via a secure architecture.

                                                                                                     TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE     11

                                                                                                                                    Simple & direct
SECURE– PAPERLESS– AUTONOMOUS                       MACHINE OPER ATORS                                                              communication
                                                     Manufacturer-independent                                                      Accelerated data
                                                      maintenance solution
                                                     Digital cost and service reports

                                                                         SERVICE PARTNERS
                                                                           Simple planning
                                                                           and scheduling
                                                                           Increase in customer

Fabian Haase
Senior Partner Manager
fabian.haase@werkbliq.de             Gerrit Schermeier

                                     Partner Manager
                                     WERKBLiQ GmbH

Meeting the challenge presented by digital           tors not only collect errors, but their causes       nance work is to take place, whether according
transformation proves extremely difficult            and solutions as well. The result is a specific      to manufacturer specifications or based on
for many companies in the industrial sector.         knowledge database. Information concerning           practical experience. Customers minimise the
WERKBLiQ shows how simple entry can be               certifications and audits is also available at all   failure rate of machines by up to 55 % through
achieved despite all the difficulties via the key    time at just the press of a button.                  regular maintenance while at the same time
topic of maintenance. The focus on the manu-                                                              ensuring compliance with ISO 9001: 2015.
facturer-independent platform is not only on
machines, but also on employees.

Fierce competition and the dynamic devel-
opment of the market exert great pressure                                                                         You can reduce machine
on companies. All the more important it is
                                                               End-to-end documenta-                              downtimes by up to 55 %
to ensure high technical availability of pro-                  tion of maintenance and                            with WERKBLiQ
duction resources. Production managers are                     certification processes
                                                                                                                  Gerrit Schermeier
confronted with the challenge of reducing                      with WERKBLiQ.                                     Partner Manager, WERKBLiQ GmbH
machine downtimes to a minimum while at
the same time saving time and costs.                           Fabian Haase
                                                               Senior Partner Manager, WERKBLiQ GmbH

Save time and increase quality                                                                            Save costs
Documentation in analog logbooks, main-                                                                   You have to know the maintenance costs in a
taining Excel files and leafing through files        Minimise machine downtimes                           company before you can reduce them. WERK-
all takes up a lot of time. With the digital         The WERKBLiQ maintenance calendar                    BLiQ offers the option of capturing the time
WERKBLiQ logbook operators receive a                 reminds employees automatically when                 and materials needed for every maintenance
customised, user-friendly input mask as an           maintenance is due and ensures that not even         and every repair including costs. Operators will
interactive man-machine interface. Incidents         the smallest task is forgotten – so even new         find clear analyses of all relevant key figures
and all activities connected with the machine        colleagues can work productively from day 1          in the WERKBLiQ dashboards. The breakdown
are documented with just a click. So opera-          onwards. The operator decides when mainte-           of the individual machines means customers


               0 – 24 HOURS                                       24 – 48 HOURS                                 READY TO GO

    The first joint steps                            Account setup & training                       Simply start

    ++We introduce you to WERKBLiQ                   ++Creation of your personal account            ++Integration into day-to-day work
    ++You name a department,                         ++Receipt of the necessary access data         ++Other images of your processes
     5 machines and 5 operators                      ++Training via tutorials or on-site visit      ++Support from the customer hotline

know the exact amount of the maintenance          WERKBLiQ network                                         Maintenance, Service,
costs. With WERKBLiQ you can find the right       With the open WERKBLiQ platform all those                Purchasing and
levers for ensuring sustainable cost reduction.   involved in the maintenance process remain
                                                  networked. Access to the specific service part-
                                                                                                           Procurement all benefit
                                                  ner and distributor pool enables operators to            from WERKBLiQ.
                                                  find new business partners, compare offers               Gerrit Schermeier
                                                  and save costs.                                          Partner Manager, WERKBLiQ GmbH

        Amortisation of                                                                        «

        licence fees < 1 year.
        Dr. Tim Busse
        Manager Director, WERKBLiQ GmbH

Acceleration of response times
In the event of a machine breakdown, WERK-
BLiQ can be used to send a repair order
directly to internal maintenance. In this way
maintenance staff only receive enquiries via a
single channel. All relevant information such
as machine type, department, contact person,
                                                      YOUR BENEFITS
description of the fault and photos are sent
directly from the machine and leave no ques-          HIGHLIGHTS
tion unanswered.
                                                      ++ Secure and seamless
                                                         documentation – always
                                                         prepared for audits
                                                      ++ Fast assignment of technicians
                                                         directly from the machine
                                                      ++ Minimisation of downtimes through
                                                         observation of maintenance intervals
        Up to 75 % increase in                        ++ Fast procurement of spare parts
                                                      ++ Simple, cross-departmental
        the efficiency of service                        communication
        Fabian Haase
        Senior Partner Manager, WERKBLiQ GmbH

                                                                                                                       TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE   13

                                                                                                   Customers replace
                                                                                                   up to three stand-
                                                                                                   alone machines with
                                                  Dr.-Ing. Edmond Bassett
                                                  Head of Technology Development,

                                                                                                   a turn & mill centre
                                                  GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH

                                                                                                   thanks to the new
                                                                                                   crownHOBBING cycle.

OVER 10,000
Exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles are          grated acceleration sensor, increases pro-       refers expressly to the new “crownHOBBING”
effective assistants for shop floor program-      cess safety, enables spindle bearing diagnos-    cycle for the production of demanding
ming and the simplest way to boost produc-        tics and prevents expensive damage caused        Hirth couplings: “This enables users of our
tivity, enhance safety and expand machine         by collisions.                                   turn & mill centres to generate the programs
capability. They offer a clear program                                                             they need virtually at the press of a button.
structure, intuitive operation and enable                                                          The cycle handles the required tooth path
up to 60 % faster programming. In addi-
tion, they help minimise errors as well as
                                                        60 % FASTER                                calculations and the settings for the axis
                                                                                                   movements”, he concludes.
allowing the internal transfer of complex                THANKS TO                                                                            «
technology know-how.
Outstanding customer benefits mean                     PROGRAMMING
DMG MORI’s exclusive technology cycles
have been writing their own digital success
story for years. Their record in the field of     “Complex production processes that were
integrated technologies is especially impres-      reserved for special machines in the past now
sive: users trust in the exclusive technology      count among our powerful drivers of innova-
cycles on more than 95 % of all turn & mill        tion”, says Dr. Edmond Bassett as Head of
universal turning centres in the CTX TC series.   Technology Management at GILDEMEISTER
                                                   Drehmaschinen GmbH.

“Far more important for us, however, is the       “Intensified technology integration adds a
 added value for and appreciation from our         whole new dimension to the term com-
 customers”, stresses Dr. Edmond Bassett           plete machining” he stresses. DMG MORI
 as Head of Technology Management at               gearSKIVING is just such an example.
 GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH. He              This enables the production of top quality
 takes the MPC technology cycle, a version         gears through the input of clearly
 sold over 100 times a month and thus one          structured programs.
 of the most successful technology cycles,
 to illustrate the high degree of acceptance      The exclusive portfolio currently includes 30
 among customers. MPC stands for Machine          DMG MORI technology cycles, with two more        DMG MORI technology cycles – 60 % faster thanks to
 Protection Control which, thanks to its inte-    to follow in time for the AMB. Dr. Bassett       conversational programming.


                                           5-AXIS SIMULTANEOUS
                                           MACHINING ON
                                           TURN & MILL TURNING
                                           ++ High surface quality and smooth transitions
                                             in combination with thermal compensation
                                           ++ Free form surfaces with 5-axis interpolation
                                             at the main- and counter-spindle
                                           ++ Turning and milling with an interpolating B-axis
                                           ++ With ATC turning for enhanced machine dynamics
                                           ++ Look-ahead function for continuous machining

HANDLING                        MEASURING                          MACHINING                        MONITORING
CYCLES                          CYCLES                             CYCLES                           CYCLES

++ Simplify machine             ++ Increase machining accu-        ++ Integrate new                 ++ Boost machine safety –
   operation – e.g.                racy – e. g. 3D quickSET           machining processes –            e. g. MPC – Machine
   B-axis plunging              ++ Open up new measuring              e.g. gearSKIVING                 Protection Control
++ Automate processes – e. g.      possibilities for bulky         ++ Expand machine                ++ Increase process
   counter-spindle centre          component geometries –             capability – e. g. grinding      reliability – e. g. Easy
++ Reduce operator errors          e. g. L-measuring probe         ++ Simplify complex pro-            Tool Monitoring 2.0
   with increased safety –      ++ Increase transparency              gramming tasks – e.g.         ++ Adapt processes to
   e. g. turret-mounted            in QA processes – e.g.             Multi-threading 2.0              eliminate vibrations –
   steady rest                     gearMILL with in-process                                            e. g. MVC – Machine
                                   measurement                                                         Vibration Control

                                                                                                           TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE   15

                   WH 15 CELL: Modular automation system
                   for workpieces up to 15 kg.

                                                                               Kai Lenfert
                                                                               Managing Director of
                                                                               DMG MORI HEITEC GmbH

                                                                                                                     Markus Rehm
                                                                                                                     Managing Director of
                                                                                                                     DECKEL MAHO SEEBACH GmbH
                                                                                                                     and DMG MORI HEITEC GmbH


Automation is a key pillar of the DMG MORI         Digitisation has been the hot topic over              What role does DMG MORI HEITEC play
strategy for the future. One in every four new     the last few months, with automation                  in these interlinked requirements?
machines is already automated or ready for         technologies also reporting record figures.           DMG MORI HEITEC GmbH acts as the auto-
automation. DMG MORI strengthened its              Do you see a direct connection here?                  mation partner for the DMG MORI produc-
automation expertise in November 2017 by           In addition to information and production tech-       tion plants. The interplay of the engineering
starting a joint venture with HEITEC AG. We        nologies, process automation and d   ­ igitisation    competence at the plants and DMG MORI
spoke with the two managing directors of the       are two sides of the same coin. As a cross-­          HEITEC’s automation expertise means that
new DMG MORI HEITEC GmbH in Erlangen,              sectoral topic, automation has therefore taken        customers receive an integral and reliable
Markus Rehm and Kai Lenfert, about the             on a fundamentally key role. This applies to          solution: from engineering, tooling and NC
start-up phase and the company’s future            complexity and cost effectiveness of produc-          programs right through to integrated auto-
ambitions, requirements and goals.                 tion and it is also growing in relevance due to       mation, all from a single source.
                                                   the increasing shortage of skilled labor.


Why this focus on workpiece handling?            through to braking. This makes it possible
On the one hand, DMG MORI already has            to commission the entire automation system         DMG MORI HEITEC FACTS
solutions for pallet handling, as do other       virtually in advance, reducing installation time
established partner companies. On the other,     on site by 80 percent, as was described in the     ++ Robotic workpiece
in the field of robotic automation, we will in   Leistritz reference project.                         handling for SMEs
future also be offering solutions for combined                                                      ++ End-to-end process concept:
workpiece and pallet handling.                   How do you see future developments?                   engineering, fixtures, tooling,
                                                 This new holistic view of the process will cer-       NC programs and automation
What principal arguments will                    tainly constitute a greater challenge for us          from a single source
DMG MORI HEITEC use to establish                 as a supplier. In future, production processes     ++ Digital twin – virtual image of the
itself on the market?                            at the customer and automation will form              entire kinematic machine and
The digital twin is the virtual image of the     one entity. We see this development above             automation model in real-time:
entire kinematic machine and a real-time         all as our chance to further differentiate            80 % shorter commissioning
automation model. The actual motion              our company by offering complementary                 time on site thanks to completely
sequences can be viewed, from acceleration       (digital) services.                                   implemented processes

                                                                                                    DMG MORI HEITEC GmbH
                                                                                                    Güterbahnhofstraße 5
                                                                                                    91052 Erlangen, Germany

Everything from a single source:
We are now able to offer our customers
                                                                                                        DMU 50 WITH WH 15 CELL
a reliable turnkey solution – from
engineering to fixtures, tooling, NC programs                                                           END-TO-END – PRO-
and on through to integrated automation.                                                                CESS, MACHINE AND
Markus Rehm                                                                                             AUTOMATION FROM
Managing Director of
DMG MORI HEITEC GmbH                                                                                    A SINGLE SOURCE

                                                                                                        ++ Automated workpiece handling
                                                                                                              for components up to 15 kg
                                                                                                        ++ Perfect integration of milling machine
                                                                                                           and automation thanks to end-to-end
                                                                                                           process concept and digital twin
                                                                                                        ++ speedMASTER 20,000 rpm spindle
                                                                                                           with 36-month warranty
                                                                                                        ++ Swivelling rotary table for 5-axis
                                                                                                           simultaneous machining with wide
                                                                                                           swivel range of -35 to +110 °
                                                                                                        ++ 42 m/min rapid traverse
                                                                               OVER 150                 ++ Tool magazine with up to 120 pockets
                                                                            INSTALLED WH                ++ Also for the CMX V* and CMX U series
                                                                              SOLUTIONS                   *
                                                                                                              on request

                                                                                                                            TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE   17


Recent improvements in the performance            The aerospace industry, with its uncompro-
and accuracy of industrial robots mean            mising approach to quality, precision and docu-
that many new areas of application have           mentation, is among the most demanding
opened up for robot-based solutions. A            and at the same time most complex of user
good example is the 5-axis milling cell           industries. Added to this is the focus on cost
from DMG MORI at LEISTRITZ Turbinen-              reduction typical in international turbine
technik Nürnberg GmbH. Comprising a               manufacture. In order to ensure an even
DMU 40 eVo and the robotic workpiece              stronger position in the future under such
loading system WH 8 CELL, the system              conditions, the company recently invested
marks the prototype of a cooperation              in a robotic 5-axis milling system from
between DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH                  DMG MORI for its guide vane production.
and DMG MORI HEITEC GmbH.                         DECKEL MAHO Seebach took over the task
                                                  of supplying a turnkey solution for the project
As a company operating globally with its four     on behalf of DMG MORI.
business units – Turbine, Pump, Extrusion
and Production Technology – the Leistritz         More specifically, this future project concerns
Group manufactures demanding products and         the automatic production of the shroud and        1
employs a high degree of innovation.              root geometries of different guide blade vari-
                                                  ants for the compressor of an engine. The
This also applies to Leistritz Turbinentechnik    system marks the entry into robotics for the
Nürnberg GmbH. “As a partner for all lead-        company from Nuremberg. “A true premiere
ing OEMs and supply chains in the aircraft        in the field of automated metal machining”,
engine industry, we focus on the production of    explains Harald Brand.

                                                  Less than 2 days installation

       AUTOMATION                                 time thanks to the Digital Twin
                                                  Harald Brand sees no risk whatsoever and
     SOLUTION FROM A                              goes on to explain: “Firstly, the project will

      SINGLE SOURCE                               be supplied exclusively by DECKEL MAHO
                                                  Seebach (machine, tooling, NC program-
                                                  ming and automation), which also bears
                                                  sole responsibility, so if the worst comes to
blades, discs and other components for aircraft   the worst (which has never happened), we
engines”, Harald Brand, plant manager of the      have just one point of contact. Secondly, the
aerospace specialist in Nuremberg, tells us       automation unit is made up of standard mod-
about the company’s fields of activity.           ules that have been configured individually.      2


                                                                                             Thirdly, the system has been put through its
                                                                                             paces in advance at the supplier's premises
                                                                                             as well as being specially tested on a Dig-
                                                                                             ital Twin virtual system that simulates our
                                                                                             requirements. In a nutshell, we have rarely
                                                                                             felt ourselves to be in such good hands and
                                                                                             so well supported. This approach eliminates
                                                                                             tedious installation and commissioning took
                                                                                             less than two days.“

                                                                                              It is apparent that the system has justified
                                                                                              the confidence placed in the supplier and
                                                                                              in the equipment. “After just a few months
                                                                                              it is still too early to make any final conclu-
                                                                                             sions”, says head of engineering at Leistritz,
                                                                                             ­Wolfgang Heinrich, “but the current situation
                                                                                              indicates the most successful start to a proj-
                                                                                              ect we have ever experienced in our plant.
                                                                                             This is true for both the DMU 40 eVo itself as
                                                                                              well as for its interface with the WH 8 CELL
                                                                                              workpiece handling system.” The number 8
                                                                                              in the name of the cell refers to the max. han-
                                                                                              dling weight of 8 kg.

                                                                                             Markus Heinrich, head of production in
                                                                                             Nuremberg, praises the DMU 40 eVo in par-
                                                                                             ticular for the following reason: “The machine
                                                                                             achieves identically accurate results in a
                                                                                             tolerance range of less than one hundredth
                                                                                             of a millimetre in the morning. the evening
                                                                                             and at night. And it does so day in, day out.      »

                                                                                                  TURBINENTECHNIK FACTS

                                                                                                  ++ More than 100 years of experi-
                                                                                                    ence in turbine technology
                                                                                                  ++ Production of blades, discs and
                                                                                                     other components for aircraft
                                                                                                     engines and land turbines
                                                                                                  ++ Partner to all leading OEMs and
                                                                                                     subcontract suppliers in the
                                                                                                     aircraft engine industry

                                                                                                 TURBINENTECHNIK GMBH
                                                                                                 Lempstrasse 24
                                                                                                 42859 Remscheid, Germany

1. The DMG MORI production cell was developed as a dedicated turnkey project for
vane machining 2. Accurate results to a tolerance of less than one hundredth of a
millimetre in 3-shift operation 3. Perfect accessibility, also for manual operation

                                                                                                                TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE    19

                                                                                                        The DMU 40 eVo with a
                                                                                                        WH 8 CELL delivers the
                                                                                                        same consistently accu-
                                                                                                        rate results in a tolerance
                                                                                                        range of less than one
                                                                                                        hundredth of a millimetre.

                                                                                                        Wolfgang Heinrich
                                                                                                        Head of Engineering
                                                                                                        LEISTRITZ Turbinentechnik Nürnberg GmbH

Our contact partners at LEISTRITZ Turbinentechnik
GmbH in Nuremberg (from left to right):
Wolfgang Heinrich (Head of Engineering),
Harald Brand (Plant Manager),
Akdas Serkan (Technologist and Programmer)

                                                                                                                 DMU 40 eVo

This is truly a stroke of luck for our processes,
because it enables us to improve the deli-
                                                       we will gain three shifts on currently unuti-
                                                      lised Sundays, during which the system will
cate interaction between the machine, fixture,        operate completely automatically with no                   AUTOMATION
handling equipment, process and tool to the
absolute limits of what is theoretically feasible.“
                                                      supervision”, enthuses Markus ­Heinrich. A
                                                      quick comparison: The operator of milling
                                                                                                                 FROM DMG MORI
                                                      machines requiring manual loading and
Akdas Serkan, technologist at Leistritz and            unloading has to measure every tenth part (in             HIGHLIGHTS
responsible for programming the system,               ­compliance with the certified specifications)
                                                                                                                 ++ Customised automation as a
goes on to explain in more detail: “Every tool         and is responsible for making any necessary
                                                                                                                     modular solution: DMU 40 eVo
is subject to process-related wear, which we           adjustments to the program.
                                                                                                                     with a robot-controlled workpiece
need to address. Thanks to the stability of
                                                                                                                     handling system WH 8 CELL from
the processes we are now able to calculate            In contrast, the DMU 40 eVo machines the 60
                                                                                                                     DMG MORI HEITEC
the exact life cycle of the tools for each guide      blanks in the WH system as a complete batch
                                                                                                                 ++ 5-axis precision machining
vane variant, taking the component toler-             without interruption. Three shifts are planned.
                                                                                                                    of ­aerospace guide vanes in
ance into account, and can incorporate this           Although the cell does not do away with the
                                                                                                                    ­uninterrupted 7-day operation
data into the program.“                               need to measure every 10th part (see certifica-
                                                                                                                 ++ Shortest possible installation time
                                                      tion), measuring takes place in-process and
                                                                                                                     thanks to digital pre-engineering
Three additional unmanned shifts thanks               any necessary corrections are automatically
                                                                                                                     and concurrent digital simulation
to an adaptive manufacturing process                  incorporated into the CNC program. As this
                                                                                                                 ++ Impressive process stability and
This continuous improvement process has               process route has proved completely reliable
                                                                                                                     repeatability in 3-shift operation
already been completed for some compo-                to date, the people at Leistritz in Nuremberg
                                                                                                                 ++ Shortest possible machining times
nents. The remaining guide vane geometries            trust entirely in both the DMU 40 eVo from
                                                                                                                     due to an acceleration of up to 1 g and
will be made adaptively machinable in paral-          DMG MORI and in the automation compe-
                                                                                                                     a chip-to-chip time of 5.5 seconds
lel with the ongoing operations.                      tence of DMG MORI HEITEC.
                                                                                                                 ++ Unrestricted accessibility
                                                                                                                     to the work area for manual
“Ultimately, the multi-machine system will
                                                                                                                     machining operations
 run from Monday morning through to Sat-
 urday evening, 52 weeks a year. In addition,

20                TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE
VCM version
                   With maximum
                 performance density

                                                                                                  M version
                                                                                                  and robust

                                                                          HCM version
                                                                          For outstanding productivity

                                                                                 X times longer service life

M-Series High-Speed                                                              X times greater load-carrying capacity

Spindle Bearings                                                                 X times more efficient use of space

The X-life High-Speed spindle bearings are available in three versions:
For maximum speeds, the highest possible machining forces, and out-
standing precision.
VCM version: Made from VACRODUR material for maximum performance
and outstanding operational reliability.

                – WEHL & PARTNER

The story of Wehl & Partner Muster + Proto-       & Partner produces demanding samples and        Versatile and reliable machining
typen GmbH started back in 1994 in a small        prototypes for customers in all ­i­ndustries.   capacity from DMG MORI
garage with a domestic oven for curing            Where CNC technology is concerned,              One of the reasons for choosing DMG MORI
moulds. A new modern building in Zimmern          DMG MORI has been supplying the com-            as a supplier is its extensive portfolio. For the
ob Rottweil, a location in Spain and a subsidi-   pany with 5-axis DMU eVo linear machining       most part, Wehl & Partner relies on dynamic
ary in Salach are the outcome of continu-         centres, vertical machining centres from
                                                  ­                                               and high-precision DMU eVo linear machining
ous and successful business development 25        the CMX V series and CTX turning machines       centres when it comes to milling. Bernardo
years on. With its staff of 80 skilled workers    since 2012. 2016 saw Wehl & Partner's first     Wehl sees the versatile simultaneous 5-axis
and 22 machines for metal cutting, additive       step on the path of automated produc-           machines as the ideal solution for the com-
manufacturing and injection moulding, Wehl        tion with two DMU 60 eVo linear machines        pany’s demanding range of workpieces: “The
                                                  equipped with a robotic cell.                   more complex the workpiece, the more we

                                                  Gearbox housing
                                                  for an e-bike

                                                                                                  We boost the productivity
                                                                                                  of the DMU 60 eVo linear
                                                                                                  enormously with the
                                                                                                  robotic cell.

                                                                                                  Bernardo Wehl with his sons
                                                                                                  Robert (left) and Alexander (right),
                                                                                                  members of the family that manage Wehl & Partner

                                                                                                                     CUSTOMER STORY – WEHL & PARTNER

                                                                                                                                        Battery case

1. The robot loads the DMU 60 eVo linear with up to 20 pallets or blanks.
2. DMG MORI supplies Wehl & Partner with 5-axis DMU eVo linear machining                                                      Central support
centres, CMX V series vertical machining centres and CTX lathes.                                                              for race car

like taking on the order.” Orders come from               clamped surface in a second process step.
the automotive, electrical and aerospace                “In other words, completely machined parts
industries, among others, and range from                  are ready and waiting for us in the morn-
power drill housings to instrument panels.                ing, which we can send straight off to be
Wehl & Partner also produces small batches               ­f­inished”, explains Alexander Wehl. Automatic
in the company’s own injection moulding                   reclamping has another advantage, accord-
department. “Our high level of vertical inte-             ing to ­Robert Wehl: “In contrast to manual
gration also encompasses our own tool                     clamping, no inaccuracies can occur when
making shop for injection moulding”, adds                 this is done automatically.” It is an important
Alexander Wehl.                                           point, as many components are machined to
                                                          an accuracy measured in microns.
Unmanned production thanks to the
DMU 60 eVo linear with a robotic cell                   Robotic cell for highly flexible
Wehl & Partner meets continuously rising                one-off production
demand by expanding its production. The                 The DMU 60 eVo linear with robotic cell quickly
purchase of an automatic production cell was            impressed Wehl & Partner: “This automated
a logical consequence, according to Robert              system is a highly flexible solution for one-off    WEHL & PARTNER FACTS
Wehl, who manages the business with his                 production of batch sizes of 1, with which we
                                                                                                            ++ Family business
brother Alexander and his father Bernardo:              can respond quickly while at the same time
                                                                                                              founded in 1994
                                                        boosting production capacity.” Short deliv-
                                                                                                            ++ Headquarters in
                                                        ery times are what customers want and are
                                                                                                              Zimmern ob Rottweil
        UNMANNED                                        therefore what Wehl & Partner aspires to, as
                                                        the founder of the company stresses: “It takes
                                                                                                            ++ 80 employees
                                                                                                            ++ Location in Spain,
      PRODUCTION AT                                     between one and two weeks from receipt of
                                                                                                              subsidiary in Salach
       THE WEEKEND                                      an order to delivery of the finished prototypes.”
                                                        Wehl & Partner also helps its customers with
                                                                                                            ++ High level of vertical integration
                                                                                                              with metal cutting, additive
                                                        development if required.
                                                                                                              manufacturing and injection
“The robotic cell boosts our productivity enor-         Expansion and technological progress
 mously, because it means we can exploit the            The holistic range of products and services
 capacity of the DMU 60 eVo linear to the full          and the company’s extensive level of exper-
 at night and at weekends. Our staff only work          tise are the key drivers of growth at Wehl &
 one and half shifts. We program the orders             Partner. Expansion of the factory is being
 and set everything up during the day and then          planned, while the company is also developing       Wehl & Partner
 mill the parts at night.“                              technologically, says Robert Wehl: “Additive        Muster und Prototypen GmbH
                                                                                                            Römerallee 12
                                                        manufacturing is becoming an increasingly           Industriegebiet, IN-KOM Südwest
The Kuka robot loads the machine with up to             important addition to our portfolio, because        78658 Zimmern / Rottweil
20 pallets or blanks. Its accompanying rack             we finish the parts from the powder bed on          Germany
provides the necessary space. A turnover sta-           our CNC machines and can therefore offer
tion enables the machining of the previously            everything from a single source.“          «

                                                                                                                            TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE     23

                                       WITH ROBOTS
                                       ++ Five DMU eVo 80 linear machines
                                       ++ 180 locations for pallets measuring

                                         450 × 450 mm and weighing 250 kg
                                       ++ Two set-up stations and

                                         one off-load station
                                       ++ Camera system developed
                                          by LuK for simple location of

                                          the zero point during set-up
                                       ++ 120 tools per machine plus 105 tools
                                          in an external rack

                                       ++ Barcode reader for automatic
                                          transfer of tool data
                                       ++ FANUC robot with two grippers
                                          for pallets and tools


                                                 The linked
                                                 DMU 80 eVo linear
                                                 machines enable
                                                 fully automatic and
                                                 reliable one-hit
                                                 Wilfried Schwenk
                                                 Head of tool making at Schaeffler’s
                                                 factory in Kappelrodeck

The successful development of LuK GmbH           as China, despite the fact that production is
& Co. KG, founded by Wilhelm und Georg           actually much cheaper there.” That is why
Schaeffler, began in 1965 with the serial pro-   Schaeffler is continually on the look-out for
duction of diaphragm spring clutches for the     cost saving potential, especially where tool
VW Beetle. Part of the Schaeffler Group, the     making is concerned.
company employees around 5,500 people at
its locations in Bühl, Bußmatten, Sasbach        40 DMG MORI machines for high-
and Kappelrodeck. The location in Buhl has       precision production in tool making
been the Automotive OEM headquarters of          A modern shop floor with more than 120
the Schaeffler Group since January 2018.         machining centres and turning machines
The company’s innovative manufacturing           helps the tool making division to continuously
processes are a key factor for ensuring          boost productivity. The 40 machines from
its technological lead. The latest example       DMG MORI are proving to be the innovative
of this is a flexible production cell com-       standard in tool making. At an early stage,
prising five DMU 80 eVo linear machines          complex workpieces in the highest accuracy
that DMG MORI developed and imple-               classes were processed on an HSC 75 linear
mented in cooperation with Schaeffler            from DMG MORI. In 2007, an automated
within eleven months.                            version of the same machine was added,
                                                 explains Wilfried Schwenk: “The gain in pro-
Products “Made in Germany” enjoy a great         ductivity that we achieve through automation
reputation worldwide. Equally great, however,    is enormous, because it means we can con-
is the challenge of manufacturing products       centrate on preparing new orders while the
economically, an issue Schaeffler tackles        machine is running unattended.”
early on in the development and production
of its tools. “Innovative forming technologies    High-precision machining centres such
help us produce serial components with            as models from the DMU eVo linear series
increasing efficiency”, says Wilfried Schwenk,    are standard in Schaeffler's production.
head of tool making at the Schaeffler loca-      “The modular design gives us the flexibility
tion in Kappelrodeck, about the aims in this      we need to equip our machines to suit the
division. “The tools needed here are in such      respective applications, so they can meet
high demand that we deliver them as far away      the high requirements demanded of them”,            »

                                                                        TECHNOLOGY E XCELLENCE   25

                                                                           From left to right: Andreas Glaser, responsible for machining at
                                                                           Schaeffler Group in Kappelrodeck, Wilfried Schwenk, head of tool
                                                                           making, and Marco Rettig, in charge of machine procurement.

 says Marco Rettig, responsible for machine        pallets and tools works inside the system. The       blanks with enough material allowance”,
 procurement at the Schaeffler factory in          long rack has 180 stations for pallets meas-         says Andreas Glaser. Where necessary more
­Kappelrodeck. “It is vital that the machines      uring 450 × 450 mm and weighing up to 250 kg.        accurate zero points are set using a sensor –
 produce workpieces to impeccable quality and                                                           also carried out automatically. It would be
 that they do so with the necessary efficiency”,                                                        legitimate to speak of artificial intelligence
 adds Andreas Glaser, in charge of machining.                                                           where this automation is concerned stresses

Customised automation with five
                                                   ONLY THREE INSTEAD                                   Wilfried Schwenk “The system manages
                                                                                                        orders, delivers finished parts, initiates the
machines and 180 pallet stations                   OF NINE EMPLOYEES                                    use of sister tools and corrects programs in
Schaeffler and DMG MORI have now raised
the topic of automation to a new level by link-
                                                        PER SHIFT                                       the case of tool wear completely automati-
                                                                                                        cally and independently.” In other words, we
ing five DMU 80 eVo linear machines. The                                                                achieve reliable one-hit production of parts.
30-metre-long system includes a tool preset-
ter with a set-up station for tools, two set-up    Jointly developed automation                         Only three employees per shift are needed
stations for workpieces and an off-load sta-       with artificial intelligence                         to operate the entire automation system –
tion in addition to the five machining centres.    With this automation solution, DMG MORI              Schaeffler was one of the first companies
The data from tool presetting are transmitted      acted as the sole supplier of the production         to introduce three shifts in tool making.
to the machines automatically via a barcode        technology, tooling, NC programs and auto-          “It represents a third of the manpower we
reader at the set-up station, even before the      mation. When designing the system, there             would need for the same output without auto-
robot places the tools in the external mag-        was also close cooperation with Schaeffler,          mation”, says Wilfried Schwenk with refer-
azines. “These are used to store up to 105         which made implementing the requirements             ence to the high capacity. “On the other hand,
special tools that are not needed so often”,       far simpler. Schaeffler, for example, was able       we had to take on five new programmers to fill
explains Andreas Glaser. “We load the 120 tool     to contribute its own in-house camera system         the plant with enough work.” His statement
stations in the machines with standard tools       for the set-up stations. The cameras scan            also helps to dispel the fear of jobs being lost
and their sister tools.” There is also a barcode   every component and enable the ­operator             as a result of automated production. Quite
reader on the machines for transmitting the        to set a zero point on the PC. “Accuracy is          the opposite: “Costs would be too high in the
tool data. A FANUC robot with two grippers for     to one-tenth of a millimetre, sufficient for         long term if we did not take this step in pro-

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